Why isn’t Evan Engram getting more credit?

We’re recording the latest podcast today so stay tuned. In the meantime, I wanted to put a few thoughts out about one of the more underrated players in the draft.

The first player we really focused on this year (back in early October) was Ole Miss tight end Evan Engram:

Engram is a little bit like Jordan Reed albeit 10lbs lighter. He can line up anywhere — inline TE, detached, slot, H-back. He’s a mismatch. At a listed 6-3 and 227lbs you could just use him as an out-and-out bigger receiver if you wanted. He has the agility, fluidity and athleticism to make it work.

We talk a lot about mismatches these days. Engram is a perfect example. Yet he doesn’t get that much hype.

That probably needs to change.

Yesterday I paired him with the Giants at #23. New York needs a tight end and with O.J. Howard and David Njoku likely gone, Engram could be an ideal fit.

It shouldn’t be considered a reach either.

One of the more dynamic receivers in the NFL currently is Mike Evans. Let’s compare his physical profile to Engram’s:

Mike Evans
Height: 6-5
Weight: 231
Arms: 35 1/8
Hands: 9 5/8
Forty: 4.53
Vertical: 37
Broad: DNP
Short shuttle: 4.26
Three-cone: 7.08

Evan Engram
Height: 6-3
Weight: 234
Arms: 33 1/2
Hands: 10
Forty: 4.42
Vertical: 36
Broad: 10-5
Short shuttle: 4.23
Three-cone: 6.92

Engram is shorter and isn’t quite as long — but he’s quicker, has superior long speed and he’s equally explosive.

Evans was the #7 overall pick in 2014 but it’s worth noting not everyone projected him to go that early. This profile by Nolan Narwocki listed him as a borderline first round pick (the same as Engram):

A prep hoopster with shooting-guard size, Evans combined with Johnny Manziel to form one of the most dominant quarterback-receiver connections in the nation the last two seasons. He’s a big, physical, strong-handed, West Coast possession receiver with playmaking ability who projects as a No. 2 in the pros where he will make his money as a chain mover and red-zone target.

It doesn’t mean Engram’s going to go in the top-10. The comparison feels somewhat legit though — and a smart team might get a similar player at a cheaper price.

Evans spends a lot of his time in the slot acting as a mismatch. This is how you’d likely use Engram. He’s not so much a tight end as a dynamic big target. Put him up against a safety or linebacker and he’ll have success.

The 2017 draft is going to be unpredictable. More so than in previous years. There are a bunch of players with similar grades. It wouldn’t be a huge shock if Engram went a lot earlier than most are currently projecting — especially if Howard and Njoku are both gone in the top-15.

The talent at tight end could also work against the receiver class. Howard, Njoku and Engram are explosive, highly athletic playmakers. And they’re healthy. Corey Davis, Mike Williams and John Ross don’t have that.

Would the Seahawks take Engram at #26? As good as he is, they’re already struggling to utilise the tight ends they’ve got. Even if you view him as a mismatch receiver — Seattle’s problem isn’t a lack of targets on offense.

Even if they were planning ahead with Graham and Willson out of contract in 2018, wouldn’t they just be better off franchising Graham? It’s not like there’d be any less pressure to feed Engram the ball as a first round pick.

For it to happen they’d have to be pretty down on the defensive talent available.

He’s very good though — and if they were going BPA he wouldn’t be a bad choice. It’s likely lesser players will be off the board before Engram. I’m going to revise my tiered rankings before next week and Engram will be in the third tier as one of the best twenty or so players in the class.


  1. drewdawg11

    I’ve been saying this for a while. He’s a difference-maker. I love him. I was hoping we could find a way to move up in round two to take him. I was worried that teams would covet him.

    • Greg Haugsven

      If we take Engram what does that say about Vannett? Wasted pick.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Vannett would be a wasted pick that is, not Engram.

        • D-OZ

          Two totally different type of TE’s.

          • drewdawg11

            Not if they lose Jimmy and Luke next year.

            • Greg Haugsven

              I agree, if they draft Engram that doesn’t say much about resign g Graham. If they did resign Graham and draft Engram, Vanett would be a wasted pick.

        • Overtime

          Engram would be competition for Tanner McEvoy and Luke Willson more than Vannett. Vannett;s calling card is blocking. Now they believe his receiving skills will allow him to be a ‘complete’ Tight End. With little OL help in the draft, I would prefer another one like Vannett to another one like McEvoy.

