Live blog: 2018 NFL draft (rounds 4-7)

The Seahawks are set to pick eight time today. Here’s today’s open thread. I will be posting thoughts on each pick as they come in and, laptop screen permitting, will do a write-up on the draft overall on the plane later.

R4 (120) — Will Dissly (TE, Washington)
Mike Mayock calls him the best blocking tight end in the draft. I thought he was right up there with Dalton Schultz and Durham Smythe and as a consequence, mocked him to the Seahawks in a number of our seven rounders. He did everything they asked of him at Washington. Switched from D-line to be a blocker. No-nonsense and a coaches dream. This is yet another statement that the Seahawks want to run the ball as a point of focus. We felt running back and tight end would be a priority and they’ve addressed both positions in their first three picks.

Here’s Bob McGinn’s intel on Dissly:

A consensus choice as the best blocking tight end in the draft. “Somebody will take him late because he’s a blocking fool,” said one scout. “There’s no ‘Y’s’ (conventional tight ends) anymore. Everybody plays the spread.” Shifted from DE to TE late in the 2015 season. Adequate size (6-3 ½, 261), below-average speed (4.88) and 35 on the Wonderlic.

R5 (141) — Shaquem Griffin (LB, UCF)
Beautiful news. A fantastic story. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more impressive individual performance than Griffin’s in the Peach Bowl against Auburn. He will be a special teams demon, a heart and soul player and a situational pass rusher. This is the pick everyone wanted to see. I wrote about Griffin being an ideal fit for Seattle in this piece here.

And who could forget this?

R5 (146) — Tre Flowers (CB, Oklahoma State)
At the combine we noted that Flowers looked like a Seahawks corner and like Shaquem Griffin and Will Dissly at times included him in our seven round mocks. He worked out at safety in Indianapolis but during drills just jumped off the screen as a long, lean Seahawks cornerback prospect. Seattle has already announced he’ll be used as corner. This is turning into a great day three so far. He has legit potential to be coached into a starter at corner.

R5 (156) — Michael Dickson (P, Texas)
Considered by many to be the best punter in the draft, Lance Zierlein projected him as a possible third or fourth rounder. Jon Ryan has been a great Seahawk but his performances regressed in 2017. This pick could provide a potential saving down the line. Here’s Bob McGinn’s sources on Dickson:

Three-year regular from Sydney, Australia. “He’s got a heck of a leg,” said one coach. “What’s concerning is he’s Australian and he doesn’t have your typical American punting style. He turns the ball a little sideways. He’s got a tremendous fast leg. You just worry a little bit about him being consistently good. He was fantastic for Texas last year (47.4), and you’ve always got to revert back to the film. He held this year, too.” Finished with a school-record average of 45.3. “He’s the Pineiro of the punters,” said another coach. “He has no idea what he’s doing. He probably has the most upside but also the lowest floor. He will take a ton of refinement but you may have a Pro Bowl punter for a long time.”

R5 (168) — Jamarco Jones (T, Ohio State)
He started at left tackle for a couple of years but his tape was pretty safe and average. There wasn’t too much to get excited about and that showed up at the combine. He only had a 24 inch vertical and he nearly topped five seconds in the shirt shuttle (4.99). That said, he has decent size and 35 1/8 inch arms. He might compete at right tackle or be the sixth O-liner and extra blocker. Bob McGinn’s sources see him purely as a guard:

Apprenticed behind Taylor Decker (Lions) in 2014-’15 before starting at LT in 2016-’17. “Has to be a guard,” said one scout. “Kind of a bad body guy. More of a guard athlete.” Longest arms (35 1/8) of the guards. “I thought he was a guard who could play right tackle in a pinch because he has played left tackle in an elite program and wasn’t terrible at it,” said a second scout. “He’d be an interesting guard because he is athletic. For teams that think he can play tackle, he may be a second-rounder. He’s not strong (18 reps on the bench) but he plays with a pretty good degree of toughness. Doesn’t fit the usual Ohio State offensive line profile but he is talented.” From Chicago (De La Salle).

R6 (186) — Jacob Martin (DE, Temple)
Under the old staff Temple produced some really tough, physical players. Martin is a classic example of that. The Seahawks named him a LEO and he’ll rush the edge. Lance Zierlein compared him to Haason Reddick physically in his bio. He ran a 4.69 but only managed a 1.68 10-yard split at his pro-day. He also jumped a 34.5 inch vertical and had a 10-1 broad jump so he’s explosive if not particularly quick. He had a nice 6.90 three cone. They need a LEO.

R7 (220) — Alex McGough (QB, FIU)
The Seahawks finish their draft by taking a quarterback. It’s only the second time Seattle has drafted a QB in the Carroll era. McGough had a team visit and had some late buzz. He’ll compete to be the backup.

Just about to board the plane but the draft review piece will be up shortly.

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  1. C-Dog

    Safe journey, Rob. Go Hawks!

  2. Scotia Seahawk

    Wonder if they’ll package a couple of those fifths into an extra fourth.
    Either way this is perfect Saturday night tv viewing.

    • SebA

      I was wondering that too. They did specifically say they wanted 10 picks though, so they either don’t move up or move up and later move down.

  3. DC

    If we keep Earl and he walks next off season then maybe we get a R4 comp pick in 2020?
    I’d still consider ET to New England just as a middle finger to everyone else who had the chance to trade for him. R4 looks so good this year I’d take their R4 #105 & a 2019 R2.

    • sdcoug

      Just can’t imagine any comp pick with all the cap space we’ll have. Even if we extend a few guys, have to think there’d still be plenty of room to sign a few guys, likely negating an Earl comp

      • John_s


      • Hawk Eye

        yeah, no real hope for comp pics with 80 mil +/- space next year.
        but I can see them franchising him, it will be for less than he is asking

  4. Cameron

    Question: To my knowledge we still own our natural 4th round pick, so why are we picking 20th in the round? Comp picks are tacked on after the round, and wouldn’t impact 4th round order, so what am I missing?

    To further illustrate my question, it looks like Dallas still has their natural 4th, but is picking 16th in the round.

    • 805Hawk

      I think all the 9-7 teams rotate their order.

      • Cameron

        Interesting, I was never aware of this. Looks like our natural 2nd was 17th in the round, so makes sense.

  5. Ghost Mutt

    I’d be so happy if we took Ian Thomas at 120.

    • Tecmo Bowl


      • Ghost Mutt

        Well that hope was certainly short-lived.

  6. Darth12er

    I feel like we need to start a Go Fund Me to get Rob a new laptop

    • Cameron

      Someone already did. I personally went the route of up’ing my Patreon pledge.

  7. Natethegreat

    I would love Holton Hill or Hercules Mata’afa with pick 120

    • SheHawk

      somewhat interesting not a lot of talk about Hercules. I think teams cant see him on DL in next level — but heck of a player you’d think a good coaching team would be able to use him

    • sdcoug

      I would love “One Bad Mata’afa” in the 5th. His get-off is insane. Doesn’t get enough love

  8. drewdawg11

    Hercules in the 4th? Too rich for my blood considering he doesn’t have a natural position in the league. Too small for DT. Not special enough of an athlete for DE, and he certainly can’t play LB.

  9. Sea Mode

    [Re-posting from the end of last thread.]

    Here’s the link to the full comment on Seahawky CB’s, but I’ll just post the essential to take up less space here in the comments:

    Quenton Meeks, Stanford
    6010, 209, 31.75* arm, 76.25* wing, 4.54 40yd, 4.23 SS, 6.72 3C

    This is the guy I really want to talk about. Why not replace one CB out of Stanford with another? He is 15-20 lbs heavier than the other guys on this list. He jumped 39″ in the vert and 10.67 broad. His SPARQ score puts him at 93.9% in the NFL, tied for 5th best in this CB class. Monster 10.25″ hands.

    Tony Pauline’s scouting report says teams learned not even to test him much. PFF confirms this and adds that he allowed just 3.6 yards after the catch per reception allowed last season.

    Physical and an aggressive tackler, on par with Holton Hill, but without the character question marks. Check this out:

    Stanford Football: Quenton Meeks: Student of the Game

    Isaiah Oliver might have never really been a realistic target for them knowing the limited draft capital they have this year and their history of not taking DBs early. I wouldn’t be surprised if Holton Hill is actually the fallback plan if they miss out on their real target Quenton Meeks.

    Watch out though, he has already been in touch with Richard Sherman getting tips for his college games, he idolizes Sherman, and the 49ers brought him in for an official 30 visit. Raiders had him in on a local visit. Rams met with him at his pro day. Raiders pick at 110, Rams at 111. Both have only taken linemen so far. None of those three teams has taken a CB yet.

    I fear we might have filtered him off of our radar too quickly because of a quarter of an inch. I don’t think the Hawks will have though and I am now holding out hope he lasts to #120. (then we can find a way to get Shaquem after that, of course 🙂 )

    • Trevor

      He would be a great pick and I think he will go early round 4

      • H

        Tbf the order the corners have been taken has been very surprising so far.
        Still cant believe Oliver lasted all the way to the Falcons pick

  10. Natethegreat

    I see him as a pass rushing specialist. I don’t consider round 4 too early for that.

    • drewdawg11

      Perhaps. I think at this point it’ll be interesting to see if Hurst continues to fall as well.

  11. Omar

    I would love for them to get
    120- Shaquem Griffin
    141- Josh Sweat
    146- Holton Hill
    156- Jamarco Jones
    168- Durham Smythe
    186- Poona Ford
    220- Nick Bawden
    226- Kyle Allen

  12. Lewis

    So much for Thomas…

  13. SheHawk

    OK there goes our TE favorite Oh well still some left – especially blocking TEs Dissley in the 5th

    • mister bunny

      Oh, sorry, did you mean to say “in the 4th”? 😉

  14. drewdawg11

    I still would rather take Dissly later on.

  15. Volume12

    There’s a parrot for TB that’ll be reading off their draft pick? What even is this league?

    • Trevor

      That is classic !

  16. SheHawk

    I love the parrot idea — the US curling team…. Super cool. Not as many fans this morning -at least its going faster 120 will et here sooner

  17. sdcoug

    I just get a feeling someone will snipe Griffen before 120.

  18. Volume12

    That’s a low-key 🔥 move for Houston. Pair him with Fuller and Nuke?

  19. Sea Mode

    My last minute day 3 mock before any of my guys get taken:

    Trade 146 and 156 to NYJ for 109. They need more picks. We get ahead of OAK and LAR, both of whom met with our CB target.

    R4 (109) — CB Quenton Meeks, Stanford
    R4 (120) — LB Shaquem Griffen, UCF
    R5 (141) — CB Nick Nelson, Wisconsin
    R5 (168) — TE Chris Herndon, Miami
    R6 (186) — DB Tony Brown, Alabama
    R7 (220) — DT Poona Ford, Texas
    R7 (226) — WR Keith Kirkwood, Temple

    Lets. Go. Hawks!

  20. SheHawk

    JS needs to move up and get him then Unacceptable to miss this oppty in my humble opinion

  21. SheHawk

    Maybe NE take Luke?? – as much as I hate to see it Its a great fit for him

  22. House

    120. Shaquem Griffin (LB, Central Florida)
    141.Tim Settle (DL, Virginia Tech)
    146. Durham Smythe (TE, Notre Dame)
    156. Quentin Meeks (CB, Stanford)
    168. Hercules Mata’afa (LB, Washington State)
    186. Leon Jacobs (LB, Wisconsin)
    220. Cole Madison (OT, Washington St)
    226. Dimitri Flowers (FB, Oklahoma)

  23. drewdawg11

    I think I would love Tim Settle, but there’s no way he falls to us, is there…?

  24. Volume12

    Seattle still has to get a speed rusher. Maybe Ade Aruna?

  25. Jason

    I would like to see a run on rb now.

  26. Volume12

    I don’t love what Cleveland has done with all that draft capital. Mayfield and Ward at 1&4? Callaway in the 4th? No thanks.

    Chubb and Corbett are nice. Nothing spectacular IMO.

    • vrtkolman

      Callaway isn’t going to make it in this league.

