Weekend notes — views on several Seahawks topics

Reacting to the Scot McCloughan interview

It was very interesting to hear Scot refer to the top quarterbacks as essentially third round prospects, three of which are likely to go in round one due to positional need. I came away thinking there was virtually no chance of Seattle taking one at #9.

Say what you like about John Schneider’s recent drafting record — he and Pete Carroll have been very cautious when it comes to quarterbacks, only selecting two in 12 years. Maybe they rate the group higher than McCloughan? I suspect they don’t — or at least not high enough to go completely against what he said and take one at #9.

To hear someone as respected as McCloughan spell it out in such a way, I’m not sure any team is going to reach to that extent unless there’s ownership pressure. I suspect we’ll start seeing a bit of activity, perhaps, when New Orleans and Pittsburgh edge towards being on the clock. Perhaps someone will trade into the late first for the third player. That feels more realistic.

With a roster that needs fleshing out and with McCloughan also saying this is a ‘building’ draft where you set up the framework, I’m convinced we’ll see this team focus on structure.

If you missed my interview with Scot McCloughan — you can watch it below. I think it’s a must-listen for all NFL/NFL Draft fans:

Thoughts on what they’ll do

With the recent cuts of Benson Mayowa, Carlos Dunlap and Kerry Hyder — the Seahawks are light on edge rushers. Dunlap is the only truly productive player they’ve lost but currently, they’ve only really got Darrell Taylor, Uchenna Nwosu and Alton Robinson to rush the edge.

They absolutely need more. Given they spoke of improving the pass rush in 2022 — subtracting Dunlap and adding Nwosu is not a ‘fix’. They’re going to be adding here, I would suggest, in a big way.

I think this speaks to the confidence they have in finding an edge rusher. I’ve thought for a while that Jermaine Johnson would be their ideal choice at #9. If not, they can always move down and still secure a good EDGE.

I’m not sure how much this scheme change impacts what they’re looking for. Boye Mafe having sub-33 inch arms would usually mean he’s less likely to come to Seattle. Yet in this fresh start with clear scheme shifts, does that change now?

Regardless, I think if I was going to put money on Seattle’s first pick it would be a DE/OLB type — whether they stay at #9 or not.

I’d say the alternative is an offensive tackle. They still have holes at left and right tackle. If Jermaine Johnson, Travon Walker and Kayvon Thibodeaux are not there at #9 — they might pivot to Trevor Penning.

All signs point to teams focusing on three key areas early in this draft — DL, OL, CB.

Cornerback is an interesting one. Seattle lost D.J. Reed and only signed Artie Burns on the cheap. We don’t know how much these scheme changes, and a switch to more man-coverage, might impact how they approach the position. Sauce Gardner is highly regarded and Derek Stingley is suffering with some recency bias due to injuries and an imploding LSU team. He’s still an outstanding talent.

In previous years we’ve seen quarterbacks and receivers go early. However — as discussed — the QB’s don’t warrant that kind of grade this year and there’s simply so much depth at receiver that teams will probably wait until day two.

LA Chargers to move up?

Tony Pauline relayed information from the Georgia pro-day that LA were smitten with Jordan Davis. It’s no surprise. Not only did he test sensationally — the Chargers badly need someone like him to complete their roster.

They are in a position to make a big trade. If they had Davis anchoring the middle with Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack rushing the edges, with JC Jackson lurking in the secondary and Derwin James at safety — that’s a killer unit.

They could present the Seahawks with an option to move down. More likely though, I think they might target Carolina at #6. The Panthers don’t have a second round pick and might be prepared to shift down to #17 and consider quarterbacks. The Chargers could give them a third rounder and some picks for next year. Not a great return — admittedly — and the Panthers might end up staying put.

From Seattle’s perspective, they could realistically expect to get the #79 pick in return. That’s LA’s highest remaining pick. Plus you’d imagine a high pick next year. It might be appealing for the Seahawks if the board goes a certain way.

I don’t think they’ll take Jordan Davis themselves, despite his incredible physical talent. If there’s one position where they’re currently ‘stacked’ it’s interior defensive line:

Al Woods
Shelby Harris
Poona Ford
Quinton Jefferson
Bryan Mone

It’s a hard sell to add Davis as well to that list and then not have adequate pass rushing talent. You can’t just be about stopping the run. You’ve got to get after opponents too.

It only becomes a more viable prospect if they sign a big name pass rusher, such as Za’Darius Smith. Which seems unlikely.

One way or another, the Seahawks are going to find a way to draft an edge rusher in rounds 1-2.

Tackle is an interesting situation

The Seahawks have had many visits with players over the years. The Jared Allen one sticks in the memory.

They’ve rarely led to a player actually signing though.

To an extent it almost feels ominous when it’s revealed a player is having a visit. It seems to mean the Seahawks are going to do their checks and then try and ‘recruit’ the player to take less money — rather than getting a signature inked.

Trent Brown having a positive time in Seattle and potentially getting a deal done over the weekend sounds good. I’m fearful, though, that another team (such as the Patriots) will swoop in.

I’d like to see them just get this done. You’ve got money to spend. Brown has been one of the best right tackles in the league when healthy. Take a shot.

I’d also like to see Duane Brown back. Initially I wanted them to avoid signing older players. However, I think another year of Brown is acceptable while you work out a long term path. They might even draft someone at #40 or #41 (or might trade back into the first).

I’m not as high on Tyler Smith as a lot of other people but, theoretically, you could add him and stash him with the intention of him being the future of the position.

There are still dominos to fall. It might even be that Brown remains available until after the draft and they can make a call when they know what they’ve acquired.

Over the last few years the Seahawks have had gaping holes on their roster to start training camp. I hope they avoid that this year by going into the draft with good options at most positions and then adding — rather than ‘filling’.

Seahawks want an experienced quarterback

According to Josina Anderson, they at least ‘prefer’ to add a veteran. I think this further speaks to their thinking for this year. Find an experienced potential starter in what will be portrayed as an open competition with Drew Lock. Then build through the draft.

I have a little bit of fear that they could end up blowing a good pick on a middling or ageing player. However, there are some positive signs.

Immediately after the Deshaun Watson trade it became clear that Indianapolis were in pole position for Baker Mayfield. Then this emerged from Bob Condotta:

I’m hearing Seahawks aren’t expected to aggressively pursue Mayfield right now.

Given Mayfield and his people have let it be known through the media that he’s interested in Seattle, I don’t think this is because he’s snubbed the Seahawks. Neither do I think there’s no interest from Seattle. I think they’ll be very interested in him.

After all, Carroll’s big speech about second chances could’ve been tailor-made for Mayfield’s situation.

Here’s what I think’s going on. I think the Seahawks are showing restraint and acknowledge this is a situation where Cleveland has little leverage. They’re letting the Colts dictate where this goes. What are they offering?

They can stay in touch, while not ‘aggressively pursuing’. And if the market is right, they can enter it when needed.

If the price isn’t right, you simply move on.

I think this is a mature, responsible approach. Seattle’s main priority has to be to protect their high picks. Mayfield’s contract situation makes a trade a big challenge because if he plays well you’ll need to pay him a fortune. If he struggles, you wasted a pick on a rental.

One advantage the Seahawks do have is they’re in the NFC, not the AFC. I think there’s a chance Mayfield ends up in Seattle — provided the Colts are not ‘all-in’ on acquiring him.

In terms of alternatives — I wouldn’t get into the Matt Ryan market. I watched him live last season and physically he looked 37-years-old. He’ll cost about $23m — not the $8-9m a lot of people think. Atlanta can drive a harder bargain than Cleveland because they haven’t just committed three first rounders and a kings ransom to another quarterback.

You’re not winning the Super Bowl with Ryan in 2022. You’ll just be the Falcons.

Restraint is the order of the day.

The Seahawks are planning something

They cleared a decent chunk of cap space by cutting Dunlap, Hyder and Mayowa — despite already having the second most available space in the league.

That could, potentially, pave the way to inherit a large quarterback contract.

Or it could be that we’re a week into free agency and there are still some good players available — and they’re ready to make several additions that possibly felt unlikely a few days ago.

What happens with DK Metcalf?

It was interesting to hear Rich Eisen and Albert Breer discussing the prospect of Green Bay trading for Metcalf. That gives the idea a bit more legitimacy, compared to all the Twitter chatter.

As Breer alluded to, it might be one for closer to the draft. The Seahawks need to get through free agency. Then they need to sit down with Metcalf and find out how likely it is they can find common-ground on a contract. If they can’t, thanks to the explosive, ridiculous receiver market, they’ll be in the same situation they were with Frank Clark.

And as with Clark, the minimum compensation they receive in any trade should be a first and second round pick. Metcalf is only 24, he has the world at his feet.

It’s also the same compensation the Packers received for Davante Adams.

I don’t want Seattle to lose such a talented player. However, I think we’re now in a situation where his salary is simply going to be too expensive.

The Packers could give you #22 and #59. That would present an opportunity to draft ‘two for one’ at a cheaper price. Green Bay gets a dynamic weapon to try and win a title this year. The Seahawks can build up their roster.

Notre Dame’s Kevin Austin Jr is a player I would focus on, if such a trade was completed. I think he’s a second round pick. I’d also be ready to move if Jameson Williams lasted into range because of his injury. North Dakota State’s Christian Watson also has a lot of talent and feels like a foundational player for the locker room.

Frankly though, you can list many more options. It’s a loaded receiver class.

I also wouldn’t rule out a team like the Jets being very aggressive in pursuit of Metcalf. It’s hard to work out what a good option for them is at #10. They are desperate for a legit weapon for Zach Wilson.

Linebacker clearly a target

It’s not a coincidence that the Seahawks moved on from Bobby Wagner after watching the outstanding linebacker group at the combine.

It was the end of the road for Wagner in Seattle anyway. It hasn’t been discussed enough in the media but his performances had dropped dramatically. There’s a reason why he’s still available now — a week into free agency.

It was a clear example of a popular player benefitting from reputation and assumption. In the lead up to his departure I wrote a few times I wouldn’t have him back even for $8-10m. The money was better spent elsewhere — and this linebacker class provides a unique opportunity to combine talent and value.

Seattle hasn’t been linked with any free agent linebackers which is both encouraging and indicative of the situation. They don’t even need a hedge (although Cody Barton is one, to an extent). Even if players come off the board, you’re virtually assured of a quality linebacker being available at #40/41.

The four that I’d key-in on are Channing Tindall, Leo Chenal, Quay Walker and Damone Clark. I can also see why Christian Harris and Troy Anderson could be appealing (you might be able to trade down and get one of them).

Tindall and Chenal combine outstanding agility, explosive traits and speed with a physical nature and would be 1a and 1b for me. Walker just has a stoic quality to him — you can imagine him being a leader on your roster and a long-time starter — even if he never reaches an elite level. Clark is a grown man. Extremely likeable personality. 100% football. Frame of a body-builder.

