3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #15 (Miles Killebrew interview)

This week Kenny and I speak to Southern Utah safety Miles Killebrew. Every Seahawks fan and draft enthusiast needs to listen to this interview. Be prepared to be impressed — Killebrew talks as well as he plays. Do not be surprised if he ends up being one of the stars of the Senior Bowl.

He’s already being talked about as a possible second round pick. Can he emulate Deone Bucannon in 2014 and find a home in the late first? It’s a distinct possibility. You won’t want to miss this podcast.

And if you aren’t familiar with Miles Killebrew, here’s a refresher:


  1. Volume12

    Starting to crush on my man Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma. Highly productive, plays bigger than he is, great run blocker, comes from a run based offense, has that ‘chip’ on his shoulder/gritty.

    This clip is very reminiscent of Tyler Lockett and Russell Wilson.


    • Mike B.

      I first noticed Shepard earlier this year and share your sentiments. I’ve seen him in 2-3 games and find him to be quite Lockettesque. Why have just one Lockett when you can have two of ’em?

      Even though I’d love for Seattle to draft *just one* big-bodied receiver (Jordan Williams, Corey Davis), having another speedy, reliable threat like Shepard could be amazing.

      I also really like Taywan Taylor from Western Kentucky as a possible later-round choice at WR.

      • Volume12

        I’ve heard some good things about Taywan Taylor, but haven’t seen him play. I’ll have to check him out.

  2. Volume12

    For that backup RB, 3rd down kind of role, Udub’s Dwayne Washington is on my radar.

    I don’t think he’s 6’2, 225. Probably more 6’0, 220, but he fits that Fred Jackson role perfectly. Jackson is 6’1 BTW.

    In 9 games, these are Washington’s stats: 47 attempts, 282 yds rushing, 4.00 YPC, 4 TDs, 25 rec, 315 yds, 3 TDs. 72 plays, 597 yds from scrimmage, 7 TDs. 8 ppg, 66.3 ypg.

    Zach Whitman says dude is SPARQ’d up, here’s his 2015 spring testing numbers: 4.42 40, 36.0″ vert, 10’9.25″ broad jump, 6.49 3 cone. Please, take these numbers with a grain of salt.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He seems like a UDRFA type of target to me….. worth keeping an eye on in combine, if he gets an invite.

      • matt

        Agree with Charlie. Washington is a good looking athlete, who had some big games. He runs too high, has little power and is tight in the hips i.e. doesn’t make people miss. The size/speed combo is nice, and looks comfortable catching the ball-as a former WR is no surprise. He’ll get a shot at a camp somewhere.

      • Volume12


        What’s not to like about UDFAs? Ecspecially when a team like Seattle nails so many of them.

        • matt

          Haha touche! I don’t like Washington for the Hawks. The upright running style- in the mold of McFadden, Tevin Coleman, Jalen Hurd of Tennessee- won’t play in our offense. There’s things to like about Washington, but quick cuts with a powerful burst are a must in our offense. IMO His skill set doesn’t matchup with what we typically look for in a RB. Washington will get his chance, just don’t see it being in Seattle. It’s always cool to see a UDUB alum make it. I’ll be tracking and rooting for him.

          Vol12-You’re a true fan of the scouting process. It’s cool to have you on here scouting damn near everybody!

          The guy who took Washington’s spot, Miles Gaskin, is a guy I’m really excited about! See him getting up to 205-210 lbs and being a force next year-just like Dalvin Cook. With all due respect to Sankey, Polk and Rankin-Gaskin is the best looking UDUB RB NFL prospect since Corey Dillion or maybe even a player he compares better to-Napoleon Kaufman. Coach Peterson is bringing the dogs back!

    • vrtkolman

      As someone who watches a lot of UW games, his talents don’t translate on the field. He has poor vision and goes down far too easily on minimal contact (much like Turbin did).

  3. Volume12

    Love this kid’s personality. Such a ‘Seahawky’ prospect through and through. Becoming another ‘draft crush.’ At least for me.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely. I have been following him all year since the Kam Chancellor holdout. He would be a great pick for us in the 2nd round. When I did my fun Seahawks Mocks I always had him to us in the 4th or 5th round. That is a pipe dream now. He is going to shoot up the charts at the Senior Bowl IMO and unfortunately I doubt he will even make it to us in the second round.

      There are just not that many guys with that size / speed combo who are athletic and like to hit. It is what makes Kam so unique as well.

      My top 5 potential Seahawks for Rds 1-2.
      Sua Cravens
      Eric Striker
      Miles Kilebrew

      If we somehow got 2 of these guys it would be equal to Clark/ Locket/ Rawls this year IMO.

      Really glad you were able to get him on the pod cast Rob. Awesome!

