Round two Seahawks predictions

— The selection of Germain Ifedi might set the tone for this Seahawks draft. Becoming the bully again could mean re-establishing a physical edge. Size, size size.

— If that is the case — here are some names to monitor in round two: Bronson Kaufusi, Jonathan Bullard, Chris Jones, Derrick Henry, Kevin Dodd. The four linemen are big DE-DT types and Henry would offer unique power and athleticism at running back.

— Andrew Billings and Willie Henry are also still available.

— Here are the names to monitor on the O-line: Connor McGovern (C/G), Joe Dahl (T/G/C), Joe Haeg (T/G) and Hal Vaitai (G). They all pass the TEF test, which was further reinforced with the Ifedi pick yesterday.

— Could the Seahawks use one of their three third round picks to move up from #56? In 2014 Philadelphia moved from #54 to #42 for a fourth round pick. That was a bargain for Philly. A similar trade involving one of Seattle’s third rounders could get them into the #42-46 range. That would be ideal for one of the defensive linemen listed above.

— Alternatively could they trade up in round three as they did last year to select Tyler Lockett? They might have to if they want Connor McGovern.

— It just seems likely the Seahawks are going to add a running back in rounds 2-4. If it’s not Henry, keep an eye on Kenneth Dixon (has fumbling issues though) or Kenyon Drake (underrated).

— A wildcard option could be the DB’s. It’s where the best athletes are in this class. How motivated are they to bring in a CB/S hybrid or a LB/S? T.J. Green, Sean Davis, Justin Simmons and Miles Killebrew could be intriguing.


  1. vrtkolman

    I’m guessing Billings goes pretty early in rd 2, but he would be a steal if Seattle decided to trade up for him. I think there is too much emphasis on his gap discipline issues. He’s very young to the point where I think he can be molded successfully to play within Seattle’s scheme. To be honest, I’m not even sure Baylor’s coaches teach defense.

  2. Matthew Ice

    Getting the feeling that they’ll look to trade up for a d-linemen in the 2nd. Kevin Dodd and Jonathan Bullard are on my wishlist.

    Also, the whole Myles Jack fall is pretty crazy. I wonder if teams have known about the condition of his knee for awhile and maybe the media is just now starting to catch up. Do you think the Hawks will still pursue him Rob?

    • vrtkolman

      The fact that every team in the first round passed on him has to be a huge red flag on his knee. He might need microfracture surgery before he plays a snap in the NFL? Yikes!

      • Hawkfan086

        Dodd would be a good player to trade up for. I think everyone on Robs list is gone by pick 56.

      • Matthew Ice

        I thought he was quoted as saying he might need it “down the road”. So maybe eventually? He was pretty vague on the matter, but it’s costing him millions if it’s over exaggerated.

    • D

      I thought Jack was gone for sure at GB’s pick. I cant imagine the slide continuing too far into the 2nd round. The risk/reward starts to balance out at this point.

      • Mark

        Marcus Lattimore was injured and went #131(round 4). Of course, I don’t think he ever played in an NFL game, but we don’t know about Jack either.

  3. Wes

    I wonder if there is any chance they would take Shon Coleman in the second if he’s there. If really want to re establish physicality and nastiness, it would be fun to see Coleman and Ifedi lay that groundwork for years to come. One of them can win a tackle spot and one a guard.

    • HawkTalker

      I was thinking the exact same thing earlier today. But also need to prioritize D line as well now that we have our first buldozer OLineman in the books.

      • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

        I wondered the same question. That would be a hell of a rebuild.

        • smitty1547

          I’m all for it

          • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

            Would a line of Gilliam/Coleman/McGovern/Glowinski/Ifedi be overkill or a waste?

            • Troy

              sign me up for that

      • Butter

        Are we getting too greedy here?

  4. Hawkfan086

    Sure feels like Seattle is going to need to grab players a round early to get their guys.

    My big question is would we take Miles Jack if he is there? We have taken players with medical red flags before.

    • Barry Tetz

      Well seem to not be afraid to take a “flyer” on a ultra talented player with unknowns. Michael, is just one plays you can use as a example.

      I don’t think Jack will fall past the top 5 of round 2.

    • Dan

      I feel like if he’s still there at the end of the second, there’s definitely something wrong. I can understand not putting down your first rounder (and hence, a higher paid player) on someone who might not ever recover, but the money drops down significantly from there. And the scrutiny. So if he’s still there at the end of the second that tells you something.

  5. Ed

    If the Hawks are content with Sokoli at center, the oline seems set.

    Gilliam/Ifedi/Sokoli/Glowinski/Webb (bench: Sowell/Lewis/Britt/Poole)

    Could they use Westerman in the 2nd, sure. But to me:

    2nd Miller (WR)
    3rd Ervin/Prosise (RB)
    3rd Henry (DL)
    3rd Day (DL)

    • vrtkolman

      I’m hoping we add one or even two more lineman by the end of round 4. Keep beefing up the interior of the line with explosive athletes and we’ll be set against the increasingly difficult NFC defensive lines.

    • dawgma

      I think they’re very, very unlikely to go into the fall without an option 1A/1B at every slot except possibly LT. They saw last year that just because a guy is ‘expected’ to turn into a starter doesn’t mean they can count on it. Right now I’d saw you’ve got:

      LT: Gilliam/Sewell
      LG: Britt/Webb/Poole
      C: ?/Sokoli (I could be wrong but I don’t think Lewis is under contract right now?)
      RG: Glow/?
      RT: Ifedi/Webb/Poole

      I seea few issues – that left guard competition looks atrocious, center really, really needs a hedge if Sokoli isn’t ready, and there’s zero of that ‘freak athlete’ depth at RG. I think Lewis is probably the hedge at center, but I’d still like to see a projected starter at LG (I’ve seen enough of Britt) at least and probably an additional developmental piece on the interior. Failing that, a starting center and LG and moving Sokoli to RG depth also sounds pretty good.

      I think my dream scenario would be McGovern as a C and then one of Dahl/Haeg/Vaita to compete for LG and interior backup slots.

      They could potentially end today with a projected starter at LG or C, an explosive d line pick, a contributor at RB , and a solid linebacker. Really excited to see what happens today, day 2 is my favorite part of the draft.

      • j

        IMO they really like Webb, no matter how atrocious we think he is. He’s just as much a starter as Gilliam, Glowinski, Ifiedi. At either RT or LG.

        My second point is, it seems a waste to draft backups (when you talk about 1b, that is what that player is) on the second day. Depending on how they feel about Sokoli, they could take a center. But I think that is the extent of OL on day two.

