New mock draft & a Seahawks seven rounder

In two weeks time it’ll all be over for another year.

Time for a new mock draft. I’ve included some trades. It’s a two-rounder with a Seahawks seven rounder to follow.

#1 Cleveland — Josh Allen (QB, Wyoming)
#2 Buffalo (via NYG) — Sam Darnold (QB, USC)
#3 NY Jets (via Ind) — Baker Mayfield (QB, Oklahoma)
#4 Cleveland (via Hou) — Saquon Barkley (RB, Penn State)
#5 Arizona (via Den) — Josh Rosen (QB, UCLA)
#6 Indianapolis (via NYJ) — Bradley Chubb (EDGE, NC State)
#7 Tampa Bay — Denzel Ward (CB, Ohio State)
#8 NY Giants (via Chi) — Quenton Nelson (G, Notre Dame)
#9 San Francisco — Roquan Smith (LB, Georgia)
#10 Oakland — Tremaine Edmunds (LB, Virginia Tech)
#11 Miami — Minkah Fitzpatrick (S, Alabama)
#12 Chicago (via NYG, Buf, Cin) — Leighton Vander Esch (LB, Boise State)
#13 Washington — Vita Vea (DT, Washington)
#14 Green Bay — Marcus Davenport (DE, UTSA)
#15 Denver (via Ari) — Derwin James (S, Florida State)
#16 Baltimore — Mike McGlinchey (T, Notre Dame)
#17 LA Chargers — Lamar Jackson (QB, Louisville)
#18 Cleveland (via Sea) — Kolton Miller (T, UCLA)
#19 Dallas — Courtland Sutton (WR, SMU)
#20 Detroit — Da’Ron Payne (DT, Alabama)
#21 Cincinnati (via Buf) — James Daniels (C, Iowa)
#22 NY Giants (via Buf, KC) — Harold Landry (DE, Boston College)
#23 New England (via LAR) — Rashaan Evans (LB, Alabama)
#24 Carolina — Joshua Jackson (CB, Iowa)
#25 Tennessee — Sam Hubbard (DE, Ohio State)
#26 Atlanta — Calvin Ridley (WR, Alabama)
#27 New Orleans — Jessie Bates III (S, Wake Forest)
#28 Pittsburgh — Justin Reid (S, Stanford)
#29 Jacksonville — Isaiah Oliver (CB, Colorado)
#30 Minnesota — Isaiah Wynn (G, Georgia)
#31 Denver (via NE) — Will Hernandez (G, UTEP)
#32 Philadelphia — Ronald Jones II (RB, USC)

#33 Tampa Bay (via Sea, Cle) — Sony Michel (RB, Georgia)
#34 NY Giants — Derrius Guice (RB, LSU)
#35 Cleveland — Carlton Davis (CB, Auburn)
#36 Indianapolis — D.J. Moore (WR, Maryland)
#37 Indianapolis — Kerryon Johnson (RB, Auburn)
#38 Seattle (via TB) — Christian Kirk (WR, Texas A&M)
#39 Chicago — Taven Bryan (DT, Florida)
#40 New England (via Den) — Austin Corbett (G, Nevada)
#41 Oakland — Hayden Hurst (TE, South Carolina)
#42 Miami — Frank Ragnow (C, Arkansas)
#43 New England (via SF) — Tim Settle (DT, Virginia Tech)
#44 Washington — Nick Chubb (RB, Georgia)
#45 Green Bay — Jaire Alexander (CB, Louisville)
#46 Cincinnati — Ronnie Harrison (S, Alabama)
#47 Denver (via Ari) — Rashaad Penny (RB, San Diego State)
#48 LA Chargers — Tyrell Crosby (T, Oregon)
#49 Indianapolis — Maurice Hurst (DT, Michigan)
#50 Dallas — Malik Jefferson (LB, Texas)
#51 Detroit — Connor Williams (G, Texas)
#52 Baltimore — Mason Rudolph (QB, Oklahoma State)
#53 NY Giants (via Buf) — Josh Sweat (DE, Florida State)
#54 Kansas City — Donte Jackson (CB, LSU)
#55 Carolina — Rasheem Green (DE, USC)
#56 Buffalo (via LAR) — Harrison Phillips (DT, Stanford)
#57 Tennessee — D.J. Chark (WR, LSU)
#58 Atlanta — Andrew Brown (DT, Virginia)
#59 San Francisco (via NO) — Royce Freeman (RB, Oregon)
#60 Pittsburgh — Billy Price (C, Ohio State)
#61 Jacksonville — Dallas Goedert (TE, South Dakota State)
#62 Minnesota — Mike Hughes (CB, UCF)
#63 New England — Geron Christian (T, Louisville)
#64 Seattle (via Cle, Phi) — Ian Thomas (TE, Indiana)

The trades

— Buffalo sends #12, #22, #53 and a 2019 first round pick to the New York Giants for the #2 pick

— Arizona sends #15, #47 and a 2019 first round pick to Denver for the #5 pick

— The New York Giants send #12 and #69 to Chicago for the #8 pick

— Cleveland sends #33, #64 and #114 to Seattle for the #18 pick

— Denver sends #40 and #113 to New England for the #31 pick

— Tampa Bay sends #38 and #102 to Seattle for #33

— Seattle sends #102 and #168 to New England for #95

Seahawks seven round mock

R2 (33) — Christian Kirk (WR, Texas A&M)
R2 (64) — Ian Thomas (TE, Indiana)
R3 (#95) — Kalen Ballage (RB, Arizona State)
R4 (114) — Shaquem Griffin (LB, UCF)
R4 (120) — Breeland Speaks (DE, Ole Miss)
R5 (141) — Holton Hill (CB, Texas)
R5 (156) — Natrell Jamerson (S, Wisconsin)
R7 (226) — Poona Ford (DT, Texas)
R7 (248) — Ito Smith (RB)

Points of note

— In this projection I wanted to highlight some of the things we talked about yesterday. This includes ‘alternative’ prospects, waiting on Kalen Ballage at the running back position and trying to identify the ‘cliffs’ at certain positions.

— The Seahawks trade down twice (from #18 initially and then #33). They then use their accumulated stock to trade into round three to secure Ballage.

Tony Pauline told us last week the Seahawks want 10 picks. This mock has them moving around to get to nine. The tenth pick could, theoretically, come via an Earl Thomas trade.

— With their first pick they move into a range where they can secure Christian Kirk. In this projection, we’ll say they believe the drop off at receiver is significant enough to take one early. They see Kirk as the ideal fit for an ‘Air Coryell’ offense. Isaiah Oliver, Ronald Jones II and Justin Reid are off the board when Seattle gets to #33. Kirk and Austin Corbett were considered.

— #64 could be a sweet spot to get a tight end. Dallas Goedert is just off the board but Ian Thomas is a nice alternative. A lot of the intriguing defensive options are gone by the late second, which could mean moving onto plan B and the list of alternatives (thus — Breeland Speaks, Holton Hill, Natrell Jamerson). Thomas has major potential as a blocker, plays with grit and has the athletic profile to be an X-factor and a long term #1 tight end.

— If they trade Earl Thomas for the #50 pick, it would be spent on a defensive player in this projection. At #50 the likes of Andrew Brown, Rasheem Green, Josh Sweat and Kemoko Turay could be options or they might consider moving up a few spots to get Ronnie Harrison.

— Going back to the theme of alternatives — Holton Hill is a hedge for Isaiah Oliver, Breeland Speaks is a hedge for Andrew Brown, Natrell Jamerson is a hedge for Justin Reid & Jessie Bates III, Poona Ford is a hedge for Maurice Hurst and Ito Smith is a hedge for Ronald Jones II. Kirk and Thomas are taken early because it’s difficult to identify later round alternatives at both receiver and tight end. And Ballage is projected as ‘their guy’ at running back — he isn’t a hedge for anyone else.

— If Ballage does end up being ‘their guy’ — here’s possibly his best game for Arizona State (aside from the eight-touchdown one against Texas Tech):

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  1. Kyle

    I would be upset if they take Ballage and pass jones/Chubb. Would be a huge mistake to me.

    • Hawksince77

      Funny – like minds. 🙂

      • Hawktalker#1

        Ditto +12

        • Sea Mode


          • FuzzyLogic

            Wow:( That’s his best game? Really? His effort is sub par at best. Obviously didn’t like to block. Next to zero explosion through the hole. Decent hands but this guy is a serious underachiever considering his athletic profile. Please don’t take him hawks.

            • Geoff

              My thoughts exactly. Pretty underwhelming. Saw much the same at the Senior Bowl too. And 3rd round would be ridiculously early. If you really want him, can probably pick him up in the 5th.

              • Rob Staton

                Ballage will be long gone by R5

    • Hawkfan086

      Chubb gets an injury and is out for the season and this is all mute. The key is players that can stay on the field, thats my main draft emphasis for replacing the players that have left. I know that some injuries can’t be predicted but red flags on injury history is very important to me.

      • Clayton

        I like most of the draft just not Ballage. That basically gives us something like C. Carson already. R. Jones makes more sense if we are to get more of a new Orleans style running attack. Ballard, no disrespect is a hedge for losing out on Chubb. His college career shows inconsistencies which why he earned the Tarzan / Jane comparison. As for Jones or chubb , hamstring issues and knee surgery are red flags but I would rather take my chances there than with Ballage. Ian Thomas could be interesting. Kirk, finally gives Carroll the tall threat his wanted since Sidney Rice left. Two weeks to go. Thanks Rob..

        • Saxon

          If Taven Bryan is on the board and we take Kirk, I will lose my mind.

          • Tyler Jorgensen

            Why? We desperately need a plug and play receiver. We have a young talented DL. On the hierarchy of needs for okie current situation, there is no doubt Kirk fills a greater need.

        • Bayahawk

          Kirk isn’t a tall threat – he’s only 5’11”.

          • clayton

            My mistake, I was thinking Chark instead would be a better fit. (height)

  2. Hawksince77

    After watching the Ballage video, he strikes me as a fairly good college RB, but nothing special, and nothing that leads me to believe he will be anything special in the NFL. Especially considering comparisons with Ronald Jones and Nick Chubb, two college RBs that simply look so much better. In the case of Jones, it seems like he is playing at a different speed than those around him, like the defenders are stuck in slow motion while he makes his moves and accelerates past them. Special, and something we’d expect to see in his career in the NFL. Chubb looks far less dynamic, but runs strong and fast enough. Perhaps more to the Seahawks liking, in that he may be more adept having an offense that asserts its will on the opposition.

    But Ballage? Does anyone see (outside of his testing numbers) something special?

    • Trevor

      I don’t see a ton to get excited about but he did look great in Senior Bowl game and practices as well. He clearly has great athletic potential I am just not sure he is an instinctive ball carrier.

      • peter

        he has his moments no doubt but sometimes I wonder which way hes trying to go. It could be an AZ problem but then I wonder how does that work in Seattle where the line is looking just to normalize let alone be good.

      • Dave

        Ballage has too many runs where he runs into a blocker or defender. Good point, Trevor!

        • Mark Souza

          Nope, it’s all about drill numbers with him.

    • peter

      his testing numbers werent even that special. they werent terrible by any means but as stated on another thread, Royce Freeman tested nearly identically was about 4x more productive in college.

      John Kelly
      Bo Scarbororugh
      Kerryon Johnson

      just a few names that were as explosive or more so.

    • matt

      His receiving skills are really good, imo, and he’s got the speed to pick up a lot of yards if he’s catching the ball in stride. I could see him used on 3rd downs some, but more a hedge to Procise while he develops as a runner. If he can learn that aggression like we heard Chris Carson picked up his senior year, he could be an impact player.

      • Kendo

        Agreed. Seems like a third down back with potential to develop into more. That being said I don’t think he’s worth a late third.

