The top six players at each position

These are my personal rankings, not a projection based on what I think the Seahawks will do. For those following the blog since September, there won’t be many surprises here. My opinion hasn’t changed on many players since the end of the college season.


1. Sam Darnold (USC)
2. Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma)
3. Josh Rosen (UCLA)
4. Josh Allen (Wyoming)
5. Lamar Jackson (Louisville)
6. Luke Falk (Washington State)

Based on how he performed at the Senior Bowl, it’d be easy to put Josh Allen at #1. He looked like a totally different player when not handling the duty of trying to make Wyoming relevant. But how are you going to prioritise? Some teams will have Allen at the top because he has the highest ceiling. I’m going in a different direction because Darnold, Mayfield and Rosen all showed more on the field (and it’s not like they’re lacking potential).

Running back

1. Saquon Barkley (Penn State)
2. Ronald Jones II (USC)
3. Nick Chubb (Georgia)
4. Kerryon Johnson (Auburn)
5. Derrius Guice (LSU)
6. Sony Michel (Georgia)

Saquon Barkley is the clear #1 and for me, Ronald Jones II is the clear #2. The comparisons to Jamaal Charles are warranted, he’s a truly dynamic playmaker and could have an Alvin Kamara-type impact as a rookie. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Seahawks have Kalen Ballage ahead of some of these names.

Wide receiver

1. Anthony Miller (Memphis)
2. Christian Kirk (Texas A&M)
3. D.J. Moore (Maryland)
4. Calvin Ridley (Alabama)
5. Courtland Sutton (SMU)
6. James Washington (Oklahoma State)

I put Anthony Miller in the top-20 of my first mock draft and felt he was the best receiver in the draft. Nothing has shifted my opinion since. He isn’t going to go in the top-20 because he’s not fast and there were some injury concerns. It’s a down year for the position overall but if I had to bet on one guy, it’d be Miller.

Tight end

1. Ian Thomas (Indiana)
2. Dallas Goedert (South Dakota State)
3. Hayden Hurst (South Carolina)
4. Dalton Schultz (Stanford)
5. Durham Smythe (Notre Dame)
6. Mike Gesicki (Penn State)

I’m still not sold on this group and don’t think any should go in round one. Ian Thomas has the biggest upside and 2-3 years down the line might be the best tight end from this class. I’m ranking the blockers (Schultz, Smythe) higher than most for their ability to do one thing really well.

Offensive tackle

1. Mike McGlinchey (Notre Dame)
2. Kolton Miller (UCLA)
3. Geron Christian (Louisville)
4. Tyrell Crosby (Oregon)
5. Brian O’Neill (Pittsburgh)
6. Orlando Brown (Oklahoma)

The best two tackles in college football last season were Isaiah Wynn and Austin Corbett but both are projected to move inside. Regardless, Mike McGlinchey and Kolton Miller could go in the top-20.


1. Quenton Nelson (Notre Dame)
2. Isaiah Wynn (Georgia)
3. Austin Corbett (Nevada)
4. Billy Price (Ohio State)
5. Frank Ragnow (Arkansas)
6. James Daniels (Iowa)
7. Will Hernandez (UTEP)
8. Braden Smith (Auburn)

Now you’re talking. What a group. Quenton Nelson is the clear #1 and a top-10 pick. Isaiah Wynn and Austin Corbett are both fantastic talents and deserve to go in the first round. There’s nothing between Billy Price, Frank Ragnow, James Daniels and Will Hernandez. They’re all top-50 talents. If any go in round one, it’d be fair. I added a seventh and eighth prospect to this group because it was too difficult to leave the names out.


1. Bradley Chubb (NC State)
2. Marcus Davenport (UTSA)
3. Harold Landry (Boston College)
4. Kemoko Turay (Rutgers)
5. Josh Sweat (Florida State)
6. Lorenzo Carter (Georgia)

The EDGE options are severely limited this year. Marcus Davenport is raw and needs time. Harold Landry is a bit of a mirage and will be over-drafted. Josh Sweat has frustrating tape and too often is late off the ball (but he has a top-10 physical profile). Kemoko Turay might be the one who shines from this group along with Bradley Chubb.

Defensive tackle

1. Vita Vea (Washington)
2. Maurice Hurst (Michigan)
3. Tim Settle (Virginia Tech)
4. Da’Ron Payne (Alabama)
5. B.J. Hill (NC State)
6. Derrick Nnadi (Florida State)

Vita Vea is a top-10 talent. Incredible player. Maurice Hurst might be a specialist interior rusher but he’ll be a good one. Tim Settle has some Warren Sapp to his play. Both B.J. Hill and Derrick Nnadi have the potential to be terrific pro’s.

Inside/out rusher

1. Taven Bryan (Florida)
2. Rasheem Green (USC)
3. Sam Hubbard (Ohio State)
4. Andrew Brown (Virginia)
5. Breeland Speeks (Ole Miss)
6. Tyquan Lewis (Ohio State)

Taven Bryan and Tim Settle both deserve to go early. Rasheem Green could’ve been a top-20 pick in 2019 had he returned to USC and continued to develop. Andrew Brown and Breeland Speeks could sneak into round two.


1. Tremaine Edmunds (Virginia Tech)
2. Leighton Vander Esch (Boise State)
3. Roquan Smith (Georgia)
4. Rashaan Evans (Alabama)
5. Malik Jefferson (Texas)
6. Josey Jewell (Iowa)

The first three names here won’t last long. If the injury concerns over Leighton Vander Esch are overstated, all three could go in the top-12. Rashaan Evans plays with his hair on fire and so does Josey Jewell. They’re both incredibly fun players born to play in the old AFC North.


1. Denzel Ward (Ohio State)
2. Jaire Alexander (Louisville)
3. Isaiah Oliver (Colorado)
4. Nick Nelson (Wisconsin)
5. Carlton Davis (Auburn)
6. Joshua Jackson (Iowa)

There are some inconsistent moments from Isaiah Oliver but his combination of length, athleticism, agility and savvy are impressive. Nick Nelson is the best cover corner in the draft (watch him shut-out Maryland’s D.J. Moore). Denzel Ward and Jaire Alexander are very good but they’re undersized.


1. Derwin James (Florida State)
2. Minkah Fitzpatrick (Alabama)
3. Jessie Bates III (Wake Forest)
4. Ronnie Harrison (Alabama)
5. Justin Reid (Stanford)
6. Terrell Edmunds (Virginia Tech)

I think Derwin James is a 15-25 type prospect. He has incredible size and athleticism but you just want to see more. Minkah Fitzpatrick isn’t better than Earl Thomas, Keanu Neal or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and doesn’t deserve to go earlier (but possibly will). I like Jessie Bates III’s potential and keep an eye on Terrell Edmunds.

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  1. Kenny Sloth

    Awesome look, but I think you’ll be surprised by Derek Nnadi and Andrew Brown lasting

    • Kenny Sloth

      Breeland Speeks too seems like a day 3 guy because of the inconsistency

      • peter

        there are just so few options after all of Clemson decided to stay in school. I could see speaks in the third round. that may be too high but it’s a pretty rough class.

  2. DCD2

    Awesome stuff! Hard to argue with much. Love you sticking with the Anthony Miller conviction.

    If we could manage Hurst, Miller, RB/OL with our 1st 3 picks… I’d be over the moon!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Anthony Miller is just liquid gold off the line.

      • Ghost Mutt

        Sorry if this has been covered before, but what’s the knock on Miller?

        He’s at the top of Rob’s WR rankings but doesn’t crack his two-round mock – what gives? Just not a special enough athlete?

        • drewdawg11

          “Small and slow”… but he just gets open and makes plays.

          • DCD2

            Rob is also higher on him than the rest of his peers. The national consensus is that It’s Ridley/Moore/Sutton as the top 3, then everyone else.

            Rob’s mock is more a reflection of where he expects guys to go than where they should.

            Miller also doesn’t have the pedigree of being a 5 star recruit (was a walk on).

            That kid can play though. His highlight reel at the top of the article is ridiculous, and his game tape matches. A lot of Antonio Brown in his game.

            • Ghost Mutt

              Thanks for the replies guys – really appreciate it. And yeah, that’s a hell of a highlight reel!

          • JimQ

            Potential to be close to Largent 2.0 = , Maybe?

  3. Producehawk

    Thankyou for working on Sunday Rob. I am going to print this out and use it on draft day. I am not as hard core as I used to be on following the draft. Your site is all I need. Will be interested to see where Falk goes.

    • peter

      Your site is all I need…..

      With Rob killing it tons of times a week plus posters here graduating from sports center highlights picks and udub players and into quality leg work on their own this site may actually be the only one most of us need!

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        So true. I come from a family with addiction problems. I was able to avoid the bad stuff, but you better believe I indulge in the good stuff (good stuff = SDB 12x per day) and have been doing so since the very beginning. I mean, I’ve got a med school test tomorrow, yet I still come here for each and every one of my study breaks to see what Rob says and the responses from all of you fine people.

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          When you’re a Doctor you can write prescriptions for “Seahawks Draft Blog”! They won’t even have to wait in line at Walgreens.

          • Jesse Cobb

            This is a great comment (I too work in medical), and so true about this site in general. SDB is like an addiction you can’t shake…

  4. drewdawg11

    I was just watching the Mel and Todd mock draft on ESPN. They had some strange picks. Payne went too 10, and Vita fell to 17?!! They had us taking Will Hernandez, which I don’t hate at all, but Wynn wasn’t in the first round. Davenport also went in the 20s. Michel was the final pick by the Eagles. Obviously they don’t have trades, but I think that if Vita started to fall that far, I would expect John to either trade up a little, or resign his position as general manager. 😂😂😂

    • peter

      To be fair one of those d tackles played for the mighty roll tide and the other played for the ‘lowly’ dawgs. so that might be part of it.

      Strange about wynn . It seems most sites acknowledge him in the first as a guard.

    • Look Who's Hawkin

      There’s a good bit of subjectivity surrounding top talents this year – Tony Pauline (who I respect a lot more than anyone on ESPN) also had Payne as a top 10 overall talent. I’m very curious to see how this draft will play out, just because this year I feel there’s even more uncertainty than there usually is.

    • AlaskaHawk

      There is a pretty good chance that Vita Vea will fall all the way to #18 – and the Seahawks will trade down anyway. Vea is good but mostly a west coast phenomenon. And as we all know, Alabama and Georgia draft picks rule this year.

  5. Robert

    No Connor Williams – OT Texas

    • Rob Staton

      I see him as a guard and didn’t have him in my top eight interior O-linemen.

      • D-OZ

        Don’t think he is scrappy enough to play guard Rob. I like him at tackle better. IMO

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think he has the length and size to play tackle at the next level.

          Just a really weird projection overall. Kind of soft. Bit of a weird backstory. Has had some horrendous games (see: Maryland). Also looked the part at times too.

  6. Misfit74

    I can’t wait for this draft! Although we differ on several prospects it will be fun to see where guys land and who the Seahawks end up valuing. The in-draft maneuvering will be nail-biting. Of course we all want the team to draft our guys and they seem to so rarely do that. Ultimately whatever makes our team better is the goal whether I’m right or wrong about players or not. This is arguably the best time of year!


