Tuesday draft notes & free agency thoughts

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National Championship reaction

After giving it the big billing that there were several interesting prospects to watch, Georgia vs Alabama didn’t exactly go according to plan.

The Bulldogs abandoned the run and started the game throwing eight consecutive times, relying on their true Freshman quarterback to attack ‘Bama. After half-time they tried to drain clock — which, given it’s predictability, proved to be challenging against the best front seven in college.

Alabama launched their second half comeback thanks to a Freshman quarterback and several other inexperienced players.

Nick Chubb and Damien Harris had minimal impact in the game, Lorenzo Carter disappeared after half time and Javon Wims caught one pass for 16 yards.

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

We said yesterday that this could be a game for Sony Michel rather than Chubb. Running against Alabama is tough, especially when your quarterback is a Freshman. ‘Bama sold out to stop Chubb and they did. He managed just 25 yards on 18 miserable carries.

It’d be harsh to overreact to this one game but it’s worth noting this is the second time it’s happened. Chubb toiled against Auburn too facing a stout front seven. Unlike Michel, he wasn’t able to create yardage.

His stock will be determined at the combine, not here. If he goes to Indianapolis and matches his incredible Nike SPARQ workout from 2013 he’ll rise up boards quickly (especially if the medical checks are fine on his knee). This was a performance, however, that has you thinking more second round than first.

Michel was dynamic and really needed to see more of the ball. His 14 carries produced 98 yards including an incredible tightrope run down the right sideline. Somehow Michel dodged three Alabama defenders to get free, leading to a 26-yard gain. It was one of the few memorable offensive plays in the first half:

There have been reports that some scouts rank Michel ahead of Chubb. I can see why. He’s 5-10 and 220lbs. He might be seen as predominantly a pass-catching speed back but he has the size and build of a more orthodox runner. At the moment he’s not the type you slam it up the middle with and try and grind out wins. But he can be used in virtually any play call.

As we saw against Alabama — on a night where rushing yards were hard to find for both teams, Michel was still able to create. Where would Georgia’s running game have been without this type of option? Teams will value that. And while he’s not Alvin Kamara — he’ll provide that same balance to a running attack.

Michel was helped by the brilliant blocking of Isaiah Wynn. I said it yesterday — despite all of the talent at Georgia, he’s probably my favourite prospect. He’s just so consistent. He did a good job in protection and used subtle technique and control to open up several running lanes. Look at this run for Michel (Wynn is #77):

Want more evidence of his ability to set, control the defender and finish? You’ve got to love the end of this play:

This isn’t the best clip but this run from Michel was directly through a hole created by Wynn at left tackle:

It’s a good draft for interior offensive linemen and Wynn will be one of the best available. If he even lasts until the second round it’ll be a bargain. The team that gets him will be very satisfied. He could sneak into round one depending on how he tests.

The standout defensive player for Georgia was clearly Roquan Smith. He might be a little undersized but he flies around the field. His best play was arguably this:

Look how he diagnoses quickly what is happening here, avoids the receiver sent in to rub and then hammers Bo Scarborough. This is just brilliant. It was on third down too — Alabama punted after that play.

Damien Harris (who we’ll come onto next) is one of the best pass-protecting running backs you’ll see in college. He blocks like his life depends on it. Here’s what Roquan Smith did to Harris (#34) in the second half:

Smith won’t fit every scheme because of his size but it’s hard to imagine he won’t go in the top-20.

For Alabama, Harris was again severely underutilized. He had minimal success with his early carries and then took a backseat. Just as they did against Auburn, it felt like Alabama tried too hard to make Jalen Hurts the focal point as a runner. Harris finished the game with only six carries — and he’s far too good to only have six carries in the biggest game of the season. It was a huge waste.

Harris has the athleticism, all-round ability and character to go in round one. He didn’t finish the season strongly, however, and you wonder if that will leave a lasting impression. He’d be a bargain pick in round two. It’s unclear whether he’ll decide to turn pro — there’s been a question mark there for the last few weeks.

Big Da’Ron Payne had a good performance on defense. His stock is open for debate. He’s the best run stuffer eligible for the draft but we’ve seen those types last into rounds 2-3 before (see: Jarran Reed). He only had one TFL this season and one sack. He had two really good games in the playoffs though and flashed some athleticism at 6-2 and 308lbs. Look at his quickness here (#94):

The combine will be interesting for Payne to see if he performs better than expected. There’s no doubting his ability to handle double-teams and defend the run:

Anthony Averett also impressed despite being far from 100%. He’ll make a really good slot corner at the next level — he’s tenacious, strong and covers a lot of ground quickly.

If you’re hoping the Seahawks can trade down and get a really good running back with their first pick, this game probably helps. It’s possible Harris, Chubb and Michel will all be viewed as second round types. Ronald Jones II, for me, is dynamic enough to warrant serious first round talk — but he was given a second round grade by the draft committee.

Assuming the Seahawks are able to move down, they might be able to do so comfortably and still get one of the best runners. A lot of RB’s are likely to go in the second round though. They won’t be able to wait too long to get a guy they like.

Some quick thoughts on free agency

It’s a bit early to talk about free agency but then this tweet emerged…

It’s unclear why Seferian-Jenkins tweeted this. Lee’s Jaguars are still in the playoffs. Both players will eventually be free agents.

