New Orleans closes in on Jadeveon Clowney

According to Spotrac, the Saints have approximately $4m in available cap space. Yet reports are suggesting they’re making a huge push for Jadeveon Clowney.

What does this tell us? Firstly, you can make anything happen financially if you have the will to do it. Secondly, the Seahawks are facing a decisive 24 hours.

Based on the tweets above, they are ‘monitoring’ the situation. That has to turn into something more significant. Although apparently the price is still ‘too high’ for Seattle:

Only today Pete Carroll was referencing the need to try and get recently re-signed Damontre Moore up to speed so he can play in week one. This is a player who has featured in just 11 games in the last three seasons for three separate teams.

He’s barely been talked about in terms of returning to the NFL. Yet here is — being praised for his effort and seemingly being thrust into the spotlight as someone who will need to be relied on.

How has it come to this? How has fixing the pass rush as a priority turned into this?

You could argue they’ve been unfortunate. Darrell Taylor, who they drafted in round two, is still recovering from a injury he picked up last year. They were clearly hoping he could contribute as a rookie.

Yet everyone knew about his injury pre-draft. It was a well known red flag that every team was aware of. Hopefully he will make a full recovery in the future but in terms of 2020, the prospect of him contributing is bleak and there was always a chance of that happening. It shouldn’t be a big surprise.

Even then — relying on a rookie would’ve been a stretch.

So up steps Moore to join the rag-tag bunch of assembled parts.

Some Seahawks fans have tried to convince themselves that an improved secondary and a batch of contributors on the defensive line will be enough to deliver a contending Seahawks team. Let’s just get real. Allow reality to wash over you and consider the prospect of a defensive scheme that relies on rushing four being led by Rasheem Green and Benson Mayowa.

All the investment at linebacker and safety. The franchise quaterback. The hopes and dreams of a team in year three of a reset — trying to win a division they’ve only claimed once in the last five years.

It all rests on the ability of players like Green and Mayowa, supported by Moore, Alton Robinson and L.J. Collier, to not be a total and utter liability on the defensive line.

And that’s before we even get into the atrocious ‘depth’ at defensive tackle.

The Saints are moving in for the kill. They are trying to add an impact player who will certainly make their team better. They are a genuine contender already and this will only take them a step further.

If the Seahawks really are truly about competing and about reaching the status of a New Orleans or a San Francisco this year and being a serious contender and not a mere playoff number-maker-upper they have to go and get the player they called a top priority at the start of the off-season.

You can’t watch him join a NFC rival.

Especially after watching Calais Campbell, Robert Quinn, Dante Fowler, Yannick Nagkoue, Everson Griffen and others also move on to other teams.

Failure to act and what happens next will be frustratingly predictable. The Seahawks will win games because of their quarterback but they won’t reach their potential. The defensive line will hold them back. Whether that’s week one against Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, a key NFC West game or a playoff season-ender.

It will cost them eventually.

So what’s the call?

Inaction and hope for the best? Or proving that this team is still serious about winning Championships?

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  1. Aaron

    The next two days will define the 2020 Seahawks season. It will define where they are at and what we can expect of them. Do the Hawks really wanna compete for a championship or be one and done? Are PC and JS ready to go for it or are they content to coast on past victories and that 2013 SB win? Hold onto your butts folks!

  2. Chase

    My dad has a phrase he often says, “F*** around F*** around and soon you won’t be around.” Says it especially when watching football games which shouldn’t be close, but still they are. That phrase is the embodiment of the Clowney saga, and watching Clowney sign with the saints will leave a very bitter taste in my mouth.

  3. Nick


    • Rob Staton


      • Nick

        If Clowney ends up signing at NO, Pete and John have a lot to answer for. A complete failure to address their #1 need and want. Inexcusable with a QB in his prime. It honestly just comes down to that.

        • Rob Staton


          They need to answer those questions.

          And whether you rate Clowney or not — what they’ve done on the DL shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone.

          • SeaTown

            I think PC/JS have made their decision. If they really wanted him They would have signed him. Had 60 million.

            • TomLPDX


            • CD

              Maybe PC and JS misread Clowney and he really didn’t want to be in Seattle, didn’t believe in the culture or that they are contenders? Pete got hormonal, fixated, I can turn a guy around. I don’t take the words of both sides in the media, Clowney’s actions show he didn’t want to be here. He knew the team, top money was there, he is not ‘going home’. They should have known better.

            • Rob Staton

              Nope — because they’ve protected cap space all this time. Still are.

              They’re just whiffing.

              • Ralphy

                The Hawks didn’t misread it. They were right on his market and I believe they were right that he does indeed want to play for Seattle. What they have been wrong on is thinking that he would see what the market told him and eventually sign with them for what they were offering. As Rob has said, this isn’t his first big contract like it is for so many other players who are signing their second contract. This is massively frustrating but if he signs with Seattle it all works out in the end. If he signs with someone else, its a dagger and it likely dooms our season.

                • Rob Staton

                  Never said they misread it.

                  I said they whiffed.

                  And there’s no other way of describing an off-season declaration of pass rush being the priority and ending up with zero DT additions and Benson Mayowa replacing Clowney.

                  • Mike

                    Still, after last season’s disastrous line play, the question was how to get clowney PLUS another impact linemen. Now we are just living on the faint hope that we wont regress even further from last season by keeping clowney. Somehow.

                    Al Woods – veteran starter
                    Jadeveon Clowney – impact veteran starter
                    Ziggy Ansah – non impact starter
                    Quinton Jefferson – versatile starter
                    Branden jackson – versatile depth

                    REPLACED BY:
                    Benson mayowa – rotational guy
                    Alton robinson – rookie
                    Jamar Taylor – injured rookie
                    Assorted practice squad fluff

              • CD

                Nope to what? Whiffing is the same as misreading.

                • Rob Staton

                  The definition of whiffing is missing the ball. It’s a commonly used phrase for a swing and a miss.

                  It’s not remotely the same as misreading the situation.

                  • CD

                    My use of ‘misreading’ wasn’t about the ‘situation’ or market, if you read my comment again, it was about Clowney’s intentions, his sincerity when saying he wanted to be a Hawk. They saw/talked to him everyday last season, they saw him turn down their fair offer this summer, they should have known his talk of staying was BS and not going to happen sooner. I guess proof will be when he signs for something comparable or lower than what the Hawks offered.

                    • Rob Staton

                      My original reply was to Seatown’s comment and not yours (he said ‘I think PC/JS have made their decision. If they really wanted him They would have signed him. Had 60 million’).

          • Elmer

            I stopped being as optimistic about signing Clowney when they traded for Adams. Unless they hose that one up too, it’s a future financial commitment. I have stopped being as optimistic about the 2020 season too. I guess that all we can to is stay tuned and stay hopeful.

        • Chris Alexander

          I think it depends on HOW MUCH (and how long) he signs for. Assuming that he actually DOES sign with them.

          I spent some time on OverTheCap and the Saints’ are seriously “underwater” on about 40% of their roster with very little room – that I see – to restructure deals to free up room for a player like Clowney … not unless Clowney is going to sign for EG money (i.e. $6M) or they opt to outright release players like Alvin Kamara and/or Jameis Winston (which I don’t see happening).

          Will be interesting to see how they pull it off if, indeed, they do pull it off.

          • Brik

            I wonder if this push for Clowney is related in any way to the Alvin Kamara situation, like they plan to get rid of him so they need a star somewhere to make up for that. From what I know Kamara only gets a couple million this year which would give them a few more bucks for Clowney, but not enough.

            • Chris Alexander

              Kamara’s salary this season (currently) sits at $2.133M, per OverTheCap.

  4. cha

    John McClain
    Mike Vrabel and Jon Robinson have been patient in their pursuit of Clowney. Saints are recruiting him like SC did when he was in high school.
    4:42 PM · Sep 3, 2020

  5. Strategicdust

    It’s maddening and frustrating to have this story go the way it has. The hubris of this front office believing that quantity over quality will fix the problem one the coaching staff can coach them up is atrocious. Teams will be able to avoid testing the improved secondary by running the ball down their throats every game. Paper thin depth will be tested when the majority of the game will be directed at them. Deciding to take a chance on a lineman with a known injury problem when you’re already thin looks more and more problematic. Bringing in Moore who’s basically not played for a few years and trying to get him ready for game 1 is just…
    I really don’t care about preserving the salary cap this year. They’ve wasted ample opportunities to improve this line and it’s becoming very obvious there really wasn’t ever a plan B. Stubbornness and misguided optimism is no way to run a franchise.

  6. Big Mike

    Oh boy, Clay Matthews
    (searching for the puking emoji)

    Inexcusable Pete, inexcusable.

  7. EP

    8 million over 2 years for a 3rd string centre :/ and the exciting last minute addition of Damontre Moore are my real highlights from this offseason. Championship moves by the Seahawks.

  8. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    I think one thing we can say in the PC/JS era they have never spent big on DE/DT. Always looking for the deal. IMO that is there philosophy. Not knowing what the Clowney stakes are at this point. Seahawks have already made their offer and thats it. Time will tell if its just Clowney driving up the price. My major concern is DT position and how good they will be at stopping the run. Unless Pete has a change in heart and all of a sudden wants to be a big time blitzing defense using Secondary and Linebackers to create pressure and sacks. This entire offseason on the defensive side has been confusing, hoping for the best. Or atleast that the Offense has to score 30 plus a game.

  9. charlietheunicorn

    Clowney has to be willing to play for peanuts, if he goes with the Saints. Titans are a whole different kettle of fish. The Saints have literally no cap flexibility this season, unless they do some major contract redos and are in a significant cap hole next season already from a cap perspective. This is why many have speculated this season will be Brees last season.

    The silly thing is, Clowney will not get a deal he is looking for after this season either, since the cap will be either flat or lowered in 2021. One of the crazier meandering negotiations in NFL history.

    • Scott

      The Saints are known for signing contracts with bogus extra years so they can spread out the cost. They can easily sign Clowney for whatever he wants with very little cap hit for this season.

      • Jhams

        All those bogus years are catching up to them, they’re like $80 million over the cap next year and a ton of their best players, including both starting tackles, need new contracts.

        • Scott

          I agree. I never said it was a sound strategy.

          • Mike

            I think with brees age, its safe to say this is the year for them. Then there will be a major rebuild operation.

  10. Tien

    I agree with you, Rob!

    There is no excuse if the Hawks allow Clowney to be signed by the Saints. The DL is in dire straits so if Hawks really want to be serious contenders this year, they have to free up the money to sign Clowney! Hoping that a couple of rookies, one of which already had an injury history, and signing some 2nd tier level DL as the solution to your well known and publicly stated biggest offseason concern is a foolish strategy. Sometimes, you have to overpay (like they did with Jamal Adams and with Jimmy Graham and Percy Harvin) to get the player you want/need!

  11. cha

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but…

    I would actually PREFER to have a Lebron James / “The Decision” style program than to have this drag out any longer.

  12. Denver Hawker

    Losing Clowney to the Saints would be a death sentence. If the Hawks are serious about contending ( see Adams trade) they need to pay up for Clowney.

  13. Trevor

    I have been saying it since day #1 Clowney was never coming back to Seattle on a one year deal. They were going to have to sign him to a long term deal at his price to get a deal done or it was not going to happen. They would not pay up for a long term deal so there was no chance he was coming back even if they do seeming to be saving cap room for some move.

    Why would Clowney sign a one year prove it deal with a team with the worst supporting cast in football where he gets double teamed on every snap. Another sub par year statistically does not help him. He can go to the Saints with Jordan and Davenport or Dallas with Lawrence and Griffen or Ravens with Campbell and Judon or Seattle with Benson and Bruce. Where would you go on a one year deal? The last place I would go is the Seahawks.

    My fingers are crossed that PC/JS wake up and sign him to a long term deal at the last hour because he could be a corner stone to build around and that is the only way they can get him now.

    • dcd2

      Agree. He essentially just played on a one year prove-it deal and clearly didn’t like the results. I’m of the belief that our DL is actually worse right now as we’ve lost QJeff, Woods & Ansah while adding Mayowa and a 5th round rookie. Bruce is a part-time DL and Taylor is hurt. Why would he sign a prove-it deal with us?

      If it’s about the best place to play for a Championship…. MAYBE that can be the pitch. If the Saints are legitimately in the running, I’d argue that they are a more complete team.

      If it’s about maximizing future value, we’re currently the worst DL in the NFL and guaranteeing him double teams.

      If it’s about money today via a long-term contract, that is our best bet. I’ve argued in the past that John puts a value to guys and that’s what he’ll pay regardless. We’ve had plenty of overdraft/overpay players and we’ve also let All-pros walk with zero compensation. If John won’t do a long-term deal, this saga has been over for months and we just didn’t know it. If he is willing to sign him to a multi-year deal, there is still a glimmer of hope.

      Regardless, this situation has just about run its course and we’ll know one way or the other shortly.

    • dcd2

      Agree. He essentially just played on a one year prove-it deal and clearly didn’t like the results. I’m of the belief that our DL is actually worse right now as we’ve lost QJeff, Woods & Ansah while adding Mayowa and a 5th round rookie. Bruce is a part-time DL and Taylor is hurt. Why would he sign a prove-it deal with us?

      If it’s about the best place to play for a Championship…. MAYBE that can be the pitch. If the Saints are legitimately in the running, I’d argue that they are a more complete team.

      If it’s about maximizing future value, we’re currently the worst DL in the NFL and guaranteeing him double teams.

      If it’s about money today via a long-term contract, that is our best bet. I’ve argued in the past that John puts a value to guys and that’s what he’ll pay regardless. We’ve had plenty of overdraft/overpay players and we’ve also let All-pros walk with zero compensation. If John won’t do a long-term deal, this saga has been over for months and we just didn’t know it. If he is willing to sign him to a multi-year deal, there is still a glimmer of hope. Regardless, this situation has just about run its course and we’ll know one way or the other shortly.

      *You can delete that other one Rob, I put an extra “o” in yahoo

  14. All I see is 12s

    Unforgivable and unmitigated disaster.

  15. Big Mike

    Wait a z second, it just dawned on me that the Hawks will be OK. They’ve drafted Darrell Taylor to step in. We’re golden.

