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  1. Elmer

    I would be interested to know if struggles with building a contending roster come down to talent evaluation as much as anything else. Have the 49ers, for example, been better at identifying players whose talents elevate the roster to a high level.

  2. BK26

    Jeff nailed it: we are closer to NO overall than an actual contender.

    • Peter


      Carrying on from the last thread. I feel your dismay at this desire tge find a fourth rounder and hope for magic.

      Rob is right and I’ve been bringing it up. You got Wilson. Maybe, maybe Dak if he does anything this year. And Purdy. The legend if the late round pick is way overated.

      People want to bring up first round busts but mahomes, allen, burrow, herbert with a coach. Stroud.

      I really enjoy Jordan Travis. But he’s a guy you get if you have an established qb, late. Not someone to pin your hopes on.

  3. AlaskaHawk

    I liked Jeff’s point that after all this work and money there is still no recognizable elite players on defense (or offense). No Donald, no Bosa, the best on offense is Lockette. No one will call Geno elite or expect him to come from behond for a win.

    What have we got after 10 years. A handful of good players and a lot of average. Even our two running backs can’t last a season. Metcalf could be great if he improves his catch rate. A couple guys on defense that could be great.

  4. Scott Crowder

    During the LOB days, the defense showed significant decline whenever Earl Thomas was out. Since he’s left, the defense has never found its way again.

    If Pete is such a defensive guru, why is it he can’t get over losing ET?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Hell, I’m over 40, saw that film when I was 5 or 6 and I’m still not over losing ET.

  5. cha

    I am slightly concerned that the Seahawks might draft Jayden Daniels and then waste his talent.

    The way PC has modeled this offense as a pass-heavy offense after ridding himself of RW has got me wondering if he try does prefer a sit-in-the-pocket QB as opposed to someone like RW that used his legs quite a bit.

    I wonder if they’d draft Daniels and then try to ‘cure’ him of his running, and in the process make him less dimensional, rather than use his skills to complement what they want to do on offense.

    Better to draft a more traditional QB prospect and work with that.

    ((this is assuming the Seahawks and PC are still married for the next 2-3 seasons))

    • Ryan Purcell

      Carrol certainly let Russ run. Not sure why he would suddenly change course.

      • BK26

        Because as Curtis said, it’s a pass heavy offense. That isn’t going to work with Jayden Daniels. He’ll need something close to Lamar Jackson.

        They also don’t develop anyone. Daniels still needs work and growth to do.

      • Elmer

        It seems to me that Pete’s “ideal” QB is Carson Palmer. So if he chooses who to draft, I would expect a QB who looks more like Palmer.

        • Ryan purcell

          The last -and only- QB that Carroll drafted AND developed was Russell Wilson. Who was a running qb. So it does not really compute that he would not be willing to draft and develop the same sort of player.

          • Rob Staton

            Russell could scramble and extend but he wasn’t a ‘running quarterback’. His style at Wisconsin was very orthodox.

            • Ryan Purcell

              They used the read option a ton in his early days. I know that. He’s not Lamar Jackson but he averaged 53 yards a game in 2003. It was a big part of his early game for quite a while.

              And I think it’s ok to give some credit to Caroll for “developing” Russ. (If “developing a QB’ is actually something that head coaches do.) Nothing happens in a vacuum. “Carroll embraced Wilson’s “unorthodox” style and found a way to make it an integral part of the Seahawks game plan. So I’m not buying into this idea that Carrol would necessarily resist drafting Jaden Daniels if they thought he was any good.

              • Rob Staton

                They used read-option a bit in year one because RGIII made it work. They very quickly moved away from it.

                He was a creative scrambler, running him wasn’t a designed feature.

          • BK26

            He could traditionally run an offense and did at Wisconsin.

            He was a quarterback that could run and extend plays with his legs.

            How much development did they really do? Russ was a very polished qb when he was drafted. Daniels is not.

    • Gross MaToast

      Pete’s preferred skill set in a QB:

      1) Good at handing off the ball
      2) Can throw very far.

      I’d prefer Pete have no influence over the next quarterback.

      • cha

        And it used to be 3) Does not turn the ball over.

        He threw a fit and revamped the entire offense after RW’s 2INT, 2Fumble game vs Buffalo.

