Video: Seahawks season preview


  1. Volume12

    I guess I’ll post it here since it’s a new thread.

    Rob, you been able to watch any of Minnesota S Tyler Nubin?

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t

  2. Sea Mode

    How does this still somehow leave me with little confidence we won’t get out-coached and blow it in an error-filled week 1?

    Maybe a Seahawks center will finally hold his own (as far as can reasonably be expected…) against Aaron Donald and we’ll be ok after all?

    Tom Pelissero

    #Rams WR Cooper Kupp is out for Sunday’s opener against the #Seahawks, per coach Sean McVay.

  3. Romeo A57

    I am currently a plane flying back to PNW so I will have to watch this later.

    My question is ” What is a reasonable expectation of how the Run Defense will be against the Rams on Sunday?”

    I was gifted a Las Vegas Trip this weekend and will be at the Westgate Sportsbook on Sunday. I really like the Seahawks to beat the Rams but am worried about Akers running wild.

    • Big Mike

      My opinion, and it’s just that, an opinion, is that I wouldn’t take the Hawks at -5.5. McVay will out coach Carroll as is usually the case. I’m guessing Seattle wins by a FG.

      • Hawkster

        Low scoring game decided by a field goal is where Im at.

        • Malc from PO

          That’s my feeling too, 19-17 Seattle. Pete’s goal is always to run down clock through 3 quarters and if the Rams play that game too it will suit them. The home loss to the Giants a couple of seasons back is the worst example that I can think of recently of us willingly allowing an inferior team to beat us this way. Pete definitely has those games in his playbook.

    • Palatypus

      Can you bet on Pete losing a challenge?

      • Big Mike

        Cmon man, you know Vegas only.offers wagers they have the edge in.

        • Palatypus

          I’m not betting on the Globetrotters to win against the Generals, I’m betting on them to cover.

  4. Volume12

    Maybe I’ll try and make this a weekly thing for the CFB season. 5 guys (and a bonus player) that caught my eye who I think may be of interest to Seattle in the 24 draft.

    Riley Leonard, QB, Duke: stumbled on him summer by accident. Rob touched on him in the last post. Fantastic athlete, intriguing skill set. Offers a lot to work w/. Does he have that big arm JS seemingly likes/wants in QBs though?

    Mekhi Wingo, DT, LSU: his get-off, 1st step is ridiculous. Love the contact balance and the fact his eyes are always up.
    Will chase plays down from.the backside, technically sound. Could end up being special. Does Seattle, like last year w/ CB, finally go DT early?

    Cedric Gray, LB, NC: 1 of those LBs who go day 2 and play a decade in the league. Sideline to sideline speed, super productive, excellent in coverage, really gets after it (physicality wise).

    Tyler Nubin, S, Minnesota: Versatile safety. Instincts are through the roof, always around the football. Read-react skill set is outstanding. Its early but so far he’s my S1 and 1 of my draft crushes. Seattle has pumped a ton of cap into this position. Would they take 1 on day 1 or 2?

    Kris Jenkins, DT, Michigan: rumored to be a freak athlete but what I like? His ability to play through contact. Just dont see a whole lot of that anymore for whatever reason. He can stack and shed as well though. Can play up and down the line. Excellent run defender. Good bloodlines. See above about Mekhi Wingo.

    *bonus player*

    Brandon Dorlus, DL, Oregon: Probably.gonna be a 3-tech in the league and Seattle seems to have that position set w/ Dre’Mont and Mike Mo. Love his length and motor. Moves like an EDGE, great UOH, plays hard, and has sneaky good power.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Thanks man.

      Have you changed your thousandth diaper yet? Keep that trophy on the wall.

    • Peter

      You should do this V12.

  5. Hawkster

    Fwiw I think they may well have taken Benton if he was there at 52.

    • Palatypus

      He’s dead to me.

      • geoff u


  6. Denver Hawker

    Jamal Adams contract restructure?

    • Romeo A57

      Looks like it is just pushing some of his cap hit to 24 and 25. Get to pay him more to contribute nothing in 2024.

    • Ukhawk

      Why did they do this now?

      • Denver Hawker

        Probably a last resort cap space option- I’d like to think it opens the door for a vet DT, but who knows. Makes it tougher to part next year unfortunately.

        • Brodie

          I think, similar to Diggs it just gives them more options.