    • Mike

      Big mike, you got it all wrong. LJ collier’s heavy hands are gonna be unstoppable this year. They’ll never see it coming!

      • Big Mike

        Oh of course! How could I forget about LJ especially considering how much impact he had and how much he played last year. Thanks for getting me squared away Mike.

  16. James C

    Isn’t there a chance he just doesn’t want to play for Seattle?

    • Trevor

      I think there is a very good chance that is the case given what they have on the DL. On a one year deal that is definitely the case I think.

  17. Cortez Kennedy

    I’d rather play for a NFC team that is serious about actually contending in 2020. Seemingly every other team in the league besides Jacksonville made moves to improve their pass rush. We were in no position to cash in on Jacksonville’s desperation because we burnt so much capital on Jamal Adams. Dallas, Minnesota and now possibly New Orleans made it happen. The Seahawks decided not to.

  18. Oliver G

    Maybe we gonna have the you score 30 we score 32 mentality. Russ spoke about playing very quarter likes in the 4th. We one of the best QBs, 2 legit star WR and possible a third in Gordon . Deep TE room with Olsen and Dissly , Hollister and Even Parkinson is 6’7 giant who moves great for his size. Our RB is health is concerning but we got Carson who made top NFL 100 list and Hyde coming of a 1000 yard season . Our O-Line is great but with the addition of Lewis it should be serviceable. Yes our D-Line is a joke but hopefully with secondary and LB and Reed and Ford staying healthy we can limit teams to 25-30 points . And we just outscore our opponents . Especially of Metcalf takes that next step to an elite WR 1 , he and Russ are close and have great chemistry hopefully this can transform our offence best in the league or top 3.

  19. Oliver G

    *Our o-line isn’t great my bad .

  20. BobbyK

    The Seahawks could possibly win the Super Bowl without Clowney. There’s a slim chance. If they do, all the people will talk about how smart they are/were.

    Reality says they drafted Russell Wilson in 2012, mortgaged the future trading for a SS, and got lucky on injuries if it (HOPEFULLY) happens. And went into the season as irresponsible as possible, on paper, in terms of the DL. But they can POSSIBLY get away with it because they drafted a QB in 2012.

    Playing the odds… winning the SB without Clowney… a chance, granted, not a good chance…. winning the SB WITH Clowney… a MUCH more realistic chance…

  21. Michael P Matherne

    Reaching the status of New Orleans? Isn’t that exactly the status they’re stuck at? Make the playoffs then don’t do anything when you get there. I feel like the ‘Hawks and Saints are in roughly the same boat there. Since their 2009 championship the Saints have done the following:

    Lost in Conf: 1
    Lost in Div: 3
    Lost in WC: 2
    Missed Playoffs: 4

    • Rob Staton

      The Saints are a legit contender. They’ve also been incredibly unlucky.

      The Seahawks haven’t been for a long time.

    • Big Mike

      Also if Clowney is signing a one year, hehas a much better chance to put up a better statistical season with NO because he has better d-linemen around him (less double teaming) as has been mentioned by others here. Trust me THAT is a factor considering he’s not going to get what he wants in terms of $.

  22. Steve Nelsen

    Everything Clowney and PCJS have said about each other since they were cleaning out lockers at the end of last season has been respectful. The Seahawks have the cap space to match or beat any other offer and I believe Clowney still signs here.

    Alvin Kamara is much more a part of New Orleans plans for 2020 than Clowney. If the Saints are freeing up cap space it is for their guy; not Clowney.

    • Hawkdawg

      If that is so, then these reports about several direct contacts over the last couple days between the Saints’ head coach and Clowney must be wrong. Not sure I believe that.

      • Steve Nelsen

        I’m not saying they are wrong. Lots of teams have contacted Clowney. I think Seattle’s cap space makes them clearly superior to New Orleans; especially if you factor in Kamara.

  23. CaptainJack

    Per one source,

    The saints deal is being finalized and it’s worth 10 million which would mean the Pete and John have some SPLAINING to do.

    What kicks me is the refusal to go after any solid plan B, when plenty were available, and instead dump money into backup offensive linemen…

    Also in hindsight…. trading up for Darrell Taylor was a major misuse of resources. Seahawks HAD to have intel he had more major injury issues that could prevent him from playing year one. We really could have used another third round pick say on… DT depth

  24. Michael Hasslinger

    Same story. Different day. Lots of smoke, no fire. Saints are no different than Cleveland, Tennessee, Seattle.

    Give me a break. If this guy loved football he would be in a camp.

    Let him go. Win with what you have. My god, the six months of whining is immature.

    If Clowney is hurt by week six, are we going to rejoice? Everyone pinning success on one brittle player. I’d be hard pressed to find one person on here that saw McDonald maturing in 2013. Seattle has always developed players first. Go Brian Mone!

    Bunch of armchair whiners.

    Go Hawks!

    • Spencer

      Players breaking out in the past does not mean that players will break out in the future. McDonald was a veteran and we have untested second year players behind him – the chance of a breakout isn’t likely and banking on one because some DT “matured” to become decent depth happened before is foolish.

      Their track record the last few years of developing players to fill in roles has left a lot to be desired as well. It’s time to address these problems, and if they are serious, they could definitely sign Clowney and a DT if they truly want to compete this year.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        Your position is true both ways. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

        Do you folks even enjoy football?

    • Rob Staton

      Rah rah Seahawks

      • Michael Hasslinger

        Maybe being a Seahawks fan is less important than being right these days, eh. Fair enough.

        I love the sport and appreciate the earnestness the teams leaders manage the organization. Being angry all the time about leadership choices doesn’t make you right.

        • Rob Staton

          What an absolutely pathetic reply.

          Sorry, but I won’t stand for this nonsense. You can’t denigrate the legitimate arguments made on this blog to ‘who is the better fan’ or appeals to faith and authority.

          If you want to wave your Pom Pom’s, bury your head in your sand and accuse those who seek to critique the franchise fairly of being unhinged and angry — do it somewhere else.

          This is a place for adults.

          • Hunter

            Odd you claim the title of “fairly” when you’re constantly pissing and moaning over a poor pass rushing end but whatever.

            • Rob Staton

              I see you’re from the group of crybabies who can’t bare to hear any criticism or adult conversation about the Seahawks.

              Grow up.

  25. cha

    One thing I feel today’s tidal wave of Clowney information has proven, is that he’s not some mentally unstable recluse who can’t be bothered to pick up the phone for an 8 digit contract.

    Look at what has been reported before this afternoon in recent days. “Frustrated with lack of engagement”, “agent can’t even get him on the phone to talk with teams”, “agent has no idea what he’s thinking or doing”,”can’t arrange a visit”, etc. That has led some people to draw some pretty wild conclusions about him as a person, that have really nothing to do with his actual performance on the football field.

    Fast forward to this afternoon. He’s talked to Sean Peyton multiple times. Players are calling, blowing up Clowney’s phone to recruit him to their team. More than one team are monitoring the situation, which means staying in touch. This isn’t a moment of lucidity for a mercurial talent. This is a coordinated, calculated effort to select his employer, his way.

    Teams and fans are salivating after him now that they hear he’s apparently ready to make a decision. It’s quite likely that up until and maybe even including today, some of that same number have stooped to some pretty ugly words and characterizations of him.

    Clowney has met this offseason on his terms, and he’s making it work for him. There’s been a ton of noise questioning his attitude, desire, toughness, his view of his self worth, and whether he values winning vs money.

    And what’s more, once he decides on a team, there will be a ton more from the fans of teams he didn’t sign with, and from sports analysts who make a living venting their spleens on whatever is bothering them today. I think it’s been more than enough.

    He’ll make a decision. One that he feels is best for him and meets his terms. If he decides to play somewhere else than with the Seahawks, I guarantee you I’ll personally revisit all 5 stages of grief. But in the end I’ll be more upset with this front office than with anything Clowney has said or done or not said or done. I’ll thank him for the incredible effort and guts he displayed in 2019 for the Hawks, and wish him well right up until the time comes for him to face the Seahawks.

    I apologize in advance if this comes off as preachy or “I told you so”-ish. But I think the last few days of searching for Clowney news and fan comments about said news has rubbed a nerve a little raw. Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

    • Scot04

      Well said Cha. I pretty much agree with your entire vent. Not preachy at all.

      • McZ

        This Clowney here, Clowney there thing starts to get desperate.

        Either he is as simple and predictable as Rob says. Then the Seahawks will not pay him 18m, and he will ultimately not accept risking another major injury in a pandemic for less.

        Or he is not. Then he is not worth the trouble. In that case, I’m sanguine with him signing as far from this precious franchise as possible.

    • Brik

      Yea cha, you made me look at it in a way I wasn’t really thinking too much about. Everyone wanted to bad mouth him, but there is so much stuff in these contracts the players sign. They can’t do much of anything besides play football. This was Clowney’s first chance to really do whatever he wanted with all his money, and not worry about any clauses in his contract. No one really knew what was going on, but it’s not like Clowney could say in the media that he feels like messing around and will be ready to play when the season starts. Maybe 20 million would have got him to change his mind, but at the rate he’s gonna get paid he may as well not deal with months of “pointless” football.

    • Ashish

      Well explained 👏 many hawks fan are frustrated with clowney saga. I like what Rob mentioned, hawks should have signed alternatives proven player instead of waiting forever. Counting on Irvin and mayoya as only pass rush is not enough, JS/PC should have known. I’m just happy it will end soon.

    • Chris Alexander

      I think this is pretty spot-on. But I wouldn’t be too upset with the front office if he ends up signing with someone else. All along the team has said that he’s a priority and they made him an offer (or multiple offers) at what they thought was a reasonable price. He disagreed. Seattle moved on, but never really MOVED ON … always keeping the door open and leaving enough cap space to make something happen if/when Clowney decided to accept their offer. If someone outbids them (read: overpays) for Clowney’s services at the 11th hour then so be it. I don’t see that as Seattle’s fault.

      Moving PAST Clowney, assuming he signs somewhere else, it will be interesting to see what Seattle does to address the D-line before Week 1 (or at least in the very beginning of the season, even if that’s not actually until Week 2 or 3). If they simply “pocket” the money they had set aside for Clowney THEN it’s probably “fair” to be upset with them. But if they pick up a quality player or 2 off of waivers and sign a free agent DT then … ??

    • Gohawks5151

      Good points. I’m not sure it is as calculated as you make it seem. He and his agents seem like they weren’t always on the same page. I do think that he wanted to get a deal done quick but after a few months, training camp was going to be his last and best shot. However that doesn’t excuse weird coldness in which he approached some teams. He’s a lot like Seattle off-season itself, the ends will end up justifying the means if he gets the deal he wants.

      • cha

        Just keep in mind, the source of those reports about erratic behavior and non-communication. They’re from teams and front offices trying to get him to sign a deal.

        The boy that tells everyone the pretty girl he asked to the dance (and she said no) is “ugly” and “a drama queen” doesn’t have a lot of credibility. Especially if he’d go out with her in a heartbeat if she changed her mind.

        As well, saying there’s some real confusion on Clowney’s side sure transfers the heat of their fanbase off of the front office and onto Clowney so I’d wager there’s some self-preservation involved as well.

        They wanted Clowney to follow their timetable, and he clearly didn’t want to. Wouldn’t shock me at all if Bus was just stonewalling, saying he can’t get a hold of Clowney, as an alternative to saying “No, we feel our leverage will be better a week before the season starts” just to keep the fish on the line.

        • Gohawks5151

          I buy that. That’s why Seattle “monitoring” doesn’t bother me yet. The game is still being played. We will see if they are playing that game to win real soon.

        • BC_Hawk

          Yep…Clowney has been all class this off season. He has chosen not to sign as of yet, but has never taken any garbage to the media or such about disrespect or money or….. He is simply doing what he wants, which is 100% within his rights. It is us as fans that perceive disrespect or want to clamor to a half assed story in the media.

          Clowney doesn’t like camp; Clowney is a vet that knows how to self train; Clowney Doesn’t need the reps to be effective week 1. He will sign this week now that camp is done and the market is now run its course. There will be no drama and this saga will over. WE have created the drama; he has just continued to do his thing out of the spotlight in a classy manner.

    • Chavac

      I think this very strangely ignores the self inflicted damage that he has done as he has, unequivocally, cost himself millions of dollars. From all accounts he had multiyear offers in the 15-17m range that he scoffed at on the basis an inflated sense of self worth, which has now been validated by the 32 teams who balked at his requests. He did this knowingly throughout a pandemic during which it became clear that next year’s salary cap drop that will significantly impact whatever he signs in 2021 and beyond. Now he has waited until the eleventh hour and from what we’re hearing will enter the season (if he plays) on a team without training camp, preseason, or any sort of formal preparation (a year that will heavily dictate his future earnings if he signs a prove it deal). We won’t even go into how his injury history adds even more layers of risk to everything he has done. Or the fact that he has now cornered himself into about 3 possible destinations. Or the idea that not picking up the phone to respond to teams offering eight digit offers (which apparently was corroborated by multiple teams and makes zero sense as agent disinformation) is not something that a rationale human being does. If we are to believe that this was all part of his plan or the way he wanted his offseason to go, then I feel it is absolutely appropriate to severely question what in the world he was thinking. I think PC/JS were incredibly on point in teasing out what his market value from the get go, but well off target in assessing in his desire to make informed and rational decisions (along with most of the country). For what it’s worth I think he should avoid being the focal point of the Seahawks thin Dline and sign with NO where he can pad his stats as Jordans’s bookend, but at this point who knows. I wouldn’t put it out realm of possibility that he sits the season and plays this game again next year.

      • cha

        1-We have no concrete knowledge of what those offers were. How much guaranteed money? What kind of bonuses and structure? Were they inflated by near unattainable incentives? Did the teams demand an injury exception like Dallas built into Gerald McCoy’s contract? Do we really believe the sore loser’s words in this case?

        2-On his communication. Like I said, he’s taking phone calls now. Lots of people are talking to him.

        3-I explained what you call “self-inflicted damage” and “cost himself millions of dollars”. Even if that is true that he’s losing money by taking this stance, that’s Clowney’s choice. Like I said, he’s playing this game his way. While it boggles the mind to think of walking away from millions, he’s already got millions. He does have the right to decide where he wants to play and for how much. If that frustrates you, and makes you feel you can criticize him, feel free.

