Q13 Fox report on Seahawks’ quarterback situation

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  1. David Kim

    Awesome how your site got mentioned on FOX news.
    Anyways, I think the Seahawks should totally make the deal for Palmer, especially if it’s for a (correct me if I’m wrong) 3rd + 5th. I’d say it’s worth the risk. As mentioned throughout this blog, it’s time we move on from the Hasselbeck era. Wouldn’t Hasselbeck be the oldest starting QB in the NFL if he were to start right now? And I highly doubt Clipboard Jesus will pan out into the upper echelon of NFL QBs. I say we get Palmer and draft a QB whether it be in 2012 or 2013.

  2. kevin mullen

    Nice shout out Rob! I knew it, you’re going main stream…

    • ManBearPig

      Alright. Now it is time for the big bucks!

  3. woofu

    I’d rather it be a sign Hass and trade for Palmer if it were going to be. That could limit the draft pick loss.

  4. Dave

    Congrats on the mention. Who knows where this blog will be this time next year.

  5. AlexHawk

    Heard on some other sites that there may be a possibility of Gallery coming here(a strong possibility) first of all does anyone know whether this is genuine. And if it is our O-Line would be awsome, and is the Carlson Palmer situation a high possibility or just a passing thought. Fist time posting but have been an avid reader for the last few months really good set up on here so well done and wll sone for being mentioned on FOX.

    • Kurt

      Alex it was reportede awhile back that Gallery told his teammates in Oakland he wouldn’t be back and it also stated Gallery wanted to follw Cable.

      • ManBearPig

        That would be awesome, one could only hope. Also, toss Nnamdi in the mix and I am a happy hawk fan. 🙂

  6. D

    Well deserved pat on the back!

  7. Vin

    Great going Rob! Keep up the good work. Fantastic!

  8. Johnny B.

    The Palmer trade makes sense on alot of levels. Palmer wants to be in the pacific northwest. He wants to be reunited with PC and BMW. He doesnt have to deal with the constant diva drama he had in Cincy. Heard he only wants to play for the hawks. He is more than a stop gap imho. He is a franchise qb we need. With our new maulers up front, Gallery in FA, we give him an oline he can feel comfortable with. We can be a aggresive running team with a good vet qb. Hass’s best bet is the Vikings. With Hass they are a playoff team right away and he is the perfect tutor for Ponder. He may have his chance for his super bowl ring. They have a solid team that just needs a good vet qb. Perfect match as far as I see it for the hawks and hass. Hass is my favorite player and I hope the best for him.

    • Charlie

      I don’t think hasselbeck makes the vikings a superbowl contender, hes nowhere near the level of brett favre. Brett favre had his best statistical season with the vikes and didnt get them to the superbowl, so i doubt 36 year old hasselbeck will get them over that hump…

      • Johnny B.

        He has alot better chance there than at the Seahawks. We are a couple years at best till we are contenders, and the Vikings are stacked with talent. I’m just saying thats his best hope. I cant see another team bringing him in as a starter that is sitting better. Its rumored the Titans might be interested but I see the Vikes being the better chance for him. It is a stretch but he can manage a game, hand the ball to Peterson, and still be deadly on play action. I still think with the right team he can be a difference maker. He had a rough couple years, but i dont think Payton Manning could have had a great couple years with the oline and coaching changes he had to deal with. Remember how bad Kurt Warner looked before he hit with the Cards. Everyone thought he was done and washed up too. Just saying, with the right situation i believe Hass still has it.

        • Charlie

          Yeah, I just Think it’s unrealistic to compare hass to a hall of famer as well as say Peyton manning couldn’t help the hawks, there were plenty of winnable games lost by hasselbeck alone. Hass never had the tools to put a team over the hump to get a superbowl, two future hall of famers in hutch and Walter j led a serviceable back to huge numbers and a dominant running offense. iF anything hass would be carried to a superbowl, but not likely.

          • Johnny B.

            Hass was the whole offense the last couple years. I didnt say Payton couldnt help the hawks, I said he would have a very tough time with no weapons,no o line and questionable coaching. If it werent for alot of drops and bad calls, Hass would have a superbowl ring. We did nothing running the ball in the superbowl. Even with the bad calls, if Stevens had caught maybe just one of the balls he dropped in the red zone, it would have been a whole different game. He totally outplayed Rothlesberger. He carried us through both playoff games as well, just like this year. We could have been in the bears game this year if people would have caught the ball. People can curse Hass all they want about the last few years but he had nothing to work with.

          • ManBearPig

            Matt’s time is up imho in regards to being a SB contender QB. He may fit well w/ the vikings but in no way shape or form do I believe he can compete with any of the top tier teams on the road to the SB this year. Vikings have talent, but I watched Hass make a lot of errors the past couple years w/ or w/out talent behind him. I think he could still be good, but by all means he is not the same Hass from 2005.

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