The Seahawks are going to get a good one.

Running back remains intriguing

There’s still no word on Rashaad Penny. I suppose that increases the chances that he’ll be back in Seattle.

I also think it perhaps suggests the Seahawks like this running back class and whatever happens with Penny, might actually prefer to draft a new lead runner.

Carroll is doubling-down on his way of doing things and that means running the ball effectively. We’ve seen how bad Seattle’s offense is when they can’t run the ball.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they target Breece Hall or Kenneth Walker early in round two. However, I still think Zamir White and Dameon Pierce warrant serious consideration because they bring attitude, physicality and energy to a team. They might be available in round three. On day three they might add another one too. It’s a loaded running back group.

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  1. Brett in AZ

    This is turning into a REALLY interesting offseason, both for the Seahawks and the NFL.

    If we end up focusing primarily on DL, OL and LB with a touch of CB and RB thrown in, that feels like a real basis for meaningful improvement in the foundation.

    It feels like they want another vet QB to give them room to take a few QB flyers and give them time to properly develop, just like SM suggested.

    The themes we’re seeing from SEA so far this offseason are very encouraging (knock wood). They include:

    – Cutting deadwood
    – Repositioning the salary cap & position budgets to be more in line with reality (S is still an exception)
    – Coordinators & Scouting/GM seem to have more say
    – PC seems to be going along with a pretty major restructure
    – Signs point to scheme evolving to more of a 3-4, allowing for better pass def and more rush options (hopefully)
    – Patience on the part of the front office. This has been missing in recent years.

    Let’s hope these trends continue.

    I’d also agree that they are clearly prepping for more moves. Hard to tell if it’s trades or more FA signings.

  2. Ashish

    Position they will not target in draft
    – TE, DT, S, WR

    Position they will be looking in draft
    – DE, LB, OL, RB, CB

    I hope the invest in strong center.

    • CaptainJack

      This is silly. They are still going to look for depth pieces / special teamers at all the positions you mentioned under “positions they won’t target”.

      They still don’t really have a good wr3. Eskridge ain’t it for me. Neither is Swain.

      • Ashish

        Agree we are thin in most positions so hard to cover every positions in one draft. Based on Rob’s articles DE LB and OL might good place to start with.

  3. Pavlos

    Does anyone know if shifting to a 3-4 scheme allows the Seahawks to better utilize Jamal Adams? Didn’t the Jets use 3-4 when Jamal played (successfully) for them?

    • Brett in AZ

      He’s a little small to use at one of the LB spots. But one could certainly imagine him coming on a disguised S blitz where a LB drops into coverage instead of, say, Carlos Dunlap.

      More of a disguised 3-4.

      As others have pointed out in previous threads, Desai is a creative guru of sorts when it comes to putting players in position to use their strengths if he has a flexible defensive scheme.

      One could easily see this being a 3-4 disguise type defense or a mix of 3-4 and 4-3 with all kinds of variations.

      This would also help explain why – so far – they seem to have overbuilt the IDL.

    • Seattle Person

      Like Brett mentioned — a 3-4 allows for more coverage looks. For example, if Adams and Taylor stand up near the LOS with Nwosu on the other side, you’ll have to decide who’s coming and not.

      In a 4-3, players have their hand in the ground and it’s more predictable and you don’t have the versatility of players dropping back. So on paper it should help Adams disguise his blitzes.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I might be wrong but I think of it like running a 3-4 front with a LEO and a SAM or deathbaker (like Adams) near the LOS to disguise pressure stunts and coverage schemes.

      Puts most of the pass rush onus on the EDGE/OLB/DB, which hopefully hit home more often because the alignment allows them to disguise the rusher better/longer. Allows the DL guys to focus on run stop and pocket contain. And any pressure you get from those three is gravy.

      I’m excited to see it.

      • stregatto

        The deathbaker and his coffee mug..

  4. cha

    With a roster that needs fleshing out and with McCloughan also saying this is a ‘building’ draft where you set up the framework, I’m convinced we’ll see this team focus on structure.

    I’m less convinced. That’s what they should do. But will they?


    Will Ojabo slide? Nagy doesn’t think so


    Jim Nagy
    David Ojabo’s injury is very unfortunate but doubt it causes him to slide much on draft day. Most NFL teams we’ve spoken with weren’t expecting immediate production Ojabo’s rookie year. He’s very young football-wise so teams are banking on Years 2-4 developmental high ceiling.
    7:53 AM · Mar 19, 2022

    Still, if he does, I could see a team hitting Seattle up at 40-41 and sending a third round pick to trade into the spot.

    Let’s see…a team giving up a third round pick to move up 11 spots in the second round to get an injured pass rusher…sounds so familiar…

    • Big Mike

      “That’s what they should do. But will they?”

      You always wonder with this FO don’t you?

  5. lil’stink

    Simply put – great summary, Rob.

    I found it interesting that they cut Dunlap before the draft considering how much cap space they already have. My biggest fear is that it would be to clear cap space for someone like Matt Ryan. Trading for him would be such a bad sign as to what PCJS are thinking.

    I’m hoping it’s because they will be adding either a LT, or perhaps Jadaveon Clowney. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Clowney doesn’t sign anywhere in the near future. One player that hasn’t been linked to us that I still find interesting is Tyrann Mathieu. Yes, he’s more of a safety and we seem to be set there. But he also seems like a chess piece that a creative defensive coordinator could use in a variety of ways, and despite his age he could still have a few good years left.

    I’m also curious as to DK’s future. Nobody wants to lose him. I’m probably in the minority but I just don’t think any WR not named Rice or Moss is worth those huge $20 million plus APY deals. I think PCJS probably go the route of extending him, but trading him in this years draft could be the better route. And if you could actually get the Jets #10 pick or one of the Eagles first rounders? I would do that in a second.

    Trading DK would be a sign that PCJS are committed to a rebuild. But they could also just keep him for 2022, as he’d be a great option for either Lock or a rookie QB. Use the non-exclusive tag on him after 2022 as a means to trade him (even though we don’t use the franchise tag). I think if anything happened with DK prior to the draft, one way or another, could be telling as to PCJS’s plans.

    • Roy Batty

      I think the Cardinals becoming a dumpster fire after Hopkins was injured would sway a heck of a lot of teams to trade high picks and spend big bucks on DKs new contract.

      Murray looked pedestrian, at times, with no Hopkins to throw it to.

  6. Gross MaToast

    I know I said MaToast would be retired, but after 45 seconds of deep reflection and careful consideration, I’ve decided that in the Great Hereafter, John Clayton will continue not giving a shit one way or the other whether ‘Utah Gross MaToast’ remembers him fondly. Onward through the fog we go.

    Mayfield is an idiot. He is not now, nor will he ever be a Franchise Quarterback. Remember the time he tried to plant the OU flag in the astroturf at Ohio St? Just stupid. Remember the time he tried to outrun some cops in Fayetteville AR and lacked the escapability to avoid being sacked from behind by two guys straight out of their patrol car? Remember that time he was the QB for Cleveland and he sucked? He’s a whining frontrunner who’s destined to be a career backup and trading anything for him is a squandering of resources. Pass. (Something Baker Mayfield can’t do, by the way.)

    With the receivers coming out of college every year, signing someone to a $20-30m/yr deal seems not ideal. Just draft whoever the guy may be from LSU/ Ole Miss/Bama and you’re probably fine. Getting a Coffee Cup-like return for DK would be excellent.

    Finally, Ojabo – I’m sure cha has a 26-string thread posted somewhere on this that covers drafting, signing, recuperation, and 2nd contract implications weighed against other available options, but I’m refusing to look it up – take at 41, if he’s there, or grab someone like Sam Williams and his 4.45? Ojabo may be out til midseason, but so what? He could still go before 40/41.

    • Gross MaToast

      I sweater god, I look up and there above my post is cha opining on Ojabo. I’m forever two steps behind.

      • Brett in AZ

        Don’t feel bad. Cha types so fast it’s like a superpower.

        • Gross MaToast

          I like people who type the old fashioned way – index fingers and white out.

      • cha


        Pick a topic and I’ll leave it to you Gross. You get first choice of anything you like.

        • Gross MaToast

          European super models

          • Gross MaToast

            I wasn’t complaining, just appreciative. It’s like at golf tournaments at the moment when Rory or somebody strikes the ball, some idiot yells, “you the man!”

            I’m that idiot.

    • Big Mike

      “Mayfield is an idiot. He is not now, nor will he ever be a Franchise Quarterback.”


      • Big Mike

        The only glimmer of hope you have is that failing in Cleveland would get him to reflect and change his ways Unlikely imo tho, leopards and spots you know.

        • Roy Batty

          Mayfield is so completely enraptured by his social media accounts that he will never truly change.

          Most athletes have learned that there is nothing to gain by getting into a Twitter or Instagram spat. The whole world is watching and every single word typed can eventually lead to a lifetime of regret.

          Baker has ignored all of this and continues to make argument after argument into a seemingly personal battle with anyone and everyone who might disagree with him.

          This is a franchise that is now going into a rebuild, no matter what Pete says, with young and talented players. I don’t want Mayfield’s arrogant, dystopian beliefs anywhere near the VMAC.

    • Derek

      Gross -love the idea of keeping the name!

      • Gross MaToast

        We honor our heritage, such as it is.

  7. samprassultanofswat

    The way I look at Baker Mayfield is probably different than most. Everyone was down on him after the season was over. Mayfield suffered a knee contusion in the Patroit game last year. Let me quote from SI.

    Mayfield suffered a knee contusion this past weekend against the Patriots and never returned to the game. He was helped off the field where an X-Ray showed no structural damage. Mayfield went on to describe the pain he felt.

    “Caught the nerve on the outside of my leg, made it go numb,” Mayfield said. “The outside of my knee is sore and tender but that numbness where you can’t feel your legs…pretty scary.”

    I think Mayfield’s injury was more serious than many were lead to believe. Despite the injury he played through out the season. Which shows his toughness. Remember in the 2020 playoff run the Browns actually handled the Steelers fairly easily. They came within a whisker of beating the Chiefs the following week. So lets give Baker Mayfield a little credit.

    Pete Carroll said he wants a point guard. Baker Mayfield is a point guard. My gut feeling is John Schneider wants more than a point guard.

    I am not giving my opinion on if the Hawks should go after Mayfield. All I am saying is lets give Baker Mayfield a little credit. The guy is tougher than many give him credit for.

  8. Vin

    Listened to the Interview, simply fantastic, Rob! I’m both amazed and spoiled by the amount and quality of content you produce. You’re a machine, and the 12s are lucky to have you IMHO. I’ve turned all my coworkers onto you, and prefer this site to anything else out there. Been a fan of the site since the Courtney Upshaw take. Again, thank you!

