New podcast: Reacting to the last week of news in Seattle

Robbie and I sat down and discussed everything from the Yannick Ngakoue trade, Leonard Fournette being cut, Paul Richardson returning and the situation at center.

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  1. charlietheunicorn

    13 Days until the Seahawks play… WOOOOO

  2. cha

    Heard early on Clowney didn’t want to go to Seattle

    Heard $14-17m asking price. Price fluctuates because heard “clowney is a different cat”

    Heard preference was Dallas or New Orleans.

    Tough to get finger on pulse. End of August, no resolution.

    Told he’s going to wait until end of training camp to decide. Very soon.

    Guy you can sign and play week one? Been told he’s working out like a fiend. More comfortable putting Clowney out there over a rookie or a guy coming off major injury w no preseason.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Drop dead date of Clowney signing and playing with any team is approximately 6 days ahead of their first game. He would have to pass COVID protocols, requiring a 5 day sit period, prior to being available to play with a team.

      I would, under no circumstances, put the guy out on the field week #1 and expect him to perform at a high level. The risk of injury is too great. IF he got a few reps, that would be fine, but not 50+ reps in live game play.

      • cha

        I hear that but he did have a pretty good impact Week One vs Cincy days after getting traded and not being in camp all summer. So I’m cautiously optimistic that if they do sign him soon, he could do it.

    • Denver Hawker

      Seems like he’s about to start losing money soon, especially if he’s not getting game checks. His price will start falling Very soon. He’s not plug an play for everyone and I can’t see teams wanting to pay him for missing games just because he would need to pass the protocols, learn the system, get used to hitting again, etc.

      For those reasons I suspect he’ll be motivated to sign soon and Seahawks should still have the inside track.

    • Gohawks5151

      ” He’s a different cat” I think that about sums up the whole ordeal. Seattle was banking on their one year relationship with him but I’ve always felt they don’t really know his motivations. It seems to be money one day and winning another. Then you have that Bus Cook story where he may or may not even be in constant contact with his representation. They hitched ytheir wagon to him early because they know he’s the best bang for their buck but I’m not sure anyone has a good idea of what he truly wants, including himself. Just a flakey dude. For what it’s worth I think Seattle is very much in it though, if for nothing but familiarity

  3. BoiseSeahawk

    1. Would you rather lose your WR3 to:

    A. Suspension (Josh Gordon)
    B. Injury (Paul Richardson)

    (Correct answer: A, due to slight chance of NFLPA changes impacting suspension)

    Grade: (0/1) F

    • Robbie

      HAHA, is there an option C:

  4. EP

    I’m 100% glad there has been no preseason this year. It’s unfair on the fringe players true, however, they are always total bore fests and I spend the full time terrified of a season ending injury.

    I wonder if the number of pre season games will be reduced henceforth.

    • EP

      P.S Loving the vids Rob. The blog is supreme but it is nice to hear the same thoughts put across less formally.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks, appreciate you saying so (and for watching)

    • Rob Staton

      I also hate pre-season games.

      But the teams insist on protecting them due to money.

      It’ll probably reduce to 2-3 but they won’t go any further.

      • Big Mike

        Expecting it’ll be 3 since the regular season is going to 17 next year.

    • Aaron

      Reduce the preseason to 2 games and have only backups, bubble players, and rookies play. Sit all vet starters out.

    • Oly420

      Just my opinion but I really love preseason. Without pre season we probably would have been watching Matt Flynn throwing interceptions trying to connect with Chris Harper

  5. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Logan Ryan is returning home to New Jersey. The star defensive back has agreed to 1 year, $7.5 million deal with the #Giants, source said.
    1:02 PM · Aug 31, 2020

  6. Kingdome1976

    Getting excited for the season. Let’s get it.

  7. charlietheunicorn

    A few guys might be hid on the PUP, NFI or IR, but roughly this looks like the 2020 team:
    * Likely to be signed by Seattle. I didn’t include Clowney, because less than 50% chance this happens. Like Rob, I suspect he will sit out of 2020 season. If they bring in a vet DT would not be a shocker, but who it might be….. TBD.

    O: 25
    QB: Wilson, Smith
    RB: Carson, Dallas, Hyde, Penny
    RB/FB: Fournette*
    WR: Lockette, Metcalf, Richardson, Dorsett, Gordon*
    TE: Olsen, Hollister, Dissly, Parkinson
    OT: Brown, Jones, Ogbuehi, Shell
    OG: Iupati, Lewis
    OC: Britt*, Finney, Pocic

    D: 24
    DE: Collier, Green, Mayowa, Robinson, Taylor
    DT: Reed, Ford, Mone, Avery
    LB: Wagner, Wright, Irvin, Brooks, Barton
    CB: Dunbar, Flowers, Griffin, Thorpe, Reed
    S: Adams, Amadi, Blair, Diggs, Blair

    ST: 3
    K: Myers
    P: Dickson
    LS: Ott

    • Rob Staton

      There’s virtually no chance they sign Fournette.

      There’s also no chance they cut Deejay Dallas and Travis Homer.

      • Michael P Matherne

        Rob, I’d love to get more of your thoughts on why Fournette is a no-go in your estimation? Is it the timing of the whole thing (familiarity with the system so close to the opener)? Is it a money thing? A personality thing? I ask because their listed heights/weights are nearly identical, to my eye they are the same kind of runner stylistically, with a clear speed advantage for Fournette, and there are the numbers:

        Age – 29 (30 this month)
        Yards/Touch – 4.2
        Touches/Fumble – 80
        Catch % – 70.1

        Age – 25 (26 in January)
        Yards/Touch – 4.6
        Touches/Fumble – 267
        Catch % – 77.0

        I’m not sure how each is regarded as a blocker, and none of us really know everything that added up to his release in JAX. I believe he’s cleared waivers, so it seems the money shouldn’t be substantial. We know the ‘Hawks like bringing in guys who were former high draft picks. I guess my ultimate question is simply why doesn’t the league like Leonard Fournette as much as I do?

        • Rob Staton

          It’s due to the depth they already have.

