New podcast: June update on the Seahawks & Alabama


  1. bankhawk

    Rob, Howdy! Let me be the first to say that its really great just to hear your voice! Hêres to hoping youre getting in some really great time with the family. My fingers are crossed as the English National team vie for that 1 more point that they need to go through to the next group in the Euro 2016 tournament, and am truly looking ahead to July when our guys can pull on their pads and really get down to business. Till then, cheers!

  2. James

    Rob, great to hear you already offering your analysis of prospects for next year’s draft. Regarding the current crop of rookies, all eyes will of course be on the OL. Assuming the Seahawks stay healthy this coming season, the only thing standing in the way of another championship is the OL. Ifedi is perhaps the most impressive physical specimen on the team, and the early word on him is very good. We have been amused as the media talking-types freak out over Germain being “moved” to OG. If anyone was paying attention, the day of the R1 draft, both Tom Cable and Pete Carroll clearly said the plan for Ifedi was RT long-term but he might start out at OG so he can transition from the spread offense. Somehow, the talking-types only heard the word “tackle” and assumed he would be there from day one, when Tom and Pete actually said just the opposite. Anyway, I am very interested to see Joey Hunt in the preseason games, as he appears to have the natural center instincts long in short supply around here. Though only about 6-1, 300, he is incredibly strong and can use his height to his advantage to get underneath the guy on his nose. Joey had 34 reps at his pro day, and even Glowinski, the strongest OL on the team, had 31 at the combine, so don’t underestimate this guy.

  3. Kenny Sloth

    Good to have ya back.

    Yesterday’s training camp was focused on effort and pursuit

    • Kenny Sloth

      Alex Collins is working his way to the front of the stables.

      He’s been electric w/o pads. Making some moves you won’t see anywhere else.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Collins might be a better pass protector than Thomas Rawls

        • James

          Collins has this unmistakable style, head down, leaning forward, jump steps one after the other. He is the ideal back for our run game. A huge insurance policy if Rawls is slow to recover, and he will be terrific in his own right. A pile of young talent at RB. And people still come away from practice shaking their heads at how quick C-Mike is, even around all this other talent. The preseason games are going to be off-to-the-races.

  4. Volume12

    This ‘Bama squad is is so loaded it’s insane.

    DL Da’Shawn Hand looks like a great undersized 3-tech that can also play RDE. Or vice versa. Wouldn’t be undersized at DE though.

    Their LB core is ridiculous. OLB Ryan Anderson is a big, pass rushing SAM.

    LB Rashaan Evans looks to be an athletic, playmaker starting to scratch the surface.

    If ya liked LB Reggie Ragland, you’ll love LB Reuben Foster. Not as nuanced as Ragland, but more athletic, quicker, and better in coverage.

    DL Jonathan Allen is hands down one of my favorite players in CFB. Speaking of hands, his technique and ability to jolt/shock O-lineman with his power is impressive.

    CB Marlon Humphrey is a stud. Looks like a 1st rounder to my eye. Long, rangy, physical, one of the few corners I saw that wasn’t afraid to come up and stick RB Leonard Fournette (looking at you Auburn S Jonathan ‘Rudy’ Ford).

    EDGE Tim Williams looks like a top 10 lock. Explosive, but can convert that to power too.

    Didn’t even mention S Eddie Jackson (one of the better single high safeties), DT Dalvin Tomlinson, and CB Tony Brown.

    TE OJ Howard, depending on how he’s used, has limitless potential. Good blocking TE too.

    I like RB Bo Scarbrough. Think ‘Bama will lean on him heavily.

    And WR ArDarius Stewart is one of my personal favorites at the wideout position.

    Can we say…Repeat!?

    • James

      I am a Bama alum, so these are the salad days for sure, akin to the best of the Bear Bryant era. …there are four more future R1 draft choices you did not list: Cam Robinson, OT; Jonah Williams, OT; Calvin Ridley, WR; and Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB. Basically, the Crimson Tide is the college version of the Seahawks, but with an OL; with exceptional depth; but without Russell Wilson. QB is the only question for Alabama… will they go game manager-type with Cooper Bateman; or gunslingers David Cornwell or Blake Barnett; or the RW-like Jalen Hurts?

      • Kenny Sloth

        No way Can Robinson goes in the first.

        He’s likely going to prison

        • Kenny Sloth

          Emendment; the DA has declined to pursue a case against them. Basically all charges dropped.