    As far as this article, I would like to see all that: Trade DK to GB or Jets, trade back with Chargers, and then draft DL/OL, LB, RB, CB, WR, QB. With so many picks in the top 64, they could conceivably fill out those holes you’ve talked about, with the quality players you’ve covered to date. Just imagine drafting JJ, Lucas and Corral in first, Tindall, Strange, Breec/Walker in the 2nd, Taylor-Brit and Watson in the 3rd…..there’s your foundation. And there’s still the rest of the draft, plus 2023.

    The fact that they cut so much DL seems odd, because now everyone sees you have holes, which is unlike JS. But if it’s like you say Rob, and it’s purely for opening cap space, then it adds another level of excitement, in terms of trades. The options just seem almost endless at the moment.

    Thanks again, Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Vin

  9. HawksGal

    Was waiting for this summary type article, thank you Rob.

    Has anyone put any thought into Seattle with their picks, doing something like A QB and then WR from the same team, which has been successful with Cincy and Miami.

    Going Ridder and then Alec Pierce? Ridder would excel in a run first offense, I believe he’s the most Pro Offense ready.

    Love Breece and Dameon Pierce, I’m convinced they’ll draft a strong RB.

    • Brett in AZ

      Rob mentioned one in a recent podcast, where he was scouting the QB but his main WR kept jumping off the page. But I can’t remember who that was.

      • Rob Staton

        Kevin Austin Jr

    • Palatypus

      I would not at all be surprised if Desmond Ridder ended up in Cleveland.

  10. BruceN

    The knock on him has been that he didn’t do much with a stacked roster, great OL, running game, WRs, TE, etc. and obviously his maturity. They guy did more commercials than anyone I know before throwing a single pass. That may make him a good business man but he hasn’t invested as much time in his craft, evident by not improving much after four years.

    • BruceN

      Sorry – intended to be a reply to the above post about Baker.

  11. Kyle

    The acquisition of interior d linemen and the jettisoning of current edge rushers makes sense. I just worry that they might be stuck if the best edges go and they overreach for a next tier guy at 9.

    On the other hand, with the exception of edge in general this feels like the first offseason in a while that the Seahawks look like they’re trying to find hedges to go into the draft with a lot of flexibility.

    • cha

      The acquisition of interior d linemen and the jettisoning of current edge rushers makes sense. I just worry that they might be stuck if the best edges go and they overreach for a next tier guy at 9.

      They may be in a position where they need to move up to 6 or 7 to get they pass rusher they want.

      If not, Davis is a pretty good consolation prize if he’s there.

      They’re stacked at DT but the only guy Rob listed who may be on the 2023 roster is Quentin Jefferson. Right about that time Davis will be a year in and ready to rock and roll.

      • Brett in AZ

        That pick would be a pretty good tell. He’ just about the perfect 3-4 NT.

        • Cover2

          I’d want Davis to play DE on our 3-4. Al woods would play NT. The Bears did the same thing with 330 lbs Akiem Hicks playing him as a DE in their 3-4.

          • Brett in AZ

            He’s enough of an athletic freak I wouldn’t put it past him.

          • Rob Staton

            Davis is a NT

      • Rob Staton

        ‘Nose tackle of the future’ seems like an unlikely proposition though

  12. Rob4q

    Listened to the Scot McCloughan interview last night and that was very cool! Awesome get with that one! He had some very interesting things to say about the QB position and those available…

    So was thinking about if the Vikings wanted a player and were interested in moving up from 12 to 9 to get that player. What would the value of Kellen Mond be in a deal that involved that pick swap? Pick 9 and a 2023 5th for pick 12, pick 183 and Mond? Too much of an ask? I just wonder what his value is and if the Vikings would move him.

  13. Jerry

    I agree with the thoughts on DK. They should talk to him about an extension, and strongly consider trading him to a team in win-now mode if he views his market as >$20 mil/yr.

    However, I wonder if it wouldn’t make more sense to trade Lockett. While DK is a bit overrated, Lockett is the more reliable and consistent player. However, he’s 30 next year, and should be entering his decline years. Now might be a good time to move him at peak value.

    I’m not sure about the cap ramifications for dealing Lockett for the Hawks and whichever team would be getting him. I know we’d be looking at substantial dead money, but the team isn’t going to be competitive this year anyway and has cleared a lot of cap space. Perhaps taking that hit this year would make sense.

    Likewise, I’m not sure what Lockett’s trade value would look like. Although he doesn’t have the same flair as DK, he’s been a consistently excellent WR for the last four years, He’s durable and consistent. I’d think a lot of teams would love to add a guy like that.

    • Brett in AZ

      Except in an unusual circumstance, I wouldn’t trade Lockett. SEA seems like it’s on a rebuild path. You need a decent set of leaders in the locker room who are bought in, else you can end up with a situation like we had at the end of the Mora era. “I’m just here for the money.” Definitely not, “we all we got, we all we need…”

      For this reason I’m also OK with the Diggs re-signing (plus, he’s very good). Even though when combined with the Adams contract it makes our Safety position overbought. But the Adams contract error is a sunk cost at this point unless they trade him.

      So keeping some of the right kind of bought-in leadership while you reset the franchise core seems wise.

      Besides, I think he’s worth more to us, especially with the recent extension, than he would be to most others.

      • Jerry

        I think you’re right about the importance of having some vets. Lockett and Metcalf are both good, but also good players to have as role models. That valuable. But how do we weigh that relative to the team’s current makeup and plan going forward?

        I think we need to consider what type of team this will be in the next few years. One of the most important things I took away from the McCloughan interview was the unique timeframe for QBs. We’ll probably see some interesting stop-gap guys this year (Lock, obviously, plus someone like Mariota or even Mayfield). Regardless of who it is, it seems pretty clear that the team wants to recreate the 2012-14 model of building around defense and the running game. Thus, the next QB will almost definitely be more of a game manger.

        If the next good Seahawks QB is not in the NFL right now, that needs to figure into the plan. They’ll probably draft QBs this year and next. As McCloughan mentioned, the best QB development plan is year 1 sitting plus 1-2 years after to really figure things out. Thus, having two really talented WRs seems like an unnecessary luxury. Lockett is 30 next year, so he’ll be well out of his prime by the time we have another franchise QB. Metcalf will likely still be in his prime, but at a pretty brutal price tag.

        On the other hand, they could flip those guys for picks this year and next. Both guys are likely at max value right now (especially if they stay with this team). As Rob mentioned, there is a pretty consistent stream of good WR talent coming out of college. If we’ve committed to a path that relies less on that position for the next few years, it would seem smart to reallocate resources to young players.

        If they hoard picks in the next 2-3 drafts, they select multiple WRs to replace those guys. In that case, their career arc will line up with the team’s return to contention.

    • Roy Batty

      Trading Lockett makes no sense.

      His dead cap would be $15.2 million, which is $5.15 million more than his actual cap hit for 2022 if you keep him. So, unless you are getting a first rounder, which you most certainly would not, it isn’t worth it.

      After the 2023 season they could trade or cut him and save over $9 million. They would incur a $14.1 million dead cap hit, but that’s about when the new TV money would be drastically raising the salary cap.

      On top of all that money, Lockett is still a great receiver and a locker room leader. He is the exact type of veteran they need when bringing in young, eager talent into the VMAC. Just imagine him as the mentor to whichever receivers they draft this year and next? The guy really is the real deal, as far as mentoring goes. DK stated it last year. Tyler was the guy that turned him on to investing properly and keeping his head straight.

      • Brett in AZ

        Exactly, on all points.

        Didn’t PC or JS or someone call him ‘Mr. Seahawk’?

        If you really had to trade one, it’d be Metcalf. But unless someone blew you away with an offer, why take that away from the QB until you have to? If they decide he’s not re-signable? Well, then I guess you have to.

  14. Thomas

    Rob, do you think the delay in resigning Penny is that they are going to take a swing for Saquon Barkley? Yes, there are RBs galore in this upcoming draft that fit the profile the Seahawks really look for. He has been injured for the G-men and definitely has the talent still. But with Pete talking about second chances and the Seahawks are not afraid of spending premium draft and financial capitol on the RB position. Perhaps a 2022 4th rounder and a conditional 2023 3rd rounder than can go to a second?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think so

  15. Big Mike

    Any thoughts on why we’ve heard nothing on the Jimmy G trade front? Literally dead silence. 9ers asking price too high? They keeping him cuz Lance isn’t ready (fanbase would be ballistic if that were the case)?

    If I’m the Colts, I much prefer him to Mayfield.

    • Brett in AZ

      Maybe asking too much. Maybe Lance isn’t there yet. Maybe they’ve been working on it and will drop soon.

      But maybe – and you’ll love this Big Mike – they’re staying out of it hoping we’ll grab Baker because Bosa hates him!


      • Big Mike

        Like Bosa would need extra incentive against our o-line unless we improve the area drastically.

    • Rob Staton

      Shoulder surgery

      • Big Mike

        Hmmmmm…………..problem is there’ll be no market for him if they wait much longer.. They may want to take what the Colts offer if they’re gonna get anything at all.

  16. bv eburg

    Just had a chance to listen the Scot Mccgloughan interview and wanted to touch on three points before moving on to this article.

    1) At about the 5 minute mark he’s talking about pressure up the middle being a problem for quarterbacks so it’s important for defenses to be strong in the middle. later in the interview he brought up David Carr as an example who told Scot he was looking which way he was going to bail before the ball was even snapped. As our own example is Aaron Donald and all the problems he’s caused Russ over the years.
    With that in mind I think our current crop of DT is just meh for making good pushes up the middle. If you told me there was a DT in this draft that could wreak havoc up the middle I would have no problem drafting them at number 9.

    2) About the 10 minute mark, when drafting a QB he looked at it as 50% physical traits and 50% mental traits. I would have been interested where he saw Russell coming out of college? 30/70, 40/60? Either way he was a SB winning QB. And where was Manning when he won SB with Denver? 20/80? Has there ever been a QB win the SB that was the opposite 70/30?

    3) Offensive team building, at one point you asked him about drafting a QB and his answer was, “I view the QB as just one of the 11 players on offense so if there are better players at C, G, WR etc. I’m drafting them” He cited examples from the last draft. Mac Jones went to a better all around roster and coach and had success. Whereas Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson while probably better prospects went to worse rosters. And the QB’s in this draft are more set up to be drafted later and sit behind a veteran and learn.
    Scot loves the depth of this draft. I get the impression from listening to that interview if he was drafting for the Seahawks he would draft all the quality pieces other than QB this year.

    So from a team building I would have no problem;
    At 9 bring a game changer whether DE or DT
    If looking to trade for QB, look to trade for QB but with more mental traits than physical to game manage. So if you do bring in rookie you have mentor.
    Offensive pieces that are better quality than currently on the roster (oline, RB).
    All defense except RB and kick can down the road until next year for offensive pieces.

