Looking at Seattle’s options using Todd McShay’s mock

This screen grab has to be top five on the errr... screen grab big board

The thing about a mock draft is, it’s dominated by your own opinions and grades.

According to the Huddle Report rankings for 2013 — the #1 placed mock had 12 correct matches (team & player) and guessed 26 of the 32 players drafted in round one.

So really any mock is lucky to hit on 8-10 matches come draft day.

And that means when I put together my weekly projections, I might be taking players off the board that could be available at #32.

For that reason I wanted to look at Todd McShay’s latest mock for ESPN and see who was left at the end of round one.

You’ll need an Insider account to see the full two rounds, but here’s a list of some of the players who were gone by #32:

Morgan Moses (T, Virginia) — drafted by Miami at #19
Odell Beckham Jr (WR, LSU) — drafted by Green Bay at #21
Cody Latimer (WR, Indiana) — drafted by Kansas City at #23
Kelvin Benjamin (WR, Florida State) — drafted by Cleveland at #26
Joel Bitonio (T, Nevada) — drafted by Carolina at #28
Ra’Shede Hageman (DT, Minnesota) — drafted by Denver at #31

McShay had the Seahawks taking Xavier Su’a-Filo (G, UCLA) at #32. It’s a popular pick among national pundits but one I’m pretty sceptical about.

I highly doubt the Seahawks will take a pure guard in round one. Right tackle is a much greater need and any player drafted that early is going to need to be versatile enough to play multiple spots. Su’a-Filo played some tackle in college but projects as a pure guard in the NFL.

But more than anything I just think his tape is really hit and miss. Against Stanford — a game Daniel Jeremiah talked up on the NFL Network this week — I thought he got shoved around and actually looked a bit of a liability at times.

I don’t expect the Seahawks or anyone else to draft Su’a-Filo in round one. So who else might they target if McShay’s projection is fairly accurate from picks 1-31?

Here’s some of the other players who were still on the board that I included in my first round mock draft yesterday:

Ryan Shazier (LB, Ohio State)
McShay has Shazier leaving the board at #43 to the New York Giants
For me there are two issues with Shazier amid a ton of positives. Firstly, he’s not the biggest. He weighed 237lbs at the combine and looked in the best shape of his life at the Ohio State pro day. Yet on the field it looks like he played at a lighter weight (possibly in the late 220’s). Keeping the weight on during training camp and a long season might be a struggle for Shazier, and it could limit his role at the next level. He isn’t going to be playing middle linebacker in the 3-4 at the size he played in college.

The second issue is somewhat linked — his ability to get off a block and avoid traffic. Consistently on tape he gets swallowed up by blocks — it happens time and time again and becomes quite frustrating. It takes away his range and effectiveness. Any team that drafts him needs to protect him via scheme. The Seahawks would be a great fit, using him at the WILL and allowing him to roam the field and make plays in space.

On the plus side he’s a tenacious player who flies to the ball carrier, hits like a ton of bricks, he’s an effective blitzer and he’ll be a dynamo in coverage. Shazier’s a tone setter on defense and in the right scheme he’ll be a playmaker who forces turnovers.

Linebacker isn’t a massive need but with K.J. Wright and Malcolm Smith both free agents next year and Bruce Irvin potentially returning to the LEO — Shazier’s 4.3 speed and 42 inch vertical screams ‘Seahawks’. It’s just whether they feel the value’s there with a first round pick. Do they need to draft a linebacker that high?

Anthony Barr (DE, UCLA)
McShay has Barr leaving the board at #36 to Oakland
It wouldn’t be a shock if Barr dropped into round two. Despite a lot of generous talk during the college season — he’s ‘steak tartare’ as a pass rusher. He’s still learning his craft and developing the necessary skills to be an effective defensive end or outside linebacker. He has no counter move or upper body technique. He doesn’t use his hands effectively at all. There’s a degree of ‘hit and hope’ to his tape where he tries to win with athleticism and if it doesn’t work — well it doesn’t work.