          Adding Fournette would almost certainly mean cutting one of Dallas or Homer, who they’ve raved about in camp. Both are also core special teamers. By all accounts Hyde has had a good camp and is settled too. It’s unlikely they’d cut him and then go with Fournette IMO.

          Don’t get me wrong, I could see real value in taking a punt on a talented player who fits the offensive style of this team. But it’s a numbers game and right now they don’t need another RB on a one-year deal. I suspect whoever gets Fournette might end up getting an absolute bargain, much like Seattle did with Marshawn in 2010 (although not to that extent). I don’t think it’ll be Seattle though.

          • cha

            If they have a 2019 or 2017 style rash of injuries and Fournette is still out there, I could definitely see them giving him a call. But for now, no room on the roster for him.

            • Rob Staton

              Agreed. I suspect someone will sign him pretty quickly now though to a cheap prove-it deal.

              • Michael P Matherne

                So cutting Hyde and replacing him with Fournette is not an option because?

                a) Financial reasons
                b) Timing reasons
                c) It’s just kind of a dick move
                d) all of the above

                • Rob Staton

                  Well there are lots of reasons.

                  But mainly you’ve had him throughout camp. By all accounts he’s looked sharp and impressive. If you cut him now, you’ve wasted all that time and energy on him and for what? The off-chance that Fournette can fit in quickly and deliver as a backup on the fly?

                  And who’s to say Fournette would even be interested in coming here to spot Chris Carson?

                  • Michael P Matherne

                    Thanks for the insight Rob! God I hope he doesn’t go to the Whiners.

        • dcd2

          He’s just not very good. He was one of the least effective/efficient RB’s in the NFL last year. He put up stats, because JAX gave him a ton of opportunities, both running and receiving. Guys like Peyton Barber, Devonta “unemployed” Freeman, 45 year old Frank Gore, David Montgomery, etc. were the company he kept for efficiency.

          Top that off with the fact that the players effectively went to management as a collective and asked to give him the boot. That’s pretty bad – like Earl bad, when your teammates go behind your back to get you cut.

          These are the reasons that no one wanted to claim him (and his salary). After clearing waivers, someone (Patriots? Bears?) will give him a shot, but as Rob pointed out, it won’t likely be us. Although signing a 5th RB with the DL still in shambles would be so 2020 Hawkish.

          • dcd2

            Fournette (lack of) Efficiency article:


            • Rob Staton

              I wouldn’t read too much into efficiency because I suspect there could be all sorts of excuses for that. Fournette is clearly very talented and I also wonder if Jacksonville and the culture there, like with several others, ground him down to an extent.

              It will be intriguing to see where he goes next. He has the tools to be brilliant. I’d like to see him land on a good team where he can show what he’s all about.

              • dcd2

                I’m not sure if you actually watched him last year, or are remembering him from college. He was an absolute beast at LSU, no doubt. There is a good reason he went in the top 5 of the draft.

                He’s been a flat out bust in the NFL though. Not often a top 5 picks gets cut before their rookie deal is up and goes unclaimed on waivers. For fantasy related reasons, I watched quite a bit of him last year and was completely stunned by how bad he looked. No burst, no explosion. Shuffling up to the LOS and getting stuffed. Maybe a change of scenery will do him good, but he looked like trash and I watched a ton of him.

                • Rob Staton

                  Yes, I have watched Fournette in the NFL.


                • Michael P Matherne

                  Fournette had MORE yards/touch last season than the following players:

                  Chris Cason
                  Phillip Lindsay
                  James Conner
                  Joe Mixon
                  Melvin Gordon
                  Carlos Hyde
                  (and obviously many more)

                  That was over 341 touches – 3rd most in the league.

                  • Michael P Matherne

                    Yes, I know he only scored 3 TD’s, but lets make sure we have some context there. Fournette received 8 rushing attempts from inside the 5 yard line – 17th in the league.

                    Joe Mixon and his shiny new contract had twice as many such attemps, and managed to pay it off with a TD only 4 times.

  8. cha


  9. Miami Hawk

    More focus on the defensive line. They have potentially built one of the best secondaries in the league. That comes at a cost. Give credit where credit is due .

    Sorry to say ithe DLine complaining is getting old. Your idea that they could front load contracts is not viable because the cap numbers are going down next year.

    Really they have improved the the entire team from last year.
    Think about it: they werent good at pass rushing or could not play nickel and yet they were that close to the NFCCG..

    The most billiiant analysis for years that you have provided has started to sound like a jets sub on reddit. There are many ways to build a team. You have to cut corners and arbitrage.

    • Rob Staton

      Here we go again.

      “More focus on the defensive line.”

      It’s the defining topic of the off-season. They stated it was their top priority to fix the D-line. What are we supposed to do? Just forget about it? I make no apologies whatsoever for constantly pushing, challenging and questioning what they’ve done with the DL. If they start the season with this D-line, it will be a humongous gamble on another wasted season. That’s not acceptable to me and shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone else either.

      “They have potentially built one of the best secondaries in the league.”

      And it won’t make a jot of difference if the quarterback has all day in the pocket. Their investment — picks and money — at linebacker and safety will go down the toilet.

      “Give credit where credit is due.”

      There’s no credit to give. They traded their life savings to get Jamal Adams, they didn’t pull off a masterstroke. That trade came at an enormous cost. And without that trade the only difference between the secondary this year and last would’ve been Quinton Dunbar, who may get a suspension and currently isn’t expected to start week one.

      “Sorry to say ithe DLine complaining is getting old.”

      Then you’ve got the problem not me because I want to talk about the things that matter to this team, not skirt around the big issues. Plenty of other sites write fluff pieces for you to read. If you can’t take one site being willing to criticise the team then that’s on you.

      “Your idea that they could front load contracts is not viable because the cap numbers are going down next year.”

      Wrong I’m afraid. Front loading a contract would mean putting more of the money at the front of the deal (this year). I’ve talked about backloading contracts to limit the year-one cap hit which shouldn’t have been necessary given they spent nearly $60m in free agency. It’s only necessary now because they’ve done such a horrible job on the pass rush and it’s the only realistic way to bring back Clowney unless he seriously drops his demands. As for the cap next year, nobody knows what’ll happen with it. But the worst case scenario, currently, is Seattle starts the league year with a projected $30m to spend. So it’s not a huge problem for them to backload one contract.