    Sorry for the long post but enjoyed the interview although I would challenge the Ryan Leaf segment coming from small school.

    • Big Mike

      I want a C drafted on the offensive side too. Unlikely considering they resigned Fuller (puke). More of the Aaron Donald problem you referred to upcoming I’m afraid.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not that Wazzu is a small school. It’s that the school is in an isolated location and isn’t in the SEC

      • Roy Batty

        College teams on the West Coast not located in a city with the initials LA, or fully funded by a guy named Knight, don’t get much viewership East of the Mississippi.

        My cousins in Iowa and Chicago still think they can come visit me and drive down to San Francisco and LA in a day. “We’ll make it a side trip. Go see the sights.”

        No, you won’t.

        • Palatypus

          “Well, then we’ll just drive to Alaska.”

      • bv eburg

        Mark Rypien, Drew Bledsoe, Josh Allen, Kurt Warner, Phil Simms.
        Still not buying the small town/school argument. Mental makeup yes, but that’s a whole subject matter unto itself.

        • Jerry

          I don’t think he was saying that QB’s from smaller schools cannot be developed into good NFL players. I think he was saying that guys coming out of a small school might be less well equipped to start immediately for a bad team. The argument is that guys who are accustomed to being substantially better than everyone else might be less able to handle adversity. And a QB drafted in the top-10 and expected to start on Day 1 would almost definitely be facing significant adversity.

          The more important point I took away from that was the need to let QB prospects start slow. That makes a ton of sense, and seems backed up by recent history.

    • Brett in AZ

      On that mental traits thing, he seemed to be getting at mental toughness and readiness for NFL culture shock in addition to just smarts.

      Like he said, go to the NFL and it’s quite likely the coaching method will be to get screamed at in front of all your peers. And defenses in games look at rookie QB’s as paycheck bonuses (more sacks, more picks, etc.). These experiences can quickly erode a new QB’s confidence, which is a necessary ingredient for player success at the NFL level.

      There were a bunch of QB’s – especially back in the day – who had a rep for being “NFL mentally tough” but not all that smart. And some several won the SB. Bradshaw comes to mind. Some people thought of Plunkett that way. Williams had that rep, as did Rypien (at least in DC). You just couldn’t break the confidence of those guys by either screaming it out of them or intimidating it out of them.

      • bv eburg

        Good point on those QB’s back in the day. Bradshwaw, Plunkett, Williams, Rypien Might have fallen more on the 60/40 physical/mental. SB winning QB’s.

        I guess it just goes to show you can win with all sorts of QB’s as long as the cast around them is good to great.

    • Jerry

      Yeah, I had a similar reaction to the McCloughan interview. It really made me think differently about QB development.

      One of many interesting themes was the timeframe to develop a QB, including factors like the pressure to start guys before they are ready based on ownership/PR concerns and the penalty for messing that up.

      I think this has to figure into the Hawks plan. If we draft a guy this year, they aren’t likely to really play much until 2023 and probably will still be figuring things out in 2024-25. It would make a lot of sense to focus resources on building a foundation so that when we do get that next young player, he’s not getting pummeled.

      I don’t have a problem with them exercising some patience. Despite the cliche is that they don’t plan to take a step backward…their decisions thus far indicate otherwise. They moved Wilson, Wagner, Dunlap, Hyder, and Mayowa. Brown and Shell are still unsigned. The players they’ve added/retained are younger. This is a rebuild.

      I think the Hawks are looking at a 2-3 year process, with a shift in focus in the meantime to their favored MO of defense and the running game. In that case, does it make sense to keep Lockett and Metcalf? Wouldn’t it make the most sense to lean into the rebuild, hoard picks, build a foundation so that next franchise QB can be put into a position to succeed?

      • bv eburg

        Agreed Jerry,
        There is no way they are going to upgrade talent across the board in one draft and free agency. A two to three year rebuild is to be expected and enjoyed by us fans if done properly.
        As for DK I could be convinced either way.

  17. Forrest

    Spot on, Rob. Honestly, I’d much rather have a year of the winner of Geno Smith (resign him for one year $5 million) and Drew Locke than waste picks on Matt Ryan or Baker Mayfield (neither of whom are likely to be the long-term answer). Keep your picks and fill our your team (and if a QB you like drops, grab them too to compete). If that’s the philosophy and you’re not paying Metcalf next year, trade him too – this year! This is a strong receiver class and you could be one year into developing a WR next year when you’re looking to compete.

    • Rowdy

      5 mil for smith? Lmao he’s been on a league minimum for years. Plus he was arrested tried to fight the cops and threatened them a lot, they had to have the head of seahawks security come in to handle him. I just can’t see them bringing him in at all let alone 6 mil

  18. Amoser

    If the top 3 edges are all gone at pick 9 I would be more than happy with Davis.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t expect it to happen

    • Jerry

      If that happened, I’d imagine they would look to trade down.

    • Roy Batty

      As happens every year with a player, some owner or GM will be mesmerized by his combine and just HAVE to have him.

      • Justaguy

        JD is the best player in this draft and I would use #9 to get him every day

  19. Zin

    Nice read Rob, as always. If Pete Carroll is looking to re-engineer the Legion of Boom, then taking a player like Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner (who is being continuously compared to Richard Sherman, and has the same attributes – long with great ball skills), might be who the Seahawks go for at #9.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe, but also worth remembering they haven’t invested high picks at CB

      • Rowdy

        Yea, don’t think Carroll would ever draft a cb or wr in the top 20. I could see him drafting any other position in the top 20 but those

      • CHaquesFan

        I doubt they break their MO at CB at suddenly spend #9 on one after never using higher than a 3rd on one (though when they did, Shaquill Griffin wasn’t bad)

  20. vbullen65

    Anybody know how much we saved by cutting Mayowa, Dunlap, and Hyder?

  21. CaptainJack

    Latest PFF mock has both Johnson and Walker gone by 9, and Seattle taking penning.

    Looks like Johnson’s floor is solidly pick 8.

    • Rob Staton

      I think his floor is 9 but he could go earlier

  22. Trevor

    Rob what is your take on Jordan Love? Is the Pack signing Rodgers to that mega deal a sign they are not confident in him being the next guy?

    Wonder if trading DK to the Pack for Love and a 1st round pick makes any sense?

    • God of Thunder

      I’m not Rob but my thoughts are based on Scot McLoughlan’s remarks about Rodgers benefiting enormously from learning from Favre for 3 years before being made the starter. Doesn’t always work but it has at least work for the Pack! So maybe they keep him.

      • Rowdy

        Except love has looked like trash in practice and in games. Rodgers teammates said he was a championship caliber qb when he was sitting behind farve.

    • Rob Staton

      Was never a big fan of Love

      • Trevor

        I did not really check him out much but I trust your judgement.

  23. God of Thunder

    Great overview. Exciting times.

    It was also good to hear the interview—Rob is an excellent interviewer because he makes it about the guest, and the guest’s expertise and experience. A lot of hosts have too much ego for that kind of patience.

    I think this is more of a rebuild than a quick retooling but PC and Schneider don’t want to come out and say it. Which is wise.

  24. Blitzy the Clown

    Watched some ND games to check out Kevin Austin Jr and I want to know why this kid isn’t being talked about more?

    He’s as Seahawky a WR as I’ve seen. He plays aggressively, even a little violent – mostly in an athletic sense, though he’s not afraid of contact. He likes to jerk his defender around with deceptively quick fakes that almost look like he’s yanking the guy on a leash. And when gets the defender set up, he’s ruthless in exploiting it. Oh, and he’s very much a possession receiver, fighting through hands, extending at the catch point, and holding on through contact. Even though often there ain’t much contact because he either already beat the coverage or slipped it right at the last moment.

    Also, and I saw this mostly with Coan, he does a nice job improvising when a play breaks down, working back to the QB or just finding a soft spot in coverage to give Coan a place to go. He reminds me a lot of ADB, only bigger and more athletic. Maybe with a touch of Bouldin thrown in because he looks like he has really strong hands.

    I love DK. I love the intangibles he brings to the team beyond his insane athleticism and excellent production. I’d love to see how he responds to the locker room leadership vacuum created by Wagner’s and Wilson’s departures, hopefully to step up and claim the mantle of leader.

    If they can’t extend him this offseason, and the only reason they couldn’t is because he wants too much, then I think they should trade him and use some of the draft capital to nab Austin Jr.

    Talent wise I’d think he should go in the second round. But there’s no buzz around him at all, and there are other WRs that are being talked about, and other needs on every roster. So I wonder if he could be had in the third.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Btw, Austin Jr. ran a 6.71s 3 cone and a 4.15 short shuttle which is excellent agility for someone 6-2 200. And it shows on tape. He’s almost brutal with his suddenness.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah as I said last week, I would consider Austin in R1

      And Coan is as good as the big name QB’s

    • Brett in AZ

      That would be exciting. A Coan/Austin Jr. re-pairing from the ground floor?

      Maybe HawksGal was onto something.

    • MarkinSeattle

      The negatives on Austin having heard a lot as a ND fan. Austin missed the 2019 season for disciplinary reasons (smoking pot). Then he injured his foot, causing him to miss the off season. That was followed by reinjuring his foot rushing back in the fall of 2020, causing him to miss the remainder of the season. So he has missed two entire seasons prior to this year. From what I have heard, he learned from and never had another disciplinary issue after that first one.

      Another big weakness of Austin is a lack of fundamentals. He and the other ND receivers were very poorly coached at ND the last several years. He hasn’t been taught how to fight off press or fight through reroutes.

      The last big weakness is that Austin sometimes loses focus and drops balls. He has good hands in general and is quite good at fighting for and coming down with balls, it’s the routine ones he will drop on occasion.

      From the ND perspective, if Austin had come back next year, he could have worked his way into the top 20 of the draft. However Austin’s injury experience motivated him to come out early. Physically he is what he tested at, with top 5 finishes at all the testing categories except the 40. He is pretty big and strong, able to win fights for contested balls. He also is a threat to get lots of YAC.

      I like Austin as a NFL prospect. With the right coaching I think he can really emerge. Not sure that he has the talent to be a top 5 NFL WR, but I think he could be a top 20. A good upside pick.

      I personally really like Coan. He doesn’t have a bazooka nor is he incredibly fast. He struggle when he is pressured, which he was a LOT at ND. But the kid is good at reading defenses and going through he progressions consistently and systematically, even under pressure. His accuracy is pretty good as well. I like him quite a bit as a mid to late round flyer. Between the ears he has it, the question is are his physical skills going to limit him too much.

      • Sea Mode

        Good insight. Thank you.

