Monday notes: Character, cliffs & more

Before we get started — here is the final Field Gulls draft podcast before Thursday. Check it out below…

Seahawks make it clear — they’re not going to take another big risk

Smart, tough, reliable.

High character.

All football.

These are words you hear a lot in the lead up to the draft. With the Seahawks, the words don’t feel quite so empty this year.

Last week we suggested the Malik McDowell mistake would influence the Seahawks. Today, that was all but confirmed by John Schneider and Pete Carroll:

The McDowell error cost two high picks. The one they used after trading down from #26 and the one they spent on Sheldon Richardson.

They won’t want a repeat.

On day three the stakes aren’t quite as high. They might be more willing to take a chance on someone in rounds 4-7. But with the early picks — expect a renewed emphasis on character.

The cliffs are important this year

The Seahawks have multiple needs to fill. This isn’t going to be a ‘focus on one area’ type of draft. They need to add to the D-line, secondary, fix the running game, replace some of the lost production at WR/TE and find depth at linebacker.

With limited early round stock there’s only one way to do this. Identify the cliffs at each position. If you can get a corner on day three but not an EDGE, that has to play into your thinking.

This year we’re not going to be able to assess Seattle’s draft until the conclusion. Some of their day three picks will be the most important. They’re going to need to find some competition and some potential starters in that range.

Dallas ‘waiting on Earl Thomas to become a free agent’

Forget the draft, if there’s one reason for this week to hurry along it’s to finally conclude the Earl Thomas trade saga.

The Seahawks and Cowboys have both been using the media to try and gain leverage. Initially there was the report Seattle wanted (and apparently could get) a first and third round pick for Thomas. It doesn’t take Poirot to work out the source.

Now the Cowboys are using the media to suggest they’ll wait a year and get Thomas for free when he reaches free agency. It’s a very blatant attempt by Dallas to smoke out the Seahawks.

There’s probably a compromise of sorts to be had. It’s hard to imagine Jerry Jones sitting patiently on day two knowing he can make a big splash. That could be Seattle’s ace up their sleeve.

That’s not to say a trade is necessarily the right move. However, surey only the most optimistic fan envisages a long term future for Thomas in Seattle. The writing, as they say, is on the wall.

Josh Sweat’s knee a concern

There are mixed signals on Sweat’s health going into the draft. Jason La Canfora says he could sneak into the late first.

Ian Rapoport is less optimistic, noting some teams aren’t comfortable with his short or long term future.

Bob McGinn’s NFL sources share that opinion:

“He’s got (knee) problems… He’s going to fall. Big time. He could only practice once a week in college. He’s a talented dude. Good player.”

McGinn as a consequence projects Sweat will go in the third-to-fifth round range. He previously ranked him in round two — so this is a new development.

With such a weak EDGE class the Seahawks might be willing to take a chance on Sweat. That said, given their apparent desire to avoid risk this year, they might end up looking in a different direction.

Tony Pauline projects a big trade for Seattle

In his latest mock published today, Tony has the Seahawks trading the #18 pick to Denver. In return they get the #40 pick, the #96 pick and a 2019 first rounder.

It’s an interesting proposition. The Broncos move up to get Lamar Jackson.

Such a deal would allow the Seahawks to pick twice on day two (probably the minimum they’re aiming for). The big positive would be the 2019 first rounder. The Broncos were terrible last season and it’s not unfair to wonder whether Vance Joseph is out of his depth. That first rounder could easily end up being a top-10 pick.

Tony has the Seahawks taking Austin Corbett (not the greatest need but would be a terrific pick) and Dorance Armstrong. The Armstrong pick is a bit of a reach at #96. For what it’s worth, such a deal would enable the Seahawks to take Christian Kirk and Kalen Ballage, two players they worked out together in Arizona recently.

If they did trade Earl Thomas for a package including pick #50, they would also be able to draft one of Josh Sweat, Sam Hubbard or Rasheem Green to bolster the D-line.

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  1. Lewis

    The Denver trade seems great (especially if Damien Harris is going early next year), though I wonder what they will do at 5. They could presumably trade back to get the ability if they wanted. Of course, there’s a good chance Chubb is sitting there at 5.

  2. Hawktalker#1

    I would just prefer Jackson not go to Arizona. No interest in chasing that juke-a-holic rabbit around the field all day.

    • Kenny Sloth


    • drewdawg11

      Umm… what…?

  3. BobbyK

    I would love for that Denver trade to be true.

    • C-Dog


    • Kenny Sloth


    • Madmark


    • Matt B.


  4. BobbyK

    Wish Schneider would have consulted us last year when it was clear TJ Watt checked off all the boxes and yet they didn’t care and now an EDGE is a huge need (still would have been even without the Avril injury because of his age).

    • Aaron

      TJ Watt is a 3-4 OLB and wouldn’t fit our system, not even as a LEO.

      • Dave

        Pete Carroll defense is played with a 4-3 under scheme. He plays this defense with 3-4 personnel, 3 big DL, 1 smaller DL aka LEO and 3 athletic LBs. TJ Watt would have been perfect in our system, all football, work ethic, high character, length, and elite 1.5 10 yard split.

        • D-OZ

          I hear ya Bobby. We banged the table for him last year. 😉

  5. Kenny Sloth

    I’m re-listening to the Seahawkers podcast

    Dude called him “Mayonnaise” Hungalu.

    Anybody wanna bet Kennh Arthur does it too?

    • Hawktalker#1

      I have the mis-pronunciation over/under at .5. I’m taking the over.

      • Kenny Sloth

        It’s mah nah say btw

    • Kenny Sloth

      Got a nice little Derrius “Gweeeeeshaaa?” Though

      • Kenny Sloth

        Funnier the second time

  6. Rad_man

    I keep seeing this here and elsewhere but I don’t buy the logic that the McDowell error cost two high picks.

    McDowell’s injury cost one high pick. How they chose to respond to it cost another. The end.

    • Madmark

      he never played so Seattle had to trade another pick to get a guy to replace him.

      • Hawktalker#1

        I think the real point is, did they really have to give up all those draft picks for a replacement? I say no

        • Bill Bobaggins

          It’s been my biggest frustration with this regime. They rent players (with, no doubt, high potential) for a year or two and then cut them free. Have any of those moves paid off? Percy? Jimmy? Sheldon? Duane Brown? Their track record drafting talent has been provided much better ROI. I’d rather be sitting on young talent right now then the rent-a-players.

        • Rad_man

          Remember this is a world where the front office has signed a DT literally off the hiking trail and out of retirement. they were under no obligation to trade a high pick for Richardson just because Malik got hurt. The decision to respond to the injury in that way was their own. Their hand was not forced to trade for Sheldon Richardson. They opted to do it.

    • Rob Staton

      ‘How they chose to respond to it cost another’

      So it cost two picks.

      Because they were responding to it.

      • Rad_man

        But they didn’t have to respond that way. The draft of Malik cost exactly one pick. Absolutely nothing more.

        • Look Who's Hawkin

          But they chose to. And if MM doesn’t get hurt, they never make that trade. Cause and effect. So, in this scenario (that which is real life), it cost them two picks.

      • LouieLouie

        I think the Richardson trade stands on its own as a bad deal. They wound up paying too much, and then let him walk shortly thereafter.

      • Jeff M.


        If they don’t pick McDowell, they still need somebody to play DT, right? Easiest assumption is they still make the Richardson deal to fill the need.

        So the McDowell pick costs the pick they used on him, but not the one for Richardson.

        • D-OZ

          They would not have had to make the Richardson deal had McDowell been able to play, Period, end of story. I don’t see the mystery there…..

          • Trevor

            More importantly they would not have traded for a DT after just spending thier first pick on one.

        • Rob Staton

          Schneider himself has directly referred to the Richardson trade being as a consequence of McDowell’s injury.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            And this is all you need to know. In the eyes of the FO one result precipitated the other. In terms of cost, this is what they felt it cost them.

      • Elmer

        Right. The cause and effect was there. They “chose” to do it because the ATV accident created the need.

        In hindsight we can debate how it did or did not work out, but at the time they were responding to a McDowell-created need.

    • Trevor

      I disagree Radman. By your logic each and every decision a front office makes is indpendant of all others that is simply not the case. If Mcdowell could have played there is now way JS trades for a DT after spending their first pick on one. Same as what happened when Teddy Bridgewater got hurt. His injury cost the Vikes a 1st round pick in the Bradford trade that never would have been spent if Bridgewater was healthy. The unjust to each player caused a reaction by the front office of each team. There is a direct correlation.

      • Simo

        Although it was interesting reading your back and forth argument over what the McDowell pick actually cost in terms of picks, it really doesn’t matter at this point. It’s not like they can do anything about it now!

        JSPC chose to pursue Richardson because they thought the team was going to compete for a title last year, and why wouldn’t they believe that? The team was pretty loaded, at least on paper! Injuries, and perhaps poor coaching did this team in last year, not the absence of McDowell or the signing of Richardson.

        The real cost and true hit may still be to come, if Malik never plays again!

  7. C-Dog

    I almost want to see Seattle trade Earl Thomas to another team besides Dallas just to see the look on Jerry Jones’ face when the trade goes down. Two years ago he low balled Seattle in what became a trade back with Denver, and he was shaken when Denver made that deal to get Paxton Lynch. He admitted that he low balled. A big part of me would love to see that scenario play out again.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Great call. Fingers crossed. Ha ha ha

      • Hawktalker#1

        Won’t happen, but wouldn’t it be entertaining to have a team like the Chargers announce a trade for ET just slightly ahead of when Jerry had planned to get up and make the announcement ET was coming to Dallas? Some serious home town draft embarrassment.

        • Donald

          Question: If the Hawks did trade ET to another team besides Dallas, couldn’t ET just say his knee hurts and purposely fail the physical? If the player doesn’t want to be traded, he could lie about his health and prevent the trade from happening.

          If that did happen, I guess the Hawks would punish the player and say if your knee hurts, then you will be on IR indefinitely, or do something that would lower his salary.

          • C-Dog

            Not sure how that works on draft day. I think if they dealt the day of, and then selected, the team getting Earl would get his fake bum knee. I don’t think Earl would do that, and I’m not sure how determined he is to get to Dallas. I suspect he’s more determined to be the highest paid safety and probably thinks whatever team gets him will gain a top defense because of his presence.

  8. Kenny Sloth

    Jon Ledyard
    Replying to @LedyardNFLDraft

    Another thing: while teams are obviously aware Sweat suffered a significant knee injury years ago, I’m not aware of any that have taken him off their board due to it. His medicals have been passed by every team I’m aware of that has had interest in him.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Might not get him off your draft board, but could sure drop the round you grade him for.

