Players the Seahawks could target in round two

Dorial Green-Beckham remains on the board after round one

Dorial Green-Beckham (WR, Missouri)
As expected he didn’t go in the first round. How far will he fall? Some teams won’t even consider drafting him in the top-50. He won’t last until pick #63 but if he gets beyond #50 — watch out for the Seahawks trading up. It’s hard to place a team before the 49ers who would consider taking him. Can Seattle work out a deal with Minnesota picking just ahead of San Francisco? Will someone else move up to take him? He looks like the best remaining option for the Seahawks — but can they get into range?

Eli Harold (DE, Virginia)
Another player the Seahawks would probably have to go up and get. He’s not a 1.50 split rusher like Cliff Avril and Bruce Irvin but he’s pissed off to be great and explodes off the snap. He’s a little boom or bust at times but he’d fit right into Seattle’s scheme, rotation and identity. Intense in a good way. Compares himself to Bruce Irvin.

Jake Fisher (T, Oregon)
Unlikely to fall much further with teams at the top of round two hunting for offensive line help. He would provide athleticism and left tackle potential, even if his best fit immediately is at guard.

Grady Jarrett (DT, Clemson)
Tenacious interior pass rusher who can get into the backfield but also plays stout against the run. More of a Jordan Hill type than a Brandon Mebane. Some people have him in the early second round, others in rounds 3-4.

Preston Smith (DE, Mississippi State)
Michael Bennett style rusher but a little inconsistent at times. Flashes a disruptive edge and has the potential to cause havoc. Then he’ll go quiet for a half. He has an enticing combination of size and athleticism — but do they need another Bennett? Will be an option for 3-4 teams looking for an athletic D-end as well as teams trying to find a power DE for the 4-3.

Mario Edwards Jr (DE, Florida State)
Three-technique convert if he lands with the Seahawks. He had an official visit to Seattle which is intriguing. Tape is pretty poor but if he can stay in the 280’s and find a role inside there’s something to work with. Certainly one to watch anyway.

Eric Rowe (CB, Utah)
There are still teams with a need at cornerback and you’d expect Rowe to be next on the hit-list. Jalen Collins is a better player with greater upside but Rowe has none of the character red flags. He also has experience at safety.

Devin Smith (WR, Ohio State)
Chunk play specialist and a key special teams gunner. Can make the big play downfield but does suffer the occasional concentration lapse over the middle. Plays above his size, has a little OBJ to his catching style. Lacks OBJ’s massive hands and superstar ability, mind.

T.J. Clemmings (T, Pittsburgh)
He could be the first pick in the second round. The only thing that’ll force a fall is a lack of polish and experience on offense. In terms of upside the sky’s the limit and he’s unlikely to make it anywhere near Seattle’s pick.

Mitch Morse (C, Missouri)
Almost identical size to Max Unger and performed admirably at left tackle for Mizzou. High character, tenacious and born to block in the NFL. No slouch in terms of athleticism. A gradual riser during the draft process and probably won’t be available when Seattle is on the clock in round three.

Jalen Collins (CB, LSU)
Again it comes down to how far he drops. He’s a brilliant prospect with bags of potential. Without the character concerns he’s a sure-fire top-20 pick. Long, fast, competes for the ball and a brawler. He’d be a perfect fit for the LOB in terms of playing style. In the late second round his value might be too good to pass up.

Donovan Smith (T, Penn State)
Not too dissimilar to James Carpenter. People will groan at that — but Seattle seems to have a ‘style’ at left guard. They like tackle converts with massive size and length. Smith looks like a guard on tape but they might be tempted by his experience on the blind side. Russell Okung is out of contract next year.

Ty Sambrailo (T, Colorado State)
Like Smith he’s a tackle convert with size and plus athleticism. His personality is similar to John Moffitt’s. He visited with the Seahawks and worked out at center, so he has some flexibility. Just a solid player with a lot of upside who would likely start at left guard.

Ali Marpet (C, Hobart)
The Seahawks worked him out this week. Why so late in the process? He’s worth a look considering the tape doesn’t give much away. How does he compare to some of the other prospects in this class — or Lemuel Jeanpierre and Patrick Lewis? Can he develop from small school standout to established pro?

Jordan Phillips (DT, Oklahoma)
Massive size and great mobility combine to create a tantalising prospect. He has hit and miss tape but the potential is there. He can do back-flips at 329lbs, runs in the 5.1’s and has nearly 35-inch arms. He’s not the finished article but he could be very special.

I could add others. I’m not convinced the Seahawks will look hard at Jaelen Strong (WR, Arizona State) and what’s happening with La’el Collins (T, LSU)? They are two names I’m sure people will ask about.

Any of the mid-to-late round options we talked about could also be in play. Teams started reaching to take guys they like at the bottom of round one. The Seahawks, if they stay at #63, are more than likely to do the same. That could mean anything — a random defensive pick, a receiver like Tre McBride, one of the athletic or big offensive linemen we’ve discussed. Don’t be surprised by anything. If they stay at #63, you almost expect an obscure pick.

However, the options above provide a real opportunity to move up. The first name to watch is Dorial Green-Beckham. He isn’t the only player Seattle will consider moving up for though — they could be interested in several defensive prospects and offensive linemen too.


  1. CA

    I’m not as big on DGB as every one else but certainly wouldn’t be disappointed in selecting him. I’m big on Harold, however.

    First 5 picks
    R2: Harold
    R3: McBride
    R4: OL
    R4: Waller
    R4: OL

    Fill in some CBs, a TE, some role players and get goin!

    Keep up the great work Rob this is great stuff!

    • Steele1324

      CA, Harold, McBride and Waller would fill the roles. I wish Waller were a more finished product.

      I predict DGB is the next WR off the board. Wouldn’t mind if they made an effort, but if they don’t, I don’t see him being the “best remaining option”. There should be many opportunities.

      I still stick with my mock from yesterday.

      2-OL Mitch Morse
      3-CB/WR Tony Lippett
      4-WR Dezmin Lewis
      4-WR Drez Anderson or Chris Conley
      5-WR/PR/KR Mario Alford /Ty Montgomery
      5-C/OG Shaq Mason
      5-LEO Shaq Riddick /Darius Allen
      6-OL Rob Crisp/Laurence Gibson
      6-DL David Irving
      6-S Akeem King//Clifton Geathers or CB Devante Bausby
      7-DT Joey Mbu/Kaleb Eulls/Quayshane Buckley/Tory Slater or LB Jeff Luc/Damien Wilson.

      UDFA: DE/OLB Josh Shirley, WR Lance Lewis/Tyrell Williams/DeAndre Smelter, CB

      However, falling rd. 1 talent, and Eli Harold have to be seriously considered.

      • David

        I too wish Waller was a more finished prospect but think about this; if he was he definitely wouldn’t last long. I’ll take his unpolished self over a virtually unknown “mental” case any day.

        • Mark

          I’m concerned about Waller’s smaller hands for a WR. He ticks all the other boxes for potential, though. I think I prefer Smelter to Waller.

          • David ess

            Big hands doesn’t mean as much as you might think, it is always nice though. Ty Montgomery has 10″ hands but has drop issues and Brandon Marshall WR for the jets has 9″ hands I believe but catches a good percentage of passes.

            While the sample size is small Waller did catch every pass that was thrown to him in 2014.

      • Drew

        I think the 3rd is about 2 rounds too early for Lippett, the rest looks pretty good.

      • Trevor

        I would be happy with that group Steele for sure!

      • Griffey, Payton, & Largent

        NEED: Depth at OL. A plug and play center and guard is ideal, but just more bodies for Cable to work with would mean a lot.

        NEED: Depth at DL. An edge rusher will be easier to find than and interior pass rusher.

        WANT: a big bodied WR. Pairing someone like DGB(round 2) or Funchess(round 4) with our WR core and Graham would make our offensive weaponry complete.

        NEED: A kick returner. We have the luxury to take any player we feel we can plug in at KR/PR.

        On a side not Deandre Smelter from Georgia Tech looks like a bigger Golden Tate. If his knee checks out I would love to add him with a late round pick or UDFA.

        GO HAWKS!!

  2. CC

    I’d be happy with anyone of those players!