          Still wouldn’t take him in the first, personally.

          There are other tackles that don’t carry stolen burners.

          • James

            There were 4 guys in the car and the gun apparently belonged to someone else. Robinson has never been in trouble and if this scares him straight, he is a lock for R1.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I think I’ll take ur word for it for now, actually.

      • Volume12

        None of them except for Robinson are draft eligible though.

        As for the QB position, it never really matters there.

  5. Coleslaw

    My way too early prediction for the seahawks 2017 first round pick is…. Taco Charlton after a playoff run with Harbaugh. He seems like he could be groomed into replacing Bennett, the guy is a force in between the whistles.

    • Coleslaw

      Clark would then be the LEO and boom, Avril and Bennett are replaced.

  6. nichansen01

    I really hope that Jordan Hill can emerge this season and produce like he did in 2014. He will have plenty of motivation (contract year), and his supporting cast this year is as good as ever. I think he can get into that 5-7 sack range this year.

    • Miles

      Whatever happens, this has got to be his last year. If he plays well, he will get paid somewhere else. If he has another dud year, Seahawks will just see a guy who has been an unmotivated player and let him go to the free agent scrap heap. He has showed signs that he isn’t even near pissed off for greatness. In a comtract year, sometimes guys can get pissed off for money, and that can work out alright.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Pissed off for money, great way to put that

    • Cory

      Michael Bennett called Hill out as a guy who could have a breakout season on a recent interview with John Clayton. If he can match his 2014 production and be a little more consistent, this d-line could be baller this year. However, I doubt he gets re-signed in SEA. Quinton Jefferson seems like he was drafted to be the replacement for Hill’s role, doesn’t he (assuming he makes the roster)?

      • nichansen01

        I think Quinton Jefferson is more in the Demarcus Dobbs/Red Bryan role, more of an oversized defensive end than a tackle.

        Last year the d-line was:

        Mike B
        Cliff Avril
        Frank Clark
        Cassius Marsh (Now replaced by Clemons)
        Demarcus Dobbs (Now replaced by Jefferson)
        Brandon Mebane (Now replaced by Jarran Reed)
        Ahtyba Rubin
        Jordan Hill
        David King (sealver sileaga might make his spot, or maybe tarvaris barnes?)

        • Del tre

          I’m kind of to the point where I’d rather just see them cut Jordan hill. The Seahawks tend to beat dead horses sometimes it pays off and turns out to be a legitimate investment either way I’d rather see reed Jefferson and brandin Bryant on the roster than hill, I was a fan of him when he was getting tons of pressure up the middle but he was a complete non factor this year

        • Cory

          That makes some sense. I thought I had read though that they were using him like Michael Bennett (outside and inside). Either way, I’m intrigued by what he can bring. Very little info about him out there.

  7. James

    Alas, and alas again, the 53 man projections are upon us from Condotta and Kapadia, and our lad, the sparq-god Sokoli, is nowhere to be found. If we wish metrics to be in any way a part of our future Seahawks draft projections, the greatest athlete to ever play in the NFL absolutely must make the team. Otherwise, what are we left with but having to watch countless hours of game tape, what a waste of time, when 4 combine drills have the potential to tell us so much more. Plus which, I just like the guy… who could not be overly fond of a long-haired Albanian? Our lad seems to have fallen down the depth chart, to what amounts to the 4th string G/C. Let us hope that, when the whistle blows for the preseason games, he will prove his worth. Seriously, it would be fascinating to watch a guy who is 4X the athlete to compete against far lesser talents, so let us all root for the guy. Go Hawks!

    • David M2

      Speaking of Kapedia’s 53 found an interesting piece from Gang Green Nation on David Perkins who he picked as a potential dark horse to maybe beat out Clem.

    • James

      The 53 man roster naturally gives rise to thoughts about the 10 man practice squad. John & Pete have done such a brilliant job in assembling talent, the Seahawks would love to hold on to at least 70 players, and will be challenged to pare it down to 63, especially in light of the concern of getting players through waivers so they can be signed to the practice squad.

      I believe the following players are candidates for the practice squad, and would like to know you-all’s thoughts about which ones will probably not clear waivers: Kenny Lawler, Kevin Smith, Marcus Burley, Cooper Helfet, Tavaris Barnes, Jake Heaps, Terry Poole, Kristjan Sokoli, Tyvis Powell, Will Pericak, Zac Brooks, Montese Overton, David Perkins, Pete Robertson, Ryan Robinson, Steve Longa, Brandin Bryant, George Fant, Stanley Jean-Baptiste and Tanner McEvoy.