        • dawgma

          No, the idea is that you don’t KNOW which of 1A/1B is a backup. Whoever loses is a backup, and it doesn’t exactly take a top 10 pick to push Britt or Webb – they could take Vaitai in the 5th and end up with an upgrade, for example. Just that unless you have an established, above-league-average starter you want more than one guy that at least on paper COULD become that. That’s gives you two chances and double the odds that at least one of them will develop into the player you need.

          That’s not a new idea – if the basis of the ‘always compete, win forever’ that’s at the core of their entire philosophy.

          • Troy

            good take on that, its a good ideal to try and have at least 2 solid starters for each spot

      • Josh B

        Signing Webb to a “won’t be cut” contract + drafting a RT in round 1 points to one thing for me…

        …goodbye, Justin Britt

        I think Webb and Ifedi will fight it out for RT and the loser falls to LG. Britt likely sticks on as a backup or is cut outright (or traded for peanuts?)

        • Drew

          He’d be a valuable swing guy, the new Alvin Bailey.

          • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

            Actually I think that Webb and Britt will battle it out at LG. I think if Ifedi doesn’t stick at RT then he’d kick in to guard and move Glowinski over to LG and and the winner to RT, maybe, Webb or Poole, or 2016 future draft pick from today.

        • dawgma

          After the Cary Williams ordeal last year I don’t think there’s any such thing as a “can’t be cut” deal on the OL. I still think he and Sewell are hedge signings. Potentially expensive hedge cuts, in Webb’s case, but still a hedge. If he works out, great. If he’s depth, great. If he gets flat out beat by three new draft picks and, say, Terry Poole….even better, IMO. I’ll take that cap hit in a second if if means we’ve acquired three good OL players on rookie deals that beat him out.

          • mtskibum16

            I was going to say the same thing. Williams and Harvin proved there is no such thing as a “won’t be cut” contract on the Seahawks.

        • Eran-Ungar

          That is a bit of a problem for me.

          The main problem with the OL at the beginning of last year was due to finalizing the roster too close to the actual season. It took away from the proper practice time as a unit and the effect was painful to watch. PC mentioned it saying he hopes they get it done much faster this year.

          Always compete dictates giving everybody the chance to win a job. However, the more levels of competition you add, the longer it takes to set the final lineup.

          They will need to coach Ifedi to play with the proper technique first before he can challenge anybody for anything.

          By the time Ifedi is ready – Having a Webb/Ifedi competition for RT followed by a RT loser/Britt competition for LG is the type of process that could drag too long.

          Hope it works better than last year.

      • linehawk

        I was thinking on similar lines. The only difference is I think Webb will be the swing tackle. And Poole will be cut. I also think Sewell might not make the roster considering he will be the 10th lineman (of course injuries before the season can change that).

        LT: Gilliam/Sewell/Webb
        LG: Britt/Webb/Draft (Dahl/Haeg)
        C: Lewis/Sokoli/Draft (McGovern/Martin)
        RG: Glow/Sokoli
        RT: Ifedi/Webb

        • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

          If you could only have ONE of McGovern, Dahl, Haeg, or Martin for the rest of the draft, who do you think is the absolute MUST to have?

          • H M Abdou

            McGovern, then Martin.

          • troy

            I think you would have to strongly consider Coleman a possibilty along with McGovern, Haeg, and Dahl

            • linehawk

              Yup, Coleman is the wildcard. We don’t know about his health though, so hard to judge.

          • Coug1990

            Doesn’t matter. All of them can be very good players in the Seattle system with Tom Cables and Pat Ruel’s coaching.

          • linehawk


      • manthony

        Lewis is under contract

    • Barry Tetz

      I would also love to see Prosise’s skill set with Russell. He is a smooth athlete with nice hands. I like the idea of Prosise as a outlet when Wilson starts to scramble.

  6. Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

    I doubt that Myles Jack is the pick at #56. I really can see Schneider trading up to go and get “their” guy.

    Maybe trade 56, 90, and 94, for a high 2nd and high 3rd, then take Bullard and McGovern? I dunno.

    I’ve got board looking something like this. I don’t expect most of those guys to last until 56, but we could easily trade up to get one.

    1. DE-Kaufusi
    2. DT-Bullard
    3. DE-Spence
    4. DT-C. Jones
    5. LB-Ragland
    6. T-Coleman
    7. DT-Reed
    8. DE-Ogbah
    9. DE-Dodd
    10. DT-Robinson

    • Producehawk

      If we could trade those to get Bullard and MCGovern that could be pretty good.

    • rowdy

      I heard Ragland has a serious injury too

      • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

        Well then cross him off the list and throw Kyler Fackrell up there.

      • Kelly Orr

        Think it was an enlarged heart or something like that. No knee injuries or anything like that.

    • matt

      Some good pass rushing options there Ben-plus other day 2 options;
      Willie Henry
      Hassan Ridgeway
      Javon Hargrave
      Charles Tapper
      Ronald Blair

      • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

        Thanks matt. Sign me up for some Henry if the Hawks decide to stand pat at 56. Another thing that I have been thinking is this, if Seattle misses on DL in the 2nd round and pick 56 rolls around, do they trade back again into the early 3rd and try and get McGovern early being that he’s still on the board?

        I’m really starting to cool down in the 56 area. I like mid 40’s and late 60’s a whole lot better.

        • matt

          I’d be happy with Henry at #56, Booker too if his knee checked out. There’s a ton of talent available at positions of need. Sit tight at #56, trade up in round 3 using 90+124,. Having #97 to fall back on makes a trade down from 94(maybe add a 7th) to recoup the lost 4th+ 5/6. These moves might be a little cute,but effectively we would be move up in the 3rd and 4th while adding an extra 5th or 6th. All for moving down 5 spots in round 1 to get the guy we already wanted in Ifedi.

          1-26 1-31
          2-56 2-56
          3-90 3-76(range)
          3-97 C 3-97 C
          4-124 4-115(range)
          5-171 C 5-160(range)
          6-215 C 5-171 C
          7-225 6-215 C
          7-247 7-247

  7. Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

    Almost forgot. Would Seattle even consider taking a guy like Coleman if he is there at 56? And if they did, is that our LG or LT?

    • CA

      I would still love Coleman, personally.

      • matt

        Same here. Coleman would create a very healthy 3 man competition for RT/LG between Webb, Ifedi, Coleman. The loser is a higher quality Alvin Bailey type backup of multiple positions. This would drastically improve the talent level at OL.

    • j

      They would have to really, really like him IMO.

      • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

        Yeah, I keep thinking that the only way they seriously do, is if he’s still there in the late 3rd. I think if Coleman is there at 56, then we’ll try and trade down.

  8. dean

    Rob did you ever get TEF Test on Le’Raven Clark?? I thought Seahawks had Combine meeting with him.

