Live stream (3pm PT): Latest on the Seahawks coaching search

Robbie, Adam and I will be doing a live stream at 3pm PT. We’ll be discussing the news today that it appears the Seahawks are down to two candidates. They intend to meet with Ben Johnson in Detroit this week. They’ll also meet with Mike Macdonald, unless the Ravens reach the Super Bowl. In that case, they’ll be prepared to wait for him if needed.

Join in via the live chat and we’ll see you there!


  1. Cysco

    Boom! There’s the Ben Johnson news.

    Great to see!

  2. Peter

    I know you and the boys are busy with your lives but I’m stoked on the future and that we get so many great videos!!

    Imagine this time with the old boss, no playoffs, it would be so painfully dull right now.

    • Palatypus

      And now it’s like that scene in The Marvels where they are herding all those cats.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Umm… flerkins, not cats.

        *hangs head in shame for knowing this*

        • Palatypus

          You failed your saving throw.

  3. Joseph

    Rob, now Ian Rappaport is saying that Ben Johnson is a “very strong candidate” for the commanders. His connection with the new GM could be reason.

    But I don’t get why Ben would choose commanders. Seattle has more weapons for him to utilize

    • Dan Demale

      Commanders have 2nd overall choice and 73 million of cap space so I’d be picking commanders over Seahawks if I was an offensive minded coach like Johnson

      • Rob Staton

        The Seahawks also have a lot of good offensive pieces and are better placed for immediate success

        • Dan Demale

          I don’t disagree with that it’s just my opinion if I were an offensive coach and I had a choice between the 2 teams

        • Brett

          They have great *young* offensive pieces too. When the season begins, you have DK (26), JSN (22), KW (23), Charbonnet (23), Cross (23), and Lucas (25) for a few years. I think John could sell him on Geno being a comp to Goff with the added benefit that he’s got his eyes on QBs in this draft (Penix, Nix, Rattler, McCarthy) that will be available to draft and thinks can succeed.

    • Sparky

      So hard to say. Seattle has a more defined culture and stable ownership. And it has a more established, high-floor roster, and a more proven record of identifying talent. Washington has been a wreck for years but has new ownership, draft capital, cap space, and more opportunity to create a culture in your own image. Some might not like the uncertainty. Some might really appreciate that blank slate.

      Whoever he chooses, it’ll say more about Ben Johnson than it speaks to which opportunity is “better.”

      • dand393

        Excellent reply Sparky, it really is just how Johnson sees things I guess we’ll find out soon enough

  4. Blitzy the Clown

    Duel in Detroit!

    Schneider and Peters each to meet with Johnson in Detroit, win or lose today (please let it be a win and end the whiners’ season)

    I’m not sure this is to our advantage. A big part of what makes Seattle such a fantastic opportunity are the facilities, the location, the city, etc. It’s a huge advantage over DC, but now it’s almost a nullity.

    This will come down to who sells better. If the deal is basically the same — same level of authority, same pay, same length of contract/commitment — then it’s up to the GM to convince Ben his is the better opportunity. Roster status, draft capital, cap management — all will factor into the GM’s sales pitch, but I doubt any one of them is persuasive on its own.

    In this case, I do like our chances. Notwithstanding Peters’ past connection to Johnson, what’s he selling with the Commanders? The guy was only hired himself. Other than the chance to build it together, what’s he selling?

    OTOH, Schneider can show Johnson a clear vision of how to get to the top of the League. It’s a vision shaped by past successes, so it has a history, a culture, if you will. It has elements of that culture — strong RBs, elite WRs, punishing DBs — in the mold of past franchise greats, but new faces ready to make their own mark. It’s a vision not unfamiliar to Johnson, as has been astutely noted here, Seahawks and Lions are similar in many ways.

    Best of luck to the Lions today. Been a long time since I was this invested in a team’s success whose mascot isn’t a Seahawk.

    • Cysco

      Like most things in life, this is going to come down to money. Sure the other things like facilities, roster, draft picks, stability etc. might play a small factor, but don’t kid yourself into thinking it means a whole lot.

      This is all about money. (as 99+% of contracts are)

      If John wants Ben and is willing to pay the most. Johnson will be the next Seahawks HC.

      • Sea Mode

        I disagree here. Pick the wrong project and you could ruin what might end up being your one big shot at a head coaching gig.

        Assuming neither team is going to wait this long for the guy and then lowball him, and both offers are competitive and in the same ballpark as recent head coaching hires, then I think he will pick the best project.

        The bigger factors here are probably:

        1. If he (and his family) really prefer the East Coast to the point where that simply outweighs almost everything else unless any huge red flags pop up.

        2. If he strongly prefers the chance to build from the ashes that is the Commanders organization and be viewed as the hero who made them relevant again under new ownership. Though there are more pieces in place in Seattle (experienced GM, facilities, structure, culture, roster) and the media is much softer, the expectations are also immediately much higher after PC. WAS also has the #2 pick, which means he can get his QB (not named Williams) from the get-go.

        • Peter

          The east coast thing is strange.

          No one brings up that Macdonald has as geographically small coaching window or his preferences as if he either has none or we don’t know.

        • Cysco

          Neither one is the wrong project, and even if it were, there’s always a price. This is no different than any sports free agency. Players and coaches know that their shelf life is short. Take as much money as you can when it’s offered to you.

          1. When you’re as rich as Johnson is about to be, living location is irrelevant. You have your houses wherever you want. You feel homesick? you’re 4.5 hours away flying on a private jet.

          2. That sounds like when a player says they’re going to a team because of the winning culture and wanting to be part of something special. Nah, you just took the biggest offer.

          If John goes into detroit and says “we’ll give you Pete’s old salary guaranteed for 5-years”. I have a hard time believing he’d turn down generational wealth because he fancies the #2 pick.

      • JimQ

        I would like to think that no income tax in Washington is also a slight advantage to employment here. The wallets of the ownership group should be used to beat most offers from the Commanders to get their guy. More money, less taxes, great facilities, avid fans and a solid base of players should be a winning formula that should take the Commanders out of contention. I am hopefully waiting for some good news.

