Quarterback notes & possible Seahawks targets elsewhere

Talking quarterbacks

A few people have asked for thoughts on the quarterback class, given the rumours regarding Russell Wilson’s future.

If a trade actually does occur, I will watch every game of every top-end eligible quarterback to provide a thorough, much more detailed article. For now though, I’ll share a few thoughts on each player expected to go somewhat early.

It’s a difficult class to judge because Trevor Lawrence and Kellen Mond aside, they all have limited starting experience.

I’m not bothering with Trevor Lawrence. He’s going to be the #1 pick and all the riches in the world won’t tempt Jacksonville to trade that pick.

Zach Wilson (BYU)
He produces flashes of real magic. He does a lot of the things Mahomes and Murray do that ‘wow’ you — no look passes, throwing from different angles, superb throws on the run, low percentage downfield shots with accuracy. He elevated BYU to a new level in 2020. He’s mobile, accurate and has an X-factor personality (although he wasn’t named one of BYU’s eight captains for 2020, which is worth investigating). There are also moments where he misreads opportunities and makes odd decisions. I think this is indicative of a lack of actual playing time and experience. That suggests he might have some initial growing pains in the NFL and you can never tell whether players will elevate (like Josh Allen) or implode during that initial torrid experience. He doesn’t have the outstanding physical tools like Allen, where the talent eventually matches up with the experience. He’s very skilled, though.

Justin Fields (Ohio State)
A bit like Wilson, there are times where he turns it on and you can’t take your eyes off the screen. We saw that against Clemson in the playoffs. He’s very capable of throwing downfield with accuracy. He was once a highly-recruited, major buzz talent and you see why. Fields is perfectly mobile — more than merely elusive but far from Kyler Murray or Lamar Jackson as a runner. Yet there are also multiple-turnover games and evidence of strange decision-making. There are examples of him holding the ball too long or hesitating to let it rip. There’s some carelessness in the pocket and indecision. I suspect Wilson and Fields are both capable of succeeding, especially with their creativity and improv, but whether they are capable of being top-eight QB’s is a question mark. Is Fields special enough to live with the idea that he’s going to go off-script a lot? Because I’m not sure you can necessarily slot him into a system. It’s also worth noting that he transferred from Georgia because they wanted to stick with the fairly average Jake Fromm. Clemson didn’t hold back Trevor Lawrence and quickly ousted Kelly Bryant.

Davis Mills (Stanford)
In terms of frame and natural ability, Mills just looks like a pro. He throws a very clean, tight spiral. He’s mobile enough to evade pressure and there are instances of him breaking a tackle, keeping his eyes downfield and throwing into the end zone for a touchdown. He’s very capable of staying on schedule, delivering the offense as intended but when he needs to take shots he has the physical ability to do it. He ran a 4.32 short shuttle at SPARQ and is a former five-star recruit. He’s far from a scrambling dynamo but neither is he a total statue who can’t extend plays. However, he only started 10 games in college and that’s a problem. Teams will love his frame, his technical ability and his poise. The question I have though, aside from his lack of playing experience, is what makes him tick? He looks ice-cool during interviews and his body language is incredibly calm. I can’t tell if he’s just a man in control or whether he reminds me of Josh Rosen — all the talent but does he have the edge to succeed?

Mac Jones (Alabama)
Simply watching him on ESPN, it’s very easy to assume Jones made a big impression at the Senior Bowl. He looked in complete control and owned the field. He was being coached hard by the Panthers and was listening intently and cracking jokes with the coaches. Simply put, he looked like he belonged. His personality reminds me of Philip Rivers — a man who is at his happiest on a football field with a bunch of guys. Someone who isn’t intimidated by the pressure and spotlight that comes with being a quarterback. He has nearly 10-inch hands which helps. That said, he does have physical limitations. He throws a lot of contested passes that came off at Alabama because he threw to studs and was well protected. At the next level, some of those could be turnovers. He lacks the arm strength to drive the ball downfield 50 yards. Yet anything on a short-to-medium range he is accurate, delivers a crisp throw and he can move the ball. Physically, he reminds me a bit of Matt Hasselbeck. In a timing offense that is well structured, he can be a fine starter. If you want improvisation and off-script magic — he’s not the guy. He’s also only a one-year starter.

Trey Lance (North Dakota State)
He’s big and athletic. He makes a lot of plays where he takes off running and he’s difficult to stop. He’s not a sudden, lightning-quick runner but he has long strides that chew up yards. He can even run over defenders to get an extra yard or two. As a passer, he has no problems throwing downfield. There are examples on tape where he throws with great accuracy and placement. However, the NDSU offense was so carefully manufactured and he had a lot of throws in 2019 where the tight end (for example) was schemed so open it was ridiculous. He also has limited starts and in his one game in 2020 he turned the ball over and looked incredibly rusty. Lance is extremely difficult to work out. I’m not convinced he has the same upside as Jordan Love, a late first round pick, yet there are some similar physical tools to work with. As with most of these players though — there aren’t enough games to feel totally comfortable with your projection. And that’s a problem.

Kellen Mond (Texas A&M)
After a very inconsistent period as a starter, Mond settled into his role and took a big step forward in 2020. It kind of flew under the radar that A&M’s only loss was against powerhouse Alabama. Mond played very well and has a lot of attractive qualities. His deep ball has velocity and accuracy. His arm strength is the best among the names listed here and it showed during red zone drills at the Senior Bowl. He was much more able to fit passes into tight windows with a bit of extra mustard. When he turned it on in 11v11 drills and the game itself (after an admittedly sluggish start) he looked fantastic. He reminds me of a less mobile Colin Kaepernick — with a similar frame and spear like velocity on his throws. He’s used to dealing with pressure at A&M and throwing with a defender in his face — which he started to master by 2020. There’s a lot to work with here and for me, he’s a candidate to be a Dak Prescott-style ‘how did he last that long?’ type prospect.

Kyle Trask (Florida)
He has physical limitations. There are several instances where he misreads open receivers and then looks frustrated on the field because he knows what happened a split-second too late. He had a poor end of the season, turning the ball over way too much. He was able to move the ball effectively and chuck it around the field for most of his time as a starter. However, as soon as the game plan went awry he struggled to improvise or make any kind of inspired adjustment on the fly. He isn’t mobile or creative. Some of his turnovers were down to his inability to shift off script when reads are taken away. To me he’s a backup level player who will need to operate in a structured, managed offense that does a lot of the heavy-lifting for him.

Possible targets at other positions

Over the years we’ve been able to piece together what the Seahawks have looked for at each position. There are clear trends, as outlined in my combine preview a year ago. I’d recommend reading that for the ins and outs.

With no combine this year we’re going to have an incomplete process. Even if most teams host a pro-day — there’s no guarantee we’ll get all of the testing numbers and information.

The list below includes the players that we know, generally, fit what the Seahawks look for — in terms of physical profile and/or playing style.

Offensive linemen

The Seahawks are very strict when it comes to arm length (+33 inches). The only recent exception was Joey Hunt, a sixth round flier. Simply put, it would go against a decade-long trend for them to take an O-liner early with sub-33 inch arms. That doesn’t mean it definitely wouldn’t happen — it’s just less likely. That’s what history tells us. Sadly, in the case of this draft class, it could rule out the likes of Creed Humphrey, Landon Dickerson and David Moore.

They’ve also continued to focus on explosive traits. Damian Lewis scored a 2.97 in TEF and a strong 97.1 in weighted TEF. In 2019, Phil Haynes was the second most explosive offensive lineman in the draft.

We can’t determine explosive traits without testing numbers (vertical, broad, bench) and we’ll struggle to get that data this year. However, we can still look at the arm-length threshold and try to identify possible athletes who fit the bill.

Quinn Meinerz (G/C, UWW)
At the Senior Bowl he measured at 6-3 1/4 in height, 320lbs in weight and he has 33 inch arms (82 inch wingspan). Meinerz is perfectly crafted to play center at the next level and is right in Seattle’s wheelhouse for left guard or center. They also put a lot of stock in the Senior Bowl, so the fact Meinerz excelled in Mobile is another check mark. Is he explosive? He can dunk a basketball at 320lbs — suggesting he’ll test well in the vertical and broad jumps.

Ben Cleveland (G, Georgia)
He has outstanding size, measuring at 6-6 3/8 and 354lbs with 33 inch arms. The crazy thing is he doesn’t carry bad weight. He’s a monster. He’s also a freakish athlete. He ran a 5.11 at SPARQ and the expectation was he’d run something similar this year. He was being tipped to break the combine record of 49 reps on the bench press — the Georgia staff had to stop him at 45 on campus to avoid injury. He can do a single-arm dumbbell press at 160lbs.

Aaron Banks (G, Notre Dame)
There’s been a lot of talk about the Seahawks changing up their approach to the O-line and moving to more of a LA Rams approach, following the hiring of Shane Waldren. This is unlikely. Firstly, they’re already committed to Duane Brown, Damian Lewis and Brandon Shell as starters. Secondly, Mike Solari remains the O-line coach. Since Solari’s arrival, they’ve favoured massive size at left guard. Banks is 6-5 3/8, 338lbs and has 33 1/8 inch arms (82 inch wingspan).

Trey Smith (G, Tennessee)
Smith has the size — 6-5 1/2, 331lbs, 33 3/4 inch arms, 83 1/8 inch wingspan. However, he’s a very different player to Aaron Banks. He looks like an athlete. If you were going to sculpt a first round interior lineman, they would look like this. He was the top college recruit in 2017 at any position, so he has a pedigree. However, his play on the field was wildly inconsistent and he’s had serious health problems (blood clots). Someone will take a chance on his upside though and with the right coaching and guidance — the potential is clear.

Alex Leatherwood (T/G, Alabama)
He’s 6-5 1/8, 318lbs with 34 3/8 inch arms and a huge 85 3/8 inch wingspan. He insisted on playing tackle at the Senior Bowl and had a difficult showing against any speed rush in the 1v1’s. Yet in the 11v11 drills, he excelled. Leatherwood probably doesn’t have the feet and twitch to play left tackle in the NFL but he’s a plug-and-play guard if nothing else with at least the potential to transition. We know the Seahawks like physical, tough linemen from Alabama.

D’Ante Smith (T, ECU)
A small-school diamond at the Senior Bowl — Smith showed off terrific athleticism to handle tackle and guard duties in the 1v1’s. He played with aggression and an attitude. He used his length well and flashed balance, footwork and power. He’s 6-5 with 35 1/4 inch arms plus an 85 1/8 inch wingspan. He only weighed 294lbs however and needs to time to grow and develop his frame. Even so — he looked like a potential project to play tackle in the future. After a great Senior Bowl, he probably moved himself into day two of the draft — if not round two.

Josh Myers (C, Ohio State)
I don’t have measurements but he’s listed at around 6-5 or 6-6 in height so there’s at least a fair chance he has the arm length Seattle craves. At SPARQ he ran an incredible 4.49 short shuttle at 310lbs plus a 5.11 forty. He also jumped a 30 inch vertical. His physical profile is highly athletic and explosive — plus he’s Mr. Consistency on tape. I think he’ll go in the top-40 but if he’s available for the Seahawks he’s an option.