      • Lewis

        The McGinn quote makes him sound like a huge risk to me (only being able to practice once a week)

        • Hawktalker#1

          Agreed. A scary quote for a GM.

          • Hawktalker#1

            If I’m a GM, I’m not hanging my hat on that.

            • Tecmo Bowl

              S.T.R? Sweat is a prototypical boom or bust prospect. With the MM debacle, and the JS/PC presser, I’d be surprised if we took him.

    • Bill Bobaggins

      He just screams of a high Seattle pick to me. I really hope that what we’re hearing from JS is that they won’t take that risk again this year. They love those kinds of dudes though…Irvin, C-Mike, McDowell.

      • D-OZ

        Not anymore…

    • STTBM

      Thus is likely nothing more than Teams trying to make Sweat fall, and his camp responding, trying to raise his stock. It happens every year–a regular Draft Week tradition. Dallas spread crap and fanned the Character Flag Fires on Dez to get him. TB famously spread lies about Sapp–and Timmay! Later bragged about it.

      Not saying Sweat isn’t a risk, but he’s not falling to the fourth round either. As Rob has said, Draft boards are pretty much set. Most Draft chatter now is utter BS, and much can easily be seen through asblatent attempts at manipulation.

      • Look Who's Hawkin


      • Mark Souza

        If so, there would be a quick and public counter from his agent. Has anyone from Sweat’s camp or FSU denied it?

        • STTBM

          Not necessarily so; from Sweats side, why dignify every silly story with an Official response? Could be seen as legitimizing BS. I think that unofficially, you bet your butt they are fighting back–where do you think the silly notion he’ll go in the first comes from?

          • Mark Souza

            Nah, you have to counter that. No agent is going to sit on their hands and watch their client slide down the draft – especially if it’s not true. It costs them both money.

  9. SheHawk

    But jerry ended up with a better QB – Dak Prescott in rd 4 then Denver has in Lynch. So goes without saying. Sometimes disappointments during the draft turn out to be blessings – ex Rob pointed out missing on some jag and ending up with superstar BobbyW

    • Hawktalker#1

      Yep, even a blind squirrel . . .

  10. Ishmael

    I still can’t believe that Jackson is going to last that late. Did no teams learn from Watson last year?

    • Hawktalker#1

      Agreed. I think he’ll go earlier than we think. I hope so, keep him out of AZ. Don’t need another PITA in our division.

    • Icb12

      This might be an unpopular opinion.

      But I don’t think Jackson is close to where Watson was at draft time.
      Watson was, and is a much much better QB.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Well… We don’t have to talk about that

      • Trevor

        I agree completely but don’t get Kenny started on that one 🙂

  11. Aaron

    Barring an ET trade by Thursday night, I would rather the Hawks have 3 picks in rounds 2-3 instead of two. Here’s to hoping they use some of those fifths to move up. The sweet spot in this draft is rounds 2 to mid 4.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Those 5ths aren’t going to move you up much. Far more value in keeping some of the very nice picks available in the 5th.

    • Look Who's Hawkin

      Very doable, just not with a trade like that Denver one. Move down to say 28-32 range from 18, should net you an additional 2nd plus maybe even a 3rd comp or 4th. Move down again to the 38-42 range, should net you an additional 3rd. Boom, 3 day 2 picks, possibly 4 depending on the return for 18. Obviously that has to play out perfectly, but very possible.

  12. RWIII

    There is NO reason for Earl Thomas to remain a Seahawk. First what is the best case senario. Realistically 10-6. So let’s say E.T. has a fantastic year and the Seahawks go 10-6. Is Earl Thomas going to be a Seahawk in 2019? Extremely highly unlikely. If E.T. has a big year he is not going to receive an offer from the Seahawks he is going to like. Even with E.T. what are the chances of Seattle winning the Super Bowl? Highly unlikely. It’s highly unlikely the Hawks are going to retain E.T. after 2018. So what is the point in keeping him?

    • Ishmael

      He’s a Hall of Fame player at a time in the league when you don’t have to be particularly good to win. They help.

    • Donald

      I agree 100%, and have been banging that drum all off season.

      If it were 2014 and the Hawks were a SB contender, then keep ET. But it is 2018 and the Hawks are an average rebuilding team, so what is the reason for keeping and older , expensive ET? What difference will ET make in the 2018 season, maybe add 1 more win? So the team goes from 7-9 to an 8-8 team? His presence will not substantially affect the team, and possibly hurt the team in the long run by moving it lower in draft position.

      • Donald

        Trade ET to the highest bidder. At this stage, the Hawks are in rebuilding mode, and the draft picks are worth more in the long run than whatever ET can do on the field. The Hawks are not a contender now.

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          You just never know Donald, I do understand why you feel that way. I thought we were going to dominate last year until I saw Russell barely getting throws off the first few series against the Packers.

          I believe if we can finally stabilize the Offense Line, and have decent Pass Protection and a fully functioning Run game. We could be a Super bowl contender even with a Defensive Unit not as dominant as We’ve become accustomed to this Era.

          I Believe in ‘The Will’ of Wilson, I truly do!

          Go Hawks !

        • Look Who's Hawkin

          They aren’t giving away a future HOF safety for peanuts. No reason to trade him if the right offer isn’t on the table.

    • Rob Staton

      If they felt that way, the point would be if nobody is willing to offer an acceptable deal. You’re not trading him for a third rounder.

      • Trevor

        Given the Safety free agent market and the fact Earl wants Eric Berry $. I think that exactly the case Rob. I simply don’t think the Hawks are getting any significant offers for Earl.

        I don’t think the Cowboys are an SB contender so why not build around Dak and Elliot this draft then sign Earl as a FA next season once the rest of their secondary had learned Richards system.

        SD and the Jags makes much more sense as potential trade partners as the are legit contenders in win now mode who desperately need a FS.

        How would a draft day deal even work. Most deals are pending a physical. What if Earl fails the physical? Do the Hawks return the players they drafted? I just don’t know how that would even work.

        I am all for an Earl trade and think is best for everyone I just don’t see the Hawks getting any value for him. As it stands I would say there is an 80% + chance Earl is back next year and a couple of weeks ago I would never have dreamed that.

        Love JS but IMO he has bungled the potential trading of Sherm and Earl. Sherm should have been gone last year for the best offer as he clearly was not on board with Pete anymore and Earl should have been gone before free agency started for the best offer they had.

        • peter

          It’s pretty rough that two all pros on the same team couldn’t get traded so more than likely will walk for nothing.

          I hate referencing the pats but I like that they get a return on a wr that played a year….But js can’t make it happen with a pre I just sherman or earl.

          How ridiculous is it that earl of he walks will garner at best a fourth round comp pick. Maybe the plan is to resign him for that their contract?

          Since lynch it’s like the football gods are angry that Seattle got an almost hall of fame running back for nothing. and for years running js has been on the losing end of the trades.

          Even last year with the blame stuff. Can anyone explain how you can fails physical and then still play?

          • peter

            Pre injury sherman

        • Mark Souza

          Who says Dallas will have a shot at him after 2018? We can franchise him and still wind up paying less than what he’s currently asking. And then what, wait until 2020? Not a good strategy if you’re Dallas.

          • Simo

            Agreed Mark, you gotta believe if the Hawks don’t trade Earl soon, they have a 2yr plan for him. He would finish his current contract and then be franchised next year for around $12M. In 2020 he would be a 30+ year old free agent with a lot of mileage– nobody is gonna pay top dollar for him then!!

      • Matt B.

        I think lowest compensation you could justify for him is a 2nd and a 3rd, otherwise, I say no way.

  13. hughmungusfan

    There’s no risk in this year’s draft at all according to Based on their player comparisons this year we will see a new Barry Sanders, Marshawn Lynch, Jamaal Charles, Knowshon Moreno, Willis McGahee, Tevin Coleman and that’s just the top 6 Running Backs!

    We should take as many future Hall of Famers as possible, narrowing down the amount of them we take is a bad strategy… ending sarcasm…

    All that to say, the NFL’s player comps are a ridiculous idea and are way off the mark.

    • vrtkolman

      They give the average reader a comparison against someone they actually know. If they compared someone to say Maurice Morris or Robert Turbin, readers would respond with “who?”

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Exactly Vrt, it’s like with Bands in Music. Comparisons are to give you a sense of the player’s skill nothing more. Barkley is really being compared to Barry Sanders I’m guessing? That’s a wee bit tough to live up to!

  14. Thy Hawk is Howling

    When Denver traded their next year’s 1st round pick to us to move up in 2009, we drafted Earl Thomas with that pick in 2010! Sounds like a plan again, I hope this goes down!

    So I’m thinking Denver is wanting a QB and an Offensive Lineman in the first round this year. Is that everyone’s thought as well?

    I Still want Ronnie Jones II with our first Pick!

    • Brett

      If that trade were to happen it’s also possible we trade Earl to Dallas and get their 2nd this year and a 1st next year. 3 first rounders next year would work …

      • Madmark

        We aren’t going to get a first round for Earl I be happy just to get a 50 and 116 this year. That would open more money giving us more cap money than we ever had. After a year you can evaluate what position we will need to address but we should also remember not to over spend.

  15. SheHawk

    Cuz he is an all pro playing a role that the scheme hinges on. We may not be as mediocre as everyone is projecting next year. The players need to be fully bought in- which is my only worry about ET. that said He is always flying around like heat seeking missile on field. Gives 100 percent. He’s just a little quirky.

  16. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Hawk Eye, Trevor, Sea Mode and the rest of the Good Canadian People of this Blog. Just read about Toronto, so very horrific and Sad.

    I Hope that all your Friends, Family, and Loved One’s are doing well, and Safe Tonight!

    My Thoughts are with you.

    • Trevor

      Thanks for the kind words. We Canadians sometimes feel we are immune to this type of thing and it certainly is a wake up call. Just a very sad situation for all those families and people affected.

  17. Dale

    Anybody got a handle on what the strengths of the 2019 draft will be?

    • Rob Staton

      D-line, pass rush. No question.