    • Trevor

      I think their draft has been a mess. They have two pro bowl G then take Corbet? Do they think he is an OT? They sign Hyde then draft his Clone in Chubb.

      They could have had Darnold, Bradley Chubb then a CB like Oliver in Rd #2.

      I would give them a C based on that.

      • Rob Staton

        Corbett could play tackle.

    • Matt

      This is what I love about the draft – I absolutely love Cleveland’s draft. I think they drafted attitude and winners, which is what it is going to take to get them out of the pit.

      I think they drafted 4 (eventual) high end starters with their first 4 picks. I think Ward is incredible, simply incredible. His movement skills are absurd and he is a really level-headed kid.

  27. Volume12

    As speculated, this 4th round is loaded! Good lord

    • Volume12

      Denver might be having the best draft so far in my eyes.

      • Lewis

        Tampa and Giants too

      • teejmo

        It helps when the Browns keep picking before them.

        • Volume12

          Haha. This made me chuckle way more than it should but you ain’t wrong

      • Volume12

        Giants say hi

  28. SheHawk

    Like the speed but 120 cant get here fast enough. Seems this is where everyone is grabbing “their guy” that they may know from nearby school or someone they’ve been keeping in back pocket.

    Settle & Hurst medical must be spooking folks but they have their own doctors…

    • Lewis

      Yeah, I’m thinking Hurst has to come off the board soon. He and Green could form a combo for years to come.

  29. Sea Mode

    Noooo, my TE!

    • Trevor

      Your guy Herndon went earlier than people expected. Tough kid who is going to be a really good pro.

    • Dave

      Are you talking about Herndon?

  30. SheHawk

    We made it past the redskins – thank goodness but 120 is still too far away watch for Luke to NE its gonna happen

  31. vrtkolman

    Finally the Raiders make a good pick.

    • Trevor

      Agree 100% Nelson is a flat out baller. I liked him a ton.

  32. Trevor

    I pray the Rams don’t end up getting Sweat then he ends up being healthy.

  33. SheHawk

    Clearly Cable didnt have anything to do with the that last Raider pick. We still have some good CBs out there

  34. vrtkolman

    Meh pick, thank you Rams

    • Rob Staton

      Really ‘meh’. Thought he’d be an UDFA.

      • Cameron

        That’s what I like to hear! 🙂

  35. Volume12

    Cincy got a stud

    • vrtkolman

      Yep Walton is a beast.

  36. Volume12

    A bunch of TEs left, handful of speed rushers, some damn good DBs. Should be interesting too see what direction Seattle goes here. Could be another position altogether

  37. SheHawk

    Im channeling to hoodie — pick the COUG!

  38. SheHawk

    Before Brady it was a coug — Drew Bledsoe. Very symmetrical to go back to the Palouse for the next pats QB

  39. Volume12

    Steal for Denver. Love, love, love their draft.

  40. Kavu

    Maybe this should be re-considered as Yikes.

  41. SheHawk

    oooo traded back — Lions besst not be jumping up for Griffin

  42. Morgan

    Surprised the Hamilton lasted so long, surprised (and a little miffed) that Apke went so early.

  43. Volume12

    Did Nyheim Hines go yet?

    • Coleslaw

      Yes.. sadly

    • Coleslaw

      Colts got him at the beginning of the day

      • Volume12

        How the hell did I miss that?!?

    • teejmo


  44. Coleslaw

    Wyatt Teller yalllll

  45. Morgan

    I could totally see the Bucs taking Griffen. Their draft is too good as it is.

    • Coleslaw

      I could see it. I think the go LB or safety, those are their biggest needs. They don’t have a real starting FS or SS though, so that’s my guess.

      • Morgan

        Good call! I was afraid they we’re gonna homer since St. Petersburg is just a boatride across the bay.

  46. SheHawk

    Jerry will take a TE

    • Volume12

      Maybe Hurst? They like the red flag medical guys

    • drewdawg11

      5 more picks… assuming they don’t go off the rails with some obscure pick, they’ll have someone who was either rated much higher or Griffin.

  47. C-Dog

    Come on Shaquem the Dream. Alternatively, give me Tim Settle, or Quenton Meeks.

  48. SheHawk

    Of course Buc in Florida they know him JS go up and get him

  49. Volume12

    Gil Brandt is the guy every member of NFL draft media wish they were

    • Volume12

      Great pick Dallas. I like their draft too

      • Morgan

        So mad they got Michael Gallup.

        • Volume12

          That’s an under the radar move that’ll pay huge dividends for them. He might be the toughest receiver I watched, and I didn’t watch them all of course, in this class.

    • Lewis

      He’s the best is what he is

  50. SheHawk

    God please let the bucs take someone other than our guy

  51. Volume12

    Disappointed. I thought the parrot was making the pick.

  52. Volume12

    JS on the phone

  53. Coleslaw

    Wow I love the Bucs draft. They legitimately have filled so many holes while splashing on Vita Vea…
    They came Thursday needing a starting RB, OG, CB, CB, FS, SS, OLB
    Now they only need SS and OLB, and they added Vita Vea to compete with the Rams for the best Dline in the NFL.
    And I’d say the Bucs are better.

    • Coleslaw

      They just became one of the most complete teams over 3 days.

    • Lewis

      Yeah, when you use one pick to get Vea and 2 second round picks…that’s just nuts.

  54. Volume12

    Of course. Ozzie couldn’t resist could he?

  55. Donuts!

    Most disappointing parrot ever?

    • Volume12


  56. House

    SEA’s pick is already in

  57. Volume12

    Yeah! Love it.

  58. House

    Will Dissily

    • Lewis

      Had a feeling.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        YASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Iron Will!!!!!

  59. drewdawg11


  60. Coleslaw

    Finally got our Zach Miller replacement. LOVE it. Not a reach.

  61. vrtkolman

    STELLAR PICK! Best blocking tight end in the draft.

  62. EP

    Probably the most consensus pick on this site. Maybe a bit early

    • Lewis

      Maybe, but Herndon and Thomas had already come off the board this round already and I suspect they feel there was a significant difference between Dissly and the next tier of guys like Schultz/Smythe/Izzo or they would have waited a round

  63. SheHawk

    OMG I cant believe we could have waited — what Im happy Love my Dawgs but c’mon man get our guy

  64. Matt

    Will Dissly in R4? Jesus…

  65. hughmungusfan

    very early

    • hughmungusfan

      Could have gotten Holton Hill and Shaquem Griffin before Dissly but would much rather have gotten Schultz.

  66. C-Dog

    Dissly. Wow. They are definitely committing to the run in 2019.

  67. BradCanuck

    Mayock says Dissly is best blocking TE by far.

    This is exciting but I can’t stop thinking about that poor parrot going Home and seeing the look of disappointment on his children’s faces:(

    • sdcoug

      Lol. Just not ready for the big stage yet. Parrot shoulda stayed in school another year.

  68. AlaskaSouth

    Dissly is a stud. Has only played TE for two years and isn’t close to his potential yet.

  69. peter

    i assume its because of his blocking right? like the pick but seattle still needs catching weapons

    • Volume12

      Didn’t allow one pressure in pass blocking

      • peter

        thanks low key like the dawgs but watch other late games. appreciate the take

  70. Morgan

    D’oh. Much preferred Schultz or Smythe if they were going TE, but whatever. If we totally miss out of Griffen I’m going to boo Dissly whenever he’s on the field, lol.

  71. Ed

    Would have preferred Settle/Hurst/Griffin. Think Dissly could have been had in the 5th

    • Greg Haugsven

      Agreed, like the pick but to early. I was just waiting for Griffin to be called.

    • Lewis

      Miami just took Smythe. Still think so?

    • Del tre

      Getting those three would be huge. It’s conceivable we could have all 3 still. Go Hawks

    • Del tre

      Getting those three would be huge. It’s conceivable we could have all 3 still. Go Hawks I’m beyond excited!

  72. Trevor

    Well there is our run blocking TE.

    So to fix the run game

    -New OC
    -New OL coach
    -Nasty Run block RG Fluker
    -1st round RB Penny
    -Best blocking TE in draft.

    No one can say they have not tried.

    • Volume12

      Ed Dickson is a very solid run blocking too

      • Trevor

        Yeah I forgot to add Dickson. We are going to see old school pound the ball in the run game and deep passing this year I think.

    • Bayahawk

      Believe me, they’ll find a way to claim the Seahawks ignore the run game.

  73. Volume12

    Seattle scouted the PAC 12/West coast schools this year with a fervor and this draft is showing why.

  74. Misfit74

    Rob nails another one. Nice. Bonus points – ex-Husky.

  75. vrtkolman

    That’s why we took Dissly in the 4th. He was Miami’s guy.

    • Lewis

      Seems that way.

  76. SheHawk

    JS needs to meet up — Ive had way to much coffee and cant watch this if we dont get Griffin –
    My sister and I were planning to get their numbers — its football / family and he is so about everything Pete stands for – trade up JS PLEASE

  77. drewdawg11

    Don’t sleep on Will
    As a pass catcher. He didn’t see the ball a lot, but soft hands and not a slug out there. Watch the 4th quarter of the Utah game. Carried people on his back to get inside the 5 when they were driving to tie the game. I can’t remember ever seeing him flat drop a ball. I love him. He’s a better blocker than Schultz and Smythe and he’s got better hands, most likely.

    • Volume12

      It’s an awesome pick. It’s not too early either when you look at the cluster of TEs that have been coming off the board this round.

  78. Morgan

    Now lets see how we think should go in the 6th-7th rounds so we can better guess our picks in the fifth round.

  79. HawksBill

    I like the pick, he also catches well. I didn’t feel they the Huskies threw to him enough.

    • mister bunny

      Good hands, but slow as molasses.

  80. Trevor

    Feel bad for Hurst that heart condition must be serious. Really sucks go guys like him and Sweat who’s medicals just don’t meet the mustard.

    • drewdawg11

      Trevor, I feel ya on that one. Guys like Calloway will always get more of a chance than they deserve because they are healthy and talented. By all accounts, those other players are good kids who work hard and don’t deserve to have their careers derailed. I never even heard what happened with Settle.

  81. drewdawg11

    I think we should trade up and get either Griffin, Settle, or Hurst.

  82. Trudy Beekman

    Didn’t we just draft one of these JAG TEs in Vanett that offers zero in the pass game? We also signed Dickson who is another JAG that has shown competence in the passing game as well as being an excellent blockers by all accounts. How many TEs do they plan on having out there blocking? If only we would invest in some of the best blockers on the O Line….

    • drewdawg11

      Watch him play. He’s not Jimmy Graham, but he’s so much better than Vannett. He’s got soft hands and can make plays when given the chance. He doesn’t play above the rim, but he’s solid. The blocking alone is worth drafting. We have missed Zach Miller and he’s got that type of run game impact if not better.

      • Trudy Beekman

        Marcedes Lewis, Brent Celek, Julius Thomas, Mychal Rivera, Anthony Fasano, and others are available to come block for probably near the vet minimum. TE is also one of the longest developments because a guy has to learn how to block like a tackle and run routes like a WR. A guy we just spent a 3rd rounder on is coming into the window where he might start being productive, plus we have a really solid guy in Dickson that is likely to start all year. It just seems like a low value position as evidenced by the contracts handed out to blocking TEs, it takes forever to develop these guys, and we have 2 guys ahead of him that we have already invested in that I doubt he jumps for at least 2 years. Our roster isn’t one without holes, and blocking TE was already stacked on our roster.

    • SheHawk

      Dissley is not a JAG tight end –and he can catch Is great. Also from Montana you may want to avoid that state for awhile

      • Trudy Beekman

        JUST – 19th Percentile SPARQ athlete
        A – 25 (!) receptions over last 2 years for 336 total yards
        GUY – “Great Blocker” – Mike Mayock

  83. Natethegreat

    Why oh why do we always reach for our picks? Guys we could easily pick two rounds later.

    • Trevor

      They have the guys they want and then pick them based on their own board .

      • Volume12

        Nailed it. Seattle is the perfect example of why I don’t put a ton of stock into what or where the sources and scouts say and have a guy ranked. Seattle don’t put together a board based on draftscout, Pauline,, CBS, etc.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It feels like they just want to make sure they get the player they want. I agree you could of probably got him later but Im guessing they just didnt want to leave the draft without him and didnt want to risk it.

