Mike Macdonald is going to be in Seattle today

It looks like the Seahawks have their man…

It’s very difficult to imagine, after meeting him just yesterday in person, that the Seahawks have asked Mike Macdonald to make the long trip to Seattle just to say, ‘actually, we’re going to hire someone else’. I appreciate there’s an element of wanting to see how he fits around the facility, plus he might want to go and visit the place too before making a decision. Yet this feels very much like a meeting where a contract is signed at the end.

My preference all along was to go in a more offensive-minded direction but with Ben Johnson opting to stay in Detroit and with Bobby Slowik seemingly out of the running after one interview, options were limited. If Macdonald is as good as people have been suggesting, I’m intrigued to see what he can do. Certainly it’ll be refreshing to see a defense able to adapt, adjust and work things out — rather than take a predictable beating from McShanahan each season ‘doing what we do’. Please, let those days be gone.

It’ll be fascinating to see what this means for the roster if the appointment is confirmed. Macdonald has had success developing drafted players and getting the most out of cheap free agents like Jadeveon Clowney. Personally, I’d like to see that be a focus here. Improve the players you’ve already invested in, find some cheaper diamonds on the market. That would be more preferable than splurging on Baltimore’s free agents, such as Patrick Queen. I think younger, faster and more physical should be the focus for defense — with more money and experience being invested in the offensive line.

What would the draft focus be? Is it to continue the ‘best player available’ approach of the last two years? Or will John Schneider focus on getting a young quarterback? What happens with Geno Smith?

What coaches can Macdonald snag from Baltimore? It’d be good to get a few out of there, although that might be tricky. I think it’d be a good idea to find an experienced coach to put alongside him as a sounding board. That seemed to benefit Sean McVay with Wade Phillips. Most importantly, who would the offensive coordinator be? If you can’t prize Mike Kafka away from the Giants, this could be a tricky problem to solve. It’s absolutely critical that they get a top-notch offensive leader.

If it isn’t Kafka, my shout would be Tanner Engstrand, the passing game coordinator in Detroit. I’ve watched a few of his interviews and he seems incredibly bright, creative and you could maybe steal some of the ideas from the Lions offense even without having Ben Johnson. Take a look for yourself, I think he comes across well and he notes here that he’s spent a lot of time working with Detroit’s tight ends (Sam LaPorta just had a fantastic rookie season):

It could be a busy day. If/when there’s an official announcement, I’ll jump on a live stream. I’ll also be watching the Senior Bowl drills on the NFL Network for a new batch of notes.


  1. Sea Mode

    Here’s my hope: game recognizes game.

    If Macdonald is a defensive genius, and he has been studying offenses around the league, he should have good insight into where the league is trending offensively. What offense does even he find hard to stop? Then look at who they might bring in to implement such an offense and use his and JS’s contacts to land him.

    Someone under BJ might be a hidden gem; I like the idea.

    • Brodie

      Hank Fraley is the OL coach in DET too, and would be a great get.

  2. Andrew

    Thoughts on Eric Bieniemy as the OC to pair with MacDonald? Seems like nobody will poach him to be a head coach at least and he’s a brilliant offensive mind.

    • Cysco

      Given the negative view the league seems to have on him, I’d venture to say “no”.

      I’d lean, as Rob said, to a coach with some experience or maybe go the other direction and look for the next up and coming coordinator ready to make the next step.

    • Patrick Toler

      Yep, Bieniemy is one of the last interesting OCs who probably wouldn’t be a lock to be hired away if the offense looks great.
      Engstrom wasn’t on my radar but I’m intrigued. He’s young enough that you might get 2-3 years from him if he’s successful.
      Kafka doesn’t make much sense as an OC / assistant HC to me because he would be a lock to be one and done if he’s great (and if he’s not why bother?).

    • LouCityHawk

      Read a Commie blog for five minutes.

      They treat him like Hurtt, with the personality as toxic as the come. No thanks.

      • Peter

        I don’t get it. Get me something new. Sure howell had tons of yards. I don’t think that’s shown EB is some wizard.

    • Joe

      He would be one of my favorites.

      He was able to make Sam Howell look good.

      More than you can say about Kafka.

      • Rob Staton

        Howell collapsed and got benched eventually

        • cha

          Washington/Bienemy ran an absolutely insane 66/34 split on play selection in 2023. The next highest was 63/37 (cincinnati).

          Howell was sacked 65 times!

