Twelve players who ‘fit’ the Seahawks

Dameon Pierce screams ‘Seahawks’

Let me be clear — this list is based on historical trends in terms of physical traits and playing style. You could add all sorts of names and make a case. In this deep draft you could probably write 50 names down.

I wanted this to be a shorter, defined group. The ones who clearly ‘fit’ physically, fit the philosophy and play positions they’ve typically drafted.

For example, you could plausibly say Sauce Gardner’s size and length or Derek Stingley Jr’s lofty recruiting rating match Seattle and Pete Carroll’s desires. However — the simple fact is they haven’t invested in the cornerback position early. In fact, they’ve spent very little draft stock on cornerbacks over the years.

There are also players who fit in a lot of areas but not in the complete profile. Boye Mafe, for example, has shorter than ideal arm length. So does Devante Wyatt. George Karlaftis doesn’t have the frame of previous Seahawks’ picks at defensive end. Michael Clemons flashes in the same way Darrell Taylor did — but he lacks the testing profile to rubber stamp completely. Abraham Lucas is a tremendous talent but are they looking for bigger tackles moving forward?

I could add a whole bunch of receivers to the list. They love 4.4 runners (or faster) and there are a load in that range this year. However — increasingly it seems like nobody is going to make the kind of offer to tempt the Seahawks to part with D.K. Metcalf. Having used their top pick on a receiver just a year ago, this might end up being a position pushed to later in the draft (or UDFA) — especially given the depth of options available.

I made this list with historical trends and philosophy at the forefront of everything. That’s not to say they can’t or won’t adapt as they launch a new era for the team. It’s also true they’ve never been in a position to draft a player like Stingley Jr before — so this could easily be a year where new ground is broken.

However, based on what we do know, these are the players I think we can say with some degree of confidence ‘fit’ the Seahawks.

Apologies to regulars who will have read some of these notes before. I don’t want to be too repetitive but we’re in the home straight now.

Zion Johnson (G, Boston College)
He ticks every single box the Seahawks look for. His 3.33 TEF score means he’s the ninth most explosive offensive linemen to enter the league since 2016. His score is comparable to Russell Okung (3.37) — the highest pick in the Carroll era to date. Johnson also has 34 inch arms and a wonderfully proportioned frame. He’s the best-looking guard prospect I can recall since starting this blog in 2008. He also ran a ridiculous 4.46 short shuttle. Then you stick on the tape and where does he excel? In the running game. He is an aggressive, physical run-blocker. If the Seahawks want to get back to the Carroll brand of football, Johnson would be ideal both athletically and philosophically. The aim should be for this team to be great in the trenches. Selecting him early might not be exciting or flashy but putting Johnson at left guard to replace the spent force that is Gabe Jackson and returning Damien Lewis to the right guard spot would set up the Seahawks to possess a tremendous run-blocking O-line.

Tyler Linderbaum (C, Iowa)
In Carroll’s own words they signed Austin Blythe to try a different body type at center. They also admired his wrestling background. Carroll might as well have been wearing an Iowa Hawkeyes T-shirt as he uttered the sentence. Linderbaum is basically the 5-star version of Blythe with an identical body and an even more impressive wrestling background. Plenty of teams will look at the size and lack of length and deem he simply isn’t a fit for their scheme. Carroll has spelled out, though, that Linderbaum is exactly what they’re looking for. In the right scheme, he has a chance to be an all-pro. His ability to wrestle and combat at the POA is attractive and second only to his ability to reach to the second level and deliver crucial, run-springing blocks. His testing profile also fits the Seahawks. He’s explosive with a projected 3.07 TEF score and he ran a 4.38 short shuttle and a 4.98 forty. I know it probably won’t happen but the Seahawks could do so much for their identity to create a Zion Johnson/Tyler Linderbaum/Damien Lewis treble in the interior O-line.