      (I was surprised to read that Helfet and Burley are apparently still PS-eligible. Tyvis Powell is someone with so much buzz, and at a position – DB – where it is easier to integrate after waiver claim, that he seems unlikely to clear. I suspect the Seahawks would like to hang on to Heaps to run the scout team offense, if nothing else. As always, a player, especially an UDFA, can perform so well in preseason that he can force his way onto the 53 man. Lawler is a tough call, because I know Pete loves him, but he is not a special teams guy and Kasen Williams is probably in the lead for the 5th WR. Kevin Smith and several other of these guys can earn a spot on the 53 just based on special teams play alone…)

      • James

        …let’s focus on Tye Smith as the reason Boykin will be the backup QB and the Seahawks will pass on T-Jack. To sign T-Jack is to release Tye Smith, in this scenario. Boykin would not clear waivers, Dallas or any number of other teams would claim him, so he can’t be stashed on the practice squad. If Boykin is your backup QB of the future, he must be the backup QB beginning right now. If T-Jack signs, then Boykin would have to be kept as the 3rd QB, costing a roster spot for Tye Smith, for example. Smith has too much potential to be let go, for he too would be claimed on waivers, so Boykin is very likely to be the backup now and in the years ahead, assuming he performs in preseason the way everyone expects.

        • Volume12

          There’s a new rule.

          You can now have up to 4 guys on a PS with 2 or more credited seasons allowed.

          That explains why ‘Coop’ and Burley aka Xzibit doppleganger are eligible.

          • STTBM

            Thats good info, Volume.

            Cant see Burley clearing waivers. He’s got too much spunk. His only downside is his lack of size and his lack of durability. He’s tough as nails and a great tackler, but he wont grow any taller/longer and despite playing through injuries he’s always missing time.

            But the kid can play.

            Helfet just got caught in a numbers game. He may come back if we lose Willson after this season, but I cant see him making the regular roster this year, not with Vannett’s arrival and higher than advertised catching ability. So PS is a possibility for him.

            • Volume12

              Yeah, I agree.

              This rule makes tons of guys available now which is exciting in and of itself,, and is good for the league IMO.

              At the same time, I’m a sucker for guys like Helfet. I’m a huge fan of versatiity and STs.

              • STTBM

                We’re likely to lose Willson after this year (who cares?), so even if Helftet doesnt make the team this year he could be back next year. Though NFL teams dont usually bother to give guys so many years to stick–they constantly look for the next young guy right out of college.

                At least Helfet can catch. You never know if LWillson will catch it or not, and if you hit him hard you know he’s gonna drop it. Its too bad, too, because Luke gets OPEN! He’s crazy fast for a TE…

                • James

                  I wonder how much Willson as a backup TE will get on the open market? Unless some team is willing to name him starter and pay him as such, isn’t his market only about $3/mil max?

        • James

          Well, that’s that. Boykin it is.

      • Coleslaw

        I think the question should be who doesn’t get claimed haha, lots of interesting names in there.

        • James

          Yep, I worry that some team like the Falcons will just back the truck up to the VMAC and as soon as we waive someone, the Falcons will load them onto the truck.

          • Coleslaw

            Oh I’m sure lots of teams will, chiefs, falcons and jags are pretty much locks lol

            • STTBM

              Dont forget the Raiders, who have become SeattleCali. They have tons of former Seahawks, and have cycled through a bunch more in past seasons, looking for diamonds in the rough. They will be all over our LB’s, DE’s, and DB’s as per usual.

              GB will be watching too.

              And this year, wonder of wonders, we may have enough talent to end up cutting an O-lineman or two that get snatched up by them (Sokoli, Poole, Lewis, Hunt, Britt, etc).

              Seattle is so loaded this year that my bet is at least 5 players and possibly 10 who get cut from this team will not only be claimed by other teams, but will contribute this year. Them’s the breaks when you have more talent than you can hold onto….

              • Coleslaw

                Raiders, definetely. Minnesota runs the same defense, Arizona, GB like you said, but if we stay healthy enough we should be ok with the depth being replenished.