  3. Brandon

    Hey Rob, I know we talked about the possibility of many receivers going in the first round, but did you expect 6? I know I sure didn’t. Also do you think since many receivers were taken in the first, it would help Seattle get a higher percentage chance to draft a receiver like DGB, or do you think teams will be rushing to grab the last remaining middle-to-top tier receivers?

    • williambryan

      This is the question burning in my head. Are the teams that drafted WR in the 1st satisfied (no double dipping in back to back rounds)? San Francisco is the scary team to me, in terms of potentially trading up to get DGB.

      • Steele1324

        The 49ers have at WR Torrey Smith, Anquan Boldin, Bruce Ellington, Quinton Patton, Kassim Osgood, Brandon Lloyd, Trindon Holliday.

        Do you think they add another WR?

        • Johnny

          Yes. It’s no coincidence or smoke screen that they’ve been tied to DGB in rumors for months. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had even snagged him with their original 15th pick. If they don’t pick a WR with their next pick, I would be shocked.

          • Miles

            It looks like the Seahawks will have to trade up to 44 with the Vikings to ensure they get DBG, if he falls that far even. The Niners at 45 are probably the farthest DGB will slide. If he somehow makes it past that team then I think it’s near impossible he’ll get past the Chiefs at 49.

            But there still are a few receivers on the board teams may like more. Strong, Lockett, McBride…

            • David

              Niners at 46 vikes at 45. I’d keep an eye on that. maybe the hawks return the favor from I believe last year when they jumped ahead of the hawks and made their selection haha.

              • CD

                Do the 9ers (A Smith,McDonald) FO take back some of the talk about the right ‘behavior’ they want to see in their players, also the Vikings with A Peterson fresh in their minds, add someone with the past like DGB? I am not so sure they are locks to take DGB, seeing that most of it took place just last year.

          • williambryan

            I too expected them to take DGB at 15. And to be honest, the SF depth chart at WR you shared is nothing special. The only one of those guys I would like on the Hawks is Boldin and he is year to year at best at this point. I agree Johnny, it may not be DGB but I’m sure it will be a WR or perhaps a TE like Williams. And looking at the order at the top of round 2 until about pick 50, you could make a case for most of the teams to target a WR

        • Steele1324

          Actually, Lloyd is gone. A couple are just special teamers. So they do need another WR. I can also seem them going for a corner.

        • David

          Holliday is gone as well as Lloyd so yes I believe a WR is in the works for the 9ers. teams tend to want to bring in between 10-12 WR for camp and that can be a mix of rooks and vets so we will see.

      • Madmark

        DBG will be a target for the Rams 41 or the Saints at 44 who did not get their man Dorsett who went to the Colts. There will be no trade of Irvin to Atlanta. The Dolphins will take a guard.

        • Rob Staton

          Rams have to go O-line. Have to. New Orleans need defense in a bad way.

          • Madmark

            they didn’t need a DT last year but they took one.

            • Rob Staton

              But I’m not saying WR isn’t a need. I’m saying if they don’t go O-line they just wasted an off-season bringing in Foles and Gurley. Their line is frankly pathetic.

              • Madmark

                Gurley may not even play this year and there is quite a bit of OL talent later in this draft or at least that what everyone keeps telling me.

                • Rob Staton

                  There is. But they’re not filling one or two spots. They’re filling as many as four spots.

                  Plus they’ve invested three high picks on WR’s already.

      • Madmark

        The scary team is the Rams can you imagine Gurley and a DGB.

        • bigDhawk

          Meh. We imagined Quinn and Donald last season. How’d that work out for them? That organization has not shown an ability to utilize talent. Until they do, they will keep picking talent high and squandering it.

          • Madmark

            That’s cause they are still looking for a QB. Even with a backup all our games with them have been close. Like in 1 big play to win close. A road grading RB and that matchup nightmare on the outside might be their ticket.

    • Rob Staton

      I expected five or six.

  4. Volume12

    DGB, Harold, and Edwards, jr. for me.

    This Edwards cat intrigues me man. Can line up at 5-tech, is best rushing from the interior, and can stand up over the tackle and rush? WOW! He could replace Bennett eventually IMO if it ever came to that.

    But the more I watch, the more I like him. Highly unique, full of potential, freak athlete, we could move this dude all up and down the line.

    • Steele1324

      Edwards is not a Bennett replacement. At all. He is a lumbering D lineman who can’t pass rush. You take him for a 3 or 5 technique, but not worth a rd. 2.

      • bigDhawk

        Yeah, I’m not an Edwards enthusiast either. If he’s there at 63 and absolutely nothing else, then yeah I guess.

  5. Colin

    I feel pretty confident they go C or WR in round 2.

    • Hawkfan77

      Not sure how you can be

  6. Cameron

    Kind of surprised not to see Devin Smith on this list. I don’t think he’ll make it near 63 but a slide into the low 50’s seems plausible. Is he worth moving up for?

    • UKHawkDavid

      I thought the same thing. If we could get Devin Smith in the mid-50s, I think that would be excellent value and improve the roster.

      • Steele1324

        Devin Smith to the Hawks would make a lot of people happy—the blazing fast smurf, your Harvin/DeSean Jackson you have been clamoring for. He could even be a returner (yes, he did special teams but not as a senior, I don’t see why he can’t).

        I think he would be fine, provided they also get a tall receiver later.

        • Steele1324

          Devin Smith gets knocked for the lack of a short game, but I see him being extremely effective on crossing routes. He wins very contested catches with technique that is underrated. So he is not just a Sammie Coates.

          • lil'stink

            I like Smith’s game and potential a lot… seems like most of the knocks against him are coachable. My concern would be that his thin hips/frame could lead to durability issues.

        • bigDhawk

          He is also supposedly a first class gunner on the punt team, enabling us to move on from Lockette next season.

    • Grant G

      Yeah, if I could pick…that’s the guy I’d want. No red flags, speed to burn, can make some circus catches, maybe a return threat. Raw, but without the Sammie drops.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a fair point. It was 5am when I wrote this piece… I should’ve included Smith. I’ve added his name to the list.

      • hmabdou

        I wouldn’t mind Devin Smith at 63 (or even if we had to move up a bit for him). Also wouldn’t mind someone like Grady Jarrett in round 2.

  7. j

    Prediction: DGB is available at 63 – and we don’t draft him.

    • williambryan

      This would be something

    • Steele1324

      I could easily see this happening.

      And I think one big reason is Vince Mayle, who just smells of a Seahawks type of pick. A ‘nice kid” with a good story, local Washington connection, teachable. I prefer others, but i am preparing to accept the possibility.

      • Drew

        I’d be happy if we got him with one of the 4th or 5th round comp picks.

    • Rob Staton

      Wouldn’t happen in both cases, I’m pretty certain on that.

    • James

      Did you guys hear Hugh Millen breaking down DGB? He said that his route running is hopeless, to not rely just on his few highlight catches, and the word is that, in his interviews with teams, where they do play analysis on the white board, DGB was hopeless, could not recognize any coverages or even describe the route tree. Man, would he be boom or bust. To give up a starting OL for him is a go-for-broke. This might be an OK risk, but then to have to trade up also, and give up a second solid player, and maybe a third, whew. But…. if he somehow gets his act together….

      • Rob Staton

        Millen isn’t wrong. But nobody would argue he’s a polished route runner and a student of the game.

        He’s a touchdown maker. A field tilter.

        Seattle likes those things too.

        • bigDhawk

          James makes good points. DGB will probably be a worse version of the rookie Dez Bryant, in that he causes more problems on the field than he solves by being out of position every play. And it will probably take him as long as it took Dez to reach a functional football IQ, i.e. multiple seasons. At least there was never a question about the love Dez had for football. The same can not be said for DGB and he has even more baggage than Dez.

          The more I think about it, the only thing DGB will tilt is Pete and John’s legacy if we spend a bunch of draft capital on him…for the worse. I don’t think he will be worth the handful of random touchdowns and circus catches that is likely to be his ceiling.

          • Bill Bobaggins

            Sounds like Golden Tate in his rookie season and even beyond. Sort of a careless route runner, but when the ball was in his hands, spectacular things could happen. I don’t know that you draft DGB to be a super polished, technical receiver. You draft him to do what Chris Matthews did in the Superbowl, create incredible mismatches.