        • JimQ

          IMO-The Seahawks MAYBE will look at Ballage with one of their 5-th rd. picks, & draft their lead running back with a Rd-2/3 pick, hopefully they get Rashaad Penney then as a lead back & Ballage would just be competition for the oft-injured Procise. I see a smoke screen with the interest the Seahawks have shown in Ballage, likely a ploy to say that (after last seasons inept RB crew) Ballage is the answer they are looking for, so less potential competition and urgency for the RB they really want earlier in the draft, MAYBE, that guy is Rashaad Penney.

          Perhaps, the national lack of mention or hype for Penney, coupled with the Seahawks not showing any interest in him in the lead up to the draft is because he’s the one they really want? I sure hope so. Exactly what specifically is wrong with Penney as a lead back for the Seahawks????????????????
          He is a one cut and go runner and statistically, Penney has been the best overall RB since mid-season 2017, including his bowl game and Senior bowl performances (showing level of competition is a mute point.) I don’t get the lack of appreciation for him, he is a very good RB/KR that has consistently put up good #’s that everybody ignores throughout the pre-draft process. I don’t think we should sleep on Penney, he’s going to be a great RB for some lucky team. Maybe the Seahawks?

    • Dingbatman

      Ballage=Procise. If they draft him early I still see them draft a hedge for Carson in the later rounds.

  3. Trevor

    One big unknown that is of particular importance if the Hawks trade Earl is how the Hawks view last years Safety picks Hill and Thompson.

    They really never showed much last year except on special teams but JS has mentioned the young guys on the roster several times and Thompson in particular. If they they view either Hill or Thompson as a legit starter with Mcdougald it makes Safety less of a need. If not it seems like a huge one should they loose both all pro safety’s (ET, Kam) this off season.

    I liked Thompson a lot coming out as he seemed to have great instincts and ball skills. But he does not have elite speed and really did not look great in pre season last year.

    If Hill or Thompson is not the answer you would have to think a day #2 Safety like Reid of Bates may be a consideration as well unless they plan to sign a vet FA like Vacarro or Eric Reid.

    • Rob Staton

      Both Reid and Bates were off the board in round one here

      • Trevor

        Anyone else interest you besides Jamerson as a potential canditate if both guys are gone and the Hawks want to address the position on Day #2?

        • Rob Staton

          Terrell Edmunds, Kam Kelly.

          They had Ronnie Harrison at the VMAC.

          • GoHawksDani

            What about Kyzir White? Seems between Reid-Bates and Jameson and the other guys on most of the boards

            • Rob Staton

              Just seems a bit average

          • FuzzyLogic

            Terrell Edmunds strikes me as a guy who will end up being a really good player at the next level. I hope we pick him up.

  4. Omar

    Hey Rob, what round do you think Dorance Armstrong would go in?

    • Rob Staton


  5. C-Dog

    That’s a nice looking draft, Rob. If they get Kirk, Ballage on the offense, and Griffin and Jamerson on the defense, that adds a lot of speed both sides of the ball. I think Thomas and Speaks would be a really nice gets, as well.

    I can totally see that Buffalo/NY trade happening.

  6. DCD2

    I don’t think the Jags would go CB with their #1? They have Ramsay and Bouye as one of the best CB combos in the league.

    If Oliver were there at the top of the 2nd and we were on the clock… I’m just saying, we’re putting a lot of faith in Maxwell coming back or a later round rookie to start.

    • Alex6674

      Because we’ve never had a rookie CB start before (Sherman, Griffin).

    • Rob Staton

      If there’s one position I’m not worrying about while Pete Carroll is in seattle… it’s corner.

      • DCD2

        Love the optimism guys! I hope you’re right. I could see Holton Hill as the backup plan for 10-15 teams as well though. He might be gone in the 4th.

        Jags aren’t going CB in the 1st. That much I do feel confident in saying.

        • Rob Staton

          Well according to this, put together by someone who follows the team, it’s a possibility

          • DCD2

            Don’t want to take away from focus on our team or yet another great article by going too far down this road, but…

            They need a nickel/slot CB. Oliver in the 1st isn’t happening. Not with Ramsay and Bouye.

            • Rob Staton

              I use resources like Draft Tek to make projections. They say corner is a need. So I put down a corner.

              They’re going to have to make savings down the road and after this year Buoye’s contract is movable. So I’m comfortable with the projection and wanted to highlight a scenario where Oliver goes in R1, which is possible.

        • Jeremy

          If they had another legit CB or S, they beat the Pats and play in the Suoer Bowl

  7. Nick

    Apparently Clinton Portis loves Ballage.

    • Nick

      He also had 44 receptions last year! That’s tops in this year’s RB class. Seattle is focusing on pass-catching RBs. Something to consider.

      • DCD2

        That was two years ago. He had better numbers as a junior than he did as a senior. That youtube video below is from before his senior year.

        He had 44 catches, over 1000 yards combined and 15 total TD’s… as a junior
        He had 20 catches, 760 total yards and 6 total TD’s… as a senior

        • D-OZ

          Where are you getting these #’s from???

          • matt

            It’s from the link he included…

  8. Nick

    He also was clocked running over 23 MPH—which is faster than any Tyreek Hill run last year. Here’s the source:

    • Dave

      23.3 mph is pretty amazing. Usain Bolt’s top speed is 27.8 mph, but he can’t run over dudes like Ballage. I watch game tape of Ballage and I’m left wanting more from a Seahawks RB1, but when I watch highlight tapes, I’m starting to see why the Hawks brass likes him. It sucks falling in love with Jones II and Chubb who I see as legit RB1 candidates and finding out the Hawks love someone else.

  9. Chris

    I wish we could see round 3, just because I’d like to see the options because I’m not 100% sold on Ian Thomas. I don’t see TE a huge need. I like Dickson and Vannett, plus I honestly believe Swoopes is intriguing. Draft wise, I’d rather grab Shultz or Smythe with one of those 5th’s. Otherwise, that mock would be outstanding. I love Kirk, I like the idea of pairing Ballage with Carson, and I’ve always thought Shaq would be a great pick in the 4th.

  10. H

    Appreciate what youre doing with this mock to highlight the different potential approach we’ve talked about recently. But id be pretty underwhelmed with it honestly. Kirk looks like a nice player but not massively impactful, certainly compared to how i view Jones/Chubb. And Ballage just looks so average. I really dont know that I can see him being the guy for us.
    Getting Quem in the 4th would cheer me up though.

    Side note: Indy absolutely kills it in this scenario… Chubb and Mo Hurst gives their pass rusha major major boost, DJ Moore and Kerryon would help give Luck the best group of weapons he’s had in his career.

    • DCD2

      Completely agree on all points. Colts are going to have a lot of paper talent after this draft. The haul they got from the Jets for moving down 3 spots still amazes me.

      For our picks, I could completely see JS doing something like this draft. I wouldn’t be too excited about it, but I think it is a realistic type of scenario.

    • peter

      I hate highlight reels but after watching some games and how I get a sense of him and getting into some highlights for fun: CHristian Kirk I think adds some serious “all ball,” character to a team that needs wr’s. He and doug could be lethal just shredding defenses with a whole host of ways to attack.

      I’d love to see how Moore (on the team currently plays) along with either a late pick of the currently all of the place Equanimeous St. Brown as that dude has skills, size and speed or a late flyer on Trequan Smith who has strength and a grittiness to his game when the ball is in the air that Seattle has lost with Kearse.

      • Sea Mode

        Love Kirk, not so St. Brown. Will have to take a closer look at Smith.

        Another guy I just keep coming back to: Anthony Miller. He’s just really, really good.

        • H

          +1 for Miller

  11. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I understand taking Griffin in the 4th, but I’m just not seeing him make it that far now. Too much pre-draft heat around him. I’m thinking mid 3rd round is his floor and mid 2nd his ceiling where he might go…. just the way the tea leaves are reading right now. I love the kid, the story, everything…..

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Another rumor that is being floated quite extensively… that the Colts will take Nelson at #6.
      Honestly, DE Chubb or OG Nelson…. both would be instant starters and upgrades on the team. So I guess they can’t go wrong.

    • Rob Staton

      He still has limitations though. He’s not an every down player — and that will limit his stock.

  12. peter

    I’m going to type this first then read the comments proceeding:

    I hate that you are doing this with ballage at his juncture. You have a good track record of getting that last player in under the window before the draft and I feel like you are heading correctly in the direction with ballage. He probably is their guy. To me he’s the definition of as pauline always says to be denigrating “looks like tarzan, etc….”

    The draft selections you have made this time make me super happy BTW. thats a great step to a rebuild with or without earl. I’ll take all that if it means getting yet another running back we can ‘wait’ on to put it all together.

    Plus I think there’s going to be some really interesting UDFA’s this year.

    Trayvon Henderson, SS/FS Hawaii
    Maybe Nathan SHepard, DT
    Maybe Trequan Smith, WR UCF

    • Rob Staton

      The UDFA’s battling this year will make camp VERY interesting.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Nice players, but I don’t think the last two make it out of the draft.

      • peter

        I can’t get a feel on smith. Pauline and a few other sites have him listed as a 6th rounder, zero buzz.

        Shepard as well. 6-7 on some sites, Pauline has him in the third. So who knows.

        Shepard probabbly gets drafted because the choices aren’t great and he’s excitiing .

        Smith probably gets drafted but he’s in a sea of players that are over 6′ kind of fast and have no momentum. Again the wr class is limited as is the d tackle class but someone has to be a udfa.

        • Trevor

          I think Sheppard is a Day #2 guy and certainly no chance to be an udfa. Will end up as a top 5 DT in this draft class in 2-3 years.

          • peter

            Again I’m basing this on about 4 different sites. I’ve seen a swing from third round to 6th. It would be cool if he’s a great d tackle. If like him in Seattle but it’s a pretty big leap from fort Hayes to the pros.

  13. DC

    Does Seattle have the framework of an ET trade worked out, just waiting to see if a better offer comes in? Or waiting to announce it to garner the most headlines for the recipient (host Dallas)? So many questions, possibilities and needs going into this draft.

    I’ll make a low ball guess that we get Dallas’ 2018 #50 & #116 plus something in 2019.
    Also a trade of #18 to NE for #23 & #95.

    Leaving Seattle with;

    That would leave room for a trade up somewhere and still allow 10 selections. Going off of Rob’s board I’m taking Isaiah Wynn at #23 because I think he is going to be a great, long term cornerstone player. At #50 it’s Rasheem Green, another DL stud with havoc wreaking potential. After that I could guess but I could also throw darts at a wall of names and probably be more accurate about who we actually draft.

  14. James

    I know that I am in the minority, especially given John’s proclivity to trade down, but I am not sold on dropping 15 slots from #18 to #33 (give or take…). It is one thing to drop down 5 slots, as the Seahawks have done in the past, say from #25 to #30, and then perhaps another 5 slots if they project one of their favored players to still be there. But to drop down from #18 is to go from an elite prospect to someone with a clear R2 grade. At #18, at least one of these players is likely to be available: Derwin James, Marcus Davenport, Tremaine Edmunds, Leighton Vander Esch, Isaiah Oliver, Harold Landry. Those guys have star potential at a position of need, and that is what the Seahawks need – new stars to replace the ones we just lost (Sherm, Kam, Bennett, Avril, etc). We already have good depth, and a number of younger players ready to fill roles (Hill, Jones, Vannett, Thompson, Darboh, etc), but we need the kind of guys who win games for you by outperforming their opponents. You have a much better chance of finding that at #18 than at #33. That said, the odds are probably 10-1 that John does trade down, probably twice, dropping 20 slots but adding an extra R2 and R3, but if so, he really-really needs to find a star or two…

    • Rob Staton

      The player at #50 will be graded similarly, if not even, to the player at #25 this year.

      It’s that type of draft.

      If you got a great haul, I’d be willing to trade down to #45. It wouldn’t happen. But it’d be fine.

      • Brashmouse

        They might be but from what I have seen there are 15-17 Rd 1 grades and the rest are all in the same band to about 65. At 18-22 there is a distinct probability that one of the pro bowl level players drops but after that point you are less than 50% to get a long term starter.