      • JimQ

        IMO- The practice squad should be increased to 12 players & 2 (or 3, or 4) of those players on the practice squad labeled as “untouchable” by other teams. This change of rules would be a big benefit to all 32 teams and could minimize the use of IR and “shadow roster” methods of getting around the current rules.

        The fear of losing a good player by placing them on the PS doesn’t seem to be reasonable to me and would seem to be counter productive to building a really great team over time. Beyond the 2 additional PS guys, I don’t see much of a financial impact of this kind of rule change & the benefits could be valuable to every team. Why not?

  8. bankhawk

    Anybody read todays post over at Hawkblogger on Pete and Johns contract status? I smell a dash of alarmism thêre…stirring the pot during the pre camp lull. Not to say that thêse are not issues of considerable importance in the long run. Any thoughts or reactions?

  9. STTBM

    On the DB’s, I want to see one of the younger guys beat out Terrell, I want Shead to make the team (pretty good bet he will), and I want Tye Smith to make the team if he’s even close to the level Simon plays at. Simon is entering his final year and has done little for what he’s been paid already except get hurt. Toes, even…Sheesh…Not that I dont like Simon, or think he stinks, but Smith is cheaper for longer and unless he tanks I dont want to see him cut loose, as he wont make the PS.

    It would be great if these young S prospects we picked up as UDFA either make the team outright, or pass through waivers to the PS, but they seem likely to get snatched up if cut. Then again, pads arent even on yet, so tough to say. This isnt even real football yet.

    • Volume12

      Could not agree more. Not a fan of Terrell in the slightest. Average size, has never made a play, lacks ball skills. But, maybe they’re seeing something in practice that we aren’t or can’t.

      Tye Smith is currently hurt. Again, I agree. Big fan of his. I think they’ll red-shirt him before cutting him loose. If PC says it’s ‘legit’ then we know it’s serious. Him saying that has been a death sentence in terms of injuries.

      Everyone looks good in shorts, so your right. Until the pads are on and the bullets start flying, tough to say.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Talk about QB Controversy

      • H M Abdou

        Personally, I’ve always felt that TJax was vastly overrated. I think they were leaning towards Boykin, anyway. Now, it’s pretty much a done deal.

        • Volume12

          TJAX was a game manager. Knew how to run the offense. Probably wouldn’t of lost a game for us if needed, but definetly wouldn’t be leading us to wins.

          Boykin on the other hand, if he can pick up the offense, and it’s simplified let’s be honest, can absolutely lead us to wins. He’s gotta learn ‘one play at a time’ and not force things or try to do too much though. And please use the RBs in the passing game. These QBs coming out of college never use the backs that way.

          He’s gonna make the pre-season exciting that’s for sure.

    • James

      Boykin played in and won a lot of big games at TCU. If he can take about 70% of the snaps in the four preseason games, he will be as ready as a rookie can be, if needed. The guy was a touchdown machine for the Horned Frogs, and can get our offense into the end zone if called upon.

      • JakeB

        I agree that he’s capable enough. If his career path could look something like Tyrod Taylor’s, that would be great.

        • Josh emmett

          You mean sit behind Russell Wilson for 4 years before getting a chance with another team? Hahaha, Taylor sat behind Flacco for his whole rookie contract in Baltimore never seeing the field til the bills picked him up in free agency, So I’m not sure what you’re getting at. If you mean Russell never gets hurt and Boykin doesn’t have to play for the Hawks that’s totally fine with me for sure, hahaha

          • JakeB

            Yeah. That’s pretty much it exactly. The Ravens didn’t have to worry about the backup QB for four seasons.

    • STTBM

      The best part is when TJack wasnt telling the cops the truth about what happened, his wife told him he better be accurate with them, because “you sure aint accurate on the field”!

      Terrible situation, and I feel awful for his wife and kids, but that has to go down as one of the best all-time burns!

      I think its a safe bet his NFL days are over.

  10. Volume12

    Anyone ever watch the CFL? What a weird game. What’s with the one point thing?

    It’s interesting, but head scratching at the same time.

    • JakeB

      Had the BC Lions on for a minute tonight and noticed the score was 4-0 at one point. No idea what’s up with that.The prior game went to overtime though, and I think I liked their system if I understand it correctly. From what I gathered I think it was like a college overtime, but only would go for a maximum of two drives for each team. And you had to go for 2 after TDs. I think they started out of scoring range also.