      “Really they have improved the the entire team from last year.”

      No they haven’t. The only noticeable difference is Jamal Adams but they’ve also lost Clowney. The D-line is a huge honking concern and their are serious question marks on the O-line too with three potential new starters.

      “Think about it: they werent good at pass rushing or could not play nickel and yet they were that close to the NFCCG..”

      They weren’t close at all. They were given an arse kicking against Green Bay and typically, thanks to the QB, made a game of it at the end. But it was too late. They were clearly second best against the Packers.

      “The most billiiant analysis for years that you have provided has started to sound like a jets sub on reddit.”

      I guess some fans only want to hear positive things otherwise you become a ‘Jets subreddit’. I write about the things that matter to this team. Again, if you can’t handle that, it’s your problem not mine.

      • Stephen Pitell

        Hi Rob, I agree with Miami Hawk largely, and it seems to me the most relevant question is: Are the Hawks better this year than last year? And I believe the answer is: “Yes, absolutely.” Let’s go position group by position group.

        QB = slightly better due to one more year of improvement by both players.

        RB = Significantly improved. Carson is ready and has “fresh legs”. Carlos Hyde is everything we could have hoped for from Penny as the backup, and we have Penny who will likely add to the group within 6 weeks, but if he doesn’t play at all this year, Dallas is looking like he is ready to take on third down duties as he is the best WR of the group is said to be a quality QB protector. Overall, we can hope for fewer injuries. As close as the contests were in the last five weeks, having quality RB’s available would quite possibly have pushed Seattle across the finish line. We have better depth at RB at the very least.

        WR = Better because of year over year growth from everyone, especially DK Metcalf who teams will have to plan for which will open up one on one for the rest of the offense. I think we will improve due to better depth as well. Richardson will get up to speed fast. If Dorsett doesn’t get up to speed fast, then Moore and Ursua are one year more familiar with the offense. Really, this is an awesome group and was last year as well, but they have more experience this year.

        TE = Unquestionably this group will be better. It seems obvious to me why.

        OL = I can only hope. I don’t think the jury has enough to go on here so let’s call it a wash even though they had tons of room to get better than last year when they were quite pitiful.

        DB’s = Enormously better. First and foremost, let’s not forget that last year we started out with Cedrik Thompson and McDougald as our starting safeties compared to Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams. In the five games Diggs played with McDougald our entire defense played better. Think what an entire season of Diggs playing with Adams will do for our entire defense. It is night and day. One can count the difference in games won. Adams is a field tilter while Thompson (or Hill) were liabilities we saw on play after play. Also, let’s talk about our nickle corner play last year versus what we can expect out of either Blair or Amadi. Blair is getting rave reviews. All that is left is to see it in games. That’s still a question mark, but with the addition of Dunbar there are numerous ways to fix the nickle problem we had last year. Plus, Flowers is also getting rave reviews for developing himself in the off season from Griffin and rave reviews from coaches. This will at worst give the team improved CB play from either Flowers or Dunbar, whoever win the job in the pre-season. Griffin is stickier than Sherman but lacks the ball skills to put fear into the hearts of opposing QB’s, and Griffin dedicated himself this off-season to improve in that category. Getting multiple INT’s would transform Griffin’s play into a perennial pro-bowler if he can make that jump. Even if all he does is mature one year, he and Flowers should show modest improvement. All in all, the DB’s on this team are miles ahead of last years’ group.

        LB= Better by a bit. We’ll see how much, if any, drop off there is from KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner. We all expected a drop off from KJ last year but it didn’t happen. He had one of his best years. Bobby didn’t seem to have as much impact last year, but he was still Bobby. We’ll see this year. We invested heavily for Brooks who is doing swell and is expected to play significantly this year. His tape looks great. Again, we will see. Everyone else is one year more experienced with only KJ possibly losing a half step this year due to age.

        DL = Likely worse. However, there is a tremendous amount of youth on the DL and every single one of them could easily take a step up in quality of play. Greene and LJ Collier, Ford and Reed, everyone but Irvin is likely to improve due to more experience. Plus we have Robinson and Taylor who could make contributions their first year in the league. We will have to see. Plus plus, there is still hope we sign a guy or two, one of which might be Clowney. It seems to me that if we were to sign Clowney we could expect the DL to be an improvement this year with Mayowa and Irvin added to Clowney.

        In conclusion, there is only one position group which MIGHT be worse this year than last year.

        On a personal note, don’t take personal offense from diverging points of view. Embrace them and quell that voice in your head which says you must defeat any contrary arguments. In fact, none of us knows the future. Some of your points come across as fact when they are only opinions like the rest of us. Yes, your opinion DOES carry more weight. It carries too much weight judging by the number of sycophants who only mirror exactly what you say.

        • cha

          • Stephen Pitell

            Good comeback.

            • cha

              Are the Hawks better this year than last year? And I believe the answer is: “Yes, absolutely.”

              OL = I can only hope.

              DL = Likely worse

              So you think the team is better, but you yourself express that two absolutely critical areas on the team have not improved ?

        • Rob Staton

          “it seems to me the most relevant question is: Are the Hawks better this year than last year?”

          This is quite simply not the most relevant question. It’s far too vague. If they’d replaced Germain Ifedi with a tackle dummy most Seahawks fans would’ve said the team had improved. ‘Improving’ should be a given for every team. You get millions to spend in free agency and a draft class. The Seahawks, as it happens, spent nearly $60m then had a full, rich draft and then used their next two first round picks on Jamal Adams. Mere improvement should be an absolute given. Yet improvement alone is not the determining factor on whether this is a successful off-season. It’s the extent of the improvement and whether you achieved the goals you set out to achieve — which in this instance, per Pete Carroll and John Schneider, was to make the D-line a priority. They have failed, so far.

          “DL = Likely worse”

          Remind me — which is the unit the Seahawks’ top brass said was the off-season priority? And which is the unit we’ve discussed the most?

          “In conclusion, there is only one position group which MIGHT be worse this year than last year.”