          If they don’t spend the money, it will roll forward as cap space next year (ie no real harm).

          If they do spend it, you’re right – it does hurt more next year. It might also allow for them to address the DL that they didn’t have w/o the extra space.

          The way this really bites us in the butt is if they go ahead and use that newly created cap space, in an ineffective way. like trading for a Gabe Jackson type that has a bloated contract and doesn’t move the needle as far as competitive edge.

      • Palatypus

        Because his agent finally agreed to it?

  7. KennyBadger

    Thanks for the stream guys, I think this is going to be an entertaining but frustrating team to watch. High scoring games with another defense anemic up the middle. Funny how we can probably afford an injury at qb more than we can at nt.

    I think 10-7 but I thought 5-12 last year as I had zero faith in Geno. Cheers to 17-0! (and gambling winners)

    • Malc from PO

      10-7 is my prediction too, second wild card which will give us a shot on the road at the north or south champion, and we’ll win that game. I think we’ll have the 49ers number this year, our run ends in Dallas or Philly in the divisional round or NFC Championship game. Decent year.

      • Malc from PO

        11-6. We’re not losing to the Lions. Keystone Cops stuff.

  8. 509 Chris

    So if Williams won’t go to AZ it becomes a competition for who wants to pay a kings ransom for that #1 cardinals pick. With the roster Seattle has put together the last couple drafts, F them picks! Crazier things have happened.

  9. Gross MaToast

    The moment we’ve all been waiting for –

    MaToast’s LOCK(s) OF THE YEAR.

    Super Bowl:

    Eagles 33
    Chefs 29

    As for the Seahawks, 5-12.
    No faith in the defense, tough schedule, and Geno lived a charmed life in ’22. It could get ugly, but Pete will be fired up more than ever for ’24. Win Forever!

    (Rememmber, I have a 47% Accuracy Rating, so almost as good as a coin flip!)

  10. 916MikeD

    Hey Cha can you give us a quick explanation on the Jamal Adams restructure and what are the implications moving forward in 2024, 2025. Thanks

    • cha

      They converted as much of his 2023 salary as they could to a signing bonus to gain cap space this year. About $6.6m. So OTC is saying they have approx $9m in cap space now.

      That’s money that is mostly free and clear. The practice squad is already accounted for. But it leaves room for things that come up, like signing players to replace players that go on IR, any performance type incentives that are up in the air, and yes new acquisitions.

      That $6.6m gets spread to 2024 and 2025.

      So now Adams hits are just under $27m in 2024 and $28m in 2025.

      If they cut Adams next year they have $20m in dead cap to deal with. Cutting him pre-June only picks up $6m in cap room. If the post-June and split the dead cap they pick up $16m on June 2.

      • 916MikeD

        Thanks for the quick response Cha! I just want this to be over with already.

        • cha

          Obviously what they’ve witnessed in his rehab has them feeling very, Very, VERY confident.

          • Ashish

            And they are committed to keeping him for the next year 2024 for 27 mil cap hit. Guy is not even full practise,

            • Big Mike

              I’ve been saying for some time Carroll’s gonna bring him back again next year. I stand by it, unfortunately.

              • Peter

                Pretty bummed yo be finding out today that we are paying Jamal Adams nearly as much as TJ Watt the next two years.

                • Peter

                  At least Adams is way better defending the pass…checks notes….what’s this Tj watt last year had two interceptions the same as adams’ whole time here and five passes defended just four less than Adams’ whole time here. ( in 10 games for watt)

                  Honestly if you are unsure of an agent you have to at least check to see if Adams’ agent will represent you. It’s the least you can do for yourself.

          • geoff u

            The FO overconfident about something? This will totally end well.

            • Big Mike

              Always does

            • TheOtherJordan

              Now Adams is becoming one of the biggest examples of Sunk Cost Fallacy in the history of the NFL not just Seahawks history.

  11. Tezza

    We will win 4-6 games this year Geno will comeback to Earth, our run D will get destroyed .

  12. geoff u

    First games are always flukey. Hell, remember the start of last year when the lowely Seahawks beat the Denver Juggernauts? Anything could happen.

    • Palatypus

      That was different. The new head coach, Nathaniel Hackett, was a relatively unknown quality – and we now know that Sean Payton believes it was “The worst coaching job in NFL history.” The last two minutes of the Denver game were a testament to that and a portent of things to come.

