LISTEN: Tony Pauline on the Seahawks and the 2018 draft

This week I had the opportunity to speak with Tony Pauline from Draft Analyst. We talked about a number of different Seahawks topics including:

— How many times do the Seahawks want to pick in this draft?

— What does Tony think of the running back class?

– What’s the deal with Derrius Guice?

— What is a realistic trade involving Earl Thomas?

Have a listen…


  1. TTownHawk

    He didn’t sound as high on Rojo – interesting. The other thing that jumped out to me was his mention that Seattle could look at CB in round 1 if they can’t trade down. This would go against their usual draft strategy, who do you think they could look at if they do end up picking at 18, specifically at CB? I know Davenport and Landry could be legit options at DL, but for CB I wonder who would fit their profile – Isaiah Oliver I’m guessing? He has that length they covet.

    I think we all assume they trade down, which would be the best scenario, but if they can’t find a reasonable return I don’t think picking at 18 is out of the realm of possibility.

    Great interview, man this stuff is gold right now as we get close to the big day!

    • Volume12

      There’s only so much a 205 lb back is gonna give ya in today’s NFL.

      • Nick

        I see your point, but LeSean McCoy?

        • Volume12

          210, but more importantly he’s special. Makes guys miss better than most.

          Nothing wrong with a situational back, but you can find those anywhere.

        • Volume12

          If Jones is there in late 2 or round 3? Gotta think they’d pull the trigger there.

          • Kenny Sloth

            ……….. So why take Nick/et all

          • Kenny Sloth

            If they like a couple, they can wait.

            Probably gonna be going 5tech or pass catcher first

      • D-OZ


    • Volume12

      Auburn’s Carlton Davis?

      Landry seems like a target at 18.

      • Volume12

        ‘Bama’s Ronnie Harrison?

        • D-OZ


      • Darnell

        If we didn’t know what we already know about where they find their CBs I’d feel really confident in Carlton Davis being an option.

        I love his game and think he’s perfect for the Hawks.

        • D-OZ


      • Misfit74

        If not for Davis’ poor ball skills I’d like him better, but he does fit the mold. Oliver isn’t as physical as I’d like but he fits the bill, too. Holton Hill is another name after a trade down.

        I still have trouble believing we draft a CB round 1.

    • DCD2

      If you can’t trade down, which is unlikely, I think you go with someone who brings something unique or that you can’t feel confident in approximating with a later pick. Picks I wouldn’t hate at that point:

      – Vita Vea: I know Rob… he won’t be there 🙂
      – Calvin Ridley: Having a receiving threat that could make up for some of the production lost via JimmyG and PRich while getting the best WR in the class would be ok.
      – LVE: Wagner, KJ and LVE could make up for some shortcomings on the line and at the back. Would give us an ELITE position group.
      – DE of choice – One thing we do know: the 2nd highest paid position by average is DE. Having 5 year cost control on one who hits would be great. Imagine Von Miller for 5/$12M instead of 6/$114M
      – Isiah Wynn: Fluker is a one year patch, and there are still a lot of questions on the line. Feeling good about a guard would mean that we feel good about 3/5 OL. He seems like the most complete OG not named Quenton.

      I simply can’t imagine us not trading down, but if we do move and stay in the 1st and one of these are available, I wouldn’t be disappointed. I’m also leaving RB off, as we’ve talked that idea to death and the more I look, the deeper that position seems to be. These are some alternatives that have been discussed less, that I would be ok with.

  2. Nick

    Great interview. Very cool that you can attract such a knowledgable guest.

    Main takeaways (tho everyone should listen!):

    -TP thinks RoJo is a situational back.
    -TP likes the pass blocking skills of Nick Chubb.
    -Seattle is going to trade down if they can get offers (I’m guessing they will).
    -Thinks DE, RB, and CB classes are deep (all three are a need for Seattle)

    I wonder if that means we aim at TE, WR earlier on? Certainly could explain Goedert and Kirk interest.

    • Volume12

      Agreed. Thought it was a great listen.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Kerryon Johnson, and Royce Freeman are the most complete backs in this class behind Barkley.

    • DC

      Interesting to hear that Tony thought Goedert was a good blocker. I’m hearing different views on that. Anyone have eyes on that aspect of his game?

      • Misfit74

        From Joe Marino (NDT Scouting) on Goedert:

        In-line Blocking: Is a willing blocker with the frame to win in-line. That said, technique as a blocker is lacking (see “Play Strength”). Must get upper and lower half work-ing together to be effective.

        Space Blocking: Does well to come to balance, square up and connect in space. Seals second level pursuit and gets into the third level effectively. Must work on sustaining blocks by bringing his feet with him through contact.

        Versatility: Proven ability to line up anywhere across the formation and make plays as a receiver. Below average blocking skills and needs work before he can win in-line as a blocker.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s probably top 6 blocking TE in this class.

        Ian Thomas is way better

    • EP

      I think being a willing blocker can be more crucial than being a good one when coming out of college. They’re not all asked to do it or perhaps not shown how to do it effectively. Especially in the case of Goedert being a smaller school guy. Easier to work with a guy who wants to but can’t than a guy who just refuses or gives you 0 effort.

  3. DC

    It’s obvious you are a professional interviewer Rob. Breath of fresh air. Great content too. Thanks to both of you.

    Is there any residual harm to Maurice Hurst’s draft stock after the medical scare and subsequent ‘all clear’?

    • Kenny Sloth


      I’m listening for a third time.

      • Kenny Sloth

        5th time

    • Rob Staton

      I think Hurst should be OK. Star Lotulelei hasn’t had any problems so far thank goodness. Hurst is too good to fall too far.

      Thanks for the kind words too 👍🏻

  4. Volume12

    I find it particularly interesting of all the D-line prospects Seattle has met with, brought in, worked out, etc.

    Would seem to indicate it’s either their priority or they want a couple. And it looks like they’ve hedged in almost every round if they miss on their main guy/s. Impressive.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Gotta go early for pass rushers.

      How do you like the Ohio St. DL?

      • Nick

        If they go with Sweat in the late first, I may cry. Love the guy’s potential, but holy moly is he slow off the ball in college.

        • Kenny Sloth

          mUSt bE aLL ThE PAds lol

          • Nick

            Ok, so I just spent the last hour watching his film and I take that back. He’s got first-round upside at a position that is in high-demand across the league (and in Seattle!).

            • Nick

              He sets the edge, so, so well against the run. That combined with his 10 yard split…that’s Seattle’s combo.

              • Kenny Sloth

                I love when more tape viewing changes my opinion of a player, for better or for worse. One of the most exhiliraring things about covering the draft as a fan.

            • Kenny Sloth

              potential is definitely what you’re banking on with Josh

              And if you believe in his athleticism and coachability, then I could definitely see a first round grade on him!

              I keep saying that I think his impediment actually made him a more technical player as he was forced to disengage rather than fly out and bend the corner

              I don’t recall any specific instances of clear counter moves being utilized, but I do remember specifically how he would beat his man with a refined technique to a basic move because he didnt have his full speed.

              If assume he was playing at 90%, 90% of his ten yard split ain’t a leo

              • Kenny Sloth

                *his injury history is definitely a little scary and I’m always gonna wince when that leg gets rolled on and I think that is why we’re talking about him as a 2nd round prospect*

        • Bill Bobaggins

          Interesting read on Sweat. Sounds like a very cerebral guy who the Hawks could get behind. Wouldn’t be shocked at all to see them take him in the 1st.

  5. Misfit74

    I think Landry, Hurst, Bryan, and Sweat are favorites if at or near 18 if we look to DL. Not a huge fan of Davenport, but toolsy players always have to be considered.

    Shepherd, A. Brown on my radar, too. (more 3 techs)

    We visited or are visiting w K.Turay.

    • HawksBill

      I agree but would probably take Bryan over Hurst. I think Bryan has more all-pro potential and no health concerns.

      • HawksBill

        I also think Taven Bryan is the DL in this years draft that is most like Bennett, very quick release, could line up at any D-line position.

  6. Frank

    I would love to ask what separates Rojo from Sony Micheal to you as prospects Rob? Sony gets no love with Seahawks fans and is no farther away from our typical type back than Rojo. I only see Barkley and Guice as the only true bell cow backs in this draft, but Sony has far superior vision/ anticipation to Chubb, catches passes. Not banging the table for Sony, just curious why he’s never seen as a fit?

    • Misfit74

      I think he’s a very good fit.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Jones II is a lot more dynamic, explosive, aggressive. Much more upside. See a bit of a Maurice Morris type in Michel. Jamaal Charles in Rojo.