  7. FuzzyLogic

    I hope we get Terrell Edmunds.

    • Look Who's Hawkin

      Me too! Or Armani Watts. I feel he’s being underrated as well. I truthfully have no idea where Edmunds will go, I’ve seen him as a 2nd rounder for some and a day 3 pick for others. Anyone’s guess!

  8. Chris

    Rotoworld had a blurb yesterday citing Jason LaConfora talking abut it both Edmund brothers going in the first. Roto linked Seattle with Tremaine as a possibility. I liked him later, but not in the first. Safety isn’t the largest need, especially if Earl stays.

    • D-OZ

      Tremaine is underrated…

      • peter

        Switch the names. 😀 terrel is underrated because he brother is so good. Tremaine to seattle…..I’ll take that any day.

  9. drewdawg11

    I honestly can’t let go of Nick Chubb. I think he’s the guy we have been waiting for since Lynch left. I think by the time Thursday rolls around he could be a top 32-37 guy. If he slips down into round two, and he most likely will, we need to maneuver down to get him. That’s my take. I want a lot of these guys too, but he’s my guy. If the medical checks out, of course.

    • Clayton Russell

      I like Chubb and Guice both will probably be gone by middle of the second round I’m sure. If we were to trade down, I prefer either Guice and DJ Chark with those first two picks. Chubb and Chark are great too. My only hesitation is that we already possess that type of runner in Carson, with both Chubb and Guice. They are in no way exact matches but both physical. So, if we are trying to have versatility neither of those picks are good if you want to build a New Orleans type of attack as Rob had eluded to previously. Jones then makes the most sense. It also appears he could be slipping to late 2nd or early 3rd.

      I like Chark more than Kirk and Miller because he’s a taller target, with his speed stretch defenses even if he has a limited route tree currently. Seattle hasn’t hit it big drafting WR’S in sometime. In my opinion Richardson and Lockett are good but injuries slowed their careers and now Richardson is off to the Nation’s Capital. If we draft a smaller wr, it’s like we have all our WR with similar traits. Height weight and return abilities.

      I’ve been stating we need to draft a tall receiver going back to Alshon Jeffreys entrance to the draft. Of note there are a few FORMER LSU Tigers in the NFL that are doing pretty well. Don’t let another get away.

      • DCD2

        Chark doesn’t really play big though. He reminds me a lot of Desean Jackson. Great punt returner, really fast, average route running and hands. His ability to stretch the field is what team’s are going to look for if they take him.

        I personally like Miller and Kirk a bit more, but Chark might last a little longer on the board and would be a nice addition to a WR corps that probably isn’t keeping anyone up at night.

        • Old but Slow

          Chark does not seem to like extending his arms to take the high ball. He seems to cradle the ball, and let it come to him. That puts me off him a bit, although he has a lot of good qualities.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Really good observation

            I had overlooked this.

  10. Misfit74

    So many questions to be a answered by what the team does in the draft.

    Do they go after a receiving or blocking TE or try and develop a complete, 2-way player?

    Does the fixing the running game result in the drafting of an early round RB?

    Do they find competitors to start at OL or more developmental guys to groom under Solari?

    Do they break any long standing trends like CB round or thresholds?

    How do they handle taking advantage of the depth of certain positions or do they go after a couple blue chip prospects?

    • Clayton Russell

      Good points. I was just watching old highlights of Ed Dickson from his days at Oregon. Looks like he did just as much receiving as he did blocking based on a lot of the routes he was running. So whether you consider him a blocking or receiving tight end, I think he offers both. Vannett on the other hand, if I Remember correctly was purely blocking. If that’s the case, he needs to step up. To me Fumagali from Wisconsin offers enough in late round 5 or 6.

      At the end of the draft, I’m sure many of us could be scratching our heads wondering what happened. I’m just hoping it’s not. No time to play with this draft, to much hanging on the line this season.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        I don’t know. I’m excited for the draft, and also very much expecting some head scratchers, but in a way that is exciting too. I’m still firmly on the “in JS/PC I trust” train.

        • DCD2

          Yep. Every year, there seem to be some guys where we collectively hold our breath, hoping for “our’ guy… and then the disappointment/confusion/deflation of hearing the actual name.

          Hopefully John is reading SDB this year and taking notes.

  11. Morgan

    I bet our first pick will be James Daniels and everyone will go…”Of course the ONE GUY we never talk about…!”

    • Lewis

      It’s happened before, so why not?

      • Lewis

        Though I should say when there are “surprise” picks, inevitably, if you go back and look at stories Rob has written over the months leading up to the draft, you sit there and go “why didn’t we focus on this guy more”. It’s almost always right there in front of us.

        • Morgan

          Yep that’s so true.

          • drewdawg11

            Chris Spencer.

            • STTBM

              Gross! Mr. 10 Pro Bowls himself…boy was Holmgren wrong. Still remember year 3, A Times reporter told Holmy G Chris Gray was making the line calls for Spencer in games…Holmy had no idea!

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      If that’s the case, my first move will be to grab Jack Daniels.

      • Old but Slow

        Good thought, but I am attracted to Singal Malte.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Save the single malt for when you want to celebrate. Drink the blends to forget. It’s cheaper and you won’t remember anyway.

          Daniels is a decent prospect, but if he’s their first pick…I’ll want to forget.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Go Canadian whisky, I make Canadian margaritas on the boat.

    • Aaron

      Happens in every draft. Last year it was Naz and Shaq for sure. There’s just so many draftable players that once you get past rounds 3 or 4 I keep saying when they draft someone “uh…who?”

      • Misfit74

        I think they weigh less conventional things extraordinarily heavy – things like competitive toughness, which is blatantly obvious with so few players on the surface (see: Guice, Q. Nelson, W. Hernandez) but looking at our draft last year some picks just had something special. Tedric Thompson’s ball skills, the various backstory, loves/lives for football, chip on shoulder guys we seem to always end up with. It’s a puzzle hard to solve.

        • STTBM

          The problem with Thompson is he’s slow–far too slow for FS, and too light for SS. I’m skeptical he ever becomes more than a Special Teamer.

          • Misfit74

            4.60 with a good 1.63 10yd split.

            • Mark Souza

              Yup, with numbers like those, it’s too bad he isn’t 6’4″ 280 lbs.

      • SheHawk

        Agreed and then both Naz and Quill exceeded people’s expectations – Pocic made the all rookie team. In a way had they not the Malik pick would have been an even bigger disaster

      • Sea Mode

        What? You mean you didn’t read my comments on Naz…? 😉

        • Kenny Sloth

          Who are your locks for Seattle?

          • Trevor

            If I had to pick 3 locks to Seattle they would be

            Josh Sweat ( our 1st pick in Rd # 2 after trade back)
            Shaq Griffin in Rd #4
            Holton Hill Rd #5

        • SheHawk

          You called it Sea Mode. Who do u like this year ?

          • Sea Mode

            To be fair, I profile quite a few prospects, so eventually I’m bound to hit on one, I guess… 🙂 Plus, if I’m honest, with Naz in particular last year, I did end up souring on him because he tested so poorly at the combine, but was glad to see that Seattle took him anyway. That’s part of the reason I tried this year to base my evaluation on the tape before we had any testing numbers.

            Anyway, was just trying to say that I/we had not only heard of Naz Jones, but had even recognized that Seattle might be interested in a leader like him with that kind of length and backstory.

            For this year, I’m still undecided, but it’s coming together.

            – Nick Chubb is my “don’t leave the draft without him” guy.
            – Christian Kirk makes the most sense and they have shown clear interest.

            If we can find a way to move around and get those two with our first two picks, I’d be happy with the draft no matter what they do with the rest of it. My only other lock so far is:

            – Tony Brown, whom I felt was a lock to the Seahawks before we even knew they met with him.

            • Logan Lynch

              I also think Nick Chubb is the early RB pick. If they don’t/can’t get him I think it’s someone that fits their profile later. Maybe Ballage if he drops a bit. I’m guessing they really want Griffin, but someone will surprise and snag him earlier. Maybe GB. They need LB help.

              • Jesse Cobb

                I think Griffin is going to be swiped earlier as well. We may have to trade for a late third rounder to make sure we get him.

              • Madmark

                I went back and watched video of him and then look again at his stats. Game against N Carolina he rushed 4 times for 12yds. sorry It is my firm opinion that this would be a wasted pick. We already have enough guys to catch the pass outta the backfield. I would seriously not draft a RB this year if he was the only to draft.

                • Madmark

                  I’m talking about Ballage sorry I miss putting that in there

                  • Logan Lynch

                    Not necessarily disagreeing with you. I see Ballage as someone they’ll really like and the fact that they had that private workout with him is another factor.

  12. Awsi Dooger

    I’ll be interested where Josh Rosen goes. Many whispers about ability not attitude. This link from probably the best draft forum makes a case that Rosen is extremely overrated, based on third down conversion and other variables.

    BTW, none of the analytics related measures like Waldo, SackSEER and SURGE have Bradley Chubb at the top of the edge rushers. Nor does James Cobern in his recently posted video of the top edge guys. He has Chubb third. Chubb may succeed based on work ethic and smarts but there’s no question he’s not nearly as explosive as the edge guys who normally are drafted in the range he’s expected to go. Of course, my Dolphins brainstormed twice to draft analytics flunkers Dion Jordan and Charles Harris in the first round.

    Tim Settle above Da’Ron Payne is quite the projection, based on how the two of them performed in the postseason. One guy relentlessly dominated while the other one mostly chowed down and got knocked down. Settle has too many immaturity issues for me to ignore with an early pick, despite the obvious ability.

    • sdcoug

      To this day, my Dolphins buddy still cringes at the name Ted Ginn Jr.

    • Ishmael

      That’s interesting stuff, much better than the weird pop psychology anonymous scouts and Draft Twitter seem to be throwing at him. Thanks for the link.

  13. Coleslaw

    Man… if we can get Josh Sweat, Shaq Griffin, and Nick Nelson… Those are 3 ballers and each level of the defense with huge chips on their shoulder. Nelson has first round cover skills but will be like the 10th corner taken or something. I know he’s small but I think he could play outside. Just not on the big guys.
    Also, Sweat + one of the interior rushers next year + what we’ve already got would be a dream come true.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’m with you on Griffin and Nelson. Nelson is my favorite DB in the class. He’s just a sticky flypaper wet blanket of suffocating coverage. I know he doesn’t match their physical prototype, especially arm length/wingspan, and he’s never had an INT. But he has shut down ability, and he’s “all football”. I’d like them to try him at safety or even big nickel.

      Both Nelson and Griffen would a lot to the defensive back 7.

      I’m not big on Sweat. I get the interest. He’s prototypically sized with elite athleticism. He has heart and grit and all that stuff. But I just don’t see it on tape. He’s consistently the last man moving off the snap. His instincts aren’t very sharp. He’s a bit one-dimensonal, at least right now. I guess that size and athleticism is worth a flier, like early Day 3.

      Rasheem Green is the other one I’d love to see drafted. Like Rob stated above, he’s a top 20 pick if he stays in school another year. Maybe even top 10 if he puts it all together. Adding Green, Griffin and Nelson would be amazing for the defense.