Tight ends

Seattle has drafted five tight ends under Pete Carroll (if you don’t count Stephen Sullivan who was kind of picked as a player with no real set position):

Nick Vannett
Luke Willson
Anthony McCoy
Will Dissly
Colby Parkinson

They also traded for Jimmy Graham and signed Zach Miller and Greg Olsen.

All eight players are linked with a certain characteristic — strong agility testing:

Luke Willson — 4.29 (ss), 7.08 (3c)
Will Dissly — 4.40 (ss), 7.07 (3c)
Nick Vannett — 4.20 (ss), 7.05 (3c)
Anthony McCoy — 4.57 (ss), 6.99 (3c)
Zach Miller — 4.42 (ss), 7.01 (3c)
Jimmy Graham — 4.45 (ss), 6.90 (3c)
Greg Olsen — 4.48 (ss), 7.04 (3c)
Colby Parkinson — 4.46 (ss), 7.15 (3c)

Now let’s look at some of the top performing tight ends in the NFL in recent history in relation to the three cone:

Rob Gronkowski — 7.18
Hunter Henry — 7.16
T.J. Hockenson — 7.02
Zach Ertz — 7.08
Travis Kelce — 7.09

There’s a league-wide trend that says agility testing is vital for tight ends.

Tre’ McKitty (TE, Georgia)
One of the top performers at the Senior Bowl — McKitty flashed incredible hands making a couple of one-handed snares. He has 11-inch mitts which help. However, it’s his agility testing that really appeals. He ran a 4.13 short shuttle at SPARQ despite weighing 240lbs.

Tommy Tremble (TE, Notre Dame)
Seen by many as a candidate to be a Kyle Juszczyk-style full back — Tremble is a determined and at times fearsome blocker. He could also catch Seattle’s eye as a tight end candidate. He ran a 4.20 short shuttle at SPARQ and jumped a 36 inch vertical.

Pat Freiermuth (TE, Penn State)
His ‘Baby Gronk’ nickname is well deserved. In the right offense, Freiermuth has a chance to be a special tight end. His body control is superb and he’s a terrific weapon with the potential to develop into a complete-TE. At SPARQ he ran a 4.44 short shuttle at 248lbs.

Brevin Jordan (TE, Miami)
A dynamic pass-catching weapon who only really scratched the surface of his potential in Miami. He has special physical qualities including running a 4.21 short shuttle at SPARQ at 250lbs.

Running backs

The Seahawks have consistently drafted players with a similar physical profile at running back. It’s made it fairly straight forward to figure out who they might like.

This is basically the profile:

5-11, 220lbs, +32 inch vertical, +10 broad

Over the years we’ve been able to identify targets and narrow the list of likely options. When they’ve drafted running backs, we’ve been able to work out who they’re likely to be…


C.J. Prosise — 6-0, 220lbs, 35.5 inch vert, 10-1 broad
Kenneth Dixon — 5-10, 215lbs, 37.5 inch vert, 10-8 broad


Christopher Carson — 6-0, 218lbs, 37 inch vert, 10-10 broad
Brian Hill — 6-0, 219lbs, 34 inch vert, 10-5 broad
Alvin Kamara — 5-10, 214lbs, 39.5 inch vert, 10-11 broad
Joe Williams — 5-11, 210lbs, 35 inch vert, 10-5 broad


Saquon Barkley — 6-0, 233lbs, 41 inch vert DNP broad
Kerryon Johnson — 511, 213lbs 40 inch vert, 10-6 broad
Bo Scarborough — 6-0, 228lbs, 40 inch vert, 10-9 broad
Nick Chubb — 5-11, 227lbs, 38.5 inch vert, 10-8 broad
John Kelly — 5-10, 216lbs, 35 inch vert, 10-0 broad
Lavon Coleman — 5-10, 223lbs, 33 inch vert, 10-0 broad
Rashaad Penny — 5-11, 220lbs, 32.5 inch vert, 10-0 broad
Royce Freeman — 5-11, 229lbs, 34 inch vert, 9-10 broad


Jonathan Taylor — 5-10, 226lbs, 36 inch vert, 10-3 broad
Cam Akers — 5-10, 217lbs, 35.5 inch vert, 10-2 broad
Deejay Dallas — 5-10, 217lbs, 33.5 inch vert, 9-11 broad
AJ Dillon — 6-0, 247lbs, 41 inch vert, 10-11 broad
Zack Moss — 5-9, 223lbs, 33 inch vert, DNP broad
James Robinson — 5-9, 219lbs, 40 inch vert, 10-5 broad
Patrick Taylor — 6-0, 217lbs, 34 inch vert, 10-3 broad

This year it’s going to be a lot harder to do this, unless we get full measurements and testing numbers.

However, without wanting to repeat myself too much, North Carolina’s Javonte Williams is exactly what they like at running back.

His physical running style and ability to break tackles and gain yards after contact is a Pete Carroll dream. He’s listed at 5-10 and 220lbs.

It’s been quite challenging to find alternative options. The combine would’ve helped shed some light. So in the meantime, I’ll just repost this highlights video for Williams. If you haven’t seen it before, you’ll see what I mean about his running style:

If you’re looking for late-round fliers with potential, Michigan’s Chris Evans (5-11, 219lbs) was once incredibly highly rated by scouts but a highly disappointing college career has tempered expectations.

Rhamondre Stevenson (6-0, 227lbs) has quick feet for his size but lacks explosive power. Khalil Herbert is incredibly dynamic but undersized (5-9, 204lbs) for Seattle and looks a far better fit for the 49ers. Trey Sermon (6-0, 213lbs) ended the 2020 season strongly but has never quite been able to put together a consistent run at Oklahoma or Ohio State.

Wide receiver

Pete Carroll has only drafted three receivers who haven’t run a 4.4 forty or faster (Kenny Lawler 4.64, Chris Harper 4.50, John Ursua 4.56). Two were seventh round picks.

Paul Richardson (4.40), Golden Tate (4.42), Tyler Lockett (4.40), Kris Durham (4.46), Kevin Norwood (4.48), Amara Darboh (4.45), David Moore (4.42), D.K. Metcalf (4.33) and Freddie Swain (4.46) all cracked the 4.4’s.

We have enough data to say this quite definitively — unless a player runs a 4.4 or faster, the Seahawks are unlikely to consider them until the later rounds. Clearly they value speed and suddenness at the position even if you’re a ‘bigger’ receiver.

Again, without a combine it’s going to be extremely difficult to determine which players are likely to be on their radar. All we can do at the moment is project based on the limited information we have.

For the purpose of this article I’m not going to include the likes of Rondale Moore or Jaylen Waddle. Both will be drafted early and both would almost certainly run in the 4.4’s or faster. For many players, such as Elijah Moore, I would expect a fast forty but there’s no recorded information available online.

Tutu Atwell (WR, Louisville)
Atwell is only 5-9 and 190lbs but he can reportedly bench press nearly 400lbs and squat three times his body weight. On top of that, he’s run a 4.26 forty and a 3.9 short shuttle. He’s extremely dynamic on sweeps and deep shots.

D’Wayne Eskridge (WR, Western Michigan)
A star on the first two days of the Senior Bowl, Eskridge has propelled himself into the top-50 following a superb 2020 season. Reportedly he runs a 4.33, jumps a 37.5 inch vertical, benches 350lbs and can squat 505lbs.

Marquez Stevenson (WR, Houston)
He was praised for his performance at the Senior Bowl, displaying lightning speed and patience in his routes. He’s said to be capable of running in the 4.30 range and he was measured as reaching a top speed of 23mph in 2019.

Amari Rodgers (WR, Clemson)
He had an impact during the Senior Bowl game, connecting nicely with Kellen Mond in the end zone twice. At SPARQ he ran a 4.49 forty at 209lbs, adding a 4.27 short shuttle and a 38 inch vertical jump.

Defensive linemen

For defensive ends or LEO’s they’ve sought twitchy athletes with great burst.

Bruce Irvin and Cliff Avril ran 1.55 and 1.50 10-yard splits respectively. Anything in the 1.5’s is considered ‘elite’.

In terms of defensive tackles or inside/out rushers, Rasheem Green, Quinton Jefferson, Jordan Hill, Jaye Howard and Malik McDowell all tested superbly in the short shuttle (4.39, 4.37, 4.51, 4.47 and 4.53 respectively).

Bruce Irvin (4.03) and Frank Clark (4.05) both ran incredible short shuttles. Cassius Marsh’s 4.25 and Obum Gwacham’s 4.28 were also really good.

Arm length is also important and they’ve consistently sought defensive linemen with +33 inch arms.

Again — information is so limited at the moment. We’re unlikely to get any 10-yard split times. We might get the occasional short shuttle time reported from a pro-day. It’ll be harder than ever for us outsiders to judge who might be on Seattle’s radar.

I’ve selected three names below simply because of their previous testing numbers and measurements.

Adetokunbo Ogundeji (DE, Notre Dame)
His length was incredible — he measured at 6-4 3/8, 256lbs, 35 1/4 inch arms and an 85 3/8 inch wingspan. Those are the kind of numbers you notice for a potential LEO rush end. He had seven sacks and seven TFL’s for Notre Dame in 2020. We don’t have any vital 10-yard split numbers but he did run a 4.21 short shuttle at SPARQ. He received somewhat positive reviews for his Senior Bowl performance but I will need to watch the full 1v1 tape when it’s available.

Janarius Robinson (DE, Florida State)
He made headlines during Senior Bowl measurements with an insane 87 inch wingspan. He’s 6-5, 266lbs and also has 35 3/4 inch arms. Again — this is a dream for a LEO rusher. However, he looked incredibly raw in 1v1’s and he needs to learn how to make the most of his physical tools. Again, we don’t have a split time but he did run a 4.27 short shuttle at SPARQ.

Marvin Wilson (DT, Florida State)
Amid legit concerns about his conditioning, Wilson’s stock has fallen off a cliff and the chances are he’ll be a day three pick. He didn’t excel in 1v1’s in Mobile. However, his physical profile is remarkable. He’s 6-3 1/2, 319lbs with 33 inch arms and an 82 inch wingspan. He’s a former 5-star, #4 overall recruit who ran a 5.17 at 332lbs at SPARQ, then ran a fantastic 4.56 short shuttle. The talent is there — Wilson simply hasn’t put it together.


The Seahawks have tended to look for two types of player at linebacker — freakish athletes and players with great short-area quickness and agility.

Kevin Pierre-Louis, Korey Toomer, Malcolm Smith and Eric Pinkins all ran between a 4.44 and a 4.51 in the forty. Shaquem Griffin topped the lot with a 4.38. Pierre-Louis, Smith and Pinkins all jumped +39 inches in the vertical. Bobby Wagner was a 4.4 runner at his pro-day with a 39.5-inch vertical. Of the five players they’ve drafted with a +140 SPARQ score, Wagner, Pierre-Louis and Bruce Irvin are included.