Stuff like this is one of the reasons why social media can be a pain in the backside sometimes. For all we know this is part of a joke between the players, or something similar. Instead we’re all second guessing what it means. Will both players land in Seattle? Nothing about this tweet will determine that.

The Seahawks are also unable to contact either player or their agents until the legal tampering period right before free agency. At the very least they’d have to wait for the combine when the other kind of mini-tampering occurs.

So no, there’s not much to say about this tweet and how it pertains to Seattle’s free agency plans.

However — it would make some sense.

The Seahawks are currently tight against the cap and will need to re-sign or replace several players during the off-season. If they don’t keep Sheldon Richardson, Paul Richardson and Jimmy Graham, realistically they might have around $10-15m in free cap room to spend. That accounts for cuts (Jeremy Lane, Michael Bennett) a couple of retirements (Kam Chancellor, Cliff Avril) and some choice moves elsewhere.

A year ago the Seahawks tried to use the market to their advantage by bringing in players on cheap one-year ‘prove-it’ deals. That plan worked for them in the past with Bennett and Avril and there was some method in trying again with Luke Joeckel, Eddie Lacy and Bradley McDougald.

Sadly, on this occasion McDougald was the only one to shine.

They don’t have the mega money to go on a free agency splurge. They might have enough to sign one highly rated player. Some have suggested Carolina guard Andrew Norwell. Yet if they spend all their available cap room on one player, how do they fill out the roster?

It’s not ideal but this is another reason why they need to get a bit younger and cheaper — to provide the kind of flexibility they had in 2011 when they went after Sidney Rice, Zach Miller and Robert Gallery to compliment the talent they’d drafted.

Can Austin Seferian-Jenkins replace Jimmy Graham’s red zone production at a smaller cost?

Will Marqise Lee provide a cheaper alternative to Paul Richardson? Or is he a little more physical and rounded?

Are both players in the range of free agency where they’d consider a short term contract?

A year ago Terrelle Pryor and Alshon Jeffery had to sign one-year prove it deals. This year the receiver market is by far the strongest position group. There’ll be a lot of competition for money. Some good players might be forced to think short term.

Both Seferian-Jenkins and Lee carry a lot of upside.

One other quick thought on free agency — will the Seahawks try to mimic the Saints?

New Orleans’ running game was the envy of the league in 2018. The veteran north-south runner Mark Ingram and the perfect compliment Alvin Kamara.

Can Seattle find a similar duo?

One option could be to test the water with San Francisco’s Carlos Hyde. See if he can be your answer to Ingram. They could then draft Ronald Jones II or Sony Michel to be their Kamara. It’s an option.

They do have Chris Carson too. It might be better to be overstocked than understocked given the issues they’ve had at running back. Plus Carson is on a cheap seventh-round rookie contract for the next three years. Having ‘too much’ talent at RB wouldn’t be a negative thing.

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  1. East Side Stevie


    Heres a link to an intersting Mock Draft by Josh Norris.

    Rob, I think you in particular will find this Mock interesting, due to how many offensive linemen he has going in round 1.

    • Rob Staton

      There are lots of things I disagree with in the mock, most of Seattle’s pick. But — that’s the beauty of mock drafts 🙂

      Always good to see what other people are thinking and projecting.

      • East Side Stevie

        Thanks for your input and write up! Can’t wait to catch you on the Podcast.

      • Jason

        Rob will you be doing breakdowns of Kiper/McShay, Jeremiah, etc this year?

        • Rob Staton

          Yep — as soon as their mocks come out, we’ll compare and contrast.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I dont like there selection either. There was about 6 guys I would rather have after there selection that were picked in round one.

  2. Brandon Adams

    Tyler Eifert has also been floated as a FA prospect, especially given the fact that he can provide consistent blocking – something our TE corps has been lacking in Seattle and something that’s factored into the lack of a run game in a way nobody’s really acknowledged yet.

    However, Eifert would be a gamble even on the cheap given his injury history.

    • H

      One year prove it deal could end up being a steal.
      Then again he could just be put on ir after 2 games

    • vrtkolman

      Eifert reminds me of Jordan Cameron kind of. I think Eifert is better actually, but his injury history (particulary the concussions) have me running the other way.

  3. Gohawks5151

    Dang… Just posted this on the last story but wanted some input on it….

    All the discussion about trading vet players for in order to get a 2nd or 3rd round picks but i haven’t seen any draft pick for draft pick trades. Last year this trade was made:

    49ers traded No. 67 (second pick of 3rd rd) pick to Saints for No. 229 pick (7th) and a 2018 2nd-round pick

    I know the stock is limited but they still have a few options. We have 3 5th round picks this year. Also we should have a few comp picks for Jimmy and Sheldon should they leave in 2019. I have not looked at the chart but on face value that should be a comparable deal, considering the NO 2nd rd pick will now be a late pick this year. That way you could pick a falling D player at 18 (Edmunds, Davenport, Settle) and possibly another player who dropped into early 3rd (Wynn, Freeman?). This may be the way to go after the championship game and some of the RB’s were taken down a peg.

    You could also play it another way and add to the stock (3rd or 4th rd pick) if we traded back into the low-mid 20’s with a small trade back giving you 3 picks in the first 3 rounds.

    • Rob Staton

      I think trading back is more likely than pushing the lack of picks ‘crisis’ (for want of a better word) into 2019.

      I think it’d be incredibly risky to hope this situation works in your favour. You’re banking on a RB you like being left in round three, otherwise you might come out of the draft without one. This team cannot — *cannot* — go into 2018 with continued struggles in the running game.

