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  1. Brodie

    So if I’m reading this correctly, the roster bonus is the negotiable part of any potential Geno trade? The signing bonus has been paid and is just dead cap.

    This (roster) bonus is due on March 18th, meaning (if we agree to a deal before then) we can also pay some/all of that bonus ourselves which would hit the cap this year. We could also (Cha correct me if I’m wrong) convert any/all of the $9.6M to signing bonus and pro-rate over 2 years.

    Receiving team would get Geno at $12.7M this year, plus whatever amount of the $9.6M we did not pick up. Then in 2025 he would be $14.8M with the $10M roster bonus scenario repeating itself for them.

    Assuming this is correct and we are willing to eat the bonus, a team would get Geno for $12.7M this year and an option of: cutting (no dead cap if early), trading or keeping him at $24.8M

    That seems like a pretty good value for a top-half QB if I’m a team looking for a solid vet. I think there would be a market at that cost. Taylor Heineke costs $9M this year and Zach Wilson on year four of his rookie deal is $11.2M

  2. Palatypus

    Looks like the list of combine invites came out yesterday.

    I wonder if Jordan Travis will work out.

    • Rob Staton

      Doubt it given his injury

    • Peter

      16 weeks appx seems quick. However their proday depending on how late?

    • Palatypus

      Al Blades Jr. was not invited to the combine.

  3. nfendall

    I was hoping to listen while I was working but I just found out I have a meeting at the same time so I will have to watch the VOD later. Looking forward to it regardless!

  4. Blitzy the Clown

    Someone was gonna take the fall for the fail.

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

    A change in San Francisco: Steve Wilks is out as the 49ers defensive coordinator.

    12:04 PM · Feb 14, 2024

    • Peter

      Shannahan is a wizard with a few fatal flaws. That defense was pretty great. Feels like someone is taking Chris Carter’s advice a little too literally.

      • geoff u

        Thankfully that someone works for the 9ers, and it’s probably that same someone who traded up for Trey Lance. Perhaps they’re secretly working for the Seahawks?

      • Seattle Person

        The defense took a step back this season.

    • Gary

      The defense played great, I doubt that is the reason.

    • Palatypus

      Where do we think Wilks ends up? The Jets?

  5. Palatypus

    MSNBC is reporting a shooting at the Super Bowl parade.

      • geoff u

        oh ffs…too much crazy in this country

        • Big Mike

          This country….smfh

          • Mad Dog

            As a Canadian, I’m always bamboozled by the gun culture in America. I mean there are no stats anywhere that suggest it’s a good idea to put guns in the hands of average citizens. Just craziness.

    • RomeoA57

      Some people’s kids. Should kust be nice celebration for Chiefs fans and 10 people get shot?

      • Palatypus

        14 schools canceled class today so kids could attend.

      • Palatypus

        BBC is reporting. We might have to wait for Rob.

      • Palatypus

        Last I heard it was 22 people were injured and one dead.

    • BK26

      Sucks waiting to hear if people we know were ok…everyone is but still…

  6. GoHawksDani

    Played a bit with OTC’s calculator and if it’s right trading Geno pre-6/1 (probably before the march deadline hit also) means +14m
    Cutting Adams post 6/1 means +16m
    Trading/cutting Lockett post 6/1 another +16m
    Cutting Diggs pre 6/1 +11m
    Trading/cutting Dre’mont Jones post 6/1 +12m
    Cutting Dissly pre 6/1 +7m

    If those numbers right that’s +76m
    Sure, ton of dead money and you’ll need to re-sign some FAs but tbh other than Lockett I wouldn’t miss any of these players. And with re-signing some of the good value FAs and signing Williams, you’d probably still have around 45m to get some guys.

    I’m no cha, and I suck at these kind of things 😀 and post 6/1 doesn’t help that much money-wise but it could be a nice cleaning. Creating OK space pre 6/1 (32m) and much more for the future. If they need more money right now they can cut/trade some of these guys pre also by making a bit less space.

