Live blog: Combine day one workouts — OL, RB

Welcome to our coverage of the 2018 NFL combine. Every day we’ll be updating events as they happen in Indianapolis, posting workout numbers and information.

This post will be updated consistently so keep hitting refresh.

We’ll end each day with a separate ‘review’ piece. In today’s we’ll be posting TEF results for the 2018 O-line class and reviewing which running backs fit Seattle’s prototype.

This is a vital day in the off-season. The Seahawks have to repair their running game as a priority. With a deep interior O-line class and a similarly deep group of running backs, we’ll receive a ton of information from the workouts today.

Before we get started…

I wanted to write a few thoughts down on an issue that’s been bugging me since yesterday.

The bench press.

For me, it’s the worst thing about the combine.

For starters, the ‘one weight for all’ system is seriously flawed. It’s basic physics that a man weighing 327lbs (Will Hernandez) is going to find it a lot easier to bench 225lbs than a man weighing 213lbs (Kerryon Johnson). Hernandez has far greater stability and base from which to bench. Johnson will be exerting a lot more energy simply to stabilise the bar.

Benching your body weight isn’t easy. Very few people can do it. Johnson is being asked to bench his body weight plus an extra twelve pounds. Hernandez on the other hand is being asked to bench a weight that is 102lbs lighter than his own body mass.

Hernandez was lauded for his 37 reps yesterday. You could easily argue Johnson’s 11 reps were more impressive considering the massive difference in weight.

Let’s see how many reps of 340lbs Will Hernandez can do. Then it’ll be a fair comparison between the two players.

For the running backs, generally weighing in the 210-230lbs range, being able to bench their own weight 10-15 times is pretty remarkable. For Saquon Barkley and Nick Chubb to do it 29 times is astoundingly freaky.

Overall it’s a pretty preposterous test that doesn’t truly measure explosive power or give any indication as to how much time a player spends in the gym. Quite aside from the influence of your weight, arm length is also a determining factor. A long armed offensive tackle might have a much greater one-rep max than a short armed guard — but that doesn’t show up in the ‘moar reps’ nature of the bench press test.

Now we have players like Billy Price tearing pec muscles doing the drill, no doubt trying to thrash out some early reps to get as many as possible. What is this test trying to prove? Anything more than one rep is a stamina test. How does it determine power?

In SPARQ testing they use the Powerball test. It’s a far greater measure of power and it eliminates the risk of injury. There’s a reason why SPARQ doesn’t use the bench press and it’s high time the NFL combine did the same. The bench press might look good on TV or in front of a small audience but it’s generally a waste of time.

And now I’ve got that off my chest, onto today’s workouts…


Before the drills start at 6am PST, the D-line measurements are coming in:

Vita Vea
Height: 6-4
Weight: 347lbs
Hand: 10
Arm: 32 5/8
Wingspan: 76 2/8

That’s a big dude…

Maurice Hurst
Height: 6-1 2/8
Weight: 292
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 76 7/8

A quick reminder — the Seahawks, to my knowledge, haven’t drafted a defensive lineman with sub-33 inch arms.

Rasheem Green
Height: 6-4 2/8
Weight: 275
Hand: 9 7/8
Arm: 33 6/8
Wingspan: 81 2/8

Taven Bryan
Height: 6-5
Weight: 291
Hand: 9 6/8
Arm: 32 6/8
Wingspan: 78 7/8

Da’Ron Payne
Height: 6-2 4/8
Weight: 311
Hand: 9 3/8
Arm: 33
Wingspan: 78 3/8

Derrick Nnadi
Height: 6-1
Weight: 317
Hand: 9 7/8
Arm: 33 4/8
Wingspan: 79 6/8

Tim Settle
Height: 6-2 6/8
Weight: 329
Hand: 9 1/8
Arm: 33
Wingspan: 78 6/8

Bradley Chubb
Height: 6-4 3/8
Weight: 269
Hand: 9 7/8
Arm: 34
Wingspan: 79

Da’Shawn Hand
Height: 6-3 5/8
Weight: 297
Hand: 9 6/8
Arm: 34 3/8
Wingspan: 80 5/8

Marquis Haynes
Height: 6-2 3/8
Weight: 235
Hand: 10
Arm: 33 2/8
Wingspan: 78 2/8

Jalyn Holmes
Height: 6-4 7/8
Weight: 283
Hand: 10
Arm: 34
Wingspan: 81 7/8

Ade Aruna
Height: 6-4 5/8
Weight: 262
Hand: 10 5/8
Arm: 34
Wingspan: 80

Dorance Armstrong
Height: 6-3 5/8
Weight: 257
Hand: 10
Arm: 34 6/8
Wingspan: 83

Sam Hubbard
Height: 6-5 3/8
Weight: 270
Hand: 10
Arm: 33 1/8
Wingspan: 78 2/8

Harold Landry
Height: 6-2 3/8
Weight: 252
Hand: 9 3/8
Arm: 32 7/8
Wingspan: 78 7/8

Arden Key
Height: 6-4 7/8
Weight: 238
Hand: Right-9 5/8, Left-10
Arm: 33 4/8
Wingspan: 82 1/8

Marcus Davenport
Height: 6-5 6/8
Weight: 264
Hand: 9 1/8
Arm: 33 5/8
Wingspan: 80 5/8

Hercules Mata’afa
Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 254
Hand: 10 2/8
Arm: 31 4/8
Wingspan: 76 1/8

Kentavius Street
Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 280
Hand: 10 2/8
Arm: 32 7/8
Wingspan: 78 6/8

Josh Sweat
Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 251
Hand: 10 2/8
Arm: 34 5/8
Wingspan: 84 1/8

That is an insane wingspan for Josh Sweat. Wow. One to watch during the D-line drills for sure. He blew up the SPARQ combine.

NC State duo B.J. Hill and Justin Jones both have +33 inch arms.

O-line forty yard dash times —
Group One

Brian Allen — 5.33 & 5.30
David Bright — DNP
Orlando Brown — 5.86 & 5.77
Alex Cappa — 5.36 & 5.33
Geron Christian — 5.34 & 5.31
Will Clapp — 5.40 & 5.43
Mason Cole — 5.23 & 5.30
Austin Corbett — 5.15 & 5.18
Tyrell Crosby — 5.24 & 5.20
James Daniels — DNP
Jamil Demby — 5.69 & 5.55
Nick Gates — 5.47 & 5.45
Colby Gossett — 5.21 & 5.27
Desmond Harrison — 4.90 & 4.75
Taylor Hearn — 5.45 & 5.54
Will Hernandez — 5.14 & 5.20
Jamarco Jones — 5.35 & 5.38

Mike Mayock joked Orlando Brown’s 5.86 was a ‘historically bad time’.

