Will the Seahawks trade up for a quarterback in 2024?

I have a feeling John Schneider will really rate Quinn Ewers

The Seahawks are going to need to do something significant this off-season.

At the moment they’re ranked ninth in the NFC, behind the Vikings, Packers and Rams in the playoff hunt. Their chances of reaching the post-season are in the balance and if they do, it’ll likely be a back-door entrance.

The biggest headlines they’re making at the moment are courtesy of Jamal Adams’ disgraceful behaviour on Twitter/X. Fan unrest is starting to pick up a bit. After a run of one playoff win in six years, a defense that continues to rank in the 20’s per DVOA and an offense that is more stop-start than a clapped-out old Ford, people are starting to wonder about the future.

As noted in this piece last week (please check it out) there’s a myriad of issues to discuss.

Assuming change doesn’t include the GM and Head Coach, they’re going to need to formulate a plan for the off-season that lifts everyone and can, in time, elevate the on-field product. They won’t be able to just ‘run it back’ and risk more of the same.

How can they do that? I think there’s a reasonable chance the Seahawks will trade up in the 2024 draft, perhaps aggressively, to select a quarterback.

It’s not something they’ve done in the past, even if they’ve been aggressive in other ways. It’s an easy idea to galvanise the fans though. They’d be excited by the move. While there’s no guarantee of success, you can well imagine what the talk would be. ‘Look what C.J. Stroud did in Houston‘. Unquestionably the dynamic is changing around the Texans franchise as a consequence of Stroud’s arrival. Frustration in Seattle would turn to intrigue and maybe even optimism.

The Texans are also very well coached by Kyle Shanahan protégé Bobby Slowik but a change at offensive coordinator in the off-season feels inevitable at this stage. The fourth-down play-call against Dallas at the very end of the game surely sealed Shane Waldron’s fate.

There are a couple of things to consider here.

Firstly, Pete Carroll’s NFL record. With the Jets and Patriots he was 39-43 (including playoffs). Before the Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson, Carroll’s record in Seattle was 15-19. Since trading Wilson, his record is 15-15.

Without a genuine, legit franchise quarterback, Carroll has not succeeded in the NFL. Although the ‘Legion of Boom’ defense and Marshawn Lynch were the more significant players in winning the Super Bowl, the young version of Wilson also played a key role. After the LOB era ended, Carroll continued to win because Wilson carried the team.

Now, without a LOB defense or peak Wilson, his record has gone back to what it was in 2010/11 and in his prior stints in New York and New England.

Secondly, as middling as the team currently is at 6-6, you could argue there aren’t ‘that’ many holes on the roster. They’ve added talent to the defensive line and at cornerback. They’ve drafted players at the skill positions and offensive line. They clearly need to find more ‘stars’ among their developing players, plus there are positions that need to be upgraded. Yet this is far from a thin roster.

They are about as well positioned as they could be to make an aggressive quarterback move. If they’re willing to (finally) transfer spending resources from safety and linebacker to the trenches in the veteran market, they could even position themselves to have the makings of a highly competitive group.

They’re not going to move up for the sake of it. They’d need to see someone in this class they believe can achieve the impact that Stroud has had. Or, it’d need to be someone they think can eventually have that success, if they embrace Geno Smith as a bridge and re-work his contract at the end of the year (an inevitability if they intend to keep him, given his 2024 cap-hit is three times bigger after a very hit-and-miss 2023 season so far).

An aggressive quarterback move might also be necessary for Carroll and John Schneider. While their positions may be under no threat currently, they can’t afford to just be an 8-9 win team up until the team is sold. They need to find a way to break into the next level.

They’ve tried building the defense at great expense and they’ve not turned it into even an average unit. They’ve tried giving Geno Smith weapons galore. The one thing they haven’t tried since dealing Russell Wilson is properly trying to replace him.

That should be the plan, whether it’s via moving up or not. The NFL is not what it was in 2013. Defense, sadly, is now a complementary aspect of the game. The best defenses in the NFL are still conceding a lot of points. The Cleveland Browns had the #1 ranked defense per DVOA going into week 13. This week, they lost 36-19 to the Rams. The Dallas Cowboys had the #5 ranked defense. The Seahawks scored 35 points against them. The Jets have the #3 ranked defense and they’re awful because the offense stinks.

The Seahawks have the weapons to be a truly dynamic offense. They also have some defensive pieces to create a reasonable complementary unit. I’d argue that needs to be the approach. Become a tactically excellent offense that uses the weapons on the roster to attack opponents, be aggressive and multi-faceted. Score points, then try to get your stops.

This is the NFL in 2023. It’s how the Eagles and Chiefs made the Super Bowl. The idea of emulating the 49ers is fanciful at best. You don’t have their array of blue-chip talent or Kyle Shanahan, a man seemingly capable of coaching any quarterback to competency and consistency.

In order to reach the offensive potential needed to be excellent, it means adding a quarterback who can be a difference maker. The draft won’t provide any guarantees but it’s your only option. Sitting and waiting forever, hoping to strike gold one day, isn’t a serious plan.

It’s also a draft class where solutions could be available.

In my recent horizontal board, put together after months of study, I had Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Spencer Rattler, Quinn Ewers and Jayden Daniels all graded as potential round one picks. If I was to produce a mock draft tomorrow, I’d have four of them in the top-10. I’d personally be willing to draft any of the quintet in that range. None of them are flawless. All of them are highly talented.

There’s a bit of a question mark about whether Ewers will turn pro, which is a shame because I can easily imagine him being the player Schneider would be most inclined to trade up for. If he performs well in the playoffs and if Texas win a National Championship (sorry Husky fans) he might be more likely to head for the NFL.

Trading into the top-two picks is unlikely. I’d expect the Bears to ‘stick and pick’ if they end up with the #1 pick courtesy of the Panthers. Justin Fields is a turnover machine, hasn’t been consistent enough and drafting a new QB re-sets the rookie salary benefit to the Bears. They can also move Fields for whatever compensation they can get (I don’t see him as an option for the Seahawks, for what it’s worth).

New England currently owns the #2 pick and they too would surely pick a QB rather than trade down. That would likely mean Caleb Williams and Drake Maye off the board.

All is not lost though. Jayden Daniels’ performances are starting to get him into the equation to go very early. As mentioned, I think Ewers’ incredible natural talent, easy arm strength and brilliant release could make him the apple of Schneider’s eye. I’m a big Spencer Rattler fan although I’m not convinced he will propel himself into the top-five equation, even if his talent may permit it. As noted with my horizontal board, I don’t think Michael Penix Jr, Bo Nix and JJ McCarthy are in the mix to go this early.

The Cardinals could/should take Marvin Harrison Jr at #3, meaning a trade up to #4 (Washington) or #5 (New York Giants) could be an option.

I don’t think Schneider or Carroll would be too worried about the compensation. The Leonard Williams trade told you all you need to know about their long-term planning.

It’d cost a fortune in picks, unless they continue to lose and pick higher than the #16 slot they currently own. If they view a quarterback in this class as having franchise-level potential, it’s hard to think they wouldn’t be prepared to invest.

The timing for a bold trade for a new quarterback feels right. The idea that they could just muddle along, with an ageing Geno Smith at quarterback, not really effecting major change within the roster while hoping this will make a jot of difference next year is for the birds. I think they’ll know that, even if Smith re-works his $31-33m cap-hit to stick around as a bridge.

Of course it’s also possible they’ll draft a QB without moving up. I just think the franchise is at a point now where it needs either a coaching change or a big move that brings about a serious difference on the field (or both). Everything needs a lift. Getting a difference maker at QB could achieve that. I think a bold off-season move up the board could happen.

If you missed my first published horizontal board for the 2024 NFL draft, please check it out here. And if you can share it around the internet, even better.

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  1. samprassultanofswat

    If Geno Smith or Jamal Adams is on the roster next year. I will not follow the Seahawks.

    • Big Mike

      Let us know you are enjoying rooting for until Carroll is gone. And I get it man. Hard to care anymore

      • Parallax

        I’ve been actively rooting against the Hawks since the moronic trade of the decade without apology. So many things need to change and there’s no chance unless things get bad. Like a drug addict that needs to hit bottom before getting serious about cleaning things up. Plus, I’d prefer the higher draft picks.

        This is the first time in my 60 years I’ve ever rooted against my own team.

        • Peter

          I don’t root against the seahawks but I do root against the ‘rot’ that’s taken hold.

          Fans commenting that at 8-9 we can sneak into the playoffs…that’s the language of losers to me. Sneak. How about we get in because we look good somewhere on the field.

          We all watched the crazy process unfold to get to a championship and then watched all that get thrown out for over half a decade by a wild series of decisions that went against that identity. Aging vets over youth. Trade swings that don’t amount to anything. Flip flopping positions and force feeding production.

          That rot has permeated the fans to a weird level. I’ve had fans tell me that Bobo is a nacua level player….folks if he was and this team isn’t using a player like that….that’s a horrible look.

          Fans now count away every game they don’t like as an aberration and not as a trend line that it is.

