New podcast: Russell Wilson seems to want out


  1. Dennis Simonson

    I unfortunately agree. The team as it stands is uninspiring. I kinda do just want to blow up the roster. I don’t know if Russel is owning the second half offense as he needs too. I just don’t think his current attitude can be justified by the added level of control he was given when it absolutely imploded.

    If they can’t get him all in, then I think you have to explore all options to bring in picks and make this thing happen in a different set. I love Russ, I love Bobby, and even Jamal, but at this point if you don’t have the franchise QB on board then I think you have to explore all options.

    • Parker

      Pure speculation, but his second half collapse might be partly from giving up when Carroll reeled things in. I’m sure he wasn’t purposely tanking because he wanted out, but his play was inexplicably bad, and him having that crack of doubt, and being distracted by knowing he’d probably being doing what he’s doing now, could explain his poor play.

  2. DC

    When Russ won his 1st (& only) Super Bowl, Tom Brady was sitting at 3. There was a real shot to catch him from that point moving forward. But rather than gaining on Tom at 3-2 in their head to head matchup it became 4-1 instead. Then 5-1, 6-1 & now 7-1. Even though I take it with a grain of salt when Russ says he wants to be the best ever he must be serious about that. Watching Brady win #7 & realizing what it’s going to take to match that has driven him to act publicly in a way that we are not used to seeing. Is the grass greener somewhere else? Maybe.

  3. Big Mike

    Carroll is so stuck between a rock and a hard place here. I agree with Rob that RW and Pete have different philosophies here. Carroll has to know that without Russ his last years of coaching are unlikely to be successful unless he finds another true franchise QB and we all know that is a VERY difficult task and he does too. OTOH, I don’t think for one second he’s willing in any way shape or form to let go of any control.
    My guess: Pete bets on himself and ships Russ elsewhere.

  4. CojackTX

    Well, Rob, you have made the big time…

    • Dani

      We live in an era where the person who says the most preposterous thing becomes the center of attention. Congrats Rob

  5. Brik

    The favorite is the Raiders, at +450. Next come the Cowboys, with +650.

    The Jaguars land at +750, which presumably would entail a trade of the first overall pick to Seattle. Next comes Washington at +800, the 49ers at +900 (that ain’t happening), the Broncos at +1000, the Colts at +1100, and the Dolphins at +1300.

    Found on Yahoo that these are the odds right now. Glad that they agree the Raiders are favorite since they’re mine too. Might be a hometown thing though, because Vegas. 49ers haha.

    • Rob Staton

      The fact the Jaguars are that high makes a mockery of the whole thing.

      They’ve hit the jackpot with Lawrence.

      • Ryan

        I mean, not that it’ll happen, but if Jacksonville wants to, I mean sure, lets go.

      • Brik

        It’s just how people are betting at the moment from my understanding. I don’t think the average person really knows what’s going on compared to people like you.

    • dcd2

      The Raiders make a lot of sense. Surprised that the Jets aren’t even listed.

  6. Big Mike

    Rob: you asked who Russ would talk to next on his “media tour”. Josina just called and wanted to know why you mentioned Cowherd before her. Shame on you man.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve also discovered the real answer is he’s going on ‘Ellen’ to advertise his new perfume…


      • cha

        No doubt his GQ cover shoot w Ciara too

        • Roy Batty

          Can you imagine the chirping that’s been going on around him by his wife, his media group, his assistants and the rest of his entourage? The guy has been inundated with so much chatter about the Hawks wasting his talent. Meanwhile, I’m sure more than a few have let him know that a bigger market would do his branding more good than Southern Alaska has.

          This thing is going to end very badly, and when it does Russ will not be looked upon with such rosy glasses. His team have been setting this up with leaks to his interviewers prior to the actual interview to allow Russ to look innocent at the question being raised when, in fact, he and his team have set the whole charade up. It seems pretty obvious.

          • Dani

            Superstars do get delusional. This is not about Russ asking for a trade. This is Russ deflecting blame for a very bad 2nd half for which he played a big part. Unlike what Rob says, Russ did get input into personnel. He was the one who wanted Olsen. He wanted Antonio and am so glad that Seahawks stayed away from that trash. Russ had the best talent surrounding him this season and even his OL ended up with top 10 ranking in pass block protection this year. This is just a way to deflect blame, protect his brand and as you said, manipulating the media to flex his powers. Be careful what you wish for Russ. The other media cities will eat you alive bcos they are not the Seattle media

            • Rob Staton

              Unlike what Rob says

              I’ve never said Wilson hasn’t had any input into personnel.

              What I will say though — it’s a big assumption that Wilson was the main player behind the Olsen move and the Seahawks simply granted him his wish. Wilson and Olsen were together at some event, the ESPN awards or something, and talked about playing together. That’s what we know. What isn’t often considered is whether Carroll/Schneider also were desperate to get him and if they weren’t, whether they would’ve made the move simply to placate Wilson’s wishes.

              So let’s not act like the Olsen signing is indicative of anything.

              Especially if people want to compare it to Brady bringing Gronk out of retirement or signing someone like Antonio Brown, who Bruce Arians despises and had said would never be signed in Tampa Bay (and then was, because Brady wanted him).

  7. Silly Billy

    Do we still think it’s purely a coincidence the Packers (a generally solid trade back candidate) traded 1 spot AHEAD of Seattle to pick up Jordan Love?

    What are the chances he was on Seattle’s radar, as they saw the the RW3 shitstorm brewing?
    I do recall reports that SEA had interest in Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes in their drafts.

    • Matt

      That’s an interesting take…not crazy, IMO. There were rumblings of the dysfunction last year. Interesting, indeed.

  8. Hoggs41

    Brandon Marshall keep saying Russ wants out and he very well may, but Id like someone to ask him if this is his opinion or if Russ told him this. Seems very relevant.

    • Rob Staton

      You don’t need that validation.

      Marshall isn’t going to drop a bomb like that unless he knows something.

      • Hughz

        I wouldn’t put it past him, but when you add all the smoke coming from coherd and DP…there’s a fire brewing. Time for Pete and JC to stomp it out and make some moves quickly.

        • Roy Batty

          Russ is all about optics. There is no way the guy is going to speak his true mind when it comes to wanting out. He never wants to look like the bad guy, ever.

      • Dani

        Have you heard of the term sports talk show jockeys ? They are there just to sensationalize things and amplify and exaggerate. I know you want to be right about this. You also seem to have a good reputation amongst draft analysts. Don’t spoil it by too much speculations

        • Rob Staton

          Don’t try to police what I/we talk about with warnings of reputational damage.

          For starters, if you think this is just ‘sports talk show jockeys’ sensationalising things you’re in denial. Is Mike Garafolo a sports talk show jockey? Watch the podcast, you might learn a trick or two.

          Secondly, if people enjoy my draft analysis but can’t hack me talking about the biggest topics in Seahawks football, then they need to get a grip.

  9. Rob Staton

    Just finished my latest draft series interview with…

    Senior Bowl standout D’Ante Smith

    • Zxvo3

      Let’s go!! I’m loving these interviews.

    • uptop

      Does he project to Tackle? His measurables make him seem a bit undersized

      • Scot04

        Has all the measurables, just needs to bulk up a bit

      • Rob Staton

        He’s already up to 305lbs

        35 inch arms

        85 inch wingspan

  10. BobbyK

    Who’s mad at Russell Wilson?

    Pete Carroll – The guy who doesn’t outcoach many coaches. Great culture, great team builder – but this certainly doesn’t bode well for either he or Russ.