    • Thorson

      One significant difference between the two is ball security. Rojo is very good and Mitchell graded out as poor. Ball security is something that PC seems to preach so I will be surprised if the Hawks select Mitchell.

      • Thorson

        Erm Michel

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          As Rob meantioned earlier Michel with his fumble rate was I believe 2 fumbles under being considered at the average spectrum.

          So to me that deems he should be considered average with ball security.
          We know Pete has his emphasis on ball security. Who wouldn’t? I

          I thought of someone, A kid being forced to play football by his Dad.

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            Came back to correct myself and none shall probably ever read this.

            IT was Nick Chubb not Sony Michel I was talking about.

            Michel is bad at ball security. Why did nobody call me on it?

  7. Misfit74

    My thinking right now is Seahawks first plan: trade down and target 2 players; one each from two of these groupings:
    RB – Guice/Michel/Chubb
    Edge/DT – Sweat/Bryan/Hurst/Landry
    OT/OG – Co. Williams/T. Crosby/Wynn/Hernandez/Corbett

  8. Trevor

    Great interview with good flow and content another job well done Rob! Pauline has some great insight as always.

    • Kenny Sloth

      The only thing missing is truly truly a led zeppelin outro

      • Nick

        I love how much he loves led zeppelin.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Bonham’s a killer broh

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            Yeah Kenny!

            I’m a Drummer and feel John Bonham revolutionised Drumming in the sense of the Down Beat and creating space in his Drumming.

            What I mean is his approach gave a new direction to music and created groove rap beats. Beastie Boys first album sampled John Bonham and a Led Zeppelin for this reason.

            Playing the Down beat as in

            1 and 2 and 3 and 4

            Instead of just swinging

            1- 2 -3 -4 and 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

            Both in 4/4 time signature but Bonham made it into a Pocket Groove you could really feel!

            Go Music

            Go Hawks

            • Thy Hawk is Howling

              Immigrant Song for example, you know the words

              “We come from the land of the ice and snow
              From the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow”

              Bonham came up with that grooving beat first then Jimmy Paige created the guitar lick.

              1 and a 2 and, 1 and a 2 and, 1 and a 2 and, 1 and a 2 and,

              He could have just played

              1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8

              Both are 8/4 in time signature.

              I hope somebody found this interesting.

              I Should start a Blog!

              People who Love Music but also give a Damn about The Seahawks Blog

              • GerryG

                ^appreciate that

                • Thy Hawk is Howling

                  Cheers GerryG, you’re Cool!

                  I’m Done for Today.


                  Oh Yeah I Fracking despise Hashtags

                  Peace Y’all

              • hawkdawg

                Long live Blood, Thunder and the Hammer of the Gods…

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Trevor 👍🏻

  9. Nick

    What do people think about Kemoko Turray? What about Hubbard? Who should we be looking at apart from Sweat, Green, Landry at DE?

    • Nick

      What about Da’Ron Payne? Or do you think they’re not going to go for a DT because of their depth there?

      • DCD2

        I’m liking Ade Aruna and Dorrance Armstrong as mid round options. Really like Turray, but have been trying to look more at guys who could be available in Rd4+. Turray will be gone by then.

        Haven’t watched much tape on him, but Payne is a great name for a defensive guy. I really like PJ Hall as well. I’m worried that PCJS and there ridiculous unwritten rules about arm length will take him off of our board though.

  10. RWIII

    Rob: Enjoyed the interview with Tony P. Tons of interesting tidbits. You get the feeling the Hawks might not go Running Back with their first pick. As far as E.T. is concerned that is probably right. I knew all along the Hawks would be lucky to get a first round pick for E.T. I have NO idea where Jason La Canfora came up with this ridiculous 1st and 3rd for E.T.

    Tony did say this is not a very strong safety class. That is interesting. Cleveland does have three 2nd round picks. So they could pull the trigger. But if someone is going to trade for E.T. it has to be done before the draft. Because they would want to have a long-term deal done prior to making the deal.

    • Sean-O

      The interview itself was quality stuff but it was pretty clear he wasn’t real in tune with SEA. He talked about how they’re looking at CB in the 1st & like Austin Corbett in the 2nd but might not get that far. Well, SEA doesn’t draft CB’s that early & they don’t have a 2nd.

      Looking at his latest mock, he has Ronald Jones as the 6th RB taken & going at pick #51. Definitely later than most would think.

      The guy definitely knows his stuff regarding the players getting drafted but seemed off on a few things.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah I think RoJo goes in the first not Sony or Derrius

        • D-OZ

          Sony and Guice will go before ROJO… Trust the tape!!!!

          • Kenny Sloth

            Eh, it’s a projection based on a complete profile. Not just flashy tape or stats or one single thing.

            RoJo just has that something special.

            Derrius is fun and Sony is nice with it, but I can’t get behind them as franchise backs at this stage

            • Kenny Sloth

              Not to suggest you didnt do your good research my friend

              • DCD2

                It’s all about preference though.

                If I grabbed a handful of jelly beans and said “pick one”, then you picked the black licorice one: I’d say “this fool is crazy! Why would he take black licorice? Everyone knows that is the worst flavor.” Then it comes out that a lot of people like black licorice and would have taken it over cherry or key lime, etc.

                It just takes one team to believe that a given RB is the best and be in a position to take them. If we don’t take Carpenter or Irvin or Britt where we did, do they last for 2 more rounds?

                Some teams are going to like RoJo over Michel and vice versa. Hopefully the ones that share our (teams) conviction don’t pick before us.

          • Rob Staton

            The tape would say Ronald Jones II is the second best RB in this draft. By some distance.

            • Trevor


              • D-OZ

                Not to me. I don’t like his size for the NFL. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a fantastic runner. I just think Sony is going to have a better NFL career.

                • FuzzyLogic

                  I could certainly see teams looking at Rojo and thinking he will only be a complimentary back. But personally I think he would be a perfect 1-2 punch with Carson.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    It only takes one team !

  11. RWIII

    Interesting. I guess I am not the only one who likes Mason Rudolph. Bucky Brooks just projected Mason Rudolph going at number twelve in the draft. Ahead of Lamar Jackson. How about that. I don’t think Rudolph will go that high. But I tell you what. Rudolph is good.

    • Awsi Dooger

      Mason Rudolph is very, very good. He’s the type of Big 12 quarterback with the first instinct to reject him as overrated due to the system and the lack of defense in the conference. In this case the truth is exactly the opposite. Rudolph is very smart and makes great reads and pro style throws. The yards per attempt have been phenomenal for three consecutive years. He’s been unfairly downgraded due to flawed conventional wisdom.

      Regarding Lamar Jackson, I don’y know how anyone can listen to him speak three sentences and believe they want him at the most demanding position in pro sports.

      It has been more than 20 years since a quarterback with a Wonderlic below 25 won the Super Bowl.

      • Kenny Sloth

        This is a really interesting take!

        I think Lamar Jackson is more NFL ready coming from Louisville’s scheme.

        I can’t wait to see what he does at the next level. The sport is changing and a lot of people arent prepared for the influx of speed at QB.

        Look at the top QBs in this class, they’ve all plus mobility.

        • Kenny Sloth

          And to his credit he said no teams asked him about playing any other position

          • Mr. Offseason

            Lamar Jackson is going to be very good.

        • peter

          Heard Steve spurrier on Dan Patrick and he said as much as well. That a watchable ball and mobility were important interests games than being tall and throwing a fastball deep.

          I really could see new England with Jackson. He’s a superior, for me, version of what mcdaniels hoped to get out of Tebow years back. Plus none of the nonsense associated with Tebow back then.

          • peter

            Catchable ball

      • Trevor

        It has been reported that teams have been impressed with Jacksons football IQ and if Billicheck are as interested in him as rumored I have a hard time believing he is not smart enough to run an NFL offense.

        I think with the right OC he will be a star. Kenny is right you need a mobile QB in today’s NFL and Jackson is electricfying. QB needy teams who pass on him will be sorry they did.

      • TTownHawk

        Not to play devil’s advocate, but that take on Jackson is a little naive. With all due respect. There is a big difference between IQ and football IQ. There have been some great football minds over the years that don’t sound very articulate. From what I’ve heard about LJ, he has been lauded for his football IQ so he obviously understands the game. I wouldn’t put a lot of stock into what he sounds like during an interview.