    • 12er

      Clark’s TEF is 2.74:

      He may have warranted consideration due to his elite size & length, but thankfully that’s all but off the table after the Ifedi pick.

      • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

        Just curious, what did SF’s pick, Garnett score in the TEF? And does anybody know what Johnathan Coopers was just out of sheer curiosity? I seem to remember that guy getting a lot of high praise for a Guard when he came out. I believe he was even discussed on this site once.

        • 12er

          Garnett 2.83 TEF, 312 lbs, 34″ arms
          Cooper 3.17 TEF, 311 lbs, 33″ arms

          • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

            Thanks 12er. You got that up quick!

            • 12er

              Go Hawks πŸ™‚

  9. sdcoug

    Clue 3: mentions “tough Buck”

    Uncle Buck = John Candy = Volunteers (where he famously sings the Wazzu fight song = Joe Dahl.

    • AndrewP


    • manthony

      Wow. Thats brilliant. If u nail this i will be so amazed. Brilliant either way tho.
      Also, good call on the Ifedi pick Rob and all the other guys in here who projected him to us in the first.

    • Brian

      Could be a reference to an Ohio St. player though. Buck as in Buckeye (?Adolphus Washington, Braxton Miller, Cardale Jones?)

      • Brian

        Well, I completely forgot Nick Vannett, had to be him.

  10. East Side Stevie

    Myles Jack at #56? Come On You Cant Pass On That Talent I Cant Believe We Didnt Take Him At #31 And Then We Could Have Taken Spriggs Or Clark For our Tackle At #56 I Understand The Medical Scare But I watched This Guy At The Combine And At His Pro Day Thats Top 10 Talent He Could Really Thrive In Seattles D I Also Know We Are Set At Middle Linebacer But Could This kid Play Outside Or Even Mold him and Prepare Him Tp Take over Middle Sometime Or at least Rotate I Would rater See Myles Jack Than Mike Morgan

    • LantermanC

      What’s with the random capitalization?

      Counterpoint: Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, Terrell Davis.

      Also, every team, including the Seahawks, has done much more extensive medical testing than the information that’s out there. So sure we, as fans say, take that risk. But if the medical report says 50% chance he doesn’t play ever. Or 80% chance he’ll never been full speed, than that changes the entire equation. Does that really sound like a better player than Kyler Fackrell, or Jonathan Bullard, or Bronson Kaufusi:?

      • East Side Stevie

        You Havent Seen The Medical So You And I Both Dont Know That Its That Serious But Like I Said Top 10 Talent I Watched Him At The Combine And Proday And Nothing Seemed To Be Bothering Him Or Holding Him Back Let Me Remind You This Isnt Just A Linebacker This Is A Linebacker That Plays Like A Safety Lights Out Every Play

        • mishima

          Your comment reads like a Fiona Apple album title.

          • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

            Yeah I’d rather not draft the Danny Hultzen of football. I’m tired of high draft picks that don’t find the field.

      • matt

        Man I miss Brandon Roy. Ah what could’ve been in Rip City. smh

      • Aaron

        I’d draft Terrell Davis and/or Brandin Roy even if I knew how their career’s would eventually end. Greg Oden not so much, but he’s a special case. (aka a once in a lifetime medical disaster.)

        • Coug1990

          Well, the Blazers also drafted Sam Bowie who had injury issues when the drafted him. So, lightning did strike twice.

          Just think, the Blazers passed on Michael Jordan to draft Sam Bowie. They could have had Jordan and Clyde Drexler on their team.

          • matt

            Could of had a big 3 of Durant, Aldridge, Roy too. :/

  11. CA

    I like the Booker pick out of Utah for RB, but that might require a R2 pick. Love McGovern and Dahl, need an interior OL and at least one pass rusher at both DL and LB. Nab your CB. This is a big day I can’t wait!

    They’ll go OL, RB, DL, and LB today I think. If not LB they’ll find their CB.

    FANTASTIC job Rob. Keep it up and enjoy your much needed break coming up here.

    • Lewis

      Ifedi is going to get every shot to make it at tackle, IMO.

      as for Booker, I love the guy, but his hands are very, very small (sub 9″) and I think he will have issues holding onto the ball.

      • RealRhino2

        There is no RB in R2 that I wouldn’t want to take over a similar guy in R4, I think. Henry’s the only unique guy left, IMO.

    • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

      Well they said he’s better on the right side. So that’s where he’s going to start. If he doesn’t work out there though, does he kick in RG or LG? Can Glow even play LG?

  12. Trail Hawk

    Clue #2

    Bill Burr = Andrew Billings

    Watch the skit. Singletary played ball at Baylor

    • Trail Hawk

      Bill is short for William. Willie Henry?

      • Sea Mode

        Sorry, I might be wrong but I’m sticking with the (in my mind) overwhelming evidence for Clue #2 being Keith Marshall.

  13. vrtkolman

    Checking out the A&M message boards shined some more light on Ifedi. A&M was the only team in the SEC that rarely helped it’s tackles in pass coverage – their tight ends don’t help in pass protection and their running backs don’t chip. Even the great Laremy Tunsil was given strong side help at Ole Miss. The amount of pressure Ifedi faced against top SEC defenses was immense. This guy’s character is fantastic.

    • Lewis

      He looked so happy, didn’t he? Love it.

      • STTBM

        He’s just relieved Cable’s Stink Eye from his Pro Day wasnt serious lol!

  14. East Side Stevie

    We Dont Need A High Round Rb Selection We have C mike Signed again and Obviously We Have Rawls We can Come Away With An UDFA Rb Like We Did In Last Years Draft (Rawls) PcJs are outstanding at locating talent that no other team knows about We Should Continue Doing That Same Thing With Wr We Have A Lot Of Young Talent On Our Practice Squad And Our Future Contracts Guys For The Wr Position I Really Would Rather See Us Draft Trench Guys all the Way Through Round 4 With An Execption Of A Qb Or Pb in round 4 or #97
    Any thoughts?

    • Dylan

      lay off the shift button a little?

    • JustMeMyself&!

      My thoughts:

      1. Stop capitalizing every single word.
      2. Periods are your friend.

      • Coug1990

        I agree. He is hard to read. My solution is that I just stopped reading his posts.

        • Troy

          funny how you can just assume certain things from certain posters in the comments, steele, negative comment. East Side Stevie, completely unreadable due to capitalization and bad grammar. Vol 12 and rob, typically great and insightful posts.

    • Aaron

      I would say anything you get from C-Mike long term will be considered a bonus. His full record is mixed to say the least. In terms of us “not needing” to take a RB in the upper-rounds, another way to look at it is taking a high quality player at that position could give you the biggest impact considering the other options.