Nobody would really mind any of this if he flashed special athletic qualities and the potential to be great. Yet at the combine he ran a 4.66, had a decent but not sparkling 34.5 inch vertical and a 9.11 broad jump. None of those numbers stand out. He’s essentially a decent project who might need a redshirt year.

First of all he has to get stronger. He needs to be able to win a hands battle and get off a block. He must develop a bull rush. At the very least he needs some counter moves — he can’t just wing it off the edge.

I’m not sure the Seahawks would be all that interested in adding another developmental pass rusher. They’d have to really buy into the 4.44 Jim Mora ‘reported’ from the UCLA pro day. Without that 4.4 speed he’s probably not even really considered at #32. With it, he becomes a lot more intriguing. But I suspect the Seahawks might be turned off by the lack of gritty competitive spirit to win 1v1 or the dynamic speed to be a constant headache even as a rookie.

Martavis Bryant (WR, Clemson) & Donte Moncrief (WR, Ole Miss)
McShay has Bryant leaving the board at #63 to Denver, Moncrief isn’t listed in rounds one or two
There’s every chance McShay hasn’t really delved into the tape on these two players yet. In this new projection he admits on Cody Latimer, “(I) was blown away by his game when I finally got to study his tape recently.” Latimer immediately leapt into the first round at #23. If McShay is yet to really get into the Bryant and Moncrief games, they too could be set for a big rise.

Personally I think both players are destined to be, at worst, early second round picks. There’s just too much potential. Moncrief suffered badly in a bizarrely structured Rebels offense that tries to do a bit of everything and just lacks any type of cohesion. The quarterback Bo Wallace has never really recovered from shoulder surgery and is highly inaccurate. He also wasn’t helped by being constantly spelled by a read option replacement.

Yet you still see real flashes of upside in Moncrief. He chews up a cushion better than most receivers in this class, shows a terrific break on the football and he can really fly for a +220lbs receiver (4.40). He also has an impressive vertical (39.5 inches). There are no character concerns and he’s also shown a willingness to get involved as a blocker. There’s a lot to work with here and definite #1 potential.

That’s not to say he can’t improve. He needs to do show stronger hands in certain situations and the quality of his blocking is often dictated by whether he’s simply in the mood.

Bryant had a wake-up call to end the 2012 season after he was left at home for the Chick-fil-A Bowl against LSU. He has a young daughter and had an epiphany moment while watching the game on TV. He knew he was wasting an opportunity to provide for his family and made a point of re-focusing, going to class and working on his craft. The results were impressive and he had a big impact in 2013 as Nuke Hopkins’ replacement.

At times he looked like a Diet Randy Moss. He’s 6-4, 211lbs and runs a 4.42. He’s a dynamic downfield target who can run away from defenders. He too eats up a cushion quickly and breaks on the ball with vigour. All Clemson wide outs are well coached — and you see that in the way he sells a deep route and cracks back to the quarterback for a little inside break. It’s only when you really study the tape that you realise how inaccurate and sloppy Tajh Boyd is. Bryant suffered at the hands of his QB on several occasions.

The big question with Bryant is whether he’ll continue to work when the pay cheques start coming in or whether he’ll simmer down having accomplished his mission of supporting his daughter. If you can keep the fire burning — watch out. He could be special.


Apart from these four, the only other players I had in my mock yesterday that McShay didn’t include in the first round are Derek Carr (QB, Fresno State) and Chris Borland (LB, Wisconsin). So there are some similarities.

And it goes to show there will be a nice option for the Seahawks at #32. It just might not be a player many expect — such as a Shazier for example. In fact using McShay’s mock you could come out of the draft with Shazier and Moncrief as your first two picks.

That’d be a pretty explosive double dip for the Seahawks. Presumably they’d spend the rest of the draft digging for offensive line depth (plus the annual cornerback pick in round five or six).

Even the biggest proponent of offensive line investment would probably struggle to complain if Seattle brings in Shazier and Moncrief with their first two picks.