            • bigDhawk

              But we didn’t trade away multiple picks to move up for Tate like we are talking about for DGB. And Matthews was a freebie. He could take forever to develop, making him not worth the price to get him.

              • Attyla the Hawk

                True. But Tate and DGB are different types of receivers to begin with.

                Size/Speed/Impact ability is rare. Much more so than a 5’10” WR with RB type skills.

                DGB forces mismatches to a much greater degree than Tate could. Tate was and is still a very good WR now. But the profiles and roles for which they each play is not similar.

                Nor are the rosters at the point of acquiring them. Seattle needed help anywhere in 2010. But like a game of Sorry!, once you get close to the end — your needs are compressed and much more specific than in the beginning.

                The situations are so different that you can’t apply the same considerations.

                • redzone086

                  Very astute. The differences in rosters needs and players available change every draft and by the time the Hawks are on the clock the worst thing to have is regret, if you could have someone and don’t just because of a talking head that clouded your judgement.

                • bigDhawk

                  I didn’t make the DGB/Tate comp. Dez Bryant is my comp for DGB. All the same physical mismatch qualities of DGB applied to Bryant as well, and it took Dez four years to scratch the surface of super-stardom. Dez was a more of a liability the first three years. I see something similar for DGB. That’s not what we need when looking for a receiver for Wilson to grow together with during a championship window, especially not at the price of multiple picks to move up.


            I’ve never seen DGB play but from all reports everything that he offers as a player could also be had from Darren Waller, and he’s projected to be picked at least two rounds later than DGB and has none of character red flags that DGB does. I mean I’m only so smart, but picking Waller over DGB seems like a no-brainer to me.

            • Saxon

              There are some character knocks on Waller. He was suspended multiple times for team rules violations. Not as significant as DGBs issues and your point is still valid. Would make a good RZ target at half the price of DGB. Probably will never be a true #1 though, which DGB might become…

  8. j

    Another prediction: We won’t draft any of the above guys – it’ll again be a complete surprise.

    • Volume12

      It still wouldn’t shock me to see them take a Ty Montgomery or Vince Mayle at receiver. Not expecting either there however.

      IDK man, I think Rob might be right. It’ll boil down to DGB or Mario Edwards,jr. Edwards was a VMAC visitor, DGB probably was as well, and Seattle always takes visitors in the 2nd round.

      • Volume12

        Oops. I meant at 63 not at receiver.

      • Steele1324

        Volume, Mayle does seem like a guy JSPC would go for, Pac-12 and all that.

        Here is a just-posted new highlight reel

        I will concede, based on new film that I had not seen, that there is some resemblance—in good ways— to Jaelen Strong on many plays where he does high point, he does run quite smooth. But there are the Jermaine Kearse moments as well, the body catches.

        The other Pac-12er I would like PC to focus on is Drez Anderson.

        • Volume12

          Glad you might be coming around. Here’s the thing about body catches. He doesn’t let the ball hit the ground, unlike Breshad Perriman whose drops are not concentration issues or bad throws.

          • rowdy

            I agree, I been talking about mayle since the super bowl ended. His 40 at the combine confused me because his tape says otherwise. He does body catch a lot but only when the defender can’t get to it. He looks like a bigger slower version of agholor to me. He’s a big boy and I would like to see him take more advantage of his size working through contact. I know your a big fan of Montgomery v12 but I would take mayle over him.

        • sdcoug

          I personally think Mayle won’t come off the board till post-4th Rnd. But there’s potential there, especially considering he only has like 3 years of playing WR total. He’s a pup still learning the position yet was still highly productive at Wazzu

  9. Matt M.

    I want Eli Harold. Seems unlikely that he drops to around 50 to give Hawks the chance to trade up. But I’m sure crazier things have happened in the draft.

    • Steele1324

      If there is any smoke or any fire with either Irvin or Bennett, Eli Harold makes a lot of sense.

  10. Pasco Native

    I’m wondering if a pass rusher will be the pick. Danielle Hunter?

  11. Hawkfan77

    Add Devin Smith and La’el Collins to that list and I would take any of them

    • bigDhawk

      L. Collins scares me. While he is not at the moment, it is very possible at any time he could become a suspect in a murder investigation, then you’ve just spent a second round pick on Aaron Hernandez.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Collins is a huge wild card. When John mentioned there were 16 first round grades on prospects — I strongly suspect that Collins was one of those 16.

        Someone will pull the trigger as the talent drops off. There are a lot of good OL talents still on the board. So I expect he could still fall into the 50s.

        But getting a player who has that kind of ability at that range of pick can make/break a draft for a team. If Seattle were to come away with Graham and Collins with their first two picks — you’ve massively upgraded the two biggest weaknesses on this offseason. From a get fixed quick perspective — that would look like the best draft of any team already. With a ton of picks left to go.

  12. CharlieTheUnicorn

    OT Ja’el Collins. I’m not sure where he will go, but if he slides into the 3rd or 4th, I think it might be worth taking on the “crap” sandwich.

    • CC

      Maybe a little lower, but yes, since there is a chance he didn’t do anything, I’d be okay with using a 6th rounder.

    • Dave

      They said that he has an alibi and that he was no where near the murder site. #63? Collins plays T, G and C.

      • williambryan

        Yeah but isn’t the concern that he may have been involved with a hitman? I think that’s where the issue is. It’s a peculiar situation, for him to leave the draft, it kind of gives legs to something fishy. Obviously no need to judge anything on him now, but his story may be the most interesting of the draft

        • BrianH

          Where did this rumor about a hitman come from?! Hadn’t heard that. Did read somewhere that there was speculation about the father of the child and perhaps Collins was brought for testing.

          • williambryan

            I saw a report earlier on Twitter from one of the national reporters. I can’t remember the details and I don’t want to be a rumor mongerer but I did see something along these lines. Again, it is early in the process and little has come out yet.

          • arias

            Collins is the father. The child survived after emergency delivery and Collins HAD to return to Louisiana because staying in Chicago looked heartless and negligent given that the woman was the mother of his child. It’s not like staying in Chicago would give him a better shot of getting drafted, quite the opposite. He was better off going back and dealing with police to have a better shot to get drafted.

            As far as hiring a hitman, after Rae Carruth you gotta think anything is possible with this kind of stuff. It’s not like we haven’t seen this kind of thing before.

        • Steele1324

          In light of many other O linemen available, I would avoid this crap sandwich without regrets. It is all just too much. You don’t want anything connected to a murder.

          • arias

            If he fell to the 5th I’d roll the dice on him. There’s a chance it’s all a big misunderstanding and you strike gold.

            Even if he is charged, it’s always possible he gets acquitted due to lack of eyewitnesses and evidence. If that happens, you still strike gold.

            • Coug1990

              Look what you are writing, “Even if he is charged, it’s always possible he gets acquitted due to lack of eyewitnesses and evidence. If that happens, you still strike gold.”

              He is guilty of murder, but he OJ Simpson’d this. So hooray! We can get a guy that killed his pregnant girlfried on our team.

              I do not think that is striking gold. It is bringing in a bad character into the locker room.

              • Phil

                Coug – “He is guilty of murder …” To my knowledge, he hasn’t even been identified as a suspect. Let’s let the legal system, and a jury, decide on his guilt or innocence. At this point, he is innocent. Unfortunately, comments like your’s have gone a long way to publicly indicting him and damaging his future.

                • Coug1990

                  Phil, you better reread what I wrote, as it went completely over your head. I was not saying he was guilty of murder or not. Another poster said, “Even if he is charged, it’s always possible he gets acquitted due to lack of eyewitnesses and evidence. If that happens, you still strike gold.”

                  The “acquitted due to lack of eye witnesses and evidence” is what I was playing off. It was not that he was exonerated. It was that in this case, he is likely guilty, but got off because not enough evidence. So, Hooray. Seattle can draft him.

                  • Phil

                    Coug – In my view, someone who is “acquitted due to lack of eyewitnesses and evidence” is innocent, not guilty of murder. Our legal system does not require him to be exonerated. If there is insufficient evidence to convict, you must acquit, to misquote Johnnie Cochrane.

            • Seriously

              Really? I realize people are excited about the draft but come on. You want a guy representing your franchise who committed murder and the only reason he wasn’t convicted was lack of evidence. Its one thing to think the guy is innocent and you take a flier on him. But to knowingly draft someone who you think murdered someone but could get away with it. I love football as much as the next guy but it might be time for a little perspective.