      Unfortunately they’ve backed themselves into a corner somewhat with no second or third rounder. And now they have to live with that and prioritise as best they can their greatest needs combined with the strength of the draft.

      • Nick

        I hate to say it, but man, this draft could be a real swing and a miss if we don’t knock it out the park with our first pick.

      • Gohawks5151

        Agreed. But assume you take care of business by staying at 18 or trading back and getting “your guy” later in rd 1 and another must have player, for this example lets say Wynn, drop to the end of the 2nd rd or early 3rd at least you know you are not helpless. It does bump the “crisis” back to 2019 true, but if you pick up 2 comp picks in 2019 and gain back your native pick you are working with a 1st, three 3rd rd and a 4th rd picks in 2019. There may be a slightly more wiggle room next year rather than this year.

        • Rob Staton

          I think that’s the key difference. If you get your guy in round one or after a trade down and it just so happens another player is there later on — pushing the problem into 2019 is a possible consideration. But it’s better to have that as an option than a necessity.

  4. Matt

    Great stuff Rob. Excited to hear you on Hawkblogger tonight.

    If the Seahawks decide to not trade Earl, I think that they have to recoup a 2nd or 3rd round pick via other trades, not simply moving down from 18. I feel very confident that a blue chip talent could be had at 18. I would hate for us to have to trade down because we are simply low on draft capital.

    I don’t know what a KJ Wright or Michael Bennett or can get you, but I think this team has to recoup draft capital via trading existing personnel.

    I would hate to see a scenario where a Roquan Smith or Rashaan Evans is staring at us at #18 and we pass them by bc we simply need picks. I get that LB is not a need, but this team really needs more premium young talent. We need difference making young talent on the cheap. I trust PC/JS to find bargains lower in the draft or in FA to be good place holders BUT I think it’s monumentally important to get 1 premiere player out of this draft, and that will most likely happen at 18.

    We have gone a little too long with finding “nice players” in the draft. It’s high time we find our next Bobby Wagner, Earl Thomas, etc.

    • Gohawks5151

      Man… very difficult decision. I want to agree. Getting too cute with the trades has bit us before (2014, 15, 17). If you are saying the the most indispensable players are Russ, Earl, and Bobby than 2 of those were taken with high picks. Even players like an Irvin type (unique athlete) or an Okung (consistent performer) will not be there after pick 20. So tempting to stay in that spot and pick. But so many holes to fill. Not sure whih way they go.

      • Matt

        Indeed it is. I’m totally fine with them getting cute on trades if we are simply looking at second tier players at 18. I’ll be royally pissed if we pass on a guy like Roquan because they want to grab an extra 4th rounder.

      • 602BeastMode

        I think that you can find players like a Bobby Wagner, Bam Bam Kam in the later rounds. Teams always find hidden gems in the late rounds. I just want us to draft those hungry players with a chip on their shoulders!

    • lil'stink

      I think LB is definitely a need. It’s Bobby, KJ (who is entering the last year of his contract), and filler. Using our first pick on a LB makes complete sense if it’s the BPA.

      I also think trading KJ would be a huge mistake, given his likely trade value. I think the team needs to completely rethink how they hand out 3rd contracts, but I’m always amazed by how many LB’s can maintain solid play into their 30’s.

  5. Misfit74

    I found it interesting how many RBs are projected (not just in this tweet) in the 2nd round range. Our 4th (120) misses out on many good backs. Our 1st (18) may be too early and a good chance to trade down and add more picks, which seems a near certainty. This tweet makes an attempt to project draft range for many of the RB class:

    Working on a projection model for where RBs will be picked. Picks are a center of a range. Right now:

    Barkley 4, Guice 12, Chubb 35, Michel 54, Love 60, Harris 66, Jones II 70, Penny 86, Adams 88, Johnson 90, Scarbrough 105, Wadley 129, Flowers 137*, Kelly 138, and Freeman 154.


    • Rob Staton

      Personally, IMO, that’s not a particularly good projection for the running backs. Harris, Jones II and Freeman will be at the very worst second round picks. Kerryon will not last to #90, Penny will not last to #86. I’m extremely confident in saying that. I’m also pretty confident Guice doesn’t get anywhere near pick #12.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I could see Penny slipping to 90. Itd be a slip, but negligible according to talent imo

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Tend to agree Rob. It’s hard to tell at this point in time. The combine should clarify some things a bit. One thing is for sure this RB class is ridiculously loaded. Daniel Jeremiah recently said on Brock and Salk, because the class is so loaded, that there’s a good chance RB’s slide down a bit.

        Link: http://sports.mynorthwest.com/category/podcast_player/?a=10026217&sid=1007&n=Brock+and+Salk

        • Rob Staton

          It’s possible — I think the other side to that is everyone has seen the two-headed monster in New Orleans and might be thinking, even if they have a good RB, it might still be worth tapping into the great options in this draft.