  5. Troy

    Jeff Darlington at ESPN has been writing that Ben Johnson to the commanders is a “foregone conclusion.” We’ll see

    • Palatypus

      Just asked AI about his accuracy and it came up with him and Adam Schefter being wrong about Tom Brady retiring once, but that’s it.

      • Elmer

        If Detroit and Baltimore win today and there is still no announcement, it’s looking more like Johnson or Bog Mac and less like Quinn.

  6. Hand of god

    The eagles have really stepped up their coaching staff with their DC and OC hires…Fangio is the only DC capable apparently of implementing his magic defensive scheme. If Moore can step up and reinvigorate Hurts the way he did with Dak, paired with a good offseason, they could be the team to beat next year.

  7. Mike C.

    Adam Schefter is reporting that despite Ben Johnson being the presumptive favorite for the Commanders, multiple sources say this isn’t true and insist that there are other strong candidates- Macdonald, Quinn, Weaver and Glenn are “Very much in play”.

    I’m wondering if this sudden change of narrative is due to the Commanders realizing the Seahawks are in a strong position to land Johnson.

    • Rob Staton

      The cynical side of me thinks it’s simply this:

      Washington haven’t done any outside minority interviews to satisfy the Rooney Rule. Good luck getting at least two candidates to travel to Washington this week, especially if they’re prepping for the SB, for a phoney interview.

      Thus, Schefty is doing Washington a solid. And he’ll get the scoop when Johnson is confirmed.

      • Factory of Sadness

        Sadly, this seems like the most probable interpretation.

      • Cysco

        If that were the case, why would John waste his time with Johnson then?

        • Rob Staton

          Well, his main priority next week is to try and land the best Head Coach available. No reason not to try, even if it’s a long shot

      • Palatypus

        Does the interview have to be in person to satisfy the Rooney Rule?

        • Rob Staton


      • Scot04

        Hypothetical obviously,
        If minority coaches all turned down interviews feeling they truly weren’t candidates; How would that effect the Commanders if they were unable to complete the Rooney rule at all.

        • Rob Staton

          They’d have to find a way to get two outsiders to interview for it. I dread to think how they’d go about setting that up just to get it done

  8. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Dan Viens thinks it’s McDonald. Says it is understood that Johnson wants a build up from nothing scenario, family is in NC, can pick a QB. Seattle can’t offer any of that. I Hope this is all wrong.

    • Peter

      Sure seems like we ‘know,’ an awful lot about about what Ben Johnson wants and almost the exact opposite of what Macdonald wants.

      As if it’s a guarantee that Seattle is his preffered future home, he loves the state of the roster, and he has no thoughts on our current qb.

      About the only connection I see is fans willing it and both cities are port cities.

      • Elmer

        So Quinn could easily be left out. Unless there is something tricky going on with the Assistant Head Coach title.

  9. Palatypus

    …And with all this happening we are now less than 48 hours away from the first Senior Bowl practice. Currently, I am getting ready.

    • KitsapHawk

      Damn, I’d totally lost track of that. Appreciate your reports, especially since I was born down there and it always tickles me to think of there being Seahawks fans in the panhandle (when I was a kid, there were always a mix of Saints, Hawks, and Dolphins fans—no Bucs, lol).

      • Palatypus

        Derrick Brooks is from here so there are many Bucs fans now. He has a charity here, although its office is based in Tamba…AND I AM UPSET WITH THEM,

        I missed the NFL Flag event this year because I could not find it scheduled anywhere. The information desk at West Florida University didn’t even know. Traditionally, they do it the weekend before Senior Bowl practice so the players can attend. This year, being the 75th Anniversary, they moved it back to this past Wednesday.

        WEDNESDAY !!!

        So, I missed my chance to see the EXOS athletes up close, but if you want to know who they are just look them up on Instagram. They like to brag about how well they’re doing.

  10. BeingZinfull

    Would love to see Ben Johnson as the next Seahawks head coach, and I hope Schneider makes it happen. However, one encumbrance I haven’t seen mentioned is any calculation Ben Johnson might make regarding available runway to success. If he were to pick up the Seattle job, he’d be following up after a long-tenured successful head coach (Super Bowl winner with positive regular season records), and the pressure to succeed immediately would be high. Whereas with the Washington job, they are in such an abysmal condition that a gradual yearly improvement in their record might be more appreciated then in Seattle.

    Combining this with the opportunity with the Commanders to remake their roster the way Ben Johnson wants, might be too much of a disadvantage for the Seahawks to overcome.

  11. KitsapHawk

    I don’t follow why it appears to be down to these two. Not that I’m complaining, just trying to understand the logic.

    • cha

      It’s just the most recent news we have of the coaching search.

      We weathered days of ‘Dan Quinn is a lock’ because there was not much else being reported.

    • Peter

      1. I’m not going to be surprised if it’s neither of these two.

      2. I won’t be surprised if it is one of them.

      3. I won’t hate any hire and cry from ny keyboard until I see it in action.

      4. Totally unrelated but folks talking about Slowik not getting job offers. Totally possible that’s what happened. Though I’ve seen it and done it myself taken interviews when you have a great situation, and he does, to be both polite and just to see what’s out there. There’s chance that he didn’t get offers as well as he looked at the situations and thought “not this time, we ( texans) have something great cooking.”….of the openings only WAS has a true shot at a top qb with no trade scenarios and luck. And apologies to the hawks Podcaster who thinks Stroud isn’t as good as Geno. You’re right, he’s not…Stroud is better in stats, age, and contract status.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, look at the reports today

  12. Film12Hawk

    Maybe it’s naive but this whole situation with Ben Johnson reminds me of when Matt Flynn was a lock to go to the Dolphins. It’s not over until it’s signed on the dotted line. I hope we can get Ben as he truly feels like the perfect cultural fit and like the one who will be able to get us winning against McVay and Shanahan. He also has an indirect connection with John Schneider that I mentioned before with how Joe Philbin was with Packers the same time he was. Joe Philbin is the one who gave Ben his start in the NFL.