        4-Everybody seems to be concerned about the future salary cap. First off, we don’t know for a fact what it’ll be. Secondly, we’ve already seen that teams are trying to move cap around to sign Clowney. There’s every chance he’ll eventually get the same years and money that was being reported this summer, just in different increments, and with a team of his choosing and not a team like Cleveland or the Jets.

      • off.grid.iron

        17-18 million from Cleveland. He said day 1 that he wanted to play for a contender.

  26. Rob4q

    Very well said Cha…I think I agree with everything you said.

  27. BruceN

    Saints are going all out. Full court press and players are calling to recruit him. Reminds me of when the top 4 players for GS Warriors flew to the Hamptons to recruit KD. That gesture convinced KD to sign with the warriors. If this courting is true, I wouldn’t be surprised if he signs for the same or even less than what we’re offering. Russell should give him a call and give his sales pitch. I take it as the Hawks don’t have the same sense of urgency and are not all in for signing him. Which is strange considering they saved their cap space and didn’t go after any of the alternatives. It’ll be a shame to waste this short window we have with our secondary loaded with 4 Pro Bowl caliber players (who all won’t be here next year).

    • Hughz

      Clowney is not signing a cheap contract even for a contender like the saints.

      • BruceN

        I wasn’t implying cheap. I suspect if the Saints can muster up $10-$12M they may be in play. Or it could be that he is using them to put pressure on the Hawks to blink. Nobody has a clue (yours truly included) about what’s next except Clowney.

  28. Morgan Goulet

    So far we’ve spent huge piles of cash on bad offensive linemen, played moneyball with what was already one of the worst pass rushes in the NFL, and are also 0-deep on DTs. Spent a 3rd rounder on a one-year rental for what turned out to be our best DE that we for some reason we didn’t want to resign, spent a 2nd and a traded a 3rd on a rookie DE that can’t play. Meanwhile we tendered David Moore and Jacob Hollister who are what…5th and maybe 3rd on the depth chart? It’s like they decided the offseason by throwing darts at names on the wall.

    I’m usually not so negative but I’m baffled. If it all works out and all these reclamation projects have career years, man, that’d be great. Seems odd that your plan is to COUNT on that, though.

  29. millhouse-serbia

    Breaking News….. My source just called me and said the Saints and Jadevon Clowney are working on a few details in the contract but he should be signing a contract with the Saints by Monday. ⚜️

    This tweet has been posted before all others from Rapaport, Russini etc…

    • cha

      I’ve seen this guy’s handle pop up a few times. No idea of he’s the real deal or not.

      He posted the Saints have Clowney locked to a 1 year $10m deal, but then spent the rest of the day retweeting anyone and everyone who replied saying “Look! He had it first!” Just a strange look. I think it’s worth taking this guy’s word with a grain of salt.

  30. Positrac

    They have to call and recruit him because they cannot pay him. I would hate to play poker with Pete or John.

    • Rob Staton

      I dunno, I feel like I might get a two year deal worth $8m out of them.

      • DC

        LOL! High stakes poker for a big contract when the river card comes out? No thanks. Facing a double raise on the big blind for a veteran backup potential starter for $4M a year? Absolutely!

      • Big Mike

        BJ, did you take over Rob’s account?

        • Sea Mode


      • Lewis

        Can I be your agent? Pretty sure I can get 7.9

  31. DC

    Man after this offseason, after being in a “reset” for a few years now, just makes me feel like its an end of an era. The negative Nancy in me wants to move on from Pete and John. Not only could they have signed Clowney already, they could have saved even more cap space that could have been rolled over to next year. So much waste and no improvement. Sickening.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      The season has yet to start. You have no true facts. Enjoy the “sport”? Just because you don’t like the process doesn’t make it wrong.

      If Seattle underachieves, go for it. Until then, be a fan?

      • Rob Staton

        This is your final warning Michael.

        Stop trying to ‘true fan’ people discussing legitimate points or I will stop it myself.

        • Michael Hasslinger

          You can ban me. I’m ok with that.

          • Rob Staton

            No probs.

            Thanks for letting me know.

  32. Largent80

    This front office has never recovered from the McDowell pick. They got nothing from it, then whiffed on the Naz Jones pick as well and this was 3 years ago.

    Then they used a second rounder to get Richardson who was promptly gone the next year.

    Then they draft this year and select an injured player, this after their top choice last year got injured in camp and showed absolutely nothing after recovering.

    A series of whiffs and blunders that are arguably head scratching for us as fans.

    So now they are in full on dumpster diving mode…….Sad

    • DC

      At this point I don’t know how they’re going to recover and get into the top of the NFC again. They’ll stay competitive because of RW, but now they don’t have the cap, or the draft picks to be able to inject any talent on the DL.

    • Big Mike

      Well summed up, sadly.

    • cha

      Largent80, you all safe and sound? Family’s OK?

      • Largent80

        Hey, yeah, we lucked out because the storm took a slight right turn in the last 50 miles and it came in at the Lake Charles area. The devastation there is epic. We dodged a bullet this time…..Heck there are a lot of areas that haven’t recovered from Harvey 3 years ago, we don’t need no stinking ‘Canes around here.

        Thanks for asking bro.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Wow… this about a team that made the divisional round in 2019.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I have thought the same thing about the chain of events that led the Seahawks here. Let’s add in that the one year they had Clowney he was playing with a hernia and only effective for half the season.

      I think they need to do a exorcism with a goat at mid-field to find their defensive line mojo.

  33. millhouse-serbia

    The New Orleans Saints are all in on landing Jadeveon Clowney. Sources tell me they are sending a member of their coaching staff to Houston, where Clowney lives to meet and discuss why New Orleans is the best spot.

    • DC

      At this point, it makes me think Clowney does not want to play in Seattle and has moved on, which I wouldn’t blame him.

      • SeaTown

        Both Clowney and the Seahawks moved on from one another months ago.

        • Sea Mode

          Um, except when PC was asked about this YESTERDAY and said just the opposite…

          • McZ

            Um, “always competing” tells you exactly what?

          • BruceN

            That was just generic coach speak “always competing”.

          • SeaTown

            Pete Carroll is a snake oil salesman. Always has been with the media. If you think his “always competing” response was an indication of wanting to sign Clowney I have a bridge to sell you.

    • Aaron

      *Preparing PCJS rant filled tirade when Clowney signs elsewhere*

      • AlaskaHawk

        For equal or less money than what the Seahawks offered. But it will be a long term contract.

        • Big Mike

          Very good possibility

  34. Logan Lynch

    Man, sounds like a bunch of you are ready to jump off a bridge. Nothing is official yet. Of course I want Clowney back too, but go outside and get some air.

    • Ashish

      I agree. Just chill guys, either way it should be over this weekend for good. We would love having Clowney but if not so be it.

      • DC

        Not jumping off a bridge…just the off season is coming to a conclusion and the fact remains that even if they do sign Clowney, which seems highly unlikely, they are still not anywhere close to being a top contender.

        • Ashish

          You said it right. 🙂 so let’s enjoy the season, Go Hawks. No expectation, PC/JS surprise us

        • Logan Lynch

          I disagree. With or without Clowney, they will be contenders.

          • Michael Hasslinger

            Right on. Why not us!?

            • BigSmooth13

              I don’t think our dline is great or anything, but I do believe this is a very competitive team that will Win a lot of games. The dline will most likely be the reason we don’t win an owl this year, unless some magic happens(breakout season/sign Clowney) but if you don’t believe that this is a team that can make a deep run then I just don’t know.

    • Aaron

      PC and JS future beyond 2021 when their contracts expire is dependent on these next 48 hours. Going into 2021 after another one and done, good but not great, 2020 season is not a position I’d like to be in.

      And no, I’m not writing off the season before it begins out of pure nonsense and conjecture. They’re very good at multiple positions (QB, WR, LB, CB, S) but they’re glaringly weak at the d line and also o line is a big question mark. You can’t go far in this league if you ain’t good in the trenches. If Clowney signs elsewhere this team is a 9 to 10 win team. If he signs then they’re an 11 win team that could get lucky and possibly win 12 or 13 games.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s trending one way and rarely goes back when you get to this stage.

      • Logan Lynch

        Maybe. But I’m waiting for Josina to tell me what she found out on the phone with Clowney.

  35. cha

    Done LOL

  36. Steve Nelsen

    Last week it was Dallas, then Jacksonville, or San Francisco, or Indianapolis, or Cleveland or Tennessee or Las Vegas. Now it is New Orleans.

    Clowney says he wants to play for a coaching staff he is familiar with. So is he going back to Houston? He’s coming back here.

  37. Danny P

    I for one seem to easily forget year to year about all the surprises in a season. Would way prefer Clowney this year of coarse, but I dont see the wisdom in calling this season lost just because he isn’t on the team.

    Recent SB winner was last in the NFL in sacks I believe. Lotta interesting pieces on the Hawks as is all of a sudden.

    Problem with goin too hard on the guess that the d line will sink the ship, is that if you get it wrong, you gotta explain how you forgot about how hard these things are to predict. Going much beyond pointing out the usual problems that can, and most likely will come with having a bad d line, isn’t really necessary is all I guess I’m sayin. Can create a lot of extra work if you’re wrong and to what extent. Been many cannonball into the deep end on this topic around these parts the last month or so. Just sayin. We dont see/hear enough to know how this d will operate

    • cha

      Recent SB winner was last in the NFL in sacks I believe

      Guessing you’re thinking of the Patriots? If so, they’re a bad precedent to point to for anything. BB is a dark wizard that can summon forces other teams can’t. Besides having TB working his magic, BB creating defensive setups that cannot be replicated in standard practice. That SB he managed to shut down the Ram attack with several defensive backs.

      The Seahawks run in practice, a very simple defense. The front 4 generate pressure on 5 offensive lineman. The 3 LBs are blazing fast and sure tacklers. The back 4 have a responsibility to keep receivers in front of them.

      If the front 4 don’t get pressure, it cascades back. The LBs get blocked and there are no gaps to shoot to stop runners. The back 4 have to strain to cover for more than the standard 2-3 seconds.

      It’s just not a workable solution for the Seahawks to have a bottom 5 pass rush/DL in one season, allow two key players to leave in free agency, and NOT make massive upgrades and changes.

      As for the unpredictability of the season, if you’re expecting us to have a crystal ball you’re off your rocker. Sure, Rasheem Green can take a major leap forward, the opposing team’s OL can collapse from injury in a key game allowing the Seahawks DL to get home more easily, or an opposing offense just can’t get in synch, or some other happening that makes the pass rush look good. But we can only talk about what we can see right in front of us. And what’s in front of us don’t look good.

      • Danny P

        I respectfully disagree. There’s big costs to having the starter and depth upgrades. In this case obviously draft capital and a d line that appears incomplete. I can only speak for myself, but what I see is a clearly better team than the one that was a few inches from taking the West last year.

        Pretty sure Hawks were 7th Def overall per DVOA When Diggs played last year. Pretty bad d line last year too.

        If Clowney signs for like 12mil with another team, my only guess is that the Jamal Adams trade was because Pete thinks Hes worth it. Not necessarily that they’re truly all in for 2020. Just that he thinks Adams will be that good in his system. We will see.

        • Mike

          Remember when mr thigh arms was out last season? The drop in play was noticeable. We limped into the playoffs riding the early season accomplishments. Now subtract quinton and clowney. How many games were squeaked by as wins just because the provided enough stops to change games?

          It will cost us 3-4 more games than it cost us last year. Its a big deal.

        • cha

          They had lots of money and picks to fix the defensive line this offseason. Rob wrote a great ‘alternate reality’ post where it’s totally feasible to fix the DL and still maintain a competitive team. It wasn’t a binary either/or situation this offseason.

          Overall yes, that’s a team’s job, to get better every year. But signing guys who performed well in very limited snaps, ignoring the interior of the DL and banking on huge leaps forward from your two underperforming young draft picks is sketchy at best.

  38. millhouse-serbia

    Mike Vrebel just said they have an offer out for Clowney.

  39. jujus

    I foresee Jadaveon clowney signing with the hawks Today or tomorrow.

    • Scot04

      I’m not that confident, but i hope you’re right.

    • Simo

      Soothsayer? Hope you’re right!


    Let’s reserve judgment until it all plays out. The Seahawks are not going to negotiate against themselves. In the end, they are going to get a call from Clowney’s agent with the opportunity to match. If they pass at a reasonable number, then I’ll be the first to howl at the moon.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Clowney appears to be acting without his agent.


        Remember Sherman called Schneider and gave him the chance to match. JS told him no because of the guarantees.

        I’ll bet he just doesn’t return all his agent’s calls who is probably is encouraging him to sign. He doesn’t practice during the season – why would he want to be in camp?. Clowney’s been gambling that teams will bid the price up in the end and that seems to be happening.

        But the Hawks have backed themselves into a corner and have no choice but to outbid everyone. And they can afford to do so. Let”s go Hawks!

        • Rob Staton

          The Seahawks had moved on from Sherman. And Sherman didn’t really want to leave IMO. This is very different.


            Agreed. I am just emphasizing that the Hawks will have the chance to outbid other suitors if they want. I will be gobsmacked if they don’t over a few million $. Moore and Hollister have no dead money if cut, will be paid over $5M and probably won’t get more that a few targets between them unless someone gets hurts. They can – and need to – make this happen.

            Btw, I really appreciate all the time and energy you devote to this site. It really increases my appreciation for the team as a lifelong Hawks fan!

            • paul difuria

              Honestly, I had the fear that if the Hawks roll out Demarcas Christmans and Demontre Moore against the 49rs, you might stop writing your blog. I hope that doesn’t happen 🙂

            • Rob Staton

              Thanks Paul.

              I do appreciate these messages. Certainly given the amount of abuse, nonsense and crying I’ve had to put up with (via deleted messages and email) simply because I’ve decided to criticise the off season.

              • McZ

                It’s this damn pandemic. Not a single thing you can debate without things being debated in an almost religious manner.

                People need to calm down. It’s only football, and this crap offseason is impossible to hide.

              • RugbyLock

                They’ve deserved the criticism IMO Rob so keep saying what you believe. I may disagree with it sometimes but I know its what you believe.