      • matt

        I’m sold on Killebrew too, and think he’s going to impress in the draft process. It was really cool hearing what he had to say about the game! At this point I’m not sold on using a first rounder on him though. Proving that he can play in the box is going to have to happen-looks like can play some WLB just would like to see it. Unless we are planning on trading Kam this offseason-which I highly doubt- we don’t need to use high draft capitol on a Safety that wouldn’t see the field much for his first 2 years. Wags and KJ are locked up for awhile and are damn good 3 down LB’s. Really like Killebrew’s size/speed combo, COD skills, range and ability to lay the wood!

        Trevor- Like your top 5 early targets. I’d add Billings too. IMO

        • Trevor

          Yeah I like Billings as well.

  4. AlaskaHawk

    Miles Killebrew, the safety named after a saloon. I really like him, he is a ball hawk. Needs to learn how to tackle low, those high tackles don’t cut it in the NFL. He has the right attitude and physical skills.

    • RealRhino2

      Yeah, I’ll pass on Killebrew. Not interested at all. Only watched half the clip, saw what would have drawn three flags for late contact and helmet-to-helmet contact as he dips his head into the ballcarrier. Never once celebrated with his teammates, often preening as the play continued.

      I don’t know what “Seahawky” means, I guess.


      • Rob Staton

        You’ll pass because he didn’t celebrate enough with his team mates and he hits too hard?

        Do you not think Kam et al had to learn the right way to hit??

        • RealRhino2

          Did I say he hits too hard? He hits illegally, IMO, that’s the part I don’t like. If part of the credit he gets is that he really rings guys up, but he rings guys up because he’s hitting in a way that will likely get him a flag in the NFL, you sort of have to discount the hitting factor.

          And yeah, in part because he didn’t celebrate enough with his teammates. In short, he looks like a DeSean Jackson-level knucklehead out there to me, more worried about making sure people know how great a play he made than actually staying focused on the play. Like the guy in Cleveland that cost his team a game by taking his helmet off after a sack. Like DeSean Jackson fumbling against Dallas the other night. Maybe he just needs to grow up, but there are a lot of teams with a lot of headaches because they counted on guys growing up and they didn’t. Just my two cents.

          • Rob Staton

            Listen to the podcast and tell me he’s a “DeSean Jackson knucklehead.” You couldn’t be more wrong. And for what it’s worth, he makes reference to the way he hit in college at times and having to learn to tackle lower.

          • matt

            Rhino2- The illegal hits stood out to me as well. Killebrew is just trying to light people up, and some are a bit late. There’s a few 15 yard penalties in the video. Discipline can be taught, after all that’s what our base defense is predicated upon. Play your role, or sit or get cut-Cary Williams. Get what you’re saying about celebrating, but honestly I look at that as more of a positive. Pretty much every defensive player we have shows emotion after making a big play. The karate chop strip at 1:30 in the video is awesome! Where Killebrew is coming from, and listening to what he has to say, I don’t see a DeSean like knucklehead. I like the physicality, quickness, range and striking ability that Killebrew shows.

            We can’t really see his motor in a highlight video. Motor is more what I’m targeting this offseason. That seems to be one of the top traits JS/PC look for, that and athleticism, obviously.

            • Tien

              Just heard the interview and saw the highlights video. Agree with everyone here that he comes across as very articulate and personable. Athletically, what I noticed was the great closing speed and just pure speed because the team was confident enough of his cover ability to line up wide outside on receivers. Great tackler also. Would be a great pick for any team at the bottom of the 1st round or high 2nd round. To Rhino2’s point, he did seem to showboat after several plays but I think that’s how players are these days and as long as the player produces, you put up with it.

      • Trevor

        I guess you don’t like Micheal Bennet either.

  5. CharlieTheUnicorn

    “Seahawks signed former Baylor WR Antwan Goodley to their PS.”

    Now we can get some more fly sweeps going in our offense ~ Bevell 🙂

    • AlaskaHawk

      I got a kick out of your fly sweep comment, heh heh. I want to say something about Bevell but he is just to easy a target.

  6. KD

    Cheers Rob and Kenny for a great interview. hope to hear more like this, and the Seahawks staff is definitely going to take a strong interest in Miles.

    On a kind of side note, Rob, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on Anthony Zettel from Penn St.? A few draft simulators i use have him as a 2nd day pick, and walterfootball grades him as a round 2-3 prospect, so I was intrigued. I checked out games from this and the previous year against Mich St. and frankly, I don’t see it. He’s constantly getting man-handled and the times when he does make a play is when the MichSt OL or Connor Cook has a lapse. Just wondering if your evaluation is the same.

    Also, the play from Mich St. WR, Aaron Burbridge (6-1 208) in the video below at the 3:50 mark has intrigued me as a guy I want to see more of, just to see if that play was a fluke or if he really is a YAC kind of receiver.