          Guessing Bienemy’s star has lost some shine over that and when you figure in his past, it just knocks him out of the running for anything more than he currently is.

      • Dregur

        Kafka got Daniel Jones a lot of money in 2022…

      • BK26

        Kafka is the one that worked with Patrick Mahomes daily and developed him. Then he made everyone think that Daniels Jones was a good quarterback.

        In terms of developing quarterbacks, it isn’t close.

        • Joe

          Just because you work with the best QB in the league doesn’t mean you are good coach. If anything, working with Mahomes artificially inflates the value of people around them.

          And Jones got paid because NY had no other options. He looked terrible this year. I’m.

          It probably won’t be Bienimey.
          Just please make it someone innovative.

  3. Brian Chase

    I’m tempted to complain and poke holes in this the way this was handled but I just want it to be done so that we can start building excitement for the new coach and staff. I would have preferred an offensive coach but I’m also excited for different approaches/philosophies and the potential to root for a team that is on the way up.

    • Dregur

      I mean, MacDonald was one the names they were widely reported to be waiting for. It’s one thing to criticize between offense and defense, but MacDonald was near or was the top of the list of candidates.

      • Cysco

        Agreed. If it’s MacDonald, this could have gone WAY worse.

        MacDonald was viewed by many to be one of the top two “gets” other than Harbaugh. Given that Johnson didn’t even get a job, the Seahawks seemingly landed the prized coach of this cycle. I’ll take it.

        When you look at the alternatives and who other teams signed, I’d say we did very well.

  4. Nathan M

    If they are looking at a young innovative coach for OC, who/where would you think about that vet coach to support? Is that a DC, ST or even just a positional coach who also has an ‘Assistant HC’ title. I don’t know the names enough to think who it would be but agree with the concept

  5. chavac

    Seems like he’s going to be the guy. It’s an exciting hire in my book because while the offense needs help the defense needs a total makeover over after the garbage-fire season(s) Hurtt put us through.

    Not sold on Kafka though.

    • Peter

      The defense needs am overhaul. But the offense doesn’t need help. It actually needs an overhaul as well. #17th in scoring by my book is pretty crummy. One of tge worst redzone offenses. Terrible on third down. And zero rhythm.

      • Rob Staton

        Great points

      • geoff u

        We really need to see and hear about a vision for the offense from Macdonald. Big wide open unknown area right now.

        We also really need John to do what it takes to get a gdm franchise QB.

  6. Sultan

    Although it’s not an offensive HC hire, I’m interested in a new direction of Seahawks football. Macdonald is a young coach, so he surely sees where the modern NFL is at and what direction it is going in.

    He needs to come in and set the record straight about the identity of his team

    • Al U

      Hopefully the Seahawks’ new direction will include leaving the navy blue, wolf grey and action greens with Carroll and adopting last year’s retro alternates full time.

  7. Ajp

    Culture was mentioned as an important part and reinforced by his mentor, Ron Wolf. Perhaps a part of the appeal for MacDonald is being a part of Ravens’ culture. How it is built and maintained, and his part in maintaining it. Not, necessarily, to recreate their culture, but to build, or rebuild, a Seahawk culture that seemed to weaken? … slip? … get lost? … in the last few years.

    • Mark Miller

      My thoughts exactly. If you are going to pull from teams – and you have to surely- that team is a good one to get successful coaches out of.

  8. cha

    Tanner Engstrand, the passing game coordinator in Detroit.

    I could get on board with the pretty girl’s sister who is pretty in her own right.

    • Peter

      Man. Did everyone here get spurned at homecoming at some point?

      There’s been a lot of talk of pretty sisters, last girls at the dance, etc.


  9. DK

    Rob, Tanner Engstrand was my first thought if they went with MacDonald. Get some of that creativity from Johnson while not being able to hire him directly. Would love to poach Hank Fraley from Detroit as well, and start building up the front 5. Make him OL-Coach and Running game co-ordinator or something like that.

    Would love to land Anthony Weaver or Dennard Wilson to come in as DC to keep some continuity from Baltimore.

    • geoff u

      If you can’t have Johnson, steal everyone around him. I could get behind that.

  10. ShowMeYourHawk

    If MikeMac is the guy, Anthony Weaver as DC would be dope. He helped turn Clowney and Mad into really valuable pieces on that line when both had been middling for a while previously.

    Kafka as OC/AHC and retaining Izzo as ST Coach? Interesting mix.

    • Peter

      I agree Weaver will be a great DC. For the team he is already with.