James Daniels says he’s not doing the forty due to a strained hamstring. He’ll do all the other drills. Mayock says Mike McGlinchey has also pulled a hamstring and likely won’t run the forty.

Onto the drills. Austin Corbett looked really good in the agility drills. Excellent kick step, the most fluid among the first group of offensive linemen. Balanced, in control. Very impressive.

Will Hernandez continues to build his stock. He ran well in the forty and doesn’t look sluggish at all. He dropped 13lbs from the Senior Bowl to the combine and it shows. He’s moving well.

New O-line coach Mike Solari is overseeing some of the drills this morning:

Here’s Solari speaking to Will Hernandez before a cone drill, requiring the O-liners to change direction. Hernandez nailed this drill too, showing off superb mobility. He’s having a fantastic combine so far:

The second cone drill asked the players to line up and simulate a pull to the left. Again, Hernandez just looked so smooth. Corbett also again showed well as did Jamarco Jones.

Now the bags are coming out for another pull-simulation.

Solari is bossing these prospects, leading the drills and coaching the players up. He’s not the only coach down there but he’s the one doing the teaching. It’s encouraging to see him operate in such a hands-on way.

He’s also referring to the bags as a ‘shield’ which raised a smile.

The kick-slide drill is a bit of a mess so far. The Houston O-line coach has taken over and several of the players have struggled to round the cones properly.

Without wanting to keep harping on about the same player over and over again — but Will Hernandez once again excelled here. He just looks so incredibly smooth. It’s not been a particularly impressive display from these players so far but Hernandez has really stood out. He just looks better than the rest.

On his second attempt, he barely broke sweat with a sublime kick slide. A lot of the prospects in group one are struggling to do what the coaches are asking. Hernandez just looks fantastic.

The first batch of official 40 times are out:

The first group of linemen are now going through the agility drill. The players drop back and have to show loose hips. It’s really a defensive back drill but it’s still a good way to judge mobility with the big guys too.

Hernandez was perfectly fine here. Not the smoothest but he’s not a highly athletic offensive tackle. Jamarco Jones really struggled in this drill. They didn’t show Austin Corbett’s attempt.

Now it’s the mirror drill. Michigan’s Mason Cole sunk his hips well and did well here. Austin Corbett was in complete control during his attempt. Shaun O’Hara praised Tyrell Crosby’s rep on the NFL Network but I thought his footwork was really choppy, overly active and he almost lost his footing. James Daniels had a much more in control performance on the next snap, Mayock raved about his mirror drill. Mayock: “No wasted movement… his hips, he dropped into position and just stayed there.”

Hernandez looked great in his drill but was helped by the rabbit just running back and forth. He didn’t have to change direction much. Hernandez does look twitchy and athletic though. Much more so than expected. It’s so impressive. Can’t wait to see his broad/vertical numbers. Jamarco Jones also had a good rep in the mirror drill.

That concludes group one for the offensive linemen.

The linebacker weigh-ins are now taking place. Here are the highlights:

Tremaine Edmunds
Height: 6-4 4/8
Weight: 253
Hand: 9 3/8
Arm: 34 4/8
Wingspan: 83

That is incredible length for Edmunds. He’s a top-10 lock.

LB Roquan Smith
Height: 6-0 7/8
Weight: 236
Hand: 10
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 77

Leighton Vander Esch
Height: 6-4 2/8
Weight: 256
Hand: 9 6/8
Arm: 33 7/8
Wingspan: 81 1/8

Rashaan Evans
Height: 6-1 7/8
Weight: 232
Hand: 10
Arm: 32 2/8
Wingspan: 77 2/8

Jerome Baker
Height: 6-1 1/8
Weight: 229
Hand: 10 3/8
Arm: 31 4/8
Wingspan: 76 1/8

Lorenzo Carter
Height: 6-4 7/8
Weight: 250
Hand: 10 3/8
Arm: 34
Wingspan: 82

Jeff Holland
Height: 6-1 3/8
Weight: 249
Hand: 10 4/8
Arm: 33 4/8
Wingspan: 80

Malik Jefferson
Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 236
Hand: 9 5/8
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 74 2/8

Darius Leonard
Height: 6-2
Weight: 234
Hand: 10 2/8
Arm: 34 3/8
Wingspan: 82 1/8

Kolton Miller just set a record for offensive linemen in the broad jump, managing a 10-1. Wow. That is incredible. He’s going to destroy TEF at this rate. I did not expect that at all.

Miller’s broad jump was the best since records were kept in 2006. Here are the top five:

Kolton Miller — 10-1
Lane Johnson — 9-10
Taylor Lewan — 9-9
Eric Fisher — 9-8
Garett Bolles — 9-7

Miller has shown, with that jump, he’s explosive enough to warrant first round consideration.

He also managed a 31.5 inch vertical. He’s a 3.31 TEF prospect. Only Jason Spriggs topped that in the last two years (3.54).

Vertical jumps:

Mike McGlinchey — 28.5
Scott Quessenberry — 33.5
Kolton Miller — 31.5
Orlando Brown — 19.5
Quenton Nelson — 26.5
Braden Smith — 33.5
Austin Corbett — 28
Tyrell Crosby — 30
James Daniels — 30.5
Will Hernandez — 24
Jamarco Jones — 24
Chukwuma Okorafor — 23.5
Brian O’Neill — 29.5
Coleman Shelton — 26.5
Connor Williams — 34

Broad jumps:

Connor Williams — 9-4
Braden Smith — 9-5
Quenton Nelson — 8-9
Orlando Brown — 6-10

John Schneider is speaking to the media:

Quick final note on the bench press — Saquon Barkley’s reps looked a little suspicious. His technique was terrible and it wasn’t clear whether he was locking out. Chubb did 29 legit reps. Barkley in comparison looked like he was doing a few half reps.