        But Geno hitting defenders in the hands regularly doesn’t seem to even phase him.

        • king

          Geno is, and should be, just happy to have a starting gig. He is not going to bite the hand that feeds him. He is ‘properly’ deferential to Pete’s fatherly genius.

          Russ was, and should have been, frustrated with Pete’s approach and the power struggle that ensued warped both men. I believe that Payton is rebuilding both Wilson’s character (remember when he was the ultimate coach’s player) and his approach to football. Early returns are promising, but Wilson may run out of time to remake himself.

    • Starhawk29

      I don’t totally disagree that we might waste Daniels if we did draft him, but I wouldn’t rule PC out on him. Pete has always talked about uniqueness and talent in his players. What do they do well? With Daniels, what he does well is exceptional. He has holes in his game that he’ll need to fill in as time goes on (just as Lamar is doing now), but the notion that Pete wouldn’t be interested in a player of this talent doesn’t land for me.

      An example: we all know about the size requirements for CB. And yet, with their first pick this year, they drafted a CB because they saw unique talent in his play. Spoon is not the typical Hawks corner, but his talent at the position was too good, so they picked him. I’d say Jimmy Graham, Percy Harvin, even Jamal Adams were attempts at finding players with unique skillsets and gobs of talent. To your point, we may never develop these guys well, but we take shots on unique profiles when they have this level of talent.

      • Ryan Purcell

        Agree on these points!

  6. Big Mike

    As I mentioned on a different thread the Jamal Adams tweet with the reporter’s wife would have been the perfect reason for Pete Carroll to send him down the road and still save a little bit of face. Pete Carroll chose not to do that because it is more important to him to try and get something out of Jamal Adams to make the trade look somewhat less worse than it actually was rather than hold someone accountable for that kind of behavior. To me Pete Carroll’s lack of willingness to address the situation and lack of willingness to send Adams down the road is it as reprehensible as what Adams did because he is the face of the Seattle Seahawks.

    • Rob Staton

      It will be really disappointing if:

      1.) Nobody asks Pete Carroll a question about this on Wednesday

      2.) Carroll doesn’t have a serious answer in response, that makes it absolutely clear how unacceptable that was from Jamal Adams

      If this doesn’t happen, for me at least, it’ll be bitterly disappointing from both the media and the team if this is simply brushed under the carpet.

      • cha

        I was offended as a fan at what Adams did.

        But if I was a reporter in Seattle, I’d want to know how (and if) the team has handled this. Going after a man’s wife – basically unprovoked – is low, and hits a nerve. As a professional I would view that as beyond unacceptable and needs to be addressed.

        If nothing is said or followed up on until we get some statements of accountability, it will just show how much this media group views the team as their constituency and not their readers.

        • bmseattle

          I think it’s unlikely that anyone will bring it up.

          If they do, I predict Pete will say something along the lines of…”I’m aware of it and it has been addressed. We are moving on.”
          In other words, he’ll dismiss it, while trying to make it sound like something was done “behind the scenes”.

          • Rokas

            You seem to imply that you know that nothing was done behind the scenes.

            • bmseattle

              Oh, sorry, I meant to imply that no one in the media or public will be allowed to learn what was “done behind the scenes”, so we are left to take Pete at his word.

              Many people were pretty disgusted by Adams’ actions, so keeping the punishment (if there was any) completely “behind the scenes” leaves open all sorts of implications… that may or may not be accurate.

      • whit21

        You can probably listen to anybody on KJR and hear a strong negative opinion on Jamal Adams’ tweet. I heard a few shows talk about it negatively.

        • Andrew M

          Oh really? That is at least something. I’ve been waiting, like a few fans on this forum, to hear anybody address it. Maybe tomorrow’s press conference with Pete brings a little scrutiny, but there are doubts that will happen.

  7. Rob Staton

    Anyone want a mock draft this week?

    • Seahawkwalt

      Heck Yes!!

      • Peter

        Hope it happens!!

    • whit21

      just mock Braelon Allen higher than a 4th.. If hes not better than Charbonet.. We got screwed.

    • nfendall

      Don’t tease me with a good time unless you are gonna follow through with it.

      • Big Mike

        blue balls? 😀

    • Mick

      Always highly appreciated.