          If you comment anywhere that the defense sucks you’ll get a slew of comments back reframing the reasons, setting the debate, connecting the poor defense to the offense but dismissing the poor offense on the bad defense in the same breath. Anything but admitting what it is.

          It’s like Pete talking about working in CB’s this off-season or not being prepared against the niners….my guy, what exactly do you do?

  2. Sunjay

    I have a feeling Pete feels hes ok with Geno probably till 2025 so they will select a DT or ..rb again. Thanks for this well written piece. I also have a feeling that 15-15- record will be in negative territory soon enough.

    • Rob Staton

      I have a feeling Pete feels hes ok with Geno probably till 2025

      Not after this year, not for 3x the price

      And it’s not about feeling ‘ok’ with someone, as the article notes — it’s about lifting the franchise

      • Ben

        And in Pete’s case- keeping his job.

    • cha

      My nightmare scenario is they do with Geno what they did this year with Adams and Diggs.

      Convert salary to bonus and push money into 2025 and have like a $40-45m cap hit with $25m dead to deal with and still no QB.

      • Ben

        I had not considered this. I do not like this.

      • Big Mike

        Please be sure you link this post if and when it happens cha

      • Parallax

        I wish I could say I’m confident this is too stupid and short cited for Carroll and Schneider.

      • king

        This feels spot on to me. The way Pete talks about Geno, I get the strong sense he believes Seattle can win it all with Smith. He would feel completely vindicated if he made a Super Bowl by mortgaging the future and running it back.

  3. GF

    Thanks a lot Rob again, amazing article. Let me write a couple of things:

    If they don’t pick a QB in this draft, just realize that they will die with Geno until Carroll retires (sadly), if they made the second pick for Williams thinking this team was good enough to be among the best and thought: that second selection will be very low, because we are really worse than we thought haha, Pete is the owner of this team because he does whatever he wants, the worst of all is that if you take a sample of 1000 fans, 800 will say: yes we compete or things like NO MATTER WHAT WE WILL BE IN THE WILD CARD, you get to the wild card and lose (as usual), Pete is what CHOLO SIMEONE is for Atletico de Madrid in soccer, years of fooling fans with speeches and without results (yes he has had some, but if you watch soccer you will know what I mean)

    This team qualified for the playoff last year thanks to Detroit beating Green Bay, DON’T FORGET THAT, but the previous year (2021) it did not qualify for the Playoff and this year, we are going the same way …. JUST SAYING

    • GF

      that second selection will be very low, then this franchise is really worse than we thought haha *

  4. AlaskaHawk

    But to move up will take this years first and next years first. So Pete would still be selling the teams future.

    I think it more likely he sticks with Geno Smith and rebuilds the defense. Despite the glowing optimism that all defenses suck and therefor are equal, they still count. As far as I can tell, to meet cap the Seahawks need two safeties, two linebackers and at least one corner and a nose tackle. That’s the entire draft for them.

    • Andy Anderson

      You nailed it. I think they should trade Jamal Adams and get 2 picks,
      Quarterback (I prefer Jayden Daniels)
      Nose Tackle (Rebuild the LOB)
      2 Safeties (Rebuild the LOB)
      2 Linebackers (Rebuild the LOB)
      A Running back (As DJ Dallas could be gone)
      TE (Get UDFA Kemari Averett (Bethune-Cookman), he’s a monster!!!

      Pete needs to get out of the way and let Shane Waldron cook.

      • Rob Staton

        They won’t get a bag of footballs for Jamal Adams

  5. Dustin

    “not really effecting major change within the roster while hoping this will make a jot of difference next year is for the birds”

    It can be for the birds as long as that bird is not a Seahawk

  6. JimN

    Was thinking about how to move up in the draft. I also am a beliver in selling “high” like we did with Russell. What about trading a DK and using that compensation to help move up if that is the strategy. It certainly goes along with building towards an identity we would embrace. RIght now we have none. Are we running or throwing? I think we have so many tools, that no one is getting enough touches. Use some of that talent to get us a QB, and re position all the money in safetys and investing that it the high impact areas.

    • Rob Staton

      Trading DK isn’t financially viable in 2024

      • Peter

        Speaking of finances….

        Are we going to have a talk about how if we trade DK and presumably use that move to get a QB the WR’s will be JSN, Bobo, and if I’m reading this right….seahawks legend, no doubt, slowing down Lockett with a 26+ million cap hit?

        I’ve heard a lot about are we getting value for DK but on Spotrac I’m reading it as lockett will have a bigger cap hit than DK next year?

        Love Lockett. And DK has his problems but I’d maybe like DK at 26 years old and a qb who is present all the quarters and halves next year than just the three WR’s I listed.

        • Jabroni-DC

          Of all the position groups, Pete & John have done well finding WRs. If trading DK helps get us the QB that we were after then I’d pull that trigger with no worries.

          • Peter


            I’d just like a new qb with a weapon.

            Someone offers a 1st and 2nd sure.

            Single second or player piece? Pass for me.

            They’ve drafted decent at WR. That’s true.

          • Parallax

            Like Eskridge? They’ve missed many times on WRs.

            • Group Captain Mandrake

              Or Kris Durham, Chris Harper, Paul Richardson, Kevin Norwood, Kenny Lawler, John Ursua, Amara Darboh, Freddie Swaine or Gary Jennings. Granted, several of those are late round flyers and those often don’t work out, but there are a lot of 3-4 rounders and they should be getting more contributions from those.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Trading DK isn’t financially viable in 2024

        Via spotrac I’m seeing DK with a 2024 cap hit of $24.5M & a dead cap of $23M if traded. If that’s accurate it looks Seattle would gain $1.5M in 2024 cap space by trading DK.

        • Rob Staton

          That is correct. So you would be paying $23m for him to go somewhere else and only saving $1.5m — meaning no cap relief, only whatever you get via trade.

          Doesn’t seem very likely to me, especially with a decent WR draft.

          • AlaskaHawk

            It’s about time we reposted Robs cap cut list.

            Metcalf will be hard to replace due to his size. Unless of course your willing to devote a 1st round or 2nd round (oops) draft pick. I also worry about Lockette, he won’t stay healthy forever. It will be great while he lasts.

  7. cha

    I can see the logic of a trade up like this from a roster/cap perspective.

    They can spend 2024 getting Geno and the safeties off the books while grooming the QB.

    JSN takes Lockett’s spot on the roster and a DK extension in 2026 replaces Lockett’s.

    You’ll spend 2026 signing your core 2022 to extensions with the QB rookie savings (Cross, Lucas, Woolen, Mafe, Walker, depending on health/performance/priority of course) and 2027 looking at your 2023 class (Witherspoon, JSN, Zach, Bobo).

    A little room to go 5th year option on both your 2023 first rounders would be a nice option.

    You don’t top out in QB salary until the 5th year in 2028 if you can’t get an extension done or you want to keep your options open.

    • Big Mike

      Great plan/look ahead at possibilities.
      I have no doubt you’re removing expensive, under performing safeties asap as well.

  8. Jefferson

    Thanks Rob for the inspiring and entertaining work.

    I am ambivalent to negative about moving up to draft a QB. I don’t think the roster is anywhere close to really competing so why encourage a reach? However, I fully agree that Geno should be given the opportunity to find his market value. A bridge QB needs to be modestly good and low priced. Championship rosters have many more elite players than Seattle, so why not continue with a patient BPA approach?

  9. Rob Staton

    Well done to KJR today — Ian Furness & Hugh Millen going to town on Jamal Adams for his tweets.

    And his terrible play, naturally.

    Anyone else in Seattle want to possibly touch on this? Anyone?? No?

    • Palatypus

      Didn’t the nominations for the Walter Payton Man of the Year happen today?

      • Elmer


    • Big Mike

      Looking at you 710
      Print guys (Booth, Bell et. al.)

    • Elmer

      How many times do they have to learn the same lesson.

    • Whit21

      I live in Tacoma, but close enough. Hugh Millen is always a good listen even though he stutters and tries to use words out of a thesaurus, has odd ways to correlate is stories. He has been pretty harsh on Jamal Adams’ play. Also really anyone that’s not playing well.

      I prefer to listen to KJR even though they go off topic and don’t talk sports as much sometimes, its more fan like sports radio. Which is why its nice to hear when they’re pissed about dumb decisions. I mostly listened yesterday because the mariners trading Jared Kelenic for salary dump and a bag of money.

      Most of the shows went hard on Jamal for his dismal play and terrible tweets. They did say if he was playing well he could tweet trash if he wants, but not that trash. Its is dumb response to not playing well and using school yard attacks that equate to “your momma”.

      Michael Shawn Dugar was on and they asked if the hawks would cut Jamal and he pointed out when you restructure salaries its mostly to retain players for the next year. He also said the way pete was talking that its a sure thing he will be back and Geno will be his QB next season. Just by the way he did his presser.

    • Easyy43

      Surprised KJR said anything about this as one of their own did this EXACT thing on social media..

      Jamal was wrong, immature and should’ve know better, but it’s quite hypocritical for anyone at KJR to discuss unless it’s in comparison to Softy.

      • Rob Staton

        Softy acknowledged that on air when he was discussing it and took ownership for his actions

  10. BK26

    Who said that trading up is a reach?