O-line forty yard dash times —
Group Two

Jaryd Jones-Smith — 5.27 & 5.23
Cole Madison — 5.34 & 5.37
K.J. Malone — 5.34 & 5.30
K.C. McDermott — 5.35 & 5.31
Mike McGlinchey — DNP
Kolton Miller — 4.98 & 4.91
Quenton Nelson — DNP
Joseph Noteboom — 4.96 & DNP
Chukwuma Okorafor — 5.32 & 5.31
Brian O’Neill — 4.80 & 4.82
Brandon Parker — 5.45 & 5.37
Skyler Phillips — 5.09 & 5.11
Billy Price — DNP
Scott Quessenberry — 5.10 & 5.16
Frank Ragnow — DNP
Martinas Rankin — DNP
Will Richardson — 5.22 & 5.23
Greg Senat — 5.38 & 5.38
Coleman Shelton — 5.24 & 5.21
Braden Smith — 5.21 & 5.26
Rod Taylor — 5.30 & 5.25
Wyatt Teller — 5.30 & 5.24
Brett Toth — DNP
Salesi Uhatafe — 5.40 & 5.39
Toby Weathersby — 5.35 & 5.36
Sean Welsh — 5.45 & 5.40
Connor Williams — 5.06 & 5.07
Isaiah Wynn — DNP

Mike McGlinchey has a hamstring issue so isn’t running the forty. He will do the other drills. Isaiah Wynn is recovering from surgery to repair a torn labrum. He played through the Senior Bowl with the problem. Frank Ragnow is recovering from injury too and Billy Price partially tore a pec during the bench press yesterday. Quenton Nelson isn’t running, apparently due to an injury too. Martinas Rankin also didn’t run.

Dave Gettleman, new Giants GM, was falling asleep while watching the second group run. And to his misfortune, it happened right when the NFL Network camera focused on him. Here he is nodding off:

Onto the O-line drills for the second group. First up, the agility and change of direction test. Mike McGlinchey looked quite stiff. Kolton Miller was a lot smoother despite his great height/size. Quenton Nelson was in complete control and just looks like such a natural. Great drill.

Brian O’Neill had arguably the best performance though in this drill. You can see he’s a former tight end. He ran well in the forty and looked much more mobile than any of the others in this group. His tape and Senior Bowl was a bit frustrating to watch but he has potential.

They made Braden Smith stop and restart his drill after he made an error. When he finally got going he looked quick and athletic.

Mike Solari is back orchestrating things now, setting up the next batch of drills.

The NFL Network isn’t focusing as much on the drills currently. From what I’ve seen, Cole Madison looks quite mobile and has executed well in the pulling/bag drills.

Mike McGlinchey was a little wide in his pull to the right. Mike Solari, like a school teacher, amusingly shouted, ‘Michael, Michael, Michael!’ before giving some advice/guidance on how to execute better. Solari is really working with the O-liners here, extremely hands-on. Very encouraging to see how active he is working with these players to master the fine details in each drill.

Coleman Shelton isn’t the most athletic player in group two (waist bender in the agility test earlier) but when he gets an opportunity to attack the pads and be physical, he’s doing a great job.

The NFL Network didn’t show most of the kick-slide drills in group two as they had extended coverage (or so it seemed) of the coin toss for the #9/#10 pick.

Brian O’Neill looked quick and smooth in his kick-slide. Kolton Miller also had a smooth drill. No surprises there. Both have worked out well so far.

In the back-pedal drill to test agility, O’Neill really excelled. Looked superb. Connor Williams, a 3.18 TEF tester, also looked good.

Time for the mirror drill to finish before the running backs join the party.

Mike McGlinchey isn’t doing the mirror. Kolton Miller looked in control, very relaxed. Quenton Nelson got too deep in his set and received a real test from his rabbit Jaryd Jones-Smith. Nelson, for the first time, struggled a little bit. Brian O’Neill looked even better than Miller — really strong performance in the mirror drill. Coleman Shelton was hunched over in his drill, bending his waist again. Braden Smith had a really strong performance with great balance and knee bend. Very impressive from the most explosive O-liner in this draft class.

Coin Toss

The 49ers and the Raiders had a coin toss to determine who would pick 9th and 10th in the draft. The 49ers won the toss, so San Francisco owns the #9 pick.

Early TEF scores

I’ll post the full list later:

Braden Smith — 3.52
Kolton Miller — 3.31
Connor Williams — 3.18
Quenton Nelson — 3.07

Running back runs and jumps

Vertical jumps:

Saquon Barkley — 41 inches
Nick Chubb — 38.5 inches

Chubb managed a 40-inch vertical at the SPARQ combine. He’s heavier here and still managed a 38.5 despite having to recover from a knee injury. That is very encouraging.

Running back forty yard dash times — Group One

Josh Adams — DNP
Kalen Ballage — 4.46 & 4.57
Saquon Barkley — 4.41 & 4.42
Nick Bawden — DNP
Nick Chubb — 4.53 & 4.58
Lavon Coleman — 4.66 & 4.69
Justin Crawford — 4.65 & 4.65
Chase Edmonds — 4.57 & 4.56
Donnie Ernsberger — 4.84 & 4.78
Dimitri Flowers — 4.83 & 4.87
Jarvion Franklin — 4.63 & 4.63
Royce Freeman — 4.59 & 4.55
Derrius Guice — 4.49 & 4.60
Kyle Hicks — 4.64 & 4.64
Nyheim Hines — 4.39 & 4.38
Justin Jackson — 4.50 & 4.53
Kerryon Johnson — DNP
Ronald Jones II — Pulled up injured
John Kelly — DNP
Sony Michel — 4.58 & 4.55
Ryan Nall — 4.67 & 4.59
Rashaad Penny — 4.47 & 4.47
Kamryn Pettway — 4.75 & 4.85
Demario Richard — 4.71 & 4.71
Bo Scarborough — 4.61 & 4.52
Roc Thomas — 4.56 & 4.63
Akrum Wadley — 4.59 & 4.54
Mark Walton — 4.64 & 4.61
Chris Warren — 4.70 & 4.70
Jordan Wilkins — DNP
Darrel Williams — 4.72 & 4.73

Ronald Jones II pulled up during his run with what looked like a hamstring strain, adding to the misery of Billy Price’s injury yesterday and the fact Isaiah Wynn didn’t workout with a torn labrum. It feels like we’ve cursed them.

