Pete Carroll interview on ESPN 710

What I take out of this:

– This is a genuine quarterback competition. Carroll has been nothing but honest about his quarterbacks, initially naming Matt Hasselbeck the starter in 2010 despite trading for Charlie Whitehurst, then naming Tarvaris Jackson the starter in 2011. If anyone had the job to lose at this stage, Carroll would say so. This isn’t the first time he’s referred to the Matt Leinart/Matt Cassel competition at USC. This appears to be a fluid situation.

– Carroll on Russell Wilson: “If you didn’t measure him, if there wasn’t a height issue, he’d have been right up there with the top three guys (Luck, Griffin III, Tannehill). No doubt in my mind. We need to see how that translates. There isn’t anything he can’t do…. when he gets here this weekend, I’m really excited to see how he looks and fits in. I’m not worried at all about him learning it, he’s a brilliant kid, so it’s just a matter of time until he can compete and I don’t know what that means for the fall – we’ll just have to wait and see. But it’s exciting and it’s a great position group for us.”

– I think Carroll wants Wilson to be right in the mix to compete for a start, they’re just not putting any extra pressure on the guy to make it so.

– It was stressed again that Bruce Irvin will be a LEO and that the pressure is on Chris Clemons to keep his slot. Assuming that happens, with Clemons being the teams most productive pass rusher the last two years, then Irvin begins his pro career at the Raheem Brock slot. Carroll sounded a little frustrated here, preempting the inevitable questions about Bruce’s role on the team. Irvin is being groomed to be a full time starter at the LEO.

– Irvin had a lunch with some of the players – including Red Bryant – after flying to Seattle for his introductory press conference.

– We anticipated Seattle would bring in a big physical back to spell Marshawn Lynch – and projected Robert Turbin to the Seahawks when we extended our mocks beyond the second round. Carroll confirms here that they weren’t looking for a change of pace back, they were looking for a keep the pace back. Or at least, keep the physicality back.

– Bobby Wagner will play inside linebacker but he’s going to have to compete (there’s a surprise) to start. KJ Wright will continue at the SAM with Leroy Hill at the WILL.

– Carroll believes in this group of receivers, at least to the point where it wasn’t an off-season priority. The Seahawks will hope several players can either get healthy or take the next step. Next years draft class is looking weak at receiver, so there’s no obvious solutions on the horizon if players don’t emerge.

– “Garbage” – Pete Carroll’s brutal assertion that he was “giggling like a schoolgirl” at Ryan Tannehill’s pro-day work out. Despite a lot of talk to the contrary, I understand Tannehill wasn’t even the #3 quarterback on Seattle’s board after Luck/Griffin III. They really, really liked the guy they took in round three and drafting a quarterback in the first two rounds was never a realistic consideration. They were all about the pass rush in round one.


  1. Doug

    This sound bite made ME giggle like a bar slut.
    I LOVE the PLAN that Pete and John have, and why they drafted like they did. Nothing overlooked, no stones unturned. Irvin is Brock, and will become Leo in a few years.
    Turbinator will continue the death blasts that happen to DB’s as the game wears on

    Nobody is the pre-determined starter, at least out loud.
    Their love for Wilson is infectous, and I’m hoping dude really is all that.

    I wish I still lived in Seattle so I could go to the workouts. It’s going to be a glorious year, and it’s possible that we don’t lose a game all year. And to the guy who is going to tell me I’m a dreamer, and had better get ready for disappointment…. phbbbbbtttttt. Who cares, I say this at the beginning of every season, and I will have a solid excuse for any loss.

    • peter

      You always need to believe in the 19-0 before it starts, man I feel for fans of all teams, including Seahawks fans that don’t think they can win…or absolutely the worst…they don’t WANT them to win, because of some how next years draft will always be better then this year….in any year…

      It’s time for the Seahawks to remind he 49er’s that Alex Smith is Alex Smith, and take the division back from them

      • TK

        You preach it boys 🙂

  2. JimQ

    The power of positive thinking alone gives you a 51%-49% edge over negative thinking and it’s a lot more fun.

    Did I understand it correctly that our new QB graduated in 3 years? I recall

    • Rob Staton

      Yes that’s true.

  3. JimQ

    Did I understand it correctly that our new QB graduated college in 3 years? I recall, many years ago that during the football season, my grades turned to crap because of being spread so thin. This Wilson kid must be as smart as hell (as shown in his interviews) and that is one of the very most important aspects of the QB position. IMO. The future is looking bright.

  4. TK

    I look at the schedule, and the teams we beat last year with TJ at the helm.. and I have to agree, there isn’t a single game I would feel super betting against the hawks on. give me the right odds and maybe I would, but at 50/50, no way.
    I think the Clink is going to be crazy this year, it seems that the excitement for the team is just growing and growning.

