Live Blog: NFL Draft Rounds 4-7

Use this as an open thread. Reaction to come below, plus a podcast later. I’ll also be posting a Seahawks draft review after the seventh round.

Round 2 | No. 35 overall — Malik McDowell (DT, Michigan State)
Round 2 | No. 58 overall — Ethan Pocic (OL, LSU)
Round 3 | No. 90 overall — Shaq Griffin (CB, UCF)
Round 3 | No. 95 overall — Delano Hill (S, Michigan)
Round 3 | No. 102 overall — Nazair Jones (DT, North Carolina)
Round 3 | No. 106 overall — Amara Darboh (WR, Michigan)
Round 4 | No. 111 overall — Tedric Thompson (S, Colorado)
Round 6 | No. 187 overall — Michael Tyson (S, Cincinnati)
Round 6 | No. 210 overall — Justin Senior (T, Mississippi State)
Round 7 | No. 226 overall — David Moore (WR, East Central)
Round 7 | No. 249 overall — Chris Carson (RB, Oklahoma State)

Round four — #111 — Tedric Thompson (S, Colorado)
This is a really good pick. Thompson led the country in defended passes in 2016 (23 PD’s). That’s 1.64 passes defended a game. He also had seven interceptions. I wrote about him February. He jumped off the screen whenever you watched Colorado. He’s a true centre-fielder who covers ground quickly and makes plays. He’s a nice insurance for Earl Thomas if he misses any more time in the future. Good character too. Great value here. Thompson was named PFF’s best coverage defender in 2016.

Round six — #187 — Michael Tyson (S, Cincinnati)
So far the Seahawks have drafted three safety’s. He tied for second in the AAC with five interceptions in 2016 and managed 4.5 TFL’s. He ran a 4.56 at the combine and he’s 6-1, 204lbs. Tony Pauline says this about Tyson: “Tyson was a playmaker as well as an opportunistic defensive back who helped put his team in position to win games. He has limitations, but Tyson could surprise at the next level as a traditional strong safety or in a zone system.” The Seahawks might be taking PFA’s at this stage. It would’ve been challenging to convince another safety to sign as an UDFA after drafting Hill and Thompson. It’ll be easier to convince O-liner’s to sign considering they’ve previously given guys opportunities to start (George Fant, Garry Gilliam).

Round six — #210 — Justin Senior (T, Mississippi State)
The Senior Bowl wasn’t an exhibition of O-line play this year. Justin Senior was a good example of that. In the pass rush drills to start the week, it was difficult to watch Senior. Day one was not his friend and he struggled badly. However, he grew into the week and showed some improvement. That’s somewhat encouraging and it shows he can take coaching. He’s not a great athlete (8-2 broad, 5.55 forty) and might end up being some camp competition only. He has the size they’ve tried at tackle in the past.

Round seven — #226 — David Moore (WR, East Central)
Moore is 6-1 and 219lbs (big body) and ran a good looking 4.43. He managed a 36.5 inch vertical and a 10-4 broad. He doesn’t have a bio on so I can’t offer much info. He caught 57 passes for 878 yards and 10 touchdowns last season. Moore says the Seahawks showed a lot of interest in him. Seattle, more so than other teams, appear to really trust their regional scouts to find guys off the general radar. His physical profile is very similar to third round pick Amara Darboh.

Round seven — #249 — Chris Carson (RB, Oklahoma State)
I really like this pick to finish. The coaches at Oklahoma State called him out for being soft as a runner. He took it to heart and showed major improvement in his final year in college. It’s well established by now that Seattle has a ‘type’ at running back. Size matters — between 5-10 and 6-0 in height, around 220lbs is the key. They’re not overly concerned with speed but they love explosive traits. Carson had a 37 inch vertical and a 10-10 broad. He’ll add another body to the competition and he has a shot to stick on the roster.


  1. Ishmael

    I just posted this at the end of the last thread, but I’d be interested in getting some thoughts from you guys on it:

    I think a lot of the disappointment is coming for a couple of reasons.

    a) The picks mostly aren’t super high ceiling, they’re not swinging for greatness. McDowell is probably the closest to that. Wonder if that’s something they’ve pulled back on a bit. Making sure they get really solid, gritty, professionals; not necessarily chasing the risky but MVP-calibre talents of guys like Harvin. High floor, low ceiling.

    b) They weren’t ‘known’ picks. We’ve been talking for months about guys like Obi, King, Watt, Budda, Lamp, Awuize, Bolles etc. Who was talking about Pocic, Jones, Griffin, Hill, Darboh? I’m sure a few of you really clued in dudes on here spotted them at some point, but most fans haven’t heard of them at all, let alone seen them. There were visions of a retooled LOB, getting some uber-athletes in there to take things back over the top. And with that bubble burst, people are getting frustrated. Ignorance leads to frustration which leads to anger.

    And I’m 100% in that bracket. I’ve seen some Pocic, but that’s mainly just from watching Fournette. Seen a little bit of Darboh, but nowhere near enough to have really wanted him. The other cats? Absolutely no idea about them, and that’s probably why I’m still feeling not great about this.

    • BobbyK

      I think they absolutely are swinging for greatness with McDowell. He’s going to be a bust and out of the league in 4-5 years or he’s going to be a great player. I don’t think there’s much of a middle ground with him. I think that’s swinging for the fences.

      I feel better with the McDowell pick since they traded down twice (and added 4 picks to do it). If they had taken him at #26 – I wouldn’t feel as good about it, especially with TJ Watt still on the board.

      We need an improved OL. The line needed more talent. I’m fine with Pocic if he turns out. I know/knew nothing about him before we took him. I only paid attention to DBs, LBs, DL, and the high end OL (like Lamp) prior to this draft. The strange thing with him is they are calling him a tackle, but his arms aren’t long. Doesn’t stop Joe Thomas though.

      The other guys could be Kris Durham types or KJ Wright types. We don’t know. I’m not going to hate on a pick by being uninformed. I like having lots of picks. A few of these guys are going to pan out. A few will bust. That’s the way it is. The more you pick, the better your chances. I like it.

      • C-Dog

        I think McDowell is all ceiling, and imo, I think he’s going to be fine here in Seattle. Great pick.

        • Ishmael

          Probably true on McDowell. Thing I’ve been reminding myself is that he’s incredibly young, really is just a kid. Lot of upside if they can get him switched on.

      • PDXBen

        Yep – with our 1st pick (whether that pick comes in rd 1 or 2) in the draft we swing for the fences with athleticism/unique traits (Ifedi with his size, Irvin with his pure athletecism and speed, and Harvin and Graham are physical freaks we trade for with our 1st pick, PRich was/does have elite speed). Then, until about and through rd 4 we pick solid players, and then start taking fliers on physical upside again starting about the 5th or 6th rd until the end. This is a generalization and you could argue with exceptions here and there but it seems like this is their MO.

    • Volume12

      We absolutely have discussed Shaq Griffin, Delano Hill, Amarah Carbon. Just extensively. Although Griffin somewhat.

      There’s been some chatter on Jones here and there.

      Pocic was a big over look for whatever reason.

      • Volume12


        • Volume12

          Dammit. Just NOT extensively I meant to say.

      • Ishmael

        Haha yeah, I figured you meant not extensively. And that’s kind of my point though, if we only talked about them a bit here – most Hawks fans won’t have at all.

      • BobbyK

        Pocic was ignored because of his TEF numbers, imo.

      • Kenny Sloth


        Was the reason we overlooked both Jones and Pocic IMO

        Pocic’s tape was great and I only watched a tiny bit of Naz Jones, but he is an obvious fit at 3 tech. They like those tall guys there

        • Greg Haugsven

          His 2.81 isn’t bad though. Seahawks like explosive and versatile. Pocic is defiantly versatile

        • HI Hawk

          I came away unimpressed by Pocic’s tape. He gets pushed back far too often for my liking. The Florida and Alabama games were very bad for him. He needs to get stronger for sure and he needs to get his butt down and stop letting guys under his pads.

          • Ed R

            I thought the same thing, frequently gives up ground on both run and pass plays. Maybe they play him at RT, he’ll be going against smaller players, may help him hold his ground better.

            • Kevin

              Pocic hasn’t given up a QB hit or sack in over a year

              • HI Hawk

                The video suggests otherwise. In the Florida game and in the Auburn game, his guy glided right by him with quickness and power and sacked the QB. Perhaps there was a penalty or reason the statistics weren’t logged, but he got straight embarrassed by Adams a few times in the Auburn game. Florida wasn’t any better. Alabama was even worse. His QB took some big hits from his assignment as well. Maybe he was better at other positions, but he was bad against NFL d-linemen at Center.

        • Dave

          For 6’6″, Naz plays with great leverage in his highlight tape.

    • CptRon

      I get why people aren’t feeling great either, we all looked around and saw players destined for greatness that were passed on. But taking a step back now and looking at the picks they all make perfect sense when you look at the Seahawks.

      McDowell – That interior rusher that we have been trying to find for years (hopefully, but a really high ceiling and really low floor)
      Pocic – Not the instant starter that we all wanted but he can possibly COMPETE at any position on the line from what I understand. Its all about competition and versatility on the line this year.
      Griffin – Is he already the second most talented corner on the roster? I would argue he just might be.
      Hill – OK this one was a bit odd but we needed a backup safety, PC/JS said he can possibly back up both spots and play a little nickel. Hopefully he replaces McDougal in a year and be CHEAPER
      Jones – Takes McDaniels spot and will be a young and CHEAP player for years
      Darboh – Replaces Kearse next year at the latest at a CHEAP price

      One of the reasons JS talked about a possible Richard Sherman trade was because of the cap health. Replacing the need to have McDaniel, McDougal and Kearse on the roster next years saves what, 5-6 million or so? If Griffin replaces Lane it helps the cap even more. This draft makes sense in that regard.

      • Overtime

        Pocic has more experience at LT than Fant had.

        • BobbyK

          So do I.

          • STTBM


      • Isaac

        I think your really hitting the nail on the head with the hearse comment. He is a Kearse clone. If the cap number makes sense. I would see kearse being cut during camp this year.

    • Kenny Sloth

      We got so many uber athletes tho

      • AlaskaHawk

        I like the draft overall. My disappoint lays in the area that the Seahawks could have rebuilt the secondary with their first two picks. RIght now the defense can’t get off the field and opposing teams pass freely on the Seahawks. They need some secondary players (beside Sherman and the two safeties) that strikes fear in opponents hearts. Land and Shead do not strike fear in anyone. Plus our two safeties have been injured as of late. So instead of taking the nearest thing to a starter in the first/second rounds, they chose to take other players.

        Now the picks they made are fine, just emphasizing the line instead of secondary. No guarantees on the success of their later picks. Half will be gone by end of preseason. I hope they do get some use out of cornerback and two safeties they picked. We just know from statistics that they would have had lock down players if they had chosen King and Obi.

        Instead they have lock down players for defensive line – if he learns how to hand fight. He only has one move, a swim move to the right. And a flexible offensive linemen whose position is yet to be determined. Though there are two tackle spots open for anyone with abilities.

        My disappointment isn’t in the players they have chosen It is in the missed opportunity to have two starting secondary.

  2. jujus


    A 20 year old Calias Campbell. We have stressed this for years, and have said how important this is, he SO UNIQUE.

    People had the DB Blinders on but anyone watching last years Defense know that qbs killed us stepping up in the pocket.

    Malik is the best interior defensie player in the draft and all you need to do is believe in the coaching ability to develop this 20 year old man who cant even drink yet.

    • Overtime

      Solomon Thomas is limited to playing DE. McDowell can play anywhere on the D Line.

      • Rob Staton

        Thomas will be a Bennett type for me, maybe even three-tech. He can play inside too.

        • C-Dog

          It’s going to be really interesting to see how that 49er front four shakes out.

  3. Overtime

    I think it is awesome that PC/JS were able to move back and parlay four extra picks while still coming away with Malik McDowell. McDowell should be a stud. I like the Pocic pick, also. It is not often you see a 6’6″ center that can play tackle and now the Seahawks have two of them. That is a huge advantage. JS talked at the presser about how Pocic is worth 2 1/2 players because of his versatility to play every position. Well done, guys!

    Oh, and they did a pretty good job of planting the seed of Seahawk interest in Bolles, too. That kept the internet from looking for other linemen that might fit later in the draft.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, especially Jacksonville. JS played his hand well and they panicked and handed us a freebie.