  15. Josh B

    I feel like we’re leaving today with DL, RB, and OL

    Then tomorrow we go DL, DE, WR, and DB

    UDFA prioritize DL/OL, QB, and WR

    Anyway you slice it, I’m really hopeful that by Sunday we’re all gushing at our rookies

  16. East Side Stevie

    Qb or Lb***

  17. Trail Hawk

    Clue # 3

    Talking about the movie “Easy Money”. – Jeremy Cash?

    • Sea Mode

      Yes, thought of that too. Let’s keep digging.

  18. CA

    Keep in mind, any time we draft an OL this weekend, we will have to ask ourselves if this guy will be able to hold up against these NFCW DL. They have to have the profile to dominate those types of lines. Hence Ifedi

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Bingo. That AZ DL is going to be really scary if they can stay straight. Need more OL help definitely.

    • vrtkolman

      Yep, exactly! Garnett might look good against meh players, but he is going to be abused by the Donald/Short/McCoy’s of the world. Ifedi has work to do, but he has the profile to stand up toe to toe with these guys.

  19. Mychestisbeastmode

    Keith Marshall, RB, Georgia, 5’11”, 219lbs
    4.31 40, 25 bench reps, mediocre 30.5 vert.

    Faster than Henry and Ervin (or anybody in the draft for that matter). Most bench reps for a RB . Top high school recruit, tore ACL and missed the better part of 2+ seasons. Fast as hell again so I’d guess his knee is doing ok. Can someone explain to me why we aren’t pounding the table for this guy in 4-7 rds instead of Henry, Ervin, Dixon in the rds 2-3 — early rds that could bolster our DL, OL, LB potency?

    • RealRhino2

      Doesn’t make guys miss, poor lateral agility, IMO.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Marshall is a beast. I’d like that pick as well.

    • Lewis

      He could wind up being a steal or just a guy. Tough to tell. Don’t think I’d give up a 4 for him for that reason.

  20. Greg Haugsven

    It defiantly feels like the Hawks will trade one of the 2 rounds today.

    • East Side Stevie

      I dont see the trade up John Schneider mentioned this is the deepest draft which hints to more picks the better if we trade up we lose some of those Picks

      • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

        If there’s a guy they like as much as Tyler Lockett though, they just might East Side.

  21. Barry Tetz

    Every time I read the comments about becoming the bully again I remember when we came to know our team. In ’12 and ’13 we had a lot of guys who established that physical style of play. And to me that was the defense more than anything. One guy who set the edge and destroyed the run game of dominant physical running teams of the last few years namely the Niners was big Red Bryant. We lost him and even though out defensive numbers were still tops last year more than one game namely the Bengals and Panthers games our team looked like bend but don’t break and those games we broke.

    I like the big DT out of Pen St Austin Johnson. The effort just can’t be taught and in a physical division you need that big guy that will always bring it. I hope to see him to us sometime in RD’s 2-3

    • Josh emmett

      That’s taking Avril off the field or Bennett and I think they like both of their performances in the run and pass game. You can say the offense couldn’t make a first down against those teams but Carolina and Cincinnati defenses are pretty good. I thought those games reflected that the secondary wasn’t quite right. Williams bailing on technique and Kam not playing up to snuff. Plus most of the secondary were coming off a bunch of injuries from the precious year. Lots to look forward in the pat aspect the starters in the LOB will be healthy, got a lot of young guys who can step up that have been in the system for a few years, and BB brings some more swag back to the group. Bout to whoop some ass and reclaim the best defense title. I do think they are going to draft some dliners but not sure about a huge end. I think that was more of a Gus Bradly thing.

  22. East Side Stevie

    Austin Johnson DT Penn State
    Chris Jones DT Mississippi State
    Shilique Calhoun DE Michigan State
    Some day 2 prospects who arent mentioned much just thought I would throw em out there

  23. Bob

    I kind of like the idea of moving to get Henry, I know it’s not a huge need but if the cost is a pittance why not? Also, hoping OC or a new run stopper at DT 1-tech somewhere in this range.

    Good call on the trade down and the pick Rob!

  24. DAWGfan

    A wild card option you didn’t mention as a LB/S is Su’a Cravens. He could be used as an edge rusher in passing situations(though he may be a little light) and a possible replacement for Kam at SS. Not sure if he will be around at 56, but I love his talent.


    Rob, I’ve noticed scant mention of Tyler Ervin lately in your projections; have you cooled on him as a Seahawks target?

    • 12er

      I think Rob just has nothing new to add to that. He’s high on Ervin and thinks the Seahawks could target him. He’s had Ervin in every Seahawks mock he’s posted since he wrote those articles on him.


        Really, because I haven’t seen him lately at all. He didn’t include his name among those to watch for today either… I like the look of the kid, I hope we’re still in on him. Looks like another classic Seahawks underdog difference-maker.

        • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

          I agree with 12er. After watching Ervin’s film, Rob sold me. When I watch Derrick Henry run, it just doesn’t look Seahawky.

          It’s so weird that a girl at my work was dating Derrick just up until a few months ago. They met at our hotel when Alabama played down here in Dallas at the beginning of the season. I actually got to ride the elevator with Nick Saban. Didn’t say a single word to me, but his body guards did. Got to meet Chris Mortenson and Charlie Weiss was there too. Nice nice guys.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            I’m definitely in favor of drafting Ervin, I’m commenting on the fact that Rob hadn’t included him in his recent lists of names to watch today.

            • 12er

              Well the article is titled “Round two Seahawks predictions”

              Rob’s never had Ervin going in round 2, always round 3. That’s probably why Ervin isn’t mentioned.

              Personally, I think they could wait until day 3 and still have a shot at Ervin or another decent 3rd round back. Josh Ferguson and Daniel Lasco are also good third down types they should be able to pick up on day 3.

              • LLLOGOSSS

                “It just seems likely the Seahawks are going to add a running back in rounds 2-4. If it’s not Henry, keep an eye on Kenneth Dixon (has fumbling issues though) or Kenyon Drake (underrated).”

                This is the second or third article recently that hasn’t mentioned him when it seemed fitting. Talking specifically about RB’s from rounds 2-4 (I do believe he’s been a 3rd/4th round guy in Rob’s projections), I’m just curious why his babe is not coming up.

                I do hope you’re right, and we’re still on-board. Just noticing his name has been absent as it is here.

                • LLLOGOSSS

                  Ugh, *name, not babe… Jesus.

  26. Drew

    Today I want Coleman, McGovern, Kuafusi/Bullard, Fackrell. All 4 of them.