      • Volume12

        If I understand it correctly, I think you get 1 point for returning a blocked kick or punt.

        I was watching the same game. Noticed a lot of former NFL players. Cordarro Law was in there too. I’m intrigued by it.

        • STTBM

          Watched some CFL when I was a kid, and I took a class in college from a guy who played WR for the CFL is the early eighties I think? Had a bad limp and a terrible scar from knee surgery…I think they used chainsaws back then…shudder…

          The field is a lot wider than an NFL field, and I think shorter. They also only have three downs, and they let receivers run toward the line before the snap, so they hit the line of scrimmage going full bore. Must be a b*tch to cover WR’s with a running head start as a DB!

          Warren Moon and U of Montana’s Dave Dickenson won multiple Grey Cups and that is pretty much the extent of my knowledge, folks lol!

          • hawkcrazy

            he Canadian football field is 150 yards (137 m) long and 65 yards (59 m) wide with end zones 20 yards (18 m) deep, and goal lines 110 yards (101 m) apart. So intead of 100 yards between the goalposts it is 110.
            American teams use eleven players, while Canadian teams have twelve players on the field per side. Both games have the same number of offensive players required at the line of scrimmage, so the twelfth player in the Canadian game plays a backfield position
            As noted you get a single point if you miss a field goal or punt and it is not returned out of the endzone. Three downs as compared to 4.
            Another rule is that on punt returns the punting team has to give the returner 5 yds to field the ball otherwise it is penalty. Makes for some great returns and lots of no yd (ie not giving the 5 yd to catch) penalties.

            Historically lots of great CfL players. at one time (pre NFL merger of AFL) and all the commercial endorsements the cfl actually paid top players more than the NFL and many of the very best players hence went to the CFL. That has long since changed. The CFL has limited number of teams and most make the playoffs. The game is much different than the NFL and is exciting although I rarely go to a CFL game and have been a Seahawk season ticket holder for many years (as well as a fan since 1976)

    • Nathan

      Well, as a Canadian, I am a big fan of both the CFL and NFL.

      To summarize rule differences:
      -bigger field 110 x 65yds; uprights at the FRONT of the 20yd end zones
      -12 players
      -unlimited motion for offense prior to snap, so yes a lot of American DBs struggle; still must have 7 ‘on the line’
      -the single point is for a punt or place kick to the end zone that the receiving team fails to bring out (sometimes they just take the knee and give up the point); so a missed FG can be 1 point
      -overtime is a “shootout” style (because Canadians love a good hockey shootout) – take turns scrimmaging from the opponents 35 and must go for 2 after OT TD. if both teams score the same they do it again.

      More than a few former NFLers up here but some don’t make it – Sam Montgomery and Jacoby Ford didnt make the Eskimos roster. Going the other way, watch for LB/S Dexter McCoil with the Chargers this year.

      My Edmonton Eskimos also field a good Washington contingent with QB Mike Reilly(Central WA), LB JC Sherritt (Eastern WA), RB Calvin McCarty (Western WA).

      I could go on all day on this but I would encourage anyone needing a football fix over the summer to check out any CFL games broadcast in the States.

      • JakeB

        Thanks for this. I had no idea there was a twelfth player on the field

      • Volume12

        Thanks Nathan. Very helpful and informative.

        The CFL is like soccer for me. Don’t 100% get it, but I’m intrigued/like it and watch it.

        • Nathan

          It’s not THAT different from the NFL, really. Offense and defense is pretty much the same, some key differences on special teams. If you want to connect to some good CFL fans check out – its geared to the Edmonton Eskimos franchise but there’s also good, knowledgeable discussion of the league in general. You’ll find me running there as SandmanFan, feel free to message me if you do sign up there and I’d be happy to field any CFL questions.

          I find the CFL is an underrated professional league, even among Canadians.

  11. Kenny Sloth

    Anybody watched Copa?

    U.S. just got burnt 1-0 to fall to 4th, finishing as high as they have since I’ve been alive.

    The upside is Christian Pulisic looked good coming in about an hour into the match. 17 year old playing one of the best teams in the world.. And flashing

  12. bankhawk

    Rob, really enjoyed the article over on Field Gulls. Í that a one off, or will it perhaps become a semi regular type of event?

  13. Coleslaw

    I’m pretty sure that Kam and Bennett aren’t going to be with us after their contracts are up, so I’m going to look at the upcoming draft with DE and S as our 2 biggest needs. We can easily keep Doug and Gilliam this year so this draft might be very interesting.

