My off-season plan for the Seahawks

Chandler Jones should be a priority target they aggressively pursue

Make difficult decisions with existing players

Pete Carroll has already spoken of his desire to ‘keep the band together’ but it’s time for a refresh and for some tough choices to be made.

According to Over the Cap, the Seahawks have $40,686,269 to spend in 2022. It’s the sixth most in the league — but they need more to take a serious step forward.

One of the big issues in recent years has been the way they’ve spent their resources. They’ve used three first round picks on the linebacker and safety positions since 2020. They’ve paid an absolute fortune to Bobby Wagner. They’ve given Jamal Adams a $17.5m-a-year extension.

It’s finally time to shift resources to the trenches.

Cutting or trading Bobby Wagner saves $16,600,000. That has to be the first move. Wagner deserves to be remembered as a legendary Seahawk but nothing lasts forever. The team can’t be sentimental as they try to return to contention.

It’s time to put Jordyn Brooks at middle linebacker and simply draft or sign a cheaper alternative to Wagner.

Georgia’s Channing Tindall has been a blog favourite for a while. There isn’t a better run-and-chase linebacker in this class for me — and he has an outstanding physical profile. He ran a 4.19 short shuttle at SPARQ and jumped a 40-inch vertical.

He might rise out of contention for Seattle but on day two, if available, he should be considered.

Alternatively they could look at free agent Jarrad Davis. Despite being a much heralded first round pick in 2017, Davis has failed to live up to his potential so far in stints with Detroit and the New York Jets.

That said, there’s a player in there. If you’re going to chance your arm on a reclamation project or cheap ‘prove-it’ player — I’d rather do that at linebacker than the O-line or D-line in 2022.

Of course the Seahawks will lose something by parting with Wagner. You could even argue it’d be like losing a limb — that’s how integral Wagner has felt to the team in his 10-year career. His performances are fading though and so is his impact.

On Quandre Diggs — his unfortunate injury probably gives the Seahawks a chance to get him back at a modest price, such is the business of the NFL. However — this is a good draft at safety with options likely stretching into the third day.

Seattle made their bed when they paid Jamal Adams. They can’t justify paying $25-30m a year at safety — even if, in an ideal, world, you’d keep Diggs. That has to be a situation where you need to be prepared to walk away if the price isn’t right.

After a 7-10 season, there has to be a serious review of where the financial priorities lie. For me — that means pumping money into the trenches and making savings at the likes of linebacker and safety. They’ve tried investing in those positions and it hasn’t delivered the required results.

Re-sign your cornerbacks

Sidney Jones should be retained. I don’t think he did enough to launch himself into an expensive free agent which means it should be relatively straight forward to get something done. He played well, he’s a reasonable if unspectacular starter and he’s had a year in the system.

D.J. Reed will be a tougher re-sign. However, I’m also not sure if his market will be out of this world as was the case with Shaquill Griffin. I think Reed is a better player but for whatever reason — probably publicity and awareness — Griffin got a lot more attention.

Securing the position by signing him to a good deal that will allow him to reach free agency again in 2023 or 2024 might work for all parties.

I think this is a premium position where you spend a bit of money, unlike linebacker and safety (where you’ve already ploughed resources into Adams and Brooks).

Keeping Jones and Reed allows you to focus on strengthening rather than replacing.

Add a quality pass rusher

Pete Carroll has already stated that fixing the pass rush is a priority this off-season. He has to do a better job than 2020, where he made a similar statement.

In that instance, ‘fixing the pass rush’ equated to failing to convince Jadeveon Clowney to return, then signing Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin instead.

If the Seahawks want to be a serious contender, they need a difference maker.

They should take their savings on a player like Wagner and give it to Chandler Jones.

Imagine him lining up across from Darrell Taylor? That would be a terrifying proposition for opponents and would legitimately give the Seahawks their best pass-rushing duo since Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril.

That equates to fixing the pass rush.

They need to make a splash, not spread their cap across a number of average journeymen. They need to add a blue-chip stud.

Harold Landry could be an alternative. The Rams are unlikely to let Von Miller get away after spending so much — but he’s an option too. It’s not implausible that the Chiefs cut Frank Clark to save $12.7m.

Nevertheless, Jones is the standout name and should be targeted with aggression and gusto when the market opens. The Seahawks need to make a statement of intent with their pass rush and this is the opportunity to do so.

Keep Carlos Dunlap

Don’t have him dropping into coverage. Get rid of the bear front. Just let Dunlap get after the quarterback.

His late-season flurry shows what he’s capable of. Adding Chandler Jones to Taylor and Dunlap would be a legit trio.

You only save $900,000 by cutting or trading Dunlap. You might as well keep him. I only bring this up because in a 710 ESPN interview recently, he hinted this would be his final year in Seattle.

There are better options where you can make savings.

Cutting LJ Collier saves $986,323. You might as well just rip that band aid off. Jason Myers would save $4m and he’s not done enough to warrant that salary.

Moving Chris Carson saves you $3.4m. It’s time to move on.

Cutting Benson Mayowa saves $1.5m and Kerry Hyder saves $2m. They’re two journeymen. Move on.

I enjoy Nick Bellore’s videos and he’s a key special teamer. His departure saves $2.1m. We need to consider whether that’s genuinely money well spent.

There’s plenty there to ensure Dunlap stays — and you might even have enough to bring back Rasheem Green and Al Woods.

Add an interior pass rusher

The Seahawks have badly lacked any kind of dynamic interior pass rush threat in the Carroll era. That should change this year as a priority.

Akiem Hicks is a free agent. He would be an ideal addition. If the Seahawks start the 2022 season with Hicks and Jones added to the D-line, that would be an exciting proposition that would energise the team and fanbase.

I’ve long wanted to see Calais Campbell in Seattle. He’s not the player he was 2-3 years ago but as Woods has shown, you can still have an impact deep into your 30’s. He could be a cheaper alternative.

The draft could also provide a solution here.

I suspect Georgia’s Jordan Davis will be a top-20 pick. However, his team-mate Devonte Wyatt is a dynamic athlete with outstanding talent and rush ability. He could be available in the early second round — or the late first via a modest trade-up.

Wyatt can reportedly run a 4.87 and jump a 9-3 broad and 31-inch vertical. The Seahawks need that kind of quickness and explosive power.

Houston’s superb Logan Hall would be a strong alternative.

There aren’t a ton of options but this is why the Seahawks need to be more aggressive this year to add players at key positions — not let things linger, as they did with the pass rush in 2020 and with center/cornerback in 2021.

It’s a shame they don’t own the #10 pick. Not only would they save the $17.5m they’ve committed to Jamal Adams (who’s suffered his second serious shoulder injury in 12 months) but we could legitimately discuss the possibility of adding Jordan Davis, David Ojabo, Jermaine Johnson or George Karlaftis. Or you could go the veteran route on the D-line and draft a good, young offensive linemen.

Reinforce the O-line

In an ideal world you’d make a big splash move on the offensive line. Last year there was Corey Linsley and Joe Thuney. This year, there are far fewer options.

Unless you want to spend a fortune on Terron Armstead — who might be tagged — the best bet is probably to re-sign Duane Brown and kick the can down the road.

Brandon Scherff would be great but he’s another right guard and what the Seahawks really need is an addition at center and/or right tackle.

Ryan Jensen is the best available free agent. Jason Kelce would be great but he’s practically Philadelphia’s favourite son and I can’t see him leaving the Eagles.

James Daniels shifted to guard from center in Chicago. He could move back and is worth considering if he reaches the market. He has a terrific physical profile and is a former high-draft pick.

The Bills are $2m over the cap for 2022. Would they consider trading Mitch Morse?

It hasn’t worked out for Cesar Ruiz in New Orleans and he’s become a target for fans. However, he has immense potential. Could you work a trade with the Saints to bring him to Seattle for a fresh start?

I think Trevor Penning, Bernhard Raimann and Abraham Lucas will be high picks. If not, the Seahawks should give them a serious look in the draft. All three are excellent players with tremendous physical potential to start at left or right tackle at the next level.

It’s going to be harder to address the O-line than D-line this off-season. The opposite was true a year ago.

Set a limit for Rashaad Penny and stick to it

I sympathise with the Seahawks on this one. I’ve no idea how you judge Penny’s end to the season or the value you place on him.

If they let him go somewhere else, they could watch him go and set the league alight (maybe even with a NFC West rival). If they commit to him — who’s to say he’ll be able to stay healthy?

After all — he was even limping off the field against Arizona after one big run.

This is a major quandary and short of him having a lukewarm market and coming back on a team-friendly deal — there’s a lot of risk involved.

However, the running back market is sufficiently quiet in free agency and it might play into Seattle’s hands to let him discover his true value then make a decision. Homegrown runners get paid — as we’ve seen with the big names over the last few years. Very few reach free agency and hit the jackpot.

I can’t personally project a dollar value for him. It’s too difficult to predict. You’ve almost got to let everyone else set it for you.

I do think, given the state of the team currently, you have to exert some effort to retain him. He played well enough to create an intriguing ‘what if?’ scenario. The injuries are a major concern. Yet his production at the end of the year went beyond ‘good’. It was ‘great’. Thus, you’re put in a situation where you have to determine how much is too much financially.

Either way I think you need to draft a running back. Personally I think they should cut Carson and make it a reasonable priority to draft Florida’s BAMF Dameon Pierce.

What about Gerald Everett?

He’s looked very good at times in Seattle and he’s a potential X-factor. It’s also hard to forget his nightmarish performance against the Niners with multiple turnovers or his horrible dropped touchdown against the Cardinals.

It’s a strong draft at tight end, which has to be factored in.

UCLA’s Greg Dulcich, Colorado State’s Trey McBride, Nevada’s Cole Turner, Iowa’s Sam LaPorta, San Jose State’s Derrick Deese Jr, Washington’s Cade Otton, Ohio State’s Jeremy Ruckert, Iowa State’s Charles Kolar and Wisconsin’s Jake Ferguson should all be available in a range for Seattle.

I wouldn’t rule out Texas A&M’s Jalen Wydermyer being there either.

Everett at his best is an ideal complementary weapon to the receivers on the roster. Yet his best is often only present in fits and starts. In five years he’s never had more than the 478 yards and four touchdowns he had in Seattle this season. Is he capable of being more consistent, to justify the $6m he cost in 2021?

That said, he’s clearly talented, athletic and plays with a level of intensity.

It’s another difficult one to work out. I’d be very tempted to take a long look at the Senior Bowl and combine before making a decision. It could be that he’ll need to settle for less than $6m to return.

Stand-pat with D.K. Metcalf for another year

This off-season presents the first opportunity for the Seahawks to pay and extend Metcalf. However, it’s yet another difficult problem to solve.

On the one hand, the possibility of a ‘hold-in’ is strong. He’s due just $1,459,198 in 2022. Not having him in camp — as was the case last year with Jamal Adams, Duane Brown and then Quandre Diggs — isn’t helpful.

That said, the receiver market is in a horrible place — making life very difficult for the Seahawks.

DeAndre Hopkins earns a ridiculous $27.25m-a-year with the Cardinals. They structured it to be short-term, making the most of Kyler Murray’s rookie deal. Yet Julio Jones ($22m), Keenan Allen ($20m), Amari Cooper ($20m), Michael Thomas ($19.25m) and Kenny Golliday ($18m) are not far behind.