    Kuafusi can play DE in base and Fackrell SAM, then on 3rd down, Fackrell rushes at DE and Kuafusi slides inside

    • jdk

      I am concerned that we are letting a perceived need (how much more efficient/explosive (#2 yards per pass, #7 yards per carry with an injured/old Lynch pulling the average down) can the offense get?) keep us from addressing issues with a defense that has deteriorated.

      However, if Seattle come out of today with those 4 guys, I will do ponderous cartwheels.

      • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

        If they land 2 of those guys I’ll join you!!!!!

    • Ukhawk

      Seconded, dream draft

  27. East Side Stevie

    I Like To See That As Well Very Unlikely We Bring In All Of Those Guys They Are Going To Be On Other Teams Radars But That Would Be A Hell Of A Draft For The Hawks

  28. chet380

    So, do the Hawks gamble that one of the ‘Elite Tier 2’ DT’s will be available at 56 or do they package their 2nd and a 3rd to move up to grab one? ..OR .. Do they go to Option B, sit tight and take one of the good OL’s or CB’s that are still there at 56?

    My vote — use the benefit gained from Rd 1 trade-down and get hell-raising, pocket-disrupting DT.

    • Drew

      Unfortunately there aren’t any hell-raising, pocket disrupting DTs left in the draft.

      • 12er

        I couldn’t agree more with Chet or disagree more with Drew.

        Chris Jones is a “hell-raiser.” First round talent that dropped due to character questions. At what point is it worth is for possibly the best nickel pass rush in the NFL? (Clark – Bennett – Jones – Avril)

        Hargrave, Kaufusi and Ridgeway could all make an impact as pass rushers as rookies.

        Bullard, Henry, Collins and Blair are some others that have potential as interior pass rushers that could/should be drafted today.

        • mtskibum16

          I’m with you there. I’d be happy with Jones being the 2nd round pick (either 56 or a trade up if necessary). I think as a 2nd round pick his upside is worth the red-flag risks. He seems to have the biggest upside as a disruptive DT if the Seahawks can get him motivated. The other options you mentioned are good too.

        • Drew

          I like Jones, but 2.5 sacks isn’t what I would call a hell raiser. He 8.5 sacks in 3 years which to me isn’t impressive at all. I think he has potential and could develop into something, but he’s definitely not a hell-raiser pocket disrupter. If he was he would have gone in the first round

          • 12er

            Gotta watch the tape – sacks totals can be very misleading of overall disruption. Finishing his pressures by making the tackle for a sack has been a weakness of his, however he is better than any interior rusher in this class at getting instant pressure on the QB IMO (sub 2 seconds).

            He consistently causes major disruption as a pass rusher, which often blows up the offensive play even if he does not personally get the sack.

            • Drew

              I’ve seen his tape, and I’m not saying he isn’t good, he is. I’m just saying that I disagree with the assessment that he’s a hell raiser

          • chet380

            “…If he was he would have gone in the first round” — hence the ‘Elite Tier 2’ designation I used — Rob S considers some who will be available at the beginning of Rd. 2.

        • Rob Staton

          Jones’ issue isn’t so much character questions as effort and attitude.

          • Sea Mode

            Right on from what I saw in my evaluation of interviews, bio, etc.

          • 12er


  29. vrtkolman

    The hype train seems to be growing for TJ Green and I’m all aboard that. 6’2″ and a 4.3 40, with 32 inch arms. He could be a fantastic cornerback convert. He’s insanely athletic and hits like a truck. Not sure where Seattle could draft him though.

    • JimQ

      For my taste:
      Rd-2 = DE-Bronson Kafusi

      I’d like to see one of those 3-rd round picks used on:
      –FS/CB-Sean Davis, a spark monster & hard hitter (2015= 5-FF), we pick at #90, New England wants Davis bad, and has the next pick at #91) Steal him!!!! -or-
      –FS-Justin Simmons, similar range as Davis, also spark monster with high upside. -or-
      –SS-Miles Killebrew, The Eventual Kam replacement or “deathbacker”. ** At least, ONE of those 3 please as these picks are primarily for long term team planning purposes. Then……

      Rd-3, OG/C-Connor McGovern
      Rd-3, DT-Javon Hargrave
      Rd-4-7, tomorrow, should be full of great “developmental” picks.

      • vrtkolman

        Man, I like Sean Davis too but what’s to stop NE from using one of their two 2nd round picks on him? If they really want him that badly I could see it happening.

        • Kenny Sloth

          NE is one of NE’s top 5 DBs via Pauline

          • Kenny Sloth

            Sean Davis*

      • Mark

        I like these choices. With a side of Killebrew.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Killebrew is the epitome of tweener for me

  30. Kenny Sloth

    Talib Kweli Greene = TJ Green?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Bowling Green WR?

  31. DC

    It’s pretty funny that many of us have a season long goal of picking last in the first round. Well, mission accomplished! It didn’t come with a ring but it did come with a 3rd round pick, which is nice…

  32. Steven

    Rob you are a trooper. Up all night and still putting out new content. Thank you sir.
    Also if you nail the next few picks, you might as well join the front office. Legend.

  33. Steve Nelsen

    I hope that Seattle stays put at 56. If you recall the Mayock/Riddick threads here earlier in the week you will remember that many of the names that we like are expected to be available in round3/4. Getting that extra 3rd from Denver allows to get another one of those names.

    What I would like to see today:

    Bullard or Kaufusi or another DT
    Ogbah, Tapper, Blair or another DE
    Fackrell or Feeney/Jack/Jaylen Smith if they believe they can play after some medical rehab.

    I would be happy if we moved back a bit at 56 to add another 4th.

    • mishima

      Yes, I think they’ll chill and left the draft fall to them. So much quality/depth, that we should end the day with another 4 dynamic players.


      • GeoffU

        Gotta agree with staying put. That extra third really gives us a chance to take a risk on someone. An injury concern or red flag player that may fall. Or just take from all the talent that’ll be there.

  34. Steele

    Interior O and D line. Theme of this draft. I hope so anyway.

    My not-bold prediction is that they will come out of tonight with a DT. Siliga is not a long term answer, and he is just okay. HIll is not reliable. This is a good draft for NTs, not good for interior rushers, and no complete answers. I like Chris Jones and Hargraves as rushers.

    Doing that, while not losing out on McGovern/Haeg/Dahl.

    • Rob Staton

      The bigger priority is a DT-DE.

      A nose just isn’t that important. Just a two-down run stuffer who needs to be disciplined. That is all this scheme requires.

      • 12er

        Yeah a pass rusher from the interior is definitely more important than a 2 down run stuffing DT.