      • Coleslaw

        I also really like Green, for the same reason I like Sweat; Pete gets the most out of his guys and coaches up his defense personally. Whoever we get to fill these holes is going to get full on PC mentoring. Sweat is really smart so he could definitely take all that in and improve his game. Him and Clark would be an elite pair of we got Sweat playing right.
        Green is a monster man, I love his fit with Clark, too. He’s the ideal big DE, able to defend the run and set the edge. Has a very good 10 yard split for his size (1.65 at 6’5″ 275 lbs). Love his power when 1 on 1 with a tackle. Pro comparison: Jason Pierre Paul.

      • hawktalker#1

        I’m 100% with every point in your response, especially on Sweat, Green and Nelson – have the exact same thoughts. Nice!!

      • Misfit74

        When he’s playing edge and watching he ball as an edge is supposed to, he is first off the ball. It’s when he’s playing out of position and doing other things there are clips of what’s perceived as a slow reaction. It’s a fallacy that he’s slow to react off the snap.

    • Trevor

      Colesaw I agree those would be 3 awesome picks! I would be excited with that draft. Add in an Andrew Brown at 3T you would have the defense restocked.

  14. roland jose

    what do you think about QB WKU Mike White had a good senior bowl?, and what about RB Jailyn Samuel, i know they see him at a TE, but he is a versitale weapon like Ballage.

  15. Coleslaw

    Could we get away with trading Earl and only replacing him with Natrell Jamerson and McDougald? I think it’s possible, and could open up an opportunity to grab a different position with another day 2 pick.

    33. Christian Kirk WR
    50. Nick Chubb RB
    64. Josh Sweat DE
    95. Braden Smith/ Kalen Ballage/ TE/ S/ BPA
    114. Shaquem Griffin LB
    120. Holton Hill CB
    146. Tony Brown CB
    156. Natrell Jamerson FS
    168. Will Dissly TE
    226. Ito Smith RB
    248. Kyle Allen QB

    • Trevor

      That would be an off the charts good draft IMO but Sweat is long gone by 64 with the lack of pass rush talent in third draft he is a top 40 lock.

      If the Hawks want him they would need to take him at #33. No chance he gets past a team like SF in RD2 who needs a pass rusher.

    • SheHawk

      Only Griffin . We’ve needed depth at LB + want “LOBv2 powered by twin turbos”

      if we don’t pick him I’m tuning out and loving on the Mariners til fall. Malik pick ruined lots for me – arrogance to think we could fix his issues, skipping players like budda and TJ Watt.. hawks were not holding consistent standards across team.. so dangerous. PC is taking back control of locker room. We’ve purged bad attitudes — let’s not draft more. I want character and integrity injected back in to team. Players you want young kids looking up to Some = Russ, Bobby, KJ, ADB, locket,Nazi, Griffin have it….. others not so much. Griffin is my guy.

      • A, Chris

        I consider it more likely than not, that another team takes Griffin before we have the chance to pull the trigger. The kids a force. There will be demand for him

        • hawktalker#1

          This is also the concern running in the back of my mind. Other teams have to know we would likely try to get him and so would then also know exactly where they need to be to pick him ahead of us.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Ahead of us where?

      • Kyle B

        Nazi? Who calls him that? Probably shouldn’t lol

        • mishima

          LOL. +1937

          • Kenny Sloth

            +2017 😮

  16. Kenny Sloth

    Alistair Corp’s measurable targets

    Kalen Ballage
    Nick Chubb
    Lavon Coleman
    Gus Edwards
    Royce Freeman
    Derrius Guice
    Kerryon Johnson
    Ronald Jones
    John Kelly
    Sony Michel
    Ryan Nall
    Rashaad Penny
    Jaylen Samuels
    Bo Scarbrough
    Jordan Wilkins

    DaeSean Hamilton
    Christian Kirk
    Anthony Miller
    D.J. Moore
    Equanimeous St. Brown
    Courtland Sutton
    James Washington
    Marcell Ateman
    Dylan Cantrell
    Steven Dunbar
    Daurice Fountain
    Michael Gallup
    Keith Kirkwood
    Allen Lazard
    Korey Robertson
    Byron Pringle
    Jaleel Scott
    Jordan Smallwood
    Tre’Quan Smith
    Vertical Stretchers:
    D.J. Chark
    Quadree Henderson
    Dante Pettis
    Jeff Badet
    Antonio Callaway
    Keke Coutee
    Richie James

    Marcus Baugh
    Tyler Conklin
    Will Dissly
    Dallas Goedert
    Hayden Hurst
    Dalton Schultz
    Durham Smythe
    Ian Thomas

    Kolton Miller
    Joseph Noteboom
    Brian O’Neill
    Brandon Parker
    Timon Parris
    Gregory Senat
    Braden Smith
    Dave Steinmetz
    Wyatt Teller
    Brett Toth
    Connor Williams

    Evan Brown
    Austin Corbett
    James Daniels
    Austin Golson
    Will Hernandez
    Patrick Morris
    Skyler Phillips
    Billy Price
    Scott Quessenberry
    Frank Ragnow
    Coleman Shelton
    Isaiah Wynn

    Foley Fatukasi
    B.J. Hill
    Justin Jones
    Kahlil McKenzie
    Kendrick Norton
    Da’Ron Payne
    Harrison Phillips
    Interior Rushers:
    Andrew Brown
    Taven Bryan
    Da’Shawn Hand
    P.J. Hall
    Maurice Hurst
    Sebastian Joseph
    James Looney
    Bilal Nichols
    Nathan Shepherd
    Breeland Speaks
    Trent Thompson

    Dorance Armstrong
    Ade Aruna
    Lorenzo Carter
    Marcus Davenport
    Duke Ejiofor
    Kylie Fitts
    Rasheem Green
    Sam Hubbard
    Harold Landry
    Tyquan Lewis
    Ogbonnia Okoronkwo
    Joe Ostman
    Josh Sweat
    Chad Thomas
    Kemoko Turay

    Jerome Baker
    Oren Burks
    Zaire Franklin
    Shaquem Griffin
    Malik Jefferson
    Micah Kiser
    Darius Leonard
    Foye Oluokun
    Quentin Poling
    Matthew Thomas
    Leighton Vander Esch
    Fred Warner

    Christian Campbell Penn State
    Carlton Davis Auburn
    Brandon Facyson Virginia Tech
    Holton Hill Texas
    Chris Jones Nebraska
    Josh Kalu Nebraska
    Kameron Kelly San Diego State
    Justin Martin Tennessee
    Tarvarus McFadden Florida State
    Tarvarius Moore S. Mississippi
    Chandon Sullivan Georgia State
    Jordan Thomas Oklahoma
    Simeon Thomas Louisiana Lafayette
    D’Montre Wade Murray State
    Tracy Walker Louisiana Lafayette
    Isaac Yiadom Boston College

    Marcus Allen
    Troy Apke
    Jessie Bates
    Dane Cruikshank
    Terrell Edmunds
    Deshon Elliott
    Joe Ferguson
    Tre Flowers
    Godwin Igwebuike
    Natrell Jamerson
    Derwin James
    Afolabi Laguda
    Jordan Martin
    Montrel Meander
    Siran Neal
    Steven Parker
    Jeremy Reaves
    Justin Reid
    Armani Watts

    • Trevor

      Thanks for this Kenny!

      Really appreciate all the work you have done this week to provide some awesome info for the blog. Really exceptional.

  17. Kenny Sloth

    Pick position prioritization based on positional draft depth.

    DL at the top of the second
    LEO before the second round ends
    Starting WR before the second round ends
    Shaquem in the third
    RB before the fourth
    TE until the fifth
    DT before the sixth
    OL into the sixth
    2 CBs into the seventh and udfa
    RB or WR on day 3 or udfa

    That’s eleven spots to look at

    • Trevor

      I agree with this completely those seem to be where the cliffs are in the draft and you summed up the situation perfectly for the Hawks.

      That is why I think Sweat and Kirk are the first two picks for the Hawks. Positions of huge need where there are big drop offs in talent after the first 50-60 picks.

    • peter

      You’ve got three cliffs by the second round. As it stands it seems they are only be able to resolve one of those so which do you think is the highest priority to solve?

      History shows a lot of picks for wr. I think I’m leaning that. though the supply is limited of edge rushers, this is just me, the value of say Kirk over the value of sweat is pretty big. New offense, no weapons, terrible wr class.

      My guy tells me pc loves sweat. But my brain is telling me that the room says kirk. the closer it gets to draft day the less I see it with sweat. A player who to me will take his whole first contract to produce. Seattle has wasted a bunch of picks see: last year, and needs talent. Even if that means sacrificing potential for contributions. You can turn heads and pick Irvin when you have all your picks.

      • DCD2

        If we go with DL and/or RB : Michael Gallup (WR: CSU) could be the guy in round 4.

        Trying to go LEO with our first/second pick seems like a mistake to me. I don’t think any of the guys who will be there would warrant spending that pick. Dorance Armstrong (KU) makes a lot of sense in the 4th. Kemoko Turay as well, depending on how long he lasts.

        Breeland Speaks (DE) might make it to the 4th as well (though Rob said he might go as high as the 2nd). Nathan Shepherd (Fort Hayes St)looks like a bit of a project with huge upside that could last a bit… of course I’m pretty sure that you are the one who put him on my radar!

        Anyway, there are a handful of guys that I would still be excited to land after the aforementioned ‘cliffs’.

        My personal priority is:
        1. Mo Hurst
        2. RB
        3. WR

  18. KD

    According to 3sigmaathlete, Josh Sweat is the 2nd best EDGE athlete in the draft, and although that is a positive, his tape is bad in my opinion. I just don’t see anything special about him. According to walterfootball, the Hawks have had multiple visits with the following players:

    Josh Sweat
    Kyle Allen
    Tony Brown
    Dallas Goedert
    Christian Kirk

    They are trying to nail down that one player. It could be that they are just trying to get more info on these guys, but if that is the short list, then that worries me. The names on the private workout list is larger though:

    A couple years ago, I freaked out at the Bruce Irvin pick because i didn’t know who the hell he was and I was just an uneducated draft fan. When I looked at Irvin’s tape, i immediately realized why he was picked. He was incredibly fast and would regularly beat OTs with pure speed. I look at Sweat and I just don’t see any of that. I just don’t see anything special about him other than his SPARQ score that would make him desirable as the Hawk’s fist pick.

    I will be highly skeptical if Sweat were the Hawks first pick in this draft.

    • Sea Mode

      Someone mentioned it a while back, and I’m coming to agree more and more. The Mingo signing might mean we can look to fill other positions this year instead of spend one of our few early-round picks reaching for a project in a shallow class. Though Mingo is no sure thing, neither is Sweat. Athletic profile is similar:

      Mingo: 6042, 241, 33 3/4 arm, 09 5/8 hand, 4.58 40yd, 1.60 10yd, 4.39 SS, 6.84 3C, 37.0” vert, 10’8″ broad
      Sweat.: 6046, 251, 34 5/8 arm, 10 1/4 hand, 4.53 40yd, 1.55 10yd, 4.28 SS, 6.95 3C, 39.5″ vert, 10’2″ broad

      Sweat is only 21 though, of course, while Mingo is 27.