        • D-OZ


  12. Andrew

    Aaron Wilson, a beat writer for the Texans, posted about some more Seahawks visits on his Twitter:

    Ezekiel Turner, S, UW (local visit)
    Jacob Pugh, DE, FSU
    Dorance Armstrong, DE, Kansas
    Abdullah Anderson, DT, Bucknell
    Simeon Thomas, CB, Louisiana-Lafayette (6’3”, 190 lbs, 35” arms, 39” vert, 11’3” broad, 4.47 40 according to the tweet)

    My bad if these were mentioned. Also, not sure how reliable the source is.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The CB looks mighty interesting size wise. Put 20 lbs on him….. could possibly play SS.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Interesting, he was involved in some type of recruiting scandal back in 2013 and was suspended by the NCAA. He was widely considered a NFL draft worthy guy, until after this happened. Could have brought him is to check his character in person? He also is 24 years old it appears.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I thought it was just ineligibility

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            From what I read, 2 coaches and 2 plyers were suspended, but not named.
            He didn’t play for a year +… and everyone put 2 + 2 together.
            He pretty much admitted it in an interview in 2016.

    • D-OZ

      Simeon Thomas= Star Power…

  13. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Here are some guesses as to who Seattle might end up with in 2018 since we are only 2 weeks away from the draft extravaganza in Jerry’s World!

    **3 caveats to my list**
    1st round pick swapped for a 2nd and 3rd round pick
    ET swapped for a 2nd and 4th round pick
    I also am going off the suggested draft range for players off of

    2nd (2)
    Nick Chubb (RB)
    Maurice Hurst (DT) / B.J. Hill (DT) – one of these 2 guys, but leaning Hurst in this prediction.

    3rd (1)
    Shaquem Griffin (LB/SS)

    4th (2)
    Josh Sweat (OLB/DE)
    Tyler Conklin (TE)

    5th (4)
    Michael Joseph (CB)
    Jaleel Scott (WR)
    Kameron Kelly (CB)
    Troy Apke (SS)

    7th (2)
    Khalid Hill (FB)
    Cody OConnell (OG)

    • C-Dog

      I think you’re on it. Chubb feels like the early RB target more and more.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        If they draft the 4 guys I mentioned in the 5th round… I would be ECSTATIC.

    • josh

      That would be an epic draft

    • Misfit74

      I’d do backflips.

  14. Coleslaw

    33. Christian Kirk WR
    43. Nick Chubb RB
    63. Dallas Goedert TE / Josh Sweat / Andrew Brown / Braden Smith
    64. Jessie Bates III FS
    120. Nick Nelson CB
    141. Leon Jacobs LB
    146. Kalen Ballage RB
    156. Kameron Kelly CB
    168.Simeon Thomas CB
    226. Ito Smith RB
    Trade Earl to NE for 43 and 63.

    • Coleslaw

      Purposefully left DL mostly out, I think it’s important that we take next year’s class into account since it’s extremely likely the Seahawks are going to be doing the same thing. They said they have another 5 year plan, I’d bet money it involves investing heavily in 2019 defensive linemen.

      • RWIII

        Coleslaw: Like your picks. However I would be shocked if Belichick gave us two 2nd rounders for E.T.

        Probably the most anyone is going to give us is a 2nd rounder this year and a pic next year. With that said. There is always an exception. It’s a long shot. So you never know.

      • DCD2

        Trade Earl to New England! Sacrilege!!!

        I can get behind most of the picks, but not that Slaw. Never that.

        • Simo

          I agree it would be difficult to stomach an Earl to NE trade, but if the value is right it probably doesn’t matter to Pete and John. It’s not like you have to face him every year if he’s in NE. What if they traded ET to the Rams or Niners, even the Packers because they offered the best package of picks?

          Teams certainly have preferences for trading, but ultimately it comes down to the compensation they receive. Hawks will make the deal with any team if its the right deal for them.

    • Misfit74

      A draft like this would give John Schneider a 25-year extension. 😎

  15. SeahawkeyezSub80

    im tired of this kap story and now just angry that seahawks are being dragged thru the mud to help kap and his lawyers prove a collusion case. Even tho it may have caused the team to lose focus last season, I always felt seahawks team was supportive of its players and what they were demonstrating. Now seahawks r being put in a light where all they wanted was kap to stop kneeling. #ICALLBULLSHIT!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Sounds like we just wanted to know his specific plans and he couldn’t tell us.

      We started the offseason by saying we wanted guys that were all football

      • C-Dog


        The thing is, if the anonymous sources came from the Kaep camp, those sources might have just screwed him over big time for getting a 2018 gig. Seattle currently has been the only team showing him considerable interest. Do they think by leaking this and making Seattle look like the bad guys, any other organization is going to show interest, in a league chalk full of conservative owners?

        What a mess.

        • SeahawkeyezSub80

          #1. Thanks Rob awesome interview.

    • TTownHawk

      Agreed. This story is much ado about nothing and the Seahawks reputation is collateral damage.

  16. RWIII

    Don’t want Kap in a Seahawk uniform PERIOD!

    • Trevor

      I think it is pretty safe to say that is not going to happen.

    • Simo

      Couldn’t agree more!! I’m not even sure he can still be a viable NFL qb anymore after all the drama and a year off from football.

      We need to walk away from this mine field and never go back!!

  17. Tecmo Bowl

    Really enjoyed the interview! TP confirmed the expected trade back, maybe twice to get up to 10 picks.

    Surprised that Tony views Michel as a lead RB, but not Rojo. Guessing size/build is the main question mark with Rojo.

    It’ll be interesting to see where the top WRs and TEs go. We’ve got to be in the market for a pass catcher or 2.

    • RWIII

      Tony likes Rojo a lot. But views Rojo as more of a complimentary back. Not someone who going to carry the load.

      • Drew

        And to be fair, Rob has suggested the same thing, that RoJo is someone that you pair w/ Carson or whoever the hammer is going to be, a la the Saints w/ Ingram & Kamara

        • H

          I think that would be the ideal for him, but I also think he’s talented and tough enough to handle the load if we needed him too just maybe not for a whole season.
          Draft a bigger back like Kalen or Bo in the 5th and Im very happy

  18. RWIII

    Just saw Kiper/McShay recent mock drafts. Mike McGlinchey is probably the best OT in this draft. They both have McGlinchey still on the board at 18. If you got a 2nd round pick for E.T. And maybe another pick either in this draft or next year. Would you consider pulling the trigger on McGlinchey?

    This is just a hypothetical. Because I would be surprised (but not shocked) to see McGlinchey still on the board at 18.

    Here is a reasonable senario(highly unlikely). You take McGlinchey at 18. Depending on where your 2nd pick is you take a Tight-End (Dallas Goodert, Ian Thomas, Mark Andrews, Hayden Hurst, Mike Gesicki ) in the 2nd round. BTW: Tony Pauline said the Seahawks really like Gesicki. Now in the 4th round you snatch a solid running back prospect. Now you have a very different looking offense.

    Option B. You could select a speedy wide receiver. Themy grab a T.E. in the 5th round.

    Don’t see this happening. But there is always a chance that Seattle may be forced to take someone at 18. If that would be the case then it has to be best OL/DL available.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      There was someone on 710ESPN mentioning the OT. Essentially thinks he might be gone at or close to #15.

    • Alex6674

      I think Cleveland would be looking to get a premium OT to fill the gap of Joe Thomas. They may like to move back into 18 if he is still there. We have Brown, Fant and Ifedi at tackle. IMO would be a waste if we went tackle at 18.

    • Drew

      So if you draft him, where is he going to play? Is he going to push Ifedi to the bench or to another position switch? Is he even an updgrade over Ifedi? He’s certainly not going to replace Brown who we just gave up significant draft capital for. I could see us potentially drafting a guard (Wynn), but still as Rob has mentioned, we have significant resources on the line already, investing another high pick isn’t the solution. They need continuity.

  19. Millhouse-serbia

    the one whose name we are not allowed to say posted a lot of photos from VMAC. And based on them, Ronnie Harrison, Justein Reid and maybe even Isaiah Oliver were visitors.

    • Millhouse-serbia

      does enyone have VJ and BJ numbers for Oliver?

      • astraeus

        40: 4.50, Vert: 35.5″, 3-Cone: 6.94, Shuttle: 4.00

      • H

        per TP himself
        “Cornerback Isaiah Oliver sat on his 40 time from the combine but participated in the rest of the testing, touching 35.5 inches in the vertical jump, 10-foot-6 in the broad jump, 3.94 in the short shuttle and 6.85 in the three-cone. Several people informed me he looked terrific in position drills.”
        He’s a really good prospect, but I see him gong too early for Seattle

        btw whose name is it we’re not allowed to mention? Is it Voldemort? Because frankly if we’re too shy to bring in kap but we’re ok with an evil wizard then this organisation needs to take a serious look in the mirror.