  41. Scot04

    Hoping Seattle steps up.
    Fingers crossed that Clowney believes he can make us a Superbowl Contender; Because as it currently stands we are not.
    Saints are likely to win their Division. Can’t say that about the Seahawks.
    Clowney definitely a step in putting us in a position to win the Division though.
    Be nice if in the Clowney version of “Always Competing” we win over the competition.

  42. Steve Nelsen

    I suspect Sunday or Monday is more likely. After teams are forced to go through cutdowns and clear waivers. Rosters and salary cap room is a bit uncertain until then.

    He might try to beat cutdowns if he is concerned some unexpected cuts might affect his market.

    • DC

      Needs to be this weekend. To play next week he needs to be cleared from COVID testing NLT Wed.

      • Steve Nelsen

        You’re right. I was thinking of his timing, not the team’s timing. But he would lose a game check if he can’t play week 1 so he has some motivation there.

  43. Danny P

    Could be many surprising cuts tomorrow. Clowney might not be the only reason they’ve kept some money stashed. Might also be why they passed on Griffen at 6mil(!). Strange times. Haven’t even seen the team. Should be about 4 preseason games deep by now. Adam’s getting sacks in practice on the regular is interesting. Blitzing your new toy on the sly there, Pete? Or is Jamaal just given the green light to choose? Both seem unlikely. But hes getting to Russ somehow. Wonder if the high cost is gonna make more sense by seasons end?

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt there’ll be many surprise cuts.

    • Logan Lynch

      The next few days will be interesting with cuts, waiver claims, practice squads, etc. SEA won’t have their actual 53 man roster set until Sunday or Monday I would guess.

  44. Ben

    Maybe the Saints/Titans/any other team gave Clowney assurances he won’t be dropping into coverage on the most important play of a playoff game?

    • Rob Staton

      Boom 💥

    • cha

      Ha! Good one. I’d want to get that in writing if I were him.

  45. Michael P Matherne

    I can’t get on board with the notion that the entire PC/JS era hangs on this one player. Do I want Clowney back? Absolutely. Should we be discussing it this much? Ya, why the heck not? However, I do think we, as a fan base, may be a little too zeroed in on this situation as the end all be all of Seahawks football as we know it. I think it’s worth a reminder that there is always a chance that the thing we think is so important right now actually ends up being pretty inconsequential in retrospect.

    • Ashish

      True, hindsight 20/20. Who knows we break the bank to get Clowney and he gets injured. I hope we get 2 or even 3 DL pickup from cuts/trade a combination of vet and young guys. I’m tired of hearing about Clowney and started doubting his willingness to play the season. I get it, he has right to choose the team and negotiate his contract but he is not the first one to do so. He is one of the kind which is good and bad.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure anyone is saying the era hinges on one player.

      Certainly though they can’t keep wasting seasons and failing to address huge glaring self confessed needs.

      It’s not about Clowney. It’s about their total failure to repair the DL in any way whatsoever.

      • Michael P Matherne

        A few lines up from here Aaron says, ‘PC and JS future beyond 2021 when their contracts expire is dependent on these next 48 hours.” So yes, some people are saying it

        • Rob Staton

          There’s a significant difference between saying ‘an entire era’ depends on signing ‘one’ player and suggesting they might not have their contracts renewed when they expire unless they do something to address the ghastly state of the D-line, thus risking another wasted season.

    • cha

      If it’s hinging on one player, it’s because they put themselves in that position. I don’t think anyone was saying “clowney or bust” in February and March.

      • DC

        Exactly! Clowney is the only player available that can take this team to the next level.

        • Michael P Matherne

          Statements like these are the ones I’ve grown tired of. To me it completely dismisses a large portion of possible outcomes. I just think we need to acknowledge that there exist other plausible scenarios:

          A) we sign Clowney, he doesn’t “take us to the next level”
          B) we sign Clowney, he does “take us to the next level” but it’s still not enough
          C) we don’t sign Clowney, and we reach the “next level” without him

          • Rob Staton

            A.) At least nobody can accuse them of not trying
            B.) At least nobody can accuse them of not trying
            C.) Dream on

          • GerryG

            At the beginning it was never about only Clowney.

            There was a myriad of options that would improve the DL, not just the 5T that Clowney played for us. Options included:
            Trading for Calais Campbell. That would have been a sizable cap hit, but was 5th rd trade. Would have been huge addition.

            Trading for Nguake. Too expensive at first, but was eventually had for 12M a, 2nd and a 5th. Seattle easily could have done that if they didnt trade the farm for a safety earlier in the year.

            Signing Dante Fowler. I think he signed for 16M, very reasonable price, maybe he really wanted to go back home to GA though.

            Trading up in the draft? Not their MO, but there was DL talent in the top end of the draft, and they traded away their next two years worth for a safety.

            Not trading away Frank Clark. The haul looks to have been squandered. Looked like a smart move at the time, not so much any more.

            Sign Everson Griffen- 6M for this guy? Probably biggest steal of the off season.

            Sign any reasonable vet DT during FA. They do this expertly every single off season, yet completely skipped it this year despite having less talent than usual.

            All of those were options to improve the DL, none of them happened. Clowney is the only viable DL option left. Hoping for last second scrap heaps at the cut deadline is not smart roster building, especially when you are looking for starting caliber talent, not rotational pieces (I consider the the 3rd DT on the roster to play starter snaps)

            • Scott

              This is exactly right. The only reason this is about Clowney is because they dragged their feet all off season and he’s the only true option left. I don’t know why that continues to be ignored by so many, and I’m sick and tired of being lambased by people (not here but on another Seahawks site I go to) for having the audacity to say that JS and PC have screwed up this off/pre season.

              • Scott


    • Steven

      The Clowney situation shouldn’t surprise anybody if you’ve been following the Seahawks. We are going to talk about Jamal Adams the same way next year if it turns out he doesn’t buy into Pete’s program 100% and asking more money than the front office is willing to pay.  

  46. McZ

    Don’t wanna bring up that hope is not a strategy thing. But, yeah… both lines can turn out utter crap or get their act together.

    It’s the history of the last four years of stalling player development on both lines that should really scare us.

  47. Jhams

    Current d-line cuts per nfl dot com.

    Miami: DE: Avery Moss

    NE: DL: Michael Barnett

    Jets: DT: Sterling Johnson

    Ravens: DE: John Daka

    Cincy: DE: Bryce Sterk

    Browns: DT: Ricky Walker

    Houston: DT: Albert Huggins

    Bears: DL: Lee Autry

    Vikings: DE: Stacy Keely DT: Anthony Zettel

    Buccs: NT: Kyle Love

    Santa Clara: DE: James Lockhart

    • Simo

      Wow, a virtual who’s who of D linemen!!

    • Big Mike

      Michael Bennett is retired

      • Jhams

        Barnett, not Bennett.

        • Big Mike

          Ah my bad. I misread.
          Oh, and who’s Michael Barnett?

          • Rob Staton

            The saviour

            • RugbyLock

              Sign him!!!

    • Rik

      Browns: DE Chad Thomas, DT Daniel Ekuale

  48. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    My hope is JS already made offer. But if Clowney comes to them with a true offer from a team he truly “wants to play for”. I think they beat it. Imo. Nobody beat their offer yet(including team he wants to play for)and it’s not what Clowney wants. Keeping my fingers crossed that JS/PC pull this out. Otherwise all hell should break loose on this front office. As a reminder we gave up a third round pick and Jacob Martin and other person escapes me, for a 1 year rental.

    • Rob Staton

      Personally, I think it’s over.

      And I’m already dreading what Matt Ryan is going to do next week.

      • cha

        Just out of curiosity Rob, do you have a “Hawks didn’t get Clowney, where do we go from here?” post brewing in the background?

        Or maybe you need to get a couple pints in your system first?

        • Rob Staton

          A post, a podcast, and a beer.

          • SeahawkeyezSubj80

            Proceeded with a shot whiskey😪😪😪

            • Rob Staton

              A shot? A bottle!

              • GerryG

                Good news, this weekend some of the better drunks around will cast off the bottles they dont want, and you can pick up their blended crap bottles for cheap to stock your empty liquor cabinet for the year. It’s just enough booze to get you through the year, but come January when you want to impress your friends at your playoff party, you will look like a cheapskate who drinks bum booze.

              • SeahawkeyezSubj80

                Lol. Nothing wrong with a drunken post, podcast. It would provide comedic relief as Matt Schaub caliber QB’s tear our defense apart.

              • Matthew johnson

                What scotch rob? An ardberg? Or a islay of some kind?

                • Rob Staton

                  Anything wet and alcoholic at this stage 🥃

        • Simo

          Don’t even write that piece, it will be to depressing!

        • Tyler

          I’ve taken the liberty of writing the “Hawks didn’t get Clowney, where do we go from here?” post:

          Third place.

        • Elmer

          We activate Plan B.

          Oh, wait. There probably is no Plan B.

      • SeaTown

        Exactly Rob. I’m going to Fan duel and Draft Kings and stacking Ryan, Jones, Ridley and Hurst against this D.

      • Largent80

        Ryan is no Andy Dalton…..hahahaha

  49. Kingdome1976

    Honestly I don’t think it will matter too much if Clowney was able to play for us week 2 and beyond at this point. With or without Clowney it’s hard to see us winning the SB.

    I’m just going to be happy to us getting on the field after what seems like an eternity this off-season. As well as not talking about Clowney any more.

    • Rob Staton

      We might not be talking about Clowney any more but if this pass rush and D-line ends up being as bad as it looks, you better believe we’ll be talking about that.

      And I’m telling you now — if the Seahawks waste another season, you’ll be pining for the Clowney talk rather than the ‘Has Russell outgrown the Seahawks?’ talk that will be in the media next off-season.

      • Kingdome1976

        Well I hope the D-line doesn’t end up how it looks. Btw how would you have rated the Panthers D-line pass rush before last year started? Just curious.

        I will never..ever..ever…be pining for more Clowney talk. EVER.

      • Ashish

        Rob, you are so confident about our DLine it’s scares me. I know you too will love to get wrong but this sounds like our OLine for years. Drew Novak new center, sounds familiar? This time they don’t even have their draft picks to mortgage to trade pass rush in between season.

        Want to see Hawks doing something which brings Rob hope (rational way).

        • Rob Staton

          I fear that this will prove to be a Nowak situation.

          A year ago they faced the prospect of a pass rush involving Barkevious Mingo, Cassius Marsh and Jacob Martin… with Ziggy Ansah recovering from injury. They were bailed out by Houston.

          This year nobody’s bailing them out. This is the second year in a row where they’ve gambled on a crap D-line.

          People need to forget sacks. If Mayowa plays 600-700 snaps out of necessity this year — I’m telling you now he will get some sacks. What he won’t provide, however, is consistent pressure to impact QB’s. And THAT is what it’s all about. Pressure from the middle and the edge. Game-changing, impact plays and unsettling QB’s.

          The Seahawks have absolutely zero chance to do that with this D-line.

  50. cha


    Dianna Russini
    I’m told Clowney has been advised to wait for cut day to wrap up this weekend, as teams involved, including others, could possibly have extra money to pay the free agent. Either way, its Clowney’s call.
    12:14 PM · Sep 4, 2020

    • Aaron

      🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️…will this saga ever end???

    • Gohawks5151

      Why not? Who would want to put in the extra day of work? Ride or die

    • hawkfanforetenity

      None of this is official until Josina gets off the phone.

  51. Joe Hawk

    I tend to wait patiently until the start of the season before I freak. I’m very happy with what they’ve done over the off-season, except for this one piece.

    However, if Clowney signs a 1yr for another team at anything under $15M I’ll be seriously disappointed in JS/PC. If they offered him a multi-year at or above $15M/yr at the start of all this, then he’s still worth that today. They can make room for it so they can’t use money as an excuse. He is the final piece, injury risk and all.

    This would make them a top contender this year and I’d expect them to win the NFC. That’s why there’s no reason to save an extra few million in cap room for coming years. And if they don’t want Mone and Christmas as #2 and #3 they can add a vet DT or two with almost no effect to the cap.

    • Rob Staton

      “I’m very happy with what they’ve done over the off-season, except for this one piece.”

      I don’t understand how anyone can even be mildly satisfied with the off-season, let alone very happy.

      Let’s run through what they did:

      1. Spent nearly $60m before the draft and failed to significantly improve any area of the team.

      2. Completely failed to adequately address their self-confessed priority and now face the prospect of going into the season with their one significant move on the D-line being swapping Jadeveon Clowney for Benson Mayowa (while doing absolutely zilch to improve the depth or talent at defensive tackle).

      3. Used their first round pick on a player they knew wouldn’t start in year one and instead decided to invest in the WILL linebacker position for the long term.

      4. Used a third round pick to trade up in round two to draft a player with major injury flags who is now set to miss a significant chunk of his rookie season.

      5. The defense wasn’t good enough and the only upgraded starter they’d brought in, Quinton Dunbar, was facing a charge for armed robbery. So they desperately a month before the season go and pay a kings ransom for Jamal Adams, IMO simply because they knew they’d done absolutely F-all to improve the defense and were caught buying in a sellers market because they were desperate. I believe this because they didn’t have a contract lined up for his arrival despite the massive investment in the player. And yes — Adams is a very talented player. But that was a desperation move.

      None of this is conducive with a well-run operation. It’s been an absolute shaggy mess.

      • Steve Nelsen

        I think you need the beer now Rob.

        • Jason

          I already started.

      • king.

        Nailed it.

        • Rob Staton

          Wait til you see the article that’s waiting to drop…


          • TomLPDX

            Oh joy…

            I am so tired of this whole thing. Nothing against you, Rob, I’m just tired of the whole Clowney saga. As a Seahawks fan it has worn me out. Peace to all my fellow seahawk brothers and sisters.

            • Rob Staton

              If he signs somewhere else there has to be an article reflecting on that and the off-season on the whole.

              I don’t want to talk about this any more too. But it’s the topic of the times.

              • TomLPDX

                I know. Hopefully it will give of some closure. I fully expect him to sign somewhere else at this point.

      • Scott

        This is the perfect run down of this horrific off-season!