  2. Patrick T.

    Thanks for another great article. Engram is a stud, though I agree with your sentiments that he will likely be gone before #26 and isn’t a great fit for our current needs. I’m hoping Cethan Carter will be the late round hedge against Graham/Willson leaving. Matt Waldman’s analysis really sold me on him.

  3. Matt B.

    It’ll be interesting to watch what happens with this TE group in the draft. Looking at mock drafts it seems like many writers struggle to reconcile how good the top 3 of this class are into their mocks. I feel like OJ Howard sometimes is put top 10, Njoku maybe breaks into the 20-30 range and Engram gets put into day 2. Considering how these guys tested and some identified weaknesses with the WR’s at the top of the class, I could see them all going 1st frame and being picked over both Mike Williams and potentially Corey Davis. I wonder if TE is not traditionally viewed on the same level as WR, CB, OT, and DT results in the above noted drop on the mock boards and whether that will also translate to the actual draft. I can’t imagine that the Seahawks will take a TE high unless someone falls to them, but they do often think a year ahead and certainly they are going to have to be making some big decisions next year at the position.

    • Jason

      I may be wrong, but I thought I read from someone like Davis Hsu said that they had Howard rated in their top 3 or 4. Don’t know how he would know or if I am just making something up in my head.

  4. Kenny Sloth

    Do Peppers next!

    Huge question marks around his value and fit in this draft for me

    • Rob Staton

      I think we’ve covered him a lot without ever doing a piece. I like him, I think he has value. I think the narrative on him has been a load of BS for the most part.

      • All I see is 12s

        That said, he can return kicks, play on offense (backup 3rd down back?) and would be disruptive in the slot. Why not him, a larger version of adoree Jackson? Wouldn’t he be the perfect blend of Jackson and Melinfonwu?

        • Rob Staton

          I didn’t say he wouldn’t be an option. I like him.

          • Mistral

            You had him mocked at #28 in your trade downbeat scenario a couple days ago. Would you consider him a steal at #26 or did you think there’s could be more value elsewhere?

            You’ve said you liked him and have covered him sporadically through this process, but you’ve often stated he wouldn’t be available. Seeing that he might be, I would really appreciate a piece on how he might fit into the Seahawks. If Obi is a chess piece, what might the Seahawks do with Peppers? Could we use a safety / slot like him that early? How much would we value his slot coverage, hits on the running back, return ability?

            • Mistral

              And you had rated him in tier 3, above King, Awuzie, Baker, Melifonwu, and the host of others you’ve covered so extensively.

              • Kenny Sloth

                I think we value turn overs too much to take him,

                I’m also unsure if you can play a LB at slot corner without some repercussions

                • Ishmael

                  He was playing to set the edge though, he really wasn’t put in positions to go out and get the ball.

                • peter

                  If they were going to get clever with that I’d much rather Zach Cunningham, or Jarrad Davis. Two players with much better athleticism for their sizes than peppers. I know I dogged on Cunningham a bunch but his testing was right in the Watt/Wagner/Bowser range with some serious length. I like Peppers but I don’t thin he’s dynamic at coverage or playing LB that you couldn’t get a better player like Lewis for less of a draft slot.

            • Rob Staton

              I think he’d be good value but I think I made a mistake in that mock. I don’t think he’ll be there at #26.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Are you concerned at all with his total lack of length playing DB?

        • Rob Staton

          Not in a ‘big nickel’ type role.

  5. Ishmael

    Here’s a fun one, Reuben Foster just got pinged on a drug test. Diluted sample at the combine. Now there’s absolutely nothing surprising about him using, just look at the guy, but I am surprised he got caught. Would have thought after all those years at ‘Bama they’d have shown him how to cycle properly to dodge the tests.

    Reckon he lasts to 26?

    • nichansen01

      *look at the guy*

      I didn’t think he looked roided out or anything if that’s what you’re referring to.

      • Ishmael

        He’s absolutely enormous and has wild range. He’s not quite LaRon Landry levels of stupid obvious, but he’s clearly on some sort of gear – as evidenced by this test. I’ve been told by people I trust beyond a shadow of a doubt that 85%+ of the league are on PEDs, so the only real surprise here is that he got caught.

    • Rob Staton

      If he does I doubt the Seahawks stop his fall

      • Ishmael

        Fair enough. He’d be BPA by a decent margin, but maybe the fit isn’t there for what they want.