          The O-line could also be worse, we’ll have to wait and see. But it’s inarguable that the D-line could be the worst in the league. You can’t reach the level the Seahawks want to get to with the worst D-line in the league.

          “On a personal note, don’t take personal offense from diverging points of view. Embrace them and quell that voice in your head which says you must defeat any contrary arguments.”

          This is patronising nonsense that I resent. I don’t take opposing views ‘personally’. I mean this in the nicest possible way guys but what you write in the comments section of my blog has zero personal impact on me. I debate robustly — always have, always will. People can either embrace that or not. I’m not going to fanny about and not say what I think.

          “Some of your points come across as fact when they are only opinions like the rest of us.”

          I never, ever state my opinions as facts. You can’t just state that and hope it sticks.

          “Yes, your opinion DOES carry more weight. It carries too much weight judging by the number of sycophants who only mirror exactly what you say.”

          And there we have it. The mask slips.

          I always know when someone is flirting with a troll when they castigate the members of this blog who agree with me as ‘sycophants’. Because of course it’s impossible for a significant number of people to think maybe I actually have a point. That perhaps I’m — wait for it — correct?

          No, those people are just sheep following the master.

          Oh do shut up.

    • Aaron

      Ugh! The whole secondary is gonna be awesome and help the pass rush thing is driving me insane. You’d think Jamal Adams is the best player in the NFL the way the local sports media is crazy about him. He’s a great player and the secondary is much improved. But the way the Hawks want to play defense falls apart if four can’t beat five, simple as that. No amount of secondary improvements will change the fact that they’ve woefully failed in addressing their top need this offseason. If they addressed it then this team is a 11 to 13 win team and competing to win the division and make a deep playoff run. As it stands now they’re a 9 win wild card team.

      • BobbyK

        This secondary is good, but it’s not LOB good. There’s no way Griffin is close to Sherman in his prime. There’s no way Diggs is close to Earl Thomas in his prime (many here didn’t even know who Diggs was before the trade last year). No way I’d take Dunbar over Browner and later Maxwell. Is Adams really going to be that much better than Chancellor?

        And, really, the LOB was not good enough to do it alone until Bennett and Avril signed. Right now the Seahawks pass rush is as pathetic as was the 2012 Seahawks after Clem tore his ACL in the Wild Card in Washington – they would have had a chance to win the Super Bowl. But this team doesn’t even have a Clem (Clowney could have been that guy). Mayowa, Irvin, Reed, Ford… that’s embarrassing.

  10. Albert Bryan Butler

    It won’t happen, but I would like to see Fournette go to the Titans paired up with Derrick Henry.

    • king.

      The ball is round. Nope that’s not it.

      The ball is faster than the player. Nope that’s not it, but a good meditation for those that prefer a balanced attack.

      There’s only one ball. That’s the one.

  11. Ashish

    Good podcast, some good points made. If you do another one can talk about ceiling of this Dline in terms of sacks, overall defense rankings.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the D-line is rubbish.

      I’m not doing a podcast on its ceiling.

      • BobbyK

        But if they work hard and overachieve – it’s possible they could finish in the top 29 in sacks this year! That’s not the worst!

  12. Trevor

    This DL is the equivalent to the Tom Cable OLs. No sugar coating it one of the worst 3 DLs in the league IMO. Even with Clowney they are going to be worse than league average but he at least would give them one potential play maker.

  13. GerryG

    If that’s the route you’re to go, both, and hope you can get 16 games collectively. Also cut Moore and his 2+M deal too.

    • GerryG

      That was supposed to wind up way back up there in the question about Prich or Gordon

  14. JLemere

    So this is the make it or break it year for the following players (general rule is guys who are drafted have 3 years to develop to their ceiling).

    1. Rashaad Penny-RB: Had some moments on the field, but is one injury of being another CJ Prosise. Don’t know if he actually fits in a power run scheme.
    2. Rasheem Green-5T: Rotational player who will be asked to double his stat line this year.
    3. Will Dissly- TE: Blocking TE who has made spectacular catches thanks to top 3 QB, but also one injury away of being categorize as injury prone.
    4. Shaquem Griffin- SAM: Special teams guy who they used in pass rushing situation. Won’t be a starter, but could be special teams specialist on Seahawks or other NFL team.
    5. Tre Flowers-CB: If he beats out Dunbar, will be a CB2 in Seattle’s system for a while, if he loses, will be a career backup
    6. Jamarco Jones- LT: Bust at LT, will need to win one of the guard spots to stay on roster.

    7. Ethan Pocic- C: Already had 3 years, bust at RT and LG but will have one more shot at his natural position. Will he be the next Justin Britt?

    • Big Mike

      1. First round pick. Will get another year after this at minimum.
      2. Because he’s so young any positive progress will mean he’s at least in a sub role at the least next year.
      3.Possibly but production when healthy and work ethic to recover from injuries tells me another season minimum.
      4. May not survive this year’s cuts.
      5. Don’t know about career backup but he’s certainly on the bubble this season for starting or reserve.
      6. Agree. May not survive cuts this year though because of experience in system guessing he does.
      7. Last chance to stick with Seahawks no doubt. Don’t see him as the next Britt cuz I think Britt’s coming back.

    • GoHawksDani

      Calling Jones a bust LT is a bit silly. He would never push out Brown. Brown is a franchise LT, probably top 5-10 at that position. Jones was always a backup but he played pretty good at both OG and OT when he had to jump in.

      • JLemere

        Not really. It sounded like they wanted to take their time and develop offensive lineman ( I believe Rob talked about this about Jamarco Jones and Phil Haynes), but Jones’ tape at LT wasn’t great and now is battling to stay alive by trying to grab one of the two backup guard spots.

        • cha

          For the record, PC has recently spoke positively about Jamarco Jones. Said he can play 4 spots for them on the OL.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Britt can play three spots. 🙂

  15. Sea Mode


    • Volume12

      Out here running routes like Drake in his ‘Laugh now, cry later’ video.

  16. Sea Mode

    PFF College

    69% of Anthony Gordon’s passes were deemed ‘accurate’ in 2019.

    Only behind Joe Burrow.

