Draft preview live stream with Jeff Simmons


  1. ElroyNumbers

    Looking forward to doing some hard work and listening to the live stream. Thanks Rob for putting in work on a Holiday. Guessing your wife is looking forward to the Monday after the draft.

  2. Big Mike

    Shout out to Peter based on his comment on the last thread that passing on Budda Baker was worse than passing on TJ Watt. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that’s how we’ll feel if they pass on Stingley my friend.

    • Peter

      Thanks Big Mike. It’s just the totality of picks used at that spot since then (lano,thompson, hill, blair, three picks for Adams, a pick I believe for Diggs. Anyone else I’m missing?) to end up with one oft injured player and one good older and recently injured player.

      If they think with intel from Orgeron that Stingley is the man, get him. Don’t chance it and then start walking around the draft like the last guy at a party looking for their keys if someone snatches him up before they do.

      • Peter

        People saying “you gotta have a tackle yo start the rebuild…” no you don’t.

        You GOTTA have good/great players and some honesty about how you can and should try to win every game but really you’re probably getting waxed by the nfc west and the afc west. You have a good deal of picks next year and a ton of cash.

        Just let the BPA’s come to you.

        • Big Mike


      • Big Mike

        What’s scary is I think they’ll draft another Safety. I don ‘t think Carroll can hep himself. Love to be wrong.

        • Hawkdawg

          If it’s late enough in the draft, that’s fine. There are lots of mocks, including Rob’s, showing them drafting a safety and special teams terror late. He’s part of the visiting 30, in fact.

  3. Trevor

    Best guess 2 weeks from the draft. Hawks take Jermaine Johnson or Derrick Stingley at #9 if both are off the board the trade back and go OL.

    • Big Mike

      I’m with Rob, I don’t think they’ll take Stingley if all the EDGE guys are gone. I believe Carroll still thinks he can turn 3rd and 4th and 5th rounders into excellent NFL corners. Plus as Rob also said, they’ve signed several and have Brown from last year’s draft.

      • GoHawks5151

        I’m not sure Tre Brown is a for sure comeback. Patellar injuries are worse than ACL tears. Jimmy Graham was never the same. More similar in position, Victor Cruz was never the same. His skill set like change of direction simply never recovered. This time last year so many people were freaking out over Darrell Taylor’s injury I find it interesting no one is concerned about this.

  4. LetLockCook

    Enjoyed the discussion. Something I wasn’t aware of but found concerning was the tidbit about JS being overly defensive about his draft maneuvering/selections. I haven’t been able to find that interview and would be curious to hear if anyone has a link.

    • Roy Batty

      Is that the one where he used the excuse about not having top 10 picks?

      If so, someone in the media really needs to lay into him at a presser after the draft if he trades back from 9 and happens to miss an Edge or Stingley. Do not let him off the hook and remind him of his previous excuse.

      Unless he absolutely nails it with the picks garnered from that trade down, hold his feet to the coals.

      This is the year the Seattle media really need to come out of their shells and ask the tough questions and not let up if they get the same old song and dance from Pete and John. They now have the leverage. This isn’t a winning franchise, anymore. It’s sitting on a knife edge with one last chance before the fan base revolts en masse. No more softball questions when things go askew. No more acceptance of obfuscation. Grow a pair and take pride in your work, for gods sake.

      • Steve R

        As a professional, and as a journalist you can’t just lay into the people you are interviewing. It’s easy to say as a fan, but journalism is about cultivating relationships and sources. If you outright insult the subject of your interviews (especially the GM of them team you cover for a living) they are going to clam up and you never get anything out of them. The best bet is to allow them to be comfortable and hopefully they let things slip, like Carroll tends to do.

    • Ty

      I think the interview was when JS was on Wyman and Bob for an interview in the afternoon. He was going after Bob, who is known for not sugarcoating opinions.

    • LetLockCook

      Thanks for the extra insights!

  5. Gaux Hawks

    Thoughts for discussion:

    Probable 2023 draft order with top QB needy teams (not even considering others that typically spend time in the top 5, such as Jacksonville and NYJ):

    1. Houston (2xR1 and candidate for tanking)
    2. Detroit (2xR1 and candidate for tanking)
    3. NYG (not tanking, but division is getting tougher)
    4. Seattle (2xR1 and not tanking)

    Carolina and Atlanta end up hurting each other in the win column as they both are racing to the bottom of a very soft division and play each other twice.