        With that said if a Vander Esch, Landry, James, Vita Vea, or Settle are there I cannot see how you trade back to get a third starting slot receiver a maybe odds tight end and a big fast RB that needs a big hole to get yards. Even if you get Rashaad Penny Malik Jefferson I would rather have the better odds of one of those 5 over the next 10 years and trade some 5-7 picks to get back into the 3rd. I think this is a weak class beyond the early 4th and they won’t find a starter with drafting any easier than with FA on the undrafted.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Perhaps, but can’t ignore the huge advantage of trading down (adding picks) into pockets of value, which has been discussed at length that R2 has over picks (18-32).

      • Clayton

        I like aquiring multiple picks but in the end it’s going to come down to quality over quantity. How did we use the picks. This unfortunately cannot be judge for at least 2 plus years. The data and stats are there backing up certain players we should take that fit our scheme. Not getting to cute with tRade downs will be big. I love extra picks John and Pete just really need to.come through. Biggest draft for Seattle in years.

        • Hawktalker#1

          Agreed. My assumption is that there is still big value/quality available in the picks they have traded down for. Making smart choices in every round and with every pick in important for sure and critical this year especially!!

  15. DC

    “Temple wide receiver Keith Kirkwood (6-3, 220) had a top 30 visit with the Seahawks today, according to a source.” per Brady Henderson at ESPN

  16. astro_domine

    I think “looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane,” is the best description of Ballage, and it’s very unlikely he adds what our RB corp needs.

    Not sure why you’re so dismissive of Royce Freeman, Rob. He has an excellent physical profile, no off-field concerns and excellent production (he knows how to be “the guy”). Everyone says he underwhelmed this year compared to his first couple, but man, even in that tape he looks way more explosive and instinctive than Ballage:

    • Rob Staton

      Why do people keep saying I’m dismissive of Royce Freeman?

      All I’ve said is I don’t think he’s a fit in Seattle based on running style. Because the Carroll Seahawks have consistently targeted a specific running style in their backs, plus a high level of explosive traits.

      I’ve also included him in round two of every mock and included him in all my top 50 lists.

      • astro_domine

        Well, it’s that second part- not fitting the Seahawks running style. I guess you just mean the BJ and Vert.

        His *stellar* 3-cone and 20-yard shuttle constantly show up on tape- he looks like Doug Martin. His cutting ability and burst seem like they’d fit our zone scheme very well.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t just mean the vertical and broad. I mean running style. I don’t think he’s what PC has looked for.

          But the explosive testing results also matter. And Freeman is a notch below what they’ve targeted at the position.

          Doesn’t mean I dislike him though. Just don’t think he’ll be a Seahawk.

          • astro_domine

            Perhaps I haven’t seen enough tape to know what you mean. His highlights look Seahawky to me- lots of physical finishes and tenacity on the tape I posted.

            Also, his testing becomes more impressive once you consider he weighed in at 234lb.

            But, fair enough!

            • peter

              robs not critical. Even fans of Freeman like myself have noted Freeman would probably do better in a pro style line with a fullback and maybe a power scheme to succeed.

              Seattle’s modified zone meets not great play seems like they need a back that can take shpts, deliver shots, and create when things break down.

              Oregon has a decently well coached line and frankly Seattle currently until shown otherwise doesnt.

      • D-OZ

        NFL LBer’s will eat Freeman alive if he even gets to that level…

        • peter

          Well a lack of physicality didn’t really slow down shaun alexander. A realignment big back who was super productive in college.

          I get your meaning but somehow despite a lack of physicality Freeman (who is probably not a fit in seatttle) out up on huge numbers.

          Vs. Ballage who can and does bring it but was very pedestrian in his production.

          • Hawktalker#1

            My concern is that pedestrian = NFL roadkill and we’ve road killed enough of our RBs over the last couple of years . . .

          • TTownHawk

            Shaun was also running behind a generational OL. I’m not sure he would fare as well today where the line play has regressed the way it has.

          • Mark Souza

            Bad comparison. A soft Shawn Alexander cost us plenty. I remember a playoff game in Green Bay. Time running down, Hawks down by 3 with a 3rd and 1 just outside the red zone. Alexander gets the hand-off. No hole, so he starts stringing it out along the line. Still no hole – so he decides to lay down behind the line and wait to be touched down by the defense. LIES THE F*** DOWN in a playoff game. Didn’t even attempt to put his shoulder down and try to muscle forward for the one yard we needed. We get a touchdown on that drive, we win the game.

            We kicked the field goal. Won the overtime coin flip, and Matt Hasslebeck announced, “We’ll take the ball, and we’re gonna score.” The rest is history. Audacious numbers mean nothing if you can’t be counted on when it really matters. Physicality matters.

            • peter

              its not really a bad comp though. freeman is not physical and yet was one of the most productive backs in college over 4 years.

              shaun wasnt physical and good line or not at alabama and seattle was a great back.

              • Mark Souza

                I think my point is his numbers look great. His play was not. You won’t find Alexander in the HOF, and there’s good reason.

  17. STTBM

    Rob, that looks like a really fine projection for Seattle, and the rest of the NFL to boot! Great job! Dont know how you find the time to do so much digging–I have had less and less the last couple years. Tip of the hat to you, Sir…

    I also think your reasoning for what Seattle may be up to is sound. They have done it before–gone for positional need over Best Player Available–many times. The problem I have with that approach–and I know you arent necessarily endorsing it–is that in JS and PC’s past drafts where they did this, it did NOT work out well. They drafted James Carpenter even though they had Mo Wilkerson rated higher, and the list goes on…They flubbed a fine WR class picking Paul Richardson, a scrawny player with a previously blown knee, and they took Britt when they knew they were reaching. While Britt has turned out to be a decent, if not Pro Bowl-caliber player at C, it took him three years to get there. And he was not even mediocre at RT or LG before that…

    Players that are a hedge for another better player at the same position rarely come close to replicating the success of the player chosen earlier, and often go totally bust. Look at Seattle’s drafts since their epic 2012 draft; mediocre to terrible. And a big part of the reason for that, in my estimation, is due to over drafting for positional need, and trading down and taking hedge players, rather than getting the right guy and paying what he’s worth in draft capital.

    Perhaps its Petes stubborn insistence on Always Competing that keeps them doing this. In my mind, they might be better off trading up occasionally, and not trying to plug all their holes in one draft. Quantity of picks often does not build a team better or faster than quality of picks.

    Just my two cents. And I’d be more willing to trust JS and PC if they hadnt done so stinking poorly that last five drafts! As far as I’m concerned, any trust they earned through 2012 is long gone. Right now, they have a five-year track record of failing to draft successfully, and have been riding on old drafts since at least 2014, slowly degrading as a team due to poor drafting and talent eval.

    Im still excited to see what they do, dont get me wrong. But Im not buying that they are entitled to my blind trust either.

    Their stubborn adherence to “all-football” guys this year is disheartening to me as well. While I understand moving on from guys who managed to disrupt the team–even through no fault of their own, like Mike B, and I understand (and whole-heartedly endorse) the determination to NEVER repeat the monster mistake of drafting Malik McDowell, I dont understand or endorse swinging the pendulum 100% the other way, to say that you dont want well-rounded humans as football players, only football-obsessed drones. But by all indications, thats kind of whats happened…

    • Hawktalker#1

      Not sure we know what’s happened yet. It’s all talk so far. The actual Seahak draft will revel much.

    • Smeow

      Quantity does statistically win out over quality when considering the Approximate Value of draftees. First and second round draft picks are literally 50/50. Half of all of the players taken in each round will provide an AV of 20 or less over their career’s. Now the first rounders that do grade higher, usually grade higher than the second rounders that break through that AV>20, but overall it is still 50/50 which would always lend itself to quantity when talking about getting the most value out of the draft since outside of QB, a few good players can contribute more than one great player in the NFL.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Quantity in the first round pays off. The odds of long term success decrease with each round. It is only 20% chance of success in the fifth round, the round that most of us thinks as a cornerback and safety sweet spot for Seahawks.

        So your best chance of success is by being the most unsuccessful, and getting those first round picks like Cleveland has been doing.

        • Mark Souza

          I think a part of the draft failures over the past few years has been that we were drafting so many of these players as depth. We had a roster full of All-Pros with very little opportunity for draftees to earn a starting spot. As a result, settling for hedge players didn’t seem critical (it was probably a bigger issue than they realized – hopefully they understand better now).

          The second issue was Tom Cable and his total inability to evaluate line talent. The Carpenter pick was perfect case in point. We had just moved on from Breno Giaccomini and desperately needed a starting RT. Carpenter looked ideal on paper. A mountain of a man with an NFL-ready body. He had the size and strength to be an NFL dominator from day one. The problem was his film. Looking at it, it was clear he didn’t have the footwork or speed to succeed as an NFL tackle. Even Alabama recognized that. They altered their offensive schemes to cover his short comings. On pass plays, he started from and ‘up’ position. He was dead meat against SEC defensive ends if he started with his hand in the dirt. Sure, it telegraphed pass plays, but hey, when your Alabama it hardly matters. Second, he had help from a tight end on most pass plays. How do you miss or gloss over this? How many failed draft picks were dedicated to that failing offensive line that just got progressively worse year after year?

          This year is as close to 2010 through 2012 as we’re going to see. We have gobs of starting holes to fill, and there will be true open competition again. Hopefully they draft accordingly.

          • AlaskaHawk

            And once again we think the Seahawks will trade out of the first round. How many first round players have they chosen in the last five years?? I only ask as I think it does affect your team performance.

            The last three highly successful players they picked in the first round were …
            Drumroll please
            Earl Thomas and Okung in year one. Bruce Irvin, who was also good for some extra picks in the trade down in the first. You can argue that Carpenter was capable in his starts, and Ifedi is looking better, so that wasn’t a total waste.

            Ifedi is still learning the position, its not a good sign when people speculate that he will be moved to guard.

            Couple first round picks wasted on a nut job (Harvin) and a tight end (Graham) who wouldn’t block and had a high drop rate last year. The others were used to trade into the second.

          • STTBM

            Why go the Tim Ruskell route and draft safe backups–especially with All Pro starters already on the team–when you can swing for the fences on lower rounds?

            Seattle’s failures were simply blown draft strategy and bad talent evaluation.

  18. Roc

    Interesting logic on some of these picks. First you call out an WR for our first selection citing the fact that he is deemed to be perfect in an all out air blitzkreig type offense which may be ok if we were talking about Bruce Ariens or some other “mad bomber” HC but we are talking about PC here who wants to run the rock regardless of what the uninformed pundits keep hoping for!

    • Rob Staton

      So…. you don’t know what Air Coryell is.

      Look it up.

      Power running, play action, to set up explosive plays in the passing game.

      Classic Carroll.

      • Mark Souza

        Running back Terry Metcalf was a big part of Air Coryell. I wouldn’t call him a power runner. Shifty as hell. A threat to take it to the house on any play. A great route runner and pass catcher, yes. Power runner, no. He’s more comparable to Marcus Allen.

        Or are you talking about the San Diego version with Chuck Muncie?

        • Kenny Sloth

          Don Coryell and Terry Metcalf… Two seattle greats.

          (Not sure they were technically running the Air Coryell yet, when he played though)

          Metcalf was in Canada while Coryell was redefining the vertical offense with Dan Fouts in San Diego.

          Funnily enough, both Coryell and Walsh’s systems were called West Coast for several years much to each coach’s chagrin.

  19. RWIII

    Great stuff Rob. Just curious how much of a drop off between the 2nd and 3rd round?

    • Rob Staton

      Significant. But there will still be value in round three.

  20. Greg Haugsven

    What happens with our other 5th round pick (146)?

    • Hawk Eye

      and that makes 10!

  21. STTBM

    Rob, I like Christian Kirk, but if Seattle takes him first overall, rather than a back like Chubb or Jones II, what do you think it says about how they view Darboh and Moore? Or are they possibly looking to draft a replacement for Baldwin, down the road a couple years?