  17. Tree

    It is amazing what the Hawks have done to revamp their secondary in one and a 1/2 years and all for two 5ths this year. Yes, they will have limited picks the next two years because of the Adams trade but a first and a third was never worth less than next year (some schools are not playing, some may or may not play on the spring, and some who showed nothing but flashes (UW’s DE) won’t play at all. Plus they have depth with Flowers, Ugo (already a special teams stud), and Blair (already way better than Tedric or Alamo as a backup and could be the big nickel answer to stop the specific offenses of the NFC west). We also have the best LB core in the league and answers for the future allowing us to use $ for OL, DL, etc. I still would be shocked if we don’t add to the DL (and while nervous I don’t think we should scoff at player development or finding diamonds in the rough in FA (Hawks have been pretty good at both), but if you look at the cap for next year, what will be the biggest crapshoot draft ever, and not over investing in old and injured players (sans Taylor), signing pass rushers who are productive, fit your system and cheap relevant to other pass rushers, I think JS deserves a ton of credit.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve read some stuff this year but your assertion that the Seahawks have revamped their secondary ‘for only two fifths this year’ is right up there.

      The only ‘revamp’ it’s seriously had is they traded their life savings for a safety.

      I know the election is forthcoming but we don’t need a spin machine here too.

      • GerryG

        His poorly worded choice was over an 18 month timespan they rebuilt the secondary by trading for Diggs, trading for Dunbar and finally trading Adams which only cost them two fifths prior to now. It’s a really stupid to way to look at it.

        • Rob Staton

          Let’s be honest… given what they spent it’d be an absolute disaster if the secondary wasn’t revamped.

          My biggest gripe with their approach is all the investment will be a giant waste if the DL can’t create pressure or protect the second level.

          We’ve been here before with a great secondary and a crap pass rush. We’ve seen what it looks like during the Carroll era.

  18. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Riley Reiff’s agent Neil Cornrich called around on a potential trade, found no one would take on the $11M contract, and agreed to a pay cut despite the #Vikings LT having an emotional goodbye with teammates yesterday.

    Tom Pelissero
    · 4m
    The #Vikings are finalizing a restructured contract with left tackle Riley Reiff, sources tell me and @RapSheet. One day after Reiff was offered a pay cut and said goodbye to teammates, he’s back and the O-line stays intact.</blockquote?

  19. cha

    Chris Robinson on McAfee talking Clowney

    Substance: Thinks it’s still between Titans and Seahawks, and Ngakoue trade hurts his asking price.

    • cha

      Browns offered him 1, 2, 3 year contracts at $17m-18m per year each and he walked away.

      • Sea Mode

        If true, at least that shows it’s not only about the money for him.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Da Browns do Browns things with Browns talent.
        They had a decent window, but this might be the last year…. when all the “checks come do” and they have to go a new direction.

      • Albert Bryan Butler


      • JLemere

        so with the earlier report of the CLE offers were around 12 million base salary, the rest would have to come in bonuses and/or incentives. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all incentive. That’s probably why he said no. Doesn’t want to prove that he is worth the money, he believes that he has earned that type of $$$ now. Clowney’s mental state is being questioned and the only teams who are willing to deal with the crazy is SEA & TEN.

        • cha

          I’d be careful about characterizing Clowney as ‘crazy’ or mentally unstable. He’s definitely marching to the beat of his own drum and that’s frustrating a lot of people. But he has every right not to play the game of negotiation the same as everyone else if he doesn’t want to.

          • Rob Staton

            Thank you cha. Saved me from saying it.

          • JLemere

            To clarify: challenged mental state does not mean crazy in this context. What i’m saying is that his mindset of what he values himself as a NFL player is hurting his actual value and in the end will cost him. If he doesn’t want to play, that’s fine, but it sounds like he does want to play and he thinks that some championship contender will come along and give him a multiyear deal that averages 17-20 million a year. He needs to accept that first before deciding whether to play or not and for some reason he hasn’t made it to that conclusion, and if he doesn’t make it to that conclusion soon then the GMs will do that for him and give him nothing.

            • cha

              Fair enough. But you did say “crazy” in your first post, so I’m just saying be careful.

              I think what you’re saying and I’m saying are essentially the same thing expressed just different ways. Clowney can play the game however he wants.

              If that ends up costing him in his career earnings ledger, I would surmise he’s fine with making $75million instead of $90million and being satisfied with his choices, his health, and the life outside of football he’s lived.

              Most athletes, fans, journalists and laypeople would look at $15million and their eyes would bug right out of their head. I suspect he’s looking at things differently, as he’s earned the right to do.

              And related/unrelated, I suspect some of this “his agent can’t even get him on the phone!” talk is his agent just conveniently stonewalling instead of saying flat out “Hey guys, Jadeveon doesn’t want to play for you. Please stop calling.” Which would shrink his market/options. Likely enhanced a little by sour grapes from GM’s who’ve been chasing him and haven’t been able to land him.

              • Gohawks5151

                I kind of wrote this above somewhere but I think he has no clue what to do since he didn’t get what he wanted up front. He was a top recruit and the number one pick. He forced his way off a team. Not that he hasn’t experienced adversity but he is definitely used to having it his way. If he opts out I feel like it will be less, “I have money, I’m good” and more “What they don’t want to give X dollars? I’m gonna pout.” Both are his right to do.

                • Rob Staton

                  I think it’s pretty sad that some Seahawks fans feel the need to accuse him of being ‘crazy’, ‘an idiot’ or ‘pouting’ rather than simply accepting that he has an idea of his own worth and isn’t willing to sacrifice his body for anything less.

                  People might not like it but there are worse players earning the dollar amount Clowney is seeking. He can do what he wants and should be able to make that choice without people trying to insert insults.

                  • Gohawks5151

                    There are definitely people paid more who do less. There probably is a better word than pout but I have a hard time believing that he isn’t feeling some type of way about the entire league telling him he is worth far less than he is valuing himself. I don’t like the “He has made enough money” claim specifically. The guy is a competitor. That’s why I said if he sits out it won’t be smiling and zen with his legs crossed saying I’m good and at peace with it all. Instead it will be in frustration, confusion and a dose of “screw you guys”.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I think he’s probably pissed off with the league. That would be a natural reaction for someone feeling like he’s being undervalued. Equally though, if he’s content walking away with his health and wealth, he might not be all that fussed.