      • God of Thunder

        Thanks for this

      • McZ

        And here is the thing… the QB being on the same team as Coan and far more productive, being mobile and capable to make any throw under pressure is called Ian Book.

        • Rob Staton

          Coan might not be a top level QB prospect but he’s a mile ahead of Ian Book.

          And FWIW, Coan transferred from Wisconsin and was never on the same team as Book.

          Book never at any point looked like a pro QB

          • Cover2

            Coan was also Wisconsin’s best QB in completion percentage and QB rating since Russell Wilson.

            • Rob Staton

              And only lost his job due to an unfortunate injury which meant they rolled with the flashy freshman (who since hasn’t looked as good as they thought he might)

  25. Trevor

    If the Hawks can get #10 from the Jets plus a 2nd next year or the Packers two first round picks this year they should pull the trigger.

    I think an elite WR is a final piece to a roster not someone to build around. There are so many holes on the roster that need to be addressed and paying him $25 mil /yr without even knowing who is throwing him the ball seems crazy to me.

    Another reason is the quality of WR coming out each year now. It seems of all the positions that WR would be the easiest to address with the draft.

    Finally it is important to remember when PC/JS built the Super Bowl roster they did it focussing on defense, a great run game and then an athletic QB who did not turn the ball over and could make a play when needed. WR was basically an after thought with UDFA’s like Baldwin, Kearse etc. They spent very little draft capital on the position and Sidney Rice was the only big addition.

    I hope the build the OL / DL and add a quality CB, RB and LB this year. Then next year look to address the QB and WR spot perhaps.

  26. Rob Staton

    Couple of bonus notes…

    — Colts apparently not that interested in Mayfield, per their Athletic reporter.

    — People keep mentioning Jordan Davis and I get why. But if you want something they don’t have right now — a potential game wrecking interior rusher — you need to be talking about Devonte Wyatt instead. He could be Geno Atkins. It’s just the arm length, that’s the only downside.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Colts FO is one of the best.
      Cleveland has less than zero leverage with Watson in the fold. Play it cool & Baker can be had at a bargain price. The Colts roster is ahead of ours talent wise so they’re more likely to get aggressive.

      • Seattle Person

        I agree. The later it goes in the off-season, the Browns will have to cut Mayfield or trade him at a discount. Teams shouldn’t force a trade for him.

        • Rowdy

          I don’t hate baker but his 18 mil is to much for me personally. He’s not the answer and I feel lock has more upside, although I don’t think he will reach that upside but you won’t loss cap space finding out. And you have a year at least at this point to find out.

    • Sea Mode

      +1 on Wyatt, though his college production worries me a bit considering the studs he was lining up with.

      • Rob Staton

        His pressure percentage is good though

  27. Jabroni-DC

    On the veteran QB front my favorite for the Hawks remains Jameis Winston.

    Higher ceiling with better potential than the other available peeps.
    Positive trend away from being a turnover machine. (14 TD vs 3 INT in 2021)
    Keep all of our draft picks. (Huge deal for me!)
    Prove it contract.

    Best case is he fully heals, hands the ball off & connects with control when asked. He realizes his potential as a starting QB & wins a long term job, leading us to the promised land 2-3 years from now.

    Middle case is he sucks, we piss away a little money & we draft very high for a couple years. Ultimately nabbing our next franchise QB in the 2023 or 2024 draft.

    Worst case is he is mediocre & we enter years of sub average purgatory, never again finding ‘our guy’.

    Being that we haven’t been linked to Jameis in any way, I believe that indicates a chance.

    • Seattle Person

      I don’t think he’s a fit for what Pete and the team wants to do. He’s not that mobile.

      We all know Lock is not the most accomplish QB but at least he fits what the team wants to do.

    • Ishmael

      He’s also a sex offender and a complete weirdo. Not a W I’ll be eating, thanks.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Didn’t know that thanks. Fugettaboutit…

    • TimDB11

      Jameis Winston turns the ball over too much. Just sign Geno and be done with it.

  28. MoBo

    Let’s assume DK get traded to the Jets. What would be the best package? Adams cost the Raiders #22 and #53 or 1150 points in draft value.

    1) #10 (1300points). One high draft pick.
    2) #35, #38 and #111 (1142 points). Picks for the meat of the draft. Maybe we could get another late round pick or #69 (nice) instead of #111.
    3) #4, #35 and #69 for our #9 (difference of 1245). Secure one of the top DE without loosing a pick this year and still gain high picks in round 2 and 3.

    I have to say 2) makes me excited and would be my favorite. Get in a bunch of young and hungry guys. See how Coan and Lock can perform, if both of them suck we will probably get a high pick in 2023 and you take your next shot.
    Possible draft:
    #9: DE, Jermaine Johnson (if he is there, maybe trade up to #7 with #109, swap pick #72 for #81)
    #35: OT, Abraham Lucas
    #38: WR, Kevin Austin
    #40: C, Cole Strange
    #41: LB, Leo Chenal/Channing Tindall
    #81: QB, Jack Coan
    #111: best RB or CB

    • Rob Staton

      I would rather have 35 + 38

    • Sea Mode

      Like both #2 and #3. If you don’t think JJ will last to #7 or that the Panthers will bite on a trade, I’d go with #3 to secure JJ at 4.

  29. Gaux Hawks

    Setting the table for 2023:

    1) Bring back Brown and Penny on 2Y deals
    2) Trade DK for 2022 R1 and R2
    3) Trade 2023 R6 for unknown NKL CB (replacing Reid)

    QB: Jack Coan (3), Drew Lock
    LT: Duane Brown, Stone Forsythe
    LG: Damien Lewis, Pier-Olivier Lestage
    C: Austin Blythe, Zach Tom (4)
    RG: Gabe Jackson, Phil Haynes
    RT: Abraham Lucas (1), Jake Curhan
    RB1: Rashaad Penny, Dameon Pierce (3)
    RB2: DeeJay Dallas, Travis Homer
    HB: Nick Bellore, Will Dissly
    TE: Noah Fant, Colby Parkinson
    WR1: Tyler Lockett, Cade Johnson
    WR2: Kevin Austin (2), Dee Eskridge

    DE: Shelby Harris, L.J. Collier
    NT: Al Woods, Bryan Mone
    DT: Poona Ford, Quinton Jefferson
    LEO: Jermaine Johnson (1), Alton Robinson
    SAM: Darrell Taylor, Uchenna Nwosu
    MIKE: Jordyn Brooks, Cody Barton
    WILL: Channing Tindall (2), Tanner Muse
    NKL: Marquise Blair, John Reid (unknown)
    RCB: Artie Burns, Montaric Brown (4)
    LCB: Sidney Jones, Tre Brown
    FS: Quandre Diggs, Ugo Amadi
    SS: Jamal Adams, Ryan Neal

    K: Jason Myers
    P: Michael Dickson
    LS: Tyler Ott

    2023 needs: LT, DT, CB

    • Gaux Hawks

      Better yet… swap Duane Brown (2Y) for Trent Brown (3Y).

      2023 needs: DT, CB, OG, QB (TBD)

    • Poli

      My hope is they have Forsythe and Curhan as the two tackles protecting for Drew Lock. Then take a QB with a top 3 pick next year.

      This won’t happen because of Carroll still believing they can win now, but I really want this season to be about giving all the young players an opportunity to develop.

      • Rob Staton

        I want a long term rebuild as much as anyone

        But going 0-17 isn’t a good idea

  30. 206

    Do y’all think the Hawks will actually trade DK? If we do, do you think there will be any reports out there in the media prior to a potential trade? It seems that if there were leaked reports of a potential trade, and it didn’t happen, that it could be detrimental to DK’s and the front office;s relationship.

    • Ben

      I think if trade happens it will be AFTER contract negotiations fail. It’d be dumb to do it before and without DK knowing about it.

      If they shop him and they want to trade him, they won’t have a problem finding suitors.

  31. Rob Staton

    Lombardi very interesting here on Mayfield’s future


    • bmseattle

      “Seattle is not in it.”

      he said this twice.

    • Brett in AZ

      Several good tidbits there:

      – SEA not in it ATM
      – Baker can’t throw anything well by the ‘go’ when he rolls – that’d be a deal killer for PC
      – GM’s think CLE may have to PAY someone to take Baker
      – Houston didn’t want him, even as a throw-in

      I remember like 10 years ago listening to an hour-long lecture PC gave at UoP summer football camp where he was going on and on about his philosophy, and what a big deal it is to have a mobile QB who can throw while rolling/running outside. Called it the toughest thing to defend in football. If Baker can’t do that, would be hard to see him ever fitting. Chip or no chip.

  32. 206

    Another thought, I remember the years of trying to find a big body receiver with no success, even when it was Baldwin, Kearse, Tate, and company. We have the money, so maybe it’s better to bite the bullet and extend him. Personally, I would accept a worthwhile trade. I guess its a win win

    • Seattle Person

      Those 3 were considered average WRs during the Superbowl years but all three got paid. Baldwin and Tate got 3rd contracts. Pretty good in mind.

  33. Derek


    Would appreciate your input on a couple of prospects that seem low on your board or off completely:

    -Josh Paschal, Edge- Kentucky. 6’3′ 268 32 3/4 arms. Not the best athlete but was impressed with his size/length and ability to impact the edge or rotate inside on passing downs, for a 4th or 5th round pick?


    -Zaquandre White, RB- South Carolina. 6’1″ 215 4.46 40 time; violent combo of speed and seems to seek out contact. Likely another late rounder.



    Thank you sir!

    • Rob Staton

      If you Google Paschal and the blog you’ll find the article I wrote on him.

      White is wiry and lean. Nice cuts but very unorthodox body type for the position.

      • Derek

        Great stuff, thank you!

  34. GoHawksDani

    Which players in the draft have the most swag to them and dawg in them?
    Like all football, hard hitting, physical, trash talking guys?
    I want a couple of those bullies with big mouth #missSherm

    • Brett in AZ

      Not sure trash talking was scouted, but the Dawgs in Rob’s Horizontal Board are highlighted in gold.

    • Cover2

      For me the one guy that comes to mind with swag is CB Sauce Garder.



  35. Big Mike

    Jamal Adams looking to make some extra cash in the NCAA tournament as the sideline mascot for the St. Peters Peacocks.

    No costume necessary.

  36. cha

    The next couple days will be interesting to see what the Hawks cook up.

    They only have about $12-14m of space at the moment. It’s not pretty.

    They need a LT, a RT, another QB, a RB, and a CB.

    It’s possible they are done with the first wave of free agency and the balance of their cap is taking care of their draft picks and keeping some open for some bonus money on a DK extension.

    • cha

      For the record, OTC has them at $34.72m of room but has yet to account for Diggs, Sidney, Blythe and Q-Jeff. I’m guessing that’s between $20-22m there unless the Hawks got really creative with their cap.