      • Dale

        That would seem to make it less likely the Hawks would take a chance on Sweat. Shamar Stephen, Tom Johnson, Dion Jordan, and Marcus Smith are on one year deals and Frank Clark will be the last year of his rookie contract. Jarran Reed who seems like a core player comes up in 2020. Will the Hawks attempt to load up on 2019 draft picks to shore up the defensive line? Is that why nobody on the D-line is signed long term? With the exception of QB it seems that D-line and specifically pass rushers are the Hawk’s most valued position (BTW is Chris Peterson’s too). Loading up the D-line with impact players on rookie deals would be a great way to kick off the next run to the Super Bowl.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Agreed Dale. With all the reported visits and workouts it looks like we’ll get a DL, maybe 2, but don’t think it’ll be early. An inside/out DL in the vein of Bennett-Brown, Speaks, Lewis, Duke, on down the list . Targeting late 3-5. imo

          If we are picking at #18 in 2019 there will be a stud DL that would be graded only behind Chubb in this draft. I.E. ahead of Landry and Davenport.

    • peter

      Clemson has a bunch of guys on the d line who may all go in the first round.

    • Sea Mode

      Good RBs at the top again, especially if a couple guys come out early.

      • Lewis

        Already have my sights set on Damien Harris.

  18. Awsi Dooger

    The Denver trade makes no sense. I read from a respected league source today that everybody wants to trade down this year into the second or third round, and consequently those trading down teams will be willing to accept less than typical market value to do so.

    So why would John Elway violate and ignore the logical trend, in favor of trading next year’s first round pick to move up to a shaky grab bag area like #18?

    I think every fanbase in the league would applaud a trade down like that, and tantrum the other side of the deal. This reminds me of a month or so ago when Seattle fans actually believed they were going to be handed a first and third for Earl Thomas.

    • Rob Staton

      So because one article says teams might offer a discount to trade, no team at all is going to make an aggressive move to trade up?

      It’s a perfectly plausible trade, in line with the bold moves a year ago by Houston and Kansas City to trade up and get their long term QB’s. Denver would be moving up 22 spots to get their quarterback of the future.

      Doesn’t mean it’ll happen but it makes sense.

      • Madmark

        Thank the lord we luck out with RW. It was Bad enough looking for a QB after David Krieg left.

    • Madmark

      All those that don’t have a QB have already traded up or are still looking too like Denver. If you have a QB then you probably have been winning so your looking to go back.

    • Lewis

      Yes, Peter King said that. However, it presumes that the team that would be moving up isn’t after a specific player that there is competition over, which is precisely the case in Pauline’s Mock draft, with the last remaining qb expected to go in the first round still on the board. If Jackson were gone, along with Miller and McGlinchey, you would have more of a case, imo.

    • Georgia Hawk

      “So why would John Elway violate and ignore the logical trend, in favor of trading next year’s first round pick to move up to a shaky grab bag area like #18?”

      There really isn’t much mystery here as to how this happens. Its all based on perceived strength and value of the draft. Hawks sit at #18 which is on the outside fringe of the “blue chip” prospect list by most accounts. Throw in a couple QBs over drafted and one or two other randoms that happen every year early on, and suddenly #18 has a shot at drafting a top 10-15 player in the draft. That sets up Seattle perfectly to trade down with a team looking for that one “final piece” or looking to cash in on a true blue chip prospect outside the top 10-15. If Denver think they are one player away from competing, then it is entirely plausible they do something to get that player, no matter what it costs them.

      • Simo

        Here’s hoping there is a major run on the top 4 QB’s early in the draft. This makes teams still in need of a QB nervous, as they don’t want to miss out. If Jackson or Rudolph make it to 18, and you still have teams like AZ, Den, Buf, maybe even Jax or NE wanting a future signal caller, we could make a very good deal to drop down.

        There’s likely to be trade down opportunities for other players/positions as well, just seems like we would get the best offer from a QB needy team.

  19. Madmark

    Spent all day trying to work trade scenario that would work and when I got it. You come out with this Denver thing. I still have to throw it out after I worked so hard to make it. I never believed Cleveland which is in a full rebuild mode would trade 3 of there 9 picks which would have left the with out a pick between 35 and 150. I always figured we have to nickel and dime it and the 1st trade would be with N.E. which had the draft capital and the need to move up to get a tackle. in that trade we gave up #18 for there #23, #95, and #198.
    After that we trade #23 and #146 to Indy for #37 and #67. The point match exactly dead on and Indy still has the same numbers of draft picks and they now have one in the 5th round that they didn’t have.
    37 Nick Chubb TB Georgia
    67 Andrew Brown DT Virginia
    85 Dante Pettis WR/KR Washington
    120 Holton Hill CB Texas
    146 Leon Jacobs LB Wisconsin
    156 Natrell Jamerson FS Wisconsin
    168 Will Dissly TE Washington
    198 Zaire Franklin LB Syracuse
    226 John Franklin-Myers DE Stephen F. Austin
    248 Kyle Allen QB Houston

    I gave up Billy Price because the only physical beast type RB available is Chubb. After the article about Kallen Ballage I went back and watch his tape and I look at his college stats and it all came back to me of why I dismiss him in the 1st place. I have enough athletically gifted pass catching RB already. This team needs a nasty, physical beast to run in the new power scheme they will be doing. the phrase looks like Tarzan plays like Jane fits Ballage. Good running backs you can couch the scheme and how the hold the ball but you can’t coach up the nature feel these guys have to know its time to hit the hole or I’m about to get tackle so they lower themselves giving less target to hit. Ballage has none of that but Chubb’s has it in spades. I think even with trade with Patriots they take Christian Kirk with there 31st pick because its the type of guy they like Edleman been injured Amedola is go as is Cook. WR doesn’t help the Running game, in fact the running game will help the pass by drawing the secondary up. I like Chris Carson but he is on the light side and the reason you got him late was nagging injuries in college. Well I ranted enough and I will read any comments you might have. I’m also all in for the Denver and ET trade.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes its back to beast mode with Chubb. A great first pick to put the fear back into opposing defenses. I give you kudos for not only scoring two players from Washington but also finding two players from Wisconsin. This would be an interesting draft.

      • Madmark

        I grab Pettis as the poor man for Christian Kirk. I like kirk, Chubb, and Price but because of our situation with draft picks I can only get one.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’m rooting for some wide receivers that are 6-4+.Equanimeous St. Brown with Notre Dame is one big guy I would like.

    • Madmark

      by the way that should be pick 95.

    • Dale

      I’d take that draft.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I Love that draft except for the Pettis pick.


        I want to draft Dante and Shaquem more then any other Player!
        Well Mocked Madmark!

        I’m down with Chubb, Jones, or Kerryon Johnson for top of the Draft Runner’s!

        Go Thursday!

    • Madmark

      To be honest I think I take Tyquan Lewis DE Ohio St or Dylan Cantral WR Texas Tech at 95 and let mike Davis continue to do the punt returns. I get really nervous about guys in the 180 pound range as far as their durability but the up side for Pettis is he can put some weight on without losing some of his speed and durability.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      That would be a helluva draft!

  20. Dale

    Brock Huard said his only concern about Nick Chubb was whether he had enough wiggle to make time to get his shoulders squared to the line of scrimmage in the NFL. Anybody have a comment on that observation?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Hey, he can run really stiff, but I have no problem with his athleticism or ability to develop his game.

      If you believe in his health, go ahead with a first round grade now.

      • Mark Souza

        Chubb’s run game is pretty much set in concrete at this point. If he doesn’t have vision, or wiggle, you can’t teach that. Pass protection you can teach. One cut and go you can teach. Chubb excels in a system where he has a dominant line and holes are huge. Where he can build up a head of steam going through the hole. In games where there weren’t holes, when he had to find and exploit cracks, he didn’t fare well. He doesn’t have much wiggle, and I question his vision when it come to finding cracks.

        An ideal team for Chubb would be a team like the Titans, with a dominant line that can create holes and get a defensive line reeling back on their heels. Seattle’s line isn’t there (or even close) yet. That’s why I’ve been in favor of backs like Michel, RoJo, and Penny, backs who can exploit cracks. But for the backs I just named, I worry about their ability to pass protect. But as mentioned earlier, that is a skill that can be taught as long as the pupil is willing (and a lot of prima donna running backs aren’t remotely interested). This will be a tough maze for the Hawks to negotiate.

        • Smitty1547

          Herschel Walker didn’t have much wiggle either and things worked out pretty well for him.

          • Mark Souza

            He only had two NFL seasons over 1,000 yards (out of 12 seasons).

  21. Millhouse-serbia

    PC spoke about core players again (not leaders), and once again he didn’t mentioned ET. RW, DB, KJ and BW.

  22. DCD2

    Rob or anyone who might know… This has to be wrong in terms of his height, right?

    Chris Herndon, TE for Miami sure doesn’t look anything close to 5’10 on tape. He actually looks like a pretty darn good TE. Mentioned as a willing blocker and had nice runs after catch from what I’ve seen. The biggest problem to me was his QB. Malik Rosier just doesn’t look like a very good (though he did manage 3 TD’s VS FSU). Herndon also had a knee injury end his senior season, so no combine #’s other than bench. Seeing how inconsistent his QB was made me wonder if he might be overlooked due to scheme and a lack of production that wasn’t his fault. Miami runs almost exclusively out of the gun.

    Awsi Dooger, you’re the Miami guy, right? What do you think about Herndon? I’m warming up to the idea of taking him with one of our day 3 picks. I worry about the knee, but his blocking and receiving skills seem like they might make it worth the risk.

    • DCD2

      Ya, I checked after posting that. He’s 6’4 – 253.

      • DCD2

        Good write-up here:

        Played behind Clive Walford (68th pick) and David Njoku (29th pick). Underrated and underused from the sounds of it (nice to see they mention QB play as well).

        Really good blocker – there’s a twitter breakdown on the article that shows him handling DE’s solo on a number of plays. Also played some H-Back (so we might not need to take a FB with a pick).

        Caught 81.4% of passes from the slot. Highest among FBS TE’s.

        Praised as a good teammate, willing to do whatever is asked.

        A lot to like here for a later option on a position of need.

        • Sea Mode

          He’s my guy! Been posting on him and mocking him to us the entire draft season.

          And Mayock now has him as #5 TE in his final positional rankings. I was hoping for R5, but he might sneak into R4 even.

          Glad to have someone else aboard the train!

          • DCD2

            Nice. I knew I’d seen his name on here before. Maybe the knee scares enough teams off that he is still around when we are looking TE.

            I just read that PHI and BAL both had him in for a 30 visit, so he’s certainly on some radars.

            • Sea Mode

              Whenever I say “under the radar”, I refer more to the fact that he the draft media at large has not paid much attention to him. I don’t think it applies to any NFL teams, as they all have scouts scavenging Div II schools. They’re not going to “miss” a guy at a program like Miami. Whether they are high on him or not and comfortable with his injury recovery is another question, as you mention.