None of these players are providing value for money.

Making things even trickier is the direction of the market over the next 12 months. What contract will Davante Adams sign? What about Deebo Samuel?

Things could get even harder.

I’m not sure bailing on Metcalf and this contract dilemma is the best idea but I can see why some people come to that conclusion. It would remove a financial headache, especially if you can get a bunch of picks. With players like Wan’Dale Robinson (WR, Kentucky) declaring for the draft, talent will be readily available.

Robinson is a terrific player who is flying under the radar. I’d highly recommend checking him out.

A cluster of free agents are also intriguing — Chris Godwin, Allen Robinson, Zay Jones, Odell Beckham Jr and Christian Kirk to name a few. The Seahawks are also only a year removed from spending a second round pick on Dee Eskridge.

That said, I’m not a big fan of trading away your homegrown talent. So here’s how I would try to work this situation.

Offer Metcalf a reasonable market-value contract in the $20m a year range. It’s expensive now but if you get that in before the Adams extension in Green Bay — it might look very reasonable within 2-3 years.

Too often the Seahawks have extended players too late (Wagner, Adams) and let other players re-set markets, costing Seattle money. If the Seahawks can get ahead of the game here, it might benefit them in the long-run.

The franchise tag provides some protection if you can’t get a deal done. The tag in 2021 was worth $19.1m.

If you have to tag him in 2023, that might be the point to consider a trade — much like the Frank Clark situation.

For now though, I would keep Metcalf. He along with Lockett are assets and the Seahawks don’t have enough of those. Removing talent on the off-chance of finding others who are good enough to compensate isn’t easy. They found that out with Clark three years ago.

Closing thoughts

Of course, there are other changes I’d like to see too. I’d rather see bold, new additions to the coaching staff — especially on defense — to provide fresh ideas. I’d like to see Pete Carroll delegate more and not feel like he has to control everything — even if ultimately it’s his vision and he is the man at the top.

This is a plan strictly for the draft and free agency as the roster stands today.

To be fair — make the changes in the paragraph above (and follow some of the suggestions re:personnel) and we might be able to avoid another off-season of drama.

The key to future success is going to be built around the trenches. That’s where they need to commit their resources — not positions like linebacker and safety.

If they do that and fail, there won’t be any complaints from me. I said the same when they failed to address the pass rush in 2020. I can live with trying and failing. What I can’t live with is having $58.25m to spend and coming away with Mayowa and Irvin.

Make the O-line and D-line a strength, have plenty of weapons for a good quarterback and don’t be a liability at cornerback and that, really, is a fairly obvious blueprint to success in the modern NFL.

The Seahawks have wasted $100m in free agency the last two years and squandered draft picks. Not having a first rounder this year is a killer, even in an average looking class.

Lessons need to be learned from prior mistakes, not brushed under the carpet. Do that and they can take a step forward.

I don’t think any of this is unrealistic. Focus on investing in the right areas and the Seahawks can improve quickly.

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  1. MychestisBeastmode

    Love it all. One other financial maneuver could always be to tack on years and restructure RW’s contract. If this is a championship window (given the various major additions referenced in this piece) then we need to be as financially flexible as possible. Obviously, context make this option very tricky.

    Also, I want Diggs back. It seems like the continuity and comfort with Pete’s system takes safety’s about a year or so to settle in. While Diggs is not irreplaceable, his addition has been significant and I could picture safety looking a lot worse should he depart.

  2. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Excellent. and no mention of QB.

  3. Eduardo Ballori

    Hey Rob, as always; well-substantiated approach on our Hawks.

    Only 1 Q, Chandler has 10.5 sacks but 3 came against the Hawks(he definitely has our number) and had 5 that first game against Titans. I like the fact we’d be undermining the Cardinals in the process, but fear it could end up being another underwhelming DE singing. Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll take the risk

  4. 12th chuck

    Absolutely appreciate that you haven’t thrown in the towel on the hawks or this site and continue to grind on with your articles, thanks

  5. Group captain mandrake

    This is well written and thought out. The Hawks will never go for it. I think we could be in for a long year.

  6. AlaskaHawk

    Will be reading your article soon Rob. But for now:

    Can we bask in the glory of watching other teams bad coaching?

    Raiders couldn’t get a play in to the huddle in time, three plays in a row.

    What happened to the Patriots? They got owned!!!!

    And finally the hapless Dallas Cowboys. 20 seconds to go, no timeouts, got to score a touchdown and they call a draw play! Wow.

    It really makes me feel better about the Seahawks. As they say “misery loves company”

  7. Peter

    Thoughts in no order:

    1. I think Seattle should retain Rasheem Green. There are players that over perform and under perform their draft slotting. I think Green might be the player that has most exactly played to his draft slotting. A minor gripe I have with this team is letting players walk for no material difference in pay vs. what they then pursue. Green is a youngish player still and a smart three year deal doesn’t hurt the team and gives him a chance to get a third good contract. I wasn’t in love with letting Jarran Reed walk and I don’t believe they saved money or improved his subtraction but instead did a like for like swap.

    2. I think you let Everett go. His “ceiling,” is this year. 470 ish yards. 4 tds. I know Davis Njokue said he loves playing in Cleveland but sportrac has his contract valuation at the same as Everett. And a player like Njokue having never played eith a good QB or in a high powered offense like the rams are/were has the same stats as Everett.

    3. It’s interesting to see where Abraham “lincoln,” Lucas ends up in the draft. Rob you have a good nose for oline risers but a lot of mocks I see still have in in the third round.

    4. Please for the love of my sanity and to not watch Wilson getting drilled forever on a loop by Aaron Donald pay Ryan Jensen. It’s getting to the point where you have to wonder if Pete had a center steal his first love in college 100 years ago. This team for some reason hasn’t figured out that a good Center can make the whole line go.

    5. I’m less concerned by the day about paying Metcalf. Dude balls out. Blocks like a TE. Is young. And in the end so what if he makes a ton of cash? Jamal Adams makes a ton of cash and hasn’t earned a dollar of it. And didn’t screw up two drafts to get his money. DK isn’t perfect but for being an undercooked WR still puts up numbers. And when we are done handwringing about his cost in two-ish years Jamar Chase will make DK look cheap.

    6. Penny. 100% in this case let the market dictate. The divide between the top RB’s and the next tier in pay is pretty big. If some owner thinks they are getting Kamara, etc., and wants to give him 4 yrs, 38 odd million…let them. Penny is Shaun Alexander in almost everyway except shaun was miles better. This season showed who Penny is. A marvel when everything is humming. And a guy who stalls out if he can’t get up to speed. If you think a spendy WR isn’t worth it or an expensive QB isn’t worth it, as a lover of great RB’s, an expensive oft-injured RB absolutely isn’t worth it.

    • Seattle Person

      Agreed mostly with what you said.

      1) I think they should try to sign Green back but I question the position he is going to play. He’s not a run defender and plays better rushing the passer on the outside. I much rather throw money at the legit pass rushers first before I pursue Green. If you do manage to sign one of the pass rushers on the market, will Green be needed scheme-wise? I think 1 FA rusher, Dunlap, Taylor, Robinson is a good core of outside pass rushers.

      2) I’m more in favor of letting Everett go and see where his value is. If another team signs him, I won’t feel any remorse of letting him go. The fact is TEs just don’t play a huge role in a Wilson led offense. I would much rather roll with Parkinson as your move TE and then bring Dissly back cheap. Then draft your developmental TE in this year’s draft. There are just so many from rounds 2-7. His talent and production just don’t justify his price. In fact, I argue we shouldn’t ever pay a TE that much until it’s proven TEs are a huge part of the offense.

      3/4) Ideally I want anther RT, whether this is FA or in the draft. Curran and that player can battle it out to start. At center, I agree. It is time to go get a legit Center that can move guys and hold their own during pass protect. I also think a really good Center can help Wilson out with the line calls and protection. Jensen is great and is worth the money. Some other guys to consider and I curious to see what Rob or some of you all think of them.
      – Ben Jones: Older but older centers can still go in this league (i.e Alex Mack)
      – Brain Allen: He will only be 29 next season. He’ll probably be cheaper than the big names. You will also steal him from the Rams. Can they afford another contract?
      – Bradley Bozeman: Only will be 28 next season. Much bigger dude and comes from a run-oriented offense in Baltimore.

      5) Ditto about Metcalf

      6) Agreed about Penny. You will probably have to get him back. Price, I have no idea. Bummer about Charbonnet returning to UCLA. I thought he was such a great fit for the Seahawks. Has a one-cut and go mentality. Runs tough and between the tackles. Great pass protector and reliable. I thought he was the perfect thunder compliment to Penny’s lightning. I really do like Pierce as well.

      • Peter

        The thing with green for me is this team has two problems. Well more but two that relate to green.

        One. I’d really enjoy seeing Chandler Jones here but their FA pursuits gaven’t veen great.

        Two. Totally future casting here I know but seattle needs legit pass rushers but quietly Green has 6.5 sacks and is improving every year. I completely get they are different players but build wise they are almost the exact size and the Michael Bennett we loved wasn’t that guy until his fourth and fifth seasons.

        It’s hard for me to let go of a possibly ascending d-line player that already knows the system again buttressed with a team that thinks mayowa and hyder are going to provide anything when you can see Green being solid if not good. Already.

        This is a team that has long patience for players potential, penny, procise, paul richardson, etc., and in green you are quietly watching it unfold.

        • Rob Staton

          Bennett showed a lot more by this point than Green had

        • MychestisBeastmode

          Green is 24. He will be nearly younger than Bruce Irvin when Bruce was drafted. He’s super young with room left to grow. Pete always said he was a project and he’s progressed steadily. Not much reason to think he’s incapable of 8+ sacks as his old man muscles continue developing. I hope he’s a priority re-sign as a solid rotational piece with potential to morph into an impactful starter.

          • Seattle Person

            I understand the points about Green. I just don’t think he’s a Bennett type right now. Rob said it. MB showed a lot more than Green at this point. Bennett could rush inside/outside. He could play the run. He also blew apart a lot of plays. Green just doesn’t stand out right now. A lot of plays he is either the 2nd or 3rd player to show up. He could very well be ascending and I want him back. I just don’t think he should be a top top priority above DJ Reed. I think Reed is a must sign. Just like Green, he’s young but plays a position much harder to find.

            • Peter

              Bennet and Green are different players. I don’t ever expect him to ever be Bennett. Some freaky inside outside any down and distance player. Again for me it’s letting players go for no real reason and not improving on the position.

              To Rob. This again in no way means I think he is Bennett this is just raw data I am seeing from these two at the same points in their career.

              Bennett: 98 combined tackles. 15 sacks. 30 qb hits. 9 sacks in yr 4. 18 qb hits in yr.4

              Green: 94 combined tackles. 13.5 sacks. 27 qb hits. 6.5 sacks yr 4. 15 qb hits in yr 4.

              I just don’t see the value in losing the guy tied for 2nd in sacks on the team who is young and has shown steady improvement year over year. The seahawk way is let him walk to get a veteran six or so years older for 2 milion less a year and they pull a Hyder and give you nothing in return.