    • Lewis

      Why do people always think a pick is a reach when it isn’t the guy they wanted? You don’t know what their board looks like. Say what you will about their evaluation for players taken early, but they’ve done pretty damned well with guys taken in day 3.

    • FuzzyLogic

      I suspect they more about where players are going to be taken than we do.

      • jdk

        The appeal to authority lost its edge a while ago in the mediocrity of recent drafts.

      • SheHawk

        Agree and lots of TEs gone – they picked the one they wanted. Its really not fun to have our picks so spread out. I say we go back up — too many division teams btw now and our next pick

    • EBurgz

      How could you possibly know that? Crystal ball?

      You do realize that mock drafts don’t dictate how these nfl teams and their evaluators/decision makers see these guys. It’s only a reach if he turns out to suck and other guys drafted after him don’t suck. Time will tell. They had their pick of Shultz, Smythe, Wells and others and they picked Dissly.

    • Shadow

      You never know how other teams have a guy ranked. Just because mock drafts have a guy going later doesn’t mean he’d be available later. Hell, who thought Ito Smith was a fourth rounder? But that’s where the Falcons just took him.

    • Trudy Beekman

      It’s not so much that it’s a reach per se, just that we already have 2 superior players on the roster that do the exact same thing, and there are 5+ free agents that are already developed that could be had for the vet minimum to do the exact same thing. Which is ride the pine for at least the next 2 years and then we have him on a 4th rd rookie contract (yay!) which saves us ….. maybe 500k a year over a vet. Sooo….. good pick?

  84. Trevor

    How is Quenton Meeks still on the board. What an I missing?

    • Volume12

      Was always a day 3 guy.

      For his size teams didn’t like his strength of his ability to jam/press according to one of his own tweets.

      • drewdawg11

        Yeah, I have to agree on Meeks. Solid player, but I spectaculr and plus he was hurt a little bit last year and he seems to get dinged up more than usual. He’s a guy who makes the roster and possibly he’s into the top 3 corners on the roster some day.

      • Trevor

        Thanks Vol I was wondering what I was missing. Meeks and Hill just look like NFL CBs to me on tape.

    • Rob Staton

      Lots of really good players still on the board. Good for us. We have four picks in R5.

  85. chris

    awesome pick! they are definitely commited to the run game this year.

  86. EBurgz

    Well. Asked rob yesterday who was the best run blocking tight end left on the board. I thought it was Shultz but I guess it’s Dussly. Stoked on the pick. No more having to pass on the 1 hard line hopefully.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Dissly is 265 and Schultz is 245. Guessing this might have gone into there thought process? That extra 20lbs will help blocking in the NFL.

      • Trevor

        Dissly is the best run blocking TE and it is not close. He is great not good blocking TE.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Plus Dissly’s arms are 2 inches longer.

      • EBurgz

        Good point!

    • Cameron

      Also no T-rex arms with Dissly (both Smythe and Schultz under 32″ arms).

      • vrtkolman

        Great point there

      • Greg Haugsven

        Good Job Cameron you beat me…lol

      • EBurgz

        Nice observation. Got to have those long arms to block.

  87. chris

    in all honestly none of really know when a guy should be picked. the gm’s know way more than we do.

    • Lewis


    • Volume12

      There ya go

    • Cameron

      Thank you for saying it!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Well days 1&2 are usually pretty straightforward. Most teams agree on rounds 1-3

      Sucks we don’t get any medical grades or real interviews or all22 footage

  88. Jason

    Lot of guys discussed here still available. 5th round could be gold. JS needs to get a quick review of Rob’s work over the last few months.

    • Trevor


      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, they should be able to stock up in the 5th with the 4 picks.

  89. Trevor

    This round has fallen perfectly for Seattle I think so far. Going to be a ton of talent in Rd 5.

  90. Coleslaw

    C’mon Hawks Wyatt Teller at 141 then Shaq at 146!

    • Greg Haugsven

      Still have Leon Jacobs, some of those DT’s, Christian Campbell or whatever corner thy like. Tons of guys left.

  91. Volume12

    Thing I like about the Dissly pick even more? It helps Rashaad Penny. You can move Dissly into the backfield now on occasion and certain looks.

    • Lewis

      True. Oh wow, Ito in the 4th…

      • Volume12

        Their backfield is crazy loaded. Whew!

    • Trevor

      I love that pick. We wanted a run blocking TE and we got the best in this draft by a wide margin. He is an under rated athlete in the pass game as well.

      • Lewis

        And very new to the position still as a passer.

        Maybe we add St. Brown in the 5th?

      • Trudy Beekman

        Last year he had 21 catches for 289 yards, which was about 10% of the Washington pass offense, which is about 19th percentile as far as TE production as a percentage of overall team passing offense. He’s a 19th percentile SPARQ athlete. He is a great blocker.

        What is to say that a superior athlete can’t develop that skillset? Dissly is going to need time to develop his blocking in the NFL as well, because TE has one of the steepest learning curves in the NFL, with players taking 3 years on average to produce. He has bottom 20th percentile athleticism, and hasn’t shown anything in the pass game (25 career catches in 16 games … 1.6 per game). If your argument for his development as a pass catcher is that he is new to the position, that is my argument as to why he will not fire in the NFL. He’s a bad athlete who has never produced at the college level.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Yeah really never was in love with the player and not too enthused with the pick.

          I was targetting a lot of seam splitters

    • HawkfaninMT

      Experience at FB? Or just basing off his size/athleticism?

      One thing I remember from the MRob/Beastmode Days was a NFL special where they talked about how in sync the two were. That MRob was Beadts eyes. Their footwork from the snap was identical… was really cool to watch

      • Volume12

        Just basing off his size, athleticism, and the fact Rashaad Penny was virtually unstoppable running behind a FB/Hback

  92. Coleslaw

    Why would Atlanta take a RB Freeman or Coleman free agents soon or something?

    • drewdawg11

      If they don’t want to pay Coleman along with Freeman, possibly a replacement.

      • Morgan

        And Ito Smith is pretty good. An upgraded Jacquizz Rogers.

    • peter

      what are they doing this draft…..its not a failure per se but they have needs and ridley/ smith arent filling them

  93. drewdawg11

    Getting antsy… just trade up… honestly, it feels like Jacobs will be there in round 5. I’m also thinking a second running back wouldn’t stink. We do need a few things, (wr options dwindling).

    • Volume12

      2nd is a high possibility. Rumor today was Seattle may be thinking of making Mike Davis a hybrid FB

      • Volume12

        * 2nd RB

      • vrtkolman

        Could be their Derek Coleman replacement. FB that can catch.

        • SheHawk

          YES I love Coleman — Tough as heck and can catch too. I am thinking if he doesn’t get drafted he’s a great UDFA

    • peter

      udfas i think for wr. carrington, kirkwood…though i see him drafted w/ extra 6th…..

      • Volume12

        Carrington would be the ideal WR in ’round 8′ wouldn’t he?

        You’d get one of your Utah guys as well. 😉

        • peter

          they are the bad news bears for me

  94. Misfit74

    Still want Sweat, Crosby, Hurst but man those medicals must look like the Chinese embassy.

    • peter

      i say stay away from all that. go ford, settle, okoronkwo

      • EBurgz

        Okoronkwo still available?!?

    • Volume12

      I really like Crosby. Sloppy body and inconsistent but man when he’s on he’s on.

  95. FresnoHawk

    We’re getting great players, while filling needs! Rob you’ve been over the target the whole draft. Very happy with Will Dissly TE. We’re set up real good in round 5 with round 6 & 7 for desert. Glorious draft so far. Maybe we get that future All Pro Punter the Aussie.

  96. FuzzyLogic

    Excellent pick. Dissly will make more of an impact overall than J. Graham did for us. Rashaad Penny is also excellent at running behind TE’s with patience. Stoked about this!

    • Volume12

      Wouldn’t surprise me if Dissly is used as an H-back

      • Lewis

        Was wondering that too. He has the mentality. A bit tall for that or no?

        • Volume12

          A little bit yes. They could always design a certain package for Dissly though.

  97. FuzzyLogic

    I think we still end up getting Griffin in the 5th.

  98. chris

    how does dissley compare to Zach miller speed wise?

    • Cameron

      Virtually identical 40 times. 4.87 Dissly vs 4.89 Miller.

    • Coleslaw

      Dissly ran a 4.87 Miller ran a 4.89

    • Greg Haugsven

      Zach Miller

      3 cone…7.01

      Will Dissly

      3 cone…7.07

      • Greg Haugsven

        Almost Identical across the board.

  99. chris

    if we cant run the ball next year it wont be through a lack of trying or resources.

    • Trevor

      That’s for sure when Pete says something is a focus he is not messing around they go all in trying to fix it. Love it!

    • drewdawg11

      Just think if we had someone found a way to pull Hernandez as welll… (sigh) Pocic has better be eating steaks 3 times a day and living in the weight room.

  100. Trevor

    Sweat and Hurst must have failing medicals league wide. Sucks for those kids.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Yes it does, all the talent in the world. Worth a 5th rounder though I would imagine. I would take either one of those guys.

  101. drewdawg11

    Sweat should be off of their boards. If he can only practice once a week, that’s a no-go for a rookie. That sounds degenerative. When I was at Central Washington University, before I transferred back home to UW, they had a power back named Dan Murphy. He was a best, and he got scouts at his games. He had really bad knees, though. The Cowboys signed him as an UDFA, and he was psyched. They learned that his knees wouldn’t allow him to practice. They wanted to make him into a fullback and he would have had a legit shot… but if you can’t practice, you can’t make the team. It also prohibits participation on special teams. If sweat is there in round 7, sure. I wouldn’t touch that situation if it’s not going to heal up.

    • BradCanuck

      Agreed. Big shame. If he can’t practice he may be udfa.

    • teejmo

      And just when you type this up, he goes to Philly

  102. BradCanuck

    Hey friends, I don’t want to be spammy, but I started a gofundme to support Rob on his new laptop quest. I don’t have the Seahawks following that you all do, so if you’d like to share it on your Twitter feed or with your friends that read the blog please do. I don’t have the Seahawks following that you all do, so if you’d like to share it on your Twitter feed or with your friends that read the blog please do. A very worthy cause for da best in da biz.

    I will probably post this again when the blog picks up again post draft so it gets more eyeballs.

    (Trevor, Volume12, Kenny etc. You have more clout on this blog than I ever will. So please feel free to promote) thanks everyone 🙂

    • Trevor


    • Volume12

      If I had extra coin to spare Is chip in as well. It’s tough taking care of my little brother who has MS as it is.

      • drewdawg11

        Hey, that’s tough but good on you, man.

        • BradCanuck

          I’m sorry to hear that Volume12 family first, always.

          For anybody else, every little bit is worth it for this incredible entertainment.

  103. vrtkolman

    I thought the 49ers got rid of Baalke?

  104. Trevor

    Rob when we started this off season you said the Hawks primary focus would be to fix the run game. Well you nailed that because almost every offensive move they have made this offseason has been to do just that.

    • Morgan

      Carroll also said they wanted to get faster team-wide. SF is putting on a clinic in that regard with Pettis\Warner\Moore. Yikes.

      • vrtkolman

        Gotta compete with the Rams.

  105. Lewis

    Settle, Griffin, St. Brown, and Hill in 5th?

    • Coleslaw

      12 million times YES

    • Trevor

      That would be absolutely incredible! Those guys alone would be a good draft class.

    • Cameron

      Meeks over Hill please! 🙂

      • Lewis

        If Meeks is their guy, he’s there in the 6th or 7th, I think.

    • Trevor

      Lewis now I am going to be so bummed when that doesn’t happen. Nice post

      • Lewis


  106. Cameron

    Kinda nervous about Rams’ back to back picks.

  107. Cameron

    There goes Sweat.

  108. Greg Haugsven

    Josh Sweat to the Eagles, good place for him to go

    • Volume12

      Great place. Their D-line is scary good. Bennett, Fletcher, Graham, Jernigan, and now Sweat?