    • Overtime

      I think he falls into R2. His explanation is unconvincing. As they say, the cover-up is often worse than the offense.

    • vrtkolman

      I had him to Arizona as a lock, which would have sucked. With Darryl Washington’s history though, I’m not sure if they will go down this road again.

  6. Ed

    Just heard McShay say Engram should be gone by pick 20. Please keep pushing more defenders down to the Hawks.

    For sure (9):


    Almost for sure:

    Cook/Charlton/Reddick/Bolles/Lamp/Njoku/Ross (7):


    King/Conley/Obi/McKinley/Awuzie/Jackson/Williams/Davis/Barnett (9):

    That doesn’t include any QB, so assuming 2 QB taken (will probably be more), that drops at least 2. Add to that, Cam Robinson and Ramczyk will go before, drops another 2. So the Hawks have choices of:


    Plus the 4 fringe for me (Jackson/Williams/Obi/Conley)

    • Rob Staton

      I’m glad Todd agrees 🙂

  7. David Ashton

    Walter football has us doing the following;

    1. Obi Melifonwu
    2. Jourdan Lewis
    3. Cordrea Tankersley
    3. Daeshon Hall
    3. George Kittle

    Would you take it? Rob, community?

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure they’ll go S/CB hybrid, CB, CB with their first three picks.

      Like the players though.

    • Jason

      I would take all 5, but if I had to take one out it would be Tankersley for an OL or WR. I think you can get CB value later one.

    • Trevor

      That would be an incredible draft! Not sure how they could ever get all those guys but that would be an incredible Haul and hit all the needs going forward.

      Move Tankersley up to the 2nd pick and replace Lewis with Assiata and it would be a dream draft.

      If we take Obi at the big nickel then Lewis seems redundant.

      • Sea Mode

        My thoughts exactly as well.

    • TrudyBeekman

      WalterFootball reads this blog for sure. Referencing Buffalo nickel w/ Melifonwu pick.


      I would do this. Restock the LOB. Those are some of the better players in the draft, and all a scheme-fit.

  8. EP

    Reuben Foster at 26???

    • David Ashton

      Don’t know if this prompted your question but he had failed test at combine… dilute urine.

      Could fall for sure…. I’d take him.

      • EP

        I was, replys above hadn’t refreshed so I didn’t mean to recycle a previous point. Feel sorry for the guy. Obviously a great player. I’ve not been following the sport in much detail until this year, had no idea performance enhancing drug use was so rife in the sport, or recreational drug use into the bargain. Don’t understand how guys with that opportunity ahead of them or guys who are already millionaires feel the need to cheat or risk there career by using drugs.

        • Ishmael

          The only way to make it for most of these guys is to use drugs, it starts in high school. There are literally millions on the line, players will do whatever they can to make it.

    • Rob Staton

      If he falls that dramatically I think it’s safe to say Seattle won’t be the ones to stop the drop.

      • D-OZ

        Something is not clicking quite right with that guy…..

        • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

          He is the one who flipped out in the hospital and was sent home. Under stress? Roid rage?

  9. Producehawk

    I would hope they would not go offense at 26. Would like to see a trade down for more picks, then take the best DE OR CB.

  10. Sea Mode

    I would be ecstatic if we took Engram! But you already knew that about me, cause I never shut up about this guy since Rob first posted on him way back when… 🙂

    If they want an elite offensive playmaker, it has to be early. Not saying they will do it this year for sure, but it has been a historical trend. And if they guys they really like (Obi, Awuzie, Bolles, King, Adoree) are all off the board, I could see it happening. Defense is deeper throughout and they seem to like coaching those later guys up anyway in the secondary.

    While the Jimmy usage is a fair argument, I do think there are two reasonable counter points:

    1. It has been slightly overstated by some when we expect 100yds/1TD per game. He still had a great year, even statistically, and especially considering he was coming off a major injury that crippled others’ careers. And even when he didn’t show up on the stat sheet, he was drawing coverage away from the other guys. I feel the real nag is red zone targets more than overall usage, and hopefully Bevell can figure that out.

    2. The other huge thing to take into account is that our run game stank for a good chunk of the year. If teams had to respect the run game and Wilson’s legs like they will hopefully have to again this year, Jimmy and the other TE’s production would probably have gone up significantly. When the run game breaks down, the glass cannon shatters to pieces.

