New podcast: Trade down talking points


  1. nichansen01

    Based on Schneiders comments, I think it’s much more likely we see trade up than a trade down.

    • Rob Staton

      Trade up and only pick 4-5 times?


      • Del tre

        I can see a trade up in round 2 after a trade down in round 1. Trade an early 4th and one third for an early second rouns pick. There are just so many options betweem 26-45

        • Rob Staton

          I agree.

          • Drew

            Would they be able to trade a 3rd & 4th for 2nd? I wouldn’t think a team would want to drop that far down without sapping out for our 2nd round pick & a 4th?

            • Del tre

              It would have to be combined with the second to move a good ways

              • Redhawk87

                Trading 58 and 90 could get us the 41-45 range. Trading 58 and either 102 or 106 would get us the 47-51 range.
                Honestly, since we have many different depth needs across the roster, I would rather have more picks than fewer. That said, if a solid 1st round talent at a position of need drops into the mid 40s, I wouldn’t be opposed to trading a compensatory 3rd to grab him (Melifonwu, King, Bolles, etc.). Losing #90 would just mean that after we pick in the early 40s, we wouldn’t get any more players in the top 100. That’d be very inconvenient.

            • lil'stink

              Highly unlikely one of our 3rds and a 4th get us a 2nd rounder. But a trade up could still be a possibility.

  2. Overtime

    California Senate Bill 420 was the first Medical Marijuana law legalizing pot. The term 420 friendly became common when renting property, etc. meaning pot is welcome here. Now we celebrate April 20 as Marijuana day.

    • Kenny Sloth

      July Tenth is concentrate day

      7 10 upside down is OIL ayyy

      • Coleslaw

        Ayyyyyyy lmao

    • nichansen01

      IMO, NFL needs to change its marijuana policy.

      • Ishmael

        Absolutely. A much, much, healthier painkiller than the opioids players are having to load up on.

    • Stephen H. Pitell

      Wow. I didn’t know that. I thought it was police code or something.

  3. BRSeahawks

    On Evan Engram: if this guy can play heavy snaps outside in the Kearse role, he’s definitely a type of game changer fully worth a first round pick. Nice catch on the Evans comp.

    • RealRhino2

      I know you said “if,” but that’s one of the problems: we just don’t know. I watched two games of his yesterday, didn’t line up outside one time that I can recall. Slot, H-back, inline. I think he’s athletic, but part of his value comes from the mismatch of threatening guys that maybe don’t move as well in space (e.g., LBs, safeties) with the possibility of both in-breaking and out-breaking routes as well as the seam, etc. On the outside he’d be facing guys with better movement skills with the threat (primarily) of either going deep or breaking in, that’s it. May not separate as well. So I’m not sure he’s an outside guy for us. He’s probably exactly what Graham was for New Orleans. Which is really good; I like Engram quite a bit.

  4. JakeB

    Interesting stuff from Pauline

    • Ed

      For sure. Add to that more than 1 QB will be taken before Hawks and they have quite a selection of players to choose from. If (Peppers/Baker/Awuzie/Jackson/Bowser/Obi) are all available at 26, I would be ok trading back a bit, or taking one and trading back up into 2nd with a 3rd and 6th and getting another.

      Awuzie and Bowser or Peppers/Obi and Baker

    • Drew

      I don’t understand how a team could view Mahomes as a first rounder but not Deshaun Watson. He’s a combination of Marcus Mariota & Jameis Winston. Mariota’s athleticism & coming from a spread offense and Winston’s interceptions. But more accomplished than both. I just don’t get it.

      Strikes me that the 2 teams didn’t have Marlon Humphrey was a 1st rounder and Obi was “no way” in the first round.

      • JakeB

        Agree on both points. Eric Galko chimed in saying he had most of another team’s top 32 and it was substantially different than these two. It’ll be fascinating to watch it play out like always. I’m just hoping for a bunch of QBs to be off the board by 26. Keep pushing the value down to the Hawks

        • RealRhino2

          “Substantially different”? I find that a bit hard to believe, honestly. I think there is room for variance in the edge and DB class, in particular, but I feel like most of those guys I was just nodding along because it seems obvious.

          Like Tony, I was surprised about Taco Charlton. Just don’t see what is special enough to make him a R1 guy. Or, put another way, I could see him as R1, but it’s not obvious. Little surprised by T. White and K. King.

          And where’s Alvin Kamara? Jeremiah assures me he’s the 13th best player in the draft or something like that!

          • HI Hawk

            I think it varies wildly from team to team. They all value different things and play different schemes.

