TEF results 2018 & Seattle running back targets

Who are the most explosive offensive linemen in the 2018 draft? And which running backs are the Seahawks likely to show interest in?

Let’s find out…

Is it an explosive offensive line class?

Two years ago we created a formula called TEF (Trench Explosion Formula). For a full breakdown of what the formula is, click here. Essentially, any prospect scoring 3.00 or higher is an explosive athlete.

Here’s the formula we use:

1. Vertical ÷ 31
2. Broad ÷ 9, then cube the result
3. Bench ÷ 27
4. Results added together = TEF

And here are the 2018 results:

Braden Smith — 3.52
Kolton Miller — 3.31
Wyatt Teller — 3.22
Scott Quessenberry — 3.22
Connor Williams — 3.18
Quenton Nelson — 3.07
Will Hernandez — 3.04

Colby Gossett — 2.86
Toby Weathersby — 2.77
James Daniels — 2.76
Brian O’Neill — 2.74
Sam Jones — 2.73
Joe Noteboom — 2.62
Brian Allen — 2.61
Cole Madison — 2.61
Will Clapp — 2.59
Austin Corbett — 2.55
Tyrell Crosby — 2.52
Mason Cole — 2.50
Jaryd Smith-Jones — 2.49
Greg Senat — 2.49
Alex Cappa — 2.47
K.C. McDermott — 2.45
Sean Welsh — 2.41
K.J. Malone — 2.37
Chukwuma Okorafor — 2.30
Nick Gates — 2.17
Taylor Hearn — 2.14
Jamil Demby — 2.13
Orlando Brown — 1.59

Isaiah Wynn — DNP
Billy Price — DNP
Frank Ragnow — DNP

How does this compare to the last two years?

Players scoring a 3.00 or more:

2016 — 6
2017 — 3
2018 — 7

Players scoring at least a 2.85:

2016 — 9
2017 — 8
2018 — 8

Here’s the combined top-10 from 2016, 2017 and 2018 (in bold):

Jason Spriggs: 3.54
Braden Smith — 3.52
Kolton Miller — 3.31
Connor McGovern: 3.29
Forrest Lamp — 3.23
Wyatt Teller — 3.22
Scott Quessenberry — 3.22
Connor Williams — 3.18
Nico Siragusa — 3.13
Alex Redmond: 3.10
Quenton Nelson — 3.07
Joe Haeg: 3.06
Joe Dahl: 3.05
Will Hernandez — 3.04
Joe Thuney: 3.04
Garett Bolles — 3.00*
Halapoulivaati Vaitai: 2.97
Germain Ifedi: 2.97
Isaac Asiata — 2.96
Dorian Johnson — 2.92
Brandon Shell: 2.91
Antonio Garcia — 2.89
Sean Harlow — 2.87
Taylor Moton — 2.86
Colby Gossett — 2.86
Will Holden — 2.84
Ryan Kelly: 2.84
Ethan Pocic — 2.81
Toby Weathersby — 2.77
James Daniels — 2.76

What’s the biggest takeaway?

Most of the explosive O-liners in the 2018 draft are interior offensive linemen (or will be switching from tackle) — Braden Smith, Teller Wyatt, Scott Quessenberry, Connor Williams, Quenton Nelson and Will Hernandez. It further highlights the quality of this interior line class.

What about weighted TEF (wTEF)?

This tweaks the formula and accounts for the players with enormous size who perform well in the broad and vertical jumps. Why is this worth considering? It’s simple — jumping a vertical at 320lbs is considerably more difficult than jumping a vertical at 295lbs.

Here is the calculation we use:

Weight x TEF x 0.1

We can give players a score that sufficiently emphasises their unique size.

Germain Ifedi — 324 x 2.97 x 0.1 = 96.1

wTEF scores for the 2018 draft class

Braden Smith — 110.88
Kolton Miller — 102.28
Scott Quessenberry — 101.43
Quenton Nelson — 99.77
Will Hernandez — 99.40
Teller Wyatt — 96.92
Connor Williams — 94.13
Colby Gossett — 90.09
Toby Weathersby — 87.80
James Daniels — 84.45
Cole Madison — 81.69
Brian O’Neill — 81.38
Will Clapp — 81.32
Joe Noteboom — 80.95
Sam Jones — 79.17
Jaryd Jones-Smith — 78.93
Brian Allen — 78.30
Austin Corbett — 78.03
Tyrell Crosby — 77.87
Mason Cole — 76.25
K.J. Malone — 76.07
Greg Senat — 75.94
Alex Cappa — 75.33
Chukwuma Okorafor — 73.60
K.C. McDermott — 73.50
Sean Welsh — 72.30
Jamil Demby — 71.35
Taylor Hearn — 70.62
Nick Gates — 64.01
Orlando Brown — 54.85

How does this compare to 2016 & 2017?

Here are the top-10 wTEF scores from the last three years combined:

Braden Smith — 110.9
Spriggs, Jason — 104.9
Kolton Miller — 102.3
Scott Quessenberry — 101.4
McGovern, Conner — 101.4
Forrest Lamp — 99.8
Nico Siragusa — 99.8
Quenton Nelson — 99.8
Will Hernandez — 99.4
Teller Wyatt — 96.9
Ifedi, Germain — 96.1
Isaac Asiata — 95.6
Shell, Brandon — 94.4
Connor Williams — 94.1
Vaitai, Halapoulivaati — 93.8
Nembot, Stephane — 93.6
Dahl, Joe — 93.2
Joe Haeg — 93.0
Thuney, Joe — 91.6
Robertson, Dominique — 91.5
Taylor Moton — 91.2
Colby Gossett — 90.1
Garett Bolles — 89.1
Will Holden — 88.3
Jessamen Dunker — 88.0
Ben Braden — 87.8
Toby Weathersby — 87.8
Dorian Johnson — 87.6
Antonio Garcia — 87.2
James Daniels — 84.45

What did we learn today?

— Auburn’s Braden Smith, as expected, had a sensational combine. He is the best TEF tester we’ve calculated since creating the formula and the most explosive offensive lineman in the 2018 draft. His 3.52 TEF score is the same as Sheldon Rankins’. How good is that? Rankins was the most explosive defensive lineman in the 2016 draft.

— Kolton Miller was a close second thanks largely to his record setting 10-1 broad jump. It’s the best jump by an offensive lineman in combine history. Opinions on Miller are mixed but there’s been plenty of talk that some teams are willing to consider him in the first round. The NFL is desperate for explosive offensive tackles and Miller fits the bill.

— Will Hernandez was arguably the stand-out performer during drills. He did everything well, looked much more mobile than expected and put on a terrific performance. By also securing a 3.04 TEF score, he’s also clearly an explosive lineman. Today he cemented his position as a late first or early second round pick.