      I would love it I just see them hiring him maybe tomorrow? This afternoon for the open spot.

    • Rob Staton

      Doubt Weaver would come over, it was a big call for him to move back to Baltimore so Seattle seems unlikely

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        So, would we swing for Evero or Graham to fill the DC role? I imagine part of the interview for Mac would be his preference for his defensive coaches.

  11. Gross MaToast

    Brandon Staley, excuse me… Mike Macdonald, is just what the Seahawks need – someone to come in and set this defense right. His next-level defensive prowess (we’ve been told that he is to defense what McVay is to offense!!!) is near-certain to flummox the McShanahan-dominated NFC West and lead Seattle to much glory. With his deep well of contacts resulting from years of working for one Harbaugh, then the other for a while, then the first Harbaugh again, he’s certain to cobble together a staff that would be the envy all football. Coach Staley… excuse again… Coach Macdonald is NOT a hot commodity that only became popular within the past few weeks – many people could have identified him as the Ravens’ DC well over a month ago… probably. No, he’s not bringing the vaunted Ravens “culture” that we hear so much about. Instead, he’ll be entering the John Schneider Zone – no hasty moves, the game will come to us… until it doesn’t and then we’ll make do. Coach Staley is perhaps likely to have input into staff and maybe even personnel decisions going forward, depending on whatever bullshit… excuse again… “promises” John Schneider has offered to secure a head football coach. Remember, JS has waited 14 years to take the reins and this is his career-defining appointment. Good luck to Coach Staley… excuse one last time, please. Coach Macdonald (and what’s the deal with not capitalizing the freaking first ‘D’?), good luck to Coach Macdonald and remember, it’s going to take (at most) one half of one game for McShanahan to dissect what you’re doing and turn it on you, so don’t let it get you down, it happens to a lot of guys; you’ll make a lot of money over the next 2-3 years for the taking of your soul.

    Dinwiddie ’28!

  12. Peter

    I’m excited to have this done. Hopefully.

    Small glass of cold water though.

    I’ve seen not just here but other places:

    Bring in Queen and Madubukei!!!

    1. Do you really think the Ravens who always have a great defense are letting two young stars go?

    2. And more importantly. Where’s the 39 million dollar cap hit Spotrac projects for both of them coming from while we still need multiple LB’s, more dline, probably a new interior Oline, fingers crossed to find money for TE’s plural. Oh and The Geno shaped elephant in the room. If we cut the fat in the safety room to pay those two great….but….

    I think it’s very possible coach Mike makes us much better on defense next year. But I’d think this was actually factually the rebuild this team has needed for some time. Not saying you can’t be competitive like Rob has pointed out. Look at Rams, green bay. I just think it might take more than one off-season to clean the mess.

    • Mick

      Trying to stay positive here, but maybe a good D coach can get more from our corners (all of them have potential to do better), from our expensive investments (Brooks, Taylor, Hall, Mafe) and from Dre’mont Jones if we’re stuck with him. We don’t need to overpay for Ravens.

      • Peter

        I just think he’s been a great positional coach and I’m hopeful with mafe, a hopefully healthy Nwossu, possibly brooks and freaking Witherspoon under his tutelage there might be some great stuff here that’s been left to their own devices.

        Now….if they land those two big fish ill be beyond stoked.

        Just practically I’m not sure how Seattle would pull it off.

        But Clowney in a rotational role…..

        • Mick

          I can see Mafe, Nwosu and Spoon doing good anyways. I want to see what he can get out of Tre Brown, Bryant, Woolen, Taylor, Hall, Mike Morris, Myles Adams, and the two fresh safeties we’ll get before the season starts.

          • Peter

            Hall for sure.

            I do think Taylor may be on the way out.

            Get woolen tackling please.

    • cha

      I’ve been patiently waiting for a bit of this coaching news to blow over before putting together a cap scenario piece.

      There’s plenty of opportunity to make some moves.

      • Peter

        Can’t wait.

        • Brodie


      • James Cr.

        Yes please – would love this!

  13. UkAlex6674

    I’d be happy with this.

    Let’s see if he can get this D going.

    Query – would this mean JA gets a stay of execution?

  14. KH

    (John, bitter from flying to Detroit only to hear the candidate say he’s not a candidate flys McDonald to Seattle just to say they didn’t really fire Pete. ;o)

  15. Happy Hawk

    A long & winding road leading me to your door = Mike Macdonald. A new era of Hawks football begins. So much about following the Packer/Wolf way as outlined in the press conference. Bold move by JS to hire a rookie HC and a brilliant defensive mind. Hope he got it right!