    Passing on Chubb and Jones II to take a WR and then a TE before taking Ballage…Man, that takes guts. Seattle almost never goes the route I want them to, so Im not holding my breath, but if I had my druthers, they’d take either Chubb or Jones II.

    Personally, I am excited to see if the Air Coryell influence changes what Seattle wants in WR’s. They’ve done the WCO for so long, it could be a big change. Kirk looks like the kind of guy PC always loved–strong and fast, able to jump and catch the ball in traffic, and able to track deep throws without breaking stride. Darboh and Moore would seem to be a fit, at least to me, to any Coryell-inspired offense, but Im certainly no guru. Wouldnt it be nice to see them get a Kellen Winslow I type TE down the road?! I remember watching him and Ozzie Newsome play when I was little, my Dad loved those guys, even if they werent Seahawks…

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it’d be a review of Darboh, Moore or Baldwin necessarily. They’ve lost Paul Richardson and Tyler Lockett is a free agent next year. Plus Jermaine Kearse left last season. So there’s two players they need to replace and one they might need to replace.

      • STTBM

        Ok. Good point, and thank you for the response.

        I do think Tyler Locketts injury has robbed him of some of what made him special. I hope he gets it back this year, both for his sake and Seattle’s. He’s such a good kid, if it comes back, Seattle may pay him; if it doesnt , plenty of other teams may overpay him (a la Richardson) based on potential–especially if next years Draft is anywhere near as low on badass WR’s.

  22. Lewis

    This looks great! I hadn’t watched film of Ian Thomas until now, but give me him over Goedert any day of the week. Love Kirk, Griffin, Hill, and Ford too. Ito Smith definitely better than Chase, imo. Didn’t get my man Martez Carter, but this looks like a major shot in the arm on offense and some real potential and defense too.

    Love it, love it, love it. Can we just skip the draft and go with this?

    • TTownHawk

      For some reason, I think Goedert is in for a rude awakening in the NFL. Watching his tape, he makes a lot of spectacular catches, but many times he makes unnecessary one hand catches – just for show a guess? Idk, just his playing style comes off as cocky. And it makes sense, at a small school, he is “the man”. I just hope he brings the right attitude to the league, because if he’s going to get eaten alive if he doesn’t.

      • Lewis

        Yeah, I didn’t see the appeal in Goedert’s tape at all…certainly not where you would need to take him. I’d just assume take Thomas or a bargain-type like Ryan Izzo day 3.

  23. Patrick Toler

    Love your willingness to go through a variety of situations Rob! It’s a big part of what makes this blog great.

    That being said, if they spend a top 100 pick on Ballage, I may actually cry. One of my least favorite players in this draft. His footwork is horrendous and he shows zero awareness. RB requires quick processing and great decision making under pressure – Ballage shows none of that. Luckily I think there is almost no chance they see him that highly. Maybe a sixth or seventh (though I still wouldn’t touch him there).

    • Rob Staton

      Not the biggest Ballage fan myself either — reading that Carroll and Schneider went to work him out personally, next to Christian Kirk no less, was intriguing though. He has the talent. It just needs bringing out. Kind of feel like we’ve been saying that about the last 4-5 RB’s they’ve added though.

      • Patrick Toler

        For sure! I am unable as of yet to figure out why they were interested enough to give him that attention. Likely so they could get a feel if they could unlock something in him. I’m highly skeptical, based on what I’ve watched.

        Kirk, on the other hand. He’s right in their wheelhouse.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Wow. I think you really hit the nail on the head with that reply. My sentiments exactly.

    • Patrick Toler

      If they draft Ballage and Walton as their pair of RBs, I’ll likely need counseling.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Make room on the couch. I’ll see you there . . .

        • JimQ

          RB-Kalen Ballage is currently the #15 RB, ranked #168-overall, projected Rd-5 at
          So, Rd-5 pick maybe? Only after selecting a real RB earlier – IMO.

  24. Hawktalker#1

    Ok been cooking this for a bit. I believe an analyst recently posted that it is believed the ET trade to Dallas is about 60/40.

    Based on that I’ll bring this out of the oven . . .

    Please let me know if you see any picks that appear available to late in the draft (unrealistic). I’d really like that feedback. Thanks in advance. (Yeah it is a boat load of picks, but the new hungry, competitive environment will sift these guys like wheat until we have just the best left. Sometime you need to put more guys in the funnel when doing this.

    Seahawks 2018 Draft:
    (1) Jerry Jones negotiates with JS for ET, the trade to be announced at the draft. ET is good with the proposed contract so we have a clean trade. SEA wanted a 2 and a 3, Jerry says only a 2 and a 4. JS counters with adding a R7:236 and the deal is done. ET to DAL for #50 & #116 & #236
    (2) NE wants an OL @ 18 and trades SEA to get it. To make the trade work :
    Sea gives #18, #120 for NE #31, #63, #136, #205
    (3) Cincinnati wants a player before the end of R2 and SEA wants other players later in R3. CIN gives #77 & #112 for Seattle for #63
    (4) SEA sees the end of R3 approaching and Quem still on the board as the other teams target other players, have some scheme concerns and wait for better value for Quem. SEA wants to lock him now, build an updated culture and won’t wait any longer. Trades up with #136 and #112 to HOU for #98 to get Quem. Seahawks fans go crazy with excitement over the trade.
    R2-31** ROJO (some lightning for the thunder [Carson ability to stay healthy TBD) and a belief that RoJo can in fact be the featured RB others are not sure about)
    R2-50* Christian Kirk WR (Offensive weapon and future Lockettt hedge)
    R3-77*** BJ Hill DT / Deshawn Elliott (SS) (Hill if JSPC believes they have a replacement ET in the works already, Elliott if they still need one)
    R4-98**** Shaquem Griffin (OLB, UCF) (hard to hear, Seahawks fans still roaring)
    R4-116* Kameron Kelly (DB, San Diego State) (CB replacement)
    R5-138 Marquis Haynes (DE, ) / Tyquan Lewis (DE, Ohio State) (EDGE BPA)
    R5-141 Quenton Meeks (CB, Stanford) / Tre Flowers (DB, Oklahoma State) more CB competition and needed depth)
    R5-146 Leon Jacobs (LB, Wisconsin) / Dorian O’Daniel (LB, Clemson)
    R5-150** Will Dissly (TE, Washington).
    R5-168 Natrell Jamerson (S, Wisconsin)
    R6-205** Chase Edmonds (RB, Fordham)
    R7-226 Cole Madison (OG, WSU) (Underrated OG)
    R7-236* Poona Ford (DT, Texas) or Marquez Valdes-Scantling (WR, USF)
    R7-248 Khalid Hill (FB, Michigan) or Marquez Valdes-Scantling (WR, USF)

    • Jeremy

      14 draft picks? What a haul! I could even see them trading back from 31 a few spots. Giving a team high in the 2nd their 5th year option. Similar to last year. This scenario should make for another fun day 3! Meeks in the 5th would be a steal, I think he’s projected a little higher.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Thanks for the Meeks feedback, appreciated.
        I only traded down to 31 as I wanted to ensure we could get RoJo. This draft assumes PCJS value him highly and many other mocks, including Robs recent one, have him taken at 32 by PHI. Can’t have that. If he is gone by 31 May trade down again for another pick and get Chubb.

        • Darth12er

          Yeah, that seems weird to me, Philly taking a RB at the end of R1. They traded for Ajayi, and love Clement. I would think they’d consider an OT here. With so many decent options for R2 that they may not have a chance to grab.

          • Mark Souza

            I’d love that draft. But give me Ito Smith over Chase Edmonds – more sudden, a bigger burst.

            • peter

              agreed on smith v. edmunds.

    • Sea Mode

      Very nice looking draft. Working on one today and it’s gonna look somewhat similar. Way to sneak in Khalid Hill as well; they like their Michigan players.

    • Seahawkwalt

      Love this…Hopefully Kirk is still there this late

  25. DCD2

    Rob, do you have any thoughts on Anthony Miller – WR from Memphis?

    Wondering where he might go and if he could be the later round hedge for Kirk. He had a lot of production and gets rave reviews from his coaches. Haven’t heard him mentioned much, but his tape looks pretty good.

    • Jeremy

      He’s really good, and is a top 50 player on most draft boards that I’ve read.

    • Rob Staton

      Wrote about him in October:

      • DCD2

        Thanks guys! Not sure how he slipped under my radar until now.

        • Hawktalker#1

          I have seen him mocked in the top 50. 4.38 speed and great hands.

          • Sea Mode

            4.38 speed? Where did you see this?! Pauline reported he ran in the mid 4.5s at his pro day.

            The more I watch of Miller, the more I like him and his attitude as a walk-on. Check this out:

            Anthony Miller vs UCLA 2017 – Houdini in Cleats!

            Don’t think I’ve seen better release off the line by anyone in the class and his shake at the top of routes is superb as well.

            I could absolutely see him being a hedge for Kirk:

            – One inch taller than Kirk and the exact same weight (201). So basically same size.

            – Miller has 10″ hands and Kirk with 9.875″ is great as well.

            – Miller hit 22 on the bench and Kirk 20. Both strong in the Golden Tate mold.

            – The biggest difference physically, which could be a deal-breaker for the Hawks, might simply be long speed. Kirk ran 4.46 and Miller reportedly ran in the 4.5s (though he is coming off injury TBF). I would bet Miller is much better in short-area quickness though.

            – Miller has more college production (insane numbers over the last two seasons) while Kirk adds the kick returning prowess the Seahawks will like, something Miller didn’t do. That could be another deciding factor if it came down to those two because of Lockett going into a contract year.

            – Kirk reminds me of Golden Tate, Miller reminds me of Antonio Brown. (just sayin’..)

            • peter

              Putting this down here to keep the up with the conversation.

              when I posted my enthusiasm for Kirk the only reason why I didn’t post about Miller is the 40 time. Had he been 1/10 under 4.5 I would be mocking him to Seattle every chance.

              I really really like Kirk and as you noted their games are different. But Miller’s production as a walk on? That’s a player you can count on.

              Earlier I mentioned trequa n smith. I think he’s a late pick but he really started to produce last year and I see him as an x like kearse. Good speed, size and gets his arms up for the ball instead of basket catching. (Which I hate seeing)

              • RealRhino2

                Miller will go before Kirk, so I don’t think he’s going to work as a later round hedge for Kirk, IMO.

                • Rob Staton

                  Miller will not go before Kirk

              • Sea Mode

                Look, I have no info to back this up, but my hunch from watching a couple of Miller’s games and highlights is that, if he were properly conditioned after making it back from injury, he would break into the high 4.4s. Either way, similar to Doug Baldwin (4.48), he plays fast and quickness makes a huge difference as well.

                So IMO if that’s the only reason holding you back from going all in on him, you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

                I am higher on Kirk as well because of the added KR/PR value. Love the effortless hands and body control (textbook combine gauntlet drill). Plus, just listening to his interviews, he already talks like a pro, it’s amazing:


                • peter

                  how about seattle melts brains and gets both 😀

                • Kenny Sloth

                  Anthony Miller has insane release. When uncovered

  26. Greg Haugsven

    Rob, it looks like you might have missed a 5th rounder in your mock? We currently have 141, 146, 156, and 168. In your mock you have this:

    141…Holton Hill
    156…Natrell Jamerson
    168…Trade to New England

    • Rob Staton

      It was used to trade up, notes in the trades section.

      • Greg Haugsven

        The only trade you have moving them up is to New England giving them 102 and 168. That still leaves 146.

  27. Old but Slow

    I have certainly come around on Goedert. He may have as good hands for catching the ball as any receiver in this draft. and he is gritty. I kind of overlooked at him because of the school, but the lad can ball.