      Sean McVay is a known quality. His team will be ready to play. The problem is, that he has 14 rookies on his 53-man roster, five on his practice squad, and three on injured reserve.

      It’s a simple game plan for the Rams. Run the ball and keep it away from our offense.

      • Peter

        The rams roster make up looks suspiciously like ours.

        • Palatypus

          They don’t have Jalen Ramsey anymore. We have Tariq Woolen.

          If the Rams want to try to beat us through the air with Puca Nacua, be my guest.

          He’s no Jake Bobo.

          • Peter

            I meant the quantity of rookies on our 69 man roster or whatever John’s calling it these days.

      • geoff u

        That was more a joke. The first two games do tend to be pretty fluky though, it’s like two weeks of Thursday night games.

  13. Robert Las Vegas

    Wouldn’t it be pretty wild if restructuring J Adams contract the Seahawks traded for Chandler Jones? You could probably get him for basically nothing.

    • cha


      They already have 5 OLB/EDGE types. Jones had 4.5 sacks, 3 TFL, and 15 QB hits last year. If at least 4 of the 5 can’t get that in 2023, there’s a real problem.

      Maybe if a spot or two opened up and the Raiders paid his flight to Seattle, sure.

    • HOUSE

      I don’t know how much Chandler Jones helps this team at this point in his career. We are actually sitting alright at OLB.

      Did you mean Chris Jones?

  14. Robert Las Vegas

    Sometimes I just wonder the Seahawks never ever add void year’s to any contacts. Philly does it pretty frequently, the saints wrote the book.the niners added void year’s to Trent Williams and Kittle and I am guessing that Bosa contract has a few void year’s as well. It makes me wonder why Seattle Seahawks choose not to partake.

    • Jeff

      I think it’s just a team philosophy thing.

      Plus with a sale coming at some point it makes sense to keep future books relatively clear.

    • cha

      They did in the COVID impact year. Interestingly, the amount of void contracts was almost exactly the cap shortfall from missed ticket sales,etc.

      But overall, they just don’t like to do it. It’s their strategy and it’s probably not going to change.

      They’re daring and aggressive in other ways. Like trading top picks for outstanding talents. But just like void years, when you don’t draft well and don’t get extra value from untraditional places, it doesn’t work well enough. And when that outstanding talent also doesn’t work, it’s a crater-level roster problem.

  15. Ghost Mutt

    I’m gonna go 10-7 for the year. Think it’ll be a mixed bag – lots to be excited about but punctuated by frustrating inadequacies in some spots of the roster.

    I think the offence will be really good. Run game will take a while to heat up but by week 5-6 we’ll have found a groove with the 1-2 punch. Passing game will look like a top-5 unit against some defences and Geno will make mistakes and throw games away against others.

    Run D will look mildly competent some weeks and won’t give us a chance to compete in others. Really hoping one of the rookie DTs show up and find a regular spot in the rotation.

    I think we move DT for whatever we get by the trade deadline because we can’t carry someone that can’t set an edge given our horrible DT situation.

    Also a very unpopular opinion here, but I think Adams comes back and gives the D some juice. Obviously not saying he’s going to start justifying his contract or the picks we gave up to get him, but I think he makes some plays and starts finding his groove again.

    • Big Mike

      Not an unpopular opinion, just one I for one don’t think will happen. It’d be good of course if he actually provided some juice as you say.

    • ukalex6674

      Ghost I agree re Adams.

    • Peter

      Let us not argue.

      Let’s put some numbers to it. The “juice,” as it were. The team is on the hook for him for a brain bending number. Through 2025 apparently. At least in 2024 there doesn’t appear a decent out.

      So what do we need to see from Adams to if not justify his contract and picks because that ship has well and truly sailed but to think “okay, he’s trending back upwards.”

      For me I need to see the following to shut up:

      -from the time he gets on the field til the last game of the season including playoffs he doesn’t miss any games. Not one. I don’t care if he doesn’t come back til week eight. Once suited up he plays til the season is over.

      -better than .5 sacks per game he plays in. That’s his only strength thus that’s what he needs to contribute.

      • BK26

        I agree. Do SOMETHING. Be available to do something.