    No matter what, they need a quarterback upgrade badly. Are they supposed to wait until the rest of the roster is full of Pro Bowlers? I don’t get this fear for trying to find a difference-making qb. Only way they can legitimately catch up and contend.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d also say this… plenty of people would’ve called trading up for Mahomes a reach. Remember, he wasn’t in Daniel Jeremiah’s top-50 a month before Mahomes’ draft. Loads of the big media pundits were fast asleep on Mahomes. Doesn’t mean any of the 2024 class will be Mahomes but it’s we should be careful about determining who is a reach based on dreadful mock drafts/projections in the online.

      • BK26

        And by all accounts, his meetings with teams was what sold them. Especially Andy Reid. Something that won’t see and can’t know was the biggest driving force for the best player in the game getting drafted.

        Teams get more intel and are able to learn more about these players. They need to put that kind of work in. And we know they were doing their due diligence last year with the 4 qb’s.

  11. cha

    Jake Browning is 17 of 19 for 179 yards at the half with a cap hit of $750k this year.

    They’ve run 14x for 67 yards.

    Guys, this isn’t some impossible Herculean task to plan an offense.

    • Palatypus

      And the Manning cast mentioned that Mixon had been pretty bad.

    • Pran

      Jake of all. Bengals coaches need to be appreciated.

      • Big Mike

        Offensive HC right?
        We’re about to see what another offensive HC can do with a backup cuz Doug Petersen appears to have lost Trevor Lawrence for some time.

        • jed

          Yeah, Taylor was the Rams QB coach when they lost the SB.

          Interesting to see how a very good OC/HC can make average QBs look good. I also wonder how big a difference there is between Browning, Beathard, the Commanders QB, Geno etc. are. It’s easy to see Burrow vs. Browning but the gap between the others seems very small.

  12. Sultan

    I’m all in favor for a change. But if the future doesn’t quite matter for JS/PC, how likely would it be for the Seahawks to trade for a QB such as Justin Herbert or Josh Allen? I think Herbert could be at a breaking point with his team because of how bad they’ve been. Could he be available this offseason??

    • BK26

      Herbert just signed an extension and is going to get a new head coach next year. I highly doubt that the Bills will trade Allen. Those guys are what you are trying to find. You don’t let them go.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Trade too much for a “Franchise QB”? Just like Denver?

        • BK26

          A young Josh Allen vs. an old Russell Wilson? Not quite the same situation.

  13. Jabroni-DC

    The thought of a 5th and 6th season of Jamal Adams is about as enticing as getting a 5th and 6th jab.


    Jamal represents the single largest & ongoing disaster that the Seahawks organization has made since…
    He wasn’t worth the picks. He’s not worth the money & he’s a cancer for this organization.

    • Big Mike


      Since it was announced in June 1974 that Seattle was being awarded an NFL franchise.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I don’t know, I just got my flu and COVID jabs. I felt bad for part of a day, but that’s way more enticing than feeling bad about another season of the Peacock.

      • dave M

        dont forget your boosters, what’s Peacocks booster equivalents? lol

  14. JimQ

    Currently ranked as a RD-6-ish pick, a statistically small school “outlier”? His recent knee injury is a setback, but he may be worthy of ———–> later round (6/7) Seahawk consideration for your big board?

    Rush EDGE/LB- Jalen Green, James Madison, (FBS, Sunbelt Conf.) 6-1/245
    2023: 9 games, 72-tkls, 50-solo, **21,0-TFL**, **15.5-Sacks** 1-INT, 1-TD, 1-PD, 2-FF (Green’s 21.0-TFL and 15.5 sacks are both currently #1 in FBS. NOTE: James Madison had a really GOOD defense in 2023.

    Green is #10 in Highlight tape, note the 360-degree -super fast- spin move at .54 seconds, among other plays throughout tape.

    James Madison’s Jalen Green was named the 2023 College Football Network National Player of the Year and headlined the CFN All-America Team. He additionally took home National Defensive Player of the Year and National Defensive Lineman of the Year, while the Dukes were recognized as the Defensive Line of the Year. This season, Green led the country in sacks per game (1.72) and tackles for loss per game (2.3). His 15.5 sacks in just nine games broke the Sun Belt Conference single-season record and was the second-most sacks in JMU single-season history.

    The Baltimore native was also voted Sun Belt Defensive Player of the Year and First Team All-Sun Belt and is a top-three finalist for both the Ted Hendricks Defensive End of the Year Award and the Bill Dudley Award. Entering bowl season, JMU as a team leads the country in rushing defense (61.5), yards per rush allowed (2.09) and tackles for loss (9.1) while ranking second in sacks (3.75). The Dukes are top 30 in the FBS in total defense (328.6) as well.

  15. Glor

    I’m fine without trading up for a QB, I think there are a lot of quality guys that haven’t gotten a break, we need to spend a season going through a bunch, find a Brock Purde record be damned, but that can only happen if PC is gone. Heck look at what Jake is doing with a few games experience right now!

  16. Silly Billy

    Wonder if Geno is a trade asset.

    Trading him pre-June 1st means we eat $17mil, but the rest of the $13mil would be on other team.
    This year’s Struggles aside, Geno Smith for $13mil is a great deal.

    Any teams out their be willing to give up a day 2 pick for him?

    • cha

      Probably not.

      His $9.6m roster bonus is due March 20, 2024, a week into the league year.

      Why would a team want to pay that? They’d either drive the trade comp way down or make the Seahawks pay the bonus for a better draft pick.

      They’d end up eating $27m in dead cap and only get $4.2m in cap relief.

      But – they’d be free of him, have no cap in 2025 and have an extra draft pick acquired.

      • Silly Billy

        I stand corrected. Don’t like idea of paying Geno that much to be QB competition.

  17. JimQ

    My recent trade idea for DK; What are the chances????

    1. Trade DK for multiple picks, Maybe, they can NET a Rd-2 pick + a Rd 3 ((or Rd-4 + maybe a Rd-5 or 6 pick)). ((((Adding Adams and a bag of balls to the trade as a free throw-in may be in the cards as well.))))

    2. Draft (Big, fast & productive) WR-Xavier Legette, from South Carolina to replace DK, using a small trade up in first round if necessary (to preserve 2023 picks, maybe use low-mid 2025 pick for this trade)

    3. Trade up to very late 1-st through mid 2-nd area & Draft QB-Spencer Rattler from South Carolina as QBOTF, using some of trade capital gained in DK trade.

    4. Fill out roster with OL/DL/LB/DB ranks with remaining picks.

    —-The Advantages? (1) By selecting Rattler’s go-to college WR, it –ideally– makes the transition to NFL QB a lot easier and faster. (2) Ridding the team of a hot headed, temperamental but good receiver and not giving up too much for a big fast, productive and likely able replacement? (3) at a minimum, fill trenches with the remaining picks where help is indeed needed badly. THOUGHTS?

    • cha

      Tennessee got a 1st (#18) and 3rd (#101) for AJ Brown.

      I’d expect something closer to that in return for Metcalf.

      Especially since his salaries for the next two years would be $13m and $18m, a bargain.

      • Peter

        I think you can only get a second. DK is pretty ‘meh’ and it’s not a trade deadline style move.

        How about draft Legette with a trade down and package picks to move up into the second for rattler?

        I like Legette but don’t like that he’ll be 23 yrs old weeks after DK turns 26.

        Also think it’s weird that Seattle couldn’t trade Geno, Diggs, Adams, or Lockett for nearly anything….but we talk about trading one of the few players that is legit talented with no plan to replace them minus Jim’s proposal so we’ll be in a talent deficit with no way to replace them.

        • Mick

          I’m with you on this one, rather get an OC who can draw on DK’s strengths and a QB who can execute the plan.

          • Peter

            Oline play to RB success…

            Front seven play to DB success….

            Those two feel self evident but for me I can not see a greater connection between two positions than qb/wr. If you’re qb is playing down your WR’s are going to look down. Reductive as that may be its pretty self evident.

            Geno was sharp against Dallas….DK is on fire.

            In 2020 when there was too much talk of cooking….DK has 9 games nearly at or over to way over 100 yards.

            Yes. The WR’s should help more. So drops etc are an issue. But I’ve noted Before JSN is not actually a catch machine with a currently worse catch percent than DK.

  18. Derrick573

    Hey Rob, I respectfully disagree on Ewers. Schneider might like him but I hope he doesn’t pick him. Imo both ewers and Maye look overrated. Another concern I have with ewers is if he’s even tough enough to handle these hits. He might be injury prone like penix. I would rather Seattle pick Williams or Daniels in the 1st rd maybe rattler and then jj mccarthy in the 3rd rd if he’s still available.

    • Peter

      It’s a legit concern. Injuries to shoulders (both) not something to easily ignore.

      Not a great size specimen like Allen was.

      His production so far has not been great.

      That said I do actually like Ewers and his performance to get into the playoffs was a chefs kiss. If he balls out in the CFP I think barring bad medicals all bets are off on where he goes…top five, top 10?