Kerryon Johnson and John Kelly didn’t run.

That explains what happened to Ronald Jones II.

Pete Carroll and John Schneider were watching the running backs closely:

Despite not running the forty, Kerryon Johnson and John Kelly are both going through drills. Nick Chubb appears light and sharp running over the bags and changing direction.

I’m closing the live blog for now. Going to post the TEF scores shortly, plus some very interesting news on the running backs. Stay tuned.


  1. Ishmael

    347 pounds is ginormous. Amazing that he moves as well as he does.

  2. Patrick Toler

    Thank you for doing this Rob. Big day indeed. Really excited to see how these RBs test.

  3. East Side Stevie

    Rob, before you get to typing away for the next 7 hours of the day.. I wanted to take a moment and thank you. Truly, what you do on this site, the community you have assembled, I am truly grateful for. You have established yourself as immensely important in our football passion, and are Seahawks passion. What you do day in,day out, the hours you put in, it does not go unnoticed. I thank you again!

    • East Side Stevie


    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Steve, that’s the perfect thing I needed to read before launching into the next four days of live blogs! Thank you so much 🙂

      • East Side Stevie

        you bet!!!

    • peter

      I’m going to agree with all of this.

      Rob you are killing it my man! I’m rehabbing an injury and honestly feel grateful that I get to nerd out with this update all day. Though all the next days are going to be great this is the mosy exiting for me.

      Great, great work sir!

    • GerryG

      +1 Rob!! I can’t watch these things, and honestly don’t know what to look for.

  4. John_s

    Charles Robinson a great guy to follow for the measurements.

    Dorance is long!

    #Kansas DE/LB Dorance Armstrong
    Height: 6-3 5/8
    Weight: 257
    Hand: 10👀
    Arm: 34 6/8👀
    Wingspan: 83👀

    • Trevor

      He is going to be a big riser this week.

      • John_s


    • peter

      Gotta see what his short area numbers are but that could push him up by quite a bit is he has good splits, three cone, etc.

      • Greg Haugsven

        He could be a good LEO candidate.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Watch him and his 10 yard split.

  5. Chris

    Orlando Brown is doing himself no favours is he!

    • Greg Haugsven

      He might have just fell to round 2 or worse.He also had the least amount of bench press reps

      • Mark Souza

        I agree with the “or worse” portion. He looked like a tub of goo out there. Big and long, but no athleticism or strength.

  6. Trevor

    Rob agree 100% about the Bench Press. The fact that they use this exercise is a joke. It is a non athletic motion that cause more shoulder and pec injuries than any other. Most athletes in other sports don’t even use it anymore. The fact that the most popular and wealthiest sport in North America uses it to test their athletes’ shows how backwards and resistant to change the NFL really is.

    • peter

      the problem with the bench additionally is one of my favorite lifting quotes: strength is a skill and technique is king.

      To the lay person at the gym or watching the combine you just rack up some weight and grunt your way through some lifts. when I train for PowerPoint comps (Which I’m a super duper amateur, full disclosure) there re so many freaking cues to successfully push weight at the bench press that if you are not training that day in and day out you are never going to get that much better.

      Also the biggest issue for me is is two fold: Rob is absolutely right that a one weight for all is a garbage way to test strength that’s why real weightlifting has weight classes. and after watching that Powerball clip I think something less “sexy,” like that would be a better measure of power.

      unfortunately the nfl still has some corny meathead trainers and old man coaches that think this is a good test. I think more players should sit it out until they modify the strength program.

    • Mark Souza

      I don’t agree on the criticism of the bench press. It is valuable. Yes, O-lineman will almost always out lift running backs, and in that regard, the much larger linemen have a huge advantage. However, that isn’t the purpose of the bench press. It’s a comparison of the members of same position group. One lineman against another. One running back against another. It shows you things like how strong Will Hernandez is, and how far from being pro ready Orlando Brown is. Unfortunately you can’t always tell by looking at them in tee shirts and shorts.

      • Rob Staton

        But the bench doesn’t tell you how strong anyone is. Reps does not equal strength.

        A true strength comparison would be a one-rep max.

        And it can never be a true comparison either when you have 300lb linemen competing with 325lb linemen, plus there’s the arm length factor too.

        It really is a rubbish test all round.

        • Mark Souza

          I still disagree. When one lineman does 35 reps, does it mean he’s significantly stronger than someone who did 27? No. But it does mean both are sufficiently strong for the job. When a lineman can only do 11 reps, it means there’s a problem, something you might not have discovered without that test.

          And the reason for 225lb is it is light enough to reduce the probability of injury (though on participant did get hurt this year).

          • Rob Staton

            But there might still legit reasons why a lineman can only do 11 reps. His one rep max might still be higher.

            • Kenny Sloth

              There’s probably a really dumb reason we use the test at all.

              Combine test measurables are essentially useless for evaluation purposes. Empirically.

  7. Trevor

    Arden Key, Davenport, Homes, Haynes and Armstrong have ideal size and all the measurable you look for in an edge rusher. It will be interesting to see the 10 yd splits.

    The two Alabama DT are the protypes. No wonder Saban keeps on winning.

  8. Trevor

    Cant wait to see Settle and Vea run and do the 3 cone.

  9. Trevor

    Hernandez really does look legit and it seems the Hawks really are giving him a ton of attention. I would love to see him on the Hawks OL to bring some of that attitude and Nasty back.

    • Greg Haugsven

      He would look real nice in between Brown and Britt.

  10. Trevor

    Rob any thought on how the injury Price has could affect his draft stock?

    • Rob Staton

      Too early to say. If he recovers and works out at the Ohio State pro-day it won’t be much of an issue.

      • Trevor

        Hope he can but If it is a partially torn pec I think it is more likely a surgery is in order.

        • Greg Haugsven

          It depends on the degree. If its a 1 or 2 then not a super big deal. If its a 3 (torn) he is in trouble.

      • Joseph

        Torn pec injuries take at least 4-6 months maybe longer to heal, Rob. No way he’s making his pro day. Feel bad for the guy cause I thought he would have a great combine and looked like a sure 1st rd pick before the combine.

  11. Trevor

    My Canadian guy does not have 33″ arms. I really hope that does not cross him off the Hawks list at DT.

