What’s going on with Bruce Irvin & the Falcons?

Is Bruce Irvin trying to force a move to Atlanta?

Last month reports emerged suggesting Michael Bennett wanted a trade to Atlanta. Last night it was the turn of Bruce Irvin.

Mike Florio says “chatter” among league sources pointed to a deal being possible to send Irvin to the Falcons. Danny O’Neil initially backed up the report, then somewhat dismissed it.

So what’s going on?

I understand the Bennett/Falcons stuff had some legitimacy. Ditto the new Irvin reports. I suspect the Falcons want to bring in a veteran, proven pass rusher — freeing up the opportunity to go offensive line in the top ten. Atlanta’s offensive line has been poor for a while. The addition of Jake Matthews did little to improve the situation last year.

Several reports are suggesting the Washington Redskins are preparing to draft Dante Fowler Jr — rather than trade down with a team like Atlanta hoping to take him. The Falcons could turn their attentions to Brandon Scherff at #8 or even Andrus Peat.

Another factor at play — there isn’t a natural LEO in this draft. Nobody who runs a 1.50 10-yard split like Cliff Avril or Bruce Irvin. Nobody with that electric speed and length. Nobody who is an ideal fit for the role.

In my last mock draft I had the Falcons taking Bud Dupree. Not as a LEO — as a flexible linebacker similar to Irvin.

Instead they might be using their second round pick (or later picks) to bring in a veteran rusher. That brings Scherff and Peat into play.

If a deal is going to happen, the Falcons would have to take an O-liner with their first round pick tonight. If this happens, it could make for an interesting Thursday night/Friday morning.

Irvin is 28 this year and if the Seahawks choose not to take up the fifth year option on his contract, he’ll be a free agent in 2016. They drafted Kevin Pierre-Louis a year ago and he could move into a starting role. It could also allow them to target another edge rusher in the early second round (Eli Harold? Shane Ray? Preston Smith?) or Dorial Green-Beckham.

However, such a deal still seems pretty unlikely. It’s also unclear whether the Falcons would even be willing to give up an early second rounder. There are two players in Seattle — Bennett and Irvin — both wanting more money, both sensing an opportunity with Dan Quinn in Atlanta.

I suspect both players will be lining up for the Seahawks next season. But you never know…


  1. CHawk Talker Eric

    I know they need OL, but you don’t get many chances at a Gurley.

    Deep draft for OL and RB. Which group is better at the tippy top?

    • Brandon

      Yea, I think DQ is going to try to model ATL as close to the Seahawks as possible. That is why I see them choosing either Gurley or a CB like Waynes or Peters.

      • arias

        They already have a lockdown corner in Desmond Trufant. I see zero logic in pursuing a second one with the 8th pick while their DL and OL remain a wasteland.

  2. Barry

    The Falcons may know that Gurley won’t make it to them? Not signing Irvin right now leave room for a trade.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Possibly. I read last night that at least one team has Gurley as the top prospect in the entire draft. Could be JAX, could be ATL. Also read it could be MIA.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        “…decision-makers around the league have a strong suspicion that if Tannenbaum is indeed calling the shots, the Dolphins will select Georgia running Todd Gurley, if he’s still available at 14. The smoke around Gurley is thicker than the Everglades in June. If Dolphins’ interest is an elaborate ruse, Tannenbaum is the second coming of Niccolo Machiavelli.


        • Attyla the Hawk

          Tannenbaum is a total stooge. It doesn’t take a lot of cunning to put out a ruse like that.

          Now if he could just draft on days two and three, I’d give him some credit.

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    Once again Rob. Thank you for this site.

    You’re the best in the business.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man, and thank you for all your input to the community too.

  4. Brandon

    This gives me mixed feeling…
    On one hand, I would feel disappointed to see Irvin go. He has really changed from the person he used to be and is a solid contributor to the team. Even though he wasn’t the major star we wanted to draft, he continues to grow better at his position.
    But on the other hand, this could be a great deal. I don’t think Atlanta would be willing to trade their second rounder for him, but I could see a third and a sixth. There is a 0.01% chance that 14 rookies make the team so a trade up seems even more possible in the second round(maybe in third). I would like to trade up for DGB/Collins/Harold using our regular 2nd and maybe regular 3rd(or use ATL 3rd). That way we still get the three 4th rounders and still have a third. If we still have ATL’s 3rd then we can choose Morse, Marpet, or Grasu.

    • John_s

      I could see a swap of 2’s and ATL giving up a 4th if a trade was made but I don’t think a trade will be made.

      • Brandon

        That would be a great trade for Seattle, but I do not think that the team will view Irvin as someone worth so much value. Maybe DQ might, but I it will be tough getting everyone on board.

        • Steele1324

          In this weak pass rush draft, I don’t see the value of that trade. Won’t matter what picks you get if it is below rd. 1, because there simpy aren’t Irvin replacements there.