              • Seattle Person

                I somewhat agree. It just depends on the price for me. Pay him like a role player or depth piece and I’m all for it. Pay him like a 6.5 sack guy or more a year player then I’m walking away. For me it’s not about letting him go but you need to prioritize the premium positions. Just like TEs, do we really need to pay guys that we don’t use that much? Or would we rather pay legit oline or keep a good coverage CB even if you have to over pay a little.

                • Peter

                  Oline is 1000% my priority. I touched on it below about what I’d be willing to pay him. But based on his snap count he’s a damn near every down player. Dline can almost not have enough depth. I guess the JA trade still lingers for me. If you’re going to pay a player 17.5 mill to have not just lesser impact than you hope but unhyperbolicly next to ZERO impact that can be felt if he not on the field then maybe you pay a guy taking 800 plus snaps about 6 million a year or so.

                  • Seattle Person

                    Great points It’s not that we can’t use a 24/25 year old lineman. It’s not that we can’t use his 6.5 sacks from this season. For me, it’s a matter of his price compared with the role he plays. Honestly, if you pay him 6-8 million, you are expecting him to be a 3rd down pass rusher or you are expecting him to be your 5-tech with pass rushing abilities. He just hasn’t shown that ability to do either with consistency. I just don’t think he has that much of an impact.

                    So I rather have Reed and Jones back. Combined, they are going to cost a pretty penny. I also want a pass-rusher. If not C. Jones then some of the other guys Rob mentioned. They are better money spent than R. Green in my opinion.

                    So let the outside guys do their thing. Taylor, Dunlap, Robinson, and another rusher. No more Mayowa. I rather have Robinson in reserves. Younger and cheaper. Draft an athletic DT that can disrupt things. D. Wyatt in the early 2nd round would be worth it. He’s probably not going to anchor your line but tell him to use his athleticism to wreck things, I think he can excel in that. Pursue another DT that can penetrate on passing downs. Campbell/Hicks are both worth it over Green even at their ages. Let Poona defend the run. Bring back Woods to beef up on early downs.

            • cha

              Green is going to need to have a big jump in efficiency to justify a real contract going forward.

              He got his 6.5 sacks in a whopping 846 snaps, easily leading the Seahawks’ DL.

              Taylor got his 6.5 in only 543.

              Carlos Dunlap got his 8.5 in only 481.

              Green isn’t an edge-sealing monster in the run game to make up the gap.

              • Peter

                Cha. Two viewpoints.

                One. The efficiency isn’t great. But….that’s a little on the coaches. If you’re telling me Dunlap is more efficient on 60% of snaps why are they keeping Green out there?

                Two. Darrell Taylor is an Edge Rusher pure and simple. I don’t believe that’s green’s only role.

                Second view point:

                Frankly I’m totally okay with giving a homegrown player a little less than Josh Sweat who is young, may or may not be getting rotated out enough, who may or may not give you about 7 ish sacks a year, vs. Hyder plus Mayowa who are cheaper but not free are old but not Dunlaps level, and combined provided less than Green did .

                I realistically think a 4 yr 34 million, 18 guaranteed for a young player that has room to get better, stronger, and more savvy isn’t the worse way to spend money. I’ve looked at the FA market and there’s much older veterans looking to make that same kind of cash.

                Then there’s the never were players. Seattle recently let Reed walk. He didn’t play great this year but Seattle didn’t fair better in savings or production.

                • cha

                  1. That’s a question I’ve been asking all year. The Seahawks have fielded a bottom-10 pass rush and have actively decided to keep proven (Dunlap) and talented but unproven (Taylor and Alton Robinson) on the bench in favor of Benson Mayowa, Kerry Hyder and Green. I would love to say the results speak for themselves, but they don’t.

                  2. As I pointed out, Green isn’t purely a pass rusher but he’s not outstanding in any other area. He has yet to break 58 on PFF’s grading. And while PFF isn’t gospel, being the most-used DL on a defense that gave up the second-most passing yards, the second-most first downs and was in the middle of the pack on rushing yards supports that very middling rating. It means there were quite a few plays where Green wasn’t having an impact.

                  I don’t want Green off the squad.

                  The big thing in my mind would be 1-are you going to count on him as a centerpiece of your defense or just add him to your depth? and 2-do you have the coaches to utilize his skill?

                  A smart team would have depth and good coaching. They’d reduce his snaps and rotate him in, and then coach him and place him in packages to maximize his skillset.

                  Can I see the Seahawks doing either of those things? With this regime I cannot. I could easily see them signing him as a piece, holding a big press conference and wiping their hands and proclaiming ‘pass rush addressed!’ And then either using him the same way they did in 2021 or worse, Carlos Dunlap-ping him. Benching him in critical situations in favor of Hyder or Mayowa.

    • bmseattle


      good comment!

      1. I wonder how much Green will get offered in FA? Young guys with 6.5 sacks and perceived upside can get pretty decent money?
      To me, Green is a “cleanup sack” guy, not a guy who wins one on one and disrupts plays.
      That said, his is physically gifted and we did see a few amazing plays out of him this year. I’d be happy to have him back at a modest price.

      2. I think keeping Everett is the smart move. His effort is incredible and he is actually a willing and able blocker… unlike Njoku. It seemed like he and Russ were developing pretty good chemistry, and I’d hate to start over with a new TE and hope that develops quickly next year.
      Everett’s numbers could get much better next year… especially if he hangs on to the football at the goalline.

      4. Yes… get a good center

      5. I think DK is worth keeping and I have no issues with his play this recent season. I think if Russ had been “right”, DK would have had a couple hundred more yards and several more TDs.
      That said, if you can get, say, 2 first rounders for him, I’d seriously consider doing that trade. Especially if they are mid round or better.

      6. I think it is generally a bad idea to sign RBs to second contracts, unless they are on a HOF trajectory, or are so unique to your system that you need them to properly function.
      As great as Penny was at the end of the year, I have zero faith in him staying motivated and healthy once he gets a new deal.
      If we can get him on a short term, low cost contract… that’d be great. But you have to be able to replace RBs like Penny with younger, cheaper alternatives.

      • Peter

        I don’t watch every snap so you’re probably right on Green’s cleanup sacks.

        I actually like Everett. And am totally into tge idea of not reinventing the TE wheel every year. Some of his mistakes this year. Rough. But if they resign him I’d probably like it more than letting him walk. I just think he might be in line for than Seattle can afford.

  8. TheOtherJordan

    Sound plan Rob. It requires major philosophical changes in what off season moves have been made in the past. I doubt Pete and John have the ability to learn from their previous errors the last five years though. Specifically two.

    First, for some reason they prefer to spend money on two or three below average names at a position rather than spending what usually amounts to that same amount of money and going and getting the premier name at the position. It’s so frustrating to see. I think it’s hubris. They are smarter than everyone else and are such great coaches they can take an average or below average player and plug him into their system to get above average results.

    Second, they have to come out and be aggressive. Every team in the NFL is looking for a pass rusher and a difference maker on the O-line. It’ll always be a crowded market at those positions and you’ve put yourself in this situation because you’ve drafted the way you have. Don’t wait for free agency to come to you. Identify those two or three guys, be aggressive, and make your best offer immediately. Don’t nickel and dime them and then lose them yet again. There’s two or three guys in each area and if you don’t sign them there is no Plan B. There won’t be anyone available that will lift the roster to the level necessary to compete in the NFC West.

    The thing is, all of this requires Pete and John changing, Russell coming back and cutting Bobby Wagner. Any of those three things don’t happen and it’s more of the same. I’m skeptical.

  9. Matt

    Great stuff Rob. Only disagreement is on DK. I think his attitude this year was enough, combined with his inconsistency that you let him be someone else’s problem. Unfortunately, his shortcomings are not things that get fixed, IMO.

    Now let me be clear, I don’t think he’s a bad guy; but I think he is very immature and I think his sideline antics were enough that you don’t reward someone like that with $20M. Get some draft capital for him and infuse the trenches. I know Eskeridge was a no show this year, but he was drafted higher than DK – let’s see what he’s got. You can always bring in a solid #2 WR in Free Agency as well.

    I was the biggest DK fan, but this season really cemented my thought that you simply can’t lay that guy.

    • BA

      The other problem is that our coaching staff doesn’t seem to have the ability or interest to hold star players accountable and help them develop if they don’t already do it themselves.

      • Matt

        Great point. Also, the coaching staff is not going to use him like he’s a $20M WR.
        So it’s not just DK – it’s the staff that I don’t trust to use him properly.

        • Peter

          You don’t think pete’s kid can develop WR’s? John Clayton is gonna hang up the phone on you if you keep being this way.

          • JimQ

            I could see Metcalf being traded before the draft, it may be a big risk but the idea would be to replace WR-Metcalf with a middle 1-st rd. WR pick this year like –WR Chris Olave–, said to be the most pro ready WR in the draft (or similar) and use the additional picks (like a 2-nd, in 2022 and a 2-nd, in 2023, for example, to provide additional draft capital to assist the “reset/rebuild”.

            The additional picks could go a long way in building up the trenches and allow the use of native picks without having to reach for positions of need. I think a 1-st and two 2-nd’s would be a pretty good return for Metcalf and could make the deal a win, win for both teams involved. In the 2022 draft, the 1-st and an additional 2-nd. would give the Seahawks picks: 1 in Rd-1. 2 in Rd-2, 1 in Rd-3 & 2 in Rd-4. I would think those 6 picks in the top 130 or so would significantly help them fill most necessary holes. I also would hope any trades of Metcalf wouldn’t be done in the NFC.

    • TatupuTime

      DK’s sideline antics and occasional boneheaded on-field decisions are frustrating for sure. That said, he just turned 24 less than a month ago (he’s younger than Eskridge) and I chalk some of it up to immaturity.

      I haven’t seen any of his sideline primping translate into taking plays off. If we’re stuck with PC/JS, one of the things that you back Pete on all day long is getting buy-in from players and the ability to manage a diverse range of personalities. The ability to manage Sherman, Earl (total wierdo), Bennett, Marshawn was part of PC’s legacy. Marshawn being a Seahawk is a direct result of Buffalo not wanting the headaches of Marshawn.

      For me trading DK because he may be a headache at times would be a lot like Jacksonville trading Jaylon Ramsey because they couldn’t deal with his personality.

  10. Palatypus

    How about Green Bay style public ownership and a referendum on the management every four years like some soccer clubs?

  11. 12th chuck

    pc and js need to quit trying to make chicken salad from chicken sh*t. Stop waiting until day 3-4-5 or a week, to make free agent signings, get the best possible players right away. Quit trading back in the draft. You don’t get to complain about the lack of quality of picks and turn around and trade back.

  12. Rob Staton

    Big interview coming on Wednesday…

    • Matt

      John Clayton!?

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        You got Jody Allen on the line? 🤣

    • James Cr.

      You finally got Russ? 🙂

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I hope it’s Nagy. Really looking forward to Senior Bowl.

      • bmseattle

        Nagy seems like a great guy, but I’m done with his “evaluations” of his senior bowl players.
        His job is to recruit guys to the senior bowl, and it benefits him if they are talked up and drafted as high as possible.
        His public assessment of the players at the senior bowl need to be taken with a big grain of salt.