        Discipline is all that’s required, however the Hawks could really use an injection of youth/talent in that specific role. I think that’s why they liked Butler. Neither Siliga or Rubin are difference makers like a prime Mebane was as a base DT, and they have no depth behind them for that role.

        Another aspect to consider is their opponents will still pass the ball roughly half the time on base run downs, and it would be nice if at least 1 of the 2 DT’s on the field could generate some pressure in those instances. We will unfortunately get close to nothing in that regard from Rubin and Siliga

        Whether they keep all 4 picks or trade up to have only 3, I hope they draft 2 interior D-linemen today – a pass rusher and a run stuffer.

  35. Bill Bobaggins

    Have we talked about Scooby Wright as a fit for the Hawks much here? I feel like he was getting a ton of buzz pre-season, but didn’t really live up to the hype last year. I know he’s had some injury issues, but could he be on the Hawks radar?

    • Drew

      He has t-rex arms and is a marginal athlete, but with tons of production. He reminds me a lot of Chris Borland.

  36. Barry Tetz

    Sad to hear this;

    Per Tony Pauline,
    Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn
    Its quite possible offensive tackle Shon Coleman could take a big fall through the second day of the draft. While he has first-round skills, I’m told the knee injury, which slowed him during the run-up to the draft, has been red-flagged by a number of teams.


    • Kenny Sloth

      MCL not usually a death sentence

    • Trevor

      If this kid can beat cancer he can beat an MCL he played 3 games with. Man I hope we get this guy. Our OL would be set for the next 4-5 years.

      • Drew

        We can use that extra 3rd on him.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Those 3 games might be the problem

        • 12er

          Exactly, he hammered that nail in even after it bent. Poor guy.

      • Barry Tetz

        If its not a overly concerning issue then I’m all for the Hawks drafting him and I think it would be a steal if we could get him with one of the 3rd rounders.

    • Aaron

      Could be reminiscent of Jesse Williams. Might be better to follow the crowd this time and take a pass.

      • Aaron

        If we’re going to roll the dice on injury risk, I’d prefer to roll with Myles Jack. Again – greater potential impact/upside. (Not to take anything away from Coleman’s abilities.) Could be greater risk with Jack to go along with the upside, but that would be my preference anyway.

  37. Trevor

    My Day #3 Wish List!

    If we get even 2 of these guys I will be a happy Hawks fan.

    1) Shon Coleman- My favourite prospect on the board. If this guy can beat cancer he can sure as hell beat an MCL injury that he played 3 games with. The nastiest OL prospect in the draft. Plug him in at RT or LG with Ifedi taking the other spot and our OL is set for the next 4-5 years.

    2) Chris Jones – 6-6 310lbs and can play all over the line. If they want to get bigger in the trenches no player offers more upside than Jones. I trust Pete and this locker room will keep this kid motivated and turn him into a star

    3)Noah Spence – I still think this guy is the most natural edge rusher in this draft class and someone is getting a steal in Rd #2

    4) Johnathan Bullard – Rob has covered this guy in detail already

    5) Bronson Kaufusi – Recent SDB favourite

    6) Joe Haeg – Our new swing OT / G but a hell of a lot more athletic than Bailey

    7) Connor McGovern – His tape scares me but certainly fits the Hawks TEF profile

    8) Willie Henry – Franks pal from Michigan would be a nice addition

    9) Tyler Ervin – SDB favourite and the ideal pass catching Rb compliment to Rawls and Michael

    10)Myles Jack- If they can get even 3-4 years out such a dynamic athlete it would give us a huge boost and with the Hawks medical team who knows.

    11)Nick Vannett – Best blocking TE in the class would be a nice compliment to Graham and Willson and help out our young OL. He is an under rated receiver too. Think Zach Miller.

    12) Charles Tapper – Liked his tape and he tested better than expected

    13) Emanuel Ogbah – Great athlete and the ultimate boom or bust pick when it comes to Edge rushers

    14) Braxton Miller – I think he could end up being the best receiver in this draft in 3 years.

    15)Max Tuerk – Very athletic Center in the mould of Alex Mack / Max Unger. If he did not get injured would have been a 2nd round pick.

    I am sure I am missing some guys there are just so many great options in Rd #2 and 3.

    • Trevor

      Javon Hargrave Should definitely be on the list as well.

      • troy

        Lets add Jaylon Smith as well… why not

    • UkHawkDavid

      Ronald Blair in the 3rd?

  38. Ukhawk

    I’m concerned they will miss out on either DL or McGovern as they only have one 2nd. Would one of Fracknell, Kaufusi, Bullard, Jones, W Henry, Hargrave, McGovern last til 90?!

    • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

      That’s why I suggested trading 56, 90, and 94, for a high 2nd and high 3rd. You’d still get 3 picks. Maybe go, Bullard, McGovern, Ervin and pray that Cajuste is still there at the back end of 4?

    • 12er

      Henry and McGovern could last until 90, but it would be pretty tough to bank on that (especially McGovern). The rest should all go in the 2nd round, or early 3rd at the latest.

  39. Kenny Sloth

    Chris Jones is a Bulldog that has a freshly minted chip on his shoulder

    • Kenny Sloth

      Dave Chapelle was in Robin Hood. Looking for a hunter?

      • Trail Hawk

        Talking about Kanye West. Christian Westerman?

        • Volume12

          If you play around with the word Kanye, it kinda looks like Kenyan huh?

          I’m gonna bet that the Bill Burr clue is Andrew Billings.

    • Trail Hawk

      Bill Burr – Bill – Billings? Bill Burr is talking about the dog looking like Singletary. Singletary want to Baylor as did Billings.

      • Kenny Sloth


        Rose Bowl

        UCLA LB

  40. Volume12

    New clue is up.

    Pop tart bit from comic Brian Reagan.

    • Trail Hawk

      Tyler Erving πŸ™‚

      • Volume12

        I think the clues are Andrew Billings, Joe Dahl, TJ Green.

        • Trail Hawk

          Agree with Billings for clue 2. after that i got Jeremy Cash(easy money), Christian Westerman(Kanye West).

        • Trail Hawk

          How’d you come to Dahl and Green?

        • nichansen01

          Billings is a bit surprising but I do like him.

        • Volume12

          Is this clue WR Braxton Miller?

          Brian Reagan was a WR in college somewhere in Ohio.

          Ohio St HC Urban Meyer once said, ‘schools give out scholarships like pop tarts.’

          • Kenny Sloth

            Titans looking hard at Miller with a second

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ronald Blair III

    • Sea Mode

      The part about getting vertical made me think someone with a high vert jump.

      At the end he says to get a brochure of Montana.

      High vert (35″) from Montana State would be TE Beau Sandland…

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yep. You got it

        • Sea Mode

          He had the 4th largest hands at the combine. Highest vert among TEs and is known for his blocking.