      • Brett in AZ

        So far, they’ve done a decent job back loading these contracts. Let’s hope for more of the same.

        What do we need to hold back as it stands right now for picks, PS, contingencies & the like?

        • cha

          They’ll pick up $5.1m June 1 from the Dunlap cut. They should be able to nest egg that money and be fine.

          • cha

            There is some more low-hanging fruit though.

            They can pick up $4m by cutting Myers, $3m by cutting Carson, $2.5m by cutting Amadi, and they can probably cut Haynes’ $2.54m tender in half.

            Some of these guys will get cut the moment the Hawks have replacements lined up (after the draft).

            • D-OZ

              I wouldn’t cut Haynes. He was the best anterior OL @ the end of the season.IMO.

              • cha

                They won’t. But they can negotiate his salary down

  37. Brett in AZ

    Looks like RW is testing out his new signature signoff, “Let’s Ride.”

    • Rob Staton

      The fact that he even had to have a sign off is a bit odd

      • D-OZ

        Well Rus is a bit odd mate !!!!

    • Gross MaToast

      ‘Giddyup’ was just sitting there waiting.

      • Brett in AZ

        Sounds like something Ricky Bobby would say.

    • Troy

      Yippie-Ki-Yaa would have been pretty awesome.

    • Henry Taylor

      “Run Shadowfax. Show us the meaning of haste”

  38. BobbyK

    Here’s an image I can’t forget about Baker Mayfield. It’s only 18 seconds (of comic relief).


  39. Joshua Smith

    Watching all these QB contracts with fully guaranteed or almost fully guaranteed money is insane. It has to implode on itself at some point right?
    As much as I wanted to keep Russ I am relieved to not be under that burden of paying him 50-55m, probably fully guaranteed money…
    I really hope a team that hasn’t gone “all in” wins the SB this season and blows up this whole “mortgage your future” for the now trend… I hope…

    • D-OZ

      Mabey JS is actually tacking control as GM….

    • Matthew

      Going all in like LA works when you’ve got McVay as your HC.

  40. D-OZ

    I would NOT trade either DK or Lockett. To me that is taking away from young talent on our team (DK) whom PC has been searching for since Williams( who disappointed ) Oh just happened to be a USC guy. Tyler has 3+ years left in him. For s**t sakes pay DK, He is only going to get better.
    I sometimes feel like I am reading fantasy football here…Just watched the Mariners game, entertaining to say the least, Go J.Rod!!!!!

  41. Hoggs41

    It wouldnt surprise if John and Pete told Duane we are intetested in bringing you back after the dtaft. If we did sign Trent Brown he could play left or right tackle. If the draft doesnt fall for them they would resign Dwayne and have both Browns. Relrasing Dunlap, Mayowa and Hyder only opens up a net of about $2m in cap space once they fill out there top 51.

    • D-OZ

      I think they are going big on the OL….
      A whole lot less humidity in the NW, no gnats or skeeters either…

  42. Ben

    More talented squad: 2010 or 2022? We’re predraft

    • Rowdy

      22 all day

  43. D-OZ

    I was stationed out of Port Fourchon in Louisana on a research vessel during the Deep Water Horizon fascial. My first nightwatch I got eaten alive. The a** hole of creation. Skeeter Haven dude.

    • Palatypus

      Have you tried Bullfrog?

  44. Sea Mode

    Lol. No thanks.

    JPA Football 
    · 6h

    Report: #Browns are telling teams it will take a day 2 pick for Baker Mayfield, per @mlombardiNFL

    • Troy

      That’s all you Indy… Get some!

    • Rowdy

      Teams are yelling the browns that they have to cut him to get rid of him lol

  45. D-OZ

    It’s Corndog day, I’m going to brake one out and watch the Kraken game. Check with ya later.

  46. Sea Mode

    RT watch.

    Mike Giardi
    · 9h

    My understanding is the #Patriots told Trent Brown to see what is out there and then come back to them before making a final decision. Brown recently visited the #Seahawks, where he could play either tackle spot (depending on Duane Brown free agency).

    Mike Garafolo

    OT La’el Collins’ visit with the #Bengals has wrapped, sources say. He’s slated to visit at least one more team in the next two days. Cincy is still in play and will remain in communication with the former #Cowboys lineman.

  47. Gary

    Turns out that Shelby Harris is considering a broadcast career after he finishes football and has a podcast called Shel-Shocked on I-Heart Radio. It’s worth checking out:


    The current episode starts with his experience of the trade (beginning with excitement at hearing that Russ was coming to Denver, then finding out that he was going to Seattle) and its impact on his family (he has kids in school and doesn’t want to disrupt their lives). But then it turns to a wide range of other topics: his feelings about the Seattle organization, the future cap implications of the trade for Denver, gambling as a revenue stream for football teams, the relative punishments given to players for wife beating vs those for gambling, etc. An insightful look at both him and the business of sport. Seems like a really solid guy. I’m glad we got him as part of the trade.

    • Brett in AZ

      Yeah, he sounds like a solid dude. Real family guy. Being away from his family is going to be a strain on him. Was good to hear him say he felt respected to be included in the trade, but he’s disappointed for being traded away. He’s definitely in the rationalizing stage.

      I’ve never heard someone note that they’re excited to play at sea level. That’s a new one.

      It sounds like he’s pretty onboard with the Seattle org. Seahawks reputation among players helped us here some.

      It was funny his partner noted “…they’re still reeling from the loss of the Sonics.”

      • Gary

        I think it’s more about not playing at mile high Denver than playing at sea level.

        • Brett in AZ

          I got what he meant, but it was just funny to hear it.

          I lived in Denver for SB 48. That was quite fun. 🙂

          • Gary

            Dude for sure has a sense of humor. I liked the “I like to talk. I’ll talk to a wall.”

            • CaptainJack

              Wouldn’t it be more of an advantage to be a bronco and practice at that elevation (and have it be your home field advantage) while playing away games at lower elevations?

              • Gary

                Sounds like he wants to keep his family in Denver while kids in school. So off season conditioning will still be there.

    • BSLBobby

      Thanks for sharing that! That was an enjoyable listen for sure.

      Refreshing to hear his perspective from the player side of things and almost being worried that he jinxed himself at the end, hoping not to be traded again. It was a little sad to hear him say the two previous Hawks he knew were Gabe Jackson and Benson Mayowa… that didn’t last long.

      I would’ve appreciated a full deep dive from him into Ridley’s suspension, gambling & alcohol deals and domestic violence in the league, but I’m sure he’s not trying to drop hot takes. Still gave some interesting insights, especially with the prediction of weed partnerships/endorsements in the future. I can definitely see it (and Ricky Williams will be appalled, I’m sure). I still can’t believe the first guaranteed contract of the modern era went to a guy with 22 sexual assault suits pending against him… If you’re looking for moral leadership, it sure ain’t The Shield.

    • Scot04

      Listened to it a few days ago. Was a very good podcast giving insight into the type of guy were getting.
      More happy about him being part of the trade after listening to him.

  48. Big Mike

    Stafford extended by the Rams, 4 yrs 160 with 135 guaranteed. A bargain considering some of the other QB contracts.


  49. Denver Hawker

    Next year seems like the better QB draft class. Young and Stroud get the headlines, but Rob’s pointed us to Will Levis. I’ve enjoyed what little I’ve seen of Jake Haener and Richardson from Florida is an intriguing prospect too. I’m sure there are a few others as well.

    I really hope they stay patient and build the core up, recommit to running the ball, and get a year of seasoning the new defensive scheme.

    1) Pass rush
    2/3) Breece Hall, Tindall, Lucas/Strange type
    +4) WR, CB, OL depth

    Hawks have ample draft capital next year to help get their guy next year and have a strong foundation established.

    • GoHawks5151

      Agree on the QB group. Levis looks great, but I like Young a lot too. He took a beating with only freshman to throw to against the best college defense in years and almost pulled it off. I’ll mention another one I like. Cam Rising from Utah. A little small but tough, can run, and can throw on the move.

    • McZ

      The guy to watch IMO is Brennan Armstrong, UVA.

  50. Rick Souza

    Rob, didn’t Boye Mafe measure at 33 inch arms at the senior bowl? i think that seattle might like him anyway

    • Rob Staton

      He did, and that’s possible

  51. Troy

    That’s all you Indy… get some!

  52. Jabroni-DC

    I’m curious what the Seahawks will target for a 3-4 rusher? Is it possible they will look for the best pass rushing OLB rather than the bigger guys we’ve been used too up front? What is the size/speed profile?

    • Seattle Person

      Think Darrell Taylor. That’s the ideal size/speed/measurements.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Essentially the same ‘LEO’ type then. Same dudes they’re always looking for.

    • DougM

      Someone who is good at all 3, stopping the run, rushing the passer, and coverage.
      Mafe and Ebuketie would be my first two choices.

    • Cover2

      I’m also interested to see what types of players they like as starting DE for their 3-4 defense.

      Would they want light guys, 275 – 285 lbs, like Logan Hall, Travon Walker, Josh Paschal, Cameron Thomas. Or would they want bigger guys ,290 – 320 lbs, like Devonte Wyatt, Travis Jones, Perrion Winfrey, and Matthew Butler.

      • DougM

        I’ve been wondering that too. If Walker is there at 9, I wouldn’t be opposed to take him there.

  53. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Rob, I missed Scott mcCloughan’s status. Is he employed? Can Seattle hire hime for draft evaluation?

    • CHaquesFan

      He’s unemployed atm

    • Rob Staton

      I believe he is scouting

    • Sea Mode

      Since 2017 he runs his own scouting service from home, called Instinctive Scouting.


      I couldn’t find it again now, but I remember reading somewhere that teams can buy his scouting reports at $15,000 a pop.

      So yes, Seattle can (and highly likely does) employ his services:

      Scot Mccloughan
      ·Jun 19, 2018

      Rashaad Penny. Football player.

      (Calling a prospect a “football player” is about the highest praise he gives them. Those are the guys he likes to draft, with good football instincts.)

  54. Paul

    Schneider has shown a willingness to move up to get a player he wants (Lockett, Metcalf). Given everything they’ve done so far, they seem positioned to do that for an EDGE that he really likes and sees as a cornerstone-type player. How far up would they have to go to draft Jermaine Johnson and what would be reasonable price?

    • Sea Mode

      Here’s my guess from a few days ago, pairing us with the Panthers as a trade partner to jump in front of the Falcons and Giants if Johnson is still on the board. (especially if the Giants go OL at #5, setting them up to likely go DL at #7)

      Carolina at #6 seems a more likely partner to me. They don’t have a R2 or a R3 pick and only 6 picks total, so moving down three spots and getting our R3 pick might be quite attractive to them. They also have two picks near the top of R5. So maybe:

      SEA gets: R1P6 (446 pts.) + R5P149 (13 pts.) = 459 pts.
      CAR gets: R1P9 (387 pts.) + R3P72 (67 pts.) = 454 pts.

