Seahawks take Germain Ifedi in round one

The Seahawks want explosive offensive linemen.

According to our weighted TEF formula Germain Ifedi is the third most explosive O-liner in the draft behind Jason Spriggs and Connor McGovern. They might take McGovern to play center tomorrow.

The pick fits in with everything they’ve done on the O-line since 2012. It’s not about Tom Cable getting ‘his guys’ per se — it’s looking for explosive O-liners to combat the growing disparity between offense and defense in college and the NFL.

You’re going to hear people make comparisons to James Carpenter. Ifedi is longer, taller, much more athletic and more explosive.

Here’s his mirror drill at the combine vs Laremy Tunsil:

And here’s four back-to-back snaps vs Alabama. Note the way he uses length and a strong base to stone edge rushers. On the third snap he drives the DE into the turf and finishes. On the fourth snap he identifies and reads a stunt and shuts it down.

Carpenter was a powerful run blocker who helped Mark Ingram win a Heisman. The Seahawks needed to establish their own run game in 2011.

Ifedi is an athlete built like the Hulk.

He could play left guard, right tackle or even left tackle for the Seahawks. They might try him at all three.

In October we noted him as a possible top-20 talent (click here). When we looked closely at Ifedi in early December, here are the notes:

He’s an enormous 6-5 and 320lbs yet moves superbly. His footwork is quite brilliant for a man his size — his kick slide is good, he moves freely to the second level. In the two games I watched he didn’t get beat once off the edge by a speed rush.

There’s very little ‘bad weight’ to his frame — he’s an enormous tackle and most of it is muscle. When a D-end tries to hand fight he usually absorbs the defender and it’s over. Technically he had some nice blocks — turning his man to open up a crease and moving people off the LOS to create a running lane. He has the athleticism to adjust on the move and if he ever moved to guard he’d have no trouble pulling or kicking out to the next level.

He kind of looks like a more athletic James Carpenter who’s in better shape. I like his chances of playing tackle in the NFL because of the athletic upside. He moves a lot better than Carpenter (who in fairness was more of a run blocker — and did it very well at Alabama).

I’ve seen quite a few complaints about his power in the run game but these issues didn’t show up in the two contests here. I thought he actually showed good leverage and punch to drive a couple of defenders off the line. Perhaps it’s more of a technique issue? Certainly to look at Ifedi you wouldn’t assume any lack of power.

This piece went into a bit more detail and offers some background on the latest Seahawks addition.

We started mocking him to the Seahawks in March and remained fairly consistent with it until our final projection yesterday.

The best thing for the Seahawks is — they were likely taking Ifedi at #26 anyway. They were able to move down five spots, still get their man and collect an extra third round pick in the process.

They’re set to pick at #56, #90, #94 and #97 on day two.

If they want to they have the ammunition to move up in round two — possibly targeting Jonathan Bullard or Bronson Kaufusi.

They could even stay at #56 and move up in round three — as they did last year to select Tyler Lockett.

Based on yesterday’s final first round mock, the following players remain on the board:

Myles Jack (LB, UCLA)
Jarran Reed (DT, Alabama)
Reggie Ragland (LB, Alabama)
T.J. Green (S, Clemson)
Noah Spence (DE, Eastern Kentucky)
Emmanuel Ogbah (DE, Oklahoma State)

Also remaining:

Kevin Dodd (DE, Clemson)
Jonathan Bullard (DE, Florida)
Bronson Kaufusi (DE, BYU)
Chris Jones (DT, Mississippi State)
Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama)
Kyler Fackrell (LB, Utah State)

There’s still a ton of depth on the D-line and the Seahawks should be able to address that need in rounds 2-3. Running back, receiver, linebacker and defensive back also provide some nice options.


  1. RWIII

    Rob you NAILED IT. You the man.

    • D

      Yup, hats off to you Rob. Chrushed it….

      • Josh emmett


  2. Kenny Sloth

    My guy from the jump. Ecstatic over here

    • Kenny Sloth

      Need to add arm length factor for TEF

      • Charles

        Arm Length is factored into TEF+ on this spreadsheet…

        • Kenny Sloth

          Thank you, i thought tef+ had it. TY

          • Josh emmett


        • LantermanC

          Awesome, one suggestion, maybe TEF+ should be if arm length32*TEF) because if arm length is less than 33, basically undraftable. Of course you can just eyeball it, but since TEF+ is about arm legnth, I thought maybe it should just eliminate draft scores since you can theoretically have a good TEF+ Score with 32 inch arms.

  3. 12er

    Some may be disappointed in missing Butler, but we should be happy they got their guy while picking up a 3rd in the process.

    Another thing to consider: Butler would have been a base D only player next year, roughly 35%-40% of snaps for Seattle. Instead they get a 100% snap player in round 1.

    • mister bunny

      Excellent point on usage vs. talent.

    • Del tre

      I don’t understand why Carolina choose butler. Not because I don’t think he will be at the very least a good run stopper but He isn’t better than louotelli or kawaan short as far as i can see and thats not an insult. The Panthers have far greater needs. The move made sense if they don’t plan on paying short but beyond that I would say Carolina needs a new RB, CB, WR, DE, S. I’m willing to bet that the Panthers secondary iS at the bottom of the league next year. Any one have a take on the pick?

      • Mexican Hawk

        Agree. It’s just one pick, and Butler’s a good talent but Carolina – notable holes. I would trust Gettleman, but still. Can never have enough DL and good upside. We’ll see.

      • dave crockett

        Carolina may need to let Short walk after this year. Can’t pay everybody.

        • Alicamousa

          Yup. They seem willing to play the long game. Besides, all the corners were gone. Could maybe have taken a flyer on a safety, but they get a really nice lineman to plug into an already insane rotation. Then he can take over next year if they have to let one of their big dogs go.

      • Jaimie Drew

        Probably for rotational depth. 3 guys for 2 spots keeps everyone fresh. I agree, they had more pressing needs (DB, DB, DB!!!!!!) but Butler should help them.

  4. bobbyk

    So happy to get that extra third rounder!

    And still get the guy that we kind of thought we’d already get.

    • JakeB

      Third round is gonna be fun. Got some ammo if they wanna trade up for anyone tomorrow too

    • Naks8

      Better than expected

    • Darth12er

      We only moved back 5 spots, and got an extra third?? Wow, I was assuming we’d get an extra 5th, or we would have traded a 6th for a 4th. That’s a job well done, plus they got the guy they would have gotten if they would have stayed. I’m so pumped for tomorrow night

      • GeoffU

        Teams will do anything for a QB!

        • Coug1990

          It was nice to have a few teams bidding to trade with the Seahawks. It drove up the price. Tomorrow is like Christmas, but better.

          • HI Hawk

            TGI Paxton Lynch!! We basically traded him for Ifedi and a 3rd round pick. We win that trade 10 out of 10 times!!

  5. H M Abdou

    Solid pick (Ifedi), but I really wanted Vernon Butler. Carolina got a heck of a player.

    • bobbyk

      Yeah, but I’d rather have Ifedi and a 3rd rounder than Butler only.

    • C-Dog

      Tough watching Butler go to the Panthers, I thought he was going to be the guy they were targeting, but it sounds like they had Ifedi in their plans the whole time. Really hard to argue against the pick given the state of the line, plenty of DL left for tomorrow and Saturday.

      • H M Abdou

        I guess…. *he says grudgingly*

        • Tien

          It was like Rob indicated in one of his pre-draft blogs, there probably wouldn’t be a great player available at #26 but there probably would be 8 – 10 good players that the Hawks would be happy with, Ifedi & Butler among them. And it appeared to play out that way and the Hawks were able to get Ifedi & an extra third…big win! Butler would have been nice but did any of us think he was a HAD TO HAVE player? Tomorrow should be fun!!

          • HI Hawk

            The more I’ve watched, the more I’ve compared athleticism, the more I’ve looked at historical comparisons, the more I become absolutely ADDICTED to Derrick Henry. No one in the NFL has one of him, he’s a bigger, stronger, more aggressive Shaun Alexander. I am really hopeful we can find a way to pair him with Rawls and break the single season team rushing record en route to Super Bowl LI!!

            • BlueGreenFever

              Per ***** ******* Derrick Henry went down at first contact 73.5% of the time. That’s the opposite of what Pete Carroll wants in a RB.

              • HI Hawk

                And? There are many different styles. He’s not Lynch, I get that – which is why I compared him to a RB many people deem “soft”. He is not soft though and on the plays where he doesn’t go down, he makes house calls. Pete Carroll likes Touchdown makers, Derrick Henry is a Touchdown maker.

  6. Brandon Adams

    Good call on tradedown-Ifedi, Rob.

    To others reading this blog for the first time: stick around.

    • HI Hawk

      Oh yeah, I don’t always agree that it’s in the best interests of the Seahawks, but Rob is nails when it comes to knowing what the team is likely going to do.

  7. Madmark

    I Got the pick, But bonus was we got another pick to help this year.

  8. Nathan_12thMan

    Just need to grab McGovern, Ervin, Dahl, Cajuste, DeAndre Elliott, etc. 😀

    • Vin

      2x. AZ and Carolinas DL got better on paper, and Rams already great. Need solid OL play to keep RW upright and making plays.

      • Bjammin

        Strong point.

    • Forrest

      Yes!! Especially Ervin and Cajuste!!

    • reggieregg

      I keep seeing people want Elliott. That dude dropped every ball thrown his way at the combine. We need ball hawks he is not that!

  9. Charles

    if we consider spriggs as a LT, Ifedi is the highest ranked RT or OG by TEF+ or WTEF. Looks like the formula is holding true. Nice job Rob.

    OL Ifedi, Germain TEF 2.965311759 TEF+ 3.427287065 WTEF 96.07610099

    Damn nice, and a 3rd to boot.

    • LantermanC

      If you update Vaitai’s numbers from his pro day, he actually leap frogs Ifedi, but yes, the point still stands.