— Quenton Nelson is a top-10 lock and could easily go in the top five. Today he showed he’s a capable athlete managing an even more explosive TEF score than Garret Bolles (3.07 vs 3.00)

— Orlando Brown’s 1.59 TEF score is the worst we’ve calculated to date. Even when you account for his massive size (340lbs) his weighted TEF score was still abysmal. It’s going to be very difficult for a team to justify spending a first round pick on Brown based on his performance today.

— There are mixed views on where Texas’ Connor Williams will play at the next level and whether he’s worthy of a first round pick. Today he clearly showed off his athletic potential with a 3.18 TEF score. He’s explosive and will provide an intriguing project for a good O-line coach at the next level.

Looking for Seahawky running backs

The Seahawks have targeted running backs with explosive athleticism and size during the Pete Carroll era. They’ve consistently taken runners who excelled in the vertical and broad jumps. Christine Michael (220lbs), C.J. Prosise (220lbs), Robert Turbin (222lbs), Alex Collins (217lbs) and Spencer Ware (228lbs) all had similar size, height and athletic profiles.

Clearly this is a meaningful trend. The Seahawks appear to have a ‘type’. Using this information, we highlighted the following players in the previous two drafts as potential targets:


C.J. Prosise — 6-0, 220lbs, 35.5 inch vert, 10-1 broad
Kenneth Dixon — 5-10, 215lbs, 37.5 inch vert, 10-8 broad


Christopher Carson — 6-0, 218lbs, 37 inch vert, 10-10 broad
Brian Hill — 6-0, 219lbs, 34 inch vert, 10-5 broad
Alvin Kamara — 5-10, 214lbs, 39.5 inch vert, 10-11 broad
Joe Williams — 5-11, 210lbs, 35 inch vert, 10-5 broad

They eventually drafted Prosise and Carson.

Using the same approach, here’s what we learnt about the 2018 class:

Definitely fit the bill

Saquon Barkley — 6-0, 233lbs, 41 inch vert DNP broad
Kerryon Johnson — 511, 213lbs 40 inch vert, 10-6 broad
Bo Scarborough — 6-0, 228lbs, 40 inch vert, 10-9 broad
Nick Chubb — 5-11, 227lbs, 38.5 inch vert, 10-8 broad
John Kelly — 5-10, 216lbs, 35 inch vert, 10-0 broad

Borderline fit the Seahawks

Lavon Coleman — 5-10, 223lbs, 33 inch vert, 10-0 broad
Rashaad Penny — 5-11, 220lbs, 32.5 inch vert, 10-0 broad
Royce Freeman — 5-11, 229lbs, 34 inch vert, 9-10 broad

What about other key names?

— Derrius Guice didn’t do a broad jump and only managed a 31.5 inch vertical. That would be below par compared to previous Seattle running back picks.

— Ronald Jones II weighed and measured less than they usually draft (6-0, 205lbs) but he managed a promising 36.5 inch vertical and said during interviews he intends to be at 210lbs by the USC pro-day. This is one to monitor. Jones II injured his hamstring during the forty yard dash and didn’t complete a run.

— Sony Michel disappointingly didn’t compete in the broad or the vertical.

Why aren’t you focusing on speed and the forty yard dash?

Christine Michael (4.54), C.J. Prosise (4.48), Robert Turbin (4.50) and Chris Carson (4.58) were explosive rather than fast. Explosive suddenness and power over straight line speed appears to be the order of the day.

What did we learn?

— Saquon Barkley is as good as advertised. His 4.40 forty at 233lbs was quicker than Ezekiel Elliott (4.47, 225lbs) and Leonard Fournette (4.51, 240lbs). His vertical jump was superior to Julio Jones’ and he put up more bench press reps than Joe Thomas. He is an incredible athlete and the best player in the draft.

— Nick Chubb is officially back. He almost matched his fantastic SPARQ performance of 2013. His forty was similar (4.52 vs 4.47) despite being 10lbs heavier. His vertical was similar (38.5 vs 40 inches) and he managed an excellent 10-8 broad jump. Chubb is highly explosive, physical and you have to imagine will almost certainly be on Seattle’s radar.

— Kerryon Johnson is incredibly explosive. His 40 inch vertical and 10-6 broad jump are superb. Johnson is a patient, physical running back with some similarities to Chris Carson and LeVeon Bell. He was already well on our radar. Now there’s no doubt — he’s an option.

— John Kelly is a tenacious running back, a capable pass catcher and he’s willing to pass-protect. This was the kind of workout we wanted to see from him. He’s another name we need to monitor very carefully.

— I don’t know what to make of Bo Scarborough’s highly explosive testing results. If anything, it just highlights (again) what an underwhelming college career he had. Scarborough has the potential to be special. Why didn’t he show it at Alabama for more than a handful of games?

— The short shuttle results were interesting. Saquon Barkley and Nick Chubb ran similar times (4.24 and 4.25). Royce Freeman ran an impressive 4.16 and Sony Michel a 4.21. Kerryon Johnson managed a 4.29 and Bo Scarborough a 4.34. John Kelly, on the other hand, ran a disappointing 4.51.

— The key thing to know is Seattle has options, both in the early rounds and later on. If they stick to their guns on what they like in a running back prospect — they can create some great competition in camp this year.

Any predictions?

Kerryon Johnson, Nick Chubb and John Kelly will be of interest. Ronald Jones II is a different type of player with star quality — and I suspect he will be of interest too.

Derrius Guice is less likely to be an early round Seahawks pick. The jury’s out on Freeman, Penny and Michel.

Some final thoughts for today

— If the Seahawks want to spend their first pick on an interior offensive lineman, they have some great options. Billy Price and Isaiah Wynn didn’t work out here but Will Hernandez had a ‘wow’ performance.

— Mike Solari was incredibly hands-on during the O-line drills. He was constantly coaching and teaching the prospects. It was fun to get an insight into Seattle’s new O-line coach. Solari was clearly the coach in charge on the field.

— While the OL/RB drills were being conducted, the linebackers quietly measured and weighed in. This appears to be a loaded and highly appealing group of LB’s. OL-RB-LB — the three positions of apparent strength in this class. And all potential positions of need for the Seahawks.

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  1. peter

    Truly fascinated by johnson. I’ve watched tons of his clips and though I don’t dislike him at all and actually love his patience and how he will lay the shoulder. I wonder why his ypc wet much lower than some of the other big names.

    I also wonder if he had to much tread on the tires. He had some games with 30/plus carries compared to chubb and some others.

    But the testing doesn’t lie and Seattle loves those kind of numbers.