          So you compromise a big chunk of the pass rush for what?

          There may be Schofield replacements below rd. 1, but forget plug-ins for Bennett or Irvin.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I don’t see why every time we talk about getting a player like Graham or Harvin the Seahawks give up a first round. But when we have our own first round player then people on this board want to give him away at a discount, like Harvin or Irvin. You guys need to toughen up before negotiating. (not directed toward Steele)

          • John_s

            I’m realistic about our players. Irvin isn’t a superstar player or a field tilter who would
            Be equal in value to a no 1.

            Graham and Percy who at the time of the trades were guys who could tilt the field when they were acquired. Unfortunately Percy turned out to be crazy but at the time he carried the type of ability to warrant a #1 picks.

            Is Irvin a 10+ sack guy? Is he a 100 tackle guy? Why would you expect a #1 for a player who had 37 tackles and 6.5 sacks?

            • arias

              I disagree with that. Irvin might not be a superstar player … yet. But I believe he’s right on the cusp and has shown an upward trajectory since being moved to his hybrid OLB/DE role with no indication that he’s hit a plateau.

              You’re speaking about last year’s production like what we saw is the finished product when there’s no reason to believe that’s the case.

              He absolutely is a field tilter that was a difference maker in some key games last year. He’d play as well as any player that could be found in this draft playing the same position, so why wouldn’t you see him as a #1?

              Irvin only rushed the passer on 66% of the snaps the opposing QB dropped back to pass last year, yet still recorded 43 QB pressures including the 6.5 sacks. The other 3rd of the time he dropped into coverage and was outstanding when assigned to do so. He recorded 2 pick sixes that made the difference in two games when the offense couldn’t get anything going when they played Oakland and St Louis in the finale. He also didn’t give up a touchdown and had a 52.9 opponent passer rating when targeted. That’s pretty extraordinary.

              I do believe he’s a potential to be a 10+ sack guy, but I honestly think you’re overvaluing sacks. Pressure is more important than sacks alone, and Bennett’s status around the league as one of the best in spite of single digit sack totals goes some way in demonstrating this.

              • John_s

                Valid points but I disagree that he’s a field tilter. Pro Football Focus has him at 23 QB pressures.

                • arias

                  No they don’t, they have him logged at 43.

                  Are you aware that QB pressures is sacks + hits + hurries? PFF also doesn’t count half sacks, so either it’s a sack or it’s not.

                  I think you’re only looking at the hurries column.

          • Brandon

            I like Irvin, I honestly do and think he is a great part of this team, but he is nowhere worth a top ten talent pick.

  5. AlaskaHawk

    Rob, I’ll second that. You have the best site with the greatest fans. I don’t know how you find the energy to write your analysis each day. My only regret is that we can’t pick all the great players we have discussed here and sort them out in training camp.

    • JeffC

      In the words of Joseph Campbell, he’s following his bliss.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks AH — really appreciate that

  6. Lenny James

    Bruce will be in a Seahawks uniform next year @ 1. Something million. Beyond that, who knows. What I do know is Avril isn’t getting any younger. Why not hold on to the talent you have developed in a top 15 pick like Irvin rather than start from scratch. With
    the cap going up every year and older players coming off the books (Okung)no reason the Hawks can’t sign Irvin long term, at least a 3-4 year extension after 2015.

    Unless a team was a waiving a early 2nd rd pick and or a player that would make sense, I wouldn’t even consider trading Irvin. We have invested too much. If he decides to leave via FA after 2015 so be it. We mos def need Bruce this season.

    • Barry

      Thats what the talk would be, a second rounder maybe more. Irvins stalk is pointing up and for the right team a good deal could make sense. This is just draft talk, I’d rather have him but you have to look at who you have to replace and him and what his cost is.

    • JeffC

      Irvin is not much younger than Avril, and less valuable.

  7. Pauld

    I read that Chicago tight end Martellus Bennett may be a traded because of contract concerns as well. I’d like to see a three way trade with Atlanta where we would ship Irvin and reunite Martellus with his brother Michael. That might buy us some good will in future contract negotiations with both of them.

    For good measure, we would then draft Michael Bennett, DT from Ohio State, with our 63rd pick. Then we could line up M Bennetts all over the offense/defense/special teams and just confuse the hell out of everybody.

    Go Hawks!

    • bigDhawk

      Then the NFL Competition Committee will enact the ‘Bennett Rule’ to prohibit forward thinking teams like Seattle from gaining such an unfair advantage. “Only one Bennett will be permitted on an NFL roster at any time.” But Seattle gets the last laugh when the Bennett brothers, Michael and Martellus, legally change their names to ‘Moses Bread’ and ‘Black Unicorn’ respectively.