        • Sea Mode

          lol evil wizards are ok, just not guys who think they are always right no matter what (and block people who try to provide any logical argument or opinion to the contrary) for no reason other than being a self-anointed Seahawks guru and love to quote one of their thousands of tweets every time one happens to turn out.

          Click on this link only if you must know who it is.

          It got to the point where even PC took a jab at him in the war room feed a couple years back because he was obsessively tweeting like every time JS took a drink of water, and he seriously interpreted it as some kind of effort by the front office to not let his superior intelligence ruin their draft plans. It’s that bad. Just let him be and ignore him, which is why we here on this blog, when we must, just prefer to leave it at “he who shall not be named”.

          • Logan Lynch

            Excellent synopsis. I’m actually very surprised I haven’t been blocked on Twitter yet just for breathing. I remember tweeting something about SEA possibly looking into Corey Clement as a late rounder/UDFA last year and he told me he was garbage or something to that effect.

          • Rob Staton

            The Carroll war room thing was hilarious.

            Carroll was asked about it. He said some guy was watching the live feed and tweeting every little thing they did. I think he joked about a tweet when John Schneider got a Coke out of the fridge.

            So they wrote a sign saying ‘Jared Rules’ as a joke, because he was obsessively watching the feed. Stanger interpreted that as he was correctly projecting their picks and they were giving him kudos. And because he kept tweeting about it, and several others bought it, Sheil Kapadia ended up asking about it in the press conference, even asking Carroll if it had something to do with ‘SPARQ’. It was embarrassing for all concerned.

            • TTownHawk


          • TTownHawk

            How sad is it that I knew EXACTLY who you were talking about before it was confirmed.

  20. Trevor

    Unless the Pats trade up for Lamar Jackson I think they will target Kolton Miller and Mason Rudolph in Rd #1. They could be a prime trade up canditate with the Hawks as they have a couple of 2nd round picks as well.

    • Sea Mode

      Would definitely make sense and be great for the Seahawks, Trevor, but how often do the Pats trade up? It just seems to me like if we see that the best value this year is in R2 and not so much at 18, the Pats wouldn’t be the ones to bite and move up. (Though certainly their needs at OT/QB2 could also force them to)

      • Trevor

        Great points about the Pats not trading up but they have accumulated a ton of draft capital and have a huge need at LT and rumors are everywhere they want a QB in Rd #1 maybe it is a smoke screen but if they miss on Miller and Mcliginchey in Rd #1 thier options are slim.

        • Logan Lynch

          Belichick also seems to aggressively attack his needs and constantly adapt/reinvent his team in order to stay competitive. Just because they haven’t traded up much in the past doesn’t mean they won’t do it this year. I think they may be targeting DL too.

          • Trevor

            He certainly does love those DL in Rd #1

  21. Georgia Hawk


    If the Hawks were to go OL with whatever their first pick ends up being, do you see it more as a condemnation of the current line, faith in the current RBs, or simply a value based decision?

    The interest in Ballage moves me toward thinking it would be a value based decision, and that concerns me a little. I for one am tired of the bargain shopping for “reclamation projects” or believing the staff can’t get a player to produce in a way he hasn’t shown before. I look at Ballage as another case here in the Hawks believing they can get more where others failed. Yes, I realize they have done it in the past and they managed with Carson and Rawls. I just don’t think they can afford to take a chance on a guy again and hope he pans out at the risk of wasting the time left we have with Wilson. I honestly want a RB with solid, proven production, like RoJo or Chubb. I think the OLine stands a very good chance of improvement with a) Solari caoching b) better health (FANT!!) c) a full year and off season with the team (Brown and Pocic).

    Just my opinion, but I would rather do just about anything than yet another high pick on OL. Give me a DE, RB, or even in a stretch one of the TEs.

    Ugh, is the draft here yet? I’m sick of all the what if talk.

    • Rob Staton

      I think, despite my high admiration for Wynn, Corbett and others, the Seahawks are unlikely to go OL first unless they acquire multiple R2 picks and the value is too good.

  22. Ishmael

    If Schefter’s report is true, it’s pathetic that the Seahawks wouldn’t pick Kaepernick up because of his protest. Probably time to give up on Eric Reid as well. No different to any other team.

    Rappaport seems to be pushing back on it, so who knows with these access-merchants.

    • Rob Staton

      This is the only thing I’m going to say on this — because quite frankly, I think it’s the most boring story in the NFL.

      But, who cares?

      The Seahawks can sign whoever they want. They can choose not to sign whoever they want. We’re talking about a backup QB who, hopefully, never sees the field.

      Colin Kaepernick can also protest however he wants. It doesn’t mean that a team has to agree with his method of protest and therefore sign him regardless.

      The only problem I have with the Seahawks is they were naive enough to think they could dip their toe in this ocean and do it quietly. It was never going to happen. Sadly, the next time we hear from PCJS, the whole press conference will be dominated by Kaepernick talk. And protest talk. Just like last year. And personally, I found that massively tiresome.

      It’s draft time. In two weeks it’ll be over. Let’s talk about the draft.

      • Ishmael

        Fair enough. I disagree, but happy to let it go.

        Great interview with Pauline for what it’s worth, listening now, always interesting to get his take

      • peter

        I love the seahawks like any fan but Watford me is year after year this kind of crapshoot of catches them off guard.

        You have Mike Rob on the payroll and yet you get roster for contact in practice.

        the national media loves to write anything about Seattle that has nothing to win with football and so you have articles about lynch and harvin, is Wilson black enough, defense vs. Offense, etc.

        and as you said let’s just quietly talk to kap, really? If ever there was a team that needed to hire a pr strategist it’s these guys.

        • peter

          Dear rob.

          when you are at a park enjoying family time in your off season please feel free to email your webmaster, developer and have them find you an edit button.

          and in exchange I will find a tablet that doesn’t change “what bothers me,” into watford. …


          • UKHawkDavid

            Being born and bred in Watford, I’m all for this rather random autocorrect. Goarn you glory hornet boys!

      • TTownHawk

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. The whole thing is one giant collective eyeroll.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Personally I think it lands somewhere in between the two differing versions. Hawks probably asked something like “Do you plan on protesting still or have a plan on how to proceed from here?” and the answer was something like “I plan on protesting and being active in some way, no, I don’t know what I’m going to do moving forward.”

      Bottom line here is that nobody wants the backup QB to be the most visible and sought after person in the locker room. Its bad for the team. Kaep has backed himself into a rough spot where he can’t really back down, but backing down is the only way he gets back on the field.

      Either way, I’m with Rob. I hate the constant talk over it and am sick of hearing about it. Why the hell would the Seahawks even bring it up if they weren’t prepared to deal with the consequences if it went south?

      • McZ

        The thing is, if you perform well, like Bennett, you can afford to show activism. Kap didn’t perform, and the question, if he puts his career back on path, with a higher priority, is ta good one. It is the only one that should count.

        As it stands, he is an underperformer getting the boots standing for his cause. It doesn’t help this cause.

    • H

      In fairness to the Seahawks the time for this kneeling thing has past. The impact has been had and now it just creates more division than anything else.
      Ive been a big supporter of the protest, I recently finsished my degree and did my dissertation on the relationship between sports and civil rights in the US; Kap was my last chapter. I compared it to the black power salute from the 1968 Olympic games, it was extremely controversial and extremely impactful. But they didnt do it every year after that. The statement had been made.

      The seahawks are the only team to even give Kap a look, they’ll give him more freedom and platform for his social justice stuff than anyone else. If he cant let his one specifc protest go, which has honestly had its time now, then he’s doomed to be out the league for good.

      Dont see how that helps his platform at all.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think it was more a case of he couldn’t give them the specifics that they needed. He wasmt ready to be all football. Maybe to them he is clearly distracted.

        I think people are obviously reading too much into it. that it’s a pervasive racial thing among the seahawks organization is pretty silly to suggest.
        I also think it don’t make sense that they care about Kaep messing up their overall moneys. I think the Seattle Seahawks are pretty secure in their fanbase.

        They have been saying they want all football guys, why are we surprised that they’ve gotten rid of everybody that is on that extra stuff?

        Russ better knock off that Yankees stuff tbh

        • peter

          It’s good for his pub. But in all honesty it’s corny AF. It’s got a serious 80’s movie, some guy stumbles into playing for the Yankees vibe to it.

        • Mishima

          Even my collie knows Kaep isn’t currently ‘all football.’

          Weird move by an increasingly weird FO.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The protest drew attention last year. It is time for them to find a different way to protest. Change and adapt. Doing the same thing will not help them make their point – and that point is largely lost or forgotten with this fan base anyway. Change and adapt. There is a better way to protest this year, they just need to figure out what will be effective.