        I’ll also add: don’t be a liability. He’s been that far too often when he’s been on the field. Missed tackles, dropped int’s, bad coverage. As of now, good coaches can scheme and attack him. He needs to more or less be fine.

        That’s just to get me to accept it. With continual stress relief exercises on my part. That’s about all that he can do.

        • Peter

          Don’t be a liability is exactly right.

          • Big Mike

            Us being reduced to simply hoping he isn’t a liability speaks volumes doesn’t it?

            Like any coach, Carroll has always had his share of Achilles Heels (e.g. throwing challenge flags at the right time) but I believe the Adams situation will end up being the most remembered.

            • BK26

              It’s bad when we are talking about what it takes for us to be able to DEAL with it. Not be ok with it, just to be able to cope about it.

              Short of a miraculous run and winning the Super Bowl, it can’t be worth it. What he’s missed, the draft picks, the financial ramifications, losing Neal, the headaches when he’s on the field and the scheme failures just to make him look usable…

              This could be the long-term problem that is what holds the current team back.

  16. London Seahawk

    Guys, Geno is taking us to the Super bowl…

    Run defence:
    – Simplified scheme maximizes the speed we have on the D-line and minimizes the lack of big bodies.
    – Cam Young is legit and smashes it early. He ‘Abe Lucases’ his rookie year, but on the D-line.
    – Jarran Reed reunited with Clint Hurtt is a special thing and Reed takes his game to new levels.
    – Upgrades at LB and safety will cut out the long slashing rushes.
    – A defence and coaching staff who must be sick of hearing how bad they are against the run will be hyper motivated to prove people wrong!

    – Woolen will kick on again. Watch out!
    – Witherspoon will win the outside corner spot quickly and breakout immediately.
    – Love hedges Adams – whoever is in is a big upgrade.

    – Prove it year again; thrives on proving wrong the doubters…
    – That uptick in ‘turnover worthy plays’ is a team statistic that came at a time when Walker was injured, the run game was kiboshed; the o-line got shaky and Geno was forced to take more chances.
    – Charbonnet-Walker 1-2 punch should guard against that – let’s see!
    – JSN provides another escape route… as does Bobo in his own way.
    – Sleeper shout: Parkinson fulfils his potential.
    – Dissly somehow stays healthy

    Here ends todays does of copium!

    • London Seahawk

      *dose, doh!

      • ukalex6674

        Bit too much to be placing the fate of the D line on a rookie.

        Smith and Bobo may provide more escape routes but Smith still needs to find them rather than anyone on the opposing D.

        The D and coaching staff hear this nearly every year and yet nothing changes.

        Let’s hope that’s the only thing Witherspoon beaks.

    • Peter

      Excited to see Cam Young. Not expecting a ton this year but hopeful the big man can overcome his calf injury.

  17. London Seahawk

    Great bit of data-based copium here btw, for those who huff the cope pipe

    • Peter

      Read it. Very thorough. One problem though. I’m not a big fan of the excuse making. Geno played well almost great last year. In almost every way he wasn’t any part of the teams problems.

      That said the write up “what ifs,” a bit about circumstances. Lockett missed a tiny bit of time. Walker was a little hurt. The oline was not great down the stretch. All that is part of football. Geno starts this season with multiple runningbacks, an even further improved oline, good TE’s, possibly the best WR corps in the league. If one piece of those units aren’t firing the onus is still on him to play well. Now if God forbid two starting olinemen go down, metcalf and Lockett both miss time at the same time or some other craziness happens I’ll cut him some slack.

      Unless he’s playing with two recievers, no TE’s and running more yards than Adrian Peterson, Geno needs to play better than the back half of last year.

      • London Seahawk

        Good points here.

  18. GoHawksDani

    Hey guys!
    Does anyone know a platform I could watch/re-watch the games in Europe (Spain). It can be subscription based too, but DAZN is the worst (I had an NFL gamepass registered in my home country before we moved to Spain and after gamepass migrated to DAZN I couldn’t even log in while they charged for my subscription…had to wrote multiple emails and chats so after like a month they finally refunded my money). Is there other platforms you can watch games real time or replay? (I know there are free “solutions”, but I’d rather pay for good quality and for a service where I can re-watch games if I’m not able to watch real time). Thanks 🙂

    • Palatypus

      Can you get Telemundo in Spain? I seem to remember them offering NFL Sunday Ticket.