      I guess you would have to decide whether Jermaine Johnson is worth missing out on the guy you could get at #72.

      It may also be that they would do it for our R4 pick if they have several guys on their board they would be happy taking at #9.

      Perhaps a better idea for us since we have two R5 picks could be:

      SEA gets: R1P6 (446 pts.)
      CAR gets: R1P9 (387 pts.) + R4P109 (32 pts.) + R5P152 (12 pts.) = 431 pts.


      • Sea Mode

        And it’s worth mentioning the John Schneider connection with Scott Fitterer might facilitate a trade between us. Plus, it’s known he’s big on trading down and accumulating more picks. He went into last year’s draft with 7 picks and came out with 11 plus an extra R4 this year.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it might be tempting because Carolina needs stock.

          But this is also a loaded DE class and unlike when they only had 41 — they are now in range to get a guy they like. So if JJ is gone they might just move down and take another.

      • Cover2

        It would probably take a 3rd round pick to move up.

        A 4th and a 5th adds up on the trade chart, but does it account for all the compensatory picks at the back end of rounds 3 and 4?

        • Ralphy

          While I agree that it makes sense, its something we haven’t seen them do with the first pick. We have though constantly seen them trade down. I would be shocked if they did not do that.

          • Paul

            No question about that. I’m speculating because:

            *Despite the overall history, Schneider has traded up a couple of times to get a player the team really wanted
            *JJ sounds like a player they might really want. Rob describes him a potential disruptor, and Pete Carroll puts a high value on defensive players who disrupt
            *The FA signings they’ve made—including the hedge moves—leave them positioned to move up should the opportunity arise. The potential for that is even greater should they sign Trent Brown and bring Duane Brown back
            *It might be a while before they have a high first round pick to use on a defensive lineman

            A lot depends on their board. And history does suggest that if they do anything, it will be to trade down. But a trade up wouldn’t surprise me if it means getting a player they think is special.

      • Paul

        Thanks! I’m admittedly at sea tactically when it comes to draft capital equivalencies.

        • Derek

          With how deep this draft appears I think we’re going to see a lot of movement by teams who are comfortable doing it. I’m betting Seattle moves down at least twice and moves up at least once.

          On another note, if all the top edge players are off the board and you have no trade partners at #9 who do you take?

          I.e. say the draft falls like this:

          1. Aidan Hutchinson
          2. Kayvon Thibodeaux
          3. Travon Walker
          4. Evan Neal
          5. Jermaine Johnson
          6. Ikem Ekwonu
          7. Charles Cross
          8. Garrett Wilson
          9. ??????

          • Cover2

            If it fell like that and we couldn’t trade down, then I would want CB Sauce Gardner.

            Then trade into the 1st round, towards the backend, and draft OLB/DE Arnold Ebiketie.

  55. ken

    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for the great insight into the Draft and the Seahawks!

  56. Clayton B Russell Jr

    Great points Rob and great interview with Scot. I agreed with his points that every QB coming out “this year” needs development time as they all have flaws that could prevent them from becoming quality qb’s. This is especially true if their team’s ownership and fans expected them to start day one. Every year it seems the QB’s are over drafted because team’s panic. Seattle needs to “play the draft, not let the draft play them.” over the past drafts they have reached on players like Dee Eskridge, drafted injured players, that had to wait 1 yr to contribute (D Taylor) other teams knew that he had problems as did Seattle, but we reached for an injured player anyway. (Albeit a good player now) I look at the shoulda/woulda/couldve scenarios we have had in the past and the players we passed up when they were sitting in our lap (Johnathan Taylor, Tj Watt) just to name two that really sting for me.

    Although we cannot change the past, we have a great opportunity to get better and truly compete after next year’s draft. Again, this all depends on this and next year’s draft by Pete and John.

    I am in agreement with some that we should not draft a QB in the first round and maybe not in this year’s draft period. I also do not think Geno Smith is a viable option. I’d rather have Drew Lock and a Rookie (if we did draft a QB) than resigning Smith. I am not opposed to Coan if we can get him in the later rounds (5th or 6th.)

    With the signings we have made in Free Agency, I would prefer we try to trade down 2 times in the first and still pick around 22. We know a few teams will reach on the QB’s solely based on history. That provides us the opportunities to collect additional 2nd and 3rd round assets to reload. I personally feel Jermaine Johnson will be around with the 22nd pick but not much further than that.

    I say we take him later in the first, collect some ammunition in the 2nd and 3rd as noted above and then target one of the LB’s and a CB. We then go after a RB with our additional picks from the trade downs (Hall, Walker, Pierce) maybe another LB a DL than some OL prospects.

    Lastly, we do not need to go into panic mode as fans if OL positions are not taken, we have ammunition next year to address a QB and those interior and tackle positions if not addressed with picks this year.

    Personally, I want the team to be competitive as do all of us, but understand it is a process and we have to let the process take shape. (knowing that, hopefully John and Pete can get along to create a better Seahawks future.)

    I’d be happy with something like this if it all worked out.

    Two trade downs

    Pick 17 Jermaine Johnson
    Pick 40 Leo Chenal
    41 Jalen Pitre
    47 Abraham Lucas
    72 Channing Tindall
    79 Dameon Pierce
    123 Zach Tom
    152 Sterling Weatherford
    153 Cam Jurgens

    Not sure about arm length for the OL players or Weatherford but athleticism and versatility are supposed to be their strong suits. PER PFF.

    • Rob Staton

      JJ will be long gone by 17

      Too much momentum, too much good tape, brilliant Senior Bowl, 1.5 split

      • clbradley17

        If JJ is already gone at #9, I can see us trading down to #16 with the Eagles and picking up their 2nd rounder, and picking Wyatt, Jones, Lucas, or someone else with 16. The Eagles have 3 picks in the first, but they might want to trade up to get Willis, Stingley or another player. To equal the points, we may have to give back one of our 5s.

        I can also see John trading down with one of our high 2nd rounders to the lower 2nd and picking up another 3rd. If Dallas wanted to move up from 56 to 41, we could swap 2nds + get their 3rd for the same points. After his great combine performance, you have to think Jurgens will be gone by 153, same with Tindall at 72 and probably Lucas at 47.

        NFL Trade Value Chart – 2022 Version

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think you’d get a R2 in that deal and not sure Philly would trade up

          Chargers might if Davis is there but they don’t have a R2

  57. Sea Mode

    Interesting to scroll through the names quick and also see where PFF grades our own FA.


    I’ll admit, I’m still intrigued by the idea of bringing back Clowney as part of a rotation. I have no idea if bridges were burned when he left, if he really would fit into the plans for the updated defensive scheme, and I know he doesn’t provide reliable sack numbers, but he can absolutely take over a game on any given day. I wonder what he could be for us lined up across from Taylor and potentially Jermaine Johnson.

    • Spectator

      I got to thinking the “2nd chance” stuff was also PC/JS asking for second chances. They were making a pitch to JC and other bridges they might have scorched.

    • Henry Taylor

      I don’t know if they can fit it in, but adding Trent Brown and another pass rusher like Clowney would really open up the board to go BPA at #9.

    • BSLBobby

      It sounds like the Browns are making a push to resign him and Landry now that Watson is on board. Haven’t seen Clownery connected to anyone else.

  58. JJ

    Do teams get to do top 30 visits this year?

    • Rob Staton


  59. Seahawkwalt

    Thoughts on Max Borghi? Excellent vision, balance, acceleration.

    • Rob Staton

      Underrated player

      Might not be for Seattle but will be useful for certain offenses

      • Big Mike

        Coug fan here so saw a lot of him over the last couple of years. Won’t be a bellcow but will work in tandem with another back splitting carries and be very effective doing so. Right offense like Rob said. Chargers come immediately to mind.

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          Yes. Great 3rd down and receiving option. James White of NE type.

  60. Hebegbs

    So many of the updated mock drafts have Sea taking QB at #9. Do these folks even look at PC/JS draft history before projecting? With no clear franchise QB in this draft, I’ll puke if Sea uses 9 for QB (or either of the 2’s for that matter)

    But they won’t at 9. No way.

    • Rob Staton

      Most people who do mocks just toss them off. Seattle traded a QB so I can place one at 9 and move onto the next pick.

  61. Denver Hawker

    The Baker Mayfield trade market will be interesting.

    His guaranteed salary and associated cap hit is ugly. He isn’t a big enough upgrade at that price and few teams have or would want to fit that in their cap this year.

    Even if it ends up being a Brock O type deal, it just doesn’t make any sense for the Seahawks. I suppose you could do an “extension” and push some dead money in 2023.

    Bottom line: trade for Baker if you like Baker. If he’s not the guy beyond this year, why bother? Browns are in a tough spot of their own doing.

    • Scot04

      I think if Seattle is offered a pick to take him they might be willing to entertain it.
      Just feels like the Browns have 0 leverage.
      If I’m Seattle the Question should be, what pick is valuable enough for us to take on that 18M.

      • cha

        The Browns (ironically) in 2017 swapped their 4th for Houston’s 6th and a next year (2018) 2nd for Osweiler and his $16m cap hit. That 2nd ended up being Nick Chubb.

        The challenge is the Browns emptied the cupboard for Watson. Next year they do not have a first or a third. So only their second as a premium pick.

        This year they have:

        Round 2 | Pick 44
        Round 3 | Pick 78
        Round 3 | Pick 99 (compensatory selection)
        Round 4 | Pick 107
        Round 4 | Pick 118
        Round 6 | Pick 202 (from DAL)
        Round 7 | Pick 223

        • cha

          I worded that badly. The point is taking on the $16m guaranteed cap hit was worth a next year 2nd round pick minus a drop from the 4th to the 6th rounds in the current draft.

          • Scot04

            So in that case Cha, wouldn’t their 2022 3rd & a similar pick swap be an equal value.

            • cha

              Possibly. There are two factors to consider:

              1-This was a very rare instance of a trade. The Texans were basically ‘buying’ cap room with draft picks. It’s more or less the only yardstick we have to measure a trade of this sort.

              Honestly, I don’t know how the NFL approved the trade. The Saints tried to manipulate the cap in a similar way in 2020 when they were pursuing Clowney at the 11th hour, and it was blocked by the NFL (although to be fair, I don’t think we ever officially knew that, it was reported by an insider).

              2-Osweiler was a pure dump (in more ways than one – heyooo!). He got traded to the Browns and they cut him. Everyone knew that was the deal. The Seahawks need a QB and very likely would play Mayfield extensively, so that would probably have an effect on his trade value.

              • cha

                And 3. The Seahawks don’t have $18m of cap room. They’d have to either send a player back to Cleveland to balance some things out, or cut or restructure some players. So that would effect the compensation as well.