  16. Mexican Hawk

    One of the most exciting things this guy brings is his first hand knowledge, observation and respect for how a fundamentally sound scouting department works. He has seen how a franchise can operate when led by folks like Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta. While envisioning himself as the Harbaugh to Schneider.

    I’m guessing that’s what John wanted. Two independent thinking units acting as one. Each taking care of their domain. This is a new structure, Pete had final say over all football decisions in over the past 14 years. Maybe only on crucial decisions, though tough to know how that pendulum swung between Pete and John.

    We always admire how the Ravens draft, now let’s see what John does having the final say over that area. This can work, at least it has an above average chance of succeding.

  17. Mick

    Could be that John wanted Mac precisely because he appears not so well connected and John can have a strong word about his staff.

    • cha

      I hope that wasn’t his main criteria.

  18. Palatypus

    Uploading YouTube video of the AM practice and charging phone. A Pewter report guy told me they buy their merch at Sam’s club at get it embroidered.

  19. LouCityHawk

    I promised if Mac was the guy, I’d start off saying “I’m lovin it!”, plus plenty of puns for his similarly named singer. So be it….

    (Optimism powers activated).

    Prove my priors wrong Wunderkind.

    I mentioned this prior, Schneider played this hand very well – so he could say it was Macdonald all along, no Rooney Rule scrambling, did our due diligence on Johnson, but we got out guy.

    As far as assistants go

    Engstrand would be a great get, others for OC I’d be interested in include Frank Smith (call the plays get that check), Fraley, Fleury (9ers)…maybe Lal in house…excited to see who they hire.

    Defensively – Weaver seems like too big a get, Zach Orr is perhaps the Gem, Babich from the Bills would signal to me that he is trying to replicate SF/LA in pulling in tons of young bright minds.

    Ravens I’d like to see plucked: Godsey (TE coach), Matt Robinson (QC), Wilson…. And whomever their strength and conditioning coach is.

    Now go get Daniels and make this tho ng happen.

    • Rob Staton

      Babich was just named DC in Buffalo

      • LouCityHawk

        Well fiddlesticks

        Here’s to the point of getting it done quick and getting the coaches hired.

    • BK26

      Gee, who has Jayden Daniels been comped to?

      And going from a bird team to bird team?

      Is this thing writing itself?

      • Peter

        It’s all coming together

        • LouCityHawk

          This Is It

  20. Clayton Russell

    Macdonald flying all the way out to Seattle, just to say, “I’ll think about it” doesn’t sound very likely. I think after John’s trips yesterday and knowing the Redskins (I mean Commanders) are also interested in his services means there is mutual interests. I am confident after taking a tour of the facilities and meeting with current ownership, we can expect to have a Seattle Press Conference by 12:00pst The challenge now is “who do they really covet” for an OC.

    • BK26

      Both sides probably know that they are getting married.

      Just a thought: imagine how excited he has to be. Getting his first job and it is more or less in place. Taking that flight has to just be a high (literally and figuratively; it’s ok, I’m a dad).

      • Peter

        It’s okay I’m a dad.

        I don’t know why that got me chuckling.

        Agree with Clayton. Pretty much no point to come to Seattle unless he was very interested.

        • Troy

          Agree. There seems to be mutual interest, but also consider that the other remaining candidates went thru 2 interviews (with the 2nd being in Seattle). This might be just due process.

  21. Palatypus

    1v1 video up.


    • Bill H.

      I didn’t see the 1v1s today but in the team scrimmage Kansas EDGE Austin Booker looked unblockable.

    • Clayton Russell

      Will you be there tomorrow? I’ll be back tomorrow.

  22. Group Captain Mandrake

    Maybe they want to see how he interviews home and away 🙂 I hope they got their guy and don’t let him leave without signing a contract.

  23. Cysco

    So MacDonald would be the youngest head coach in the league. That’s pretty cool. I think that would be a great signal that the team is starting a new era. I dig it!

  24. Palatypus

    Am scrimmage video up.


  25. Ron

    I think many are severely underrating the value of a defensive head coach. An exceptional defensive mind is significantly harder to find than an exceptional offensive mind. Innovative offensive play design exists through the football landscape at every level. Finding a defensive coach who can adapt to the complexity of the modern game, in real time? Much more difficult to find.