    In the end, having more good players who can get open and who you want to get the ball to is a good problem to have. And I can pretty much guarantee Engram is not the type of guy who is going to be complaining in interviews about not getting as many targets as he would like ala Brandin Cooks. That is mostly a fan’s problem anyway IMO.

    So how could the draft shake out then if this happened?

    R1P26: TE Evan Engram
    R2P58: S Marcus Maye (speaking of underrated, not getting enough draft buzz…)
    R3P90: DE/DT Daeshon Hall
    R3P102: OG Isaac Asiata/Jermaine Eluemunor
    *Trade down R3P106 for R4+R5 picks
    R4: CB/KR/OW Brandon Wilson
    R5: DB David Jones
    R6: RB Chris Carson/Devante Mays/Dalton Crossan
    R7: MLB/ST Dylan Cole

    UDFA list:
    – Big DT (Glen Antoine)
    – QB2 competition (Trevor Knight)
    – OT project
    – Slot CB (Xavier Coleman)
    – FB/TE/ST (Tyler Scalzi)

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ve been touting McCaffrey since the time he was viewed as a second rounder. He is a dual running and receiving threat. And now he is widely viewed as being first round talent that will probably be taken before the Seahawks first pick. If Engram isn’t available would you take McCaffrey instead?

      • Hawksince77

        Here are some other reasons why the Seahawks might consider Engram or McCaffrey at 26 (or with their first pick):

        1 – seriously considering trading Sherman means the team must feel confident they can start 2 outside CBs that are on the roster. Why? Because they can’t expect to draft a CB (in any round) and succeed in year one. (King might be the exception, but just maybe)

        2 – the defense has been traditionally much stronger than the offense in the PC/JS era, and this remains the case. There is more opportunity for improving the offense than the defense, in other words, and adding a top playmaker could make that difference.

        3 – the other way to improve the offense is drafting a top offensive lineman – probably Bolles or Lamp. Unless they trade Sherman for a high 1st round pick, they might not be available. And if they are, they have to be considered for the same reasons — improving the offense.

        4 – As for Engram, putting him on the field with Graham provides potentially the most dynamic TE duo since Gronk and Hernandez (may he rest in peace).

        5 – Engram could be the big WR that the Seahawks have been seeking since BMW. Seattle already has small, quick, fast WRs (Lockett, Baldwin, Richardson). Engram would provide another type they currently don’t field (at WR)

        6 – Seattle already signed two O-lineman, a safety and a power RB. That doesn’t mean they won’t add a safety in the draft (I think that is near certain) or another offensive lineman (I think that probable – Asiata or Siracusa most likely), but it does provide more flexibility in the draft. While Rob has made excellent cases for Obi, Jackson, and Awuzie (perhaps my favorite) at 26, he has also demonstrated how deep the draft is for safety and CB (with some Seahawks-Specific limitations).

        7 – McCaffrey specifically could be a hedge for Procise (like Lacey is for Rawls) or play WR almost exclusively. You could have him on the field with another RB without sacrificing offensive capability.

        8 – Seattle has shown a tendency to target offensive playmakers in the first round, mostly through trade (Harvin, Graham), but also used their first pick on an RB (Michaels) and a WR (Richardson) when they didn’t have a first round pick (I know that was the case for Richardson – did they pick in the first round when they drafted Michaels?) Anyway, if they thought a player special enough (and I guess we have to include someone like Ross as well, although I think that less likely given the roster) I can see one of Engram or McCaffrey being the pick that surprises most everyone.

        There are at least two arguments against drafting an offensive playmaker in the first round, both of them voiced here often: one, the possibility of focusing on the slot defender (Obi, Baker, Jackson, Awuzie), or most likely IMO a top pass rusher. Does Watt fit that category, or Taco Charlton, Charles Harris, McKinley, say?

        I think at least 3, if not 4 QBs go in the first round. They will certainly be overdraft, but It happens every year. Offensive tackles will also get overdrafted, most likely, pushing very good players down towards Seattle.

        Finally, it seems likely that Sherman will get traded, (based on the fact that the relationship has apparently soured, and reports that JS is not only fielding calls, but making them), and when that happens, all of our projections will need major adjustment, depending on the draft compensation. That still won’t guarantee a CB drafted in the first round for the reason listed above. It will provide an opportunity, however, to draft a player that we previously considered out of reach, either through the pick itself (the Saints at 11, say) or by trading up using one of the third round picks. From PC/JS’s perspective, Sherman may already be gone, and now it’s just a matter of making the most of it.