Jordyn Brooks only ran the forty at the combine (4.54) but the team felt he was capable of a superb, all-round workout.

They’ve also targeted players who performed especially strongly in the short shuttle. Here are the top-15 short shuttle times run by a linebacker since 2010:

Jordan Tripp — 3.96
Nick Bellore — 4.00
Ben Heeney — 4.00
Mike Mohamed — 4.00
Nick Vigil — 4.00
Kevin Pierre-Louis — 4.02
Stephone Anthony — 4.03
Cody Barton — 4.03
Dakota Allen — 4.03
Von Miller — 4.06
Josh Hull — 4.07
Dorian O’Daniel — 4.07
Avery Williamson — 4.07
Shaq Thompson — 4.08
Ben Burr-Kirven — 4.09

Without short shuttle or combine testing, we’ll again be left with very little steer on this positional group. Two players stand out though as top-end athletes.

Baron Browning (LB, Ohio State)
A player who doesn’t get much love in the mock drafts but will probably go earlier than most expect. Browning ran a 4.18 short shuttle at SPARQ, jumped a 37 inch vertical and recorded an overall score of 131.91.

K.J. Britt (LB, Auburn)
He played superbly in the Senior Bowl game, showing skill and intensity throughout. He’s reportedly run a 4.22 short shuttle, jumps a 35 inch vertical and is hailed at Auburn for his worth ethic and leadership.

Defensive backs

By now everyone knows the Seahawks like cornerbacks with 32 inch arms. Those players are generally physical and tall and take pride in defending the run.

We’ll see if anything changes considering D.J. Reed has emerged as a starter. Pete Carroll hinted he was starting to reconsider his stance on arm length. However, actually doing it — especially with two players — would be a big departure.

It used to be that the Seahawks took a corner on day three of most drafts to replenish the stock. In the last three drafts, they’ve only taken one — Tre Flowers, who was converted from safety.

I haven’t studied the following players closely enough to pass comment on their ability. I usually wait until combine measurements to get into the corners. However, the following fit Seattle’s size requirements:

Bryan Mills (CB, NC Central)
6-1, 180lbs, 32 inch arms — flashed some good moments during the Senior Bowl

Robert Rochell (CB, Central Arkansas)
6-0, 195lbs, 32 3/8 inch arms — has been tested and ran a 4.38 then jumped an 11-8 broad and a 41 inch vertical

Mark Webb (CB, Georgia)
6-1 1/2, 210lbs, 32 1/8 inch arms — good reviews from his week in Mobile

Ifeatu Melifonwu (CB, Syracuse)
6-2 5/8, 212lbs, 32 1/8 inch arms — the brother of former combine standout Obi Melifonwu

Benjamin St. Juste (CB, Minnesota)
6-3 3/8, 200lbs, 32 inch arms — nearly retired from football but was one of the players who really boosted his stock at the Senior Bowl

D.J. Daniel (CB, Georgia)
6-0, 183lbs, 33 inch arms — also received positive reviews from Mobile

At safety there’s a real mix of physical profiles in the players the Seahawks have taken, making it a difficult position to project.

I thought I’d single out two players.

Andre Cisco (S, Syracuse)
Just a terrific playmaker. In 22 games he had 125 tackles, 12 interceptions, 16 PBU’s, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery. He has run a laser-timed 4.33 forty and jumps a 36 inch vertical. At SPARQ he ran a 4.25 short shuttle.

Divine Deablo (S, Virginia Tech)
I wanted to highlight Deablo mainly for his size. He’s 6-3 3/8, 226lbs and has 33 inch arms. He’s well put together and really fluid.

There are other names I would like to add to this list, many of which we discussed at length during the college football season. Some I’ve even interviewed. Until we get measurements and testing numbers, however, it’s difficult to commit.

I hope the league provides such data for fans if possible. There’s a thirst for the combine, otherwise they wouldn’t have moved it to Prime Time. And while much of the interest is based around watching a bunch of players run a forty — I suspect there’s enough people with significant interest in the draft process to play the game a little bit here.

Would it be too much to ask for the league to include pro-day results on the same page as Lance Zierlein’s scouting reports?

Let’s hope, one way or another, that information is forthcoming.

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  1. Mick

    Yey Rob, this is really cool. I’ll comment more after I read it again, I just wanted to say this is awesome.

    • Rob Staton


      • Hoggs41

        I agree Mick. The work Rob puts in for reports like this is fantastic.

  2. John

    I do think Russell stays this year just because of cap implications and the hiring of a new offensive coordinator. Next year if the season ends in a similar manner I think it would be wise for both parties to move on, as it would be a mistake if Seattle retains him until 2023 and he signs somewhere else in the offseason and Seattle gets no compensation.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d recommend watching our podcast John: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kPDPNXPI9s&t=2387s

      There’s no ‘waiting another year’. Wilson is 33 in November. It’s quite clear, that events during the season and philosophical differences are key here.

      He seems he’s simply had enough and wants to move on. When a quarterback makes that decision, there’s no going back.

      • Rowan

        I think they need to trade Russ to the Jets for Darnold and those 1s we gave them for Adams. Russ gets to go to his New York where his wife wants to go. Then we can trade Darnold to Houston with a few of those 1s for DeShawn Watson. Then we still need O-linemen…

  3. James Kupihea

    Official news is we can watch JJ Watt sign with someone other than seattle in the coming weeks… 😀

  4. Cysco

    I’m a fan of both Mac Jones and Kellen Mond.

    You can’t fake arm talent and I think those two have the best arms of the QBs listed. Their mechanics are sound, great footwork, tight spiral, good pace, quickish release, good ability to lead the target. In the pocket, they both look like NFL QBs. The fact that they both have good size and athleticism puts them over the top for me.

    Seems like Pete wants his QB to be more “traditional”. Stand in there, get the ball out quick, hit your targets, move the chains, don’t be a hero. Both these guys seem to be that kind of player. Neither may have the sports center magic of Murray, Wilson, Mahomes, but given the type of offense the Seahawks seem to be wanting to run, a QB in the mold of Jones and Mond could be just what’s needed.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Jones has the best arm. His arm strength is fairly average really.

  5. Spencer

    Amazing article. Time to start sinking my teeth in to the draft but with only 3 picks its hard to get overly excited.

    • Big Mike

      Yes but you got the 52nd ranked safety who only played 3/4 of the games for the Seahawks and was hurt several others so who needs draft picks?

  6. Denver Hawker

    If Russ stays, seems like it’d still be prudent to get someone like Mills or Mond if they last to R4. No immediate threat to Russ but able to groom as a backup and get up to NFL speed. Good insurance too if Russ parts after 2021 season.

  7. Rob Staton

    I will say this…

    If the Seahawks trade Wilson and get a haul of picks…

    I guarantee their first move is a call to the Houston Texans for Deshaun Watson.

    That’s the best way to draw a line, move on, keep your fans excited, keep your players motivated, stay competitive and unlike RW I suspect Watson would be grateful to be here.

    • Denver Hawker

      I agree. A nuance to this is that the potential Russ destinations are the likely the same Watson destinations. I’ve perused other fan site convos and while many are torn, slight consensus favors a trade for Watson over Wilson.

      • Hoggs41

        Thats my favorite idea yet if he is traded. It just seems like this year the two best suitors would be the Jets or the Dolphins. Going to the Jets wouldnt help him win a Super Bowl but Miami might.

    • AlaskaHawk

      What about Dak Prescott? He could be targeted since he has to negotiate a new contract.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Just saw that Prescott will get a franchise tag.

        • cha

          Where? Link?

        • AlaskaHawk

          It’s just rumors about what the owner is thinking.

    • Sea Mode

      Man, I don’t know. It depends on how much Watson buys into what Russ is saying about Pete. I feel like usually players tend to take the side of their fellow players against the team. Obviously, pretty much any organization is preferable to the Texans at this point, but I’m not sure how high Seattle in particular would be on his list.

      Say the offers are similar from the Dolphins and us. Which way is he going…?

    • GoHawksDani

      That would be a pretty wrong move. They cannot get more from Wilson than a trade for Watson would command.
      That’d mean you don’t have additional picks or CAP space, they just trade Wilson for Watson.
      That is not really a way how Pete could win an SB. Not with many holes all around the roster.
      I like Watson, but I’d hate that move (and also think Watson is overrated…he’s good, but not better than Wilson)

      • Rob Staton

        Or it could be the same comp. nobody knows.

    • Silly Billy

      Isn’t the point of trading Russ would be to save cap space?
      Trading a $35 Mill QB to then going after a $40Mil QB seems counter-productive.

      I always thought the argument was PC/JS could build a better team with an average veteran QB/potential rookie
      with additional $25-30Mil to spare, than with a star QB @ $35mil.

      • Rob Staton

        The point of trading Russ is if Russ wants to be traded, there’s no going back from that

      • Lewis

        Uh, no. Trading Russ will EAT cap space, at least for 2021, where it is the biggest issue. The point off trading Russ is that (assuming this is actually the case) the qb wants out.

        • Rob Staton

          Uh, no. Trading Russ will EAT cap space, at least for 2021

          Not if you get creative

          • Lewis

            I understand there are ways to get creative, like June 1 etc. my point was that in no way would it be done strictly as a cap saving move, as per the post we responded to.

  8. Denver Hawker

    Rob- Occasionally I poke around over at FG dodging the clickbait rubbish to find a few good articles. The daily links page doesn’t seem to link you lately as if they’ve decided to censor you. It doesn’t stop a few old SDB folks from passive aggressively trying to dunk on you each day. I’ve increasingly grown very disappointed in the so-called fan site.

    • Rob Staton

      Well it’s good to know the commenters on Field Gulls still read every article and comment, still spend a lot of time commenting on this place, and still waste so much time complaining about SDB.

      In the meantime, we stick to football & Seahawks talk.

    • Roy Batty

      That site is absolutely dominated by the Pete crowd. Any mention of moving on from Pete gets an avalanche of negative commentary. I used to post their, occasionally, but had my head bitten off as soon as I mentioned moving on from Pete. The mods have let a select few commenters trample over everyone else.

      I can’t imagine the scorn on anyone even mentioning Russ leaving when all this started a few days ago.

  9. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Other teams who sent coaches, personnel people or area scouts: #49ers, #Broncos, #Chargers, #Dolphins, #Eagles, #Giants, #Lions, #Patriots, #Raiders, #Saints, #Steelers, #Texans, #Titans.
    Quote Tweet
    Ian Rapoport
    · 1h
    Among key figures in attendance to watch #Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence:
    — #Falcons GM Terry Fontenot & coach Arthur Smith.
    — #Jaguars coach Urban Meyer & OC Darrell Bevell.
    — #Jets GM Joe Douglas & assistant GM Rex Hogan.
    — #Panthers OC Joe Brady.

    Seahawks choosing to take the high road and not passive-aggressively send someone dressed head to toe in blue and green to send a shot to Russ.