    Also Braden smith….wonder if he’s an option in the “assumed” trade out of the first round dynamic

    • Del tre

      Kerryon had an injury midway through the season and his YPC dropped significantly after. He was also playing in the SEC as the centerpiece of the offense, Bama couldn’t stop him even at 3 ypc he still made it to 100 yards. Stats don’t tell the whole story with him, he should be an excellent player.

      • peter

        I just feel like I’ve read some evidence of future success based on last ypc. Not sure if this data is fully formed it just seems like something that is out there.

        • Del tre

          4.9 Ypc isn’t too concerning. But i haven’t seen those numbers, I’d be concerned if he was sub 4.5 ypc but I would keep in mind his last 3 games of the season he had suffered an injury and played in this order, Alabama, Georgia, and Central Florida. Not a cakewalk on an injured hamstring.
          But his injury history might make some people nervous (it eases some of my excitement), he plays through a lot injuries though.

        • Patrick Toler

          It seems unlikely to me that ypc in college would be indicative of NFL success. So much variation in talent, scheme, usage, competition, etc. I think you have to focus on traits (which should loosely correlate with statistical success).

  2. peter

    Also I would like to know why Kelly and Johnson both didn’t run. I’m not sure how an average run say 4.58 changes anything for either of them. Puzzling.

  3. Nick

    Excellent recap Rob. Glad to see that Kelly is on Seattle’s radar. As you know, I love his potential (and violent running). He provides a similar style to Guice with better value IMO.

    As you mention, this draft is perfectly situated for Seattle. It really is. You can imagine them aiming to get 4-5 picks in between 40-120. And they’d probably be able to come out with a starting LG, potential RB1, a run-blocking TE, and a SAM project.

    Also, interesting to hear they met with UW TE. Someone to monitor.

  4. Pickering

    Excellent as usual. Thanks once again for posting your research and insights.

  5. Del tre

    Big fan of Kerryon, dude just fights, would love to see his determination paired with Russell, he’s also a threat out of the backfield catching the ball.
    He isn’t a burner by any means but he has moves and can shell out contact by keeping guys from getting clean looks.
    He’s a playmaker that will help take the pressure off of Russell. Great vision too, runs between the tackles, would add to the screen game. He’s a guy you can give 30 carries to and will keep the offense on the field.

    • Patrick Toler

      Del Tre we went back and forth on Kerryon a while ago. I still don’t love him, but it’s certainly a positive that he tested so explosively. He’s such a smooth runner that maybe he’s more powerful than I initially gave him credit for. Still not in my group of favorites, but I’m a bit more open to the idea of him.

  6. TTownHawk

    The list of RB options is pretty much exclusively made up of guys I have been really high on. Needless to say, I am excited. I would LOVE if we drafted Chubb, Kerryon Johnson, John Kelly or even Sony Michel. I am not as much of a fan of Scarbrough, though I can’t figure out why – production I suppose. I also think Lavon Coleman is intriguing later round option. He certainly had his moments at UW and I always thought he was a bit underrated.

    I think a perfect draft scenario would be to trade back, draft Hernandez, Wynn or Price late RD1 or early RD2, and hopefully acquire a day 2 pick to grab one of the RBs. The Seahawks almost never do what I want (or expect) them to, so I will try to temper my expectations, but the fact that they are clearly emphasizing fixing the run game is promising. This draft class has me excited. We just need to manufacture some day 2 picks!

    • Nick

      Notice they are all SEC boys too. I think that matters to Seattle.

    • Patrick Toler

      If we draft Jones or Chubb or Kelly I will swoon. I’ve got to think that Chubb, with that incredible combination of athleticism and rugged power, will be right at the top of Carroll’s want list.

  7. peter

    Just one final thing about the bench oress. It’s not the end all be all and I think we can all agree.

    But when wr Anthony Miller at 201 pounds throws it up 22 times and you’re an online men stuck in the mid teens that’s got to give you as a scout a bit of a pause.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It doesn’t mean anything until your favorite player scores a huge number!

      • peter

        Well id be lying if it didn’t make me smile when a player i like throws it up a ton……!

  8. Trevor

    After Day #1 of combine if I had to make a guess I think the Hawks trade back in 1st round to pick up a 3rd and take Will Hernandez with their 1st pick.

    He tested well, looked great in the drills and has that nasty attitude the Hawks OL has lacked the last two years. Seems like the Hawks have shown a lot of interest in him as well.

    A left side of Hernandez and Brown would be massive and awesome in run game I think.

    I still prefer Isiah Wynn but Hernandez would be a great pick.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Atlanta at 26 could be an option.

    • Volume12

      I agree Trev. RB next.

      If Hernandez or whoever else may be their target at LG (Connor Williams, Isaiah Wynn) is off the board, IMO Austin Corbett is the fall back plan.

    • Patrick Toler

      If they traded back and drafted Hernandez and Kelly I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

  9. Sea Mode

    Excellent work, Rob. Thank you.

    My main takeaways from the JS presser:

    1. They are looking to get back to what got them there in the first place: letting young guys truly compete for a spot out there on the field and not being afraid to throw them out there. Get ready for some Delano Hill. Bringing back true competition at all spots will be the #1 goal.

    And you’re getting to a point where we’re interviewing these guys at the combine or we’re at the school interviewing these guys and they’re thinking to themselves: “wow, I get to play with Kam Chancellor”. No, you get to compete with Kam Chancellor! That is the mindset we’ve got to get back to.

    2. As Vol.12 highlighted in the earlier thread, they want WRs from a pro system who know how to run routes.

    3. He mentions RB as the only position where guys can really just let loose and play without having to worry too much about matchups, schemes, etc.

    If they can study pass protection and get that down you can put them (rookies) out there.

    While the physical traits at RB are obviously important, as you highlighted in this piece, JS specifically mentioned the importance of finding a player with the right attitude that matches what the coach wants to do. So which of those RBs who meet the measurables best fits the way we want to pound the rock and “chow clock”, as he put it? Who’s the guy that’s gonna shove it down opponents’ throat anyway even though they know it’s coming?

    4. He said Solari is “open-minded” like Cable to taking on conversion projects and that if they find a guy who they think he can work with and accentuate his strengths, “we will definitely go for that.”

    • Nick

      Great analysis Sea mode. Outside of Chubb, I think Kelly is the guy who will love pounding the rock.

    • peter

      Again kerryon johnson. dude was the most bell cow of bell cow backs at a big time program last year. Auburn leaned hard into him and he would grind teams down.