        • Rowlandice

          PER the list at #5 – Engram strikes me as an obvious replacement for Kearse as well.

        • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

          A couple excellent points I want to agree with. On #2 it will be easier to make the offense better-since the defense is already so good. Improving the offense, specifically the ball control/time of possession, will have the defense be more rested and likely better and healthier in the second half and the playoffs.

          As mentioned before, how much better are these options. How much better will Engram be than Wilson? How much better will Bolles be than Fant? How much better will Obi or King be than the slot and CB2 the Seahawks will otherwise run out there?

          There are long term consideration, of course. The Seahawks seem to look a couple years in advance, however, 2017 might be the most “short term thinking” year we have seen, with lots of expiring contracts and some players approaching the downside of their careers.

          With all that in mind, Engram is a good choice, especially as a direct replacement for Kearse and his blocking. McAffrey seems more redundant with the shifty slots and RB on the roster. A first round nickle looks good for 2017 and beyond, while the pass rush can really use improvement. Those are likely the first two picks.

      • cha

        A case could be made for McCaffrey. But I would really hope his doppelganger is already on the roster (Prosise).

      • DLep

        Sounds like McCaffrey will be long gone by 26 according to the chatter that it is out there.

        • Overtime

          His floor is Denver at #20. His father Ed McCaffrey used to catch passes from John Elway. They remain close.

          • Matt B.

            I’m hearing both Fournette and McCaffrey will be off the board by 10…

    • Dale Roberts

      With 4.42 speed couldn’t we play him as a wideout (since we’re comparing him to Evans)? Our receivers are asked to do a lot of blocking. It seems like Engram would be a godsend for the running game and the bubble screen. The Patriots do a lot two TE formations which I really like because you can disguise so much. With Graham and Baldwin (and Lockett in 4 wide formation) that would put a lot of pressure on the D.

    • peter

      I like it. I like David Jones quite a bit and the team met with him but I’m standing pat that John Johnson would be my ideal late round Big nickel player.

      Honestly this blog has talked a ton and rightfully so about defense but honestly, I could seriously see Engram or my equal favorite Njoku as the first pick especially if the heavy hitters of Defense are gone. and then just double or triple up on it in rounds 2-3

      • C-Dog

        I like John Johnson a lot. Nice bit of bonus is that he’s played corner as well.

        • HawkTalker #1

          He has some nice corner coverage tape too and is a hitter and a ball hawk. Seahawky

        • peter

          That’s what I like about him that instead of a projection he has actually played CB and safety. Plus a 6.72 three cone is in the tops for all defensive backs. Not a great 40 maybe slow, maybe he’s not a good technician and a 37 inch vert is pretty good. Not a ton of tape but what I’ve seen he seems pretty fluid in coverage and is a willing tackler.

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, I’m not so sure how much Seattle values the 40 for corners. I’m not sure that would dissuade them if they are interested.

    • Hawksince77

      If Seattle drafted Engram as their big WR, they could still take Kittle in a later round. Engram could be the fifth WR on the roster with Kittle as the 4th TE. Kittle’s ability to block and his speed have to be enticing to the Seahawks, regardless of who they draft earlier.

    • D-OZ

      I don’t like the way Tank took the ball right out of Engram’s hand’s along the sideline and returned it for a TD. 🙂

  11. Sea Mode

    Haha, did you guys catch the message to the team from day 1?

    Kearse spoke of the Tuesday team meeting and what he and his teammate hope to accomplish in 2017.

    “Just getting back to who we are, talking about passion and purpose and figuring those things out,” Kearse told Seahawks.com. “But mostly just them trying to allow us to be our best selves and get back to playing football the way we know how . . . We didn’t run the ball as well as we wanted to last year, so that was an emphasis that we want to get back to who we are, establish our run game while being explosive in the passing game.”


    Have we done enough to set us back on track in the run game?

    If Bolles makes it to pick 20 because of age, lack of experience, or whatever, I would send R3P90 to Denver in a heartbeat to move up. Any chance of getting a Tackle like him after what we have seen in FA should be jumped on immediately IMO. And as good as he is, I think the teams’ concerns are real and there is a real chance he does fall into that range. But I see no way he makes it through the DEN-MIA-NYG-HOU gauntlet to our pick at 26. Just my take.