  19. Parallax

    Would not be happy if Seattle traded a boatload of draft capital to move into the top few picks. There’s no guarantee that any of the QBs coming out will be great in the NFL and we have no shot at Williams or Maye. Definitely need to take a QB but either hold and take one that falls or trade up a bit without mortgaging the future if there’s someone we really believe in.

    Part of the draft is luck. Remember how the Texans were shopping that second pick last year? I’m sure they would have wanted quite a bit but they clearly didn’t know that Stroud would be as good as he is. Obviously the Panthers didn’t either.

    Go back another couple of years and Lawrence was supposed to be a generational talent. He’s good and may eventually be excellent but I don’t see someone who stands out as one of the greats. If we keep losing, Rattler could easily fall to us. I’d like him just because, like Bobo, the guy has a great name. Maybe we’d call him “the rat” or “rat man”. Hopefully he’d be good enough to justify the love.

    Honestly, I don’t see this team prospering as long as Carroll’s in charge. He’s not a terrible coach. He’s good at some things. But he’s stubborn, set in his ways and lacking vision or creativity. I hope the team doesn’t win again this year and he finally agrees to hang it up.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      I am ready to see what Schneider can do in hiring a coach and drafting without Pete looking over his shoulder.

    • Romeo A57

      I would be excited to see a bold move for a franchise QB, but I do not think it will happen. I also do not expect Allen to make any organizational changes, especially if she intends to put the team up for sale in 2024.

      If PCJS believe that they only have one or possibly two years left before new owners come in and get rid of everyone, they would not want to risk 2024 or 2025 Seasons on Rookie QB play. I expect PCJS to use their draft capital to fill in their defensive holes. Restructure Geno with a 2 year contract to continue to be the starter and try to push cap hits to the future.

      • Peter

        I agree with the big IF.

        If they are truly looking for a buyer May 2024 in earnest then status quo and play out the contracts.

        If Jody is going to keep a seat at the operational table and she’s going to sell ‘sometime’ then that changes the math.

    • BK26

      Good thing that there are other qb’s than Williams and Maye… They need to get who they want, not let it all fall and take what is left. That’s bad planning.

      Texans also weren’t shopping their picks: they were sticking with them and taking Stroud (or whoever was left) and Anderson. Also we can’t call anything with Bryce Young yet, the rest of the team is too bad.

      I love Rattler, probably more than anyone here. But why would we give him a horrible nickname when he already has last name that is better than any name or nickname in the sport?

      Bottom line is: they need to find their guy and get him, whatever the cost (within reason). Otherwise there is no point to the next few years. Whether or not Carroll is leading the team. Biggest weakness on the roster is the qb position.

  20. Beachdawg

    It’s going to be interesting seeing Texas and Washington play for the second straight year. I understand why people project Ewers to go high in the draft, because he looks like an NFL quarterback when he throws the ball. He has such great touch. Reminds me of Dak. Penix doesn’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen, so its hard to imagine the player he can be at the next level. I don’t see the Geno comparisons except that lately at times both have looked like they aren’t on the same page as their receivers.

    There’s something old school about Penix that has really captured my interest. He’s not a dominant player who has shown an ability to do things off-script like Williams or Daniels. But the number of times he has made a critical throw at the right time is uncanny. I always feel like I want him to throw the ball in critical third or fourth and short situations, a feeling I haven’t had watching football since prime Russ.

    I also think there’s a lot of athleticism that isn’t talked about with him because he doesn’t take any risks with his body. I think Rob mentioned he has a 38″ vertical, and he’s got noticeably enormous hands for spinning the football. Those are qualities that usually get scouts really excited, but that excitement will probably be tempered in the case of Penix because he doesn’t have a style of play like Anthony Richardson or Caleb Williams.

    That being said, Richardson is built like Adonis but hardly saw the field this year because he takes risks with his body. I’d take a fragile qb with a sense of his own vulnerability over a stud physical specimen that thinks he’s invincible. Josh Allen’s career might age a lot faster than people think with all the hits he takes. A quarterback that can get rid of the ball before he gets sacked, doesn’t try to do too much, and makes throws when they count is an underrated commodity in the NFL. Look at what Tua and Purdy are doing this year, and what Brady did his whole career. Of course, those players have schemes that position them for success. If only you could draft a new coach…

    As far as the injuries go, Frank Gore tore his ACL twice in college and played running back in the NFL for almost two decades. Aaron Rodgers is about to be fully healed from an achilles injury after 3 months. I’m not convinced that a bad injury history is really that big of a deal, especially when those injuries happened right after high school when a players was still adjusting to the strength regimen and style of play that the college game demands. QB’s don’t really seem to get driven out of the NFL because of injuries these days. They miss time, but surgeons have gotten pretty good at fixing people up.

    All that being said, I’ve got no idea where Penix goes in the draft and how his career turns out. But I’m really going to miss watching him play football for the huskies.

    Thanks for operating this site with such consistency, Rob Staton. It’s nice to have a place to come and talk about the hawks that isn’t one of those b.s. sbnation sites.

    • BK26

      I’d take Richardson 20 times out of 20 over Penix. Penix’s knee injuries are going to sap his career. Who cares about the recovery time when there are chronic problems? And with Richardson, that is a coaching mistake to have him play that way. Those were designed runs for him. Anthony Richardson is the most athletic person to ever throw a football.

      Penix’s athleticism is good, a little better than normal. He’s still very injury prone. Difference between now and a few years ago is the lack of pressure he gets. That will change in the NFL.

      I think the Geno comparison is pretty spot on: pretty good arm (Penix’s is better), doesn’t take pressure well, doesn’t go through progressions too well, a little bit too confident.

      My issue with Penix is that he looks like the same player that he was in Indiana, hasn’t really progressed. He’s also played in very similar offenses throughout all of his years in college, and they are offenses that are user-friendly and don’t translate to the NFL well.

      Too many crucial red flags for me, short-term and long-term.

  21. MarkinSeattle

    Thoughts on S Xavier Watts who just won the Nagurski Award?

  22. Julian

    I know it has been said before on here that the Seahawks wouldn’t trade Tyler Lockett, but at this stage, I don’t see how he can’t be kept next year. HIs Cap Hit is due to be over 10% of the Salary Cap total in 2024. This isn’t a serious number considering his contribution on the field this year. A post June cut would free up $17 million, to invest into the trenches.

    Not withstanding his great character and legacy with the team, things we were saying about Bobby Wagner two years ago, going forward a WR group of Metcalf, JSN, Bobo is pretty decent. Careers do come to an end, even great ones, the best coaches (Alex Ferguson, Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp?), keep on top of the bell curve of players contributions to their teams, making hard decisions, letting iconic players go as their abilities inevitably suffer with age. I think it Locketts time sadly.

    • Big Mike

      My gut tells me Tyler will retire

      • Rob Staton

        I think that’s coming sooner than later

      • Julian

        That would be setting a good example to others!

      • BK26

        I think he’d rather stay in Seattle or retire.

      • Peter

        Agreed. What else is there for him to do? He doesn’t have that vendetta energy where he needs to show anyone anything that hasn’t been proven by a great career.

    • Luis Guilherme

      Hindsight, sure, but trading Lockett to KC (he and his dad are college legends at KS) would have been an interesting thing: would give Lockett a chance of getting a ring, provide KC their most needed asset, and get some compensation in return.

      Still, Lockett has huge value as a veteran. You can see his influence in the DK growth as a receiver, and Bobo’s footwork.

    • Mick

      Retiring is one option, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Tyler take a pay cut so he can keep playing.

      • BK26

        Personally, I think he’d rather retire. He enjoys the real estate that he’s doing on the side too much. I could see him just retire to focus on that.

        Never mind that he’s closer to Baldwin that he would much rather leave a few years too early than too late.

        • Big Mike

          The real estate career is what I’m basing my opinion about him retiring on.

  23. Stephen H

    I think the major problem with the Seahawks right now is that PC/JS are untouchable. It just doesn’t feel that Jody has any interest in stepping in and so long as Pete and John rule the roost then nothing will change. We’ll go into the new season with another OC who won’t accomplish anything (just look at Petes coaching tree and apart from Quinn no coach has really achieved anything of note). We’ll draft a linebacker in the first and go into 2024 with Geno and Jamal Adams still on the roster. They were brave, churning the roster, making bold moves 10 years ago, now, without owner pressure they’re just coasting and we’ll end up one of the worst teams in the league next year.

    • Joseph

      You’re so right. Nobody will challenge Pete. And it’s crazy how people still support him since SB49. So he won a SB 10 years ago BIG DEAL. These fans are stuck in 2012-2013 and actually believe Pete is gonna run it back. Well not with the 49ers and rams owning us every year lol. Jody Allen doesn’t know what she’s doing so she lets Pete run everything. Only time she ever stepped in was to side with Pete and trade Russell. While Russ needed to be traded, I still woulda kept him over Carroll. Pete has way too much power and it’s been making Seattle a laughing stock ever since SB49.

  24. Dubb

    Unfortunately, the Seahawks have turned into a sideshow. Networks can’t wait to show the 70-year old coach running the sidelines chewing gum. Wow , he can run and chew gum at the same time. Pete knows when the camera is on him, so he spits the gum in his hand throws it in the stands. This is his “go to” move to show how intense he is on the sidelines. Meanwhile, McVay and Shanahan are coaching circles around him.