              • Coug1990

                Thank you Seriously. I am glad I am not alone. I do not know if he committed the crime or not. But, with murder, I want to error on the side of caution.

              • arias

                That last paragraph was written tongue in cheek. It should have been transparent satire and it’s baffling to me why y’all took it so seriously. For the record, no prosecutor in their right mind would try someone for murder unless they were certain they could win a conviction. That means there’d have to be some really strong evidence of his guilt for the case to even be brought. That’s why the national conviction rate for murder is in the mid ninety percent range.

                Obviously it would not be in the best interests of the team if they took a gamble on him and he remained on the roster after charges were brought. At that point I’d consider the gamble to be lost and the only logical move would be to cut bait.

                I thought this was implicitly obvious when I typed it so I expected it to be easy to recognize that last bit as satire. But it apparently was not.

  13. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Let’s at least mention a few others on the list, for funs… Ameer Abdullah and TJ Yeldon for example.
    Or how about TE Warford, WRs Funchess and Coates, and of course DE Danielle Hunter LSU


    • Attyla the Hawk

      Interesting, because I’ve always wondered if Yeldon wasn’t a player we’d be looking at.

    • EmperorMA

      Abdullah has butter fingers. No way PCJS take a fumbler.

  14. Michael (CLT)

    Watch out for Brett Hundley.

  15. Ho Lee Chit

    While I think it will be an O Lineman, from the list above I would have to select Jordan Phillips. I had him as our first round pick before the Jimmy Graham trade. I am shocked he and Goldman are still on the board.

    • Guy

      I would agree that Jordan Phillips is the player I want most. The Hawks need to hit on a DT. Mebane will probably be gone after next season, if not before this one.

  16. Ukhawk

    Did anyone notice the nightmare scenario as the Rams take Gurley ? Yikes

    • peter

      I’ll worry about the rams when a. They get a QB who consistently brings the goods…and though v12 is right they are our true rival, they need an oline, a secondary and love a duck Fischer is the definition career wise if average.

      • Coug1990

        They are kind of like the Minnesota Vikings of a few years ago. Hall of Fame RB and DL, but bad QB and mediocre teams.

        • peter

          Good comp to that team

    • Steele1324

      Gurley is going to break off some big runs. He really is the next Adrian Peterson, if he is healthy.

      • Bill Bobaggins

        Just like Trent Richardson was. I’ll wait a couple of years to make that comparison.

      • Bruce M.

        I don’t really get the AP comparisons, or the Lynch ones, for that matter. I don’t see the same relentlessness after contact, at all. Skilled runner for sure, can be electric and powerful, but not AP or Lynch-level powerful.

    • williambryan

      I kind of thought this was a best case scenario for us. I think that’s the biggest head scratcher of the first round. They have had really good production from their backs and I don’t see this pick moving the needle for their chances at all.

    • Johnny

      Not really concerned until I see the results. The Rams always seem to have really solid drafts only to underachieve and go 8-8 or worse every year. The team is stacked with talent yet can never seem to get over the hump. At this point, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a coaching issue (doubt it tho, Fisher is a pretty decent coach) or just straight underachieving.

      • hmabdou

        They need a good healthy QB (maybe Foles can be that).

    • Ukhawk

      Rams always play Hawks tough , & it just got tougher

      • Trevor

        Love Gurleys talent but he has never made it through a full college scheule without getting hurt and that was before the ACL. How is he going to get through an NFL schedule in the NFC West.

        He is a track guy with incredible talent but I really think he will have durability issues. If he stays healthy he is a great pick and will cause us grief for the next 5-8 years.

    • Madmark

      OL not so bad they worked on it last year. Then they add a Gurley and DGB and Fole’s does what he did his first year they’ll be the ones to watch in the west. No one can deny that they have a defense.

  17. Ukhawk

    Wondering from the start of the 2nd which teams are potentially after a WR….

    • Johnny

      You already know SF will be pining after one, especially since they spent their first-rounder on Armstead. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they traded up to snag him.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I think it’s a lock that the Jets go WR, having passed on them with Leonard Williams. They pick 37. I would guess this is where Strong or DGB goes.

      I’ve kind of felt all along that Beckham is headed for NY if they didn’t go WR in R1. Beyond that, I think you’re looking at the Rams at 41 and Saints/Vikings/Niners at 44,45 and 46.

      • Ukhawk

        Thx. Mostly agree but thot jets were done after adding Marshall

  18. peter

    I’ve got a strange feeling that there’s going to be a move up….for Edwards (not a fan) or jaelen strong.

    Jaelen strong can get NO separation. But there’s something about his Baldwin like attitude and his sparq score and the weirdness of that pick that just sits with me. Oh and he’s pretty young. 21 all through next season. There’s something about seattles passing game and I think his ability to battle the LOB that I sense is right.

    Clark in the third.

    Just two olinemen between rounds 4-6…jS said they weren’t going hog wild with the oline.

    Unless they trade Bennett tomorrow then who knows.

    • Steele1324

      I think Jaelen Strong is being underestimated. Strong should not be compared to Amari Cooper or Dorsett. Strong is not about the kind of separation. He is a prototypical possession receiver. That game is not so dependent on speed.

      Do compare Strong to DGB, Funchess, and the bigger guys, even Mayle.

      Strong has great hands, deceptive and good with his routes, climbs the latter, competes and wins for tough throws. I would love to see him with the Hawks as one of a set of WRs they (should) take in this draft.

      • peter

        See that’s what I’ve always seen in Strong the possession reciever…but with athleticism I wonder I he couldn’t improve with separation techniques and age and be someone really explosive.

    • bigDhawk

      We don’t need Strong to get horizontal separation. We need him to get vertical separation, which he can certainly do.

  19. peter

    And in keeping with the odd predictions….lingering hip issues will push “diggy,” to the fourth. And concerns about Marpets transition makes him a Seahawk in the fourth round

  20. Steele1324

    I think Jalen Collins has fallen because, well, he deserves to. He is stiff, technically poor, beaten a lot. Look at the tape of hm one on one vs. Amari Cooper. Cooper owns him. Just not impressive on tape. I would take Eric Rowe ahead of Collins. I would take a number of CBs in the draft ahead of him, even guys at the bottom.

    Collins has the frame, but that’s it. He would require more development than many.

    • Johnny

      Sounds like someone else we are well acquainted with *cough* how in the hell do you get beat twice in a row for a TD by the same move Simon *cough*

    • Ukhawk

      Cooper was 8-83yds well off his season avg. He scored 1td in the game and I think Collins expected inside help. Alabama offense was held to 13pts before OT. Collins stopped him numerous times on outside and on redline routes but conceded inside in a game that was one of his first as a starter. He’s young, inexperienced but IMO played Cooper as well as anyone this year. Def wouldn’t call this ownership. IMO Just the kind of outside CB the Hawks look for to develop. My only reservation would be discipline /maturity / weed issues

    • Drew

      Why do you think Richard Sherman wasn’t drafted until the 5th round?

      Pete can do wonders with a raw CB like Collins that has all of the physical tools.

      • arias

        Except if that were true you’d think he would have worked his wonder magic on Tharold Simon. It hasn’t happened.

        Instead of crediting Pete as the cornerback miracle worker, how about recognizing we did get REALLY REALLY lucky with Sherman. Pete knew him from prior history scouting him for USC, and he’s also that rare breed of elite corner that dominated out of the gate. Just for fun I went back and looked at All 22 of his first starts in 2011 and it’s clear he was a prodigy. He held AJ Green to just 11 yards his first game out in spite of getting targeted a ton of times and got a pick six. The next game he kept Dez Bryant catchless whenever Romo tried to go to him in Sherman’s zone. The following game he kept Boldin and Torrey Smith contained on 3 catches.

        That kind of ability is more on him just picking things up really quick. No other late round DB picked things up as immediately as he did his rookie year.

        • Hawkfan77

          So after one season of work Simon is officially a bust? Wow…some fans. Just an absolute ridiculous comment. Lucky for drafting Sherman? Really? Pay closer attention

          • arias

            Not at all, I’m not writing off Simon as a bust. I just think we should expect the normal process of developing late round secondary picks to take a few years before they’re ready since that’s closer to a reflection to how everyone except Sherman has worked out. Sherman was the only exception of the late round DB that was able to step right in and start as a rookie mid way through his rookie year. Even Kam only played sparingly his first year and didn’t blossom until his 2nd season.