    #FortHaysSt DT Nathan Shepherd
    Height: 6-3 6/8
    Weight: 315
    Hand: 10 1/8
    Arm: 32 3/8
    Wingspan: 80 4/8

    • Hawk Eye

      I think this guy has some serious upside. Takes the Canuks a bit of time to adjust to the speed and power when they go to the US, the high school talent up here is nowhere near the level of US schools, although SFU used to compete in Div II I think. It will be interesting to see his speed stats

  12. Trevor

    This is definitely a guy to monitor his measurables are sick! I think he is going to have a great combine and he looks like the perfect LEO.

    FSU DE/LB Josh Sweat
    Height: 6-4 6/8
    Weight: 251
    Hand: 10 2/8
    Arm: 34 5/8
    Wingspan: 84 1/8 (!)

    • Greg Haugsven

      Him and Dorrance for sure.

  13. Trevor

    Rob have you watched much tape on Josh Sweat? his tape before the injury was really good IMO. A little like Derwin James depending on the tape you watch he goes from being a great prospect to just OK IMO. He is a Day #2 I would love to see the Hawks take a flier on if they trade back or pick up more draft capital.

    • Rob Staton

      I found his tape a bit frustrating overall. But the athletic profile and potential is clearly there.

      • Trevor

        Agreed he looked different after the injury buy came on late in the year. Would love to see what he could do another year removed from injury and with NFL coaching. If he runs at 10yd split in the 1.5s he would seem to be the perfect LEO project.

  14. Trevor

    The Hawks could rebuild the D with the (4) FSU guys. How was that team so bad last year?

    Derwin James (SS)
    Josh Sweat (LEO)
    Derrick Nnadi (DT)
    Tavarius McFadden (FS)

    Throw in the big WR Arden Tate and we are all set with just FSU guys.

    • peter

      I don’t think Fisher is that great of a coach. As you noted they have some serious big boy talent at that program but, if losing your qb in college is going throw you off that badly somethings up.

      Pretty interested to see nnadi ‘s numbers. I know Seattle has no third round pick but he seems like a a great get at that range.

    • Rob Staton

      Think I’d rather have the four from Georgia — Wynn, Chubb, Carter & Wims!

      • peter

        Ha! could probably change our fortunes faster with those four

      • Trevor

        That would be pretty awesome as well.

      • C-Dog

        Yes please!

  15. Trevor

    If the Browns pass on Barkley at #1 they are crazy. He could be the player that turns that organization around. If I am the Browns I take Barkley at #1 and Nelson at #4.

    They are the two best prospect I have ever seen at their position and have the potential to be All Pro’s . They make any QB the Browns sign or draft so much better.

    An offensive Line with Joe Thomas, Nelson, Bitonio, Zettler.

    Barkley at RB

    WR Coleman and Gordon

    TE Njoku

    That is a dynamic offensive group. If I was Kirk Cousins I would be all over that scenario. The run game with that RB and OL should be incredible.

    • 503Hawk

      Agree! The Browns can’t let Barkley get away. If they go Barkley at 1 and a non QB at 4, they still need a QB. If its not Cousins do they trade down from 4 or trade up from 33 to nab Lamar Jackson?

    • Rowlandice

      And of course they’ll need our 18 for Lamar Jackson. We can put some of their draft stock to good use!

      • Mark Souza

        I also agree. If they wait, he might not be there at #4. They need to take him at #1, then they can have one of the group of four quarterbacks with #4. But if it was me, I’d use #4 on Quentin Nelson (someone for Barklay to run behind) and take Lamar Jackson later.

  16. peter

    Rob or anyone,

    It felt sort of silly before the combine but do you all think hernandez may climb himself into Seattle’s first pick at 18?

    He just keeps doing himself a solid at every turn this off season.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure he’s boosted his stock that much despite the great drill performance. He was a late first, early second rounder before. Think he just confirmed it today. They should be able to trade down first if they want him.

      • peter

        That’s probably fair and I actually hope so…..I his keep thinking about being surprised when Mike Iupati, for me, went higher by about a dozen spots than I expected…for a guard

  17. TTownHawk

    I need Josh Sweat to be a Seahawk.

    I was already high on him, but a wingspan checking in at 84 1/8??? My goodness! I would love a scenario where we trade down, acquire a third round pick, draft Will Hernandez or Isaiah Wynn late 1st / Early 2nd and then get Sweat in the 3rd. Maybe luck into an RB that falls to the 4th. Or somehow acquire additional day 2 picks. Man, of all the drafts not to have a 2nd OR a 3rd, this is frustrating. Seems like there are going to be so many great players available day 2.

    Side note, does Michael Bennett have any trade value? Would be awesome if we could move him for a 3rd, but that seems unlikely since rumors have already been floated that he is a release candidate. I say unless we get at least a 4th rounder for him, keep him for another year. The $2mil in cap space that is freed up by releasing him this off-season just doesn’t seem worth it.

    Anyways, love this blog and all the work you do. I am a combine and draft fanatic, so it is so awesome to get such detailed info and analysis from a Seahawks fan perspective.

    • peter

      I wonder how the medical address knee concerns? Is it degenerative? Is it micro fracturing? Is there some reason that fsu medical staff believe his knee is still not a hundred percent?

  18. Nashhawk

    Hernandez looks really good.

  19. peter

    the ten years splits for hernandez, corbett, and cole are all pretty nice. 1.76 for the first two and 1.78/for cole.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yeah Crosby is moving well with all that weight too.
      I don’t mind him lighter, but he needs to be consistent

  20. Nick

    Alex Cappa looked very smooth in the mirror drill. He’s a D2 prospect to keep in mind.

  21. Trevor

    Well I think we can officially rule out Orlando Brown as a 1st round prospect.

    • HawkMock

      He looks beyond terrible.

      • Greg Haugsven


  22. KingRajesh

    Kolton Miller is making that money today! Could be a 2nd round lock, could sneak into the 1st with a good showing in position drills and positive medicals.

    • Christian

      Since 1993 on average of 3.8 OT have been taken in the 1st round. It’s a position of need, even if a T has a 2nd Round grade he is probably pushed into the first because of need. I believe Kolton Miller has solidified himself as the 2nd Tackle, over Orlando Brown and to a lesser extent Wynn (due to torn labrum, pending physicals at Pro Day)

  23. Drew

    Rumor is that Russ is going to get an at-bat today for their game against the Braves…

  24. Sea Mode

    Hilarious coin flip…

    • Sea Mode

      SF at 9, OAK at 10.