    Do these moves, re-sign Fant (maybe), Brooks (for the right price), Lock, Parkinson (maybe) and Williams and we could still add some value-players.

    I’d be happy with a pick-swap or a late R3-mid R4 for Geno, R4/5 for Jones and R4 or pick-swap for Lockett.
    Maybe get an R4 for Jones, swap R3 for R2 for Geno and maybe our R4+R6+Lockett for an R3?

    • Palatypus

      Well, as for Fant, I don’t think he is that hard to replace. Here is the list of Tight Ends invited to the NFL Combine.

      Erick All, Iowa
      AJ Barner, Michigan
      Jaheim Bell, Florida State
      Brock Bowers, Georgia
      Devin Culp, Washington
      Dallin Holker, Colorado State
      Theo Johnson, Penn State
      Trey Knox, South Carolina
      Tanner McLachlan, Arizona
      Tip Reiman, Illinois
      Ja’Tavion Sanders, Texas
      Ben Sinnott, Kansas State
      Brevyn Spann-Ford, Minnesota
      Cade Stover, Ohio State
      Jack Westover, Washington
      Jared Wiley, TCU

    • Dregur

      Remember, teams can only make two Post June 1st cuts. And you have to carry their full cap charge until June.

    • Brodie

      You can only designate 2 players as post June-1 cuts.

      Say it were JA & Tyler, that also carries $20M in dead cap for 2025

    • Sandman

      No post june cuts gives us max cap savings in 2025. That seems like a better set up. JS/MM have a year to see who fits the new O & D systems and where a vet filler helps the most. Also intriguing oline free agents in 2025. Play with a cheaper crew in 2024.

  7. Z$

    Rob, I remember Herbert was a tough eval due to Cristobal’s offense. Are there any parallels between the Herbert eval back then and Nix this year? Is there a universe where Nix has remotely similar upside, given the arm strength displayed at times (flea flicker in senior bowl), or are there other key differences that limit his ceiling.

    • Rob Staton

      Potentially, yes. Herbert is a much more physical prototype in the Josh Allen type mould but it’s possible Nix was also restricted by his scheme. It’s hard to know how to view that though given how terrible he was at Auburn

  8. Sea Mode

    Holy moly, y’all weren’t kidding: these highlights literally look like an editing trick putting him in fast motion or something!

    Chop Robinson Ultimate Penn State Highlights 🦁 || HD

    • Rob Staton

      Incredible talent, highly underrated and VERY intriguing

    • nfendall

      Wow! Rob wasn’t kidding about his get off on the snap, his initial burst of speed is incredible. Another thing that I noticed on some of the highlights is that he seemed to be competent in hand fighting with the tackles to help him get that bend around the edge. I don’t know what his expected 40 time is, but I imagine his 10 yard split will be very good.

      I would prefer the first pick to be someone in the trenches or a QB if there is someone the Seahawks really like, but I could get behind Chop if they selected him.

      • Rob Staton

        Chop Robinson is one of the few players I’d stick and pick at #16 for

        His potential is scary. He could be a gamewrecker type

        • Palatypus

          Well, he looks like Derrick Thomas. Why is putting up stats like Broderick Thomas?

          • geoff u

            That’s the problem with highlight reels and a legit concern. Gotta watch the tape. Anybody?

            • Peter

              Watch the highlight video Sea Mode linked.

              At 1:17 to around 2:13…there’s a dominant stop. It’s impressive. But really watch how all the other plays highlighted are of him with first contact and someone else cleaning up.

              Go forward in the video. He has an unreal first step. Sometimes the bend is perfect. Sometimes it’s pantomime.

              Watch him against Rutgers or Maryland. He’s on fire. Watch him against Michigan or Ohio. He doesn’t exist. I just watched Michigan all snaps for another reason.

              This is one time I disagree with Rob. I’ve not looked into edge players but I’ve proven to myself that Dline players have a dominant year in college before pros as a correlation to nfl success. Not sure about edge players yet.

              You could be drafting a stud that needs to be unlocked. Or you could be drafting Travon Walker.