      • jujus

        feels good to finally fleece these guys, felt like we were having mercy on gus in the past.

    • PDXBen

      This flexibility might allow them to carry only 10 O-linemen instead of 11. Another roster spot for an extra DB for different sub packages or a DT for rotation to keep everybody fresh. I’ll the picks make sense after thinking about them and looking at the roster. We kinda all knew the positions they wanted to stock…I just mis-guessed the rounds and players they used to address these needs.

  4. Derron James

    We need Carroll Phillips

    • C-Dog

      I would love that pick.

  5. Volume12

    Love ya B-Dawk, but shut up!

  6. BobbyK

    How would my draft compare to what they did:

    1. TJ Watt, OLB/DE
    2. Chidobe Awuzie, CB
    3. Cordrea Tankersley, CB
    3. Dorian Johnson, OL
    3. Nathan Peterman, QB

    I wouldn’t have extra picks only have two more picks, although I would have hoped to have been able to trade down with one of the third round picks. I wouldn’t have traded away the opportunity to take Watt or Awuzie though.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Their’s smashes yours Bobby

      Sorry not sorry lol

      • AlaskaHawk

        I think it is too soon to say. Lets see who survives preseason and who becomes a starter.

    • Strategic Dust

      I’m with Bobby K, a much stronger draft with fewer players

  7. Myfanwy365

    Who do we reckon with the first pick today? TE maybe, SAM?

    Can someone ask Stanger, he’s apparently been getting all his picks correct since August

    • Sea Mode


      Kittle stands out to me for sure. Replaces Brandon Williams.

    • Volume12

      Right? As if all those guys haven’t been discussed here too. Its in the archives.

    • CptRon

      I would think Kittle is high on the list to help prepare for next year. How about Vince Beigel though, thats the guy I keep coming back to

  8. Sea Mode

    Just to choose a favorite, I think I’d like to see QB Dobbs to Seattle here.

    Seems unlikely since we didn’t hear of any reported meetings or anything. Maybe Chad Kelly later on is more likely at this point. But if there were ever anyone clean enough that they could hide their interest in him like they did with Pocic, it would be Dobbs for sure.

    Lastly, a dark horse option I think could make a lot of sense: trade our R4 pick for a 2018 R3. No comp picks coming in to boost our capital next year. Would love to have that in our pocket for next year.

    • jujus

      YESSSSSS give me another qb nerd. PERFECT.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Hard pass on Chad Kelly.

      He’s bad at life.

      • STTBM


  9. Yesh

    Several players still alive: Howard Wilson, Kittle, Dorian Johnson, Desmond King. Would be thrilled with any of those selections at 112

  10. CHawk Talker Eric

    I think they got cute not trading up for Obi. Or not getting a swap of R2 picks for Lynch.

    Either way, I have hard time believing they really wanted Pocic + Hall instead of Obi.

    • STTBM

      JS pulled a Timmay! Numbskull and got cute. Gonna suck watching Obi in Oakland…

  11. Volume12

    That’s a GB pick if there ever was one.

    • Sea Mode

      AMEN, bro.

  12. Ed

    There goes Biegel

  13. Derron James

    bye to biegel lmao

  14. Poko


  15. Darth12er

    I’ve been super disappointed with the NFL networks coverage this year. Late round 3, I finally went back to espn. And they actually talked about a Seahawk pick for more than 20 seconds

    • Volume12

      Me too. And they’re usually so much better than the mother ship.

      • Producehawk

        Me too. Got tired of all the BS

    • HI Hawk

      They talk about every pick, so yes ESPN is far superior this year.

      • CLB

        Completely agree. Recorded both ESPN and NFL drafts, and ESPN went over our picks. NFL network skipped them 2-3 times, on pick 90 or so they kept going back to the D’onta Foreman pick, asking him to name people in his house for a few minutes instead of going over other picks, also showing picks and the draft from 1960 instead of talking about this year’s picks. Or they’d go to a commercial and skip several recaps of picks, and just start up a few picks later, seems like it coincided with our picks at least twice.

  16. jujus

    PISS gb is such a thorn in our side taking my fav pick

  17. C-Dog

    Dang those pesky Packers took Biegel.

    • Sea Mode

      You like Gedeon the same?

      • C-Dog

        I like him a lot.

  18. relaxxin

    Desmond King, IOWA please.

  19. Derron James

    I tbh like Carrol Phillips more than Biegel

  20. icb12

    Really like what the Hawks did in Free Agency.

    Underwhelmed by the draft thus far. I feel like other teams got better… Hawks so far are merely staying the same.

    Granted- they already were very good so the need to get better isn’t quite as strong– but I personally don’t see why you don’t just take King at 31 and call it a day. And Pocic ahead of Awuzie is a mind bender for me.

    Enjoy the day gents.. this is where PC/JS make their hay. Should be fun.

    • Mike B.

      Missing out on both Ramczyk and King made me physically ill. Once I watched more film on McDowell I ended up feeling much better about that pick.

      I wonder if they weren’t able to–or just didn’t try to–trade up in the second round. That seemed to make a lot of sense.

  21. Derron James

    Vikings got their 1 tech.

  22. Ed

    Jax goes Dobbs?

  23. Poko

    I feel GB get a ring.

    • Sea Mode

      Not coming through CLink first!

      • Poko


  24. Volume12

    Anyone think we add a 5th somehow today?

    • Derron James

      i do

  25. Derron James

    don’t take kittle please lol

  26. Volume12

    Would Seattle add TE Jake Butt? Another Michigan guy?

    • Mike B.

      Oh, why the heck not. But Kittle seems like a better player.

    • Ed

      A TE would be nice, only NV on payroll after next year. Butt would be a well rounded TE

    • BobbyK

      That’s what I was thinking.

  27. Derron James

    oh wow

  28. Volume12

    Jags are loaded at wide out.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Tremendous value at this point in the Draft

  29. Ishmael

    “@JaredStanger Do you think you have changed how PCJS drafts? Almost like you know them so well they change their mind.

    Jared Stanger Retweeted Brett Wise
    Like, not to be an egomaniac, but I wonder about that.”


    • Ed

      Who is Jared Stanger?

    • Myfanwy365

      @JaredStanger: @DavisHsuSeattle Is this what people are saying? I literally had Seattle taking him at 58 in February. Had him in mocks as early as July-August.

      Anyway, totally not related but Jaxson DeVille is awesome

    • Mike B.

      Jared will be Hawks assistant GM within a year. Bank on it.

    • Volume12

      That’s an absolute egomaniacal statement.

      • Ishmael

        It’s hands down the stupidest thing I’ve seen written about the draft all year, possibly ever. Completely divorced from reality.

        • Volume12

          He thinks Hawk scouts follow him on twitter to ‘see what he knows.’

          That’s a piece of sh*t and a f***king weird-o?

          • Seatown

            Stanger has thin skin. Could never last in a NFL front office. Couldn’t handle the criticism. If you even question anything he says in Twitter he blocks you.

            • Rob Staton

              I have a saying.

              ‘His ego is in the 95th percentile’

              • lil'stink

                I think you’re being too generous. It’s 99th percentile.

              • Ukhawk


  30. Derron James

    don’t be shocked if seattle trades back, although I see a TE, LB, OL or maybe even a nickel with the pick.

    • Derron James

      pick is in i think it may be kittle

  31. Volume12

    Would Seattle go with another O-lineman here?

    • CHawk Talker Eric


      • Derron James


  32. BradCanuck

    After further evaluation (and reading stuff from folks much smarter than I), I love our draft so far. We drafted a lot of really young fellas from pro-style systems at a lower salary cap cost who can be coached up.

    Pre-draft we’ve already improved our Oline, particular back-up safety) and linebacker. This is the icing!

  33. Mike B.

    PLEASE be Kittle. Or another DB.

  34. Volume12

    Did Rich just say a have a 5th?

  35. Derron James

    This suspense is killing me

  36. Volume12

    Brian Allen maybe?

  37. Derron James

    Love this pick go seattle!!!

  38. Volume12

    Trev, there’s your boy!

    Great pick. Stud!

    • icb12

      GREAT pick.

    • Trevor

      He is a ball player! Love the pick and in the right range.

  39. Derron James

    Center Fielder short arms but love this pick!

  40. C-Dog

    Tedric Thompson! I thought they’d grab a Buff

    • Volume12

      You called it. I thought it would be Ahkello or Tupou.

      • C-Dog

        I kinda thought they’d go LB here, but good golly do I love this pick.

        • Volume12

          I had zero idea. But like you this is an awesome value pick. He’s a roadrunner man.

  41. Volume12

    Delano Hill sounds like he’s gonna be in the running for nickel.

    • Hawks22Fun

      I had ZERO clue who he was, but his highlights look super!

      He hits the crap out of people, tackles well, and seems to cover nice…

      I’ll take Hill!!

    • Nick

      Sticky tackler man. Amazing technique.

  42. jujus

    FREE SAFETY!!! Tedric thopmson

  43. Mike B.

    Tedric Thompson! Great pick. Very underrated.

  44. Derron James

    Im thinking we get a Te then some competition at Buffalo or nickel in the 6th

    • Volume12


      • Kenny Sloth

        Seth Russell###

    • Derron James

      don’t forget we have McDougald already

  45. Trevor

    Finally a pick I love!

    Thompson is a ball hawk, great special teamer and another candidate to play that big nickel spot and back up Earl.

    He was the leader in that loaded Colorado secondary

  46. Ed

    I hope they trade up and get Kittle or Butt. Need TE. Wilson and Graham probably gone after next year.

    • Hawk Eye

      pretty cheap to franchise a TE, so I doubt they lose Graham if they want him

  47. Sea Mode

    Love his instincts and ball skills! Thought they would pass because of his speed though, but I guess not.

    Woo hoo, I like it!

    • Ishmael

      He plays faster than his tested speed IMO. Quicker in pads. Genuine ball hawk as well, 7 interceptions and 16 PBUs last season. Stoked with this pick, really happy.

      • Hawk Eye

        a good match for Hill since they say he plays slower than his speed….

      • hawkdawg

        The real question to me is whether he is fast enough with good enough anticipation to play the single-high look we like. Because if not, our defense’s scheme changes if Earl is out. Terrell had the speed, but not the fearless, fierce confidence….

  48. Ishmael

    We got Tedric?? F**K YEAH. Love that kid!

  49. C-Dog

    Seattle’s next gen LOB now includes outside CB, SS, and now FS. Love the way they used the depth of this draft. Love it.

    • Volume12

      I think Hill is our big nickel in the buffalo looks. PC said they’d try him there.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I think you’re right about that. That’s a great way to start him out.

  50. Overtime

    They like Pierre Desir, also. Thompson adds depth and competition.

  51. Sea Mode

    *High five’s Trev*

    • Trevor

      For sure I did not think they would consider him because of measurables but glad they did.

      He will make the squad as a great special teamer to start.

      With Mcdougal, Hall and Thonpson we went from no Safety depth to lots!

  52. KD

    Right off the bat, Seahawks select Tedric Thompson. Love it

  53. Trevor

    I still think we take a Huskie at some point. Perhaps Daniels or Mathis

    • Volume12

      Mathis will be an UDFA. So that would be awesome.

      • Trevor

        + 1 I would do back flips if so.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Come on Trevor, if you tried a back flip you’d end up unconsious by landing on your neck…lol

          • Trevor

            Good point Greg 🙂

  54. BobbyK

    7th oldest defense with some aging superstars loads up with 5 defensive players in the first 111 picks in the draft. Needed to be done. I like it.

    • jujus

      I didnt think we would be able to stockpile so many picks but I am happy that we are following what some of us saw as the needs DEFENSE x7

  55. Frank

    Holy shit tremendous draft.

    I haven’t felt this good on draftday since Jones and Springs.

  56. Sea Mode

    Run on safeties. Who’s next? Montae Nicholson?

    • Volume12

      King maybe?

  57. Poko

    I like this guy!

  58. Mike

    Look at those db’s flying off the board…

  59. Volume12

    I’m lowkey liking this Washington draft. Has McCloughan’s fingerprints all over it.

    • CHawk Talker Eric


      Allen, Anderson, Moreau and Perine are a good haul.