  25. EP

    82 inch wingspan at 6 foot 2. Crazy

  26. Sea Mode

    Connor Williams looked nice there.

  27. icb12

    41″ vertical at 233#??

    Good grief.

    • icb12

      And Chubb would be #2 in last years RB group. Kamara was tops with a 39.5″. and Chubb has 15 pounds on him.


      • peter

        God point in Barkley and Chubb big numbers from dudes of those sizes.

  28. Cameron

    Seahawks reportedly meeting with Shaquem Griffin in the next week.

    • peter

      They should just skip the meeting and pencil him in on one of their fifth round picks and if he only plays special teams so be it. I think that dude would crush it on special teams and maybe as a safety prospect.

  29. Sea Mode

    Wow, Kolton Miller. Great rabbit.

    • Sea Mode

      *mirror drill I mean

  30. Sea Mode

    Wow, that’s a long way to get around Brandon Parker.

  31. Sea Mode

    🙂 Poor guy that got Q. Nelson as his rabbit. Dang…

  32. Sea Mode

    Here we go with RB 40’s. Ballage, Barkley, Chubb… what a way to start!

  33. Sea Mode

    Well, no surprise there… 4.41.

    • KingRajesh

      Poor start, looked like he was thinking.

      Could go 4.3 in the next run

      • Sea Mode

        Yup, that initial mistake lining up at the wrong line probably broke his concentration a bit.

  34. drewdawg11

    I guess those reports of Barkley running in the 4.3s perhaps had some validity. When you posted those old Sparq numbers I figured it was a bad day. He plays fast. I saw him up close at the fiesta bowl. I would say he doesn’t have the long speed to maintain it, but his burst is great.

    • Greg Haugsven

      That dudes freaky. 233lbs with those numbers. Hopefully he gets drafted in the AFC.

  35. Sea Mode

    JS with the binoculars. Getting ready for RoJo…?

    • Sea Mode

      Dang it, pulled up.

    • Volume12

      Like last year when it was Obi? 😉

      • Sea Mode

        lol exactly! 😉

  36. KingRajesh

    Ronald Jones just ran himself into an injury. Disappointing.

    • Sea Mode

      Blessing in disguise for the Hawks maybe…?

      • KingRajesh

        Don’t need another RB with injury concerns…

        • TheDarnold

          So, he gets hurt once and is a injury concern?

  37. Nick

    4.58 for Sony is disappointing. If he can get that second run down to 4.50 that’d be great.

    • Volume12

      Chubb ran awful too.

      Good time for Guice though.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, the three false starts probably didn’t help either on that 2nd attempt. But I think he can go home quite happy at 4.53 tbh.

        • Volume12

          I shouldn’t say awful. More disappointing.

        • peter

          Except none of the 40 times have mattered to Seattle. I’m still looking forward to the broad results.

    • Sea Mode

      Not bad. They even made the comp to Kamara’s time on the broadcast.

    • Cameron

      40 times are overrated for running backs. Elite speed is a nice tool to have, but explosion is a far greater definer of consistent NFL success.

  38. Kyle

    You hate to see a guy get hurt, especially when his livelihood is on the line. But jones not participating might make him more attainable with a trade back. I’m still high on Chubb, just the man. Barkley is obviously the man as well, but let’s be realistic, no way we get him. I’d be happy with a haul somehow of either Chubb/Jones and Wynn/price/Hernandez.

  39. Patrick Toler

    Did they say why Kelly didn’t run? Just wanted to do so at his pro day?

  40. Volume12

    Outta all these big backs, only 3 with a sub 4.5 40?

    • Volume12

      That Chase Edmonds from Fordham is intriguing.

    • Volume12

      4.55 for Royce is 🔥. Chubb had a good verrt even though that tells you nothing about a RB.

      • peter

        Really do any of these tests tell you anything about a player? How many times are you at a stand still and then have to break out a big jump? Or a long jump? Or are you sprinting from a dead stop with no contact…….I love the combine but a lot of it for me is to see some risers, and some surprises.

        • Volume12

          These tests are the 3rd most important part of the weekend. Interviews, medicals, then the drills. It’s just the part the fans get to see.

          • peter

            The medicals I’m most interested in. CHubb, sweat, why some guys aren’t running, etc.

      • TTownHawk

        Curious how 4.55 for Freeman is good, but 4.53 for Chubb is not? Both backs right around 230.

        • Volume12

          Didn’t I correct my statement?

          Said it was rather disappointing for MR SPARQ god.

  41. KingRajesh

    “Ronald Jones II pulled up during his run with what looked like a hamstring strain, adding to the misery of Billy Price’s injury yesterday and the fact Isaiah Wynn didn’t workout with a torn labrum. It feels like we’ve cursed them.”


  42. Greg Haugsven

    Penney solid with a 4.47. Orlando Brown going from a first rounder to UDFA. Damn he might as well go home.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Braden Smith stock seriously going up.

      • peter

        Braden Smith had himself a day. maybe worked himself into late 2nd territory with a good mix of sloppy oline testing from others.

        • Christian

          This is where the severity of Wynn and Prices injuries will dictate whether or not he is the 3rd G in the class

    • Volume12

      He ain’t falling that far, but his is one of the worst performances from a guy with a ton of 1st round buzz that I can recall.

      • Christian

        Well technically he could fall that far “Tunsil”

        • Christian

          I mean La’el Collins

  43. Del tre

    Like Penny’s 4.47, Bo’s run has me thinking he could fall to the fifth, what a great power back he could be. Expecting a Legarrett Blount type of career out of Scarborough if the right team finds him.
    On another note JS is on John Clayton right now. Reminded me that they got 4 draft picks from trading down last year including a 3rd. Id expect them to move down significantly from 18.
    “You don’t wanna be one of those teams with a ton of cap” couldn’t agree more JS.

    • TTownHawk

      Bo’s second run in the low 4.5s, he is helping his stock a lot today. He had a great vertical and broad jump.

      • FresnoBrad

        Draft him and Roc Thomas and were good to go.

  44. Trevor

    Wow Barkley’s testing #s are absolutely sick! What will is SPARQ be. Record perhaps.