              • Peter

                Har har not travon walker. I was looking him up for some perspective on another position.

                I mean Jadeveon Clowney. All the potential in the world but in his case it took a long time to unlock it relative to draft position.

                • Palatypus

                  Boye Mafe was a guy that didn’t have a lot of great tape because Wisconsin used him in coverage a lot. Then he dominated in 1v1s at the Senior Bowl. I saw it in person in very heavy rain.

                  I’m starting to think that Mafe might be a better fit to replace Bobby Wagner than Jordyn Brooks. I would like to keep Brooks but he is not a MIKE. He is a WILL. Mafe is a guy you could build a defense around the way we did with Bobby Wagner. But, he doesn’t have to be nearly that good. I just want Lofa Tatupu.

                  • Palatypus

                    A good example of retooling someone on your roster after a coaching change is Red Bryant. He failed as a defensive tackle, but then Gus Bradley put him as a 5-Tech defensive end.

                    Then we won the Super Bowl.

                  • Peter

                    That would be a stunning move. I wonder how that would work?

                    • Palatypus

                      I own a copy of Doug Farrar’s book “The Genius of Desperation.”

                      Although I have not finished it yet.

                    • Palatypus

                      I think you draft Payton Wilson.

                    • Palatypus

                      Braden Fiske could be a target. We had great DTs in 2005.

              • geoff u

                Thanks, Peter, good info and insight.

    • Troy

      He must have elite short area speed, I bet he easily gets 1.5 in the 10 yard dash

  9. RomeoA57

    Rob, why u hatin on Gino? He is a top 10 quarterbak and is cheeper than a lot of quarterbaks who are not good. Bum quarterbaks like Herber, Lemar, Dack, Coosins and Herts couldnt hold Ginos jok strap. U should stick with eropean socor. U dont understand footbal. Their isnt a quarterbak in the draft wurth takeing.

    • Palatypus

      Hertz is so good he flies through airports like O.J.

      Or maybe Tyler Lockette.

    • Seattle Person

      I don’t think you have to hate Geno Smith. It’s more than fair to say that the team is better off with the money saved and using it in other places.

      At the same time, I personally won’t be mad if he’s kept. In fact, Rob and others here have said it’s entirely plausible he will stay but at a lower cap.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep, there’s a fair bit of that around

    • RomeoA57

      Seriously though, I am thankful that I come here to listen to smart discussions about what is best for the Seahawks moving forward. That may be with or without Geno Smith being the starting quarterback in 2024.

    • geoff u

      Based on the way you type, and for my own sanity, I can only assume sarcasm

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Romeo’s been here for a bit. Total sarcasm.

  10. BurchMt1

    RomeoA57 perfectly shows the thought process of some Seahawk “fans”, they take any discussion of the QB situation as you hate Gino if you talk about the cap hit and his middle of the road QB play. We as fans have to be smarter than this. Gino is not the long term answer, time to do a reset, draft a QB sign Locke to a team friendly contract and fix the trenches.

    • Palatypus

      Do you want to hear some real Neanderthals talk like that? Listen to Paul Finebaum’s SEC show on the local Mobile AM radio.

      • RomeoA57

        I have seen his show a few times on the SEC network. I beleive ld that they are purposely screening out normal people and just letting the kooks on the air.

        • Palatypus

          No. That’s what people here are like.

          Come visit!

          We have a swimming pool in our backyard!

  11. BurchMt1

    Sorry Geno I misspelled your name.

  12. Ben

    Haven’t gotten through the full listen yet, but great convo so far!

    Jeff got me thinking about how twice now the Seahawks have gone into a season with completely unsettled QB rooms and from an outside perspective little chance for success.

    Between 2011 and 2022 we had Charlie Whitehurst, Tarvaris Jackson, Drew Lock, and Geno Smith. Schneider was at least somewhat okay with that! Lockout year being weird not withstanding.

    Somebody in the local media was saying how can you justify taking a step back, who would replace Geno, there’s no way Schneider could go with a has-been QB Room. I think the answer is that Schneider has done it in the past!