  7. nichansen01

    I was recently tinkering around with fan speak draft simulator. I was very surprised to see how fanspeak had Jayron Kearse, Von Bell (Ohio state) John Theus, (tackle from Georgia) and Tyler Johnston (tackle from Oregon) leaving the board in the first round. What are your thoughts of these selections SDB community? I’m especially curious to see if any one else possibly see John Theus and Tyler Johnston as 1st rounders, given that Tackle is a premium position.

    • Volume12

      Johnstone has the rumored athleticism of a 1st round lineman, but he’s been hurt so much already, I wonder if he’ll hold up. He’s an intetesting guy for sure.

      Kearse is way overrated. Everyone thinks because he has big time size, it automatically makes him Kam Chancellor.

      I like Vonn Bell. Has a chance to be a riser come combine time and pro days.

      Theus ain’t bad, but looks like more of a Guard to me.

      The only one I could see going in round 1 would be Vonn Bell. IMO the best safety prospect is Duke’s Jeremy Cash.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Agreed on Kearse. He seems like more of a late 2nd to mid third guy.

        If Landon Collins can go in the 2nd, there is very little chance Kearse goes in R1. This safety class isn’t near as bad as last years. I think this year’s class is overall better than last years as well.

        Kearse is getting decent hype. But by draft time I fully expect clearer heads to prevail. He has the size to get people to superficially be interested. Then you look at the tape and move on to other guys. He has Chancellor height, but plays more like Cary Williams physically. Incredibly soft with low aggression. My brother took one look at him and said, ‘He looks like Paul Richardson was stretched out to 6’4″‘

  8. Volume12

    Rob, is it no longer SPARQ? Now ‘Nike Football Rating,’ or NFR?

    • Rob Staton

      SPARQ per se doesn’t exist any more but yeah — they’ve adapted it under a new name and it’s basically the same thing.

  9. Phil

    A few days ago, I wrote about DeAndre Houston-Carson, a converted CB now playing Safety at William & Mary. Tall, rangy, intelligent, great special teams player. I can’t find any video on him, but he’s been invited to play in the Senior Bowl so we should see how he performs against some big school opponents — something he doesn’t get to demonstrate at small-school W & M. Another impressive W&M player is LB Luke Rhodes who has been iinvited to play in the NFL Players’ Association Bowl game — can’t remember its official name.

  10. C-Dog

    Killebrew’s personality really shined through impressively in the podcast. He sounds like a Pete Carroll kinda guy. I think they really liked Barron when he came out and Chancellor was already emerging as a starter. On the surface, it seems really weird, almost uncomfortable, drafting a player who would eventually replace him in R1, especially after he came back to the team, Carroll said in their joint presser that he will be a “Hawk For Life,” but if there is an active role for Killebrew at another position, anything is possible. An impact player is a impact player, even if they are not technically a starter. When they drafted Bruce in R1, he was a 3rd down pass rusher specialist first, and potentially a starting LEO later.

    Also, I’ve thought about what they would do if moving from Bruce, and the scenario of Morgan playing SAM doesn’t really sound like a terrible idea. He’s not the freak athlete Bruce is, not the pass rush LEO, either, but he knows the system and has played well when having to step in as a starter. Clark was presumably drafted to fill the void as pass rusher, but if last week was any indication, they may prefer developing him more as an inside rush guy. As much as I’ve been impressed with Marsh’s heady play, not sure how high his ceiling is as a rush end.

    Last week, you actually had me pretty sold on Striker as a target because of that he could bring on the outside rush. Would it be crazy to think they would spend their first 2 picks on Striker and Killebrew, and draft WR, RB, OL, and other positions later? Hard to imagine, even with continual growth on the OL, they don’t draft a lineman until after R3, but if Carroll sees a special magic in both players, he’s a defensive minded HC first and foremost.

    I suspect, if there is a play run this year, the farther they fall into the back end of R1, the more likely they trade out of it again. Especially if they feel players they really like are going to be available further back. If falling back in R2 allows them to still acquire a guy like Killebrew or Striker, pick up another pick in the 3rd or 4th, they can still target OL, WR, depth at DT and RB within those picks.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m wondering if the Seahawks want some versatility with their potential cornerbacks and safeties. We know they like the bigger rangy cornerbacks, and that just happens to fit well with a safety. They have been playing Shead at cornerback but he could move to safety. So maybe they want some players in that 200-220 range who can play either position in the unlikely event of a safety getting hurt.

      Also whatever happened to Bailey, the guy that filled in for Kam? Is he still on the team or practice squad?

      • Rob Staton

        He was cut and signed by the Jets.

  11. Drew

    WOW – obviously the thing that jumps out the most are the hard hits and his closing speed.