      • peter

        It’s tricky for me because I think there’s as good of a likelihood that Seattle goes after sweat because of signing mingo. On balance I think it’s so they can go after other positions and I for one hope they do….But starting with signing matt Flynn and getting Russell I think the signings also work as hedges.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Mingo, Jordan, Smith were over drafted edge prospects who were projects at the time. All 3 are in their athletic prime with a few years of seasoning-think Bennett and Avril. Personally I don’t want to spend an early pick on a project- Sweat, Davenport-who’s only going to see 30% of the snaps at best. Think we can add talent to the group in the middle rounds- Lewis, Brown, Duke.

      • Mark Souza

        I agree, Mingo gives them flexibility to not “reach” this year. Though he likely isn’t the long term answer, he will give them a chance to bridge the gap into a truly special D-line class next year.

    • JimQ

      IMO- Great measurements and testing only go so far in defining a player. Sweat looks good in shorts, but…….. when you look at his tape he looks like he is way overrated. Also, availability, is an important factor & I don’t see the Seahawks taking a day-1 pick with ANY major injury concerns, this – they learned from last year. That is also the reason I think they go with a RB with no personal red flags & again, no major injury history. That will eliminate a few of the RB’s being touted as potential Seahawk picks. And, IMO, rightfully so.

      Ballage = A huge Smokescreen, (I hope) because there is no way in hell he alone would “fix the running game”. If I were ranking this seasons running backs, Ballage would come in about #10 and I predict he’ll be a big time bust for whichever teams drafts him. IMO-he’s an athlete trying to play football & “looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane” is an all too true description of this player. No thanks.

  19. Millhouse-serbia

    Did anyone listen JS @Q13 FOX tonight?

    • Trevor

      No anything interesting?

      • Millhouse-serbia

        I dont know, I just read on twitter that he was a guest.

  20. Sea Mode

    Wow, check out this trade Tony Pauline has us pulling off in his latest mock!

    R1P18 to the Broncos for R2P40, R3P96*, and 2019 R1. The Broncos move up for Lamar Jackson.
    *I assume he means R3P99, their comp pick.

    I think that would be a great haul for us. Denver has a chance to pick in the top 10 again next year, especially with a rookie QB at the helm. That pick could turn out to be gold.

    And if we feel we needed to jump ahead of anyone from #40 in order to secure Kirk/Chubb/Rojo, we could spend one of our R5 and move up a couple spots.

    I am sooo going to use this trade in my next mock!

    • Alex

      That would be very good of true. Could we trade next year’s Denver R1 for picks this year?

    • Trevor

      I would be super excited for that trade. The Hawks are in rebuild mode and next years draft looks stacked at a couple of positions we could use an influx of talent DL and FS.

      If they made that trade and picked up an addional say 3rd rounder in a trade for Earl they would have some serious draft capital next year to round out the roster and make another legit SB run.

    • peter

      a 2 and a 3 is still better this year than 18 and nothing forever. Plus the 1st next year? Seems like you could use that right away or keep it.

      That’s a great haul.

      Have doubts that elway likes jackson.

    • Look Who's Hawkin

      Would be surprised if a rookie QB is starting for them, they just gave Case Keenum a nice chunk of change. I think if they draft someone he will be sitting and learning for at least a year. Though you never know – Hawks went with Russell over Flynn, but I think whoever they drafted would have to really wow during preseason just like RW3 did.

      Regardless, I still love that move.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      That trade with Denver would be awesome! Since we are really building for 2019 and beyond, this trade is ideal.

    • Lewis

      Love that this could put us in a position to get Damien Harris next year.

  21. Trevor

    My Day #3 Seahawks Locks

    Rd#4 Shaq Griffin – Situational Pass Rusher and special teams standout year #1

    Rd#5 Holton Hill- Starter next year opposite Shaq after a year in Petes system. The best CB in college supporting in the run game and nice athletic profile.

    Rd#7 Tony Brown- Cheap replacement for Niko Thorpe. Special Teams standout year #1 and would be a nickel corner / FS backup.

    Griffin and Brown would bring incredible energy and attitude to this team and thier impact in that regard could be invaluable.

    • Trevor

      When I say Hill will be a starter that would be in 2019 not this year.

      • peter

        I think hill could start his year. It may not be the prettiest but it isn’t always with maxi either. though I hope they resign maxwell for a year.

    • Lewis

      That’d be great, but I worry about the possibility Griffin and Hill go a round earlier. That’s natural, when you like a player, I think, to expect they will go earlier. PCJS have shown time and again the ability to target guys and get them, though, so if they want those two, I suspect they will make it work.

  22. Look Who's Hawkin

    Incoming Guice truthers ready to wage war over how low he is ranked!! HA 🙂

    I’ve seen more than one person suggest he is the best back in this draft – above Barkley….for the record, I think that is a complete crock.

    3 days to go….GO HAWKS!

    • McZ

      Please, for the love, no, not another Guice discussion. Lets say, he’s not good, he’s not bad, he’s what he his. Peace in the universe restored.

      • drewdawg11

        To quote an SNL sketch from the 90’s… “Who ARE these people?!”

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes lets talk about how Mayfield will be the best quarterback in this class. No controversy there! 🙂

      • Kenny Sloth

        Don’t get me started haha.

        He might be the most talented QB. I’d hear that argument.

        The four horse race is real.

  23. Georgia Hawk

    Here’s a question for Rob and others:

    Coming at this a little differently, who is the player most likely to be OVER drafted. You could call it bust if you want, but that is pretty subjective.

    For me, even though he has fallen in recent mocks, it is Calvin Ridley. He just doesn’t wow me with anything. The WR cliff leads me to think he is going to get over drafted ( Hellllloooooooo Dallas!) and I don’t really see him living up to it.

    • H

      Ridley is a good choice for that one, nothing about him seems round 1 to me. Another would be Kolton Miller, just an athlete at this point but the strength of the OT class will have him in the first round.
      I expect him to struggle alot if he starts this year.

    • H

      Denzel Ward and Sony Michel would be two more.
      Dont undertand taking a 5’9 corner top 10 and Michel, to me, is massively overrated but will be one of the top 5 running backs taken.

      • mishima

        Agree. D. Ward.

    • cha

      My gut says Josh Allen. Raw talent and he’ll need the right organization to draft and develop him, which is possible, but when you’re drafted in the top 5 patience is really hard to have. Even moreso if a team trades up to draft him.

    • Sea Mode

      Roquan Smith. Not that he’s a bad player, but top 15 is over-drafting for me. Pauline even has him going to the Colts at #6 in his latest mock. Says they’re in love with him.

    • DCD2

      Andrew Brown and Da’Ron Payne.

      I won’t say they are busts, but they’ll both go much sooner than I think they should.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m going to say = all the quarterbacks picked in the top 10. I’ve never seen so much interest in a relatively modestly talented crew. By rights they should be going somewhere in the 2-4 th rounds. They all got problems but the teams are lining up to pick them. I hope their QB training program is in full gear!

  24. hughmungusfan

    Explain why you have Rosen falling all the way to the Patriots as the 4th QB taken in your mock when you have him ranked as the 2nd best QB in the draft?

    • H

      I think these are his personal rankings whereas the mock was a prediction of what he thinks will actually happen.

    • Richy

      I cannot imagine Denver giving Seattle a 2019 Rd1 pick for our 2018 1st rounder. Maybe when pigs fly!

  25. Kenny Sloth

    DJ Chark vs Carlton Davis with breakfast

    • Kenny Sloth

      With a side of Anthony Miller vs Parry Nickerson 2016

      • Kenny Sloth

        Kemoko Turay vs Ohio State 2014; an excellent vintage

  26. Kenny Sloth

    Who will be a better pro?

    Shaquem Griffin or Dorian O’Daniel

    • hawktalker#1

      What a great question.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Both fast, physical, energetic. Fluid in coverage, good off the snap.

        I’ve also seen both projected all over the place.

        • hawktalker#1

          Yep – actually love both those guys!!

  27. Madmark

    I’m not so sure that Cleveland will trade 3 of there picks for 18. It would pretty much put them in the same boat we are in. They would have only 7 picks left and nothing from 35 to 150. a trade with the patriots on the other hand could net us 23, 95, and 198. 18 is worth 900 and patriots worth is 760 +120 + 14.2 =794.2. the patriots get their OT and we get more picks in our process to get more. Its after that what team would want to move up to 23. I think we are going to have to nickel and dime this pick to get the ten draft picks we want and I don’t think we will get the full value in those trades after the patriots because we are more desperate to move down. I like any ideas you all might have for trade for pick 23.

    • hawktalker#1

      Unfortunately for us, some sound logic. Not sure anyone wants to go that long between picks. Especially as an outcome of only getting just a #18 pick.

      • Logan Lynch

        I don’t advocate for the use of sound logic mere days before the draft. Give me pure conjecture and rampant speculation!

        • hawktalker#1

          LOL Right, stick to the script. Just pick a CB and #18 – we have enough RBs already!! If we really need more picks, we can always trade Russ. 🙁

    • DCD2

      Trading down with Carolina at 24 could make a lot of sense. They have #85 & #88 to make it work and can still pick in the 3rd.

      The big problem is that the teams at the end of the order (MIN, ATL, PIT, JAX) all have just their native picks (7), so it’s going to be hard to swing a 2 for 1. Philly has an extra 3rd for 8 total and may feel that their window is now and someone at 18 is the difference maker that they can’t get at 32.

      NE makes the most sense in terms of capital, but it sounds like their focus is on a QB, which wouldn’t be the #18 pick for a target. They still seem like the most likely to me though… maybe they really like Mason Rudolph or Falk and want to grab a T with their 1st pick.

      • Fairlawn

        The Eagles don’t have any day two picks, they’re probably trying to trade back as well.

        • DCD2

          You’re right.

          I misread the chart I was looking at. No 2/3 for PHI, just an extra 4th for 6 total picks. They aren’t moving up.

      • Madmark

        Moving 1 spot is just 20 points not really worth the trade.

        • DCD2

          Which scenario are you talking about moving one spot?

    • Comfect

      Some of that might depend on Cleveland’s other maneuverings: I’ve seen suggestions that they might move down from 4 as well, which could pick up more picks (though they might then not need to trade with us depending on the compensation).

    • Madmark

      What ya all think Seattle then trades 23 and 95 for 37,67, and 104.

      • hawktalker#1

        Works great for me, as long as we don’t lose QUEM by moving to #104. 🙂

    • Madmark

      You can always swap picks to make up points also

  28. HawksBill

    Like what i have seen from Duke Ejiofor DE wake Forest.
    His really long arms (34⅞”) keeps the OT’s from locking onto him, has some nice rush moves while keeping track of the ball. Always running motor.
    He is the type of value the Seahawks like; underrated because he had labrum surgery and missed the Senior bowl and Combine. One con is a history of concussions. Projected going in the 3rd.

  29. Kelly Smith

    Not to be a debbie-downer; but regarding Shaqueem. We all seem to salivate at the idea of getting Shaq, and I keep seeing him as a *steal* in the 4th round. Everyone in the league has seen his tape and they are all thinking the same thing. I think with 32 teams all thinking how great of special teamer he will be and his effort, measures, etc. I don’t think he will make it to the 4th round. If he had his 2nd hand I believe he would be a lock in the 1st round.