                • cha

                  Clowney played through a hernia when he could have easily called it a season. Imagine how painful that was. Does that sound like someone who pouts?

                  • Steve Nelsen

                    This. Clowney played though a sports hernia to help Seattle in the playoffs. That is rare and admirable.

                    The numbers have to work out for both parties to agree to a deal and the micro fracture thing is a legit concern about a 4-5 year deal, but there is nothing wrong with Clowney’s character or desire. The man is a warrior.

                    The closest thing I have ever heard to a desire question with Clowney that I could possibly agree with is whether he puts enough attention to his craft to improve his ability to turn pressure into sacks.

                  • cha

                    That’s a good point Steve. The number of times Clowney gets through the line and gets a hand on the QB but doesn’t take him down is pretty high. He did it often last year.

                    He gets pressure percentage and for sure effects the play most always for the better but if he was able to maintain his grip on the QB’s jersey he’d easily increase his sacks.

  20. Albert Bryan Butler

    Alright, which one of you guys bought Josh Gordon’s Super Bowl ring?

  21. Albert Bryan Butler

    Snipped from FieldGulls:

    4 PM New York Time Saturday, September 5 – rosters must be trimmed to 53
    12 PM New York Time Sunday, September 6 – waiver claim deadline for players waived Saturday
    1 PM New York Time Sunday, September 6 – teams may sign players to the practice squad (up to 16 players)
    After 4 PM New York Time Sunday, September 6 – Players moved to injured reserve after 4 PM Sunday are eligible to return to the 53 man roster and play during 2020.

  22. cha

    Brock Huard gets a promotion to the NFL on Fox, working with Chris Myers and Greg Jennings

    • Rob Staton

      Fully deserved.

      Brock is a tremendous broadcaster, both in the booth breaking down a game and on the radio. An absolute class act.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I’ve always wondered, how much hair product Brock uses before each broadcast

    • Ashish

      Great news, I love Brock, great analysis and like to hear his commentary. Deep football knowledge and nice voice too.

  23. cha

    Tom Pelissero
    Leonard Fournette cleared waivers, per source. He’s a free agent.
    1:48 PM · Sep 1, 2020

    • Ashish

      Cha, i wanted to thank you for NFL/Seahawks twitter/and other updates. They are timely and perfect.

      • cha

        My pleasure

      • BLiptai


    • Albert Bryan Butler

      In what world does Earl Thomas and Leonard Fournette clear waivers?

      • TomLPDX

        Pretty amazing if you think about it.

      • Steve Nelsen

        More to come this weekend.

    • Volume12

      Pete has gotta b so horny right now knowing both Fournette & Kamara are available.

      • Kenny Sloth


      • Peter

        I dont know about that Pete….but this one is. No doubt.

        V12 you found an absolute bad ass years back in Carson but otherwise the whole run game is a hard meh for me…..I’d love to see Fournette in a reduced role with a new home.

        And Kamara…..comfortably 6x the production cj “no, wait, next years gonna be his break out year,” prosise….

  24. Steve Nelsen

    I enjoyed the video. The chemistry between you guys is getting very natural. A couple of friends talking Seahawks intelligently.

    Keep ‘em coming!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Steve, much appreciated.

    • Robbie

      Thank you Steve. I appreciate you saying so!

  25. charlietheunicorn

    Wow, Thsi is the first time numbers of tests and positives have been reported… NFL must be doing something right. The MLB Marlins, by themselves, had almost the same number of positives.

    “With or without fans in the stands, the NFL has been bolstered by exceptionally low numbers of positive COVID-19 test results. Since Aug. 12, when the primary portion of training camp began, only 16 confirmed positive test results have been returned from the nearly 9,000 players, coaches and staff who have been tested on a daily basis.” ~ ESPN

    • Big Mike

      Encouraging but also keep in mind they haven’t traveled at all yet. May put them at greater risk.

  26. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Raiders put WR Tyrell Williams on Injured Reserve, as he is having surgery in a few weeks for a torn labrum in his shoulder. His season is over.
    1:54 PM · Sep 1, 2020

    • cha

      Man that’s rough. Just signed a huge contract.

      • Kingdome1976

        Sucks, now they won’t win the SB this year.

        • Volume12


        • charlietheunicorn

          They are a QB away from being a contending team. They were in really bad shape a few years ago, but they cleared out some bad contracts and have gotten some talent on the team now. I’m not the biggest Gruden fan, but he has done a hell of a job turning the talent level around. Just need to show on the scoreboard and win/lose record.

          • dcd2

            I’d give the creedit to Mayock. That’s who’s making the personnel decisions, at least in the draft.

            Gruden may have tipped the scales in the AB trade though.

            Still, I agree. Their rebuild is going pretty well, and they look like a good young team. Jacobs, Waller, Ruggs are potential stars at each skill position. The defense has been adding pieces each year. I’ve really liked what the Raiders have been doing.

          • Brik

            I don’t get why people keep thinking that Carr is a bad QB. He is above average right now, and before he had a serious injury was a rising star. From what I’ve heard he is looking good in camp, and some injuries can take a couple years before a player is really feeling like himself again. He was 2nd in completion percentage last year at over 70%, and 8th in QB rating which was a hair over 100. The only stat he didn’t look too good in was TD passes, but it’s not like they’ve been loaded with receiving stars.

  27. Kingdome1976

    I was wondering if maybe they haven’t declared a center starter yet because Britt might be coming back.

    • TomLPDX

      I haven’t seen any information about Britt and his status. I’m assuming he is still rehabbing his injury though, and won’t be ready for week 1. But that’s just a guess at best and Seattle needs to roll with what they have on the roster.

      • Rob Staton

        It looks like his meeting with the team last week was a check-in. And perhaps the knee isn’t quite ready yet. He’ll probably be back eventually. Of course, it could also be a case of them saving money and waiting for you-know-who still to make a call on other players like Britt.