      He’s not everyone’s cup of tea and for me he’s more Carson than leveon bell.

      and in some ways I feel it comes back to shunning healthy and getting more of the carries at georgia. Less flashy than his teammate but they had no problems letting him carry the rock. got to love how hard he worked to come back as well. Hats off to him regardless of who drafts him.

    • Patrick Toler

      Chubb is that guy who can be the late game battering ram and can bust the explosive runs.

  10. Trevor

    As for the OL I really hope we go with interior OL (Hernandez, Price, Wynn, Smith). If we can’t get one of those 4 I hope we pass on OL early and wait till Day #3. I don’t see anyone else as a guy who can come in and start next year.

  11. vrtkolman

    What an incredible performance from Barkley. I never expected a flat 4.40 from him. He actually makes Fournette look like an ordinary person.

    If I’m Cleveland, I get Cousins on the phone and tell him that if he signs with us, then I promise to draft him Barkley and Quentin Nelson. How can you say no to that?

    • Trevor


      They are playoff team with those 3.

      • Sea Mode

        Playoffs idk, you can have a lot of individual talent, but it all has to come together.

        But that would be a great pitch to Cousins. The run game you mention, plus then throwing to Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, David Njoku, and FA (or trade for Jarvis Landry?). With their two picks at the top of R2 they can go defense. Maybe Donte Jackson + Rashaan Evans for some serious speed on that side of the ball.

        But hey, they are the Browns, so prepare for them to #BrownIt

        • peter

          Yeah they may need a coach….1 and 31 seems liking coaching may be a bit of a problem…..

    • Matt

      Dammit you stole my post! I’ve been thinking this for quite some time. Browns have to pay Cousins whatever he wants then draft Barkley and Nelson. With no other improvements, I think this gets them to 8 wins. If guys step up on defense (Garrett, Ogbah), the Browns could actually be a good team, like this year. Crazy to think about but excellent thought with this being the sales pitch to Cousins.

  12. Greg Haugsven

    Robert Quinn traded to the Dolphins. It will be good to get that guy out of the division.

    • cha

      For a swap of mid round picks going LA’s way and late round picks going Miami’s way.

      Salary dump. But agree Greg.

      • cha

        Correction: no mid round swap, just a mid round pick going to LA. And a swap of late rounders.

    • Volume12

      Wonder who they’re targeting in FA?

      If Robert Quinn was traded for a mid rounds, gotta think that’s what Bennett would fetch.

      • cha

        Jimmy Graham.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, reported mid round and a late round swap.

        • Hawk Eye

          wow, after the Rams let it be known they refused to include Quinn in the Peters trade.
          I cannot believe they lied, and traded an overpaid guy with declining production.
          He gets paid DOUBLE what Bennett gets.
          to put this in perspective, the Hawks traded Marsh for a 5th and 7th round and he was on a rookie contract.
          wonder if “mid round” is 3rd? 4th? 5th?

          • Hawk Eye

            just reported as a 4th round pick and a swap of 6th rounders

  13. Rob Staton

    Might jump on and do a quick Google Hangout with a Q&A.

    If anyone has any questions reply to this message.

    • Sea Mode

      How not to overreact as a fan to the combine performances. I mean, they televise it now for a reason: the fans love seeing awesome athletes test. But if we are trying to evaluate players more like Seattle scouts than Seattle fans, how can we get the balance right with what we see on tape?

    • Nick

      Right now it seems like everyone has given up on 2018 as a potential Super Bowl year and thinking of it as a launching point for 2019. These viewpoints are from the Twitter crowd (full disclosure) so it’s not exactly rational. But do you hold this view too? I can’t help but feel it is a little dramatic.

      • Jason

        What are your top 2 or 3 takeaways from Schneider today.

    • peter

      In your opinion how much does a good/great combine propel a player upwards?

      With that in mind, does Braden Smith get into the second round with that kind of performance?

      • Trevor

        Is there a 1st round OT prospect in this draft class?

    • Trevor

      Two questions

      Is there a legit 1st round OT prospect in this draft class?

      Did any RB really impress you as a Day #3 prospect that we have not previously discussed on the blog?


    • Dale

      – Do you expect Wynn to do the combine events on his pro day? Where do you think his TEF score might land? – It’s draft day and you’re secretly wishing for which player not name Barkley or Nelson to be the Hawks first pick?
      -Would you rather have the 18th pick or a high second and third round pick?

    • Sea Mode

      We’ve talked a lot about Wynn/Price/Hernandez, but if the Hawks want to go another direction (like RB) early, who are some of the quality interior OL that could get pushed down to the R4-R5 range due to a deep class?

      • Sea Mode

        On that same note, if they instead wanted to slide Ifedi back inside to guard, is there anybody who has caught your eye as a possible RT candidate? (maybe they want Fant or even Pocic to compete there?)

    • Rob Staton

      Going to start the google hangout now. Will post at the top of this article if you want to watch Live or catch-up later.

    • EP

      Any idea what the roads are like further south than Carlisle?

      • EP

        Joke, serious tho, Is Kerryon Johnson a legit option late first round, early second round? How early would you be willing to take him, if at all? And secondly, what do you think is the most crucial factor in repairing the run game, finding a transcendent linemen or running back?

      • Rob Staton

        They seem to be pretty much clear and fine in South Yorkshire 😉

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Speak English EP and Rob! Just Jesting that is so very English I’m confident you are talking about World Football or as the World calls it “Football”.

          In America we call it by it’s proper name
          “SOCCER” I don’t get why you guys don’t call it that?

          Oh and while I’m at it the Metric system is so boring.

          °0 -Freezing
          °100- Boiling

          Do you guys want young children knowing the secret numbers of our world? I say make it difficult and use Ferinheight! America F Yeah!

          For those who don’t know I am having a Laugh facetiously!

          Go Metric System!

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            That’s the third time I’ve done that joke and not one of y’all English Wankers (I believe that’s not extremely rude) have ever commented on it! Doesn’t anyone like having a bit of Spice on this Blog?

            I’m done with that jest!

            Frack All !!!

  14. peter

    Bo Scarborough, can’t argue with those numbers but style wise what is he? A legarrette blount type? sort of a “goal line hammer,” player?

    • peter

      Sorry that was for your q/a section

  15. Volume12

    Did the Seahawks just release ET!?!

    • Sea Mode


    • Volume12

      Hahaha! I got worked by a fake Ian Rapoport account.

      • Jason

        You can’t trust the real Rapoports news either.

        • Volume12

          LOL. This is true.

  16. Cameron

    Disappointed by the showing of Darrel Williams, no evidence of explosiveness in any of his testing.

    He and Chris Warren are the two I’ve had my eye on as late day 3 prospects. Warren, on the other hand, while not recording anything that’ll wow scouts, at least is in the realm of a reasonably athletic prospect that Seattle could still be considering (25 rep bench, 33″ vert, 10’1″ broad).