    • GoHawksDani

      I doubt most of these coaches travel there because they think they have any chance of drafting him. Most of them are more likely taking notes for when they’ll play against him

      • Roy Batty

        And, honestly, what would they see that hasn’t been shown on two years of constant nationally televised games.

        The guy was the featured football hero for two years for the media.

  10. cha

    Rob thanks for this piece.

    Last year took a ton of navigation between everyone dealing with the lockdown and the most bizarre Seahawks offseason in ages, and 2021 is already trying its darndest to match it.

    You’re helping keep everyone on track and the debate well-framed.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks cha

  11. cha

    Get Up
    from a source:

    “Deshaun Watson has a list of teams he’s ‘intrigued by’ … I didn’t get all the teams, but I was told that the Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers are two of them. … I was told the Jets, ‘eh probably not.'”

    • James Cr.

      Does he really want to go in the same division as Mahomes? The Broncos definitely have weapons though.

      • Scot04

        Knowing us. It will be Seahawks trade Wilson, 49rs aquire Watson…..

  12. Uncle Bob

    Another good post for the time we’re in relative to the off season progression. It will not only be difficult because of the lack of the accustomed measurables performances, but also the “intangibles” garnered in the face to face interview process. Perhaps Zoom-ish interviews will suffice, but aren’t quite the same, especially for coaches/management with career long reliance on reading body language in person.

    I’m focused on that aspect of the process because I think Pete is “desperate” for the added spark on the team from a dynamic, natural leader. Some fans will say that either/or both Bobby and Russ are those leaders, and they’d be correct to a degree. Leadership skills/abilities, however, plot on a spectrum of impact. Those two are team captains, and are the defined leader position on each of their squads, and are likely reasonably sufficient. But they lack a certain higher level of dynamic leadership that Pete once had with a guy named Kam. Chancellor possessed that rare quality of leadership that went beyond assigned, it was more “organic” if you will. The kind of leader that causes nearly the entire room to turn and look to, and listen to as soon as they come through the door. I believe that Pete was willing to pay a steep price for Adams in the hopes that Jamaal was “that guy”. Not exactly Kam, but the best available next generation. I’m not sure Pete got what he was hoping for, at least it’s not obvious enough. Yeah, Adams got fire okay, but that’s not necessarily leadership. If they aren’t able to work a respectable contract, and my assessment of Pete’s value equation is accurate, that might become evident in an Adams trade in addition to the financial aspects. If it works that way, along with the uncertainty of Russ or Bobby being traded for other reasons, where will Pete look for “that guy” to get the athlete leader I think he craves?

  13. Gohawks5151

    Awesome article. It’s nice to see this kind of article after the past few days. I’m really interested in Atwell and Eskridge at WR. I’m interested in the Roundtree kid at RB after the senior bowl too. KJ Britt seems like a good one but is he a WIll? Whether Bobby stays or goes he would have to play outside if Brooks moves inside. Plus his name sounds like the love child of KJ Wright and Justin Britt?

    I’ll rep some of my Oregon State guys too. RB Jermar Jefferson, EDGE Hamilcar Rashed Jr and CB Nashon Wright all have a shot to be within Seattle’s positional requirements when/if the numbers come out.

  14. cha


    Oh yeah.

  15. cha

    First Things First
    has created what he considers his masterpiece — a 4-team NFL Super Trade:

    Seahawks get: Jimmy G, Nick Bosa, 23rd pick & ’22 1st Rd pick (SF)
    49ers get: Deshaun Watson
    Texans get: 2nd, 12th, 34th picks, ’22 1st Rd pick (NYJ) & Sam Darnold
    Jets get: Russell Wilson



    • Silly Billy

      Lol, why tf would SF give a young blue chip pass rusher to a division rival?

    • Joe Bush

      What a dumb ass proposal. Nick Wright is a moron

  16. Allen Lowe

    Is it to early to speculate on possible destinations for RW? I’m of the mindset that RW checked-out after PC decided to play Pete ball last season. Everything I’m hearing and reading now indicates to me that RW wants out. I really like the idea of a Jacksonville or Miami trade given their assets. Jacksonville might make a lot more sense than people realize. But, and no offense Rob, if RW is traded the last thing I want to see is all the draft capital they receive being turned around and sent to Houston for Deshaun Watson. We would not gain anything and leave us right where were at now with no draft picks. Sure we could still trade Adams and possibly Wagner, but I don’t the return will be enough to fill all the holes this team has. This really is a great site, I enjoy the comments section almost as much as the articles (tips hat to Rob). So many good posters here!

    • BobbyK

      There are 2 teams in the NFL. Ones with QBs and the others without. The odds of reaching the Super Bowl is a heck of a lot better when you’ve got Patrick Mahomes over Ryan Tannehill, Josh Allen over Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers over Mitch Trubinsky, Tom Brady over Fitzmagic, Drew Brees over Case Keenum, etc. You want to be one of the teams without a QB so you can have a bunch of picks – many which will include, if history is any indicator, early round busts included – as opposed to having a franchise QB? Maybe we can trade for Teddy Bridgewater and his $20 million + yearly contract.

      • Trevor

        There are only 3 QB in the league who can lift a team and make everyone better. Mahomes, Rodgers and Brady. Josh Allen, Watson and Justin Herbert have that kind of upside but are not there yet.

        Guys like Russ, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers are all really good QB’s but have shown they need cannot carry a team by themselves come playoff time. Why keep trying to appease a guy and make him the highest paid player in the league so you can win 10 games and then lose in the first round of the playoffs. All joking aside Teddy Bridgewater can do that.

        Bite the bullet, rebuild and try to find a Rodger, Mahomes etc or build a great defence again. I know recent drafts have sucked but this front office has done it once before and I would prefer that than what we have seen the last 3-4 years.

        If PC / JS can’t do it again they will be shown the door in 2 years either way.

      • CallMeAL

        Ya, I want a lot of draft capital and cap space. A franchise quarterback and a team smart enough to use all of those things wisely! Unfortunately the reality is our quarterback wants out, we have no running back, need a tight end and our offensive line is average. We’re paying our middle linebacker 18 mil and have a safety who is going to want 20 mil. We need a will linebacker, cornerback, a defensive end and tackle. I could go on. And we’re going to fix all of this with four draft picks and no cap space. Sure bring on DeShawn Watson and let’s see if he is any better at running for his life than Russell and playing Pete ball. Oh, but he has a no trade clause and I’m guessing after talking to Russel he’s not coming here. Let’s have a quick show of hands, who here has any faith in PC and JS being able to fix this mess they created. I’ll take the draft picks and enjoy reading all the great articles by Rob suggesting what the Seahawks should do with those picks. And at least have some hope right up to the point of the draft!

  17. GoHawksDani

    I didn’t watch any college football this year, so I can only go with what you wrote. But based on these…from these guys I’d want Mac Jones.
    I don’t really want to pick a QB in the top10, and I don’t need magic happen in Pete-ball. Give me an amazing defense, a stable good running game, and creative playcall for short-medium passes. I’d be perfectly fine with a Pete-ball sprinkled with Belichik-ball. I’m OK with 12 x 6,5 yards from a kickoff, don’t need 1 x 75 yard play. Is that limits an offense or gameplan? Totally. They’d never put up 45 points, but Pete wants 21-17 wins. And while I’d more happy with something along the 24-6 scores, but if the offense can drive the ball down the field consistently, and the defense can really limit other team’s running and passing game, I only need consistency from the offense.

    So if we could turn (with a trade) Russ, Wagner and Adams into: R1, R2, R3 this year for example for RW, R3 for BWagz and R1 for Adams, trade back with the RW R1 pick a couple of times into the end of R1 (picking up 2x R3 and an R4 for example), trade back with the Adams pick from late R1 into early R2 picking up an R3 and R5…
    We’d have:
    late R1, R2, R2, R2, R3, R3, R3, R3, R4, R4, R5, R5, R6

    We might be able to draft them:

    R1 – Mac Jones
    R2 – Ben Cleveland or Leatherwood
    R2 – Atwell or Eskridge (if any of them are available in early R2)
    R2 – Meinerz or Myers for C
    R3 – D’Ante Smith
    R3 – one of the listed TEs (whoever might be available in R3. I like Tremble and Freiermuth the most)
    R3 – A CB (no idea who might be available and good here)
    R4 – Divine Deablo
    R4 – Marvin Wilson
    R5 – one RB (and sign Mike Davis)

    A total rosterbation, but it’d be fun to have a roster like this:
    QB – Mac Jones (and maybe some vet for backup)
    OL – Brown, Cleveland, Meinerz, Lewis, Shell/Smith
    WR – DK, Lockett, Atwell, Swain
    TE – Dissly, Freiermuth, Parkinson
    RB – Davis, Penny, Evans

    DL – Dunlap/Green, Reed, Ford/Wilson/Mone, Robinson/Taylor/Mayowa
    LB – Brooks, FA (Damien Wilson maybe?)
    CB – Sherm or Awuzie or Rhodes, Reed, rookie, Amadi
    S – Diggs, Blair, Deablo

    Hit-or-miss with ton of youth, but if they’d get lucky, they could have a ton of young guys on the cheap for a relatively long time

    With picks we’d get from Russ for the ’22 draft and more cap space, we could strengthen the RB position, LB, DL

    Definitely a multi-year re-build, but if someone likes offseason moves and the draft it would be pretty interesting 😀

    • Scot04

      Never been very excited about Mac Jones. I could see all top 3 RBs gone in top 40. I would prefer Javonte Williams or Jones if it’s low 1st high 2nd. Then a couple interior lineman. Although everything will come down to what we do with Wilson, Adams, and Wagner 1st.

      • IHeartTacoma

        Yeah, Mac Jones is behind a stud line, handing off to Najee Harris and throwing to so many stud receivers I can’t even name them all. I’m leery of his NFL potential.
        It’s like when Jerome Pathon and Corey Dillon made Brock Huard look good, only times 10.

    • Qoolio

      I was thinking along a similar line. Part of me feels bad considering what feels like a rebuild (especially when the tool chest of available cap space and picks feels so bare). That said, if we are considering trading Russ, then it doesn’t make sense to pay a ton to hold onto Wagner and Adams.

      It feels like Senior Bowl performance has been given more weight in considering potential picks, and with limited information coming from pro days and the like, I think it may be even stronger this year. I tried to follow a similar draft path to what you laid out with the following:

      1) Trade Russ to Dallas for a R1,R2 this year and R1, R2 next year (maybe/hopefully more, but I wanted to be conservative)
      2) Trade Adams to Miami for a R1 this year and R3 next year
      3) Trade Wagner for an R3 and R4 this year

      Using the Mock Draft at PFN, I wanted to trade down in the first, as I think picks 25-75 have a good cluster of value. I let the simulator dictate the trades, so I wouldn’t get greedy with returns. The PFN simulator made 8 trades (likely too many), including the following:

      1) Traded #10 + 123 to Jacksonville for 25, 33, and 106
      2) #25 + 168 to Denver for 40 + 153 + 2022 2nd
      3) #33 to Detroit for 41 and 88
      4) #40 to New Orleans for 60 and 2022 2nd

      Overall, I ended up with this group (trying to not bite at available names that didn’t feel they should be available at that point).