  60. Mike B.

    Three-years stats (2014-2016) for Tedric Thompson:

    TACKLES: 158
    ASSISTS: 24
    CATCH% AGAINST: 50.7% (just 40% in 2016)
    INT: 13
    PASSER RATING VS.: 45.2 (just 21.3 in 2016)

    That’s some production. He also played well vs. Huskies in the Pac-12 championship game.

  61. Derron James

    I really want carroll phillips

  62. Sea Mode

    @RapSheet 7m7 minutes ago

    The #Broncos have made a trade. They sent RB Kapri Bibbs and a 5th to SF for a 4th in 2018

  63. Volume12

    Cards got a damn steal.

  64. Derron James

    Great pick they are stocking up.

  65. Ishmael

    How loaded is the Jags WR corps btw?

    Fournette is going to demand 8 in the box, and now they have Robinson, Lee, Hurns, and Westbrook? If Bortles wasn’t such an absolute deadbeat, they’d be a genuinely scary team.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      They had to upgrade their offense anyway. Now they’ve given Bortles every chance to succeed. If he can’t it won’t be because he’s on an island there.

  66. Cysco

    So through seven picks, I can’t point at a single player taken that won’t be a quality contributor to this team going forward. That’s just crazy. And, they’re not done.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I think some will have a hard time making the 53

      • jujus


        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Hill and Darboh

          • Magmatizer

            Hill maybe, if only because we already have safety depth. I personally think that with his physicality and consistent tackling he could become a solid Big Nickel. Darboh I think has a very good shot to make the roster. He is multi-faceted: Runs good routes and glides into his breaks, snatches passes away from his frame with regularity, and gets invested as a blocker in the run game. I think of his as a Kearse+, already possessing the attributes of what Jermaine should be for the Hawks given his role.

  67. jujus

    We have to be looking at LB, PC specifically mentioned it… Gotta be The Oklahoma guy or the colorado LB right? Cant recall names

    • Derron James

      Jordan Evans I think? And Jimmie Gilbert from Colorado

      • jujus

        Yes ty, my morning drugs havent kicked in yet >_>

      • Kenny Sloth

        Ooh yeah Evans fs

    • Ground_Hawk

      Cincinnati’s Eric Wilson is another name.

  68. Kenny Sloth

    Man Thompson is a helluva pick.

    Love McDowell, Pocic, and Darboh as well

    • Frank


    • Sea Mode


      I was high on Delano too. Tackles everything in sight.

    • C-Dog


  69. Derron James

    Arizona is having a great draft, Seattle is gonna have lots of competition down the line but we have gotten a great haul as well.

    • Hawk Eye

      yeah, I like their draft. 2 playmakers on D, potentially good wr and a decent guard.
      I also like Washington and Dallas draft
      But I also like the Hawks draft because I think JS and PC know a lot more than I do about football:)

      but it all needs 2 years to see who really did well and who just drafted good names

  70. C-Dog

    Whatcha’ll think about Tedric maybe winning out that nickel corner spot in addition to backing up Earl? Go Hawks

    • Derron James

      very possible.

    • Overtime

      I think McDougald has his name on the big nickle spot.

      • C-Dog

        Possibly. I think they are going to give Delano Hill a long look at big nickel as well

    • lil'stink

      Combine numbers aren’t everything, but Thompson’s poor athletic testing don’t give me a ton of hope for his ability to play CB.

  71. Derron James

    Lets see how trash the rams pick is gonna be

  72. Mike B.

    Good pick by Cincy. I can’t believe Lawson fell that far. He was one of the most productive pass-rushers in 2016.

  73. Ishmael

    I just want everyone to remember that Tedric has a brother called Cedric. It’s legit my favourite thing about him.

  74. CHawk Talker Eric

    I’m not unhappy about Pocic, but we should be clear that he’s a consolation for missing out on Obi. He was the fall back, not the target.

    Personally, I’d rather have traded 58 + one of the R3 comp picks to move ahead of OAK and take Obi (+ Asiata in R4) than Pocic + Hall.

    • Frank

      Why do you think they wanted Obi? It sounds to me like Schneider’s telling the truth, about wanting to move up for Pocic.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        PC’s reaction at the Combine – he could barely contain his excitement for Obi’s 40yd. The +4 meetings with Obi. PC’s reaction in the war room yesterday – he looked pretty upset when OAK took Obi.

        • Mike B.

          It’s possible that they wanted to trade up a couple times in the 2nd round but couldn’t find partners.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Good point. Or the price was too steep.

            • Volume12

              I think the reaction was to Griffin. Who is a freak athlete. It looked liked he said ‘4.4?’ As in 4.4 flat and the footage showed a delayed reaction.

              Who knows. I’m probably way off base anyways.

        • C-Dog

          I think it’s possible, after meeting with Obi four times, they might have been more swayed to grab McDowell knowing the depth at safety in the draft is ridiculous, and they could grab a couple good ones later. OL, not so much, and Pocic was they target after McDowell

          • Volume12

            Rumor is, Meek spent the longest amount of time there as a VMAC visitor.

            • Volume12


          • CHawk Talker Eric

            I don’t think it was “either-or” for McDowell and Obi. They could’ve have had both. Either they just didn’t want Obi, or they misjudged his draft range.

            It’s not like they haven’t been there before. In 2012 they almost took RW in R2 because they weren’t certain they could get him a round later. They didn’t take him in R2 or trade up from R3, and still got him. I think it was a similar situation with Obi, except they just didn’t get him.

            • AlaskaHawk

              I don’t see how any team could expect Obi to fall to bottom of second round. If he did that would have been great for some team. But as a potential late first rounder – as was King – it is surprising that he dropped as far as he did.

  75. Derron James

    oops i take back the rams pick being trash ;(

  76. Mike B.

    A bit surprised they haven’t taken a TE yet, but there are plenty of very good TEs with underwhelming production who can be had late in the draft or as UFAs.

  77. Derron James

    great pick just don’t ruin him

  78. Derron James

    Lol that sucks they are really stocking up on offense, its okay we got Darboh

  79. Volume12

    That’s gonna be a fun matchup twice a year. Looking forward to those battles.

    • Derron James

      It sure is I’m so excited

  80. Sea Mode

    Noooo. My favorite to the Rams.

    Finally they make a good pick.

    • Derron James


  81. Mike B.

    When will the Rams address o-line? This stable of receivers won’t be effective if Goff is getting battered and bruised.

    • jujus

      No one they pick will be able to slow down our nascar package, they better improve that running game if they want a chance at all.

    • Volume12

      Good point.

      Did they even sign a FA there?

      You’d think they’d be building around Gurley to take pressure off Goff.

      • cha

        The signed 35yo Andrew Whitworth

  82. Derron James

    mack hollins

  83. Dawgma

    Man, I’d kind of love this draft if they had just spent that Hill pick to move up and take Obi. Just so damn dumb to sit and wait hoping he falls when the backup plan is to spend a pick you could just trade to get up three spots and take him.

    Don’t love McDowell either, but at least I get the intent to take a shot on a top 15 caliber interior rusher with a low pick. If he busts he busts. But DAMN it was frustrating just watching them sit and miss Obi when a minor tradeup just a couple of slots would have done it.

    And, of course, we could be totally wrong. Obi could never turn into anything and Malik turns it on full blast and in three years no one even remembers. That’s what makes the draft so frustrating.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Totally agree

    • jujus

      History told us that the value of CB in the early picks was not something they liked. This entire offseason of huskie db / Obi hype was all pure conjecture of completely abandoning their previous habits/pattern.

      Keep a more open mind next time.

    • Ehurd1021

      They had the capital to move up and take Obi if they wanted him, they didn’t. I really don’t believe he was rated that high on their board.

      Something if off about the kid to be honest. He’s got the size of a strong safety but he’s afraid to hit and doesn’t play true to his size (lacks physicality); has the speed to play FS but lacks ball skills and didn’t have great range.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Doesn’t mean they didn’t really like him. In 2012 they didn’t take RW in R2 or trade up from R3. They just waited for him to fall to them in R3 and he did. I think this was the same situation. The difference is Obi didn’t last.

        • Ehurd1021

          Could be, we’ll never know.

          I know that most teams who are very high on players at a position of need will trade up for that talent especially if they have the capital. That didn’t happen.

      • AlaskaHawk

        before you get into this revisionist history of Obi, lets look at what he did in college.

        Walters had him as third ranking safety. They said
        Melifonwu totaled 118 tackles with three passes broken up and four interceptions in 2016. As a junior in 2015, he had 88 tackles with two interceptions and five passes broken up.

        I think the Seahawks could use a secondary player like Obi. In fact just about everyone on our board thought so.

  84. Volume12

    Best gunner in the NFL. Calling it now. Mack Hollins that is.

  85. Mike B.

    Man, I’ve had enough of this horribly off-key Eagles fight song. Ugh.

  86. Derron James

    Bears are soon underwhelming IMO.

    • Derron James


  87. Ehurd1021

    Could Tedric possibly be a 2nd cornerback opposite of Sherm?

    Obviously, he’s going to back up Earl and play FS, but he has the ball skills, speed, hips, and coverage skill to play corner as well. He’s 6’1 too so obviously he has the length PC is looking for as well. Great selection.

    • Derron James

      more nickel imo.

      • Ehurd1021


  88. Spireite Seahawk

    Die Eagle’s Die that song should be called as I lost my will to live.

    • jujus

      New rule if you take longer then 20 seconds to make a pick or you start singing we send United airlines after you

  89. Curt

    Would love to get your impression of Seattle’s draft so far. As just a fan with no drafting knowledge, I’m not impressed. From the outside with only the eye test, I see our division foes getting better and we seem to be standing pat.
    Always trusted in Pete/John but the last 2/3 drafts the rest of the league seems to be catching up to us with impact young players.

    • Derron James

      I actually really like the draft, we got our interior rusher that we were so desperate for, Pocic is versatile and can play all spots on the line and I think is a day 1 starter, Shaq Griffin is an outside corner that competes hard and is fast and will be our outside corner, Delano Hill is our backup SS who can compete at nickel/ buffalo, Naz Jones is our young big stout DT that is honestly an upgrade over McDaniel, Amara Darboh is the future Kearse replacement and will play some snaps, and Tedric Thompson is Earl Thomas backup, and may play some nickel. What a Haul!

      • Overtime

        I agree. It feels like the 2010 draft. Everyone was disappointed then that we did not select Taylor Mays and instead had to settle for Earl Thomas. And who is this Chancellor kid in the 5th round? Total waste of a pick. He is too big for Safety.

        • Michael(CLT)


      • Curt

        Thanks, I’m feeling much better about not just drafting projects but actual impact players to step in and help. 👍

    • Ishmael

      Not having a go at you, but why aren’t you impressed? Is it because you haven’t seen/heard much about the players we’ve picked, or you have seen them and you don’t like the tape?

      • Hawk Eye

        i like the type of players they drafted and trust that 2 or 3 will be real good, 2 or 3 will be JAG or a little better.
        Interior pass rush was their biggest need on D and is the hardest to find, with CB and back up safety’s next and a potential starter on the O line, along with a Wr who can replace Kearse and/or Richardson next year
        check (if they can motivate him)
        check ( i like that they picked a guy who is technically sound as opposed to athletically gifted and no idea what he is doing)

  90. vrtkolman

    Thompson is our best pick of the draft so far. Awesome value.

  91. Alex

    That is a sweet pick with Thompson.

  92. Greg Haugsven

    I’d like to see a trade up sometime here.

  93. Nick

    Great breakdown of Tedric’s game:

  94. Misfit74

    Interesting to see how the two Safeties are deployed. Can either be a Buffalo, or are they more traditional ‘backups’ and potential future type players for Earl and Kam? They each profile well as one aggressor and one more of a pass defender.

  95. Nick

    Last night I spent an hour watching Delano Hill, here were things I noticed:

    -I didn’t see one missed tackle. Always wrapped up and put the ball carrier down.
    -Excellent tackling/pursuit angles in open space
    -Is a bit stiff in coverage
    -A bit slow to react on running plays

  96. Mike B.

    If the Hawks take one more CB in rounds 6 or 7, who do you think it’d be?

    My vote is for Channing Stribling from Michigan. Brian Allen from Utah is another possibility, though maybe as a UFA.