      • Joe Hawk

        I simply don’t agree. And it’s an absolute joke to say that they haven’t significantly improved any area of the team.

        1. They now have the best defensive back 7 in the NFL, plus good depth.

        2. Lockett, DK, Gordon is one of the top WR groups in the game.

        3. Dissly, Olsen and Hollister is one of the top TE groups in the game.

        4. Carson, Hyde, and Dallas is one of the top backfields in the game.

        5. The OL will be solid, but no one can possibly know until they play. If Britt returns we’re looking at replacing Fluker with arguably one of the top RG’s in the draft. Shell will be an upgrade over Ifedi. There’s decent depth in the middle, though thin at OT.

        6. Reed and Ford are an average to above average DT pair, depending on which Reed we get and what jump Ford makes from year 2 to 3. Irvin, Mayowa and the rest are a solid supporting cast and there’s upside in that group that no one can possibly know until we see them play. I’m referring to Green, Collier, Robinson, Taylor.

        What I listed are the RESULTS of the off-season so far. And, yes, I’m quite happy with them with the exception of Clowney.

        • Rob Staton

          “I simply don’t agree. And it’s an absolute joke to say that they haven’t significantly improved any area of the team.”

          If you’d actually read what I said you might have a better grasp of the argument. My response was: ‘(They) spent nearly $60m before the draft and failed to significantly improve any area of the team.’

          You’ve gone on to create a list of players who were already on the roster. How on earth is D.K. Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Josh Gordon, Will Dissly, Jacob Hollister, Chris Carson, Jarran Reed and Poona Ford a counter to what I wrote?

          You’re now listing these as ‘results of the off-season so far’. You can’t count Metcalf and Lockett among a list of 2020 off-season achievements. Come on.

          You then went on to list drafted players, such as Deejay Dallas, Darrell Taylor and Alton Robinson. Again, I very clearly stated I was talking about the money they spent pre-draft.

          You then failed to address any of the other points.

          • Joe Hawk

            Your points were addressed either directly or indirectly by outlining the big picture of roster construction as the results of what happens in between seasons.

            I either don’t agree with your points or find them inaccurate or irrelevant. For example your point #5, Dunbar was neither facing charges for robbery when they traded for him nor will he ever face those charges. Your statement is simply untrue. I think the Adams trade was brilliant.

            Your point number 2 was addressed when I said that I’d be upset if they don’t get Clowney and that I think Irvin and Mayowa are good acquisitions in supporting roles. I also mention grabbing an extra DT or two this weekend.

            I’m happy with the Taylor and Brooks draft picks. It sucks that Taylor’s hurt. That’s how it goes sometimes and the lockdown certainly effected team’s abilities to evaluate players more closely.

            And, yes, my reply includes your point #1 on how they spent their available cap space since I mentioned Reed, Olsen, Gordon, Irvin, Mayowa, Hollister, Hyde, Iupati (indirectly) and Shell, all acquired as a result of managing their cap space. Dunbar and Adams are part of that discussion, too, since their low cap hits were played a role in their acquisitions. Or did you not read what I wrote?

            Players already on the active roster effect how they rework the roster in the off-season, so they are relevant to the discussion of assembling their 2020 roster. So are the players they drafted.

            With the exception of Clowney and possibly a vet DT, they have a Super Bowl caliber roster. That’s the point of my post. That’s why I’ll be content with the off-season if they nab Clowney.

            • Rob Staton

              This is just abject.

              Sorry Joe but it is.

              I’m not wasting any more time on it.

        • McZ

          Nobody watching Brooks vs Baylor would draft him R1. A friend of mine who is a staunch Chiefs supporter laughed his ass off when he told me that “you got Brooks, and we got Gay”.

          Our back 7 are good, but how sustainable is that? Wright on his last deal, BWagz is 30 and is pricey, the rest of the LB is a big questionmark.

          The secondary is built around Adams. We gave away absurd draft capital to settle on a 20m contract to happen in a years time. After passing lots of prospects in the draft, trading the most underrated coverage player at the position in the process.

          Meanwhile, after five years of OL-desperation this franchise manages to put together the #32 DL. There is even no hope whatsoever, because Collier was a crap pick when they called him, and Taylor is an injured athlete without any comprehensive technique to speak of.

          They passed on a dozen capable pass rushers to wait for a Clowney deal to happen. If you want to sign him, sign him. But not ruin any prospect of improvement by trying to wait him out.

          This crap is indefensible.

    • Aaron

      Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

      The Hawks FO has already fooled us once with this disastrous offseason. If they repeat it again next offseason then PC and JS are on the hot seat.

      • dcd2

        Honestly, they did the same thing last year. Clowney fell in our laps at the 11th hour to “elevate” our DL to the 5th worst in the league for pressure.

        Pete can TALK about prioritizing the DL all he wants. What they are DOING for the last two years is trying to find the least expensive possible way to cobble together a marginally adequate rush.

  52. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Lets just figuratively end this now. Clowney is elsewhere. It would have to take a total change in a typical Pete Carroll sound simple 4-3 defense and be a more 4-3 blitz heavy defense. Im going back in time here, but something along the lines of Jim Johnson(Eagles D-Coordinator 99-09) who had Brian Dawkins ( Jamal Adams). I know I am searching but this whole offseason just strange as to how their pass rush has been a priority and yet we are not seeing the players we think should be brought in. Unless their is a philosophy change on defense.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s no philosophy change.

      No grand plan.

      Just a botched off-season.

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        Your killing me smalls! (Sandlot movie quote For those that dont know) Yeah I,m ready for that bottle now.

      • BC_Hawk

        Yep..PCs scheme is the scheme; only flexibility is nickel vs 3 lb base depending on personal strengths.

  53. Pran

    Clowney’s preference is Saints (assuming money is about the same on the table from Hawks). its an indictment of talent on D and possibly coaching staff besides Pete.

    He wants to be on a loaded roster so his #s and impact will be higher, can cash in next season. What is the benefit for him with Hawks current roster state. He is not a true #1 elite player like Mack, Donald, so he wants to be surrounded with better talent.

    • BC_Hawk

      Clowney’s preference is to get paid. If yhe wanted to just play for a serious contender, he would already done so in the spring. Besides, his question mark is health vs. individual stats; a one year contract just exposes him to a career or $$ limiting injury.

      As Rob has voiced to exhaustion, Clowney sees himself as an elite talent and wants to be paid accordingly; that is the impasse. Playing on a 1yr contract in NO for the peanuts that they can free up while extending Kamara is a bad move IF he is trying to simply improve stats to get an extra 2-3m/yr while forgoing the extra 5ish in 2020… This is ego, and he’ll only be back in 2020 if he gets a multi year or MASSIVE $$.

      • BC_Hawk

        massive on a 1yr I meant 😉

      • HAWKTALKER#1

        You are kidding yourself if you think he is going to sign for peanuts

    • Denver Hawker

      Or he wants to play for NO to be closer to home (Houston). I wouldn’t view it as an indictment of any sorts. Hawks have plenty of roster talent to complement him. The defense is better and he’ll be featured. He makes any of the teams mentioned a more formidable contender.

      If he doesn’t sign with Seattle, the only indictment it makes is how they didn’t just cut bait and sign someone else sooner.

    • Troy D

      I think he will be used in a way that may get more $$$ grabbing stats on the board than we would. While he would have been just as key if not more so to our unit, I think his production wont be as noticeable on paper for us v. them and he knows that as well.

      He is trying to have a season to get paid, in a year its really going to be hard to get paid.

  54. cha

    Wait, Austin Calitro was available? And the Hawks passed on the chance to add an 8th Linebacker???

    Dianna Russini
    The Bengals are trading Austin Calitro for Denver’s Christian Covington per source.
    10:40 AM · Sep 4, 2020

    Shut down the blog Rob. Season over.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      Hold on… T.Y. McGill was released by Eagles. Our next non descript signing that has connections to Seahawks. I joke but half considering since his competition P.J. Johnson.

      • cha

        Houston has brought CJ Prosise in for a workout. And we spent all this money on Carlos Hyde.

        This is why we can’t have nice things.

        • BC_Hawk

          haha..cj will get injured in the workout

          • Big Mike

            (it’ll be when he steps off the plane in Houston) 🙂

            • HAWKTALKER#1

              Ahhh A nice deep dive into the dung pile.

              • Hoggs41

                they must be confident in one or two of Mone, Johnson or Christmas.

                • Rob Staton

                  Or complacent.

  55. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    This off season seem like a toss through old dvd movies on sale for a dollar. Okay, I am done till something drastically good happens or after week 1 game comments. Peace and be safe.

  56. charlietheunicorn

    Rob is implying that the Seahawks are being run like Disney runs Lucasfilm…..
    …. no plan for film 7, 8 and 9 in the Skywalker saga. I like to believe…. this is not true.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not quite as bad as that… yet.

  57. Sea Mode

    Well, it looks like after all that drama, Messi is staying at Barça. Who knows, maybe the same will happen with Clowney and the Seahawks.

    At the moment it seems like he’s leaving, they walk up and match the offer.

    (don’t @ me now; I need to go to bed on a positive note…)

  58. Tony

    I will hold off damning pete and John……until week 4, when either the pass rush is working due to growth or its non existent and were 1-3 cause our lines are being blown out the building. This comes down to hawks believing they are smarter than everyone and can scrap together lines with unheralded, unproven players. Hey, if it works and they are the smartest ones, then props! But this has potential to blow up badly.

    • Rob Staton

      You can’t contend with a D-line led by Mayowa and Green.

      You just can’t.

      • Danny P

        I presume that’s true. But I wouldn’t die on that hill personally.

        Those 2 DEs Green Bay got last year, pretty sure they’d of cost significantly more at that time if the league viewed them as capable of what they did last season. Mayowa or someone else or or or. Too many variables in my opinion. Very bold prediction though. I respect that. I dont know near enough to make such an objective claim.

        • Rob Staton

          Who’s dying on any hills?

          I’m merely pointing out something obvious. It’s hardly ‘bold’ and certainly not warranting the sarcasm or snark.

          Za’Darius Smith is on $16.5m a year and Preston Smith is on $13m a year. They both got paid big contracts. Maybe check that before posting next time.


    Fortunately, that is not the end of our quality depth at that position. We have a lot of other guys (which shall remain nameless, probably for good reason) that are really going to surprise some people. I think our D line is really going to be unbelievable this year. I can barely believe it already.

    • Aaron


    • Scott

      Puff puff pass, dude.

      • HAWKTALKER#1


        Didn’t think anybody in their right mind would think that was serious.

  60. Hoggs41

    Going to the Saints is all talk until it happens. According to Pauline it was the Ravens last week. None of this means anything until he signs.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s plenty of smoke

  61. charlietheunicorn

    Would you give up KJ Wright for Clowney, 1 year deal?

    • Rob Staton

      They’re not going to do that.

    • Marco

      I trust Brooks over Green/Collier, so yes.

  62. JLemere

    Sheldon Rankins is on the trading block. Would NO give SEA a bone and let them have him in exchange for a 7th round pick?

    • Marco

      No. They need to man up to sign Clowney and a DT like Dareus or whatever other DT is available after cuts.

  63. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    I lied one more thought. Even if Seahawks do sign Clowney does he make that much of a difference? He was part of a defensive line that was rated one of the worst last year. So with addition of Mayowa and Irvin with Clowney make it that much better? Still thin at DT. No replacement for Al Woods play. Im optimistic by nature but, this defensive line feeling a bit Titanic in nature. Dont get me started on the offensive line. Signed Finney to center and losing to Pocic. Now injured Britt back in the picture? Front office did an exceptional job on the secondary, unfortunately on paper it dont look good in the trenches. Here is to Pete and John proving us wrong (clink of drinking glass). I as fan hope to be proven wrong. Go Hawks! In good times and bad.

    • Scot04

      YES he makes that big of a difference

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, he will make a difference.

    • GerryG

      I think a 3rd down pass rush of JC, BM, Irvin and one of LJ, Green, or Reed can make some noise

  64. MLT509

    Feels like this is all you have focused your offseason on. Clowney. Im done with him. Maybe we didn’t address the defensive line as good as everyone had hoped. But I still feel like our defense is a lot better then last year. We wont be playing a boring base defense all season. Clowney has consistently been injury prone, and not very consistent with his motivation from game to game. No way does he deserve top dollar. Never a double sack season. Im not going to question john and pete. They have earned the right for us to trust their process.

    • Rob Staton


      I’ve focused all off season on the teams’ self confessed top priority which they have strangely and emphatically failed to address.

      The only reason we talk about Clowney so much is because he is THE ONLY OPTION LEFT.

      I don’t understand why so many people struggle to grasp this.

  65. Bigsteviej

    The 32 beat writers at The Athletic listed their teams’ biggest position of need and the position at which they had the greatest glut. Ten of the teams listed the defensive line as the position group where they had a glut. Would expect the Seahawks to be looking pretty carefully at the waiver wire or to sign a FA defensive lineman or two after Saturday’s cuts.

  66. DC

    Hopefully it never comes to this but if it does…

    I’m keeping Russell Wilson & jettisoning Peanutbutter & Jelly (Pete & John) vs keeping the brass & losing the QB.

  67. charlietheunicorn

    I keep seeing people bitching about the PC/JS partnership…. how it is holding the franchise back (not picking on you DC) …. and I like to remind myself of what this franchise used to be before 2010….. a flash in the pan, once every few years, in the playoffs outfit. Dare I say the Detroit Lions of the NW. Be careful what you wish for, jettisoning these two, because it can be much much worse.

    I’m trying to soak the golden days of Seahawks football in… and I’m glad we can complain about a WINNING football team, with a pulse, unlike Lions, Jets, Bengals and countless other fans across the league.

    • 12th chuck

      thank you charlie! PC and JS did set the bar pretty high for themselves, building one of the most dominant teams in recent history. It seems to be fading away year after year, which sucks. Can’t seem to dial another super bowl up…. close but not close enough.

    • Rob Staton

      I want to compete for titles.

      Like the Niners and Rams have done.

      And PCJS have an elite QB.

      I’m tired of being playoff also rans.

      I don’t feel like ‘not being crap’ is enough of a consolation.