            So not much can really be expected of any secondary picks in later rounds this year is what I’m saying. But it’s also reasonable to expect that if they decide to take a corner higher up in the draft, say like an Alex Carter or Collins, they could see the field much sooner. I wouldn’t mind at all seeing them go after a CB with their 3rd pick for this reason.

            Let’s also keep in mind that Simon’s shaky play is also the reason the team felt they needed to go out and sign Cary Williams. If a guy you’ve been developing that was expected to be the next man up ends up falling flat like Simon did in the playoffs last season, it throws a wrench in the whole program because you’re already at the disadvantage of staggering their playing time for a year or two in order to best groom them as developmental a player taken out of late rounds in the first place.

        • williambryan

          Simon has looked very good in my opinion. If you’re calling him a bust strictly because he has been injured so much, that is a more acceptable argument. But even then he was a fifth rounder so it’s hard to call him a bust. It’s clear he isn’t as good as Sherman or even Maxwell but if I were ranking cornerbacks I would have Sherman 1, Revis 2, Browner 3, Maxwell 4, Haden 5, sooooo we shouldn’t be so spoiled to think that the guy opposite of Sherman has to be the second best corner in the league.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            I don’t consider Simon a bust. He’s right on track development wise compared to Maxwell, Thurmond and Lane. They had good and bad in year two as well. Emerged in year 3. I see the same with Simon.

            • Volume12

              Let’s also remember that Maxi was 26 when he became the starter. Simon is only 23.

  21. James

    R2 – Marpet
    R3 – Morse (will require a trade up to earlier in the round)
    R4 – McBride or Montgomery
    ….after that, no clue, but would love to see us grab Conley, WR, then our top CB, Leo and DT….. go John go.

    • Madmark

      63 Marpet

      • James

        I believe Marpet eventually projects to LT. He is 6’4″, just an inch from the ideal, and his arm length, though not elite, is OK; but more important, he has the best feet, the best kick and slide to pick up the speed rushes, of anyone in the draft. Give him a year or two at LG and then I believe he will be ready for LT.

        • hmabdou

          While I really like Marpet, I disagree with your comment about him being a LT. I think the further you move Marpet inside (to guard, and from guard to center), the better a fit he is and the better he will perform. As much as I like him, he’s not a good fit as a tackle (especially left) at the NFL level.

  22. 12th_man_syndrome

    Long time lurker, first time comment (cliche, I know)…Anyway, I was in the ‘anything to get DGB’ camp myself, but the La’el Collins situation, while strange and sad, has the makings of a swing for the fences when you know a BP fastball is coming. This is top 15 talent, and not at a position as likely to bust like WR. This all happened so suddenly, that no team could have reacted today, I get that, but even if we have to go to the top of the second round, that is a small price to pay for essentially moving up to the 15th or so pick in the first, granted with a string attached to it.

    • bigDhawk

      Be prepared to endure a Dez Bryant-like rookie season and a Dez Bryant-like, glacially-slow-to-develop career arc. And that’s on the best case scenario end of the spectrum. It could be a lot worse.

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Same could be said about DGB though. Depends on what position you find to be more of a need.

  23. Johnny

    “With the 63rd pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select…Tony Ruggila, from the Bear Mountain University State!”

    *riots ensue*

    • Steele1324

      I’m ready for it!

      • Johnny

        Would any of else really be surprised if PCJS trades back tho? :/

        • David

          I don’t remember who but someone said something along the lines of “the hawks roster is bursting at the seams with talent so a trade up is more likely then a trade back in the 2nd” which makes sense. while they have holes the hawks have 11 picks so trading back to get 12 possibly 13 might be overkill for a roster that doesn’t have a lot of space with all the redshirting it did last year (E. Pinkins, D. Bailey etc.) I believe the hawks will trade up if not in the second it will be in the other rounds. trading back would be kind of silly but then again ive been surprised by this team before.

          I cant help but feel like Irvin and our 2nd to move up and possibly swapping another mid round pick possibly 4th is going to happen. but again just a feeling. ill be waiting patiently for our pick tomorrow. hate waiting till 4 though for the draft to start ugh!

          • Dawgma

            That was very true…two years ago. We’ve been bleeding talent ever since, and it’s not like the FO knocked the last two drafts out of the park.

  24. EranUngar

    Great work all year Rob, i’m so thankful we have you.

    It may be one of those guys we kept talking about or it may a PRich and Britt pick that sends us to google search.

    In a month we’ll convince ourselves that there is huge potential for those guys. We’ll here great positive rumors from training camps etc.

    When the season starts we’ll have at best 1 starter from this year’s draft class. We’ll find out when we hear how many pounds Bailey brought with him to training camp.

    We have the no. 1 defense in the land and we really need some upgrade at the OL and WR so the first pick will probably be DL…’s the JSPC way…

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man.

      • redzone086

        Rob I just want to say you were the only one with thought out responses and insight last night. Thanks for not swearing on air as well. I also thought it was funny watching. Espn announcers say anyone but this position and then the team would draft the only position it wouldn’t be.

  25. Charles

    What about Gregory if he continues to fall?

    • Steele1324

      Depends on the nature of these mental issues that people are dancing around. He is also being knocked for being underweight.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s falling hard for a reason. I don’t know if the fall ends on Friday.

      • peter

        Pulls out soapbox…..aa a journalist Rob you have got to chuckle at the quality of unsubstantiated rumored and innuendo surrounding Gregory. If teams are concerned because of recency bias about Gregory in regards to Hernandez…pot issues, mental issues/conditions, then come out and say it.

        Dont sit behind “does he have the mental toughness….” The hell is this the fifties? What does that mean? And if Gregory has something extreme (bipolar, personality affect disorder, early signs of schizophrenia,) then His college and family should be getting him son help immediately and well before draft day. If its anxiety/depression both debilitating conditions potentially but mitigated with…physical activity, positive interpersonal connections, possible medication, ostracizing him under the guise that he is not mentally tough enough is the same rub some dirt on it mindset that had Jr. Seau driving off a cliff

        I love football but for all the wife hitting, self-shooting, murder car owning d-bags the NFL employs its ridiculous to have doubts, currently unknown, when someone smokes dope (maybe) to self medicate anxiety (maybe.). Oh and draft Ray in the same draft in the first round a guy already proving he’s a dumbass.

        Soapbox out.

        • Steele1324

          Peter, thanks for that perspective.

          Whatever is the issue with Gregory, situations like these need to be dealt with accurately case by case, not with innuendo and suggestion. There is a stigma attached to treatable mental conditions.

          We need to know exactly what the problem is.

          On the field, Randy Gregory is a beast. He did that in spite of whatever condition he’s got. If any.

  26. Kip Earlywine

    PC/JS’s past draft history has a pretty clear tendency to draft for need in rounds 1-3, then go for projects and luxury picks in rounds 4-7.

    Okung: Immediate Need.
    Thomas: Immediate Need.
    Tate: Immediate Need.
    Carpenter: Immediate Need.
    Moffitt: Immediate Need.
    Irvin: Immediate Need.
    Wagner: Immediate Need.
    Wilson: Immediate Need.
    Michael: Luxury.
    Hill: Immediate Need.
    Richardson: Immediate Need.
    Britt: Immediate Need.

    Even the Michael pick was somewhat of a need pick, as the team’s future with Lynch has long been unsettled and they probably didn’t see Turbin as a future #1 back. They were worried about Turbin starting games in 2013 if Lynch got hurt, and liked Michael’s insane upside as a future bellcow back.

    In my view, no position on defense is an immediate need, except for perhaps corner, and Seattle always drafts corners in rounds 4-7, and this is a remarkably poor corner class anyway.

    On offense, Seattle has some depth/competition needs on OL, but by far their most pressing need is adding some talent at outside WR. Our current pass catching group is stacked in the slot and on short yardage, but severely lacking in the coveted red line area.

    This is a BIG deal, as Wilson inflates his efficiency numbers with stellar results on this deep ball. Last year, his YPA dropped considerably. It’s not hard to figure out why, Jermaine Kearse is hardly a stud WR, but he was far and away our best red line deep ball target last season.