              Thanks for posting the link to that recent article.

              • DCD2

                Right. Showing interest is a better way to put it.

                I’m guessing that since we didn’t have him in to get his knee checked out by our docs, it is an unlikely pick. You’d think a guy coming off a knee injury would be scrutinized by our medical staff if he was a strong consideration.

          • Dave

            Watch this interview. I just love his answers. He doesn’t get big headed despite his onfield performances.


            Favorite Seahawks draft analyst is Rob, easy. Favorite national analyst is Mike Mayock. If he likes someone, it’s because he’s poured over game tape of the player. Herndon moves likes a slot receiver in a much bigger body. He lines up as a fullback quite a bit. He really reminds me of the UW WR and Oakland and Seattle FB whose name escapes me. I really respect players with college production. Herndon has that. Players like Ballage scare me.

            • D-OZ

              Marcel Reese…

            • DCD2

              Nice interview. Seems like a solid kid.

  23. Millhouse-serbia

    Andrew Brown is 288th on Toni Pauline board and he graded him as a 7th round talent. :O

    • DCD2

      Hate to keep bagging on the kid, but I’m in agreement. I wouldn’t take him anywhere close to where most people here are talking about. I watched 4 games of his (hoping to see what others are seeing) and was completely underwhelmed.

      Maybe Tony and I watched his worst games, but he made almost no impact.

      Compare his tape to Mo Hurst and tell me that those guys should go in the same round. Hurst disrupts almost every play. When he isn’t in the backfield they are double-teaming him or rolling the pocket in the other direction. When I saw Brown, he was getting zero penetration, getting taken out by any one of G,T,TE and at times being left unblocked.

      The common theme on SDB seems to be taking Chubb or Kirk and then Brown or Sweat. That 2nd pick scares the crap out of me if you guys are right. Brown and Sweat both look completely overrated to me. Give me Hurst, then Anthony Miller and trade back up if need be for Penny or Royce when the time comes (no Ballage please).

      I’d rather have Chubb too, but the drop off from Chubb to Penny or Royce is a nice gentle step compared to the cliff I see between Hurst and Brown.

      • peter

        Take solace in that one fan with zero say thinks sweat or brown is a bad move for that second spot. I’d much rather see bj hill, a chubb then miller, I think this is high but if feel better about ian thomas as the “second” second rounder.

        • C-Dog

          I’m all in for BJ Hill, even if Seattle took him with whatever ends up being their first pick. That is one athletic big man, who I think plays a game that fits the Seattle style. That said, I kinda feel the vibe with Nnadi and Poona, they might be looking for a Mebane type of nose and maybe move Reed to 3T.

          • DCD2

            I like BJ Hill too. I think you are on it a bit C-Dog. Hill is a really good DT, but there are a lot of guys with similar profiles (though maybe not as good). Rob mentioned in the podcast at the top about prioritizing our early picks by focusing on positions that we don’t feel good about getting a similar talent late.

            That being said, as much as I like BJ Hill, I don’t think he’s a strong consideration for us that early. Hurst provides a crazy amount of pass rush from the interior. That’s why I like him more than any other DT or DE. He does something that you aren’t going to find in round 4. Hill is a really good DT that doesn’t really do anything great. He does a lot of things really well, but I’m not sure that is what Pete would go for with our 1st or second pick.

            That is another reason the Sweat connections make so much sense. Pete LOVES guys who are unique and athletic specimens. Sweat fits that bit, and unfortunately so does Ballage.

            Considering our roster makeup (lots of needs) I’m hoping that we save those high-ceiling/low-floor picks for the 5th and later. We can’t afford to whiff on our first few picks.

  24. Millhouse-serbia

    Rob, I have one favor to ask you and I would appreciate it if you do that. I made a table of possible seahawks draft targets, with grades and board spots from several draft analysts. It would be great if you would graded them too. I would send you email with exel file.

    • Millhouse-serbia

    • Millhouse-serbia

      • Millhouse-serbia

        A.H.C.B is Arif Hasan consensus board. Tony Pauline, Lance Zeirlein, Daniel Jeremiah and Dane Bruglers.

        I cant find Matt Miller big board, I will add that to if he finishes it before Thursday.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Looks really really good, you should be proud. Should help following along with day 1-2

          • Millhouse-serbia

            Thnx Kenny. I will add some players if you guys think I should do that.

            Taven Bryan , Frank Ragnow, Rashaad Penny, Malik Jefferson, Terrel Edmunds…???

            • Kenny Sloth

              Yeah dude, I would add as many as I could.

              An idea; keep in mind that when seattle does this (and they definitely do)

              They come at it from a perspective of how these guys will compete against this roster.

              Like Malik Jefferson could almost force his way into the starting lineup so he has a pretty good grade. Someone like Ballage is definitely a backup with starter potential so he’s more of a third or fourth rounder.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Ronnie Harrison not Malik Jefferson, though Jefferson is good.

            • DCD2

              Here are a few that I would add:

              Anthony Miller, Michael Gallup, Armani Watts, Nick Nelson, Tony Brown, Simeon Thomas, Breeland Speaks, Nathan Shephard, PJ Hall, Dorance Armstrong, Poona Ford, Royce Freeman, Rashaad Penny…

              If not, no biggie. Thanks for posting this up either way.

      • Trevor

        Thank Millhouse this is awesome.

        Between your spread sheet, Kennys list, Robs amazing work and Tony Paulines inside info I am all set for draft day and have my Hawks wishlist / big board complete.

        Are you really from Serbia? Still live there?

        • Kenny Sloth

          Sea Mode’s TEF scores from the last page was great for digging up more OL targets. Especially at RT

          • Trevor

            Thanks for the reminder Kenny. Seamode does some great stuff as well. This really is an amazing blog from Rob right on down.

          • Sea Mode

            BTW your commentaries on all of them so quick was amazing, Kenny!

            • Mark Souza


        • Kenny Sloth

          Google ‘seahawks big board’ and check out what alistair corp put together

        • Millhouse-serbia

          Yes, i live here in Belgrade for my whole life.

          • Trevor

            That is cool how did you become a Hawks fan?

            A company I do some consulting work for Nevsun Resources is planning on building a new Copper / Gold mine in Serbia so I will be spending a bunch of time there in 2019.

            • Millhouse-serbia

              Well, see you next year then. 🙂 do you know.where they are building mine?

              I am on my phone, so i cant type from the.begining how i became a Hawks fan, but believe or not JS is one of the biggest reason for that. 🙂
              I have allready wrote about it so i will try here.

              • Trevor

                It is the Timok Project the jointly own with Freeport. It is about 3 hours from Belgrade. I will be working out of the Belgrade office when I am there then just visiting the site as required. We will have to hookup to catch a couple of Hawks games.

                • Millhouse-serbia

                  Yes,Bor is about 3hours from Belgrade.

                  You will enjoy here, especially if you are not married. 🙂

                  • Trevor

                    I have heard!

                  • Georgia Hawk

                    Well that escalated quickly!

      • hawktalker#1

        Can you post access to the file?

        Link above not working for me.

  25. Robert Las Vegas

    When I hear STR for some reason I think about Billy Price..however I hope the seahawks draft Tony Brown from Alabama and knalid hill his nickname is hammering panda pretty awesome plus I think Pete or John like harbough guys they drafted two Michigan guys last year . since they only have 66 guys roster I think they may go real heavy on the undrafted guys this year.

    • Trevor

      Price and Brown would be both amazing addition as Pete tries to rebuild the Hawks culture. Add Shaq Griffin and you have 3 guys who would bring instant energy, toughness and grit.

    • Sea Mode

      I hear you on the Michigan guy. Hopefully since they brought him in for an official visit (I imagine not many teams would spend one on a “dying breed” of FB), that if he lasts to UDFA he would choose Seattle.

  26. UKAlex6674

    UK fans – is Sky Sports showing the first round live again this year?!!

    • UKAlex6674

      answered my own question! all three days are live.

    • Christian

      All 7 rounds it looks like.

      Sky Sports Action from 12.30am for Round 1.
      Sky Sports Arena from 11pm for Rounds 2 & 3.
      Sky Sports Arena from 7pm for Rounds 4-7 (This is odd, it says it’s live but it starts at noon ET in Dallas, so unsure about this one being live. It’s still 5 hours long so it’s not even picking it up halfway through. Maybe just delayed live.)

    • SebA

      Yes mate, Friday at 12:00 am till 4:30 or 5:30 ish. They’re showing the second day too I believe. Not great timings unfortunately! Usually I just record it and watch it as soon as I’m up…

      • SebA

        Sorry, only just loaded your comments ^^

  27. Kenny Sloth

    “Just because you’re talented doesn’t mean you’re going to come in here not be in awe of Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson or whomever. We’ve got to get back to bringing guys into this building that are ready to compete with those guys and not just be happy to take a second seat or a backup chair. Pete’s whole deal is it’s all about competition. We need to get those guys that want to come in and compete. This class, they were in eighth grade or freshman year when these guys were in the Super Bowl so they’re playing them in Madden and all of that stuff” -Schneider yesterday

    = Nick Chubb, Christian Kirk, Poona Ford, Tony Brown, Shaquem Griffin

    • Trevor

      I am not a Chubb fan but he definitely has the character they want. The rest on your list scream Seahawk to me and could very well be 4 picks the Hawks make.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Why is no-one talking about Foley Fatukasi of Uconn.

        Not sure he’s got the attitude we’re talking about, but he is very powerful as a DT and put up some very nice numbers

        • Trevor

          The Hawks were at his pro day I think. Sounds interesting but can’t comment really as I have not studied him at all. Will take a look tonight though. What range do you project him? Could he be a Rd 5 candidate?

          • Kenny Sloth

            Probably earlier. Late fourth sounds abiut right.

            That Miami DL has some potential. Chad Thomas RJ McIntosh and especially Kendrick Norton.

            BJ Hill and Justin Jones

            Bilal Nichols.

            • Mark Souza

              Watch his highlights – liked what I saw.


              He uses his hands very well and doesn’t get consumed by blocks. He has a knack of keeping at least one arm free to engage running backs and QBs. And even tackling with one arm, the tackles are secure, and the victim doesn’t get far, if anything at all. The team that drafts him is going to be very happy.

        • Look Who's Hawkin

          This kid is going to be a steal. He is flying under the radar, but he is a beast, I would love it if he ends up on the Hawks.

    • Sea Mode

      Love. Those. Names.