    I guess what I am saying is if we want him I think we all need to be prepared to surrender a higher pick for him. I personally think he will be drafted at a higher pick then his brother. Again these are just my thoughts, but I believe he will go in the top 90, I think the Texans will grab him with one of their 3 3rd rounders.

    On a side note, how bittersweet would it be if he was taken with our native 3rd rounder that we traded to the Texans.

    • DCD2

      That side note is all bitter, zero sweet.

      • STTBM


    • hawktalker#1

      Yeah, more like bitter, choke. LOL

    • AlaskaHawk

      Would work if Seahawks had a higher pick to play with. I think he will be there in the 4th.

    • Shadow

      Griffin is a guy I would love to have, but I hope we don’t go higher than 4th round for him. Not because I don’t think he’s worth a higher pick, but I’d like to see us use higher picks at different positions.

      Now if he is still on the board when we pick in the 4th round? Hell yeah!

      • Smitty1547

        His brother had the same measurable, plays a more important position and has 2 hands, I say the over/ under is he gets drafted after his brother was picked even with his great back story and passion,

  30. Largent80

    Who would be the player that Seattle picks that you never thought they would?

    I was asking myself that, and after all these years watching them draft, I would have to say…Anyone..Ha

    • DCD2

      Bit of a catch 22 with that question.

      I’ll go with Orlando Brown. After his combine and our views on athleticism, I’d find that one out of left field. He was considered the #1 T going into the pre-draft process by many though. We haven’t focused on T much and he’s had such a disappointing post-season, that he’d be one to fit the bill.

    • AlaskaHawk

      A field goal kicker to compete with their free agent kicker.

  31. Kyle

    Here is a mock draft I just did. I acquired 10 picks and then went with it. As you will see, Im a huge RJ2 and Nick Chubb Fan. Somehow Austin Corbett was still hanging around in the 2nd at pick 11. I almost took Kristian Kirk there as we have discussed. But Corbett was to much value for me. Nick Chubb was surprisingly there at 31. What a 1 2 punch that would be. Ian Thomas was also considered here at pick 31 in the 2nd. After that I picked based off of what Rob has been talking about. I got a B- from the draft site, but its an A+ in my eyes. Let me know what you think.

    Your Picks:
    Round 2 Pick 3 (CLE): Jones II, Ronald, RB, Southern California (B)
    Round 2 Pick 11 (N.E.): Corbett, Austin, OG, Nevada (B+)
    Round 2 Pick 31 (N.E.): Chubb, Nick, RB, Georgia (B+)
    Round 4 Pick 20: Hill, Holton, CB, Texas (A-)
    Round 5 Pick 4: Bates III, Jessie, FS, Wake Forest (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 9: Nelson, Nick, CB, Wisconsin (A)
    Round 5 Pick 31: Kirkwood, Keith, WR, Temple (B+)
    Round 5 Pick 32: Dissly, Will, TE, Washington (A-)
    Round 7 Pick 8: Barrett, JT, QB, Ohio State (A)
    Round 7 Pick 30: Jamerson, Natrell, FS, Wisconsin (A)

    • DCD2

      I like the players you got, but if we don’t add a defensive player over 200 lbs, I’ll be astonished.

    • Largent80

      2 Second rounders on “starting” RB’s?…I don’t think so. Especially with DL line needs and even TE needs.

      • hawktalker#1

        Agreed, but the RB/OL part of this I really like . . . and THAT is absolutely one way you could say the FO went after fixing the run game!!

  32. Logan Lynch

    I don’t get why everyone is so fixated on JS scouting QBs this year. I mean, Russ was scouting them himself for his QB2QB segments or whatever they were called. Is he a double agent scouting for his replacement?!?!

  33. Lewis

    Interesting mock posted by Peter King last night. He talks about hearing from sources that rounds 2, 3, and even 4 are where the value is this year, echoing many discussions here, and that it might be difficult to trade back in round 1 with so few blue chip prospects (that number seems to be 10-11 tops according to Pauline and others). He says he expects Seahawks to trade back, but in his mock, he has Marcus Davenport falling to us and JS being unable to resist.

    • Lewis

      To clarify, he said don’t be surprised if teams take less chart value than you would expect to move back from rd 1 and that it could still be worth it if you can pick up multiple picks in those rounds. I think getting a pick in early round 2 would be very valuable for this reason because you could then make multiple smaller moves back, accumulate picks in rd 3-4, and still get a player you want in rd 2.

      • DCD2

        The irony of our situation is that having a guy fall that we “can’t resist” is the exact scenario we will need to create the urgency for another team to move up.

        • Lewis

          Absolutely. He has Kolton Miller going right before us at 17. That would certainly represent an opportunity to move back if he were to make it to 18.

          So, the question remains, who would people trade up for? With the top 4 qBs likely long gone, is someone willing to move up for Lamar Jackson? Davenport? Landry? DJ Moore?

          • DCD2

            Pats had Lamar on an official 30 recently, but you would think that AZ at 15 would be where you would need to trade past unless the Cards move up for one of the others.

            WR is definitely a possibility. LVE would be as well. Cowboys would probably love LVE and will likely take a WR if he’s not there. That’s where I think the urgency needs to come from. Getting in front of Dallas to get whoever. WR and LB make the most sense in that regard.

            If it’s Lamar that falls, you have to convince teams that there are other bidders. Otherwise a team just waits to trade with Cincy (ahead of Buffalo) because: SEA, DAL, DET aren’t in the QB market.

    • Georgia Hawk

      I actually think the Hawks are in the best position to trade down. You figure 10-12, 15 tops, blue chip prospects in this draft. add in the QB(s) that will be over drafted, plus the one or two random guys that sneak up in a shockingly high position and you get int he that #18 range for the tail end of the true blue chip prospects. Some team will be close enough to want in on it, or have a big enough need at 1 position to try and move up. Patriots and LT, Pitt and/or Jax with S, or even Cle coming from Rd 2 all come to mind as possibilities. If Cle has the chance to land 3 of the top 15 players in the draft, you have to imagine they jump at it. The other three may see the cost to move up worth it to land possibly the best player on their board at a position they see as the “final” piece.

      I think there will be opportunity, the question is how much can we get out of it.

      • Lewis

        Makes a lot of sense. It also suggests making multiple small moves (as we have seen JS make) may not be the best approach here. Would love to get 33 from Cleveland, because then you have overnight for teams to make deals, you know who is going to be there, and you can move back multiple times in round 2 (as opposed to round 1) and grab more picks in rd 3-4

        • Georgia Hawk

          100% behind this strategy.

      • STTBM

        Are you from the old TNT blog?

        I do think Seattle will trade down, but I’m nervous they get fleeced because everyone knows they NEED to trade down. Can’t wait for the draft…

  34. sdcoug

    Eagles freed up $6.5+ M in cap space by reworking a contract. Add that to the $1.6M they already have, a lack of numbers at Safety on their roster, a perceived intent to consider a Safety in the top rounds of the draft, a cheap rookie QB contract, and the 32nd pick in the First Round…and well…hello Earl. Total speculation, but hey, speculation is fun.

    • vrtkolman

      I think they did that to account for the Nick Foles raise.

    • vrtkolman

      Foles is making over $20 million this year, it’s really fascinating to see their roster. Their starter is on a rookie contract and the backup is making upper tier QB money.

      • sdcoug

        You’re probably absolutely correct, it just got me thinking a bit. The pieces conceivably fit.

      • sdcoug

        It looks like Fole’s 2018 contract is just an $8M cap hit

        • vrtkolman

          Ah, it must be heavily incentive based.

          • Greg Haugsven

            It is, it all has to do whether he really plays or not. Basically Wentz insurance.

            • vrtkolman

              That’s a great deal for Philly.

  35. Adog

    First of all…there is no way that this team is mortgaging this year to make a run the following year. Parody is next to heavenly when you have russel wilson and bobby wagoner…they are unique generational talents. I know it’s easy to see the rams and their playoff tested qb as unbreakable…but just remember that behind the pats the hawks are the most consistent and efficient team in the nfl when you are counting wins and losses. As for the draft…don’t be surprised to see the hawks trade into the top ten. It makes no sense if your picking at 22 to trade into the top ten…value wise…but from 18 it plausible to give a little to get say vea…or bradly chubb. A trade up is definitely on the table…certainly if 4-5 qbs leave in the top ten. I believe they will address rb in 3-5 rounds…drafting two…one who is a punisher and another who is a hybrid wr/rb. There is a lot of hype that this team is rebuilding…they are not.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Not sure if this is parody (believe you meant parity) or you truly have some opinions that are….out there. I basically disagree with everything you said.

      In the event it is the former, well done. If that latter…..

    • Lewis

      Not a chance they trade up unless Earl is traded. They don’t have the ammunition, there’s no one there worth the move except maybe Vea (Chubb is going to be gone by 5 or 6…we literally could not trade up that high with every pick we have).

    • vrtkolman

      A trade up would have to involve next year’s 1st and 3rd at a minimum. We are already out a 2nd round pick, so we would be looking at 1 top ten pick and then nothing in the 1st 3 rounds for 2 years. That is a great way to wreck the future of the team. They would not be able to recover.

    • Simo

      Hey, anything is possible right? There’s been some speculation about who the Hawks would stand pat for at #18, and tons of trade-down conversations, but very little thought they would actually trade up! I saw Rob post that taking B Chubb or Barkley, possibly Vea or D James if they fell to 18, but not to trade up for them.

      We’re so short on high round picks this year and even next (no 2nd), that we just can’t pick once in the first 3 rounds, and then have to give up a bunch more compensation to move up. We also have a number of holes to fill (DE, TE, RB, WR) and need all the Rd 2-3 picks we can get since that’s where the value is at.

      Would be absolutely shocked if we moved up in the draft, unless its moving up in Rd 4 or lower.

    • hawktalker#1

      Agreed. Trading up to #10 would be some kind of parody, Wierd Al style.

      • Lewis

        No, then it would be funny. Well, probably. Even Al has the occasional Taco Grande.

  36. EP

    Using Robs trades from yesterday:
    38. Christian Kirk, Texas A/M WR
    64. BJ Hill, N.C State DT
    95. Rashad Penny, SDSU RB
    114. Shaquem Griffin, UCF OLB
    120. Holton Hill, Texas CB
    146. Natrell Jamerson, Wisconsin FS
    156. Will Dissly, Washington TE
    168. Peter Kalambyi, Stanford OLB
    226. Leon Jacobs, Wisconsin ILB/OLB
    248. Keith Kirkwood, Temple WR

    Undrafted free agent QB/WR/FB/CB/K/P

    • Lewis

      Like it.

      • hawktalker#1

        Me too – but not sure there is enough RB beef. Could come up a penny short.

        • Lewis

          I’m not sold on Penny either (watch him vs Boise St and I don’t know how anyone could be). But give me Martez Carter as a priority udfa.

          • hawktalker#1

            I’m banging my same old drum on the RB subject. Where’s the beef? Need a top tier difference maker to fix the running game. Although I have been all about RoJo over Chubb, I’d take either over any other RB not named Barkley.