  8. williambryan

    I love Bruce Irvin and would not like to see him traded. However, if we’re going to talk compensation for him I think it has to start with where would he be drafted if he was in this years class? Athletically he could be a top 10 pick. His age has to drop him considerably though. I think the Falcons second round pick might be fair or some sort of swap such as: Bruce Irvin and our third rounder for their second rounder.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Age and contract situation. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so only ATL knows what he’s worth to them. But the media seems to think 42 by itself is just a bit too much, and 73 by itself is too low.

      What about 73+107? Not as much point value as 42, but 2 early round picks in consecutive rounds is appealing.

      If SEA wants to reach high enough for DGB, they need to get to the early part of R2, probably in front of OAK to be certain (especially if OAK doesn’t take a WR at 4).

      If ATL trades for Irvin and SEA took their R3+R4 in exchange, SEA would have 63, 73, 95, 107, 112, 130, 134, 167, 170, 181, 209, 214, 248.

      They could then trade 63+73+130 to JAX for 36, go get their guy, and still have 95, 107, 112, 134, etc.

  9. Colin

    Frankly, I think the Irvin chatter was just another typical rumor exploited by Mike Florio. “Oh hey there’s a trade going on because it makes sense and we don’t know any compensation but yeah there’s interest there”. Never bought it for a second.

    • john_s

      Agreed, once Florio said that there were talks, I knew that there were actually no talks going on.

      Similar to when LaConfora said at the combine that Marshawn will sign a new deal, Florio went on a tangent with LaConfora calling him irresponsible for spreading untruths about Marshawn’s contract situation only to find out after Marshawn signed that Schneider said that it was pretty much done at the combine.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I think Danny O’neil broke the story. Then promptly walked back from it.

      • john_s

        Nope wasn’t Danny. He knows all about Florio and his misinformation. It was Greg Bell who retweeted Florio’s PFT.

        • James

          Florio is little more than click-bait, repeating rumors originating from some guy in his mother’s basement, and then adding his own opinions into a supposedly news piece. From time to time he lands a ‘scoop’ that is being floated by an agent hoping to score more money for his client. He is everything that is wrong with so-called sports ‘journalism.’

          • john_s


            • Volume12

              Florio is flat out awful. Why do him and Prisco have a vendetta against Seattle?

              • David M2

                Florio is a big Vikings fan and Vikings fans always think Seattle is fleecing them for their players. Maybe a little deeply rooted frustration there.

                However, if we gave them Bevell back maybe that could ease the pain.

                Oh wait, what am I thinking? Not even the Vikings would be dumb enough to take Bevell back.

                • GeoffU

                  Adrian Peterson, come on down!

                • Volume12

                  Bevell is not that bad of an OC. I actually think he’s a really good fit for Seattle’s style.

                  Let’s hear the grumblings.

                  • David M2

                    V-12 you loose 3 draft brownie points for such Bevell collusion.

  10. Jarhead

    Like a few have stated, I would be pleased with a trade for an early second or even a 3rd and 6th. Essentially used as leverage to trade in to the early – mid 2nd round. We have to temper the expectations that 11 rookies make this team. This is one of the most stacked rosters in football. Definitely the most top heavy. So even 6 or 7 rookies being special teamers is a stretch. So I say make the most of those picks to leverage the chance to draft some true impact players at positions of need. Let’s get 5 or 6 guys who can be legitimate 1st or 2nd stringers and provide good depth. 11 camp bodies are not going to provide the quality this roster needs to churn out. Let us not forget how we have had 2 dud drafts in a row. We need to get some hits this draft.

    • Brandon

      100% agree

      • AlaskaHawk

        Forward thinking is that we have too many camp bodies and draft picks. There will be about 20-25 guys competing for 5 spots. It might be better to collect more high draft picks in the 2016 draft when our # draft picks drop.

  11. therick05

    Rob, do you think that the Seahawks draft clue from Pete (music “Trouble”) is pointing to a guy with red flags? Collins, DGB, Frank Clark, Shane Ray??

    • James

      La’el Collins is radioactive. His ex-girlfriend, allegedly pregnant with his child, and allegedly making financial demands on the eve of the draft, turns up dead… are you kidding me? The police are investigating whether Collins may have been directly involved in the murder, or if he had any “knowledge” of a murder for hire. Not if he was the 2d coming of Walter Jones.

      • therick05

        Not La’el Collins, i meant Jalen Collins.

        • Volume12

          And there it is! The first clue from PC.

          Rick, you may be on to something. Who sings the song?

          • manthony

            Iggy Azalea, i just listened to the first verse and its basically hinting at someone with ‘character concerns’
            “But I’m undecided, tryna figure out if that’s you
            Either way though, I think you’re worth a test drive
            Cause (ooh) you’re so much better than the next guy
            And a little trouble only makes for a good time
            So all the normal red flags be a good sign”

          • Troy

            Im just throwing it out there but Im guessing its a “Ray” connection. Ray LaMontagne sings “Trouble” and theres Shane Ray.

            • Volume12

              Yeah, but the clue is Jennifer Hudson’s and Iggy Azaela’s ‘Trouble.’