    • Misfit74

      I wanted 111 to be Brian Allen…just to make sure we get him. I REALLY want him on our team at some point.

      • Mike B.

        Considering how the rest of the NFL is going more with the type of long Seahawky CB who used to last until round 5 or later, it’s possible that neither Stribling nor Hill will even be there at 6/187.

    • HI Hawk

      Both work for me! Also, Jeremy Cutrer or Desmond King (but maybe this draft proves they don’t believe the Nickle only type of CB).

  97. HI Hawk

    I’m sad to see Eddie Jackson go, but the pick of Tedric Thompson made that a forgone conclusion. Thompson, like Jackson seems to be the playmaking, coverage type though – so I’m jacked about that pick!

    Very pleased with L.O.B 2.0 overall:
    Shaq Griffin could be the steal of the draft, this coaching staff is going to unlock his full potential.
    Delano Hill is a box safety that will light people up, and as sure of a tackler as this draft had to offer.
    Tedric Thompson is a deep safety with great instincts, he just finds the ball.

    • Volume12

      Shaq is my favorite pick.

      Love the fact when he does get beat he doesn’t get bothered by it.

      He’ll be a fan favorite quickly. Gigantic personality. Wants to be a motivational speaker when his career is over.

      Next Janoris Jenkins IMO.

      • HI Hawk

        So will Delano Hill. His brand of football is old school rugged, just like Kam. No more drag down, catch tackling from our backup SS.

        • Volume12

          Yeah, love what they did in the secondary. We knocked it out the park.

  98. Derron James

    good pick niners if he is committed

  99. Misfit74

    Joe Williams, nice player for SF. Speed Score maven. Shanahan’s (poor man’s) Tevin Coleman.

  100. Volume12

    9ers stay killing the draft. Very impressed by new GM John Lynch.

    • C-Dog

      No kidding. I think the Browns, 49ers, and Ravens are killing this draft.

      • Volume12

        Redskins too. As a sleeper.

      • Mike B.

        If the 49ers can get Cousins for 2018, I could see them going .500 that year. This year, 4 or 5 wins seems like their ceiling. Their trajectory is reminiscent of the Hawks from 2008-2010.

  101. C-Dog

    Like what the 49ers are doing a lot. Joe Williams could be a steal.

    • HI Hawk

      Don’t like that he quit football once, especially after Utah took a chance on him and gave him a second chance.

      • icb12

        Have you read his full story?

        • HI Hawk

          Yes, and he isn’t a special enough prospect for me to trust him to stay committed.

  102. nichansen01

    Tedric Thompson, great great pick.

  103. Derron James

    Great pick Ravens really winning the draft lol.

  104. Ehurd1021

    Who is the starting RCB this year opposite of Sherman?

    • Derron James

      Griffin, Desir, Elliot, or Lane

      • Ehurd1021

        Thrope possibly?

    • Sea Mode

      Lane too start the year, Griffin when he’s ready maybe.

    • C-Dog

      My hunch is Lane to start out, but there could be a surprise with maybe someone like Desir.

    • HI Hawk

      I think it’s Lane, and I think we’ll be happy about that. I expect big things from J. Lane as the starter outside. I think Elliott is the nickle, and I worry he’s going to look a lot like Lane did in that spot.

  105. Derron James

    Bye Nicholson

  106. Volume12

    What pick was WR Kenny Golladay?

    • Misfit74

      3.32 (96 overall)

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      DET #96

      • Volume12

        Thanks guys.

  107. Misfit74

    Nfl’s brief on Thompson “… Thompson is a rangy, ball-hawking safety who should be a subpackage addition to a team that managed just 11 interceptions in ’16. –Mark Dulgerian”

    Subpackage addition – I like that idea. Big nickle starter maybe?

    • John_s

      One of the ESPN reporters said that some teams took him off the board because he’s had 4 concussions.

    • C-Dog

      Going to be really interesting to see how that all shakes out. One thing is for sure, Seattle won’t get caught with a lack of depth in that defensive backfield this year

  108. Derron James

    I predict the rams take O line now, if they take another receiver or tight end I’m gonna die.

  109. Derron James

    I do like the pick he is good.

  110. Volume12

    4th rounder? Surprising.

    Very happy for him. E. Washington is the local team here in Spokane. And didn’t the Rams get Kupp too?

    • Derron James


      • jujus

        I really liked Ebukam seems a bit rich but he has pass rrush hand moves naturally can only get better and a great athelete.

    • Mike B.

      That does seem a bit early. But damn does he play like a beast.

    • Misfit74

      Problem is that the Rams have 3 slot receivers as starters. Austin, Woods, and Kupp. Nobody from that group has proven capability to win on the outside. I don’t know what they’re doing.

  111. Derron James

    nice pick

  112. jujus

    Browns take our kr/pr slot corner Howard Wilson

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Like Brandon Wilson better

    • Sea Mode

      Nope, that’s Brandon Wilson.

      I’ll say he very well might go next pick to DET though.

      • jujus

        way to have 2 guys with similar names FFs

  113. Misfit74

    Nice picks by CLE continue. Howard Wilson

  114. sdcoug

    As far as adding another CB, don’t forget Xavier Coleman – Portland St. as a priority FA

    • Misfit74

      Yes, please.

    • Mike B.

      Yep, I hope they get him.

  115. Derron James

    I sure hope we can get carroll phillips, a QB ( i think we get one UDFA), or Brandon wilson.

  116. Ishmael

    Holy ish. You guys see some of these tweets about Dede Westbrook? Jags are welcome to him… These are from Albert Breer

    So @McShay13 just said new Jags WR Dede Westbrook is the only player he’s ever heard of being kicked out of a 15-minute combine interview.

    And then, there’s this text just now from an AFC area scout on Dede Westbrook: “No thoughts. It is what it is. He’s a degenerate.”

  117. Sea Mode

    You know who else I think has done exactly what they needed to in the draft? The Panthers.

    Christian McCaffrey
    Curtis Samuel
    Taylor Moton
    Daeshon Hall

    A steal in Hall and then defending that option offense is gonna be crazy hard.

    With their last three picks, if they can get a deep threat WR to stretch the field with Samuel (K.D. Cannon?), a LB to replace A.J. Klein, and a FB to replace Mike Tolbert, as well as their young corners keep developing, I’d say they’ll soon be back in the playoffs.

  118. Misfit74

    Bengals have had a good draft.

  119. Mike B.

    Josh Malone is a great talent. Good pick.

  120. Seahawk in LA

    Ravens drafting a lot of SDB favorites: Humphrey, Bowser, Siragusa, Wormley

    • jujus

      We were feeling Smart reliable tough the ravens motto type of prospects

  121. Volume12

    Raiders got a steal there.

    I liked Sharpe. They needed a RT. That O-line is stacked.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      He’s better off inside in the NFL.

      • Volume12

        I agree, but we know how Oakland loves having a gigantic line.

  122. Gray

    Has anyone seen the video of PC/JS calling Tedric? Gotta love that pick.

  123. Derron James

    TBH every team except the Bears and rams are having a good draft lmao.

  124. Derron James

    Pats keep making good picks

  125. Mike B.

    Interesting that Peterman, Dobbs, and Kaaya are still on the board. One of those guys (in particular Peterman) could be the Dak Prescott of 2017.

    • Volume12

      Kayaa is pretty surprising.

  126. Volume12

    So in no specific order for Seattle. QB, LB, TE, FB?

    No idea what that other 1 could be. BPA?

    • Mike B.

      If they take another OL my vote is for Kofi Amichia from South Florida, a developmental tackle with crazy athleticism.

      But some order of QB, LB, TE, RB/FB makes sense.

      • Rob Staton

        Might be easier to convince UDFA O-liners to come to Seattle vs other positions.

        They can use Gilliam, Fant and others as a selling point. ‘You will get a shot’.

        • Mike B.

          Hey Rob. UFA deals are more team-friendly than deals for 7th-round picks, yeah?

          • Mike B.

            Not in terms of money (of course they are), but in terms of team control.

      • Volume12

        Asiata is still out there isn’t he?

        • CHawk Talker Eric


    • C-Dog

      Definitely think QB at some point, hope its Jerod Evans. I’d also think LB and TE would be likely

  127. Volume12

    Pumphrey and Sproles together fascinates me.

    • Mike B.

      Yep. For one season anyway.

  128. Volume12

    That tattoo is cringe. Eww.

  129. Mike B.

    So who’ll be Seattle’s choice for a late-late round or UFA QB?

    My vote is for Penn’s Alek Torgerson, though Jerod Evans could be an option.

    • Volume12

      Those 2. And Dobbs, Antonio Pipkin, PJ Walker, Eli Jenkins, Trevor Knight. There’s some nice developmental ones left.

    • C-Dog

      Torgerson and Evans are really interesting, imo.

  130. Derron James

    ryan switzers is a mixture of edleman and cole beasley

  131. nichansen01

    How on earth is Carlos Watkins still on the board.

    • jujus

      A car accident crushed alot of his body, his medicals could show bad things.

  132. Mike B.

    Cole Beasley 2.0.

    I’d much rather have T.J. Logan, who can run *and* catch.

  133. Derron James

    Bad news

    • Derron James


      • Volume12


        • CHawk Talker Eric

          2-3 seasons from now, this could be the best pick of the entire 2017 Draft.

  134. Misfit74

    Good nugget from Profootballfocus:

    Round 4, pick No. 111 overall: Tedric Thompson, S, Colorado

    Tedric Thompson is a versatile back-end defender capable of pressing the slot, as well as playing the deep-third in Seattle’s cover-3 scheme. He posted the highest coverage grade in the nation last year among FBS safeties, as he picked off seven passes and broke up another seven. — Josh Liskiewitz, @PFF_Josh

    • Mike B.

      I thought that they might grab Thompson in the 3rd round. Wonderful they were able to get him in the 4th.

  135. nichansen01

    Nico Siragusa to Baltimore is the best pick of the first round. I’d take the ravens class over the browns. That’s incredible.

  136. Volume12

    GB has a decent little RB stable going on.

  137. Volume12

    I’m very surprised that Asiata, Kayaa, Hodges (kind of), are still left.

    • Mike B.

      There’s so much value left. It’s painful not having native 4th and 5th round picks this year.

  138. Mike B.

    Tremendous value pick by the Steelers with Dobbs. I’m a believer.

  139. jujus

    steelers snipe my qb josh dobbs off the board

  140. nichansen01

    Pats reach on wise

  141. Sea Mode

    If the Hawks wanted Dobbs, I’m sure they knew it would have to have been at the top of R4.

    The thing is, I think they like Boykin. And if you spend a R4 pick on Dobbs and he doesn’t beat out Boykin, it becomes (maybe) that much harder to cut him right away. Idk, just a thought.

    • Overtime

      I compared the two and thought Boykin was better than Dobbs. Still I wanted Dobbs for competition. Now we will need to hope for Evans or Russell.

      • Ishmael

        Agreed. Boykin is really underrated on here, he gives you a chance to win as a backup. Better player than Dobbs IMO.

        • icb12

          Yeah. Agreed he’s talented.

          But just exactly how much off field BS do you want to put up with your backup QB??

  142. CHawk Talker Eric

    IND with Zach Banner in R4?!?


    • Derron James


    • Volume12

      HA! They did.

    • Misfit74

      Should have picked the ape

  143. Derron James

    harlow over asiata?

  144. Volume12

    Wasn’t Harlow a local VMAC visit or workout?

    • Sea Mode

      Local prospect visit, yes.

      • Volume12

        Appears DQ is gonna go for the same O-line that we do. Possibly.

    • Mike B.

      He’s not on the list of Seattle prospect visits/meetings.

      • Mike B.

        Maybe I’m looking at an outdated list.

  145. nichansen01

    Some teams are having stellar stellar drafts. Some seem to have no idea what they’re doing.



    Not so good:


    Notice anything?

    • Volume12

      The black and blue divisions?

    • Sea Mode

      I think the Saints are doing well. Had to give up the R2 from next year to get Kamara, but he’s gonna be really good IMO and fits their offense perfectly.

      • Mike B.

        I agree. Saints are doing remarkably well, like top 5 well.

      • Volume12

        Who did they give that too? I thought they never made that move. Was curious about it.

        • Mike B.


        • Bayahawk


    • Misfit74

      I think Saints and Browns had really good picks in the first few rounds. Maybe forcing a narrative here.