      18) Najee Harris
      42) D’Wayne Eskridge
      44) Quinn Meinerz
      56) Kellen Mond
      69) D’Ante Smith
      81) Dayo Odeyingbo
      95) Ade Ogundeji
      106) Divine Deablo
      116) Tre McKitty
      129) Benjamin St-Juste
      153) K.J. Britt

      2022 Picks (first three rounds)- DAL 1st, DAL 2nd, DEN 2nd, SEA 2nd, NO 2nd, MIA 3rd, CIN 3rd, SEA 3rd

      Again, part of my gut doesn’t like the idea of losing three good players, but limited current resources makes me think we could be inadequately patching up here-and-there. The draft and 2022 resources above doesn’t seem like an awful alternative base.

  18. JimQ

    –Players with exceptional length (over 80″ wingspans) from the Sr. bowl measurements. We know the Seahawks VALUE length in most positions, including in the trenches and at DB. — I count 46 players with >80″-wingspan, including 28 players @ 82″ or more wingspans – I count a total of – 9 “freakish” players with 84″ (7.0-feet) or greater wingspans. Seems like more players on this list than in previous years. Surely there are several interesting players on this list that are very likely on the Seahawks radar. Including a few with 84″ (7′) wingspan group:
    DL/EDGE-Janarius Robinson, Florida St., 6-5/266, 87″-wing, 35.3/4″-arms, 11″-hands
    OT-D’Ante Smith, E. Carolina, 6-5/294, 85.1/2″-wing, 35.1/4″-arms, 10″-hands
    DL-Ade Ogundeji, Notre Dame, 6-043/256, 85-3/8″-wing, 35.1/4″-arms, 9-5/8″-hands.
    OT-Alex Leatherwood, Alabama, 6-051/312, 85-3/8″-wing, 34-3/8″-arms, 9-1/2″-hands.
    DL-Ta’Quon Graham, Texas, 6-030/290, 85-1/8″-wing, 34-7/8″-arms, 10-5/8″-hands.
    OL-Dan Moore, Texas A&M, 6-054/309, 84-1/2″-wing, 33-3/4″-arms, 10-1/4″-hands.
    DL-Chauncy Golston, Iowa, 6-46/268, 84-3/8″-wing, 33.3/4″-arms, 11″-hands
    DL-Osa Odighizuwa, UCLA, 6-02/280, 84″-wing, 34-1/8″-arms, 10-3/4″-hands.
    DL-Payton Turner, Houston, 6-053/270, 84″-wing, 35″-arms, 10.25″-hands.

    >80″ to <84" wingspan group.
    OT-Jake Curhan, California, 6-056/323, 83-1/2"-wing, 33"-arms, 10-1/4"-hands.
    EDGE/LB-Jordan Smith, UAB, 6-061/255, 83-1/4"-wing, 33-3/8"-hands.
    OL-Trey Smith, Tennessee, 6-054/331, 83-1/8"-wing, 33-3/4"-arms, 10"-hands.
    TE-Hunter Long, Boston Coll., 6-051/254, 83"-wing, 33-3/4"-arms, 9-3/4"-hands.
    DL-EDGE-Elerson Smith, No. Iowa, 6-064/262, 83"-wing, 33-1/4"-arms, 10.5"-hands
    OT-Alaric Jackson, Iowa, 6-055/318, 83"-wing, 32-1/2"-arms, 9-1/2"-hands.
    EDGE-Rashad Weaver, Pittsburg, 6-043/265, 82-7/8"-wing, 33-1/4"-arms, 9.75"-hands.
    EDGE-Hamilcar Rashed, Oregon St., 6-031/254, 82-7/8"-wing, 33-3/4"-arms, 10-1/8" hands.
    OT-Adrian Ealy, Oklahoma, 6-064/326, 82-3/4"-wing, 32-5/8"-arms, 10"-hands.
    S-Nasirildeen Hamsah, Florida St., 82-3/4"-wing, 32-1/2"-arms, 10"-hands.
    OG-David Moore, Grambling St, 6-015/350, 82-5/8"-wing, 32-5/8"-arms, 9-5/8"-hand.
    OT-Carson Green, Texas A&M, 6-060/319, 82-1/2"-wing, 34"-arms, 10-3/8"-hands.
    OT-Spencer Brown, No. Iowa, 6-084/314, 82-3/8"-wing, 34"-arms, 10-3/8"-hands.
    OT-James Hudson, Cinninnati, 6-043/302, 82-1/8"-wing, 33"-arms, 11"-hands.
    EDGE(LEO)-Shaka Toney, Penn St., 6-022/238, 82-1/8"-wing, 33-1/4"-arms, 9.5"-hands
    OC/OG-Quinn Meinerz, Wisconsin-Whitewater, 6-032/320, 82"-wing, 33"-arms, 10-1/4"-hands.
    OL-Aaron Banks, Notre Dame, 6-053/338, 82"-wing, 33-1/8"-arms, 10-1/8"-hands.
    OG-Jaylon Moore, W. Michigan, 6-041/311, 82"-wing, 33-3/8"-arms, 11"-hands.
    DT-Marvin Wilson, Florida St., 6-034/319, 82"-wing, 33"-arms, 10-1/8"-hands
    LB-Derrick Barnes, Purdue, 6-004/245, 81-5/8"-wing, 33"-arms, 9-5/8"-hands.
    OL-Brendan Jaimes, Nebraska, 6-054/300, 81-1/8"-wing, 32-3/4"-arms, 10"-hands.
    OC-Landon Dickerson, Alabama, 6-060/326, 81"-wing, 32-1/2"-arms, 10-3/8"-hands.
    CB-D. J. Daniel, Georgia, 5-115/183, 81"-wing, 33"-arms, 9-1/8"-hands.
    TE-Tre McKitty, Georgia, 6-041/247, 81"-wing, 32-1/4"-arms, 11'-hands.
    DL-Marion Tuipulotu, USC, 6-016/308, 81"-wing, 32-3/4"-arms, 10-3/8"-hands.
    RB-Najee Harris, Alabama, 6-017/230, 81"-wing, 33-3/8"-arms, 10"-hands.
    LB-Baron Browning, Ohio St., 6-031/241, 81"-wing, 33"-arms, 10"-hands.
    EDGE-William Bradley-King, Baylor, 6-033/254, 80-5/8"-wing, 32-3/4"-arms, 10-1/4"-hands.
    TE-Kenny Yaboah, Ole Miss, 6-037/247, 80-3/4"-wing, 33-1/4"-arms, 9-3/8"-hands.
    WR-Dez Fitzpatrick, Louisville, 6-021/202, 80-5/8"-wing, 32-1/2"-arms, 9-1/4"-hands.
    EDGE/LB-Quincy Roche, Miami, 6-027/243, 80-3/8"-wing, 32"-arms, 9-1/2"-hands.
    OT-Dillon Radunz, No. Dakota St, 6-055/304, 80-14"-wing, 33-3/8"-arms, 9-1/8"-hands.
    DT-Daelin Hayes, Notre Dame, 6-036/261, 80-1/4"-wing, 32"-arms, 9-1/2"-hands.
    WR-Ben Skowronek, Notre Dame, 6-027/211, 80-1/4"-wing, 32-5/8"-arms, 10"-hands.
    CB-Benjamin St.Juste, Minnesota, 6-033/200, 80-1/4"-wing, 32"-arms, 9-1/4"-hands.
    DL-Levi Onwuzurike, Washington, 6-027/290, 80-1/8"-wing, 32-1/2"-arms, 10-1/4"-hands.
    EDGE-Tarron Jackson, Coastal Carolina, 6-024/260, 80-1/8"-wing, 33"-arms, 10-1/8"-hands.

  19. SonGoku

    As Rob said a few times before, the way the local media is handling this situation is a shame. Everybody reacts totally offended as soon as somebody is talking about a possible parting. The same reaction when a trade of Wagner or Adams is suggested. But we will definitely go back to the SB when we sign TY Hilton as #3 WR.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Maybe the talk about Wilson will take the pressure off of getting a good deal for Adams or Wagner. Adams is worth something in draft picks, Wagner is basically a salary dump on some other team. But Wilson would be the grand prize of a salary dump and draft picks.

    • Matt

      Unfortunately, the bulk of Seattle media’s primary purpose is to be “friends of the team.” There are several folks with prominent radio spots who are borderline shameless in their DPRK like obedience to PC/JS.

      • cha

        I think a fair number aren’t sports reporters.

        They’re culture and entertainment reporters.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s worse than that though

        Stanning for the team is a classic local media act these days. Most journalists have no desire other than to live a comfortable life where they never ask tough questions and are happy to be thrown the occasional bone to fill a web article. It might say journalist in the job description but they aren’t really.

        This isn’t just stanning for the team. This is telling everyone something won’t happen, in a really condescending fashion, and acting like this is nothing. And it isn’t nothing.

        And any self respecting journalist at this stage would be hammering the phones trying to figure out what’s going on here, rather than tweeting like half the people following you are idiots for thinking everything isn’t hunky dory.

        • crazykind

          Salient point Rob, the media in this town is certainly part of the problem. Most of them may as well work for the Seahawk PR dept.

      • Hawkdawg

        Read Art Thiel’s columns. He’s not all sweetness and light, about this situation or others before it. At least compared to the actual Seahawk “reporters.” Joe Fan also asks questions that irritate from time to time.

  20. Big Mike

    And the content just keeps flowing…….outstanding stuff Rob and really appreciate the QB breakdowns considering the events of the last few days. I am rather disappointed about the RB prospects. It appears that the only earlier round prospect that you see is Williams. The Hawks badly need a true workhorse whether Russ leaves or not imo. Is there anyone else you see has “near” sure fire? If not, FA I guess.
    Love the looks of the o-line class. I can see why you have said on several occasions there’s depth there.

  21. Henry Taylor

    I still think that, based on their previous interest in Mahomes and Allen, the QB they’d be most interested in is Trey Lance, exceptional physical traits.

    I’m surprised to see you say Mond has the best arm strength of the bunch, its been a while since I’ve watched him so I’ll have to revisit but I’ve never been particularly impressed by his arm.

    Exceptional overview btw, I’ll be coming back to this piece for some scouting homework over the next few days.

    • TomLPDX

      You should go back and watch him then. He’s an accurate passer and a strong arm. Having watched his career while at TAMU he has grown consistently and I wouldn’t be too upset if he ended up in Seattle.

  22. IHeartTacoma

    Those receivers you highlight are intriguing. Speedy little guys that can annoy a defense. Our new QB and OC would appreciate that!
    I have an honest question: Will Colin Kaepernick ever play again?

  23. Group Captain Mandrake

    Interesting. The Texans have agreed to release JJ Watt. I’d bet he ends up in Pittsburgh with his brother, but it would be interesting to see the Seahawks go after him. I would be worried about his recent injury history though.