  45. Trevor

    Carter and Edmunds are built like the protype LB for 2018. I can’t wait to see the DL / LB test tomorrow.

  46. Trevor

    This Roc Thomas is an interesting guy as a Day #3 RB

    • Del tre

      I was just thinking the exact same thing. The seahawks are going to ad competition to the RB room thats for sure.

      • FresnoBrad

        Me 3 that Roc Thomas is legit late 3rd early 4th is a steal!

  47. peter

    Anybody heard of a reason why Kelly isn’t running? Injury? That’s a guy who could give himself a shot with a good combine.

  48. Del tre

    Pretty interesting interview, they like Schottenheimer growth at Georgia, feel like it really expanded his gameplanning ability. I feel confident in this guy.
    Talks a lot about trading down, shelves of talent and the ability to evaluate when those players will go.
    Says we will have a much more clear view after this week so of trades come I’d expect them to happen in the coming week.

  49. Volume12

    Sony killed that drill.

    • Volume12

      Barkley is just killing the whole damn day though. Whoo.

  50. Volume12

    If I’m Lamar Jackson I’m telling the teams that want me to work out at WR to kick rocks.

    ‘He’s tall, fast, and a black QB. God damn pal. Put him out wide.’ GTFOH!

    • Del tre

      For real, guy wins the Heisman and has a higher completion rate than Vick, not exactly like he had killer wide outs or protection. Pair him with a strong run game and you have a franchise QB

      • Volume12

        But, Josh Allen.

        ‘Pefectly average, tall white guy, who’s the best thing coming into the league since Cam Newton.’

        I ain’t saying Lamar is a lock to be great. Its hard enough being a QB in this league, but if you don’t think he’s worth a 1st as a QB!? Miss me with that.

        • Del tre

          Personally i think the browns should go Barkley 1 and then either take Lamar at 4 or trade back and take him. That combo at QB and RB would be a nightmare.

        • cha

          I’m not saying he’s the next Deshaun Watson but it feels very similar to the narrative we saw last year. If Jackson slips to 18, somebody should give up the farm to get the Hawks’ pick.

          • Volume12

            That’s just it. Someone is gonna use their 1st rounder on a good player and either move back up for Jackson or take him in round 2 and make out like bandits.

            • Volume12

              I would say maybe a team like Baltimore but we all know they’ll draft a ‘Bama guy and then spend a pick on a mediocre WR. Their specialty.

              • peter

                Hope Coughlin puts on his big boy pants and drafts Jackson regardless of paying bortles. Bortles new contract feels like a business decision and not a mortgage the future decision.

                • cha

                  It was, no bones about it. They just got some cap room out of the deal for another $7m, and have lots of room to escape if Bortles regresses or gets outplayed.

      • peter

        We’ve been disagreeing lately but I completely agree about Jackson being better than vick.

    • cha

      I don’t get it. The league is starved for QBs.

  51. Volume12

    LT: take the 4 yards. Quit trying to make everything a home run.

    Fans: But he has no burst!

  52. Nashhawk

    So what round are the Seahawks going to draft Brian O’Neill in?

    • Volume12

      You mean Orlando Brown?

      • Greg Haugsven

        Brown looks like he needs to lay off the cheeseburgers and unhook the trailer.

  53. KingRajesh

    I like this Roc Thomas kid! Anyone got a scouting report on him? Never seen his tape.

    • FresnoBrad

      Former “Mr Alabama” He’s a stud! No reason to spend a second when we can get Roc Thomas

  54. peter

    Whoa kerryon Johnson and Scarborough look to be having themselves some days at the jumping portions.

    • Ryan

      I hope they target Scarborough. 11’4″ broad jump, 40″ vert, 4.52 40yd. he is 6’1″ 230. Let’s trade back so we can pick in 2nd and 3rd!

      • Del tre

        My thoughts exactly, Bo isn’t an every down back but the Hawks want someone who can thump and make the defense tired. Bo and carson would be a deadly combo

    • Volume12

      Will JS and Pete find them cool though? Likes really cool?

      • peter

        that’s funny..

        And not.

        Because they probably won’t find bo or keryon cool…and I think that matters to them

        • Volume12

          LOL. Just being my smarta** usual self. But the sad thing is, your right. There is some truth to it.

          I’m a huge fan of Bo in all honesty. Tough eval, but a poor man’s Derrick Henry.

          • FresnoBrad

            What if he’s available in the 6th?

  55. Volume12

    The Sahawks out here asking the tough questions.

    Asked Texas P Michael Dickson how long he could go w/o blinking.


    • Volume12

      This is the same team that’s trying to get rid of a guy who led them in defensive snaps, had more QB knockdowns than Von Miller & Joey Boss, 3 straight pro bowl (yeah, yeah), and was the teams nominee for the Walter Payton award. All basically on one good foot too.

      • peter

        Getting rid of benett makes no sense. Sorry this isn’t fan speak. Just reduce his snaps, he’s on an easy contract until he retires and he’s at best a what? Middle/late fourth round pick…..I just don’t see it.

        • Ed

          It’s about next years money too. Add on the fact that he is Mr. False start and can be a big distraction, I think the alpha male thing people talk about that PC likes, has gotten out of hand and think the team feels the same way. They should have started letting these guys go after 2nd contract. No Sherman, Kam, Bennett etc… Buy low, sell high.

          • FresnoBrad

            Doesn’t sound like Schneider thinks Bennett going to around much longer.

          • peter

            Unlike earl this is a bit of a buy high sell low situation.

            I get the false starts have always been a oroblem.

            I even get the future cap savings and of it.I

            It’s just hard for me to fathom a 2nd round pick and maybe 15 million dollars for a run stiffer and let Bennett go for a late round pick.

            • Hawk Eye

              I am having a hard time looking at Bennett’s production and salary and saying he should be cut or traded for 4th round pick. I know some people call him a distraction, but only white guys who are fans or commentators, etc. None of the players call him a distraction, doubt the coaches do. That is just political BS. He is a guy who never gives up and plays hurt and produces. He is not overpaid and the cap hit to lose him is not small. He is a bad loser, but lots of winners are. The false starts are a minor issue, never cost them a game, but I would like to see them reduced. I doubt very much they cut him if they can’t trade him. But I also wonder if they want him to change a bit. Sherm calmed down after they tried to trade him, but were asking too much.