    John Schneider – Getting called out for sucking at drafting is probably embarrassing. Maybe do your job better.

    Scouting department – See Schneider comment.

    Jody Allen – Um, maybe hold Pete Carroll and John Schneider accountable instead making your franchise QB do it. Those guys get big extensions to produce a product that has no realistic chance to succeed in January.

    Fans – I’m a fan and I’m sick of Russell having to take this route. I’d want out too. Or at least for the organization to try to do better. Sure, Carroll and Schneider want to win badly – they’re not trying to suck (insert BJ Finney comment here) but you know damn well that Wilson would rather have had Jonathan Taylor last year than Jordyn Brooks. Wilson has probably been like some of us fans where what we’ve wanted is to draft good players (like Watt over McDowell, Chubb over Penny, Taylor over Brooks) and the guys who make the decisions keep making too many crap decisions. It’s frustrating.

    • Jordan E

      Wilson handicapped his own career wanting to flatter his ego to be the highest paid and forcing the Let Russ cook movement. We need a run game and/or Russ needs to throw it short instead of hold off for the big play all the dang time.

      Russ was worse than Baker Mayfield this year. He was sad his guy Schotty was fired. Russ needs to take accountability because his huge cap hit, inability to throw short/quick and lack of support for a running game. A. Rod & TB12 & Brees benefit from legitimate running games.

      • James Kupihea

        Why are you acting like we haven’t been sitting here for years wondering if the Seahawks are squandering Russell Wilson…

        The way the fanbase likes to flip the script is tired, and boring. Dare I say…lazy. Is it because of the % of the salary cap he now occupies? Yeah, that’s a real statistical pattern…but let’s take off the “Russ is Primadonna” sign down real quick, and remind ourselves of the Seahawks from 2015-2020. Hell…let’s go back to the Superbowl that year, and remember who called that stupid slant…

        Are we happy with what we’ve done since then? Do we think this front office is executing a well thought out plan to improve this team on an annual basis to sustain a long-term championship run? Do you think this team is designed to beat the make it out the divisional round, let alone stifle the likes of Kansas City when its OL is not in shambles? We’ve been pretty underwhelmed with Seahawks offensive schemes since Marshawn started spending more time on the sideline.

        Are we really acting like Russ doesn’t have a decent reason to want out? Is this not the United States, where contracts can be negotiated and renegotiated…are we really going to sing the same sad “xxx is supposed to show loyalty, xxx was payed so he should shut up and take…” Detroit fans surely don’t feel that way about Barry Sanders and Megatron…but there’s certainly more hate being thrown Stafford’s way for leaving rather than retiring…

        and to that point, do you really think we NEED Russ to execute the run run pass offense? Perhaps, what you’re really upset about is that Russell Wilson’s perceived character no longer aligns with your hopes for this team. That’s fair. Sitting back and claiming Russ needs to checkdown more often doesn’t fix half a decade of honest-to-god-shitty team building, poor planning, and poor utilization of assets. I’d want to leave too.

        Character isn’t on trial here. We’ve not been the same offensive unit since Quinn left. We suffered the run run pass years of Bevell, only to be underwhelmed by an equally stale offense under Schottenheimer. Besides Russ giving his best “team player” persona, there’s no indication that Russ was upset by his firing, that’s conjecture. The man wants out, and we’ve been seeing the writing on the walls for years. This isn’t an organization that’s operating with a winning mentality.

        Don’t agree? what has every member of the super bowl squad been saying about this organization as they walked out the door…though…you’d have me believe they were all just primadonna – sport – divas…right?

        • Big Mike

          Post of the week

        • Jordan E

          There are several reports that Russ was unhappy Schotty was fired. And on the same note- there are more players than Russ on the Seahawks team. There careers have been wasted too if you consider that we havent won a SB or made it even close since Russ got paid.

          Yes, players have a right to break the bank. But by that same token- they should also realize that football is a team game and in the larger scheme of things its harder to win or make it to the SB if one player is taking up such a gigantic portion of the salary. There is a reason why TB12 chose to take less when he could have paid the most by far. He understands and genuinely wants to WIN a SUPERBOWL. If Russ really did understand and/or was willing to do anything to win he would have taken less maybe even top 5 instead of #1 money.

          There has been no SBs won in the modern era with QBs making that much money. Go ahead and google it.

          My main thesis and point I was trying to convey is not that Pete is the best coach and not at fault at all- but Russell is responsible for our lack of success as well. For me, wanting out is such an easy option and one that really screws the Seahawks Team up. At least speaking for myself, I am much more of a Hawks fan that a Wilson fan. Even if he does leave. Unless he takes a paycut- I dont see him winning a SB because NO OTHER QB in the modern era has won a SB making that much money. The truly elite teams require a team effort to beat and not just one single player.

          • Dani

            Very well said. All these folks who are taking Russ’s side here blindly aren’t Seahawks fans. Russ is right out wanting a better OL and at the same time he’s not holding himself accountable to the same standards as he’s holding the team. His QBR was ranked 28th in the last 8 games and he had his worst season. If he wants out, it’s because he thinks he takes no blame in what happened on Offense. You think that attitude wins him a SB in another team. TB’s leadership skills is something Russ lacks. When he gets that and gives back to the team like Brady does, he can compare himself to Brady

            • Rob Staton

              For your information, sentences like this…

              All these folks who are taking Russ’s side here blindly aren’t Seahawks fans

              …might cut it in other communities and other forums — but not here.

              We don’t talk this way on here. ‘You have a different opinion so you’re not a real fan’ isn’t the way we do things.

              Only one warning, please heed it.

              • Jordan E

                True, in Dani’s defense though its a big headline/narrative going on right now. Rob, I’m glad you are open and discussing the trade idea- but there are a lot of very angry fans (as you stated before) who do not see Russ going well for either financial reasons or because they believe he is the only way we can get back to the SB.

                • Rob Staton

                  Which is fine. But someone having a different opinion isn’t a lesser fan.

  11. icb12

    I agree.
    Russ needs to reach down and grab a handful and spit out what he’s trying to say.

    All this media drama … ugh. Just freaking spit it out Russ. Do you or do you not want to stay? He is probably still friends with all his old girlfriends too.

  12. Hawks_Gui

    Florio suggests that Dallas is the one we should look for in a RW3 trade. If they sent Dak plus some picks maybe 2 firsts rounds, would you do it?

    • Rob Staton

      They can’t send Dak without franchising him again. So unless you want to pay Dak an absolute fortune coming off injury for 2021, then it seems unlikely he would be involved.

      But do I think Dallas could show interest? Yes.

      • WestSide72

        It all boils down to where he wants to go? I would rather go young and cheap but we could be better next year with Dak…I ain’t scared! This situation is stale…

        • Rob Staton

          I have no issue with having Dak in Seattle.

          I’m just saying the situation (tagging him and trading him) doesn’t seem that feasible because you’d be paying, potentially $39m for Wilson to play elsewhere and then about the same for Dak.

          Now if Dak was allowed to reach FA and they simply did a deal with him, that’s a different story…

          • line_hawk

            The franchise money can be pushed down the line if they can get an extension done as part of the trade. The issue for me is why pay Dak 35M and ask him to run the premedival offense. And then you have the same problem you are having with Russell.

            • Rob Staton

              Not if Dak is happy to run your offense

  13. Russ

    At this point, I’m leaning towards full on blow it up see what we can get.

    Trade Russ.
    Trade Adams.
    Trade Bobby.