    Pete was once that guy, but refused to change. His schemes in the early 2000’s were innovative and influential. If MacDonald is the defensive wiz kid, I’ll take that over the next offensive flavor of the month.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      While it’s true he never adapted, were his schemes innovative and influential though? It’s pretty well known that the Hawks ran simple schemes. They just ran them exceptionally well and he had the guys to pull it off.

      • Ron

        There are legendary college coaches that I know personally that were heavily influenced by Pete Carroll’s schemes. Complexity is not necessarily the driver of innovative, nor influential. Pete’s defensive schemes were efficient.

    • UkAlex6674

      Well said. Hot shot OC come around every year.

    • Cysco

      the counter point is that if defensive head coaches were so valuable why aren’t any of them making the super bowl? The last 10 years have been dominated by offensive-focused head coaches with the one outlier being Bill Belichick. (which let’s face it. was really Tom Brady’s doing)

      • geoff u

        The counter counter point is, which offensive minded coach did it without a franchise QB? Which coach did it without a franchise QB, period? Since 2000 I count three. Dilfer, Flacco, Foles. I keep going back to this, but the single most important thing John can do is find a franchise quarterback. After that, it is up to Macdonald to build a complete and complimentary team around him. From his interviews and background with the Harbaughs, there’s every indication he should be capable.

        As much as Johnson wants to stay in Detroit to win a championship, I doubt it’ll ever happen with Goff.

      • Ron

        I don’t agree with you on Belichick. He was a defensive Mastermind, the tutor to Brady, and without him, Brady wins far less. Belichick’s career didn’t start with Tom Brady.

        QB’s win games. Been that way for 30+ years. The game is not suddenly offensive focused. The run-pass option/mobile QB has made the game far more complex to defend, which is really the big change in the past 10+years.

        You can’t make the argument, then disregard the most dominate team of the past 25 years. The dominant teams of the past 10 years have been the Patriots, Chiefs, 49ers, Rams, Packers and Ravens.

        1) Patriots were coached by a defensive coach and the GOAT at QB
        2) Chiefs have the best QB in the league.
        3) 49ers have Shanahan, but have had phenomenal defenses.
        4) Rams have McVay. But their best years were because of their having a good defense to pair with McVay.
        5) Packers had Rodgers
        6) Ravens are coached by a Special Teams Coach, have primarily defensive driven up until they landed one of the top 3 QB’s in the league.

        I see no correlation between offensive minded coach and success. I instead see a correlation between a dominate QB and success. I also see a correlation for a balanced team if you don’t have a dominate QB.

        • Ron

          Good grief. Dominant, not dominate.

  26. Donald_Duck

    Why would Kafka want to stay in New York with Brian Daboll?
    This strikes me as a basic test of character and intelligence.

  27. geoff u

    Macdonald’s press conference a year ago, being introduced as DC


  28. Sparky

    Seems to be going down with MM. I like it!


    • Sparky

      omg i fell for this again. wasted everyone’s time!

  29. GoHawks5151

    People down on him but if you can’t get Kafka or Engstrand, I’d look at Frank Reich. A former HC could benefit MacDonald in the day-to-day stuff. He had some successes in Philly and Indy with Geno type QBs. I don’t know that he’s ever had the weapons that Seattle does. Carolina was a dumpster fire for everyone last year. Fitterer should have the info on him for JS.

  30. GoHawksDani

    If MacDonald can trim this D# and push it to be a top5 unit and we can get a somewhat decent OC that can make a padded offense into a top12-14 unit at least we can compete. It will be much enjoyable to watch Hawks football for sure. And just imagine if PC and Waldron were able to win around 7-8-9 games with a not so bright defense that sometimes played decent other times awful…if that unit is great then for now, I’ll take that

  31. Joseph

    I think it would be a good hire because we definitely need to fix the defense. There’s a chance he can utilizes the players we have better than Pete did.

    But I’m worried: like Rob said, if he’s capable of putting together a good staff especially on the offensive side of the ball.

    Also, the fact that offensive minded head coaches have won the sb in recent years begs the question, when will we see another defensive minded HC win a sb?

  32. BrandoK

    Will McDonald be calling his own plays on defense or will he have the new DC call plays?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      I’d think it would depend on who he’d bring in to DC. If he can’t get “his” guy to coach the D, I’d presume that he’d want to retain calling schemes until he’s comfortable with JS’ DC hire. If Mac names one of his Baltimore guys as his DC, he probably relinquishes control.