  24. Sea Mode

    Per Florio:

    Has Russell Wilson asked the Seahawks to trade him?

    Per a source with knowledge of the situation, that hasn’t happened yet. The source added this three-word characterization of the broader relationship: “All things fluid.”

    • Rob Staton

      I’m glad Mark Rodgers got back to Mike

      The fact that the answer to a direct question wasn’t a direct response says everything you need to know

      So for all those media members STILL doing a great ‘there are no tanks in Baghdad’ impression, will you please wake up and smell the coffee?

      • Hawkdawg

        Agreed. But “Wilson wants out” is still too categorical in my opinion.

        • Rob Staton

          Well that’s what people are saying

  25. Scot04

    Excellent podcast. On the Russ situation and thanks for the short notice QB breakdowns; plus other prospects fitting the Seahawks.
    In regards to Wilson, Looking more like everything you said Rob.


    Basically starting to sound like it will be Carroll or Wilson and we know it’s not likely that Pete’s going anywhere. I remember you saying Pete would be best served as a figurehead. Looking like your not the only one.

  26. Trevor

    Real enjoyed this writeup Rob great stuff!

  27. Peppapig

    I’m loving this off season.

    Go Hawks

  28. Andy Muhs - Hawks4Ever

    Mond has alot to like. He looks quicker and more sudden to me than Dak

  29. Gohawks5151

    I finally finished the podcast. First of all great job. I can’t even think of anything to add. I am in total wait and see mode. Also, don’t kill me but when the Robs were talking about Russ not being able to figure out how end a relationship and relating it to girl friends all I could think was, maybe they should sign Golden Tate…

    • Sea Mode

      ha, maybe I should change my username to “Wait and See Mode”. 😜

      • Gohawks5151

        I’m here for it!

  30. Ok

    Thank you Rob! Way way way out in front of the Seahawk media. Excellent foresight, or rather listening to what was actually going on.
    It is Pete vs Russ. I see a bit on both sides….for me, I think I’d probably bet on the guy that wants to win so bad he’ll force his way out of need be, vs the guy who thought 12-4 (inarguably a misleading result) and an absolute spanking in the first round of the playoffs was an excellent season. That being said, Pete and John getting back to it, sounds entertaining! The team has been stuck in neutral, at best, and hasn’t been ascending for quite some time. I’d much rather pay attention to a rebuild attempt, than whatever mish-mash of ideas has been happening for the last 5+ years.
    No matter what happens with Russ, it’s time to move on from Bobby (unless he wants to take a drastic drastic pay cut), and move on from Jamal (unless the defensive scheme is being remade to accommodate him, and even then, not a good plan). Adams seems like an attempt at a shortcut, a too cute by half measure: if it’s Pete-ball, invest in the line of scrimmage. That will be a possibility without Wilson, Wagner, Adams. Mariotta, or to a much lesser extent Tua, gives some draft screen, and the ability to build a well balanced roster.
    I hear the concerns about moving on from Wilson, doldrums and that, but….we are already in those still waters, it sucks. Moving on from Pete might be better, probably actually, but that isn’t going to happen. And as qb’s start to move more, maybe a build it and they will come strategy could workout: get a solid top to bottom roster, pick up a misused qb in 2-4 years.
    I don’t blame Wilson a bit in this, he’s not wrong. If the OL doesn’t like being called out: play better. If PCJS don’t like it: build better.
    I’m just blathering here and saying what others already have. Rob thanks a ton!

  31. Roy Batty

    Rob, I must say I find your site so damned refreshing in that, much like watching a Top Billin’ YouTube video breakdown of the Hawks, you do this site out of love and passion. You aren’t relying on approval from anyone other than your own conscience.

    Very much appreciated!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you — for the kind words and for ‘getting’ what this place is about 👏🏻

      • Roy Batty

        As I have heard Top Billin’ proclaim on multiple occasions, “This is my channel. I do this because I love to do it. If you don’t like what I have to say, well, I don’t give a f***.”

        Unfiltered, unapologetic and, most of all, fair analysis is what you two have most in common.

        Keep. It. Up.

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you

          • SeaTown

            Agreed! I enjoy Top Billin too but This is my first stop for news and analysis. The best!!

  32. Mick

    I think now we can only talk about the draft picks we have. Trading RW or Adams changes the problem, of course. With that in mind, I would split the positions in need, luxury and covered. We are in need at OL (C, LG), RB, DT, CB. We have covered QB (but that may change). Would be nice to get improvements at TE (but we could do with Dissly and Colby better used), safety (becomes need if Adams leaves), DE (but if Taylor can play we are fine), LB (if we don’t sign Wright we’d better do something so we don’t end up with Barton), tackles (but depth would be welcome) and WR (where we need to improve on Moore).

    So I’d go OL with first pick, assuming J. Williams and Najee Harris are already gone. If Javonte Williams is still there we face a tough choice. Ideally I’d take both Cleveland and Meinerz, so whoever of the two is still available. From the corners that Rob mentioned I liked Melifonwu. DL is hard for me to judge.

    At QB, Rob commented positively on Mond at Senior Bowl so I looked at his videos, I like what I see, we could sure work with him. Zack Wilson would also be a decent solution. At TE I have strong doubts Freiermuth is within our range, he’ll most likely go to one of the team with many high picks. Same goes for Eskridge, he’s no longer a hidden gem. I’m really scared Pete and John pull a trick on us and use their best pick on KJ Britt. If they do this and RW is still around, he’ll surely ask to be traded right away (he will surely not like us go RB with first pick). I liked the way he played at Senior Bowl but we have way bigger problems than LB.

  33. JimQ

    I think RW needs to – ASK – Seahawks management – WHY his remarks are ANY different than that of the recent losing QB in the SB. Why does PM get a pass from the media, when his & RW’s remarks are all VERY similar? I’m also pretty sure that RW was aware of PM’s comments, post SB, he was there.

    Also, one or two posts started this whole crap show and now, when quoting those original posts, all of the other national media guys are speculating all this trade RW crap all based off those original and perhaps, at least to many. – somewhat questionable (reading tea leaves type) posts.

    What the hell is wrong with an organization that “disregards” their STAR – franchise QB thoughts about how – he’d like the team to be assembled (within reason – of course). IF the Seahawks are wound that tight, maybe trading RW for picks and finding a “yes man” QB who was just happy to get drafted or signed at all is indeed in the cards. With the Seahawks recent draft history, IMO: it’s very likely they will NEVER find another QB quite as good as RW again.

    I do however think that this situation is still salvageable if RW is allowed to have “some” input to the whole offensive side of the ball and jells with the new OC, but most of all he and PC need to sit down & spend at least a few hours together talking about how to improve the teams offensive performance &
    their mutual respect for each other (if that’s possible & I think it may be).

    • Rob Staton

      I think we need to recognise the following:

      Wilson offered an ultimatum before the season saying ‘let me cook or else’. And at the first sign of trouble, Carroll wrestled control of the offense. He wanted Antonio Brown and didn’t get Antonio Brown. He was liking tweets about skill position players pre-draft, including one of my own about Jonathan Taylor. They took a linebacker and a pass rusher with their top two picks.

      They are philosophically divided. Wilson is also conscious of his rapidly ageing career and the fact Seattle hasn’t been a proper contender in years.

      The idea that a bit of ‘input’ and some time with the new OC will cure everything simply isn’t going to cut it.

      Autonomy on the offense, a massive say in personnel (same level as Brady) and a team built to his wants and needs is the only solution. I sense he would also prefer to play somewhere with an offensive minded coach — just like Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady and Brees. Not a 70-year-old defensive coach with a fixed vision for the entire team.

      So if anyone thinks Carroll’s going to offer that, try and convince me. Because I think snow in the Sahara is more likely.

      • Gohawks5151

        I just keep thinking Pete is going to cave unless Russ speaks the words, I want out. I know Pete would want to bet on himself and all that but how many enemies does he want to make? It’s always a bad look to other players on the team when the star player wants out. Ditto for incoming players. What about Schneider? Russ was Schneider’s personal, home run pick. Does he actually want to see him leave? His job no doubt gets more interesting with a trade but far more difficult. What about Shane Waldron? Russ leaving changes things a bunch. Would/can he back out? Would any success next year make him a one and done as he escapes a dumpster fire? I said before too that I just don’t think Pete will want to start over when he just signed probably his last contract with the team and the looming possibility that when the team is sold in 2-3 years a new owner could get rid of him anyways? He may want to do it his way but if he does he may be doing it alone.

        • Rob Staton

          I just keep thinking Pete is going to cave unless Russ speaks the words, I want out.

          We’re talking about Pete Carroll here.

      • Lewis

        > Autonomy on the offense, a massive say in personnel (same level as Brady) and a team built to his wants and needs is the only solution.

        If that’s truly how he feels, I wonder if there’s a team willing to provide it. He’s a tremendous player, but very few have ever been granted that sort of say, at least as far as I know. Is there a team that thinks he is of the same caliber as Brady or Manning? And on the flip side of that equation, I’d they do believe he is, what are they willing to give up to acquire him?

        • Rob Staton

          I think there are plenty that will offer it.

          Because if it’s the difference between having a top-five QB or not… there are many GM’s and HC’s who would rather have the top-five QB. If for no other reason that their own ambitions and/or job security.

          • Lewis

            Great point

      • Trevor

        When Sherm , Bennet and Earl spoke out against Pete and his way of doing things they were gone shortly after. He is not going to cave to Russ weeks after signing an extension with JS.

        • Big Mike

          100% agree. I do think he’ll spend some time in the next week or two trying to cajole Russ into staying and accepting less than he wants but in the end I think it’ll be fruitless. In the meantime they’ll be fielding offers and eventually will accept one (and possibly get fleeced).

  34. Denver Hawker

    I’m no marriage expert, but there really appears to be irreconcilable differences. This has been discussed here and kudos to Rob for calling it out WAY before anyone else.

    The friction here seems to be that neither side wants to be the one to end it. Russ says publicly that he isn’t happy, but stops short of requesting a trade. Pete wants to get back to Pete ball and wants to force Russ to hand the ball off more, rather than find a different QB to do his bidding. He may not actually believe in Russ’ ability to throw a bunch and wins games.

    I think this is going to take Russ requesting a trade to end it as management wants to avoid alienating its fans. He’s too proud to do that though. Sadly, they might stay longer in a dysfunctional marriage and see their stars lose luster in the process only to arrive at the same destination.

    I hope it doesn’t come to that- why delay the inevitable. Both sides have different needs. Russ will need to grow a pair, risk bruising his brand, and request a trade.

    • Rob Staton

      This has been discussed here and kudos to Rob for calling it out WAY before anyone else.

      Thanks Denver.

  35. cha

    I watched the Ellen interview (that’s how thirsty for news I am) and the only thing I noted was the host teased him about his facial expression caught on camera at the SB with Goodell. RW said he was ‘pissed’ during the game. The host said ‘so it’s fair to say you’re looking forward to next year?’ and RW said yeah.

    So, that.

