LIVE: 2015 NFL Draft (first round)

Join us from 4:30pm PST for live coverage of the NFL Draft’s first round. Turn the volume off ESPN and the NFL Network and get your analysis with a Seahawks slant.

We’ll be back tomorrow to cover the second and third round.


  1. bigDhawk

    “With the 31st pick in the 2015 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select…


    sorry, couldn’t resist.

    • Coug1990

      Who’s Jimmy?

  2. j

    Heard there is this guy Jimmy Graham out of Miami. Projects to be available at 31, would really help with the passing game. Could be a dominant TE.

    • Rob Staton

      I like the cut of his jib. Go get him Pete!

  3. bigDhawk

    The player just says ‘please stand by’. Am I missing something?

    • Rob Staton

      Going live now.

      • bigDhawk

        yay! thanks. got it.

  4. Bill Bobaggins

    Rob…John Clayton was just reporting that La’el Collins could fall into the 3rd. Would it be a pipe dream to think he’s there at 63 and we get one of the best guards in the draft?

    • Steele1324

      Pipe dream. Is that a pun?

    • bigDhawk

      Not the best if he goes to jail, Aaron Hernandez style.

      • Bill Bobaggins


        Police say he’s not a suspect. That wasn’t the case with Hernandez ever.

        • bigDhawk

          That can change quick. With no information there is no way teams can invest any substantive draft capital in him with this sudden, dire revelation.

        • j

          No suspect just means they don’t have anything linking him to the crime right now. They can’t proclaim him as a suspect without some evidence – just because its his girlfriend that was killed.

          They could get evidence tomorrow – video surveillance, fingerprints, DNA – and then boom – suspect.

  5. Steele1324

    I am the only one who is tired of Mariota and Jameis?

    • Screeching Hawk

      I’m sick of them also Steele. I just so wish we could get Dante Flower Jr, he seems quite Seahawky doesn’t he. This is fun, thanks so much Rob!

  6. Volume12

    These damn clues are addictive and intriguing. They’re definetly good brain exercises.

    The 1st clue they’re playing baaketball. WR Jaelen Strong has a BB background.

    The 2nd clue ?uestlove, drummer for the hip hop group The Roots, is from Philly, as is WR Jaelen Strong.

    Clue 3 Dave Chappelle mentions Jimmy Fallon getting ‘stronger.’ Again ?uestlove is in the clip. But he also mentions Muhammad Ali. Is it Hobart OL Ali Marpet? He also mentions Portland, Maine. ‘UCLA DE ‘Diggy’ Owdighizuwa whose from Portland,Oregon?

    • bigDhawk

      Jimmy Graham, lol.

      • Volume12

        Why would he give a clue to Jimmy Graham? We already know he’s on the team.

        But, juat because I’m curious, how did you come up with that deduction?

        • John_s

          Pete said his clues were for Jimmy Graham

        • bigDhawk

          Wow, Flowers all the way up to 9 at NYG.

          • bigDhawk

            Woops, reply fail. Should have been a new post.

  7. Jordan

    Does this not work on cellphones? Just keeps loading :/

    • Troy

      Yeah I get the same

  8. Laubster

    The first clue is about Jimmy Graham – basketball, born in North Carolina, and Pete is certain

    • Volume12

      Ok. Did they mention NC in the video?

  9. arias

    wh0a … so Michael Bennett is hanging out with Atlanta during the draft? Anyone watching NFL Live?

  10. Nathan

    Pretty boring draft so far.

    Leonard Williams falling to 6 the only real story so far.

  11. bigDhawk

    Ugh. Todd Gurley in the division.

    • Dave

      We get one redshirt year. Glasses half full…

  12. AlaskaHawk

    Omg at louis just picked Tod Gurley. Now we get to face him twice a year!

    • Steele1324

      Hope the Rams fail to bolster their O line. And the Hawks do bolster the D line. High priority now.

  13. Steele1324

    Todd Gurley to the Rams is going to be a nasty problem for the Seahawks. Wow.

    • AlaskaHawk

      They have been drafting well the last few years.

      • arias

        they have?

  14. Volume12

    Gurley goes to the Rams who have no O-line to protect him.

  15. Scott Allen

    You guys are at least 20 seconds behind

  16. Volume12

    Todd Gurley to the Rams, I’m kind of glad honestly. Would Seattle want it any other way? Give them the best the NFL supposedly has to offer. Just more fuel added to the fire/that awful taste left over in their mouths.

    Great back, let’s see how healthy he can be considering he’s missed games every year in CFB. Not hurt, every guy plays hurt, but missing games is the bigger picture. Ecspecially in the most physical or punishing division in football.

  17. Nathan

    The run on receivers hasn’t started yet.

    • Steele1324

      Sure it has.

  18. Volume12

    Melvin Gordon. Love that fit in SD!

  19. bigDhawk

    So my DGB to KC at 18 prediction goes up in smoke.

  20. bigDhawk

    Crap. No trade up for Erving. Not a bad haul for the Brownies in the first round.

  21. Steele1324

    Arik Armstead. Another 49er to not worry too much about. I love seeing them blow things.

    • bigDhawk

      Yeah. Love that pick for them…for us.

  22. Kyle

    CAN SOMETHING CRAZY HAPPEN PLEASE?!?! All the picks have been pretty logical so far.

  23. AlaskaHawk

    Bud Dupree falls to the Steelers. What a great fit for the old Steel Curtain.

    • TwistedChopper

      I drafted Bud Dupree for the Pittsburg Steelers in the KJR 950 Softy Mahler/Millen Mock draft.