  68. Sea Mode

    Let’s hope so…

    Former NFL quarterback Jake Heaps of 710 ESPN Seattle’s Tom, Jake and Stacy was asked if a return to the Seahawks was still Clowney’s top choice.

    “I believe so,” he said Friday afternoon. “I believe when it all comes together, there has been frustration in terms of contract negotiations. I think when you look at Clowney and what he was hoping the Seahawks would be willing to do, the Seahawks were underwhelming in that regard.”


    “When push comes to shove, I think the Seahawks are going to be able to provide a similar contract to what anyone else is going to be able to offer,” he said. “And I think that you can look at this roster if you’re Clowney and see how it has been improved and how the group of guys that they have on defense can help him be a more effective and more dominant player, when you add the likes of (2019 All-Pro safety) Jamal Adams and you bring in other valid pass rushers like (edge rushers) Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin, that is going to help you because last year, he had no help.”

  69. Rob Staton

    So this is how big the Saints are going in for Clowney.

    Sean Payton and two other coaches personally flew out to meet with him.

    They were set to go out for dinner but instead Clowney’s personal chef cooked them all a meal and shared the post on instagram.

    This is trending one way and one way only.

    Not sure what happened to the master recruiter with the ‘always compete’ mantra but the current approach doesn’t feel particularly competitive.

    • DC

      I don’t see it on his instagram? Who posted it?

    • Trevor

      Rob I have been saying it for weeks now Clowney has no interest in signing with the Hawks on a one year deal. Why would he? PC/JS had to step up with a long term deal and they clearly decided they were not willing to do that. Unless they make an about face and offer him a big long term deal at the last minute there is zero chance Clowney is with the Hawks

      • Rob Staton

        With respect Trevor you’ve no idea whether Clowney would sign in Seattle for one year.

        As with this entire saga, he will be willing to sign for the right amount.

        Currently the latest report is he’s still ‘too expensive’ for Seattle. That is the crux of the matter. Simple as that. They refuse to pay him what he is looking for and now other teams are trying to recruit him aggressively.

        So let’s not talk in absolutes like there being ‘zero’ chance he’s with the Hawks unless it’s a certain length of contract.

  70. matty

    if clowney does sign for anyone this year but in particular with The Hawks, he will be under huge pressure to perform, i hope hes up to it..

    as an armchair fan reading tons of seahawk news and opinions we go into this season with a better roster and healthier team according to most writers. the d-line can only go one way from last season so any increase from them helps the team move on. barring key injuries at critical time last season and the The Hawks are in The Championship game – one off football – if your their you deserve to be their.

    i feel good about the season ahead with or without clowney – last five NFC super bowl teams pre seasons odds 49ers +4000 / Rams +1000 / Eagles +4000 / Falcons +8000 / Panthers +6000 – hard conference to call

    • Rob Staton

      “we go into this season with a better roster and healthier team according to most writers”

      The same writers who claimed the Seahawks were having a ‘fantastic’ free agency 2-3 weeks into the new league year and fail to ask any challenging questions about the way they’ve handled the D-line?

      Listen, I don’t mean to dampen your enthusiasm for a new season. But you seem to be seeking positivity rather than acknowledging the nuts and bolts of the situation.

  71. Brik

    From what I’m hearing I’m thinking Clowney is going to the Saints. Sucks but if he ain’t a Hawk then we need to forget about him. Maybe the Saints get rid of Davenport and we get him, or I almost feel like they will make a move that no one sees right now.

    • Rob Staton

      1. I’m happy to ‘forget’ about Clowney. But I will not ‘forget’ how they went about approaching their biggest need this off-season — and nobody else should either. The team needs to be held to account.

      2. The Saints are not going to get rid of Marcus Davenport.

      3. They don’t have the trade chips to make a move that nobody sees right now. The chances are that if Clowney goes elsewhere it’ll simply be Clay Matthews to work alongside Mayowa, Green and Moore. Or, alternatively, it’ll just be Mayowa, Green and Moore.

  72. Rob Staton

    Clowney has fired Bus Cook (again).

    Further evidence this is trending miles away from Seattle.

    • swedenhawk

      Rob, do you have intel on his new agent, Kennard McGuire? For what it’s worth his website says he represents Duane Brown.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t but if he’s Brown’s agent that’s potentially not horrible news.

        • Bmseattle

          Does this mean there isn’t a deal imminent?
          Seems like either the latest news was false or something fell through at the last minute.

          • Rob Staton

            No — it just means the weird relationship between Clowney and his agent has taken another twist.

            If anything I think this is probably the final obstacle and Clowney will make his call today or tomorrow.

  73. Rob Staton

    David Moore officially making the 53:

    • HOUSE

      Beat me by seconds… lol

      • Rob Staton

        Fastest gunslinger in the east 💥

        • HOUSE


          I saw the Cook getting fired thing and thought I could be the “BREAKING NEWS” guy. It’s all good!!!

          Could you clarify, does Gordon count towards the 53-man roster while he is still suspended?

          • Rob Staton

            I was just joking about the fastest gun in the east thing House. Usually someone else posts in the comments first. I was in the line at Starbucks and was killing a bit of time.

            As far as I’m aware Gordon could be put on the commissioners exempt list, if he’s not there already.

            • HOUSE

              I’ve been around forever and I know you were kidding! I’m semi-excited to see the news come in today… We’ll see what comes of it!

              I was under the assumption he would still be on the exempt list, but wasn’t sure.

              Thanks for the info!

    • Henry Taylor

      Interesting, I had assumed he was a goner with all the other additions to the position. Will Lockett, DK, Dorset, Prich, Gordon and Moore all make the roster, or will one be cut for one of the young guys (or another position)?

      • Henry Taylor

        Also, if they wanted to keep him on the roster they had no need to do this given that they have plenty of available cap space free for the season. So does this indicate they’re freeing up money for a signing, or at least a competitive bid?

        • Rob Staton

          Not sure why they didn’t just let him reach FA in the first bloody place and sign him for the minimum rather than wasting $2m to go with the $4m blown on Hunt and Jackson in March.

          Absolute nonsense from the Seahawks. Futile waste of resources.

          • Henry Taylor

            Theyve certainly gone the long way around with those moves.

      • Rob Staton

        To me it suggests, quite rightly IMO, they are going with the WR’s who’ve produced in the NFL.

        Wilson deserves weapons he knows and trusts. Not cheap rookies and second year pro’s who ‘might’ be able to contribute.

        Plus I think they will cut Richardson, Gordon is still suspended and they need an experienced WR3.

        • Henry Taylor

          Makes sense, perhaps they keep Prich around just until Gordon is free to play.

          • Rob Staton

            Pete’s negative review of Richardson (‘he just hasn’t had enough time to get going’) to me suggested they’ve had a look and aren’t going to keep him.

    • BruceN

      This is good news. He was a cut candidate due to his contract and as decimated as the Niners are at WR I suspected they would snap him up (checks all the boxes, a WR, a warm body and a Seahawk).

      Are they clearing cap room to squeeze in Clowney? May be sign another DT like Dareus.

  74. HOUSE

    David Moore has reworked his contract, so it looks like he’s sticking to the 53-man…

    • Sea Mode


      Ian Rapoport

      #Seahawks WR David Moore, who was on an RFA tender worth $2.13M, has agreed to a reworked contract and will stay in Seattle, source said. He’ll sign his new deal this morning.

    • TomLPDX

      So does Freddie get the axe now, assuming he will make it through waivers and land on the PS?

  75. Tree

    What sucks about all this delay (probably even more with B Cook getting fired) is the Hawks have a tough choice about moving on with some probably good vets who will be cut or available for trade v waiting to see if Clowney picks them (really the whole dilemma of the offseason). Regardless, I think this team wins the NFC West based on how much faster, dynamic, deeper, and more balanced it is than last year. Just looking at the D, we are better at FS (full year of Diggs), SS, CB, Nickel, SAM, WiLL (KJ + Brooks), LEO, and DT (full year of Reed, Poona only going to get better and I would be shocked if we didn’t sign our annual low cost but productive veteran).

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a stretch to list players who were on the team last year creating a ‘better’ roster this year. It’s even more of a stretch to say they are improved at nickel because we’ve never seen Marquise Blair play nickel. A week tomorrow, the same two cornerbacks will be starting that played last year. The LEO position would’ve been improved if I was starting there this season instead of Ziggy Ansah. The fact is they’ve currently swapped Clowney for Mayowa as their top rusher — a massive downgrade. There is no way you can say they are better at DT having swapped Al Woods with… literally nobody.

      I can sort of accept a fan saying — ‘I accept all of the issues raised but at this stage I’m just going to see what happens’. I can’t accept fans trying to talk things like ‘this roster is improved at eight positions on defense’ into reality when this is palpably not true.

      • Tree

        You really don’t think Blair, Ugo, or Dunbar/Flowers are not better than our nickel options last year? That a third year Flowers + Dunbar is not better at nickel? Like I said, I think we will sign an Al Woods type which is probably the easiest position to fill (a player the league values at $2.5m). And I don’t think thinking good players being available to play the whole year v only being available to play for part of the year is a “stretch” (it is common sense). We added a top 10-15 defensive player in the league who is a chess piece who is good at the things this defense was bad at (run defense, covering the seam, and sacking the QB). We brought in multiple players who can bring speed and quickness off the edge against the run and pass. Is all this enough to make up for possibly losing Clowney and be a better overall defense? Is it possible to lose your best DL, who was hurt for part of the year, didn’t practice, and didn’t sack the QB and be better overall? I do and I don’t think we are done whether that be Clowney or someone else.

        • Rob Staton

          “You really don’t think Blair, Ugo, or Dunbar/Flowers are not better than our nickel options last year?”

          Ugo Amadi played nickel last year and struggled. Blair is now going to get a chance but we have no idea how he will get on. Dunbar and Flowers are outside cornerbacks. No, you cannot say this is an improvement as of today.

          “I think we will sign an Al Woods type which is probably the easiest position to fill”

          The season starts next week. If it was so easy, what’s the hold up?

          “We brought in multiple players who can bring speed and quickness off the edge against the run and pass.”



          Jamal Adams is a safety. Jordyn Brooks isn’t starting. Darrell Taylor might not play this year.

          “Is it possible to lose your best DL, who was hurt for part of the year, didn’t practice, and didn’t sack the QB and be better overall?”

          You let the mask slip when you post stuff like this. You give away that your main motivation is to prop up the team at all costs even if it means distorting the truth about Clowney’s importance in 2019.

          “I don’t think we are done whether that be Clowney or someone else.”

          I don’t think they’re done either. They can’t possibly be done because the D-line is completely and totally inadequate. But adding Clay Matthews or someone else’s cheap roster cut won’t tilt the field.

          • Tree

            I don’t think I am distorting Clowney’s season. He is a good player and I want to keep him at the right price. For all the talk of how this DL is trash, essentially the same DL did fine from a pass rush perspective in 2018 with Frank Clark instead of Clowney yet still sucked against the run (the main problem in my opinion the last 2 years). We added Benson, Irvin, Taylor (yes this hurts not to have him at the start), and Robinson plus guys who can blitz Adams and Brooks (I understand he has been the starter over KJ when they go to nickel). Yes we will have to see about Blair but has had rave reviews (even blitzing). My biggest concern is at 5T where I haven’t head Green or Collier are consistently standing out, but presumably they should be better than last year. All that being said, really hope they add to the DL. 🙂

            • Rob Staton

              “I don’t think I am distorting Clowney’s season.”

              Perhaps try countering your comments with a reference to how he was a one-man band, that they wouldn’t have won certain games without him, that he was double teamed at a ridiculous rate and yet still managed a pressure percentage on the same level as Joey Bosa and Aaron Donald.

        • WallaSean

          I’m with Tree on this, Look at the snap counts from 19 and who gets plugged in in 20. In the secondary,Thompson,Taylor, and King will not see the field. Both safeties improve. Kendricks had all of those base defense snaps to keep the poor nickel play on the bench. Ziggy Ansah. Irvin will be an upgrade to the 5T guys on the edge playing out of position on half of their snaps. Woods and Jefferson were fine rotation guys but replaceable. I just see the defense as improved overall, with more team speed, and players that are a better fit in the scheme and provide more versatility as is. Now lets see who they add to it.

          • Rob Staton

            You’re also wrong then.

            You can’t say Blair is better at nickel. You have no idea. Flowers and Griffin still at CB. Worse DL.

  76. Rob Staton

    A lot of people laugh at Houston and Bill O’Brien.

    Yet they’ve tied up all of their young players, including the star QB. Their big trade for Laremy Tunsil, a left tackle, doesn’t look as daft since the Jalen Ramsey and Jamal Adams trades. O’Brien has put weapons around his quarterback.

    Trading Clowney for a R3 doesn’t look anywhere near as bad a year on. Trading Hopkins was a stunner but ultimately there were some stories coming out after — and let’s see how he gets on in Arizona.

    They need to take the next step to warrant any kind of praise but they’re not the dumpster fire everyone makes out.

  77. Ashish

    Rob, any players we can trade or sign today which can improve our DLine?

    • Rob Staton

      None spring to mind.

      And the Seahawks don’t have any real stock to trade with.

  78. cha

    Headline: Clowney fires Cook

    Me: What?! He fired his chef for posting a picture of herself with Sean Peyton online?! That’s ice cold, man.

    Also Me (after actual reading article): Oh. That makes more sense. Still cold.

  79. Darin Mercado

    Gregg posted this, very interesting. I thought both Moore and Hollister were on the bubble because of their salaries, but they agreed to a restructuring, freeing up more money. Hmmm, why would they do that? Seems like a solid (hopeful) sign that New Orleans interest is raising Clowney’s salary and the Seahawks remain in the game by freeing up more money. Read the linked article in the Tribune, also seems like Seahawks dline coach has an agent that Clowney may join? Man, this is great drama, I’m kind of trying to enjoy it to be honest unlike so many others on here, lol. Come on Schneider, work your magic!

  80. DMHawk

    And here’s another twitter post from Bob Condotta, one of my all time favorite sports journalists in Seattle. Man, if Brown and the Seahawks dline coach share the same agent as Clowney, that’s some pretty solid pushback against the Saints offer. Let’s go.

    • Rob Staton

      Sharing an agent doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to Seattle. What if that agent also has reps on the Saints roster/coaching staff?