    I think it’s pretty easy to see what’s coming. The 2015 draft is one of the weakest in recent memory, but one of its few areas of strength is its 2nd tier WR group. This group has got some future studs in it for sure, kind of reminds me of the 2nd tier WR group in 2008 (Jordy Nelson, DeSean Jackson, etc). Here’s the thing, this group of WRs is probably going to dry up before Seattle’s #63 pick, which makes things interesting for JS, who is loathe to move up. By contrast, the OL group figures to be about the same talent pool at #95 or even in the 4th round as it will be at #63.

    Hence, the need plus opportunity plus past history makes me think Seattle will go for an outside WR in the 2nd round and they’ll start stockpiling OL in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds.

    If Seattle does stay put, the most logical outside WR option who fits Seattle’s MO and is realistic to last that long is Sammy Coates. Bad hands, one trick pony, to most teams he’s a project. But holy hell is he awesome down the field and on the outside (and after the catch)… this is exactly the kind of player Seattle is sorely lacking in their arsenal. To a lesser degree, Chris Conley is a similar type of guy and makes similar sense for Seattle.

    Personally, I am hoping Seattle deals up for Devin Smith, who I think has some Mike Wallace to his game. Coates and Conley are talented specialists, but will probably never sniff 1000 yards, though they might get to 900 yards on only 45 catches. I am fine with rolling the dice on DGB as I think he’d make defensive coordinators shit themselves.

    I would be very surprised, and maybe even a bit disappointed, if Seattle drafted anything other than WR or OL in the 2nd round. I think the need and opportunity at WR is just way too glaring to ignore. I think there is a reason PCJS were so dialed in during WR drills at the Combine, or heard the rumor about Seattle targeting WR in round one before the Graham trade, or why we keep hearing all those DGB rumors. Even if the DGB rumor is false, it very likely would only be planted to throw us off the scent of a different WR they like even more.

    • Steele1324

      Kip, you are right about the immediate need pattern, thanks for pointing that out.

      On WR, I think there are several good outside WRs, even after #63. They may not have the star reputations, but I think they could fill the needed roles just fine. I really want to see additions of one more tall WR and a deep threat. I like Strong, DGB, Dezmin Lewis for the former, and I am guessing that Vince Mayle will also be an option, Devin Smith, Drez Anderson or Conley for the latter. Funchess and Coates also fit the job description, with question marks.

      • Steele1324

        Pass rusher becomes a pretty immediate need, especially if Irvin and Bennett become problems. And they need Schofield’s replacement ASAP.

        • Volume12

          Great post Kip. I could see WR Sammie Coates.

          • CA

            I would rather see Coates over DGB. I can’t drool over DGB but I saw Coates live and he just stood out. Big fan

    • Hawkfan77

      Kip, that’s a very good and thought out post. The more I think about Coates makes too much sense. I would like a trade up for Smith too, but Coates offers the size that this FO wants IMO. Coates kind of reminds me of a bigger Golden Tate in some ways.

    • Josh

      I was thinking, man this is a great comment who is it….oh Kip, of course it’s great. I would love Devin Smith, but I have a feeling it’s going to be Coates.

    • Madmark

      Good to see you again Kip. I always love your article on 2 guys you like to see Seattle get for me this year it’s.
      Kenny Bell
      Marcus Hardison

    • JeffC

      I wish Kip would write articles on this site again. Then you’d have two great writers feeding our offseason hunger.

  27. Ross

    We should draft the all-red-flag team: DGB in the second, Frank Clark in the third, and La’el Collins on day three. So much risk, but so much upside. Three top fifty guys, two of which we could have seen go in the top twenty or higher without the off -field issues.

    Also known as the Trent Balke method.

    • peter

      “the Trent baalke,”. Is a course for young executives looking to make a name for themselves

  28. Troy

    RD1- Jimmy Graham

    RD2- Dorial Green-Beckham*swap 2nd RD picks and trade a 2016 3rd RD pick to move up

    RD3- Ali Marpet

    RD4- Mitch Morse

    RD4- Tre McBride

    RD4- Adrian Amos

    RD5- Tony Lippett

    RD5- Frank Clark

    RD6- Shaq Riddick

    RD6- Terry Poole

    RD6- Tray Walker

    RD7- Josh Shirley

    • Trevor

      That would be a great draft if it were to happen Troy

    • Eli

      If this draft happen, this would be that epic draft 12s are clamoring for this year. Let’s see, 1-2-3-possiblly 4 starters and excellent quality depth at backup. Come on draft gods make this happen!

      • David

        Love this draft. Every pick.

  29. Volume12

    If it isn’t DGB, I still think it’s DL Mario Edwards,jr. He is a need pick. Another interior pass rusher and can play DE/5-tech. He’s still 21 years old and nowhere near maxed out.

    This kid’s potential is sky high. A 280 lber that moves like him and can do a standing backflip plus good bloodlines?

    He’s absolutely worth a 2nd rounder. And he could replace Bennett in a couple years if not a year. It took Bennett how many years to become this effective? Edwards has more raw potential/talent than Bennett ever did. Former no. 1 consensus recruit in the country.

    Edwards overwhelms blockers, can make plays in space, is a violent, violent tackler, makes plays wih multiple blockers drapped all over him, he’s a tremendous hand fighter. If his only flaw is inconsistency, I’ll take that over bad technique and subpar athleicism any day.

    After all the whole point of the draft is determing/figuring out what guys will potentially be better pros than they are now in college.

  30. David

    I see 3 potentially 4 teams that could go WR in the 2nd (maybe I miss counted so help me out)

    top 3 WR on each team (*i go by career receptions if there is no clear cut top 3 WR)

    (43rd)Browns- Bowe, Hartline, T. Benjamin

    (46th)Niners- T. smith, Boldin, J. Simpson

    (49th)Cheifs- J. Maclin, J. Avant, A. Binns
    *but based off of last year the chiefs don’t throw to the WR that much anyways (kidding)

    (57th) Panthers- K. Benjamin, J. Boykin, P. Brown

    Out of the teams that I believe would go for a WR and with the depth of this years class I can see some (WR) slipping even more to the point where we trade up. I don’t believe the panthers would take DGB but instead go for a stretch the field type (e.g Devin smith or Lockett hell even Coates)

    The niners I could see going with DGB but i think they need more help with their O-line or secondary and not pass up some of the options that could be available to them.

    the chiefs I can see going safety or even TE with Maxx Williams if he is there.

    Only real threat i see when it comes to WR pickings in the 2nd is Cleveland and they could easily go QB with Hundley or Petty depending on whose there.

    feel free to criticize and critique my opinion. so pumped for tomorrow!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Panthers still really need an LT. Bet they thought DEN traded up to snag Humphries, were relieved when they took Ray, and then were crushed when ARI took him. OL may be a deep group in this draft, but rare is the starting LT drafted on Day 3.

      Browns wouldn’t touch DGB with Josh Gordon’s ten foot pole.

      I was thoroughly relieved to see BAL take Perriman. For all the FO said about no DV issues, and for all I argued against it, I truly think they wanted him in R1, but Bisciotti said no. Ditto on OAK but too a lesser extent – I said many times I saw Cooper in silver and black.

      KC remains a possibility, especially considering the geographical association. SF may have other needs, and some decent WRs on their roster. But none of that will stop Baalke from taking him here. Kinda surprised MIN didn’t take Parker, so they could go WR in R2, and they did meet privately with DGB.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Jets at 37. They were projected to take White/Cooper whomever fell. Took Leonard Williams.

      Expect them to take the first WR on day 2. Huge need.

      33. Tennessee. Doubt it. Defense needs lots of help.
      34. Bucs. Nope. Jackson and Evans
      35. Oakland. Nope drafted Cooper
      36. Jacksonville. Not likely. Invested heavily in 2014
      37. Jets. Definitely. Strongest need
      38. Washington. Unknown. Aren’t strong at the position. Lots of holes.
      39. Bears. Nope. Took White
      40. Giants. Nope.
      41. Rams. Unknown. It’s a need, but kind of expect them to go secondary. Scary if they take Landon Collins here.
      42. Falcons. No.
      43. Browns. Possibly.

      Seems Jets will take the first WR. Possible couple others before the mid 40s where I’d expect the next 3 WRs to come off the board.