  28. charlietheunicorn

    Clowney could pull a Barry Sanders and walk away. He (and his family) is set for life already.

    I would love to see him 1) playing in the NFL and 2) with Seattle.
    Talents like his don’t come along that often. Truly a generational talent.

    At the time, when Sanders walked away, it was hard to see. But as I’ve gotten older and wiser, every man knows when the time is right. He made the right choice. Clowney will make the right choice for him.

  29. Rob Staton

    One thing that makes me faceplant every time I see it.

    People mistaking ‘having actual defensive linemen’ with good depth.

    I see people talking about the ‘depth’ Seattle has at defensive end for example. No, they do not have depth. Being deep at a position means talent and depth. Not just players on the roster. Collier is unproven, Green is suddenly assumed to be good and/or useful (god knows why), they have a backup now as their starting DE and a rookie fifth rounder backing him up.

    That’s it on the edge and inside the depth is appalling.

    Yet I keep seeing things online about Seattle having ‘depth’ on the DL. No — they just have players and a lack of talent or proven ability.

  30. Rob Staton

    Another quick note to the community.

    If you attempt to sign in under a different username to troll or, as was the case today, send me personal abuse with more than a hint of racism because I’m from a different country, please know that I can easily find out who’s sending it.

    Thus, two things happen:

    1. It gets deleted and nobody else sees it

    2. I just end up thinking you’re a massive wanker

    If you want fluff articles and flowers and kittens, plenty of sites are offering that. We have proper, adult discussions on here — offering criticism or praise when it is deserved. That’s what makes this place great. You know we won’t be cheerleaders, sheep or unnecessarily negative. We call things as we see them. Sometimes that means you’ll read something you don’t want to about your favourite team.

    If you can’t handle that — IT”S YOUR PROBLEM.

    • Big Mike

      My sympathies Rob. Sadly, the USA specializes in racism.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think it does.

        I think there are serious issues that need to be addressed. Absolutely. But I also think the self loathing we see too often at the moment does the vast majority of good people in the United States a massive disservice.

        I suspect the person who sent me this message thought he was being clever but he was actually just being a bit of a nob head. But he’s also eliminated any doubt in my mind about who he is as a person. He’ll probably regret it when he wakes up today. He’s had multiple chances though and that was the final straw.

        • Kingdome1976

          Actually the USA is one of the least racist country in the world.

          • Big Mike

            I’m going to agree to disagree with the both of you and leave it at that. As Rob has mentioned, this is a football board and it’s purpose is to discuss football and the Seahawks not politics and that is a refreshing change of pace from a lot of other aspects of life.

          • Big Mike

            Now about that pass rush………………… 🙂

    • Gohawks5151

      This is sad. Thanks for all you do Rob. I don’t agree with everything that gets written here either but the discussions are honest and thoughtful. The issue is that some don’t seem to understand you can both love a team and critically analyze their actions. Keep up the excellent work dude.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s also forgotten that I’ve praised this team and front office so much over the years. But this off-season has warranted criticism and not just one or two articles. Questions need to be asked until the situation is resolved.

        It seems some people only want you be their kind of honest.

    • Bmseattle


      I doubt you want to do this, but in my experience, a paywall will keep out the trolls and jerks.
      Giving anyone money for their time and effort is antithetical to people like that… they feel entitled and get angry when others aren’t giving them what they want.
      Even the most nominal monthly fee would keep out the trash, imo.
      I’m serious when I say nominal, too.

      • TomLPDX

        It will keep a lot of good people away too. Go ask Gregg Bell what happened to the Tribune’s Seahawk Blog when they put up a paywall.

        • Bmseattle


          “It will keep a lot of good people away too”

          You think?
          I’d suggest that “good people” would be willing to pay, say $3.00 a month to both support an independent blogger like Rob, while at the same time, keep out the trolls.

          The “worst” people will *not* pay *anything*. They don’t want to be bothered to go through the effort to sign up for a paywall site, and they definitely don’t want to pay for content they think they should be getting for free.

          If there are “good people” here that can’t afford a nominal fee, Rob has the power to give membership to those folks, as he sees fit.
          A simple email explaining how they can’t afford, say 3 dollars, and Rob can allow access.
          Or if there are long time contributors here that Rob would want to “Grandfather” in, that’s his choice, as well.

          It just seems like things have gotten to a point of extreme frustration for Rob, recently, regarding comments here.
          I’m simply making a suggestion based on personal experience I’ve been through at a different site.
          Trust me… the “good people” who value content will stay. The trolls won’t be bothered.
          (I’d suggest that the Tribune’s situation was different. I could be wrong, of course.)

          • TomLPDX

            I hear you, Bmseattle and don’t disagree about it keeping away the riff-raff. This is just my opinion. I remember how active the Trib Seahawk community was and once the publisher for the Tacoma Tribune decided to charge for admission, everyone left. Some of those folks are here now but some respected members haven’t been seen since. The Trib blog was also fairly well balanced and attacks and trolling were at a minimum, at least in my estimation.

            I know Rob has to spend a lot of time weeding out the junk that gets posted here and having been an admin at an unrelated site, it can be a fulltime task to keep things relatively clean. I appreciate that he takes the time to do that and ultimately it makes it better for all of us.

          • Bmseattle

            The Tribune site was interested in generating revenue.
            The purpose of a paywall at SDB would *not* be to generate revenue, it would be to simply weed out the trolls.
            Rob is an independent blogger who wants to maintain a friendly community to discuss The Seahawks, not a newspaper that relies on subscriptions and ads.

            • TomLPDX

              Yep, totally get that.

              Actually, if Rob just required people to sign up to have posting privileges, it would probably help him manage the content a little more and not necessarily require a payment.

          • DriveByPoster

            “I’d suggest that “good people” would be willing to pay, say $3.00 a month”

            Unless, like me, they don’t currently have any source of income. I think you’ll find that the propensity for being a nob-head is not defined by your wealth.

            • Bmseattle

              Clearly, if a person is in a position to not be able to afford $3.00 a month, Rob would almost certainly make special arrangements for that person… especially if they have a history of positive, supportive commenting here at SDB.