Trevor Penning (T, Northern Iowa)
The Rams’ blocking scheme — which the Seahawks appear to be leaning on — loves size at tackle. The Seahawks traditionally love size and explosive traits. Therefore, Penning is an easy projection to match with Seattle. He’s a 3.03 TEF tester with a 6-7, 330lbs frame. He ran a 4.89 forty to further illustrate his athletic potential. He basically has the same profile as LA’s tackles for the last few years — Andrew Whitworth and Rob Havenstein. The media will tell you he’s a big-time tough-guy too but I’ve been sceptical about that since the Senior Bowl. I think he tried too hard to portray that image. There were plenty of cheap shots and acts of aggression after bad reps. There were also many examples of poor technique and getting beaten far too easily. Thus, he’s a likely project who might have to settle for playing straight-on as a right guard. At best, in year one, he’s a right tackle (a possible permanent position for him). Nevertheless, he has the physical attributes the Seahawks have been attracted to in an offensive lineman.

Cam Jurgens (C, Nebraska)
If the Seahawks are looking for a different type of center, Jurgens also fits the bill. He’s a little bit taller than Linderbaum (6-3) but he’s still 290lbs. He does have great length though (33.5 inch arms) and his testing profile was remarkable. His 3.34 TEF score makes him the eighth most explosive lineman to enter the league since 2016. He ran a 4.92 forty and a 4.49 short shuttle. Calling his playing style ‘aggressive’ doesn’t do it justice. He is just an incredible, tone-setting prospect who was underrated for months and he still doesn’t get enough credit. I think Linderbaum provides the perfect profile for the type of center Seattle wants but Jurgens isn’t far behind. He probably fits more teams with his length. Yet for the Seahawks he has the size, physical profile and length they’ve often sought.

Logan Bruss (T, Wisconsin)
Bruss doesn’t get much national attention but there are a few reasons to think he could be on Seattle’s radar. He’s explosive with a 3.08 TEF score. He has experience at right tackle and guard. He has enormous 11 inch hands which he uses to strike, control and bully defenders. He has reasonable arm length (33 1/8 inches). He ran a 4.55 short shuttle at 309lbs. He’s aggressive and competitive and you can imagine the Seahawks drafting him and potentially giving him a chance to play inside or out. The Rams have two starting guards who both played tackle in college and have similar size to Bruss. He’s the type of versatile O-liner they’ve typically looked for.

Jermaine Johnson (DE, Florida State)
When the Seahawks made the Russell Wilson trade I highly suspect they did so imagining Johnson as a great option at #9. Perhaps he was even Plan A? Yet his stock has risen and risen and now it seems almost certain he will go between picks #4-7. It’s a shame because he has so much of what Seattle likes. He ran a 1.59 10-yard split (anything in the 1.5’s is intriguing). He has 34 inch arms. He wins with his hands not just athleticism. He can defend the run at a high level. He owned the Senior Bowl. He plays with a level of aggression and intensity that would’ve helped create the next identity for this team. They want another Darrell Taylor and Johnson was the man to fill the void. What could’ve been, eh?

Sam Williams (DE, Ole Miss)
In trying to find alternatives to Jermaine Johnson, most of the players have something that just forces you to question the fit in Seattle. With Boye Mafe it’s arm length, with George Karlaftis it’s frame, length and 10-yard split. Arnold Ebiketie’s split is a 1.69 reportedly. Ouch. Williams is the one who ticks the most boxes — speed, length, size. He has a great frame at 6-3 and 261lbs. He ran a blistering 1.52 10-yard split and a 4.46 forty. He has the arm length at 33 1/8 inches. His agility testing is reasonable (4.36 short shuttle). He has the athletic profile that the Seahawks look for. Then you see on tape an ability to win off the edge with quickness, lean and bend. He generally looks like the type of pass rusher they covet. I listened to Lane Kiffin on with Rich Eisen this week. Kiffin was asked for an Ole Miss player not named Matt Corral who we need to keep an eye on for the next level. Kiffin singled out Williams, noting he could be special in the right program. We know Carroll and the Kiffin’s are close. It won’t be a surprise at all if the Seahawks take Williams in round two.

Dameon Pierce (RB, Florida)
If I had to put money on anyone being a key target for the Seahawks, it’d be Pierce. He screams ‘Seattle running back’. The size, the explosive traits, the mentality, the running style. He provides a similar energy and tenacity to Thomas Rawls but on a frame more akin to Frank Gore. He slimmed down for workouts and was listed at around 5-10 and 218lbs which is right in Seattle’s range — but he probably plays in the 220’s. He jumped a 34.5 inch vertical which was a little lower than expected but still fine. It’s the running style that stands out. He drives through attempted tackles and gains yards after contact. He finishes every run and helps energise team mates with his attitude. His balance and strength combined with sharp cuts and a burst of speed make you want to put him in a Seahawks draft cap right now. I get the sense the only thing stopping him landing in Seattle in round three will be somebody else snapping him off the board.