  1. James

    Rob, all props to you. The first thought I had on reading McShay’s latest is that “Rob got there first.” Congrats on beating even the national guys to the punch, in identifying emerging talent. Certainly, McShay is treading into your territory by having Bitonio and Latimer off the board before #32. But, someone rising also means someone falling, so McShay drops the DEs/Leos into R2: Barr, Ealy and Ford….Shazier also, and Tuitt. Lots of outstanding defensive talent sitting there. As you say, Shazier is the prototype Pete & John pick. Has there ever been a LB so fast and so fierce a hitter? You sees holes in Barr’s game, but there are a number of other scouts who believe this guy is the perfect Leo, so watch out there, also. With McShay’s scenario, I think the Seahawks would go Shazier or Bryant, unless Jim Mora is telling the truth and Barr ran a legit 4.45….in which case….

    • Rob Staton

      I want to buy into Barr’s 4.4 — but there were no excuses offered (eg injury) for the 4.66 at the combine. It seems like it could just be a fast track at UCLA. And I suspect any prospective LEO drafted in round one by Seattle needs to run more than a 4.66 at 255lbs.

      • James

        I just watched more tape on Shazier and he is absolutely the fastest LB I have ever seen in college football. If available, I can’t imagine Pete, the old defensive coach, not selecting him. He would make the Seahawks D far faster and more formidable than it is even now. You think they played for the kill against the Broncos…it would go up several notches from there. Bruce back to Leo, where he very much wants to be.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Wouldn’t Shazier at 220 lbs be more of a third safety? I guess it doesn’t matter what you call him, but it seems like he would do better playing back from the line where he could avoid blocks and get a full run into his hits.

          • Rob Staton

            He’s definitely a WILL for me, or possibly a MIKE in Seattle’s scheme.

          • SHawn

            Rob says 237 at the combine. Watch him lay wood on some guys in that video. He is plenty big. Not worried about him needing some coaching. We have one of the best in the business. Norton knows how to teach a young LB how to play. He has done absolute wonders with KJ and Malcolm, imagine what he could do with a first round talent.

            • AlaskaHawk

              After watching the video I would still say he will be better in the secondary then blitzing and crash through the line. I doubt he will want to face a 325 pound guard too many times. And really that is where Smith shines, in the secondary making interceptions or deflections. Shazier would be at his best in the nickel package against passes.

              • bigDhawk

                My thoughts exactly. I see Shazier as Malcolm Smith 2.0.

  2. Colin

    McShay has Seattle picking offensive linemen at 32 and 64. That cannot happen. Seattle really needs to come away with at least one good receiver.

    • Mike

      WR class is pretty deep this year. They can get away with one in the 4th round (Brandon Coleman)

      • Colin

        I’m not sure it’s as deep as some would believe. It’s top heavy. After the 1st I’m not sure you are going to have many guys that are impact talents awaiting us. And waiting for Brandon Coleman in round 4 is asking to be disappointed.

      • KingRajesh

        You have to be kidding me if you think Brandon Coleman is lasting to the 4th.

        I doubt he gets out of the 2nd, let alone the 3rd.

    • kevin mullen

      Definitely agree with this assessment. Me personally, would prefer they grab a WR in R1 then maybe OLine/DLine in R2, depending BPA.

    • MJ

      Absolutely agree. IMO, he has us drafting 2 OL that every fan will be hooting/hollering about needing to upgrade in the next year or 2. No thanks.

  3. Kenny Sloth

    Bridgewater meeting with the Bucs. Maybe ‘Lovie Smith wants a QB competition?

  4. Mark

    I’d love Shazier/Bryant out of the draft. We know Cable likes later round projects, so it fits with Seahawk philosophy. The only better outcome would be Donald/Bitonio (we can dream still, yes?)

  5. Cysco

    Shazier, Bryant, Montcrief. All three of those guys are “seahawky” kicks.

    On draft day, the “experts” will say seattle is reaching (once again)

    Meanwhile, we’ll take the athletic freaks, coach them up and put them in a position to succeed. Then, we’ll be “lucky” we got player X when they are making impact plays in the super bowl.

    I’m soooo glad I’m a fan of this team. It’s nice to know your front office is pretty much smarter than everyone else.