    • Big Mike

      Oh hell yeah Rob!

    • Gritty Hawk

      I wouldn’t mind a break from all the mainstream mocks I’ve seen, 90% of which have us taking an edge rusher. The weird part is that somehow these “pundits” have learned who Boye Mafe is but evidently have never heard of Uchenna Nwosu.

      • Rob Staton

        Publishing it today…

    • Sultan

      Definitely. I’ll take anything to change my mood about this team

    • Gaux

      + 1.0

  8. bmseattle

    Mock us!

  9. Al U

    I agree with you about the fact that the 7th playoff team, the international games and 17th game are probably a net negative for the NFL product (and I say that as someone who went to a few games at Wembley between 2008 and 2015). But clearly they’re here to stay so for my money there should be 16 international games each season whereby each team plays 8 home games, 8 away games, and 1 international game. Maybe even assign each team a ‘home’ international city they can play at every couple of years and try to build loyalty to teams that way. But overall I agree 100% that a large part of the appeal of the sport is that it’s so quintessentially American and to watch it outside of the USA is a very different experience. And another large part of the appeal is the ‘less is more’ aspect of the NFL season. Every game is so important compared to in most sports. I wish they’d stop messing with it.

    • DarrellDownUnder

      I’ll add the Thursday night games as a net negative.
      Just my opinion of course.

      • Al U

        I hear ya, although I mostly don’t like it due to the fact that Thursday night football kicks off at about 2pm on a Friday afternoon here which means I have almost no chance of watching the games live.

  10. Big Mike

    Enjoyed the livestream with Jeff last night when I finally had the chance to listen. Appreciate both of you

  11. LouCityHawk

    So here is a confession, I was all for the firing of Mora, but was against hiring Pete Carroll.

    I had heard Bill Simmons (then I just thought of as the Boston Sports Guy) call him the Coaching Freedom, and that was my opinion watching his tenure at USC. This was a college coach, not NFL, and he is the sort of coach that betrays you as a fan. And the sooner you come around to understanding that he was the problem all along, the better.

    I was thrilled with the hiring of John Schneider, a lot of my support for him today may be confirmation bias from all those years ago.

    Following the Super Bowl win with the little person at quarterback, I agree I I Was Wrong.

    As we learn more about what happened following the Super Bowl loss, and the decision-making that followed in the years, and this season in particular…. i’ve come back to that idea of Fredo.

    I could longform this in 10,000 words, but in a summary:

    One of the central failings of Fredo’s character is that he believed he was the smartest guy in the room, his ideas were the best ideas, he should be running things, not Sunny, not Michael. Fredo had some successes, thanks, in large part to the competence of the people around him. As those people went away, it was clear who Fredo was, Fredo is the guy who let you down

    I drove back-and-forth from Louisville to Texas last week, I had downloaded every interview I could find Ben Johnson and Wes Phillips. I am ready for Seattle to have Michael be the coach, enough of Fredo.

    • bmseattle

      Just like “nothing happens to Fredo while my mother is alive”…. “nothing happens to Pete while Jody owns the team”.

      • LouCityHawk

        I’m not so sure Jody isn’t Michael …. It isn’t personal John, it’s strictly business.

    • BK26

      I agree with this, 100%.

      First off, there is no one to hold Pete accountable. That gets to someone. Think of a spoiled kid or an athlete playing AAU, always being told that they are the best. Our Don Vito passed away, and Michael turned into Fredo.

      Pete (and people under him, I’m thinking of Cable especially) thought that what they were doing was groundbreaking and that they were the best and smartest; trying to take coal and turn it into gold. Trading back for more picks with a weaker overall talent pool. Throwing too much money at cheap veterans because “we can fix them.” Drafting guys and then changing their positions because, once again, “we know better and are smarter.” Trading away picks for players who don’t have contracts, etc. NOT THINKING OF THE QUARTERBACK POSITION AT ALL FOR YEARS AND YEARS.

      Pete thinks that he his bulletproof. Problem is, he is to a degree with the front office and fans. But it is time for a change. There has to be a change. The team is close to reaching apathy, which is almost like a death penalty. You would rather have the fans pissed off then just not care. Then you have to win them back. It can be a cancer to a team. Why should even come back?