              • Troy

                touche` i suppose i should have read the entire post 😉

    • Rob Staton

      I can honestly say I have no idea! I doubt it’d be that obvious though.

  12. MJ

    Bruce Irvin and a 4th for #42. This seems very fair. ATL would be able to use Bruce’s Option or sign him long term. He is a proven commodity and a rare athlete.

    One of the things that I love about the Seahawks FO, is that they truly understand the value of draft picks. Let’s be honest, most teams completely overvalue first round picks and undervalue mid-late round picks. As far as I am concerned, Jimmy Graham is a steal for the #31 pick. You are getting proven value.

    The way I look at it; Bruce Irvin is proven value and should be treated as such. Hence, they need to get pick #42, somehow, some way, if that’s the direction they head in.

    • Brandon

      I like the idea of Irvin and a fourth for #42. Were you thinking of using NO’s pick, or our regular 4th rounder?

    • Steele1324

      I hate the idea of anything that sends Irvin or Bennett anywhere. A #42 is not good enough. Nothing less than something in the #30 range or higher, which would allow a shot at Eli Harold.

      I sincerely hope this is all garbage. Things are problematic enough without a last minute crisis with pass rushers.

      Past rd.1-2, the drop is very steep. It’s a bad draft for pass rushers after that. Nate Orchard? Lorenzo Mauldin? Frank Clark? Shaq Riddick? There is nothing close to an Irvin.

      • MJ

        I absolutely understand what you are getting at. But, you absolutely have to factor in the future impact of a Bruce Irvin contract. The salary cap makes things so much more complicated than “who is the best player?”

        Bruce Irvin is monumentally talented. There’s no debating that. The problem is $. Bruce Irvin is a unique player, but one (IMO), who can be replaced with 2 players who will cost much less. We already have one in KPL (Wright slides to SAM). The next would be finding a 3rd down pass rusher.

        Let’s also not discount the idea of a guy like Davis Tull being had in the 3rd round to replace Bruce. Very similar player, with similar athleticism. Now you are talking about replacing a potential $6-8M player with one on a rookie contract.

        It sucks to lose guys like this, but it absolutely is a part of the salary cap era. If this was baseball, we’d still have Clemons, Bryant, etc and we’d be talking about trading the farm to go get a top notch WR.

      • Robert

        Agreed! And Bruce is going to play SAM this year WITHOUT having to think. And that is huge. I expect Bruce to have an awesome year and strike fear in opposing offenses. He is a mighty force that has only been slowed by learning curve. Not this year!

      • AlaskaHawk

        I agree with Steele. This isn’t K-mart where you get a blue light special on linebackers and LEOs. He was a first round pick and he has performed well enough to be a starter on any NFL team. You guys need to toughen up on your negotiating skills because you are giving away a sure thing for a maybe has potential second to fourth round player.

        • Steele1324

          Perhaps in another draft year, Irvin for mid round picks would make more sense. But not this one. It is a flat out bad to mediocre draft class for pass rushers. Try to find anyone remotely close to Irvin past rd. 1.

          Davis Tull should not even be in the conversation, in my opinion. Nate Orchard is described by some as one of the “prototypical pass rushers” in this class. Forget it. Even his highlight reels show a guy who makes “clean up sacks”, who is not the first guy around the edge. Who else? Lorenzo Mauldin? Frank Clark has nothing but a bull rush that isn’t even that effective. Bottom line, I don’t think you can even find those two other pieces this year. At least, not in a way that immediately plugs in for Irvin.

          The only guys that could do that are Dante Fowler, and we know he will be gone and Shane Ray, Randy Gregory (if he is not a completely lost case), and Eli Harold.

          • Steele1324

            As for the idea of Kevin Pierre-Louis taking over, I don’t see it. He is an undersized LB who operates in space.

            • MJ

              Wright to SAM. KPL to WLB. Fits both of their strengths.

              • James

                Agreed. KPL is a prototype Will LB. KJ is best at Sam. Along with B-Wagz, and excellent, and affordable, three-some.

                Bruce should be kept this year, at $1.5/m, and then let go as a FA for a comp pick (R4?). Only trade him if you get Atlanta’s R2 pick in return, because only that slot would produce someone who could replace Irvin (Edwards, Smith, Harold?).

                • MJ

                  You just perfectly summed up my thoughts. I (obviously) did a piss poor job of trying to make this succinct point.

                  I never meant to imply dumping Bruce for any old pick. Has to be the right value.

                • Steele1324

                  James, I don’t think a R2 replaces Irvin. Edwards is at best a 3-technique rotational, P Smith is a slowish interior type. I think Harold could do it, but he will go in the 30s. If he falls to the 40s, I would be very surprised.

        • MJ

          Toughen up negotiating skills? Didn’t realize I was actually at the negotiating table on this. I’m talking realistic scenarios. Yea, ideally I’d love to get the #8 pick and call it a day.