    • Hawk Eye

      can he actually be worse than the 50-60 current back ups that he cannot play QB?
      With proper coaching and scheme, this guy is a weapon. And he will not cost a high #1 pick, might go inthe 2nd round. I think scouts and GM’s have seen him too much and are looking at what he cannot do vs what he can do.

    • Patrick Toler

      If he gets in the right system he can be a star. My 3rd favorite QB in this class, after the two LA boys.

  17. Dale

    Rob, it was a lot of work putting stats from three years together… your effort is appreciated.

  18. Volume12

    Good 3 cone for Freeman.

    • Volume12

      31 DEs have posted a 3 cone of 7.1 or better since ’12. 24 have been gone in the 1st three rounds. Seattle has drafted 2.

      • Volume12

        * Panthers, ‘Skins, Bengals, and Raiders have also each selected 2. Pats and Philly have each drafted 3.

    • Volume12

      Really liking this Chase Edmunds cat. RB from Fordham.

      • peter

        You know my feelings about highlights but he’s got some nice quickness and decisiveness in his cuts.

        Not for nothing but schottenheimer teams have taken players out of Seattle’s norms…..

        • peter

          Also just joking about highlights but kid does have a good personality on a few snips of interviews.

        • Patrick Toler

          There was a story on seahawks.com the other day about how the front office knew what personality traits they like (toughness, resiliency, competitiveness) but that this offseason was about learning their new coaches personal changes (specifically on offense). The physical parameters are almost certainly changing. How much? We’ll see.

  19. Sea Mode

    Have some fun chatting with Chubb and Michel.


  20. Rob Staton

    Going to start the google hangout now. Will post at the top of this article if you want to watch Live or catch-up later.

  21. C-Dog

    Predicted this last month, and I’m going to stick with it. Seattle takes Nick Chubb with their first pick, and Austin Corbett with their second pick.

    Go Hawks!

    • Cameron

      Even after Corbett’s meh combine numbers? 2.55 TEF would be a big deficiency to overcome relative to Seattle’s draft history.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, i’m going to hang with it until I’m ultimately proven utterly wrong. It definitely won’t be the first time. That said, I love that they are into Will Hernandez. I just think, at the end of the day, Nick Chubb feels like a back they would be willing to take with their first pick, and then the fact Brian Schotty was his former OC, it kinda points strongly to that. if the choice is between Chubb and Hernandez, I think they would go Chubb.

        • C-Dog

          Actually, I think I might be a stubborn on Corbett. Those TEF numbers could very well tamper the team’s interest. It’s tough to tell with Solari coming in. I would say that if they are visiting with Hernandez, they are looking for a big power dude to play LG, and Corbett may not fit that ideal.

        • Cameron

          I hope you’re wrong, I would much rather take Hernandez over Chubb. Of course that speaks as much to my lack of faith in Chubb as my interest in Hernandez.

          • Cameron

            I’ll add that I do think it’s more likely that you’re right, and that the FO falls in love with Chubb’s athletic profile.

            • C-Dog

              Bingo. That’s my hunch. Honestly, I’d be pretty stoked if either guy was their first pick. They gotta get that run game right.

              • peter

                Corbett so soon? That’s a bold take.

                got to say if they trade for earl I think that gives them a lot of latitude to get a great guard and a great running back

                • C-Dog

                  I’m leaning toward Wyatt Teller. His TEF is a compelling thing, and thought he showed well enough at the senior bowl. Pauline seemed to really like him.

                  • drewdawg11

                    I would not mind Chubb at all, but I don’t love the Corbett pick. I’m really afraid to even try to project until we know what the trades will be. I’m still loving Will Hernandez. Today he cemented his value as an actual athlete, which nobody saw coming. He’s mean and nasty and physical. HE epitomizes bully ball. I don’t know how you get both he and Chubb/Jones/Johnson/etc.

                  • C-Dog

                    Would probably have to involve an Earl Thomas type of trade for picks to orchestrate.

                  • G:Nem Beselek

                    Yeah, I like Teller a lot too. He was consistently good against pretty much everybody that went up against him in the Senior Bowl. I thought he had a better game than Will Hernandez, and Will Hernandez had a real good game

                    Another guy who had a better than several other line prospects was Alex Capps. He didn’t test all that great today, but he looked good at guard in that game.

  22. Ground_Hawk

    Your work is appreciated! Thanks, for what you do here Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      My pleasure, thanks for reading!

  23. peter

    Rob excellent level of production. Pretty interesting stuff from la conforna. Certainly interesting to consider retaining both richardsons. Hasn’t quite thought of that as an option.

    2 “twos,” and something else for earl might be right. I know it seems low but it seems like that would be the wheelhouse.

    • C-Dog

      My thought yesterday when Pete was talking glowingly about Sheldon, they want keep him around. Not, “it would be nice if we could keep him,” but “we want him in Seattle.”

      Then factor in that later in the day it was reported that the team is shopping Bennett, and then today JS says that they don’t plan on using the franchise tag on him “as of right now.”

      Now factor in JLC is saying that he believes that the team will deal ET, they are definitely looking to clear up space for somebody.

      Also, if we think this defense is going to be further built around Bobby Wagner, don’t we think it’s vital to have a DT in front of him that is capable of being a three down guy can do all the things necessary to make those around him better? That is Sheldon Richardson to a T.

      Paul Richardson makes a ton of sense as well. If he goes, then that opens the door wide open for needing a #2 WR.

      Hot Take:

      Sheldon Richardson is staying. Paul Richardson might, as well.

      • peter

        The thing with prich is that unless Seattle wants to go crazy for Watkins or Robinson a lot of the other fa wr’s are going to bring the same sort of value as prich. so you’re right it’s redundant to lose a guy, to then have to pay for a guy at probably the same rate to do the same things.

        I’m fine with Sheldon and think being a season with the team will reap rewards next year.

        • Coleslaw

          Richardson will get less than $6M. He’s unproven on the field and unreliable to even make it there. This was his first full season.
          That said I think we retain him and he goes off, our receivers take time to become starters, but when they do, they’re really good.
          Look at Baldwin, Tate, Kearse, Ricardo Lockette. Tyler Lockett started good but he’s been getting pro advice from birth.
          Richardson is the next one to come into his own, we gotta keep him, and I think the difficulty of doing that is being overstated.

      • DC

        Clark is eligible for a big pay raise too to. Looking at who are considered “core” guys on the upswing who do we have? Clark is. Lockett? Reed, Griffin & Jones have the potential to be. Still wouldn’t call Britt “core” but we are desperate in that position group. Hopefully with a better surrounding crew & coaching he has more improvement to come.