      • vrtkolman

        Sweat is a major wild card though. Good chance he doesn’t amount to much.

    • Hawk Eye

      not for us…

  109. Lewis

    Medical and red flags starting to come off the board, it seems

  110. Trevor

    Anyone else excited to see who we get as UDFA? I think PC/JS get back to making that a huge focus this year and will give the guys they bring in a legit shot.

    • Lewis

      Hell yes.

    • Volume12

      Me. I love UDF A aka Round 8 just as much as the rounds themselves.

      • Trevor

        Me too and they have gotten away from it the last two years. I think this year Pete and JS are going to be working the phone lines hard.

    • AlaskaSouth

      I think our late round picks and UDFAs have a much better chance of becoming starters with the roster more in flux now. Should be exciting to see who stands out and becomes a legit contributor.

  111. Volume12

    Dissly has only played TE for 2 years and already this good at run blocking?!? Man that’s incredible.

    • Cameron

      I’d call that “coachable”!

  112. Volume12

    I like Miami’s backfield. Ballage and Kenyon Drake is exciting as hell.

    • Coleslaw

      And Damien William’s. That’s a nice group.

    • teejmo

      Revenge of the College Back-ups?

  113. drewdawg11

    Plus he started out on the DL at UW. He did play TE in high school, though. However, the competition in Montana wasn’t all that special.

  114. Greg Haugsven

    Okoronkwo still out there as well.

    • vrtkolman

      I think he’s a lock to the Rams.

      • Trevor

        I agree

  115. Trevor

    Sweat to the Eagles is a case of the rich getting richer. If he can stay healthy he is going to be really good. Their DL rotation is so deep they can red shirt him for a year so he gets right health wise.

    • peter

      been thinking this for a moment but why the low praise for seattles line. jones, reed, green, clark. thats pretty good.

      like the eagles line but they are getting up in age adding bennet while seattle now is trending youthful.

      • peter

        forgot the rubble pile find of jordan as well

  116. Coleslaw

    Perfect place for Sweat. Can’t practice? No worries, just line him up on Sunday as a sub package speed rusher and let him go.

  117. sdcoug

    I love the Dissly pick and I usually hate all huskies lol.

    This is what we’ve been missing for 3-4 years, and I think it will have a large impact on our running game and pass-pro.
    A Blocker who plays TE, not a TE who tries to block.

    • Lewis

      And he can learn from Dickson for a year.

  118. Jason

    WR run?

  119. Volume12

    I like how JS, not our GM, the ‘draft guru’s is out requesting what random scouts from anonymous teams think of guys we’ve drafted as if their ranking holds more water than Seattle’s scouts. You know, the team actually making the picks.

    • Volume12

      * retweeting not requesting

    • Trevor

      Unbelievable really but typical.

  120. Trevor

    The additions on offense this year all just seem like good people and true team guys. No big outspoken or Alpha dog characters. I wonder if that has to do with Russ


    • peter

      good way to look at it. plus……pete wasnt joking at all about running the rock

  121. peter

    re: udfas

    the predraft visits this year were about two things. is you injury horrible and more important, come to seattle as an udfa and you have a shot at pmaying fir real.

  122. Volume12

    The Rams better not take Griffin

    • Coleslaw

      Theyd be hated so much. That would be a low blow.

    • vrtkolman

      They desperately need linebackers

      • Lewis

        orokonkwo and Holland still there as well

        • HawksGal

          Would love Ogbo Okoronkwo, I also don’t want to miss out on Shaq!

        • Volume12

          On man. Forgot about Marquis Haynes too

      • Volume12

        Which is why he might be a possibility. And we know how much of a premium they place on STs

    • Trevor

      He would be a good fit. They need a nickel pass rusher.

    • Lewis

      Trade to Carolina…

  123. Trevor

    Why did they invite Shaq Griffin to the Green room. He was never going in Days 1 or 2.

    Love the player and want him as a Hawk but having him in green room was not the right move.

    • Rob Staton

      They wanted to tap into ‘the story’.

      They saw how everything went viral when he ran that forty. And didn’t want to miss out. Sad but likely true.

      • Trevor

        I get that but making the kid sit there for 4 rounds does not seem right.

        • Rob Staton

          I agree. I’m agreeing with you. Just noting why the NFL invited him. They want their ‘viral’ moment, rightly or wrongly. Social media is a pain in the ass.

      • FuzzyLogic

        Agreed. Low blow. They just want more viewers. Griffin is above all that nonsense though.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Yeah if you guys listen to him, he’s over the moon.

          He wasn’t sure if he could even play football.

          They gave him an xbox and he’s gonna get drafted

    • Lewis

      Agreed, and I think it is exploitative. He’s only there because he is missing a hand. But the kid doesn’t seem to mind, so good on him.

      • Trevor

        I just want him to go to Seattle. Be a special teams star and get 4-5 sacks next year as a situational pass rusher.

    • Donuts!


      • AlaskaHawk

        Apparently he has used the time to sign a few agreements with corporate sponsors. He might have an interesting angle in advertising products.

  124. vrtkolman

    What are the Rams doing?

    • teejmo

      Ignoring the middle of the field. Be grateful.

    • Volume12

      Going boom or bust. This could all blow up in their face.

      • vrtkolman

        I’m loving it

    • peter

      in general….

  125. drewdawg11

    4 picks to go… we have two picks within 5 of each other too. Need to pull a LB and a DL.

  126. Misfit74

    Crosby, Jamarco Jones, Teller
    H. Hill, (Campbell, Meeks, Kelly)
    G. Avery, LEO

  127. Volume12

    There goes Haynes. Good pick for Carolina.

  128. vrtkolman

    Great pick by Carolina. Undersized but he can redshirt. Hall redshirted last year.

  129. Producehawk

    They are talking up Griffen on the NFL channel. Crap.

    • Producehawk


  130. FuzzyLogic

    Here comes Griffin. I bet with our next 2 picks. Come on JSPC! We need a guy like Griffin to start an awesome locker room attitude for our new defense.

    • Trevor

      I will be shocked if he is not our 1st pick in Rd5

  131. Volume12

    Does Seattle maybe start addressing STs here soon?

    • Trevor

      Tony Brown and Shaq Griffin this round maybe. They would help for sure then Michael Dickson in Rd7

  132. Producehawk

    Green Bay is having a great draft.

    • Volume12

      They are.

      Probably say off base, but I wonder if Seattle goes O-line with one of these picks here next to keep adding to the run game. Would love Griffin as well.

      • Producehawk

        NFL guys really talking Griffin up. I think he goes soon. Hope to us.

  133. drewdawg11

    Griffin would definitely help coverage teams. As for specialists, I don’t think they go this early. The punter position could be a 7th round situation.

  134. Cameron

    Oakland just traded in front of seattle… *biting nails*

    • Trevor

      That sucks wonder who for? Clearly someone they think JS wants and Reggie knows him well.

      • Hawk Eye

        what a fall

    • Lewis


  135. JimQ

    Maybe, for once, no commercials during Seahawks pick, ’cause they know they don’t want to miss “the story” when Griffin is selected by Seattle?

  136. drewdawg11

    Raiders suck, regardless of what they take here.

  137. SheHawk

    stallng for the tv moment fear raiders jumped us

    • Cameron

      Heart was pounding (no pun intended regarding the Hurst pick…)

  138. drewdawg11

    I knew it was Hurst!

  139. Volume12

    Good for Hurst. About damn time.

  140. drewdawg11

    That’s a good pickup if he is healtny.

  141. Kevin

    Raiders jump the Hawks to get Mo Hurst…

  142. drewdawg11

    Griffin, then Settle

  143. Trevor

    If he can stay healthy then absolute steal in Rd 5.

    • Lewis

      Yeah, wonder if we would have taken him.

  144. Producehawk


  145. drewdawg11

    Hahaha he is a hawk!!!

  146. Lewis


  147. Volume12

    Yeah! OMG! Best pick ever

  148. House

    YES!!! Shaquem

  149. Trevor

    P.J. Hall and Mo Hurst are an explosive interior DT pair.

  150. Morgan


  151. Group captain mandrake

    Yes! Griffin brothers together again!

  152. All I see is 12s


  153. BradCanuck

    Shaquem the dream!!!

  154. Donuts!


  155. Sea Mode

    Yeeeeeahh!!! Meant to be!!!

  156. peter

    hell yeah!!!!!!!!!

    lawyer milloy how fkiping amazing……..

  157. C-Dog

    Shaquem the Dream!

  158. Kenny Sloth

    Everybody being drafted we’ve now passed on thrice.

  159. AlaskaSouth


  160. Producehawk

    How bout dem Hawks!

  161. SebA


  162. Volume12

    Now go O-line or CB

  163. Trevor

    That is simply awesome!

  164. peter

    i might be more stoked than wilson being drafted

  165. Coleslaw


  166. H


  167. Kenny Sloth

    And there it is. Ordering my Jersey now, Rob you want one, we’ll be twinsies

  168. Cameron

    Time to start celebratory drinking!! This draft is already a RESOUNDING success imo!!!!

  169. Volume12

    This is the most ‘Seahawky’ draft in quite awhile. Changing of the guard (culture) man.

    • Trevor


  170. PowerPeanut

    Call it a day, lets go home cause that is for sure the weekend topped! Let’s go!!

  171. Coleslaw

    Anybody notice the blog has hit on every one of our picks. Even Oenny we talked a lot about. Just got the range wrong.

    • HawksGal

      Yes I’ve successfully landed three of our 4 draft picks, tons of research and film study plus this awesome blog. Great work and kudos to Rob and all the posters on here.

    • Volume12

      Thank you for saying that.

      It shouldn’t be this guy got that pick or she called that one. All about the community. That’s we’re here for right?

      • AlaskaHawk

        Even the players on the bench gets a medal!!!

  172. vrtkolman


  173. SheHawk


    • Cameron


  174. Paul

    So sweet!!!!! Treat yourself and watch the clip of the brothers getting the call from JC. Proud to be a Hawks fan right now.

    • Trevor


  175. HawksGal

    And the blog blows up! Whoop whoop…that’s the guy to change the attitude and character for our team, he is so special, awesome job. Go Hawks!

  176. drewdawg11


    • Coleslaw

      Ok yes. Still soooooo much talent.

    • Cameron

      I might cry tears of joy if we get Settle with the next pick!

  177. Coleslaw

    Vol Teller is STILL there. We HAVE to take him

    • Volume12

      Agreed. That would be amazing.

  178. Greg Haugsven

    Tim Settle would be a great pick at 146. His slide reminds me of Grady Jarrett sliding a few years back.

  179. Trevor

    This team is going to be so much fun to follow this training camp! I think the energy is going to be off the chart with these young guys and revitalized Pete.

  180. SheHawk

    I am getting matching jersey with my sister. Love everything about them ! they will make everyone better

    • drewdawg11

      That’s great!

  181. peter

    love how todd mcshay and espn are talking him up!!!!! and showing him w/ ints and picking up fumbles…..

  182. Producehawk

    ESPN is spending more time on this pick than any I’ve ever seen.

    • peter

      im into it.

      • Producehawk

        Hell yeah!

    • Trevor

      Rightfully so.

    • Volume12

      He’s a guy you can trot out and say ‘this is what we’re all about and who we are.’ Gives a team an identity culture wise.

  183. Lewis

    Pat Kirwan just said on Sirius he wouldn’t be surprised if they used Shaquem as a safety to replace Kam.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Would be a good spot. Also that deathbacker role as well like the Cardinals use with Deone Buchanon.

  184. Trevor

    My favourite story of the Griffin brothers is Shaq telling all the college recruiters he was not going unless his brother got a scholarship to. That is loyalty.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Yes it is, it would be interesting to know what a bond like that feels like. Only twins in this world will ever know.

  185. drewdawg11

    NFL Network is showing a feature on him now.

  186. Producehawk

    Tyrell Crosby next perhaps?

    • Volume12

      Him, Wyatt Teller, Skyler Phillips, or another O-lineman I’m hoping.

      • Producehawk

        Where will Falk go?

        • Volume12

          Good question. You talking team or round?