    • Mark

      I can’t agree more.

    • EranUngar

      LOL..it will probably take 5 years of horrible drafts before any “expert” will dare saying anything negative about a seahawks pick. The worst would be a B- with a remark like – “The Seahawks have their own way of drafting and it works for them”.

      After the Kam, Sherman and RW picks working they way they did and the nice rings on everyone’s fingers there is only one reaction to seahawks picks – R E S P E C T bitches.

      • Richard

        The bitch is back, babe. Carpenter, Moffitt, E J Wilson, Dexter Davis, Mark LeGree, Kris Durham, Winston Guy, Jaye Howard, Ty Powell, Chris Harper, Jameson Konz (are they still trying to turn him into a pro football player?) and who knows what we have if anything with Korey Toomer.

        The team has had many wonderful winning picks, but, we can’t ignore the ones that haven’t worked out yet or if they ever will work out. John Schneider is very good, but he also succeeds by acquiring more picks and improving the odds of success.

        I’ll lead the parade for the PCJS draft team, but, we can’t ignore the misses while celebrating the great success of the hits. DS

        • Colin

          That’s precisely why we champion them so much- they hit far more than they miss, and anyone who acts like they don’t miss, or there are front offices who never miss in general, are delusional.

          • Richard

            I’m not sure who you’re referring to, but, I would believe if anyone who chooses to offer those beliefs here, would not be perceived as credible, it just isn’t a supportable position.

            John S. does well, while rarely giving up a lot within the confines of the drafting period. I have wandered occasionally why there haven’t been more attempts to acquire future picks as a part of his deals. Or why they don’t try harder to trade away players that aren’t needed for picks. I guess he just doesn’t hold that future picks have the value that the pick in front of him have.

            • Colin

              Might be a case of ‘one in the hand is worth two in the bush” argument.

  6. Stuart


  7. John

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Seattle will have something special if they draft Bryant. Pete has been on record saying big guys that run fast are the rarest human specimens and Bryant is a rare talent. He isn’t perfect, but he is very physical and fast and will operate best in an offense that likes to throw outside the hashes. That’s Seattle. Seattle also needs someone Russell can just lob it up to in the Redzone and Bryant proved he could do that in the Ohio State game. I think his strengths are magnified in Seattle and his weaknesses diminished and there is no better coach than Pete at getting players to buy in. Bryant’s progress this season was all self motivated (source below). Imagine what happens when he has someone like Russ and Pete constantly pushing him to be the “best he can be” in a positive way. I’ll eat crow if I’m wrong but I am drinking the kool-aid on Bryant. I believe he was hampered by playing behind a good receiver last year and playing behind Watkins this year isn’t even fair. This year, Clemson’s offense revolved around getting Watkins the ball and Boyd is terrible with multiple reads. So it would be hard for any receiver to show what they could do with that combination of stud WR and inept QB.


    • Nate

      I completely agree. And then like Cysco said above, if we were to get Shazier and Moncrief as well, then throw in a Cyril Richardson LG/LT or another who can play G and T like David Yankey (not the best, but WE GOT CABLE)…oh boy

  8. Westcoastbias

    While I’m not big on a first round linebacker having an Irvin, Wagner, Shazier LB corp would be so insanely athletic.

    I do think Irvin is gonna end up on the D-line again, and I think that he’s going to have benefited from learning to play LB, tons of versatility.

    • Robert

      Dan Quinn said Irvin will stay at SAM. That surprised me because I assumed a year at SAM would dramatically improve his run defense in preparation for a return to LEO. PC has also said that Irvin is THE perfect LEO prospect. And he has also said that they see him developing into a Von Miller/joker type of pass rusher stalking the line pre-snap and firing through random gaps. Very exciting to see how this all plays out. I think Irvin will make some noise this year!

  9. AlaskaHawk

    Shazier would be an odd pick considering our other needs and that he is very light for that position. I would rather the Seahawks made solid picks that will have a chance of contributing immediately, like a right tackle and an Extra backup for the line. Since we are a run first team our line should be able to open up holes in the red zone and get more rushing touchdowns. Some of these other choices are simply a luxery that is exciting but doesn’t have a position on the team.