  13. Cysco

    I think it’s very plausible that the “Johnson is a done deal with DC” talk is being floated out there by Johnson’s agent.

    If your goal is to command the absolute most money you can, then you need to show you’re leaning one way so that the other player feels they have to step up financially.

    I’m sure John is feeling that if he wants to land Johnson, he’s going to have to come in from the top ropes with an offer he can’t say no to.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure about that. If anything it’d be better for the agent to let it be known everything is on the table and create a bidding war

      • Cysco

        The bidding war is gonna happen regardless, but you need someone to set the starting price. You’ve got a team in Seattle that is accustomed to paying their head coach in the top-5 in the league. If my goal is to get that money for my client, I’m letting the Seahawks think that he’s leaning DC but still open to talking. (which sure seems like what’s being said)

        If he really is leaning DC, I’m taking that 14m a year offer and going back to DC with a match/beat this and he’s yours.

        • Rob Staton

          I just don’t see it. If you tell everyone it’s a done deal, everyone might be inclined to accept what you’re saying and move on. It’s far better to negotiate with different teams and keep moving that price up.

          The reason it got reported is likely just reporters doing their jobs and finding out that Adam Peters and Johnson have established a connection. Maybe there was some 2+2=5 going on in saying it’s very likely, but the truth is all of that stuff might be true. It probably is. As mentioned, Schefter’s report screams of doing Washington a solid because they still haven’t done any Rooney Rule interviews

          • Cysco

            But here we are with Seattle still talking to Johnson next week and John probably feeling like he needs to step up.

            • Rob Staton

              Sure but there’s nothing wrong with trying, even if it’s virtually a done deal. Or for Johnson to meet with Seattle — why not? Especially if his season ends tonight. Or maybe it isn’t a done deal? We’ll see. But to me it doesn’t pass the smell test that his agent would be the one telling everyone that it’s a done deal with Washington. There’s no benefit to that. Like I said, if everyone takes it on face value he has nobody to bargain against. There’s no market. Just Wash

          • Orcas Viking

            Leave it to the team formerly known as the Redskins to make a mockery of the Rooney Rule. Oh, the irony.

  14. Brett

    Schefter has said Ben Johnson is not a done deal for the Commanders and they are considering others like Quinn. I’ve been thinking about it and my hope is they look at their current structure of having a new owner and new front office and because of all that newness opt for a more experienced HC in Quinn rather than Johnson.

  15. Gross MaToast

    Ben Johnson would be an amazing get.

    The sticking point for Seattle, one of them, is the QB situation. In DC, he can pick up Daniels, or his preference, and begin building. Who knows what The Seahawks will look like beyond Geno. Additionally, is JS willing to cede the selection of whoever comes next to Johnson? II’m sure he’ll hear him out, but the final say is JS. If I’m Ben Johnson, I rightfully have my doubts.

    I’m refusing to believe it’s possibly MacDonald, but at least “Slam Dunk” Quinn is no longer the odds-on favorite.

    • Brett

      JS collaborated with Pete for 14 years on the draft and while he now has more power and final say, I don’t think the aspect of him collaborating with the new HC will go away. And that’s how it goes for every GM/HC combo. With no Pete or Belichick there’s no HC who gets final say on a draft pick now, though there’s likely varying degrees of how much weight their input holds.

      • Gross MaToast

        “Collaborated with Pete” is doing the heavy lifting here for Pete asking John’s thoughts, and then doing whatever the hell he wanted for a good number of years. JS would likely ask for Johnson’s thoughts. Beyond that…who knows?

        I’m not sure what the relationship between Johnson and Adam Peters is. I know DC will have an inexpensive QB for the next 5 years.

  16. geoff u

    Well, here’s hoping against the odds John can get it done and/or the Commanders hire Dan Quinn any minute. I’m also hoping all the “Ben to Washington is a done deal” talk is just reporters being lazy.

    • geoff u

      Peter’s was with the Broncos when Quinn was DC of the defense that destroyed his team. Hopefully that made such an impression he hires the guy. 😆

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it’s laziness from the reports — I legitimately think this is Schefty doing Washington a solid because of the Rooney Rule and I bet anything he gets the scoop when it happens

      I just hope the Seahawks have some tricks up their sleeve to woo Johnson

      • geoff u

        Rookie GM mistake. As sad/odd as the Rooney rule is, they should’ve had it planned out early on.

  17. RomeoA57

    Got it, we need SF and KC to win today so this coaching search can be wrapped up.

    I despise Patrick Mahomes and don’t want to see Niners in the Superbowl, but will try to root for our candidates to lose. Thanks Rob for having me root for teams that I don’t like 😀

  18. Mike C.

    Rob, you’ve talked so much about Ben Johnson being your clear #1 choice, but assuming it’s not possible, who would you choose as your backup plan? Initially it seemed like you were high on Macdonald, but for reasons you’ve detailed, would you be disappointed if that’s the direction they end up going?

    • Rob Staton

      Slowik was the guy I had as a backup to Johnson

      I wouldn’t be disappointed with Macdonald — there are simply some things about his candidacy that, to me, are being glossed over (which is why I wrote the article)

      • Picklematrix

        I think the results so far today bear out your point. Granted it’s against the Reid/Mahomes/Kelce offense juggernaut but McDonald’s defense isn’t exactly shutting anyone down today. If the ravens win today it will be because Jackson outscores mahomes

  19. PJ in Seattle

    As mentioned earlier, Schefter is cautioning that Ben Johnson to the Commanders is not a foregone conclusion:

    So there’s a bit more Hopium for those of us on the Johnson bandwagon.