    John S doesn’t get a pass either. We can say he did a great job drafting the last couple years, but free agent signings and trades are subpar. John Lynch has done a much better job. Even the Rams with less resources are making better personnel decisions.

    Hurry, hurry…..step right up….see the greatest show on earth under the big top.

    • Joseph

      Not to mention Petehawk fans are still supporting his bull crap. These fans are saying this year is our rebuild and we should trust the process lol. Wasn’t last year supposed to be a rebuild? And isn’t the whole point of rebuild is to be slightly better than the previous season? Because what I’m seeing were worse than last year lol. Pete fans are so delusional. They think Pete is the Seahawks. They treat him like he’s Belichick and we just RECENTLY won the SB.

      You’re right, while we’re doing the same crap every year, 49ers and Rams are owning us every year. The 49ers are doing everything right that Seattle isn’t and it bugs the crap outta me. Their drafts have been really good despite giving up multiple picks for Lance.

      Seattle, the way they keep playing we’re not gonna sniff another SB, not even the nfc championship. I don’t know if these fans are just content with being a wildcard team every year or they actually believe Pete is gonna re-create 2013. It’s not gonna happen. And because nobody will challenge Carroll we’re stuck with this crap.

      • Rob Staton

        The team made a point that they aren’t rebuilding the minute they executed that Leonard Williams trade

        That was the statement that in their mind, they were contenders

        • Joseph

          And they fooled themselves because they delude themselves into believing they’re contenders. I wonder if Pete made this type of move because he’s desperate. Maybe he knows he doesn’t have many years left? Well for 1 thing you’re not winning with Geno and that constant soft zone defense.

        • Troy

          This is what worries me. They made a move for Leonard Williams because they are not rebuilding and going for it. That’s a vote of confidence for Geno Smith. While we all are clamoring for them to draft a QB, I fear they are comfortable with Geno as their guy.

          • bmseattle

            This isn’t the first/only time that Pete/John have decided that they were in a position to “go for it”, when they clearly weren’t.

            So… what does this mean?

            Are they so poor at evaluation and self-critiquing their team, relative to the rest of their league, that they continually believe they are better than they are?

            That they don’t truly learn from their mistakes and that they are just so overconfident in their abilities that they can *never* allow themselves to properly evaluate themselves? (Hubris)

            Or, are they in over their heads, and just desperately trying to strike gold, while just, basically, *hoping* that things fall their way?

            It feels like Pete takes just the slightest positive step forward as a sign that “we are back”, and he wants to run with that.
            This is beyond his famous “optimism”.

            It reminds me of those “law of attraction” books/theories… where you can just “will” things to happen if you just think positively about it enough.
            Pete seems like someone who has bought into that with all his heart and soul, and managed to have enough success in his career, that he believes it “works”.

            I don’t trust either of Pete or John anymore, to lead this team forward.
            Frankly, if we have success going forward, I believe it will be mostly luck/good fortune, not because of any great moves or plans that this leadership team comes up with.

            • geoff u

              Is this a good time to point out that the law of attraction self help guru who partially narrated the Secret movie was convicted later of negligent homicide for getting three of his followers killed?

        • dave M

          SF’s 3 losses cost us 3 years is basically how i see it.

      • LouCityHawk

        I’m looking forward to the UW v UTA game, I’ve watched a lot of Ewers now and can say that he is slowly warming to me as the QB I want/fear to just being the QB I want. I recognize I’m a bigger CFB fan than many Seahawks fans, so I’m hoping the Penix v Ewers tilt might give some HuskyHawks fans context.

        Seattle sits at 15 right now, so a trade up to 12 or 8 is not out of the question, and that might be all it takes to secure Ewers, but to be frank, I suspect he (or Rattler/Daniels) could leapfrog Maye during the process.

        If you look at Rob’s Horizontal Board (and agree with it), in round 1 there are 5 QB, 4 WR, 1 TE, 5 OT, 1 G, 2 Edge, 2 DE. That is 20 players for 32 selections. The benefit to this for Seattle is that another franchise could comfortably take the trade down to 15 and still likely get one of their top tier prospects. My current target for a trade would be TEN at 8. That trade would give Seattle a pick before NO, TB, LV, and DEN. It still leaves QB hungry teams like CHI, NE, WAS.

        There are so many needs on this roster, and not enough picks to fill them. I’m going to be looking back at the last ‘weak’ draft to see how teams handled themselves there, I feel like that was 2022. The lesson from 2022 was that the Hawks stuck and picked Cross, but were rumored to have a trade down in place if he was chosen.

        Note1: For the moment I would recommend not assuming that a trade back into the second would still allow you to take a Ewers/Rattler/Daniels…and certainly not waiting until The 3rd.

        Note2: I don’t think Chicago is a viable trade partner unless they win enough to be out of the running for Harrison/Bowers

        Side note1: the trade DK talk is exhausting, you’d pay DK $23 million to be a star somewhere else, take the cap hit? For a low first and third?

        Side note2: we don’t know Allen’s mind, and there is little evidence to suggest what she will do, speculation is just speculation. Carroll we have evidence on, I was reading interviews of Sarkisian this last week, and how Carroll influenced his career, has me thinking.

        • LouCityHawk

          Reply fail, sorry

        • BK26

          For Note 1: we can’t take that chance of missing out. This isn’t like missing out on Sweat and Abram in 2019. Missing out on a qb is crippling.

          And trading with TEN where they are would be PERFECT to me. Let other teams vie for Daniels, Williams, and Maye, let some o-linemen fall, Harrison, Bowers, another weapon or two fall. And Spencer Rattler slithers into town.

          • LouCityHawk

            I ran a couple of mocks where I picked based on my best guesses right now (very preliminary) and that trade up to 8 would not be too costly. Makes a ton of sense for TEN as their prospects between 8 and 15 are very similar.

            The Danger is that Rattler/Daniels/Ewers could very well be pick 2. If the Hawks want a guy, they have to be aggressive to get him, and CHI/NE are unlikely to trade out, same with WAS.

            I’m going to post below about the thought process on why not Maye at 2.

            • JimQ

              I think that even on this site, most of us have many differing opinions about individual players eligible for the draft as well as team needs.

              If PC/JS’s scouting department has strong recommendation of who to draft, PC, being the old guru and 100% controller of the team. is likely often overriding everyone else and saying this is the guy we need. I think this is still going on, even with JS’s seemingly elevated role.

              FRESH scouting eyes are needed in evaluating players and how they fit into the scheme and the team fit and (currently unknown) direction. Too much control at the top without any serious challenges makes for a bottom level team. PC must retire sooner rather than later for the good of the team. The NFL has changed over the years and PC hasn’t kept up with those changes at all and needs to retire while he still has some coaching reputation left.

  25. Trevor

    5 Step off season plan to make the Hawks relevant again.

    1) Pete rides off into the sunset and is replaced by a young dynamic offensive coach like Ben Johnson from Detroit. Then let him bribing in a proven defensive cordinator. This is an absolute must IMO particularly if the Hawks are drafting a QB.

    2) Hawks draft Ewers, Rattler or Daniels in Rd #1 and bring back Drew Lock as veteran presence.

    3)Cut Geno, Diggs, Adams, Love for a cap savings of $55-60 mil plus.

    4) Resign Leonard Williams or another impact DT and add another young DT with one of the 3rd round picks. Money saved from cuts should be spent entirely on OL, DL plus resigning Parkinson, Lewis and perhaps Brooks but only if the price is right.

    5)Add young, fast and agressive Safety and LB in the draft from rounds 3-7.

    • BK26

      You know, I think that is the big issue with the defense: the weaknesses in the safeties and linebackers. They are the tone-setters. Kam, prime Bobby, KJ. They are the ones all over the field.

      Our guys are too old and way too overpaid. Young, fast, aggressive, and hungry are not words to be used with them.

      • bmseattle

        If even the “best” defenses in the league can’t stop offenses consistently, then you might as well build a defense that is young, fast, aggressive and (most of all), cheap.

        A defense that can cause turnovers and/or make big plays is the most valuable defense you can have, since possessions are of utmost importance in todays NFL.

        • BK26

          Be chaos. Be a headache. For the of everything holy, but good at the basics of your position.

    • Big Mike

      You’re hired Trevor.
      Why do I think few if any of your ides will actually happen?

    • Gritty Hawk

      I agree with everything, but would hesitate to cut Love. He’s not great, but are you really going to upgrade that position with the $5.6M you save cutting him? We saw what it’s like to cut an entire position group this year just for the sake of cleaning house, and our d-line is not any better nor any cheaper.

      I would also add the obvious here: cutting Mone to save $5.9M. Also cut Dissly to save $7M. Keep Parkinson, draft a blocking TE on day 3, and grab a cheaper veteran (Mike Gesicki? Bring back Gerald Everett? Go the super cheap vet route with Austin Hooper or Harrison Bryant?).