          6044, 253, 34.25 arm, 10.125 hand, 82.75 wing
          4.74 2.76 1.67 40yd/20/10
          4.33 shuttle
          7.1 3-cone
          23 bench
          35 vert
          10.33 broad

          • Kenny Sloth

            Been a target of mine all offseason. My #2 TE for Seattle

          • Volume12

            Vertical could be trading up.

            • Bill Bobaggins

              Could be a fast WR as well…vertical threat.

              • Bill Bobaggins

                Although, probably not a need unless they’re enamored with Braxton.

        • Trail Hawk

          Tyrone Holmes had 37 1/2 vert

  41. nichansen01

    Raw with upside. What are the chances Tavaris Barnes makes the 53 this year?

    • Volume12

      Well, Seattle carries 9 D-lineman.

      Bennett, Clark, Avril, Marsh, Rubin, Hill, Silinga. That leaves 3 open. A rookie, one of Shirley or Robinson, and either Barnes, DeAngelo Tyson, AJ Francis is gonna be my guess.

      • nichansen01

        You forgot clemons and Clark and Marsh might both be counted as linebackers.

  42. Kenny Sloth

    Very end of Pop tart clue he sasy “pick up some Montana Brochures”

    • Kenny Sloth

      Beau Sandland, anyone. Hedge for Luke Willson

      • Volume12

        Joe Dahl went to Montana and Seattle worked out Montana St OL John Weidnaar at his pro day.

        • sdcoug

          I’m sticking to my “tough Buck”

          Uncle Buck = John Candy = Volunteers (where he sang the Wazzu fight song) = Joe Dahl


          • Volume12

            I like it.

            Joe Dahl is someone we’ve known they liked. Fits their athletic profile, highly versastile, and much more likely to play C.

            IMO it’s not fair to say McGovern is a possibility at C because Morse converted.

    • Trail Hawk

      Tyrone Holmes

      • Sea Mode

        I also looked at Holmes. Huge vertical jump (37.5″ @ 253lbs) and 1.59 split. But lacks the size and length we usually look for. (6’2″, 32″ arms)

        • Kenny Sloth

          Draft for future need at TE

  43. nichansen01

    2. Andrew Billings
    3. Joe Dahl
    3. TJ Green
    3c. Tyler ervin

    Based on the clues…

    • Kenny Sloth

      Walk me through them

    • Volume12

      Why Ervin based on the clue?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Miles Jack is a LB leader that played every home game in the rose bowl.

      Falling for leg injury

      • Sea Mode

        Hmmm, good one Kenny. Will have to think about that.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I can’t wait to see who that clue was for. Probably a psycho.

          Can’t wait for the rabid rookie

        • Kenny Sloth

          I like Keith Marshall pick, too.

          Underrated target imo

  44. Kenny Sloth

    Charles Tapper Andrew Billings Shawn Oakman Big 12 linemen

    • Steve Nelsen

      Oakman was very recently arrested for sexual assault. His draft value has been flushed.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Ik. Easy money

    • Ground_Hawk


  45. nichansen01

    I think Billings will be our pick in the second.

    • nichansen01

      Chris Jones, Jarran Reed, Ashawn Robinson, Austin Johnson, Willie Henry still on the board will push Billings down.

      • 12er

        Billings could go before all those guys, and probably should go before most of them.

    • Butter

      Yeah but some NFCW smart arse GM will trade up and takes whatever he thinks we are targeting.

  46. Volume12

    Regan played WR at a school in Ohio.

    Urban Meyer mentioned schools handing out scholarships likepop tarts.

    He mentions 3 steps. 3 step drop. Miller was a backup QB.

    I believe Miller had microfracture surgery. He mentions microwave.

    Improv? That’s what Miller is.

    Vertical? Someone that gets vertical and has speed?

    • Sea Mode

      Nice leads. Miller only popped a 35″ vert though if that part of the clue matters.

    • Volume12


      Jaquiski Tartt?

      Went to Samford.

      CB James Bradberry is from…?

      Berry is a flavor of…?

      • Kenny Sloth

        I like your idea of working backwards from obvious targets

        • Kenny Sloth

          Oh wait that was sea mode.

  47. Minnesotan

    Hey, Rob — let me second (or third, or forty-eighth) all the kudos you’ve been getting the past few days. This joint is indispensable; I’ve loved it year-round for the past three years or so even if it’s April when you’re truly in your glory. Thanks for the time and perspective you pour into this.

    TEF is a great analytical triumph … I hope you’re able to strut about it a little.

  48. Kenny Sloth

    Dennis BLAIR helped write Easy Money

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ok. I’m losing my mind here just start it up

      • Sea Mode

        Glad you guys finally got online I was dying here earlier…

  49. Lenny J

    I say, dangle the lowest 3rd rd pick and maybe a 4th if need be and jump up in the 2nd round to grab a DL. Preferably Bullard, Jones, Spence or possibly Billings. In the end we still have two 3rds and come away with two great picks in a highly competitive 53 man roster. In the end we’ve used Denvers 3rd to assure we nail the first two selections

    • Lenny J

      Or at the very least we pick 3x in Round 3.

  50. Kenny Sloth


    Ifeddie Murphy
    Andrew Billings/Myles Jack/Keith Marshall/Travis Fee net
    Tough Buckeye? Ronald Blair III
    TJ Green, Kenyon Drake
    Beau Sandland, Joe Dahl, Tyrone Holmes

    • Trail Hawk

      No room for Jeremy Cash? Easy Money.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Bradberry and Jeremy Cash and Christian Westerman

  51. Kenny Sloth

    I loved the first PCJS draft.

    They had 2 top 15 picks and all the power.

    They took Okung bowling. ?

    Pete passed on his protege Taylor Mays and Eric Berry for ET

    • Eric S

      Not quite. Berry went early (before Okung), but ET fell to the Hawks unexpectedly. If I recall correctly, the draft clues all pointed to Taylor Mays but the Hawks were happy to take ET. Good choice in hindsight.

      • sdcoug

        Remember when the Eagles traded in front of the hawks? They needed a safety BAD and everyone assumed it was surely to grab Earl. Then they picked…Brandon Graham.

  52. Trail Hawk

    Not sure why but all my posts keep “awaiting moderation” for 10 minutes to over an hour before they finally show up. Frustrating when I’m trying to add to the dialog on a day like today.

    • Rob Staton

      Should be fixed now

  53. Volume12

    I think Trail Hawk might’ve got the Rodney Dangerfield clue.

    Easy money- Jeremy ‘Cash’

    Cash played the BUCK position at times.