    My impressions of players will likely differ from some (most?), but here are some random thoughts with no particular pattern. For me, Harold Landry is overrated, and is a second rounder, and I feel similarly about Calvin Ridley. Like many I want Quem Griffin. Not that I think he’ll be all-pro, but a great contributor and huge for the fan base. Dylan Cantrell is my new crush. WR, Texas Tech. Big, strong, great hands, speed, explosive, team captain, and all football. The top SPARQ WR. Productive, and under the radar. Why? Any ideas?

    I can see J T Barrett QB as a round 7 or UDFA option. He is resourceful. Since we seem to need a blocking TE, David Wells, SDSt, is a good one. Not much tape, but he is a good blocker, almost an OL. And he can catch. And he should be available late, although he seems to rising on some boards.

    Love some of the players that Rob has introduced to me like Isaiah Wynn and Tim Settle would look good in Seahawk colors. I have fears about Josh Sweat because of injury history. The linebacker, Jacobs is exciting to me, as I see him as a good fit.

    Scatter shot thoughts. Hope it made sense.

    • H

      Some good impressions there. I agree on Ridley, honestly never understood the hype. I like Landry but he is a bit of a one trick pony… his trick looks really impressive when it works though.

  28. HawkfaninMT

    Any thoughts on a trade for C.J. Anderson? Can he be had for a 5th? Seems like he and the Broncos are heading for a split, and he seems like a great fit for the offense.

    Also, I miss seeing an effective zone read read 4-7 times per game. Schotty do much of this? Any rBs in the draft thrive uber the zone read?

    • DCD2

      We can save the 5th if we want him. He just got cut this morning.

      • Matt B.

        I don’t know what his market will look like, but if they could bring him in for fairly cheap I think they absolutely should. Would be a great add to the RB room and allow us another hedge to having to rely on adding a RB high in the draft (not saying we wouldn’t, but we could hedge if our guys get taken before they get to us).

  29. James

    Taven Bryan or Maurice Hurst instead of Kirk please.

  30. James

    Ballage has fumble issues. Do not want.

    The average fumble rate for the top 10 rushers in the NFL last season was one for every 124.5 offensive touches.

    Kansas City Chiefs rookie running back Kareem Hunt had elite ball security at Toledo (fumble rate of 856.0), and that skill translated as a first-year NFL player, as he fumbled only once in 325 offensive touches in 2017.

    Cincinnati Bengals rookie Joe Mixon had fumbling issues in college, putting the ball on the ground once every 73.0 offensive touches at Oklahoma. And that stayed true in his first year as a pro, posting a 69.3 fumble rate last season.

    Below are the career offensive fumble rates for the top running back prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft class, broken down into five categories:

    ELITE (150 or better)

    359.0 — Darrel Williams, LSU

    238.7 — Demario Richard, Arizona State

    207.7 — Ronald Jones, USC

    193.3 — Saquon Barkley, Penn State

    191.3 — Kerryon Johnson, Auburn

    181.7 — Kyle Hicks, TCU

    180.6 — Justin Jackson, Northwestern

    174.0 — Josh Adams, Notre Dame

    155.5 — Jordan Wilkins, Ole Miss

    ABOVE AVERAGE (125-149)

    142.1 — Chase Edmonds, Fordham

    135.0 — Lavon Coleman, Washington

    124.9 — Ralph Webb, Vanderbilt

    123.3 — John Kelly, Tennessee

    AVERAGE (100-124)

    114.0 — Royce Freeman, Oregon

    110.0 — Phillip Lindsay, Colorado

    105.8 — Rashaad Penny, San Diego State

    100.6 — Derrius Guice, LSU

    BELOW AVERAGE (76-99)

    98.6 — Nick Chubb, Georgia

    96.0 — Bo Scarbrough, Alabama

    90.0 — Mark Walton, Miami (Fla.)

    88.2 — Ryan Nall, Oregon State

    87.3 — Ito Smith, Southern Miss

    86.8 — Nyheim Hines, NC State

    76.3 — Jordan Chunn, Troy

    RED FLAG (75 or worse)

    74.2 — Roc Thomas, Jacksonville State

    67.4 — Akrum Wadley, Iowa

    66.9 — Jarvion Franklin, Western Michigan

    66.5 — Kalen Ballage, Arizona State

    62.5 — Justin Crawford, West Virginia

    58.2 — Kamryn Pettway, Auburn

    55.6 — Keith Ford, Texas A&M

    54.6 — Sony Michel, Georgia

    39.5 — Jeffery Wilson, North Texas

    • DCD2

      Good stuff! Thanks for posting these numbers. Michel’s fumbling issues have been well documented, but seeing Wadley and Ballage down there is concerning. Also interesting to note the “below average” guys… most of whom we’ve discussed.

      • JimQ

        It’s likely that the fumble rates indicated are for RB touches only. Most of those players also have touches as a receiver and a few as a returner. To get an adjusted fumble rate that is more accurate, all touches by an offensive player should be considered, this would slightly change the fumble ratios for a few of these guys if considered.

    • James

      I should point out that Ballage did improve last season fumbling once in 157 carries,

      • D-OZ

        I am convinced the Balladge thing is a diversion tactic. I would think they have more interest in Scarborough. Or maybe Scott from MSU. I think they are looking for a big back in this draft.

  31. Millhouse-serbia

    Rob if all are available at 50th, whom would you choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th between Brown, Green, Sweat and Turray?

    • James

      Hopefully Green.

      • James

        And Taven Bryan or Muarice Hurst at #33.

  32. Kenny Sloth

    Sorted list of potential seahawks targets at corner by round projection
    (Tony Brown II is a favorite)
    I’m probably wrong feel free to opine. Who did I miss

    Isaiah Oliver: 33 1/2 arms — 80 5/8 wingspan 9″5/8 hands, 6′ 194 lbs. 4.5, 6.94, 35.5, 10-8, projected range Top 50 1st-2nd

    Carlton Davis: 32 3/4 arms — 79 3/8 wingspan, 8″7/8 hands, 6’1 204 lbs. 4.44, 7.30, 34″, 10-3, 16, projected range Top 50, 2nd

    Quenton Meeks: 31 3/4 arms — 76 1/4 wingspan, 6’1, 209 lbs. 4.23 ss 6.72 3cone, 39″, 10’08”, 11, projected range Top 100, 3rd

    Tarvarus McFadden: 32 1/2 arms — 78 wingspan 6’2, 198 lbs. 4.65, 35″, 10’01, projected range Top 100, 3rd-4th

    Holton Hill: 32 arms — 77 1/4 wingspan, 6’2, 196 lbs. 4.49, 6.83, 31″, 10′, 14, projected range top 150, 3rd-4th

    *Nick Nelson: 30 3/4″ 5’11 208 lbs. 4.52, 6.84, 4.03, 10’03, 36 1/2, 17 Projected range; top 150, 4th

    *Tony Brown II: 31 1/2″ arm length 9 1/4″ hands, 6’0, 198 lbs. 4.35, 6.78, 4.11, 10’06 31 1/2″ 14, projected range; top 150 4th-5th

    Isaac Yiadom: 32 1/4 arms — 75 3/4 wingspan, 8″7/8 hands, 6’1, 190 lbs. 4.52, 6.85, 34.5″, 10′, 8, projected range top 150 4th-5th

    Brandon Facyson: 32 5/8 arms — 78 1/2 wingspan 9 3/4″ 6’1, 203 lbs. 4.53, 7.00, 4.35 9’10 36″ 16 reps, projected range Top 150, 5th

    Christian Campbell: 33 1/2 arms — 79 wingspan 8 3/4hands, 6’1, 195 lbs. 4.55, 4.18, 6.77, 41″ 11″03, 14, projected range top 200, 5th-6th

    Chandon Sullivan: 32 3/8 arms — 76 3/4 wingspan, 9″ hands, 5’11, 194 lbs. 4.6, 4.36 ss, 41″ 11’02, 15, projected range; top 200, 6th

    Jordan Thomas: 32 arms — 77 3/4 wingspan, 9″ 1/2 hands, 6′, 187 lbs. 4.64, 3.94, 6.28, 10’04, 34″, 04 bench, projected round; top 200, 6th

    Arrion Springs: 31 3/4 arms — 75 7/8 wingspan 5’10, 208 lbs., 4.46, 4.51, 7.02, 9’10, 32″, 18, projected range; top 200, 7th

    Charvarius Ward: 32 1/4 arms — 77 1/4 wingspan 6’1, 198 lbs. 4.44, 4.56, 7.52, 11′, 37 1/2″, 12

    Chris Jones: 32 3/4 arms — 78 1/4 wingspan 6′ 207 lbs. 4.53, 4.28, 6.96, 34 1/2″, 10’01, 14 (Nebraska) projected round; udfa

    Levi Wallace: 32 3/4 arms — 77 3/8 wingspan 6′, 183 lbs. 4.63* injured on run. 33″ projected range; udfa

    D’Montre Wade: 32 3/8 arms — 76 7/8 wingspan 9″ 7/8 hands, 5’11, 206, 4.57, 4.40, 35 1/2″, 10′, projected round; udfa

    JaMarcus King: 32 7/8 arms — 78 3/8 wingspan 9 1/8″ hands, 6’1, 185 lbs. 4.58, 4.38, 7.2, 9’06, 32 1/2″, projected round; udfa

    Malik Reaves: 32 1/2 arms — 76 7/8 wingspan 5’11 201 lbs. 4.6 40, 33″ projected range; udfa

    Donovan Olumba: 32 7/8 arms — 77 7/8 wingspan 6’2, 192, 4.62, 4.47, 6.91, 10’06, 36″, 09, projected round; udfa

    • Alex6674

      I’m a fan of Holton Hill. I think PC can coach him up for sure, as he undoubtedly has a couple of flaws.

    • H

      Im still quite surprised that we havent seen much to link Christian Campbell to Seattle (visit, meeting etc.) Am i wrong on this?
      Those numbers are absolutely length… elite length (33.5″ arms!!!!), elite agilty testing and a 41″ vert to boost. Can’t believe Petes not interested in that
      Ive not watched too much tape on him but have liked what i seen so far.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        You are catching on to the Seahawks way….. now.
        Show no interest in who you love, draft them

    • Kenny Sloth

      Simeon Thomas UL-Lafayette
      Devron Davis UTSA

    • Trevor

      Nice work Kenny I think you nailed the prospect list at CB thanks for this!

    • Trevor

      Sign me up for Holton Hill as a guy to come in an compete for a spot opposite Shaq. Then sign Simeon Thomas as an UDFA as a developmental practice squad guy.

      • Sea Mode

        idk, he has the profile, but “repeated failed drug tests”? Not a good starting point.

        I would be confident though if they did end up drafting him since they brought him into the VMAC to get to the bottom of what kind of guy he really is.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Lots of guys like that this year

          Hill is amazing at beating the pick route btw

      • D-OZ

        You might have to spend the early 7th on Thomas. He is that good of a prospect. I would take him with a 6th if we had one.

  33. Justin

    Interesting picks here, though I don’t expect Griffin there in round four.

  34. SebA

    Absolutely brilliant mock Rob, loved it – thank you for doing it!

  35. RWIII

    Rob: Sees a significant divide between the 2nd/3rd round. So what is going to be crucial is how many picks the Seahawks do acquire in the 2nd round. We will not know that until the draft begins.

    Earl Thomas has been fantastic. But now the guy (although he still has a few good years) is on the back end of his career. Now he wants big bucks. Remember just a year or two ago he was thinking about retiring. Thomas will not be a Seahawk in 2019.So it’s time to move him now.

    • Mark Souza

      He’s already getting big bucks. He now wants absolute top-of-market bucks. Agree totally with your assessment.

      • D-OZ

        I think he will give Dallas a discount…

  36. drewdawg11

    I love ya, Rob. Your site is amazing and I check in here dozens of times a day. Having said that, I would be downright disappointed if this was who we selected in the first two rounds. Ian Thomas, to me, is just a guy. He’s probably better than a JAG, but he’s not some impact guy who needs to be selected early on. I love Kirk, and I see the reasoning for going after him early Nevis the draft is not full of potential impact receivers. I really hope that this doesn’t come to fruition, but I also realize that you can’t write about the same prospects week in and week out without exploring other scenarios. You’re the best, man.