    Russ and Bobby will always be Seahawks legends and we should treat them as such. But one more nice trade for Duane Brown or Quandre Diggs or Carlos Dunlap ain’t cutting it.

    Pete and JC are signed for a while. Give em a treasure trove of picks, see if they can recreate the magic that got us our first SB.

    If not, at least we gave it a real go.

    • BobbyK

      What in their last 8 drafts has led anyone to think they’d actually use those picks well? I see nothing. Just a bunch of guys on rookie contracts like Ethan Pocic, Malik McDowell, CJ Prosise, Delano Hill, Naz Jones, LJ Collier, Darrell Taylor, R. Green, M. Blair, and others. I know DK was a huge stroke of luck because they actually took Collier and Blair over him.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s a fair point. Definitely.

        But they did also build one of the all time great rosters in NFL history.

        So while I’m very much sceptical they would make use of the picks I wouldn’t rule out a renaissance either.

        • Russ

          Appreciate the points BobbyK and Rob.

          BobbyK, the other thing I’ll say is – what in the last 5 seasons has led anyone to think keeping this together is going to work?

          Seems like we have two difficult paths ahead regardless. If Russ is this unhappy and vocal, I’m choosing the path that gives PCJS the best chance to make it work with their vision.

  14. hobro

    There’s nothing to be done about the $39 million dead cap charge, but Wilson could still renegotiate his contract to make a trade more palatable to the Seahawks. There’s nothing preventing him from agreeing to a lower 2021 salary conditional on a trade, thus upping the player and/or draft capital that other teams would be willing to offer for him.

    I think the chances of this happening are infinitesimal, but if he really wants out it’s a way to make it happen.

    • Rob Staton

      I also think I’m right in saying he could pay back some of the bonus.

      If a trading deal gets it him back, that’s plausible.

      • hobro

        Article 13, Section 8(e) of the Collective Agreement says “An amendment to a Player Contract that changes the terms under which signing bonus is paid is a renegotiation,” implying that he could, in fact, retroactively agree to a lower signing bonus and then recoup his loss from his new team – unless I’ve misunderstood the CA, which is certainly possible.

  15. Rob Staton

    Florio, in this segment, is essentially saying he’s contacted Mark Rodgers — and usually gets a very swift reply — but on the question of whether Wilson has requested a trade, there is silence…

    • Rob Staton

      Florio here also suggesting you could do a deal that is essentially done… on June 1st.

      So you agreed a trade now and it doesn’t become official until June 2nd.

      And that avoids the $39m dead hit.

      • WestSide72

        Would that take this years draft compensation out of the picture?

        • Rob Staton

          Yes — but I’ve been thinking about that.

          You could make a token gesture deal for a pick this year (fringe player for a 2021 first). Or you could get a top player this year as part of the deal, then future firsts.

          And that top player could be another QB.

          • Russ

            If there aren’t FAs where the Seahawks really want to spend, does it just make sense to take the full hit this year and start fresh the year after?

            • Rob Staton

              No I think this is a FA period filled with opportunity

              • Roy Batty

                March 17th is going to be the craziest day we’ve seen in quite some time. So many teams dumping players for cap space. Only a few big spenders on multiple big name talent will leave more than a few prized leftovers.

                And why do I get the feeling that the QB running out of the tunnel to start this year will be Fitzmagic?

          • GoHawksDani

            So maybe Cowboys for Dak and next year’s R1, R2 and the year after that R3 for a post june 1st trade?

            It would be pretty mehh trade to me…

            A top3 defense and top3 running game (which is what likely Pete wants) doesn’t need a 35+ mil APY QB. I’d be much happier a future LT, star RB and CB or star DE/DT than a QB tbh

      • Mike

        I listened to the same thing and thought he was talking about rodgers.

        If the trade doesn’t become official until June 2nd does that mean they can’t get this years draft picks as compensation?

        Also I wonder if Miami/Jets picks at 2/3 overall plus something else would be a good deal for hawks. Then maybe go with who they think is better of Justin fields or Zach Wilson.

        • Rob Staton

          If the trade doesn’t become official until June 2nd does that mean they can’t get this years draft picks as compensation?

          Yes but if you want to get really creative you could trade, for example, Phil Haynes for a 2021 first rounder. As part of the ‘agreement’.

          Or you could get a really good player in return, maybe even a replacement QB, with first rounders to follow in the coming years.

          • WestSide72

            Is it possible to do the NBA draft scenario where Dallas picks for Seattle…. trade becomes official later?

      • Rob Staton

        Florio: “Heard that again today… watch the Cowboys…”

        • Mike

          I could see that. My only worry would be that Dallas is at 10 overall and ideally the hawks would be able to target a top qb to replace RW and I’m not sure who would be there at 10.

          • Rob Staton

            To be perfectly honest — I’m not sure there’s a massive drop off from QB2 and QB3 in this class and Davis Mills, Mac Jones, Trey Lance and Kellen Mond.

            But rest assured for the first time since 2012 I’m watching all these guys now and trying to figure it out.

            • Mike

              Yeah I can see that, fields and Wilson both look the part and are pretty good runners so that’s probably what gives them a bit of an edge. Id love to see how you would rank the qbs in the upcoming draft, maybe an article on it?

              Unless russ is completely demanding a trade, next year might be a better time for a trade.

              • Rob Staton

                If Wilson is dealt I’ll do a hundred articles on QB’s.

                Not until that day, however.

            • Bankhawk

              Rob, you da man! You’re just flat-out too good to us!

        • Submanjoe

          But the cowboys coach is Mike McCarthy… the irony is to hilarious for me I can’t stop smiling at the thought of Russ playing for McCarthy.

          • Rob Staton

            That would be quite funny

            • Malc from PO

              I am sure he would enjoy working with Kellen Moore, though. That is who I was hoping we’d get as OC. Very smart guy who would make the most of Russ. I still think the balance of probability is against a trade, the caveat being that if a team wants to come up with the package it would take to make it worthwhile, the Seahawks ought to take it.

          • cha

            With an absolutely shredded OL.

            • Roy Batty

              Too funny. I can see this conversation happening once he arrives.

              Russ: “How’s the offensive line here?”

              Seek: “Ask Dak.”

              • Roy Batty

                Dang autocorrect…Zeke.

  16. Uncle Bob

    Certainly not going to disagree because you guys covered a lot of valid ground from multiple positions.

    Being an old guy I’ve had a lot of life experiences that could apply to the discussion, but I’ll choose two that might be the most impactful to shape my POV. Two years ago I got a diagnosis of a growth on one of my kidneys. To get to the point it was a malignant tumor. No hesitation on my part to decide to cut it out. It disrupted my life, but I still had the life.

    Years ago I built and ran my own business. There are lots of variables to be successful at that endeavor. The part that fits here is I needed to have a highly functional team of employees to get the job done and achieve the objectives/goals. I had some blivet employees, and some real stars. Over time one of the stars would become a problem. He would let his ego get in the way and think he was the smartest guy in the room, and the most invaluable person to the business. It wouldn’t surprise me if he thought we’d fail if he weren’t there. He became a cancer to the team of employees impacting all of their performance/attitudes. The hard choice, but necessary as well, was to give him the boot. Yeah, it cost us one level of performance to a degree, but the overall health of the business improved and allowed us to get back on the progress train. Again, cutting out the cancer saved the “patient”.

