Seahawks 2011 draft class: the tape

James Carpenter (OT, Alabama)

Combine work out

Seahawks take Carpenter with the 25th overall pick


John Moffitt (OG, Wisconsin)

Combine work out

First draft feature


Mike Mayock on Moffitt and the OL class

K.J. Wright (OLB, Miss. State)

Combine work out


Kris Durham (WR, Georgia)

Richard Sherman (CB, Stanford)

Combine work out

Mark Legree (FS, Appalachian State)

Combine work out

Byron Maxwell (CB, Clemson)

Combine work out

Lazarius Levingston (DT, LSU)

Malcolm Smith (OLB, USC)


  1. Al

    I know that they’re highlight reels, but Durham and LeGree look very promising. If Durham only had 64 catches in College, he made some big plays amongst those. His hands, speed and acceleration all look top draw, and paired with Williams they’ll give some secondaries worries. His height could also be a big factor, considering the bigger names (Gates, Salas, Doss) they picked him ahead of.

    LeGree’s speed and hands look good too. He also demonstrated some good rugby style hard hitting tackles too (I say rugby style because he seemed more concerned with stopping the play than causing a fumble – something that drove me nuts as running backs bounced off our tacklers last season).

    Rob, thanks for pointing out the SEC website and its full game archive. I really enjoyed checking out Newton, Ingram, Mallett and Green. It’ll be useful again now that the Seahawks have picked a few from the conference.

    • Rob

      No problem at all, and if anyone wants to check out the Seahawks latest SEC acquisitions here’s the link:

    • caleb

      Legree looks to be my favorite pick of the draft, watching the combine tape, his hips seem a little stiff, but man can he punish on his hits. I’m surprised that he fell so far, he has some skills to be ironed out, but man he could be a solid starter in the nickle, if not a full time CB.

      • caleb

        and apparently, Durham has been woring out with Charlie whitehurst. This is a very, very good thing in my opinion.

      • Charlie

        If he can play SS it would be perfect, two ball hawks on the back

  2. woofu

    Wow, if Durham and that guy he played behind only had a Qb!

  3. Craig

    Favourite picks:
    Durham – Although we reached, I still love the pick. Stretches the secondary and can also provide a solid possesion receiver if BMW gets banged up like last year. Also, think the hawks drafting a WR will motivate Tate a bit, hoping he busts out in his second year.
    Legree – Solid playmaker that can just smell out where the ball is going and make plays on it. Best thing about this pick is that it will hopefully allow the hawks to use more of Earl Thomas’ skills in more dynamic and creative ways.
    Carpenter: More protection for the quarterback while also improving the run game. Two physical guys, and you can’t say that Carpenter didn’t play a part in Ingram’s amazing year (watch the tape above). Also, Carpenter started 27 straight games. Provides a backup in case Okung gets banged up again.

  4. wes

    Damn Legree and Maxwell can bring the thunder when they hit. I wonder if they can deliver a bigger hit than Kam Chancellor. I’m guessing Kam still wins based on the laws of physics. Thanks for compiling all these videos Rob

  5. MattH

    Damn I love watching Durham’s highlight reel. I think I’ve watched it like 5 times since yesterday. Some of those dirty catches between the hashes or over the top of a DB on the outside just make me appreciate what a specialized guy like him the Seahawks have been missing from their offense for awhile.

    • ManBearPig

      agreed. His speed looked uncanny, electric.

  6. John_S

    Durham, I think he takes Butlers spot. For all of the speed that Butler has, he has not shown to be a deep threat or a RAC guy. Durham fits more of the mold that PC has shown to favor in his WR’s. It’s nice that he has 4.4 speed, but im interested to see if he has the explosiveness to get off the line. BMW doesn’t really have the explosiveness, but he is so big he can shield the DB. Durham although 6’5″ doesn’t have the build of BMW.

    Legree has the look of an in the box safety. I think he would make a pretty good duo with ET.

    Richard Sherman is a project. He’s only played CB for a couple of years and has done well on a nationally ranked team. Is he stiff? Probably, but he also has a lot of room for improvement.

    Maxwell looks the part and hopefully he can translate it onto the field.

    The Wright pick does not excite me at all. He’s all arms and legs and it doesn’t seem like he has the hips for an OLB spot or the explosion for the LEO position. I would have much rather had Sam Acho, Taiwan Jones, Clint Boling, Christian Ballard, Edmond Gates, Davon House or Brandon Burton.

    Pep Levingston, I’d much rather had Lawrence Guy and move him to the 5 tech spot. He’s produced better numbers and I think he would have a better shot at making the team.

    Malcolm Smith, ehhh I’d rather have Victor Aieywa, but maybe that’s a homer pick for me.

  7. Billy Showbiz

    Thanks for these videos Rob. I had no idea who these guys were so this creates some excitement. Durham looks awesome! Deceptive speed, great hands and look at how well he comes back for underthrown passes…he’ll be perfect paired with Hasselbeck.

    Both of those corners look extremely physical! That bodyslam when the dude was running full speed at Maxwell was nice. You could see how much he loves to hit. Sherman is huge and you can tell that he played WR the way he catches the ball. 112 tackles and 6 picks is pretty impressive for a guy who converted to corner. Legree is all over the place and has some wheels. His competition was obviously lacking but you can see the athleticism and instincts. I thought that 3 DBs may be a little overboard but I really like all of these guys and can see why they took them. I do think that our secondary was a bigger need than the DLine.

    Not so sure about the USC linebacker or the DT from LSU but highlights of specialty players are always more exciting. I’m happy that Moffit and Carpenter are both from big time programs with strong running games. I’m not great with linemen but they both looked pretty tough.

    The question now is what type of depth we can find in FA for the D Line. I think that the starting talent is pretty good but they need one or two guys who can step in without being a liability.

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