            • Simo

              I’m on board, bang that thing loudly!! There’s nothing wrong with Carson or Davis, these guys are great depth, but a true top tier RB can make a huge difference on this team!

              • hawktalker#1

                I probably do it too much. No one likes a one-man drum line . . . 🙂

                I don’t mind it though!!

            • Lewis

              I think maybe Penny has value as a mismatch weapon more like a Prosise, than as an every down back. Use him on returns, line him up in the slot, etc. he might be great in that role. So, it just depends what they are after.

              • hawktalker#1

                Agreed – I sure see that and love him and Ito Smith in that role. IMO we really need a productive bell cow right now to get us where we need to be. Producing and surviving 8 consecutive games would be a great initial test/start. 🙂

                • Lewis

                  No argument from me

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              We agree on more than Sweat (👎🏼), Nelson & Griffin (👍🏼).

              RoJo is my #1 hope for this draft. The only other RB prospect I’d be happy about is Chubb.

              But I’m fully prepared for them to wait until R3/R4 and take Ballage 🙄

              • hawktalker#1

                not I or anyone else is going to stop PCJS from doing what they want to do, but I am going to be hugely disappointed if they don’t take a top-tier RM and end up selecting Ballage.
                Although I know the signs point to that being very possible, I would be resigned to suffer through another crappy year of poor running results if we do that (assuming our current stable of RBs struggle in performance and health as they have in the past).

                I will be hanging down my head Tom Dooley . . . (I’m not really old enough to know what that means . . . just something my dad said far too often)

                • Lewis

                  Lol, it’s from a song called “Hang down your head Tom Dooley”. It’s morbid as hell, so I have no clue why we used to sing it in elementary school.

                  • DCD2

                    Kingston Trio for the win!

              • Madmark

                I’m not after going back and watching tape and looking at Ballage stats again I am absolutely against that pick and I really have to believe they was there to see Chritian Kirk and Kyle Allen and why they was there to check him out. Do diligence.

          • JimQ

            I’ve seen this remark about Penney’s Boise St. game multiple times now and because he is IMO
            the best fit as a Seahawk RB I’d like to add a few FACTS to that conversation.

            1. Rashaad Penney had 2 games in 2017 under 100-yds. which leads all of the top RB ‘s.
            2. Research reveals that 2 & 3 starting OL guys were injured or out in those two games.
            3. Basing a complete player evaluation on their worst 2 games, while ignoring the rest is foolish.
            4. Level of competition is always a concern but keep in mind that a player from a lesser school
            are also playing with lesser talent around them & excelling in spite of that may be a desirable quality. Reference SDST alum, Marshal Faulk, for one.

            Here are the top Seahawk RB candidates “game log” rushing stats from this season.

            –Saquon Barkley; Currently the #1-RB, ranked #1-overall at
            2017-Game Log; 4-100-yd & 1-200-yd games
            8-games with 88,47,56,75,44,63,35 & 77.
            (Guess he isn’t worth a damn either!) Very talented, yes, but I don’t quite see all the hype.

            –Derrius Guice; Currently the #2-RB, ranked #32-overall at
            2017 Game Log; 4-100-yd & 1-200-yd games,
            7-games with 76,14,50,71,71,97 & 98.
            (Guess he isn’t worth a damn either!) Talented, yes, but I don’t see the hype at all.

            –Sony Michael; Currently the #3-RB, ranked #41-overall at
            2017-Game Log: 3-100-yd & NO-200-yd games,
            11-games with 87,73,32,64,86,81,21,87,85,45 & 98.
            (Guess he isn’t worth a damn either!) Yes, he shared carries with Chubb, but still……

            –Ronald Jones; Currently the #4-RB, ranked #49-overall at
            2017-Game Log; 8-100-yd & 1-200-yd game,
            4-games with 47,79,32 & 64.
            (Guess he isn’t worth a damn either!) The only RB I’d personally take over Penney in this draft and I’d have to think about that due to Jones’s size & potential injury concerns due to that size.

            –Nick Chubb; Currently #5-RB, ranked #53-overall at
            2017-Game Log; 6-100-yd & NO-200-yd games,
            9-games with 96,63,81,70,77,27,53,77 & 25.
            (Guess he isn’t worth a damn either!) Talented, yes, but major injury history scares me.

            –Kerryon Johnson; Currently the #6-RB, ranked #57-overall at
            2017-Game Log: 7-100-yd & 1-200-yd game,
            4-games with 48,63,44 & 71.
            (Guess he isn’t worth a damn either!) Has some talent, if he falls & others are gone then OK.

            — Rashaad Penney; Currently the #7-RB, ranked #70-overall at
            2017-Game Log; 5-100-yd & 6-200-yd games.
            2-games with 53-yds & 69-yds.
            My favorite RB in this class that many are sleeping on.

            –Royce Freeman; Currently the #9-RB, ranked #105-overall at
            2017-Game Log; 9-100-yd & NO-200-yd games,
            3-games with 81,51 & 62.
            (Guess he isn’t worth a damn either!) Too soft a RB to be a Seahawk, Rd-4/5 pick at best.

            — Kallen Ballage; Currently the #12-RB, ranked #133-overall at
            2017-Game Log; 1-100-yd & NO-200-yd games,
            11-games with: 79,44,56,47,60,17,75,0,43,97,36 & 12.
            (Guess he isn’t worth a damn either!) – He’s a smoke screen at best, would only draft him in late Rd-7. Doesn’t resemble a starting Seahawk RB in any way & will NOT fix the run game.

            (Click on Player name, click Game log).

            Oh, and Your guy??????
            –Martez Carter; Currently the #20-RB, ranked #232-overall at
            2017-Game log; 3-100-yd games,
            8-games with 68,96,11,34,33,85,92 & 42.
            An UDFA signing, hell yes, but this guy isn’t the answer, maybe a bit player or practice squad.

            • EBurgz

              Nice! I like Penny too. Super underrated around here. Could easily see him as a hawk.

              You could try to argue away his stats with level of talent but he played well in the senior bowl game. I’ve heard people say he doesn’t create for himself but PFF has him breaking a bunch of tackles (2nd most in the draft class). I think he would be good insurance as a return man If Lockett got hurt or isn’t retained after the season.

            • Tecmo Bowl

              Great stuff there JimQ! Id be happy if we got Penny too. His burst is legit, and has proven he can carry the load.

            • Lewis

              Jim, I appreciate your input. There’s no need to get riled up about it, though. We can have a conversation, right? I will happily admit I haven’t seen much other footage. It just happened to be the first thing I saw. Also, many of these guys it’s tough to find more than a game or two on YouTube. By no means do I think I’m an expert about the guy. Please note that I didn’t say he sucks or anything of the kind, just that I wasn’t sold. Consider that a first impression. I haven’t studied him in depth or anything. And I’m more than willing to be enlightened/persuaded. Incidentally, the thing I came away with wasn’t that yardage total was low, but that it seemed like he was tackled for a loss quite a few times in that game. Going off what we saw last year, I don’t think it is a big stretch to wonder if that might continue with a guy like Penny.

              And yes, Carter would be a very late guy or udfa, not a day 2 pick. I think he’s intriguing as a budget pick. I actually think he and Penny might complement each other extremely well because the are so drastically different physically.

              • Lewis

                That’s what I meant when I mentioned Carter…get them both. I realize now that was terribly unclear. Mea culpa.

                • JimQ

                  No problems, sorry if I raised some ire, but we do all like different guys. I just thought wow, how can he repeatedly say to watch one game to get an impression of a RB like Penney? To me that is being negative about a player that also has many, many great games to his credit, like all of the other RB’s don’t ever have a
                  bad game or two now and then for whatever reason?

                  The biggest question is how do the Seahawks rank the RB’s & which ones best fit their system. I’m in the minority here that prefers Penney. But, did anyone watch Penney’s bowl game performance? What other RB had a better day in any of the other bowl games? What other RB had FIVE 200-yard games to close out the 2017 season? Answer = None, and there are several other unique accomplishments by Penney as well, however he still seems to lack getting much attention. Some say he is a “system RB”, I guess that means he just went along for the ride with all of those huge holes his super OL & his FB created for him? Anyone could do that!
                  In a few days we will see who gets picked, IMO Ballage is a smokescreen for some other RB they are really high on………Book it.

                  • Lewis

                    Think I only mentioned it the one time. Maybe it was someone else? Or I just forgot. Certainly didn’t mean to harp on it. Forgot to mention too that your info on the o-line injuries helps but it into perspective.

                    I forgot I have seen the Army game, but not sure I watched the whole thing before. He’s got a beautiful run at about 9:00 in the 4th. Also love the catch down the left sideline during the senior bowl.

                    Again, I think his best use might be in a Prosise-type role. I love the idea of lining him up in the slot with two receivers, a TE and another RB in the backfield.

  37. hawktalker#1

    I wish I could paste an excel-like grid in here. I’m almost done with a “without ET trade” and a “with ET trade” mock draft and it would like cool to see them side by side.

    • Sea Mode

      Just link us to a Google Doc?

      • hawktalker#1

        Humm – perhaps I’ll do that!!

  38. hawktalker#1

    I hope there isn’t any kind of rule about how many times you can refresh a page in a day waiting for a new SDB article to appear . . . (if there is I already broke it)

    • Volume12

      Haha. Been there too my man.

      • Nick

        The addiction is real.

        • Lewis

          No idea what you are talking about

          *refreshes page again*

          • Kenny Sloth

            *F5 F5 F5*

  39. Jlkresse7

    Hey Rob interested to hear your take on Tyler Conklin from central Michigan. Relatively new to the tight end position but seemed willing to become a better blocker. Also do you think Leon Jacob’s will be there in the later part of round five as a Sams/Leo prospect?

  40. Greg Haugsven

    Would you rather trade 18 for 33, 64, and 114 (Cleveland, 286 points for 286 points) or trade 18 for 36 and 49 (Indy, 286 for 283)?

    • Volume12

      To Cleveland. Rounds 2-4 are loaded.

      • Lewis

        Cleveland, because pick 33 controls day 2. But either one would be great, imo. In either scenario, there’s a good chance we trade down with one of the two, once or twice, imo

    • peter

      cleveland. the extra 4th is and this is just me, shaquem plus ian thomas-holton hill territory. some one will be falling and someone will be rising.

    • STTBM

      I’d take Indys offer because the second round is good this year. But I bet JS would take Cle, sadly. More picks doesn’t always equal more success, especially if they keep passing on good prospects to trade down.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’d rather have 36 and 49

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Unless they plan on trading down twice. Then I’d prefer 33 and 64.

    • Sea Mode

      With Earl trade (get pick #50 from DAL): Cleveland.

      With no Earl trade: IND.

      I want to be in range for both Kirk and Chubb, trading up for the latter from 49 if need be.

      • Clayton Russell

        I’m done with ET, love to keep him on the team but also know the Seahawks are more than just 1 player. IMO, he can always come back and retire a Seahawk. Loved his attitude and smarts but again, in football years he is no spring chicken and a third contract does not help us in the end. Bring in draft picks and let a new defense emerge. Looks like lots of value in this draft, be a shame if we cannot take advantage of it.