              • Rob Staton

                I don’t think there’s any issue with Bennett the person.

                I think the issue is with the age of the team, the cost of the defense and finding players that haven’t, perhaps, started to find Carroll’s message to be a bit stale.

  56. Brandon Miller

    Per Ian Rapoport,

    “The #Falcons have some tough choices to make and one has been made: They are cutting TE Levine Toilolo, I’m told. He signed a 3-year, $12M deal just last year.”

    I would be okay with kicking the treads on Toilolo, Under rated, hard working blocker in the run game. Very under valued in ATL in my opinion. I remember kicking myself watching him block for D. Freeman in that Playoff loss a couple years ago.. A group of Vannett, Willson, (Smythe?), Toilolo would be very strong heading into next year possibly without J. Graham.

    Food for thought, if we get rid of J. Graham, PRich, ect. How would Toilolo’s deal affect our CAP space assuming we take on the 3-year $12M hit. Would it possibly influence picking up a Carlos Hyde, or Eric Reid, both of which i also wouldn’t mind signing to low risk, high reward type contracts.

    Thanks as always Rob for your continued hard work on this site year after year. I look forward to following this draft process with you and everyone on this site! Cheers!

  57. Volume12

    Udub TE Will Dissly has met with the Hawks.

    • Volume12

      Charlie, wherever you are, probably at work, unlike this (me) degenerate. You asked me this yesterday.

      2nd group did have Hernandez in it. Was 1A and 1B and 2A-2B.


      UTEP Will Henandez
      Nebaska Nick Gates
      Clemson Taylor Hearn
      Arizona St Sam Jones
      Ohiol St JeMarco Jones
      App St Colby Gossett
      W. Georgia Des Harrison
      Maine Jemil Demby

      Also 3 QBs in it. Nic Shimonek from Texas Tech, Austin Allen from Arkansas, and Danny Etling from LSU

  58. Volume12

    UTEP’s Will Hernandez is a freak!

    Mockdraftable percentiles:

    Weight- 327 lbs. 83%
    Bench press- 37 reps 97%
    40- 5.14 81%
    10 yd split- 1.76 74%

    • Sea Mode

      Wow! Also, can’t wait to see what Vea and Settle end up doing.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Braden Smith as well.

        35 reps
        33.5 vert
        9.5 broad

      • Volume12

        Vea for sure. I’m interested in Green, Sweat, and Turay myself. Turay had some really nice measurements.

  59. Volume12

    Couple things:

    JS basicallytold us how to eval the WRs. Route runners and pro scheme/systems.

    Thinking (right now anyways) that they take someone such as Will Hernandez or Connor Williams in round 1 after a trade back and a back like Scarbrough, Freeman, Johnson next.

    • peter

      Well pc did say that Carson has a chance to be the man so maybe they do look for a Scarborough and even a John Kelley later and go hernandez, then maybe a dlinemen? Or pass rush….

      • Volume12

        Sure. Its plausible. I think they’ll trade back twice to pick up a 2nd and 3rd.

        That’s ironic. Just about to go back and watch Kelly because I keep overlooking him. I might be too low on the guy.

        He initially gave me MoJo vibes, but watching him today running the drills and the 1st :30 of one of his ‘tapes’, I’m actually starting to get a Mark Ingram feel.

        • Volume12

          I love swag and personality and this dude’s got it as well.

          When asked about our (me and you) favorite CFB HC Butch Jones getting an interveiw at ‘Bama he laughed.

          Asked about his running style he replied with ‘I just like to embarrass people.’ YES!

          • peter

            Hahahahah! Our favorite cfb coach! That’s awesome.

            that’s a great quote from him.

            I love butch jones just so much talent and not a clue on how to use it.

        • peter

          Id take a mark Ingram any day just not his fault he got picked in the first. If he had been picked inn the third or fourth he’d be considered a great deal

    • Nick

      OG in Round 1 or early Rd 2 seems the most enticing at this point because it helps the run game AND the pass game (although, I guess you could say the same for drafting a RB).

      • Volume12

        Could be a RB with the 1st selection and Austin Corbett next. Seems like Corbett is their fall back or plan B.

        As Peter said, theyre high on Carson and PC did mention they need a big year from Prosise. Either they’re counting on him or will hedge him on day 3-UDFA.

        • FresnoBrad

          Austin Corbett is legit rather have him than any RB in this class except Barkley.

      • Patrick Toler

        Chubb just seems like the perfect Seattle RB if his knee checks out as stable. And if it does you will probably need to spend an early 2nd to get him. Can’t wait for the results of the medical checks to start to leak out for him.

  60. Volume12

    For fans of Jim Cobern and his metric scores, here’s the RBs who hit the All Pro/Pro bowl speed scores. Which is 40 time + mass density.

    Penn St’s Saquon Barkley
    LSU’s Derrius Guice
    ‘Bama’s Bo Scarbrough
    Arizona St’s Kallen Ballage
    NC St’s Nyheim Hines
    Oregon’s Royce Freeman
    SD St’s Rashaad Penny
    Georgia’s Nick Chubb

    • DC

      Harkening back to UW vs Bama, Bo is one of those RBs who just wears teams down. He was mostly contained for the first half but then the dam started to crack and then rupture. It is tough to watch as an opponent. This year, in a different style, Barkley just did his thing. I still can’t believe he weighs 230+. Watching him play I thought 210-215.

      • Volume12

        My big concern with Barkley is what Mayock said. When teams bottle him up and start to shut him down, he panics. Tries to do too much like go sideways or getting cute and won’t get behind his pads and lower his shoulder. That’s a nitpick though.

        • Patrick Toler

          If Barkley is going to play the role of workhorse who you hand it to 20 times a game he is going to need to take big steps in developing his discipline and decision making.

          But if he can’t grow in those areas, he can still be a dynamic weapon who you get the ball too in a variety of ways.

          • Patrick Toler

            If even if he doesn’t take big steps in that area, he can still be a good traditional back, but he’ll have too many runs for lost yardage. If he is able to advance his discipline, he could be the best back in the NFL.

    • Sea Mode

      I don’t mind his work as just one more factor to add to the checklist.

      Kind of like the combine workouts: if a guy you weren’t paying attention to stands out, you go back and check him out to see if you might have missed something.

      Same goes for PFF in my opinion.

      • Volume12

        Good point/s.

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