    • Mark Souza

      I’m with you, drewdawg11. He’s so raw. He looks like someone who could be molded into a good starting tight end, but that’s a maybe and years before it happens. For a second round pick, I want someone who can push for a starting role right away.

      • D-OZ

        OK, you need to watch some tape Dude!!!!

  37. Pedestrian

    Rob, what are your thoughts on Dylan Cantrell from Texas Tech?

    • HawkfaninMT

      Old but as low has been all over Cantrell… Rob may have given his thoughts through one of those posts if you feel like searching back

    • Sea Mode

      Not Rob, but I’ve seen a few people mention him over the past few days. I assume this is primarily because he sits at the top of the SPARQ list.

      I’m not against him if they see something in him as a R7/UDFA guy to compete at camp, but he ran a 4.59 40yd (not so grand) and had relatively modest college production. Plus, he will already turn 24 in June.

      I guess what I want to say is that the best athlete does not automatically make the best player. Darboh is similar enough for me size-wise (6’2″, 217) and in the jumps and he runs a 4.45.

      If you want a tall, fast WR to look at in late rounds, I would suggest Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Many have brought him up before but I just got around to watching him yesterday and he is 6’4″ with 4.37 speed and nice hands. He has his flaws for sure and is also 24 in October, but he could become a nice deep threat #5 WR and ST guy in the Ricardo Lockette mold.

      South Florida wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling’s full 2018 NFL Scouting Combine workout

      • Pedestrian

        Thanks Sea Mode! I’ll check out Scantling

    • Rob Staton

      Not studied his tape I’m afraid

      • D-OZ

        I like Scantling. SLEEPER>>>

  38. Georgia Hawk

    Rob, I’m curious to hear your reasoning on your choice for Shaquem in the 4th. I am on the other side of the fence and would be very disappointed if we drafted him before the 5-6th rounds. I just don’t think his value is there, considering his physical limitations, and and VERY opposed to using a 4th for a “story.” I’m not saying he wont go out and compltely prove folks wrong again, just that I’m not as high on him, especially given the teams needs.

    So with you having him in the 4th, do you see that as his true value? Value specifically to the Hawks? Does his value there beat out value of other spots on the roster given the positional “cliffs” you talk about?

    Not trying to be contrary by any means, just really curious as to your reasoning and why virtually every Hawk mock I see has the Hawks drafting him (some even trading UP to do it!).

    • peter

      i know you are asking rob but a fourth round pick for a linebacker with that kind of production and speed? seems fair to me.

      if he had two hands where does he go? then he is light but produced better than most with two hands… its hard to square with him.

      i think seattles special teams was pretty weak last year plus on passing third downs with his coverage speed and blitzing skills i think he would be well worth a 4th rounder.

      • Georgia Hawk

        By all means, it is open to any that want to weigh in. I am more curious as to why he is consistently slotted that high (or higher). Not that I think he isn’t an amazing player, I just think, like Rob has said in the past, you can’t ignore the very real physical limitation. Plus he is something of a tweener in overall size, so where does he fit in the Hawks scheme?

        For the record, I would be thrilled to come back on here 9 months from now to say I was completely wrong. Just at this moment in time, I don’t see the value there for the Hawks, given the teams other needs.

        • Mark Souza


    • Sea Mode

      I think he’s more than just a “story”:

      Like you (and Rob in the linked piece), I’m not sure what his range will end up being. But R4 is a fair price to invest IMO. Name the R4 Seattle picks over the last few drafts who you think have/will contribute more than Shaq would, even if it were only on ST and in the locker room. (hint: only one is still on the team…) I’ll make it quicker for you, here’s the list:
      – Chris Harper
      – Cassius Marsh
      – Kevin Norwood
      – Kevin Pierre-Lewis
      – Terry Poole
      – Mark Glowinski
      – Tedric Thompson

      I was against the Shaquem pick initially as well tbh, but this paragraph from Rob’s piece stuck with me:

      Even so, Griffin is going to dramatically improve the team he ends up with. Through his effort, attitude and ability. He is a terrific nickel pass rusher. He didn’t fluke 33.5 TFL’s in the last two seasons or 18.5 sacks. Put him on the field on third down and there’s a good chance he’ll make a play. There’s great value in that. Teams will have to account for his speed and pursuit whenever he’s on the field.

      [emphasis mine]

      • Georgia Hawk

        You” get no argument out of me as to the worthlessness of our recent 4th rounders.
        *Rex Ryan voice* “I feel sick.”

        All fair points, and Rob’s article you mentioned was really well done. I think at this point its more of a difference of opinion on his value relative to the draft as a whole. Honestly, I’m not against drafting him…more against drafting him in that spot. If they were to use one of the 17 5th round picks they have, I’m much more amendable.

        I guess a better way to put my question is: Is mocking him in the 4th a reflection of his true value relative to the draft’s strengths and weaknesses, or is it more to specifically get him to the Hawks before another team can nab him?

        • Sea Mode

          As I see it right now, getting him in R4 is his true value, R3 is reaching to make sure. Because it’s not just his talent in a bubble, but also what rubs off on all the guys around him. UCF went undefeated this year with this guy leading… Just my personal take on it though and I could very well be wrong.

          Would also of course have to see which players we would be leaving on the board at whatever point we were to draft him.

          Also, although it is by no means the determining factor, PR is a reality and the Hawks front office just gave their fanbase a tough pill to swallow by moving on from the LOB (with Earl possibly still to come…) and the McDowell pick which hasn’t turned out. They could do a lot worse with a R4 pick than to ease that pain a bit with a feel-good story re-uniting two brothers.

          Thanks for the discussion.

          • Drew

            Very good points! LOB 2.0

            • Georgia Hawk

              “Would also of course have to see which players we would be leaving on the board at whatever point we were to draft him.”

              This is my single biggest concern. Guess we won’t know for another few days though.

              I can’t say yet that I think it is a good idea or good value, but I’ll settle for a solid “less opposed than before” to give ya!

              Thank you as well! It is nice having genuine discussion with folks instead of internet flame wars.

      • D-OZ

        Shaq is going to make your whole team better. They better step it up,or get embarrassed big time. We will see who rises to the cream of the crop or take a hike….

    • Drew

      Remember Kevin Pierre Louis? We draft him in the 4th round and got practically nothing out of him. I fully expect that Quem’s mere presence and speed on special teams will turn that unit around. Very infectious attitude. I’d draft him in the 4th for that alone. It’s not the story, it’s the impact he’ll have in the locker room and special teams. If he can contribute more than that, to me that’s a bonus.

  39. HawkfaninMT

    And the day after I talk about trading a late rounder for C.J. Anderson, he is released. No comp pick ramifications, 1,000 yds last year on a dysfunctional offense, 27 years old, so just a two year deal would see him out the door before 30, and would free the Hawks up to not feel so obligated to go RB early (although they still could).

    • Mark Souza

      I kind of like the sound of that – very JS-like to hedge his bets that way, too.

  40. TTownHawk

    I really hope we don’t draft Ballage in the 3rd. If he is “our guy”, I am fine with that, but only because of a value and I just don’t see him in the 3rd vs. Chubb or Rojo in the 2nd as equivalent value. If we can get him in the 4-5th, I am on board, but in the 3rd I think that is a huge reach.

  41. House

    C.J. Anderson was just cut. Another vet on the market that could go cheap and/or need to wait for an injury

    • Lewis

      He’d be a major improvement over anyone on our roster. Go get him, boys.

      • Coach

        I was just going to post that CJ was cut also and see what people on this board thought. I think he would be a great addition to our rb room! Sign him, pass on Ballage for a different position of need, but still add a quick, change of pace back in the draft. I think with Carson and CJ as our thumpers, we’d be in good shape!


        Go Hawks!

        • Volume12

          Ballage is a quick, change of pace back that also happens to be 6’1 almost 6’2 and 230 lbs. Not a back with his size and role/style comes to mind. That’s as unique as they come. Not to mention he’s nowhere near maxed out and will be a much better pro than collegiate player.

          Carson & Mike is a solidly, underrated duo as is.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Plus they know a lot more about their injuries than we do.

            Prosise could go total Prich this year

            • peter

              super productive and after contributing nothing for years get paid by another team but not so much so that theres a comp pick…….its like the patriots in reverse

        • Volume12

          Ballage has Tyreek Hill speed on the field in pads. Think about that for a second.

          Not to mention one of the more overlooks aspects about him. The Ballage family bloodline. His dad is a former Vietnam & Korean war get that won service models and instilled in his sons ‘nothing comes easy. Work for everything.’ Also played college ball.

          One of his uncle played was a return specialist in the CFL & USFL. His other uncle played for the Colts. His brother was a track & field legend in the state of Colorado.

          • drewdawg11

            You’re joking, right? On the field he disappears for games. He doesn’t have nearly the impact that Hill does or has at any point in their respective college careers. Ballage seems sometimes like stuck in neatral upstairs. Maybe it’s a lack of focus, or maybe he doesn’t always enjoy the game, but something is most definitely missing.

            • Mark Souza

              I was going to say the same thing. How do you draw the conclusion that a guy who was marginal in college is now going to step up and shine against talent and size that’s a quantum leap beyond what he saw in college? That little nugget should come with toilet paper.

          • Ground_Hawk

            It would be one thing if they drafted Ballage in the 5th, but with a 3rd? I’d rather they go RB earlier, and, with that 3rd, draft their top-rated DE/DT on the board instead.

            His college career was too underwhelming to go in the 3rd IMO. He sounds like a good young man though. There are some good stories in an article about Ballage as a younger player, going through the college recruitment process. It was also his granddad who was the war hero; a Bronze Star recipient.

            • peter

              this. ballage in the fifth? lets do it. but in a draft where we parse the value of shaquem griffin for the lack of a hand and his “value,” ballage in the third is terrible value. terrible in that you can get guys like lockett and shaquille who are productive and talented. not just talented but absent production.

              • Ground_Hawk

                I think that I’m with you, so long as this is what you’re saying: Chubb= R2 talent, Lockett= R3 talent (hindsight is rarely anyone’s friend), Ballage= R5 talent (maybe he’ll prove his doubters wrong?). Is this accurate?

              • D-OZ

                Balladge in the late 7th? I can think of others I would rather take. I dug into his game this morning and I am out. He has no instincts, cannot follow his blockers. His best assets are his blocking and receiving on the perimeter. He shows little in YAC.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Broncos only keeping two running backs, Devonte Booker and DeAngelo Henderson, about 1.3 million worth of young players. But they always put more emphasis on receivers anyway. Case Keenum will have a decent crew to throw to.

      • Volume12

        Unless DeMaryius Thomas continues to regress.

  42. Volume12

    Love this mock. The best one I’ve seen so far. Was starting to think you weren’t gonna entertain the possibility of them not going RB with their first overall selection. 😉

    As an also ran, WR DJ Moore would be another one to consider.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness most of my mocks this year had OL first.

    • Sea Mode

      More Moores in Seattle…? 😉 I’m going for a different theme: Kirk and Kirkwood!

      Have you checked out VMAC visitor Temple WR Keith Kirkwood? Nice player, blocker, and story:

      Keith Kirkwood: A Temple Owl, A Single Digit, A Father

      Scratch Valdes-Scantling for R7/UDFA WR competition, I like this guy better! (with Christian Kirk early on)

      • Kenny Sloth

        I’ve seen Valdes Scantling in the fifth, even!

        • JimQ

          WR-Justin Watson, Penn. is slowly rising up into the range of a mid day 3 pick, The Steelers are very much interested in him & he’s a local product for them. Nice size, speed & stats, check him out.

  43. HawksBill

    Taven Bryan lasting until #39? I just don’t see it. D-lineman with that type of potential usually go earlier.
    In your scenario, if he is still there I would hope the Seahawks would take him over Kirk.