          Again, I think you guys are completely disregarding the Salary Cap situation moving forward, as well as Irvin’s age (28). You can’t have that much money tied up with the DBs and LBs. We still have to get RW and Wagz under contract, who are more important than BI.

          • Steele1324

            Who is disregarding the cap situation? All of it needs consideration. It depends on who we are talking about, whether there are comparable players that can be had via draft and/or trades, and what you have to have on the field immediately to compete (if the goal is a SB this season or next).

            I think some of you are underestimating Irvin. He is worth the jack. At 28, he isn’t ancient. Pass rushers often have longer shelf lives. Look at Dwight Freeney.

            Compromises have to made cap-wise across the whole roster. The pass rush can’t be sacrificed.

            • MJ

              Would you rather let Bruce walk in 2016 and get a 4th round comp in 2017?

              Or, would you rather get a 2nd rounder in 2015?

              It’s a legitimate question. Unless he takes a discount, I don’t see how we can retain him and Wagner, whilst signing RW long term.

              Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely love Bruce. He is a stud. But like I said, concessions have to be made somewhere. He is a dynamite pass rusher, but he’s not on the same level as Bennett/Avril. He has a unique role. I think he is worth a lot of $, but I don’t know if SEA has that money to spare.

              • Steele1324

                Yes, I would keep Irvin as long as possible.

                And the reason again is because this has not been the draft or the free agency to land a replacement. They failed to get a FA to replace him or Schofield such as Jabaal Sheard, Akeem Ayers, P McPhee, etc. There no great rushers past rd. 1, unless Randy Gregory checks out, or you experiment with Kikaha. The middle rounds are full of meh and developmental, not starters.

          • Tien

            Yes, Irvin is 28 and we may not be able to sign him to a 2nd contract NEXT year but it makes sense to keep him (like Carpenter) for his production in the final year. If we trade him now for a mid-round pick, like Steele said above, there’s no one we can draft in the mid-rounds to replace him this year. KPL didn’t get much playing time last year so we still don’t know that he’ll be effective so we’d just be creating a new weakness by trading Irvin now for a mid-round pick. If Irvin has a great year and prices himself out of the Hawks’ budget, we let him walk as a FA and get a comp pick, along with another year of productivity out of Irvin.

            • Steele1324

              Cassius Marsh keeps coming up as a successor. I don’t see him being more than backup for Bennett.

    • JeffC

      It’s probably more like Irvin + 4th + a 2016 4th for #42 in your scenario.

      • Phil

        How about Irvin plus Mebane for #42? Mebane’s $5 million cap hit makes him a likely casualty unless he agrees to renegotiate his contract. Does Atlanta need a steady veteran like him in the locker room?

  13. Volume12

    Here’s a thought. Might be a fun thing to do that involves all of us.

    Let’s try to nail these clues from PC as to who they’ll take. Might be a pointless endeavor, but entertaining, and 100% involvement as a community. Anyone else game?

    • hawkfaninMT

      “Trouble” Frank Clark

      • Volume12

        Boom! I was thinking the same thing and here’s why.

        The video is shot in LA Frank Clark’s hometown and Iggy Azaela is dating ‘Swaggy P,’ aka Nick Young who plays for the LA Lakers.

    • williambryan

      I’m in but it’s going to be hard to keep track of everything. First clue was Trouble by Iggy Azalea? She’s from Australia so… I got nothing.

      • Volume12

        Yeah it’s all about deciphering. Jennifer Hudson is from Chicago, maybe they say the clue in one of their lyrics, stuff like that.

        Iggy also moved to Miami when she was 16 and then lived in Atlanta for awhile too.

        It’s obviously someone with ‘red flags.’

          • Troy

            OL La’el Collins = “trouble” + “pancakes” = possible slide to #63?

            • Rob Staton

              I’m down.

              • Troy

                Rob in your best estimation what range do you believe Collins is now graded at? I’ve seen a few reports that are speculating he could have gone from a 1st RD to UDFA over night. What are your thoughts on not only this situation but La’el Collins as a potential draft pick by the Hawks? How do you view him fitting in scheme wise, position etc…?

                • arias

                  I think it’s wholly dependent on what each team’s investigative department can come up with and conclude before the draft. If he truly had nothing to do with it, it shouldn’t affect him. But with so little time it seems like a mad scramble to determine the truth at the last second.

                  But if he starts to slide, it could end up being a long ways if teams are all concluding the same thing … that he was somehow involved.

                • Rob Staton

                  I think it’s clear why it will impact him in terms of round one. I don’t understand why you’d remove him from the board. He’s not a suspect. It sounds like he believes he might be the baby’s father and wants to take control of a horrible situation. I know teams want information and right now they have none — but there surely comes a point where you draft him and take that shot? I wouldn’t have a problem if Seattle drafted him at any point in this draft. Heck — even if he turned out to be a murderer (and again, he’s said not to be a suspect), you didn’t draft a murderer. You drafted an innocent, talented individual because he is a good football player. You shouldn’t have to justify it to anyone if the worst case happens.