          • Kenny Sloth

            (Wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t drafted. I think teams really like the small school guys this year)

      • Greg Haugsven

        Duke Ejiofor, Leon Jacobs, Tim Settle, a corner of your choice. Los of quality players left.

  187. Volume12

    Equanimous St. Brown still out here too

    • Greg Haugsven

      Thats another good one.

  188. drewdawg11

    I actually think that this is a great pace for St Brown. However, I really want Settle now.

  189. Greg Haugsven

    Tre Flowers now

  190. Volume12

    There’s our DB.

    • Volume12

      Haha! He looks like a Hawk. Look how long he is.

  191. teejmo

    So Tre Flowers… cornerback conversion?

    • Cameron

      Without a doubt.

  192. chris

    is he a safety or corner?

    • Volume12

      Hopefully a CB. He’s a project. Got a ton of potential.

  193. peter

    this pick… here for tre flowers

  194. drewdawg11

    Tre Flowers… another blog favorite. Ok Timmy, keep falling!

  195. Greg Haugsven

    Andrew Brown still out there to.

  196. Producehawk

    Spending so much time on Griffin I am missing Seattle’s pick of Tre Flowers haha

  197. vrtkolman

    Fantastic pick there. CB convert right?

  198. Troy

    ESPN gonna switch to full time Shaquem coverage for the rest of the year

    • Producehawk


      • Jason

        Hawks will get hard knocks

  199. drewdawg11

    Watching theminterviee the Griffin brothers I think I may cry.

    • Volume12

      It’s amazing isn’t it?

      • Producehawk

        “Greatness is coming”

    • peter

      i have to walk away. im not choking up on a saturday morning…

      “greatness is coming,”…..

      • Producehawk


    • SheHawk

      And now flowers too…… Did you see the interview Qheim seems a little pissed at everyone for passing on him He’s fired up =”greatness is coming” you’re gonna feel me” I know we have a great group pf young == always compete/win forever types…….

  200. drewdawg11

    For as little draft capital as we started with… this has been a really low key solid draft for us. Not as flashy at the Bucs, Giants, etc. still, we are getting some football players!

  201. Trevor

    How do you not love Pete / JS and Paul Allen as the leaders of the team we all love. They make some bad trades and draft picks etc but they always, always act with class, compassion in character. I appreciate that so much.

    Griffin is another example. But even the little things. I remember a young rookie reporter last year asking Pete an incredibly stupid question about a coach who was not even with Seattle anymore . He could have killed him like most coaches but gave him a pass.

    • Paul

      SG: “Greatness is coming”. Love it!!!

  202. Greg Haugsven

    Tre Flowers…6’3″ 200 33.5 inch arms…4.45

    He looks like he could be a corner ad a very long one at that.

    • Volume12

      He’s a head hunter.

    • Greg Haugsven

      excuse me 33 7/8 inch arms. that tall and almost 34 inch arms. Thats got CB written all over it.

  203. FresnoHawk

    Tre Flowers & Griffith OMG best draft ever and we still have 4 picks to go

  204. Volume12

    We gotta remember, Duane Brown should be considered as part of this draft class too

    • Trevor

      Exactly can you imagine if we were still trying to find a LT in this draft class.

  205. Trevor

    Tre Flowers another ideal developmental DB with the length the Hawks want. Nice pick!

    • Volume12

      OK St is slowly becoming one the schools Seattle likes to take talent from. As it should be. They have great, modern day athletes with speed

      • Trevor

        I never thought of that but yeah for sure and if I remember correctly you mentioned the Hawks scouting them quite a bit.

  206. PowerPeanut

    Shaquem was the only player I really wanted. This is so great, and a low-key solid draft so far, with still more picks to come.

  207. Cameron

    Hmmmm… would have much preferred Meeks over Flowers, but full faith in Pete and John and their eval.

    • Trevor

      When they take a CB I just agree with the pick. Pete is the master at that position.

  208. Coleslaw

    Is Tre Flowers a CB or Obi Melifonwu hedge? Lmao seems like he could play the Chancellor role

  209. drewdawg11

    Why? I’m being serious about Meeks. What about his game has people really loving him so much? He’s just a solid player. When you get into these rounds you try to find raw, unfinished players with a high ceiling. Flowers has the size and athletic profile to be scheme diverse and positonally flexible. Meeks’s ceiling just doesn’t seem that high. He’s a solid player who maybe doesn’t have a shot at being a lot more in my eyes.

  210. Cameron

    Trade up!

  211. Coleslaw

    Boom. Nickel corner. Justin Coleman was the only true NCB on the roster. Gooood pick.

  212. Producehawk

    Wow great fifth round. So much fun!

  213. Cameron

    A punter!!

  214. drewdawg11

    Whoa!!! They took the punter early!!!

  215. chris

    punter lol

  216. Producehawk

    Thought the punter would be later, but it is a need.

    • Producehawk

      After the Griffin pick they knew we would forgive anything

  217. Volume12

    Nice. Best P in the draft. Needed some STs help. They liked someone from Texas. Scouted them hard.

    • John_s

      Best story was that at the combine the Seahawks had a staring contest with him

      • Volume12

        lol. What was that about anyways? Seems like he might be a big time personality.

  218. chris

    anybody know anything about him?

    • Rowdy

      he kicks football’s lol

    • Volume12

      From Austrailia is about it.

      Pretty telling that he’s been the only P or K taken so far

    • Producehawk

      Didn’t Rob have him being picked by us in the seventh?

  219. Trevor

    I knew the Hawks were going to take Dickson. He is the best college punter in years.

    SDB is nailing all the Hawks picks this year. No surprises we have not spent a lot of time on yet.

    • EBurgz

      Right? Doesn’t seem like there has been a surprise pick yet.

    • FresnoHawk

      Yup been saying it for months future All Pro Punter. If you look at Ryan’s contract it’s advantageous to cut or trade Ryan this summer. Hawks are loading up on future stars this draft, absolutely crushing it.

  220. Ulsterman

    Have loved the draft apart front the last two picks. Trading up for a punter. Wtf?

    • drewdawg11

      He’s a REALLY good punter. Hey, could be worse. Back in 2012, the Jags took one in the second round. Could have had some short QB from Wisconsin. 😉

    • peter

      punters get drafted. jon ryan is older.

      pc is a three phases of the game coach.

      tre flowers is a safety with range but i think hes naxwells replacement

    • PowerPeanut

      Trading up for the best punter in college football.

  221. Coleslaw

    Well NFL network messed me up. We traded up for a punter? With all this talent on the board? Wow. I was thinking we might trade back.

  222. Troy

    Guess that means Jon Ryan is gone

    • HawksBill

      Chips away at the cap number.

    • Coleslaw

      Yup. Likely a cap space move

  223. chris

    competition at every position!

  224. Jdtjohnson

    the punter was MVP of the Texas bowl. thats pretty crazy

  225. chris

    except qb

    • Matt

      So the Hawks should spend cap space or draft capital to compete their $25 million Super Bowl winning QB?

  226. Cameron

    NFL bio sounding really good!

  227. sdcoug

    Twinning is Winning.
    Now THAT’S the heart this team needs again. Well done Shaquem. Well done Hawks

    • Cameron

      Can you imagine the level of unspoken communication having twins on the same D?

      • Hawk Eye

        Canucks with the Sedin twins. It is a real thing, they just know where the other guy is going to be.
        Let’s hope the Griffins can get a similar vibe going for the hawks

  228. vrtkolman

    Kind of a waste here based on draft resources, but Dickson is one of the better punter prospects you will ever see.

  229. BradCanuck

    I don’t like the trade up, but I think this is a sneaky good pick. This guy supposed to be the best college punter in many years. Very underrated NFL position.

    • BradCanuck

      Also big cap savings?

  230. Trevor

    What did they give up to move up?

    • John_s

      Gave up a 7

  231. Bigmarinerfan

    Check out this link for our new punter.

  232. Greg Haugsven

    Wow, did you really need to trade up for the punter? I dont mind the pick but not sure that was necessary. Jon Ryans contract is way to high this year and now he is probably a goner. He probably will make it into camp but will get cut. That would save is $2-$2.6 million in space.

  233. Volume12

    Flowers will be a CB for us as we all kind’ve thought. Just clearing it up.

    • Greg Haugsven

      He has unbelievable measurables for a corner. That height with those arms. If he could make that switch he could be a monster.

  234. John_s

    Seattle’s special teams should be greatly improved.

    Penny – returner
    Quem- ST’s ace
    Dickson – upgrade at punter
    Janikowski – hopefully he can be an upgrade.

    • Volume12

      Great point.

    • Trevor


    • Volume12

      Davis Hsu has also made a great point.

      One of if not the best KR of the draft in Penny, best blocking TE, best STs coverage man, and the best P that OFF has ever graded.

  235. Trudy Beekman

    Excellent value at a position of need. He can develop behind Jon Ryan for a year or 2 and then we’ll save almost 2m per year. Bravo.

    • vrtkolman

      There is no way he isn’t starting week 1. Ryan is gone.

      • SebA

        Agreed. You don’t keep multiple punters

      • Trudy Beekman

        Even better. Save 2m this year with only 1.2m dead for a guy that should be able to put us over the top. I’ve been saying we need to fix the punt game if we want to get back on top of the NFC West.

    • Lewis

      No, they aren’t going to carry two punters.

      • SebA

        Snap ^^

        • Trudy Beekman

          Think of the protection two punters could have back there with all our blocking TEs. Teams wouldn’t know which way we were going to kick or if there would be a trick play coming. How do you scheme against that?
          Pete and John running absolute circles around this league.

    • drewdawg11

      Teams don’t carry two punters. Most likely, Jon is a salary cap casualty. He’s easily the best punter in team
      History, (sorry Ric Tuten), and I will always appreciate his professionalism and his personality. That fake FG touchdown pass in the NFC title game was an all timer.

      • Trudy Beekman

        I figure we can carry 3 blocking TEs and 2 punters to dominate the run game AND the field position battle. Other teams are bolstering their OL and WR corps. We’re zigging while they’re zagging.

  236. Kendo

    Anyone have know why Time Settle is still on the board? Medical, arrest, drugs, etc?

    • Realrhino2

      Not very good. Sometimes good burst, but bad body and too many plays on the ground

  237. Ulsterman

    Flowers going to cb makes a lot more sense considering all the safeties they drafted last year.

  238. Volume12

    Seattle has put such an emphasis on the run game this draft. Impressive.

    Rashaad Penny, Duane Brown, Will Dissly, and now Michael Dickson at P. Let’s f***’n go!

    • jdk

      Right, because you better have a good punter if you are committed to the run. (I kid.)

      • Volume12

        No, but I get it. Allows you to flip the field and shorten it which adds to the run game.

  239. Ishmael

    Thank god we got a punter. Ryan has been slipping for years. Special teams have been atrocious for the last couple of seasons, Griffin and Dickson are a start towards repairing that.

  240. Lewis

    Gil Brandt had Dickson at #82.

    Zierlein says:

    “Dickson is the rare punter with good size, hands, touch, and power who is able to dig his team out of their own end zone and stick his opponents close to theirs. Over the last ten years, just one punter (Bryan Anger in 2012 to Jaguars) was taken inside the first three rounds but Dickson could be that guy this year.”

    • Producehawk

      Just read the post about him. Great pick!

  241. Coleslaw

    Remember when we have up like 11 punt return yards til like week 14?

    • Coleslaw

      Most amazing special teams feat of all time.

  242. Ulsterman

    Have horrible memories of the long snapper picked by ruskell who couldn’t play because he had a bad back

  243. Matt

    This is a run game and ST draft so far. Two things that stunk last season.

  244. JimQ

    In retrospect, punter is an important piece of he puzzle, field position just got improved with this guy.
    Must have been a firm target for PC/JS. Saving cap too, when he beats out Ryan.

    • Volume12

      ‘Saving cap room’

      That’ll be huge come the summer. In case of an injury or a vet hits the waiver wire. It’s a smart, don’t miss the forest for the trees type of pick.

  245. HawksGal

    Tre Flowers was a solid sleeper pick and Dickson is a huge pick too, a real game changer, early but heck I’m loving this draft.