        • Rob Staton

          I disagree strongly.

          Jim doesn’t have to hammer anyone, he can choose to highlight the players he really likes. He doesn’t talk about ‘every’ player. He has provided excellent information over the years, he’s a pro and he delivers insight that is hugely valuable to us amateurs.

          He’s also completely approachable and interacts with fans.

          For me he’s brilliant.

          • Blitzy the Clown


          • bmseattle

            Fair enough.
            Perhaps I focus too much on guys he’s really talked up, who ended up being underwhelming.
            Obviously he can’t be right on everyone. And I agree that his insight is unique, for sure.

    • Peter

      Rob’s interviewing me and we’re doing a deep dive in italian crime shows…

      • Roy Batty

        MUCCA SACRA!!!

  13. Kyle

    Great article, Rob.

    What they will do, based on past history, which Pete has shown no signs of changing:
    Overpay on Diggs and Penny. Set a new high on Metcalf a year from now.
    Load up on volume on both lines. Journeymen and reclamations.
    Draft athletic freaks at linebacker, safety, and wide receiver.

    Rinse. Repeat.

    • Kyle

      Oh yeah, overpay for Everett too.

  14. pdway

    As others have noted – I really hope they focus on fewer higher-caliber signings like the ones mentioned – the ‘plan’ of signing multiple mediocre folks in the $2-6M/yr range has really produced zero. Get some linchpins, it’s needed.

    I’m still in on DK, he’s too young and talented, and we are too poor in playmakers to not retain him. I’d keep Everett too, like the way he looks out there – most athletic TE we’ve had that I can remember – and I think he’s got a 60/700/6 year in him.

    Penny is the tricky one. It would be so exasperating to lose him after he finally showed up after all this time.

    I know this article wasn’t about coaching staff – but god I hope they don’t bring back KNJ.

  15. cha

    I’ve said it a few times but it bears repeating. The Seahawks have wasted Bobby Wagner’s prime just like they’re wasting Russell Wilson’s.

    Just like every franchise QB needs an adequate offensive line, a franchise MLB needs an adequate defensive line. And since 2018 (not coincidentally, Bobby’s last truly great season), they have failed to put a line in that keeps him clean and allows him to work. He’s just had too many fronts to fight a war on.

    And in 2020 they added 100 blitzes and covering for not having a traditional strong safety to his plate.

    In 2021 they actually topped that by disregarding the SAM position and pairing Bobby with the likes of Benson Mayowa, Alton Robinson and Carlos Dunlap in coverage.

    All the while asking him to play an ungodly amount of snaps on a defense that cannot get off the field.

    98% in 2019
    99% in 2020
    100% in 2021 until he got hurt

    There’s no way Bobby is worth the $20million next year. But they’ve absolutely wasted the resources they’ve sunk into him up until now by asking him to be the player he was in 2012-2018 while providing him precious little support.

    I agree with Rob. Send Bobby on his way, beef up the defensive line, and see how much that improves the linebacker play with lesser expensive options.

    • Roy Batty

      Remember the days, not long ago, when our DE fed off of penetration from out DT, and vice versa?

      Clark and Reed were a dynamic duo.

      I really, really hope they go after a great DT, somewhere, somehow.

    • bmseattle

      It’s really crazy how Pete/John don’t seem to understand the benefit of prioritizing roster positions that help to make your star players… star players.

      It’s like they think once they’ve paid Russ and Bobby, it’s just up to them to live up to those contracts, regardless of circumstances.
      Imagine how different things could have been the past few years if they’d given Russ and Bobby great lines in front of them.

      • Big Mike

        One of several reasons they should have already been fired this offseason.

  16. Whit21

    Was there any reports that roster decisions are more on JS, Rob?

    I saw some reports of this when the meetings last week got pushed back, but now I cant find anything now that they’re gonna run it back for 2022.

    • Rob Staton

      Nothing but the sound of silence

  17. Seahawk_Dan

    I cannot stress that I do not trust Pete I’m the off-season. I don’t trust him to make the right moves r sacrifices needed to be a serious contender. Unless proved otherwise I suspect he’ll keep Wagner, pay Diggs, and bargain shop in FA.

    • Rob Staton

      Seconded — I don’t expect half of this piece to come off

    • Roy Batty

      My biggest fear, if Pete retains total control, is him paying his guys and not paying out for real stars. A loyalty royalty to current players, all while the significant cap space dwindles to nothing.

    • Ashish

      True by keeping Pete you’re not solving the root cause of the problem. Problem is not OC or DC but who makes the actual call. Probably same issue with selecting Personal in FO or draft or Trade.
      One more will be wasted, unless Russ put pressure to get rid of Pete.

  18. GaiusMarius

    I think Penny is a much, much easier call.

    Put the recency bias aside and what do you have?

    A RB who can’t stay healthy.

    I certainly loved his end of season performance and give him full accolades. But I’m not willing to have our run game lean heavily on Penny. No way. To me, that would be a bigger unforced error than expecting Carson to stay healthy.

    Luckily, I expect some other NFL team to set his value above what the Seahawks are willing to pay, which will save us from a disastrous decision.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I don’t know about that. It would be one thing if Penny had a decent-to-good end of the season. But as Rob stated, he wasn’t just good, he was great. In fact, he was League-best by far.

      I’m not at all suggesting Seattle should chase him, overpay him, or if they do resign him, rely on him to be a bell cow who carries +90% of the team’s rushes.

      But he’s clearly not JAG.

      Seattle paid Carson $4.5m for the 2021 season. I’d be in favor of moving on from him and shifting his cap allocation to Penny. Something in the neighborhood of 3 years for $15-$17m with the voidable third year to spread out the cap hit.

      • Peter

        That’s probably about right for Penny. The nearest contract to that looks like Melvin Gordon. The dufference is Gordon showed a boatload more over his first contract than Penny.

      • GaiusMarius

        He did do great, agreed.

        We don’t need great, not with such an injury risk.

        Give me good and reliable any day. 🙂

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’ve seen a lot of running backs playing for 2 million per year, and they were good runners. Not as good as a healthy Penny – but much better than an injured Penny.

  19. Mr. Drucker in hooterville

    I love the analysis, but until we hear who ‘s going to be making personnel decisions, I’m hesitant to think about it. If ‘the gang’s coming back’ is the stragegy, I expect a terrible OLine, Penny being overpaid, Wagner getting a tier 1 contract, and more basketball players getting tried out at TE/OT.

    • Marcus

      It appears overt change isn’t in the works this offseason. I don’t think we’ll get any glimpses of change (assuming there are any) until free agency and the draft.

      The QB drama will heat up but I suspect Wilson won’t be going anywhere if Carroll is still calling the shots on personnel.

  20. Belfasthawk

    Really enjoyed this. I recall reading Hawks were high on OJ Howard coming out. I wonder if he is an option moving forward. Also would like a pass rusher and wonder about Reddick of Carolina who has now out together two good years.

    Thanks for the thoughtful article.

    • Peter

      I liked howard a lot but have no idea what is going on with him now. I’d think with Brady he would be putting up better numbers but he’s kind of trending down.

  21. CWagner

    Yeah the Rashaad Penny situation is a real quandary. Suddenly the guy starts putting up elite numbers at the tail end of his rookie contract. I’m curious to see what his market is. Maybe they could test him out on a one-year prove-it deal? Idk…

  22. Hughz

    Just saw Russ will be on the Manningcast. Would really be nice if he squashed the “exploring options” reports. I suspect not, but it would be nice to minimize the drama that plagued us last off-season.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s not going to squash anything

      And we know there are issues here, so I’m not sure why we should hope for or expect it either

    • cha

      It’s so strange right now. In the Pitt-KC game Al and Chris were talking about the future at QB for the Steelers and Chris said something like ‘and you know who might be available.’ It’s like their production manager has forbidden them to say out loud that RW or AR might be on the market.

    • Simo

      I do suspect its very likely the Manning’s ask Russ some probing questions though. It’s early enough in the off-season, I wouldn’t expect him to give much indication of his thought process. But agree Russ also won’t commit to coming back either!

  23. JJ

    Any free agents available from the 2013 1st round?

    • Hawk Finn

      Underappreciated comment

  24. cha

    FWIW Salk actually agrees

    -Bobby Wagner
    +Chandler Jones

  25. Swisshawk

    What about swapping our “bust 1 rounder” DE Collier with the Saints “bust 1 rounder” C Ruiz and allow each player a fresh start? Saints… pleeeease

    • STTBM

      WHY would the Saints do that?! Trade an underachiever with a fantastic athletic profile for an utter Non-Athlete?! Right now, I doubt we could trade Collier for Ifedi, a guy so cluuss he wanted $10 mill per year from Seattle, then got the League Min from Chicago and failed there too….

  26. Hawkdawg

    The way Pete talks about Carson indicates to me there is no way he’s going to cut him. Not just because of how he (correctly) raves about how Carson runs when he is healthy, but also because he considers Carson “his” guy. He used to talk that way about Flowers, and Pete’s ownership of Flowers cost the Hawks quite a lot.

    Otherwise, I think Rob should send this post to JS somehow. Not likely to get through, but what if it did??

    • Seahawkwalt

      They would brush if off I’d say bc of pride, ego.

    • Chris

      My complaint about Carson is he seems to literally take himself out of the game after a play. I’m not talking a 30 yard rip, just a normal running play. I don’t know if it’s conditioning, or what, but it destroys continuity in the run game and play calling.

    • BA

      Isn’t Carson’s career legitimately in jeopardy?

      • TomLPDX

        With that kind of injury, the answer is Yes. Let’s hope that he is able to continue playing.

  27. 805Hawk

    I know this sounds a bit like my cousin’s brother’s friend told me…but…I was talking to a buddy who’s nephew plays for the Hawks (not gonna name names). That player had a very low opinion of Everett. He said he is very lazy and took a lot of practices off. Said he was a bit of a loner and didn’t really bond with the guys. I’ll just chalk it up to interesting. Also, I keep hearing from one DK’s people that he has an extension offer but is hesitant to take it because of the Russ dilemma. He wants Russ back or at least doesn’t want to play with a nobody at QB.

    • Rob Staton

      You’ve mentioned a couple of rumours now, which is fine, but I also want to make sure your source is legit. Can you email me please?

      • 805Hawk

        I dropped you an email, Rob.

        • Rob Staton

          I tried to reply but it fired back to me. Anyway, we’re cool. Keep posting your stuff.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I didn’t see what went on in practice, but my two eyes saw what went on in games (which is what counts). And my eyes saw the effort that Everett put forth as the best of any Seahawk on the offensive side of the ball.

      Don’t really care about rumors of his loner status. And depending on who your cousin’s brother’s friend is, I’d say the criticism sounds more like some sour grapes or a personality clash than anything legitimately concerning.

      • 805Hawk

        Absolutely. I do not disagree. Just passing on what I heard. If, and that’s a big if, his practice habits aren’t great, that could be a determining factor. That’s all I was saying. Absolutely nothing more than interesting.