      I didn’t win any prizes. However the dude who drafted Landon Collins for the 49ers at #14.


  24. Nathan

    Denver may have just killed off our chance of trading with Detroit.

  25. Screeching Hawk

    That makes sense Shane was just trying to bring an ounce of midwest bud to Colorado. He seems like a good kid and I hope he’s learned a lesson.

  26. vrtkolman

    This draft has going really well for us so far – SF blowing their pick and then Arizona getting screwed over by Denver and having to take a meh offensive tackle instead of Shane Ray. Gurley is great but the Rams were going to get someone great at 10 no matter what.

  27. Nathan

    God the colts are dickheads.

    That is easily the worst pick in the 1st round.

    • Rik

      Really! What the heck are they thinking. Their defense sucks so they get yet another receiver.

      • Dawgma

        And not just that, another speedster smurf.

  28. Bill Bobaggins

    Oh man…DGB is officially within trading range. So is Randy Gregory. But of course, JS and PC will draft someone COMPLETELY different than them.

    “The Seahawks have traded up to grab Mark Richards, Guard out of Azusa Pacific University.”

    • mrpeapants

      that’s what im expecting. but would love to see Jarrett or Harold(by some miracle).

  29. Ho Lee Chit

    7 O Linemen, 6 WR’s and 5 DB’s in the first round.

  30. redzone086

    The biggest surprise in the draft is that nothing happened.

    • Steele1324

      A nice uneventful day one for the Seahawks. And so far, the competition did not a lot scarier.

      • Dawgma

        I don’t know, if St Louis ever finds a QB they’ll be freaking tough.

        • Volume12

          Their always tough regardless. Maybe now some people will believe me that STL is our biggest/main rival once again. One of only 4 teams in the NFC that improved this off-season. Us, Washington, Atlanta, and St. Louis.

  31. Trevor

    I hope the Hawks have some good contacts inside the Baton Rouge police force to find out if Collins had anything to do with that tragedy. If he is clean then my goodness he would be a steal at 63. If there is even a hint he was involved then you immediately take him off the board.

    Lots of great options left in round 2 let the fun begin. Never thought I would say this but can’t wait till day 3 of the draft.

    • Volume12

      Me either. I’ve actually always loved the 3rd day of the draft. These 1st rounders will bust at a higher and quicker rate, and even more so in this particular draft class.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      Louisiana is so corrupt I am sure Paul Allen can find out whatever we need to know.

  32. Volume12

    Worst picks of the 1st round IMO.

    19. Cleveland Browns-Cameron Erving, C, Florida St: What are they doing? They have no weapons on the outside, and you don’t need a C, so you draft one, and are going to ask him to play RG or RT and take him away from his best position/what he does best?

    25. Carolina Panthers- Shaq Thompson, OLB?, UW: What is this kid? Does he know? Carolina can’t really afford a guy like this in the 1st, but whatever, that’s their mistake.

    27. Dallas Cowboys- Byron Jones, CB/S, UCONN: Freak athlete, but the kid can’t tackle worth a damn, and has no idea how to play corner, Dallas desperately needs defenders and takes a project huh?

    29. Indianapolis Colts- Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami, fla: They need defenders, but keep loading up on offense with a defensive minded HC at the helm huh? I like Dorsett, but don’t think he adds anything they didn’t have.

    31. New Orleans Saints- Stephone Anthony, MLB, Clemson- Again I like Anthony, but no way this dude is better than UCLA’s Eric Kendricks who is a flatout playmaker/ball-hawk.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Anthony is a star waiting to happen, I thought that was a shrewd pick.

      Colts are going to try to attack everyone with STAR WARS speed. This is exactly the type of tea Seattle would struggle with .. small shifty WRs. This might dictate looking at smaller / shiftier CBs in the draft for Seattle.

      Erving might be the first domino, maybe the Browns are going to move another OL via trade or cut someone to save some cap space. Quality pick.

      • Greens24

        Also Alex Mack’s contract is up after next year

        • Volume12

          Anthon isn’t better than Kendricks IMO. We’ll see.

          How many times is Luck going to get killed back there before they get some O-line help. They might try star wars speed stuff, but without a defense to protect their lead, it won’t matter. See Chip Kelly and his Eagles.

          Good point about Mack, but C Ryan Seymour was one of the best young, up and coming centers in the league last year. They have a C, but no QB and no weapons? In that division? No thanks.

  33. Volume12

    Sounds like that Gurley pick is really causing some turmoil in STL already.

    And it also seems like he won’t be ready until mid-season anyways. Which is smart, because you never know with guys and these ACL injuries. Yes, it’s not the same as it used to be or a career ender, and medicine/doctors are extremely advanced, but look at P-Rich. Almost or 2 years removed from his injury and shreds the other knee or same one, I can’t recall, but you get my point.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      They will probably be 4 games back by the time he takes the field. I would have him sit out the year.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I liked watching Melvin Gordon’s highlights better.

  34. CharlieTheUnicorn

    La’el Collins, would you spend a 4th or 5th round pick on him? Even thought the “murder” stuff is unresolved?

    • Ho Lee Chit

      I think if he plays OT it is going to be on the right side. I think I would take Donovan Smith if they are both there. I suspect the murder stuff will go away. Teams are not going to take any chances after Aaron Hernandez, however. We will need to see who is available when we pick.

    • Volume12

      That’s tough. He asked the NFL to remove him from this draft, so is his heart in it? IDK and IS fear other teams don’t as well. It’s a sad/messed up situation all around. I hope his name is cleared, because if it’s a murder for hire, worst case scenario, then that’s a Rae Carruth or Aaron Hernandez type deal.

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