New podcast: Early pre-season thoughts

Brandan Schulze and I teamed up this week to share some thoughts on the Denver game and Seattle’s pre-season so far…


  1. Nick

    Excellent podcast, Rob and Brandan. Particularly enjoyed your conversation around ST. Seems like this is a make or break year for Brian Schneider. The gunners looked fabulous—Neiko Thorpe is such a crucial part of this team.

  2. icb12

    You guys do a great podcast. It just works. Not too long, not too short. Guys seem to work well together, and the content is fantastic.

  3. Aaron

    A while ago you mentioned the slim possibility of trading for Clowney. Any chance that possibility resurfaces now that we are later now, he’s not showing up, refused trade to dolphins. Perhaps they part with a mere second now. Also, with reed suspended, maybe they favor paying another guy? I doubt it will happen, but it’s a fun idea to consider

  4. Kenny Sloth

    Russell Wilson now owns Seattle Sounders FC.

  5. Sea Mode

    Nice, right on cue…

    Of particular interest as well for our WR group:

    The 6-foot-1, 216-pounder said he’s being used mostly on the inside, or in the slot, with the Seahawks, which makes him a natural fit in the rotation behind Lockett, who is expected to play more in the slot this year to help offset the loss of the retired Doug Baldwin, with Moore, Brown and Metcalf all usually playing more on the outside.

    • cha

      RW said Jennings “needed it” which is the closest thing you’ll ever hear from him to a criticism.

  6. Coleslaw

    Bobby Wagner is also on record saying that he thinks we will blitz more and he said “the pressure has to come from somewhere”.

    I’m not a huge fan of blitzing, but if you can do it like NE, capitalizing on your blitzes, it can offset the loss of Frank Clark.

    I trust PC and Ken Norton Jr. to know when and how to blitz. I’m excited to see it, actually. It will likely make for some pretty fun football. I just hope they dont try to send 7 guys at QBs like Brees, Wentz, or Cousins (regular season opponents) on 3rd down with the game on the line.

    We’ll likely get burned a lot on blitzes, but we’ll likely also get a lot of impact plays.

    And I gotta say, Barton looks like the 2nd best blitzing linebacker on the team. I haven’t seen Kendricks much but Barton is an animal. His youth pops out so much compared to our other LBs. He could be identified as one of the blitzers and could see the field that way.

    I just LOVE Barton. Hes my favorite draft pick so far, he can cover, defend the run, and attack the LOS. Such a good pickup for us. I’ve been saying for years that we need to find Bobby’s successor and I think it’s clear that we found him! Pumped for Barton!

  7. Coleslaw

    Britt is absolutely underrated. Centers in general are underrated. Center is one of the most important positions in the NFL. unless you have a Peyton Manning, center is HUGE.

    I’d go as far to say the only positions more important (in order) are
    1. QB
    2. OT
    3. DE
    4. CB
    5. MLB
    6. Center

  8. Gaux Hawks

    A Quick Depth Chart Prediction:

    QB: RW, PL
    RB: CC, RP, BS, CJP, NB
    LT: DB, GF, (?)
    LG: MI, EP
    C: JB, MM
    RG: DJF, PH (PUP)
    RT: GI, GF, (?)
    TE: WD, NV, JH, ED (PUP)
    WR: TL, JB, DM, DKM, GJ, JU

    DE: ZA, CM, JM
    DT: AW, QJ, JR (suspended)
    DT: PF, NJ
    DE: RG, LJC
    SAM: MK, SQ
    MIKE: BW, CB
    CB: SG, NT
    CB: TF, DS
    NCKL: AK, UA
    FS: BM, T2
    SS: MB, DH

    P: MD
    K: JM
    PH: TO

    I think they keep Nkansah or pickup a swing tackle to replace JJ. PH and ED on PUP. CJP gets one last shot… Go Hawks!

  9. cha

    Is Lance Zierlein credible?

    He’s reporting the Texans are very actively shopping Clowney. Tried to trade him to Miami and Clowney nixed the deal.

    Nothing from Rapsheet or Shefter yet.


    Lance Zierlein

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    More Lance Zierlein Retweeted John Granato
    This morning on The Bench, I am going to double down on @johngranato reporting that Clowney not only being shopped, but source tells me they will do everything in their power to move him this year.

  10. Coleslaw

    A few trade ideas that I would love to see.

    Clowney, 2020 6th for 2020 2nd, Jamarco Jones

    Clowney, 2020 5th for 2020 2nd, Delano Hill

    Clowney for 2020 2nd, Shalom Luani

    Clowney for 2020 2nd, Ethan Pocic, 2021 7th

    Houston needs DBs and OL. We might be able to actually get Clowney for a 2nd and someone we would cut anyway

  11. Coleslaw

    We would have just enough cap space for Clowney this year, and then plenty in the future to sign him when we can.

    If we flip Clark for Clowney, a 1st, 2nd, and all the players we got after trading down (DK Metcalf, Cody Barton, John Ursua, DeMarcus Christmas), that’s possibly the best trade(s) in franchise history.

    • Hawktalker#1

      We have more than enough. Remember he’s on a franchise tag.

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