              Try not to get hung up on the dollar amount I threw out as a suggestion.
              It could be $1.00/per month… it doesn’t matter to me.
              The point is that it would likely eliminate a good portion of the folks who come here simply to cause trouble.

              As TomLPDX pointed out above, even forcing people to register or sign up in some way, would accomplish that to a certain extent.
              It’s not about the money.

    • Aaron

      Sorry to hear you’re being trolled and insulted here Rob. That kind of crap has no place here or anywhere. For me, SDB has always been a place to go for a more satisfying Seahawks conversation. It’s great to come here and not see the all too familiar homer mentality often seen in local sports radio. It’s also great to come here and not get the hyperbole, tribalism, and echo chamber of Seahawks Twitter (and by extension Twitter in general).

      I come here to learn, be challenged, and to more objectively look at this team. I think I can speak for most when I say that we all love our Seahawks. We love the NFL as a way to escape the world outside the game. It gives us thrills, sadness, anxiety, and catharsis among other emotions. It’s not a perfect game, it’s not a perfect league, and our team isn’t perfect either. But that’s why we keep watching, for the opportunity to see perfection, to see greatness, and to see our team compete for a championship. It’s my favorite sport and I love it so much.

      Keep up the great work Rob. You’re awesome!

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you Aaron. I needed to read that today. You’ve perfectly summed up how I want people to feel about this blog. I want it to be a home of ideas, perspective, truths and intelligent conversation. Not homerism, clickbait, pointless fluff, shouty screechy nonsense and hysterical hyperbole.

        I’ve written this blog for 12 years now including the entire run of the PCJS era. I have been overwhelmingly positive about this franchise during that time. Carroll & Schneider have led a tour de force. This off-season, however, has been a mess in my opinion. And I think I’ve articulated why in a convincing way — even if people ultimately disagree.

        I want people to challenge me if it’s warranted. But I equally want people to accept valid points they may not agree with or be comfortable accepting.

        Thank you again for ‘getting it’.

  31. RWIII

    Minnesota chose to give up a 2nd round in 2021 pick and a conditional 5th round pick(that could become a 3rd round pick) in 2022. They could gave just signed Clowney and kept the draft picks. Think about that. Minnesota gave away a 2nd and possibly a 3rd round pick when all they had to do was sign Clowney. What does that say about Clowney and his worth. Also I find it interesting that Clowney has not even had a visit to another team. Why is that? What is the deal with Clowney?

    • Rob Staton

      It doesn’t say anything about Clowney.

      If he’s insisting on a certain dollar amount on a contract and Yannick Ngakoue is willing to take a $5-6m paycut, it just means it’s a lot easier for a team with a not-great cap situation to get Ngakoue in the building.

      They also need an EDGE pass rusher type to compliment Danielle Hunter more than a dynamic five-technique or power end.

      As for what is the deal with Clowney. I’m not sure why this keeps being asked. We know what the deal is. He wants X amount on a contract and nobody is offering it. So, seemingly, he’s just removed himself from the NFL until someone pays him what he believes is a fair amount. Which is his choice. Now we’ll see if he’s willing to reduce those demands to get a deal done in the next few days because time’s running out for him to start the season on a roster.

      • RWIII

        Here is the deal. Chris Simms said that there is no comparison between Ngakoue and Clowney. Why didn’t the Vikings cough off another 3 million and save the drafts. And get a BETTER player. According to Simms. Clowney is a much better player than Ngakoue.

  32. Chris

    Damien Lewis interviewed by Tom, Jake & Stacy. Starts 1:50 – 10:50

    Wholesome interview from Rob’s draft darling.

  33. cha

    This tickled me

    Scott Hylton
    Replying to
    I imagine Clowney in an alternative Looney Tunes universe playing an intergalactic football game to save his friends from interstellar slavery. I’m waiting for the report that he has defeated the Monstars and then expect him to reappear at Seahawks practice.</blockquote

  34. cha

    Who are the frontrunners for Jadeveon Clowney? Are the Ravens still the most likely landing spot?

    Most league insiders I’ve spoken with, including a great source who I called just before typing this out, still believe Clowney ends up with the Ravens, as I suggested last week. It checks off a lot of boxes for both sides.

    That said, I have no direct knowledge of the two sides talking. It’s also a situation that seems to change daily. It’s already September and Clowney is still unsigned. If I had told you six months ago this was going to be the situation, you would’ve told me I was nuts.

    Where do you think Clay Matthews signs?

    I’m told the belief is Matthews ends up in Seattle. It’s a good fit in a variety of ways.

    • Simo

      Say it isn’t so please! Its not the worst outcome for Clowney to end up with the Ravens, much better than any of the NFC contenders I guess.

      If Clowney moves on, as I expect he will, still hope the Hawks do not sign Matthews! It’s hard to believe he’s an upgrade over the other LEO options already on the roster.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m planning to write about this today.

    • Big Mike

      Sorry, just down see Clowney in a 3-4. Of course, the right amount of dough could change his mind on that……..

    • pdway

      ugh . . .I don’t want Matthews . . . .

  35. cha

    Rookie Press Conference Day

    Jordyn Brooks
    Damien Lewis
    Alton Robinson
    Deejay Dallas

    • Big Mike

      Looking for Darrell Taylor on your list………………

      • Rob Staton

        Who’s that?

        • Big Mike

          LJ 2.0?

          • Big Mike

            I’ll assume they’re “protecting” Taylor by not putting him in front of the media.

            • Rob Staton

              Probably protecting him from a microphone related injury.

              • Ashish

                I remember how annoyed i was media asking question on Percy Harvin injury report. Taylor i guess everyone knew he was hurt during draft. I only wish we got 1st round caliber player. It’s ok if we don’t contribute first half of the season.

                • Ashish

                  *It’s ok if he don’t contribute first half of the season.

              • Big Mike

                VERY funny Rob!

  36. Denver Hawker

    Nice read on DK Metcalf:

    Fun to see his competitiveness and relationship with Brown. Like how they discuss DBs each week. What a gem to draft him where we did.

    • TomLPDX

      I read that earlier. Very good article about those two guys. Wish AJ was also on the Seahawks, wouldn’t that be cool!

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