  20. geoff u

    Why do we have to wait on the Macdonald interview but not Ben Johnson? Is it because we only scheduled an early first interview for Johnson and not MM? If so, that tells me they prefer Johnson. At least intitially.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep, they didn’t do a virtual with Macdonald so now can’t speak to him until the Ravens’ season is over

  21. Henry Taylor

    If it’s Johnson or Macdonald I’m very happy.

  22. MNF_Hawk

    Trying very very hard to not get my hopes up too high about Ben Johnson but my goodness could you imagine.

  23. Palatypus

    More fun with AI:

    Rewrite the last article by Rob Staton from Seahawks Draft Blog in the style of William Shakespeare.

    In the style of the Bard himself, William Shakespeare, I present to thee a reimagining of Rob Staton’s latest discourse on the Seahawks Draft Blog:

    Act I: The Draft Board

    Enter ROB STATON, a scholar of the game

    ROB STATON: “Lo and behold, the time hath come for an update to yonder draft board. A fortnight past, I didst present my first, and now I bring thee its successor. This board, in its infancy, precedes the Senior Bowl. Fear not, for another shall follow that grand event.

    The world of college football and the draft hath been forever altered by the NIL era. A multitude of players hath chosen to remain in school or enter the transfer portal, leaving but 54 to turn professional. This hath greatly affected the depth of the draft.

    Act II: The Quarterbacks

    Enter the QUARTERBACKS, the heroes of the field

    ROB STATON: “In terms of quarterbacks, the likes of Carson Beck of Georgia, Brady Cook of Missouri, and Quinn Ewers of Texas have all chosen to return to their schools. Others, such as Tyler Van Dyke, Cam Ward, Will Howard, Will Rogers, KJ Jefferson, Riley Leonard, Grayson McCall, and DJ Uiagalelei, have all transferred. What was once a uniquely deep and gifted quarterback class hath been stripped down considerably.

    Act III: The Other Positions

    Enter the OTHER PLAYERS, the unsung heroes of the game

    ROB STATON: “A large number of players at other positions also decided not to turn pro. This updated horizontal board looks a lot thinner than it did a few weeks ago and the depth has evaporated. There are many players I am yet to study, including several who are competing in Mobile. They will be added in time.

    Act IV: The Conclusion

    Exit ROB STATON, leaving the audience in anticipation of the next update

    ROB STATON: “If I’ve missed any names on the board who chose not to declare, let me know. More blue-chip players I’ve spent the last two years studying quarterbacks first, trying to watch all of their games, while also staying across every other position. Once I’m done with the QB’s, I do a lot more study on the others.”

    Thus, in the style of Shakespeare, we have reimagined Rob Staton’s latest article. The Bard’s influence is evident in the dramatic structure, the use of iambic pentameter, and the poetic language.

  24. cha

    KC goes for 8.6 yards per play on their drive.

    Can Baltimore adjust?

    • KennyBadger

      If the ravens are made to look like the cowboys in the playoffs, does MM get DQ’d? See what I did there- I’ll show myself out.

      • Peter


    • Rob Staton

      First quarter showing, again, that in the modern NFL it’s the offense that dictates

      The offensive schemes and QB’s are the aggressor, defenses are just trying to limit/restrict

      • SeattleLifer

        This, spot on analysis of the present day NFL.

  25. LouCityHawk

    Will need someone to talk me down if it ends up being Macdonald. We got rid of Carroll for a younger, less prestigious Carroll, I guess I’d give him the old ‘let’s see what he does’, but in reality I’d be setting my watch to see when Schneider’s time is up for recreating Ruskell/Mora.

    I saw there was some discussion about another guy on Twitter who is team Macdonald, a buddy (who has admitted to me that it is purely emotional) sent me a bunch of his tweets yesterday – I’ll be polite, the arguments aren’t even barstool worth and fall in on themselves, I’m sure the guy is nice and good at his job, but hopefully his job isn’t about making a cohesive multifaceted pitch.

    Johnson is meeting with Schneider, Washington has met with Quinn 3 times, things may not look good, but I don’t think that makes us out. I do seem to recall a instance a couple years ago where a team held some sham interviews to comply with the Rooney rule. If these interviews really are perfunctory – the league should open an investigation, get cell phones and email accounts. If perfunctory Washington can lose a couple of firsts (which makes more sense than two 3rds for losing a coordinator).

    What I’m circling on is that there is a group that emotionally wants Macdonald, and an underdog QB, so they can feel the same vibes they did in 2012/2013. Forget that the league has moved on.

    If not Johnson, then make it Slowik. Maybe Macdonald becomes the first super star HC from the Harbaugh tree, but right now I’d take Bleymeier over him.

    • Rob Staton

      A quick reminder — Washington hasn’t met with Quinn three times. I don’t know why this became a thing. They’ve met with him once, the second time is this week. I think it was a badly worded tweet by Rapoport that has confused people, including other reporters

      • geoff u

        One meeting was rescheduled, I think that’s where the confusions, because people remember 3 dates and think it was 3 meetings.

      • LouCityHawk

        It sure did read like a third.

        Did he do a retraction?

        • Rob Staton

          No, but a bunch of people in Washington pointed out he hasn’t had a second meeting yet, so can’t have a third!

          Think it was just Rapoport’s wording confusing everyone

  26. jed

    Seahawks should just trade for the Ravens or the Chiefs.

    This AFC game feels like one of those mid 90’s Niners Cowboys games where whichever team wins that is going to win in a blowout SB. Really fun football between two great teams.

  27. Dustin

    Listening to Jim nantz fawn over people is nauseating. He just called McDonald a brilliant young mind as if he’s a nuclear scientist.

    • Palatypus

      And he was wrong about Detroit being the only team that hasn’t been to the Super Bowl. Last I checked the Browns have never been there.

      • KitsapHawk

        Wasn’t there a qualifier in there about having played every year? Or was that something else they were talking about?

  28. cha

    Baltimore is “too jacked and pumped” on defense and are “seahawking” aka trying to hammer people instead of wrapping up and being sound on tackling.

  29. Kyle R

    Damn after watching, KC, Buffalo and Baltimore I really want a mobile QB who can run and extend plays.