    • LantermanC

      He’s heavier than Malcolm Smith. I don’t know if we need a 1st round LB, but if there’s more value in Shazier than at WR or OL, got to take the BPA.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Even when we don’t need a linebacker? Sure why not, he can join Michael who also isn’t being used.

        • Robert

          After this year, Smith and KJ are FA’s…

          • Nate


          • Nate

            And plus, we drafted last year for this year. I imagine the same could be in place if Carpenter’s weight loss allows him to stay healthy and lock up LG. Bowie RT. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a LB @ 32, but Baldwin, Kearse and depending on outcome Lockette could soon be gone. So WR makes sense, too.

    • Rob Staton

      Shazier would play immediately if Irvin switched back to DE. And he’s not that light for the position — he’s about 10lbs heavier than Malcolm Smith.

    • Ben2

      That comment sounded a lot like Ruskell-speak, AlaskaHawk. I’d rather have a special talent, with a few warts, and augment the special qualities with scheme and training while attempting to minimize the warts: hence the interest in Shazier and Bryant as opposed to a guy like Sua-Filo

      • AlaskaHawk

        And I would rather have an offensive line that could run on any team and wouldn’t have to apologize for not making third downs.

        • Robert

          As NFL continues to evolve, I think the days are gone when you can build an Oline that will flat out dominate all day long, even when you telegraph run with your sets. The best athletes are gravitating towards the defensive side. PCJS are ahead of the curve in recognizing this and selecting athletic DL prospects late in the Draft to convert to OL. The Seahawks clearly want to run, but good D’s shut them down last year by clogging running lanes with LB’s and SS. Percy Harvin will stretch D’s by making them pay if they leave him in 1 on 1 matchups. In addition, Wilsson is very capable and now seasoned to chip and release behind LB’s who are cheating up to stop are Beast game. With a much healthier Oline and Bailey and Bowie ready to contribute, I expect Beast and company to get the rushing yards and average back up to 2012 levels and beyond. But the constraint play strategies are critical to opening up the running game or D’s will just hover around the LOS. Building a Oline that can run it anyway is probably impossible in today’s game.

          • AlaskaHawk

            You may be right about being impossible to dominate with the run anymore. Still it is worth a try. We had a lot of injuries last year that affected play. Given a healthy line, I still think we could use a couple new people on the line. Okung is really the only player I consider untouchable, and that is if he stays healthy. Unger is second best but has been prone to getting bull rushed on passes or flattened on running plays. Sweezy , Bailey and Bowie all showed potential and are strong players. Carpenter is still very much on the fence, if he can show up in shape and stay healthy then he could be considered long term, then again he is probably easily replaced.

            The thing that was so irritating last year was things like being at midfield and making three runs for zero yards. A complete stuff in our faces. Or we can’t punch it into the end zone but also don’t have a tall jump ball receiver. Witness the san francisco game where we fumbled the ball on the one yard line. We just can’t afford to do that. The offensive line has got to push and find some holes. Marshawn Lynch has carried this team many a time but he won’t be around forever. Michael shows greater speed but probably won’t have Marshawn’s power. I love them both, but wouldn’t it be even better if we had a consistent surge up front? I do think we can get there, just need to keep looking for the right players or pray that our starters stay healthy.

  10. me

    I’ve felt for a while that Shazier could be the pick at 32. He just ticks that ‘freak’ box they like in the early rounds.

    I’ll toss out another that just feels “Seahawky” – Kareem Martin. Physically, he’s Jadaveon Clowney with less top end speed. Nearly 6’5 with 35″ arms, a 1.64 10 yard split (compared to Clowney’s 1.59), and actually beats Clowney out in short shuttle, 3,cone, and broad jump measurements. He’s also inconsistent and raw and will be seen as being picked at least a full round too early. Sounds like a Seahawky pick to me.