  10. Ed

    So they need DL now. 3 third round picks. Depending on how far he falls, do the Hawks trade a pick to get Henry, or go:

    2nd Spence/Bullard/Ogbah/Kafusai
    3rd McGovern (OL)
    3rd Ervin (RB)
    3rd Henry (DT)

    • sdcoug

      I just don’t see the push for Henry. Only my humble opinion but Henry lacks that lateral agility our backs need with our current line. He gets tripped up on first contact so easily

      • GeoffU

        He means the other Henry 🙂

        • sdcoug

          No, the only Henry who might fall that you’d have to trade picks to move up for is the RB

          • GeoffU

            Ugh, there’s too many Henry’s in this draft

          • rowdy

            It says 3rd Henry DT lol

            • sdcoug

              Yes, and he also presents two scenarios. I could be wrong, but not sure why you’d have to move a 3rd in order to trade up and get the DT Henry.

              • mishima

                Agree. That’s something the 49ers would do.

    • GeoffU

      If somehow we get Spence/Bullard/Ogbah/Kafusai my head will explode. I don’t think they will make it though. Sure hope so though

  11. Hawkfan086

    Great compensation from Denver to still get a player they were interested in. Makes day 2 so much more interesting…Go Hawks!!

    • H M Abdou

      I kinda liked that emotional reaction by Paxton Lynch – I was really happy for him. Hope he has a nice career.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think he is the top qb in this draft but that’s not an huge compliment.

        Maybe a Jay Cutler ceiling. Not a leader of men per some nfl scouts

        • Lewis

          And who doesn’t want Tony Stark as their QB?

        • rowdy

          Lead Memphis nicely

          • HI Hawk

            Lynch seems to have the leadership qualities in spades, Wentz – not so much.

      • sdcoug

        That was cool to see wasn’t it?

        • H M Abdou

          Yup. Raw emotion. Best reality TV is the NFL draft!

          • Volume12

            Wentz has bust written all over him.

            Goff is the most ready right now and will be a good managing QB.

            Lynch has the most upside and in a year or two will be the best QB outta round 1.

            • H M Abdou

              That Kubiak system will really help Paxton Lynch, he’s a perfect fit for it. Lynch has to just learn the finer points of the position for a year or 2, and he’ll be a pretty good player, IMHO.

      • reggieregg

        He’s gonna have the best career of the this year’s qb class.

      • reggieregg

        Give me #56 Noah Spence
        #90 Shon Coleman
        #94 Tyler Ervin or Jonathan Williams
        #97Jaylon Smith

  12. Clayton Russell

    I think things could not have transpired better for the Seahawks. They basically had the pick of the litter and an option to take Miles Jack. The pick of If Ifedi, was solid because of the OL loses, and with the depth still available at DL and OL makes it a great possibility to have some key contributors for next season. We have extra ammo to trade up into the second with two of 3 3rd rounders. I feel good, going forward.

    • matt

      Agreed. Today was a win for JS and the Hawks. Getting #94 and IfedI is a major coup. Tomorrow will be even more interesting!

  13. Trevor

    I am not the biggest Ifedi fan but he has all the tools you could every want and now Cable just has to turn him into a star.

    Ifedi + a 3rd rounder is a great day #1 IMO!!!

    • rowdy

      That’s how I feel too.

  14. Volume12

    Shoutout to you Kenny for nailing the clue my man.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Your spitballing solved it. He’s Nigerian, tradeback

      • Volume12


        Trading places

        Coming to America

        Germain Ifeddie Murphy.

        And the RW thing. It was help for him.

        No me and you need to put our heads together and nail the other 3.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I’m stumped honestly

        • icb12

          #2 Kenneth Dixon

          Bill Burr talking about a broken foot and a dog.
          Running back position (rawls broken foot), Dog mascot (LA Tech)- Kenneth Dixon.


          • HI Hawk

            Round 4 or 5 – Keith Marshall (UGA Bulldogs)?

            • Michael (CLT)


      • Madmark

        Rees Obhiambo OL Boise is a Nigerian.

    • Hughz

      I missed it what was it?

      • Kenny Sloth

        Germain If-Eddie Murphy

        • troy

          Kenny and V12 or anyone else for that matter. Do you suspect they had a “trade blue print” lined up in the works with Denver prior to the draft?

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Yes. I think they had something put together prior to the draft. If so and so is available, we will trade (picks) for your pick. Positive of it.

            • Josh emmett

              Pete and John said Elway was pumped they stuck with their agreement on 710 after the draft. Sounds like it was the plan all along

          • Volume12


            Dallas offered Seattle a 2nd and 3rd, but they liked Denver’s offer better.

            There is such a thing as too many draft picks.

            • Timothy

              Seriously? If they offered #34 and #67, that would have been better than what we got. I’m sure we could have still gotten Ifedi by #34. But I guess they want to honor their word since their agreement with the Broncos was before the draft.

              • HI Hawk

                Could be about maintaining relationships though. It’s good business to honor a “handshake” deal. The Hawks aren’t done trading and burning one of 31 bridges isn’t worth a bump in the third round. Especially if it costs you your target (which based on the clues seems to spell Germain Ifedi to a tee).

                • Volume12


                  So far this seems to be the best explanation.

            • Andrew Brown

              With the 31st overall pick they get the cheapest 5th year option

        • David M2

          Laughing my ass off…

          Genius Kenny.

          • David M2

            Bravo, Bravo!

  15. Frank

    Really hope a rb gets added to the stable sooner than later, but love the first pick and trade.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Bonus 3rd rounder is lining up for a RB pick imo

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        This guy specifically: TYLER ERVIN, RB

        • rowdy

          I hope somehow it’s dixon

  16. bobbyk

    My dream scenario tomorrow:

    1. Ifedi, OT
    2. Fackrell, OLB/DE
    3. Dahl, OL
    3. Hargrave, DT
    3. Ervin, RB

    • Jaimie Drew

      I like yours; here’s mine:

      1. Ifedi, OT
      2. Kafusi, DT
      3. McGovern, G
      3. Ervin, RB
      3. Cajuste, WR

      • HawkFan907

        Nailed it Jaimie. I wouldn’t be surprised if two of the thirds are packaged to move up and take McGovern. He is the best interior lineman left IMO.

  17. Nathan

    I wonder if the Chiefs had Lynch in their sights too?

    Hence, the trade back once he was gone.

    • GeoffU

      Can definitely see that, good place to have him sit for a year or two behind Alex Smith. Denver can feel proud about sniping a division rival. I like Lynch more than Wentz too. Might even end up being the best QB of the draft. Great fit for Kubiac. Will either sit most of the year, or hand the ball off a lot and ride the defense again.

    • matt

      Could be. We got a way better deal trading back than KC did.

  18. Trevor

    I loved in your podcast Rob how you said the purpose of the Blog was to identify players the Hawks would take and why they would be taking them. That is exactly what you have done perfectly this year! Props to you.

    People can say they do not like the pick or that Ifedi will work out but you have clearly explained to us for the last month or so why he would likely be the pick. As fans that is all you can ask for really. Thanks again for all your great work.

    • Volume12

      I gotta disagree on one little thing Trev.

      We had discussions about this guy going back to last year.

      • Trevor

        Yes but for the last 6 weeks Rob has been explaining why the Hawks would like him with the TEF etc.

        You are right though Vol I remember you talking about him quite a bit last year and both you and Rob liked him a lot more than I did I admit. I am happy with the pick today though.

        • Volume12

          That makes sense.

          At least you get and understand the move.

          You seen the hate on twitter over this guy?

          • Trevor

            Really makes no sense to complain when you think they have to retrain all the Ol they draft anyways. If you want the prefect raw athlete to mould into and Olineman it is Ifedi. Anyone who has been complaining about Ol should be ecstatic with this pick. I like Coleman more because he was nasty but I see completely why the Hawks would take Ifedi. Perfect athlete, explosive, long, clean medical and great off field character. Also fills arguably their biggest need.

            The more I think about it. Ifedi was the perfect pick and they got a bonus 3rd rounder. How can anyone complain about that.

            • Volume12

              I don’t know man. Honestly.

              You touch on some great points.

              4 picks tommorow, 5 on Sunday, and our yearly UDFA gems.

              What a great time to be a Seahawk fan.

            • rowdy

              It goes that way though because most people don’t know who he is. Same with most are picks. I wasn’t the highest on him but I’d rather have the physical numbers and ability and a little raw over technically sound without the ability. Basically ifedi over kelly.

              • Miles

                On Twitter, there are very reputable Seahawks writers saying the Seahawks would have taken KELLY if he was there and Ifedi was not the guy. There is no evidence provided for this, despite Kelly being an evidently unattractive Seahawks pick due to lack of athleticism. It is lazy analysis.

                • rowdy

                  There’s 5 years of history and it’s the only way to explain britt. On top of that, it was my opinion of the pick and the reason I’m okay with it. Lazy would be saying what someone said on twitter.

    • Vin

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks Trevor….and thank you Rob.

    • Rob Staton


  19. Volume12

    Love everything about this move.

    Not only were PC/JS thrilled, Ifedi couldn’t of been happier. He wanted to be a Hawk man.

    Seattle does draft for need and will take O-lineman early.

    Raw, high upside, physical freaks. That’s Seattle.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I was just about to say. This is really the best possible move for Ifedi, too.

      He never really fit at A&M. Needed the best OL coach in the nfl.

    • matt

      Absolutely. We got our guy plus #94-win win out of day 1.

  20. Nathan

    Dallas would be spewing seeing Henry still on the board.

    Really stuffed that #4 pick up if you ask me.

    Can’t wait to watch the Jags this year.

    • sdcoug

      I agree. I though for sure Dallas would take Ramsey then Henry in the 2nd.

    • GeoffU

      Henry seems like a perfect fit for that Dallas O-line too. Lots of time to get up to speed.

    • allen

      Great pick for TV. I’m gonna enjoy watching Zeke racking up 100+ yards per game behind that line. Unfortunately for Dallas they could have done almost the same thing with any other back and taken a special defensive player like Ramsey. I’m happy though.

    • HI Hawk

      I’m not as sold on Ramsey as you I guess. He seems like a pretty big question mark to me. His technique is awful.

  21. Hawksince77

    Utterly impressed, with Rob’s pre-draft analysis and the wisdom of JS/PC. Now the rest of the draft is wide open. They only need one (two if they are greedy) of McGovern/Dahl/Haeg to provide the material for a decent, if not good, offensive line. If not this year, than definitely next.