    • Volume12

      I don’t think this O-line is done being built. I’ll be surprised if they don’t add one in the first three rounds.

      • Coleslaw

        Yeah, and it looks like the safety class is pretty weak for SS. Probably should end up DE, C, SS

  14. Volume12

    So, now what?

    Does Boykin being charged with assault mean it’s time to get a backup QB off the street, through a trade, or is it gonna depend on if he’s convicted and what his punishment is?

    • JakeB

      I’m sure you’ve seen by now, but it sounds like there’s a plea agreement in the works that would make him available for camp. Personally, short of maybe Nick foles getting cut, I don’t really think there’s anyone out there that I want more than Boykin. Pete likes the idea of players who have only had Seahawks coaches’ voices in their ear, and I do too. I’m interested to see if and how much money Doug’s new deal added to this year’s cap

      • Volume12

        I did see that. And now that I think about it, Seattle had to know this was gonna happen with Boykin at some point. Right?

        Agreed about who is out there at QB.

        As for the cap hit, not sure. I’m not a big cap guy.

        But, I did see this tweet from Field Yates.

        Seattle has these guys locked up through at least 2018. RW, Baldwin, Kearse, BWagz, Sherm, ET, Wright, Rubin, Ryan, and I might be forgettin’ someone. Now we just gotta get Bennett and Bam Bam deals done.

        Window ain’t closin’.

        • JakeB

          yeah they must have known. And they must have had a pretty nice grade on him to go ahead and sign him after punching an officer before a bowl game. I’ll understand completely if they go a different direction, but I hope it works out

        • James

          The newspaper articles out of the Houston and Dallas areas clearly indicated that the sort of incident Boykin was involved in always leads to an initial criminal charge, generally some sort of misdemeanor assault, which is exactly what happened, so the Seahawks knew this was the likely scenario. And the articles pretty much agreed that the circumstances of the incident, the first time offender status, the sound legal representation for the defendant, etc, should lead to a plea deal. These situations almost never result in any jail time at all, may involve probation, but most likely will be a plea to a lesser charge which would be dropped after a year if certain conditions are met (no more trouble, counseling, etc).

        • James

          My note above from yesterday was born out today. Boykin pleads down to a single count of resisting arrest, and if he meets certain terms of probation over the next year, the plea will be removed from his record. He is now free to compete unhindered for the backup QB role.

          • Volume12

            Nice. Good to know.

  15. Volume12

    Doug Baldwin re-signed! Let’s get it!

    4 years, $42 mil, $24 mil guaranteed. Derserves every penny.

    Could not be more excited.

    • Kenny Sloth

      46 mil 24.25 guaranteed

  16. James

    The Seahawks roster is now set for the next two years, and if Bennett and Kam re-up next year, it is set for the next 4+ years. That is an amazing amount of stability, and is a flawlessly designed window for competing for multiple championships. The way this roster has been constructed, the ability to identify exceptional talent, the management of the cap… this is a master-class that will be studied for years to come.

    Only the aging and retirement of many of the core players in about 4 more years will necessitate a major rebuild. At that point, guys like Earl, Kam, Sherm, Wagner, Baldwin, et al, will be winding down, though knowing how dedicated they are, most could certainly perform into their 30’s. The bigger issue will be that the Seahawks will not be able to afford to sign those guys to yet another high priced contract, at that point needing the cap dollars for the second contract for the emerging younger players such as Lockett, Clark, Ifedi, Reed, etc, Russell Wilson being the only player who can span both generations. We should be looking forward to several years more of championship quality seasons from this core group of guys, it is going to be quite a run!

    The main issues remaining, now that the roster is stable, is to find the right five guys for the OL, and to find a way to keep as many of the promising young players on the roster as possible. Re the OL, it is not for lack of trying… of John and Pete’s seven drafts, three R1 picks, plus a R2, have been spent on the OL, by far the most targeted position. Okung and Carp were not as good as expected, partly due to injuries, they were good enough but nothing as special as you would expect from a R1 draft pick. We hope that Ifedi will be the elite player they have long sought, and that Gilliam, Glowinski, Britt, Odhiambo and Hunt will turn into a solid OL that would make this team nearly invincible.