        • C-Dog

          That’s a very fair point. I would consider Clark a definite core guy. I think Davis Hsu are someone of the like posted that if they part ways with Bennett, Avril, Thomas, Lane, Thorpe, Sherman, K.J., Kam, that opens up $100 mill of cap in 2019. Entirely possible to pay Sheldon and Clark, I would think.

          Personally, I really like Reed and Jones, and they’re the main reasons why I think they can move on from Sheldon, but I can’t look past the vibes that they want to keep him. Maybe Jones moves into the Red Bryant role?

      • cha

        It’s no coincidence that Wagner had an amazing season playing behind Sheldon.

        • C-Dog

          Yup. I’ve been thinking for some time that they let Sheldon walk, but I thought Carroll’s words were telling yesterday. Kind of opened up a bigger picture. I think it is entirely possible the team sees more value in him than some fans might.

        • Coleslaw

          +1M Sheldon is playing his role very well. I’d like to see us pick up Derrick Nnadi to play that role instead so Sheldon can be more involved in getting after the QB.
          If we have one position group that is young and solid for years is DL. Something we could build around in a rebuild and Wagner/Wright should be kept imo, to be leaders of the defense and just stabilize the whole thing for as long as they can play.
          If we sign Clark and Sheldon and draft Nnadi we’d have:
          Clark, Jordan, Smith, Richardson, Reed, Jones, Nnadi, Qjeff

          • C-Dog

            I’d definitely take that.

          • IG:Nem Beselek

            Nnadi should be a good player, but if you believe all of the mock drafts he is going to go somewhere mid to late first round. Meaning we would have to use our 1st round pick on the guy. If we go D-Tackle that early I would much rather they go after Tim Settle. Nnadi looks to be a good player, but Settle looks like he’ll be a monster. Aaron Donald type quickness with about another 20 pounds of muscle on his frame.

            A players with Nnadi’s body type, but is at least projected to go much lower in the draft, and as such could be a good target for us is Kentavius Street. He’s another one of those 6:3, 280 lb. body types, but seems to have a quicker 1st step, and was very effective for NC State.

  24. JimQ

    I really like the google hangout better than the podcasts. Endless possibilities there using a speaker phone with interviews and/or guests. I like having the ability to backup the broadcast occasionally.
    Nothing personal, I’m just not used to “real – English speaking” even though I live about 75 miles South of Vancouver BC (on Camano Island, WA). Lot’s of good information in todays hangout and a nice recap of the days action. Your serious time commitment and hard work is very much appreciated, I’m sure, by all that read here.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Jim

    • C-Dog


      Totally dig the google hang out.

  25. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I think you pretty much need to put Hernandez at the #1 spot on the OL list for Seattle now. A player that could realistically be available when they pick… #18, #22 or the like after a slight trade down.

    I also think you have to put the RB Chubb on the radar. He keeps turning up on every metric we utilize and during the afternoon cross talk with John Clayton, the rumor is he would be an early to mid 2nd round pick… lining up with possible trade down scenarios for Seattle.

    So, I’m not sure how they can finagle it… but if they can get both of these players…. I would seriously consider this an “A” quality draft. The rumor mill is that 8 RBs will go in the first 2 rounds… but only 1 in the first round. (Barkley was outstanding btw)

    • RealRhino2

      Chubb has always been on the radar. RB1 for us. I think it might be a little early to start predicting OL, given that we have a new coach who may like different things (e.g., actually important things) than the last coach. I’m also reluctant to put too much stock in TEF given that it includes to a great degree a measure (the bench press) that we all pretty much agree doesn’t make a lot of sense.

      Plus, I think we may have to bargain shop a little at OL if we go that route. It may not make sense, but what I heard was our primary interests were the RB position and TE position, in that order.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think the bench press diminishes TEF at all. The system still provides a way of splitting the prospects athletically. I don’t like the bench press as a combine test — but the teams might do. They keep it in after all. And if they’re judging it, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t.

        How reliable is this source you’re quoting Rhino? Because, with respect, we hear a lot of ‘I heard’ talk on the internet. I can easily imagine RB and TE are the primary concerns on offense. They’ve spent a lot on the O-line. But if you’re quoting a source, we need to know how reliable it is.

        • Realrhino2

          I should have said that maybe there will be a shift away from the old benchmarks that include the bench press

          • Patrick Toler

            The front office have stated that they are learning the new offensive coaches’ physical ideals, so their benchmarks may change a bit. However, I think all teams want nasty, explosive OL. Hernandez made himself a bunch of money today and I do think he will be near the top of Seattle’s OG board. That dude is worth getting excited about.

  26. C-Dog

    Mock Draft Post OL and RB workouts, and JLC’s thoughts.

    Seattle extends Sheldon Richardson, Paul Richardson, come to terms with Bradly McDougald, Byron Maxwell, DeShawn Shead, and then clean house to make room.

    Seattle cuts Jeremy Lane, Cliff Avrial, Nieko Thorpe, and Michael Bennett, and Richard Sherman, but hangs onto Kam Chancellor (who will pretty much stay the year on PUP).

    Seattle deals Earl Thomas to Dallas for picks R2P50 and R3P81.

    At Pick 18, Seattle gets the call from Cleveland who want to move up into R! in front of Dallas to select WR Cortland Sutton. JS hoses Jerry Jones after takes picks 33 and 103 from Cleveland to move down.

    33: R2P1

    Pete does an awkward 65 year old back flip into Brian Schotty’s lap, and things get kinda awkward for a spill in the war room.

    50: R2P18

    Mike Solari gets his big powerful LG

    81: R3P17

    Ken Norton Jr gets is SAM/LEO

    101: R4P1

    Here’s the guy they think they can get to groom into the next Michael Bennett.

    120: R4P20

    Here’s their blocking TE

    141: R5P4

    Here’s competition at FS

    146: R5P9

    Can’t have enough interior DL

    168: R5P31

    Here’s some mid round competition at corner in the Seattle mold.

    226: R7P8

    Here’s a big physical WR that Schotty knows well.

    248: R7P30

    I just like Shimonek and think he can be the next Mike Teel.

    250: R7P32

    Lastly, some competition for Ifedi at RT.

    Go Hawks.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Where is Dante Pettis C-Dog, you forgot him! I am not getting off the Pettis express!

      I Love Paul Richardson but maybe we should clear some cap for extending Tyler and Frank this year?

      Go Hawks

      • C-Dog

        I’d be totally happy if they drafted him. Starting to get a vibe the league might not be too impressed with him, like maybe he could be had in the mid rounds.