  28. John

    Hello all, I have been reading this blog for years.
    Love all the intelligent insite from Rob and the fans.
    Russell Wilson was the “apple in my eye” QB when he was drafted.
    His college #’s against quality opponents were outstanding.
    Our team has too many needs to compete for the SB in Wilson’s remaining “prime” years,
    considering the salary cap limitations and lack of draft capitol.
    I do believe it is time for a total rebuild, along my thoughts of a domineering football team.
    Trade Wilson, there was a time when I never admitted defeat until the final whistle, as Russell pulled miracles over and over. Is it age that limits his scrambling ability? Lack of a good coordinator?
    Regardless, with all that is needed, IE a top line and lets not go with Brown as he may be good for another year. Time for for some younger studs.
    Defensive pressure comes with lots of cash and/or big hits in the draft.
    I would hope Wagner can be resigned for lower cap #, as we have no one else besides Brooks that is a worthy stater. (should have kept KJ)
    I would also trade Metcalf, his worth will never be higher. He is turning into your typical diva receiver.
    all that speed and reach, but the lack of concentration drops and the youth (will he grow up?) penalties and lack of awareness plays to go along with a “bargain” contract at 20+ a year…No thanks.
    lets beef up the lines Off and Def, as much as I have disliked Penny and his style, he really put his head down and ran well the end of the year. Sign him at an playing incentive laden contract.
    If not Carson, draft a bruiser RB, perhaps a FB.
    Get back to 4 yards and a cloud of dust, hit the TE’s on short passes get some run after catch yards.
    I know the game has evolved (for the worse in my opinion), but 1st downs win almost every time. 10 yards at a time.
    As far as QB, pick up a solid journeyman that can manage the game until we are able to “hit” on a QB via the draft. As with Wilson, Brady, Montana…etc…a high 1st round QB does not guarantee anything.
    Smarts, heart and desire is what is needed.
    Anywho, sorry about long discussion. I can live with 2-3 years of quality improvement, to get back to a feared opponent, that has a real chance for a SB run.

  29. Rob Staton

    Michael Lombardi talking about Sean Payton potentially going to Dallas:


    • cha

      Cowherd on the Cowboys ‘running it back’ with McCarthy…

      About 4 mins in he covers some material the ‘trade Russ’ crowd should consider.

    • RugbyLock

      And we get reruns with Pete and John… oh happy day…

  30. Big Mike

    Thanks for the effort and good read Rob. That said, I have no hope left for a Pete Carroll led Seahawks franchise. While your ideas all seem spot on (though I disagree about Everett), as Kyle said above:

    “What they will do, based on past history, which Pete has shown no signs of changing:
    Overpay on Diggs and Penny. Set a new high on Metcalf a year from now.
    Load up on volume on both lines. Journeymen and reclamations.
    Draft athletic freaks at linebacker, safety, and wide receiver.
    Rinse. Repeat.”

    is imo a far more likely outcome of the offseason. As I posted in the last thread yesterday, big name free agents seem to have ZERO interest in playing for Pete Carroll despite his bobo boys in the media waxing endlessly about his “culture building”. Pete, your ego has succeeded in making me an utterly apathetic fan. Bravo.

    • Rob Staton

      I have no confidence either

    • 12th chuck

      a.brown, j.gordon, and obj would agree with you

  31. Gross MaToast

    Solid, solid plan for the future. Everything here is well-grounded in fact and would improve the team.

    There is, however, a certain “whistling past the graveyard” aspect with it on a couple of levels: Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson.

    Pete – well, we all know what the problems with Pete and roster construction are. Is he capable of anything approaching this plan? (I make no distinction between Pete and JS.)

    Wilson – we all know what the issues he has with the status quo. The biggest question is whether he’s prepared to be the bad guy in order to get out of Seattle.

    As I see it, until those two issues are put to rest, nothing in Seattle can approach a “normal” off-season. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.

    While I am fairly certain that everything is set and we’re all prepared for running it back again in ‘22, this was in Peter King’s MMQB:

    “8. I think the Seahawks bear watching. I don’t know if anything changes there but my antennae are up.”

    He has obviously heard something. Who knows what it is, but the re-run may not be as cut and dried as we think. There’s still time to get it right.

    • Rob Staton

      “8. I think the Seahawks bear watching. I don’t know if anything changes there but my antennae are up.”

      That’s interesting.

      Sounds like it’s more… ‘watch this space’ than ‘everything is sorted’…

      • Gross MaToast

        The Wilson news of “exploring options” came before Pete could do a post-meeting victory lap, which is also interesting.

        • CD

          There was time for a victory lap wasn’t there? The meeting with PC and Jody was Thursday, Russ said his thing on the weekend. I truly believe Pete was given a few days to determine if he wanted to do (Fire KNJ and others) what ownership said to do on Thursday. With what Pete has done for the Hawks, they gave him some time to consider and unfortunately Pete chose to fire people due to his own meddling instead of quit. I wish Russ would have come out early with his comments, and Steiger one. Maybe Pete would have changed his mind about coming back and having to fire a puppet.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m desperate to know what King means here

        • Gross MaToast

          I don’t think King would’ve dedicated one of his ‘Things I Think I Think’ to this unless there were some serious smoke involved. Taken with Lombardi’s statement about the Seahawks acquiring a search firm, it could be that maybe we’re not quite finished.

          • Gross MaToast

            Also, I believe both of King’s daughters worked for the Seahawks. One still lives in Seattle, but I’m not sure if she’s still with the team. He may have a bit more access than others.

      • TomLPDX

        I’ve been a Peter King reader for a long, long time and I listen to his podcasts and Florio podcasts all the time. For him to say that this morning in his column was intriguing to say the least but he didn’t add anything to it. I don’t think he knows of anything specific but also knows that it isn’t over as far as Russ is concerned.

        I think you’re spot on with the “watch this space” remark Rob. It isn’t cooked yet and is currently just simmering on the back burner…until it isn’t.

      • RugbyLock

        Heres to hoping

    • Big Mike

      Please Peter, don’t rekindle my hope.

      • TomLPDX

        There’s always hope Big Mike. Pete WILL retire eventually, maybe even during our lifetime!

    • BA

      Sigh, looks like another offseason of cryptic quotes that have a small chance of leading anywhere.

    • 12th chuck

      makes you wonder what the “light at the end of the tunnel” was about

      • TomLPDX

        Yeah, I didn’t get that either. Passive-aggressive BS from Russ, again.

  32. Jordan

    Does this plan presume no Russ trade? As I imagine that would change the plan/path to some extent.

    • Jordan

      Never mind, my apologies. Should have read further.

  33. Blitzy the Clown

    I know it’s academic at this point, but I was never on board with Kellen Moore as our HC.

    I'm told OC Kellen Moore called the QB run and Mike McCarthy was on the headset to OK it. Not either's finest hour. Dak should have checked off. I don't get any of it.— Michael Silver (@MikeSilver) January 17, 2022

    • Big Mike

      And without Jimmy G being, well, Jimmy G they ain’t even close in that game. His horrible pick and then snapping the ball too soon before Trent Williams was set left the door open for the cowgirls.

    • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

      that play would have worked if Dak would have slid 5 yards sooner and everyone stayed nearby for a quick snap. Two throws into the endzone would have been a better call. At least hope for a PI call

      • TomLPDX

        I agree. The call itself wasn’t bad if executed perfectly…which it wasn’t. Dak blew it. Period.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          They were on the 49ers 41 yard line with only 14 seconds left and no timeouts. They needed a TD, not a FG.

          What possible benefit would you expect from a QB draw up the middle of the field with only 14 seconds left and no timeouts?

          It was a horrendous call. The only thing Dak blew was not audibling out of it.

          None of this is to say that’s the reason the Cowboys lost the game.

          • TomLPDX

            Audible into what? The 49ers where specifically protecting the sidelines when that play occurred and any throws to the sideline would have failed with a high probability. Dallas wanted to get into a better position to draw on their red-zone type of plays and not be forced to throw the hail mary. Right or wrong at this point doesn’t really matter but I understood the call when the niners specifically set out to protect the sidelines. Dallas said they had practiced that specific play on numerous occasions but they forgot that the ref needed to place the ball, not the center. It failed, game over, Niners won.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              Audibling into anything other than a QB draw up the middle.

              They had to go 41 yards in 14 seconds with no timeouts.

              If they go 40 yards or less and they lose the game. So they either take a couple or three shots into the end zone, or try a run/pass on the sidelines. Either would have a better chance of succeeding than a QB draw uo the middle.

              I can’t believe this is a point of contention.

              • TomLPDX

                Peace Blitzy, it isn’t a point of contention. It was 2nd down and 1 when this play happened. Thinking about it if it was an incomplete pass up the middle it would have given them one more go at it. A completed pass would have been just as effective as the QB sneak with the exact same issues…get another play off in time.

                • Blitzy the Clown


    • TheOtherJordan

      Looking at it the other way, if I’m the Giants I make an insane trade offer for Russell Wilson and make Seattle say No. The NFC East is ripe for a legit QB to come in and dominate. Cowboy fans better pray Russell doesn’t end up in NY. I am so sick of the hype of the NFC East and more specifically the Cowboys. Yet again shown to be pretenders.

      • Big Mike

        The endless fallating of the cowgirls by the media is so f*@king tiring. Yes, looking at you Cowherd. They’ve not been to a Super Bowl in 26 years. They are a nothing franchise being propped up by dumb ass boomers (I’m a boomer but ain’t no dumbass) that still remember their heyday and are trying to relive it, moronic Texans and the sports media.

    • Matt

      I thought it was a good play call and horrible execution. Dak isnt a spring chicken – he should’ve known better than to run for more yards then hand the ball to his center.

  34. Poli

    If Wagner signs elsewhere after he’s cut, I wonder if they bring back KJ when Brooks moves inside?

    I imagine Antonio Brown will cost next to nothing, and have to settle for no guaranteed money.

    Adding Chandler Jones, Hicks, and Terron Armstead or Ryan Jensen to go along with re-signing Diggs and Reed could come close to making up for the past off-season failures.

    Your off-season plans always excite me, then PC/JS always take that away pretty fast.

    • BA

      Antonio Brown would be pointless but very on brand. If Brady and the Bucs couldn’t keep him in check, there’s no reason the expect the Seahawks to, though this would reek of a classic “smartest guys in the room” move.

      • cha

        I find it still very odd that the Seahawks stood by Josh Gordon for nearly two years, and when he finally got reinstated he signed with KC ‘because he wanted to be with a team for the foreseeable future’ (I’m paraphrasing the quote).

      • Poli

        There is zero risk with no guaranteed money. As soon as he snaps, they can cut him on the spot with no salary repercussions.

  35. Ashish

    Rob and SBD blog comes with list of good players we can sign or draft. But Pete will disappoint us like last 4 years. All hope pins on Russ if he can put pressure on ownership

  36. Hawks4life

    I have zero faith in us signing any notable free agents, why would they come here honestly.

    • BobbyK

      Same reason players sign with the Jags, Lions, Raiders, or whoever – they were generally offered the most money. Not always, but money generally wins out. I just don’t see us signing anyone because they’re usually after the bums of the world like Finney, Mayowa, Olsen, etc.

      • bmseattle

        Well, we apparently offered the most money to Luke Joeckel.

        • STTBM

          But cheaper out on Zeitler, only to pay nearly as much plus a fifth round pick for Gabe Jackson, ranked 50 slots lower than Zeitler. All to save less than $4 mill per year…cut Mayowa and Hyder and that would have covered it…

          • Big Mike

            Pete Carroll!!