    Counting Ifedi, they have five Seahawk ideally athletic offensive linemen on the roster (Sokoli, Poole, Glow, Britt, Gilliam). Britt not so good, the jury still out on Sokoli and Poole, but still possibilities.

    Way cool…

    • Miles

      Wouldn’t be surprised to see Britt traded for something before draft’s end.

  22. Jeff M.

    Trade gives us a lot of ability to move around tomorrow, too. 56 plus one of 90/94 gets us into the top half of the 2nd if a guy we had a late-1st grade on is falling. 90 plus 94 could possibly jump back into the end of the 2nd if there’s another guy we like besides the one we grab at 56. Or just stay put and have make 4 picks on day two (seemingly the Sat spot of this draft).

    • Jeff M.

      *sweet* spot, of course

    • rowdy

      I guarantee one of the nineties pics will be traded

  23. Trevor

    My dream scenario day #2

    -Trade up with NO to #47 using the pick from Denver

    Rd#2 pick 47 Chris Jones
    Rd#3 Pick 90 Shon Coleman or Connor Mcgovern
    Rd#3 Pick 97 Tyler Ervin

    • David

      Love this.

      • Andrew Brown

        Would love this. Have to think Coleman and McG will be long gone though

  24. j hawk

    I wanted Butler so much and was so close. My wife didn’t like my vocabulary when he was picked right before our #31. Ifedi will be good for the Hawks and better than a DL convert. Cable will have better clay to mold. Tomorrow should be great I think we move up in round 2.

    • H M Abdou

      Yup, agreed. The Ifedi pick was solid, but I was really irked when Butler went ONE PICK before the Hawks’.

    • JakeB

      That one definitely stung a little. We’re in good shape though

      • Miles

        Not a big deal. It’s not like he’s definitely going to be an interior nightmare like Kawann Short. Possible, but not an overly enticing player.

  25. GeoffU

    Trading one of our thirds could get us in the 40-45 range. I think I’d rather have the extra pick though. It’s a real sweet spot for good players.

    • jdk

      Deepest draft in years if you believe the front office. More picks = more value. No trading up.

  26. Del tre

    Rob you hit the nail on the head and I think you’ll be getting some job offers you seem to have raised a few eyebrows all over. This was an awesome draft you certainly make my day better with this site

  27. Colin

    Really happy we got a 3rd to move down.

    Also, I’m ECSTATIC that Ifedi isn’t being massively overdrafted ala Britt.

  28. Kenny Sloth

    S/O to whoever called Softy “5000 times” asking for Rob on the show.

    • bankhawk

      Rob, kudos on the ultimate validation of your tutorial on why Germaine Ifedi could become a Seahawk! It has been one truly great piece of investigative journalism, acute observation and pure reasoning! I may need an unscheduled dental checkup after watching Butler go one spot ahead of us. And Darth12er, I was also expecting a 5th, hoping for a 4th, then ecstatic to hear it was a third! Cant wait for tomorrow now. Let the shopping spree begin!

  29. Kenny Sloth

    Ready for Ifedi 2016

  30. Trevor

    There are so many great options still on the board. Tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun.

    -Chris Jones
    -Bronson Kaufusi
    -Shon Coleman
    -Myle Jack
    -Kevin Dodd
    -Noah Spence
    -Emanuel Ogbah
    -Johnathan Bullard
    -Kyler Fackrell
    -Connor Mcgovern
    -Joe Haeg
    -Willie Henry
    -Andrew Billings
    -Nick Vannett
    -Deion Jones
    -Braxton MIller
    -Nick Martin
    -Josh Perry

    This is just some of the options available tomorrow. I am more excited for Day #2 than Day #1 which was awesome.

    • Volume12

      I agree Trev.

      I’ve always loved days 2 and 3 more.

      Gotta like how PC/JS refer to UDFA as ’round 8.’

      • Trevor

        I think Pete loves UDFA even more than the draft because he gets to put his recruiting hat back on again. He is the best in the business at that for sure. Hearing Treadwell saying how impressed he was with Pete (the oldest coach in the league) say a lot.

    • Del tre

      Give me dodd or Henry and I’ll be a happy camper. I was glad to see the Hawks pick up ifedi I think he will be great at left guard

  31. Volume12

    Actually, I just figured this out and didn’t know it.

    When PC said how about RW and posted his twitter link during the clue, it’s because Ifedi is a 2 sport athlete. He’s obsessed with and a former baseball player.

    Not on did we just add RW 2.0 last year in WR Tyler Lockett, now we got RW 3.0 with Ifedi.

    These 3 dudes will be attached at the hip or years to come (RW and No E already are).

    • Kenny Sloth

      So true. Very good memory

  32. DC

    From Mike Mayock:

    31. Seattle Seahawks: Germain Ifedi, OG, Texas A&M
    He was announced as a tackle, but some people like him inside at guard. He’s massive and powerful, but I question his technique. He’s a bit of a waist-bender. Whether he plays tackle or guard, he will be coached by one of the best in the business in Tom Cable. This is a really good pick for a team that needs offensive linemen.

  33. Madmark

    Connor McGovern pick 56 the center with strength. was the perfect trade down getting 94. BEATIFUL

    • Miles

      I think with Ifedi in the fold and Patrick Lewis the stop gap at Center, we will be more interested in either bolstering the D or adding a RB in Round 2.

      The options among them …

      TJ Green
      Derrick Henry
      Chris Jones
      Andrew Billings
      Kevin Dodd
      John Bullard
      Kyler Fackrell
      Myles Jack
      Emmanuel Ogbah

  34. Volume12

    Clue 2 is someone that played for a team with a dog mascot, Jordan Jenkins (dude is an attack dog himself), Chris Jones, Jonathan Pit-Bullard, Andrew Billings who’s face looks like one. Something like that.

    Clue 3 is someone with character concerns, red flags, or played the BUCK position in college.

    Clue 4 is someone that emulates swag and cockiness- Keivarae Russell?

    • DC

      Injury red flags + BUCK position in college = Travis Feeney?

      • Volume12

        Ooh I think you nailed it.

        And the udub mascot is…?

        • Kenny Sloth

          A Dog! Raising a dog foot injury bill burr?

    • icb12

      I think #2 is hinting Kenneth Dixon?

      Broken foot (Running back position-Rawls Broken Foot)
      Dog Mascot (LA Tech)

      • icb12

        Spitballing on the clues

        Easy money- I think of Emmanual Sanders- So Wide Reciever? Southern Methodist-Ties?
        Rose bowl mention- Cajuste has been to several.
        Kaufusi’s Basketball Coach was named Dave (it’s a stretch I know)

        Just a few ideas that popped into my head.

  35. Madmark

    Wow nice trade. a 94th pick and we got Ifedi. This a complete win.

    • Madmark

      I got my first pick right and the trade down . This is a WIN for me so far.

  36. Volume12

    Ya know who deserves credit for this. Other than Rob of course.

    Tony Pauline.

    It’s why I think we add Odhiambo or Henry.

    • Madmark

      Willie Henry pick 97 for me I had him at. I’m also still filling good about a shon coleman in the later 3rd round

      • Volume12

        Oh, no.

        I meant Boise St C Marcus Henry.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think Willie is a legit option too.

        But if only 2 DTs came off the board, it makes me wonder how long guys like him, Hargrave, and others will last.

    • Trevor

      Pauline has been sharp when it comes to insight on the Hawks. I think it is a lock we add Henry as a UDFA Vol.

      • Trevor

        I mean Henry the (C) out of Boise not Willie Henry. But I like Willie as a 3rd rounder.

      • Volume12

        Yeah. I had to add one of them.

        I thought they were gonna trade into round 2, not 31 and still get your guy plus a 3rd.

        I’ll say it again. JS is a genius.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Agree. Doubt they take injured Odhiambo.

        I want to interview Germain.

        Fellow Gemini.

        He’s born 1 year and 3 days before me.

        • Volume12

          I could see Odhiambo if he fell into UDFA, but yeah, IMO he’s a smokescreen and Henry is the guy they want from Boise St.

  37. Josh emmett

    In the interview with Carroll and Schnieder after the draft on 710 both were very upfront saying he projected to right tackle with a possibility of the left side. They were asked about concerns with his pass pro skills and Jon and Pete said he had issues when they tried to move him to the left side and he is more natural on the right. Gilliam/Webb/Sokoli/Glowinski/Ifedy, bring that shit Aaron Donald and Kawan short. Booya

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      If this is accurate, I heard it slightly differently, but maybe my mind skipped this part of the interview. then need to be looking hard at LG prospects the rest of the draft. Ifedi said (during his interview on the radio) he has not been told where on the OL he would play, which indicates to me he is playing LG.

      • Josh emmett

        Yeah right after the Ifedy interview they went to Pete and John and they like him on the right side from what I understood. Pretty standard how they bring in their tackle prospects IMO. Start out on the right side at tackle and see how you do. Then move to LG if the skill set isn’t ready for the edge like carp or britt, stay at RT tackle if you are nasty like Giacomini, or move to the left if you are nimble like Gilliam. I think they run a 3 tackle, 1 guard, 1center line. Not 2 tackles, 2 guards, and 1 center. The right tackle is the starting spot for the new prospect in cables system.

        • Volume12


          You nailed it Josh.

          Well said.

          • Josh emmett

            A lot of people straight love McGovern and I just can’t see him at RG where his size projects him for the Hawks or beating out the Giants they have in Sowell, Webb, Ifedy, or Britt for LG or RT. Mcgovern projects as a RG or Center IMO and I can’t see them going center with Sokoli waiting in the wings and paying Lewis on a tender deal plus Pericek and Nowak on the roster. They love Glow at RT and drafted him to sit behind Sweezy for one Season to get him ready for this year. I wanna see one of those non combine invite tackle prospects drafted in the late rounds and steal the left guard spot from Webb/Britt. Competition

            • Steve Nelsen


              This makes sense. But Sokoli and Glowinski are both unproven and competition depth is thin. So, adding a RG/C like McGovern would serve two needs: competition for Glowinski at RG and a backup at C/RG. I think that there is room on the roster for another O-Line draftee. If that is McGovern, I would be ecstatic but it could be Dahl or Haeg.