  28. Trevor

    Training camp this year with a bunch of late round picks and UDFA guys legitimately battling for a roster spot. I think it will bring an energy and competition level this team has lacked since the SB loss. I know a lot of Hawks fans are down on the off season but I for one feel re-energized as a Hawks fan. I can’t wait to see how PC/ JS rebuild this team.

    The constant living in the past about the SB loss, lack of discipline and constant need to create drama and be in the media with vets like Sherm and Bennett had become an old stall act. So glad they moved on and it is why Earl needs to go as well. No drama this camp just football focus and positive energy.

    I think the Hawks are keeping the door open for Kam and Avril because they are everything you want to see in a veteran leader in and off the field. I don’t think either guy plays again but they Hawks are showing them the respect they have certainly earned. Class move IMO.

    • peter

      I hear you.

      I loved sherman and Bennett but am super glad to not hear about Bennett reading books, or Sherman’s opinions on everything under the sun.

      • Ishmael

        I think that’s a media issue rather than an issue with Bennett or Sherman. They’re interesting people who have stuff going on in their lives outside football. It’s a shame, in my opinion, that PCJS seem to be wanting to get away from that.

        The NFL is desperately starved of characters and stars, looks like the Hawks are going to be joining that crowd.

        • Hawk Eye

          they are interesting, have important stands on social issues, and can both be a pain in the ass from a football point of view.
          They were not let go because of their social issues, they were let go because of how they worked in a football environment.
          you can be a great guy defending the poor, etc and still be a jerk at work.
          Young guys with a lot of money, time on their hands and people willing to listen to them. Things can get out of control easily

          • peter

            full disclosure im fine with their activism. the media portrayal of seattle as a whole has been off for years since “is wilson black enough ” thats more what im hoping to hear less of.

            • Ishmael

              I’m not even necessarily talking about their activism – although that’s certainly part of it. I just think it’s a shame that the NFL culture actively tries to bury the players. Over the last five or so seasons it’s felt like the Hawks have bucked that trend somewhat. It’d be a shame if they decided they wanted to double down on bland Wilsonian corporatism.

              • JimQ

                Easy fix for the “anthem” problem = NFL needs to tell the broadcasters to NOT pan the bench and players during the anthem. They could easily focus say on the FLAG and pan the audience instead, activism gone.

  29. Trevor

    Not a Bleacher Report fan but good read here with some potential Hawks targets talked about a lot here in blog.


    I would be ecstatic to get that kind of haul in the DEN trade scenario. I wonder if they would actually part with a future 1st round pick, though, that does seem steep. Anyone have a trade chart handy?

  31. Trevor

    Would love to see the Hawks make that Denver deal Pauline suggests then trade Earl to Dallas for thier 1st in 2019.

    That would set the Hawks up with (3) 1st round picks in 2019 and they could control that draft.

    Bring in a bunch of young hungry guys this year to compete and fix the culture. Figure out what pieces you have and need then complete the rebuild next draft.

    That would be a dream scenario IMO.

    • drewdawg11

      That would be the ultimate haul and the best that we could ever expect, (still don’t think it happens). The possibilities would be endless. Off topic, but the team is clearing cap space for next year. My question is… for what purpose? They don’t want to take on large contracts… now. What about next year? I’m trying figure out who would make it to free agency next year that they’d be compelled to spend big dollars to sign. Aaron Donald would be ideal, but he won’t make it to the marketplace, I don’t think. Just thinking.

      • peter

        Maybe it’s not for one person but overall flexibility come free agency? The team has been pretty tight the last few years and has to let a lot of free agents pass them by because of it. I’m not a fan of free agencies fixing all your problems but I think Seattle lack of cash made them miss out on good wr’s going into a draft with a short supply.

        also maybe itd be nice to go the free agent route rather than burning draft picks for years, I guess thinking teams will return the favor when you are trading your own guys…….

      • Georgia Hawk

        The quick answer is to take care of their own and still retain some flexibility. RW3, BWags, Reed, Wright…all coming due for a new contract soon. some probably won’t get a new deal, but RW3 and BWags are virtual locks. the QB market is blowing up and I don’t think they want to take a chance on losing RW3 for nothing, al la Washington. Clark is another coming due. I don’t think they have any one particular FA in mind, just a general sense of having to prepare for the next 2-3 years of new contracts.

    • Sea Mode

      Would you rather take

      R2+R4+2019 R3


      R3+2019 R1?

      • Simo

        Tough decision on this one, but most GM’s seem to prefer options with more picks that come sooner rather than later. A second 2019 1st rounder would be delicious though!

        • Mark Souza

          With how stacked the 2019 draft will be for D-line, I would prefer a 1st in 2019. Multiple first rounders in a year so rich in talent could instantly change the face of our defense.

      • Trevor

        Definitely R3, 2019 R1 for me

  32. jdk

    Were you throwing a little shade with the Poirot line?

    • Rob Staton

      Not at all — just think it seems pretty obvious that was the Seahawks trying to pump up the market.

  33. Logan Lynch


    With the confirmation of a smaller board and more emphasis on character, are there guys you feel we can firmly cross off the list? Arden Key, Derrius Guice, Antonio Callaway, and Mike Hughes come to mind. You had that bit of inside info about what was going on with RoJo…hearing what PCJS said yesterday, do you feel like that will affect him in their eyes?

    You also mentioned still rolling the dice a bit with later picks, but that makes me wonder about Holton Hill as well.

  34. Kenny Sloth

    Seahawks gonna take an edge rusher with an awesome 3 cone.

    Okoronkwo, Turay?

    • Greg Haugsven

      You dont here much hype about Okoronkwo which is strange. Ive seen him mocked all over the place. Ive seen him in the first and Ive seen him in the sixth.

    • Nick

      Okoronkwo intrigues me the most, but I think his height will keep teams like Seattle away. I don’t necessarily agree—but they’ve never drafted someone at edge under 6’1—right?

      • Logan Lynch

        Dexter Davis in 2010 is the only one I can think of and he didn’t last long. They did bring Freeney in for a minute last year and he’s 6’1″ so it may still be a possibility.

      • Sea Mode

        Well, he’s 6015 so not under 6’1″…

        Anyway, I get your point and agree that that might steer Seattle to look in another direction. I think the reason though might be because short guys usually do not have outstanding length. In this regard, Obo is an outlier: 33.75 arm, 80.25 wing.

        A bit like Poona Ford in that sense.

        Hint: Okoronkwo might feature in the mock draft I’m putting together today…

        • Greg Haugsven

          I would be good with drafting him relatively early.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Seems like there is a guy every year that they like that they keep a secret. Last year it was Ethan Pocic, I wonder if there is a guy this year?

            • Logan Lynch

              Oh, I’m sure there is. As time goes on I’m becoming more convinced it’s Nick Chubb. They haven’t been linked to him at all, but aside from the injury history he ticks all of the boxes that they mentioned in the press conferences. And even the injury was more of a one-shot deal. He still came back to play in 2016 and 2017. He seems like an alpha.

              • Greg Haugsven

                You could be right. We will find out soon enough.

              • vrtkolman

                Chubb reminds me of Frank Gore a lot. Not a flashy guy, but incredibly steady and consistent. He’s hard to bring down and will help set the tone as “being the bully” again. He’s going to be awesome production wise.

                I don’t care that Alabama shut him down. Leanord Fournette was completely shutdown by Alabama as well two years ago. When Alabama wants to neutralize an offensive weapon, they do it.

      • j

        I think the 1.65 ten yard split will keep them away. Not necessarily the height.

      • D-OZ

        Siege me up for Hercules over Oko all day long @ a somewhat cheaper price. Although I think they will go in the same range. I would go for the homegrown Star. Or should I say LEO….

        • D-OZ

          Sign… WTH

  35. HawksBill

    Dallas is pissing me off. I don’t wan’t them to get Thomas for “free” next year. If the Seahawks keep Earl this year, is there a rule where you can’t franchise him next year and shop him around as a trade?

    If we lost him to free agency, what would we get as a POSSIBLE comp pick, late 3rd round? Should be able to trade for at least that on a one year deal.

    • vrtkolman

      For me it’s simple, if they don’t trade him they have to keep him long term. Letting him walk and just getting a late 3rd round comp pick (at most, safeties aren’t exactly a hot market at the moment) would be a disaster.

      • cha

        It’s likely worse. Hawks will have gobs of cap room in 2019 so would probably sign a FA to cancel out the ET comp pick.

        • vrtkolman

          That sounds worse, but I’m pretty certain Seattle would franchise tag Earl in this case. It’s still hard to swallow that we got no compensation for Sherman, where New England actually got a higher 1st round pick than they paid for Brandin Cooks.

          • Mark Souza

            +1 vrtkolman, that’s the way I see it, too. If we keep Earl and have him play out his contract, we can franchise tag him for 2019 and still pay less than the new contract Earl wants – and Dallas can go pound sand.

          • j

            Cooks is 24 and healthy, Sherman is 34 and coming off a major injury.

            Cutting him was absolutely the right move and inevitable.

            Four possible scenarios for him and only in one was he worth his contract.

            • j

              30, not 34.

        • DCD2


          We’ll be in the same situation (comp pick cancellation) next year, except with a lot of money and only ET hitting FA with high expectations.

          If they didn’t game the comp picks this year to get anything from Jimmy, PRich and Sheldon, they aren’t going to make it a focus next year for just one meaningful pick.

      • j

        And trading him for a mid second wouldn’t?

        • vrtkolman

          A mid 2nd is a lot better than a late 3rd, and that would be the low end of an Earl trade IMO.

    • Simo

      Very good chance they would franchise him in 2019, thus getting the two best years he has left. Even if they franchised him next year they can still trade him if someone makes a good enough offer. I just can’t see the Hawks keeping him in 2018 and letting him walk next year, either for a low comp pick or nothing at all.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Unless I’m missing something, it seems like Seattle holds all the leverage with ET.

      Franchise tag is a definite possibility with a 1st year only being a around $10m hit for Safety, reasonably digestible for the Hawks. ET has said he wont hold out, which tells the club I’m willing to work with you if you are willing to work with me. Its not: new contract or I’m gone. ET’s value has already been shown to be worth more on the field than a replacement level, at least to the Hawks. When he got injured last year we saw first hand how valuable he was to the Hawks. I’d bet they are more likely to franchise him if a deal isn’t met before next year as a result. Throw on top of that yet another year of play, another year older, and chance of injury, increasing the chance he can’t get the big pay day he wants.