  246. Trevor

    People will say we over drafted a Dissly and Dickson but we got
    -Best blocking TE in draft
    -Best college punter in needs

    That is good value on Day #3

    • Volume12

      Best P PFF has ever graded if that means anything to ya.

    • Trudy Beekman

      HAHA! And teams still drafting the likes of Dane Cruikshank, Tyrell Crosby, Siran Neal, Genard Avery immediately after we take the top Punter that PFF has EVER graded. Don’t they know you can only carry 1 punter and you can never have enough blocking TEs? John continuing to show why the Seahawks are a perennial contender and are really taking full advantage of Russell Wilson in his prime! Gotta have a run game and flip the field in order for Russ to stay upright back there and have NFL caliber receivers to throw to!

  247. drewdawg11

    Crosby off the board. I can’t beliebe that Obo and Duke are still there as well. I have to stop obsessing about Settle. They clearly aren’t prioritizing DT this draft.

  248. Shadow

    So, I took a nap for the last hour. What did I miss? 😉

    • sdcoug


  249. chris

    so far I think everyone of these picks is on the roster when the season starts. what do you guys think?

    • Lewis

      Be disappointing if they weren’t.

    • Coleslaw

      Absolutely. If not a legit backup role, they’ll make it for ST

  250. Ishmael

    Interesting the sort of guys they’re drafting. People might want to downplay the stuff about the defence not liking Wilson, but I think it’s telling who they shipped off and who they brought in. Back to the kumbaya

  251. Kenny Sloth

    Did we just trade up to get a punter?

    Not what I had in mind

  252. Coleslaw

    I thought we have up 168 or q future pick to trade up, 220 or 226? No biggie, good move. Flowers is also a special teams monster

  253. chris

    you can pick up a free agent DT like settle for about 3 mil a year every year so there isn’t much value there.

    • Coleslaw

      There is when you look at it like paying settle 4/4M instead of others ( who will impact comp picks) 4/12M

      • drewdawg11

        I think Settle has shown a knack for being more than a run plugger who simply eats blocks. He’s living in the backfield at times. He’s a monster and he takes up blocks too. Bobby Wagner would love playing behind him.

  254. drewdawg11

    Special teams has really regressed the last few years. Losing Ricardo and seeing Jon decline a bit has cost us valuable field position. Hopefully this wr from the Eagles, Shaquem, and now Dickson can put us back into the elite category. I wonder if they take a flier in the 7th or UDFA on Carlson and have him sit behind Sebastian for a year. St Brown still there.

  255. Volume12

    3 picks left yeah?

  256. Dawgma

    I kinda love this draft so far, even if it does mean saying goodbye to the Ginja Ninja.

    Wasn’t super happy about WHERE they picked Penny initially, but after thinking about it I’ve come around on that. They’ve been in that situation before traded back, and lost out on really good players. With no second, I’d rather they pick him there then trade back too far and miss their top choices. If they had the 40th pick then wait, but if there’s no deal to get there your only choices are lick him or miss him. Hopefully being in THAT position on also (finally!) thought them a lesson about trading 1st/2nd round picks for expensive, disgruntled vets.

    And I LOVE the Dissly/Griffin picks. Can not wait to see that guy take the field for the first time.

  257. Donuts!

    Love the punter.

  258. Volume12

    Cowboys get Tavon Austin? That move has a lot of potential. Both ways.

    • vrtkolman

      Honestly I’m happy. For some reason Austin always killed us in games .

  259. House

    Rams traded Tavon Austin to DAL

  260. vrtkolman

    Reggie Bush cmon man…. “Tyreek Hill was a 5th round pick, how does that happen?”… Are you kidding me?

    • Rowdy

      didn’t hill beat his pregnant girlfriend?

    • Ishmael

      Seriously, just unbelievable. Probably the biggest germ in the entire league. Ridiculous from Bush

  261. chris

    I agree that a young defensive run stuffer would be nice but with so many holes to fill its probably a low priority when you can always find cheap veterans every year.

    • Volume12

      Very true. I’ll take a shot in the dark and say O-line or QB with this next pick.

      Tulane DE Ade Aruna still out there too as a speed rusher.

      • Misfit74

        I’d do backflips if we get Aruna

      • JimQ

        Ada Aruna +1 – Also adds to the “new” team culture.

        QB-Who would be best for the Seahawks? I’d like Logan Woodside personally. Others=UDFA’s?

        • Volume12

          Personally? JT Barrett. Woodside makes sense too from the little I’ve seen of him.

          Could also see Luke Falk as well.

          • JimQ

            Can’t find my notes on Woodside, IIRC, he’s on the list of NCAA QB’s with the highest yards per attempt, something over 10-yds.

            • Volume12


              • JimQ

                Found my notes on Woodside, can’t really trust my memory anymore, but, I wasn’t too far off base.
                Woodside’s (2017 MAC – OPY), Toledo. He has had some great seasons, including 2016 when he was #1 in the NCAA with 45-TD’s.
                Career: 759/1166/65.1%/10514-yds, 9.0-YPA, 93-TD’s, 25-INT, 162.9-Passer Rating.
                Some interesting performance records worth consideration and IMO increases his draft value, his performance #’s stand out, even at his level of competition, I think some team is going to land a diamond in the ruff with this guy, But many will pass because he’s only 6′-1″, too short. (But, taller than RW, a bit).
                -Career 9.0-YPA is #14 in NCAA, since 1956 (= Over the last 60+ years)
                -Career 9.6 Adjusted Passing Yd. per attempt is #10 in NCAA, since 1956
                -Career 162.9 Passer Rating in #12 in NCAA, since 1956,
                -Career 8.1 Total Yds per Play is #12 in the NCAA, since 1956.
                Pretty darn good #’s.

  262. drewdawg11

    Deon Cain is still there?? That guy is a project, but he’s an explosive war with some size. Paul replacement perhaps?

    • Trudy Beekman

      We’re trying to re-establish the run game (multiple blocking TEs) and flip the field (top Punter prospect). No need to throw the football or pass protect when you are jamming it down their throats and flipping the field completely over on them.

  263. Coach

    I would applaud a Cain pick!

  264. drewdawg11

    Andrew brown finally goes to Cincinnati.

  265. Volume12

    Great pick for Cincy. Flat out steal at this point.

  266. vrtkolman

    The scouting report for Dickson is pretty laughable. Weakness – he kicks the ball with odd form. Aka he doesn’t conform to my rigid thinking. For that, he has a low floor! Just laughable.

    • Volume12

      Ridiculous. An old boy league. Nothing wrong with a unique punting style.

    • Jdtjohnson

      Dickson’s specialty is a bent-legged kick where he doesn’t raise his leg all the way up like other punters. The casual-looking boot is something Dickson learned while playing Australian Rules Football for 10 years.

      “The bent leg is like a regular thing in that sport. I just think Aussie Rules have this connection between our hand, foot and eyes because we pass the AFL ball around so much and do all different kinds of kicks like a curve or a low one,” Dickson said. “My technique still follows the same fundamentals of an American punter with hips and follow through on everything. But I feel I’ve just that little edge, that kinesthetic sense that I have that is an advantage to me.”

  267. Ishmael

    We’ve got a 5th, 6th, and 7th left right?

    Wouldn’t mind a WR of some description, maybe some LB help. Is Settle still on the board? He’s fat, but you can work through that

  268. Sea Mode

    Jaylen Samuels still out there too…

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      FB pick is inbound to be sure. You can feel it.

      • Ishmael

        Reckon they draft one, or wait for the UDFA pool?

  269. CharlieTheUnicorn

    You can;t make these story lines up….. brothers player together in college… now play together in NFL. Hell of a pick in the 5th round.

  270. Sea Mode

    Leon Jacobs

  271. chris

    has luke faulk been drafted yet?

    • Misfit74

      No, because he’s terrible.

      • STTBM

        You are so MEAN lol!

    • Lewis


  272. Volume12

    I tend to be high on most drafts from Seattle because I’m optimistic and a glass half full kinda guy, but something about this draft just feels…right?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Draft Grade = D (ESPN talking heads)

      So that means, it was a homerun!

      • drewdawg11

        Lol! A D??? Really? We are getting good football players. I say that’s valuable.

      • Sea Mode


    • Volume12

      * excluding 2013

    • DC

      It feels great so far. Every one of these guys are special in some way. Coming together magically

  273. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Equanimeous St. Brown hasn’t been drafted yet right? Might be worth considering here

    • Misfit74

      Sad we missed on Justin Watson. Colts took Fountain, a guy we looked at, but I’d LOVE EQ

      • JimQ

        Watson was underrated going into the draft but he started to rise up. One of the guys I wanted, on to the next one on my WR list…. WR-Cedrick Wilson (we need another Wilson & Wilson to Wilson sounds sexy.)

  274. drewdawg11

    Settle isn’t fat. He’s Husky, maybe a little Hokie-Pokie.

  275. drewdawg11

    Has UCLA produced an excellent OL prospect since Ogden?

  276. DC

    How is Tim Settle still undrafted? He looked like the best interior pass rusher in the draft in my suspect opinion.

  277. chris

    teams must not feel the way you do. or maybe its a medical we don’t know about.

  278. drewdawg11

    I don’t know either. I didn’t even hear what his specific issue was, (injury, failed test?). I should look it up… the overriding theme seems to be conditioning with him. He could definitely be conditioned by a pro staff and be a beast.

    • peter

      im still into him. hes young. loves to play. his teammates in interviews love him.

  279. chris

    great interior rusher don’t last this long unless there are red flags or medical. or they are not as good as you think at rushing the passer.

    • peter

      not true. see michael bennett. what was his medical or red flags

  280. Sea Mode

    I love this approach of shooting for the best of our type at each position group instead of trading down and taking the leftovers. I think that’s part of what makes it feel so right, Vol.

    – Their top RB (after Barkley)
    – Best of the group of blocking TEs
    – Best punter in the draft

    Hopefully it continues.

    • Volume12

      Well said. Definetly plays a huge part in it.

  281. chris

    if its a conditioning thing then is a motivational issue.

    • peter

      obviiusly you dont like settle.

      carson came in out of conditioning shape…was that a lack of motivation

  282. Sea Mode

    Kudos to whoever it was above who called Okoronkwo to the Rams earlier!

  283. chris

    if that’s the case he’s not even on our board.

  284. Trevor

    Last 3 picks in a perfect world for me


  285. drewdawg11

    Ok, my new group of next pick potentials are as follows:

    Beside settle…
    Deon Cain
    Equanimeous St Brown
    Second back, (Scarborough, Wadley)

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I would say a FB/RB type might be in order, than a true RB per sai. But i dig what you are saying

      • drewdawg11

        I’m ALWAYS down for a FB. It’s a shame that the position is going the way of the dodo bird.

      • Rowdy

        Chris Warren maybe

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Good name to keep tracking

  286. Hawk Eye

    side note, should the Hawks hire Peter Griffin as equipment manager and make it a trifecta? Might be a NE spy, so maybe not….

    • Volume12


  287. vrtkolman

    Super pick by the Rams. First pick from them I’ve liked.

    • HawksGal

      Poona Ford
      St. Brown
      Auden Tate
      Leon Jacobs

      • HawksGal

        Loved the pick, wanted him on our team.

  288. Greg Haugsven

    Okoronkwo and Brown now gone

    • Trevor

      Rd5 steals

  289. Trevor

    Hawks have to at least take a couple of guys SDB never discussed don’t they?

  290. sdcoug

    Any chance we double-dip with Piniero or Carlson in the 6th or 7th?

  291. Cameron

    Damn, there goes Settle…

  292. Trevor

    Nailed Dissly and Dickson in my Mock but had them both in Rd7.

    • Volume12

      I count that as a hit. Almost impossible to predict the round due to how varied the teams boards are ya know?

  293. Morgan

    I feel like they are satisfied with their stable or DTs…but Poona Ford! POONA! would be so fun to cheer for.

    I guess after getting Flowers we won’t target Devron Davis, but I’d like to see him in a ‘hawk uniform too.

  294. Volume12

    There goes Settle. Washington is putting together a huge a** D-line.

    • Greg Haugsven

      They drafted Allen last year and Payne this year. Young big dudes.