          • JimQ

            Bowl performance summary of Seahawk type RB’s.
            1–RB-Rashaad Penny, SDSU, 14/ 221, 15.79-ypc, 4-TD’s, 1-rec for -10. & 2/61 KO-ret.
            2–RB-Bryce Love, Stanford, 26/145, 5.58-ypc, 2-TD’s,
            3–RB-Saquon Barkley, Penn St., 18/137, 7.61-ypc, 2-TD’s, 7-rec for 38-yds
            4–RB-Myles Gaskin, Washington, 14/98, 7.00-ypc, 2-TD’s, 1-rec for 4-yds
            5–RB-Sony Michel, Georgia, 14/98 , 7.00-ypc
            6–RB-Derrius Guice, LSU, 21/98, 4.67-ypc, 3-rec for 24-yds & 2-TD’s.
            7–RB-Kerryon Johnson, Auburn, 22/71, 3.23-ypc, 1-TD, 1-rec for 6-yds
            8–RB-Ronald Jones, USC, 19/64, 3.37-ypc, 1-TD,
            9–RB-Nick Chubb, Georgia, 18/25, 1.39-ypc, 1-rec for -1
            10–RB-Damien Harris, Alabama, 6/17, 2.83-ypc, 2-rec for 21-yds
            11–RB-Jarvon Franklin,W. Michigan, No Bowl Game
            12–RB-Royce Freeman, Oregon, DNP

            • Misfit74

              Nice post.

              Guice is the most dynamic, tenacious, angry inside rusher in the draft. Better than Saquon in that area. I’d love him in #Seattle. He’s the 1a/1b to Barkley in this draft, for me.

      • Misfit74

        I get your point, and agree with many parts of what you said. However, I don’t think there will be as many “2nd round RBs” as we might think. The sheer quantity of quality rushers will probably push some guys down (or up) the board. I really like Penny and Jones, too. I’ve long been a huge fan of Freeman. It’s just seems like his stock is down right now.

        The Combine and Pro Days will clarify some things for sure. Right now it’s harder to envision the separation between a large pool of guys who are all quality players.

        I also concede that the Saints success may allow some of the more all-purpose backs to rise unexpectedly. Kamara, Cohen, etc really showed what a dynamic chess piece can do for certain offenses. It’s a reason I like guys such as Michel. More specifically, I think the Seahawks offense, offensive line as currently stands may REQUIRE one of the more elusive, creative runners for sustainable success. 2 yards and a cloud of dust isn’t a winning formula. With Lynch we had best of both worlds – creativity and elusiveness + power and tackle breaking. It’s why some of the more linear power backs aren’t as appealing as a fit for this offensive barring significant changes (or improvement) on the Oline. Guys like Freeman or to a lesser extent, Chubb may be harder to succeed with early on.

  6. Tecmo Bowl

    Spot on breakdown of last nights title game. Great work Rob!

    “Harris finished the game with only six carries — and he’s far too good to only have six carries in the biggest game of the season. It was a huge waste.”

    Completely agree. It’s baffling that Harris only got 6 carries vs. UGA and Auburn, and averaged only 10.5 touches(9.64 carries)per game on the season. Makes me question his level of talent somewhat. Saban has shown over the years that he will heavily lean on a highly talented RB-Henry, Ingram, Richardson. What does Saban know about Harris that we don’t? Was Harris’ low usage rate a ploy to keep him around for his senior year? Am I reading too much into it as Bama had Harris, Bo, Jacobs and Najee Harris in the overly full RB stable?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to workout. But then for some reason ever since Jalen Hurts became the starting QB they’ve done things differently on offense. More committee running, more desperately trying to make the QB the focal point (running and passing). It makes me wonder if Saban internally believes that Hurts can be a brilliant dual-threat QB and wants to try and prove himself right by making him the star. But it’s not working.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Good points. Hurts is a completely different QB than Saban’s typical game manager. It is working though in spite of poor QB play. That defense covers up a lot of warts.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Baffling why Alabama kept using their quarterback to rush so many times at the end of the second half. I know a handoff might result in a fumble, but it also might result in a touchdown when a stronger running back has the ball.

  7. Jason

    What is the final day to declare?

    • Greg Haugsven

      January 15th

  8. Kenny Sloth

    Anybody want a Hurts donut?

    You’re a healthy bench for your freshman backup in the national championship-
    Hurts Donut??

  9. C-Dog

    The more this whole RB situation has been marinating the more I’m digging the New Orleans Saints path (like that comp, Rob), having a tough inside guy, and mixing in some flash and dash. The thumper could very well be on the roster with Carson, but I like them to hedge a bit in free agency. I’m really growing more and more fond of the idea that the first pick might be Ronald Jones II, or Sony Michel, especially if Jones II puts up some Jamal Charles like #s at the combine.

    That said, though, I’ve thought all along that Damien Harris was special. I think it goes beyond the football field. Loved seeing that shot of him talking up the kicker as they were marching towards that potential game clinching field goal. Leadership. Wouldn’t be disappointed at all if he’s the Seattle pick.

    • Dave

      I feel like we would have the Thunder Lightning combo if CJ were healthy, but that’s a big IF. Between Carson and Davis, the Hawks have Thunder. We can’t depend on CJ Procise being healthy. It’s like counting on a snow day in Seattle to bail you out of finals after not studying. I want Jones II or Michel. Let’s hope for an amazing OC that creates a balanced, unpredictable offense.

  10. Greg Haugsven

    Anyone know how ASJ is as a blocker? I havent really paid much attention to him. If he can block above average then he could be an option

    • Greg Haugsven

      Ill answer that myself. I think he could be a great addition. After doing some quick research that could be a great option. We have talked about getting a younger free agent coming off a rookie contract and he fits the bill.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        He has been a knucklehead in the past….. if he has grown up, he could be a viable 2nd TE.