        • AlaskaHawk

          and I do mean a non- football way of protesting.

      • Mishima


        • Hawk Eye

          I agree with the ideal behind the protest, but I don’t think the problem is going to be solved any time soon, and I have a hard time seeing how it gets better. I don’t think the majority of NFL fans care or would even try to see the reason behind the protest, or they interpret it the wrong way.
          That said, time to change tactics and evolve. Kap has made more money that most will make in their lifetime, so he is not going to have to sleep on a park bench any time soon. I think he knew what he was in for when he started this, and I have replaced my 49’rs hate for him with respect. I doubt he plays again in the NFL, but he has a chance to use the publicity to make some change without being a football player. Best of luck to him, and nothing wrong with using your position to try to make the world a better place. If that is the flaw that keeps him out of the NFL, that says a lot more about America than it does about him

  23. Logan Lynch


    Off topic question. I noticed on the sidebar that you started this blog in 2008. Have you hit the 10 year anniversary yet or is that coming later this year? Congrats on the longevity, the content just keeps getting better!

    • Rob Staton

      It’ll be at the end of 2018 that we hit the 10 year anniversary. A decade has flown by. Loved every minute of it. And thanks for the kind words.

      • D-OZ

        Don’t know what I would do without this site Rob. Your a two or three times a day visit for me, especially during the season. I have enjoyed this site for the past 8+ years. It just keeps getting better. You are a top notch journalist my friend. GO HAWKS!!!!!

        • Rob Staton

          That means an awful lot, thank you for those words 👍🏻

      • Misfit74

        Congratulations and letting you know I’m grateful for this site. You focus on the most interesting and important aspects of Seahawks football without the mainstream garbage. Keep up the fine work, Rob.

      • McZ

        That interview is the most precise stuff on the draft I heard to date, 15 minutes of pure joy. And I absolutely love that Yorkshire accent, despite wearing a nasty Lancashire tongue.

        So, extremely well done job. Your blog is a gem.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks 👍🏻

    • 503Hawk

      Wow. That is really cool. Congrats Rob!

  24. peter

    Actual draft talk:

    ballage. I’ve been going back over game tape and I think there is something there. Asu was/is a mess and has been for a while. I’m not giving him anykind of pass it’s just that when you watch the qb play you can see a qb completely unable to sell play action and cant consistently make even short screens.

    I’m a little concerned about ballages upright style but it appears he’s willing to put the shoulder down and he does provides some blocking ability. I’m not buying the talk about how explosive he is at his size. He’s not. go look at Barkley and then chubb testing numbers. Barkley is heavier and chubb is one pound lighter.

    However, for me, I’m super down on prosise and think that it needs to be all hands on deck moving forward. Meaning that the always compete has been lost a bit and off you’re going to battle soft tissue injuries for a third straight year it’s time to go IF ballage can take you moved either in availability or performance.

    I see projections as high as the fourth round but ballage in the fifth? That’s an absolute deal. In the fourth if they already have picked up rojo? Im super into it.

  25. 503Hawk

    “The only problem I have with the Seahawks is they were naive enough to think they could dip their toe in this ocean and do it quietly. It was never going to happen. Sadly, the next time we hear from PCJS, the whole press conference will be dominated by Kaepernick talk. And protest talk. Just like last year. And personally, I found that massively tiresome.

    It’s draft time. In two weeks it’ll be over. Let’s talk about the draft.”

    I love it. Well stated. Less than 2 weeks now!

  26. Kenny Sloth

    Derrius Guice is off my board -!!!! 😷

    • TTownHawk

      Was there some news that dropped I didn’t see? I haven’t been nearly as high on Guice as many others FWIW.

    • Malkavian

      Did something happen or just a “coming to Jesus” moment?

      • Kenny Sloth

        I’m not getting into specifics, but he needs to drop the live stream stuff.

        • Kenny Sloth

          The more you look into him the more it seems like his numerous charitable and community outreach exploits are quite superficial and he’s engaged in far from laudable behaviours

          • Georgia Hawk

            Far from laudable behavior? What exactly does that mean?

            Is he selling dead birds whose heads have been duct tapped on to blind kids?

            Come on man, you can’t just drop that bomb and walk away! We need to know!

            • Kenny Sloth

              He just reveals a lot on social media.

              Lots of deleted videos and pictures. Pair that with the well reported concerns that teams actually have?

              He’s off my board

  27. Producehawk

    Great fast paced and informative interview as always Rob. I am most interested in seeing what kind of movement the Hawks make pre and draft day. Hope we get at least two more picks in the second and third round.

  28. Kenny Sloth

    I love when a seahawks mocker trades into the second twice and then waits another 60 picks to take another player ( at least it’s usually Quem)

    • D-OZ

      I want two small trade downs in the 1st. Then asses the board and maybe trade down again. If there were ever a draft where this would be plausible, it would be this one….

      • TTownHawk

        Ideal scenario for me is trade down to very end of the 1st, acquire a late 2nd and a 3rd in the process. Then trade down again into top 10 in the 2nd and acquire a 3rd. Then we have 4 day 2 picks (!!!). Obviously everything would have to come together perfectly for that to happen, but a guy can dream 🙂

  29. Georgia Hawk

    Uhh, anybody have any idea who the QB is the Hawks just signed? Morris?

    Please tell me this is a false story…

    • John_s

      Played at U of Miami before Brad Kaaya

    • Logan Lynch

      Likely just a camp body. He has experience with Schotty, so that could help the whole team in terms of having a guy who’s already familiar with the way he works.

    • teejmo

      Morris is a a guy who has worked with Schottenheimer for the past two training camps. He actually made the 53-man roster coming out of camp each of the last two seasons, but was cut once the Colts were awarded players off of waivers. If I remember right, there was actually talk about him possibly being a first round pick after a pretty solid junior year, but he digressed.

      • teejmo

        * regressed

    • AlaskaHawk

      Just the sort of backup the Seahawks like. A no name quarterback that doesn’t cost a lot. He won’t threaten RW position and he won’t create controversy. And if RW goes down and he steps in and loses a couple games – it will just improve the draft position for next year.

      • Shadow

        Camp arm + potential hedge in case they can’t find somebody they link in the draft or as an UDFA. No big deal.

  30. House

    Dez Bryant was just cut by DAL. Keep eyes on potential Earl trade

    • Clayton Russell


    • Bill Bobaggins

      My first thought as well. Although, they now are in desperate need of a WR. Can’t rely on Hurns and Beasley, IMO.

      • House

        They still have Terrence Williams and I can see them going WR at #19.

        I’m guessing the trade would be a 2nd & 4th in ‘18 + 2nd or 3rd in ‘19

        • 503Hawk

          That sounds realistic. No way Jerry is going to give up his first, especially w/ the draft in his house this year.

          • Bill Bobaggins

            I disagree with this (and I’ve heard many people mention it). Trading a 1st for ET (a TX native and UT superstar) who is in his prime would be a splash for sure. Will it happen? I don’t think so, but, I think it’s a bit shortsighted to think that this isn’t a big enough move to warrant it being done at the draft in Jerry’s house.

            • Del tre

              It’s honestly exactly the kind of exciting draft day splash Jerry loves. Besides that it’s smart for them to go for it now when he doesn’t have to pay Zeke and Dak together. We should make no mistake, if that team has Earl Thomas over the top they are going to be fighting with the eagles for the division instead of fighting for a wild card, they know with the roster as is theres virtually no chance they’ll be able to contend with the Eagles for the division/conference. The Seahawks don’t have to cut ties with Earl, but Dallas needs help, the Hawks are in a better position here than we think, getting rid of Earl is not urgent.

          • DCD2

            This might help us. If everyone thinks that the Cowboys are likely to go WR and Ridley is still there, it could mean some teams want to jump Dallas if WR is on their priority list.

        • D-OZ

          Two 2nd’s and a 3rd and a 4th. that’s not going to happen…

    • HawksBill

      A trade to the Cowboys sets a bad precedent. Threaten to hold out and you get traded to the team you wanted to play for.

      • Mishima

        If it’s for a 1st, I set that precedent all day, everyday.

        • DCD2

          I worry that by cutting Dez, the Cowboys realize that they are a year or two away from contending and are more focused on 2019. In which case, why trade for Earl when you can sign him for free next year?

          • UKHawkDavid

            The problem for the Cowboys is that if they are two years away from contending, they’ll have to start planning to pay Elliott and Prescott as their rookie deals start expiring, and Sean Lee is 32 in July, and how long do they keep their O Line together?

            Sounds good to me!