              Ifedi at RT allows Webb to compete with Britt at LG. The loser becomes a backups wing G/T to fill the Bailey spot on the roster.

        • C-Dog

          Also, I think they may not be ready to give up on Britt at LG, given how he was thrown into the position late in camp. This has been something playing in my mind, thinking that they may pass on Ifedi for DL since he projects so strongly as a guard. I think it makes sense to give him the chance to nail RT, either competing with Webb or have Webb kick inside and compete with Britt. I think Webb likely becomes the expensive swing tackle/guard.

          • Josh emmett

            yup, Britt got thrown into the fire. They asked him to change position twice in his first 2 years as a professional football player with the most elite athletes in the world, ouch. Plus everybody had him pegged as a 4th round pick and he has been asked to do a lot. Bigg Carp did the same and he started looking more comfortable in the third year plus Britt got his ass kicked last year and is going to come to camp ready to win a spot. Not sure if he will come through but his professional career has started rough. I hope he makes a leap

  38. JustMeMyself&!

    Hoping to get at least two of these guys in rds 2 & 3:

    Jordan Jenkins
    Connor McGovern
    Joe Dahl
    TJ Green
    Andrew Billings

    • D-OZ

      Keeping my fingers crossed for Billings…

  39. Trevor

    Love the video of Ifedi after he gets picked!

    • H M Abdou

      Loved the Paxton Lynch crying video! That is reality TV!

  40. H M Abdou

    Not really a Seahawks topic, but now that Denver drafted Paxton Lynch, it seems like their pursuit of Colin Kaepernick is over, no?

    So then where does Kaep end up? Back with the 49ers? Awkward!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Kaep might ball out next year ya’ll….

      If he gets any weapons

      • H M Abdou

        Kaep is talented, no question. Might also play this year, wherever that may be, with a big chip on his shoulder. He’s going to try to prove to the whole league that he’s as good as he thinks he is.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      49ers messed up.. again.

      • Miles

        I think trading up for Garnett was silly. A low ceiling guard and they trade up for him in the first? Plus he said he wanted to play for the Seahawks. Second part just kidding. Sort of. Anyway, I would be mad about the move if I was a Niners fan.

  41. Steele

    I’m fine with Ifedi.

    And Rob, you nailed it yet again. Let’s see how much of the rest of the draft also.

  42. GeoffU

    Considering the players Seattle passed up to pick this guy, this isn’t someone they got left with (Britt). This is the guy they really wanted.

    • Josh emmett


  43. Madmark

    All I know is so far is my best year to get a TE, especially after that Trade pick at 94.

    • H M Abdou

      Nick Vannett maybe, or Tyler Higbee?

  44. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Seattle were offered their 2nd and 3rd for Paxton Lynch. Seattle did a deal with Broncos instead. Very interesting.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Cowboys 2nd and 3rd for Seattle’s #26.

      • DC

        AFC vs NFC

        • Volume12

          Too many draft picks.

          Remember, there’s a rookie cap limit that you’ve already set aside back in March during FA.

          And with the way Seattle cleans up in UDFA, there’s not enougu spots or ‘shmoney.’

          Seattle needs a DL, one more O-lineman, a RB, and DB. That’s it.

          Anything else is a want not a need.

          • Troy

            vol its the same number of draft pics, the difference is we would have had to gone down a few more spots (from 31 to say 35 or so) but in return for that, we get a super high 3rd instead of a very low 3rd (from broncos). it shows they either really loved ifedi and didn’t want to lose out in next few pics, or they were afraid of dealing with an NFC team

            • CD

              Or they wanted to control the 5th year since it was still R1.

          • C-Dog

            Trade up perhaps for Bullard or the like.

          • D-OZ

            Linebacker too…

      • Ground_Hawk

        I wonder if they were more interested in securing Ifedi in the first, because of the 5th year option if he turns out to be a contender in the pros?

        • bigDhawk

          Especially if he turns out to be a legit LT prospect.

        • D

          This I think means more to a GM than we give it credit for in this trade scenario. Good call!

      • Troy

        if thats true seems like the cowboys deal would have been much better, a very high 3rd instead of an end of the round 3rd…weird

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Keeps a good QB prospect out of the Cowboys hands….. Elliot + Lynch might have been a pain in the butt for 3-4 years in a row

          • rowdy

            I think it’s more likely ifedi was there pick and weren’t willing to risk it anymore. I remember JS saying the same thing about Irvin. Said they had calls about trading back but didn’t want to get cute and miss out on there guy.

          • rowdy

            First time I seen ifedi without pads and Rob was right, that guy looks like a bodybuilder. Anyone know who was standing by him during the phone call though? He made ifedi look small lol

        • Coug1990

          The Seahawks may have been afraid that the Eagles or Chargers may have taken Ifedi.

          • Beanhawk

            Or even the Browns coulld have gone Ifedi as a RT.

    • Dawgma

      Yeah, that skip down to the Dallas second probably means no Ifedi so I can kind of see it. Would have been nice though, and it would have been REALLY nice to have Denver shuffle to 8-9 wins with the Sanchize at QB, too. That defense is legit and I’d just as soon they not have a real QB.

    • CA

      They also could have missed out on Ifedi if they fell back that far to Dallas’ pick. Trading with Denver nearly ensured they got their guy in Ifedi

  45. Greg in Alaska

    Rob, I’d like to add my congratulations to those already posted. Great job this off season on the blog and your insight into the Seahawks. You do a fantastic job and I very much enjoy the articles you write and the time you have to put into this effort. Many commercial blog sites do not have as much content as you do and I visit here several times a day. Thanks also to the all of the individuals who post here. This is a great site with reasonable debate. It is made better by all of you. Thanks and keep it up!

  46. Volume12

    JS said they love Ifedi’s power, his base, and he moves people off the ball.

    TC said that when he workrd him out, he kept pushing Ifedi trying to break him, and Ifedfi wouldn’t back down.

    Said they love the fact that he wants to learn and be great.

    TC said he’s a cornerstone tackle to build around.

    JS called Ifedi an ‘a**-kicker at RT.’

    TC thinks he has fundamental flaws, but nothing thast can’t be fixed. I’ve ben sayin’…

    JS thinks if Tunsil wouln’t have slipped, Ifedi woulda be gone.

    TC likes the depth at O-line all the way through the draft.

    • Trevor

      Great notes Vol thanks!

  47. Clayton

    Wonder if there was something about Spriggs that they didn’t like…

    • H M Abdou

      I’m guessing not enough sand in his pants. He’s too susceptible to the bull rush. Ifedi has more lower body (core) power, probably what they preferred over the athleticism Spriggs has.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Finesse vs Power.

        • H M Abdou


          • Miles

            Spriggs could be a nice tackle somewhere, protecting a stud QB with his athleticism. He’s just not a SEA lineman.

            • mishima

              You can find one-dimensional, finesse tackles in the later round. *See: Gilliam

  48. Kenny Sloth

    Ifeddie Murphy. Black Secret Service for Black President (Wilson)

    • Ignorant

      This is just genius.

  49. nichansen01

    Top Players still avaliable:

    Myles Jack
    Su’a Cravens
    Reggie Ragland
    Jarran Reed
    Von Bell
    TJ Green
    Mackensie Alexander
    A’Shawn Robinson
    Hunter Henry
    Kyler Fackrell
    Jonathan Bullard
    Derrick Henry
    Chris Jones
    Connor Cook
    Jason Spriggs
    Noah Spence
    Hassan Ridgeway
    Bronson Kaufusi
    Laraven Clark
    Christian Hackenberg
    Kevin Dodd
    Sterling Shepard
    Andrew Billings
    Austin Johnson
    Emmanuel Ogbah
    Tyler Boyd
    Kamalei Correa
    Cody Whitehair
    Kendell Fuller
    Nick Martin
    Shon Coleman
    Adolphus Washington
    Michael Thomas
    Xavien Howard
    Darien Thompson
    Charles Tapper
    Kenneth Dixon
    Cardale Jones
    Braxton Miller
    Austin Hooper
    Jihad Ward
    Christian Westerman
    Sean Davis
    Nick Vannet
    Joe Thuney
    Willie Henry
    Devontae Booker
    Jerrell Adams
    Connor McGovern
    Shilique Calhoun
    Yannick Ngakoue
    James Bradberry
    Joe Dahl
    KJ Dillon
    Javon Hargrave
    Zach Sanchez
    Paul Perkins
    Joshua Perry
    Jeremy Cash
    Deion Jones
    Travis Feeney
    Tyvis Powell
    Jaylon Smith
    Joe Haeg
    Isaac Seumalo
    Miles Killebrew
    Jatavis Brown
    Deandre Houston -Carson
    Darius Latham
    Rashard Robinson
    Will Redmond
    Jalen Mills
    Graham Glasgow
    Jatavis Brown
    Deon Bush
    Maliek Collins
    Alex Collins
    Harlan Miller
    Sheldon Day
    Kentrell Brothers
    Spencer Drango
    Tyler Ervin
    Alex Benenoch
    Jack Allen
    Jordan Howard
    Matt Judon
    Beniquez Brown
    Willie Beavers
    Pharoh Cooper
    Dark Prescott
    Ronald Blair
    Carl Nassib
    Sebastian Tretola
    Eric Striker
    Devon Cajuste
    DJ Reader
    Alex Redmond
    Dadi Nicolas
    Thomas Duarte
    Kenny Lawler
    Landon Turner
    Joe Schobert
    Matt Iaonidis
    Victor Ochi
    James Crowser
    Brandon Shell
    Alex Lewis

    These guys are all in play for going in day two. Too much talent to miss by trading up in my opinion.

    • D-OZ

      I agree. Trade up isn’t necessary. A lot of talent in the 2nd and 3rd. that’s why the trade for the extra 3rd.IMO

  50. Volume12

    Keep an eye on Clemson’s TJ Green and Wazzu’s Joe Dahl for tommorow.

    Seattle is rumored to be high on both those guys.

    That would amazing!

    • H M Abdou

      Dahl and Haeg, IMHO, are a little bit overrated. They are not difference-makers. They’re ok, but I’d rather have a guy like Connor McGovern.

      • C-Dog

        I definitely think either McGovern or Dahl tomorrow, and I was almost going to mock Green at 97, but opted for Feeney instead.