      Voila. We have $81M in cap space for 2024. Re-sign one of Brooks or Wagner (please not both), bring back Lock or another veteran QB for competition (Darnold? Brissett? Tyrod Taylor?). Consider re-signing Fant if the cost is reasonable and the new OC actually plans to use him. Re-sign Lewis and Brown to cheap 1-2 year deals (Lewis might be tougher given his age, but would hopefully get something similar to the $4M we overpaid for Haynes this year). Have a full on competition at C and both OG spots.

      • CJ

        Hard pass on bringing Bobby back. Even at a vet minimum, bringing him back causes two issues; first, less playing time for a rookie. We know Pete will have him get the most snaps at MLB to the detriment of player development. Second, Bobby is too much of a liability in the passing game.

        And depending on how high the market is for Brooks, i’d take a good hard look before signing him to a typical “Pete” contract. While we need to reset this defense, we also need to start being better stewards of our cap space.

        • Gritty Hawk

          I don’t have a problem bringing Bobby back, at a reduced price and as long as he isn’t going to be a 3-down player. He is still a fantastic run defender and a good veteran leader to have on the team. A lot can happen between now and then, but we currently have no LBs under contract in 2024, and without a 2nd round pick it’s going to be difficult to find a day 1 starter who can quarterback the defense. I would have no issues with him returning as long as we pair him with another ILB who is anything less than abysmal in coverage (so, not Jordyn Brooks), and replace Adams with someone who at least has some vague idea of where the football is at any given time. Pete also needs to move on from his idiotic neverending obsession with the “big nickel” player but I don’t see that happening.

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t think the defense can function properly with Bobby playing coverage like this. It’s too easy to exploit.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      6) redo Dissly contract or release him

  26. BK26

    I don’t know how they are going to test, but Jay Higgins and Sebastian Castro from Iowa are mid/late round flyers that I wouldn’t be sad if Seattle took.

    They can at least play sound football, tackle, know where they need to be AND BE THERE. Iowa has a lot of db’s that just stick in the league and end up with 8 year careers: Desmond King, Micah Hyde, Geno Stone.

    They’ve been getting some quality lb’s in the league too. Play sound, make the play, do your job.

    Woudn’t be difference makers but would be positions that we wouldn’t have to worry about.

    • LouCityHawk

      +1 on Higgins

      There are a couple of Hoosiers I wouldn’t mind seeing come in late or as UDFA.

      Louisville has several players, none made Rob’s board, at least not yet. I watched Thrash in person, I’d be shocked if he didn’t get picked. not would be excellent value as a UDFA.

      I think Cooper DeJean is Brian Branch 2.0. Maybe even a higher ceiling as DeJean is moreathletic

      • BK26

        I left Dejean off because I think he’ll be a first round pick. He’s Iowa’s unicorn: complete player with actual athleticism. If we had a quarterback already, I wouldn’t say no to him in the first. He’s a play maker on special teams and defense.

        There was talk of putting him on offense before the year to get a Heisman push, but I think something so modern probably offended ol’ Kirk.

        I guess he come back next year, or it at least is being mentioned.

  27. geoff u

    My faith in the FO took a big hit with the Jamal Adams trade and I kind of checked out for awhile with paying attention to the offseason, until last year when I thought it was obvious Denver gifted us the perfect chance to get a franchise QB. And we stood still and picked a corner and our defense still sucks. And then we traded a 2nd rounder for a d-lineman and our defense still sucks.

    As much as I hope you’re right, as much as you are 100% correct that we need to do what it takes to get a franchise QB this draft, this FO has just done so many bad moves the last decade it’s hard to believe in them again. And they were doing it back then too, it’s just that the good drafting saved them — trading for the nightmare person that was Percy Harvin, then Jimmy Graham (and giving up an all-pro center) and then having no clue how to use him…i mean ffs.

    • geoff u

      Furthermore, I think we’ve long overestimated the LOB and underestimated the importance of having a franchise Quarterback. It wasn’t the LOB who got us to 11 wins in Russ’s first year and won us a playoff game and nearly the second. Despite Sherman’s jawing, it was Russ with the late game heroics that beat the Patriots in the regular season and kicked off the new era. In the playoffs, the LOB spotted the redskins 14 points in the first quarter, before injury sidelined RGIII and Washington’s offense. The LOB spotted 20 to the Falcons in the first half and it was Russ who dragged us back to a lead, only to have the LOB blow the game in the final 31 seconds. 31 seconds, two plays, field goal game over.

      The Jets have a top three defense this year. They’re 4-8 because Rodgers got hurt and they’d at least be 8-4 had he not. Carroll can preach competition all he wants, without a star player at the top the best you can achieve is spinning your wheels.

      • Big Mike

        Agree with your points about Russ and the LOB. I really think Russ going celebrity QB turned off a lot of the fanbase with good reason, but minimizing what he did for this franchise is nothing more than revisionist history to fit their narrative. He is the one and only franchise QB the Seahawks have ever had.

      • IHeartTacoma

        Two great comments.

      • king

        Sometimes you just need a like button.

  28. Sea Mode

    Doesn’t seem too eager… Smart man (in this case…)


  29. Happy Hawk

    Bring Browning back to Seattle!

  30. Palatypus

    For 1000 cool points solve today’s Jim Harbaugh sign-stealing challenge!

    Name this play.


  31. BK26

    I’m glad that you and Jeff are hopping in later Rob. I’m interested in his opinion. Different, unbiased, and not stubborn.

    Also saw that Bienemy is who the Bears will target. Sounds like Caleb Williams going 1st overall to me.

  32. LouCityHawk

    I like making player comps, I think it is helpful for my own process of projecting a player to the next level.

    As much as the media has tried to generate a narrative that Caleb is not a lock for pick 1, it has similarly not challenged its narrative that Maye is QB2. For the players listed on Rob’s board, Maye is one of the players I most disagree on.

    Let’s talk about the 3 QB I see as vying for QB2

    Ewers – I’ve comped him to Aaron Rodgers, watch him versus UW and make up your mind for yourself.

    Rattler – Rob has said he is Mahomes ‘lite’ and I think that’s a very fair comp.

    Daniels – My preseason favorite is turning heads. I thought about him almost the whole drive from St. Louis back to Louisville yesterday. There is no perfect comp for him. Daniels is the next evolution of the dual threat QB. He is not Vick or LJack or Murray with his legs, but they are not him with his arm. Daniels arm is plenty good as well, I’d call it not Stroud. So he is Daniels, first of his name.

    Then there is:

    Maye – at his best, he reminds me of Carson Wentz, at his worst Blaine Gabbert. Maye is my pick for getting the Levis treatment this year, could be late first or early second. McCarthy will get over drafted ahead of him (my guess).

    My suspicion is that Daniels surprises everyone and goes second overall. There are reasons that Rodgers and Mahomes fell, those same reasons will work against Ewers and rattler. Regardless, I hope the Hawks have learned their lesson about being too cute – identify your guy and go get him.

    • BK26

      Your comps and takes are always worth reading.

      Let’s say the Pats pick second. Would Belichick say no to a giant weapon like Daniels that can even make something out of nothing with his running, or Maye who is more traditional? He has to play Lamar much more often so he gets reminded of his skills more often than an NFC team.

      If Ewers lights up the playoffs, why would he go back? He might be a top 12 right now. He’ll only be in a higher demand with the often draft process.

      I read a quick q & a on ESPN and the draft (Kiper, Yates, Jordan Reid (don’t know him), and the GOAT Matt Miller). Most of the article was about qb’s. You know who wasn’t mentioned at all, even in sleepers? Quinn Ewers and Spencer Rattler. Kiper had McCarthy as his wild card…. They even talked aboug Sheduer Sanders.

      It is just shocking that even now, Quinn Ewers after last weekend is getting crickets, and Spencer Rattler is getting less than that. From everyone, besides the highest paid draft evaluators.

      • Jabroni-DC

        It is just shocking that even now, Quinn Ewers after last weekend is getting crickets, and Spencer Rattler is getting less than that. From everyone, besides the highest paid draft evaluators.

        Or the ‘unpaid’ draft evaluators.

        • BK26

          Everyone but Rob. It’s ridiculous. There is NOTHING, anywhere about Rattler. When it’s mentioned, the response is “oh Rob is high on him.” That’s it.

          WIth Ewers, there are a few random fans, usually TX fans or Big 12 fans that have seen him.

          Shows how you can fall. Ewers was the highest rated recruit ever and Rattler was the top qb in his class. Both were mentioned as generational (as much as it can be mentioned for a high school kid).

          • LouCityHawk

            I worry about that.

            It will start to impact the College game as QB really start to study what impact team choice will have.

      • LouCityHawk

        Watch JJ McCarthy plummet following Michigan losing in the playoffs. It really is to drive the narrative that he is just see TV, same as Penix. Nix has already started falling today.

        If UTA wins the National Championship, look for that narrative to become dominant – watch the CFP – the stars of tomorrow on display.

        Once the CFP are over, and the draft starts approaching those names will get mentioned more. Rattler will get Senior Bowl buzz, then there will be chatter at the combine. It is like Rob said though, most weren’t high on Mahomes.