      • Bill Bobaggins

        I see your point, but realistically how many players are in this position. We’re talking about a HOFer making a demand vs. anyone else. If the front office can reap some high picks for him, I doubt they’re too concerned with that. They need picks.

      • Drew

        It’s not a bad precedent if the Hawks get decent enough compensation.

        • HawksBill

          I would take less and trade him to anyone but the Cowboys.

          • HawksBill

            I don’t care if it was Earl being Earl, I would not reward him for the “come get me” action.

  31. Rad_man

    No chance this happens, but I think a smart play for Seattle would be to trade #18 this year for a first and third (or first and second if possible )for next year. And trade ET for a first (plus?) for next year. Enter next year with 3 first round picks and 100M in cap space. I realize this year’s draft would be a bummer but I also believe teams ‘retool’ best with multiple early picks in one year, not spread out over time. Remember this all started with Okung and Earl as two early picks.

    in fact, as a general operating theory a team should try to almost always trade one round of draft picks for a higher round pick the next year if at all possible.

    I’m not one to think this year’s team has that many holes, and also I really like the draft in rounds 3-7. It’s also time to see what last year’s picks can do in a starting role.

    Not a popular strategy, but taking your medicine for one year instead of 2 or 3…just me.

    • DCD2

      I like the idea as well. Maybe trade back 2x and then deal the #31 or so to NYJ or MIA. Doubtful that would happen, but we are in a similar situation next year with no 2nd rounder and likely no comp picks. This would hinge on us being able to trade Earl for a decent return though. I can’t see us making our first pick in the 3rd round.

      Along the lines of thinking ahead, I’m wondering if we focus on positions that take a year or two to develop (OL, TE, QB). We’ve seen rookie RB’s come in and have an immediate impact (Cook, Fournette, Hunt, Kamara, McCaffery). Maybe the learning curve impacts our decisions if we are focusing on 2019 or 2020 as the end game for the “re-tool”.

      • Rad_man

        what can we say? Great minds think alike. It’s as simple as that!

    • Rob Staton

      They wouldn’t be able to field a team this year. It’d be waving the white flag.

      • DCD2

        Trading away one pick isn’t going to leave us without a team. We lost our #1 pick last year and still managed to field a 53. The year before it would have been giving up an Ifedi.

        Waiving the white flag VS being realistic is semantics. I think it’s quite unlikely that we compete for a SB this year. Philly, Minnesota, Rams, Saints, Packers… and that’s just to get out of the NFC. Those teams all added impact players or didn’t lose much. We lost a lot, and were 9-7 last year. We also are missing 2/3 of our day 1 & 2 picks. If the goal is to compete for Super Bowls, then ya, let’s get some high picks for next year and make a run then.

        Next year we’ll have the cap room to go after some impact FA’s, and could have the draft capital to add even more. It’s not a bad idea.

        • Rad_man

          losing 3 rookie picks means not having a team? boy, you must think the Seahawks are in rough shape and that the 3 players picked will have some impressive impact.

        • Rob Staton

          Not picking until round four this year is giving up and would severely hamper their ability to put together a non shambolic roster. And it won’t happen. We know that.

          • DCD2

            In fairness, I did suggest we trade down twice to get multiple 3rd rounders. Your own mock draft has us trading down for a 2nd and 3rd. A difference for certain, but not an immense one. I understand that the value you see is in picks 20-60 or so and that it would take us out of that range. That might also be a reason that a team would give up a 2019 #1 (maybe something else) for pick #31, as it’s essentially a top 10 value pick.

            2 rookies taken in rounds 2 and 3 VS 2 rookies taken late in round 3 isn’t going to be the difference between SB contender and non-shambolic team. (Shambolic is my new favorite adjective though, so thank you)

            Plus imagine how fun the blog would be if we had #4 and #15 next year. We could be looking at something similar to the Colts of this year by trading down a bit, having 2 top 15 picks AND two 2nd rounders.

            I think it makes a lot of sense. I also think that there’s almost no way we even consider it (sadly)

        • TTownHawk

          As long as the team is coached by Pete Carroll and quarterbacked by Russell Wilson, the window is open. They are hardly the favorite, but SB is very much in play. One of the great things about the NFL, a 9-7 team can sneak into the playoffs, get hot at the right time and the rest is history.

          Being that ET3 is the centerpiece of our secondary, I do believe trading him without getting anything in return for 2018 would be essentially punting on the season. And that’s just not in Pete Carroll’s nature.

  32. Jake

    Mike Fisher from Dallas sports media (he’s been fairly plugged in to the Dez and Earl stuff with the Cowboys to date) says that the Cowboys “should/will” trade pick number 50 overall to the Hawks for Earl. Have to imagine they’d also offer a 4th or maybe a future 3rd.

    Rob (and others): would you pull the trigger on this trade?

    Pick 50 for Earl seems a bit tough to swallow on the surface, but…if you combined this with trading 18 for 33 and 64, as speculated, you end up with 34, 50, and 64. Not a bad haul.

    • Logan Lynch

      I love Earl, but I have to say I’d take it. I can’t see them giving Earl another contract after being burned recently, and I think they still have the Sherm 2017 offseason on their minds. I believe if they can get 50 plus another pick like you mentioned they’ll do it. Start fresh.

    • TTownHawk

      Fisher is definitely in tune with the Cowboys beat, but based on previous things he’s said about the Earl trade, he is looking at it through a Cowboys lens. So I think getting Earl for a 2nd rounder straight up is more likely what he wants to happen vs. what he thinks is going to happen.

    • TTownHawk

      And to follow up, I wouldn’t do that trade. I think the Seahawks have to stick to their guns on their asking price. Earl is still playing at an elite level and I think he has at least 3-4 years left in him. Don’t give away a future HOFer for a 2nd rounder.

    • Nick

      I think you do it. I love Earl and I think we’ll be a worse team in 2018 if he leaves, but this is all about 2019 and beyond.

    • Jake

      Yeah it’s a very tough call either way. Agree that Fisher has some wishful thinking about the Cowboys — but he was right in refuting LaCanfora’s “first and a third” report from a month ago.

      These are all thoughtful replies. Thanks!

    • Rob Staton

      For the 50 I’d want another pick. Not sure what but not just 50 alone. Maybe a R4.

      • Del tre

        Rob, i know you might not agree but i think that if they did something along those lines, it means they are seriously considering taking a CB much earlier than we are anticipating. You can’t have 2 maybes on the back end of a cover 3 zone defense, and you absolutely cannot run cover 1 single high with a bad CB and Tedric Thompson om the back end. I’m not saying Tedric cant be great, i could see him busting onto the scene with a bunch of interceptions and even making a pro bowl, i think he is a better prospect than any other free safety outside of the top 2 in this class, but i think he will still have more struggles than Earl, and that they are going to need more dependability at CB 2, the guy they just signed is not starter quality. If CBs fall i expect the Hawks to take advantage if they trade Earl. We all know these decisions aren’t made in a vacuum and i think that CB will fall in favor of other positions on this draft.

        • Rob Staton

          And yet for years they had a no name at one corner spot, a fifth rounder at the other, a fifth rounder at strong safety and the only high pick was Earl.

          They might take a DB early. But they don’t have to.

          • EBurgz

            He is saying with no earl.

            • Rob Staton

              Yes I know. My point still stands though. They have developed star secondary talent on the cheap. There’s nothing that says one of the four starters has to be a first rounder.

              • Del tre

                I would argue that they have been trending towards taking CBs earlier. I mean don’t get me wrong i don’t necessarily think it will be a 1st rounder, but if they have 4 picks in round 2 and a guy like Isaiah Oliver is still around then i would think they’d have to pull the trigger (assuming Earl is gone). The Hawks are absolutely prioritizing the run, but they still get younger and cheaper in the secondary if they get a 2nd round or 3rd round corner.
                Then again maybe they see a guy who will be available in the 7th who is perfect for their system.

      • D-OZ


    • Mishima

      50 + Chidobe Awuzie

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, I would want more. Either there 3rd or 4th this year or even there 2nd or 3rd next year

      • 503Hawk

        They wont do that.

        • mishima

          No, they won’t.

    • Trevor

      I would say #50 plus a 4th this year or 2nd next year

    • Trevor

      How about this Earl and a 5th say #157 for #50 and #81 from the Cowboys

      Then trade back with Cle for #33 and #64.

      This would give them 10 picks Tony Pauline said they wanted 4 picks on Day #2 (Rd 2-3) and 6 picks on Day #3.

      They should be able to pick up some decent talent.


      • Rob Staton

        Does make sense, can see that. May even be able to keep the 5th too or use it to move up somewhere.