        Really hoping Bullard with be hanging around at pick 56.

        • H M Abdou

          Yup, Bullard is def on the wish list, even if it means a slight move up to land him.

          • C-Dog

            Thinking a slight possibility they could move up to get him.

            • H M Abdou

              Wouldn’t mind that at all, Bullard is def worth trading away one of those 3rd-rounders to move up from 56.

      • nichansen01

        I agree, for me it is:

        McGovern >>> Dahl > Haeg

        • Ignorant

          I don’t know. Dahl is way beyond McGovern in pass pro, even if there is a massive edge in explosion/athletcism/grit between the two, the advanced pass protection Dahl (who is very explosive, athletic and tough on his own) offers doesn’t let their difference get huge;

          Imo it’s McGovern > Dahl >>> Haeg

        • Volume12

          I could see McGovern for sure, but Dahl is more versatile.

          He made all the line calls at Wazzu, and I keep going back to PC sayin’ they were watching 2 O-lineman that didn’t play in a 3 pount stance.

          Ifedi was obviously one of them.

          • Miles

            Le’Raven Clark.

        • reggieregg

          Dahl was highest rated pass blocker in college football. All WSU does is pass! Grab him!

  51. C-Dog

    I’m going to applaud the Germain Ifedi pick, and Rob for consistently calling it out. Honestly, I was salivating for Butler, but Ifedi was the OL I wanted in R1. Love his upside and versatility, didn’t see Spriggs as a guard, or a right tackle, and felt they already had someone on the roster similar in Gilliam. Incredibly exciting Seattle got Ifedi at 31 and landed an extra 3rd. After the Cardinals drafted Nkemdiche, I actually found myself shifting more to getting OL asap. If Cable can turn Ifedi into Osemele, that’s a really good counter.

    I hope Seattle is thinking intently on DL at 56, but who knows. My personal favorite DL left on the board is Bullard. I think he fits Seattle 4-3 with 3-4 personal almost perfectly, and love his gritty play, and I kinda think he could get passed on because of the ‘tweener thing. IMO, he screams Seahawks DL. I think there is a chance he could still be there and 56, and if so, I really hope they pull the trigger.

    56: R2P25

    90: R3P27

    94: R3P31

    97: R3P34

    124: R4P26

    171: R5P32

    215: R6P40

    225: R7P4

    247: R7P26

    Would love to land either McGovern or Dahl at 90. After that, want to see RB and OLB drafted soon. I really hope Feeney becomes a Seahawk, and if they use 97 on him, I would be entirely happy with that.

    I think R4 they might do WR, and Cajuste seems the popular choice. I kind of think with the extra pick, they might burn a middle or later round pick on a QB, and Prescott they’ve interviewed. I like Seymour as a slot corner and potential FS. Heath could be the late round DL OL convert project. I think they might draft a FB.

    • H M Abdou


    • Ignorant

      That is an excellent mock, but I’m sure Seahawks are going to move picks around. They might be pushed in a situation where they have to move up in the second or third rounds to secure, presumably, Bullard/Kaufusi and McGovern/Dahl. It’s common sense here that these guys are the most Seahawky trench players left projected in the first three rounds.

      Regarding Feeney and Ervin, wouldn’t they be best if they moved down from 94? They could easily be around by the end of 5th round. For example, trade down from 94 breaks even at 105+130 (early 4th, early 5th).

      ~105 – Devon Cajuste
      124 – Tyler Ervin
      ~130 – Travis Feeney

      Interchangeable order, since all have similar grades, depending on dropoffs and personal preference.

      • Ignorant

        Would also win usage over the third comp pick, for another competitor for every down RB (Kenneth Dixon, Jonathan Williams, Jordan Howard), or an inline TE like Vannett, or competition for Siliga and Rubin on base.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I’m not sure. I think they worked Tyler Ervin pretty hard during his pro day, Bevell was really active with him. Rob has comped him to Brian Westbrook who was a 3rd round pick for the Eagles. I think he’s more than just a running back, an offensive weapon type, they could be targeting similar to how they targeted Tyler Lockett last year.

        As for Feeney, he’s a really tough one for me to project. He was a baller for the Huskies and killed it at the combine showing elite athleticism, but he’s been prone to injury and didn’t do anything during his pro day because he just had surgery for a sports hernia. That said, I think the Seahawks are very familiar with him, he fits a lot of what they like at outside linebacker, he’s fast, can rush, and can create turnovers. IMO, I think he could be a 3rd round target, especially if they pass on Fackrell for a DL like Bullard.

        • Ignorant

          I agree, or at least, I won’t be the guy to come here flaming “oh they overdrafted the guy by a full round!”.

          I like all of them and I like how the Seahawks draft aggressively picking the guys they like independent on how the league grades them.

    • JakeB

      Agree wholeheartedly with 56 through 97. If it was Dahl instead of McGovern I’d be happy too.

    • D-OZ

      I like the USC FB better. Great Special Teamer.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, Tre Madden could be an option. Dan Vitale is probably my favorite.

  52. Darnell

    Here’s the thing about those saying he is James Carpenter all over again. In saying that, you have to at least admit then that he is an in-shape James Carpenter. An in-shape (or closest to) James Carpenter is a damn good offensive lineman,

    • H M Abdou

      I mean Carp did play well at times, particularly (as you point out) when he kept himself in shape, which unfortunately was the exception not the rule.

      • JakeB

        The Jets certainly saw something they liked. And it seems like he played well in their system

  53. Kenny Sloth

    Rose bowl was Iowa Stanford. Dog mentality. “Somebody hit somebody” Devon Cajuste

    • Kenny Sloth

      Azziz Shittu was the MVP of that game. “Energizer bunny” type

  54. Josh emmett

    It’s all about the ball on day 2: defense, Rb, and maybe wide out

  55. Gotta Be Bennett to Win It

    Two questions, Rob:

    1. What are the odds of the Hawks drafting McGovern now?

    2. Why didn’t Seattle trade back again?

    • sdcoug

      1. Maybe there wasn’t a willing partner, or if there was it was too far back for the hawks to feel comfortable.
      2. Maybe they were concerned a trade back would lose them the guy they wanted (Ifedi).
      3. If they are really sold on Ifedi, they may have wanted to ensure having a 5th year option by staying in the first round

    • C-Dog

      I think McGovern is still in play. They seem set with Ifedi as a tackle. It wouldn’t shock me if McGovern ends up being the 56 pick, although I expect they will probably go DT there.

      IMO, If Ifedi was their guy, they may not have wanted to risk loosing him beyond 31, or the deals coming through weren’t satisfying enough.

  56. Kenny Sloth

    Rodney Dangerfield clue

    Easy Money. Steal.

    Tough buck. Durable LB. Ohio State. Nick Perry?

    Fat? Adolphus Washington.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Character stops drinking/gambling/overeating turns over new leaf.

      Could be Noah Spence

    • Kenny Sloth

      Kid in clip’s dad is John.

      A johnson?

    • icb12

      Easy money>Emmanuel sanders> Broncos
      Fat &Ugly> lineman?

      Broncos lineman?
      Boise state?

  57. LouieLouie

    Hey Rob: I’m beginning to suspect that you have a bug planted in the Seahawk’s draft room. I’m going to take that up with Pete the next time we’re hanging out, chillin’. But if you don’t have a bug planted, great job!

  58. Jarrett

    What do you guys think about trading our 2nd rounder and the extra 3rd rounder to trade into the upper-mid 2nd round to double down and get Jason Spriggs? We’d still have 2 more 3rd rounders left. Although I agree that getting some young blood in the D-line would be great, I think people forget that Avril + Bennett + Clark + Clemmons is one of the best top 4 group of ends in the league. And we still have decent run stuffers. So it isn’t a pressing need like the OL, and they’re still quality depth in the 3rd round.

    • C-Dog

      I’d like to see them grab someone who can provide inside pass rush in the DL rotation, might get hard to land that player beyond 56.

      • Jarrett

        Yeah, that’s a good point.

        I’m tempted because it’s rare that someone as explosive and decent technique wise is still there in the second round.

        If they don’t trade up I hope they spend at least 2 picks tomorrow in the oline

        • C-Dog

          I think at least one of the day 2 picks goes OL, probably McGovern or Dahl, possibly Haeg. If they land either of those mixed with Ifedi, that’s a heck of a haul for the OL. Also have DL, RB, LB to consider, with makes pick 94 a big bonus.

      • Ignorant

        Agreed. If Bullard or Kaufusi are down early in the second, I’d love to make a deal like this to secure one of them. Seahawks have to keep sharp next man up.

    • MJ

      Love the idea, just change the player. Not a fan of Spriggs at all, but I like your thinking for a DT or DE. I’d be very happy with Ogbah or Bullard or Jones.

      • Miles

        I think we have to concede that if we are drafting a DL in the 2nd, he won’t ideally play a lot in ’16 as a developmental year. So then why not take the most athletic guy and coach him up, aka Kaufusi. Bullard is the better player for me but again, when will he play? Higher ceiling might be more attractive than better day one player In this circumstance.

        • Beanhawk

          Mindset is right, but Kaufusi is 25 already. I think you would want to get the guy to play him immediately. He’s already in his physical prime.

        • C-Dog

          With DL being as uniquely deep as it is this year, I think they could draft someone in R3 that could factor in a lot this year. If things go right, they could land a guy at 56 who would have been a first round pick in other years. I’d be fine with either Kaufusi or Bullard, or Jones for that matter. IMO, I think Bullard has a lot more upside than folks are giving him credit for.

  59. D

    This is from another Seahawks draft predictor whose name I will omit from this post,,,

    “I can’t show you my full mock yet, but I was right about trade down (I did #32 instead of #31), & I had OT first pick (Coleman).”

    Why can’t he show a full mock draft, isn’t that the point? Is he worried NFL front offices will use his predictions?

    Dude is weird…

    • MJ

      He has bonafide mental issues. He tweeted out something the other day about Mayock looking at his twitter for prospects. He played it off as a joke…but you know he wasn’t, at all.

      I find him entertaining to follow. Poor guy.

    • Volume12

      It’s because he’s gonna pencil in a couple of Seattle’s picks after the fact and say ‘see. I was right on so an so..’