  295. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Why is it…. I’m not mad about a punter drafted in the 5th!

    • Greg Haugsven

      Im not either, just not sure you needed to trade up to do it but what evs

      • drewdawg11

        He’s the best punter supposedly in years so maybe hey felt he would go before the 7th. I’m ok with it. Get who you really want and hopefully live with getting a really good player.

        • Trudy Beekman

          Don’t forget the 2M cap savings!

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            and hey, it wasn’t a 2nd round pick from a few years back another team took a swing on … for the kicker!

    • Trudy Beekman

      Because there aren’t any players that have any chance of starting at any other position. Only scraps like Cruikshank, Avery, Crosby, Andrew Brown, Okoronkwo, Settle and other still on board. Hawks are better served to flip the field with our renewed commitment to the run.

  296. drewdawg11

    Nooooo! Washington goes semi-local with Settle. They wanted Vita and settled for Payne. Now they get this guy. Wow. And yes, Allen last year.

    • Trudy Beekman

      Won’t matter who’s on the field when we roll out the best punter that PFF has ever graded.

      • Kenny Sloth

        +1 back to being the bully right

  297. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Are there any OL that could be in play now? Not sure Seattle really needs to add any more at that position group….. most likely would barely make the roster and be a pure back-up in 2018.

    • Volume12

      Wyatt Teller, Skyler Phillips, a handful of others that mind, but your probably rignt. At least need to add some depth behind Fluker.

  298. Trevor

    I say St.Brown, Kirkwood, Tate, Ateman or Valdes-Scantling

    • Volume12

      Forgot all about Tate. That would be so dope!

      • Trevor

        Even if they only use him in red zone he would be a TD machine.

        • Volume12

          He would. Ateman and that OK St thing lately may be likely.

  299. Icb12

    Allen lazard or eq. St Brown next for me!

  300. drewdawg11

    Jamerson goes to the saints. 4 picks to go until we select again. I want a WR now.

    • Coleslaw

      +1 EQ or Wyatt Teller

  301. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I’m completely shocked… the Browns take a WR with off the field issues in the draft


    • FuzzyLogic

      I actually think he was best WR in the draft though. For a 4th round pick for the Browns it’s worth a shot.

      • Smitty1547

        Yes he’s got a really good roll model up there he can smoke with, I mean learn from

  302. Trevor

    Jamerson will be a starter for the Saints by the end of next year. Great pick!

    • drewdawg11

      Hopefully he doesn’t duck whenthe game is on the line. I kid, I kid… poor kid. Terrible way to end a season.

      • peter

        even worse was he was having a great season up to that play

    • hawkster

      wanted jamerson, bummer

  303. drewdawg11

    There goes blog fave Samuels to Pittsburg.

    • Volume12

      Tremendous value.

    • Lewis

      Blog favorite?

      • Lewis

        Oh as FB. Saw TE and was confused

  304. peter

    project receiver time!

  305. CharlieTheUnicorn

    of course, the **ducking Stealers take a FB/RB

  306. CharlieTheUnicorn

    So could be a CB, QB or WR
    Slight lean towards FB/RB or OL prospect also at this stage

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Holton Hill is still available at CB… hummmm

  307. drewdawg11

    And now Teller is gone to the bills

  308. Volume12

    Wyatt Teller just fits in Buffalo honestly.

    Duke Ejiofor still available too

  309. Burner

    Is Equaminios St Brown still available?

    • Trevor

      Yes I really hope him or Tate are the pick here

    • CharlieTheUnicorn


  310. Trevor

    Our special teams are going to go from a weakness to strength next year.

    Flowers, Griffin , Penny all stud special teams guys.

    Seabass and Dickson vs Walsh and Ryan

    I like it. Pete getting back to the basics run game and great special teams.

    • BradCanuck

      Great point Trevor!

    • Volume12

      You nailed it Trev.

      That’s exactly what Pete is doing.

  311. Ulsterman

    Hoping for Jeff Holland or ejofor next

  312. Trudy Beekman

    Would be foolish to think that Dickerson just comes in and wins starting Punter job. Look what happened with Aguayo, another “can’t miss” special teams prospect. Would like to see them add Johnny Townsend out of Florida to come in and compete, maybe in rd 6 or 7. That way you still get the $2M cap savings from cutting Ryan (only 1.2M dead), and you ensure that we average 50+ yards per punt to flip the field so we can play ball control and grind clock.

    Would also like to see them add another blocker up front before the draft is done. Not to the O-Line per se, but maybe another blocking TE to come in and add to our 3-headed monster of Dickson, Dissly, Vannett. Could platoon these guys out there and move them all over the LOS in subpackages and really win in the trenches, blasting open huge lanes for Penny.

    • Lewis

      No it would be foolish to draft a punter in rd 5 you aren’t confident will win the job. If they want competition, it will be udfas, not other picks

      • Trudy Beekman

        “No it would be foolish to draft a punter in rd 5”


  313. Volume12

    Might be Rob’s guy at QB in Kyle Allen.

    • Forty20

      Rappaport seems to think so. He thinks they loved him in that visit in Arizona and have tried to keep a lid on it all.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Not yet, but he might be the 7th round pick

  314. Jdtjohnson

    I think it could be QB…Allen?

  315. chris

    I’m kinda hoping for poona ford.

  316. Producehawk

    We e up. Who is it?

  317. drewdawg11

    If it’s Allen here I’ll be disappointed. He’s never been special despite his talent. Great in shorts, but doesn’t have that “it” factor when the pressure is on, and I’ve watched him since his senior year in high school. He was fortunate to have Mark Andrews as his big target in high school. He couldn’t get his team over the hump and has never done it at any level. Just roster space, unless something clicks late. I want deon Cain. Physical upside through the roof.

  318. drewdawg11

    And of course we take Jamari Hones lol.

    • Producehawk

      What you know about jones?

  319. Volume12

    O-line baby!

    And it’s Trev’s guy! I think?

    • Trevor

      I think he is really under rated and will be a developmental guy who
      Competes for the swing OT spot.

      Hawks clearly view Rees as a Guard so now they have Fant and Jones to compete as backup OT spots.

  320. Cameron

    Jamarco Jones. Competition/depth pick to try and push someone else off roster.

    • JimQ

      Ifedi-who? please

  321. drewdawg11

    Jamarco jones* honestly, light in the wallet but not super athletic. I don’t see it. First pick I wasn’t happy about.

    • Trudy Beekman

      May be a candidate to convert to TE to block? Can never have enough and I’ve heard he has soft hands.

  322. Volume12

    Jones is raw, but a ton of natural ability.

    • Trudy Beekman

      TE convert. Only 25 less career catches than Dissly and a more proven blocker.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        So a natural 6th OL player in jumbo packages

        • Trevor


    • Trevor

      +1 they are drafting a starter. They have two already. He is a developemental guy to compete with Fant for who replaces Brown in a couple of years. I like the pick.

  323. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Talking heads on 950 KJR love the OT pick.

    • Volume12

      They should be. He’s a good one. Started over like 40 games for them as well.

      • Producehawk

        Just read he was projected as a third or fourth rounder.

  324. Ulsterman

    Nice pick

  325. nichansen01

    Glad we drafted Oline. I feel like late fifth is pretty good value for Jones. Seems like a right tackle to me, and we really needed someone to push Ifedi.

  326. drewdawg11

    Would have rather gotten the WR. I feel like they will be gone the next time we pick. Oh well.

    • jdk

      So two of Wilson’s top receivers walk (decisions which I agree with), but Seattle basically does nothing to replace them, not counting the blocking TEs as receiver replacements.

      The big question is: Does Seattle really think what is already on the team is sufficient or is this a clear signal that Seattle is going to run 50% of the time this year?

  327. vrtkolman

    Looks like a guard here? Seems to small to play tackle.

  328. Volume12

    This is a steal IMO. Not very athletic a little underzied, but an excellent pass protecter.

    • drewdawg11

      If he’s smallish, but he’s not athletic, how exactly does that translate to the NFL? I guess I won’t stress over a 5th round pick. He’s depth.

      • Volume12

        Because his length and technique make up for it.

    • Trevor

      He has been working with our guy LeCharles Brantley too Vol.

      He needs to get stronger but has great length and feet which are hard to find.

      • Volumes 12

        Ahh that’s awesome. Love it even more now. Had no idea he was a LeCharles Bentley guy. Thanks for the info.

  329. Ulsterman

    Has 35.5 inch arms

  330. CharlieTheUnicorn

    6th rounder from Dallas to get WR Tavon Austin… hell of a value right there.

  331. HawksGal

    Jamarco Jones, I know nothing about him, can we get some feed back?

    • Volume12

      One of the better pass protectors I watched this year. Undersized but length makes up for it. Highly durable, only allowed 11 pressures, he could end up a starter for Seattle honestly. Just awesome value. Flat-out steal.

      • Trevor


      • Volumes 12

        Has a chance to be the Andrew Norwell of this draft.

      • HawksGal

        Thanks Volume12, I read a ton of your posts so I trust your take on him plus happy we addressed one O-line pick.

        • Volume12

          Your welcome. Adds depth/back up worst case scenario.

    • Trudy Beekman

      1st percentile athlete, so only 99% of NFL O-Linemen are more athletic than him. I think only Tim Settle is less athletic than him on defensive side of the ball Source:

      35 1/8″ Arms at 6’4″, 299lbs, so undersized by might have the length to play tackle.

      • nichansen01

        The one guy less athletic than him must be Orlando brown

        • Trudy Beekman

          Orlando Brown tested better than him at the combine.

    • hawkster

      PFF has him above Kolton Milleras the #3 LT in the class and plug-in-play ready at leazst in pass protection.

      That’s pretty crazy. He tested awful at the combine.

  332. Cameron

    Either will push Odhiambo off roster or will end up on PS, imo.

  333. Donald

    Jones is a questionable pick at best. Mixed reviews, including a poor showing at the combine. His tests were reject level by some.

    • Cameron

      We’re so used to pursuing high athleticism picks with Cable, could be this is a Solari guy and he’s just looking for entirely different qualities as a priority.

    • Trudy Beekman

      You may have heard that Orlando Brown had the worst combine. That would be incorrect, as many forgot about Jones. Brown 4th Percentile athlete. Jones 1st percentile per 3Sigma.

      • Gmoney

        Are you Tom Cable? All this Sokoli sigma nonsense hopefully left forever with Cable’s departure. We need ‘real’ football players. This draft is a great start.

        • Trudy Beekman

          I’m not saying that the best athletes will always become the best football players, but I’m saying that the worst athletes will never become the best football players.

          Athleticism is important in athletics. It’s not everything, but not choosing guys who are literally the WORST athletes is a great start.

          I also don’t hate the pick, as I agree that his tape is alright and the combine was a shock. Additionally, I think almost all of those players drafted at OL in the past 5 years are still in the league, including Sokoli, Glowinski, Sweezy, etc. Cable was the problem in his ability to coach, it would seem, not necessarily in advocating for those players.

  334. Ulsterman

    NFL com had him a a 3rd or 4th rounder

  335. drewdawg11

    What are the chances that our WR falls to us now…? Would they double up at blocking TE?

  336. peter

    For real Jones: is he redshirting to play behind fluker in the future? Is he a 6th linemen in shortage situations? Is he anything next year?

    I’m not against the pick just trying to see how he fits.

    I see talk of him pushing ifedi? but if Seattle is going to run and bring in blocking te’s ifedi stays…I think

    • Trevor

      He is a developmental OT in a league where they are hard to find you need to take some fliers.

      • peter

        i saw ohio played him as a 6th linemen. hard to predict now but im just trying to gauge if he brings anything this year.

  337. Rad_man

    these picks make sense. Love the blocking TE. So many plays blew up because of poor TE blocking. Enough of that noise.

    Run game improved already, regardless of RB.

    • hawkster

      Yea, get a decent full back and Penny + Dissly + FB look slike some real commitment.

      • House

        Dmitri Flowers is Tre Flowers’ cousin. Played FB at Oklahoma… He’s my pick

        • Kenny Sloth


          He’s a reallll good receiver skillwise and from a hands standpoint

          • Rad_man

            In a perfect world, Procise would be a pass catching FB.