    Dangfield says he’s trying to quit drinking, gambling, chane his eating habits. All sins. Blue ‘Devil?’

    • Volume12

      The movie ‘Easy Money’ was loosely based on a series of articles that ran in the Miami newspaper.

      Jeremy Cash is from…Miami.

    • Trail Hawk

      A hard hitting deathbacker that has been talked about. I’d love to see him covering Gronk.

      • Volume12

        This kid is a stud!

        Had something like 18 TFL, right around 100 tackles IIRC.

        Sets the tone and establishes his presence early and often.

        Smart, intelligent kid, but also has grit and swag to his game as well.

        • Trail Hawk


          • Volume12

            Yes sir.

            That’s what they wanna be again.

            Now you got me hoping for him.

            But, if not, there’s a handful of other guys that would fit too.

            • Trail Hawk

              Yep. So much talent on the board.

        • Rob Staton

          Jeremy Cash would be an awesome pick.

          • V12


            I feel like we shoulda covered him more all of a sudden.

            But, in such a deep class, ecspecially this one with all the athletes at the DB position, it was inevitable that we overlooked someone.

            • Volume12


              Rob, could you fix the name on that for me?

            • Rob Staton

              He didn’t work out at pro-day or combine so was hard to judge him — but his tape was awesome.

              • Volume12

                That’s right.

                Forgot about that.

                I can’t imagine he woulda tested worse than Bam Bam for example. Not that he tested awful.

              • 12er

                His tape is so good. He could possibly play LB in base or SS if/when they move on from Kam.

                • Volume12


                  One of the best pass rushing DBs I’ve seen in a long time.

                  Instant impact on STs.

                  IMO Seartle wants to win getting off the bus. Going for size and intimidation factors.

  54. Sea Mode

    I have finally settled on my guess for the Dangerfield clue: Justin Simmons will be our new Moneybacker. (Richard Simmons joke, Easy Money film) Watch this, this is insane:

    Bucannon: 6010, 211, 32.375 arm, 9.75 hand
    Simmons: 6023, 202, 32.625 arm, 9.625 hand

    Bucannon: 4.49 40yd, 1.54 10yd, 19 bench, 36.5 vert, 10’5″ broad, 6.96 3-cone, 4.26 SS
    Simmons: 4.52 40yd, 1.56 10yd, 16 bench, 40.0 vert, 10’6″ broad, 6.58 3-cone, 3.85 SS (!)

    Simmons is a ball hawk, film rat, high instincts, great tackler (0 broken tackles and just 4 missed tackles in 2015- per Zierlein), #1 SPARQ safety in the draft with some of the best shuttle and 3-cone times of the last decade (per Pauline), special teams demon (gunner and coverage), super high character, already settled down/mature (just got married Apr. 21), friends with KPL. Wow!

    I would be absolutely pumped for this pick and I think it might even happen at our last pick tonight. Seven other teams reportedly worked him out, with the Giants showing particular interest.

    Cowboys (WOR)
    Eagles (WOR)
    Falcons (PRI)
    Lions^ (EW, COM, PRO)
    Patriots (PRI)
    Saints (WOR)
    Steelers (PRI)

    • Volume12

      They really couldn’t go wrong with any of these hybrid DBs.

      Simmons, Cash, Killebrew, Sean Davis. Maybe Tyvis Powell.

      • Volume12

        Forgot to mention TJ Green

        • Kenny Sloth

          Deiondre’ Hall plays for NIU

        • Sea Mode

          Whoa, and in support of your theory: Cash started his career at Ohio State before transferring to Duke.

          “Should’ve been called tough buck”!

          Cash, buckeye, moneybacker, devils, Miami- that is a dang lot of coincidences. All I’ve got for Simmons is the name drop.

          Both and Draft Insider reports on Cash say he’s not for coverage though. He thrives bringing physicality in the box. Of course, PC/JS look at what he can do. Too bad we don’t have test numbers though.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think this is probably right. Freaky athleticism

    • JakeB

      I think this is right also. Simmons was one of my armchair GM picks. Can’t believe I missed that reference

  55. Kenny Sloth

    It’s funny. I think some players are much less likely to succeed if they aren’t seahawks. Justin Simmons, Deiondre’ Hall, Tyrone Holmes

    • Volume12

      Hall yes. He’s awful.

      But, I get the appeal. Freak athlete, freakishly long arms.

      If anyone could get this guy to be something it’d be PC.

      Holmes not if he goes to a 3-4 team.

      Simmons is either a CB or a single high safety.

      • Trail Hawk

        Holmes is gonna surprise people. He is an athlete with a motor that wont quit. and I love that celebration of his when he makes a play. Both hands beating the ground, a gorilla beat down! His energy is off the charts. A 4.3 shuttle and a 3 cone at 7.0. Oh, and a TEF of 3.42…

        • Trail Hawk

          Brain fart, it’s Lawrence Thomas with that celebration. Hope we land him Tomorrow BTW.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Hall had terrible FS tape

    • Coug1990

      I totally agree with this. I think the Seahawks do an outstanding job of teaching and coaching players.

  56. Volume12

    I think the Brian Burr clue might be a QB.

    Ian Rappoport says Seattle has been quietly, but actively working the QB market.

    Keep an eye on Dak Prescott at the end of round 3.

    • Volume12


      Not Bill Burr.

      I meant Brian Reagan.

  57. Tonaz Perez

    My prediction by reading the clues is:

    -Someone named Murphy
    -Played on the Rose Bowl
    -Same position as Tunsil
    -From a college similar to Samford

    Kyle Murphy (OT) from Stanford who played in the Rose Bowl.

  58. Richard

    Aligning with the size-size-size theme that you indicate I would be okay with foregoing a couple of specialists like Ervin and Cajuste to get to”Where’s the beef”…is.

    If it’s necessary to trade up to get the DT-(Fackrell-Kaufusi)-Simmons-Feeney and 2 of the 3 Conner Joes then I say do it! If some remnants of #6 or #7s are left later they can try and grab a Darius Jackson-Dan Vitale-Ricardo Louis-Moritz Boehringer. And use UDFA to fill out the remainder.

    • Volume12

      It looks like Seattle has 18 spots left to fill out their 90 man roster.

      Guys could be cut, they could FAs after June 1st, or whatever.

      So, 10 draft picks and 8 UDFAs? Or 9 and 9?

  59. HaroldSeattle

    With the 56th pick the Seahawks pick……Bronson Kaufusi DE BYU. That’s my mock guess.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Back to school starring rodney dangerfield

      • HaroldSeattle

        Getting closer to happening.

  60. HaroldSeattle

    Well there goes the player I was hoping the Seahawks would pick.

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