      Let me guess. He’s probabl pointing out how he liked or noticed Ifedi first. Right (blocked me).

      • nichansen01

        What is the beef with *the unmentionable one*

        • Volume12

          He blocked me years ago for defending Rob.

          It’s a long story.

          And I’m not gonna get into a rumor someone started.

          • Miles

            And the retweeting of own tweets to give himself daps is not a good look. I’ll just say that.

            • Tbone4444

              Curious, who is this guy?

      • D

        You all should have seen my perfect bracket, I didn’t release it until after the national championship but i was right on all my selections…..

        Yeah he had a section in a FieldGulls article last fall. Said he was one of the better tackle prospects. But hes been consistently bashing Ifedi the last couple months.

        Like MJ said, I dont listen to his draft analysis, hes just an entertaining follow because of his ego and delusions.

        • smitty1547

          some one spill it (name), I want to follow? Sounds entertaining

          • Josh B

            Here’s a clue – follow Davis Hsu (who isn’t the dude), and look for retweets of someone whose every post is either congratulating themselves for being so smart or alluding to knowing some insider knowledge that they only share after the fact

            The dude is so obvious about it that it won’t be too hard to find

    • Josh B

      This is going to sound weird but I am so, so happy to find a community of people who feel the same way I do about that dude. I feel like Seahawks Twitter generally is behind him, so I’ve always felt left out. The constant self-aggrandizing is bad enough, but it’s even worse when he’s so frequently *wrong*.

      He does this thing I call spaghetti throwing – he just spends all this time mentioning names of hundreds of players just so that he can link back to one of his own posts when one of the many hundred actually ‘sticks’. It’s like shooting the side of a barn with a shotgun and bragging about how good your aim is

      He was also incredibly dismissive that Ifedi was a first rounder, so…whoops

  60. Josh emmett

    The Hawks still have 9 picks in the deepest draft since since Carroll and Schneider have been here and have already really ratcheted up the competition on the Oline which was the weakest group on the team. Deforest Buckner and Jerrod Goff got problems because Seattle is going to add game wreckers on the defensive side tomorrow. Welcome to the NFC west

    • Josh emmett

      Hahaha, I forgot the hotel stage dive expert in Nkemdiche, haha

  61. Nathan

    Geez that was a nice deal we turned down from Dallas, if those reports are true.

    Why didn’t they call someone above us? Surely someone else jumps at the deal.

    • Ignorant

      What did they offer?

      They probably loved both Butler and Ifedi.

    • Nathan

      Apparently, 34 and 67.

      • 12er

        It’s very likely we would have had to give up something else to go with the 26th for those picks

        • Miles

          I think losing out on Ifedi to get a higher third was not worth it for them. Even though the trade was better points wise, they probably like Ifedi a lot better than the next OL on their board.

          That’s not to say Ifedi is the guy. It sounds like Schneider would have drafted someone else if he stayed put at 26. But I think in trading back they had Ifedi as the point where the window closed to get a player they really liked – a first round type selection.

          Now the Seahawks have two tradeable thirds they can use to move up in the second for a menacing DLineman, if they so choose and should it pan out. This scenario – while getting Ifedi – could be better than getting that high third from Dallas.

  62. Volume12

    I think HI Hawk got the Bill Burr clue.

    Broken foot, bulldog? Georgia RB Keith Marshall.

    Explosive one cut runner.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Rose Bowl, Singletary

      Could be Aaron Wallace after all.


      • Kenny Sloth

        Miles Jack. They said they’d take an injury concern faller

        • JimQ

          Or, Shon Coleman.

      • Volume12

        Could be.

        Not a bad suggestion.

        These damn clues rack the brain man.

        How does he come up with these?

        • Miles

          I think instead of taking a risk on Myles Jack in the second, it’d be better to take a chance on Jaylon Smith in 3rd (or 4th) if possible,

    • Nate

      I would hazard a guess that this is exactly right. Good job whoever thought of this.

  63. Josh emmett

    I’m jacked up from the first round for sure! Haha, one thing that stuck out from Ifedy’s conference call was a question that was asked, I think it was along the lines of: What was your best game in college or was you defining moment? and Ifedy said: “I declared for the draft 3 weeks before the last game” and he knew it was against Louisville and he was not at all shy about saying: “I played my best game against Sheldon Rankins to end my career” to paraphrase. Compete. Compete, compete, I like it

  64. Kenny Sloth

    Before Schneider and Kema got very far in their conversation, Kema had a message for Schneider.
    “You can ask me about all these guys at Kansas and you can ask me about all the guys at Texas A&M, and I’m just going to tell you one thing—if you don’t draft Germain Ifedi, you have no idea what you’re doing,” Schneider recalls Kema telling him.

  65. Kenny Sloth

    Kanye West clue was from NY. Cajuste?

    Really tough clue

    • Sea Mode

      Beats me.

    • sdcoug

      Kid’s name is North West?

  66. Volume12

    There’s also someone on twitter saying that PC caved to public pressure on the Ifedi pick.

    What a bunch of horsesh**.

    Yeah, because JS has no say either right?

    People are gonna justify this pick pointing out Ifedi’s negatives and that’s fine, but let’s be real here.

    He was their first pick in the 1st round in 4 years, how much do you think the wanted him? He’s got more than a 7″ wingspan which reaches almost half way across O-line, versatile, athletic, powerful, high character cat, one bof the youngest O-lineman in the draft, and they just solidified their bookend tackles for the next 4-7 years.

    • Miles

      People are going to find all kinds of excuses to be negative. Perfect example: when the Seahawks weren’t targeting Jimmy Graham “enough”, it was because they were stubborn play callers. When they targeted him a lot and it wasn’t working like some thought, it was because they were caving to public pressure.

      Some people, and not just fans, well err on the side of negativity so that they never are labeled “unrealistic” or “naive.” Good luck.

    • nichansen01

      Yeah the criticism of the pick is pretty annoying and unwarranted to me… Even if it is to be expected

    • Coug1990

      The Cowboys offered slightly more than the Broncos offered in trade. But, that would have meant moving down a few more spots and perhaps losing Ifedi. The Seahawks drafted Ifedi because they wanted Ifedi.

  67. Sea Mode

    What stinks is the Chiefs getting all those extra picks to work with. Gonna be harder to get McGovern if that’s who we want.

    • Nathan

      They lost their 3rd rounder for tampering.

  68. Sea Mode

    Hey, guys. I wrote up a bit on Dodd yesterday why I think he is Seahawky right before we moved to a new thread. What do you all think?

    Don’t think he will last too long into R2, but it would be nice IMO.

    • Volume12

      He would be a great addition.

      I do think their going D-line in the 2nd tommorow.

      Anda trade up isn’t out of the question.

      Impact defenders everywhere tommorow in round 2.

  69. Sea Mode

    Great that the Jets took LB in R1. They were the most interested in Fackrell and pick right ahead of us in R2… keeps our options open.

  70. HOUSE

    I really like the Ifedi pick and snagging the #94 as a bonus, made today that much better.

    It will be very interesting to see how the 2nd-3rd rds go. I don’t think there will be as many trades, but compelling nonetheless.

    I’d personally like to see a DL, McGovern and/or Haeg.We currently have #56, 90, 94 and 97. I don’t see us drafting 4 guys. I think we’ll be doing some moving around. I can’t wait!

  71. Samuel Baratheon

    Man imagining him and Glowisnksi on the right side of the line is really exciting!! Both athletic and I feel would really drive running lanes open. But at the same time I would really be open to him being left guard because him and Gilliam next to each other would be super athletic! Just add McGovern and I’ll be satisfied with the Oline

  72. Eran-Ungar

    Rob, you have proven yourself to be the grand master of the Seahawks draft strategy beyond any questions.
    (and to think that the Seahawks wasted millions of dollars in a big organization just to reach the same conclusion you reached on your own in your spare time – UNBELIEVABLE)

    I have to admit that watching Butler go just a pick earlier was frustrating but if Ifedi was the target all along than JS is a draft genius. That extra 3rd will be so valuable this year.

    I was on the DL bandwagon myself but i’m sure i’ll be in love in Ifedi within days. After all, he is now OUR IFEDI.

    I was happy to see ATL pick Neal. I didn’t want him going to ARI.

    I hate the Nkemdiche pick. If that guy proved legit, we can add him to the Donald, Short list.

    9 picks to go, 4 in day 2. life is beautiful.

    • Trevor

      Agree on all points Eran! I was glad the Cards did not get Neal too but Nkemdeche’s potential scares the crap out of me.

      • GeoffU

        Is Nkemdiche going to keep Carson Palmer from getting hurt half way through the season again?

  73. Nathan

    I hate to say it, but I think the Cardinals are favourites to win the NFC west.

    Ndemkiche is a ticking time bomb, but may hold it together for a year, Jones is in a contract year. They’ve drafted well recently, lots of young talent on the team, on cheap deals.

    They get the Brady-less pats, while we we play them at foxborough after a monday night game.

    Their 2 ‘harder games’ for winning the division last year, are the Vikings and Skins, quite possibly not the best sides in their divisions next year.

    • bankhawk

      True dat, Nathan. And, Butler going to the Panthers gives NFC sides that little bit more to lay awake nights worrying about too. At least we only get them once…in the regular season!

      • bankhawk

        And of course, well see them again in the playoffs, but in OUR HOUSE this time!

  74. AUSTIN

    Rob you don’t get enough credit. Looking at other draft blogs you are far and away the best out there. Nice work man. I’ll quit kissing your “A” now 🙂

  75. Eran-Ungar


    We will play Buckner, Donald and Nkemdiche twice a year. We’ll also face the NE, Car, Bills, Jets and Mia DLs next year.

    Ifedi and the rest of the OL are facing a very challenging year.

    I hope we manage to boost the defense too because we sure as hell are going to need them at their prime form.

    • Alicamousa

      Yep, we’re facing some beasts. But I think there is something to the argument that steel sharpens steel. If we can get through that murderers row to the playoffs, those boys are going to be able to face down just about anything.

  76. Chavac

    Great job Rob. Seen the Seahawks throw you a ton of curves in the first round for the last 5 or 6 years, nice to see you crush one (even the trade down). Kudos.