        • McZ

          Either this, or we could incorporate a 6th rounder from the Cowboys.

          Btw, I wouldn’t rule out a trade with the Colts or the Panthers. Colts is a Malik-Hooker-oneman-show, but no depth. Carolina is downright atrocious on safety.

          Maybe a deal with Indy, including two R2 picks, plus TJ Green?

          • Rob Staton

            Don’t see the Colts. You’re not benching a top-15 pick for depth.

    • madmark

      The Cowboys dropping Dez changed things and listening to John Clayton, the profeesor on radio every morning and his appraisel was a 50% chance a trade could take place. A pick at #50 and their comp pick this year 137 and another but next year. Jerry jones gets his 1st round draft pick day 1 in Dallas. I’d take it. I still do deal with Cleveland and nick chubb with my first pick.

  33. Millhouse-serbia

    Ronald Jones from USC, he’s had a poor offseason,” Jeremiah said of the speedy running back. “So, he’s not helped himself at all. He’s been a little bit nicked up and was not impressive at his makeup pro day the other day. Didn’t catch the ball well in limited opportunities at the first pro day. And I think just talking to folks — his stock has taken a little bit of a hit.”

    • Rob Staton

      I think that’s a fair assessment.

      I also think, if his stock is falling, someone is going to get an unbelievable steal.

      And going 30-40 would be something of a fall IMO. He is a top-20 talent in this class based on tape.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely. If he falls into the 40s he will be as big a steal or bigger than Kamara was last year.

        Jones, Carson (12-6 Carries per game each ) and Prosise (4-5 Touches a game in passing game etc.) would be an ideal rotation to keep these guys fresh and would be really dynamic I think.

        • Trevor

          edit (12-16 carries per game each)

          • Rad_man

            It would be a waste of Carson’s talent to pick a RB to start over him, imho

            • Rob Staton

              No, it’d be necessary considering so far he’s shown to be unable to put a string of consistent, healthy games together. He hasn’t done that at any point in his career.

            • Trevor

              Do you think Saints fans think it was a waste to draft Kamara with Ingram already on the roster?

            • Mishima

              Like not drafting a LT to start over Fant, last year.

      • 503Hawk

        Anybody remember where Jamaar Charles was drafted? Wasn’t he early third?

  34. clbradley17

    Great podcast Rob. Tony posted today on his site “few surprises in the OL rankings”, except Billy Price may fall further than anticipated with his injury, and Austin Corbett may now go high in round 2.
    “Quenton Nelson aside, it seems there is a gap widening between Isaiah Wynn and Will Hernandez to be the second guard selected in the draft, with the Georgia product moving ahead. Both followed up quality seasons with terrific performances at the Senior Bowl, but teams feel Wynn’s athleticism and ability to line up in a zone-blocking scheme make him the No. 2 prospect at the guard spot.

    The biggest riser on the interior? Austin Corbett of Nevada. Multiple sources believe Corbett will be off the board during the first dozen picks of the second round.

    We raved about Corbett during Senior Bowl week and mentioned that the Seattle Seahawks would consider him in Round 2. The way it presently stands, Corbett will be out of reach for the Seahawks. They would have to do some maneuvering to secure Corbett, such as trading down in Round 1 and collecting extra selections — a likely scenario.

    Billy Price of Ohio State seems to be dropping the fastest. I’ve been told the injury he suffered during the bench press at the combine, which was classified as a slightly torn pectoral muscle, raised more red flags than initially perceived and is causing the drop. In the end, Price will be a bargain outside of pick 20, as his injury will eventually heal.”

    Now that the pro days are over, he has almost daily updates on different positions, stating earlier this week it appears Roquan Smith has passed Tremaine Edmunds in the LB order, and Dallas Goedert may be the #1 TE since Gesicki can’t block, although Thomas, who Rob wrote a great article about a few days ago, could eventually be the best of them all.

    • UKHawkDavid

      I had been wondering about Billy Price – talked about a top 20 pick, got injured, then projected outside the first round. Given his character, experience, and skills, how bad must the injury have been for him not to be a bargain at the bottom of the 1st?

    • icb12

      Smith passing Edmunds in the LB order??

      That’s ridiculous in my opinion.

    • McZ

      Hayden Hurst is #1, the only whole package, IMO. Dallas Goedert will burn someone badly, cannot see, how his play survives in the NFL. Gesicki is a receiver only. Another full package is Andrews (we haven’t talked about him yet), needs to work on his blocking skills (was rarely asked).

  35. House

    2019 Draft

    As much as it pains me… Earl Thomas is traded to DAL for #50 (2nd) & #116 (4th) in 2018, as well as a 2nd or 3rd rd pick in 2019.

    018: Traded to CLE. CLE moves up to draft their LT of the future, Kolton Miller. CLE gives SEA #33, #64 and #114.

    033. Nick Chubb (RB, Georgia): Multiple options here @ RB. Could easily be Jones (USC), but I think SEA gets the bigger back.

    050. Jesse Bate III (S, Wake Forest): SEA adds more talent to the secondary after trading Earl Thomas to DAL. SEA uses one of the picks from DAL to get a Safety

    064. Austin Corbett (OG, Nevada): Physical, good skillset and plays to the whistle. Comes in and possibly battles for starting LG spot.

    114. Shaquem Griffin (LB, Central Florida): The kid is ALL heart. Pairing with his brother is a story for the ages. Can play rotational LB and be a ST ace.

    116. Quenton Meeks (DB, Stanford): Possesses the length, attitude and skill of a SEA CB. He’ll play across Quill Griffin for the next few years.

    120. Kyle Lauletta (QB, Richmond): SEA drafts its backup QB. Boykin is gone, Kaepernick is a media circus and Manziel would be too.

    141. Leon Jacobs (LB, Wisconsin): SEA loads up in a position of potential need. KJ Wright will be in a contract year and Jacobs has similar size and skillset.

    146. Ian Thomas (TE, Indiana): SEA likes the athleticism he possesses and his willingness to block

    156. Tyrell Crosby (OL, Oregon): Crosby can provide depth at OT/OG.

    168. JoJo Wicker (DL, Arizona State): Can play inside/outside at 6’3”/275lbs. Good tackler with a motor that doesn’t quit.

    226. Daniel Carlson (K, Auburn): We need a Kicker… Enough said

    248. Dimitri Flowers (FB, Oklahoma): SEA brings in a road-grader and lead blocker for their RB corps

    250. Cole Madison (OT, Washington St: Came in for a visit and fights for a roster spot.

    • TTownHawk

      Serious slides for Ian Thomas and Tyrell Crosby, who are both projected to go on day 2.

      • Kenny Sloth


  36. JimQ

    I think a lot of people are sleeping on the Seahawks need of a good B/U middle LB, remember when
    Wagner was out? A 7-th round pick wouldn’t be a waste on a guy with some potential to be really
    good. Here is a ILB-Sleeper that averaged 13.3 tackles per game in 2017. That’s a really high #, even if it’s San Jose St. Ginda isn’t overly long but makes up for it with his good quickness & hustle.

    ILB-Frank Ginda, San Jose St. 6-00/235, ranked #276-overall, Proj. Rd-7/UDFA. w/up arrow.
    Pro-Day: 4,72/40, 1.63/10, 2.75/20 HH, 9-3/8″-hands, 30-3/8″-arms, 76-5/8″-wing, 29-reps,
    33″-Vert, 4.31/20-yd shut, 6.97/3-cone.

    2017: 13-games, 173-tkls (#1 in NCAA), 94-solo (#1 in NCAA), 13-TFL, 9.5-sacks, 3-PD, 3-FF
    Career: 351-tkls, 185-solo, 29.0-TFL, 9.5-sacks, 1-INT, 4-PD, 2-FR(1 for TD), 6-FF

    • HawksBill

      I am hoping Fred Warner,BYU falls to the 5th and the pick him. He is also a good cover LB like K.J.

      Measurable Measurement %tile
      Height 6′ 3⅜” 88
      Weight 236 lbs 37
      Wingspan 77″ 38
      Arm Length 32″ 26
      Hand Size 9¾” 61
      40 Yard Dash 4.64s 65
      Vertical Jump 38½” 86
      Broad Jump 119″ 63
      3-Cone Drill 6.9s 81
      20 Yard Shuttle 4.28s 56
      60 Yard Shuttle 11.77s 47
      Bench Press 21 reps 40

      • HawksBill


      • Tecmo Bowl

        Warner is a solid day 3 LB option. Matthew Thomas is one to check out. Raw, needs to display better discipline and add some strength. Dude flys to the ball, has some pop. Can see the supreme athleticism on tape. A year behind KJ Thomas could be a stud WLB.
        6026 232 33 8.875 79.125 4.44 2.63 1.5 4.28 6.85

        41.5 10.92

        Great game to watch vs. Michigan 2016 Orange Bowl. Thomas had 15 tackles 3.5 tfl


    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      I like this guy just not sure he fast enough for Seahawks standards

      • HawksBill

        He is faster than K.J.(4.75) but does not have K.J.’s long arms.