    • Ishmael

      Hey? The Browns have had a fantastic draft. Don’t mind the Saints either.

    • HI Hawk

      The Browns are on the “not so good” list? I think they’ve improved their team tremendously.

    • nichansen01

      Oops… I typed Browns thinking rams.

      Browns doing well.

  146. nichansen01

    Lots of reaches in this round.

    • HI Hawk

      I don’t think reaches exist in round 4 and beyond. Teams that are behind you may only have one more pick, so a 7th round value could easily get snached up in round 4. You have to draft the players you like, while you have the chance.

  147. Volume12

    Dorian Johnson slipped due to a liver condition he’s had since birth even though his specialist said it wouldnt impact his play.

    I always find this stuff fascinating.

  148. Sea Mode

    NFL network getting really sloppy about showing the picks on the screens in the background.

    They were doing so much better than yesterday up until now…

    • Overtime

      I think ESPN controls the pace of the announcements. They need time to run their film clips.

      • HI Hawk

        ESPN wins this year’s draft coverage by a country mile! Every player and team gets their time.

  149. Derron James

    Chiefs made a reach IMO rn

  150. nichansen01

    Bucky Hodges
    Isaac Asiata
    Carlos Watkins
    Carroll Phillips
    George Kittle
    Jake Butt

    All still on the board :0

  151. Misfit74

    Loudest Stadium, my ass, KC

    • HI Hawk

      Officially, I believe they took back the record, realistically, we know Seattle is more impactful.

  152. Volume12

    Interesting pick for KC. They needed a longer body at WR.

  153. Overtime

    I think the talent has run out. We are into the dead spot in the draft the Schneider talked about. We can come back in R6 for some priority free agents. Maybe Zane Gonzalez is still on the board.

    • Derron James

      I disagree with Carroll Phillios Issac Asiata George Kittle Darrell Daniels Jake Butt Hodges there is plenty of options.

  154. Misfit74

    Conley, Chesson the post-Maclin/Smith era

  155. Misfit74

    Raiders and Giants need RBs

    • HI Hawk

      Beast Mode is all you need! (kidding) Jalen Richard and Washington were pretty good rookies to compliment Lynch. Any RB they take at this point is going to have a hard time winning a job.

  156. Derron James

    giants got there RB

    • Derron James


      • HI Hawk

        He’s a rugged dude too. I really liked Gallman as depth. He reminds me of Turbin, without the breakaway speed.

  157. Misfit74

    Another plodder for the Giants, though still a potential upgrade on Perkins. Why don’t they like sub 4.6 guys in NY?

    • Mike B.

      Perkins-Gallman seems like a solid if not spectacular 1-2 punch, though neither seems to offer much in pass protection.

  158. Mike B.

    I like Gallman. He had a much better 2015 than 2016, but he’s still a top-15 RB in this class.

  159. Misfit74

    Nice pick Jets. Decker type but young and healthy

    • Mike B.

      Did you watch the UW-Cal game in 2016? Hansen really struggled vs. UW’s aggressive secondary. He’s still a really solid WR though.

  160. Derron James

    I would’ve preferred marlon mack TBH

    • Mike B.

      Mack is gonna be a steal for someone.

      • Derron James

        He is one of my favorite running backs in this class.

  161. Derron James

    Texans 🙁

    • Derron James

      sorry nic

  162. C-Dog

    Man, Texans got great value with Carlos Watkins there.

  163. Mike B.

    Although I prefer NFL Network’s crew (especially their analysts), ESPN’s draft coverage has been more solid this year.

  164. Poko

    Is there Caleb Brantley on SEA’s board?
    I like his play.

    • Derron James

      In legal issues, doubt it.

      • HI Hawk

        If he’s there in Round 7, I think he’s worth the gamble.

      • Poko

        I feel a bit depressed.

        • Ishmael

          Very similar situation to Joe Mixon, who got taken in the second. Someone will take a chance, it might well be Seattle.

    • Overtime

      Probably not. He has an off field DV problem with a woman.

      • icb12

        It’s not DV.

        He’s not in a relationship with the woman.

        Doesn’t make him any less stupid though.

  165. Derron James

    Great pick by the colts.

  166. Volume12

    I’m wondering if Seattle packages like a 6 & 7 to move into the 5th. There’s like 47-48 picks until they’re on the clock again.

    • Derron James

      ugh. I hope they do

    • Mike B.

      I hope so too. The suspense is killing me.

  167. Derron James

    Screw the 49ers

  168. Derron James

    and Denver

    • Ed

      Hawks must not have liked him as much. Would be interesting to see how the guys they didn’t pick (that the blog loved) end up doing. If Obi/King/Tankersley/Douglas all ball, I will be a bit bitter.

  169. jujus

    With the monster DT’s we already took im not to sad about missing Grover stewart – the colts are doing real good post grigson.

  170. Mike B.

    Two great picks there by the Colts to wrap up the 4th.

    Mack is one of the most complete running backs in this class. The Hawks had interest in Grover Stewart, who’s a complete wrecking ball of a DT. Major athleticism for his size.

    • Derron James

      Colts are doing great, and Mack is one of my favorites.

  171. Volume12

    Seattle did a great job building their possible future on the D-line this year once Bennett and Avril are gone.

    5-tech: ‘Leek’- QJeff
    1-tech: Reed
    3-tech: Jones- QJeff
    LEO: Clark- Marsh (?)

    Can get a nose later or in UDFA possibly. Maybe an EDGE or could get that next year too.

    • Derron James

      What about McDowell?

      • Derron James

        Oh i just saw ‘Leek’ which i think is Malik

        • Volume12

          Yeah. Its his nickname.

          • Derron James

            How about lets erase Marsh and put Phillips eh? 🙂

            • Volume12

              I’m all for that, but I like Marsh. He’s perfect as your 4th pass rusher or so. Hustle/effort guy and a monster on teams.

  172. Poko

    nice pick

  173. Mike B.

    It’s 30 degrees and snowing in Denver. On April 29. Fun!

    Broncos like Jake Butt and they cannot lie.

  174. Volume12

    Man. The 9ers are having the best draft IMO.

    • Derron James

      They really are. My top 3:

      1. 49ers
      2. Ravens
      3. Colts

    • Mike B.

      Give them Kirk Cousins in 2018 and they might actually contend for a wild card spot then. Or at least contend for 7+ wins.

    • Ishmael

      Killing it. Right up there with the Ravens and Browns.

  175. Derron James

    Screw the niners

  176. nichansen01

    Carlos Watkins is still on the board.

    I wonder what’s up with him?

    • Volume12

      Didn’t he go to Houston?

      • nichansen01

        Oh dang missed that. Good pick for them.

        • Derron James


  177. C-Dog

    Outside of the Beathard pick, I really love what the 49ers are doing. Great value with Kittle there.

    • Derron James

      Shoot beathard and kittle went to the same college some chemistry, and a pro style offense.

      • Derron James


        • C-Dog

          That’s a good point

          • Derron James

            Beathard is actually not bad IMO, Shanahan is bringing him a target for the future that he knows well, and are bringing in more talent.

            • C-Dog

              I like Beathard as a later round pick, really question his arm strength and durability, but that said, Joe Montana didn’t have a rocket arm, but does Beathard have other intangibles?

  178. nichansen01

    How in earth is Bucky Hodges still on the board.

  179. Volume12

    Jets go Kayaa here?

    • Volume12

      Nope. They did need a TE though. Looks like the run on them is starting.

  180. Mike B.

    Meanwhile the Falcons’ secondary just keeps getting better. Kazee might be small but he has great coverage skills.

  181. nichansen01

    Blair brown to jags, leggett to jets

  182. Derron James

    Run on Te’s

  183. Derron James

    Still Hodges and asiata, but I still want carroll phillips.

  184. Mrkarea

    Do you think that when the nucleus of the team was still young. The thought process in those drafts was swing for the fences and go for uber SPARQ athletes. Which was a hit or miss approach. Now that the nucleus is getting older the draft philosphy switches to a more conservative approach. Similar to a 401k invest aggressively and in more risky options when you just starting out. As you approach retirement age switch to a more conservative approach. So the focus shifts to replenish and just get solid starters instead of the super star. It would explain how some feel that this draft class is a bit underwhelming.

  185. Coleslaw

    Sad to see Kittle go, still like the TEs available. Love Tedric Thompson!! We got our LOB 2.0, we could probably upgrade over Hill eventually at SS, but for all 3rd and 4th rounders? Seahawks are certified jackboiz

  186. nichansen01

    Chargers draft Desmond King. Great pick.

    • HI Hawk

      Tough, gritty, grinder who may never be a pro bowler, but he’ll have a 10 year career at least and contribute significantly with big plays.

  187. Mike B.

    Having to wait until pick 187 is excruciating. They’re losing out on so many potential contributors. Well, never too early to have a shot or two of Jameson to calm the nerves.

  188. nichansen01

    We should move up for Hodges

    • nichansen01

      Or Carroll Phillips

    • Overtime

      Darrell Daniels in the 7th

      • C-Dog

        Would love that pick

  189. nichansen01

    Panthers take corn elder

  190. Volume12

    The Panthers really needed Elder. Kind of a perfect fit.

    • Derron James

      Great tackler

  191. Mike B.

    So many crappy teams have drafted well this year, and the NFL’s dream of parity inches closer to realization. By 2019 we’ll probably see 25 teams finish within 2 wins of .500.

  192. Derron James

    Spoiler! Bengals take a position not taken yet

    • Mike B.

      New mascot?

  193. Derron James

    Jake elliot is fast lol should be a running back LMAO!

  194. Volume12

    Thought the 1st K off the board would be Gonzalez.

    • Derron James

      Some people thought Elliot was a better overall kicker.

  195. Volume12

    Watch Seattle take a LS in the 7th or something. 😀

    They kinda need one though, huh?

    • Coleslaw

      I’m game

    • jujus

      remember the TE/LS/Fb tyler Scalzi i think? Js scouted him with mahomes i think

    • Mike B.

      Was there ever a good explanation why they didn’t retain Clint Gresham? That clearly hurt them in 2016.

      • nichansen01

        Never really was one :/

      • Frank

        Gresham says it’ll be in the book he’s writing.

    • Ishmael

      Truly though, that was a mess last year.

  196. Derron James

    Titans took one of my personal favs

  197. C-Dog

    If the Seahawks grab Nathan Peterman R6, IMO, that’d be a steal there at QB.

    • Derron James

      it would

  198. HI Hawk

    I am not in any way saying the sky is falling, I still believe in this staff’s ability to find talent everywhere on the team (except OL). That said, I do have a small worry that I’ve been contemplating sharing. Ken Norton and Dan Quinn know as much as anyone about what makes PC’s version of the Cover-3 go. They’ve picked guys that Rob and a lot of other Seahawk-smart people were in love with. How much did the position coaches and coordinators contribute to previous drafts? We all know McCloughan held a lot of influence previously and Washington did well in the draft the last few years. Should we be worried by the list below, and wonder if some of the braintrust responsible for building the team up has left?

    Defensive Picks so far:
    Gareon Conley
    Obi Melifonwu
    Eddie Vanderdoos

    Takk McKinley
    Duke Riley
    Damontae Kazee

    • Derron James

      Pete Carroll is a mastermind, he knows the system better than anyone and he will most surely beat the system of the other people.

      • Mike B.

        Like he did vs. Atlanta in the divisional playoff game?

        Sorry, couldn’t resist.

        But it’s clear that teams with staff from the Carroll tree are getting smarter and better.

    • BRSeahawks

      I don’t think so. Those two were in Seattle when the Seahawks picked the ’13 and ’14 classes. No hindsight: I like the ’15, ’16 and the partials for the ’17 class better than those drafts.

      I think what happens now is:
      1 – Teams studied the way Seahawks draft, just like the Seahawks studied the way Packers and Ravens draft;
      2 – Teams acquired inside information from the way this FO/HC operates (Jaguars, Falcons, Raiders);
      3 – Most of the teams have significantly more draft capital than the Seahawks;
      4 – Seahawks needs to get risky/creative to acquire top end talent on premium positions (Seahawks had to gamble on Clark/McDowell. Falcons and Raiders could draft Mack and Beasley because they just sucked. Jimmy Graham and Percy Harvin trades are good examples too).