      • LouCityHawk

        Look…they aren’t the Mariners, those guys are in the ropes with me, we may have to do a trial separation.

        Quoting from the Godfather again:

        These things gotta happen every five years or so, ten years. Helps to get rid of the bad blood. Been ten years since the last one. You know, you gotta stop them at the beginning.

        • Big Mike

          Mariners are OUT for me. One of if not the most profitable teams in MLB by all reports yet cutting more payroll. Sorry the Regional Sports Network model is failing, but you could cut your profits in half and buy some damned bats. Or better yet, break even for 1-2 seasons and actually TRY to bring the city and fans a World Series after 47 freaking years! Dipshito and Servais are frustrated and with good reason

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      I’d respectfully disagree. In my mind, Pete is old Corleone, once a powerful man but now weakened by the loss of his brash son Sonny (the LOB), forgetting what he’s saying and soon to be playing with his grandkids amongst the tomato plants.

      If anyone is Fredo, it’s John Schneider. Pete’s his boss, is always telling him to do what he doesn’t agree with but does it anyway to keep his position and has a history of looking for a way out. John, however, thinks he’s Tom Hagen.

      • LouCityHawk

        The John Schneider – Hagen parallels are actually kind of creepy.

        But…here Carroll could be Vito – refusing to get into drugs (new wave offense) and sticking to the old ways. In that way of thinking Schneider is Clemenza, Waldron is Sonny, and Clint Hurtt is Luca Brasi. Geno is Johnny Fontaine and Nate is Fredo.

      • BK26

        I could get behind Pete being Don Vito. And John about half of Fredo (for what you mentioned) and Tom, in that he knows what he is doing, knows the in’s and the out’s, but isn’t Sicilian so he can’t run things.

        Who is Jamal? Connie? Just too loud. Or is he the Turk? Thinks he’s the tough guy trying to take over and do what he wants. Either him or Diggs could be Johnny Fontaine: crying about no respect and needing the boss to cover for them.

        I have more interest in these comparisons than the team making the playoffs hahaha.

        • LouCityHawk

          Prez is Carlo Rizzi- easy

          Diggs is Moe Greene

          • ShowMeYourHawk

            See, I’d say that DK is Carlo, given his predilection of throwing hands with other players when he gets emotional.

            And, you and I are in complete agreement about Diggs. You just got there a few minutes earlier.

            • BK26

              I third Diggs as Moe Greene.

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          – Jamal is 100% Connie. Whiny, cash obsessed creature that is often physically abused (in coverage).

          – Geno is Apollonia. A bright future for a hot minute, then flames out.

          – Diggs is Moe Greene. Constantly reminding others of who is is and how great he is.

          • BK26

            Damn, spot on!

  12. Peter

    Kind of fascinating to see the turning of the screw withbtge seahawks.

    When Smith/ Rang are calling out big name, big dollar, underachieving players and 710 posts clips about confidence level of getting to the playoffs and the vast majority of fans are saying less than 4/10 chance…and time to let Pete go with no pushback somethings happening.

    Will comment that I saw the weirdest coping strategy recently. Where two talking heads said while being pro-Geno that although he’s not elite what the real issue is…that you can’t possibly draft a qb early because that qb will face the same problems as Geno and thus that’s why Geno should keep his job….

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s the atmospheric pressure, the short days, the worthless Mariners…but a calming complacency that the status quo should remain because a tacit acknowledgement that we can’t improve anything because those in charge do not know how to is a bummer.

    I must have amnesia because I feel like a year ago folks were talking about Pete as coach of the year, we were rah rah ing Russ’ failings, Geno was talked about as a dark horse MVP and winning come back from bring a bust player of the year… were quite happy.

    Same coach, qb, OC, a lot of the same oline, another weapon or two on offense and a really good game against ( frauds) Dallas and we’ve seen enough to think it’s time to infinitely build around a mid level qb for I guess….forever?

    • LouCityHawk

      So a funny thing…I was listening to another podcast for a different team, talking about HC candidates for the 2023 cycle…and the one that was a media member/reporter said that when he published his first article about his teams HC being on the hot seat he got a phone call from the teams head of media relations that was not fun or nice.

      He basically acknowledged that the team retaliated against him and the org he worked for, even though the coach eventually was replaced. I’ve noticed the more mainline the reporter, the more allergic they are from saying bad things about Carroll.