    Rob, your comments about Russ expressing the goal of being “the best ever” and all the comments and attitudes that join with it. That’s a good thing often, until…………..the ego gets too big for the room. Russ has crossed that line. He’s let his ego get the best of him. In the end he may personally benefit by getting to a team that suits him better. If so, great. And as you said, be careful what you wish for. Add to that “the grass is greener”. Walter Jones called him out for throwing the O line under the bus. He may be busy texting, calling, whatever to patch some of that up, but he’s put a big hole in the trust factor with his line. No matter how good he may well be, one against eleven ain’t good odds. Football is, perhaps, the most team sport of team sports.

    I’m sure there’s a lot of “stuff” going on in the background right now at team headquarters. It’s going to be fascinating to see how it plays out. I’ve enjoyed Russ for the years he’s been here, he’s done some amazing work on the field. But he’s also being a human being. He’s looking out for number one, that’s normal, but what he’s doing is not good for team effort and function. And he’s spent the week digging a pretty deep hole. Teamwork is based on trust………………..he’s violated that trust. Those that choose not to see that are fooling themselves. There’s a remote possibility that it could be repaired, but the odds are low and the necessary work to make it happen is huge.

    Get max value for the guy now, with his age clock ticking he may not ever have higher value than today. His most spectacular performances in the past have relied on his incredible athleticism and reactions, both of which deteriorate with time. He’s good enough and well motivated enough that in an appropriate environment, and with a helpful group of team mates around him, he could continue to be effective while not spectacular. But he’s pooped the nest in Seattle and may no longer be worth the effort. I can’t help but wonder what’s going on at Casa Sherman assuming he was the leak to the story a few years ago about dissention on the team being due to Russ or the supposed favoritism to him………………wouldn’t imagine Sherm is above screaming “I told you so…….”.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Sherman might be screaming, ‘where do I sign?’ to Pete and John.

      Some interesting thoughts Bob, thanks for sharing.

      • Uncle Bob


        It would be a kick to have Sherm back in the fold if he’s able. I’d bet he’d be more interested in rejoining Bradley at the Raiders though. Again, this off season doesn’t appear to have a boring moment in sight.

        • Rob Staton

          I doubt Sherman would rather be anywhere other than Seattle. Two years, one as a starter, with Gus Bradley? That’s not the same pull as coming home. Not even close really.

      • Dani

        Nice read Bob! Well said. I think of Russ in the same tier as Big Ben and Rivers. He’s great but he’s not at the Manning or Brady or Rodgers level. Maybe he can in the future but based on what I have seen, he’s not there. As you said, egos are getting bigger here and be definitely broke the trust of his teammates. I hope they reconcile bcos it’s good for both him and the organization. If Russ thinks he can go and win anywhere without a supporting cast, he will soon find out that it was not just him who made the Seahawks successful. Hoping for saner heads to prevail! Go Hawks

        • Rob Staton

          Russ doesn’t think he will go anywhere to not have a supporting cast. He thinks he can go somewhere and run the offense he wants, plus get the players he wants as a supporting cast.

    • Submanjoe

      Great read uncle bob. A lot of good points.

    • ElPasoHawk

      Great post Uncle Bob, I really enjoyed your analogies and agree with his ego getting the better of him. I have loved watching him his talents and think he is a class human being, but for myself I’m over his ego. I can’t imagine how some of his teammates feel and it is probably for the best for an amicable parting. I’m nervous about the teams future but excited for a potential new beginning.

  17. Rob Staton

    FYI — I asked Joel Corry whether Wilson could essentially pay back some of his bonus money in order to initiate a trade and thus lower the dead cap hit. And it appears that yes — he could do.

    • Denver Hawker

      This is likely a necessary compensation piece in any trade. As will be players as well. I read somewhere that teams can only trade picks up to 2 years from the current draft. That could severally limit the number of R1 picks available in a trade, if true.

      Separately, I’ve considered that wherever he goes, he’ll want weapons sure, but so t leave for another team unless they have at least a better O-Line. May need to consider throwing in Duane Brown for the trust value.

      In the case of a Dallas deal, including Brown could get Zach Martin in return and offset the pick issue.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure about that rule. I mean if someone wanted to deal four R1’s I’m not sure why the league would say no.

        • Sea Mode

          I’m so here for the “4 R1’s for Phil Haynes” trade… 😂

  18. Bankhawk

    I look at the #3 Seahawks jersey in my closet (a cherished birthday gift from my brother-in-law; I couldn’t afford one on what I make) and I feel kinda sad. Try not to be mad at Russ, not be mad at Pete and JS-all this is perfectly comprehensible. And getting mad improves nothing. And something like an ‘itch in the back of my mind’ takes hold: so to both Russ, and to Pete and John, I say-whatever path you choose, the advice in this two minute piece may sound a bit grim, but hey! It’s been a tough year for us all, and maybe there’s worse counsel than “go big, or go home”!
    And guys, the podcast was top drawer as always. ‘Back to happy!’. 😊

  19. Cysco

    I’ve been saying “watch Dallas” as a destination for Russ for the last month or so on here. I’m a Hawks fan who lives in Dallas so I get a ton of exposer to the Cowboys. The Cowboys are in a really tough spot at QB right now. They either need to franchise Dak, ($40m?) give him a massive contract, or find another solution.

    Jerry Jones is running out of time. He’s got to go all in right now. The division is a disaster and there for the taking. He just needs a star QB. I truly believe he would be willing to do the type of deal that would blow minds to get Russ in a Cowboys uniform. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d take both Wilson and Adams.

    If ever there was a time to maximize Wilson’s value as a means to rebuild the team, I truly believe this is the time. The Cowboys are desperate. Take them to the cleaners.

    • BobbyK

      I wonder how much FA interest there would be in Dak? Would be cool if the Hawks could sign him and have a ready to win QB and then have a slew of players/picks in return.

      • marc a. tardif

        I wouldn’t sign a FA Dak for $35+m. He’s just not good enough. That’s what the Cowboys know and why they haven’t locked him up long term. He’s a tier two QB that admittedly shows flashes of a tier one QB at times. He wants tier one money.

        If he were willing to accept a contract somewhere in the mid-$20m a year range, I’d seriously consider it. In the $35-40m range? No thanks.

        • GoHawksDani

          Cowboys franchise Dak
          Cowboys trade for Adams this year R1 and R3 before the draft (overpay a bit but it’s basically a joined deal with…)
          and post june 1 trade for Russ (that negates the contract issue)
          they give up Dak, next year’s R1, R2 and the year after that R2, R3

          Seahawks trade Dak to the Jets for our original 2022 R1 their 2022 R1

          So Hawks give up Adams and Russ (and Dak later) and they get in return:
          2021: R1, R3
          2022: R1, R1, R2
          2023: R1, R2, R3

          They need a QB, but that’s all they lost (Adams could be changed for Blair or Ryan Neal)
          And they have a solid CAP space.

          This is some “Draft day” movie kind of crazyness, but I’d love this outcome, Schneider, work your magic!

          • Roy Batty

            That’s NBA level craziness. I love it.

  20. Troy D.

    Yeah it smells like this is gonna happen. Now I dont think you can get more than 2 years of picks down the line. Isnt it only 2 draft years you can trade from? So its whatever picks in the next 2 years (so pre draft its this draft and next) or post draft (next 2 drafts). That puts a damper on what could come back in return.

    If we do trade Wilson, blow it all up. Adams gone, Wagner gone somewhere that gives him a chance to win…do him a solid if you can cause the return wont be that great in terms of draft pick. Probably a 3rd round.