      • HI Hawk

        I think it comes down to deep balls, simple and plain. Mahomes has a gunslinger reputation and if you can harness what he has in raw talent, you could have Brett Favre. Deion Sanders and Dan Quinn would say he has “that dog” in him. Despite his popularity and big game performance, Deshaun Watson just doesn’t possess as much in his right arm, and there’s some doubt about his production as it relates to help from great players around him. I think Watson is still ahead on most boards and will likely be drafted higher. But if I was a GM, I would prefer Mahomes.

    • KD

      If nothing else, this could make for one of the most interesting and exciting first rounds in a very long time.

  5. Hawks22Fun

    Wanted to address the O line for a bit.

    So many places keep projecting another 1st round O-Lineman for the hawks this year…

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m eager to see what Luke Joeckel, Rees Odhiambho, and Oday Aboushi can do in competition…

    Germain Ifedi moving to RT, where I feel he will thrive…

    Britt as our most solid lineman, getting on off season at the same position, and seeing how much better he gets with 18 starts at C under his belt…

    FANT has added 25 pounds of muscle this off season as per 710 Seattle Radio…with starts under his belt, 25 more pounds of muscle and strength, an offseason to practice and train, what happens for him in year 2?

    I want Luke Joeckel to get healthy and have a career rebound in Seattle! Let’s try and have some positive momentum from signing him, he could end up being a Quality LT after Tom Cable works with him… I mean perhaps being super motivated in Jacksonville losing all the time was too much for the guy… #WinnersMakeWinners

    I don’t want Seattle to use anything but a 3rd on an O Lineman.
    With Odhiambho this year not coming off an injury, being our 3rd rounder last year, he should be better off to compete and show what he can do this year…

    I see this O Line:

    Joeckel 6-6,312 Odhi. 6-4,314 Britt 6-6,315 Glow 6-4,310 Ifedi 6-5, 325

    That’s 1576 Pounds of human Wall! Hah…
    Perhaps Aboushi beats out Glowinski for RG…

    That’s a 1st R, 3rd R, 2nd R, 5th R, 1st R…

    We need to give this a chance IMO…

    • Hawks22Fun

      Fant is 6-5, 296–>316? Oday Aboushi is 6-5, 308, Hunt 6-2, 300…

      So we would have 8, and thus drafting 1 O lineman in the 3rd seems likely… Asiata, Nico Siragusa or Bisnowaty…

      I would feel solid about this group…

      • Overtime

        Hunt might be listed at 6-2, but he was 6-0 in college. He may be only 5-11.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I thought that Fants greatest weakness was an inability to hold defenders away from his body. So gaining upper body strength should help him in that regard. Then is he can learn better hand fighting technique he will be a much better tackle. Should start hitting his stride just in time for free agency and his big pay day.

      • BobbyK

        I thought Fant was already a good run blocker when he knew who he was blocking. His biggest weakness was awareness and technique in pass pro.

    • Jujus

      I call BS, there is no way he gained 25 lbs of LEAN BODY MASS without the use of steroids, it is only physically possible with someone who is completely untrained and begins doing everything perfectly nutrition and weight lifting wise correctly.

      A trained athlete who has been lifting essentially since puberty can gain realistically 2 lbs of real muscle a year.

      • Jujus

        I am very excited for fant and I hope he excels and solidifies our position at LT for a decade.

      • Ishmael

        This happens every single offseason, and it’s absolutely ridiculous PEDs. Happens in college, happens in the pros, happens everywhere. Fant’s doing what he needs to do to stay in the league.

  6. coach

    Anyone else hoping we take the ASU kicker in the 7th? Best college kicker of all time?!! I say he becomes our starter!


    Go Hawks!!

    • Hawks22Fun

      I would totally be down for that…

      Blair Walsh isn’t exactly a name that inspires massive confidence…

    • Rowlandice

      I think so too, but I don’t think he’s there in the 7th. Good kickers go UDFA. Very good kickers go in the 7th. GREAT kickers go MUCH earlier.

      • HI Hawk

        Great kickers come from anywhere, and they go from great to awful quickly. Sometimes back to very good. Kicking is so mental that you never know who will be good from year to year. Except Vinatieri – he’ll still be great in his 50s. Speaking of which, he was undrafted and is one of the best of all time. Current best kicker may be Gostkowski – undrafted. Hau$chmoney was as solid as a rock for years – undrafted.

        I don’t ever want to burn a pick on a kicker. Walsh could rebound just fine, Lunsford could be the next Gostkowski. Tampa’s #2 pick struggled, so no thanks to burning draft capital on a complete wild card.

        • Elliott Atk

          Stephen Gostkowski was drafted in the 4th round

          • HI Hawk

            Nice! See how much I value kickers? I didn’t even bother to research him. Haha. I still don’t think it makes a lot of sense to draft one.