    • Rob Staton

      I read somewhere that Wilson and Ciara admitted to doing it on a plane and in a car.

      Then, after I’d finished throwing up, I went about my day.

      • Gohawks5151


      • Trevor

        I am tired of all the Russ / Ciara cheese ball publicity crap. You don’t see Brady pulling all this corny crap with Giselle. Guys in the locker room must just laugh their asses of at some of this crap.

        • Big Mike

          I played hoops in college albeit small college but I’ve definitely been in a few locker rooms in my day and I can absolutely assure you that you are correct and they are definitely snickering plenty behind his back.

        • charlietheunicorn

          Did you love the video where he posted from the bedroom at 1AM saying he resigned with the Seahawks. One of the worst videos I’ve ever seen. He got absolutely roasted by the guys for it later.

      • KD

        Russ is cringe like that.

    • charlietheunicorn

      woah woah woah

      that is crazy. Ellen has done some or been involved in some really poor behind the scenes activities involving her show. I might see one episode every few years, I wouldn’t watch it, for all the water in the world now.

  36. Hoggs41

    Here is a straight easy question. Do people think he will be traded this off season?

    • Big Mike

      I do

  37. Rob Staton

    Latest from Mike Garafolo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4W7OyKnUqhg

    Kay Adams looking as delightful as ever, also a bonus.

    • SeaTown

      Yup Kay sure is easy on the eyes.

    • Sea Mode

      And Kay coming through in the last minute to say what many are thinking: “take a little less money!”

      I liked the little bit at the end where they asked where the line is between Russ being whiny and being honest.

    • Bankhawk

      Rob, to reiterate: great piece there-they always are, but there are times when I just feel like it’s gotta be said!
      Re: the coming roster shifts-I feel like one of the vultures the Far Side cartoon cartoon with the “Patience my ass” caption waiting for the off season moves to start coming.
      And I loved the inclusion of the VDO clip here. I was a little hard on Brandon Marshall as a ‘Seahawks insider’ commentator the other day, but I prefer Nate Burleson’s style much, much more.

      • Rob Staton


    • Scot04

      We traded for the wrong Adams.

  38. JUJUS

    Rob im really intrigued with

    DL-Payton Turner, Houston, 6-053/270, 84″-wing, 35″-arms, 10.25″-hands.

    Have you watched his film at all?

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t

  39. Rohan Raman

    Hey Rob, might have mentioned this already, but thoughts on Ellerson Smith?

    6-064/262, 10.48” hand, 83” wing

    Monster season against FCS competition (14 sacks), looked good in Senior Bowl 1v1s from what I saw.

    • Rob Staton

      He flashed at times at the Senior Bowl but I also thought he looked so raw.

  40. ElroyNumbers

    Rob – listened to your podcast. Top three places I could see hawks trading Russell are dolphins jets and raiders. I assume we would get either tua, darnold or carr in return along with draft picks. While they all have different located picks in 1st round, what is a realistic haul?

    • Rob Staton

      IMO — I don’t think the Jets will roll with it personally. Miami and LV — perhaps.

      I think the starting point is three first rounders and then extras. More picks or players or both.

      • Big Mike

        What if it’s Vegas and Carr comes to Seattle as part of the deal? 2 firsts and extras (maybe a 3rd)?

        • Rob Staton

          Not enough

          • All I see is 12s

            I keep hearing Carr’s name mentioned. Wouldn’t it be more likely that we would want to player like Mariota? Cheaper salary, more mobile.

            • OregonHaek

              I was wondering the same thing about Mariota! And doesn’t Pete love reclamation projects?

      • ElroyNumbers

        Thanks for response. I can see all your work turning into a paid gig either in media or for team directly.
        Something about Russel rubs me the wrong way yet when we drafted him I was his biggest fan.
        Draft is my fav part of year and I want to trade him mostly for the draft action a deal would entail.

  41. Mike

    Wow this was a really good article, thanks for this breakdown this is way better than most of the other Seahawks stuff I read.

    Kellen mind is pretty interesting, I like him a lot too and your right that there is definitely some dak Prescott to him. Even if russ doesn’t get traded he would be great to spend a mid round pick on. They just need more mid round picks, to bad they don’t still have the third round pick they included in adams trade lol.

    • Rob Staton


  42. KD

    Just out of curiosity, when was the last time Ohio State produced a quality NFL QB?

    • JJ

      Tom Tupa?

      • Big Mike

        Rex Kern? (yes I know, my age is showing)

  43. charlietheunicorn

    Marvin Wilson (DT, Florida State)
    Amid legit concerns about his conditioning, Wilson’s stock has fallen off a cliff and the chances are he’ll be a day three pick.

    VALUE PICK! There might be more guys who slide through the cracks this season more than most….could be multiple late round gems to be found.

    • Rob Staton

      He might be a later round gem or he could be a complete waste of a pick

      • Big Mike

        “conditioning issues” is always a huge red flag for me. Pro football requires a LOT of hard work and if you’re not willing to put that effort in as a collegian, what makes me think you’re suddenly going to see the light when someone shoves money at you? How different would things have been for Rashad Penney pre-injury if he’d come into his rookie camp having spent the offseason doing something besides lifting Big Macs?

  44. Matthew Martin Johnson

    I personally am ready for this to be over one way or another. I’m almost at the point where i’d rather they trade him just so i dont’ have to listen to it anymore. I would like to say as well that for the first half of russ’s career it was “no time to sleep” “seperation is in the preperation” type stuff. That seems to have long gone away, i’m not insinuating that he’s not working hard but there is only so much you have to give.

    I wonder sometimes if football is his primary focus in the same way, its now photo shoots, and perfumes and owning teams. He’s literally doing the most.

    I think the only way you can get value is to use whatever picks you get for him and spin them into Watson as Rob mentioned earlier. I almost wonder wether ownership would have to step in and let carroll go before dealing Russ though. Pete probably has 2 more years, so are you going to run our the franchise QB who’s 33 for a 70 year old coach? Probably not, and lets be honest if they deal Russ, is Pete gonna want to start over a rebuild with a young QB? Probably not.

    So the only way to really move on from Russ IMO is to replace him with anothe QB who’s ready to go, IE Watson.

    • Gohawks5151

      Agreed. I think he stretches himself too thin now days. Brand new kid didn’t help things this season too

  45. jed

    Thanks for the thoughtful podcast & article.

    Like any relationship, both sides really have to want it to work when you go through the inevitable tough times. I’m getting the impression both sides see this relationship as almost over and don’t want to try to make it work. Nobody works for one company or dates one person their whole life anymore. I’ll be sad when Russ moves on, whether it’s now or in a few years. He’s been great for the Seahawks and is incredibly fun to watch. But, I get it.

    If the Seahawks could pull off a Wilson for Watson swap, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I just think Watson is better than Russ. If I was Schneider, I’d be making calls the moment Watson demanded a trade.

    Wilson to Miami for both 1st rounders this year plus next year’s 1st rounder. Add in a 2 next year and a 3rd this year. Not sure if it’s the right combination of lower picks, but maybe it’s close? Maybe add Tyler to Miami? That gives Wilson a receiver he already trusts and addresses a weakness in Miami. Trade the Wilson-to-Miami bounty to Houston for Watson.

    No matter what happens, I feel for Houston fans. Losing a HOF QB, WR, and DE a year after they were up 24-0 to KC in the playoffs because of the owner. Houston probably will be crap until they are sold . As a former Mariners fan, it sucks when your owners are terrible and ruin what could be a championship team.

    • Rob Staton


  46. Zxvo3

    First off, I want to thank you Rob for essentially preparing us for this situation before it all actually happened. I don’t think people outside of this community understand how impressive it is that you foresaw this happening.

    Here’s what I want the Seahawks to do if the Seahawks trade Wilson. Russ would probably fetch 5-6 first rounders from a team like the Saints or the Steelers. One of those 1st rounders would probably include a 1st rounder in this year’s draft. For example the Saints have pick 28 this year + four more 1st round picks. Adams needs to be traded as well. He simply doesn’t fit on this team. I would trade him to the Dolphins for pick 18 in this year’s draft. We also trade Bobby Wagner. Maybe we trade him to the Jets for a 3rd round pick (pick 86).

    With those trades:

    With pick #18- I would go and draft Najee Harris. Don’t trade back with this pick. Go and get the superstar running back that this should’ve had in the past seasons. You can’t be a running football team without a superstar at the RB position.

    With pick #28- I would trade back into the 2nd round and pick up a 3rd rounder in that trade as well. For example the Seahawks trade pick #28 to the Chargers for pick #47 and pick #77.

    With pick #47- I would select Quinn Meinerz. Solidify that Center position. We need to have a good offensive line to play the offense Pete wants to play.

    With their original pick #56- Take the best player available. This could vary from another OL like D’Ante Smith from ECU or Ben Cleveland from Georgia, a WR like Tutu Atwell from Louisville, or a defensive lineman from a large selection of good interior defensive linemen.

    With pick #77- If Kellen Mond is available, I would pick him with this draft pick. I imagine Pete Carroll and John Schneider would be interested in him after his performance in the Senior Bowl. I also think he could be mid-round diamond.

    With pick #86- Again try and take the best player available. This can even be a tight end such as Brevin Jordan from Miami or Kenny Yeboah from Ole Miss. Maybe our new OC can scheme new ideas to get the tight ends involved.

    In free agency, you can address other major holes with the money that they get from trading Adams, Wagner, and Wilson. Therefore, you can sign a LG in Brandon Scherff. Sign Richard Sherman to be your corner back with D.J. Reed. At the linebacker position, sign Mychal Kendricks and Kwon Alexander to add on to the speed that Jordyn Brooks has.

    Sorry guys for the long post. Just a bunch of thoughts I’ve had stored in my brain. I would like to know your perspective on what I want the Seahawks to do this offseason.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the kind words 👍🏻

  47. TheDudeAbides

    Rob, I’m curious. Do you see Trevor Lawrence as a better prospect than Joe Burrow or Andrew Luck? How you you rank those three as prospects coming out?

    Or is there someone I’m missing recently that you’d rank above any of them?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure anyone will ever top Luck’s potential but Lawrence is in that ballpark

  48. Poli

    Rob, if the Seahawks ended up getting the #2 overall from the Jets, what would you do with it? Penei Sewell, a QB, or trade it?

    • Mick

      If we get #2 from the Jets and we don’t have a QB, we kind of have to get a QB there. If we get Darnold as part of the deal and we want to start him, go for Sewell there, why trade down?

      • Poli

        He might think those QBs aren’t worth taking over Sewell

    • Rob Staton

      It depends on the scenario

  49. DC

    Rob, of the QBs you listed above, based solely on your instinct, who will be the best pro?

    • Rob Staton

      Ask me that question if I have to watch every game of theirs

      • dj 1/2 way

        So true. Just watching the highlight, like I do, can be so misleading. The consistency and what the bad plays look like is so important. For example, Trey Lance highlight are great. If that was all he might be the first pick. Just remember, they leave the bad misses, sacks, fumble and interceptions off the highlight tape. Another reason to thank Rob for all his hard work and long hours.