    I do think Pete’s hubris will keep the defensive guys and try to bring in a game manager and see what can happen. Which maybe is an interesting idea. Maybe it would work? Doubtful but we arent in a good place as a franchise.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve heard this before about the draft which would potentially cap it at three firsts unless others are acquired. But I also don’t see why the league would prevent a team giving up 4-5 firsts if they really wanted to.

      But to be honest, let’s say it’s three firsts and two seconds. That’s still a massive haul.

      • Troy D.

        Agreed and on board with it.

        Honestly if they could get a good young guy if its a team with 2 first and 2 2nd’s, then I wouldnt mind that either. It just has to be a really good return. I also think the Hawks have to be proactive in that search. Cause if they wait and Wilson really pushes this over the edge cause he feels he has too, then that is leverage lost and probably somewhat diminished returns unless someone still goes for the overpay like we did with Adams.

        So now we wait and see what Schneider and Pete come up with, or if they will remain reactive in nature which is what I have seen for some time now.

        • Scot04

          If Wilson would go to the Jets. There’s your 4 1st round picks

  21. BobbyK

    Wilson to Dallas for Tyler Biadasz, CeeDee Lamb, Trevon Diggs, and draft picks to Seattle.

    In addition to signing Dak.

    Possible coup to be had there.

    • BobbyK

      Diggs at LCB opposite of Reed. Could still bring in Sherman and have stud depth at CB.

      Biadasz could provide a ‘veteran’ center (i.e. at least he’s not a rookie). Then LG is the only black hole along the line in a draft with some good early/mid LG prospects.

      Lamb added to DK and Lockett would be an unbelievable trio.

      Picks could present some (good) opportunities to add to RB, LG, DL…

      • BobbyK

        Sherman would start. Diggs opposite. Reed super stud 3rd CB. Amadi awesome nickel. Stud coverage CBs potentially. Maybe throw in Flowers with Wilson. lol

    • BobbyK

      One of my best buddies is a Cowboys fan. We’re working out a trade between us now. He’s pretty high on their LG (Connor Williams). He was a 2nd round pick a couple years ago. Imagine getting he and Biadasz in a deal for Russ… Russ would still have stud blockers (health permitting) in Dallas, but that’d shore up LG and C for the Seahawks for a long time. Picks could go to RB and DL.

      • Seahawkwalt

        Does he have a reliable source? Dallas makes a lot of sense..

        • BobbyK

          No. He doesn’t have a reliable source. I meant that he (my friend) and I have been texting back and forth. We’re trying to come up with a trade that me (not the Seahawks) and him (not the Cowboys) agree on as fans. Sorry for the confusion.

    • BobbyK

      Since I no longer trust Carroll and Schneider to do sh!t with early draft picks, I’d prefer to acquire young players who have proven they don’t suck in the NFL.

    • Seahawkwalt

      Your thoughts or someone w intel?

    • Seahawkwalt

      Your thoughts or a source’s

      • BobbyK

        Totally my random thoughts.

  22. cha

    One thing I keep coming back to with RW, is if he’s really concerned about how he looks, he needs to drop that concern now. If he wants to leave, he has to be clear about it.

    Hee needs to look no further than Seattle icon Ken Griffey Jr.

    The Mariners had just launched a jewel of a ballpark and Griffey, their cornerstone, hated it. He wanted to leave.

    Griffey wanted out of Seattle. It was a hugely ugly situation, with distrust, changed minds, lack of agreement, broken promises, and it was played out in the press.

    Fans were very angry. Angry at the team, angry at the front office, and angry at their hero.

    But Griffey got to ‘go home’ to Cincinnati, be closer to his young family.

    Cincinnati got a huge name and opened their own new ballpark on the wave of popularity.

    And the Mariners put together the greatest regular season in MLB history shortly after that.

    Does anyone remember how ugly it was? Many do, but not really. Time passed. He came back, and all was forgiven. Look at how he finished a season:

    Russ just needs to man up and just make his move. It will pass. It will.

    • Rob Staton


      If he wants out it’s simply time to say so

      • Sea Mode

        But privately, right? Cause if he says so publicly the Hawks lose leverage like the Texans, right? There has to at least be the option for them to walk away from the offer in order to have any power in negotiating.

  23. Denver Hawker

    If we’re going to rosterbate with Dallas, here’s my preference:

    Dallas gets:
    – Russ
    – Duane Brown

    Seattle gets:
    – Zach Martin
    – 2021 R1, R3
    – 2022 R1
    – 2023 R1
    – dead-money relief from a restructured Russ deal

    Russ gets a team with weapons and a strong o-line, a driven owner.
    Hawks get younger at LT, recoup Adams picks (slight trade up)

    – still need a QB, but now have cap room and draft capital to quickly restock the fridge.

    • All I see is 12s

      Not enough

    • Denver Hawker

      My bad, I thought Martin could play LT, but hasn’t since college. That changes the equation a smidge. Still would be a major upgrade to the Line and a solid dude.

    • Dinosaw13

      Need CD Lamb and Trevon diggs as well.

  24. Hoggs41

    Another question is how many teams do we think he would say yes to?

    • Rob Staton

      Probably not many. But there are a few.

  25. Rowdy

    My biggest problem with Wilson’s call out of the oline is that I never thought you could have a great line with Wilson at QB. His style of play leaves the oline compromised to many times. To the point, I’m not sure we’ll ever really know how good it is. I feel the best line in football will be above average at best with wilson. I’ve also been really frustrated the last 4 years when they go with 3 to 4 low cost linemen in fa rather then spend money on one. So I agree with Wilson on that but how much can the hawks spend on the line when Wilson’s style will never let them be great.

    The new OC system should help a lot by masking looks with misdirection and quicker plays that take advantage of deep safeties looks. Not to mention disguising runs to keep dlines at bay. But more then anything I hope he work with Wilson on moving around the pocket that he’s given and being more decisive when leaving the pocket. To many times he stumbles around and ends up running into his oline or worse the dline when doing so.

  26. Aaron

    Guess we can’t complain or criticize Russ right now, end of story…

  27. millhouse-serbia

    I am glad you asked someone to explain most important thing at this moment, and thats could dead money be decreased. Because if cant no sense to talk about trade. And most of seahawks beat writers still quote that dead money as biggest reason for no trade. And i guess it wasnt that hard for them to ask someone with intel to explain them how that works. Shame on them! Really poor job by all of them as usual.

    And i guess my questions about it werent spam, because of how important and unknown was that.

    • millhouse-serbia

      And yes, shame on them and bravo for you!

      And thank you for asking!

  28. millhouse-serbia

    Now we know they can lower dead money. And more and more people agree RW wants out. So trade is possible this off season… Next we should think and talk about is what amount of dead money is acceptable for Seahawks?

    32m so there is no negativne influence on SC… Or they would want more because they need to pay that QB position…

    And also if Russ for example repay 15mil, does that decrease dead money for all 15m or for 9mil…i guess its for 9(65-15=50 50/5y=10 3more years of 10 is 30m dead money… And 39-30=9m savings) but it would be great if someone with knowlege would explain that…

    • millhouse-serbia

      Imo they would accept to take 20m dead money, to save 12m comparing to current cap hit. So that means dead money should be lowered by 19m. And if my guesses are correct Russ should repay 19/3=6 6*5=30m to Seahawks. Is he readdy to pay back 30m to go somewhere else? I think he is!

      • cha

        This whole thing is without precedent, so we don’t have a concrete roadmap to work from.

        But I don’t think you’re far off.

        The big problem is as Joel Corry said, the more you free up, the more that impacts the trade compensation coming back. The new team would have to turn right around and write Russ a large check.