    • Ben2

      Yeah the Fieldgulls stuff on Sparq scores hade Kareem Martin really high – what is he, like 6’4″ or 6’5″ at about 275? Sounds like he could play DE in our scheme and kick inside on passing downs too

  11. Cameron

    Not seeing it with Shazier. We already have a difficult time getting all our LB’s on the field. Shazier would only add to the logjam. If we’re going to make the pick based on the future than I’d much rather have Barr, who projects to at least play a position of need (LEO).

    I would be pretty stoked about Moncrief at 64, however.

    • SHawn

      Difficult time or not, hes an upgrade over most of the guys on our team. They would be the ones fighting to take playing time away from him. Sounds like a 1st rd pick to me.

    • John_S

      Maybe a log jam this year, but you have to remember that KJ Wright and Malcom Smith are going to be Free Agents and Bobby Wagner will be in line for a huge pay increase.

      • Robert

        Exactly. PCJS are like chess masters that plan many moves ahead. They do not want to HAVE TO fill an important position with a player they just drafted. They will usually create the option to groom that player for a year. But if the player is killing it in practice, they can leap frog to the starter role. With key LB’s approaching FA status, it would not surprise me if we draft a great LB prospect like Shazier.

    • Colin

      If we (somehow) walked out of this draft with Joel Bitonio and Moncrief/Coleman/Landry, I couldn’t be happier.

  12. Ray bones

    After banging the drum for weeks now for an oline man at 32 I gotta say shazier would be pretty cool too! Adding another freakish killer to this “D”….. Awesome!

  13. Robert

    If Hageman is there late, JS might pick up the phone…or Tuitt?

  14. EranUngar

    excellent work Rob. Like you, McShay is hardly effected by hype and I value his mocks more then most. The almost uncanny similarities between your views and his speaks volumes to the quality of work here.

    I think the Shazier pick has a lot of merit. No only will it provide a ready made solution to the K.J./Thomas financial effect on the 2015 cap but it can also open a possible trade of one of them once training camp injuries start piling up across the league. One of the best attributes i love about Shazier other then his freak athleticism is his perfect technique in wrapping his tackles and bringing the guy down. Perfect textbook seahawks LB.

    If we can get bryand at 64 i’ll be dancing on the table. (p.s. – I think Landry is also available according to McShay….).

    Sometimes your pick at 1st. defines your whole draft strategy. A LB at 1st will focus the rest of the draft onto our “needs” at WR and OL for the next 2-3 pics. I see DL and DB pics later and the rest on UDFA.

    That leave one major question to be answered. As we all know the pics that count for this FO are in the 5th. (Kam, Luke, Sherman…)

    Who’s going to be the wonderpick of this draft?

  15. DawgDav

    I was shocked when I read that McShay quote that he “finally got to study the tape recently.” Really makes your work here more impressive by comparison when you realize that someone like McShay is getting paid to review tape and is still that far behind.

    Also, thought I’d inquire again about your thoughts on Matt Patchan. The more tape I watch the more I realize that his run blocking is just absurd at times (watch Andre Williams v Florida St). If he didn’t have the crazy injury history and extra year of age, I’d say he’d be a second rounder (due to struggles anchoring in pass pro.

  16. Michael M.

    Great idea for an article. Nice work Rob!

  17. Josh

    Man, I know it’s a highlight tape, but how can you not drool over Shazier? He’d be a huge playmaker for us.

    Also, Rob did you hear the Benjamin blew off an NFL team asking him to do a workout because he said he was too tired?

    • Rob Staton

      I did see that. Hard to read into stuff like that — could be misinformation from a team hoping it has a negative impact on his stock.

      • James

        ….this is the time of the year when teams start rumors about a player they like, hoping they will fall to them. Nasty business. The digital media eat it up, because the headline gets them thousands of hits, which translate into advertising dollars. Sites like Rob’s are where the facts are, most of the other sites are just platforms to sell soap.

        • SHawn


    • David M

      Yeah I heard that, then seen a post that said it was his agent that told him not to do private workouts this close to the draft..