        Vannett, ASJ and if you want to go cheap…….
        I’m not ready to give up on JG however….. they were starting to deploy him properly towards the end of the season…. 10TDs or so is nothing to scoff at… that is legit production.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          3rd TE could be a mid round draft pick… too keep things fiscally responsible. Maybe tie up around 5M in the position, instead of the 12-15M now tied up.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I thought he was at his worst at the end. He had c a 3 game stretch where he had 2 catches.

  11. Tecmo Bowl

    “This year the receiver market is by far the strongest position group. There’ll be a lot of competition for money. Some good players might be forced to think short term.”

    Allen Robinson’s name has been thrown around as the top WR target on the market. Would love to have him in blue and action green, but I find it hard to believe that Seattle is very realistic option for him. Coming off an ACL he firmly fits into Rob’s point of taking a 1 year prove it deal. Seattle is not the best team for a WR to boost his market value, plus other teams have way more $ to offer. SF, among others, would be a great landing spot for Robinson.

    Looking at the FA list: http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/wide-receiver/

    2 young(24,25 years old) big WR names stood out to me-Donte Moncrief and Cody Latimer. We discussed both in depth here on SDB as being 2nd round options for Seattle. Think both still have untapped potential, and could be bargains.

    Moncrief has had success at Indy with 18 TD’s in 53 games. Would think the Colts want him back, but that remains to be seen. Their GM is new and Luck just missed the entire season-that team is not very good. Donte could want out. imo

    Latimer never got much of a shot in Denver-sitting behind Thomas and Sanders. Bennie Fowler got more chances than Latimer. Have to think Cody is desperate for a change of scenery.

    • C-Dog

      You’ve actually brought to attention some players that I’ve been thinking about, myself. The thinking being that, if the rumblings about the JG and Seattle split is true, that instead of trying to recoup JG’s red zone production with one player, a la ASJ, Seattle doesn’t target a TE of the similar caliber and also target a WR that offers some of that. Maybe instead of replacing PRich with another athlete that has a similar physical profile, they decide to get bigger there with a guy like Robinson, Moncrief, Latimer, Jordan Matthews, Sammie Watkins, etc,

      • Greg Haugsven

        If we could actually run the ball in the red zone that would help replace alot of JG’s production.

        • C-Dog

          That would definitely work for me.

          • Sean-O

            Looking at the FA list of WR’s it does seem pretty deep. I wonder if that helps SEA keep PRich? I don’t remember where I read it, but it was suggested that if SEA did re-sign him that would likely mean they wouldn’t re-sign Lockett next year. We’ll see.

    • SoCal12

      I was reading up on the draft profile on Cody Latimer, and one of the concerns is that football isn’t his first love, it’s basketball. This might be why despite his second round pick status he has seen such a limited outing. Honestly if football isn’t his passion I’d probably pass on picking him up.

      Looking over the FA list I think I’d ideally like to pick up Allen Robinson or Jordan Matthews. I think they’d fit the Jermaine Kearse role pretty well as a reliable big body to throw to. Unfortunately, the concern is that those two will likely price themselves out of our range.

      Donte Moncrief might be a nice cheaper option, but he’s been pretty banged up these last two seasons, so it might also be a bit of a risk.

      Maybe Austin Sefarian-Jenkins was right on his twitter and Marqise Lee would be a good fit here. I’m actually warming up to the idea, and I’ve seen some good abilities from him that might make him a nice value replacement for Richardson if he leaves. If him and Paul are the same price though, I’d still keep P-Rich.

    • Icb12

      I’d take a shot in Latimer for sure. Cheap. Under used. Was one of the guys the Seahawks brought out for a visit when he was drafted.

      • House

        My wife is a HUGE Broncos fans and Latimer’s lack of stats weren’t due to being under used, he was deemed “very inconsistent” in practices. Maybe scheme/scenery change could help him

  12. Dale

    I was really impressed by Harris last night. His ability to make the first guy miss then run through tackles and punish defenders reminded me of Lynch. I know it’s unlikely but if we managed to get Harris and Wynn I’d be celebrating.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Which Harris? The freshmen looked good.

      • BobbyK

        I assume he’s talking about the upperclassman since the freshman can’t even declare for the draft for a few years.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I understand about the draft but in the game Damien wasn’t good. The freshman was though.

          • Dale

            Other than Barkley, who is the closest in this year’s draft to the freshman in style?

      • Dale

        Sorry, I didn’t realize they were different players. Yes, the freshman.

  13. Nathan

    Are the running backs going to come off the board faster if NO win the bowl?

    • Kenny Sloth

      RBs are flying off the board imo

    • BobbyK

      I think it’s time people re-realize that a good/great RB can make a big time difference. It’s Back to the Future.

      I’ve been just as critical of the OL as anyone and it’s deserved criticism but we have nobody to make defenders miss.

      I’m actually thinking Jones II (and Carson) with Rees at LG would be better than having Carson (and Davis) with Wynn at LG.

      Don’t get me wrong, if we get a stud OL or RB (or front seven defender) I’m going to be happy… I just want that player to be good and make an impact.

      • Rob Staton

        And Jones II is the type of player a defense has to legitimately game plan for. They’ve missed that at RB.

        • Patrick Toler

          This is why I love Jones. He is extremely elusive with great vision and the balance to stay upright through contact in the scrum. I’m tired of watching our backs hit the turf when a defender looks at them. And Jones has a great jump cut that showed up several times when a defender broke through is OL.