        How much? Well Houston and Cleveland set the price for a 2nd round pick at $16m in 2017 when they came up with that creative trade for Brock Osweiler. The Browns ate his cap room and got a nice pick in return.

        • millhouse-serbia

          No i dont agree with that. If Russell is willing to lose 30m,cap hit for new team would be 18,24,25m for next 3 years. That new team wont have anything with Seahawks dead money.

          Or new team and Russ could negotiate new contract from begining. But point is that new team doesnt have anything with Seahawks if Russ pay money back to Seahawks. They wont eat some part of money for Seattle as Cleveland did with Brock. At least its how i see things.

          • millhouse-serbia

            I mean they would get Russ with 19m base salary guaranteed for 2021 and thats all. Everything else is negotiable. And if he asks from them to pay him that 30m, his cap hit would be 29,34 and 35m. And thats more than ok for player like Russ.

          • cha

            Russell Wilson isn’t going to write the Seahawks a massive check and kiss that money goodbye without some arrangement to get it back from the new team. You better believe that will affect the trade compensation.

            • millhouse-serbia

              Ut why would it? For example what if you trade for him when he is taged, and you need to sign completely new contract… You think it would be cheaper than 29,34,35mil with 30m signing bonus on 3 y contract? And as i said they can sign completely new contract, just need to take 19m basa salary guaranteed for 2021…

              • cha

                I guess I’m not explaining it very well.

                If the Seahawks do the trade as is right now they have a $39m dead cap hit and the new team will have – as you said – cap hits of 19, 24 and 26 the next three years.

                Let’s just say the team trades 4 first round picks in that scenario.

                But in a scenario where the Seahawks (rightly) refuse to make that trade without some cap relief, and Russ decides to write a big check and repay some of that bonus money to lower the cap hit for Seattle, he’s going to rightly expect to get it back from the new team.

                He’s negotiated a contract with $65m of bonus money and cap hits of 19, 24, and 26 with the Seahawks. That’s what he’ll expect to be paid. Russ isn’t going to just walk away from the amounts he’s negotiated. This is all just a means to an end.

                The new team is going to have to pay Russ the bonus money he paid the Seahawks and they’ll prorate it over the life of the deal.

                The team is not going to agree to give 4 first round picks in that trade. It’ll have to be less since they’re now paying a ton more money.

                • millhouse-serbia

                  I explained that in my last post on the bottom. Basicaly we are speaking same thing. If hey want 19,24,26 they would need to give more than with 29,34,36 cap hits. But imo starting point for new team should be Russ salary of 35m apy not 22 m apy, agree?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure it will impact the trade comp that much.

          If you want a franchise QB that badly you get it done

          This isn’t like doing a deal for a safety

  29. Tim

    The early part of this discussion — Russ carrying the team when the defense was playing badly — has me wanting to get feedback on a pet theory of mine.

    Is it possible that the defense had troubles in part because the offense went boom and bust in the first half? When the offense is on the field, the defense can rest — > I’d really, really like to see an analysis of the average length of Seahawks offensive drives in the first half, compared to the second half.

    Does anyone agree? Thoughts?

    My Disclaimers:
    1. I am aware that the defense suffered from blown assignments in the first 8 weeks.
    2. I believe that Carlos Dunlap’s arrival made a major, major difference.
    3. I’m not claiming that Russ’s strategy is one that would lead to that result – for all I know, he wants balance, a stronger sense of pocket safety, and great receivers to work with.

    But Antonio Brown –> Antonio Brown signed for the veteran minimum to play with the Bucs. Part of the powerful Bucs team was players hopping onto the Tom Brady train, playing on the cheap in order to win the super bowl.

    That’s not an easy thing to make happen.

    • cha

      To a degree, yes.

      The defense was terrible and couldn’t hold leads. But the offense couldn’t protect the leads they’d built by grinding out first downs in the running game or using their TEs. They just kept bombing away and that caused problems.

      The Dallas game is one that I often think of.

      The Seahawks score TDs on both sides of the half and are up 30-15 in the 3rd Q. Dallas gets the ball back and can’t do anything, they have to punt. Dak looks shaky. Game in hand.

      Offense takes the ball and….can’t do much of anything. 2nd and 10 they call a long developing play and there’s nothing there so RW scrambles. 3rd and 8 another deep pass and RW is sacked.

      They punt, and then the defense give up a quick TD on the very next play. 30-22.

      The offense takes the ball and…it’s the exact same story. They call a long developing play on 3rd and 7 and RW is sacked. They punt, and a few plays later the Cowboys hit another long bomb TD. 30-28. Game no longer in hand.

      So yeah, the defense was terrible. But the offense had collected all these awesome weapons in the running game and the tight ends, but couldn’t or rather wouldn’t use them to ice games.

  30. millhouse-serbia


    Here is how i see things…

    Lets say Russ is taged..
    Russ trade value is for example two 1st, two 2ndamd pro bowč pžayer…And reality is his cap hit should be around 35m apy…So new team need to give that if they want RW3…

    But if they want RW for 3 years on 19m, 24 and 25m cap hit (because seahawks would eat 10m per year) then they need to add compensation to trade for him…

    It’s almost completely opposite of Cle-Hou-Pswailer situation…

  31. DC

    Rather than sell Russ this year I’d like 1 more season to get the offense ‘right’. Then in 2022 get the defense right. Take a little time to set the table so to speak instead of pulling the trigger with the gun in the holster every year. (I was going to use a more colorful analogy)

    The core of this plan is simple enough. Sign FA C Alex Mack for a modest 2 year deal to teach the incoming youngsters. Then with one small trade down grab the following,
    #66 Quinn Meinerz, OC/OG Wisc-Whitewater
    #107 Ben Cleveland, OG Georgia OR Aaron Banks, OG Notre Dame
    #129 Kylin Hill, RB Miss St
    #168 CB (Benjamin St-Juste, CB Minnesota/someone else)
    #209 Chris Evans, RB Michigan OR

    Meinerz can learn from behind or next to Mack if he wins the LG spot. Mack brings a great vet presence to the position & mentors others in his twilight years. We double down on RBs & hope that between Hill, Evans & Penny that we get the job done. Look for an A. Brown situation to add another weapon at WR. Hope that our new OC understands how to utilize the TE position better than our last OC. These are all realistic moves that could be made & could help tremendously, paying instant dividends. Let’s shore this offense up and give it one more year. I’m not ready to give up the greatest QB in franchise history. It’s urgent that we right the f’ing ship!

    • Mick

      I’d love to have Ben and Quinn, but I doubt RW will be sold on them and convinced to stay. Not to mention Mack. It’s either we let Russ go and rebuild the roster or if we want to keep him, we sit him down at a table, put a list of big names on it (Thuney, Scherff, …) and ask him for which of these guys he is ready to take a salary cut. And also if he is on board with trading Adams.

    • Rob Staton

      You’re not selling Russ.

      He seems to be trying to force his way out.

  32. Scot04

    Russell is not going to take a pay cut

    • Scot04

      Was meant as reply to Mick

    • Mick

      I don’t see how we can get him the players he wants otherwise. If he’s so worried about his legacy he needs to work with us, like Brady did. Otherwise we just let him go.

      Should that happen, we should seriously consider what kind of QB we need: a superstar, then take what you get for Wilson and sign Watson, or a solid starter who supports the run-first, defense strong game, and then we don’t overpay for the position. Maybe even a rookie like Kellen Mond would do, or someone like Daniel Jones or Marcus Mariota.