  37. BobbyK

    Chandler Jones is older than Bobby Wagner and he missed most of last season (’20) due to injury. If we’re going to hand out big money, I’d rather it be for someone with more long term value.

    • Jordan

      Yep, he’s 32 in February. That’d be buying on the potential downturn of a career. 5 sacks week 1 against a hobbled Taylor Lewan, then 5.5 the rest of the way.

      For 2022 he feels like a better fit on a contender.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Then Randy Gregory is probably the next best bet with mixture of youth and pass rush ability.

      • Peter

        It’s going to be a weird market. Sportrac has Rasheem Green barely ranked for Free agents but guys that are three or more years older and have done nearly less than him are projected to make 8 million per year.

  38. Seahawk_Dan

    The argument I hear on why Pete needs to stay and retain all power is because, well, ‘memberberries.

    Just living in the past of old glories and that, some how, Pete will return to that 2013 form.

    • Rob Staton

      That and fear of change

      • Justaguy

        Could just be buying time and easy money

    • Peter

      Which sucks because if you’re a numbers abd stats nerd like me there’s almost zero likelihood that a coach has gone this long after getting a championship and doing it again.

      There’s a better chance of switching coaches with a good qb and doing it again. Or worse scenario a qb switches teams and gets another one.

  39. Pran

    Russ should have sought an appointment with Jody before the meeting with Pete and JS. Now Russ need to play bad cop …pity him for wanting to win.

    • Seahawk_Dan

      Not just win, but succeed and continue to succeed with a good team.

  40. Mr. Drucker in hooterville

    Pete can still coach and rally enthusiasm. . What he can’t do well is roster-building, selecting Coordinators, draft/develop QB’s.

    He should be held accountable for those things.

    • STTBM

      Who would hold him accountable?! Apparently, since “Ownership” won’t, “Tater” isn’t doing his job…

      Surprise, surprise….

  41. Palatypus

    As your man on the ground for the Senior Bowl, I’ve been thinking about places to stake out for rumors. I have a few ideas.

    Veet’s, Saucy Q’s BBQ, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and the Government Street Waffle House are mentioned in this article.

    But, I have heard that the place where a lot of networking happens is Felix’s Fish Camp near Battleship Park, home of the USS Alabama. This makes sense since it has an enormous bar and the turtle soup served with sherry is the best thing I have ever had outside of the oysters maria I had in Bradenton at the Anna Maria Oyster Bar (saw Brian Johnson of AC/DC there.)

    However, after the hurricane last year Hemmingway’s out on Pensacola Beach went out of business and Felix’s opened a second location there. This is significant since it is just across the bridge from Gulf Breeze (where Doug Baldwin went to high school) and the home of the newest clinic for Dr. James Andrews. When my Mom was doing rehab there for her knee replacement, the person on the training table next to her was current Chicago Bears (then Jacksonville Jaguars) receiver Allen Robinson.

    I’m thinking some league personnel might head out that way.

    • STTBM

      Not busting balls, but what does any of that have to do with the price of tea in China?

      If you hear Seahawks scuttlebutt, spill it…

      • Palatypus

        Someone posted a rumor, so I posted how I intend to try to get information. That is all.

    • Peter

      “Seahawks food blog.”

      Can’t wait to hear what you think when you get to the event.

  42. Mick

    Loved the article, but I’m too tired now to say more than I’m really glad to hear that you would keep DK.

  43. Ace

    While I was waiting the past few days, I did several very early mock drafts. Figured I’d share my favorite one. This was done through the PFF simulator.

    First move was trading up with KC to the #29. Took our #42 and #112. With that, I was able to pick DT Devonte Wyatt. Rob has already unveiled his potential to us. He will be that force in the middle that the hawks so desperately need.

    I was super excited when I saw that RB Zach Charbonnet was available the late second, at #59. Had to move up and get him. Traded up with Buffalo using our #72 and fifth rounder #151. At 6’1 220, he is a bruising back who runs with determination, always seeming to break tackles and finding either the first down or the endzone. He has solid hands too, something he could use to cement a role alongside Penny, if we retain him.

    Staying put in the fourth round, #112, I grabbed LT Tyler Smith out of Tulsa. Love this guy. He is a people MOVER. As an offensive lineman, one would expect him to be protecting. He does the opposite. He utilizes his 6’6 332 frame to attack. While his pass pro might lack some for the next level, a year under the wing of Duane Brown just might fix that. A line with him and Curhan could grind the roads for years to come.

    With sixth rounder #188, they grab local LB Edefuan Ulofoshio. One thing that stood out to me in his scouting report, was that he is a high-effort player who consistently finishes plays. We need juice. We need speed. He has a chance to provide that. If anything, this challenges Cody Barton to kick it up a step.

    When I read about this player, i instantly thought that he was a Pete Carroll guy. While corner is not a weakness, the later rounds are pretty much about finding solid depth. With pick #228, CB Allie Green IV joins the Seahawks. He has the psychical profile (6’3 206) and the tenacity that we know Carroll craves.

    Though this was purely for fun, I think that pairing this relatively realistic draft class with a calculated spending spree in free agency, can truly get Seattle right back to being one of the top dogs in the coming years, if not now. Let me know your own thoughts.

    • Big Mike

      Charbonnet has already announced he’s returning to UCLA

      • Ace

        Ah ok, thanks! Guess I wouldn’t trade up, and just take Pierce out of Florida in the third.

        • Seattle Person

          Super bummed about it. I thought Charbonnet was destined to be a Seahawk. I remember getting the same feeling about Tyler Lockett.

  44. pdway

    Mayock fired by the Raiders. That experiment officially ends.

    • Big Mike

      Hopefullt NFLN takes him back. He was damned good on TV during the draft and of course as the color guy during the Beastquake run (….get off of me!”)

      • Rob Staton

        Whenever Mike is ready to return to the booth, I hope the NFLN makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

        It simply hasn’t been the same without him.

        • Roy Batty

          Mayock was always comment on the little things that the other hosts never really noticed.

          He would consistently comment on a perceived blocking only TE’s soft hands in catching drills, or the way someone would actually attack the blocking pad, instead of tapping to improve their time.

          The eyes of a real scout up in the booth made it very enjoyable when watching on the TV.

  45. Submanjoe

    What pisses me off about the Dunlap situation is they trade for him he sparks the defense all the way to 47 sacks from like 13, so they cut him to save some money and resign him to a team friendly deal and then use him differently and barely play him because they were ‘trying different combinations’ and then after 12 games they realize they have zero pass rush so they let him loose again and he finishes strong enough to lead the team in sacks…. Why the hell wouldn’t he expect to be done here? If I’m Dunlap I think Pete is flat out liar who’s just winging it almost, certainly I’m not trusting him and certainly if I want to win the big one before I’m retired I’m looking elsewhere. For most of these guys on this team success hinges on Wilson and what he’s going to do and until there is some clarity there and established stability with it they’ll all be looking out for themselves. Pete’s an idiot if he doesn’t understand that, and if Schneider really would trade Wilson just because he hates his agent… can I just say wow grow up man.

    • Seattle Person

      1) Dunlap is still under contract. He doesn’t really have a say about whether he stays or goes. Given how much you save by releasing him, it’s just not worth it in my opinion. You have a point about his usage. Carroll and Norton needs to sort shit out. Like after week 1…Not towards the end of the season.

      2) Schneider would trade Wilson because he think it’s a good business decision…There was a reason why he looked at Mahomes and Allen. If he can trade a QB for a bunch of picks with a young replacement in place, I think he would do it…A lot of GMs might do it. Simple economics. I think it’s more than he hates the agent.

      • Submanjoe

        I know Dunlap is under contract, but Im aware of the interview Rob referenced and it made me wonder, as it must have made Rob and others wonder. Dunlap seems disenchanted with the way he was used by the Seahawks this year.

        As far as Wilson and his agent and Schneider.. the general understanding is that Wilson’s agent is somewhat the cause of the contentious negotiations between Wilson and Seahawks. Obviously Schneider would be terrible if say Pete were gone and he and Wilson remained and he decided to trade to Wilson so as not to deal with Wilson’s agent during negotiations. But the cats out of the bag. Schneider has checked out Allen and Mahomes. Maybe Wilson’s agent should play hard too if Schneider is checking out the competition. The point is, if Seahawks are committed to Wilson, why are they looking elsewhere?? Why do we as fans as the public as people not involved, why do we know Schneider is checking out other qbs? What should Wilson do knowing that this is going on? Maybe be a bit pissed!? And if all this is good enough to make Schneider not like Wilson’s agent, so? Who cares. I as a fan don’t want to hear talk that Schneider hates an agent and therefore may make decisions about the player based on an agent. It’s an agents job to represent the player. The Seahawks should treat Russ with the respect he deserves as a top starting qb in the NFL. Schneider should find an offensive line, a defensive line, a healthy running back. Schneider has a starting qb. If his job is to explore finding a new starting qb so as to always be checking everything out and to be in on everything…. I’d say there are 50 plus other spots in the roster that are more important than trading Russ for a few draft picks….

  46. JLemere

    So after seeing both Saturday and Sunday games, I’m updating the RW wish list

    1. Denver – Their O-line is better than Pittsburgh’s and Denver’s only other real need would be another EDGE rusher

    2. New England – I thought about it after they lost to BUF and Colin Cowherd brought up the topic this morning. If Belichick realizes that he doesn’t have the firepower to compete against Josh Allen, does he go super aggressive and try to get a QB who could battle Allen in a shootout. If they could obtain RW, it gives McDaniels a reason to stay (a lot better than going to HOU to be an HC)

    3. Pittsburgh – TJ Watt was phenomenal, but they got to fix the right side of the O-Line.

    • Ben

      It’s crazy how much it seems the stars have to align to make a trade where both teams feel like they win.

      I hope Russ doesn’t force something. I don’t think we’ll be all that happy (well aside from the obvious pain…)

      Looking at Denver for example-
      Two 2nds
      2023 1st

      I doubt they’d do it, but to me it’d take something like that. They haven’t paid Chubb yet, and only lose two years of first rounders. But without a guy like Chubb, you otherwise have pretty much no ammo to spend on a qb if this years class is as bad as it sounds. Denver could go all in on offense again, and still have money to spend in FA. If only we had Russ, Q Meinerz, javonte, two go along with some stud wr…

  47. Andy J

    I am with you, except for one addition:

    Please, plz, plzzzzz… (Schneider)… sign a quality Center. I am a huge fan of younger free agents Brian Allen and Bradley Bozeman. Allen in particular might be the target given his familiarity with Waldron’s zone scheme offense. Ben Jones is another quality player. If you really want to focus on the trenches, replacing/resigning Brown and signing a quality Center is the way forward. Maybe it is just folk mythology, but I truly feel as if Centers are the straw that stirs the smoothie.

    Also, so I am with you on the post-sentimentality, but unfortunately still sentimental… would it make sense to sign Wagner to an extension?? You could spread out this year’s cap hit. Push the pain to the post-Carroll era. I would consider this unless a trade develops. I don’t like the idea of releasing him. He wants to be here. The only problem is how much he would want in yearly compensation. As seen by All-Pro vote, the league might still be willing to pay him top dollar. But if that’s the case, then someone would be willing to pull off a trade.