    • geoff u

      Ok but that was one year of Tarvaris Jackson, which was about all i could bare. We’d be entering year three…

      • Ben

        Sure- I didn’t say it’d be good. Just that they’ve done it before.

  13. Nick

    Went to r/michiganwolverines and asked them about some players to monitor. They suggested for scouting on their players. May be a good resource for you, Rob?

    They are high on guys like Colson. They seem to argue that JJ McCarthy has excellent arm power and talent…man, did I miss it?

    • BK26

      No, he doesn’t. It is fine. Average. I’m not going to believe homer fans.

  14. Sparky

    I’m all for a major reshaping this offseason, not being too sentimental about “our” guys (i.e. Lockett and Diggs).

    With that said, Dre’Mont just seems like one of those guys a new coaching staff could get a lot out of next year. He’s young and has a ton of potential. I’d love to give him another shot, so long as he fits the new scheme?

  15. Sean-O

    Lance Zierlein was on Bump & Stacy this morning. Pretty good listen.

    • Palatypus

      Well, Penix is going to have three of his wide receivers, two of his tight ends, and his running back at the combine. If I were him, I might just put a little extra zip on my passes to Malik Nabers in the gauntlet drill to break his fingers, so that my guys look better.

      And Rome Adunze might embarrass Nabers in the forty-yard dash. Nabers I hear is a 4.4 guy and you know what Rob reported. I wouldn’t be surprised if all three Washington receivers are top performers.

      • Palatypus

        Or just hit him in the face.

  16. Peter

    Rob really wish you wouldn’t have brought up mccarthy’s 3rd down percent.

    My ears started burning because it feels that a stat that isn’t honest.

    Now I’ve got to watch a bunch of mccarthy stuff to see what’s up. First up. Penn state. The 8 attempts game. Where I thought surely with 8 attempts they had to be on third down. Nope.

    5x in that whole game did mccarthy have the ball in his hands on 3 or 4th and whatever yards:

    3 and 7…run down by Dennis Sutton no gain
    3 and 3…run down no gain
    3 and 10 …run for a first down
    3 and 8….dump off to the flat ball carrier gets a first down
    4 and 1…run for a short first down

    So 100% completion on ONE pass.

    Please let Payton or the vikings draft him so Nix, rattler, penix are there for seattle.

    • BK26

      Yeah, I heard those stats and didn’t budge on my stance. Safe plays with an offense designed to be safe for him.

      Between him, Penix, and the weird saga of Geno Smith, I’m getting a headache. McCarthy has been getting treated like he’s the key, the hidden golden goose for fans and draft mockers.

  17. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    I was reading a mock draft with 5 QB taken in top 25 or so…… seems crazy.
    Looks like perhaps 2 sure fire locks to go high, then complete crap shoot until middle to late 1st round if and when QBs might get drafted. If Seattle goes QB 1st round, JJ McCarthy is incredibly intriguing. Improved each year and kept TOs to a minimum. Not a lot of miles on the tires and has room to improve…. if given a year to learn behind a veteran QB.

    A player which is intriguing, because he will go close to 16 is Jer’Zhan Newton DT Illinois.
    A tad bit lighter than you would like at 295 lining up inside at DT, but explosive. Putting a pin in his name for combines and testing to see if he tests as well as he plays.

    • Sea Mode

      Rob has written quite a bit about Newton. Most consistently disruptive DL in the draft.

      Just going off the eye test and normal tendency to list bigger than players really are, he might end up close in size to Aaron Donald (6006, 285 lbs.). Though he does appear to have a bit more gut than AD ever did. Anyways, sometimes I think he could be that elusive “Aaron Donald lite” we look to crown seemingly every year and sometimes I think he might end up another 3-4 DE. He doesn’t change direction as well as AD (who does…?) but the quickness and explosiveness is close and the production is hard to deny.

      Personally right now, I like Chop Robinson’s potential more for the Hawks if he lasts.

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