    • Peter

      Everything old is new again. But I hear you on that.

      • Kyle R

        I mean I love a structure offense first and foremost of course I just like to have the option in my back pocket to use it when you have to play off schedule.

  30. Denver Hawker

    If Macdonald gets a HC job, who would he bring from the Ravens offensive staff? I’ve thought their offense has been quite efficient. Lamar being an MVP helps but also the WRs seemed more productive this year on the eye test and they used several RBs.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, my guess is Mike Kafka will be the OC

      I’m not sure they’d even try and copy the Ravens

      But then they probably can’t because Baltimore’s offense = Lamar

      • Denver Hawker

        Certainly not the same pieces to play with today and doubt they make a play for Daniels in the draft.

        I’m under the impression coaches take other staff with them based on familiarity and trust to install systems and culture they want.

  31. Brett

    KC is bullying Macdonald’s defense so far. Still early and will be interested to see how he adjusts at halftime.

  32. nfendall

    Mahomes and Jackson are so damn tough to defend the way they can extend plays. This game illustrates just how important it is to have a top QB.

    • Big Mike


      • Peter

        Tell it to the faithful that think everything is fine in hawks land with the qb situation.

  33. Simo

    Mahomey and KC are slicing right through MacDonald’s vaunted defense so far! Converting all their 3rd and 4th downs, doing pretty much whatever they want! He better pull his boys together soon or John’s going to cancel that interview!

    • Troy

      Agreed, but KC is getting away with holding on literally every pass play

  34. BrandoK

    I’m a fan of McDonald but how good can your defense be to constantly stop opposing offenses. I would rather an offense that’s able to go head to head with anyone scheming up the best players and then just have a middle of the pack D.

    Defense does not win you championships like years back it helps but its more of 60/40 Offense to Defense ratio now.

  35. nfendall

    That play by Lamar to get the deflected pass was awesome.

    • Palatypus

      That could have been an 80 yard touchdown pass to himself if not for the ankle tackle.

  36. Kyle R

    Ok that was one of the best plays I’ve seen by Jackson on the tip and self catch!

    • Simo

      It’s a great play by Lamar, but KC’s defense looks very good so far. Much stiffer than the Ravens D.

  37. Pran

    Are chiefs the new America’s team. What a great coach and QB combo can do to franchise.
    6 straight championship appearances.

    • nfendall

      Especially while Taylor Swift is dating Travis Kelce.

      • Palatypus

        Do you think the referees’ kids pester them for tickets?

    • BK26

      Yeah if it is for the teams that do so well that you get tired of them, and they just are harder and harder to root for each year, then sure.

  38. Seattle Person

    How late the Ravens are able to disguise their defense is really amazing.

    • Big Mike

      Is this legit?

      • Rob Staton

        It is — it’s been reported by Schefter and the NFL Network crew

        • Big Mike


    • 12th chuck

      I don’t want to think of how many times the seahawks have been used by players for leverage in the last 10 years, hope it isn’t trickling up to the coaching level

    • Mick

      If they think he’s the best and they try their best to get him, I won’t hold a grudge on them for not convincing him to choose.

      But in such a case, still don’t bring Quinn.

  39. nfendall

    You can tell which team is in this game annually and which one is here for the first time in a long time. Baltimore is letting the emotions get to them and getting penalized as a result.

    Hopefully halftime will get them settled down a bit.

  40. 509 Chris

    The Seattle job is very attractive to a great offensive mind. I know we dont have the 2nd pick but we could have 70 million in cap space pretty quickly and a lot of pieces already in place. I’m wondering if Slowik just bombed his interview or wants another year in Houston with Stroud?

  41. PatrickH

    I wonder if the Commanders really have not satisfied the Rooney Rule? They have interviewed Raheem Morris and Eric Bieniemy. Yes, Bieniemy was their OC but he’s no longer under contract. So perhaps technically he is not an internal candidate?

    • Palatypus

      I wonder if a woman would count because I would rather Martha Quinn than Dan.

      • KitsapHawk

        Is MTV VeeJay a qualification to be an NFL head coach now?

    • Dustin

      From NFL operations website:

      “Clubs must interview at least one diverse candidate from the Career Development Advisory Panel list or a diverse candidate not currently employed by the club”

      • Rob Staton

        I think that website is out of date

        It’s been made clear by the reporters that two candidates now need to be interviewed in person from this year

        The Brian Flores lawsuit has scared the league to death

        • Dustin

          That may be. This quote was from an update to the Rooney rule in 2018. Has it been updated since? I couldn’t find anything more recent.

          • Rob Staton

            Yes — since the Flores scandal broke. This is the first year of the new rules, most of which are ridiculous

            • Dustin

              I would like to believe that we’ve come far enough as a society to not need the Rooney rule at all let alone updates to it. Then again lawyers gotta get paid.

          • Dregur

            Yeah, I think it was updated in 2021 to state 2 external minority candidates must be interviewed in-person.

      • PatrickH

        I am wondering if Bieniemy is technically not currently employed by the Commanders since his contract has expired.

        • Film12Hawk

          He’s still under contract. He signed a two year deal with them last year.

    • PatrickH

      Actually, since the Commanders also plan to interview Lions’ DC Aaron Glenn next week when they visit Detroit, Bieniemy’s status doesn’t matter as far as Rooney Rule compliance is concerned.

  42. cha

    That half of football has thoroughly exposed the folly of Pete Carroll’s logic that this team is ready to compete.

    This is skilled, tough, gritty football.

    • Palatypus

      I thought that shot to the face on Mahomes by Madubuike was him trying to swat at the ball, and not being athletic enough.

    • Big Mike

      “…folly if Pete Carroll” has been obvious for at least 5 years now. At least

      • Big Mike


  43. Picklematrix

    Let’s see how Baltimore responds to playing from behind for basically the first time all year

  44. Palatypus

    Okay, now that CBS has double-dipped their promotions by reminding us that Taylor Swift can break the record for Albums of the Year on February 4th, we need to take a shot of whiskey every time they cut to her.