    • Rob Staton

      Not for me.

      Wagner has not played as well as some people think. It’s time to move on.

  48. JJ

    Just listened to Clayton on 710 and I don’t know what happened to him, but he just comes off ass pompous and a dick.

    • Seattle Person

      I think it’s fair to question some media members like Clayton for being very rigid about the whole Wilson situation. Someone like Clayton just doesn’t believe in speculating or putting 2 and 2 together. He’s never been that and never will be. He reports what he sees. Hypothetical thinking doesn’t exit in his world. His style of journalism is far far different than the Rapoports and Schefters.

      He can be very obtuse and oblivious sometimes. Nothing has changed about him. He’s always been that way. Same style when he appeared on ESPN a lot. It’s kinda messed up to call him a dick though…No need to attack him personally. Just criticize his statements.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Since he got cut loose from ESPN proper, perhaps he’s decided he needs “an edge” to compete for relevance in the modern day of sport radio. Even as such, I can’t look at him without thinking of Mr. Mackey from South Park.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s peculiar what has happened to John

  49. joshua

    Another Pete mistake.

    We should have just put in a claim for OJB. vs letting him hit wavers imo…

    • Big Mike

      I just can’t understand how that Pete Carroll culture didn’t convince him to come to Seattle.
      Wasn’t there a report that the Seahawks offered the most money to him?
      Regardless, the important thing is that team Pete was in it til the end.

      • joshua

        He actually had Seattle as his top choice when he looked at the waver wire of teams that could claim him once he was released from Cleveland.

        He changed his tune once he cleared wavers and got to pick his team.

        Then the Hawks and Mr. Russell Wilson /Pete ball wasn’t even on the list to Wilsons surprise.

        Just look at the press conference with Wilson when news came down.

        How would the Rams be right now with out that ‘prick’ OJB in the playoffs?

        You take a chance on blue chip players when you can period!!!

        Just ask the Rams, lol…

    • Ashish

      Problem is accepting they are not the top team anymore. In 2012-2015 era yes Odel would have chosen Hawks not anymore. Remove Russ from roster we are bottom 10 team.

    • Rob Staton

      And OBJ was very interested in that prospect

  50. bmseattle

    the Seahawks victory over the Cardinals is looking more and more impressive by the minute.

    • Big Mike

      I was just coming in to say the same. Beat me to it brother. They’ve collapsed

      • bmseattle

        The Cardinals have been pretty bad for, basically, the last half of the season.
        Yet, for us, beating them is a sign we are on the right track.

  51. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Funny, was reading on Mayock’s firing. Article discussed his “mixed” success in drafting. Compared to Seattle’s drafting of the last 3 years, Mayock’s a HOFer.

    • Big Mike

      But, but…2011 & 2012 drafts!

    • Seattle Person

      Well the 2020 draft has been ok. Overall, there has been more productive guys for the team. You probably have 3-4 starters in there with a bunch of solid contributors.

      1) Starting LB in Brooks.
      2) Promising Pass Rusher in Taylor.
      3) Starting Guard in Lewis.
      4) Ditto about Parkinson so far. Needs playing time.
      5) Contributor in ST with Dallas.
      6) Ditto about Robinson. Needs playing time.
      7) Contributor in ST with Swain.

      But…it’s been ugly since the 2012 draft.

      • BobbyK

        Agree. The 2020 draft looks legitimately good. But they started the draft with 3 picks in the first two rounds (had an extra 2 because of the Frank Clark trade). These idiots don’t understand that early picks, the more the merrier, help you have a better draft. So they trade for Jamal Adams because they don’t understand that you need better pass rushers than Mayowa and Irvin during normal FA period. They’re so frustrating.

    • Jordan

      The Ferrell, Ruggs, Leatherwood, Arnette, Mullen picks probably did him in.

      • Simo

        McDowell, Penney, Blair, Collier, Pocic? Sounds pretty similar yet PC/JS are still employed!

  52. 805Hawk

    I sure hope Jody didn’t keep Pete because of their performance against the Cards, because that’s looking pretty hollow right now.

    • Rowdy

      Cards have always been over rated to me. Even when they win easily they don’t don’t look like a dominant team to me. Plus since getting injured this year murray doesn’t good at all and just looks scared.

  53. Pran

    Watching Kyler and his demeanor, can’t wonder how good is Russ even in difficult times. Not sure if this is the end of Kyler’s rise.

    • Simo

      It’s a bad night for him is all, he’ll bounce back. The entire Rams team looks amped up for this game and the entire Cards team seems flat and overmatched!

    • McZ

      And this is why I would draft Desmond Ridder. If even #1 picks have a steep learning curve and need to get through adversity, then my preferred target would be the guy who already did it.

      That said, this Rams team is legit. Carefully drafted and well developed young talent, with Beckham, Miller, Michel and Stafford making plays.

      We can learn a lot here. From the Cards, too.

  54. Gary

    Imagine basing decisions regarding the future of the Hawks on a win over the Cardinals, who are what we thought they were. I wish Arizona had blown us right out of the building so Pete wouldn’t be able to spew the relentless blind optimism he’s been selling forever.

    • BobbyK

      The Cardinals looked like world beaters the first half and like bums the second half. We beat them last week so Pete is awesome.

      • GoHawks5151

        Nuke is Kylers Lockett. Like pulling teeth without him

        • 805Hawk

          How the heck did the Cards score 30 on the Seahawks?

          • Jordan

            Russ handing them 14 was a big part of it.

  55. Mike

    I forget Isaiah Simmons is on the cardinals. Dude was a monster in college, really looked like a sure fire stud.

  56. samprassultanofswat

    Signing Akiem Hicks and Chandler Jones would be a DREAM senario. Over the years Bobby Wagner has been one of my favorite(if not my favorite player) player. You are not going to find a better human being than Bobby Wagner. But I agree with Rob. When the Hawks played the Cardinals to me it look like they didn’t really miss Wagner. The Hawks need to cut Wagner and use the savings to bring in Quality passer(s).

    • McZ

      If you are Akiem Hicks or Chandler Jones, reading the news and the tea leave… would you come?

  57. cha

    Oh no. Budda.

    • Poli

      defensive passing game coordinator Andre Curtis also fired

  58. Poli

    KNJ fired

  59. 805Hawk

    Glad they are finally moving on from KNJ, but the fact that the two guys on Pete’s short list are from the Pete line of coaches just means more yes men for Pete and no challenge to his authority. What’s the point, really?

    • James Z

      Yup, the short list is short on everything except loyalty the Carroll way of doing things. I’d be surprised if they strayed much at all from PeteBall. The writing is already on the wall. ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’.

      • GoHawks5151

        Who besides Clint?

        • Group captain mandrake

          Ed Donatell is the other.

          • GoHawks5151

            Oh. So working for Fangio is close enough huh?

    • 12th chuck

      let’s hope not, but I afraid your right

    • cha

      The point is this is all a headfake towards contrition for a horrible defense.

      But it doesn’t matter because this is Pete’s defense.

      • Big Mike


  60. Seahawk_Dan

    Clint Hurtt to D-Coordinator? Pete isn’t know for sexy or creative hires.

  61. Scot04


    • Big Mike

      “Boss, de plane, de plane!”.

      (in my best Ricardo Montebon voice) “Welcome to Fantasy Island”.

  62. uptop

    KNJ firing solves nothing , it’s Pete’s defense he was just a yes man. He’s the fall guy and we’re gonna lose Russ because of it

  63. GoHawks5151

    Optimistic take: Last year there was no real pressure on Pete to hire out of his comfort zone for the OC spot. He baby stepped out of his comfort zone with Waldron who he didn’t know. It was very up and down but I saw little glimpses of creativity from Waldron between the Pete offense. Maybe a year together gets him more away on O.

    I’m hoping for possibly something similar if you can’t get Fangio. I’d like to see Jerod Mayo. He has been getting some Head coach interview requests but I’m not sure he is there yet. He played for Bellichick and Patricia. He has been right there with Bellichick since he started running the D the past 2 years. He could bring that famed knowledge on how to shut down the Rams. Maybe he even gets something out of #33.

  64. JimQ

    I see a place kicker in the draft that might be of some interest.

    PK-Chandler Staton, Red-shirt SR, Appalachian State

    A cousin?

    • Rob Staton

      First round pick IMO

      • Big Mike


        In case Carroll reads this blog, don’t give him any ideas Rob.

  65. JimQ

    20 for 21 (95.3%) on field goals in 14 games this season.
    Should at least be a camp body.

    • Scot04

      Cade York from LSU looked good unsure if he’s in the draft; but if he is he would be worth a pick. Might not be as good as Matt Gay who I loved as a college kicker; but purely looking at it from a college perspective, he’s close.

  66. Rob Staton

    Can’t believe a win over the awful Lions, fielding their backup QB, and the Cardinals, who finished the season 1-5 including a beat down loss to said Lions, helped shape the future of the Seahawks and prevent serious change occurring

    • Scot04

      Definitely disappointing

    • Whit21

      Im not sure what was said to Jody Allen, but im not even sure at this point if they still had lackluster performances in the last 2 games that there would be a change..

      The information that should have went to JA is that no matter what.. if you keep PC, russ is gonna try and force his way out again… and thats already begun in record time.. not even a week after season ended, reports have been coming out..

      I figured with a 7-10 ending… its the best way to part with PC.. or u have to deal with Russ drams..

      No scenario was gonna end well.. either way.. it was bleak to be competitive in 2022 unless you pull a Rams/Packers hybrid offseason.. which is no guarantee..

      This offseason is gonna suck, unless they stop doing the horrid crap theyve done the last 5 years..

      • Rob Staton

        I fear you are right

    • McZ

      That’s called a winning culture. The HC is allowed to make any costly mistake at staffing the roster, burning the thing to the ground.

      Meanwhile, the Eagles have turned the ship around. Young, hungry team, neww innovative coach. Eagles fans are adamamt, that Doug Pederson basically got kicked out for taking Jalen Raegor over Justin Jefferson.

      I hope, they give Russ the nee home he deserved, to get the second ring for eternity.

    • Big Mike

      Not sure it did Rob outside of allowing Carroll to convince HIMSELF the team is “close”. No one knows for sure, but when she gave Frick and Frack new contracts, in retrospect I think it sealed the fate of this franchise for the next 3-4 years to come based on every report we’re hearing that states that during the end of season meeting, Carroll’s job security wasn’t even a topic of discussion.

  67. Rob Staton

    I like Clint Hurtt

    But this team badly needs some new ideas and a fresh set of eyes on the defense.

    They don’t create enough pressure. They haven’t a clue what to do with Jamal Adams to make the most of the trade. They’ve started the last two seasons like a train wreck. Not enough turnovers. Can’t get off the field.

    I want to see someone come in with legit expertise and a proven track record.

    Not another yes man for Pete.

    • Seahawk_Dan

      I’m willing to bet that there’s an 80% chance that the new DC is Hurtt. Pete is so desperate for his guys and hiring in house (plus the rumors of Hurtt taking the College DC job) this lines up perfectly with his band back together mentality.

      Seriously this team coaching house only coaching situation is like the Hapsburg family.