      I think the Hawks have a lot of ground to stand pat until/unless they get an offer they like. He’s not unhappy in Seattle and wants out no matter what. He wants to be paid like the best in the league, which he has an arguable case for.

  36. vrtkolman

    I know a lot of fans are getting jaded with Carroll and Schneider (not here, but on other sites), but we still have something special here. Case in point Cleveland –

    Carroll and Schneider have a close partnership. Do you think Cleveland is going to be a winner with a huge divide between their coach and GM? Not a chance.

    • vrtkolman

      Oh, and Dorsey can’t fire Hue, because both report to Jimmy Haslam. What a cluster.

    • Georgia Hawk

      That’s a terrible situation to come into if you are Dorsey. Coach was already there and has been protected so you are stuck regardless of philosophical differences. Best GM in the league can’t overcome some things…

      • vrtkolman

        Yep, I know a lot of people are going to hype up Cleveland due to their massive number of early round draft picks. But success starts from the top, and until they fix their toxic culture they are going to keep losing.

    • McZ

      There is only one way for Cleveland… Buy into a real, already complete franchise QB. They have shown, they lack the tools to develop one from major draft picks.

      With success comes harmony.

  37. Millhouse-serbia

    Trevor, here is my email. Contact me, i want to sent you something.

    • Trevor

      K emailing you now.

  38. RWIII

    Everyone assumes that Seattle will trade down. Remember it is always possible Seattle might receive an offer that they might not like. I think Seattle will receive an offer they like. But there is still that possibility they may be forced to sit at 18.

    • Mark Souza

      I’m sure they will, but there are 32 teams and you work the phones talking to everyone. If you don’t like an offer you move on. Once you know what you’re being offered, you pick the best one and determine if it’s something you want to do. There is a chance we stay, but a better chance we find someone to work with and trade down.

      • RWIII

        I do believe that there will be mulitple offers for Seattle’s 18th pick. The worst kept secret in the NFL draft is that the Seahawks like to trade their 1st round pick. I give it a 95% chance that the John Schneider will trade his number 18 pick. John Schneider is an honest man. He gets along with all the GMs. Which makes it easier to make deals. I think the GMs in the NFL has a lot of respect for Schneider.

    • DCD2

      If you haven’t yet, listen to the podcast at the top of the page. They discussed this quite a bit. Kenneth was continuously trying to get Rob to name someone the Hawks would stand pat for. Rob (gracious and patient as ever) obliged with some names that aren’t possible (Vea, Chubb, Nelson).

      Rob also mentioned that while it is technically a possibility, it’s more like 99% chance that we move down.

      Trading down, even if we don’t get “chart value” still makes the most sense when the guys graded at #18 are equal to the guys graded at 25-40 (paraphrasing). Whatever we pick up in a move down, is another pick we did’t have before and we’re still getting a guy we’ve graded almost identically.

    • j

      I think it is Barkley will fall to a position where we think long and hard about trading up for him. Not actually doing it, but it will be a tough decision.

  39. McZ

    Looks like Schneider is full back in 2011 mode. Throw against the wall and see what sticks. Nobody on this team has his place for sure. Nobody.

    So, Pauline wants to have a big trade?
    RW to Cleveland for #1, #33, #64 and a 2019 first rounder.

    Trading back should offer the possibility to have a R1 pick at #18, plus 6-7 R2/3 picks. Then we take Lamar Jackson, and start over.

    Far fetched? I don’t think so. Championship grade 2020 is the target.

    • peter

      the original rg3 trade involved 3 first rounders and a second. not for nothing but wilson has shown himself just a bit better than that guy.

      have to feel like hes worth a bit more relatively than less than the rg3 trade.

      • McZ

        Okay, Cleveland #1 to Buffalo, both picks plus #4 instead of #64 to Seattle… would also be welcome.

        We haven’t discussed such a scenario, but the more I think about it, the more I remember JS is a guy that won’t let his thinking and options be constrained by a single person, the more it seems conceivable.

        If we accept that having a franchise QB won’t help in 2018 and 2019, and after that will prove to costly to resign, now is the best point in tine to go to the market.

    • Rob Staton

      They aren’t trading Russell Wilson

      • DCD2

        Yep. Not a chance.

        That’s a move that gets you fired as a GM. There’s a reason that teams are willing to break the bank for a CHANCE at a guy like Josh Allen, who may be a complete bust.

        There are a handful of franchise QB’s in the world. You’re talking about trading ours for a bunch of lottery tickets. For as much as we like to get excited about these guys, most will not make it in the NFL.

        Imagine if we had the #2, 3, 6 and 11 overall picks in the first round a few years ago. We would have had Luke Joeckel, Dion Jordan, Barkevious Mingo and DJ Fluker… oh wait.

        • Simo

          Great points you make!!

          Since no team is immune from high round draft busts, you have to hold onto your franchise QB if/when you get one (other positions as well, but especially QB). Let’s also hope our front office would have made better picks if they had all that 2013 draft capital!!

        • McZ

          If John Schneider thinks, it’s the right thing to do, he will do it. He has full backing from Paul Allen.

          Just a couple of thoughts…

          Wilson is a QB having a physical style, that doesn’t translate well into his 30s. He already had serious cold start problems last season, and was not able to profit from an upgraded offense. He was also plying for some of “his guys” to stay, but was overturned. The OL is a continuous let down, that doesn’t float well with him. Also, there were stories about him being a divisive figure, plus too much Ciara, too much Yankees

          Having a young QB and a good all around team has worked for the Rams, the Cowboys, the Eagles and partially for the Texans. It brought the Hawks into two Superbowls.

          Russ has his merits, and still is a great player and contributor. But he will be of little impact the next two years, and after that, we will either pay him or have a team. Wasting his prime in a major rebuild with a team hemorrhaging talent while being short on picks is also not fair.

          I guess, you’re both right. They won’t do this, at least not this year. All I wanna say is, that the option should be ridiculed.

          • McZ

            Freudian autocorrect… Shouldn’t be ridiculed.

          • Look Who's Hawkin

            Well, putting aside John Schneider’s confirmed infatuation with Russell, there’s a reason teams annually sell their souls just to have a CHANCE at drafting a franchise QB. And how many of them bust? Franchise QBs don’t grow on trees. RW3 is not only a franchise QB, but an elite talent. Top 5 in the league and in the heart of his prime. There is a 0% chance he gets traded.

          • DCD2

            Not ridiculing, merely disagreeing about the viability.

            I don’t think Russ has a physical style. He takes some hits behind the line like any QB, and he holds onto the ball longer than he should at times. When he runs he gets down though. He’s not playing like Cam Newton.

            A lot of the top QB’s in the league are in their 30’s or in Brady’s case 40’s. Brady, Rogers, Brees, Big Ben, Matt Ryan, Stafford… Russ has 5-8 more really good years in him if he can stay healthy.

            If this re-whatever takes this year and next to get back, that puts us on pace to win 3-6 more SB’s during his “prime”. As many as 10 if he plays as long as Brady.

            I won’t speak to the off-field stuff, as I don’t follow it. I will grant you that having a top tier QB on a rookie contract is extremely helpful to a teams overall cap. We have $80M or so in cap space next year though. We also have a front office who have dealt with the 3rd contract blues and should be the wiser for it. I think we can pay Russ and still have a great team.

          • 80SLargent

            Russell Wilson plays a very similar style to Steve Young and Fran Tarkenton. Both QBs played until they were age 38.
            Ridicule or not, trading Wilson at age 29 is a non-starter.

    • Dale

      You want to trade RW? Do you know how many first round QBs have been a bust? They won’t be trading RW… period. I don’t think they’ll trade Bobby Wagner, Doug Baldwin, Jarran Reed, Duane Brown, Shaquille Griffin, Justin Coleman, or Sebastian Janikowski. That said, two years ago ET was the player Seattle couldn’t be without. Times do change.


    When does the final mock come out?

    • Rob Staton


      • Mark Souza

        This all reminds me of the Amazon in the dry season, where piranha get isolated in smaller pools and have depleted the food supply. Every morsel and tidbit creates a mad frenzy as it’s ravenously consumed. It’ll be nice when the rains come, in the form of the actual draft, and we all settle in and begin evaluating what we got in the aftermath.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Dry season hasn’t started yet.

  41. neil

    Not sure I understand the Cowboy’s supposed strategy of waiting until Thomas becomes a free agent. Can’t the Seahawks franchise him in 19 and 20?

    • SoCal12

      It’s all just blind poker right now to see who folds firsts. Seahawks don’t benefit from acting like they need to sell Earl and the Cowboys don’t benefit from acting like they need him on the team. We’ll see who pulls the trigger first, if at all when the time comes. Till then we can’t really read too much into what either teams are doing.

    • Lewis

      They certainly would in 2019, imo, but not in 2020 (the cost would be exorbitant).

      • Hawk Eye

        probably less overall than signing him to a big extension.

        Not many safeties making big money, so his tag is average of top 5 for year 1 and then that plus 20% I think for year 2.

        For those worried about him holding out, cannot take the threat of a guy not willing to play on the franchise tag seriously until a few players actually do it. Not a lot of alternative $10 million a year jobs out there

  42. Neil

    Sorry, didn’t get thru all the posts before I posted.

  43. FresnoHawk

    I made my predictions about this draft & forcast for this off season remain the same. 1. Get rid of all threats to team culture. 2. Add cheap FA. 3. Drive up ET Market, entertain ET offers, pass on all ET offers, right before draft listen to new ET offers, Trade ET for Huge haul. 4. Trade back #18 to acquire Austin Corbett. Trade or utilize pick from ET trade to target Da Shawn Hand.

    • McZ

      ET has slimmed down his trade options due to his behavior. The Cowboys are in a far better position to negotiate, because they have day two picks, and the Seahawks needs some and have none. While having ET is a luxury item on the current S market.