                  • arias

                    To be fair, the police stopped publicly calling people ‘suspects’ until they had solid evidence and charges were imminent. The standard operating procedure when trying to track down a suspect for questioning has been to call them “persons of interest” because there’s really just a lack of info to say otherwise. So to say he’s not a suspect is true but also with the caveat that at the early stages of any investigation things can change rather quickly.

                    But I’d agree that at some point you do take a flyer. How late does he slide before that happens? I think he’s worth taking a 5th round flyer on without knowing anything more about what’s going on. I think teams that have interest will have done more legwork though, and even if he is charged while it might be true that the team didn’t knowingly draft a murderer, that doesn’t really matter in the arena of PR. All that matters is perception. Just like the criticism against the Patriots for drafting Hernandez even though they could not have possibly known he would become a murderer.

    • David ess

      Well now I’m confused because Pete said the first clue is the Dave chappelle skit about prince. And lake Minnetonka is referenced in there. So while unlikely how about maxx Williams from Minnesota? Haha

      • David ess

        Or David Cobb.

        • williambryan

          The first thought that came to me was someone with a basketball back ground. It’s round 1 tonight… Jimmy Graham!!!!

        • Volume12

          David Cobb is a good guess. And even though it’s a first clue, it doesn’t mean it will be the 1st pick.

          TE Maxx Williams is very interesting still to me. At Minnesota’s pro day Seattle scouts were all over him. Talking, laughing, having a good ol’ time it appeared.

  14. Steele1324

    Losing either Irvin or Bennett without replacements in place would be disastrous. Period. Kevin Pierre Louis is not an adequate replacement.

    I would like JSPC to quash these rumors immediately.

    In this draft, I see no way to get true replacements without two first round picks that land Dante Fowler—as well as Shane Ray or Vic Beasley. Or some crazy trade that gets the Hawks veteran pass rushers of the highest stature.

    • Volume12

      There was just a report that said Seattle is NOT pursuing a trade for Bruce Irvin.

      • vrtkolman

        Agree completely on Bennett, not so much with Irvin. I’d rather keep Irvin but if we got really good value for him in a trade, I would do that all day.

        • Steele1324

          Vrtkolman, I think that weakens the team. We are already in need of a Schofield plug-in. Who do you propose would plug in for Irvin, without the pass rush being severely compromised for this season?

          If you think there is anything in this draft class as good as Irvin from rd2 all the way into UDFA, I doubt it.

          • vrtkolman

            I think we will just have to agree to disagree here. My counter argument is that I don’t think Irvin is that good of a pass rusher and his absence wouldn’t affect much in that regard. The coaching staff might think Marsh is good enough to replace him. They could lose production from Irvin’s replacement but upgrade from Schofield and come out even there.

      • Steele1324

        They are also not picking up Irvin’s option. They can still extend him, but that alone adds tension, even if the rumor is just a rumor.

        • Volume12

          It’s probabaly a prove it year for Bruce. If he continues to get better/develop then I suspect we might see Seattle reward him during the season some time.

          Seattle will draft a hybrid rusher on Saturday. In today’s NFL you need defensive weapons or specialized personnel. The whole Bruce Irvin trade rumors only reinforces this notion.

    • Madmark

      You guys ever consider they just don’t see his position being worth 7 million so they’ll let him finish his contract and the they can negotiate a need one next year.

  15. vrtkolman

    Jay Glazer @ JayGlazer
    Scoopage: Agent for LSU’s La’el Collins trying to pull him from this draft allowing him time to clear his name then enter Supplemental Draft … Most are asking for a full police report clearing him before they are willing to draft him. Collins is slated to meet w police … NFL’s call if Collins can get pulled from this draft.

    What an insane story!

  16. Volume12

    Ali Marpet worked out for Seattle yesterday, maybe Attyla was on to something all along.

    And OBS aka OldbutSlow, you mentioned jokingly that your almost expecting Seattle to take a FB or TE. Well, they seem to really like Villanova H-back Earnest Pettway.

    • Steele1324

      It took them until the last second to work out Ali Marpet. I guess they want to see if he is more than a workout warrior.

      • john_s

        Mark Dominik said that usually a team will bring in a player last minute to talk to him and try and find out which teams are serious about that play

        • arias

          But they want to talk to him in order to gauge interest in that player they brought in right? It’s still interest they have in that player, not a smokescreen. It’s just beneficial to have them in at the last second to have a better gauge.

  17. Steele1324

    Rob, what is your reporting schedule for the next couple of crazy days? Can you explain to low-tech types like me where to keep up with your draft tracking as it happens?

    • Rob Staton

      We will be live on a Google Hang Out every night. I’ll have a blog post up straight after.