    • UkAlex6674

      Sadly Rob I just can’t see PC hiring an established DC who has his own mind. A promotion ala Clint or the DC equivalent of Waldron most likely.

    • Big Mike

      What would you put the chances of him NOT hiring a yes man at Rob? I’m less optimistic that Seahawk_Dan who put it at 20%. I’m at like 1%. Defense is Pete’s “specialty” (they haven’t been very special the last number of years, but whatever) and unlike hiring Waldron who was at least not one of his bobos….., er “guys”, I don’t see it on the defensive side of the ball.

      • Rob Staton

        I’d say less than 5%

        But then I thought that a year ago and they appointed Waldron

        So we live in hope…

        • Tomas

          Tater gets no consideration?

  68. L80

    I wanted Norton gone from the list before he got hired in the first place, so that’s good. What isn’t good is the people making the decisions are no longer trustworthy to deliver ANYTHING even remotely close to what the did when they first got here.

    They are the Austin Powers that “lost my mojo”…..I have ZERO confidence of them making the right choice for the job, and I also think (after seeing it for a decade) that whomever they hire is simply a face with no viable input as to how to run a competant defense, because old man Pete is here and has all the power.

    It’s a sad situation, and since status quo is ok for this “owner”, We as fans suffer the consequences.

    I will say this….Change is possible, why do I say that???…Because as an extreme alcoholic, I turned my life around on November 30th 2020 by stopping drinking. I quit cold turkey, all by myself with ZERO help, meetings, sponsorrs or anything else…..And I have ZERO desire to go back to it. I took my life back.

    If I can do that, then all these chuckleheads have to do is have a wake up call, which I
    m pretty sure they got the memo that they are under scrutiny…..Quit trying to be cute and take charge for once in a decade…..Make a good hire, and let them coach and impliment THEIR defense….It’s not that hard.

    • Big Mike

      The difference here is that you set aside your ego and looked yourself in the eyes and realized it was a serious problem. Carroll will never set aside his ego and admit he’s got a (dra

      • Big Mike

        (drafting, trading, FA acquisition……….well, hell, roster construction) problem.

  69. Alcohawk

    I’m still going to say they defer some of Bobby’s 2022 money to 2023 similar to what they did with Brown and Diggs to lower his cap number. I think they need his leadership and can cut his 2022 number. 2023 is the last hurrah for all involved in my opinion. So cut Bobby down to 12mm and defer 4mm to next year.

    Cutting Myers saves 4mm. I like the Texas kicker Dicker.

    Cutting Some players after June 1 saves a lot more money than cutting them now: Carson saves 5m, Meyowa saves 3m, Hyder saves 3m.

    Everett, Brown and Diggs already have dead money deferred in this year’s cap. Could that money be rolled in to resign then or make it easier to resign then for a lower additional 2022 cost. I.e pay Diggs 4m base this year plus the 3m he’s owed already? Balloon his pay in 2024. Adams is only 9m this year. Escalate Diggs to 9m in 2023 and 14m in 2024. The team is blown up in 2024 no matter how you dice it.

    This gives them the resources to sign all the players mentioned Diggs, Brown, Everett, Penny, Green, Sidney Jones, DJ Reed and then go after a couple of whales like Jensen and Chandler Jones. I was thinking a Clowney return instead of Jones might work. Also need to sign Haynes and Neal. If they start Sidney Jones and Reed could Tre Brown take the nickel?

    Draft has value where they pick. DT, TE, RB are deep. I love all the Georgia defenders. I would like a change in their philosophy from shying away from college kids with football miles on them. No more Eastern Michigan WRs with potential, they need kids ready to play. That means deep dive into the top tier SEC programs. Not projects. Also no conversions, if you draft a Safety, keep him at safety not try to develop them for three years at corner. Enough of that.

    As for running backs, I agree they are not worth a lot of money. My thinking on Penny is that Fournette got like 4mm last year to return to the Bucs after a year where he split time with RJII. I think 3m and incentives for Penny is where his market is. At worst they can sign Fournette for about the same as they almost did last year and then draft multiple backs unless they feel Dallas and Homer can take an expanded role.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m still going to say they defer some of Bobby’s 2022 money to 2023 similar to what they did with Brown and Diggs to lower his cap number. I think they need his leadership and can cut his 2022 number. 2023 is the last hurrah for all involved in my opinion. So cut Bobby down to 12mm and defer 4mm to next year.

      That would be a gross misuse of funds.

      Firstly, Wagner isn’t worth $12m. Having to eat $4m in 2023 though to accommodate him would be a horrendous waste.

      We can’t be sentimental here. They need to be spending their money in the right areas. You’ve spent a first round pick on a linebacker. Make him the new leader. Put your money in the trenches.

      We’ve tried paying through the roof for linebackers and safeties and it hasn’t worked.

      • DT

        When Pete took over we had the highest paid LB group in the league in Curry, Lofa, JP.
        Whether lucky or intentional, Pete demonstrated that you can go young, hungry and aggressive at the LB position and have success.
        Much as it sucks to probably lose BW, it’s time.

      • Alcohawk

        I don’t disagree with the brain over heart decision here. I just don’t see them parting ways with Wagner this year. Everything is set up for 2023 to be the last hurrah. Thus I think Bobby stays. Everyone goes but JS in 2024. That’s my point. We can hope they make a Patriots style move and let a beloved player leave, but that is not the track record Of this regime. I’d bet the house Bobby is a Seahawk with some deferred money in 2022.

        PC and jS stopped making smart football moves once things got complicated and everyone got their second contracts. As maligned as Adams contract is we are paying a lot of guaranteed money to Tyler Locket through age 33. That’s a ridiculous contract too knowing DK is on the roster and needs a big money paycheck.

        • cha

          The Lockett contract most certainly is not ridiculous. Particularly not in comparison to the Jamal Adams deal.

          He’s been extremely productive and durable. He and Russell Wilson have an uncommon connection that goes beyond just athletic footspeed. And the contract is structured extremely well – it gets heavy right around the time a DK Metcalf extension is starting to really hit the cap, and guess what? The bulk of the guaranteed money will already have been paid. Lockett’s age 33 year there is $16.9m of cap room the Seahawks can reclaim by cutting him.

          Signing Lockett is one of the best moves the Seahawks have made in recent years.

        • Rob Staton

          Everything is not set up for 2023 to be the last hurrah

          Everything was set up for 2021 to be the last hurrah

          And what on earth are you talking about on the Lockett contract??

  70. Denver Hawker

    Last year Schotty took the fall, this year it’s KNJ falling on the sword.

    No one else to blame now if it doesn’t work this year.

    • Rob Staton


    • BobbyK

      Pete will always have someone to blame, I fear. Because he isn’t accountable to us.

    • BA

      With Pete in control the coordinator hirings and firings have always been purely for show. Same with Schotty/Waldron last year, this is purely another move to troll the fans when we’ll likely get the same defensive performance next year.

      • Denver Hawker

        I agree. I was also slightly encouraged by the Waldron hire to at least pluck someone younger from another coaching tree, bringing fresh ideas. Ultimately, like Schotty, they either have to run Pete’s system or see their way out.

        I’d like to see the same outside attempt with the DC hire. Someone who can better utilize Adams.

    • DC

      I’m not the biggest fan of Schotty, but the fact he ran the franchise’s best offense last year is saying something when they “mutually parted ways.

      Honestly it all comes back even further. He wanted to run it himself and get Pete out of it.

      • Roy Batty

        Not adjusting when the opposition switched to cover 2 was his downfall. Pete wanted to run it and grind out wins. Schotty seemed to want more Air Cornell. The offense went from lights out to 3 and out. Both are to blame.

        • Roy Batty


  71. swedenhawk

    parting ways with KNJ would at least seem to clear the way for moving on from Wagner… guess we’ll see in the days ahead. Ed Donatell would be an uninspired choice to be sure, but at least he has experience as a DC. On the other hand, hiring one of Fangio or Flores would be a coup and a major step in the right direction for this stale franchise. Sadly, it’ll never happen as long as PC is in control.

  72. Gary

    Every offseason Rob lays out a well-thought out, reasonable, and exciting blueprint for the team that makes me wish he was our GM. Or that PCJS were reading this blog. Every year I allow myself to believe that some of it could actually come true. Then every year, they do none of it, make a series of head-scratching moves to acquire reclamation projects and squander cap space and picks because they are smarter than anyone else doing these jobs, and drive this team off a cliff. Not sure why I keep letting myself get deluded into thinking maybe this is the year they see the light. We are only going to see more of the same.

  73. STTBM

    Carrol has apparently learned nothing. Firing Norton is necessary, but replacing him with an in-house candidate like Hurtt or a retread Good Old Boy like Donatell is inexcusable. How can Jody Allen allow this?! So many other coaches out there that have proven track records as DC, to say nothing of candidates on other teams who may be ready to step up, yet here we go again, looking to hire a Yes-Man so Grandpa Pete can have his cake and eat it too…

    Well, I’m hoping for Hurtt to get the job, maybe he’ll turn out to be another Dan Quinn. But I hate the way this process is going….

  74. Roy Batty

    So the franchise is back to the sacrificial lamb phase.

    A few more heads will roll, then in-house promotions, then Pete will bring in his guy to supplement in-house hires, then another repeat of the last few years performance.

    This team is stale, uninspiring and going nowhere.

    The clock is now ticking on Wilson’s departure.

  75. Nathan M

    Pete, tell us what your new coordinator brings to this stale, underperforming D:

    “We’re so jacked to have him in the building! Really excited for what he brings and how he will incorporate a lot of the things we’re already doing. We’ll just get some things cleaned up.”

    Thanks Pete, and just how good is Bobby Wagner?

  76. BobbyK

    Most defensive coordinators do pretty well when they have good players. Most don’t do very well with crappy players.

    So, naturally, Pete brings in crap for defensive talent and gets to fire a couple DCs in a row. They are eventually held accountable, but not Pete. He keeps bringing in crap talent for the DCs but he’s never held accountable. It’s frustrating.

    • Matthew J

      I’m pretty sure that there was division with Richard and not implementing the things he was told to do. I think it caused huge problems, as we see it’s not like Richard has gone on to be a HC elsewhere and hasn’t been a DC again i don’t think.

  77. Uptown

    Nice article. The two FA targets that you mentioned I am also hoping for.

    1) Chandler Jones, who might want out of Arizona, since they’re unlikely to give him what he wants, and paying Watt as well.

    2) Zay Jones would be a ideal #2b or #3 WR in the Waldron system, and also a hedge in case DK’s price might be too much.

    You never have too many Jones on your team.

  78. Robertlasvegas

    Rob thank you for everything you do .I enjoyed this article .I like the idea of Chandler Jones . Arizona could have extended him but instead brought in JJ Watt.I would use the same speech as John Lynch gave Richard Sherman they didn’t want you come join us and you get to play them twice next year. Also any thoughts on Haason Reddick he is also this upcoming year. I really like the idea of Jarred Davis the guy is player probably get him a reasonable price.

  79. Luis Guilherme

    I think that if Seattle signs Metcalf soon, to a 20m apy contract, and then he sees other WRs getting more money than him, including guys that he considers worse than himself, we could be in for drama that will make Xavien Howard stand in Miami look like a Hallmark movie.

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