      • Rob Staton

        Stuff like this definitely happens. It happens over here and it’ll happen all over the States too, almost certainly in Seattle.

        You haven’t done your job IMO unless you’ve had a bollocking from a head of communications or media officer at one time or another.

        They have a job to do (protect the team) and often will have a coach complaining at them, or someone else, insisting they say something.

        But you also have a job to do. Never forget that.

        • LouCityHawk

          That is how the sausage gets made I suppose, you want access and leaks, and such…. You pay the piper and keep quiet when you are told.

          The Seahawks do seem to have a robust communications department, good at coordinating leaks, planting stories, and must keep the press on a relatively short leash.

          You rearely see leaks like what happens in Carolina or Chicago, or even the Mariners.

          • Rob Staton

            Going back to the original point, I don’t think reporters really should be talking about whether a coach should be fired. That’s for columnists and talked heads. What should be done, though, a fair, challenging, probing questions. Such as, Carroll’s reaction and actions to Jamal Adams’ activity on twitter.

        • cha

          Rob, dig out that exchange you had with one of the managers in the UK 2-3 years ago and link it.

          You asked questions, didn’t get any answers and didn’t back down. He was NOT happy with you and if I recall just ended the interview.

  13. LouCityHawk

    I want everyone to check themselves on what they think they know about Jody Allen. I’ve looked and there isn’t a lot out there that allows us to know her kind or her tendencies.

    A little over 20 years ago I was in the early stages of running my own company. Ended up in a dispute with a much larger company. We went to mediation.

    The other side of this mediation was not the people I interacted with, in fact none of them were even employed by that company. I was arguing against an old dude who was the CEO. I was hot, and being young, not prone to listening, but the mediator who was an old judge sat me down.

    The old judge looked at me, in a room, by ourselves, and said ‘Stop, I am going to go sit in that corner and enjoy my coffee and read a book for 15 minutes. You, are going to sit here for the next 15 minutes and imagine yourself as the old CEO, imagine how he perceives things and what pressures he has and then think about the decisions he is making”. “Then,” he said, “then you’re going to tell me how to resolve this because he can afford to lose this lawsuit, but you can’t.”

    So stop, sit down, think about yourself as Jody Allen, what real choices would you be making? I wouldn’t just shit can Carroll for laughs, I’d be sensitive about what he meant to the community, team and respect that. I would be asking him about his exit strategy, and depending on how those talks went, I would be planning for my move at the end of the season.

    Most of us are rational thinkers and make decisions in rational ways. I 100% understand why Carroll isn’t stepping down and why, I get it, I cannot honestly say I’d do differently in his shoes.

    • Peter

      While all valid…..

      If we are considering Pete and everything he means I think Adam made a sharp but accurate point. Bellichick had a HOF career since Seattle one the big one.

      Let’s run everything back again. For sake of argument. No qb, a little change to Greg Olsen as OC ( who else? I make jokes but Nate might be the last man standing). Does Pete want to truly end up the villain?

      Seriously. Say AZ gets it together next year and Rams select Rattler ( my current speculation btw) and keep building as they’ve rapidly come around on tge ‘f them picks’ and are now ahead of us. So we miss the playoffs this year, likely, and miss it again next year.

      In 2025 Pete will be 74? The value from the 2022 draft will be coming to a head. And there’s a very good chance based on watching coaches slide over a long enough timeline that we stay stuck in 2024 still talking about what can be in 2025.

      No one will ever know. But the passing of Paul I feel is the biggest driver of what we see now. The paradigm of all Pete has meant has been partly been created by simply longetivity.

      • LouCityHawk

        Which is why if I was Jody Allen I would have already hired a firm to make the inquiries to the HC candidates, I’d be keeping it politely discrete. I’d also have made it clear to Carroll that he will likely be replaced after the Season, and that I’d prefer he resign/retire.

        I wouldn’t condition it on ‘deep playoff run’ or anything like that. Rob or Jeff, can’t remember which, made a good point about the list of candidates for with AOC experience shrinking.