      • Steele1324

        Some of us don’t know what that is!

  18. vrtkolman

    Does anyone see any positions that Seattle absolutely WON’T consider with their 2nd round pick? QB, and maybe TE? I say TE only because the prospects just aren’t very good, I don’t even think I would like Maxx WIlliams there. Should be really interesting!

  19. MJ

    My guess…

    Irvin + 4th for #42.

    #42: WR Dorial Green Beckham or DE Eli Harold/Preston Smith
    #63: LG Mitch Morse
    3rd Round: CB Alex Carter
    4th Round: WR Ty Montgomery
    4th Round: LB Davis Tull (BI Replacement)
    5th Round: C Shaq Mason
    5th Round: DE Shaq Riddick

    • Volume12

      There’s some pretty good hybrid rushers at the end of this draft. OK ST’s Sam Wren, UNLV’s Josh Shirley, UT-Chattanooga’s Davis Tull, USF’s Reshard Cliett, Wyoming’s Mark Nzeocha, and CSU-Pueblo’s Darius Allen.

      It should come as no surprise that Seattle has brought in or worked out 4 of those names.

      Tull is so intriguing, but those T-Rex arms of his might be way too short for the hybrid pass rusher role in Seattle’s defense.

      CSU-Pueblo’s Darius Allen is really growing on me. That CSU-Pueblo team is FULL of characters and guys with huge personalities. They’re full of grit and play with a chip on their shoulder from being overlooked/passed over. Allen might be the selection.

      • Steele1324

        Of these, I like Shirley and D.Allen. Either or both UDFAs, could work their way up the rotation.

        • Volume12

          Why UDFAs just to ask? Seatle has repeatesly shown year in and year out, they grade prospects differently.

          TE Luke Willson in the 5th, DT Jimmy Staten in the 5th, FB Kiero Small in the 7th, the list goes on and on.

          A lot of these UDFA types wil get drafted late. Happens every year.

          • Steele1324

            True, they value differently. That is where they are projected (by consensus).

    • Steele1324

      MJ, I don’t see Eli Harold lasting into the 40s. Try the 30s. And even then, it’s dicey.

      Preston Smith is not a good replacement. He is a watered-down Bennett, a better inside rusher.

      Shane Ray and Randy Gregory are wild cards. How bad is Gregory’s problem?

      • MJ

        Couple things…

        A) I don’t view Preston Smith as a BI replacement.
        B) Preston Smith is a very underrated athlete. I do agree he is similar to Bennett, though I wouldn’t call him watered down.
        C) I am very much intrigued by Shane Ray. I think he tested so poorly bc of the foot issue. When I watched him, I saw a very good athlete with an insane motor. ***I’m not saying a Bruce Irvin caliber athlete)***
        D) I agree I don’t see Harold lasting that long, but stranger things have happened and don’t forget that a lot of those early R2 teams might have already drafted from the deep pool of DEs in R1.

    • Trevor

      MJ I think that would be a great draft. If we could fit Conely in there at WR I think we would be set!!!!

  20. Steele1324

    Let me take this opportunity to again thank Rob, but also shout out to all of you. Pre-draft is among my favorite times of the year. I am often sorry to see it end. We invest a lot studying these prospects, and few wind up on our team! I expect another puzzling draft from JSPC that will have us screaming and throwing things.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

    • Volume12

      Why should we scream and throw things? Because they might not take guys we like or think will be good?

      When they select, calm down, breathe, rationalize, and then ask yourself ‘what makes this guy unique/stand out? How can they utilize him?’

      Not every selection will make this team and Seattle knows that as well. Finding 2 starters, 3-4 backup/depth pieces, 2 projects, and 1-2 good UDFAs will be a succeaful draft IMO.

      • Steele1324

        Yes, Volume12, because they don’t take the guys we like. That is how it works. Now of course, we will have choice but to accept, and see what happens in reality.

        • Volume12

          LOL. I wasn’t aware we were better at evaluating talent then the Seahawks FO. Oh well, you learn something new every day.

      • Madmark

        It doesn’t matter if your team draft the guy you pick. Its nice but what happens for me is I’ll watch the guys I pick playing on other teams and if they really look good. I feel a sense of joy and some bragging rights. The draft pick after CM was Travis Kelce TE and I really like the guy and had picked him. He’s had a fantastic career going in Kansas City and when there’s a Kansas game on I’ll watch just because of that guy.

  21. Robert

    Ssme…I love the pre draft research, speculation and conversation with y’all. Then I get busy and ignore the actual draft because it is like watching grass grow to me. But as soon as our picks are known, I like to dig up everything I can on the new prospects and fantasize hopefully about their impact and potential!

    • Robert

      Reply fail to Volume….

    • AlaskaHawk

      I try not to fall in love with any player because the odds are stacked against the seahawks picking them. I do love the indepth player reports and film afterwards. Plus there is always the tantalizing hope that players who sat out last season on IR will suddenly become modern day supermen.