    • Dustin

      I’d prefer to not die tonight

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Every shot of Taylor Swift deepens my desire for a Baltimore win.

  45. pdway

    Man, Hamilton is sure a star….showing off all the skills. I know we’ve gotten turned off of safeties based on all the bad money spent on Jamal and this year’s version of Quandre – – but a playmaking safety with range, can do wonders for a defense.

    • Rob Staton

      Good players will do that

      But I’d rather not ‘try’ to find that safety at great expense, vs investing in the trenches

  46. nfendall

    Ravens defense has settled down well in the 2nd half so far. Offense needs to do their part now.

  47. Brett

    Macdonald has made some good adjustments in the second half. But if Baltimore doesn’t score on this next drive Seattle likely has an opportunity to interview him this week.

    • Brett

      On another note, as Rob had pointed out before you don’t need a defensive minded HC to have a great defense. KC defense is legit.

      • PatrickH

        KC DC is a great DC. Stopped the undefeated Patriots in the 2007 Superbowl. Didn’t work out as HC though.

        • Big Mike

          Yeah he’s not a typical DC

        • Brett

          Just another sign to hire an offensive minded HC. Much less likely to have a great DC plucked by another team than a great OC.

  48. Palatypus

    Stoopid rookie.

  49. nfendall

    Oh no. What a disaster of a fumble.

  50. Palatypus

    Zay Flowers.

    1) Taunting penalty.
    2) Lost fumble.
    3) Injures himself punching the bench.

    This is a Jamal Adams-level trifecta.

    • MNF_Hawk

      The lights simply too bright for the young buck.

    • Kyle R

      At least his contract is cheap!

  51. Seattle Person


    The Ravens pressing like hell.

  52. nfendall

    Todd Monken is calling plays like he is Shane Waldron. Every other play is a go or fade route.

  53. Big Mike

    You simply cannot throw into triple coverage in the NFL

    • Big Mike

      Or even double

  54. dand393

    Well at least the hawks will get to interview both candidates this week now

  55. Big Mike

    Well I know the refs don’t want to interfere in the game but Ravens left tackle’s held about 4 × today and not been called
    And I mean really held

    • Ashish

      Yup 100%

  56. SimonGER

    I think this might be the worst Offensive playcalling I have ever seen in the Playoffs.
    They put everything on Lamar and he is just Making the same mistakes he always does in the Playoffs, but he basically does not have any Support from a Running Game whatsoever.

    • Big Mike

      I don’t think Andy Reid’s play calling has been great in the second half either
      I would like to have seen them attack mid-range in the middle of the field way more

      • Seattle Person

        I sort of disagree here. Many times since the 2nd quarter, Mahomes have been really confused. He’s holding on to the ball. The movement and disguise is something the Ravens do really well.

        • Big Mike

          I could see that being the case

  57. Henry Taylor

    I think MM’s defense has shown a lot about their ability to play defense without the scoreboard pressure they’re used to today.

  58. Bmseattle

    Only 2 minutes until Taylor Swift confirmed at the Super Bowl!

    I wonder if the NFL is excited about that?🤔

  59. nfendall

    That was an intentional offside if I have ever seen one.

  60. Big Mike

    You’ve got to beat the champions to be the champions
    The chief’s defense was what this game was about

    • Simo

      Chiefs defense and the brilliance of Mahomes, tough combination!

    • Peter

      Hats off to the reigning evil empire. Reid is the best coach standing and old Spag’s has always been an awesome DC.

  61. Seattle Person

    Nothing but respect for the Chiefs.

    • Big Mike


  62. Tallyhawk

    Hats 🧢 ff to KC. They came out and took it to Bal. Bal played like a team who hadn’t been there before. Felt like Lamar had so much running room but tried to prove he could win as a passer.

    • Peter

      Just two old salty vets as coaches for the chiefs that have seen basically everything under the sun.

  63. Seattle Person

    If it’s the 49ers and Chiefs then I don’t care. Screw San Fran — I want the dynasty for KC. Anything but the 49ers.

  64. Palatypus

    This is how I felt leaving the theater after The Rise of Skywalker.

    • cha

      “Somehow, the Chiefs returned to the Super Bowl”

  65. Gross MaToast

    Not sure I understand the thought process of targeting Ben Johnson, and if that falls through, shifting to MacDonald. It seems to lack a coherent strategy. If you want an offensive guy, go get an offensive guy.

    • Big Mike

      I actually think that’s what’s going to happen. I don’t think John was BSing in his press conference. Kafka is the pivot us my prediction.

      • Gross MaToast

        That makes more sense to me. Also, I’m wondering how poor the Slowik interviews must’ve been with the teams that asked to speak with him. I haven’t heard that anyone gave him a second.

        • PatrickH

          Slowik got second interviews with the Titans and the Falcons.

  66. Palatypus

    This is cool!

  67. Seattle Person


    The 49ers getting run all over.

    • Big Mike

      That’s the kind of series that just makes me want Ben Johnson even more

  68. Dubb


  69. Big Mike

    Used Bosa’s aggressiveness against him.

  70. Ishmael

    Can’t teach pace. What a great series from the Lions, sort of sequencing you have to think would have helped the Ravens. Pretty simple game sometimes. Goodness, Ben Johnson would be such an exciting hire.

  71. Joseph

    Mike Macdonald and Ben Johnson are proving another reason why Seattle shouldn’t hire Quinn lol

  72. Joseph

    For the lions, now would be the time to actually start biting off kneecaps lol

  73. Palatypus


    • Big Mike

      Of course not. C’mon man, get with the Pete program.

    • Kyle R

      No but doing well in the first quarter makes it a hell of a lot easier to win it in the fourth quarter Pete!

    • Palatypus

      I was reacting to what Rob said on YouTube about the last game.

  74. SEAhemoth82

    Jared Goff not being a front runner for MVP is mind blowing.