        I’ve done what a fan can with respect to Ben Johnson and Wes Phillips – Johnson might be special, Phillips looks and sounds the part of someone ready to take apart the league, and his pedigree might net him a choice D coordinator. While I’d be happy getting Desai back, maybe a Bobby Babich or Anthony Weaver, Connections might be worth something. They won’t last this next cycle unless they want to (like Johnson declining opportunities in 2023). I’m moving on to Bienemy and Slowik next.

        Who is to say that Jody Allen hasn’t seen files on all of these coaches, hasn’t discussed them with Schneider. I would have, and I’d also make sure John knew that I’m keeping a pulse on GM people too, that is the nature of the business.

        • Peter

          Like a lot of those names.

          I’m a little down on Desai. Not sure I’ve seen enough factor from him yet. I’m pretty into getting a grumpy Schwartz type. A guy I think has settled into the role of ‘not quite head coach,’ but pretty great at what he does.

          • LouCityHawk

            I’ve seen enough Frank Clark that replacing Hurtt with Wade Phillips is starting to appeal to me.

            • Rob Staton

              Clark should be inactive


        • Big Mike

          I’ve posted this before but here goes……based on how she handled the Blazers terrible GM, I don’t see her being willing to pay someone to not work for her. She refused to fire him despite him pretty much sucking for a number of years. The only way she was able to get rid of him was charges of a hostile work environment picking up to the point that it was obvious they were true he was gone with her not have to pay him because of said “infractions”. For all my criticisms of Carroll, that type of thing will never part of who he is. He’s a solid human being in how he interacts with others. I don’t believe she will ever be willing to pay someone to not work for her and if that’s the case, the only way he’d be gone is to resign of his own volition. I think he knows that and as a result, knows he owns the ace in the hole.
          I want your suggestion to be correct, badly.

          • Big Mike

            In other words, she fired Olshey “with cause”. Pete ain’t gonna give her cause.

            • Brodie

              Do you know the story with the HC, Stotts?

              I don’t follow nba, but he was the coach for 10 years or so and she did fire him.

              • Big Mike

                “Mutually agreed to part ways”. Had 1 year left on his deal at the time
                Maybe there is hope but I doubt it because I don’t think Carroll would agree to part ways

                • Brodie

                  Thanks. I thought he was fired.

                  Then again, maybe that was the deal. “You’re gone regardless. How we tell the world is up to you.”

      • BK26

        Paul Allen as a Seahawks owner (can’t comment on the Blazers portion) was the best owner in professional sports. Saved the franchise, knew his limitations in what he knew, and hired people to alleviate that limitation. Stay out of the way until needed otherwise.

        If he was still here, Pete would probably be gone. We would definitely be a MUCH better team. You can look at any team in the league and their ownership reflects the fortunes of the team on a long-term pattern.

        • cha

          We also found out after the fact that Allen had a weekly meeting with Pete & John and they presented a detailed report on the game. What worked, what didn’t, etc.

          • BK26

            Jerry Jones would mention these meetings…weekly.

            Jim Irsay would probably have the meetings with himself.

            Tepper would probably fire someone in a weekly meeting since they most likely lost….

            • Joseph

              And funny how Reich being to stubborn to adapt is what got him fired. You’re right, if Tepper was the owner instead of that incompetent Jody Allen, Carroll would be gone!

              • BK26

                Pete wouldn’t have survived the first season! Tepper would have pushed for Drew, all while making John draft someone as well.

                I feel bad for Reich, going from Irsay to Tepper. Yet it will hurt HIS career.

  14. Peter

    As I’m posting this keep in mind that I live somewhere on earth under a “river of rain,” and I’m staring at my welding shop with two inches of standing water…

    Listening to a fun Jacson Bevens, Greg Bell pod on tge state of things. I little apologetic and explainy for my taste but fun.

    On the topic of overall talent though. Both think Seattle’s overall talent is around 7.5 to 8 put of 10. And they we are too talented (?) To lose to the Rams or be beat so badly by the Ravens.


    1. Either this is true and it’s an indictment of the whole coaching staff.

    2. Or and this is just me…I don’t actually think Seattle is that talented. I saw us when we legitimately were stacked. We weren’t creative. If it hadn’t been my/our team they weren’t doing anything interesting. They just lined up and beat teams.

    In no order:

    Safeties….0/10. Legit two liabilities on the field at the same time. Actively makes the corners and LB’s even worse. Cost is brutally out of whack for them.