      • David ess

        Don’t see the jets targeting a WR especially when they have decker and Marshall on ththe team. Not as big a need as other areas on that team.

  31. david ess

    while many will probably disagree with me i would be happy with either Funchess or Dez Lewis and a KR type in this draft like a Stefon Diggs or Ty Montgomery. I think a lot of people have a feeling Montgomery will be a hawk at some point in this draft. hold onto your butts hawks fans because he could be our 2nd round pick, a “reach” maybe but that’s how the hawks pick’em and if you’re shocked tomorrow then you must not have been paying attention to the last couple drafts.

  32. rowdy

    I see a lot of people mock davis to us after his visit but I know they also talked to josh Robinson at the combine and I think he makes so much more sense. If we can come out of this draft with josh david Johnson I would happy. Can’t wait for tomorrow, today was tuff watching all the action knowing the hawks had no cards on the table.

    • peter

      Rowdy….freudian slip? “josh David Johnson,?”. I like josh Robinson quite a bit and would love if David Johnson lasted til the fourth. Either would be fine by me

      • rowdy

        Josh OR David Johnson, Sorry About that

  33. Seahawcrates

    Rob, if the Hawks had never made the Graham trade and the board fell as it did yesterday, I’m curious who would you have picked at 31?

    • Madmark

      I’ll tell I wouldn’t have let Malcom Brown DT go to the Patriots. He was easy a top 20 player that fell into their laps.

    • James

      Based on previous posts, I’m guessing Rob will say DGB?

    • Rob Staton

      Me personally? Eli Harold.

    • vrtkolman

      I was thinking about this and wow that Graham trade looks great! I wasn’t really excited about any of the prospects taken in that range. Agree that I would have taken Malcom Brown.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Malcolm Brown, New England got lucky with a guy that is good against the run and pass rushing.

  34. James

    La’el Collins’ home town must be crawling with NFL security guys by now. Scouts are talking to everyone they know, his HS coach, his friends, any and every one. They may already know that, as he claims, he has a firm alibi for the time of the crime. If he has cleared this initial investigation, some team with risk a draft pick on him.

  35. James

    We all know how unbelievably good the Seahawks would be if a player like Dez Bryant or Julio Jones was added to it. And combine that with Jimmy Graham… wow. So, a good argument can be made to roll the dice on DGB. But be clear what you would be giving to trade up: you are giving up Ty Sambrailo and Chris Conley; or Mitch Morse and Ty Montgomery. If we have to also throw in a R3 from next year, and that could be a quality RB or S? This is a major decision, to pass on adding two potential starters for a WR that may be less than 50/50 to make it? But Pete has shown that he is both willing to gamble, and that he is determined to find his massive SE. Tune in tonight.

    • lil'stink

      DGB isn’t Dez Bryant or Julio Jones, though, but I agree with your point. That 4th rounder we would give up could very well be turned into a solid player who fills a need.

      • Madmark

        You mean the early 4th round because there is definitely a big gap between 112-130. What I mean is if the guy is a evaluate a 4th then 112 is good but for 130 you need a 4 to 5.

      • williambryan

        It could also be turned into EJ Wilson, Kris Durham, or Chris Harper…

    • Bill Bobaggins

      11 drafted rookies aren’t going to make this team. Packaging a couple of picks to get the right guy who CAN make an impact makes more sense, IMO.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m of the opinion that if DGB was 6’2″ tall we wouldn’t even be talking about him till the 4th round. Pretty much everyone who has looked at him has had reservations about his off field behavior and his lack of on field route running knowledge. By the time a team gets him trained up his rookie season will be ending. If he is any good he will expect a big pay check from someone. I doubt there will be any team discount or loyalty shown.

      Players can fall for a lot of reasons, it’s just that his reasons are a lot more numerous then some others. About the only reasons people have for picking him are he is tall and has potential.

      • Miles

        If all of that is legitimate, then he does not justify a trade-up. We can get lots of other players that have potential and have physical tools in the later rounds of the draft, like Conley and Waller.

        But how long could it take for Conley and Waller to develop compared to DGB? Rob said before that it could take three full years for Waller to develop into anything. That means your sort of mortgaging a roster spot for the next three years to hopefully get one good year out of him before he goes after his second contract.

        Maybe we should put it this way; if we draft DGB this year, and concede that he will contribute almost nothing in 2015, but know that he’ll have AJ Green-level talent in 2016, wouldn’t you take him? I would.

        • AlaskaHawk

          If those were the circumstances then then I would take him too. Of course this would all be easier if he had shown those skills in college. Instead we just have a small highlight reel. There are alternatives that do have a solid college career, they just aren’t as tall.

          The thing is, Seahawks need meat and potatoes. They need people to fill in at vital spots on the line. They want gravy, but they don’t need gravy. Now some people would say that you should grab the gravy as quick as you can, because there is only a little gravy to go around a big table. Where as the meat and potatoes is on a big platter, and it will serve everyone. Of course St. Louis also needs a lot of meat and potatoes. And Denver and New England are hungry for meat and potatoes. So just how much meat and potatoes will be left for Seahawks after their picks? The run on left tackles has already gone mid-way through it’s cycle, with the rest getting picked in the second round.

          Man can not live on gravy alone. But it’s mighty tasty while it lasts.

  36. Miles

    Honestly the smartest thing to do is to stay put and draft Sambrailo at 63 if he can fall that far. You can start him at guard now and move him to tackle next year. It is kind of a no-brainer to do that and I’d have no qualms with it.

    But then there’s the totally irresponsible but enticing option of trading up for DGB. When you trade up you are giving away potentially great value picks for an unknown quantity but a potential superstar. It could end up being a significant risk. The only question is do the Hawks feel good enough about this guys physical ability to make a commitment like that? So intruiging.

    • Saxon

      The last two Seahawks draft classes were poor. Our 3 deep depth is suddenly thinning out. We need safe picks that will definitely contribute, not boom or bust players with significant off field issues. There are other talented WRs with size and speed that will be available int he latter rounds that could wind up with better careers than DGB (Montgomery, McBride, Conley, Waller, etc.).Seattle needs to continue to reinforce OL/DL, which is where football games are won.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I think it’s a hard argument to make that Sambrailo (or any other OL drafted in R2) is a win or more better than any available in R4-R6. The individual prospect may be rated higher, may be a better player in the NFL. But one OL rookie making the difference in any single game next year?

      On the other hand, DGB (or any WR with “tilt the field” talent), with one or two spectacular catches, can seal a win on a single play.

      In a draft where they have 11 picks – 9 on Day 3 alone – in a draft so deep at their other position of big need (OL) – I don’t see the irresponsibility in spending some of it to go get the guy who could make a difference.

      Look at it this way, I’d make the same case for someone like Ray if SEA’s big need was EDGE.

      • Madmark

        If you don’t have time to throw the ball and your QBs on the ground it doesn’t make any difference how open a receiver is. The same can be said about running the ball if no one can block it becomes even worse with a stacked box. The war in football is still won in the trench’s.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          And yet SEA made 2 straight SBs with their QB “running for his life”.

          • AlaskaHawk

            They also made two straight superbowls with a largly UDFA receiving corp.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Totally. But which position group can you upgrade MORE in R2?

              In this draft, it’s WR because of DGB, and because the OL position group is so bloody deep.

              • Madmark

                The higher you draft the better talent you get. Morse or Spain which one has more appeal for guard position.

                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  Morse but I think SEA sees him at C.

                  At any rate, if the position is LG, then Spain is preferable because Cable likes size in his LGs and Morse isn’t big enough.

                  My point is you won’t see many difference in SEA’s win/loss record with Spain vs. Morse (or any other OG prospect available in R2).

                  • Madmark

                    I’m just going to say this. This team is built on the run. It you don’t have an OL you can’t run and you sure can’t throw passes to receivers. The worst thing I see is nobody praise this OL during this year. In fact, everyone continually complained about it. Penalties, Can’t stop the pass rush, and just maybe the reason they thru the damn ball was because they weren’t confident enough in the line to get it in. With what was said last year and 4 spots to fill(Scott, Schiling, Ungar, and Carpenter it just Time to give Cable some talent to work with. I don’t want other teams practice squad guys anymore. I want guys with talent to mold into a nasty OL.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    This draft is deep with nasty OLs.