  37. House

    We just signed Sebastian Janikowski to compete with Jason Myers. Just blew my mock up with drafting a K. #alwayscompete

    • SoCal12

      Sea Bass is pushing 40 so I wouldn’t be surprised if we picked up at least one young kicker to compete and maybe sit and learn during the season.

  38. 12th chuck

    I think that a L.B. is biggest need. It definitely showed up last year against the rams

    • Rob Staton

      Young depth is a definite need. But LB is not the biggest need because they have Bobby and KJ.

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        Based on free agency moves Seattle picked up LB, DT, and DB and OG. I’m in the camp they go RB and TE, or DE if one drops. I’m getting a vibe on Taven Bryan maybe make him DT/DE.

  39. Trevor

    If the players are looking for guys overcoming adversity check out this article on Josh Sweat. The Hawks have shown a lot of interest in him.

    • House

      Great story. I think he will be gone in the 2nd rd.

    • Trevor

      If the Hawks trade back to say #33 I think there is a really good chance they take Sweat with the first pick. He has the perfect physical profile and everything they look for size and speed wise in a LEO. His tape is a little underwhelming but if you believe he is finally healthy and he plays anything remotely close to his athletic potential he would be the steal of the draft and the end of Rd #1.

      A combination of Clark, Jordan and Sweat could quickly become the best young edge rush rotation in the league if Jordan and Sweat stay healthy.

      He is certainly a high risk pick who could be a bust but he has as much upside as anyone in the draft and clearly has no off field or character issues.

      I prefer Wynn and Rojo but if they trade back and take Sweat I totally get the logic.

      • House

        I have us trading Earl to DAL for 2 picks. Do you think Sweat is available at #50?

        • Trevor

          Hard to say really. I think he could be but edge rusher is a premium position and there are not many in the draft. He really is ideal 2nd round pick for any of the teams in the top of Rd #2 because they could draft a high level prospect in Rd #1 then take Sweat with their 2nd pick because of his upside.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Interesting article thanks for sharing! Sweat certainly sounds like his head is screwed on right. Rooting for him to succeed at the next level. Certainly a special athlete.

      “His recovery from that car accident of a leg injury has been gradual, partly because he never took that redshirt year so was constantly rehabbing (and rehabbing) simply to suit up.”

      I’m no doctor, but this is concerning. Can’t remember hearing a player take 3 years to get back to 100%. Hence the visit. If the knee checks out Sweat is the type of boom/bust athlete JS/PC would target.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He reinjured it a different time

  40. House

    Mark Sanchez suspended for PED violation… Looks like we dodged a bullet there

    • Trevor

      How does a QB get a PED violation. That sounds like just pure stupidity.

      • Hawk Eye

        when probably 80-90% of players use some sort of PED, no reason QB’s don’t use also.
        They need arm strength, recovery, etc.
        Now how you get caught when the testing is actually an IQ test is something else.

  41. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    IMO. I am liking that Ronald Jones draft stock taking a hit maybe we get him as a complimentary back to Carson. Just saying?

    • Trevor

      Jones, Carson and Prosise would be a dynamic group IMO.

  42. DC

    If Jerry Jones really wants the headlines on draft day this year then trade Dallas’ 2019 1st rounder for ET plus #112 this year. It would give him a big splash acquisition and keep Dallas on the clock with all of their day 1 & 2 picks.

    • FresnoHawk

      Who blinks 1st! Like Texas Hold em “All in” Dallas has gotta be 1 of the teams after Earl. Draft capital this year & next should be what we’re looking for.

    • 503Hawk

      I could see The Showman (Jerry) reaching an agreement with Seattle and Earl prior to the draft and have ET introduce the Cowboys’ pick.

  43. vbullen65

    Hi Rob,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. For the past 10 years I have worked and lived in Venezuela, Myanmar, Thailand, and Morocco. It’s been very difficult to keep up to speed with my beloved Seahawks. I can always count on you for insightful and calm commentary. This blog is the best!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you! That means a lot

  44. Tecmo Bowl

    After cutting Dez the Cowboys almost have to take a WR at 19. This could help boost the trade value of 18 for JS.

  45. Trevor

    If the Hawks do pick up pick #50 from the Cowboys one guy to keep an eye on is Billy Price. His stock seems to be dropping since the combine injury and I think he would be a steal at #50.

  46. Coleslaw

    Dez is pissed. I want him on the team for the right price. I think him and Baldwin would make an awesome outside set, you can’t prioritize both of them like you need to. Say what you want about Dez but he is a baller, when he had a good QB he was up there with Julio and Green. And he is all football, super competitive and now has a huge chip on his shoulder.

    • Coleslaw

      And we play Dallas in the Clink this year.

      • Gohawks5151

        I still like him too. I fear him going to SF

        • DCD2

          We can’t afford him. We don’t have the cap.

  47. Greg Haugsven

    The guaranteed money in the contract for Sea Bass will be interesting. Should let us know if he is going to be our kicker or is just simply here to compete for the job.

  48. Gohawks5151

    No one is addressing us adding Dez. lists us at #5 in teams who should sign him. Still has some rest zone value. Maybe a Jimmy Graham replacement. Can be a good Russell type receiver. Im not saying it should happen. Just playing devil’s advocate.

    • Rob Staton

      Doubt they can afford to sign Dez

      • DCD2

        Ya, that article was just tossed up with no thought. We don’t have the cap, Giants don’t have the cap, Panthers don’t have the cap, Ravens would be pushing it and they just signed Crabtree, which is double the money and double the drama for a couple of aging WR’s.

        I could see the 9ers wanting to keep up in the arms race and they have the space to do it. I think he’d take a little less to play for the Skins so that he try to stick it to the Cowboys 2x/year.

    • 503Hawk

      Doubt they want the drama.

      • Greg Haugsven

        No thanks, if you want to get back to being a run first team he doesnt fit the mold. I would have zero interest in him even at the league minimum.

  49. Kenny Sloth

    Kyle Allen^, QB, Houston (WOR, PRI)
    Abdullah Anderson, DT, Bucknell (WOR)
    Dorance Armstrong Jr., DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Kansas (PRI)
    Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State (WOR)
    Andrew Brown, DT/3-4DE, Virginia (PRI)
    Tony Brown, CB, Alabama (PRO)
    Will Dissly, TE, Washington (COM)
    Leighton Vander Esch, ILB, Boise State (PRI)
    Poona Ford, DT, Texas (PRI)
    Dallas Goedert^, TE, South Dakota State (WOR, PRI)
    Shaquem Griffin, OLB, Central Florida (COM)
    Derrius Guice, RB, LSU (PRO)
    Ronnie Harrison, S, Alabama (PRI)
    Khalid Hill, FB, Michigan (PRI)
    Manase Hungalu, ILB, Oregon State (WOR)
    Natrell Jamerson, S, Wisconsin (PRO)
    Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M (WOR)
    Keith Kirkwood, WR, Temple (PRI)
    Cole Madison, OT, Washington State (PRI)
    Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA (PRO)
    Ryan Nall, FB, Oregon State (COM)
    Nick Nelson, CB, Wisconsin (PRO)
    Foye Oluokun, OLB, Yale (PRI)
    Dante Pettis, WR, Washington (PRO)
    Jacob Pugh, 3-4OLB/OLB, Florida State (PRI)
    Justin Reid, S, Stanford (PRI)
    Ed Shockley, ILB, Villanova (PRI)
    Josh Sweat^, DE/3-4OLB, Florida State (PRO, PRI)
    Simeon Thomas, CB, La.-Lafayette (PRI)
    Kemoko Turay, DE/3-4OLB, Rutgers (PRI)
    Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa (SR)
    Holton Hill, CB, Texas (PRI)
    Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan ()
    Ito Smith, RB, Southern Miss()
    Devron Davis, CB, UTSA ()
    Breeland Speaks, DL, Ole Miss ()
    Jullian Taylor, DL, Temple (PRI)
    Demone Harris, DE, Buffalo ()
    Zaire Franklin, LB, Syracuse ()

    • DCD2

      Thanks man. Nice to have these updates all in one place!

      Any idea how long these run? I can’t imagine they are doing private workouts right up until draft day.

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