Channing Tindall (LB, Georgia)
We’re now on to the linebacker portion of the article. Frankly, I could list a whole bunch of names here but I’m going to limit it to the two players who tick the most boxes. The Seahawks have typically targeted great athletes at linebacker (testing well in the forty, vertical etc) or they’ve gone after players running in the 4.00-4.10 range in the short shuttle. The likes of Cody Barton, Ben Burr-Kirven and Kevin Pierre-Louis all excelled in the short shuttle and it appears to be a drill they focus on a lot at linebacker. Let’s start with Tindall. He ran a 4.47 forty, jumped a 42 inch vertical and reportedly ran anything from a 4.07 to a 4.18 short shuttle. He flies to the ball-carrier and made one of the plays of the Senior Bowl game on special teams. His personality is infectious. It’s easy to imagine him being drafted to compete with Cody Barton.

Troy Andersen (LB, Montana State)
Andersen is a quite remarkable prospect — having played offense and defense in college and excelling at both. He ran a 4.42 forty at 243lbs at the combine with a stunning 1.49 10-yard split. He then jumped a 36 inch vertical and a 10-8 broad. At pro-day he added a 4.07 short shuttle and a 6.77 three cone. In terms of pure traits, he’s off the charts. There are players in this draft better equipped to start quickly and provide impact. Quay Walker, who could go in round one, for example — or Devin Lloyd. Yet nobody has the athletic ceiling of Andersen. It could be that he’s always a better athlete than player but his performance at the Senior Bowl will allay some fears. The short shuttle in particular makes me want to single him out here.

Logan Hall (DT, Houston)
The Seahawks have consistently targeted players who run well in the short shuttle on the defensive line too. In particular tackles and inside/out rushers. It’s worth noting Hall only has 32 3/4 inch arms. Provided they’re willing to overlook that quarter of an inch — Hall ran a 4.44 short shuttle at 283lbs. That’s impressive. And while he plays too high on tape and needs to work out a plan for his pass-rush (too often he appeared a bit reckless and haphazard — and that showed at the Senior Bowl too) there’s no doubting his potential to be a major disruptive force if given time. His pass rush win rate among interior players was way ahead of the rest of the class (16.2%) and his run stopping percentage (9.2%) is also reasonably high. He’d be well suited to eventually take over from Quinton Jefferson. The length is the only question mark but he couldn’t be closer to ticking that box.

Percy Butler (S, Louisiana)
This one was easy to end the list with — especially since the Seahawks had him in for an official visit recently. Butler is an absolute demon on special teams. I can imagine the Seahawks drafting him for that alone — but the fact he ran a 4.36 forty helps too. You could put together a highlights video of his hits on special teams. As with Dameon Pierce — it feels like the only thing stopping him being in Seattle is another team jumping the queue.

Final thoughts

As I was putting this list together and I couldn’t help but feel, yet again, that this is a draft to start building your trenches rather than trying to fill specific holes. If you came out of this class with Zion Johnson, Tyler Linderbaum, Dameon Pierce and Logan Bruss I’d consider that a victory. Throw in a pass rusher and/or linebacker and you’re moving in the right direction in terms of creating the kind of team you want to be.

I completely appreciate that positional value has to play a part and thus, the above likely won’t happen. Gabe Jackson and Austin Blythe are both highly replaceable though. The likes of Johnson and Linderbaum provide an opportunity to create the kind of running attack you want, set the culture you want and they feel like players, to me, who can earn second contracts and develop into top performers at their individual positions.

I don’t have a problem with going in that direction. I think we also know the Seahawks well enough to imagine they will try to fill holes using the draft rather than replace replaceable players — while taking chances on upside at certain positions over perhaps more of a sure thing.