          • Rob Staton

            He also finishes every run. So tough.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The hated Patriots of the last few years have used 2 or 3 RBs of various types similar to how the Saints are using the dynamic duo. Ridley/Blount come to mind as of late…. or Ridley/Woodhead/Green-Ellis from a few years back. The trend is not new…… but the palyers the Saints have and the play calling have really brought out the best from the guys they have.

      Sometimes the play calling is suspect for Seattle and sometimes the talent at the RB position.

      What I am wondering is why RW was not in a read-option more during the season? Of course, he already got over used / carried a bit too much of the load this year.. so maybe they were trying to keep the “miles off his tires”.

      • Nathan

        The read option could be handy even as a shock tactic.

        If they didn’t use it all the time then one drive he keeps gashing a team.

        All of a sudden the team that plays them next week is going to have a linebacker parked up close to the line of scrimmage ad he should have more space downfield.

        I think that’s bee lacking from this side.

        The ability to win the chess match.

        • Mark Souza

          RW barely ran the ball on the read option in 2017, keeping the ball maybe a handful of times all year. He did turn a lot of backfield scrambles up field for yardage.

  14. Hawk Eye

    Bradley signs 3 year deal to stay with the Chargers

    • Greg Haugsven

      Then most likely Richard is staying.

      • Hawk Eye

        I am neutral on Richard. Don’t see him as great, don’t see him as terrible. Has some good games, some not so good games. Is it him, players, Pete looking over his shoulder? Is he an excellent DB coach who is over his head as coordinator? I have no idea. I think if they add a few pieces to the D and get the run game fixed, he will be ok.

        • white-salmon-hawk

          If the interest in Bradley was legitimate; it’s telling.

          • white-salmon-hawk

            But at the same time Pete said all the coaches were staying… (indicating no problem or too much pride)

          • Rob Staton

            I suspect the offer in Seattle wasn’t to replace Richard but rather to work with him — and if that’s the case, not a big shock Gus stayed in LA. Being the defensive coordinator there and having success with a good young defense is his best shot at becoming a Head Coach again one day.

            But whatever the Seahawks are doing with their coaching staff, it’s time to get a move on and make it happen.

            • white-salmon-hawk

              Curious about what they extra benefit they would offer Bradley: already having two assistant head coaches (Cable, Barrow), two V.P., and many personnel positions filled. Surely he would accept a straight DC to DC transfer?

              • white-salmon-hawk

                Sorry that is nearly illegible…

                Curious about what extra benefit they would offer Bradley: already having two assistant head coaches (Cable, Barrow), two V.P., and many personnel positions filled. Surely he wouldn’t accept a straight DC to DC transfer?

            • Drew

              Bevell is now out!

  15. vrtkolman

    Brady Henderson on Twitter: Seattle went three-and-out on 57.4% of its first-quarter drives, the highest rate in the NFL. The 31st-ranked team (Oakland) was 45.2%.

    – I know Pete loves to collect data in the first half and then adjust in the 2nd, but cmon man! This is just embarrasing.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Thats a stagering stat. Its OK to punt in the game of football but you have to at least get 1 first down. If on average you get just 1 first down you should gain about 20 yards. Assuming you get about 13 yards on your first 3 downs and say 7 on your next 3 downs you can have a drive of 6 plays and 20 yards. If you started from your own 20 you would punt from the 40 which is OK. Three and outs kill you.

    • 80SLargent

      I don’t know why Bevell would intentionally design an offense to go 3 and out for “data collection”. The less plays an offense runs, the less “data” is collected, so going 3 and out all the time would most definitely be counterintuitive to said “data collection”.
      If that’s really Bevell’s plan, to “experiment” for 3 quarters, then he should be fired on the spot. Baldwin alluded to that not being the case in an interview just after the Cardinals game. He put it on the players not executing their assignments. Whatever it is, they definitely look lost at the starts of games. “The separation is in the preparation”, right Russell?

      • Mark Souza

        So now that Bevell is out, there’s been a lot of national talk about RW not running the plays Bevell called, accounting for much of the playground stuff we saw out there this year. If true, it’s clear RW lost respect for Bevell. It will be interesting to see if the next OC can get RW’s respect and reign him in, or if Wilson has outgrown his breaches and now wags the dog? Stay tuned Hawks fans.

  16. Kelly Smith

    So I have been tossing this idea in my head all day…and I am sure it’s a reason why I will never become a scout or anything meaningful, but I have been thinking about the Hawks draft and not having a 2nd or 3rd in a draft that is strong with our need. So I came up with this idea…Please don’t rip me too hard. Seahawks trade their ’19 1st round pick to someone like Denver or Cleveland, or Buffalo, someone who has multiple 2nd/3rds. I used a trade value chart and gave the Seahawks a favorable 26th pick in 19(700 pts).

    Ship it to Buffalo for 44 and 75 (which is a value of 685) or a few other picks in this general range.

    at 18 you grab the best OL available whether thats Quentin, Price, Winn, etc. and then you take one of those 2nd/3rd rounders to grab your RB. Or package some more picks to move up in either the 2nd or 3rd to get your guy. Then we walk into next year with Brown-Winn-Britt-Pocic (hopefully beefed up)- Ifedi. Then your backfield is a combo of say Harris, or Michel, or possibly Jones and Carson/Davis.