  77. Coleslaw

    Shon Coleman next

  78. Alicamousa

    Just wanted to add my name to the list of congratulations, Rob. You absolutely nailed this one, should be very proud. If TEF holds up for the rest of the draft it could be a complete game changer.

    I’m still lowkey hoping for Coleman in the second/third. Get him, get him fit and healthy, and were suddenly on the verge of a complete monster. I’m going to enjoy a very lazy Saturday morning of draft watching, going to be great.

  79. Sea Mode

    Hey, I’m pretty sure I got the Kayne West clue:

    Kanye = Kenyan (Drake, RB, Alabama)

    Check out his “dope edits” here:

    There are also tons of sketches of his famous TD dive in the National Championship:

    And look what he happened to tweet on his graduation day:

    Dave mentions Jay-Z: there’s this album that relates Drake, Kanye West, and JayZ

    “No one knows who this guy is.” = stuck behind Derrick Henry.

    If it is him, here’s a nice stat:
    PFF Draft ‏@PFF_College Apr 21
    Alabama RB Kenyan Drake forced one missed tackle for every 2.6 touches on offense, the best rate in this RB class (min. 100 touches)

  80. mjk

    This makes up for Courtney Upshaw. I’m kidding, as always Rob killing it in the lead up to draft day.

    So Pete and John have never made 4 picks in the top 100- could potentially make 5. Of course, no way in hell that happens- I smell at minimum one of those 3rd or 4ths jumping up a round in 17′ in a trade.

    Go Hawks?

    • Ignorant

      No news. Texas A&M was a bad situation for him.

    • Jarhead

      I don’t normally pay credence to PFF but I do think this assessment of Ifedi is spot on. He will need a complete and total technical fundamental overhaul to become even a serviceable guard. I don’t see him being able to compete at all at RT.

  81. Trevor

    That whole mess with the Pot video of Tunsil coming out minutes before the draft, someone wanting to sell it etc. reminded me a a scene from that TV show Ballers on HBO.

    That is the great thing about the NFL you can’t make this stuff up. Constant news flow and drama all year long.

    • Miles

      Gruden makes a good point. College footballers should not have Twitter accounts.

      And they definitely should not film themselves getting blasted into outer space.

  82. Trevor

    Can you imagine our OL if we can get Shon Coleman on day #2

    LT GIlliam
    LG Ifedi
    C Solkoli
    RG Glowinski
    RT Coleman

    That would be the most athletic and explosive OL in the NFL and they could stay together for 3 years min to grow together.

    • Sea Mode

      Actually, Trevor, I was wondering if PC and JS might have thrown out some major misdirection in their press conference yesterday.

      1. They said their first pick “could have been OL, could have been DL”, implying that they will most likely go DL with the next pick. (which would be the logical thing to do, as Rob has been saying for months now)

      2. They emphasized that they see Ifedi at RT, which would seem to make Coleman a redundant pick.

      Maybe, just maybe, they’ve got their eyes on him still in R2…

      • GeoffU

        Also, right before the draft there were rumors about Seattle trading up. Hmmm, now how’d that get started…

      • Trevor

        Walter Football Day #2 re-mock for the Hawks

        #56 Chris Jones
        #90 Joe Haeg
        #94 Javon Hargrave
        #97 Alex Collins

        Replace Tyler Ervin for Alex Collins and that would be an awesome Day #2 IMO.

  83. pmoney

    Stoked about this pick, not to mention the extra third rounder; what a steal!

    Disappointed to see people are already concerned that a headcase with 6 career sacks will be an NFCW game breaker who is going to ruin the Hawks.

    • Miles

      Could be an awesome pick for AZ. Without the issues the guy is a top 10 pick. They got him at 29. Not saying I am afraid. We got Russell Wilson and Ifedi IS an ass kicker. But AZ is a team to reckon with even more after yesterday.

      • Sea Mode

        They should be very good this year, but then have serious problems right after. Palmer, Fitz retire? Nkemdiche blows up? Gotta pay Chandler Jones…

        • rowdy

          I think their going all in this year.

          • Nathan

            Exactly, they’ve pushed all their chips into the middle to win it this year, they know the clock is ticking on Palmer.

  84. vrtkolman

    Some thoughts on the rest of the NFC West picks:

    Rams – We knew about Goff for a while. Still not particularly worried, and this will benefit Seattle this coming season.

    49ers – Buckner is a solid guy. He reminds me of their other 1st round pick Arik Armstead actually, solid linemen who won’t get pushed back but won’t really impact games either. The trade up for Garnett though was WTF? Hard to imagine he wouldn’t be there early in the 2nd… He’s a good player IMO but he’s just a big guard who run blocks. Nothing special about him.

    Cardinals – I was a little bit on the Nkemdiche bandwagon before the draft, but I actually am kinda happy he is in Arizona now. The character concerns are just too big to overlook, and his production on the field is just far too inconsistent.

  85. Ed

    Gilliam/Glowinski/Webb/Ifedi are pretty much set as starters. Ifedi or Webb at LG. The only spot left to fill would be to battle at C with Lewis and Sokoli. If they Hawks are content with C, do they even need to go OL in the 2nd or 3rd? I would say no, let Sokoli play center.


    2nd Spence/Ogbah (DE)
    3rd Ervin (RB)
    3rd Henry (DT)
    3rd Striker/Killebrew (S)

    • Ground_Hawk

      If Ogbah is there at 56 that would be terrific value, and a steal for the Seahawks!

  86. Nick P

    Super stoked about this pick. The fact that we were able to grab another 3rd is the cherry on top.

    Like I said before and as I am sure many others have as well, Ifedi gives Seattle what they are looking for in terms of measurables and creates some healthy competition at a number of positions.

    As Eran mentioned, we play some nasty DLs next year and we need to keep RW upright and not running for his life every play. I fully expect some growing pains but I think they will have a much better plan for the OL this year as opposed to last year.

    I would be on board to trade up for Ogbah or Bullard but would also be content in seeing what falls down to us. I have a feeling they will grab McGovern if they feel like he is close to being drafted as they probably don’t want a Mitch Morse scenario to happen again.

    Work is going to go by so slowly… Too excited for tonight.

    • RealRhino2

      I really hope they don’t reach for McGovern because of Mitch Morse. Here’s the deal, IMO: If your plan is to cut these picks to the bone by guessing which guys will last just a few more picks so you don’t end up reaching on a guy, you are bound to have a few snatched from your grasp (Mitch Morse? Daryl Williams? Dominique Easley?) just before you pick.

      If you thought that was the best strategy, no reason to change it just because of a few (expected) negative outcomes. Does that make sense?

      People say, gosh, he could turn out to be Mitch Morse. Well, he could also turn out to be Justin Britt, another Missouri OL product who was athletic, and tough, and gritty, and all those neat Tom Cable things, so if we miss him, we’ll be fine. If we get him, fine. Don’t reach because of last year. He’ll be there.

      • Ground_Hawk

        I hear you Rhino, but McGovern is much better athlete than Britt. Rob has mentioned that Britt was possibly taken because he was the last of the TEF qualifiers. Whereas McGovern is on of the top TEF qualifiers, so if they end up picking him in the 2nd I, personally, would not consider it a reach. However, now that they have drafted Ifedi, I’m thinking that they go BPA at DL/DE; maybe even LB, so somewhere on defense.

        • HI Hawk

          McGovern already doesn’t qualify as a reach. He’s a great athlete with solid tape at a position of need which makes his “Kiper Ranking” is irrelevant. He might be the best interior lineman in this draft, I prefer him to Ryan Kelly – and I’m an Alabama fan…

  87. James

    This draft is crazy-deep at DT, and there are guys who will be there through R3 that would have been R2 any other year. Just as John & Pete took advantage of athletic OTs in R1, I can’t wait to see which guy from among this embarrassment of riches we will have by the end of this day:

    Jonathon Bullard
    Bronson Kaufusi
    Chris Jones
    Carl Nassib
    Willie Henry
    Hassan Ridgeway
    Javon Hargrave
    Jihad Ward
    Maliek Collins
    Austin Johnson
    Sheldon Day
    Adolphus Washington

    …other fun questions: what if Derrick Henry is there at 56; which of a half-dozen outstanding OG/C types will they pick; will leadership play a role, as in Joshua Perry at LB; which RB and which round; and finally, one of those R3 picks for Jaylon Smith?

    ps – Rob is the man!

  88. george

    In my opinion they traded themselves out of Vernon Butler. I believe that was their target. Was it short sighted of them to think no one would jump them in the remaing 5 picks ? absolutly!

    • pmoney

      I don’t think you’re giving them enough credit. It’s not as if Ifedi is some crappy consolation prize we’ve never heard of; he’s been consistently mocked to us for much of the past several months. I’ll concede that they may have had their eye on Butler, but at worst they must’ve thought even if he was off the board they could get someone they valued at 31–which is exactly what happened.

    • GeoffU

      Their reaction in the war room when the Panther’s chose Butler proved otherwise. They were stoked to be getting their guy — Ifedi

      • vrtkolman

        Yep, they wanted Ifedi at 26 I think. I think they thought because Carolina has a huge need at tackle they could have taken Ifedi there.

    • Ignorant

      I think they liked both. They had confidence one of them would be still on the board by pick 31.

    • HI Hawk

      Vernon Butler doesn’t seem to offer much in the way of passrush. Why would he be worthy of a 1st round pick?

  89. pqlqi

    damn Rob, you are fucking good at this. Quality of your knowledge and presentation is absolutely mass media worthy. I think you posted, some time ago, a video of you calling a live match. do you do live NFL coverage or NFL commentary in the UK? You certainly nailed the coverage today, and in the buildup to this draft – you would be a fine addition to national NFL coverage in the US. Thanks for a great offseason.

  90. RealRhino2

    Wish I could feel better about Ifedi. Feels like a need pick more than a BPA pick, and not one of those happy intersections where need meets BPA. Oh well, this happens every year, so I’ll just have to get used to it.

    Once we hit 20 I would have tried to move up for Treadwell. I know Denver paid us a 3rd, but a similar move early in the round cost only a 4th, which I would have gladly given up to get him.

    I think I could have gotten excited for Dodd or Chris Jones at 31. Hate having to wait until 56 while all the guys on the “Best Available” list I’m salivating over today get picked by other teams….