  81. cha

    Field Yates
    The Bills have waived OT Trey Adams, per source.
    8:11 AM · Sep 5, 2020

    • Aaron


    • Big Mike

      1st round lock until the knee injuries. A great example of why I seldom if ever begrudge a guy getting all the $ he can. Sadly for him, they happened in college so never was able to get paid.

  82. Steve Nelsen

    I am looking forward to today and Week 1.

    The Seahawks made it through camp without any major injuries (look at what happened to the Niners).

    Several players seem to have made encouraging leaps. Damien Lewis looks like a starter. D.K. looks like he’s making the the next step toward becoming a pro-bowl #1 receiver. The addition of Jamal Adams has turned an average secondary into a top-tier group. Blair has earned a starting big nickel role. Alton Robinson has earned a spot in the rotation at 5-tech. Dissly is healthy and Olsen looks like he is determined to show everyone why Russell Wilson was recruiting him to play in Seattle. I was hoping Britt would come back when healthy and Gordon would sign with us when reinstated.

    There have already been several surprising cuts like PC predicted and I’m expecting more today. I think Seattle still wants to add a veteran rotational DT. It may not be a sexy name but I’m excited to see who it is.

    The Clowney saga has been a huge distraction all offseason and one way or another it should be resolved in the near future. I think he is a warrior and I hope he chooses Seattle.

    • Simo

      I agree with your glass half full assessment Steve, there are quite a few positives/improvements to recognize as the season nears. Hopefully all of them will turn out to be as positive as the season progresses!

      At the same time, we cannot ignore the deficiencies and/or glaring question marks on this team, mainly both lines of scrimmage. If games are truly won or lost in the trenches, not sure I feel very confident in either group at this time. Adding Clowney certainly improves the d-line, and probably the only thing that can improve the o-line is time working together.

      Still excited for the season though, always look forward to this time of year!

      • Steve Nelsen

        Thanks, Simo. It is true that the glass is both half full and half empty.

        The OL is an interesting topic. I have not heard nearly as much about Brandon Shell at RT as I expected. I hope that is a no news is good news thing. Lewis may be an upgrade at RG even as a rookie. The other 3 starters look to be unchanged. So, I’m looking at the OL as a push from last year right now. The OL depth is clearly better than last year.

        The DL topic seems to stir up so much emotion but here is my take. Seattle brought back Jarran Reed which was a solid move to start the off-season. With him and Poona starting, that is a push from last year. Mayowa at LEO is unproven as a starter but will be an upgrade over Ansah. The rotation behind Mayowa looks like Irvin and Griffin right now (Taylor when he gets healthy) which is also unproven but better than the backups we had last year. So I see LEO as a modest improvement. One potential cut today is Hassan Reddick who we loved as a LEO prospect on the blog years ago but was horribly misdeveloped as a MLB in Arizona.

        The 5T rotation is currently Collier and Alton Robinson which is clear downgrade, potentially a huge downgrade from Clowney. If Clowney chooses to go elsewhere, I would expect Seattle to add a veteran 5T to that rotation but it will still be a downgrade. I am hoping Clowney comes back for at least another year. If Clowney does come back, then the DL starters/depth is clearly an upgrade from last year even the most ardent glass half-empty crew would be hard-pressed to find any significant faults with the offseason in my purely analytical opinion.

  83. Rob Staton

    Dunno what this means:

    • Ashish

      he was bound to be cut, he may go to practice squad

  84. Gui_Hawks

    Sullivan waved

    • Rob Staton

      Doubt anyone will pick him up.

      • Big Mike


    • Steve Nelsen

      I expected him to be an IR stash because of his hip. I hope he makes it back to our practice squad so he can continue to develop. He was one of my favorite developmental prospects from the Senior Bowl practices.

  85. jopa726

    C.J. Prosise to be signed with the Houston Texans on their Practice Squad. I am glad for him and wish him the best.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s probably going to go on their injured reserve soon too.

      • cha

        Only after doing a pretty convincing Gayle Sayers impression in practice.

        • HAWKTALKER#1

          Brutal. 15 yards for piling on . . .

  86. cha

    Field Yates
    With roster movement upon us, three teams created notable 2020 cap space by converting a veteran’s base salary into a signing bonus, per source:
    Black small squareBuccaneers: $9.5M created via Mike Evans
    Black small square49ers: $9.5M created via Dee Ford
    Black small squareSteelers: $3.85M created via David DeCastro
    8:48 AM · Sep 5, 2020

    • Steve Nelsen

      This is interesting. The Niners have been whacked by injuries at WR, OL, and CB. It looks like they are trading for a veteran before cutdown.

  87. cha

    Tom Silverstein
    #Packers have cut WR Malik Turner, according to a source.
    8:59 AM · Sep 5, 2020·

    I was sure he would stick. The Packers owe him a job for letting a crucial RW pass bounce right off his chest in the playoff game.

    • Big Mike


  88. cha

    PJ Johnson cut

  89. cha

    Etling cut

  90. dmHawk

    Rob S
    “Sharing an agent doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to Seattle. What if that agent also has reps on the Saints roster/coaching staff?”

    Never said he was a lock for Seattle. But I would assume that a NP or journalist (like Condotta) would have pointed that out if it was the case in NO. For me, I’m gonna go half-glass full here. The connection between both a dl coach and a (what appears to be) good friend in Duane Brown is a hopeful link with the recent firing of Bus and the now-shared agent. Brown played a role last year in ‘selling’ the Hawks to Clowney so that can’t hurt… of course in the end, probably it’ll come down to the highest bidder between NO and Seattle, no? Both good organizations. Sure seems like the Hawks are calling NO’s ‘raise’ by freeing up more money using Hollister and Moore.

    I think New Orlean’s move was brilliant, btw. Take my hat off to that organization, they really have been unlucky especially with the missed PI call that kept them out of the Super Bowl.

    Would love to see Brown, Wilson, Adams, Pete and Schneider in a Twitter photo with Clowney’s chef today or tomorrow. 🙂 Pete was a great college football recruiter, let’s see if he’s still eligible for a cup of coffee at Seahawks HQ, where the ‘coffee’s for closers.’

    I thought Clowney was gone after yesterday. Not saying he’s a lock, but things are looking up and it seems like the Seahawks are raising their offer, no?

  91. cha

    Shaquem Griffin cut

    • Rob Staton

      Not surprised.

      Not good enough to contribute on defense.

    • Ashish

      Right decision, I was not expecting from hawks. So far so good

    • Steve Nelsen

      Hoping he comes back on the practice squad so he can continue to develop.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah saw this coming. Great story but marginal NFL player

  92. TomLPDX

    Hey Rob, are you going to do a roster article today to track cuts, etc?

  93. Ashish

    I want to see FB Nick Bellore gone. That spot can be utilized for any other spot

    • Gohawks5151

      I know it’s PC’s base offense but 1 back, 2 tight ends is their best option with their personnel

      • Ashish

        At the end of the year, FB has limited snaps. Agreed FB contribute in special team i feel that spot use someone TE Tyler Mabry.

    • WallaSean

      I agree, but I would love to see a FB that could earn snaps, maybe someone who could be a 3rd down type or short yardage and TE backup option?

    • Rob Staton

      Special teams.

      People been underrating it for years.

  94. charlietheunicorn

    Nothing too earth shaking yet…. I’ve not seen any premier guys pop loose across the league… but there is time yet for cut-down day 😀

    As for (LB) Griffin being cut, not a shocker. Handwriting was on the wall when they picked so many LBs in the last 2 drafts. Might be a practice squad type, but some of the bottom feeders in the league might actually get him some meaningful snaps in games…. raising his profile and letting him stick in the league a few more seasons.

    • JC3

      Seahawks was one of the bottom feeders last year………..

  95. charlietheunicorn

    Rob, I remember you and I talking about Clowneys representation…… guess he changed it… again very recently….

    “Free-agent defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has fired agent Bus Cook and now plans to work with agent Kennard McGuire as he looks for an NFL destination days before the regular season begins, a source told ESPN’s Dianna Russini.”


  96. Aaron

    P Rich released…

    Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) Tweeted:
    The #Seahawks are releasing WR Paul Richardson, source said.

    • AlaskaHawk

      So soon, I was rooting for P Rich.

  97. Rik

    Chad Thomas cut by Browns, and Nate Orchard cut by the Washington Football Team. DE options?

    • McZ

      More interested in Raekwon Williams. Had one hell of an Eags camp at DT.

  98. WallaSean

    I still think they are content to hold on to that Clowney cap space and see what shakes loose over the first few weeks. They will look for a DT that clears waivers and keep the rest for Clowney at their price, or wait for when a cap casualty that presents itself. They like the Edge and 5T guys they have, they are prepared to roll with what they have.

    • Aaron

      That means they’re content with good not great. They’re content with a 9 or 10 win wild card team versus a division winner with a shot at the Super Bowl. They’ll never admit to it, but that’s what it is.

  99. cha

    Corbin Smith
    Can confirm
    ‘s report that no undrafted rookies made #Seahawks initial 53-man roster, including cornerback Debione Renfro and tackle Tommy Champion.
    11:43 AM · Sep 5, 2020

    Means Chris Miller as well.

    • Gohawks5151

      Practice squad going to have some hard decisions potentially

  100. cha

    Jeremy Fowler
    A source close to Jadeveon Clowney says he’s been mulling offers from Titans and Saints since Friday and Ravens a wild card – they made a serious push a few weeks ago. Seahawks not out of it but more monitoring.
    12:25 PM · Sep 5, 2020

    • Ashish

      probably give 1 mil more after last standing team

    • Scot04

      hoping I’m wrong, but feels more and more like he’s gone.

      • Big Mike

        ditto and ditto

      • SeaTown

        He’s been long gone Move on.

    • Aaron

      Clowney is looooooooong gone y’all. Time to brace ourselves for another good season but not a great one 😔

      • Kingdome1976

        Sacks will have to come from many different sources. Not like Clowney did very much in that department anyway.

      • Rob Staton


    • Rob Staton

      Great job Seahawks.

  101. JLemere

    One potential veteran to keep an eye for Seahawks if Clowney goes elsewhere

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Saints are cutting veteran DE Mario Edwards, source said, a player who could come back on the practice squad. They had mentioned his name in trade talks this week

    • Rob Staton

      Game changing

      • JLemere

        Game changing left when Frank Clark got traded to KC Chiefs. It’s more about who can produce more than LJ Collier at this point.

        • Big Mike

          My 87 year old disabled (really) mother produced nearly as much as LJ Collier last year. Only one way to go for him. Oh wait there’s actually 2 ways for him to go, either up or or out……the door.

      • Ashish

        sorry is that sarcasm?

        • Rob Staton


  102. charlietheunicorn

    I’m not sure why Clowney is waiting to make a decision at this point. Likely every deal is almost identical…. in structure and money. Titans, Saints and Ravens all are contenders. 2 of the top 4 teams in the league in the mix. He should stick to NFC side, since he would get to the Superbowl (at the minimum). So it may actually be Saints and Seahawks as the best path to that outcome.

    I can’t see the Titans or Ravens taking out the Chiefs if everyone is at full strength. Playoffs up to the AFCCG.

    I also think Colts could still be a dark horse. They have room on the cap and can pay whatever he wants short or longterm. I think they are going to be a 4-3…. they have some talent on defense, but adding Clowney would make them a very serious threat in the AFC.

  103. Scot04

    Gotta love how they addressed their top offseason priorities of
    Resigning Clowney and fixing the Pass Rush. Ugh
    This is one Ugly defensive line.
    People fail to remember Clowney great against the run as well. This not only hurts our Pass Rush but Run Defense as well. Not to mention the loss of Woods and Jefferson.

  104. charlietheunicorn

    Updates on

    Seattle Seahawks wide receiver David Moore, who was on an restricted free-agent tender worth $2.13 million, has agreed to a restructured contract and will be staying in Seattle, Rapoport reported. Meanwhile, wideout Paul Richardson was cut, according to Pelissero. The Seahawks released outside linebacker Shaquem Griffin, Rapoport reported, and undrafted rookie quarterback Anthony Gordon was also waived, per Pelissero, who notes that the Washington State product is a probable practice squad candidate for Seattle.

  105. Steve Nelsen

    Prince Tega released. I don’t know if he fits on our 53 but I liked him as a developmental OT prospect.

    • TomLPDX

      Me too, kind of surprised. Was there a reason?

      • Steve Nelsen

        He was raw and dealing with some minor injury stuff. I’m guessing Philadelphia is hoping he can make it to their PS.

    • Aaron

      He’d be a great RT prospect. I’m not sure he’s athletic enough to play LT.

      • charlietheunicorn

        I thought the Eagles were hurting on the OL, which makes the cut a bit shocking. His name came up in pre-draft discussions on the blog, but I never felt he was a potential fit.

        • Big Mike

          They are hurting. Dillard went to IR last week iirc. Prince must be very raw.

  106. TomLPDX

    Looks like Joey Hunt didn’t make the cut with the Colts.

  107. Sea Mode

    Rummaging through the scrap heap of DL names available after cuts and it’s, well, a scrap heap…

    D’Andre Walker was a name we liked.

    DT Justin Hamilton?

    I’m having trouble even recognizing other names, and we’re draftniks…

    • Rob Staton

      People have been saying the cut day will provide options.

      It hasn’t.

      There isn’t anyone worth having.

      And still they’re arseing about with Clowney.

      None of this makes sense.

      • All I see is 12s

        Any interest in Marcus Hunt or Blackson from Houston?

        • Rob Staton


      • BruceN

        If anyone thought that cut day will provide decent options he/she was delusional.

        I suspect we’re sticking to our offer of around $12M or so. And it may take close to $14-$15M to get him signed. It will be disappointing to lose him for a mere couple of millions (that didn’t sound right, I know). That dinner with Payton didn’t help. JC may lower his number a bit just for that. We’ll see.

        • Rob Staton

          “If anyone thought that cut day will provide decent options he/she was delusional.”

          Yup. I never bought into the idea that a ton of attractive options would be available. It made no sense. Why would teams, in a year where more than ever you were going to rely on experience and familiarity, be cutting players on the off chance they could save money in 12 months time — jeopardising the present to ‘maybe’ save money later without even knowing the ramifications of covid for 2021.

