Live chat: Reaction to the 2011 draft (2pm)


  1. Al

    Ha ha! Yep, forgot McCoy! If you were picking 6 and really needed a QB, and the Falcons offered you all those picks, would you have taken the deal?

    • Al

      oops – posted in wrong box

  2. Michael (CLT)

    Carpenter may very well become the LT of the future. Similar to St. Louis’ Smith/Saffold. Carpenter, IMHO, looks more fluid, better feet.

    • Rob

      An excellent suggestion, one which I also made during the livechat Michael. The plan is Okung at LT and Carpenter at RT, but who’s to say somewhere down the line that won’t switch? It’s not improbable.

  3. Michael (CLT)

    Ryan Lindley, QB, San Diego State

    He is the one I will watch most intently in 2011. He intrigued me last year.

    Much thanks for all the great work Rob & Kip!

  4. Matt Q.

    will you keep ubdating the sight in hte offseason for the 2012 draft? I really love this site, only draft sight i go to! Thanks

    • Rob

      Yes, the site is 12 months active. Throughout the off season we’ll cover a wide range of topics including general Seahawks news (free agency, training camp etc), 2012 draft and college football previews, tape review, new features. Lots to stay tuned for.

  5. Derek

    I would love for the Hawks to bring in Mark Herzlich. He is the ultimate competitor type, with great upside. I am really surprised he wasn’t drafted, more so than anyone else. Noel Devine would be a nice addition as well. Let him bulk up on the practice squad for a year. I am not sure about Tolliver, his hands remind of the Hawks when it was impossible for them to catch passes. Also a couple centers like the ones from Auburn or USC would be good to have in camp.

    The only QB I see them bring in is Jerrod Johnson, although I doubt it. I really thought the Seahawks would bring in Jarrett Brown out of West Virginia last year who went undrafted. He has great mobility and a rocket arm, just no real experience, having only started one year because of Pat White. If the Hawks don’t bring in any rookie QBs, I am starting to see a pattern here with PC and JS preferring to target QBs via trade and free agency. PC and JS have talked a lot of wanting to draft QB’s every year but so far in two years they have drafted 0. I can’t believe they would pass on Tyrod Taylor in the 6th and then a team like the Ravens pick him up.

  6. Derek

    I would also like to add one more thing. The overall grade of this draft (which is really pointless) is that it was pretty bad. However, imagine this draft coming after free agency like any other year. Say we re-signed Mebane, Brock, signed Gallery and veteran QB to compete with Whitehurst. Wouldn’t it seem much better? Obviously this could still happen. I would wait to judge this draft after free agency, if there is one. Depending on who we pick up later, it could completely change the look of this draft.

    If we bring in Palmer, or Young, with an upgraded offensive line and running game, our offense could improve significantly in one year.

    Same on defense. The picks we made in the draft really allow us to get creative on defense. Even if we re-sign Mebane I am sure we will look to add depth and talent to the defensive front. I am really interested in Vernon Gholston. He was released by the Jets before the lockout. I know he was a huge bust in the 3-4 they run but he played the LEO role at Ohio State and was very successful. What do you think of him Rob? I am sure you covered him when he came out.

  7. Michael (CLT)

    As negative as I was all weekend, this draft is really, really growing on me. I like the guys selected. My homer-ism is in full effect now. I am excited. I have the grandiose visions whirling in my head. Reality screams for some balance and skepticism, but man, these guys are intriguing.

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