  5. James

    Pete, you have the best safety tandem in the NFL, just keep them healthy. You only have 4 safeties on the roster… the two pro bowlers and Jeron Johnson and the rookie Winston Guy. Man, that is thin. Can Roy Lewis play safety? It’s weird that the Seahawks have like a dozen cornerbacks on the 90-man roster and only 4 safeties. Maybe that should be the next stop for Kooooonnnnnnzzzzz.

  6. Joe The Jarhead

    It’s not that anyone should be calling anyone dreamers or doubters. But sone prefer to be objective and analyze the game while they enjoy it. Root for the Hawks (except for flynn) and see what happens. But sone prefer to have realistic expectations and look what the Hawks do well, what they improve on and who is emerging. We are not at the level of GB, NE, BAL or HOU just yet. That doesn’t mean we can’t improve or surprise some people. I am hoping we do, and show the world the smashmouth football we’re playing. We can establish ourselves and not go 19-0 winning a superbowl. Some fans are cheerleaders, some fans are students of the game and don’t excuse poor play or sloppy performance. Different strokes for different folks. It’s all okay

    • Nolan

      I guess that also means we can win the Superbowl, because you didn’t list the giants and they di you know win the Superbowl

    • Aaron

      Well said Jarhead.

      • Jake

        Not to start an argument or anything, but before the Giants went to and won the Super Bowl – they were underdogs in all of their playoff games. So it could have been said that the Giants were not on the level of GB, SF, BAL, PIT, NE. I know I didn’t think they were on those team’s level. In 2012, the season starts anew and we are all starting equal – there are no preordained truths about who the good and bad teams are. As for 2011, we lost a ton of close games, so what was the margin to become on their level? It doesn’t take as much as one thinks to go from 7-9 to 11-5 or 12-4, and a Super Bowl appearance.

        The 2011 Seahawks weren’t that far behind the 2011 Super Bowl Champion Giants (we even beat them for gods sake) – so I would counter that the 2012 Seahawks very likely are equal to, or better than the 2012 Giants because of what has happened in the off season for both teams. I also believe the 2012 Seahawks are equal to or better than the 2012 49ers for the same reason. Seattle has had a stellar off season, we have improved at two very key positions. Our QB play is going to be significantly improved which will have an impact on our receiving corps. Irvin and Jones will help the pass rush immensely – turning a weakness into a potential strength. I believe the barriers to a 12 or 13 win season have been removed (T-Jack, lack of pass rush) – so now sky’s the limit.

        You don’t have to see the glass half empty in order to be a “student of the game” or to be objective. In fact, looking at it objectively is exactly why I expect a vast improvement. The player most responsible for “sloppy” or “poor” play was T-Jack and I expect him to be on the bench or in another uniform by the end of training camp. The passrush allowed too many 3rd down conversions – Irvin, Jones and company will help put an end to that.

        • TK

          To be fair, it was TJack and the O-Line that were the problem children last year.

          The O-Line played a hell of a lot better than TJack down the stretch though.

  7. adam

    i think “dreamers” look at the defense and extrapolate second round of the playoffs and “doubters” focus on the quarterback situation and guess that it will be yet another 7-9 season. If a tree falls and no one see’s it fall, does it really fall? Or moreover can the defense carry this team? I’m not so sure, Earl Thomas is our best player imo on the whole team…Sherman is good, but linebacker and defensive line is sort of unknown as far as what to expect. I’m not sold on anyone there playing above average besides Red Bryant. I think the offense plays much better this year due to healthier and stronger quarterback play most likely with T.J starting, Lynch will provide a good ground game, but i look at a defense of overachievers last year and wonder if perhaps they underachieve this year with higher expectations and more specific offense game plans to attach their weaknesses.

  8. adam


  9. A. Simmons

    It would be amusing if after the weekend competition between Russell, Flynn, and Tarvaris the headline is “Tarvaris Jackson Released by the Seahawks”.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’ll carry four quarterbacks next season.

      • James

        Rob, crazy as it seems, I agree with you. It makes no sense to release Tarvaris…he could prove invaluable in the event of an injury. He should play out his contract through this season. Josh Portis can’t be stashed on the practice squad, someone would grab him as their #3 QB. Keep Portis on the 53 man roster, but he will be inactive all season. He might even come down with a mystery ailment and go IR for the season. Then, for 2013, the QBs will be Wilson, Flynn and Portis. In 2014, Wilson and Portis and a developmental guy at #3.