  75. Seattle Person

    Really enjoying the 49ers falling flat on their faces so far.

  76. Orcas Viking

    So, when JS visits with Ben Johnson this week are back to lasts years motto, “pay the iron price?”….I would add to the iron price a nice home on Hunts Point for Ben and his family.

    • Big Mike

      Jody definitely needs to open the purse strings, wide.

  77. Bmseattle

    Ive never understood why its legal for the ball carrier to stiff arm on the facemask like that

    • Palatypus

      I think it’s a leftover from the days of leather helmets to keep players from punching each other.

      • Joseph

        John Schneider, if you’re watching this, HIRE BEN JOHNSON!!!

  78. Palatypus

    That’s a lower back injury to Greenlaw.

    • Palatypus

      He’s going to the chiropractor.

    • Palatypus


    • Seattle Person

      Greenlaw seems to leave the game and come back pretty much every week.

  79. Joseph

    John Schneider, if you’re watching this game, HIRE BEN JOHNSON!!!

  80. Ishmael

    Another great play call, but that’s some disgusting tackling from the Niners. Properly half-hearted arm tackles, they’re not having fun out there at all.

  81. Ruthless pass

    Ben Johnson all day! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

  82. CL

    MacDonald meeting with the Commanders tomorrow already.
    Fingers crossed he blows them away and Johnson makes his to way Seattle!!

  83. Pran

    MacDonald and Ravens D did great today especially in 2nd half.

    • PatrickH

      Holding KC to 17 points and scoreless in the second half is probably the best any defense can do to KC in the playoff,

  84. Ishmael

    Is there a reason why Aaron Glenn isn’t getting a heap of interview love? The Lions are starting to beat the piss out of the Niners

  85. Commander Ga

    Did Deebo hurt himself flopping?

    • Orcas Viking

      I was asking myself the same question…

  86. HOUSE

    Whatever Ben Johnson is doing in DET, let him do it for us.

    – Pay Ben Johnson
    – Cut dead weight (Adams, Diggs & others)
    – Bring in guys he wants (OL to facilitate transition)
    – Hire a DC
    – Draft the trenches
    – KICK ASS

    • Bmseattle

      Assuming your list implies keeping Geno as the QB?

      • HOUSE

        I personally think that will be a Schneider/Johnson (mainly JS) decision. I can see that Geno was definitely a Pete guy, but not having a QB would be crazy. I think Lock has the bigger arm (pending FA), but Geno’s game management skillset would work. That being said, they gotta do something with Geno’s money. I can’t see him making $31.2M in 2024

  87. JoeG

    Rob, is Kafka no longer in the picture for consideration as coach?

  88. Pran

    Is there any precedence where the hotshot 1st time HC lived up to the reputation?

    • Jordan


    • Peter

      Sean Mcvay

    • Rob Staton

      Judge a coach on what he does on the field, not what others did

      But FWIW:


      All hit the ground running

  89. 352 Hawk

    I would think ALL of ownership is watching today. If John is pitching Johnson well…

  90. BrandoK

    Get Johnson he is the one

  91. geoff u

    Ben Johnson hard at work cleaning the 9ers clock

    • Simo

      Love watching Shanny get his ass kicked and look confused on the sideline!

    • geoff u

      Too soon 😆

  92. Big Mike

    This is what Green Bay could have done to San Francisco last week

  93. BrandoK

    John should do whatever it takes to make Johnson the next HC. If he wants 15M pay him more than that keep him from saying no

  94. Palatypus

    As Scooby Doo would say, “Rut Roh!”

  95. Orcas Viking

    Purdy’s play the past month is more consistent with his pedigree…Mr. Irrelevent.

    • Big Mike

      He definitely hasn’t been great but man their D is getting owned today.

    • Rob Staton

      Never count out this Niners team

      • 352 Hawk

        Don’t jinks the Lions Rob😉

  96. 805Hawk

    I just keep coming back to the fact if you hire Macdonald you are going to keep losing your OC every time you find a good one, just like Detroit is about to lose theirs. You’ve got to go all in on getting Ben and if that fails, Macdonald is a good backup choice.

  97. Palatypus

    “We’re going inside of them, we’re going outside of them; inside of them, outside of them – and when we get them on the run once, we’re going to keep them on the run – and we’re not going to pass unless their secondary comes up too close. But don’t forget, men, we’re going to get them on the run; and we’re going to go, go, go, go; and we aren’t going to stop until we go over that goal line – and don’t forget, men, today is the day we’re going to win. They can’t lick us, and that’s how it goes. The first-platoon men go in there and fight, fight, fight, fight, fight! What do you say, men?”—Knute Rockne

    • 352 Hawk


  98. nfendall

    With either Johnson or Macdonald we are likely to get much more aggressive calls to go for it on 4th down. That is exciting.

    • cha

      A potted plant would go for it on 4th down more than Pete Carroll did.

  99. Mick

    Game’s not decided yet, Lions need to score more.

  100. cha

    That 4th & 2 wasn’t Goff’s fault, but I’m not sure how many more times I’d put it in his hands like that in this game with the running game doing what it is.

    • Palatypus

      I was hoping for play action and a quick shovel pass to Gibbs to gash them.

    • cha


  101. BrandoK

    Lions DB’s are terrible

  102. Rob Staton

    This so Lions.

    — Bad call to go for it when you could up 17
    — Dropped 4th down pass
    — Botch an interception leading to a flukey explosive play
    — Touchdown 49ers

    Detroit collapse incoming

    • Big Mike

      Certainly possible but hope not

      • Big Mike


    • Palatypus

      Probably. But they sure are taking a lot of time off the clock every time they have the ball.

      • Palatypus

        …aaaaaand I hexed them.

      • Mick

        Tough to recover after losing a game in this stupid way.

    • Rob Staton

      And then a fumble and another score


    • nfendall

      Well it was fun for a while at least.

      • Big Mike

        It was

      • Orcas Viking

        Perhaps now we can get Ben Johnson to travel to the VMAC.