        • Brett in AZ

          Is there a way for them to eat salary as part of a trade?

          • cha

            Absolutely they can.

            But a balance needs to be struck. How high of a pick do you give up for a guy that comes cheap but is a free agent next year?

            And the cost/benefit weighs heavily – even if Baker’s hit for the Seahawks is ‘only’ say $7-8m, is he so much better than a Mariota, Lock, Geno, etc that you should give up a draft pick?

  62. Scot04

    Seattle always seems to struggle getting to the finish line with biggers names they bring in.
    So I’m a little concerned on Trent Brown.
    If it’s a choice between Seattle & NE at the same price, I’d guess NE.
    You can’t let him leave here unsigned if you really want him.
    Brown going to Carolina is making me abit nervous.
    I could easily see us in a similar situation to when we missed on retaining Clowney.
    If we lose out on Trent & Dwayne, talent drops alot. I don’t see us spending on an Armstead.
    So hoping Penny & Trent Brown anounced on Monday.

    • Derek

      It feels like they never sign a player who comes in for a “visit”. Pete does his fur-trapper routine and players generally like the environment but the offer must always be fair but more of a flier.. we hear about how the Seahawks want to be in on every deal and I think this is how you see it play out.

      Only, the player leaves using our offer to negotiate with other teams who happily beat out the money and terms.

      It makes me wonder if this worked with Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett and they’ve been using that model for years now. I also bet they don’t really care if they land the player or not as it’s a low risk/reward; they get a player on a low marked deal or they don’t sign them to a contract they don’t like.

      Frustrates the crap out of us fans but at this point I just smh when I hear about visits.. I think TJ Lang was the one that put me over the top.

  63. Mick

    The Panthers are after Duane Brown, given the Seattle connection there I’d say chances are high he signs with them.

    • Sea Mode

      Indeed, just saw that.

      David Newton

      The Panthers are pursuing free agent left tackle Duane Brown, per league source. He is a five-time Pro Bowl selection. He has been with Seattle since 2017.

      • BruceN

        Should’ve signed him to a reasonable extension last year. Now there are other suitors.


        • Mick

          I wonder if this doesn’t mean Trevor Penning at #9.

          • BruceN

            Maybe. It’ll be Edge rusher or T (more likely trade down, JS specialty).

        • Seattle Person

          To be fair, it wouldn’t be smart business to extend a late 30s player multiple years.

          • BruceN

            I wasn’t suggesting anything outrageous. Could’ve just added one, incentivize laden year to his contract when we went back and forth with him last year.

  64. Trevor

    How is it is that the Hawks always go into free agency with what seems like a ton of cap space. Sign basically no one then have no cap space to do anything while team like the Rams and Saint have no cap space but always find a way to get deals done?

    Seems like the cap is only an issue if you want it to be and don’t want to spend cash?

    • Seattle Person

      The Seahawks prefer to spend the cap like a debit card.

      Other teams prefer to spend it like a credit card.

      **You are right. It doesn’t matter what the cap is — if a team wants you gone, you will be gone. In turn, if they really want a player, they’ll make that happen too.

      • cha

        That’s not a bad analogy. I like that.

        The big difference is a credit card charges you interest and fees. So you’re paying more than what you bought the item for when you put it on your credit card.

        The crazy thing about the cap is, you can manipulate it to pay less than what you ‘bought’ your player for. $10m in 2022 is worth more than $10m in 2024 due to the cap inflation.

        The other difference is in life, your income can be variable. The credit card bill is due whether you’ve got the cash or not. In the NFL it’s mostly fixed because of those enormous TV contracts. A whole year of not selling game tickets due to COVID effected the cap for sure, but it didn’t by any means hammer it.

        So, free credit and guaranteed income? No wonder teams can go crazy on the cap and come out unscathed.

        • Seattle Person


          It was suppose to be simple analogy. The Seahawks like to spend what they have. With this in mind, you have to really budget and be mindful. Other teams like to borrow. They have more shiny toys and others are often jealous of them.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Problem is we use draft picks as the credit card & keep F’ing it up. Burn that card and start drafting well!

        • Seattle Person

          This time around, I think the team needs to avoid this critical mistake. The Seahawks started to chase offensive weapons that they didn’t have. Part of this I think is because Russell constantly pushed for skill guys. Therefore the draft of Christine Michael. The trade for Percy Harvin. The trade for Jimmy Graham. The later two didn’t really fit the offense.

          So this time around, I want Pete to return to his roots. Who cares what other teams are doing. Build the team you want and play to the philosophy you believe. And play it well with really good players that fit your culture and scheme.

          All of this got muddled. Pete’s philosophy got muddled. Build this ship and build it right!

    • Hawk Finn

      Just wait until they re-sign Geno – a QB nobody else wants – for $3M/per

      • D-OZ

        Hard NO on Geno!!! Draft a QB on Day 3 and let him compete with Lock and Eason.

    • Ok

      I really like that question Trevor. It does seem like they just do not want to spend the cash. Doesn’t seem to be a competitive strategy. I kept waiting for some other shoe to drop, either on the teams that spend wildly, or for some advantage for the Seahawks borne of spending like they do(don’t): hasn’t materialized.

      What I took from the very, very, very rad interview that Rob did with Scott M, on qb’s, was that we might be able to see who the ‘bad’ orgs are: those that reach early on a qb. It’s gonna happen. Several could be drafted highly, despite having major flaws.

      The content has been jaw dropping, so good. Thank you.

  65. samprassultanofswat

    Agree with Trevor. How is it that the Rams always can make room for player. While the Seahawks can’t. It’s very puzzeling and surprising.

    Hopefully the John Schneider can come up with a plan to sign Trent Brown. I see the Patroits told to go and see what is out their. But check back with the Patroits before making a decision. For me that is poppycock. nonsense or rubbish. Whatever you want to call it. If I was a player I wouldn’t give my offer to Belichick to see if he can match it.

  66. samprassultanofswat

    Don’t know if there are any Mariner fans on this platform. But Trevor Story was just signed by the Red Sox. $140mil for six years. The Mariners were pursing Story. But as far as I am concerned the Red Sox can have him and his bloated salary.

    • D-OZ

      Heard that on the radio this morning. Big time Baseball fan here. Had scholarship offers when I was a kid.
      Chose to go crab fishing instead. Retired off the Northwestern in 2004 after 51 yrs. of beating myself up. Worked another 11 yrs, on research vessels.

    • Seattle Person

      Lookoutlanding.com is melting down. I like the comment section in-season but go there at your own risk. You’ll find many great debates but it’s been an ugly off-season comment section there.

  67. MarkinSeattle

    After listening to the interview with Scott M, I thought I would share some more info on Coan.

    For those who haven’t dug very deep, Coan was a transfer from Wiscy. He was kind of a Russel Wilson situation where he had played very well in a couple of seasons at Wiscy including leading them in the Rose Bowl and beating OSU that year. Overall he was a very good QB for Wiscy. It is worth going back and checking out those games, and yes he did have J Taylor as his RB, but he made some very good plays as well. He ended up getting hurt and missed the 2020 season. Mertz was the younger highly rated QB who played the year he was out and played decently well. Numbers wise not as good as Coan, but Mertz was younger and was a top 75 ranked recruit. Rather than have them compete, Wiscy named Mertz the starter and Coan transferred to ND.

    When he transferred to ND, he went from being in an offense where he was under center every snap to in the shotgun. He had played in that style in high school, but obviously it was a big change to process. ND’s OC is Tommy Rees, who spent a year with the Chargers and runs a very pro style offense. Rees’ preferred style of offense is what you saw more the second half of the year. The first half Kelly had his hand on the wheel, which is why you will see a lot of bad run calls when the OL was getting blown up, as well as all run calls when the team was up by two scores in the second half of games. Kelly checked out in the second half of the year and Rees modified the offense to account for a very poor OL that couldn’t run block and was only really bad at pass blocking.

    Coan showed leadership at ND from the day he stepped on the campus. Kelly was very clear that this was an open QB contest and in every other off season where made that declaration, a starting QB was never announced until the day of the first game. Kelly also had a propensity to quickly waffle and change the starter repeatedly through the season. Coan stepped in and picked up the system very quickly and separated himself from the pack so quickly that he was named the starting QB by the second week of fall camp. During the season the really bad OL resulted in a lot of QB pressure and almost no contribution from the running game. By the third and fourth games, the Coan’s performance dropped off quite a bit. Both of the backup QB’s were used at various times and both had some limited success. Coan never hung his head, he was always very supportive of whoever was out there. Coan bounced back and his play improved.

    I have mentioned before that Coan almost never ran the ball. ND would call RPO’s but he would either hand off or through. I don’t think he actually ran more than maybe a half a dozen times all season. He was always looking to throw. Apparently it wasn’t because he couldn’t run, his focus was always scanning the field to make a throw. The result was that unlike some other mobile QB’s, when Coan would be forced out of the pocket other teams didn’t have to worry about bringing up defenders early worried about Coan making a play with his feet. Despite having more defenders dropping i to coverage he still did a great job of finding the open receiver. Along those same lines, ND frequently played with 12 personnel (50% of snaps or so), but they almost never had the second TE run a route (10 targets out of 450+ plays). It was another tell that Kelly liked to play early in the season and opposing defenses basically ignored the second TE, adding another defender against the primary receiving targets. Compared to other QB’s, Coan frequently had two more defenders to read in coverage due to both his focus on passing first and a glorified 6th OL. You will notice that opposing defenses frequently rushed three and dropped 8 when ND was in 12 personnel, using those 8 defenders to cover 4 receivers.

  68. Chase

    If the hawks trade DK, could you see them take a chance on Jameson Williams on day 2?

    • D-OZ

      If he last’s that long? questionable. IMO

      • Chase

        Do you still think he goes R1 coming off his injury?

        • Seattle Person

          If I’m Philly, I’m taking him. You have 3 first round picks. You can afford it.

    • Seattle Person

      I’ll take it! It’s another hedge with upside. I still hope they pull the trigger on one of 2nd round RBs.

  69. Chase

    Per Schefter: Hawks sign penny to a 1 year deal worth up to 6.5m

    • Sea Mode

      Had a better offer elsewhere and chose to stay? Curious.

      Ian Rapoport
      · 1h

      Sources: The #Seahawks are in agreement on a 1-year deal with one of their own — RB Rashaad Penny. The former first-rounder turned down more money elsewhere to build off his stellar second half of 2021. He gets $5.75M with ability to earn up to $6.5M.

  70. Spectator

    Jameson Williams is an interesting scout. Had a great year with Bama, but really was only go routes. Long plays. Transferee from Ohio State because he was 4th on the depth chart behind Olave, Wilson, and that kid that looked better than both those even last year. What separates him from Meechie?

  71. Cover2

    Now, hopefully we can sign a legit offensive lineman.

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