My position hasn’t really changed. I’d love to see the top pick go on a defensive player with the potential to be great and I think Derek Stingley Jr best fits that description (given the top-four pass rushers will be long gone by #9). Yet I’m also completely content with trading down and acquiring more stock, before looking at other players including some of the names above.

I wish they didn’t still have big holes on the roster at offensive tackle because I think part of their problem over recent years has been forcing needs instead of just adding the best players available.

This is a draft to build the foundation.

Building a foundation means picking for talent, not need, with a strict focus on creating the team you want to be.

Just get some good football players.

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  1. Uncle Bob

    What? “Damien Pierce screams Seahawk” because he runs headlong toward defenders without a helmet? Sorry, I just had to come out of commentary retirement because I shamelessly can’t resist low hanging fruit. Back under the rock…………..

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Interesting post. I would invite you to re-read some of Rob’s own research. Quibble if you may. I found myself quibbling without doing the work last year and kindly asked to be blocked. Our quibbles, without research, is not valuable in this type of medium. Free, insightful, opinionated with fact, authentic Seahawks draft and free agent analysis.
      Rob’s recent insight note:
      “It’ll almost be a surprise if the Seahawks don’t select Pierce. He has the size and explosive traits they love. His physical brand of punishing running is right in the Chris Carson, Thomas Rawls, Marshawn Lynch ball-park. Even if he ends up somewhere else, this guy is a Seahawk.”
      I would suggest the helmet off image is an indication of love of sport, dedication to the team goal. But quibble if you must.

  2. Peter

    Awesome stuff Rob.

    With nods to the reasons why some players (mafe, etc.,) may not make the cut the players outlined keeping with their specifics ould go a lo g way to building for now and the future.

    Defense was the talk early days. But a zion, linderbaum -or- jurgens, bruss, plus pierce coukd absolutely revitalize this team.

    The wild thing about spe ulating is there’s a way to really add good players wirthy of second contracts in a few spots.

    Pete’s not tanking. Heck they could go:

    1. Zion
    2. Tindall
    2. Christian watson (darkhorse)
    3. Jurgens
    3. Pierce (from previous trade down)
    4. Bruss
    4. Butler

    For me that would be an absolute haul. Switch out jurgens and watson for linderbaum? Also awesome.

  3. SpennyDunks

    Think they need to come out of this draft with 2 OL, 2 front 7, a RB and a LB. Luckily, the talent in this draft seems to be there in each of those positions so they don’t need to force anything. Wouldn’t mind a mid-round CB as well, some long lean corners this year that will appeal to PC.

  4. Rob Staton

    A podcast version of this article will be available shortly on YouTube, Apple & Spotify

  5. HawksLifer

    FWIW…….PFF listed Mafe’s Arm Length to be 33.13 at his Pro Day.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes I know — but that’s to be expected at a, ahem, pro-day designed to benefit the player. The combine had him sub-33 inch arms.

      • HawksLifer

        Perhaps they had him visit to measure for themselves.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s not really a reason to have someone in for a visit

          And not sure why we’re getting bogged down with this

          • HawksLifer

            Sorry Rob……to qualify my post, my tongue was firmly in cheek and I was joking. Didn’t mean to waste any ones time. I’ll go back to ready only and not posting. Thanks for all you do. It’s outstanding and top notch. I’ve followed for years.

            • Rob Staton

              No need to apologise (or stop posting). Didn’t realise it was a joke — and just didn’t want to get bogged down on Mafe’s arm length

  6. cha

    Take the PFN challenge. How many of the 12 can you get on your board without dipping into 2023’s stock?

    I got 9 plus Jack Coan and Zamir White

    17.Zion Johnson OG Boston College
    40.Sam Williams EDGE Mississippi
    41.Troy Andersen LB Montana State
    46.Logan Hall DT Houston
    49.Cameron Jurgens OC Nebraska
    79.Channing Tindall LB Georgia
    98.Dameon Pierce RB Florida
    109.Logan Bruss OT Wisconsin
    152.Zamir White RB Georgia
    153.Jack Coan QB Notre Dame
    229.Percy Butler S Louisiana

    • Mike McD

      Hell yeah. Sign me up for this draft.

      Team this up with a bunch of cap space and (2) 1st round and (2) 2nd round picks in 2023. Watch the foundation build and competition rise.