    • Coleslaw

      7 years is a pretty good dynasty. I feel like pete is planning to leave in 2020 and will hand over the reigns to Cable. Hopefully Russell, Cable, Bevell and whoever is left on the defense at that time can keep us in the playoffs

      • Coleslaw

        Worth noting we’ll add 3 first rounders before then, too.

      • STTBM

        Heaven forbid they plan on Cable taking over! Most OL coaches turned HC turn out badly–they more often then not are far too conservative, and lose. Not only do they lose, but they are boring to watch.

        If Cable can take the guys he has now and build a nice line, I will quit bagging on him as a line coach/talent judge. If he fails to field a good line, Im going to redouble my criticism, since he now has no reason not to succeed. However, I will never believe he has any business as a HC. Of course, if he ends up succeeding Carrol, then I will root hard for him, as I do for him now as OL coach.

        Bevell? Mr Wet Paper Bag?! I would be worried he’d pull a Caldwell, and become utterly conservative after being promoted from OC. He’s already far too conservative on offense all too often. Bevell is often aggravating, and occasionally brilliant as OC, but I cant see him leading a team to the SB.

        He doesnt get enough credit for drafting Wilson, Carrol and Schneider both have admitted he was Bevell’s project and the one hottest after him at first. They joined the bandwagon later.

        Depending on what happens this year, I can see it being Richard. Dude has guts. If he can put it together and win a SB this year with a badass D, he might be a HC elsewhere before we can promote him.

        • Coleslaw

          Definitely won’t be the same as Pete but if Wilson is like Brady at that point Bevell and a good running game should be able to carry the team

    • James

      I know that people in sports media are desperate for topics to discuss, and this constant posing of the question: would/should the Seahawks now extend Moses Bread and Kam?, was somewhat amusing for a while in the pathetic sense of the word, but it is just too much. Last year during Kam’s debacle of a holdout, word got out that Paul Allen him-own-self decreed that under no circumstances is his team to renegotiate or extend a contract with more than a year remaining. This was subsequently confirmed by John Schneider. All interviews since then, by Kam and Moses, clearly indicate they know this is how-it-is and there is no changing it. Do the media types not know this, or are they just hoping that we – their audience – don’t know? Greg Bell of the TNT even confirmed this on the radio today to a host to remain nameless, to disappointed and deafening silence. Please, find something else to speculate about.

      To that end, John will probably have carte blanche to hire the next coach, so he will be looking to re-create the same kind of partnership he has with Pete. It is anyone’s guess to whom John would most feel comfortable handing over the keys to the kingdom. Perhaps Kris Richard at that point? Bevell appears to have a collaborative personality? In any event, five years is a long time, and several super bowl championships, away…

      • Kenny Sloth

        Pete is executive vp of football operations. I believe he has final say in this matter, but it will be a joint decision between Allen, Schneider, and him.

        Rocky Seto and Tom Cable are the assistant head coaches.

        One of them would be my best guess. Seto, probably, our DBs coach.

        An easy choice, too.

      • vrtkolman

        I feel like it would be foolish to extend Kam until he bounces back this season. Bennett is a no brainer – good pass rusher stay good into their 30’s when their technique overshadows their athleticism.

  17. GotHawkblockedorlackthereof

    Rob, do you think hindsight that Justin Britt is closer to his combine performance than his pro day magical improvement?
    And if so he would have failed TEF/not been drafted?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Why would he be less explosive than he’s proven to be?

      Combine/pro day numbers are in no way shape or form predictors of professional success.

      Britt earned those numbers and he’s smart. He fits Cable’s mould to a T.

      Most people like to espouse that Cable likes any old tattooed tough guy.

      This is a total media fabrication. His number one requirement is Brains.

      That’s why he just drafted a construction engineer that helped build the stadium in which he threw around the best d-lineman college football had to offer

  18. Sea Mode

    Hey, guys. Just checkin in.

    ADB now means Affluent Doug Baldwin… I like it!

    I sense we are in for a great season. If Jimmy and Rawls make it back healthy, an unforgettable one!

    Take care, all, and enjoy your summer!

    • Kenny Sloth

      I almost prefer a delayed return for both of our injured stars. When Percy Harvin returned from injury it jumpstarted a stuttering Seattle O.

      I think our backups are competent enough to fill in while giving our WRs a few added touches.

      I would hate to see someone rushed back and reinjured ala Paul Richardson.

      Especially with Jimmy’s injury

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