        Also, per John Schnieder’s words today, when talking about college receivers taking a while in the pros, thought that might signal they want to go veteran on WR and rookie at RB. If so, why not just keep PRich?

        • Volume12

          Wonder if they go after Terrelle Pryor in FA? Saw someone mention that once or twice on here. Still think they’ll spend a mid-late rounder on one like you have here regardless though.

          • C-Dog

            I think that is definitely a possibility. I was also thinking Moncrief from Indy since Schotty would be familiar.

          • Trevor

            I think Pryor makes a ton of sense as that big WR the Hawks have always seemed to look for but not really had. Could be a good red zone threat to replace Graham as well.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      How about trading ET and Bennett and the #18 pick for Tampa Bays #7 pick.
      Then you just start falling down the draft board acquiring picks.

      They could trade back 3-4 times and get plenty of draft capital.

      • peter

        Honestly I would love that!

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        That’s a fascinating prospect Charlie. John Schneider would have a fun time trading back from #7. It would make for an entertaining day of anticipation!

      • C-Dog

        I really like that idea, as well, actually.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I took a quick peak at the Bucs salary cap … they are showing 75M under right now.

          Seattle is showing 14.5M under the cap as we speak.

          • C-Dog

            Hence the house cleaning talk

            • drewdawg11

              I would hate to trade a first AND Earl and only get one pick in return, let alone if they tossed MB into the deal. Can’t we finagle a 3rd or 4th round throw in as well? 😛

              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                If you are able to clear 15M or cap space…. might be worth 1 pick.. even if it is #7… I guess we could give them a 5 for a 4th from them….. #deal

                • drewdawg11

                  No it’s not, because you would clear that space next year anyway. You need to get talent back for talent. Draft picks are the cost-effective way to do that. If I’m giving up a HOF player in his line, (even if it is toward the end of said prime), I want young, controllable talent in return.

    • peter

      Cdog nice! Don’t we lose value with the trade to cleveland? A second round pick and a 4th round….I know trade value is fungible but shouldn’t the team get a second and a third?

      • RealRhino2

        I like the mock, but think it may go off the rails a bit in R5. Not sure either of those guys will still be there. Would be nice….

        • C-Dog

          I like to sprinkle every mock with a bit of wishful thinking. 😉

  27. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Hernandez, Kerryon Johnson, and Dante Pettis after a trade down would be wicked with our first 3 picks somehow, someway!

    I say Who’s with me?

    Go Seahawks Draft Blog!

    • Volume12

      That would be a nice haul for sure. Pettis is an excellent route runner. Sucks that he’s not performing tommorow.

      • peter

        Is word that Pettis will do the dawgs pro day? I think he’s be a good fit for Seattle

        • DC

          Also one helluva return man.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Pettis isn’t performing tomorrow Vol ( Sad Face)? You are all knowing American Football style!

        Go Vol12!

  28. C-Dog

    Question for Rob and anyone else.

    If Seattle does draft Nick Chubb or RB of the like, would Chris Carson come into play as the third down back, a la Fred Jackson?

    Carroll just noted is ability to catch and he showed better in pass pro than Prosise.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      A repeated theme was a guy who could “rip” or “open up” and not be slowed by thought or deceived by his eyes. Hit the hole hard and often. I think which ever RB performed the best would get the starting job, the other would be the back-up guy…. Prosise and McKissic would be the change of pace / 3rd down back.

      ***They also mentioned Mike Davis a few times as well.

      I’m also expecting they will bring in a FB via FA, UDRFA or draft….. so we are talking 5 or 6 guys already.
      Perhaps they are looking for a HBack/FB/TE type…… STAY TUNED!

      • Volume12

        I think that’s what they see Chris Warren III as.

        • C-Dog

          His pop was a thing of beauty catching out of the backfield.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I’m partial to the FB out of Michigan…… Khalid Hill

          CW3 was pretty impressive for weighing 250….
          A major red flag went up for me when I found “Scouts question his love for the game” on a scouting report.

          • Ground_Hawk

            Hill was a bulldozer for Michigan, and I would support Seattle drafting him on day 3.

      • C-Dog

        Definitely think FB is a must add.

  29. SoTac

    John Kelly, John Kelly, John Kelly! I’m a Vol fan and watched Kelly carry a bad Vols team with bad coaching this season. He is the real deal and I’d love to see him join the Hawks. We would not be disappointed. Go get him JS. He’s not Alvin Kamara but suffered being coached by the same coach.

    • Volume12

      Peter, look. Another fan of Butch Jones. 😉

      That’s an inside joke SoTac. Not aimed at you in any way.

      We were just talking about him earlier. He’s a fun back. I don’t think we would be disappointed either.

      • peter

        Nailed it!

      • SoTac

        None taken. Unfortunately we had ‘the joke’ for five years, it took many bricks and several champions of life to get rid of him. Fortunately our new coach is no Butch and no joke.

        • peter

          Champions of life…..to good. I like Tennessee so I hope they can turn it around. there’s been some really interesting talent there for the last few years so there’s some players to work with.

  30. drewdawg11

    Kelley looks like a guy who doesn’t come in with much fanfare, but finds a home somewhere iand is a solid back. Low key, but solid.

  31. CharlieTheUnicorn

    SPARQ site not updated yet with RB and OL results…. bummer!

    • Volume12

      Royce Freeman’s agility scores for a 230 lber are damn impressive.


      • Kenny Sloth

        Best feet not named Barkley R Barkley L

        • Patrick Toler

          I actually think Kelly and Jones have the best feet in the class. Jones’ has incredibly quick and balanced feet and can shift immediately from a jump cut to a burst forward. Kelly is a pretty good skateboarder and shoes greet footspeed and coordination.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Yeah but imagine them moving the way Freeman does with 20 more pounds.

            Jesus. Look at who you’re comparing him to. The two exceptions Rob has listed to our size ideals.

            Royce Freeman is a maniac with his mental diagnostics of the game of football. He is able to make cuts that nobody else in this class AT HIS SIZE can make besides Barkley.

            Watch the tape of Rbs in slowmo. You’ll see the INCREDIBLE things Royce can do. He’s on another level.

            He’s like the kid from gridiron gang. If he learns to embrace that shoulder nooooo boy look out. But its that caveat that keeps him from that upper echelon

  32. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Orlando Brown dropping a 5.85 40 time…. I might be able to beat that…… “might”

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Seahawks should draft you then Charlie you could also give us some serious “Details” on this Blog once You’ve become a Seahawk!

      Go Charlie getting drafted by the Hawks!

      To be honest I think you are more likely to be a UFFA! It’s still cool Bro!

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The region combine is my last shot!