    • Gross MaToast

      I played your game and failed because of too much trading down. I only got 7, but added Mr. Clemons, Zamir, Coan, Kevin Austin, Smoke Monday, Montaric Brown, and Big Kat Bryant plus 2 additional 2nds and a third next year.

      40. Linderbaum
      41. Troy Anderson
      44. Sam Williams
      60. Tindall
      79. Pierce
      91. Mr. Clemons
      99. Bruss
      123. Zamir
      132. Coan
      145. Percy Butler
      153. Kevin Austin
      154. Smoke Monday
      229. Montaric Brown
      237. Big Kat Bryant

      TB 2023 2nd
      TB 2023 3rd
      CLE 2023 2nd

      • Kyle

        One thing that jumps out at me from several simulations is that the OL choices dry up quickly. So Rob talking about a pivot to the offensive trenches after a small trade down makes a lot of sense.

        Also: the AI regularly creates a few crazy choices up top, which regularly gives the Seahawks a gift at #9, including Thibodeaux and Jermaine Johnson. Please God.

        Finally: dangit, the PFN mock draft site is addictive as f*ck. Thanks guys!

        • Peter

          This is why I have switched my thinking as well from all defense to build an interior line early. I do not want to see Max Mitchell and his pocic-ian ability to “play all the spots,” on this team. Just best guard you can get. Best center since they traded unger away.

    • Kyle

      The cool thing about this particular group of players is that it would be possible to get a good number of them, with the addition of trade-downs. This could be the base of an amazing new generation of Seahawks, deep along the lines and coming at you in waves of BAMFs.

      I’m not convinced it turns out this way, however. Instead of hitting the same positions repeatedly, I fear Pete and John will do the gap-filling exercise of the last several drafts.

    • Ben

      I got 6, could’ve probably had at least 8 if I was paying attention. Good news is I got Desmond Ridder at #40 and still managed to get most of the top guys on the list.

      16. Zion Johnson
      40. Desmond Ridder
      49. Troy Andersen
      66. Logan Hall
      72. Sam Williams
      99. Cameron Jurgens
      109. Channing Tindall
      152. Micheal Clemons
      153. Smoke Monday
      158. Jelani Woods
      175. Zamir White
      200. Cade York
      229. Josh Jobe
      246. Christopher Allen
      253. Jaivon Heiligh
      2023 CHI 3rd

  7. unHappy Hawk

    I think Tindall is a player they must have in this draft. PFN has him outside the top 100? Rob, Where is his real draft target at?

    • Rob Staton

      Day two

  8. Shibu

    Just wanted to clarify because I’m not familiar with their playstyles, but would you say Zion Johnson is an even better looking guard prospect coming out than Quentin Nelson was? I think I remember you being very high on Nelson when he came out and that was definetely proven when he was taken in the top 10.

    • Rob Staton

      No. Nelson was a better player.

  9. God of Thunder

    Ok you sold me. I’ll take all twelve.

    Throw in another player for a baker’s dozen!

  10. Rob Staton

    Live stream tomorrow at 2pm PT with Jeff

  11. cha

    Seahawk Legends Terry Poole and Salom Luani leading the way for the USFL Generals.

    Brock on the Generals sideline.

    • cha

      McGough is the QB for Birmingham and he’s playing like Magoo.

  12. UP Hawk

    Cade York round 6. Cut Jason Myers. Michael Dickson 2.0

  13. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Zander Horvath is a Seahawk FB

  14. JimN

    Home stretch. Marvelous as always! But now trying to refocus and go back to the idea Rob brought up when Russ was traded, and that there was a plan. I think it was pretty focused, based on FA and the draft this year, along with the draft for next year. I think much of what we hear from the FA is for public and throw out all sorts of curve balls. I believe that J/P are not bad at building rosters, but they do it their way and aren’t afraid to take risks (usually). I believe and hope they know how vital getting the best player. Being Pete’s age, i know you can learn new tricks, and so we will see. I think the new staff is a tell in that regard. Some thoughts:

    I think all the Mayfield and other QB hype involving us giving up capital is just that…hype. I think they think that Lock has a shot, and personally i think they could be right. I don’t think his experience in Denver was anywhere close to a level playing field. Of course Geno is the nose holding vet that gives some sort of continuity. As a Husky, i would love to easy Eason do well, but has alwyas lacked touch. Making a competition is their style, so i believe they will get a QB in the later rounds as John wants to start doing what his mentor did….draft some QB’s. I think Lock starts.