    Corners….8/10. Witherspoon to me with anything helping 10/10. Woolen 6/10. Brown 8/10

    LB’s…5/10. Great at the run. Horrible at the pass. Brooks was playing with a 7/10 to 8/10 range. Bush…N/A

    Edge…6/10. Mafe and who…one guy can’t be it. Jones moved around and now I’d like to just see him moved on.

    IDL…..7/10. Try hards but the sum is the same as the individuals. All would be even better with a real spark. On their own I’m not down on them, it just is what it is. Losing 4 of 5 since signing Williams hasn’t helped my mood.

    WR…..7/10…..the on paper debate is over. It is what it is. DK does DK things good and bad. Lockett is pretty clearly slowing down. JSN I have no reason to think he won’t be good. All hamstrung by ‘situations.’ Bobo is a guy. Not quite just a guy, but not much further yet.

    TE’s….6/10….this is not usage. This is that Dissly has always played like a plus level mid round guy and still does. So does parkinson. And Fant plays like a talent that isn’t getting the ball. If all three were realeased fant would get a little chunk of cash. Not sure Parkinson or Dissly would get much more than vet minimums.

    RB’s….8/10….walker rules and charbonnet could/can. Both are injured but the talent is real. Dj Dallas is a nice try hard.

    Oline as a whole unit…5/10. Maybe 6/10….healthy Lucas is better now than Cross’ growth. Brown is the 9th center in nine years. Enough said. If Lewis was ever good he’s not now and they should move on. Bradford I’d like to believe will become an 8/10 but not yet.

    QB…7/10….if you’re qb is goldilocks and needs everything ‘just right,’ he ain’t it. The fullest of stops. When everything is set up nice and neat you can win with Geno…I think…because we’ll never have that under Carrol so we’ll never know. Dude flashes and someone out there is making crazy money on daily fantasy betting when Geno goes off. On the other hand….someone else is losing their rent when Geno takes brutal sacks, intentionally grounds, over/under throws everyone, and stares right at DB’s before throwing into their warm embrace.

    • Big Mike

      My sympathies for the flooding my friend. It’s a good time to live in the burbs. For those of you and other parts of the world it has rained for 48 hours straight here in the Northwest maybe even longer. My wife is on the internet as we speak looking to purchase an ark.
      Agree with most of your ratings though I would drop Geno to a 6.
      You did not rate coaching I’ll give it a 3

      • Peter

        Don’t miss the cost of Seattle but do miss the hills vs. Living on 54 acres of essentially a saucer shaped property.

        Last summer I put 16 dump trucks of rock in one if barns to stop the flooding. It worked but….

        The shop is a bummer because I tore out the old bad concrete and was going to pour new this week but not in standing water….oh well.

        On Geno….probably 6/10 is more like it.

        Finished their podcast and they both said got to keep Geno because he makes the team better….than what. We are exactly. 500 as his time as the starter.

        • BK26

          I would have bet money on them saying that about Geno.

          My brother lives in Seattle (suburb last time that I visited). Walked out his front door and saw Mt. Rainier.

          Gorgeous place that could almost counteract anything else.

          • Peter

            Every time I go home I get dreamy eyes with the Olympics, rainier, etc….me and the wife start thinking “what if….we moved back,”

            Then I fire up the old Zillow and laugh my ever loving butt off.

            My childhood home is literally a house in a place. So it checks that box. It’s now allegedly worth 2.1 million….

          • Brodie

            Yep. Pretty much everyone that covers the Hawks (radio/podcasts) was calling for Geno to get $45M last year, because ‘that’s what good qb’s cost’

            Apart from Brock and Mullen, few of them have a clue about player evals and NONE of them understand how the salary cap works.

            Small wonder many of them are all aboard the ‘run it back with Geno, Jamal and diggs’ train

        • Big Mike

          I’m in Vancouver Washington so I suburb of Portland not Seattle

          • Peter

            The ‘couv has grown on me. Growing up in Seattle it was always the armpit but it’s really come along nicely the last little while.

          • Peter

            Coaching BTW…easy 3/10. I mean they are there on game day. And once un a while they’ll be a great play design…but Bobby running with cooks, tge Micah Parsons smoke and mirrors play….not good looks. An almost literal one target per game per TE…uff da!