  33. Ukhawk

    Haven’t posted in a while and need to catch on the chat but nevertheless wanted to get something out:

    Are we “stuck” with Pete? Can PCJS make it happen again? This model work still? With our current capital ? Will Russ even be good by the time the team is good enough.

    -If PCJS can put a SB challenging team around RW before his contract/franchising runs out, then he stays.

    -If not, and PCJS needs a different model to win another SB, then ship him out, blow it up & try 2010-2014 again

    Tired of the slow descent into mediocrity

  34. Ghost Mutt

    It’s just so hard to see a trade being done this year – mainly cause the Jets have our 1st next year.

    Say we trade with Dallas, we get a 10th this year (in a deep draft without a lot of top-end talent). We also get future firsts, which will likely be in the mid to late twenties.

    Then we go ahead and suck in 2021 without our star QB, and give up a likely top 10 pick to the Jets? The two future picks we’d get from Dallas wouldn’t even be enough ammo to trade up to our vacated spot.

    I’m not saying Russ doesn’t want out, it’s pretty clear he does at this point. But despite how pissed off PC/JS are right now – they have to know it’s suicide to deal him this year.

    I think they do enough to keep him content for “one more shot” in 2021, with an agreement that he can openly talk to teams next off-season if he’s still not happy.

    • Rob Staton

      It’ll be suicide if he requests a trade and you make him stay too.

      • GoHawksDani

        To a certain extent…yes…But what can Russ do.
        Russ the team player, Russ the standup dude, the “good man”?
        Would he sit out? Would he openly cry in the media?
        It would hurt the FO for sure. But it would hurt him too.

        If he tells the media, that the relationship is broken, and he’d like to be traded to a team which takes better care of him (but plays through the season if it’s not possible), he’d be a hero, a true hard worker, “poor Russ, evil FO”. That’s the only card he can play, but I doubt it’d help his brand if he’d try to strongarm with the FO too much.

        I think he might be traded, but sorta agree with Ghost Mutt too.

        Russ says: I’d like to be traded
        FO: OK, what about the Jets?
        Russ: Nope, that’s not an option for me and no-trade clause, so you can’t force me
        FO: OK, where would you like to go?
        Russ: Who dat, who dat, who dat say they gonna beat them Saints!
        FO: They don’t have CAP, or many picks, it won’t happen
        Russ: OK, then Raiders
        FO: It wouldn’t work, because XYZ. But we can ask Miami or the Jags, what do you say…
        Russ: Nooo, I don’t like them 🙁

        Russ goes public that he wants to be traded, FO goes public that they offered 4-5 teams to RW, he didn’t like them.
        It’s a lose-lose situation to some extent.
        I think FO would likely say: Now we cannot really trade you to XYZ teams because of the CAP and picks situation, but we’ll build a stronger OL this year, and you’ll get a stud RB, and if you’ll feel like it, we’ll have more room to operate next year, and will let you choose 2-3 teams and we’ll make it work for you.

        Team wins: No added issues because of the Jets trade, easier contract situation with Russ, one more year to figure out the QB situation
        Russ wins: Better flexibility to choosing the team he’d like to play for. A shot to close his career nice in SEA (SB is doubtful, but with a good season his trade value would even be better and it could remove the bad taste of this whole media war from fans’ mouth)

        I think if there’s a team Russ would like to play for, and they can give good trade compensation and Russ wants to go, he’ll go this year. I’m just not sure there is

        • Rob Staton

          If he wants out, the team is not going to be able to force him to play. You have a duty to yourselves at that point to get what you can and move on. And there will be no shortage of offers.

  35. millhouse-serbia

    Some interesting notes redarding only money… If for example RW repay Seahawks 30mil…that will lower dead money for 19mil and will save 12mil in salary cap for Seahawks…

    And then team that trade for Russ give him 30mil as signing bonus…

    Lets say we trade with Jets and get no2 pick(among others) …

    1. Russ lose NOTHING… He gave 30mil to Seahawks and get that money back from Jets

    2. Jets after giving Russ 30mil signing bonus will have him on 3y contract 29,34,36m per year in next 3 years… That is Russ market value and we could say they lose nothing.

    3. Seahawks save 12mil and with pick no2 take QB and pay him 6mil in first year…They save 6mil in cap space replacing QBs…

    So from SC and money perspective no one lose anything…

    • Rob Staton


      But don’t tell some members of the local media — because they’ve already decided that a trade is 100% impossible due to the dead cap hit.

      I remember when journalists used to dig around on stories like this to find out what’s going on. Not be condescending arse holes on twitter, acting like they know everything.

      • SonGoku

        G. Bell seems to be the new owner and shuts down all the trade rumors

        • Rob Staton

          Like I said, there used to be a time when journalists would see a story like this and do some digging.

          Find out what’s going on.

          Not try to shut down debate because of their own feelings on a subject.

    • Henry Taylor

      I’m not saying this can’t happen, but wouldn’t this require Russ to have $30m lying around to pay back the bonus before leaving?

      I know I don’t have the equivalent of a years salary (a little less than 30m for me) that I could just withdraw even if I knew I’d be getting it straight back.

      • Rob Staton

        Not if a team is willing to guarantee he gets that back the day the trade is finalised.

        Plenty of companies would be willing to loan him that money for 24 hours.

  36. millhouse-serbia

    I guess John is watching tone of tape of Wilson and Fields right now and doing his homework on them… If he thinks one of them is it, and thinks he can get his guy with picks he gets in trade for Russ, imo we will be witnesses of biggest trade in history of NFL this off season.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t limit it to those two.

      • millhouse-serbia

        What you think about Kaep? That would be real American story, to come back and win Lombardi in his first year😁

        • Rob Staton


        • Jordan E

          Maybe like 3-4 years ago when he was still fresh and playing lol

    • DC

      Those Ohio State QBs have really taken the NFL by storm… Not!

  37. millhouse-serbia

    Looks like Russ would need to write a chek before end of february…

    Someone should try to ask someone with knowlege and totally clarify this situation…

  38. Sea Mode


    Video of every Russell Wilson sack from the 2020 regular season. Divvy up the blame however you would like. But regardless, he was under pressure *a lot*

    • Simo

      Certainly the sack numbers and lack of top notch pass protection are a big issue for Russ, but it really seems like the bigger issue is his lack of continuity with Pete’s offensive style. They haven’t been on the same page for a few years now and things are exponentially getting worse!

      As Rob has pointed out, Russ sees other top QB’s getting what they ask for (could be more weapons, ability to run a modern offense, or simply more input into philosophy) while he isn’t really much involved in personnel or team building decisions (players or coaches). This lack of input and philosophy clearly isn’t sitting well with his desire to be the best ever, and he doesn’t see it improving his legacy.

      This is going to be a very stressful offseason for John and Pete, they are going to have to earn every last dollar of their salaries!

  39. millhouse-serbia

    Jaso OTC on situation…

    • millhouse-serbia

      Why he mentioned Pittsburgh? I there something about league office or he made a mistake?

  40. Sea Mode

    Locked On Colts Podcast
    · 14h

    According to @JawsCEOQB, #Colts have offered No. 54, 2022 2nd, plus a future 3rd or 4th for Carson Wentz:

    “My understanding is that the Colts have offered two 2nd-round draft choices, maybe a 3rd or 4th down the road. That appears to be the best offer I have heard.”

    • Simo

      This seems like a far cry from what the Rams gave for Stafford! Is Stafford really that much better of a QB than Wentz? I’m not suggesting this offer for Wentz isn’t fair, only that the market for starting caliber QB’s seems to be a bit higher.