    THinking about Robs thoughts on the “hedging” signs, both at Edge and Center. I think they may draft around them this year, and then seeing how they fit for next year.

    Like you all i’m excited about the next couple of weeks, and Rob having the #1 draft record this year!

  15. Ashish

    Excellent article Rob we more than enough information now waiting for the day and hopefully SDB team is happy with the draft choices. I hope draft picks are known players. With hawks there will be surprises so I’m bracing myself for shocks.

  16. samprassultanofswat

    To question have regard this 2022 NFL draft. First question is. Will JS/PC get too cute and trade down. And then proceed to blow the picks. When they could have stayed right where they are and took a stud. It seems like when the Hawks trade down and get extra picks. The picks don’t amount to much. When JS has traded up. The Hawks seem to do well. They have traded up to snag Tyler Lockett, Jarran Reed, D.K. Metcalf and Darrell Taylor.

    The other question I have. Is will I be happy with the player that the Seahawks take. It’s like Rob said. John Schneider seems to go. Need over value. Lately they have BOMBED when they went need. L.J. Collier being the latest. The Hawks have done much better when they went value.

    My gut feeling is that JS/PC are going to reach for an offensive tackle.

    • Brik

      77th pick was Chase Winovich. 106th pick was Maxx Crosby. The only 2 guys picked at DE after LJ Collier that ended up being any good. If we picked those guys in the 1st round then people would have thought we were crazy. LJ was not a good pick, but given that info then you should know there wasn’t many options. A lot of teams decided not to pick those guys a couple times through. I just wish people would stop looking at the worst mistakes and see that they have done good things. I’m sure the Lions would be happy to have JS and PC.

      • Old but Slow

        But, that is the point, isn’t it? If there wasn’t a good DE available, why take one? They should have looked at a different position.

        In other words, don’t fill slots, take the best player.

        • Peter

          Alternately since their are countless sites that do “draft do overs,” x many years post draft example: had anyone in the league not been married to taller qb’s Wilson would have been the second pick in the draft after Luck…..since the economics of draft picks are essentially as speculative as any market could possibly be had Seattle drafted Maxx Crosby in LJ Collier’s spot then been roundly panned by media, if Crosby worked out as well as he had he wouldn’t be a reach. Just a great decision.

          I know people disagree with this but there are is no such thing as a draft reach if your picks are good to great and make your team better.

          Before people think disagree think of the great Seahawks of the LOB era. After draft sites give out grades would Baldwin as a third round pick been a reach? Sherman with his crazy level of play could have easily been a first rounder. Kam early second rounder. Wagner a mid first rounder. To me those are all extremely fair hindsight rankings.

        • samprassultanofswat

          Old but Slow. You are exactly right. That is what happens when you to pick need over value. You get L.J. Collier.

      • SeattleLifer

        They got greedy/too smart in trading down I think 8 spots close to the end of the first round. They thought they would have the pick of a couple of different de’s – instead everybody started taking them including teams trading up ahead of them to do so.

        So after a poorly misjudged trade down they then decided to double their mistakes by selecting Collier with a truly ghastly reach on him(for need out of fear/desperation).

        There is absolutely zero excuse, justification nor sugar coating what transpired during all of the above and the next horrificly costly maneuver was to give up a king’s ransom for Jamal Adams – again borne out of the fear/desperation of how epically bad our defense was performing, and to top it off they double down on their mistake yet again by paying him the biggest contract of any safety ever(and a miscast strong safety at that…).

        The reaches, errors of judgements, flat out head scratchers, trade downs netting precious little starter caliber player time, contract overpays – and the fallout from all the aforementioned have driven this team to a roster bare on talent, a front office to make desperate reaches/moves and ultimately to lose a hall of fame quarterback.

        There’s just no sugar coating any of it and it’s why many of us remain highly skeptical of our beloved Seahawks becoming Super Bowl contenders again under the reigns of Carroll and Schneider.

        • Peter

          Just thinking about this last night.