    Could be very ‘expensive’ trying to find a top QB in 2023, this isn’t looking good.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s way too early to form any kind of view on this

  6. Hoggs41

    Another way to look at there first rounder is they have to get it right. Who do we think are a few guys that might be available and safe. I love Stingley if he is there but he also carries risk. Obviously all players carry risk but who do we think might be a few that carry the least?

  7. Seahawkwalt

    Another really good later round rb option is Pierre Strong S Dakota State

  8. samprassultanofswat

    Listening to the interview I have a couple of points. First point I want to make is: I am glad Bob Stelton asked John Schneider if he was getting to cute. I agree 100%. Schneider has been guilty by getting to cute. Obviously Schneider didn’t like the question. The only thing Stelton did wrong was in the follow up. Stelton should have follow up with the response. “Yes I do think you have been too cute.” But out of respect for Schneider he took a pass. One example is the 2017 draft. Schneider traded down a number times and then took Malik McDowell. Does anyone know who was still on the board. You guessed it. T.J. Watt. Not mention Ryan Ramczky, and also Budda Baker. Baker was in our own back yard. So who exactly did John Schneider get with these extra picks. Lano Hill, Tedrick Thompson and Mike Tyson. Really. Three safetys. What good does it do to have all these extra picks when you blow on those types of players.

    Number two. Karl Scott came from Alabama. He knows the talent level down in the SEC extremely well. I hope Scott has a big say in who the Hawks take in this draft.

    Point number three. TALENT OVER NEED. The Seahawks have the picks in this draft and especially next draft. Load up on TALENT. This year for sure. And also next year.

    Point number four. I really don’t want to take a QB until the 4th round. If Dameon Pierce is still on the board in the 3rd round. I am jumping on Pierce. With a tandem of Rashard Penny/Dameon Pierce now the Hawks can do what Pete Carroll wants to do. Run the football.

    Question: I want to know what range are we talking about for Abraham Lucas. Just heard he had a 91 run blocking grade.

    • DougM

      91 pass block, 68.3 run block

  9. Robert Clark

    Anyone know about the 2023 draft? What kind of players are going to be available?

  10. JimQ

    OT Sean Rhyan (approximate ranking Rd-3-4-5. Talk about “hand size”. 11.63″ is almost full pitchfork size.
    The 35″ vertical, the 9′-2″ broad jump & the 4.6 shuttle *at 323-lbs*. are very impressive as well. Too bad his arms are too short. Maybe he would work out as an OG selection? I haven’t paid too much attention to him much before seeing this, so now I guess I’ll watch some tape and combine replays. Any opinions?
    Pro-day results:
    Height: 6’5″ (27th percentile)
    Weight: 323 (81st)
    Arm: 32.63 inches (8th)
    ***Hand: 11.63 inches (100th)
    ***Vertical: 35 inches (97th)
    ***Broad: 9’2″ (81st)
    ***Shuttle: 4.60 (80th)
    Bench: 21 reps (31st)

  11. Hoggs41

    You wonder who could be the target if its not going to be one of the four edge rushers, three tackles or two corners. Maybe Davis, Wyatt, Penning, Linderbaum, or Johnson.

  12. Brik


    Depends on the incidence, but it’s not great news. Could be a plus if we can get him in the 2nd round. Would be a minus if that means another player we want will not be available at #9.

    • JC3

      I don’t mind taking Wyatt if they trade down, he has Donald/Chris Jones potential.

    • Henry Taylor

      I think if he falls to rd2 the domestic violence allegations will be serious enough that you should probably avoid it.

  13. Robert Las Vegas

    This is what I have come to realize that Pete Carroll likes to play the field position game.michael Dickson lead the NFL punters in two categories most punts inside the 20 and most touchbacks. this leads me to Jason Myers who by way did not a good year last year.. Jason Myers went 17 out of 23 in field goal attempts.and also missed 3 extra points so overall Jason Myers made 1 field goal a game and missed 9 kicks in 17 games .pro football reference rated him 25 in kickers last year . Hmm somehow Jason Myers has a 5 million dollar cap hit.

    • cha

      Myers is just a season removed from a perfect year.

      With the way PC has talked about him, the crapshoot that getting kickers can be, and so many holes in other areas of the roster, I’d guess they feel like they can bet on Myers rebounding in 2022.

      • Rob Staton

        Carroll has defended and promoted Myers at every turn

        There was never any danger of him being cut

  14. Steve R

    I’d bet that Myers is a post June cap casualty.

    • Rob Staton

      I bet he isn’t

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