  18. Madmark

    We need to stop talking about Moncrief. He was my sleeper for 64 and looking at lots of other draft mocks he’ll be there at 64 and I like to keep it that way. When I did a write up on him I had no clue you’d put him in the 1st round of your mock draft. I think he’s a 2nd round talent and if he slips to 64 which no one I know has him there. He would be a steal, SSSHHH. I’m still in for an OL at 32 Martin or Bitinio if one of them is still there and I’m going with my gut that it will be Bitinio. I can only Hope.
    I don’t think Seattle values LB position in drafting one in the 1st round. They traded back and got Irving(the perfect LEO) instead of drafting a Luke Kuechly and then they traded back again missing Kendricks and had to settle for Wagner. We really lucked out on that one because he turned out to be such a bargain and was 2nd in defensive rookie of the year. Luke won.
    I don’t know if you remember Khaseem Green who was projected as WILL LB in 1 of your mock draft. He really had the stats over his last 2 years but a bad 40 time and he wasn’t drafted till the 4th round by the Bears and currently is still in a backup role there. Shazier Has a nice look to him just like Irving did but 1st round?

    • Colin

      Um, they never were in position to take Luke Kuechly…. and if they were, he would’ve been the pick. Pete said afterwards Kuechly was their highest rated defensive player on their board, even more so than Irvin.

      • SHawn

        They were very high on Mark Barron that year too. Think we could look at a high S pick this year? I doubt this, but it would be exciting to see!

      • Madmark

        Actually we had 7th pick and he was there but we traded back to 15 and took Irving

        • Madmark

          My apologies we picked 12th and he went in the 9th and one of the reasons I always believed we could have got him was because I was sure we could have traded up to the 7th to get him. I was so high on the guy who won the Dick Butkus award as a junior and had 212 tackles. I mean there was absolutely no reason for him to stay in school for a senior year cause he had already proved he could start in the NFL. Seattle biggest need just happened to be MLB.

    • Mattk

      Uhhh, we have no idea if they “settled” for Wagner. For all we know he was rated higher than Kendricks.

      • Madmark

        I don’t think so, even Rob mention in his article after the draft that they cringed when Kendericks was pick just before we picked. You couldn’t miss the feeling in that draft room.

        • Colin

          Totally agree. They were actively linked to Kendericks all off season. That was a guy they wanted.

          I also don’t think they believed Bobby Wagner would be as good as he’s been.

  19. James

    Are we to be bamboozled yet again? Not everyone this time around, for it seems that many on this blog are finally getting wise to Pete and John. Pete told us that he wanted to draft the fastest pass rusher in the draft, he picks Bruce Irvin, and everyone is like duh, when he picked the fastest pass rusher. How many times does Pete have to tell us that he is looking for elite athletic skills, a special talent, bigger/faster/stronger? If Shazier is there, he will be a Seahawk. Never has there ever been a LB who is sub-4.4 and an explosive playmaker. He is to the WLB what Percy Harvin is to the KR. PCJS will take the playmaker no matter what. And Shazier may well be there, because he can only play WLB in a 4-3, and even then, only in certain 4-3’s, and how badly do those few teams need a WLB in R1?. ….Christine Michael was selected because he had the highest sparq rating ever for a RB….never mind that Beast Mode was mid-contract. Nothing has changed from last year to this…it will be Shazier.

    • Colin

      …if he’s there at 32….

    • SHawn

      AGREE!!!! Ive been hoping for Shazier for weeks now, not that any of the other guys on our radar would be disappointments, but Shazier is who I am hoping for until he is selected before us (likely).

  20. AlaskaHawk

    Anybody reading Shutdown Corner? Kaep, Lockette and Patton partying together. Say it isn’t so.

    • Chris

      Regardless of what happened, Lockette should be kicked off the team for fraternizing with the enemy.

      I’m only half-kidding …

    • David M

      the media blew that out of perportion.. even the cops doing the investigation said that.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The media is just getting started. So many unasked questions. See small payment to keep quiet at 5.

  21. Hawkspur

    That’s one helluva screen grab.

  22. ivotuk

    The only thing missing from the Mel Kiper picture is a round bulge pressing out on his cheek.

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