    To me that seems like a sure fire way to get the run game going, and we may get comp picks in ’19 if Graham or a few others were to leave.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It’s for surely a thought. The major downside is we don’t have our second next year either.

  17. Old but Slow

    Any reactions to Pauline’s suggestion that the Clemson defensive linemen who are highly rated may decide as a group to play another year? That is Christian Wilkins, Clelin Ferrell, and Austin Bryant. Apparently, they have to decide in the next 6 days. Taking 3 dynamic defensive players out of the early picks can have a domino effect.

    I am not suggesting that the Seahawks are interested in them or not, but that one or more of them could be taken before our first pick.

    I know. Just one of the many factors that will change before draft day.

    • Rob Staton

      That would be incredible. Fair play to the players if they make that call. I like players showing that kind of commitment to their team mates and school.

  18. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, what do you think about Eli Apple as a Hawk CB? I know he is “only” 31,5″ arms. And what would be compensation to get him?

    • millhouse-serbia

      I have just listened all real hawk talk and you were great.

    • Rob Staton

      I think a late round pick. He’s been more of a headache at New York than a positive.

    • Volume12

      The cancer Eli Apple?

  19. Ishmael

    Hard pass on Lorenzo Carter after that for me. I know we need/want an Irvin replacement, but that wasn’t the good kind of invisible game. Think he’ll be a totally acceptable player for someone, but I’m just not interested.

  20. millhouse-serbia

    We fired Bevell!!!

    • Myfanwy365

      Did wonder if we were shaking anything up at all for a while. Now for Cable

    • H

      Wow, honestly wasnt expecting this. At least that might surpress some of the moaning…
      At least for a short while

    • Mark Souza

      Reposting this from above – it seems more appropriate here.

      So now that Bevell is out, there’s been a lot of national talk about RW not running the plays Bevell called, accounting for much of the playground stuff we saw out there this year. If true, it’s clear RW lost respect for Bevell. It will be interesting to see if the next OC can get RW’s respect and reign him in, or if Wilson has outgrown his breaches and now wags the dog? Stay tuned Hawks fans.

  21. Ishmael

    Bevell gone is an eye-opener. Interested to see who they bring in. Glad that they recognised the need for change, can Pete put his ego aside to step out of the way? All eyes on Cable now, I can actually see him doing pretty well as a HC somewhere – especially for a soft team like the Colts.

    • C-Dog

      Davis Hsu was tweeting out rather boldly right after Seattle played their last game that he was hearing from his inside source Seattle would be looking to move on from Bevell and Cable. He was hearing that they want to further expand the offense around RW and bring in a play caller who will get the most out of his skill set.

      Not surprising. It has felt like for the past two seasons that Seattle was stuck in some in-between place offensively, with no consistent identity. Might be a big boost to get someone in who can step back from the elephant a bit and see the whole beast.

      • Ishmael

        Mmm. Not sure how I feel about that. Presumably means someone from the college ranks? And it’s Pete, so odds are there’s going to be a USC connection.

        Definitely think they need a strong outside voice, but with that I think Carroll needs to step back a bit on his control. Either that or they need to go find someone who can build a serious run game and is okay with being told what sort of offense to build.

  22. white-salmon-hawk

    Unsure of how a run-first OC is suppose to excel with no rushers to coordinate.

    The DVOA and ‘total offense’ trends coinciding with Lynch’s departure are telling.

    Looking forward to a new offensive era after such a long run. Thanks Coach Bevell!

  23. JC

    I’m not sure about this move.. Bevell’s offense was frequently the victim of the offensive line. Hopefully they have someone impressive, and imaginative, in mind as a replacement.

  24. Sea Mode

    I don’t think Bev was the culprit, but a new voice could bring some energy either way. Guess we will find out soon. I highly doubt they make this move without having his replacement already lined up. Maybe it has to do with those who just became available in the last couple days. We’ll see.

  25. drewdawg11

    I do t want to sound like another angry bevell basher, but the criticism isn’t totally baseless and it was time for a change. Sometimes you have to recognize that we aren’t getting the most out of our players and the dlownstarts and poor performances aren’t just random happenings. The stat about three and outs in the first quarters says a lot. How are they not prepared to come out firing? Also, the offensive line issues: If you’re tjenOC, and you know this line struggles with certain things irnpkays… and you keep calling those plays in key situations, you’re stubborn. If your offense seems to be let Russell drop back and figure it out… that’s an issue. I was against his hiring years ago, so the fact that I never cared for his schemes wasn’t really ever going to change. Glad we don’t have to talk about him anymore.

    • sdcoug

      Spot on.

    • Sea Mode

      How are they not prepared to come out firing?

      But they are prepared, which is exactly what Baldwin said. Then the RB misses a read on 1st down, OL misses a block on 2nd down, Ifedi false starts on 3rd down, and now it’s 3rd-and-forever once again. Bevell is responsible for none of those failures.

      You’re right, Bev’s gone and we don’t have to talk about him any more. But we’re crazy if we think the next OC won’t be subject to the exact same criticism.

      Also, he made the most of a young QB’s improv talents and won a SB almost two instead of trying to force him to fit in his own scheme. I’m grateful.

      • Capt. Poopy

        He’s responsible for calling the plays that give his players the best chance… keep missing blocks? Make shorter diagrammed plays, and screens to the RB, not deep ball scenarios. I felt like Bevell got a raw deal, in that I felt Cable was the worse coach, but in the end, I feel like they both need out.