          Had they not botched so often over half a decade we wouldn’t be talking rebuilds but contending dynasty ala the patriots.

          Now I’m put here doing draft trade chart gymnastics to take a first rounder from trading your best player into. Building the oline this FO never could. Shooting for the moon with draft day chicanery and getting Zion and Linderbaum.

          If you don’t pointlessly trade for JA you have a top ten pick which happens when teams slip. Or you don’t draft world beaters every time because no one does but you take say future all pro Buddha Baker ( instead of Malik Mcdowell) when he’s standing in your back yard. If you don’t draft Chubb then a few years later you draft Jonathan Taylor when he’s basically saying “go hawks,” on nation television and just a scant few others….and maybe you’re not in this spot where we are hoping you get it right (finally)…..because you have actually been getting it right along.

          • Big Mike

            INCREDIBLE summary posts, both of you and all of this absolutely why they both should’ve been fire this offseason.

            • Peter

              I want to watch a team compete. Since I’m stuck with these two I have to hope. That’s all we got right now. I actually want to watch games and not just follow through Rob and Robbie’s post mortem’s.

              I legit miss making some ridiculous snacks and fist pumping at a cool play. Or listening in my shop while I fab up some new metal work. Last year absolutely blew. And if the hawks could dominate in any area that would give me life.

              • Peter

                Btw it is my opinion that the Buddha baker thing is worse than TJ Watt.

                1. Local product playing for home team…..always great.
                2. Don’t pass up all pro talent. Then in the same draft go ahead and draft three safeties right after. If a position is such a need you need three in a draft get the best one when you can.

                Forget reaches. That’s such a whiff it’s almost impossible to quantify.

  17. GoHawksDani

    I think a draft where they take Johnson or Penning at #9, Williams at #40, Tindall at #41 (or Chenal or Walker) and Pierce at #72 is absolutely imaginable.
    Tackle is a need, iOL might be BPA there. They need more passrushers and LB too. Penny is not a punishing RB so Pierce would fill that hole.
    I wouldn’t be mad about Johnson, Williams, Tindall, Pierce, Clemons, Butler for example

    • unHappy Hawk

      With the Nwuosa signing i doubt they draft 3 edge rushers in this draft

      • GoHawksDani

        Only Williams and Clemons would be EDGE, Tindall is more ILB to me and by Johnson I meant Zion Johnson 🙂

  18. GerryG

    Every day that goes by with these gaping holes at Tackle has me shaking my head and thinking Groundhog Day. It forces their hand, and makes easier for the rest of the league to predict what they want to do.

    Duggar Man2Man pod had Ray Roberts on talking OL draft and is a great listen if anyone hasn’t heard it yet.

    • bmseattle

      The hope is that they have Duane Brown waiting to be inked after the draft.

      The likely scenario is that they low-balled Brown, and he is now offended at our lack of commitment to him, and he is refusing to sign… unless we dramatically overpay him.

    • TomLPDX

      I’m normally not a big fan of Man2Man podcast but this one was good with Ray Roberts. He had a lot of realistic things to say about the OLine. You can find it on youtube.

  19. Forrest

    I’m just afraid they’ll take Malik Willis at #9, then trade down with one of the 2s to collect a bunch of players we see as lesser options at their positions.

    • Rob Staton

      Not happening

  20. Forrest

    Watch for a Saquon Barkley trade. Hopefully, only a 4th rounder.

    If they can get Zion and Linderbaum and add defense with their other 2nd and their 3rd, this could be a great draft.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Don’t want Barkley. Barkley is too expensive, and he has lost a lot of thread on his tires. There are some good running back options in the draft.

  21. Hawk Finn

    Rob, as usual a very thoughtful and well-articulated piece.

    I fear my skepticism is bordering on cynicism. I will choose my words carefully here, as I don’t want this wonderful blog to plunge into a cesspool of toxicity like another popular site that casts a wide .net. I have concerns about this regime’s recent player valuation and resource management. Yes, they have struck gold before, just not as often as you would like given the opportunities presented.

    My heart would love to see even a few of the names you mentioned here in the projected rounds. My brain tells me the over/under is closer to 1.5, with those prospects taken at least a full round earlier than projected. I really hope this is the year they break that tradition.