        • A. Simmons

          I don’t think other teams are as high on Portis as some Seattle fans think or we would be able to get some trade value for him. It’s hard to gauge exactly what they’ll do, but the NFL is not known for patience where QBs are concerned. I looked over a lot of late round QBs that eventually became starters, they were usually able to take the backup job very, very quickly. Usually the same year they were drafted. I figure it won’t be much different for Russell Wilson. If he is going to show something worth developing, he’ll show it from the moment he steps on the field or he’s probably not going to make it.

          From what I have read, Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Matt Schaub, Matt Flynn, and Brett Favre took the backup job immediately or sometime during the season they were drafted.

          Kevin Kolb took the job the second season.

          Matt Hasselbeck took time to develop. I think he won the backup job in his second or third year before being picked up by Holmgren.

          It seems that a late round QB either shows early he can play or he never shows. At 5’11” and with the pressure on this regime to find a QB going into year 3 of a 5 year contract, he’ll be expected to step up fairly quickly. Or they might go all in next year on a Barkley or another highly touted QB prospect. Suffice it to say I think the backup QB competition may be more interesting than the starting job.

        • Jake

          I don’t think Jackson makes the final 53. He will be replaced as a starter this year by Flynn. Wilson is equal in talent to the top-3 QBs taken in the draft, he’s been exceptional at absorbing playbooks, he will be expected to take the #2 job right away. Over the next couple of years he will compete with Flynn for the #1 job. Portis is the key, I think PC still has high hopes for Portis. Developing Portis is more important that carrying a backup QB who can lead you to .500. And special teams is too important to waste a roster spot on a veteran #3 QB.

          • peter

            I agree…I can’t see how carrying four QB’s even makes sense….plus cutting Tjax, sooner then later to find work elsewhere would be the right thing to do. FOr all of his apologists, this is his 6th year working the same system….he’s at a near even career td to int. ratio. Has nearly never come back from the fourth quarter with either team…Honestly, he seems like a good dude to root for, but he’s a backup….adn with Flynn and Wilson we have a back-up between them. So how many backups do we carry?

            Plus I’m not even sure Portis could stay on the practice squad I think he may have one more year of eligibility, but after even so he can be claimed by another team. so to avoid that you are going to carry 4 qb’ a week at game time, 3 suited up and one listed as a special teams gunner or something of the sort.

            • TK

              Lets all not forget also, that when we trade for clipboard, he was a 3rd string QB. Man how I hated that trade, and all the yammering for him to start.. WTH

      • Doug

        IMHO, carrying 4 QB’s would be a similar move to carrying 2 placekickers…
        I don’t believe PC/JS would waste a spot to have 2 guys sitting on the bench in street cloths. My guess is that they are on the phone big time, but so far, they haven’t found anyone who wants a “not quite ready for primetime QB” in TJack.

        My final guess is that he gets released…. And I like the guy! I think he has always been humble and a hard worker, but in the NFL, that doesn’t buy you an extra 5 minutes.

        • Rob Staton

          It wouldn’t be a waste of a spot if it a.) helps keep two young potential future starters on the roster and b.) secures an experienced backup for 2012. Securing the placekicker position for now and the future and attempting to secure the quarterback position for now and the future are two very different things.

          • peter

            Rob I agree with the backup idea, but if Flynn wins out, why couldn’t Russell Wilson be the backup? I mean a lot of teams roll with lesser talent at the backup position, or greater unknowns….Caleb Hanie for one and TJ Yates for another.

            Now I know it can be cosntrued that both of those weren’t very good, which would be true, but if FLynn is the starter and TJax is the Backup, you already know what you are going to get. A little good, a little bad. Kind of a large amount of turnovers in relationship to Td’s, and a not entirely strong abiltiy to comeback from behind. To retain someone simply because “well they are already here, and it sort of works….” strikes me a tad bit why we kept Matt hasselbeck Three seasons past ’07….

            And of course Tjax as quality backup only work if Flynn wins out…but what if Wilson wins out, then you really have two quality backups…And if Tjax wins out….you still have a two quaity backups

            • peter

              By the way, I’m not saying “cut Tjax,!!!he’s a bum….f#$# him!!!” I’m simply saying I hope the FO doesn’t do one of those Patriots dick moves and cut someone when they then have next to no chance to join another team. Like after the rosters have been trimmed to 53. If….and it’s still an “if,” Tjax is relegated to backup status, why not release him in a timely fashion, and allow him a chance to fight to start somewhere else?

            • Rob Staton

              No reason why he couldn’t end up being the starter, Peter. I think it’s a very fluid situation with pretty much any outcome. But if Flynn starts I think they’ll keep Jackson as the backup, have Wilson and Portis on the roster. Out of all the positions in the NFL, I think you can afford to stash an extra QB.