    Maybe I am just not enamored with Kirk, if they are looking at WR’s that are around 5′-11″,
    I would rather have James Washington.

    • HawksBill

      Kirk is 5′-10.4″ with really short 30.4″ arms. That’s a pretty small catch radius.

      • Sea Mode

        Yay, I get to post it again!

        Tate: 5102, 199, 30 1/2 arm, 9 1/4 hand, 4.42 40yd, 10’0″ broad, 35.0 vert, 7.12 3C, 4.34 SS, 17 bench
        Kirk: 5103, 201, 30 3/8 arm, 9 7/8 hand, 4.45 40yd, 09’7″ broad, 35.5 vert, 7.09 3C, 4.45 SS, 20 bench

        You are right, but they are not the type of WRs to rely on catch radius. I don’t think Lockett or Baldwin have very long arms either…

        Washington I think will be just ok at the next level.

        • HawksBill

          Time will tell who is right. I think catch radius is very important, Wilson sometimes had a hard time hitting Jimmy Graham in stride.

          Washington has 32.4″ arms, a huge 78.25″ wingspan and more yards and TD’s

      • D-OZ

        Kirk over Washington all day long…

        • HawksBill

          Based on what? They similar combine numbers except for the wing span.

          James Washington:
          2017 74 1549 20.9 86 13
          2016 71 1380 19.4 91 10
          2015 53 1087 20.5 75 10
          2014 28 456 16.3 68 6

          2017 71 919 12.9 81 10
          2016 83 928 11.2 69 9
          2015 80 1009 12.6 66 7

          If you have some good reasons I will change my mind.

          • D-OZ

            Drop’s too many ball’s… 🙂

            • Kenny Sloth

              Yeah completely different kinds of guy, too

            • HawksBill

              Do you have a link to dropped ball stats? I would be interested in checking that out.

              What I see is the best contested-catch receiver in the draft.

  44. icb12

    The only pick I don’t like is the Kirk pick.

    I understand why Seattle is interested. I understand why Rob mocked him here.

    Taking Kirk with Chubb on the board kills me. I like Ballage. His potential is incredible but he isn’t an immediate upgrade. And to me- that’s what we need. An immediate upgrade and proven consistency.

    • Lewis

      That’s why signing C.J. Anderson is so appealing. Immediate upgrade and consistency. And if they do like Ballage, the two would have very different styles (a positive, imo)

    • Kenny Sloth

      In one of the worst WR classes I’ve ever seen, it might behoove a team that lost almost half of it’s air touchdowns caught to go that direction early in order to avoid missing out im a class that is sure to have talented RBs in the 3rd and later.

      • Lewis

        Kenny, you’ve remarked a couple of times about this being a lousy wr class, but I don’t recall you giving an opinion on Kirk. Thoughts?

        • Kenny Sloth

          Good catch, I haven’t formulated my opinion on Kirk quite yet.

          He flashes on other people’s tape so there’s that.

          Need a closer look before the draft before saying this and that

          It’s a top heavy WR class

    • D-OZ

      I would not make Kirk my 1st. pick.

    • Mark Souza

      Does that signal no Kaepernick try-out?

      • AlaskaHawk

        Peyton Manning isn’t trying out either! Nor is Brett Favre!!!

        • Hawktalker#1

          Speaking of try-outs . . . David Krieg has been knocking down those strawberry smoothies like they’re going out of style in the last year while working with Brady’s personal trainer. Says he’s on his way back. Now HE could be a viable BU option.
          Proven track record and has ties to the Hawks . . . 😉

  45. Ashish

    Hawks needs to take RB as first pick IMO. Running game needs to be fixed period, please PC/JS don’t get cute this time, two RB is fine.

  46. Josh Emmett

    Interesting couple tid bits from bob condota commenting on the roster moves today: Maurice Alexander listed as SS and Bradley McDougald listed as FS on roster update. Plus after all the updates to the website with positions with new player weights updated for all players, Byron Maxwell remains on the roster and is not signed.

    • Sea Mode

      Good info. Thanks for reporting!

      • RWIII

        Sea Mode: Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Interesting. He is an intriguing prospect. He looks like a poor man’s Dez Bryant.

    • white-salmon-hawk

      Thanks for posting. Some random thoughts looking over the list.

      Higher hopes this year for some returning rookie contract players:

      Nick Vannett – 6’6″ 261#, coming in on his 3rd year. Really hoping he gets some opportunity to shine without getting buried under JG and LW.

      Ethan Pocic – 6’6″ 309#. Looks like hes added some new weight. Excited to see what he can do with some additional strength.

      Rees Odhiambo – 6’4″ 315#. With Pocic gaining weight and Odhiambo coming in on his 3rd year and returning from IR: the camp LG battle is going to be awesome to watch!

      Tanner McEvoy – 6’6″ 230#. Coming in on his 3rd season. Can he take some of the red zone JG targets? New air coryell offense could suit him playing on the outside.

      Malik McDowell – 6’6″ 299#. Up 4 pounds from his drafted 295. Does that mean he showed up to the first day of team activities??? Here’s to hoping.

      DeAndre Elliott – 6’1″ 189#. Great to have him back from IR. Seemed like the front office was high on him last season before injury.

      George Fant – 6’5″ 322#. Not having a questing mark with LT Brown is so nice. Hope Fant can battle for RT or just sponge up skills from our new pro bowler.

      Isiah Battle – 6’7″ 290#. Glad to have him back after trading draft capitol. Thought the hawks missed out on that comp-draft. Seems light at that frame/weight.

      Interesting side notes:

      Tedric Thompson listed as FS. Delano Hill listed as SS. Hard to see what we have here while riding pine under 2 hall of famers.

      Byron Maxwell listed is interesting. Maybe they already have a deal in place and he is just waiting to see if a better offer comes in… Maybe after the comp pick deadline?

      FB Fowler was a good off-season addition. Still holding out hope for a pick of Jaylen Samuals. He could be a great gadget player. Looks like RBs that can run out of I-formation are going to be a thing.

      Willie Beavers. I liked him coming out a couple seasons ago. Missed this signing earlier in the off-season.

      DJ Fluker – 6’5″ 342#. What a monster! New OL coach Solari obviously like what he saw. Came in on a great contract. Best FA pickup of the off-season?

  47. Josh Emmett

    Couple other things I noticed from the updated info on the website. George Fant and Ethan Pocic both tipped the scales at 322. Which means Pocic put 12 pounds on over the off season and Fant is where he was last year pre injury which is a good sign. Another interesting one was Malik McDowell weight was listed at 299. All last year’s info had him at 295. Which tells me he is in the building and his weight is similar to last year which is a good sign as well.

    • House

      We’re cutting McDowell…

      • Josh Emmett

        Such a crazy ending to that whole situation

  48. Tecmo Bowl

    Interesting development, could be a precursor to trading for Earl. Jeff Heath and Kavon Frazier are the starters at S as their roster stands.

  49. mishima

    R. Jones visiting NE Patriots. Imagine that.

  50. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The ET being traded heat is rising.

    I have been wondering if ET is indeed traded, would Seattle go away from the cover 1 / 3 sets that have predominated their defensive calls… to a more amoebae type of defense. Having safeties perform either look. Perhaps more “big” nickle, with any one of the 3 safeties on the field lining up anywhere in the defense / interchangeable parts, if you will.

  51. House

    Schefter is reporting that Malik McDowell has not been medically cleared to play football and we intend to release him soon.

    • House


    • TTownHawk

      What’s the point in releasing him? If he isn’t medically cleared, do you lose anything by keeping him around and hoping that he might one day be able to play? I hate this news. I hate that draft pick. I hate MM.

      • House

        We’re paying him to sit and produce NOTHING for the team. He can’t COMPETE if he can’t evwn suit up.

        I know maturity issues were a concern and the ATV was probably the worse thing that could’ve happened to him. I wish him well. That arrest in ATL showed me he’s a kid that needs to get his stuff together

        • TTownHawk

          You’re right, gut reaction to the news. Just so frustrating man. But at the end of the day, his life is affected the most. He had so much potential, I doubt he will ever see the field. I hope he can live a quality life. I wish there had been more transparency with his injuries, especially if they were this bad.

        • Lewis

          You sure we are paying him? As an NFI I don’t think they have to.

      • TTownHawk

        I shouldn’t say I hate him, I actually feel for him, that must be tough. And if this is true, his injuries must be so severe that I doubt he will ever play for anyone. Which is sad. Just wish he had made better decisions, if you’re going to ride an ATV at least wear a helmet.

      • Elmer

        Right. What if we release him and he magically gets medically cleared by another team and is healthy and effective for the other team? Is there any financial benefit to releasing him now?

        There is so little information available, makes me wonder if there could be any potential legal issues, (e.g., pending litigation) lurking in the background.

        • D-OZ


    • Simo

      If this is true its very unfortunate and disappointing, and extremely costly for both the team and the player. It does reinforce that character and good decision making matters, not that you could predict an ATV accident. Good luck to the young man!!

    • white-salmon-hawk

      Don’t know why they would release him and eat 2.65$m in dead money for 2.07$m cap savings over 3 years of club control. He would have to be in bad shape with no hope of playing again imo.

      • House

        Cutting loses and giving someone an opportunity to fight for a spot… The notion previously was that this could be career-threatening seems like a likely case.

        • white-salmon-hawk

          Wouldn’t he be going on the NFI-IR list and not counting for a roster spot? I Don’t think he accrued a year played either meaning 4 years of club control. Rapoport indicated that maybe another team will medically clear him to play.

          • House

            That is true. He is still getting paid. Washing their hands of the situation is probably a big factor

            • white-salmon-hawk

              Could be just washing their hands of this situation. I doubt the hawks like his arrest for DC much either. Maybe just time to move on. Seems like such a waste; nobody wants it to be true.

              • House

                His arrest and the “you know who I am” with the cops was so stupid… He was dinged for maturity issues, drafted, wrecked an ATV with no helmet and didn’t tell the team immediately, got arrested for some dumb stuff and still hasn’t put on a jersey for us. Craziness

              • House

                Bob Condotta thinks the team is just getting rid of another problem they don’t want to deal with. Makes sense

                • Greg Haugsven

                  Right now his cap hit is about $1.6 million. If he gets released its about $3.6 million.

                  • 80SLargent

                    The guy injured himself off the field in boneheaded fashion and never played a down. There’s no way in he-double hockey sticks he gets paid just like he would have if he’d played every game for 4 seasons. There has to be language in his contract to protect the team from this crap. It would be a totally different story if McDowell was injured on the field.

                • Hawk Eye

                  whole situation is sad. Worse for the kid, disappointing for us fans. tough for the team to lose a potential game changing talent.
                  I can see the team saying it is time to move on, better to have a no than a maybe.
                  not as bad as the Lindberg or Petrovic accidents that cost them their lives, but seems pretty bad. Sounds like he will have quality of life issues going forward, hopefully he can overcome them

      • white-salmon-hawk

        That was 3.65$m dead money.

    • vrtkolman

      Yikes, and this coming from someone who was pumped about this pick.

  52. Sea Mode

    Here’s my stab at it using Rob’s board and his first two trades as a starting point. I’m adding an Earl trade cause it seems somewhat likely IMO (and certainly makes doing a mock draft more fun). The rest of the prospects go in ranges similar to those projected by Tony Pauline.


    Cleveland sends #33, #64 and #114 (906 pts.) to Seattle for the #18 pick. (900 pts.)
    Using the trade Rob and others have proposed. CLE have the draft ammo and feel they have little choice but to move up to secure an OT to replace Joe Thomas. Neither Tyrod nor Josh Allen will survive without someone protecting their blind side.

    Tampa Bay sends #38 and #102 (612) to Seattle for #33 (580)
    Guess they really fall in love with Sony Michel. They get anxious that Seattle will make a deal with someone else overnight after Day 1 of the draft and overpay slightly to secure the deal. I’ll take it!