    At this point all I can do is continue to share your contributions via my limited social media footprint in hopes the exposure yields greater awareness of your incredible work and insight. Fingers crossed.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Hawk Finn

      I share your concerns — but I’m prepared to judge this draft after the event rather than assume the worst before it happens

      • Peter

        To stay motivated I just watched a great breakdown of the 2012 seahawks draft. Man. Please do that.

        Rob you’ve done such a great job this off season heavy lifting with the content to keep up my spirits. I don’t care at this point if they get weird as long as a bunch of the players perform well enough to deserve second contracts.


        1. Stingley
        2. Christian Watson
        2. Bonito
        3. Cole strange (LG?, C) -or- Pierce
        4. Mr. Clemons -or- Pierce with a fall of sorts.

        Just trying to stay open minded about possibilities.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Rob: You are right. I have been a little judgmental. I am going to try to stay positive before the draft. Then will we see what happens.

  22. Ashish

    Everyone suggests by doing x y z we will be good. Please keep in mind it will take atleast 2 good draft to back on the track.

    • SeattleLifer

      Ah yes perspective. It will indeed take at the very least two great drafts – realistically more if we’re talking about being a Super Bowl contending team because a) we need a ton of good talent to find it’s way onto our roster and b) unless we win three games or less next year I don’t see how we are going to get a qb to win it all with(there will be truly terrible teams ahead of us that will be drafting the top qb prospects) – and without a solid qb you’re left paddling up the rapids to try and win a championship especially if you don’t have a dominantly talented team in most other areas.

  23. samprassultanofswat

    I am praying the Hawks go TALENT OVER NEED.

  24. Seahawkwalt

    Happy Easter all..
    If our first 4 picks went Zion, Andersen, Williams, Tindall, I would be stoked

    • Peter

      Might want to hope for Mafe. Andersen looks like he’s not getting drafted. Might not play. And might be doing real time in the big house.

      • Seahawkwalt

        I’m sorry.. Troy Andersen LB Montana State

        • Peter

          Thought so. My bad. As soon as I hit send I remembered he’s the “draftable,” anderson.

        • Peter

          Btw don’t apologize to me. I was being the doofus😀

  25. Hoggs41

    If the Hawks did trade back, and were to select a LB/OT with two of there first three picks. Would people like a combo of Lloyd/Lucas better or Penning/Tindall?

    • Peter


      Might be able to get tindall and lucas with the slightest of trade ups in the second.

      Leaving nine for someone else. Stingley? Trade back?

      • Hoggs41

        I dont disagree but that is why I say trade back. If they trade back most likely Stingley is gone.

  26. Rj webber

    I got the feeling that if seattle trades back that they are going to take Sam williams with their first pick. Seems like the perfect reach pick in the first from them (strong Bruce ivren vibes).

  27. Seattle Person

    To be fair, Williams has been linked to the Cowboys and they pick in the 20s. If the team trades back to the teens, it would be understandable.

  28. dahveed

    I see Walker out of Georgia shooting up More Then Johnson
    My Guess is J Johnson will be there at 9
    They go RB 2nd round with Kenneth Walker at 40
    Pounce on QB Ridder at 41
    Get lucky getting Troy Anderson lb at 72
    Resign Brown at left tackle

    • Rob Staton

      My Guess is J Johnson will be there at 9

      Your guess will be wrong

      Pounce on QB Ridder at 41

      Subtract the word ‘pounce’ for ‘reach’

      • dahveed

        Ha! Your most likely correct Ridder is not only a reach but unlikely considering they signed Geno

  29. Boneman

    Rob, Early on you seemed really high on Leo Chenal. I’ve poured over his highlights and gotta say I’m really enamoured with his game. If the Seahawks desire a return to being the bully of the NFL defensively, having this guy reeking havoc in the middle of the field seems like a no brainer. I even wonder if he could project as a TJ Watt lite type OS pass rusher. He would blow through TEs and pass protection from Backs. You seemed to have cooled on him for whatever reason. Thoughts on Leo and a potential Seahawks fit?

    • Rob Staton

      I still really like Chenal and haven’t cooled on him at all. I want to talk about a wide range of players, not just pick five to discuss all the time.

      But he’s strictly a middle linebacker not an EDGE

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