  26. CharlieTheUnicorn

    So, there is this “unknown” coach named Norv Turner on the street currently. ; )
    Can’t say he has been a bad play caller or QB developer in his past…… he has had some of the best offenses in NFL history. He went off the rails when he became a head coach… over time.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s going to Carolina but even if he wasn’t — wouldn’t have much interest here. A re-tread.

      For me they need to go and deliver a top young coach. Our version of McVay and Shanahan. John DeFilippo in Philadelphia for example.

    • Volume12

      You can absolutely say he wasn’t a good play caller.

  27. Adog

    It seems like they have to double down on cable one way or the other…give him full control of offensive play calling or send him packing. It will be interesting….i wonder if mike shula is a candidate…

    • Drew

      I agree. I was in the camp of getting rid of Cable and let Bevell have full control of the offense. I’m not necessarily a fan of giving the entire offense over to Cable and I can’t imagine the new OC is going to want to have to work with Cable, not having full control.

  28. Myfanwy365


    “I think they make Tom [Cable] the official OC” was what one of my contacts predicted 12/27. Don’t now what @seahawks will do. Sharing only because Bevell is out and there are no obvious available candidates.

    Please christ no

    • Rob Staton

      Won’t happen.

  29. Kelly

    Whats funny is that almost everyone was calling for Bevell’s head and when they get it, all of a sudden they question the move and say it wasnt all his fault…Careful what you wish for I guess. If you were calling for his head, then quit flip-flopping,.own your descion and quit backtracking

    • House

      It’s easy to blame someone when that is the only thing at hand. Now there is a void, questions/fears arise.

    • Volume12

      Hahahhahaha!l!! People are freaking out Bevell might be gone?!? After years of calling for his head?!? Oh the f***ing irony! I am totally here for this.

      • Volume12

        * is gone

  30. House

    Tom Cable has been encouraged to pursue other positions and Richard has been told “he could get out of his contract if he finds work elsewhere”. Sounds like a real house cleaning. I find little positive in people getting fired, but if these moves help the team, that’s what is suppose to happen.

    • Dave


      • House

        He was on ESPN radio. Cable’s been officially fired and Richard could be next

  31. Volume12

    Michel is by far the better back than Nick Chubb.

    Chubb does not have the lateral ability Michel has. He’s very much a north/south runner. Michel is electric when the ball in is in his hands. Chubb is good, don’t get me wrong and I like him, but there’s not much Chubb does that can’t be found in a mid round RB (minus the athleticism from HS which is never the same anyways) when comparing him to his teammate.

    • Mark Souza

      Agreed. I watched Chubb pretty closely. He’s not a good pass protector either. Loses focus. On one play, a sack, he was next to the QB for protection. For a couple of seconds, the line held. Chubb, seemingly bored, moved up to help the left guard, who didn’t need help. At about the same time, Alabama’s RT broke past the RG for an easy sack. If Chubb just stays where he’s supposed to, his QB has a chance. Not impressed.

  32. Volume12

    Excited to see how much this new OC will have an impact in the 1st half of games or if it’s more on RW. Should be fun.

  33. Roland T Jose

    I would like to see ronald jones II, drafted as insurance because procise can’t stay healthy, jd makissic is so versitale, I think he has earned the third down back position hands down!, his ability in the slot on passing downs is valuable. I like the fact that we finally are throwing to our backs with screens, out to the flats, it helps take the pressure off Wilson and helps him with the blitz!, we do need to find a way to go back to 2 TE sets again if we can find a TE who can block and catch, I think Graham is gone cause vannette will take his place, if we get Willson back, I think that’s gonna be the duo, cause both can block and catch, the other TE on our practice squad can be our move TE, don’t remember his name he was the Texas qb I think. I would love to see the Wynn kid from Georgia on our squad, he is awesome! Well worth a late 1st round selection, he’s close to being NFL ready as they come! Just imagine him @ left guard next to Thomas and backup left tackle if needed the versatility that he has! Would like to see them get a young stud OLB to finally replace the platoon that we have with Wilhoite and Garvin and backup Wright from time to time. Need more takes like Naz jones and a DE or 2 for the future if we don’t resign Richardson and when Avril retires, gotta resign Clark!, McDougal is also a must to resign! More corners in the slot and outside in the late rounds would be nice too!, so many holes and so little picks, can’t see how we don’t trade down a couple of times in this draft!, we need a big reciever on the outside to take the pressure of baldwin so we can move him around!, Marquis Lee sounds cool, but he is as injury prone as richardson! If he comes cheap, then we can finally fill our #2 WR spot till Darboh gets a clue on how to play in this league and keep him from getting injured!, i’ ve heard some think we are off on our RB evaluation’s, but considering how well alot of our runners are doing on other teams, I think we are off on not keeping some of the runners that we cut!? We need an oline for Christmas sake!!!, wilson is not gonna get any younger and our running game ain’t gonna work consistently without one!, and exicution of our offense is getting worse!, wilson is getting bad habits of not recognising a good pocket alot cause he doesn’t trust the line!, and the penalties need to stop on both sides of the ball cause it’s killing us! Sorry so long bro!

  34. Rad_man

    Cabke lived off his rep way too long. Won’t miss his pre season propaganda about how good the o line will be. Dude made Baghdad Bob look like a straight shooter. Go hang with drew nowak and marvel at how high he can jump. And tell someone else how Joeckel is the best guard in the league.

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