      Consequences of that:
      1 – Now WTIII/Byron Maxwell/Jeremy Lane-type prospects are more expensive commodities;
      2 – Teams overpay for our FA;

      Would you bank on John Ross being drafted in the Top 10 if 31 teams didn’t see the mistake they made on passing up Tyler Lockett two years ago?

      • HI Hawk

        There are players that are drafted after the Hawks picks that have outperformed them. I know they aren’t going to hit 1.000, but saying that they didn’t have the draft capital of other teams is just untrue. No they couldn’t have gotten Mack or Beasley, but there were good players available in every draft well after 1st round and the Seahawks have been volume drafters for years. They had twice as many picks on day 2 than any other team.

        Maybe the concern should be failure to adapt then, if other teams are out Seahawking the Seahawks, they might have to tweak their system. I mean, constant innovation is absolutely necessary in the current business market, I’m sure that holds true for NFL Franchises as well.

        I don’t think John Ross has a lot to do with Tyler Lockett, DeSean Jackson was a top-15 pick years ago, well before Lockett was a draft prospect, 4.22 didn’t hurt either.

    • C-Dog

      Actually didn’t like the Conley pick for the Raiders, and that has nothing to do with his legal issues, don’t think he’s physical enough for what Carroll wants at outside corner, they can have him in round one.

      • Misfit74


      • HI Hawk

        Not my favorite player either, he reminds me of another former Raiders mistake – D.J. Hayden. Either way, he could be an All-Pro or a bust, we won’t know for some time. He does fit the profile though.

  199. Mike B.

    Jeremy Sprinkle was another very good TE. Good pick there by the Red Pandas.

  200. nichansen01

    I’d love getting a solid long snapper in the seventh. That’s what the seventh round is for.

  201. Derron James

    I love Jayon Brown

  202. JimQ

    Bold prediction: Potential rd-7 or UDFA?, that the Seahawks have met with/worked out.
    CB-Tyler Williams, completely unranked anywhere, was #1 in FCS in passes defended with 2.1/game.

  203. HI Hawk

    Damn! Jayon Brown was my favorite Bobby Wagner backup in the draft!

  204. Derron James

    Seattle should just let the rest of the draft come to them like they have been doing.

  205. Mike B.

    The late rounds are SO much more fun sans Goodell and with all these different people announcing the picks. The booing gets old quickly, and Goodell is boring as fudge.

    • Producehawk

      At least I like fudge.

  206. Derron James

    Great pick a coleman replacement if/when he leaves or something like that

  207. Derron James

    I like the cardinals pick

  208. Ishmael

    Lott of bad teams have done very well for themselves in this draft. We’re in for a fun season if some of these kids pan out.

  209. Magmatizer

    Geez, that backdrop in Arizona looks like a painting!

  210. Mike B.

    Brian Hill is good RB insurance in case contract talks with Freeman break down.

  211. Derron James

    Not really liking the colts pick

  212. Derron James


    • Derron James


      • Magmatizer

        I don’t understand how they field such tepid performance given the players they are able to draft.

        • Mike B.

          Flacco missing almost all of 2015 and having a crappy 2016 didn’t help.

    • Mike B.

      London boy! Love the pick. I thought the Hawks would have interest in Jermaine in the right spot.

      • Derron James

        Humphrey Bowser Williams Wormley Siragusa Eluemenor JEEZ all are exceptional players

  213. Mike B.

    Looking less and less likely like the Hawks are moving up here. It doesn’t take too much capital at this point to bounce upward 20-30 spots.

  214. Derron James

    Browns made a decent pick too

  215. Derron James

    Colts did too

  216. Derron James

    Bucks doing great too

    • Derron James


      • HI Hawk

        I knew we should never have drafted our LT from the NBA draft, now NBA teams are coming after football players! That’s really going to increase the importance of drafting the athletic freaks early.

  217. Volume12

    I don’t wanna jinx it, but Udub DT Elijah Qualls is still sitting there too.

    • Derron James

      Just noticed.

      • jujus

        brah my cat hs longer arms then him he is udfa territory IMO

        purple colored glasses are too thick round these parts

        • HI Hawk

          Your cat is cool! How much does he bench? Can he anchor against a double team? If so he might be a good NT in a 3-4, but the Seahawks don’t need him or Qualls after what they did on day 2, not to mention Jarran Reed and Rubin.

  218. Derron James

    Whats up with nobody wanting phillips, bills didn’t make a great pick at all could’ve taken phillips

  219. Derron James

    Damn you dolphins lol not phillips tho

    • Coleslaw

      Dude. STOP.

      • Derron James

        i didn’t even say who it was damn

    • Derron James


      • Coleslaw

        It’s not cool man. Stop. We’ve been asking for the last 3 days. YOU ARE RUINING THE DRAFT EXPERIENCE

        • Coleslaw

          You let it be known very clearly it was someone we wanted. Not to many of them left. Just let the draft announce the draft

          • Producehawk

            Don’t be to hard on him coleslaw, he is only 12 years old!

  220. Magmatizer

    I just stopped naming players before our pick, because as soon as I did someone else got them.

  221. CHawk Talker Eric

    There goes Asiata

    • Mike B.

      Dolphins hold off drafting a G until round 5 and it pays off big-time.

  222. Poko

    Good bye Asiata…

  223. Derron James

    Please let the fall go for phillips

  224. Overtime

    It looks like every team is going to pass on Caleb Brantley due to his DV incident. It is not clear how that will turn out. While we have a lag in the Seahawk action, what would you say to taking a flyer on Brantley with a 7th round pick? His problem seems to be similar to Mixon and Le’El Collins and a few others. In other words, it should blow over eventually.

    • Derron James

      Not a fan

    • jujus

      i would do it

    • Joshua Smith

      La’el Collins!? If Im not mistaken he didnt do anything remotely wrong. He wasnt even involved. Joe Mixon used disproportional force clearly, but was also clearly attacked. Brantley – who knows. Hell ya I would take him though. Kudos to the Browns. He allegedly got caught, think of all the bad stuff some of these other guys have done that we know nothing about.

  225. Derron James

    Mel Kiper says we reached for Naz and Hill. I don’t I really liked the timing of the picks.

    • Volume12

      Kiper has been passed over by guys like Pauline, Mayock, even McShsay. I respect what he did for draft fans like us, but its time to hang it up Mel.

      • Volume12

        Now we just need to get Rob on the national scene right?

      • Rob Staton

        McShay had SEA drafting McDowell quite often in his mock drafts.

        • Volume12

          Interesting. Didn’t know that.

      • Mike B.

        Never been a fan of Kiper. NFLN’s analysts are superior–and those guys have real experience in the league.

        • HI Hawk

          Potato, potato. They all have a mix of former personnel guys that have been fired, guys who created a career out of being opinionated and entertaining, and former players that may or may not have a clue or watch all the tape. I mean, Shaq is paid to be an NBA analyst. I doubt he could even name the starting lineup for all the teams in the Western conference. At least Kiper knows something about literally 350 players or so every year, he’s more informed than he gets credit for even if he is a blowhard. If he didn’t stick so hard to his own valuation of picks, and just look at the players, he would be much more appreciated for what he does. Mayock is more humble, but he isn’t any more accurate or right, so it really comes down to likability. Actually showing film/talking about the players makes ESPN better though, and they have Louis Riddick.

    • Bayahawk

      Mel Kiper was overly critical of where Irvin, Wagner and Wilson were picked in 2012.

      Keep calm and carry on.

      • Overtime

        Exactly! His negative opinion sounds like an endorsement.

  226. Mike B.

    Kaaya and Peterman still on the board. Astounding. Same with Bucky Hodges.

    • Derron James

      Crazy huh?

  227. Volume12

    Love that Dolphins pick. Hopefully Awsi dogger enjoys him.

  228. Ed


  229. the other billy zoom

    OK, all in on trade-up for Zane Gonzalez. zoom

  230. Derron James

    Asiata is gonna be super good I’m telling you guys right now.

    • nichansen01

      I agree. Plays nasty.

  231. nichansen01

    wow. Carroll Phillips and Bucky Hodges STILL available.

    • Derron James


    • Poko

      It’s amazing!

  232. CHawk Talker Eric

    Man BAL…


    What a haul. Would love that draft for SEA.

    • Derron James

      I sure would too, love our haul tho

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I really hope our picks work out, but I don’t see it as a haul.

    • Volume12

      I like it too. A lot. But I feel like they’re missing some outside playmakers for Flacco still.

    • Mike B.

      It is a great haul, but their RB and WR core are still weak (and Dixon is suspended first 4 games of 2017). Surprising they haven’t drafted either position yet.

  233. Derron James

    Raiders finally get a LB

    • Coleslaw

      Are you serious?

    • Coleslaw

      What makes it ok for you to ruin this for other people? Im getting off SDB until after the draft thanks to you. Youre awesome

      • Derron James

        Dude I said this after they drafted him on Tv?

        • HI Hawk

          Yeah, it was on ESPN a while ago. They are showing the picks in the lower bar, then after 3-4 picks they go back and talk about each guy.

  234. JimQ

    187-TE-Bucky Hodges
    210-DE-Joe Mathis
    226-PK-Zane Gonzales
    249-OT-Jalen Ware
    UDFA’s-A bunch of guys.

  235. Derron James

    Carroll Phillips/ K.D. Cannon/ Bucky Hodges/ Bisnowaty/ Qualls/ Gonzalez/ still awaiting

    • Derron James

      Add Jerod Evans and Nathan Peterman

      • Misfit74

        Cannon would be a fine choice

  236. Misfit74

    Just save us one Brian Williams.

    Also, one of Zamora, R. Davis, or Krishawn Hogan. Preferably Zamora, who is better than Malone or Hollins who already went. So shoot me, dog trauma/bad choice as a youngster isn’t the end of the world.

    • Mike B.

      Please no Zamora. Animal abuser. Really sickening. I like Hogan though.

      • Misfit74

        Going a bit far, isn’t it? He wrongly decided what not to do in order to discipline / train a dog. Seems easy enough to learn from. He wasn’t a dogfighting ring leader or lead the coalition for beating animals. Isolated incident. I don’t condemn the guy for it. It’s not a ‘permanent condition’.

        • Mike B.

          That’s a fair counterargument–he’s no Michael Vick. I just happen to be a dog-lover and get emotional about that kind of thing.

          • HI Hawk

            Yeah, it’s tough to take the emotion out of it. Animal abusers are tied with murderers for me, that puts them only a half a rung higher than child abusers and rapists. I know murder is supposedly worse (and obviously more permanent) than child abuse, but to me blatant, intentional abuse of a child is beyond forgivable.

  237. Derron James

    I don’t get how people keep saying I am spoiling when I said raiders are finally taking a LB after they took him on live TV!

  238. HI Hawk

    And there goes my favorite Mike Morgan replacement, Matt Milano.

    • Derron James

      that stinks

  239. C-Dog

    QB Nathan peterman, TE Bucky Hodges, Adam Bisnowaty; DTs Clab Brantley, Elijah Qualls, DJ Jones; LBs Carroll Phillips, Elijah Lee, Jordan Evans; CB Marquez White, Brian Allen.. still players to be had

    • Derron James

      Lots of talent

  240. Misfit74

    All the OTs I was interested in are gone: Lewmenour, Holden, Johnson, Moton
    OGs too: Siragusa, Asiata

    RBs left: zilch

    TEs left: zilch. Kittle, Shaheen, Jonnu wisely drafted.
    * Hodges is a great athlete but needs to learn how to play the position. Jump ball loss apparently only get you so far. He could be a good dev prospect for us.

    • nichansen01

      Bisnowaty is still available

    • Mike B.

      A developmental TE with great upside makes sense given the positional situation in 2017. Hodges seems like a good choice, and I think Blake Jarwin (great hands; physical; good blocker) would be a great choice. Also Darrell Daniels–I suspect they might take Daniels if available, maybe with that 2nd sixth-round pick.

    • HI Hawk

      Hikutini’s a nice TE prospect – fantastic hands and feel for soft spots. He was as big of an influence on Lamar Jackson winning the Heisman as anyone.

  241. nichansen01

    Hm…. Elijah qualls still available. Feel bad for him

  242. Volume12

    Seattle was at the L’ville pro day. I wonder if they take 1 of their TEs. Hikutini and Towbridge.