  10. Soggyblogger

    I think there will really be a competition for QB between all four players. Yet, the coaches cannot block out their memories of each player. They already know what their basic opinion is of TJ and Portis. So the most meaningful competition will be for the coaches to see how Flynn and Wilson perform with our personnel.

    If what this thread is about is our guesses, then I am guessing Flynn wins the starting job, and TJ is the backup. Wilson may perform better with a limited playbook, but be allowed to learn the full playbook and opposing teams defenses as the third stringer. For a time. Possibly all season, but that would depend on any offers we might get for TJ.

    If a few injuries to starting QB’s happen as expected, teams may start calling Seattle in regards to TJ’s availability. If all goes well with the development of Wilson then they would be receptive to trade talks. They might even have their eyes on some players in other camps they would like to get.

    Injuries and failures at training camps will determine TJ’s role with Seattle. Flynn or Wilson could get hurt and necessitate keeping TJ or even resigning him. Portis is a joker in this analysis. If he has true starter potential then that could push TJ off the roster regardless of a single injury, but for now at least, I think they will keep TJ until they get an offer for him or his contract plays out.

    They can juggle injured reserve and keep four QB’s until the competition settles. The only way they would RELEASE TJ would be if all three – Flynn, Wilson, AND Portis – perform exceptionally and they are afraid to put Portis on Waivers.

    If they put TJ on waivers and someone picks him up, we lose his salary and gain cap space, but that has limited value right now since we apparently have plenty of cap space.

    The QB situation in Seattle is unsettled, but with a potentially high upside. For Seattle to not improve the position significantly would require TJ to regress, and Flynn, Wilson, and Portis to all prove out to be less than top 15 quarterbacks.

    We are sitting with four cards to a straight flush with an unsuited Ace paired up. This is an all-in hand.

    • Hawksince77

      You bring up an excellent point concerning injury. If any one of the four get hurt, then none of them would likely get cut, or moved to the PS (Portis).

      Other than that, I can’t imagine them carrying 4 active QBs on the 53-man roster. When asked, both JS and PC expressed how difficult that would be. And there’s no reason for it; if all four are top-53 worthy, than certainly the top three are. You gotta be happy with that scenario, and wouldn’t cry any spilt milk letting one of the four walk.

  11. A. Simmons

    I’m doubtful there are enough reps for a meaningful competition at QB. I think it will start off pretty intense. But Pete will focus his reps fairly quickly and pick QBs that will provide the most immediate upside. We all know that learning an NFL offense isn’t easy. Splitting reps even 50/50 must less 30/30/15/5 or something like that isn’t going to last long. It’s going to reach a point very quickly where the top two QBs are chosen and given the reps. Not sure who that will be. But if I were betting money on what I have seen, I’m going Flynn/Wilson/Jackson/Portis. Jackson might be kept because being three deep at QB can be an asset if you expect to contend. I can’t see Tarvaris beating Wilson. Wilson is really smart with the ball. Not just in avoiding interceptions, but ball placement. I was watching him throw those shorts outs and he seems to hit the outside shoulder or on long passes high point the ball to where only his receiver can get it even in traffic. I can’t see Tarvaris holding Wilson off. He’s not that good a decision maker and doesn’t have the ball plaement of Wilson.

    • Hawksince77

      I think your right about Wilson beating Jackson in camp.

      Flynn has the advantage over Wilson of having already made the transition successfully from college to the pros, and he will likely beat Jackson as well.

      That leaves Portis, and how PC views his potential. If he is even close to Jackson (and I don’t know that he is) I can see them letting Jackson walk in order to preserve the kind of potential Portis represents. If Portis remains a long shot to develop into a quality starter or back-up, and I can see him sent back down to the PS.

      Bottom line: Jackson’s future with the Seahawks likely depends on Portis, as I don’t think he can beat Wilson or Flynn in a straight-up QB competition.

      • Rob Staton

        Lot of presumptions here. I suspect nobody has an advantage right now… well, three vs Portis maybe.

        • TK

          Lets remember that Portis didn’t even beat out Charlie, no way he beats out TJack…

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t think he will beat Jackson, or the other three, but I think they’ll keep him on the active roster. And let’s be fair, nobody expected him to beat out Whitehurst last year. He was essentially red-shirted.

  12. Smeghead

    I think they expect and want Flynn to win the job. I think Wilson will show enough in camp that they can count on him to be a decent to great backup and potential starter if Flynn doesn’t show up this year. I think they really want to give Portis one more year to develop at least and see if they don’t have something there. I think his potential and youth are more valuable long term than a temporary security blanket in TJack. I think the only way TJack stays on the team is if they get creative with the PUP list or something and keep 4 QB’s for the first part of the season…

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