  338. Trevor

    We are so used to looking at elite testing TEF OL for the Hawks under Cable that people will hate the Jones pick because he did not test well.

    He has good feet, great length and movement skills.

    Needs to get stronger and gain weight but has the frame to do so. I love the pick and think he and Fant are great developmental OT prospects to compete for Duane Browns LT spot in 2 yrs.

    • Volume12


      The NFL just showed us they value O-lineman with great size but suspect skills over undersized O-lineman that are functional and ready right outta the gate.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        OH St is a legit program. If you stick on the OL for 4 years…. you have to be very good or better.

      • Morgan

        We aren’t used to the Seahawks drafting offensive linemen that know how to play on the offensive line.

    • hawkster

      I was almost getting sick of athletes, starting to hope for football players. I know it sounds pretty cliche, but I just tuned out how people tested this year.

  339. Coach

    Walterfootball has Jones as their #10 T. Corbett was #9. Seems like a good get – anyone who starts for Ohio St. at LT for that long has done well in the NFL and we get him this late in the draft. I’ll take it!

    Go Hawks!

    • drewdawg11

      I won’t even read Walter football anymore. I swear they just make stuff up and just pull naked from a hat.

  340. Ulsterman

    Three punters now gone in 5th

  341. Forty20

    Schneider has accurately predicted runs on running backs, tight ends…and freaking punters in this draft.

    • John_s

      Amazing how he’s done that. Got ahead of the runs to get their guy

      • Kenny Sloth

        We had it backwards, that they would wait for the remnants of the runs on these guys because of how many fit their profile

    • McZ

      Either predicted, or pulled the trigger.

  342. Ishmael

    The scouting report on Dickson is hilarious. ‘He might be the best punter we’ve seen in years but we’re not used to the way he kicks so who knows’

    The most hindbound sport. So many teams would benefit from cleaning out the lifers.

    • Kenny Sloth

      These Australians right 😉 there’s that one guy that punts two footed. Left is for pooch kicks

      • Ishmael

        AFL guys learn how to kick off both feet from the time they’re pretty young. Would be interesting to see if you could make it work in the NFL, could theoretically mess with some coverages.

  343. Volume12

    Jones has awesome tape especially the Oklahoma game.

  344. Icb12

    Going into the 6th.

    Still on my radar
    Lazard, St Brown, Kelly, Jacobs, falk, and that Dt from uconn

    • Icb12

      And martez carter

      • Lewis

        Please, oh please.

    • Trudy Beekman

      Whoa whoa whoa. Foley Fatukasi? A guy w/ size, length, production, and athleticism at a position of need? A team captain and inspirational leader by all accounts? A guy who is all football? Aren’t there any punters left?

      • Kenny Sloth

        +1 he’s an awesome talent

  345. Kendo

    Everything I am reading on Jones is he has poor athletism but makes up for it with length and technique. Seems like this led to his success in pass protection but how will he fare as a run blocker in the NFL? Seems to go opposite of the run first selections thus far.

    • Volume12

      That’s completely far. I’m gonna guess they like his ability to move in space and can teach him how to take the proper angles.

      • Volume12

        * fair

      • Producehawk

        NFL channel just spent time on him and liked the pick. Who knows.

    • drewdawg11

      I guess we shall see. It’s not like he was a poor player in college. I just Really wanted the WR there. We are starting to get down to the hail
      Mary picks now.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Swing tackle for us. We needed one. Completes the OL depth chart for me.

    • Trudy Beekman

      He’s basically Orlando Brown without the size, but still has great arm length. His tape is very solid but not many guys who are that unathletic (bottom 1% athlete) make it in the NFL.

      Surprisingly, athleticism is one of the most important parts of athletics.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Damn TB you should come round more often. Really nice to have your takes

        • Kenny Sloth


          • Trudy Beekman

            Ha, thanks. I spend most of my time lurking here and then passing Rob’s takes off as my own over on Reddit. Rob and some of you regulars here are very sharp regarding Hawks draft process, and I appreciate the insight. I recognize your username, and appreciate someone getting my salty humor. Needed to vent today, as we are all want to do when the Hawks are drafting.

            Obv I wish all these guys the best, and think we got some good pieces in Penny, Griffin, Green, and Flowers. At least a couple of these other guys will contribute, even if they are at non-premium positions or are more long-shots than I think we needed to take.

      • Trevor

        I love your last line !

  346. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Griffin got the call…. in the bathroom

  347. drewdawg11

    JK Scott was a kid I liked but his get-off isn’t super quick. He’s a really good punter, though.

    • Trudy Beekman

      I think we still have a few picks left…

  348. Coleslaw

    Damn John Kelly to the Rams.. I was hoping we’d get him too..

    • SoTac

      Yup, he’s gonna be good.

  349. Ishmael

    Everyone bitches for years about taking athletes with no technique, now we take an awful athlete with good technique and everyone still bitches. We’ll see, I don’t think he’ll make it but worth a swing.

    • Volume12

      I was just gonna say this. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Had he tested better he’s a 3rd round pick.

      As a bonus, we now get a little info into what Mike Solari may like or look for.

    • drewdawg11

      I think you’re overreacting by saying people are “bitching”. I like a lineman who run block as well as pass protect. I don’t see that as a skill in his toolbox, so it gives me pause. I’m
      Wondering what the draw is if he’s not big and not super athletic. We know from reports that he can pass protect. Is he a pass protection, third down specialist? 😂

      • Ishmael

        Not here per se, Seahawks Twitter/Internet in general.

        Sounds like he’s going to be a swing tackle to me, a safe guy who can stop Wilson getting murdered if there’s an injury or if they want to load up and play 6 linemen on occasion.

      • Volume12

        It’s not like he’s an atrocious run blocker. Just that pass blocking is his strong suit and the trait that jumps out most at ya when watching him.

        His movements skills will be well equipped for a scrambling QB and the run game.

        • Volume12

          Not trait, skill

      • Trevor

        He is a late 5th round pick. We are not asking him to be our starting LT next year. He is a good pass protector already with solid technique he will have a year or two in order to get bigger and stronger to help with his run blocking.

        If he was a dominant run blocker already with good testing #s then he would have gone in Rd1

  350. drewdawg11

    Did wadley get selected already? I may have missed it. Scarborough May fall to roundsevwn. Never thought that would be possible after last season. This past season was a head scratcher.

    • Coleslaw

      Scarbrough screams priority UDFA. Pete spends 7ths on those

    • Lewis

      No, still there

    • McZ

      We need a WR, Ateman or Tate.
      Wadley-Wadley-dropdropdrop? Ummmh, still on the clock.

  351. HawksBill

    Would like to see them pick up another pass rusher like Hercules Mata’afa or Ade Aruna.

    • sdcoug

      Really want Mata’afa. Add to that “hair on fire / heart” quotient

    • HawksBill

      But WR is probably the priority.

    • Producehawk

      Mata’afa would be a great pick. He is special even if he doesn’t fit the mold.

      I feel bad for Falk. Getting to the point where he might be better off not being drafted.

  352. chris

    we need another interior pass rusher.

  353. Volume12

    Those last 2 picks before NE’s were great. Kelly to the Rams sucks, but he’ll fit as a #2 behind Gurley. And Ejiofor is a perfect 3-4 end which Hosuton needed one more of.

  354. Trevor

    PFF has Jones as #32 on their big board and #3 OT

    Pass block effiency 98%.

    He will need to get stronger but has length, movement skills and footwork that are hard to find. You do not need to be an explosive tester to be a good OT in the NFL ask Joe Thomas . Technique, length and footwork mean a lot.

    • drewdawg11

      I’m good with redshirting him and seeing what we have in a year or two.

      • Trevor

        I think that is 100% the plan

    • Producehawk

      Hopefully, he becomes the steal of the draft.

    • hawkster

      They grade him above Kolton Miller, the guy who perhaps blew up the CLE trade. He could be a real steal. This guy, Dissly, Green, Penny … I’m starting to like this draft.

    • Pugs1

      McShay said he doesn’t look good on tape but at the end of the game he’s graded out as not having missed a block.

  355. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Perhaps the tackle “tested” poorly … but might have had a private workout or some other testing that was very good. A good football player who loves the game type. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, since what they have done in the past has not worked and they changed their methods and coaches heading into 2018.

    • hawkster

      The have drafted a lot of folks that can outleap a velociraptor, out skate Brian Boitano, and so on; this time they go with somebody who can protect a QB, from a big school, who’s been doing it for a while.

  356. Coleslaw

    So Jamarco is Pocic competition and probably Flukee replacement next year? Red shirt year and Fluker replacement next year? Idk anything about him

    • Trevor

      Don’t think so definitely an OT not a Guard. Swing OT and replacement for Brown. Perhaps even Ifedi if he does not improve this year.

      Jones is the anti Ifedi. Good technique and solid pass blocker but not explosive like Ifedi.

      Jones starts as an RT for Ohio St his first two years so can play both left and right sides. Sounds like the ideal backup swing OT to start with who can come in with an injury and not get Russ killed in pass pro.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I read it as a hedge on Fant and his recovery

        • Trevor

          That too for sure.

  357. CharlieTheUnicorn

    CBS Sorts is giving Seattle either a B or a D with their picks…. LOL

  358. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Jamarco Jones OT, Ohio St.
    Height: 6-5 Weight: 310
    With more strength, Jones can be a franchise LT. Handled duties on an island well in 2017. Long arms. Good size.

    A- pick from CBP SPORTS

  359. Trudy Beekman

    Would you rather have the least athletic OT prospect at the combine, the premier punting prospect, or the best pure blocking TE?

    Good news boys, we got em all!

    • Kenny Sloth


      All three have pretty good tape though.

      I’m not unhappy.

    • peter

      Who should Seattle be drafting?

      DT’s and DE’s with terrible medical history, big slow WR’s that cant box out and have no hops, or back up QB’s…

      • Trudy Beekman

        Hmm, I would lean more towards guys with some combination of size-adjusted athleticism and level-of-competition-adjusted production. I would also consider the age they began producing at the college level and how they could contribute to positions of need on our team. They wouldn’t need to have all of those things, but ideally guys on Day 3 have a lot of upside or a pretty clear path to production based on fit in your system, or guys that could be the next-man-up instead of paying guys w/ expiring contracts in the future and therefore represent a significant cost savings. Considering those things, guys I would have taken instead of a redundant pure blocking TE, or a punter might include:

        DT Foley Fatukasi, DT John Franklin-Myers, DT Andrew Brown
        EDGE Duke Ejiofor, EDGE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, EDGE Ade Aruna
        WR Equanimeous St. Brown, WR Justin Watson
        OL Wyatt Teller, OL Tyrell Crosby, OL Colby Gossett, OL Skyler Phillips
        LB Micah Kiser, LB Genard Avery
        S Dane Cruikshank, S Troy Apke

        No injured DL, no big/slow WRS w/ no hops or physicality, and no QBs. What we’re looking to avoid are guys that could be replaced for veterans of comparable skill at the veteran minimum salary (blocking TE, punter, kicker, special teams aces, this year box safety seems to be that, etc) unless they offer significant upside. For instance, Johnny Hekker was an All Pro punter last year, and is making an average of $3M/year for the next 2 years on an extension he just signed .

        We also generally want to avoid guys who are in the bottom 20% of athleticism or production. Freak athletes that never produced (Christine Michael comes to mind), or highly productive players who are bad athletes have a higher hill to climb when they make the jump to the NFL. That isn’t to say that they can’t succeed, just that it is less likely. We also generally want to avoid guys who didn’t produce until they were super old, or worse yet, guys who never produced, we want to avoid guys who were only average or worse producers at non-power 5 schools or in D2.

  360. Volume12

    QB, WR, FB, DL. And probably 1 more LB.

    Get 2 here and the other 2 as your priority UDFAs?

    • Trevor

      Sounds like a solid plan to me.

    • Lewis

      I think we have a good shot to land an FB as a udfa. There’s no competition on the roster

  361. CharlieTheUnicorn


    Micheal Dickson is the best punting prospect since Ray Guy
    (multiple league sources)