        • cha

          got to keep Geno because he makes the team better

          I have no problem with keeping Geno in 2024.

          At the right price. (hint: way, way, way lower than $31m)

          • Peter

            I’m in the same boat. There is a price.

            • Peter

              It’s tough with the tribalization. If you say ‘he’s neither helping nor hurting,’ even that becomes an attack.

              A perfect slice are the Rams games. Game one sub 100 yards 1 tds. Neither hurt nor helped.

              But people washed that away saying first game blues.

              Then the second Rams game. A little over 200 yards. 1td to 1 int. Neither helped nor hurt. But kicker, defense. 4/5 ths of the starting oline is still not enough….

              He’s fine. He’s fine. That’s it. He can be a bridge. But talk of building around him? There’s nothing to build around.

    • cha

      And Fant plays like a talent that isn’t getting the ball. If all three were realeased fant would get a little chunk of cash.

      The amount of money Fant will earn in the market in 2024 will shock a lot of Seahawk fans.

      It shouldn’t.

    • BK26

      I just don’t see that level of talent like we are TOLD is there. Of course, Bevins is beyond optimistic to me, and Bell is going to paint everything related to the team and rosy and “it’s not their fault.”

      I would bump the lb’s, edge, qb, and idl all down one. Due to lack of overall talent level. But that is just me also being more negative than most.

      The problem is (and always has been, probably will be) that we have probably had the guys, but there is ZERO development with players.

      • Jabroni-DC

        There’s the beginnings of talent. Aside from the eternal chase for a F-QB that most teams are a part of, the Seahawks’ roster in particular could use a dominant guy at 2 positions in particular. Get a great Center to “tie the room together” on the OL & a legit Nose Tackle that would do the same on the DL.

  15. cha

    Gregg Bell
    Pete Carroll says “we’ve already addressed” Jamal Adams’ comment about a Jets beat writer and his family on social media.

    “We don’t want to be a part of that.”
    Bob Condotta
    Pete Carroll says he and Jamal Adams have talked about some of his tweets over the weekend. “We don’t want to be part of that,” Carroll said.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t want Adams to be a part of the Seahawks

      Let’s try that next

      • Big Mike

        And Carroll “handled it” exactly as most everyone here predicted he would. Got out the broom, lifted the rug and started sweeping the dirt underneath.
        You’re as culpable as Adams is Pete.

        Is there ANY chance Carroll’s “handling” of this could spur Jody to show Pete the door, especially considering she’s a woman?

        • Rob Staton

          Does she even know it happened?

          I’ve no idea. Is she on twitter? Would anyone tell her?

    • BK26

      That’s odd, they talked about it. That is the exact same thing I do with my toddler when she leaves her wrappers on the table for the dog to eat.

      I see the two situations as comparable.

    • Jabroni-DC

      If the Jamal Adams saga with the Seahawks was a military operation it would be named “OPERATION ENDURING STUPIDITY”.

      Please turn the page on this guy. I truly wish him the best in his life but it’s well past time to move on from our end.

  16. cha

    What is the league sentiment on Quinn Ewers? If he has a fantastic CFP, could he become QB3/QB4 of the class and declare?

    I think the prevailing sentiment is there’s still a lot to be learned. He has a strong arm, a lightning-quick release, the ability to throw from different arm angles and a good track record as a decision-maker. On the flip side, the questions would be how fast he sees the field, whether he can make anticipatory throws and his size (6’2″, 207 pounds). I do know there’s confidence from people around him that he’ll crush the predraft process, which would help him.

    And, yeah, maybe if Ewers is the best player in the College Football Playoff a month from now, the dynamic around him changes a little. But as of right now, I’d say he’s staying at Texas to play next year as a fourth-year junior. Remember, he reclassified to skip his senior year in high school and is still 20. He also has only 20 college starts and is a conscientious kid, keenly aware of the metric out there that the threshold for quarterbacks having success early at the NFL level is 25 college starts.

    So I think he’s probably staying, regardless of what happens in New Orleans or, should the Longhorns advance, Houston. But we’ll see what happens.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Maybe give CJ Stroud a call after the Longhorns season ends & pick his brain a bit.

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