          It was a pipe dream and so it’s proved.

          Seattle has no new attractive options short of just signing some former UDFA target who might get an extended trial.

          • Steve Nelsen

            There have been a lot of surprise cuts. Just no D-linemen.

            • Rob Staton

              A lot?

              I don’t think I’ve seen one single truly surprising cut.

              • BruceN

                Nothing that would be an interest to us. But a couple of mild surprise cuts could be Randall, Safety, Raiders or Jones (ex-Husky) DB. But injuries have taken a toll on his career.

  108. cha

    Aaron Wilson
    Veteran pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney is still weighing the Titans and Saints’ contract offers as of late Saturday afternoon with the Seahawks ranked third among his choices currently, per league sources.
    2:20 PM · Sep 5, 2020

    • Kingdome1976

      I’m waiting with bated breath

    • SeaTown

      The Seahawks lack of “competing” on the DL this offseason is borderline incompetence.

      • Scot04

        There’s a difference between “Always Competing” and trying to Win. Hope they realize it tonight and step up for Clowney.

        • SeaTown

          They had 60 million and a whole offseason to step up.

          • Scot04

            So true. This offseason was a very big let down. So many options pissed away.

            • Rob Staton

              Massive wasted opportunity.

    • Aaron

      Hawks trending 9-7 when it was so attainable to be 12-4. All they had to do is state their top need and address it…what a concept!!!

      • Scot04

        The bad thing about that is 9-7 doesn’t likely get you into the playoffs; even with the extra spots.

        • Rob Staton

          9-7 or 10-6 probably does with seven teams I think.

          But you’ll be out in the wildcard or divisional — which is the Seahawks modus operandi at the moment.

  109. UkAlex6674

    Rob re your comments on Griffin being released. A bit of a contradiction to your April 1st report on him no?

    • Rob Staton

      Errrr… no.

      I’ve consistently said Shaquem Griffin is not good enough to be a pass rusher. That he didn’t show anything last season in the role.

      No idea what you’re referring to.

      I’ve just checked. The article I posted on April 1st? An interview with Robert Hunt

      You’ll need to clarify what you’re talking about or apologise for the accusation of a contradiction.

      • UkAlex6674

        Sorry. 1st April 2018.

        • Rob Staton

          So you think it’s right and proper to accuse me of contradicting myself because I talked positively about his rushing ability at UCF — and now, two years into his pro career, when it hasn’t translated — I’m now at fault?

  110. JLemere

    So applying the cuts that NO has made, they need to make two key moves to actually be able to sign Clowney. One is easy and one might be difficult.

    Easy one- Restructure Jared Cook’s contract ( opens up 3 mil)
    Difficult one- trade Sheldon Rankins and his almost 7.7 mil cap hit.

    Gives NO an opportunity to give Clowney 1 yr 14 million.

  111. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Bills and Pro Bowl CB Tre’Davious White have an agreement on a massive new extension, sources say. Another big-time player getting paid. Money bagMoney bagMoney bag
    3:05 PM · Sep 5, 2020

    • Rob Staton

      Excellent player in college, excellent player in the NFL.

      He has 12 career interceptions too vs Shaquill Griffin’s three. So Shaquill can get stuffed if he wants the same amount.

  112. cha

    Brady Henderson
    For the Seahawks:

    RB Rashaad Penny goes on PUP;

    DE Darrell Taylor, TE Colby Parkinson and DB D.J. Reed go on NFI;

    G/C Kyle Fuller goes on the suspended list.

    • cha

      No surprises there

    • Rob Staton

      Thank goodness they didn’t trade up for Taylor or have a massive glaring need at pass rusher.


      • Scot04

        Still surprised they traded up to get him. Definitely looks like a bad decision now. 1st round pick is backup and 2nd round trade up at our position of need on NFI.

      • cha

        2019 = thank goodness for DK Metcalf

        2020 = thank goodness for Damien Lewis

        • Sea Mode

          2016- : thank goodness for Russell Wilson

  113. Rob Staton

    The Seahawks should let Shaquill Griffin test free agency next year.

    He isn’t that good.

    He isn’t worth Tre’Davious White money.

    • TomLPDX

      I actually agree with this sentiment. Griffin is a good CB, but not great.

      • Rob Staton


        Not a bad player by any stretch. But just ‘decent’. And certainly not worth $16-18m a year.

        Let him discover his market and if you have to move on…. move on.

        • Big Mike

          completely agree

    • JLemere

      PC will do the following

      1. Sign Adams for 4 yrs, 64 million
      2. Sign Griffin for 4 yrs, 60 million
      3. Sign Dunbar 4 yrs, 48 million

      Total- 172 million over 4 yrs, average- 43 million.

      • Rob Staton

        No thanks

  114. Rob Staton

    So the Seahawks cut Christmas, Lattimore AND P.J. Johnson.

    Meaning Bryan Mone is the only defensive tackle on the roster outside of Ford & Reed.

    • DC

      Yikes. Pretty scary. No need to worry about the pass rush, everyone will just run the ball down our throats.

  115. cha

    Niners only keep 8 OL.

    I’m too sad to make a joke about they must not fear the Hawks pass rush.

    • Rob Staton

      Rumour has it they’re not going to bother with an O-line when they play Seattle.

      They’re just going to rest some sand bags in front of Jimmy G and give the front five a week off.

      • TomLPDX

        I love it! I was thinking the other day that Seattle’s new approach to the defense is to have 4 DBs and 5 LBs on the field at all times. Kind of a super base, sans the front four. We still have Poona and JReed so instead of a 4-3 we will be running a 2-5 as our base (and only) defensive scheme.

  116. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Transaction wire shows Seahawks cut Nick Bellore. But among those who appear to have made initial 53-man is Luke Willson as Seattle appears to be keeping four tight ends.
    3:38 PM · Sep 5, 2020

  117. DougK

    Not sure if there is any interest but 49s waived Dion Jordan.

  118. Gui_Hawks

    Clowney to titans

  119. cha

    Well crap

    Dianna Russini
    Jadeveon Clowney is expected to sign with the Tennessee Titans sources tell ESPN. He rejoins Mike Vrabel who was on the Texans defensive staff for Clowney’s first 3 years in the league in Houston. The Saints, the other main suitor, made a very strong case. This was a close one.
    3:45 PM · Sep 5, 2020

    • JLemere

      yay the Clowney saga is over.

    • Rob Staton

      Get ready.

      Article on the way.

      Will get a record number of abusive messages.

      • cha

        Tell The Truth Monday

        • TomLPDX

          and then we can finally move on

        • Gohawks5151

          It’s a holiday 😉

        • Rob Staton

          Can’t wait for the next press conference.

          ‘Pete how would you describe Bobby Wagner’s talent?’

          ‘Pete how great is Marquise Blair on a scale of 1-10? Would you say a 9 or a 10?’

          ‘Pete can you talk us through your speech from last week again?’

          ‘Pete why did you cut Shaquem?’

          (No serious questions about the terrible DL)

      • DC

        This along with the DT situation shows that they had a very poor plan and even worse job executing it. To me it’s the beginning of the end of an era. I’d officially put them on the hot seat now.

    • Gui_Hawks

      12 million, not confirmed

  120. dmhawk

    Man, people aren’t seeing the cards flipped over by the fortune teller, imv. Or maybe it’s me who is not seeing them, lol.

    The Seahawks are still in play because of $ and relationship. The Saints are in a poorer place there, but they’ve also gone all in on the ‘respect’ thing with the flight to meet Clowney and the personal chef picture, yada. Maybe the Saints made some verbal promises about a long term deal in the process

    But Moore and Hollister are not accidents re: their contract restructuring. Schneider has been waiting for the final market value, for Clowney, I believe. Maybe I’m naive. Has Schneider screwed around too long? Maybe, possibly but who knows?

    I find this weekend’s turn of events hopeful with the new Clowney agent tied to Clowney’s position coach and a friend of his from Houston, (Duane) both with the Hawks. Clowney hates the preseason training camp stuff like, I don’t know, nearly like all or most veterans. For me, he’s gaming the system, he risked his value in an uncertain year but didn’t care. (as Rob has said, the man has more money than any of us needs in a lifetime) He’s really go nothing to lose. But it’s smart. It’s on his terms. And if it’s NO or Seattle, both teams increase their chances for an SB run.

    I think the Hawks will do what it takes to make more money available to him. Is it too late after the Saints big time move? Either way, Clowney is laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Rob Staton

      Clowney is signing with the Titans.

      • dmhawk

        That would be a surprise, considering the whole Saints thing this weekend in the media and on here. But only if the Titans offered more than the Hawks in the end. For me, it always came down to money for Clowney: Who pays the most? Apparently Tennessee? Or some kind of long term commitment from them in season?

        The Hawks overpaid for a safety. I cannot imagine them not overpaying for Clowney, at this point with our questionable dline. But maybe Tennessee has more cap space short term and long term? And that’s a damn good team closer to South Carolina.

        I’m not believing Schneider and Pete are giving up unless Clowney has made clear he wants to stay closer to home. (the guy went to S Carolina for f sake, instead of Alabama or Clemson thus giving up the NC possibility as a player in college) Tennessee is good, a SB contender.

        But I’m drinking Agave tonight, so that gives hope. Or a smooth dose of denial?

        • Rob Staton

          It’s already being reported dmhawk.

        • Scott

          Be prepared to be surprised then. Reports are in that he’s agreed to sign with the Titans.

          • dmhawk

            Saints yesterday, Tennessee today.

            If this is the case, barring an in season trade, for me we play on the road, and lose again in the playoffs, end of season.

            And if so, as Rob has said many times and I agree, the next conversation on here is: Can we keep Russell? We’ll miss the Clowney debate in comparison.

  121. cha

    Gregg Bell
    #Seahawks’ defensive line on initial 53-man: L.J. Collier, Rasheem Green, Benson Mayowa, Damontre Moore, Alton Robinson, Poona Ford, Bryan Mone, Jarran Reed.

    Best player in that group during camp: Robinson, the rookie 5th-rdr from Syracuse. Will get the reps Taylor would have
    3:53 PM · Sep 5, 2020

    • SeaTown


    • DC

      Prediction, Falcons 500 yards of offense week 1 lol.

    • Pran

      This is a test of Pete’s defensive chops. He can no longer stick to what worked in the past and say i dont have personnel. Creativity baby…

  122. All I see is 12s

    Anyone Else need to take a walk?

  123. dmhawk

    Saints yesterday, Tennessee today.

    If this is the case, barring an in season trade, for me we play on the road, and lose again in the playoffs, end of season.

    And if so, as Rob has said many times and I agree, the next conversation on here is: Can we keep Russell? We’ll miss the Clowney debate in comparison.

  124. BruceN

    At least JC is going to TN and not NO. They have the cap room to spend ($21M) and we don’t have to compete with them for a playoff spot. Trying really hard to find some positive in this.

    • BruceN

      According to Florio Titan’s offer is for $12M. A firm slap on the forehead. What did we offer, $10M, less? If true, this stings. After giving up the farm to get Adams, pushing all chips in, we didn’t think he was worth the signing at $12M. Another firm slap on the forehead.

      Should be fun watching Wagner and Adams taking on 320 Pound Guards barreling down the line with the RB right behind him. Oh joy…

  125. dmhawk

    Well, now there’s a tweet here below from ESPN, it’s not over until it’s over!

    Titans and Saints continue to actively compete for Jadeveon Clowney, per league sources, with both teams poised to fly him from Houston, if-when a deal is finalized. Deal not done yet, but sources say Titans havestrong chance to land Clowney and reunite him with Mike Vrabel

    Okay, Seahawks aren’t ‘in it’, lol, but I remain in denial. Saturday nigh buzz, Agave working. Pay the man. “So you’re saying there’s a chance?”

  126. Hebegbs

    PC/JS state at end of season D line is biggest need and will be aggressive in FA and draft (who would argue that was their biggest weakness last year)? Seemed like they would address.

    Move up to draft Taylor, who is injured and they must have known there was a chance he still would be by start of 2020 season (expecting a rookie to help, when healthy esp in. Covid era training camp, is a stretch anyway)

    Wait on Clowney. Sign Irvin and Mayowa (really!!??) to offset add depth.

    Wait on Clowney. Do nothing else. Nothing.

    Clowney signs with Titans.

    Secure Adams (who is a sitting duck with no pass rush) and give up 2 first round draft picks.

    What the hell are they thinking??

    This is seriously mind boggling. I was willing to let this play out but now Clowney is signing with Titans. Disappointing is not even the right word I’d like to use here. This is an utter failure to address your biggest (and self-admitted) need.

    We currently have the worst D-line in the entire NFL, I have zero doubt about that. Russ and co will have to score 30+ to have a chance to win games.

  127. Ashish

    No trades probably not much a surprise. We don’t have amo or not a season to do so.
    Rob, I will skip your article can’t stomach truth. Sorry 😞 . I hope its not turn out to very bad.

  128. Big Mike

    Boy would Griffen have looked good in a Hawks uni and at like 6 mil. Not Clowney but at least a guy other teams would have to account for. Sad.

    • Rob Staton

      Damontre Moore though…

      Time to get excited.

  129. Tom

    ESPN says he signed for $15m/1 year. He isn’t going to take another 1 year deal from the Hawks. So then, if he thinks he can get better numbers on the field over there, he wouldn’t have chosen Seattle unless he got a great multi-year offer and they didn’t want to because of his injury.

    • Rob Staton

      So sign someone else.

  130. Largent80

    Not a single snap has been recorded and here we are in full on meltdown about the state of the team.

    We ALL are disappointed in the way the money was spread out but jeez man, the season hasn’t even begun and things happen in strange ways sometimes. Nobody here is going to gush about the D-Line, but can we at least give it a chance before shoveling dirt on it?

    Clowney is going to a team with Tannehill at QB, good luck with another overachieving season Titans and your fans….I think they will be middling at best.

    Who knows, a year from now Clownshoes McGillicutty may become a Seahawk again, or Not.

    • Rob Staton

      “Not a single snap has been recorded and here we are in full on meltdown about the state of the team.”

      No, we’re just sharing thoughts on the team. It is allowed.

      Stop trying to stop debate.

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