      • Del tre

        This isn’t true.
        A. The couwboys have a major need at safety that will not be adequately addressed by any safety in this class (Jessie Bates is not a 1st round talent he can make plays but doesn’t have great ball skills and will not have the same recovery speed in the NFL).
        B. The cowboys are up against the cap and have virtually no where to turn other than Seattle to get a free safety
        C. The Cowboys are even more up against the cap in the next few years with needing to sign Zeke and Dak.
        D. The Eagles are clear cut favorites to win the division and the Cowboys cannot compete as it stands because they do not have a strong enough defense.
        I don’t understand where this perception of the Cowboys having leverage comes from. If the Hawks want/need picks in rounds 2 and 3 they will be able to get that through trading down, they will likely still have Thomas for a few more years playing at a high level should they choose to resign him.
        I don’t understand what you mean by luxury either. Tyrann Matthew is not a free safety and has had an injury riddled career, not the same guy after blowing out both ACLs. Eric Reid is a strong safety and wasn’t exactly the best safety in the league, he isn’t that great and its part of the reason teams are so willing to blackball him.
        There isn’t a safety market this season because there are no blue chip safeties.
        The Cowboys have their backs up against the wall more than the Hawks. For the Hawks there are low expectations from the media and fans for next season.
        Also has slimmed down his trade options due to his behavior?
        0 suspensions
        No holding out
        We’ve really demonized him for 2 minor things in the face of him being an all pro player that plays with his hair on fire. If anything is going on between the Cowboys and Hawks in terms of trade talk, its going to be the Hawks telling Dallas give us 19 or we aren’t interested.

        • RWIII

          Del: Check the 2019 final roster. You will NOT see Earl Thomas on the roster.

        • McZ

          We will see what happens. There are many analysts saying, that there is not much true R1 talent after #15. So, #18 could prove to be a hard spot to trade.

          PFF stats tell me, Dallas safeties aged 22, 25 and 26 had 5 ints last season, while Seattle had two. If ET walks away, those will be gone, too.

      • FresnoHawk

        I get the impression you believe Dallas is the only team after Earl?

    • Simo

      I like all your points, just would make different picks! Corbett and Hand are nice players, just would prefer we add an offensive weapon or two. Make one of the picks R Jones, Chubb, Kirk, Moore, Goedert, someone to jump start the run game and help make up for the loss of production from Jimmy and P Rich.

  44. Kenny Sloth

    Rob are you plabning on posting a vertical big board?

    If so, how long, and will it be reflective of Seattle’s grades or more of a personal front board?

    • Rob Staton

      I will be posting a tiers list later today. I put some together with 75 players on it. Might extend it to 90-100.

      • Kenny Sloth

        That sounds about right for what seattle is keeping out of the coffin this year.

        I’ve been focused on finding those guys that wont be afraid to compete with Doug Baldwin, Frank Clark etc.

      • RWIII

        Rob: You are the BEST!

  45. Awsi Dooger

    Granted, all it takes is one team to ignore and take the guy very high, but there are increasing whispers about Josh Rosen dropping. Benjamin Allbright tweeted that many teams including the Broncos have Rosen off their board entirely. When asked about that, Allbright responded:

    “I dont really want to get into that in a public setting, let’s just say there are things out there the public is unaware of.”

    — Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) April 24, 2018

    Allbright later deleted that tweet, but made reference to deleting it since he knew it had already caused lots of commotion.

    • DCD2

      Bo Callahan IRL!

  46. Kenny Sloth

    Dorian O’Daniel had that insane 6.64 3 cone

  47. Volume12

    Roquan Smith at #6? Here. For. It.

  48. Nick

    What do people think about Fred Warner? Put up incredible numbers at the combine, team captain, almost no injury history. Could LB be a position they target earlier than we think?

    • Rob Staton

      They need LB depth but there are likely too many needs to address that area early.

      • Nick

        Agreed. Can’t see anything before round 3.

  49. HawksBill

    I see they had a private workout with QB Alex McGough. I hope they sign him as a UDFA.

    I want the ‘Hawks to have a player named Mr. McGough

    • hawktalker#1

      Why is that?

    • hawktalker#1

      Please answer my question as if I was serious . . .

    • Shadow

      I dunno… I just can’t see it….

      • HawksBill

        Mr. Magoo

      • Morgan

        I see what you did there.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I dunno, i think his vision is lacking….. 😉

  50. Tucson12

    For what it’s worth having reviewed tape of the top 12 backs, the ones who pop off the screen to me after Barkley are Sony then RoJo. I have been intrigued with Ballage for some time but only as a 5th round steal. Seems like the market on him has gotten too hot. Akrum Wadley seems the most underrated back in the group with superb vision. Kerryon looks fantastic and maybe market has cooled? Sometimes we all get too enamored of 40 times and explosive traits and ignore production and just the mental knack to play the position. It’s how we end up drafting physical freaks like CMike who take the handoff, overrun their blockers then seemingly slip on a banana peel and go down.
    Btw, Ito Smith’s tape is just a blast to watch. Unfortunately he gets swallowed up by power conference defenses.
    I personally want two backs from this very solid group and a UDFA like Warren Jr.

    • Sea Mode

      Speaking of the small, shifty guys, Tony Pauline is super high on Nyheim Hines. Has a R3 grade on him.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Mike Boone moves off another planet

        Power of a 245 guy in barely 200 frame

    • hawktalker#1

      Banana peel, nice.

      I really like Ito too, but just not sure how he would perform swimming with sharks in a bigger pond.

  51. Sea Mode

    2nd to last mock draft. We’re almost there!

    Using Tony Pauline’s Denver trade, which I think we all like a lot, and including an ETIII trade.

    Looking again for guys in line with JS’ recent comments. Smart, tough, reliable, fast. All football. No excuses.


    – DEN sends R2P40, R3P99, 2019 R1 to SEA for #18.
    Whoever the target is, Elway is not going to give up on finding his QB of the future.

    – DAL sends R2P50, R4P116, 2019 R3 to SEA for Earl Thomas.
    It’s been taken too far now for nothing to happen.

    – SEA sends R2P50, R4P116 (462 pts.) to NE for R2P43 (470 pts.).
    NE trades up either for a Tackle or a QB in R1, and is glad to recoup a pick here.
    Everybody knows after WAS gets Vea in R1, they are looking for a RB in R2. JS knows this too and doesn’t take any chances on missing out on his target to fix the run game.


    R2P40- WR Christian Kirk, Texas A&M
    Seattle gets a perfect replacement for PRich, hedge for Lockett, and future leader on offense all in one pick. Grab a WR early or you miss out.
    [fallback: WR Anthony Miller, Memphis]

    R2P43- RB Nick Chubb, Georgia
    PC’s ideal back. Smart, tough, reliable with a quiet fire lit inside him. This is the year to grab a RB early.
    [fallback: RB Ronald Jones II, USC]

    R3P99- Shaquem Griffin, UCF
    I had Ogbonnia Okoronkwo at this spot originally, but in this scenario that we have an extra R1 next year in a talented DL class, so it can wait. Going back over JS recent comment, we can’t afford to miss out on Shaquem. If there were ever a “Seahawky” backstory and attitude, it’s him. The importance of re-establishing the team culture plus even giving Seahawks fans a feel-good story after two rough years, the moving on of many favorites, and the McDowell debacle can not be underestimated. Oh, and did I mention he happens to be a very talented player as well?
    [fallback: DE/OLB Ogbonnia Okoronkwo]

    R4P120- DT RJ McIntosh, Miami
    We couldn’t see his testing numbers due to injury, but I bet they are pretty good. Either way, he just has that knack and ability to shoot gaps, penetrate and blow up plays in the backfield. Will hustle 50 yds down field to make a tackle. One of the few to get the better of Quentin Nelson a few times, which says something. The quest for an interior penetrator will not end.
    He’s not a finished product by any means. Needs to add strength and be more consistent vs. the run, but he won’t be starting out in base packages anyway and the ceiling is high.
    Good interview too.
    [fallback: Derrick Nnadi, Florida St.]

    R5P141- TE Chris Herndon, Miami
    Similar upside to Ian Thomas IMO at a much better value. We have two blocking TEs now, time to grab one with some pass-catching upside as well. (though he’s no slouch blocking either)
    [fallback: TE Tyler Conklin, Central Michigan]

    R5P146- CB Isaac Yiadom, Boston College
    I’m staying away from Holton Hill for now due to off field stuff. It could check out in the end, but until I’m sure, I’ll say no thanks. Enter Isaac Yiadom. (as suggested by several others here)
    From the little I’ve watched, he comes across right away as an intelligent player. The next Richard Sherman needs to emulate that part of his game as much as the physical profile. Good patience in press coverage. Aggressive and sticky in coverage. Well spoken in interviews. Does fall short of the 77.5 wingspan threshold though, but so did Shaq, so maybe?

    Boston College CB Isaac Yiadom 2017 All22 Film Package

    R5P156- S Natrell Jamerson, Wisconsin
    Speed to develop and compete at the FS position while helping on ST.

    R5P168- S Tony Brown, Alabama
    ST demon and nickel backup. Seahawky competitor. Win getting off the bus mentality.

    R7P226- CB Jordan Thomas, Oklahoma
    Since we miss out on Nick Nelson, here we grab another nickel CB prospect. As Rob pointed out a while back: since 2010, only four CB’s have run a sub-4.00 short shuttle and measured with 32 inch arms. Seattle acquired two of them and was likely interested in the other two as well. Kevin King (3.89), DeAndre Elliott (3.94), Byron Jones (3.94), Tye Smith (3.96).

    Jordan Thomas ran a terrible 4.64 40yd for his size (187lbs), but that lack of long speed can be mitigated in the slot, where quickness is king. He also made plays on the ball. Had 2 INT and 17 PBU his junior year alone. 8 INT total in his final 3 years.

    R7P248- WR Keith Kirkwood, Temple
    Awesome person and incredible catch radius: 6024, 221, 33.75 arm, 81 wing, 35 vert, 4.45 40yd

    – QB
    – LB/SS Oren Burks, Vanderbilt
    – RB Ryan Nall, Oregon St.
    – FB Khalid Hill, Michigan
    – DB Tracy Walker, Louisiana-Lafayette

    • HawkMock

      Great draft, heck, I’d be happy with the fallback picks too.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Chris, Nick, Quem are the correct picks to start

      I think that’s incredibly rich for McIntosh who I don’t think was a preferred guy in college. I greatly prefer Kendrick Norton.

      Herndon or Conklin would be great, also really like Smythe and Schultz.

      Too many corners on day 3. I’d be fine with 2/4 mentioned. I’m also starting to like other safeties later on, but none that are to our usual standard (obviously)

      The Visitors at QB would be fine backups in udfa. Riley Ferguson is a favorite.

      Oren Burks might not make it to udfa, but Ed Shockley is one I really really really like despite some heinous testing numbers.

      Are Nall and Hill kind of redundant

      Tracy Walker who actually played versus Simeon Thomas who actually didnt play all that much WHOULDA THUNK

    • Lewis

      Looks good. I have this feeling Chubb will still be there at 50 (I think the RBs will come off the board in the second a little slower than folks think because there will be less urgency due to the number of good ones) but have no problem with moving up if you think he’s clearly better than the others. OTOH, I wonder if Kirk makes it to 40.