    But what impressed me the most (what I look for in safeties since that’s what I played) is his ability to being patient in diagnosing the plays, and then trusting his reads, and having the proper footwork through the process.

    He’s got great footwork, he’s smooth through his back pedal and step up when he makes a decision and then explodes! The fact that he hits hard and runs fast is just a bonus. Having the proper technique is half the battle. Even seeing him line up outside at corner a few times was great as well.

    After seeing that highlight tape he’s now my favorite prospect in this draft! He has a few technique issues, but very easy things to coach. If he could provide the same level of run support of Kam would be awesome, but I think he could be an upgrade in coverage!

  12. Attyla the Hawk

    I like what little I’ve seen of him. Watching him reminds me of something you hear more when scouting pitchers in baseball.

    There are a lot of guys that can throw in the mid to high 90s. But there is also a wholly different subset of those pitchers. Many feature what’s often referred to as having a ‘heavy ball’. The speed might be the same. But the ball just feels heavier on the bat.

    Killebrew seems to just have a knack for really squaring a target up, and the core strength and natural form to explode through their center of mass. Even on the non highlight hits, his glancing/off target hits still produce significant shock.

    • matt

      Good analogy Attyla! Fully agree that he shocks ballcarriers with his hits-gotta love that! We have to remember that his highlights are from the FCS though. Killebrew has a lot to prove in the Senior Bowl and combine. If he does, which looks to be likely, late day 1 is a probability.

  13. DC

    Is “Always Compete” always true?

    What happens when Marshawn Lynch comes back? This has been on my mind a little bit. So far this season Thomas Rawls has been the better RB statistically and under the eye test. He runs more decisively and looks quicker. Maybe Marshawn comes back full Beast Mode which would be great but if he doesn’t do the coaches have the balls/objectivty to look past the “star” and play the guy that gives us the best chance to win regardless of who that is?

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Lynch still has a lot of value. It’s not like we’re putting in Turbin. Lynch can execute the game plan and still do well at it.

      I do think that Rawls executes it better. He has a gear that Lynch has lost. But our rushing attack is more about being physical than producing burst output. Lynch still does that at an elite level. It’s also worth remembering, that Rawls is a rookie. A rookie who wasn’t featured a lot in college. When does he hit a wall? What if he gets knicked. It’s probably in our teams’ interest to split carries. The way each runs — that doesn’t last forever. Having two players who can do this at this level is a huge benefit.

      Would be interesting if they run some pro sets with both in the backfield. Each are good at pass pro and receiving the ball. Seattle’s running game is already predicated mostly on forcing defenses to choose between options as opposed to using a lead back to block. How nuts would it be to have 3 possible options for the run or swing pass that defenses have to honor (Lynch, Rawls, Wilson).

    • Rob Staton

      Rawls has to start. If Lynch doesn’t like it — well c’est la vie. Rawls has earned this job. He’s taken it away.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I totally agree with you Rob. I thought the team suffered a bit this year with Lynch starting. It is hard to put a finger on it, and influenced by him not playing in preseason and then getting injured. I just think Rawls has the better RB skills right now. He is elusive and powerful. He knows which gap to go through. And he is more motivated then Lynch, sorry but there is a difference in attitude between a guy just trying to make it and a guy who is well paid and doesn’t really need to play anymore.

    • matt

      Thinking about that too DC…Agreed that Rawls has showed enough to continue to be the lead RB. Lynch could take Jackson’s 3rd down role and get 5-10 carries spelling Rawls. This would keep Rawls at around 20 touches, keep everybody fresh and form the most frightening RB tandem in the NFL!

      PC has shown in the past that jobs can be won from an injured player-Sherman and Maxwell earned their spots because of injured players in front of them on the depth chart. It could be different here though-I mean we’re talking about the freakin Beast here. It’ll be interesting to see it play out.

  14. Wall UP

    Starting is not an issue with either of them. Both pounding the rock is their only concern. Come finish time both would be fresh to close out the game.

  15. BuckAthlete

    Rob what do you think about drafting Shawn Oakman? dude is a freak athlete and could be got in the 2-3 round. Doesn’t quite have the production but with Bennett and avril and crew there to show him the ropes, that athletic ability and size could be very impactful. And this might be crazy but what about the idea of trading our first this year and second next year for a browns or titans first next year and third this year? or just first this year for first next year? A current pick has a premium over a future and both teams most likely wont be picking high next year. With the limited amount of 1st round talent this year.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the saying is, ‘Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane’. No doubt he’s quite the physical freak. And yet he’s nearly always anonymous when you watch Baylor. Not good. Should dominate. For me he’s destined to wander into the third round range when somebody will give him a shot. My position is — let someone else take on that project.

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