    • Derron James

      Better not be Harvey-Clemons

      • Volume12

        Could be DT DeAngelo Browne or maybe no one. 😁

    • Mike B.

      I watched film on Hikutini and did not like him as a TE–he’s athletic but soft. Maybe as a large mismatch WR.

  243. Cyrus

    Bucky Hodges is still on the board

  244. Sea Mode

    Did Elijah Lee go yet? I don’t remember seeing him.

    • Derron James


    • Volume12

      I don’t think so, but I missed a few picks making a sandwich.

      • Derron James

        marque lee did tho

  245. Derron James

    Dang it Bills you have got to be kidding me.

  246. nichansen01

    Nathan Peterman to the bills

    • Misfit74

      Nice job by them. Had to get someone, though I like Tyrod.

    • Mike B.

      Very nice pick for the Bills. But crappy for Seahawks.

      • Volume12

        Yeah that is a good pick for them.

        • C-Dog

          My hopes got dashed on that one.

        • Mike B.

          Seriously, I cannot believe Peterman lasted that long. He’s basically the anti-spread QB and seems like an ideal high-end backup down the road (floor) or solid starter (ceiling).

  247. Misfit74

    Omg stfu Drew Pearson. This isn’t your personal platform. All the Dallas pick announcers have been horrific.

  248. Derron James

    Brian Allen still there too.

    • Derron James

      Well Nvm then, great pick though for the steelers.

  249. Misfit74

    Isaiah Ford might be a guy to monitor

  250. Volume12

    Pittsburgh gets a good one.

  251. Derron James

    Yay we can see the seahawks pick on the bottom board now.

  252. Volume12

    Atlanta finally grabs a TE. About time.

  253. Mike B.

    Not moving into the 5th round is really sucking for Seattle. Just like a nightmare it keeps getting worse.

    • Derron James

      They are fine.

      • Mike B.

        I was exaggerating a bit, but it still hurts to be missing out on so many solid-looking (and familiar) players.

      • nichansen01

        Huh? Carroll Phillips, Bucky a Hodges, brad Kaaya are all still available.

  254. Derron James

    This commentary isn’t good lol but i really liked yancey tho

    • Volume12

      If your talking about the NFLN, I’m a diehard WWE fan and I love Charles Davis so I’m enjoying the sh*t out of it.

      • Derron James

        I’m talking about rich eisen

        • Derron James

          I’ve always liked Charles Davis.

        • Volume12

          Rich is goofy.

  255. Volume12

    GB grab a VMAC visitor. He’ll be a stud with A-Rod.

  256. Elliottatk

    Would love the Hawks to take KD Cannon, or Elijah Quals if they fall to the Hawks in the 6th

  257. Derron James

    I actually have never heard of J.J. Dielman.

  258. nichansen01

    Steelers took Brian Allen, danng

  259. Volume12

    Is Charles lit or what!?

    • Volume12

      Look at this dude! He’s got a stash somewhere on set.

    • Derron James

      He’s funny.

    • C-Dog

      Good lord

      • Volume12

        LMAO! That was hilarious. 😂

        • C-Dog

          It was fun.

  260. Derron James

    49ers I think are gonna make a good pick, and no I am not spoiling anything I am not even early.

  261. Volume12

    I forgot about QB Chad Kelly. Could see that for sure.

  262. Rik

    So who the heck is left who we talked about? Any combo cb/kick returners? Wide receivers? Every LB I had my eye on has been taken.

    • Derron James

      Brandon Wilson

    • Volume12

      Brandon Wilson. TJ Logan.

      JaVancy Jones, Carroll Phillips to name a couple.

      • Rik

        Nice. I forgot about Brandon Williams and Carroll Phillips. Never thought Phillips would last this long. Did anyone grab the safety out of Richmond. Jones?

        • Volume12

          Don’t think so. Qualls is left. Bucky Hodges, Darrell Daniels, Stevie ‘T,’ Glen Antoine.

          • Volume12

            A bunch of QBs as well.

      • Volume12

        There goes Logan.

    • Elliottatk

      I really like KD Cannon from Baylor, he totally fits the Seahawk mold at receiver. I’m honestly surprised he’s fallen this far.

      • Volume12

        Your right. That is surprising. I thought he was a 4th round guy.

  263. Trevor

    I think John Lynch is a follower of SDB 🙂

    Love the 49ers draft so far! Was hoping he would be a bust as a GM but seems to be anything but so far.

    • Volume12

      Who’d they take?

      • Derron James

        Trent Taylor I think?

      • Trevor

        Thomas, Foster, Witherspoon, Kittle, Taylor. All guys who were favorites on here.

        Thanks god they don’t have a QB. Just pray they don’t trade for Cousins or get Sam Darnold next year.

    • Derron James

      He has been doing an exceptional job sadly lmao.

  264. Derron James

    Went the receiver route.

  265. nichansen01

    Lots of random wideouts going over Hodges…

    • Derron James

      He might go Late Rd 6 Early 7

  266. Trevor

    I think the Cards are having a great draft as well. Will Holden is a steal in Rd #5 IMO. He has a chance in a year or two to be a starting OT I think.

    • Volume12

      I like him too. Your right. They’ve had a good draft

      • Trevor

        I remember you bringing up Holden that is why I took a closer look. One of your annual draft Gems I think Vol.

        • Volume12

          Thanks man.

  267. Derron James

    WOW! the cardinals took T.J. Logan great pick man they are doing so well.

    • nichansen01

      They like speed

    • Trevor

      Yeah sucks the 49ers and Cards are killing this draft.

      The Ravens, Colts are the winners so far followed closely by 49ers and Cards IMO.

      • Ishmael

        Put the Browns in there as well, especially if Jackson can get Kizer going.

        • Trevor

          Good point

  268. Rik

    Packers and Steelers seem to having a good draft, too.

    • Derron James

      I think steelers really did a good job nailing players, will pay off sooner than later.

  269. C-Dog

    Man, I gotta say, if Seattle lands Bucky Hodges R6, I think I would flip out.

    • Derron James

      In a good way?

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, very good way. That’d be pretty good value R6 for Big athletic target, don’t we think?

  270. Ishmael

    Annoyed we missed Brian Allen. Honestly couldn’t care less about not getting Peterman though, he’s meh.

    • Derron James

      I really thought Allen would’ve been a great fit to seattle.

  271. Derron James

    Yea, the Jets got Donahue one of the guys who stood out at his pro day.

    • Volume12

      Underrated pickup.

  272. Rob Cee

    Two things that shock me

    It seems like they are staying put and using all 11 draft picks.
    With only 14 roster spots left before draft that only leaves 3 spots for UDFA’s

    I’m also surprised when trading back they didn’t pick up picks in next years draft
    especially since they have no comp picks next year.

  273. Poko

    Hodges Philips Caleb …
    If they get someone,I’m happy!

  274. Volume12

    GB loading up on the RBs.

    • Derron James

      They have a bullpen of them now.

  275. Ishmael

    Would anyone else be interested in some late round Speedy Noil action?

  276. Derron James

    Ooh Xavier Woods there too.

  277. CharlieTheUnicorn

    LB Carroll Phillips is still available…. might just be a SEA pick in 6th

    • Derron James

      As I’ve been saying the whole time, I really hope so.

    • Misfit74

      Could be. We took a long look at him.

    • Volume12

      I think he slipped due to his age.

  278. Trevor

    I hope the Hawks take to two Canadian Kids now either late or as UDFA.

    Athony Auclair – (Laval University / TE ) 6-5 and 260lbs with great athleticism. Raw but has the chance to be really good. Has huge hands and can catch the ball naturally.

    Geoff Gray – (University of Manitoba / OL) 6-6 and 310 lbs he is an athletic freak and would have had an amazing TEF. Another guy who is really raw as all Canadian kids are but has so much talent and ability for a guy that size.

    These two guys are great athletes with ideal size. Like all Canadian kids they are raw and need coaching plus better competition but if they get a shot could be real good a year or two from now.

    Much like Oneymata who played well as a rookie for the Saints last year and Tardiff the year before who just signed a big extension with KC. Raw but huge upside.

    • Volume12

      Forgot all about both.

      Met with Auclair at the Shrine game and were at Gray’s pro day.

      • Trevor

        Yeah I think Auclair will go in the 7th and Gray as an UDFA. Hope the Hawks get both. WOuld be great to stash on PS for a year to learn the American game there is a big difference.

        Oneyamata was a freak to be able to come in from Canada and start as a rookie. Very Very can. Even Hicks who was a pro bowler took a year or two.

    • BradCanuck

      As a Canuck I love these picks:)

      • Trevor

        I am as well! What part of the country I live in Ont but I am from Nfld originally. I there are quite a few Canucks on here and a ton who are Hawks fans on the Wast Coast. I am surrounded by Pats and Bills fans unfortunately 🙂

        • BradCanuck

          I’m from Calgary. I started following Hawks as a kid because we get the Spokane channels, so all games. It’s nice you can drive to Buffalo for games though. Too many Leafs fans here;)

  279. Derron James

    Green Bay got Jamaal Williams? Damn, he was one of my favorites.

  280. CharlieTheUnicorn

    OT Adam Bisnowaty is still available

  281. Misfit74

    SOB! No Brian Allen. Damn. I missed he went already to PIT. GRRRR

    • Derron James

      Yea, I love that guy too.

  282. CharlieTheUnicorn

    4 more picks for SEATTLE!

  283. C-Dog

    At this stage Bucky Hodges’s, Carroll Phillips make a ton of sense

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      2 picks in next 26….. both possibilities

  284. Elliottatk

    Darn I liked Nate Gerry to the Seahawks, really gritty player

  285. Derron James

    Brantley!?!?!??! If it works out nice pick browns.

  286. Volume12

    Very interesting pick by Cleveland. If he pans out their got quite the O-line.

    He’s a Gregg Williams guy right?

    • Trevor

      That is a high risk / high reward pick if their ever was one.

    • Trevor

      For sure Williams made that pick.

  287. Derron James

    1 pick!

  288. Ishmael

    Nate Gerry is a handy pick up for the Eagles. He’s like a really poor version of Harrison Smith. Less range, bit more of a banger.

  289. CHawk Talker Eric

    Here we go…

  290. JimQ

    Seahawks up so it must be time for the 45-th commercial this hour.

  291. Derron James

    pick is in!

  292. Poko

    I love CLE’s gamble. good bye Caleb.

    • Joshua Smith


  293. Producehawk

    Time for a commercial Seattle is picking.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      it takes them that long to put together a pc of the pick… since they are out of left field

  294. Volume12

    Maybe a K?

    Gonzalel? GA-Tech Butker?

    • Trevor

      I would be down with that.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Javancy Jones?

  295. C-Dog

    Commercial. The NFL hates Seattle

  296. Volume12


  297. Derron James

    Mike tyson?

    • Producehawk

      Another safety?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Iron Mike

  298. Derron James

    Not too fond of the pick

    • Bayahawk

      Let me guess – first time you’ve heard of Mike Tyson?

      • BobbyK

        Relation of Buster Douglass.

  299. Ishmael

    Brantley’s assault was disgraceful, absolute germ. Nothing that would give Gregg Williams even a moment of concern though.

    Good player, the Browns have improved themselves more than anyone else in the draft IMO.

  300. Volume12

    Damn. He’s a TO machine!

  301. Elliottatk

    Mike Tyson, interesting. That name alone will make him a fan favorite i’m sure.

  302. Poko


  303. Trevor

    Anyone know much about Tyson?

    • Volume12

      Heard his name during his pro day. Had 12 INTs combined the last 2 years. I think he’s just a project, hybrid DB.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I see only 5 INTs last year. And only 7 total for his collegiate career.

        • Volume12

          Your right. I was seeing those combined.

          • HI Hawk

            In his tape, he moves similarly to Shead. He doesn’t look very athletic, but all he does is mirror his guy and put hands on the ball. I think he could be a core ST guy and part time big nickle right away, if needed – but he’ll be at his best in a couple of years.

  304. Derron James

    We’ll see have not heard anything at all just seeing his name at the combine.

  305. Volume12

    Seattle pulled a 2015. Instead of RBs, went with DBs.

    Its a 6th rounder. Project time.

    • Trevor

      Could he bulk up to play LB or is he a legit S prospect?

      • Volume12

        I bet he’s a CB.