        • Peter

          Sucks. Stoked that both may be available but I hate niners and could care less for a niners chiefs superbowl

  103. Jude Wellington

    I like Ben Johnson as much as anyone. But it’s silly to give him all of the credit for Detroit’s offensive brilliance without acknowledging just how good this OL is. Johnson will not be taking it with him to his next job.

    • Rob Staton

      No — what is silly is the desperation to wash away the innovation, creativity and execution of the offense

      PS — two of their guards are free agents

      And you have the #16 pick in a great OL draft

  104. Seattle Person

    This is really comical…haha. Everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong for the Lions.

  105. Big Mike

    And now a drop
    They’re collapsing

  106. nfendall

    The Lions can’t get out of their own way right now.

  107. 352 Hawk

    Lions players are choking big time.

  108. BrandoK

    Wow lions are doing everything they can to lose this game and another dropped pass too

  109. Big Mike

    The carriage has turned back to a pumpkin 🎃

  110. 12th chuck

    I hope if Johnson IS the next head coach for the seahawks, he makes learning to tackle a f-ing priority.

  111. L80

    The Lions are Couging it.

  112. 352 Hawk

    Williams hands are not very good.

  113. Bmseattle

    Man, if the Lions players could catch the ball, they’d be winning this game easily

    • Big Mike

      They’d be up 3 if he took field goals too
      I get it if it’s fourth and one but not fourth and 3 when you’re in field goal range

      • Orcas Viking

        Agreed…Campbell’s aggressiveness is coming back to bite him in the knees…

      • Bmseattle

        Yeah, its tough.
        He’s stayed true to his tendancies, for better or worse.

        • Jack Frost

          in this case, for the worse

    • geoff u

      And/or if Goff could throw an accurate ball

      • Big Mike

        He never has and never will when he’s under pressure

  114. Troy

    this game could and should be 30-27. lions winning, there is gambling and then there is being dumb. wow

  115. 805Hawk

    I like playing aggressive, but I like points, too. You gotta take field goals when you are in range and it’s longer than 4th and two.

  116. Brian Chase

    I don’t understand not tying the game with a field goal. I get being aggressive but ignoring the clock seems reckless. I can only assume that Dan Cambell is to blame for the meltdown.

  117. Dustin

    Choke job

    • Palatypus

      They were never supposed to be in this game at all.

  118. 352 Hawk

    Rooting for KC in Superbowl. Lions choked.

  119. Seattle Person

    Well…at least now the Hawks will know the answer to their coaching vacancy soon. I think this train is going to go real fast now the coaches might not be in the playoffs anymore.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah guessing we’ll have an answer this week

      • Palatypus

        It will be no later than Thursday, the Senior Bowl is also a job fair for coaches, particularly fired coaches. They all show up at the Thursday practice to network.

        • Seattle Person

          Great point. I imagine Schneider would want this taken care of before the crew head down to Mobile.

          This is the best case scenario for JS. Both coaches are now free to talk. Mac is already talking to the Commanders Monday. We’ll see if we get news that Johnson is interviewing tomorrow or Tuesday.

          • Palatypus

            I think it makes little difference to the scouting department. Those people tend to stay if they are good. Look at Jim Nagy’s resume. They go from Scout to Area Scout, to Regional Scout, but then they get courted by other teams to be Director of Scouting. There is some movement, but I don’t think it’s as much as long as the same GM is in place. Then if you are super cool you end up running the Senior Bowl.

            After the new head coach is hired they may want to make some changes, but I think JS is probably in charge of that.

            I would think the decision would be made on Thursday and the press conference would be on Friday when there is no practice the day before the game.

          • Palatypus

            …And the crew is already here. They always leave after the Thursday practice. They never stay for the game because they have the tape.

            BTW, I think weigh-ins are tomorrow and the rosters should be posted on the official site.

    • Troy

      yup, will it be johnson or mcdonald…should know in 7 days max you would think

    • Orcas Viking

      Let’s hope JS has Ben Johnson fly directly to Seattle from SF.

  120. dand393

    This loss is all on Dan Campbell

    • samprassultanofswat

      “This loss is all on Dan Campbell”. Really??? So the Lions dropping all those passes in the 2nd half didn’t matter.

  121. Gross MAToast

    So…interview Johnson tomorrow night?

    Announce him Tuesday?

    Works for me.

  122. Bmseattle

    Ok…now that was stupid

  123. Palatypus

    I thought that the Zay Flowers trifecta of…

    1) Taunting penalty.
    2) Lost fumble.
    3) Injures himself by punching the bench.

    …would be the most Jamal Adams thing I would see today.

    But, that 51-yard reception off the Detroit defender’s facemask was his signature trademark. There might be a lawsuit.

    The Lions should acquire all three of the Michigan defensive backs that are going to be at the Senior Bowl and put them in a heavy rotation this year.

  124. Mr drucker in hooterville

    DET gave it away.

    • Seattle Person

      They dropped the ball…literally.

      • Palatypus

        About six times in the 2nd half, though I was distracted at the end.

  125. cha


    Ben Johnson is free for pancakes in the morning.

    • Palatypus

      I think Penei Sewell had a few.

  126. Mick

    Feels like taunting, much better if 49ers just lead all game. Can’t help but give it to them, best team this season, but I still hope the Chiefs win.

  127. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Get JS and Kolbe and Jody Allen on air Vulcan to DET now

    • Orcas Viking

      Hopefully that Vulcan private jet is on the tarmack of San Jose Airport ready to whisk him away to Seattle.

  128. Brian Chase

    Maybe Johnson is upset with Campbell and wants to run his own team

  129. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: You have me so pump up about Ben Johnson. That it will seem like we just lost the Super Bowl if we don’t get him. We will see where Ben Johnson goes.

    For the most part the Lions just picked apart the 49ers defense. Poor tackling and drop balls killed the lions. Brock Purdy the lion tamer.

    Ben Johnson or Bust!!!

    Ben Johnson or Bust

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