    • geoff u

      You could possibly do NFL+ with a VPN where you can set the location to the US. Youtube now has NFL Sunday Ticket, but it’s very pricey, and you may need a VPN for that as well.

    • Daniel

      Hi Dani. I had the same issue with migrating my Gamepass subscription to DAZN. They completely bungled the transitioning for existing gamepass customers. However, it is fixed now and works great for me, even better than the old service. I’m not here to shill for them or excuse how poorly they managed it, but just so you know it IS working now. If you can’t find any other solutions you might consider just biting the bullet and signing up for DAZN. The service is working great now and the upgrades they made from the old Gamepass are pretty cool.

    • Rob Staton

      I have had major issues with DAZN this week

  19. Palatypus

    GMFB’s Kyle Brandt just unveiled the new “Angry Runs” box and held the “Angry Runs” draft. So, I want to nominate Big Mike to give out the “Sad Tackle” award, since he gets my Cookie Gilchrist references.

    Ideas for the award:

    1) An old broken set of shoulder pads
    2) A face mask full of turf
    3) A first aid kit

    • BK26

      Kyle Brandt still thinks that he’s in college and talking in front of his fraternity….

      I vote for a Wal Mart tumbler with a kid’s sticker of a peacock on it.

      • Palatypus

        Sippy cup?

        • BK26


          • Palatypus

            Might need a bib with that.

          • Palatypus

            Wait, you play Walmart Bingo?

            • Big Mike

              I’m flattered/honored, seriously. You guys had some great ideas for the trophy. One of them has to have the sound effect that goes “doink” for the passes that hit his facemask right?
              But guys, here’s the right award/trophy:


              The Glass Peacock

              • Peter


              • Palatypus


  20. ukalex6674

    Can’t see the Lions winning tonight.

  21. cha

    Curtis Allen
    PSA: The #seahawks now have $57million cap dollars invested in the safety position for 2024. $58million if you include Coby Bryant. 22.8% of their total cap. Just saying.
    9:28 AM · Sep 7, 2023

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for them.

      I, for one, have always felt that you should sink much of your team’s available cap into aging cheerleaders.

      • Big Mike

        …..aging cheerleaders

        I literally LOL’d at this one man. Fantastic.

    • Gaux Hawks

      Post June 1,2024 Release:

      2024 Dead Cap: $10,416,667
      2025 Dead Cap: $10,416,667

      2024 Cap Savings: $16,499,999

      WTF are we doing!?

    • Gaux Hawks

      Cha, very much looking forward to your upcoming cap review!

      • cha

        Glad I held off.

    • Mick

      Pete’s new tactical revolution, no DTs and 3 safeties, nobody will see this coming.

    • BK26

      “Mr. Stark…I don’t feel so good….”

  22. Denver Hawker

    Seahawks deserve a lot of credit for fielding a playoff caliber team despite making one of the worst trades and contract signings with Jamal Adams.

    How many other teams have made failed or desperate “all-in” trades in the last few years that are just waiting to shed that contract or overhaul the FO? Looking at you Browns and Broncos.

    Painful to think about what could have been with those picks and cap space. Here’s to hoping Jamal can play half a seasons worth of snaps and PFF his way to 70.

    • Simo

      Well, one bad trade isn’t necessarily the kiss of death for a team, take the 49ers for instance. A terrible trade for Trey Lance doesn’t work out and they just plug in Mr Irrelevant, Brock Purdy, into the lineup and remain a juggernaut. The bad news for the Hawks is that the Niners actually admitted their mistake and cut Lance loose before he became to costly. If only the Hawks would have done the same with Mr Prima Donna!

      • Ashish

        The Seahawks could have not given a big contract and salvaged the draft capital when Adam had a good/decent season. Yes, 2 first-rounders and more is not they would have got trading him. Heck just letting him walk would have been a great tough decision. On the contrary, they are so adamant that they are making it even more difficult to cut him in the future. Forgot about the performance, he is not even available. Sorry for the rant.

        • Big Mike

          Excellent points all 3 of you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is in my opinion 100% Pete Carroll’s egoi. He is bound and determined to be correct about this and to the point of detriment to the overall team. Again, my opinion.
          I believe the biggest difference between the Adams trade and the Lance trade is that neither Shanahan nor Lynch has absolute power but Carroll does.

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