    • DCD2

      This is one of my favorites so far. Addresses a lot of concerns with realistic picks.

      Logan Woodside (QB) from Toledo would be another UDFA to try for. I know it was Toledo, but this list of accomplishments is pretty impressive:

      If the plan is to go DB with 4 picks in a row, I might lean towards Wyatt Teller a little earlier (or #116 w/o a trade up) and see who falls out of the DB’s. Simeon Thomas is another late possibility if one of the other DB’s were gone.

      Nice one!

    • Nick

      SeaMode I’ve been waiting for your mock! I love it. Nick Chubb and Christian Kirk? YES!

      I want Nick Chubb to be a Seahawk so so badly.

      • Nick

        i must say I do not like the Herndon pick. Plus, I think they’re definitely going to draft at least one QB. JT Barrett seems most likely, right?

    • Largent80

      If this happens I will crawl up inside myself with happiness.

  52. RWIII

    I like Tony Pauline’s trade senario a lot. The question is will Lamar Jackson be still on the board at 18. The latest buzz is that Arizona is wanting to trade up. I wonder who they are interested in trading for?

    • Greg Haugsven

      If you can get 40, 96 and a 2019 1st rounder for 18 I would be in all day. I cant see Denver doing though..

  53. Greg Haugsven

    Sebastian Janikowski Contract Details:

    Signing Bonus…………….$600,000
    Week 1 Roster Bonus……$100,000
    Per Game Roster Bonus…$300,000 ($18,750 per game) Zero LTBE
    Cap Hit……………………….$1,615,000 with $600k guranteed

  54. Coleslaw

    Alright. If you guys were in the Hawks Draft Room as the GM and you cannot trade out of 18, who you taking? Trading Earl?

    For me, I’d take Isaiah Wynn at 18, trade earl for a 2nd, and get one of Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Kerryon Johnson in that order. 120 gotta get Shaq if he’s there.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Harold Landry for me, I say trade Earl if you can and completely agree getting Griffin at 120.

    • BobbyK

      I agree. You have to take Isaiah Wynn. To me, he’s the safest player who will be available at 18. I believe he will go to a few Pro Bowls before it’s all said and done. Again, for me, I believe he’s the TJ Watt of last year in terms of a guaranteed slam dunk pick that you will have no regrets with making him the pick.

      In a perfect world, the BPA would be an EDGE but I don’t see that happening. They have dug themselves this talent hole because they’ve been cute trying to “fix” problems with their draft picks, as opposed to taking the best football players.

      I would rather have an EDGE over a guard, but I would rather have the better football player so that’s why I’d take the guard.

      Personally, I’m expecting a trade down or two and then a WR to be our first pick.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I almost never even look at who the Seahawks take at 18 in mocks. I look at who is available late in the first and early in the second.

        • BobbyK


          Wynn. Hernandez. Chubb. Kirk. Price. Seriously… I don’t care who of them is a Seahawk… take the last of whose remaining of them AND acquire EXTRA picks.

  55. drewdawg11

    If you get a high second for Earl, Wynn or Hernandez. If not… man, I don’t even know. Taking a back that high would be a reach, but so many other positions would be worse. Interior O-line, perhaps Taven Bryan. I want no part of Sweat, and Landry is a guy a like, but not at 18.

  56. BobbyK

    How about a draft of making that Broncos trade (we get their 2 & 4 and 1 next year) and we get Kirk and Griffin with those two picks? It would suck not to have anyone else (RB, G, EDGE), but I believe in having a long-term vision and having that Denver pick next year could become a top 10 pick with Case Keenum as their QB. He’s not terrible, but that Vikings OL played so well last year and that defense was great, too. While he’s got a good D in Denver, Keenum is going to struggle with that Broncos OL. Could be a top ten pick. Could set them up to get an impact pass rusher next year and still have another first round pick for a potential trade down to perhaps recoup their missing second rounder.

    • Greg Haugsven

      And we could help that 2019 pick be better week 1 playing in Denver, maybe some extra motivation.

  57. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Sweat and the knee… very concerning.
    I admit it could be a smoke screen, but there is something going on when you hear whispers here and there and everywhere about durability concerns short and or long term.

    I can see Kirk as a round 3 target. And if you are able to grab a bonus #1 (or maybe #2) in 2019…. might be well worth the time and effort to rebuild/retool/reconstruct properly.

  58. Old but Slow

    In these days of leaks, hacks, and privacy invasion, anybody had a look at some team’s big board?

  59. Kenny Sloth

    Ooooooooh baaaby!!!!! Thats what im looking for.

    Jordan Thomas DB OU

    About 45 seconds in “was it difficult that you were forced to go up against Cory Coleman your freshman year”

    “Heh you say “difficult” I thought it was pretty fun”

    Time to go find that tape, cuz this guy got the mouth and is a big time athlete. Obviously he’s been on our radar for months now, but I’ve been looking for guys that won’t be afraid to compete with doug and Bobby.

    But what’s in his heart

    These guys were like 15 when we won the super bowl. For sure played the hawks on madden type $#*+

    • HawkfaninMT

      Such a weird duck too… reading some interview transcripts make him seem like a really cool fit for the defense. Would probably be a slot guy, but he would fit in nicely and conepete for sure!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Here’s some tape from ’16


        Losing in the 4th quarter. He makes a huge stop in the backfield on a swing pass on a crucial 2nd and 2

  60. cover-2

    This mock draft is about bringing more team speed to the defense and adding playmakers for the offense.

    Trade: 1st round #18 to Denver for Denver’s 2nd #40, 3rd #96, and 2019 1st round pick.
    Trade: Earl Thomas to Dallas for Dallas’s 2nd #50 and 4th #137

    Seahawks Draft…

    2nd #40 (from Denver): Dallas Goedert (TE, South Dakota St) 6-5 256 lbs. I think the Seahawks want to give Wilson another weapon to throw to. Good possibility Christian Kirk will have already been select by this point in the draft, so the Seahawks take Goedert. Reliable proven player, great ball skills. Day-1 starter for the Seahawks.

    2nd #50 (from Dallas): Shaquem Griffin (SS, Central Florida) 6-0 227 lbs. Griffin is a must have player for me. I wouldn’t try to get too cute by waiting till the 3rd round to get him, good chance he’ll be gone by then. Griffin is a chess piece on defense that can be used in a number of different ways. At 227 lbs he has rare size for a SS. A 1.54 10-yard split is also rare for a SS, and 4.38 40-yard is great for SS. He is a proven playmaker. I think he can be a better SS than LB in the NFL. For me he can be like former Steeler SS Troy Polamalu.

    3rd #96 (from Denver): Breeland Speaks (DE/DT, Mississippi) 6-3 283 lbs. Speaks will try to play the role of Michael Bennett. If Speaks is gone by this pick, then I’d take one of the following Andrew Brown, Tyquan Lewis, Duke Ejifor, or Trenton Thompson…all can play inside or out.

    4th #120: Kalen Ballage (RB/H-back, Arizona St) 6-1 228 lbs. I personally am not sold on Ballage, but the Seahawks seem to be. So Ballage is the pick. He will be given every opportunity to win the starting RB job. If he doesn’t win the job or just doesn’t have the vision of an NFL RB, he can be moved around as a mismatch on offense. Ballage has the size and speed to be an H-back. He can be used a number of different ways, I can see him developing into a player like Titans TE Delaine Walker.

    4th #137 (from Dallas): Tony Brown (CB, Alabama) 6-0 200 lbs. Brown helps brings speed and swagger back to the Seahawks defense. He is my favorite mid-round CB.

    5th #141: Ito Smith (RB, Southern Miss) 5-9 195 lbs. Ito is the human joystick, he has moves for days. For me he can be like former Chargers RB Darren Sproles.

    5th #146: Foyesade Oluokun (OLB, Yale) 6-2 230 lbs. Oluokun has great quickness, speed, and is an intimidating hitter…which IMO the Seahawks currently lack.

    5th #168: Poona Ford (DT, Texas) 6-0 306 lbs. Ford can provide legit depth at 1-tech DT.

    5th #169: Braxton Berrios (WR, Miami) 5-9 184 lbs. Berrios is a baller! He has great initial quickness and good speed. Very competitive and confident player. He can compete for reps in the slot as a rookie.

    7th #226: Jacob Martin (LB, Temple) 6-2 236 lbs. Martin has good size and is athletic. Provides young depth at LB.

    7th #248: Khalid Davis (FB, Michigan) 6-1 263 lbs. Davis is brought in to help free up some running lanes for the RB.

    2019 1st round #8 (from Denver): Raekwon Davis (DT, Alabama) 6-7 306 lbs. There are going to be some elite DT’s in the 2019 draft and Davis is one of my favorites. Davis is a monster of a man. He is quick, powerful, tall, and has great length. He will be the superstar DT that the Seahawks need.

    2019 1st round #14 (yes this is about where I think the Seahawks pick will be): Brian Burns (DE, Florida St) 6-5 235 lbs. Burns fits, athletically and size/length, for the LEO position. Seahawks will have a wave of fresh pass rushing DE’s, with Clark/Jordan/Burns/and possibly Mingo.

    Seahawks 2020 Super Bowl champions starting roster/and player awards

    QB) Russell Wilson – Pro Bowl
    LT) Duane Brown – Pro Bowl
    LG) DJ Fluker – 1st Team All-Pro & Pro Bowl
    C) Justin Britt
    RG) Jordan Roos
    RT) George Fant
    RB) Chris Carson – 2nd Team All-Pro, Pro Bowl, & Super Bowl MVP
    WR) Doug Baldwin
    WR) Tyler Lockett – Pro Bowl
    WR) Braxton Berrios
    TE) Dallas Goedert – Pro Bowl

    LDE) Dion Jordan – 1st team All-Pro & and Pro Bowl
    3-tech DT) Raekwon Davis – Defensive Rookie of the year, 1st Team All-Pro, & Pro Bowl
    1-tech DT) Jarran Reed
    RDE) Frank Clark
    SLB) Foyesade Oluokun
    MLB) Bobby Wagner – 1st team All-Pro & Pro Bowl
    WLB) KJ Wright
    CB) Shaquill Griffin – 2nd team All-Pro & Pro Bowl
    CB) Tony Brown
    FS) Tedric Thompson
    SS) Shaquem Griffin – 2nd team All-Pro & Pro Bowl

    • Kenny Sloth

      Khalid Hill* is that FB and I really like him a ton

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