  33. samprassultanofswat

    Looks like Danny DeVito’s brother is going to start for the Giants on Sunday. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/tommy-devito-will-start-for-the-giants-this-week Lol.

    Actually the way Daniel Jones is playing. Danny DeVito would be better then Daniel Jones. Lol

    • Rushless pass

      Daniel Jones hasn’t played since October 8th

  34. Jabroni-DC

    Side note1: the trade DK talk is exhausting, you’d pay DK $23 million to be a star somewhere else, take the cap hit? For a low first and third?


    What’s exhausting is the continual pissing away of valuable resources & mortgaging of the future. High draft picks traded away for ‘you know who’ & 10 games worth of Williams. Horrible contractual overpays for ‘you know who’, Diggs, Dissly & soon to be Geno & Lockett (as much as I love him) in 2024.

    I probably wouldn’t mention trading DK as an assist to landing a franchise QB if we had a full stable of draft picks & a healthy cap situation. But since we do not have those things I am forced to explore all available avenues in the quest to acquire Seattle’s 2nd ever franchise quarterback.

    My current target for a trade would be TEN at 8

    TEN was my target as well & I wouldn’t hesitate to include DK if it helped get that deal done.

    I would LOVE to have the problem of wondering ‘who will our franchise QB throw to’? Until we get that QB, we are irrelevant.

    • LouCityHawk

      What’s exhausting is the continual pissing away of valuable resources & mortgaging of the future. High draft picks traded away for ‘you know who’ & 10 games worth of Williams. Horrible contractual overpays for ‘you know who’, Diggs, Dissly & soon to be Geno & Lockett (as much as I love him) in 2024.

      +1 to all that.

      The cap hit just makes it an unworkable trade for DK. There are other players. Comp Tunsil to Cross for example. Last season was the one to move Diggs and Fant, didn’t happen.

      Take a Quick Look at what it would take to move up to 8, it really isn’t that bad. A move up to the top 4, that is where things get tricky.

      • Peter

        The case to trade DK is rather simple for me…

        What team would trade between one to two picks ( 1st and 3rd…single second) for a WR who is a. Spendy and b. Only has two years on contract…,

        When if you ‘need’ a WR why wouldn’t you move up for less to get say Odunze for five years of club control at a fraction of the dollar amount + draft stock?

        If this was the in season trade deadline ( cough, chiefs, cough) okay sure.

        I’m being only slightly facetious here but outside of our team who would spend that way?

        • Big Mike

          Reading what you guys say about wide receivers do you guys feel like wide receiver may become the next running back in terms of contracts? By that I mean considering the amount of quality receivers that come out of college football now are second contracts to wide receivers going to be a thing of the past unless it’s a guy like Tyreek? Or is it more valuable to have veteran guys who are solid at running routes etc and thus worth the expenditures?

          • Peter

            Big Mike I’ve been on the WR as RB train for awhile.

            There are so many factors at play namely your qb and coach.

            Take the niners thus far, the aj brown trade, when jefferson gets paid is Minnesota closer, what’s more important…Burrow or chase?, the chiefs could use a weapon or two but did it w/o hill, davante adams was the gold standard for years……

            Even our own team with Baldwin and Kearse plus others no big time names. Lockett is a legend and if he retires DK currently will beat Tyler as second best WR hawks have ever had in faster time than lockett got there. But by themselves how important is it to have a ‘big time’ reciever?

            We all love Witherspoon ( get him away from Diggs and adams) but is Witherspoon + JSN more important than Stroud?

  35. Joseph


    All in that order of who I want. However I believe Ewers will return. It makes sense in order to improve his draft stock. If he were to return to Texas, I think he’ll be a top 5 pick and I would definitely choose him over Sanders. I would be fine with either Rattler or Daniels if we can’t get Ewers.

    But who knows if we’ll will draft a QB next year or 2025. Seems to me Carroll’s really high on Geno.

    Then again, this team looks like is getting worse thanks to coaching. So, is it really worth it to draft a QB in either years?

    • Jabroni-DC

      If Ewers balls out in the CFP he could be a top 5 pick this year. Stroud put on such an incredible show in the semi final loss last year that he cemented his top 2 spot and iirc he wasn’t sure that he would declare prior to that.

      • Joseph

        It’s gonna be a close game. I think Ewers will ball out because Washington’s defense hasn’t been very good lately. He should have more recognition right now. He’s better than May, Penix, Nix, and McCarthy.

        • Jabroni-DC

          It be great if Ewers did what Stroud did last year. Play epically good in a semi final loss.

          Go Dawgs!!!

          • Big Mike

            I’m up for that

  36. Ross

    Didn’t JS specifically mention Ewers recently? I don’t remember the context but the fact that he mentioned him by name says something. I really hope he declares

    • Rob Staton

      End of draft press conference this year, when discussing JSN

  37. Whit21

    “>Without a genuine, legit franchise quarterback, Carroll has not succeeded in the NFL.”

    I think Drew Bledsoe was a legit franchise QB. Patriots did go 5-11 the next season under Belichick. Bledsoe did go to a SB under Bill Parcells.

    I think you’re right in the NFL is going away from defensive minded coaches and getting a good offensive coach is probably the way to go. I don’t think PC can coach to another SB. It would be a lot easier to find a good DC more than it is a good OC, because OC’s will always get poached for a HC job when they succeed. There’s plenty of good defensive guys always available when they fail as HC, as its been the case for a long time.

    Only problem is, who is that coach you can get? Can Jody Allen be aggressive like Paul Allen?

    If Pete has no plans to step aside, which is the opinion of folks listening to his press conferences, I think they are going with Geno again or go after a cheap young alterative.

    I know Rob doesn’t like Justin Fields, but if they can’t get a rookie this year. How do you not see him as a faster Russell Wilson? If they get him for cheap or draft day trade when the Bears pick a new QB. It would be a move the Hawks have made in the past. Trade out of the maybe the top 20 and get more picks, they have to restructure more guys, pay less at QB, probably get a new OC(obviously), and go back to what made their offense more successful 10 years ago. Pete ball. Read option, screens, running the ball, and play action. None of which they can do well right now consistently with Shane Waldron and Geno Smith.

    I can see it happening.

    • Mick

      Seriously, how easily do we forget that Wilson won a SB and played in a second one, and we compare him with second tier QBs like Geno Smith and Justin Fields…

      • Peter

        Faster wilson?

        Feels more like he’s like Wilson if Wilson couldn’t play qb.

        • Whit21

          I dont like my phone.. my reply is below.. apologies

      • Whit21

        Do we also forget that RW played with marshawn lynch and a great defense?

        Also do we forget how frustrating the offense was at times and russell had to play off script to get back into 1 score games..

        • CJ

          I remember too many games where either the defense blew a lead and Russ had to bail them out in the 4th quarter, or the play-calling on offense was terrible in the 3rd quarter leading again, to Russ having to win it in the end.

          Yes Russ played with Marshawn. And a great defense, until 2017 when the tires fell off. Guess who continued to perform at an excellent level, despite terrible offensive lines. Who was a Pro-bowl QB from 2017 through 2021. Y’all can be mad at him for wanting out, and for his persona (whatever), but can you blame him for wanting out? How everyone can just have amnesia about how good he was boggles my mind. The only reason we had a chance to beat the Patriots was Russ carrying us on our back.

          • whit21

            Ok first off. We all agree that 2017 to 2021, They mishandled the entire team when LOB and the rest of the defense fell off. Wasted money on nobodies. Which contributed to RW wanting “superstars”. Don’t be a RW fanatic and think it was all him. He contributed to the downfall just as much as Pete. See example A,B. RW was not good nor was pete.

            Russ did have to carry in the 2014 SB (2015).. But that was because Cliff avril went out. Richard was hurt in NFC championship game. Kam tore his MCL 2 days before the SB. Earl hurt his shoulder. They blew a lead in the 4th quarter.

            AND it wasnt even RW.. it was actually Jermaine Kearse’s immaculate catch to put them 1st and goal..

            NOBODY should say what the past was, we all know what is was. I am just throwing out predictions based on what we already know…

            What I want? Pete fired.. Team sold.. But with that comes a lot of unknowns. Who comes in like Paul Allen did? Are we gonna be like a NY jets, Jaguars, Browns, Lions, or Carolina?

            Its too late right now to get any offensive coach that can turn you around.. Waldrons offense is riddled with errors. Coaching is very important in the second half of the season, and what we have all seen, they are monumentally worse in the second half.. Even with RW.

            Its been for years now.. Fix the 1 issues they didnt fix the year prior. Then a new problem comes. Fix the draft. Fix the RB/WR positions.. Then fixt the defense..Fix the offense.. Lost a QB.. fix that..

            Then dont have that solved.. They are behind everything. When did PC/JS ever be behind… They turned over this team when they got it.. And refuse to do it again. Either they do that and set the team up for success or they move on.. Its that simple..

            • CJ

              I’m not a RW “fanatic” by any stretch, but to say that he was the issue with the team’s performance from 2017 through 2021. He was outstanding during this time despite poor coaching and poor personnel around him.

              I agree that the entire franchise now is far too reactive. This stems from departing from their identity (whether that identity is valid now or not).