    • Saxon

      Seahawks admitted they don’t draft BPA and usually select for need. Not a big fan of that philosophy but hard to argue with the results.

    • James

      It seems clear, regardless of what we think, that John and Pete thought that RT was a primary need. They obviously think that Gilliam is their LT, so Ifedi was a superior prospect at the RT position. There is a huge drop-off, or shelf, at that position; whereas the number of DLs and OG/Cs are comparable through R3. Their logic is apparent in hindsight, though others such as Rob and Sheil Kapidia, have long said Germain would be the guy.

  91. Sea Mode

    I’m still working on the clues just for fun. PC just tweeted more are coming soon. The easiest way I think is not to work from the clue to the player, but from the players we know Seattle should be interested in (thanks, Rob!) and seeing if any fit the clue. We should have nailed Germain If-Eddie Murphy a lot quicker this way…

    I noticed in the Rodney Dangerfield clip (clue #3) that he mentions Richard Simmons in a passing fat joke. Made me think Justin Simmons, Boston College, who is not on the visitors list (that we know of) but I think is sure to interest them. As noted by Davis Hsu over on Fieldgulls, looking at past years’ visit lists, it seems a lot of the guys they visit with are actually the fallback picks in case they don’t get their first-choice guy, with whom they prefer to remain stealthy. (e.g. last year they brought in Ty Montgomery for a visit but Lockett was their guy from the get-go. Brought in Glowinski, Poole, but not Morse)

    Simmons has length, top SPARQ safety, film rat since his sophomore year (calls it his “bunker”), great smarts and ball skills, 5 picks his senior year. Check out this article for more:

    KPL also went to Boston College FWIW.

    I haven’t been able to relate it with anything else in the video though. Simmons is definitely the complete opposite of a red flag guy. Super high character. Maybe it’s just a quick, subtle, but clear name drop as opposed the the other more complex ones where there are various references?

    Vol, Kenny, anyone: ideas?

    • Sea Mode

      Oh, and did I mention great tackler?

    • Sea Mode

      Another theory: “Buck” linebacker = Travis Feeney? Easy Money = moneybacker? (I don’t think he really would be a moneybacker though)

      Once again no red flags though.

      • sdcoug

        Red flags could mean medical (shoulder)

  92. Trail Hawk

    So excited with the extra 3rd and the flexibility it gives us and still land Ifedi! I thought Den. would take him if we traded out of the pick. Never contimplated Den. being the team we traded with for a QB. Weather we move up in the 2nd or 3rd, possibly both, we can package and shuffle and make sure to leave with the exact players we want. The probability of leaving this draft with the exact 4 players they wanted in the top rounds of the draft!!!! If PC/JS are correct in their assessments, whoever they may be, this draft will be off the charts! With the hits they make in the later rounds and UDFA this could be legendary!!! So stoked for the season and we haven’t seen day two yet!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  93. Miles

    It is now being reported via Tom Pelissero that Dallas actually offered Seahawks a 4th, not a third as had been previously reported. Now very clear why Seahawks took Denver’s deal.

  94. Sea Mode

    Rumors from Pauline today:

    Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn
    Its quite possible offensive tackle Shon Coleman could take a big fall through the second day of the draft. While he has first-round skills, I’m told the knee injury, which slowed him during the run-up to the draft, has been red-flagged by a number of teams.

    • JakeB

      Just saw this too. What a bummer for him if a knee derails his career after all he’s been through

  95. Justin

    I lost 5 bucks with that pick. Bet a co-worker we would trade down out of the first. So close. Love the pick though. Plus we get an extra 3rd rounder.

    But now I have been defending the pick. People bringing up reports from Millen and a couple random twitter ‘experts’. Oh well. I think he’s going to be a cornerstone on this OL and being a reader of this blog I know the truth about Ifedi lol

    • Sea Mode

      Draft clue #2 Bill Burr: I’m building on HI Hawk’s theory from yesterday that Rawls foot is hurt and Georgia Bulldog Kieth Marshall is the pick. He’s got the build the Seahawks like: 5’11”, 219lbs.

      Perhaps another detail: at 6:13 he says “43 years of age”. Maybe referencing Marshall’s 4.3 40yd time? (4.31)

      (P.S. Sorry if the draft clues aren’t your cup of tea please just skip over my posts on them… 🙂 )

      • Sea Mode

        Oops, wasn’t supposed to be a reply, sorry about that.

        Bet your buddy he will be better than Okung before the end of the season and get your 5 bucks back!

      • Sea Mode

        Kieth Marshall was the name of the original drummer from the band Hello. No more doubts on this one!

        • Kenny Sloth

          ? What’s hello gotta do with it

          • Sea Mode

            Burr talks about hurting his foot playing the drums.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Fantastic sea mode.

              • Sea Mode

                Cool, so:
                1. Germain Ifedi
                2. Kieth Marshall
                3. ?
                4. Kenyan Drake

                We just need #3 before he starts sending out new ones. Simmons, Feeney? Look over Rob’s 100 player list and see if any ring a bell with fat, no girl, turn a new leaf, easy money, buck shot, Jacob Rodney Cohen (Dangerfield’s original name), “I don’t get no respect”, Caddyshack, Back to school, being a photographer…?


                There is a Rodney Mills, FB/TE, Massachusetts and a Rodney Coe, DT, Akron…

                • HI Hawk

                  I love the credit – but I am totally not worthy, you guys did all the heavy lifting.

  96. Trail Hawk

    Regarding clue #2.

    Bill Burr – Andrew Billings? Mike Singletary played ball at Bayler…

    • Trail Hawk

      Bill is short for William. Willie Henry?

  97. GeoffU

    So most likely pass rusher or defensive tackle are what we’re looking for at #56. A complete list of possibilities:

    Noah Spence, 6’3, 261 pounds, DE, Eastern Kentucky
    Chris Jones, 6’6, 308 pounds, DT, Mississippi State
    Kevin Dodd, 6’5, 275 pounds, DE, Clemson
    Jordan Jenkins, 6’3, 253 pounds, OLB, Georgia
    Emmanuel Ogbah, 6’4, 275 pounds, DE, Oklahoma State
    Bronson Kaufusi, 6’8, 280 pounds, DE, BYU
    Jonathan Bullard, 6’3, 283 pounds, DT, Florida
    A’Shawn Robinson, 6’4, 312 pounds, DT, Alabama
    Reggie Ragland, 6’2, 252 pounds, MLB, Alabama
    Jarran Reed, 6’4, 313 pounds, DT, Alabama
    Joshua Perry, 6’4, 254 pounds, OLB, Ohio State
    Andrew Billings, 6’2, 310 pounds, DT, Baylor
    Su’a Cravens, 6’1, 225 pounds, OLB, Southern California
    Austin Johnson, 6’4, 323 pounds, DT, Penn State
    Jihad Ward, 6’6, 295 pounds, DT, Illinois
    Kyler Fackrell, 6’5, 250 pounds, OLB, Utah State
    Kamalei Correa, 6’3, 248 pounds, OLB/DE, Boise State
    Shilique Calhoun, 6’5, 250 pounds, DE, Michigan State
    Maliek Collins, 6’2, 300 pounds, DT, Nebraska
    Javon Hargrave, 6’1 3/8, 309 pounds, DT, South Carolina State

    Jaylon Smith, 6’2 1/2, 240 pounds, OLB, Notre Dame
    Myles Jack, 6’1, 245 pounds, OLB, UCLA

    • RealRhino2

      Think my top 5 would be Dodd, Jones, Spence, Reed, Bullard

    • Ignorant

      My top 5:

      Jonathan Bullard
      Bronson Kaufusi
      Javon Hargrave
      Ronald Blair III
      Maliek Collins

      All versatile and high effort.

  98. Ignorant

    What if instead of McGovern and Dahl, they went for Vaitai, to spell Britt off LG? They specified Ifedi as a RT. They want Sokoli to compete and take rep and snaps at the C position. It would make sense in this aspect.

    • HI Hawk

      McGovern is a lock in my opinion. I just can’t wrap my head around how he isn’t the prototype for a Seahawks Center with the increased focus on finding an uber athlete to play the position (see Sokoli).

  99. Josh B

    Love this pick. Unlike Carp he’s at a good weight and has never been at a bad weight. He’s huge and strong, and with some NFL conditioning he could be our very own Mountain that Rides

    I’ve been desperate for a RT that has Carp’s size and Breno’s ‘mauler’ style of play (Britt had neither 🙁 ). With time, Ifedi could be that dude

    • Kenny Sloth

      “Played at 335”

  100. Dylan

    Hey Guys

    Any thoughts on Darius Jackson? Sparq through the roof and just seems like another under the radar guy the Hawks might like. But ive never actually seen anything of him so curious if more knowledgeable posters have an opinion as to whether he is a legit possibility.

  101. Kenny Sloth

    Rodney dangerfield was in caddy shack, any golfers?

    Also in back to school, Bronson Kaufusi?

    • sdcoug

      Dangerfield says tough Buck.

      Uncle Buck = John Candy = Volunteers (sings the WSU fight song) = Joe Dahl 🙂

  102. James

    The logic behind the selection of Germain Ifedi is clear. RT is the only position on the team in need of an immediate starter, so a R1 investment makes perfect sense. Ifedi may even be a better fit at RT for the Seahawks than any of the other tackles that went before him. Tunsil is a train-wreck and Miami is going to play him at guard! Stanley is too soft to play RT for Tom Cable. Decker, too much a Carp/Britt/Giacomini blend, is too slow to get in the way of the undersized pass rushers in today’s game. Conklin is very good but not the athlete that Germain is, whose upside is superior. Time will tell if Ifedi was the right pick, but we can certainly see why he was the pick.

    Logically, we can also assume that one of the abundant DTs strong in pass rush will be the R2 pick. After that, a good guess is the C/OG, a DE/Leo, and a wildcard (LB, CB?) will be the final R3 pick. RB in R4 seems the better value.

    • Mark Souza

      Not sure RT is the only area of need. I feel confident in Glowinski, but Britt sucks even at guard. We need one, and Lewis is a marginal center – another area I’d like to see us get better.

  103. Nathan

    Great draft for the Jags.

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