                    You bring up the #1 reason why SEA’s OL is what it is – this team is built on the run. You cannot reasonably expect to find OLs who can run block and pass protect equally well unless you’re wiling and able to shop in R1 (usually HIGH in R1). OLs who can run block and pass protect equally well are the holy grail of OLs. The only position that really deserves such a player is LT. SEA spent an R1 on their LT.

                    RT is also a position where a balanced OL helps. It’s why SEA spent a late R1 on Carp and an R2 on Britt. Neither are as good at pass pro as they are at run blocking.

                    La’el Collins is a great comparison. He’s the only blue-chip OL left, and if he moves inside to LG, he’ll likely be a perennial pro bowler, as good at pass pro as he is at run blocking. In this sense, he’s as much a “tilt the field” OL as there is left in this draft.

                    However, Collins is way riskier of a pick at this point. He might never see the inside of a locker room let alone the playing field.

                  • Madmark

                    We are debating there nothing personnel about it. We have different opinion’s. I understand what DGB if he works out can be. I just not willing to take that risk at this point when I see that the OL needs 2 spots fill, a OT to groom for next year, and 1 guy for depth. Like I said there where 3 guys on the roster that are gone and the depth player we where going to groom had medical problems before camp even started. We gave up 1 of those guys to get a playmaker in Jimmy Graham so there was no way we were going to get a very talented OL guy. The talent is good it’s time to strike here and with the defense getting most of the payroll it would help the Cap situation also.

              • Madmark

                Yes and to get DGB your going to throw a 2nd and a early 4th to get him. when I need a center and a guard. I can get a Morse and Mason with those 2 picks.

                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  Maybe that’s it Mark. “I can get” – don’t make it personal. PC will do what PC will do. Damned be the rest of us.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          To be clear, NO OL can effectively block for RW. He moves too much. And that is by design.

          • hmabdou

            Well, we really don’t want to tempt fate with having Russell running for his life constantly. It’s time to start building an Oline that can protect him. Look how well he threw the ball in the Super Bowl FROM THE POCKET. He had no pass rush on him, and threw very well.

            So that’s what the team needs to do – build that offensive line up.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Interesting. No pass rush with the same crappy OL.

              Also, I remember pass plays where RW had plenty of time, but nobody to throw to because nobody could get open.

              • Jarhead

                This ^^^^^

              • Trevor

                Guys the fact Wilson was passing from the pocket was by design from the Patriots as there defensive line was primarily concerned with setting the edge and containing Russel so he could not get outside where he is most dangerous. Watch the tape guys our OL was ok but when I hear people say they were improved in the playoffs it is primarily because of the defense our opposition played.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          “If you don’t have time to throw the ball and your QBs on the ground it doesn’t make any difference how open a receiver is.”

          There is more than one way to skin a cat.

          Seattle can improve our pass protection in several ways.

          1. Mobile QB. This we have. Wilson’s elusiveness on it’s own masks protection problems
          2. Better receivers. If guys are open, the ball comes out earlier. Seattle’s WR quality is generally kind of poor.
          3. Better pass protectors. Simple enough.

          I do think we’re going to upgrade our pass protection, even with picks in the 4th/5th rounds. I expect Britt to improve significantly in year two. He was developing at a very good rate towards the end of last season. I believe we can at minimum get a even trade with Carpenter’s pass protection. Protection at center should take a step back — but if you are going to sacrifice quality in this regard, that’s the position to assume it.

          I do think we improve our protection the most, by adding WR talent to begin with. And continue that improvement by taking advantage of the excellent OL depth in the draft.

  37. CHawk Talker Eric

    I still think Gurley is the superior prospect, but I bet anything Gordon has the better rookie season. SD’s OL is in a different league than STL.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Gordon wins OROY running behind the likes of Fluker, King and Franklin.

    • Miles

      Well considering that Gurley won’t even get on the field until Week 8 (best case), I’d say it’s pretty near certain that Gordon will have the better rookie year. The Chargers are getting a total stud in Gordon. Guy is a beast, loves football, and you just want to root for the guy. His interview with Suzy Kolber was the best of anyone’s yesterday. He’s just so passionate about football.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I like Gordon more then Gurley. But they will both have the opportunity to be great. As will whoever Dallas picks in the second round.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Yeah that was a little sloppy. I meant proportionally.

        Also, I never thought Gurley could be ROY because of his knee. Wasn’t sure about Gordon. He has lots of competition – e.g., Cooper, White, Winston, Mariota – but now that he’s running for SD, it looks good for him.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I know where I would be tackling Gurley, right at the knee level.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            That’s cold Alaska. Stone cold.

  38. CHawk Talker Eric

    I’d be pretty bummed if I was a Colts fan.

    Not so much the pick itself. I like Dorsett. But the logic behind it (or lack thereof). I remember when SEA had a GM who made total head-scratcher picks, and not fondly.

    • Miles

      The Dorsett pick made no sense to me either. The Colts already have a guy exactly like Dorsett in T.Y. Hilton. I have no idea why they need two receivers that are exactly the same. What are they going to do, run two bubbles screens on each side every play, or two streaks? The pick just made the Colts offense more redundant. It’s a frustrating pick for me, especially when you consider all the holes in the Colts’ defense. It also took another WR off the board which, as a Seahawks fan, was upsetting.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I read this morning that Grigson said Dorsett was the BPA on their board, so they took him.

        This may be harsh, but I can’t imagine a lazier excuse by a GM/HC for taking a prospect than to say he’s BPA. The only time a team can truly go BPA is when their roster is stacked. Ok 1 more situation – where no available prospect can reasonably upgrade the roster at a position of need.

        IND does not have a stacked roster (at least on D). Also, R1 is not a situation where no available prospect could reasonably upgrade their roster.

        • Miles

          I just wish the Colts would suck for one year so people would stop saying that he’s such a good GM. He’s not. He’s terrible.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            They do suck. They just have a great QB.

            • Miles

              Well said. The only reason Grigson gets any credit is because he had to make the super-tough decision to draft one of the best quarterbacks to enter the draft in a decade.

        • purpleneer

          ” The only time a team can truly go BPA is when their roster is stacked.”
          I’d argue the complete opposite. The more stacked your roster is, the less benefit you get from ignoring positional need as redundancy prevents you from utilizing some guys to their fullest. It’s also not like a team could be totally without a spot that could be improved in the current setup (CBA, etc.). Even if you’re in that situation, it should take more than a marginal difference to completely ignore positions and the overall picture needs to be considered. If there are holes everywhere, that player will be free to impact the team the most he can.
          That said, I think they were idiots for taking Dorsett over Brown.

      • Steele1324

        Miles, yes, Dorsett was a redundant pick for the Colts.

        With that same thinking, I sincerely hope the Hawks don’t redundantly draft a receiver who is Baldwin-like.

  39. CC

    I really wish Eddie Goldman would fall to a spot where we could draft him. I like him a lot, but I’m sure he’ll go quickly tonight.

  40. Madmark

    I thought I’d reach to CHawk Talker here. I’m passionate fan but I don’t take things personnel here on this website. I will however give you a debate if I disagree and I will give good sound reasons why I feel the way I do. I’ve never called anyone stupid for the things they say. That’s not me. I don’t always agree with Rob who has more knowledge and insights than I certainly do but I will debate with him if I feel differently. That’s what this websites about. 1WR or 2 OL That was the debate as far as I saw our conversation. Nobody right no one is wrong it’s just a matter of opinion. By giving good sound reasons in a debate I just might get you to see it my way. Whether that happens or not I really don’t care. I like this site because on the other ones guys just don’t give that debate that can change my mind. To many haters on those sites that never bother to read the comments like I do here. I actually like the fact that post here and will continue. Peace brother we all fans of the same team but just differ a little on how we want to make them great.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      My bad Mark. Whatever I was trying to do, calling you stupid was not my plan. My sincere apology if you felt I did.

      I get easily confused whether someone presents what they think WILL happen vs. what they think SHOULD happen. Sometimes the two coincide, often they don’t. Is someone making a prediction or a wish? Clearly I misinterpreted your debate based on your choice of the first person. I respect the position that OL should be the priority in this draft. I’m not at odds with it, even if I think there’s another way to address it besides early.

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