    • BK26

      Because Fields is a bad quarterback. Russell Wilson was a very good college quarterback that led his teams and offenses, stayed in control, made NFL throws. FIelds looked lost coming in the league. They are night and day different. You can’t see Russell Wilson in Justin Fields

      You are right, it is a move they might have made in the past. Which is why it shouldn’t be made. No more cast offs, redemption projects, being cheap, thinking that they can turn coal into gold. That is one of the main weaknesses of this regime.

      If they trade back and miss out on a quarterback, then they are scared and completely out of the NFL as of now. And I believe it will definitely lead to them getting fired.

      What is the deal with trying these cheap options that won’t work? Grab another cast off, roll with Geno again, being scared of taking a quarterback in the first round?

      • whit21

        If Fields is a bad QB.. then russell is too.. Because Russ played soooo bad last year.. But with a different coach hes….. Russ again? thats what they are saying after his 5 game win streak under Sean Payton. But Fields as comparable stats to RW in his first 3 seasons and last season.. Under bad coaching and new coaching..

        Its a thousand to one odds.. I am just putting out long odds on something, so i can say I am right in 6 months time.. if i am wrong.. Well, hopefully the hawks drafted a good QB in RD 1 in the 2024 draft.

        • Rob Staton

          Fields is a turnover machine

          I don’t know how you can watch him and think ‘this is a guy the Seahawks would want’

          And that’s besides the fact he just isn’t any good. He’s an athlete.

          • whit21

            Again.. just a wild prediction. But have you not seen “reclamation projects” from PC JS?

            If they cannot get their guy from this draft. Do you not think they can’t keep PC system with Justin fields?

            I think he can do that. How many times do these ultra competitive coaches believe they can fix the flaws from players that fans/media deem terrible players or “turnover machines”. I am probably wrong. However out of any current player, I will guess that he is the guy they could look at if they dont go for a QB in the draft.

        • Gritty Hawk

          That logic doesn’t really track. Russ is a formerly-elite NFL QB with a Super Bowl ring and clear path to the Hall of Fame, who had a bad year or two. Fields is a very athletic young player who has never proven for any stretch of time that he can operate as a passer at the pro level regardless of his coach or the talent around him. They aren’t remotely comparable players.

        • BK26

          Are you talking about Russ today? I wouldn’t want either as of today. Russ 3 years ago, you take him. Russ is a Hall of Fame qb.

          FIelds has troubles playing his position. Mechanics are horrible, can’t go through progressions, runs too soon. He isn’t even good. There is no time to coach him and we can’t develop anyone.

          Even if they do bring him in, it’s a dumb move. For all of the reasons listed. They need to find THEIR GUY. Not retreads and castoffs from other teams. It’s lazy at this point and doesn’t work. That is why we have Geno and Lock.

  38. TJ

    “The NFL is not what it was in 2013….” Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing about Pete. Until he retires, I don’t see things changing in Seattle. He is too loyal to his guys (even when they underperform). He is too set in his ways (even though they clearly aren’t working anymore). He deserved our gratitude for what he has done here, but the Seahawks are going to be stuck in neutral until he retires.

    • TJ

      deserves, not deserved….

  39. Whit21

    Its more of an opnion about how they might view him in “their” system.

    RW was successful as a scrambling and read option QB.. Do they think he could be their RW 2.0? Maybe.. idk, its just a quess.. they have comparable stats for fumbles in their first 3 years while Fields has been with 2 coaches and a bad team. INT and TD ratio obviously not..

    Who else do you think they can get if trading up isnt an option or theres a huge run on QBs in the top 15? Will they wait for their pick and is their guy gonna be there?

    Or go with Geno again..

  40. Andrew M

    Off post-topic, has anyone in local media or the team said anything about Jamal Adams yet, or is his behavior just getting thrown aside? And if anyone has addressed it, or questioned it, or even defended him please post a link or a summary. The last few days I’ve been hoping to see at least one person floating around this team show a little backbone and call Adams out, and/or the team for defending it. It will be disappointing to see him staring on Sunday if the plan is just business as usual.

    • Rob Staton

      Off post-topic, has anyone in local media or the team said anything about Jamal Adams yet, or is his behavior just getting thrown aside?

      Nope, absolute crickets. Most have failed to even acknowledge it. The only people I’ve heard discuss it are Ian Furness and Hugh Millen. None of the beat writers seem to have acknowledged it and Carroll wasn’t asked about it on Friday.

      Tomorrow is press conference day. The moment of truth, as it needs to be asked about.

      • Andrew M

        What a low point for this team. Getting blown out several times and then this BS. Like most of us here I am not prone to being legit embarrassed by the team, disappointed yes surely, but letting Adams walk away from this without a word and then allowed to start the next week, is a low point for Carroll. Really hope someone in the press corps asks about it and at least attempts to force an answer.

      • cha

        Bobby Wagner was just nominated for the Walter Payton award. I expect several questions on how good he is and how important he is to the community and “what he means” to the Seahawks.

        • Rob Staton

          Oh god, that’s coming isn’t it?

  41. Steve J

    Good article and discussion, though trading up that high just doesn’t ‘feel’ like a PC/JS thing to do. I would be shocked to see it.

    Focus on the qb ‘fits’ for what is more likely from PC/JS…a mid round qb. If they do go qb in rounds 3-4 who would be candidates that fit the Seahawks (have elevated a program) and potentially be there? Rattler? Nix? McCarthy? Pratt?

    • Rob Staton

      Good article and discussion, though trading up that high just doesn’t ‘feel’ like a PC/JS thing to do. I would be shocked to see it.

      Not sure why though. They are among the most aggressive traders in the NFL and need a long term QB.

  42. icb12

    Listen. I’ve driven my share of clapped out old Ford’s. Can CONFIRM- they ALL ran better than the Seahawks offense.

  43. Peanut

    If you trade up and nail the pick, you will be a draft genius and be praised for a decade.
    If you trade up and miss, it will suck but atleast you gave it a shot.

    this is my opinion now. I just want to follow a franchise that tries to be a 10 year contender not a 1 year pretender.

    Sidenote: Did a mock draft
    Rd 1: Jayden Daniels
    Rd 3: McKinnley Jackson
    Rd 3: Zak Zinter

    Missing that 2nd rounder is pain.

    • Peanut

      2nd Sidenote: Some of seahawks twitter will praise a aggressive trade for Adams but god forbid they push the same type of trade for a QBotF

  44. L80

    The obvious need for an entire coaching staff change couldn’t be more prevalent. We’ve seen the same results for years, the supposed “re-set” of 2018, the Bevell firing……

    We saw the exact same offense with a new coordinator three times. The “multitude” of weapons seems to be an afterthought. The people that get paid to figure out how to use this supposed plethora of talent can’t figure out how to do that. It’s beyond redundant and pathetic

    We’ve seen the exact same defense with multiple coaching changes in several areas. All the while changing players up. Sure some of the players never panned out (Barton being a good exmple), but we see the same exact concepts of a decade ago without the proper personnel to run it.

    Having a QB is a necessity, however, with this current regime in place, they are telling the entire league, when you play thge Seahawks, this is what you are going to get, now try and stop it.

    News flash, the league figured it out over a decade ago and the results are the PROOF needed to justify my words here.

    Pete is a good coach, but not having your team ready at the start of the season and having zero identity 12 games into a season is NOT being a good coach, because evidently, he doesn’t listen to all the other coaches, or he’s so headstrong he tells them, I will be involved in all of it, which if we’re judging by a 5 year re-set, time’s up dude, 5 friggin years to get it right???…the expiration date, and best if used by date are LONG gone.

    I know this article is about trading up, but so much more needs to be realized around the front office.

  45. Dan

    “Without a genuine, legit franchise quarterback, Carroll has not succeeded in the NFL.” – Care to clarify? Tell me the name of one HC (outside Kyle Shanahan) who has been successful as a coach without a franchise QB. Even Shanahan is struggling to find one. This is hilarious!

    And as for Pete’s success – it aligns with building a legacy Defense which helped Russ’s case. Russ didn’t help Pete be successful. Pete made Russ successful. I don’t understand your love for Russ man! Weird.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, two Head Coaches have won Super Bowls in the last few years (Greg Kubiak, Doug Pederson) without elite NFL quarterbacks. Kyle Shanahan has the best team in the NFL without one. Is Jalen Hurts an elite NFL quarterback? Not for me. Mike Tomlin has never had a losing record and look what he’s had to work with the last few years. The Bengals coach won a game with Jake Browning this week. The Colts are 7-5 with Gardner Minshew. Lions 9-3 with Goff. Etc etc.

      The point is, without Russell Wilson, Carroll’s record in Seattle is the definition of mediocre. The defense between 2012-14 plus Marshawn Lynch may have been the main reasons for the success, but Wilson played an integral part too. They had a lot of the defensive pieces in 2011 and Lynch and went 7-9, with no Wilson.

      Then the LOB collapsed after 2016. For years after that, Seattle had no defense to speak of, no running game, no identity. They won because of Wilson. He carried the team virtually on his own.

      So your revisionist history is the issue here. Not my ‘love’ for Wilson.

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