  41. Kenny Sloth

    Let’s play ‘hipster pick’

    Name a target you have for the seahawks and if someone else is targeting him they reply with another prospect they think no-one is looking at. Chain together the unknowns.

    I’m targeting Tony Brown II, the Bama nickle defender with a big mouth. He was made unavailable to media most times because of his unpredictable and intense attitude

    • peter

      Frank Ragnow. no meetings, no work outs, just a nice friendly “howdy-do” at arkansas’ pro-day.

      • Coleslaw

        Michael Gallup. Hedge for Kirk or an early receiver

        • Kenny Sloth

          Nice try!

          I raise you a Darren Carrington u of O transfer

          • peter

            move along…..all utah guys are my guys.

      • Coleslaw

        Nyhiem Hines.

        • Kenny Sloth

          How about Mike Boone from Cincinatti as a more obscure speed guy

    • STTBM

      Kirkwood, or that kid whose measurables and drills are eerily similar to Kam Chancellors…can’t remember his name. Gotta believe Seattle is interested unless his tape is awful…

      • Sea Mode

        Kirkwood is a WR. Maybe you are thinking of Oren Burks?

        • STTBM

          I meant Kirkwood the WR. Was mixing positions.

    • Madmark

      John Franklin-Myers DE from Stephen F. Austin pick 248

    • icb12

      Montrel Meander, Grambling State, S/CB?/WR?

      • John_s

        Danny Johnson – CB – Southern.

        His nickname is Louisiana Pimp Dog 🙂

        • peter

          Sounds like a self made Nick name.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Good ones, i don’t have either.

    • Sea Mode

      RJ McIntosh, tall DT from Miami. Shoots gaps like Mike B and bats down a ton of passes. Much better value than Andrew Brown IMO.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Got him!

        How about Ike Boetgerr from Iowa. One of their big nasties

        • Sea Mode

          Who the…? Touché.

          (That about sums up how much time I’ve put into scouting this year’s OL class… 🙂 )

          • Kenny Sloth

            I knew I needed someone good to get you lol

    • HawksBill

      Mattew Thomas, Florida ST. OLB

      • HawksBill


      • Kenny Sloth

        Pfft not as hipster as my boy Skyler Phillips Idaho

      • Sea Mode

        Was just looking at this guy today. 98.3 percentile SPARQ in the NFL. That’s gotta be worth a spot in camp, right?

        What have you seen on his tape? I haven’t watched much.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Between him James Nnadi Sweat McFadden and Pugh, Idk who to watch.

          Pretty underwhelming collection of insane athletes though.

        • HawksBill

          Crazy athletic, tackles with violence. Whats with the tiny hands though?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I have 2:

      Foye Oluokun, LB/SS/Deathbacker (hedge for missing out on Griffin)

      Charvarius Ward, CB

      • Kenny Sloth

        Foye is a nice shout but I think Manase Hungalu has less hype

        Charvarius Ward is one I can never find enough footage of.

      • peter

        trayvon henderson ss/fs hawaii thats my guy. hard charging safety prospect.

    • HawkfaninMT

      Jordan Thomas

      • Kenny Sloth

        Which one lol?

        Jordan Aiken TE from UCF

        • HawkfaninMT

          Jordan thomas, CB, OU

          • Kenny Sloth

            Cuz there’s that big ole TE down south

            But Jordan Thomas CB is an excellent choice as he had some ungodly short run times.

            Havent focused in on his tape, but he’s a hedge for Holton Hill or Tony Brown for me.

            How about Antonio Rosales RG from SDSU. He’s helped some just ok running backs put up some insane numbers along with Nick Bawden and David Wells at FB and TE respectively. There Thats a three-fer hahaha

    • HawksBill

      Jaylen Samuels- NC State.
      He’s a pass catching RB not a TE. Similar measurables to Mr Glass (C.J. Prosise), but without the injury history.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Hmmm yeah I’ve had him all year!

        Check out if you want a big receiving back, Dimitri Flowers is an excellent combo FB for his squad

        Son of former NFL player Erik Flowrrs and his cousin, Tre’ plays for rival Okla St.

  42. j

    Looking at bigger backs that might go late that would fit what Seattle has looked for in the past. Noticed Jarivon Franklin out of Western Michigan. 5’11, 230.

    4.63 40 but improved that to 4.45 at pro day. Other numbers were meh.

    Anyone seen any tape on him or have any impressions?

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, I took a look at him way back when we were going through all the RBs we could find.

      He’s a BIG BOY, for sure. If accurate, that 4.45 40yd is impressive. Actually, his other numbers are pretty good for his size (239 @ combine) as well.

      Lots of tread on those tires. 4 years of major production.

      I agree with Pauline that he could be a useful short yardage/goal line back at the next level.

      If you want some late-round bigger backs, I would suggest checking out these guys if haven’t already:

      – Ryan Nall, Oregon St. (6-2, 232): I’m pretty convinced he will be our FB/RB.
      – Darrel Williams, LSU (5-11, 225): nothing really special, but just an all-around solid player.
      – Chris Warren III, Texas (6-2, 247): incredible athletic specimen, very little production. Hawks met with him at combine.
      – Gus Edwards, Rutgers (6-1, 229): I actually just found this guy digging these names up for you. Pretty impressive, doesn’t go down easy, and has upside. Look how he compares to Nick Chubb:

      Chubb: 5107, 227, 32 0/8 arm, 9 5/8 hand, 73.625 wing, 4.52 40yd, 1.62 10yd, 4.25 SS, 7.09 3C,
      29 bench, 38.5 vert, 10.67 broad
      Gus E.: 6010, 229, 32 5/8 arm, 9.1/8 hand, 77.75 wing, 4.52 40yd, 1.60 10yd, 4.24 SS, 7.22 3C,
      17 bench, 34.5 vert, 10.25 broad

      Gus Edwards (Rutgers RB) vs. Illinois (2017)

      • Kenny Sloth

        I found Gus Edwards among Alistair’s physical ideals list that I pasted here so he’s a fit physically

        • Lewis

          Looks like a willing blocker and pass catcher. Lack of acceleration would be the thing that worries me most at the next level. For as tall as he is, I’d like to see him add 15-20 pounds.

          • Sea Mode

            15-20 lbs. ?! Dude’s already 230!

            I think he keeps a pretty good pad level for a taller guy like that.

            Lack of production is what would worry me the most. And only 4.3 ypc this past season. But hey, we’re talking a likely UDFA guy here.

            • Lewis

              Think I saw 220. At any rate, he seems slow to get moving, so he better be able to bulldoze some people.

      • j

        Big Darrell Williams fan. Think he compares very well to Spencer Ware in that he is a sold all around back, can block and catch, good tough runner. Would love to add him to the squad. Ran a 4.73 at the combine but down to a 4.65 at his pro day, which is marginal speed at the RB position.

      • j

        Got that 4.45 from multiple sources so I think it is probably legit.

        • Sea Mode

          Cool. I was referring more to the fact that sometimes Pro Days are run on fast track and just hand-timed.

  43. Trevor

    Interesting that JS said they have fewer guys on their board this year not making excuses for guys anymore he said. Seems like they learned their lesson with the McDowell pick and are getting back to thier roots. Seems like we can eliminate any of the character issue guys this year. You can basically eliminate guys like Key and Calloway.

    I think it is a good thing personally. Likely means Holton Hill is off the board as well and I thought there was a strong chance we might take him.

    • Lewis

      I don’t think that necessarily means they would never take someone with a character flag, but that they want to see that someone that got themselves into trouble did what they needed to do to prove they had turned their life around. E.g. Bruce Irvin.

      • John_s

        Agreed. I think as the team has gone through phases so has the players on the board.

        When Pete and John first came on they needed specific players to build the culture and philosophy of Pete and John.

        Then as those players became superstars and the culture was set the board opened up because they figured that the veterans and culture would get the drafted guys with concerns to fall in line.

        We’ve seen that that hasn’t necessarily happened and Malik happened. In addition to the players that have left they’re going back to their roots

      • Darnell

        It’s an interesting discussion, because you don’t want to swing the pendulum too far in the other direction either.

        You do that and you miss out on drafting guys like Frank and Bruce, and maybe don’t pursue acquiring Marshawn and Browner. You really have to dig in and identify the distinguishing characteristic between those success stories and guys like Malik and CMike – on the surface the difference appears to be “football character” and on-field “want to”.

        • Sea Mode

          I strongly second those final words. Guys like Clark, Irvin, Lynch all showed they wanted it on the field. If that’s firmly in place, I think one can proceed to weigh any off-field stuff. But if a guy don’t want it on the field even, stay far far away!

    • Kenny Sloth

      My prediction: JS will be making tons of excuses for whomever we draft

      • Sea Mode

        “So-and-so was the guy we were targeting all along in R1, and we were able to move all the way down to R4 and still get him.” 😉

        Some of the only stuff I find hard to believe each year from JS. I know he can’t (and it would do no good anyway) bring up players he loved and missed out on anyway, but still…

      • STTBM


      • BobbyK

        I think we need to make sure not to hammer them if they go WR with their first pick. I know that doesn’t fix the run game, but critically looking at that position… it’s weak (even though Baldwin is a warrior). It’ll be magnified with loss of Graham at TE (and no TE receiving threat to take his place).

        • Kenny Sloth

          Absolutely. I’ve been saying for weeks that we lost too much with Kearse Richardson and Graham all leaving.

  44. Sea Mode

    I know Cable is gone, but that doesn’t mean the Hawks will stop looking for explosive OL with length.

    Since it seems quite possible they don’t go OL early, I thought I would paste the TEF (3.0) + wTEF (90) + arm length (33″) qualifiers (* means slight exception) for us to rummage through in later rounds/UDFA. Eventually they will probably add someone. Let’s try to find him!

    They are in order by TEF score. I’m leaving some early-round names on the list for comparison and so the list can be more complete (top 15). Let us know if you find anyone you like. Smart, tough, reliable. Good backstories.