  306. BradCanuck

    NFL networks ALWAYS goes to commercial during Hawks pick…

  307. Misfit74

    Mike Tyson, pick 187. Straight murdah

    I know nothing about this guy. Another S. I get feeling our FS pick earlier will be a big nickle.

  308. Spireite Seahawk

    Legion of who?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      watch out for the right cross… or Boom

      • AlaskaHawk

        Thank goodness those helmets cover your ears. Seahawks don’t need any penalties for biting.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          or there children eaten

  309. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Iron Mike

    STRENGTHS Wrap-up tackler who lands chest first and drags ball carriers down quickly. Good finishing rate as a tackler and doesn’t let many slip away. Attacks downhill once he diagnoses run. Prefers to meet running backs and receiver screens in the backfield when possible. Has experience covering the slot and playing zone underneath. Plays with adequate route anticipation. If receiver gives route away prematurely, he will respond. Defends throws with well-timed inside hand to disrupt catch point. Communicative on the field and plays with football intelligence.

  310. ulsterman

    How many safeties do they need? Why not hodges or caroll Philips?

    • Volume12

      I don’t think he is. Corner IMO.

      • jujus

        seems we are going al in on the 4-2-5 DEPTH

      • ulsterman

        Is he more of a slot?

        • Volume12

          Could be.

  311. Mr. Offseason

    So TE getting late in the draft. We just picked Mike Tyson. We are set on drafting tons of DBs! I like it, we are at our best when we are deep in that area.

    Does anyone have favorites left they would like to dramaft. Here’s a list of some SDB favorites still on the board (correct me if I am incorrect on any of these still being out there).

    Elijah Hood RB North Carolina
    Tyler Scalzi
    Bucky Hodges TE
    Aviante Collins OT TCU
    Brad Kaaya QB Michigan
    Chad Kelly QB Ole Miss
    Damore’a Stringfellow WR Ole Miss
    Elijah Qualls DT Washington
    Adam Bisnowaty OT Canderbilt
    Gonzalez K
    Cole Hikutini TE Louisville

    • Trevor

      Collins, Hodges, Gonzalez for me.

      Joe Mathis is the guy I really want them to get however.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Who is left from the Northwest? Any U of W players? Or maybe someone from Oregon.

        • Mr. Offseason

          Something tells me Seahawks are not trying to get anyone we really want right now lol. I have heard Mathis might go undrafted, and that he has been taken off at least TWO teams boards due to his foot injury. Must be worse than expected. Some nerve damage?

    • Spireite Seahawk

      I would quite like us to take a flyer on the Baylor QB. Can never have too many QBs called Russell.

  312. Trevor

    Does drafting 3 Safeties send us a message about how negotiations are going with Kam? Hope not.

    • Ishmael

      Was just thinking that man

    • AlaskaHawk

      They are looking for somebody, maybe wanting backups in both spots. Plus they got that free agent that sounded pretty good.

  313. Ishmael

    Huh. Didn’t see that coming. Underwhelmed tbh.

    They really want safety depth hey?

  314. Volume12

    Guys. Tyson or Hill are a CB.

    • Volume12

      Tyson is 6’1, 204. 4.56 40. That says corner to me.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Not sure I see the strategy though. SEA currently have 15 DBs on the roster. They typically carry 8-9. That means 6-7 of these guys, and probably 1-2 of these draft picks, don’t make the roster.

      • Volume12

        Load up on DBs and let em all compete.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Right, but my point is they already were loaded up on DBs. Why not go get that one DB who you can really scheme around, instead of several JAGs who may or mayn’t end up on the team?

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            BTW I think Griffin and Thompson are solid picks. But neither is a nickel.

  315. PPast

    Linebackers in UDFA?

  316. Mac

    A lot of people are trying to remain positive but I can’t shake the feeling that we are having one of the worst drafts in the league. All the teams in the league seem to get be getting loaded, the niners are rising and with the exception of McDowell we reached on pocic, darboh has great character but will most likely Chris Harper off the team, we are 3 -4 years away from being the saints with a bad offensive line.

    • C-Dog

      I love this draft

    • Trevor

      I have to admit I am disgusted by this draft. Outside of Tedric Thompson and Shaw Griffin I have been pretty disappointed with each pick. Reminds me a lot of the 2013 and 2014 Drafts.

      But what do I know. I loved last years draft and thought it was one of the best in years and they really did not contribute much at all as a rookie class.

    • Darnell

      Gotta give it 3 years to fully evaluate a draft.

      Terms like reach/riser/faller are entirely media and fan terms, as only the teams know where guys are graded.

    • HI Hawk

      Other than Pocic, I’m thrilled with the rest of the draft. Not one of them were guys I wanted, except for maybe Delano Hill, but hey – I think they’re attacking the draft well.

  317. Trevor

    With our 3 last pics

    Aviante Collins
    Joe Mathis
    Anthony Auclair

    • Rob Cee

      Why keep trying to guess?
      It’s gonna be someone random that everyone in here is gonna pretend they like
      because pc/js picked him.

      • Trevor

        I am not guessing. I don’t think they will take any of those 3 just wish they would.

      • Trevor

        Not everyone is liking to or pretending to like the picks. What have you been reading?

  318. Derron James

    If he has 31 3/4 inch arms I don’t think Tyson is a corner more of a depth signing and has TE coverage ability, or Delano Hill moves to LB

    • Volume12

      Good point.

      Its the 6th round. 85% of these guys will be projects.

  319. Isaac

    This seems a lot like last year and the running backs. Draft a bunch of them and see which one sticks.

  320. C-Dog

    Seattle goes for a third safety that can play big nickel along with McDougal. Any doubts Seattle isn’t going to roll with a 4-2-5 defense often this year should be fully erased now. Didn’t Pauline say at some point Seattle is looking at a lot of safeties?

    • Volume12

      Yup. They might be going completely away from the SAM position.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      But why shotgun it? Why not take the best Buffalo prospect in the draft with Obi?

      • C-Dog

        Because they wanted an interior rusher more and possibly OL more. They used the depth of the draft.

      • Joshua Smith

        Its entirely possible they just didnt like Obi. A lot of other teams passed on him too, some three times over.

  321. Ishmael

    Last three picks I’d like any of Gonzalez, Hodges, Hood, and Bisnowaty. Be happy with Mathis or either of the Canadian kids mentioned above as well.

    • Mr. Offseason

      I’ve heard Hodges is like a Jimmy Graham clone physically. But if he’s fallen all the way down to pick 200 you have to wonder how real that comparison is.

  322. Derron James

    We must be full time 4-2-5

    • C-Dog

      I think that’s going to be the look a high percentage of the time. SAM can probably be covered with one of the free agent pickups.

  323. JimQ

    I am very disappointed by the NFL networks coverage of the 2017 …………………………………….. (insert commercial)………………………..NFL ………………………………………………….(insert commercial)………………………………………….Draft.

    • Rob Staton


  324. Rob Cee

    Paul Allen needs to buy Scot McCloughan a brewery
    and beg him to come back

    • Trevor

      Not sure about the brewery part but I agree. Best talent evaluator in the game.

    • Rik

      I’m reading 26 reps on the bench at his pro day. If that’s true, he’s a strong kid. More Kearse competition.

      • Rik

        Ooops. Misplaced comment.

  325. Mrkarea

    Is Malachi Dupre still available? If only LSU had decent QB play I think his numbers might be better.

    • Spireite Seahawk

      Yes he is. I was checking out the player grades on and he is one of the higher graded players left.

      The highest was Bucky Hodges. Not sure what the deal is there.

    • HI Hawk

      Dupre had no QB to throw the ball, neither did Speedy Noil. I hope one of those two ends up in Seattle, I think they would make the team.

  326. Ishmael

    Actually, add Luani and Phillips to that list. I still want Speedy Noil and that Houston cat Brandon Wilson. Still a lot of fun players out there.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m scratching off S for any more draft picks….. Phillips one to watch with next pick

      • CLB

        LB Jordan Evans of OK just went to the Bengals, would’ve been a better pick and has been highlighted by Rob here a few months ago.

        • Ishmael

          Meh. It’s the 6th round. Maybe he would have been, maybe not. There are reasons why they’ve dropped this far.

          • Mr. Offseason

            I did not think they were going to take another S after Delano Hill. I’m not ruling out Luani yet.

  327. Nem Beselek

    As good as he may end up being, he is basically a waste of a pick. Either he, or Hill, or McDougld, or one of the other safeties stretchable will simply not make the team.

    Would have really liked to see a LEO or a Guard at that spot. Maybe competition at a lot of different spots, just not another DB that probably won’t make the team.

    • Trevor

      Tyson is this years Zac Brooks. 3rd pick in the draft with at a position we already have a starter.

      • Volume12

        Yeah. If he makes it great. If not? Oh well. No big deal.

    • Derron James

      Not entirely true because, one can be a LB or corner.

    • Ishmael

      That’s how competition works though. There’s essentially an open spot on the team, and they’re letting all these dudes know it’s there for the taking.

      • Trevor

        Great point!

  328. CLB

    Mike Tyson LB/DB Highlights:

    From link above: “Solid, but not incredibly defensive player for the Cincinnati Bearcats, one who could fill in at linebacker and safety. He burst into the minds of NFL scouts and the hearts of Bearcats’ fans in 2016 by being an incredibly disruptive force in pass defense. He snagged five interceptions and five passes defended during his senior campaign, while also setting career-highs in tackles (46) and tackles for loss (4.5). It was a welcome sight for a player with four-star pedigree who made himself invaluable by proving he could play anywhere on the field, while excelling when teams dropped back to throw the ball. That pass defense excellence was built mainly on his ability to roam around in zone, however, as his man-to-man ability was not great.

    Tyson had a decent showing at the combine. He ran a 4.56-second 40-yard dash, which was a solid time although the 40-yard isn’t a be-all measuring stick. He also put up 17 reps on the bench press and recorded a 33-inch vertical jump and a 118-inch broad jump. His vertical jump shows that he may have some trouble working against larger receivers, especially on balls thrown up for grabs. But his strength, nose for the ball and tackling technique generally made him able to make up for that in other areas.

    With all that written, Tyson did all he could to make sure he was more than just a senior we said goodbye to in 2016. He made his draft stock go from non-existent to reasonable and that’s not an easy thing to do, especially when playing for a 4-8 squad which washed its year down the drain. While its no guarantee that he has done enough, including his work at the NFL Combine, Tyson is at least poised to compete for a spot on an NFL roster.”

    • Joshua Smith

      Nice job typing all that out .

      • CLB

        Just copied/pasted Joshua, hence the quotation marks ” “. Still don’t know why we drafted a third saftey/LB when we could have had an actual much better LB highlighted by Rob here earlier this year – Jordan Evans of OK who went to the Bengals, or another of the big/very good DTs who just went off the board – Tanziel Smart of Tulane or Vincent Taylor of OK St. Or a TE, WR, OL who has a chance to make/help the team?

  329. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Mike Tyson is from Norfolk and met Cam before… I guess

  330. Derron James

    I have a hunch that Carroll has a unique idea to use Mike Tyson, we wouldn’t have drafted hm if we didn’t.

  331. Joshua Smith

    Just FWI, PFF was really high on Mike Tyson as a slot corner

    • C-Dog

      I saw that. I think there’s a decent chance he could be the new nickel corner

      • Derron James

        He also is good tackler which is a bonus.

    • Derron James

      He just might they have a lot of options. Hill, Tyson, McDougald, Lane, Desir, Elliot.

  332. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Tyson says he thinks slot / press corner is the fit Seattle sees him right now – radio interview

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Only visit he took during draft process, with Seattle

    • Derron James

      I see it too. Seattle is surely recreating the LOB.

    • Trevor

      That makes more sense. Seems like a mature kid who really wants it. Have to root for a guy like that. I have watched zero tape on him so cannot comment on his talent level at all.

    • C-Dog


  333. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Tyson is a good interview on radio….. sounds like a good kid.

  334. C-Dog

    Brad Kaaya still sitting out there. Didn’t Pete Carroll’s kid coach at Miami?

  335. vrtkolman

    In 2 years, the Seahawks are going to have the best DT rotation in football. Reed/McDowell/Jones.

    • C-Dog

      Don’t forget QJeff!

      • vrtkolman

        Ohhh yes, thanks!

  336. sp