    • HawkTalker #1

      I’m concerned about the kicking game. Right now the kicking game is queued up to be worse than it was last year. I say get Gonzalez whenever they have to.

      • Volume12


        John Lunsford was one of the best kickers in CFB last year and is out here drilling 60 yarders with ease.

    • cha

      The best college kicker of all time? You mean after Roberto Aguayo?

  7. Volume12

    About that Tony Pauline article.

    Do people realize how astonishing that really is?

    2 teams have a board that’s 85-90% identical? That’s unheard of.

    • Volume12

      That means 60 people (just scouts mind you) have the same rankings.

      • southpaw360

        I didn’t think of it that way. That makes it even more interesting to me. I’m going to have to read it again.

  8. Sea Mode

    Did you notice that last tidbit?

    5 – When asked about UConn defensive back Obi Melifonwu being a potential top-32 prospect, the response from both teams was unanimous — no way.


    • Volume12

      Why did everyone think he was a lock for the top 20? Because of his combine?

      • Sea Mode

        I don’t think top-20, but Byron Jones-like mid to late 20’s.

        And yes, his combine together with the uniqueness of his physical profile.

        • Volume12

          Byron Jones went in an average DB class and was widely considered a 3rd rounder before the combine.

    • Volume12

      If they can get Humphrey, they better run to the podium.

      • BobbyK


    • cha


      Everybody evaluates players differently. Every year there’s some player drafted higher than the ‘consensus’ and the team raves about how high they had him on their board and the analysts shake their heads.

      I like that there isn’t too much groupthink amongst teams. (yes I’m aware of the irony that the two teams in the article had nearly identical boards. LOL).

  9. Volume12

    TC wants to draft Oregon St OL Dustin Stanton. Former TE BTW.

    • Sea Mode

      Source or just a hunch?

      I know they brought him in twice (regional combine and local day)

      • Volume12

        From Stanton’s mouth himself.

        • Volume12

          Also, hand-eye coordination seems to be a huge trait that TC values.

        • Sea Mode

          Oh, wow. Ok.

          I did see some nice pancake clips on twitter IIRC.

          • Volume12

            Wants him as a priority UDFA if he’s not drafted.

        • OCDavid

          Very cool read, not only the Seahawks’ visit blog, but also the Bengals’ visit.

          The Bengals assistant OL coach has given him a 4th round grade according to the story.

    • nichansen01

      He needs to bulk up for the NFL.

  10. Sea Mode

    VMAC Visitor Alert!


    Ole Miss QB @CKelly_10: I visited the #Seahawks, #Chiefs, and the #Bills. I’ve had some great talks with other teams on the phone.

    10:50 AM – 21 Apr 2017

    • Volume12


    • Sea Mode

      Just an idea that popped into my head: if they were targeting Engram, who better to bring in than his QB…?

      • Volume12

        Or is it to kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak?

        See why this guy was such an awful leader for his team and get info on Stringfellow?

    • HI Hawk

      He would be a very nice backup for Russ in my opinion. He could learn how to act/be a pro from Russ and bring his immense talent and competitiveness to a position it’s needed. A lot of homework has to be done, but I like him better than most backup options because I think he might be cocky/self-absorbed enough to think he could challenge Russ for the starting job, especially if Pete pumps him up on the idea. Russ needs some competition or a push, even if it’s extremely improbable.

  11. no frickin clue

    Football Outsiders points out that the Hawks’ snap-weighted age in 2016 was 27.2 years on defense (7th oldest) and just 25.7 years on offense (29th oldest). This draft needs to be skewed to the defense for some fresh talent to ultimately transition away from our core.

    • BobbyK

      Agreed. Many of us have been saying this all off-season. Defense needs youth early and often in this draft; not just one early pick.

  12. kevin mullen

    My ideal Hawk’s draft:

    Trade 26th pick and 102nd pick to Chicago for their #36 and #67 (say they draft Watson with #26)

    2.36 – Charles Harris DE Missouri
    2.58 – Sydney Jones CB Washington
    3.67 – Justin Evans S Texas A&M
    3.90 – Jake Butt TE Michigan
    3.106 – Rasul Douglas CB WVirginia

  13. Scraps

    Applause for Rob’s disdain for the Wonderlic “test”. Just one data point: Johnny Manziel’s Wonderlic score was 32 — a very high score.

  14. Stephen H. Pitell

    I’d be shocked if no QB was taken before our pick at 26, but if that were to happen, trading down would probably be an auction and we’d get good value. Rob and Kenneth suggest otherwise, but since it almost certainly won’t happen we’ll never know.

  15. nichansen01

    Any chance Tredavious White slips to the end of the second for the hawks to draft?

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