  22. Lewis

    If they aren’t likely to resign him, might as well get value for him now. Atlanta may not want to give up 42 outright and we don’t need more picks, but what if we swapped picks with them in the 2nd and 3rd? So they send us 42 and 73. They get 63, 95, and Irvin. That puts us in better position to grab a player if there’s someone they really like (aka DGB) and still get a Grasu or Morse in early 3 (heck, they could even package a fourth with 73 to move up into the end of round two if necessary to get their guy).

    • Steele1324

      Lewis, getting some extra picks might be fine for depth, but you risk starting the season with half the pass rush gone. Replaced with what? I see no one below the 30s who can replace Irvin. Eli Harold may be the last one on the board, or Randy Gregory if willing to take a huge chance on his character. Other than that, no way.

  23. Meat

    I am more annoyed defensive players want to play in Atlanta and leave this historical defense if true. We can say it is money, but there may be more to it.

    • Steele1324

      But can you blame them if they love Dan Quinn?

  24. Madmark

    Does anyone think that a trade of Irving for a swap of 2nd of 2nd and another later round pick to help bring in more money to get the extension of RW, Wagner, and Sweezy to extensions?

    • Steele1324

      Sure. But that is taking money from left hand to right hand, leaving left hand empty. No pass rush, no winning. Weaker edge rushers, no winning.

  25. Ho Lee Chit

    With the NFL league office really cracking down on off the field character issues this draft could go down in history as a turning point. In the past teams seemed willing to take a chance on a guy with red flags because 1. the penalty was unknown and 2. the penalties were not significant. Just in the last year we have seen multi game suspensions handed out to Ray Rice and others that have changed the calculus of GM’s. Not only does the league office have no tolerance but owners and fans have lost their patience, as well. This draft could see some very significant talent drop as GM’s choose to avoid those with the red flags. Injuries always affected draft stock in the past. Now we are seeing character become a major concern. Here is a list of those I can think of that have issues.

    Jameis Winston QB (stealing, DV)
    La’el Collins OT (DV)
    Randy Gregory DE (drugs, mental health)
    Shane Ray DE (Drugs)
    Dorial Green;Beckham WR (DV, Drugs)
    Frank Clark DE (DV)
    Karlos Williams RB (DV)
    A J Johnson ILB (rape)
    Marcus Peters CB (coachability)
    Paul Dawson ILB (coachability)
    Cedric Oghuehi OT (knee)
    Tre Jackson OG (knee)
    Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB (knee)
    Todd Gurley RB (knee)

    What remains to be seen is how far some of these prospects fall before a GM is willing to take a chance. How does a 1st round prospect falling out of grace at the last minute ripple through the draft?

  26. Volume12

    This is regarding PC’s clue about Dave Chappelle and referencing Prince. Could it be someone born in Minnesota?

    Or could it be someone with the nickname of ‘prince?’

    And although I could be wrong, if memory serves ‘Diggy’ Odighizuwa’s parents were Nigerian royalty, and he’s a prince or his name means ‘prince something.’ I’m not completely sure. And it might have been another propect I’m thinking of anyways.

    Food for thought, right?

  27. RealRhino2

    I don’t much understand the “take him off our board” mentality in most cases. Absolutely in cases where you know the guy is a dirtbag at any price. But otherwise? Medical concerns? Benji Olson lasted nine years as a starter with a degenerative spine condition that was supposedly going to cut his career short to under five years! It’s a risk, sure, but so is any guy you take in the, say, 5th round.

    I would absolutely want us to use a 4th on La’el Collins. If he’s clear, we’ve got a Top 20 player for a 4th-round pick. If he’s a murderer, is it really any worse than the picks you used on Chris Harper? Jaye Howard? Jesse Williams? Etc.? Just another guy not on your team.

  28. CharlieTheUnicorn

    If you trade Bruce Irvin (highly unlikely), grab Shaq Thompson as a replacement.

    • Steele1324

      Shaq T is three inches shorter, ten pounds lighter, and not a pass rush specialist. I like ST to be used as a roving x-factor. I’m not sure he fits any one role.

      • vrtkolman

        I actually like him best as a running back. As a UW fan who watched all of his games, he just doesn’t play physically enough to cut it in Seattle I think. He’s very finesse. He doesn’t shed blocks and gets washed out of run plays on a routine basis. Him and Kam have the complete opposite mentality on defense.

    • arias

      Ah yeah, that would make it more palatable if he drops that far.

  29. Hawks420

    Good luck tonight Rob. I hope your mock is spot on and you get the rating/bragging rights you deserve.
    We’re all very grateful to have a draft genius of your likes putting so much time and effort into a team we love so much…

  30. Ishmael

    Just before all this kicks off for realsies I wanted to extend my thanks Rob.

    It’s an amazing community, the depth of knowledge on here is second to none.

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