  50. DC

    An additional reference for the TE position, George Kittle ran a reported 7.00 3-cone.

  51. Martin

    Thanks for all the great reading Rob (and everyone else). I thought you’d ease off a bit for a while after the season. Been stuck in bed for a couple of weeks after an operation – this has been manna from heaven!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Martin. Hope you’re feeling better soon

  52. Ukhawk

    On defense, Really liking depending on round
    DT Dixon!, McNeil!, Twyman
    LEO Perkins!! Reminds me of Frank, bit smaller
    5T Oymanyata, Ray
    SCB Molden!, Wade!
    OLB Toney
    S Wade! Desire

  53. Rob Staton

    Just watched the latest Brandon Marshall video.

    It’s pretty clear he’s talking to Russ.

    • SonGoku

      Which one do you mean?

      • Rob Staton

        The one from yesterday.

        • SonGoku

          The one with the 4 team trade?

          • Rob Staton

            Yes but that was Nick Wright’s daft idea.

            • Robbie

              I couldn’t agree more! The vibe I get is he is talking to Russ on the regular. Nick went as far as to say you’ll have to recruit him to the Jets which makes me think he knows he’s talking to him as well.

    • Lewis

      Are they that right? Could this have all started when they released Marshall?

  54. McZ

    I think, we need to get real.

    PC thinks, he coaches a champion. He will retain Bwagz, resign Wright, and keep and pay Adams.

    Any idea of him letting Wilson go, take the dead cap and then sign another big name QB is pure wishful thinking.

    Great defense, a top-shelf run game, journeyman WRs and a rookie QB was the way to the SB. And, for all that talk about change, it will be the way back.

    The truth is, with Adams this defense has coverage problems, has two problems at corner, and the DL depends on too much cheerful improvisation. The offense has two dependable playmaker, and an OL lacking on LG,C and RT, and having a 70% player at LT, which could easily get worse.

    The team without Wilson is a clear Top 5 pick. Maybe, that’s what we need.

    • Rob Staton

      Well unless they trade Adams back to the Jets, they won’t get a top-five pick for their efforts.

    • Big Mike

      Agree that he’ll stubbornly keep and re-sign Adams.

      • Rob Staton

        Well if they want to keep Russell Wilson, they might need a rethink.

        Wilson’s off-season plan seems to be a lot like my own… shift resources from LB/S to the OL.

        • Big Mike

          Of course but do you really think Pete Carroll will acquiesce to Wilson’s demands? And do you believe there’s a chance that Russ will meet Pete “in the middle” on this stuff?

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t know — but there’s no viable way to keep Wagner and/or Adams and meet Wilson’s demands.

            So they’re going to have to pick a poison here.

            • Big Mike

              100% concur.
              To think that Pete Carroll will let Wilson decide how the team will be built and what their offensive identity will be is just something I cannot even fathom. But time will tell.

        • Submanjoe

          Clearly Seahawks need to be better in the trenches, offense and defense. But what if because of Russ’ particular best ways of succeeding, an expensive o line doesn’t make a difference? I mean, personally, I want Seahawks to run more, mix the run and pass better, move Russ around, get him outside the pocket, to make plays that way and keep opposing defenses guessing.

          Lately, it seems that Schotty and Russ were keen on dropping straight back and letting loose. And while maybe opposing teams were caught off guard and the offense had success at first, it wasn’t sustained and the offense didn’t adjust. For me, that is on Schotty and Russ with the buck stopping at Pete for not seeing what was happening and prodding adjustments.

          I think as a whole the league has adjusted is adjusting to this deep drop pass happy style with running backs that can be found anywhere and are replaceable.

          Russ has been an amazing quarterback. He’s done well in quick passing mode which hides offensive line deficiencies and he’s done well off script outside the pocket which is probably because of offensive line deficiencies.

          It seems like a decision needs to be made and stuck with.

          Finding offensive linemen who are have played LG for their career or center for their career or LT for their career would be a great step for Pete and would surely help stability and continuity. I have this fear that next year Lewis will be playing center. Anyways.

          The point being, a strong o line would help a running game more than Russ if the team plays to Russ’ strengths. I am not sure a strong o line will help Russ succeed in dropping straight back to let loose.
          But if all Russ cares about is stats then this is a moot point.

    • Andy Muhs - Hawks 4 Ever

      So you’re saying Brandon Shell and DJ Reed and trash?

      • AndyMuhs - Hawks4Ever

        *are trash

  55. Henry Taylor

    I went away and watched some Kellen Mond from this year and will admit that I came away very impressed. I wasn’t a fan of his at all from previous years and he looked pretty bad in the first half of the Senior Bowl that I watched. Against Alabama the offense obviously struggled but he was making NFL throws into tight windows, even under pressure, all game long.

    Definitely someone with the tools Pete and John have favoured in their QBs, and might be a target if we can only get a late first for Russ this year.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s also worth saying he was superb in the second half of the Senior Bowl.

      • Gohawks5151

        I like him a lot. If he would have gone back to college and continued to improved he could have been a borderline 1st. He’s gonna be a steal for someone

      • D-OZ

        I like Mond a lot. Something about him look’s to be the perfect PC type of QB. Who can also see over the line of scrimmage. IMO….

  56. Andy Muhs - Hawks4Ever

    Rob, I definitely think Wagner is getting traded this offseason. When I watched KJ Britt he looks so fast, fierce and got off blocks well. Some definite Devin White to his game in run support and tfl’s. Can’t find anything on pass coverage on him. If we got rid of Bobby and let KJ walk do you think Jordyn Brooks is middle linebacker or olb? Britt looks like a classic middle linbacker
    I assumed Brooks is mlb but after seeing how fast he was last year it seems with alot of work he could grow into a great olb (I know his pass coverage last year was mediocre at best)
    I was just envisioning Kwon Alexander and Jordyn Brooks on the outside and Kj Britt inside and Barton staying on ST like he should

    • Rohan Raman

      If you have Kwon Alexander on your roster, you better have a high-level backup waiting in the wings. The man is made of glass, which sucks b/c he was so much fun to watch in Tampa.

      • Andy Muhs - Hawks4Ever

        Now that I think more about it he’s has been injured a ton. Maybe Michael Kendricks or a veteran that gets cut

  57. Dingbatman

    Rob. Of the many scenarios I’ve seen thrown out there thus far the one I was most intrigued by was one you touched on lightly. We end up with Mariota and draft picks. I’d love to hear you flesh that out a bit.

  58. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter

    NFL Draft is 75 days away.

  59. cha


    “I gotta get Megatron’s (Calvin Johnson) single-season receiving record, I gotta get that. Gotta break the touchdowns record for the Seahawks. I gotta beat Tyler’s record that he broke last year. I’m trying to have my name in the record books cause that is the only way I’m going to be remembered.”
    D.K. Metcalf

    • Dominic

      Russell Wilson has been rubbing off on DK, it seems.

    • John

      Love his heart, but that is not happening under Pete Carroll unless the offense suddenly becomes a passing offense.

  60. Happy Hawk

    Another great article Rob! Assuming everyone on this site is right and Wilson is done & going to a competitor the Hawks have zero chance of competing for an NFC West title let alone a SB for many years to come. Full rebuild of the roster is coming and PC toils his last few years as coach motivating the youngsters behind LA,SF, and Arizona in the standings. We get a bunch of high picks over the next few years via the Wilson trade and last place finishes and eventually hire a young up & coming coach to lead the climb back up from mediocrity. SB caliber quarterbacks are rare which is of course why every team wants ours. Thanks Rob for the great content – but the reality of what is ahead is a complete bummer.

    • Rob Staton

      “Assuming everyone on this site is right and Wilson is done”

      That is not my view nor the view of ‘everyone on the site’.

      I think Wilson quite possibly, maybe even probably, wants out. At the very least, I believe this is a serious situation.

      But that’s it. And not everyone shares that view.

      • Happy Hawk

        My bad I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth just reacting to the majority of folks already spending the draft picks acquired from the trades and selecting replacement qb’s. My main point is losing one of the best players in the league over the last decade is going to take a lot of time to overcome. Simply putting in Darnold, Tua, Mond, or Minshew is not going to return the team to a better record than 12-4 and the playoffs next season. It would be nice if RW just says he wants out and not let the media do his bidding for him. Both PC and RW are under contract for the next several years. They either work together or separate.

  61. amanuel abraham

    Rob what are your thought’s on the local media’s reaction this past week from all the news? they seem VERY much on the defense as if an entity *cough* seahawks front office* is fueling their reaction. While yes they are having open dialogue, the pro-russell points are merely rebuttals to the scorned agenda that Russell is ungrateful/needs more blame.
    Another question: Do you honestly think PCJS will give DK an extension worth of a top-5 WR like he’ll want/command? I don’t see Wilson wanting to stay nor DK if one leaves. Both have individual aspirations that pete’s offensive philosophy proves to be lofty/unattainable

    • Rob Staton

      Rob what are your thought’s on the local media’s reaction this past week from all the news? they seem VERY much on the defense as if an entity *cough* seahawks front office* is fueling their reaction.

      I don’t think it’s that. I just think some sections of the local media are too quick to assume a defensive position or take an opinionated stance, that they repeat over and over on twitter, rather than trying to figure out what’s going on.

      We shouldn’t have a reporter, as has been the case, telling us ‘he won’t be traded’ and ‘nothing to see here’ and that he asked Wilson a question on a conference call, Wilson said he liked Shane Waldron therefore everything is clearly just fine and dandy. We should have reporters who are actually digging around to figure out what the hell is going on.

      Do you honestly think PCJS will give DK an extension worth of a top-5 WR like he’ll want/command? I don’t see Wilson wanting to stay nor DK if one leaves. Both have individual aspirations that pete’s offensive philosophy proves to be lofty/unattainable

      I do think they will pay him, yes. And if it isn’t possible, they’ll trade him for a haul after tagging him, ala Frank Clark. But that’s a way off yet.

      • amanuel abraham

        Thanks for your reply, I agree the local media needs a better relationship with the players. It seems to have been very stale since the LOB era of players have left.

        Question: besides cap constraints, what do you believe to be the main reasons no upper-tier free agents come to seattle during the pcjs era? sidney rice/robert gallery seems to be the last i remember. Do you think there is a narrative/perception between the rest of the players about the seahawks. PCJS’ drafting prowess seems to fade (especially round 4-7) the more years we get away from pete’s college days. I understand their build from within approach, but could it possibly be also because they’ve constantly be spurred by agents in preolimary free agent disscussions that don’t get out – which reemphasizes their current approach (for better or worse)? the “we’re always in every deal” mantra has gone stale when the hat is being hanged on buy-low canidates like avril, bennett, and dunlap

        • Rob Staton

          Question: besides cap constraints, what do you believe to be the main reasons no upper-tier free agents come to seattle during the pcjs era?

          The main reason is a lack of money. Last year, I think they just misjudged the Clowney situation and were left in no-man’s land.

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