    1. Braden Smith, Auburn, 6062, 315, 116 SPARQ, 32.25* arm, 3.52 TEF, 110.99 wTEF
    2. Korey Cunningham, Cincinnati, 6053, 311, 133.7 SPARQ, 32.25* arm, 3.48 TEF, 108.36 wTEF
    3. Kolton Miller, UCLA, 6085, 309, 136 SPARQ, 34.125 arm, 3.31 TEF, 102.28 wTEF
    4. Gerhard de Beer, Arizona, 6064, 312, 110.2 SPARQ, 34.125 arm, 3.28 TEF, 102.34 wTEF
    5. David Steinmetz, Purdue, 6074, 321, 108.3 SPARQ, 34.25 arm, 3.23 TEF, 103.8 wTEF
    6. Wyatt Teller, Virginia Tech, 6044, 314, 109.6 SPARQ, 34 arm, 3.22 TEF, 101.19 wTEF
    7. Brant Weiss, Toledo, 6060, 297, 96.8 SPARQ, 34 arm, 3.21 TEF, 95.46 wTEF
    8. Connor Williams, Texas, 6051, 296, 114.6 SPARQ, 33 arm, 3.17 TEF, 93.95 wTEF
    9. Jashon Robertson, Tennessee, 6024, 292, 107.6 SPARQ, 33.25 arm, 3.16 TEF, 92.32 wTEF
    10. Will Hernandez, UTEP, 6023, 327, 107.7 SPARQ, 32* arm, 3.14 TEF, 102.53 wTEF
    11. Dejon Allen, Hawaii, 6020, 295, 110.8 SPARQ, 32.625* arm, 3.08 TEF, 91 wTEF
    12. Christian DiLauro, Illinois, 6054, 300, 107 SPARQ, 33.375 arm, 3.04 TEF, 91.32 wTEF
    13. Cole Boozer, Temple, 6052, 300, 104.4 SPARQ, 33.875 arm, 3.04 TEF, 91.34 wTEF
    14. Austin Golson, Auburn, 6046, 304, 100.9 SPARQ, 32.25* arm, 2.95* TEF, 89.57* wTEF
    15. Alex Light, Richmond, 6052, 309, 100.9 SPARQ, 33.25 arm, 2.91* TEF, 90.06 wTEF

    • Nick

      Because of the depth of the OG class, I can see them waiting for the right guard. Similar to what we imagine they might do with the loaded RB class.

      Wyatt Teller would provide great value to them. They could probably grab him in the 4th or 5th round. He’s a physical, no-nonsense blocker. He started 43 of his last 45 games. Was a 4-year starter at LG. Could immediately provide great depth and competition for a position that is up in the air.

      Increasingly, it looks like Seattle will aim for positions with relative talent scarcity at the top of the draft. WR and DE seem the most likely first two selections. The DT class has really good depth.

      I’m beginning to think they go Rasheem Green and then BPA. Perhaps WR or TE (If Kirk’s not there, Goedert?)

      • Lewis

        For me, it’s hard to imagine Goedert as BPA at any point.

      • Sea Mode

        Good stuff on Teller. Noted.

        I think WR and RB should be the first two selections. I just don’t see any DEs that I’m liking that much early on. My favorite so far has been Okoronkwo, but I’m not sure he’s really Seattle’s type anyway. The rest of them are either just projects or kind of “meh” to me and seem similar to the guys you might be able to get in R4-R5.

        I’m really wondering if Seattle won’t like Goedert a lot more than we are thinking right now. They did meet with him twice, which is interesting at least. So hard to project a small-school guy like that.

        • Nick

          I agree. My dream first selection is Nick Chubb. But I’m preparing to be let down. Sanity and all.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Brade. Smith would be a great target for the early third. Tall, explosive, finishes blocks. Really inconsistent and a bit of a tweener in our scheme.

      Korey Cunningham was a big part of what they’ve been putting together in Cinci. Lots of hitters in that region and he seemed really smart on film

      Kolton Miller should leave the board right after we trade down.

      Is Gerhard De Beer the South African? (Yes he is). That rushing attack was lethal don’t count him out.

      Dave Steinmetz graduate transferred from Rhode Island to purdue and played RT along with some other transfers on that line. Very athletic, but really mediocre to bad tape. Project.

      Wyatt Teller will probably go higher than most are hoping. Consistent and tough solid solid guy that should lock down a spot. Won’t last.

      Brant Weiss OT Toledo all conference 1st team. Part of an elite offense at that level. Early Graduate but only started 19 games

      Connor Williams has some real bad core strength issues, but tackles like him get overdrafted every year. He’s tough enough to make it work at the next level. Is he a cornerstone LT, if not, where can you really use him? Backups don’t go till day 3 imo

      Jashon Robertson played LG RG and a little Center after switching from DL in just three practices. Only the fourth freshman OL to start opener for Tenn EVER (juwuan James was the last previous). Very good workout. Started 38 consecutive until a concussion.

      Will Hernandez my favorite OL to come out since Ifedi. Physical, big as you like, but a great mover and an excellent interview with smarts amd charisma. First round grade.

      Dejon Allen started at RG LG and OT. Started 49 games on OL. 2x team offensive mvp… At Hawaii?!?!? Wooow. They must have a ton of respect for this kid there. Wpuld love a player like this in the sixth.

      Christian DiLauro illinois T/G good workout Dad and uncle played at Toledo. Broke a 31 game start streak by starting in only 7 this year. Has played RT and RG

      Cole Boozer former TE. Debuted at RT against Notre Dame the year before. Only offensive player to start every game…

      Austin Golson played in 50 career games 12 at Ole Miss, started 38 at Auburn. Played LT, LG, C, RT. So basically everywhere but Braden Smith. Big time recruit and an SEC mainstay

      Alex Light future guard. Blocked for the talented Kyle Lauletta at richmond and has a big chip on his shoulder after being told several times he wasn’t any good.

      Patrick Morris TCU C/G, Joey Hunt heir (no not his hair) held Harrison Phillips of Stanford to just three tackles in their bowl game. Definitely TEF. 3x allconference for academics. Big time freak athlete. He’s the latest strongman to come through the Horned Frogs program. Morris has a 500-pound bench, a 720-pound squat and cleans 450. “We always stop whatever we’re doing when he’s about to lift,” said TCU senior DE Josh Carraway

      Skyler Phillips ISU G 3rd team all american by ap. Not TEF, but probably going higher than you think. Maybe 5th.

      Billy Price BILLY

      Scott Quessenberry squat Center. Played some guard. NFL bloodlines. 2x all conference, short arms but TEF.

      Frank Ragnow FRANKY

      Coleman Shelton udfa type at center. Decent workout. 3x all conference

      Brian O’Neill fast, is he explosive. Something aboht a former TE running 4.8 staves my impression.

      Brandon Parker 3x conference lineman of the year and 2x black national championship for North Carolina AT in the 3 years he led their OL. Definitely deserves another look. Not TEF

      Timon Parris OT started 41 games, missed the final 5 with a broken leg = no workout numbers.

      Gregory Senat wagner OT former basketball player. More athletic than he tested. Raw.

      Brett Toth not TEF and service bound.

      • Nick

        Excellent write up. Have to dig into Smith’s tape more. I’ve watched a lot of Kerryon, but not on the O line.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Tell me what you think of Golson. Should be at Center

  45. Aaron

    “a draft-day trade no longer seems likely for Thomas.” per Chris Wesseling…

  46. Largent80

    “And the Seattle Seahawks select………

    Nobody, they trade out of the entire draft.

    • Coleslaw

      What would that even look like? Lmao would they have 3x the picks in like every round or what? How ridiculous would that actually be? And is it crazy enough to work?

  47. Justin Mullikin

    Hey Rob what do you think of Trenton Cannon/RB/Virginia State I was on draft analyst and he mentioned him as a small school prospect that Seahawks may be interested in. He looks like an interesting prospect that needs to add 20 lbs. Maybe a late round or undrafted prospect? Love your thoughts.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t seen him, so can’t help I’m afraid.

  48. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Rob, are you able to do a poll of what players Seattle should draft?
    For science!

  49. CharlieTheUnicorn

    My prediction: JS will be making tons of excuses for whomever we draft
    ~ Kenny Trolling Sloth


    • Kenny Sloth

      “I wouldn’t draft Leon Jacobs over Quem if he had three hands” -also me

  50. Kenny Sloth

    Current seahawks roster question; what is the weakest position group? Second weakest? Strongest?

    DE: Cliff Avril, Frank Clark, Dion Jordan, Marcus Smith, Branden Jackson, Christian French, , Noble Nwachukwu, 7

    DT: Jarran Reed, Tom Johnson, Shamar Stephen, Naz Jones, Quinton Jefferson, 5

    LB: Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Barkevious Mingo, DJ Alexander, Josh Forrest, Paul Dawson, 6

    S: Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Bradley McDougald, Maurice Alexander, Delano Hill, Tedric Thompson, Akeem King, 7

    CB: Shaquill Griffin, Justin Coleman, Dontae Johnson, Neiko Thorpe, DeAndre Elliot, Mike Tyson, Alex Carter, 7

    Defense: 32

    OL: Duane Brown, Germain Ifedi, George Fant, Isaiah Battle, , Tyrus Thompson 5

    OG: DJ Fluker, Ethan Pocic, Rees Odhiambo, Willie Beavers 4
    OC: Justin Britt, Joey Hunt 2

    WR: Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Jaron Brown, Amarah Darboh, Marcus Johnson, David Moore, Cyril Grayson, Tanner McEvoy, 8

    QB: Russell Wilson, Austin Davis, Stephen Morris 3

    RB: Chris Carson, Mike Davis, CJ Prosise, JD McKissic, 4

    FB: Jalston Fowler, Tre Madden, 2

    TE: Ed Dickson, Nick Vannett, Tyrone Swoopes, 3

    Offense: 31

    Kicker: Sebastian Janikowski, Justin Myers

    Punter: Jon Ryan

    Long snapper: Tyler Ott

    Special Teams: 4

    Total: 67

    • Kenny Sloth

      TE pretty fucking weak. Dickson is a pro and Vannett has some promise, but…

      RB is desolate……. No consistency, no clear veteran leader. Lots of red flags. Weak depth, but versatile.

      If you tell yourself we’re losing Kam and Earl, you have to say that both safety spots are weak and thin as well. McDougald similar to Dickson is a pro that will do his job and there are some promising guys around him, but I can’t feel comfortable with that position group if we lose both starters.

      Similarly, DE is losing some of it’s sheen with Avril likely following fellow starter Bennett out the door. Jordan, Clark, and Marcus Smith were all taken with premium picks. If you want someone to compete with them for minutes, you may have to use similar capital on him.

      OL finally has 8 guys you can carry all year. Probably need a day three pick to keep the churn going. Book’s still out on a lot of these young guys. Not time to draft their replacements.

      WR has a case for strongest because of Doug, but questions about Lockett’s health, production, and consistency along with the sophomore Darboh and newly signed Jaron Brown means we probably shpuldnt pin our hopes on Tanner McEvoy.

      DT looks solid with the new free agents. Couple them with Reed, Naz Jones, and Quinton Jefferson and you can see a solid rotation. We definitely need to add another player to the rotation, hopefully a Calais Campbell type to play the 5tech, as well.

      QB is very strong with former sub-average starter Austin Davis returning and another body behind him. Settled. Luxury target

      With the addition of Bark Mingo, LB is my pick for strongest position, but it isn’t as settled as QB, because Mingo is a stop gap, and our darlings need better depth to spell them. I would love a Sam/Leo and a Will/Mike type added to the roster. Shaquem Griffin or Dorian O’Daniel could possibly do it all.

    • Coleslaw

      Weakest: RB
      2nd Weakest: TE

      Strongest: DT
      2nd strongest: LB

      We don’t have any that are “set”. Every position group could use a guy or 2.

      • D-OZ

        Are you trying to get a point across Kenny????

  51. Nick

    DE, WR and CB for me. Green/Sweat, Kirk/Miller and Isaac Yiadom.

    • Nick

      Ugh that was in reply to you Kenny.

      • Hawktalker#1

        So we’re good as-is at RB?

    • Kenny Sloth

      +1 for yiadom

  52. Misfit74

    Anthony Miller >>> C. Kirk
    DJ Moore >> C. Kirk

    (for the record) 😅

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