        In all seriousness, that was a 12.5s 100 yard dash…. and might have lost that guy several rounds of draft position. Hell, I think Mike Mayock said no OL guy who ran slower than a 5.7 have been drafted EVER.
        I find it funny, since he was projected a 1/2 round type of guy before the horrible, no good, very bad combine showing.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Oh I’d smoke that…..

      I wouldnt wanna race Germain Ifedi thooooo

  33. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Terrell Edmunds / VT / Safety

    Anyone think he is a prospect for Seattle in the 4th/5th round range.
    My ears perked up when the NFL comparison was…. DeSean Shead.

    • 12th chuck

      read somewhere today the hawks might put Shead at Kam’s spot at safety

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        JS mentioned it in his interview with John Clayton today I think (or could have been on morning show with Brock Huard) they played a cut during the 5 oclock drivetime on 710 I believe.

  34. DC

    It’s going to be VERY interesting, dare I say telling, which postions we hedge in FA. Gotta believe an OL is coming in. Safety? TE? Will the strength & depth of the RB class keep us from dipping for a vet? Aside from Ricky Watters I don’t remember one coming in and being effective.

  35. Saxon

    Penny is best running back after Saquon. Would love for the Hawks to land him in the second round…. oh wait.

    • j hawk

      Right there with ya Saxon. I’m on the Penny train as well. Loved his speed and vision.

  36. C-Dog

    Tony Pauline is reporting that several teams are in discussions with Seattle to acquire Earl Thomas.


    Things are getting interesting.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It just would seem weird trading Earl. Might get that sick feeling in your gut but it might be what’s best for the team long term

      • j hawk

        I’ve been a big ET fan ever since he got here but since the Dallas incident and the I’m holding out thing…..Let him go so we get the much needed draft capital and cap reduction. You can see he has left shoulder issues and hammy trouble at times. It is time to move on.

      • C-Dog

        My thoughts exactly

    • DC

      The most important word there is “several”. To trade a legend we need a haul. Competition for his services helps.

      • Aaron

        Agreed. Wouldn’t deal Earl for anything less than a top 15 pick this year and a third rounder next year. I’d love him back but wouldn’t be surprised if he’s traded.

      • C-Dog

        Several is definitely encouraging for Seattle to get a decent haul.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      You missed one piece of news the guy mentioned on Day 1

      “D.J. Fluker is another offensive lineman who is unlikely to stay with the Giants. Potential destinations for Fluker include the Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks.”

      Not a fan of Fluker. I think he will be way too high priced.

      • C-Dog

        I think he would probably be a hedge. Seems like Seattle is seriously looking at OG in this draft.

        • Volume12

          Wouldn’t mind Flukes, but would much prefer Hernandez, Wynn, Teller, Ragnow, Corbett, C. Williams, B. Smith.

          Starting to think they go after a WR & TE in FA, come back and address both positions on day 3 too.

          • Trevor

            I am with you Vol. I thought Fluker looked good at RG last year instead of RT but would prefer the young guys. Solari obviously knows him and if they want to be rebuild the run game that is where he excels.

            I don’t think he will be a high priced FA and will likely have a 3 mil per year price tag which should work.

            How about this for a Solari OL. Sign Fluker, draft Hernandez and have the biggest nastiest OL in the league to run behind.

            LT Brown
            LG Hernandez
            C Britt
            RG Fluker
            RT Ifedi

            That would be an enormous dominant run blocking OL.

          • IG:Nem Beselek

            I really like Ragnow. He seems to be the whole package as an O-lineman. Good feet, good size, good athleticism, good vision (which is a vastly underrated quality for O-lineman). He was just dominate in many of the highlights he has on YouTube. The only problem I have with guy is that he seems to be injury prone. Other than that, he seems like he would be a definite “get” in this years draft.

  37. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Good watch


  38. Volume12

    Todd McShay: the OT class is a mess. O’Neil and Kolton Miller are projects, Connor Williams is a guard (I’ll just clear my throat), Rankins is a C, and I honesty don’t know what to say about O. Brown’s showing?? Tough watch. This is the 1st year I remember w/o a 1st round grade on an OT.

    Me: So your saying all your mock drafts prior to today were misleading and highly inaccurate?

    • Volume12

      Also me: what is ESPN paying you for then?

      • Millhouse-serbia

        Board isn’t the same as mocks. Rob also said that he thinks 3 OT will go in first round and he doesn’t have any first round grades for them.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Half of the first round picks wont have first round grades

    • Kenny Sloth

      Trash af

      Williams at G lololololll
      Rankins at CCCCCCCCCCCC?!!!!????!!!?!?!?!?!!! WOOOOOOF

      The only thing he gets right is that the OT class is a mess.

      Outside of Connor Williams is there a pure OT in your eyes?

      Crosby could really pan out for somebody imo. Might be homer goggles, but he is so natural in his movements and gets to the next level as smoothly as Royce does behind him. Both of them just look like they cant do much past that because of a lack of grit tbh. 0 grit to this U of O class. Thanks a ton Mark Helfrich and Willie Taggert (f*** FSU 4everr)

      Ditto no 1st rd OT, I still like OBJ despite that gnarly showing. Maybe he’s been riding the namesake, but I didnt mind the tape.

      Kolton Miller’s tape though… Instantly could see the moment. Looks like Spriggs, but overtjought, didnt trust his team and didn’t execute at a high level consistently.

      Rankins is super underrated and I’ve liked Hernandez all year

  39. Millhouse-serbia

    If i am JS i would try to offer 18th + next year first round + ET + Sherm or (and) bennet for Colts 3rd. I think that JS will make a lot of picks in the 2018 and 2019 draft from that 3rd.

  40. Trevor

    Thanks for the Google Hangout Rob I really enjoy them.

  41. Trevor

    Whenever fans get upset about not having a 3rd round pick for Duane Brown take a look at this OT class and think about how fortunate we are to have him at LT next year.

    • schuemansky

      Totally agree.
      One thought about Orlando Brown. His tape seemed to put him in the top 45 or even first round as seen by many analysts. And he got there despite his totally out of shape body.
      Doesn’t that mean there should be loads of upside after a red shirt year?
      Don’t get me wrong. I hope The Seahawks pass on him, but …

    • drewdawg11

      Well, we didn’t trade him for that third, originally. They pulled back on the trade with that BS move of failing Lane on the physical. We are upset that JS got taken to the woodshed on that one.

  42. Sea Mode

    Thanks for the answers on the Hangout. Cool way to kind of recap the day, as long as you really don’t mind staying up past midnight to do it… Cheers!

  43. drewdawg11

    Orlando brown had an embarrassing weekend, but he’s going to play in the league. He just cost himself some money in his first contract. He’s got to go to work again.

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