      • dcd2

        Compensation baffles me sometimes.

        The price we paid for Jamal… The price the Rams paid for Stafford…


        The price we paid for Dunlap… The price Arizona paid for Hopkins… The price Baltimore paid for Calais

        • Simo

          Good point you’ve made, no question there’s quite a bit of volatility and variation in player values from team to team and situation to situation!

          I just thought that prices might be more comparable for QB’s, but perhaps not. Although his career in Philly has been less than spectacular, Wentz is four years younger than Stafford and a former #2 overall pick! Guess both Wentz and Goff haven’t lived up to their high draft status!

  41. Sea Mode

    Interesting stuff. Almost like they adjusted to their opponent. What a novel idea…

    Ron Jaworski
    ·Feb 9

    #GoBucs defense changed their identity in #SuperBowlLV!

    Entering game: TB blitzed 4th MOST in NFL (38.6%). #SBLV, about 10% blitz!

    Entering game: TB played nearly 41% MAN Coverage. #SBLV, only 21% MAN (both stats, lowest rate of Bowles 2 yrs in Tampa)


    How did the #GoBucs protect @TomBrady ?

    Play Action passes & heavy formations!

    OL @JoeHaeg59 played a postseason high, 21 snaps as the 6th OL..

    Brady used Play Action 43% of pass plays, more than DOUBLE his 2020 avg entering #SBLV (20.4%)


    Digging deeper into the stats from #SuperBowlLV:

    Entering the game, KC lead the entire NFL in pressuring QBs (35.8% of Dropbacks)

    Vs #GoBucs, KC got to Brady only 13.3% of the time! (Chiefs LOWEST rate of 2020!)


    #GoBucs OTs @TristanWirfs74 & @DSmith_76 were highest graded Offensive players in #SuperBowlLV, according to @pff

    @TomBrady when protected:
    21-26, 3TD, 137 pass rating 🔥

    When under pressure:
    0-3, 1Sk, 39 pass rating 🥶️

    Value your OL/pass pro!!!

    • DC

      As opposed to, “we had a really good game plan to stop their running game”.

      • Sea Mode

        Indeed… *sigh*

        • Big Mike

          Pete Carroll!!


  42. Swisshawk

    – RW to Miami for #3, #18, two second rounders, QB Tua
    – Bobby to ?? for 2 rounder (Brooks starts at MIKE)
    – Admas stays but transitions to WILL (15 Mill a year contract)

    #3 = OT
    #18 = CB
    2 = LB
    2 = IOL
    2 = RB

    – LG Scherff
    – C Mack
    – DE Ngakue
    – DT Cox (if cut for cap purposes)

    – Good OL (Brown, Scherff, Mack, Lewis, Sewell (LT of the future)
    – young & fast back 7 on D (Adams, Brooks, LB drafted, CB drafted, Blair, Diggs, Reed)
    – quality DL (Dunlap, Reed, Cox, Ngakue)

    • Sea Mode

      I like some of the other ideas, but you lost me at Adams to WILL. Adams cannot play WILL, sorry. He’s a safety, not big or long enough for LB. Just no.

      • millhouse-serbia

        I dont know what to think about Tua. I didnt like what i saw in his first season. What you think? Could he be good enough to win SB with great defense?

        • Sea Mode

          Honestly, I haven’t watched him play in the NFL. But with the LOB? Probably.

      • Big Mike

        Agree 100% Sea Mode. Adams can’t stay healthy as a blitzing Safety (4 games missed and at least 2 others with badly reduced effectiveness this past season). He sure as hell won’t stay healthy as a WILL.

        • Sea Mode

          It’s not just about health, either. He simply doesn’t have the body type to play WILL. He’s not going to fight through blocks and make the tackle. They would run right at him every play. Not sure why the idea is even brought up, tbh.

          • Rob Staton

            You’re absolutely right Sea Mode. Playing him at WILL would be an invitation to run the ball his way every single down.

  43. Sea Mode

    Lol, when everybody and their grandma knows who you are going to draft, might as well start hyping it up as officially unofficial as you can…

  44. SonGoku

    What about the Raiders? Rob mentioned this could be a team that’s interested. Could we get Carr, Jacobs and a few 1st-Round-Picks? At what offer would you pull the trigger?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d rather they trade Carr somewhere else, to get more draft stock, then give us a whole host of picks plus Mariota.

      • SonGoku

        You have a high opinion on Mariota, don’t you? Could you imagine him thrive in a PC offense?

        • Rob Staton

          I just think he has a mix of talent, a point to prove, no entitlement at this stage in his career and I’d rather have him fighting and scratching to make it while looking at what’s available in future drafts, than simply paying a fortune for someone who isn’t elite.

          • SonGoku

            Would you prefer him over Tua?

            • Rob Staton

              100% yes

          • dcd2

            Agree on this 100%. Mariota is humble to a fault and would be a nice fit and a bargain basement price.

            I wonder if Clelin Ferrell/Maxx Crosby and/or J Abram could be a part of a deal as well. If our theory about wanting Abram is correct, that would provide an avenue to move Adams as well, while strengthening the DL and possibly the secondary.

  45. Sea Mode

    Short arms. He’ll probably fall to R2…

    Jane Slater

    The measurements are in for #Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence

    Official weigh in:
    Height 6055 (6’5” 5/8)
    Weight 213
    Hand 10 even
    Arm 31 4/8
    Wing 78 2/8

  46. GoHawksDani

    OK, we’re throwing around with teams like the Jets, Raiders, Cowboys, Miami…
    But, it’ll be on Russ because of the no trade clause.
    I guess he’d like the Saints…but do we/can we have any clue which other teams could be interesting for him (teams that need QB).

    Potential QB needy teams:
    Washington, Bears, Jaguars, Broncos, Dolphins, Jets, Colts, Raiders, Eagles, Texans, Saints

    Questionable, but also maybe:
    Panthers, Browns, Steelers (not sure how much left in Big Ben), 49ers, Patriots, Falcons, Cowboys, Lions

    Lets say all of these teams are either lost their starting QB, or going to lose soon, or they are not happy with him.
    What could be an ideal location in the eye of Russ?
    Market, OC, HC, OL, WRs, TEs, RB would likely be the most interesting points to him.

    Tbh, I’m not really in picture with other teams neither the American market for these teams, so just a gut-feeling “wishlist of Russ”:

    1, Saints (they love football in NOLA, Brees, Payton, solid OL, creative playcall, gutsy FO, Thomas, Kamara)
    2, Cowboys (They love football. Mehh owner, but invested for sure. Elliot, Cooper, Lamb, great OL)
    3, Raiders (LV baby, well known HC – although he might not be RW’s cup of tea. Good WR group, aging but has some talent OL group, good RB)
    4, Pats (Because of Brady, it seems that football must be important there, Belichik, Brady played there, good FO usually, Michel, Edelman, Harry, OL seems OK but they could use a bit of improvement)
    5, Eagles (Philly is not seems to be a great market, but that’s just a guess. FO is OK, HC is gutsy, CAP is terrible. Raegor, Jeffrey, Jackson, Ertz, Goedert, pretty solid OL if they can keep it together with Peters, Kelce, Johnson)
    6, Texans (They love football there. OL sucks though and BoB destroyed this team…but Johnson is not a bad RB, Cooks, Fuller, Cobb are not bad WRs)
    7, Jaguars (good weather lol, OL seems solid, but not sure, Chark and Conley are not that bad)

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