  33. Palatypus

    Fox Sports New Orleans guys are charging up on my extesion cord and power strip. Listening in. The guy next to me just took a phone call.

    “Got an interview?”, I said.
    “Yeah, Drew Brees.”,

    • UkAlex6674

      Love snippets like this. Keep ’em coming!

      Thanks Palatypus

  34. JoeG

    Thanks Rob! I was hoping for Quinn, probably one of the few that was, but I am open and have confidence in the organization. Obviously, they know what’s best and look forward to seeing the vision moving forward.

  35. Aaron Bostrom

    Ian Rapp reporting it’s gonna happen!

  36. Wilson502

    First! Its a done deal folks

  37. ShowMeYourHawk


    Mac is the guy!

  38. nfendall

    Done. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1752757187007422865

  39. Pran

    Was Mike flexible with his coaching staff, collaborating with John to land a right OC for this offense. There are not many HCs out there who would let GM pick OC. Mike can take care of Defense and grow in his HC role.

  40. LouCityHawk

    Any ne else thinking that they should ditch Bittersweet Symphony for Sweet Freedom to signal a new era?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      I posited a week ago that “Keeps You Runnin’” should be the Hawks home entry music, but “No Lookin’ Back” may be more metaphorical.

  41. samprassultanofswat

    Talk about a change. Seahawks go from the oldest head coach in the NFL to the youngest head coach in the NFL.

    In the beginning to be honest after Ben Johnson, Mike MacDonald was my 2nd choice. I know the Ravens gave up 410 yards against the Rams. And 429 yards against the 49ers. That is true. But many of those yards were garbage yards. When the 49ers were playing catch-up. Nevertheless (don’t know if that is a word), the Ravens did win both of those games. In the 49er game the Ravens (because of their blitzing scheme) forced Brock Purdy to throw 4 ints. The fact remains that the Ravens gave up the fewest points in the NFL in 2023. That is something that is surely lacking in Seattle.

    The Ravens are not afraid to blitz you. They are constantly putting the pressure on opposing QBs. Also if you watch the Raven play on defense, they hit you as hard as any defense in the NFL. They are not afraid to smack you in the mouth. K.J. Wright said that if you watch the Ravens they know how to tackle. They drive people to the ground. They don’t just tackle you. They drive you to the ground. I was listening to Mena Kimes. One thing she mentioned was the fact that Mike MacDonald is a coach that can get the best out of his players.

    Also against two pretty good QBs (Mahomes and Stroud) in the playoffs the Ravens allowed a total of only 27 points. 27 combined points against Mahomes/Stroud. Mahomes has two Super Bowls wins and has won the MVP twice in the NFL. Stroud is probably going to be the Rookie of the year. This year Stroud threw for 4100 yards 23 TDs and only 4ints. Payton Manning in his rookie season had 28ints. Mahomes and Stroud are not chop liver. They are two of the best QBs in the entire NFL and the Ravens only allowed 27 total points. It don’t get much better than that.

    Did I want Ben Johnson as the next head coach? Yes. But Johnson did not want to go to Seattle. So you move on. Be glad it wasn’t Dan Quinn. Think about this. MacDonald was only 34 years old when he became the defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens. In two seasons the Ravens had the best scoring defense in the NFL. You have to be pretty sharp to be to become the defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens at the age of 34.

    The Seahawk defense the last 3 or 4 years was garbage. One thing I kept hearing about the Seahawk defense was that the players were lost. Why was Riq Woolen in zone coverage. Woolen is a man-to-man cornerback. He was lost playing zone defense. Clint Hurtt might be a good defensive line coach. At least right now he is not DC caliber coach. The players were lost and they were not put into a position to succeed. That is what an NFL player wants. They want to be in a position to succeed. Defensive line might be Clint Hurtt’s specialty as an NFL assistant. But at this time is he not a defensive coordinator. Big difference between being a defensive line coach. And being a defensive coordinator. As a defensive coordinator you have to be able to see the whole picture. It’s obvious that at least on defense Mike MacDonald can see whole picture.

  42. samprassultanofswat

    Think about this. Washington is next door to Baltimore. But yet Mike MacDonald choose to move all the way to Moscow(I mean Seattle) to become the head coach of the Seahawks. Not only that but Washington has the 2nd overall pick in the NFL draft and MacDonald choose to move cross country. That in itself tells you Seattle is a much better situation than Washington Commanders.

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