    Dallas sends #50, #137, and 2019 R3 pick to Seattle for Earl Thomas.
    Dallas currently has 10 picks already this year, so is willing to part with a couple to bring a HOF safety home to Texas while managing not to give up their R1 pick, which is spent on Courtland Sutton. Too obvious…
    (Side note on Sutton: to some this may seem a bit early for him, but I watched a few games yesterday, and he would have had MAJOR numbers if he had a QB who didn’t overthrow him half the time he was open. I know a higher level of competition might have balanced that out, but still.)

    Seattle sends #50 and #114 (470 pts.) to New England for the #43 pick. (470 pts.)
    Chicago is looking to recoup picks after trading up for Trubisky last year, and there is precedent of good relations after the trade up for Jarran Reed trade a couple years ago.


    R2 (38) — Christian Kirk (WR, Texas A&M)
    Golden Tate clone, deep threat replacement for PRich, hedge for Lockett, fit for Air Coryell, especially good with mobile QBs in scramble drill, tough and willing to block, impeccable work ethic… PERFECT FIT

    R2 (43) — Nick Chubb (RB, Georgia)
    Another ideal fit, so I won’t go back over what he brings to the table athletically. I will respond to those who bring up the fair point that he doesn’t offer as much outside the Tackles. I think this might actually be what they want: a guy who can finally just make the right reads and hit the right hole at the right time. Consistently solid and occasionally spectacular. Move the chains and control the clock.

    Rather than this meaning that he would rely on our OL to open up huge holes, a focus on proper execution by RBs should actually make the OL look a lot better than it has. Sort of like RW when he scrambles is great to have sometimes, but at other times the OL would look a lot better if he just stepped up into the pocket so they knew where he was going to be and how to protect him.

    R2 (64) — Josh Sweat (DL, Florida State)
    Unique athlete. Sky-high upside. Two of his closest athletic comps are Obum Gwacham and Jadeveon Clowney. Love the character as well overcoming the injury adversity.

    [oops, I’m reviewing this before posting and just now realize that Rob had him coming off the board at #53. Totally possible. Pauline has him marked R2-R3 so I thought the pick right in between them would be fitting. I guess Kemoko Turay can be the fallback. Could consider Braden Smith here as well or trading down again if we don’t like the other options.]

    R4 (102) — Kalen Ballage (RB, ASU)
    I’m totally against drafting just him as the only hope for revitalizing our run game, but if we get Chubb earlier, why not take a swing for the fences to open up Day 3? I could easily see him being a PC hand-picked guy for sure, though I’m not so high on him myself. Maybe he will end up being what Prosise hasn’t been able to be.

    R4 (120) — Shaquem Griffin (LB, UCF)
    Didn’t want to risk getting killed by half the commenters on this blog by not taking him. (jk, he’s good;-) ) I will compromise by letting them attack me for saying he might be off the board by day 2. Whatever. If someone wants to reach for him, that’s fine. I’ll wait till I feel the value is right for a situational pass rusher and ST player.

    R4 comp (137) — Nick Nelson (CB, Wisconsin)
    Comps well to Justin Coleman and is just really good at sticking to WRs, as Rob pointed out a while back. Drops a bit due to the injury he picked up during the pre-draft process.

    R5 (141) — Natrell Jamerson (FS, Wisconsin)
    Pauline has Justin Reid projected in R3, so I would have taken him at #64 if Sweat is off the board. But Rob has him going really early so Seattle moves on to its fallback option. Back to back dips into JS’ backyard. That dinner really paid off, and dessert is still to come…

    R5 (146) — Tre Flowers (CB, Ok St.)
    He played SS in college, which will serve him well for tackling. PC teaches corner technique from zero anyways, and it can actually be good not to have bad habits already formed. Stick this guy in the DB factory: 6032, 202, 33.875 arms, 4.45 40yd and looked fluid running at the combine.
    Alternate could be Holton Hill but I’m worried about the failed drug tests.

    R5 (156) — Chris Herndon (TE, Miami)
    Flying somewhat under the radar because of his injury right before the draft process, I think he has as much potential as Ian Thomas at a much more reasonable draft cost.

    R5 (168) — Tony Brown (S, Alabama)
    McDougald can fill in at FS, but we need to start looking for Earl’s replacement whether we end up trading him or not this year. This guy will be a ST demon from day 1 as he learns and competes at FS.

    R7 (226) — Leon Jacobs (LB, Wisconsin)
    Like his highlights video says: “Mr. Versatile”. One pick can jump in at all 3 LB spots if need be and he is athletic and intense. This is probably a bit late for him (Pauline says R6), but I wanted to fit him in.

    R7 (248) — Poona Ford (DT, Texas)
    Unique players. Not often does a guy that short have such long arms. There is untapped potential here as well since his coaches had him put on bad weight to start his college career. His relentless effort will be infectious.

    PRIORITY UDFA – From the lesser-known VMAC visitors

    Foyesade Oluokun (LB/SS, Yale)
    Wow, he’s going to be an incredible ST player. Bloodthirsty. Not sure I can think of anyone off the top of my head who shows so much intensity on the field.

    Kieth Kirkwood (WR, Temple)
    Great size and athleticism, wore a single digit number at Temple and a great dude off the field too.

    Kalid Hill (FB, Michigan)
    Why not create some competition for the FB spot and see what a bruiser can do for the run game? Oh, and Seattle loves Michigan products…

    You made it… thanks for reading!

    • Nick

      If we got Nick Chubb and Christian Kirk with our first two picks I would lose it. In a good way.

      • Nick

        I still think he’s going to be a Seahawk. Fingers crossed.

        • Nick

          Chubb that is.

    • icb12


      Well thought out and a great draft.
      I like it.

    • peter

      excellent use of robs blueprint. ballage as a pure prospect? ill take it.

      • D-OZ


        • peter

          why the frowny face? im fine with ballage as long as a real back is also drafted.

    • DCD2

      Still can’t get behind Ballage yet.

      My tweaks would be to just take Chubb at #38, then take Anthony Miller at 50. Use 64 & 102 to move up a few spots for Billy Price and use 114 on Breeland Speaks.

      It would also be nice if we could trade down creatively so that we could also land 7th rounders:
      Simeon Thomas, Marqes Valdes-Scantling and Logan Woodside.

      Personally I would also love to get PJ Hall, but I don’t think he’s a guy the Hawks would target per se.

      Great stuff. Really well thought out and fun to read.

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks, DCD2. I could definitely get behind those first three picks! Anthony Miller is dang good and I would love to find a way to nab Billy Price.

    • James

      In that scenario, I load up on DL in the 2nd round:

      #38-DT Taven Bryan
      #43-DE Rasheem Green
      #64-DE Josh Sweat

      • Rob Staton

        Bit overkill

        • James


          • Rob Staton

            Listen, I’m all for a strong D-line. But spending three second round picks on one unit? They have a lot of needs. And there are some R3-7 options on the DL that are appealing.

            • Lewis

              Speaking of, I wonder what the odds are of trying out Poona Ford as an FB (figuring it would be easier to find a roster spot if he can fill multiple roles).

              • Rob Staton

                I think they’ll want a full back that can provide some threat as a pass catcher or even ball carrier. A Marcel Reece type.

                • Lewis

                  All for that, just not sure they will carry a dedicated fb on the roster (wish they would).

            • Hawktalker#1


    • Simo

      Nice work!! It’s so tough to predict these trades, but interesting how many think we’re definitely gonna trade with Cleveland, NE, and Dallas.

      If I had to nitpick your draft at all, I might just say its a bit surprising to spend eight picks on the the defense and no o-liners at all!

      Don’t know anything about Herndon, but if he’s equivalent to Thomas talent wise, and can be had in the fifth round, then lets run to the podium.

      Love the Kirk and Chubb picks, and would be okay if they take a chance on Sweat and get Quem!!

      • Sea Mode

        Nitpick away! That’s the fun of this blog.

        As for no OL, I would definitely love to get hands on Billy Price, Austin Corbett, or maybe Braden Smith in the bottom half of R2 if available. I guess I just felt that the other needs were more pressing. With Earl, Sherm, Bennett, Kam and Avril (probably) leaving, the cupboard is quite bare of any future at FS, CB2, and DE.

        Plus, I have high hopes for the development of Odhiambo and at G, whom they said they had as a top 40 talent, and Fant at T in 2-3 years by the time Duane Brown hangs them up and/or Ifedi’s rookie deal is up.

    • McZ

      Nice one.

      A couple of thoughts…

      I think, that Sweat is a R4/5, talent wise. He needs lots of polish, and is overpaid at a position, where you can rightly expect a starter.

      Nick Chubb wasn’t consistently solid, and right reads is a stretch. He was essentially overturned as Georgia’s feature back last year, which basically either indicates a steeper learning curve for Michel, or stagnation on Chubbs part. I have consistently more problems seeing Chubb carrying the run game than RoJo, Guice or Michel. His ACL injury history will limit his utility.

      The Ballage pick is still a whole round of overpay, maybe even two.

      To me, the two games Auburn had with Kerryon Johnson and Braden Smith aboard, eating NFL-grade defenders in Alabama and Georgia have left a big impression. This is the path I would take.

  53. EP

    Still wondering what is going to be the outcome for Chancellor and Avril. For me personally I wouldn’t mind Avril back on the roster for next year if he checks out physically. I know we want to get younger and make cap savings etc but we are pretty thin in regards to pass rush especially now as it looks like Malik is a no go and I am not particularly enamoured with any of the edge prospects in this draft. I think he can still produce and he has always seemed to be a really level headed guy, all football as well. Might be good to have him stick around another year to help out and maintain a veteran presence. Obviously wouldn’t be surprised if he goes but I wouldn’t be against keeping him.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree, we thought releasing Avril was a for gone conclusion but he is still here. If the medicals check out it would be great to have him on the team.


    Rob, off-topic, but of what benefit is the reported impending release of Malik McDowell? He doesn’t count against our cap or roster if he’s not cleared to play on NFI, correct? Another cultural expulsion? What a blunder of a pick of so.

    • Rob Staton

      Zero benefit

      Either he merely isn’t going to play again or the Seahawks are just writing off a mistake


        I’m starting to think when John Schneider said “We went 9-7 and you’d think we won two games,” he wasn’t exaggerating. This front office seems almost pissed off.

  55. AlaskaHawk

    Regarding the choice of Kirk as a wide receiver, he is another in the smaller speedy receiver mold. A lot of the fans have expected the Seahawks to incorporate some taller, larger receivers into the mix. Players who could go up after a jump ball.

    Perhaps there was some attempt at finding a big wide receiver when they took Jimmy Graham. He was good at boxing out and going after jump balls.

    Anyway – rather than another small wide receiver, who would be available (perhaps at a later round) that is 6-2 or taller?? I see:
    Chark with LSU, 6-2 with 40 receptions for 874 yards.
    St. Brown with Notre Dame, a big 6-5, 33 receptions for 515 yards
    Tate with Florida State, 6-5, 40 receptions for 548 yards

    These players may not be speedy enough for the long bombs, but they should be able to go up after a ball and make some catches. I am probably blowing smoke since Pete has rarely drafted a big wide receiver, but he has drafted players like Golden Tate who played taller than they were.

    Any comments on the three big receivers?? I don’t know much about them.

    • peter

      st brown is fast not as much as chark and had a better season two years ago. very athletic.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Field Gulls just had an article about St. Brown. They like him as a mid round prospect.

  56. Nick

    Would people be upset with Seattle taking Duke Ejiofor in the second round?

    • D-OZ

      I wouldn’t be upset at all…

  57. Rad_man

    “The player at #50 will be graded similarly, if not even, to the player at #25 this year.”

    Of course this begs the question of why a team would trade up. I expect the return for 18 will be lighter than expected.

    I really like Ballage as a prospect – acknowledging his flaws. He’s got special talent.

    I suspect strongly they feel they have their rb1 already in Carson. Jd, Prosise and Ballage tocompliment

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