    • All I see is 12s

      Denver wouldn’t trade the pick. They would take Bolles. You’d have to trade up to at least 19

      • peter

        Agreed. Denver is going to look and Bolles and say “problem solved.” Seattle would almost certainly have to go to 19

        • Misfit74


    • Trevor

      That is why Sherm to the Titans at 18 is the ideal spot if we are really going to move him. At that spot they have a great chance to get either Bolles or King.

    • Phil

      Sea Mode – “Have we done enough to set us back on track in the run game?”

      I don’t have the stats to support my position, but I feel that the decline in the running game has less to do with the OL and even the RBs than it does with RW’s injuries and the consequent inability of RW to keep the ball on the run option. A healthy RW was a huge asset — even the threat of him keeping the ball meant that edge defenders had to respect the outside.

      My expectation is that RW will be fully recovered in 2017, and while we may not run the option as much as we did in the past, I think we will have success with it as we did in prior years.

  12. Knights who say Ni

    FYI per Rotoworld…

    Alabama ILB Reuben Foster failed his Combine drug test.
    Foster’s sample was diluted, which counts as a failed test. He’s now in the league’s substance-abuse program. Foster claims he failed the test because he was extremely ill and taking in an exceptional amount of fluids. This adds to a nightmare Combine for Foster, who was sent home after getting into an altercation with a hospital worker. Foster is recovering from shoulder surgery. Foster is an elite talent, but could fall to Day 2 because of his growing off-the-field concerns.

    • Trevor

      Boy if he is there at 26 it would be hard to pass. The off field stuff is definitely scary but he was a beast last year and IMO the most dominant defensive player in CFB. He looked like a man against boys in the SEC some games.

      How would an LB corp of Wags, KJ and Foster look

      • nichansen01

        MIKE Linebacker doesn’t really feel like a need anymore. But he would be very very hard to pass up at 26.

        • RealRhino2

          Still think he’ll be gone by 15.

    • KD

      I’m no expert by any means, but can drinking a lot of water really dilute urine THAT much? Anyone here with some sports medicine knowledge that can enlighten me?

      • Kyle

        It can, I don’t have the medical knowledge except for the military testing. We were subject to a lot of urine tests. I drink over a gallon and a half of water a day due to job and exercise. My samples always came back as diluted to where they couldn’t get a good test of what was in my system. I always had to retake the test and was told not to drink water in excess so my sample would come back properly. Its actually really easy to dilute a urine sample.

    • Phil

      Maybe I’m making a connection that’s not valid, but does the altercation with the hospital worker have anything to do with the diluted sample? Did Foster get caught while he was diluting his sample? Or, did the worker do a preliminary test on his sample and tell him that it was diluted? Something seems fishy here.

      • Ishmael

        Nah, the hospital were just being slow on tests which meant he was missing interviews with teams. Nothing to it, 90% of the posters on the board would have flipped out like he did under the same circumstances.

        The only thing worrying in all this is that he was dumb enough to get caught, and to still be hot enough to need to dilute his sample. The NFL really aren’t making much of an effort to catch dopers, so if you’re getting caught you’re doing something pretty stupid.

  13. coach

    Hi Rob. I saw a mock draft that had us taking Godchaux DT LSU in the 3rd round and said he was a great pass rusher from the interior. Do you like him as someone to fill this role? If so, we could focus on other positions in the first and second if we can get him in the third.

    Thoughts from others?

    Thanks and Go Hawks!!

    • coach

      For example, would you like:

      R1 – King CB – starter opp Sherman
      R2 – Lewis CB Mich – starter at nickel corner
      R3 – Godchaux – becomes our nickel pass rusher from the inside on passing downs

      Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      He’s not much of a pass rusher. More stout than anything. Had a weird 2016.

  14. Knights who say Ni

    LOL, who wants a tackle?

    Browns released OL Alvin Bailey.
    DBs Tracy Howard and Trae Elston have been waived. A Seahawk from 2013-15, Bailey was signed by the Browns after Seattle non-tendered him. He appeared in 14 games last season, with the two absences being because of a suspension for violating the league’s personal-conduct policy. Bailey was arrested for drunk driving last September. Bailey is primarily a guard, but can play tackle. He made five starts along the interior last year.

    • cha

      Still 31 other cities he’d rather be in than Seattle?

      • Dutchenstein12

        Haha forgot about that. Forget him…

      • Robert

        Just 30 now!

  15. swisshawk

    Rob (or anyone else) what are your thoughts on another early favorite on here: demarcus walker

  16. Ukhawk+1

    Engram is legit. He should be a consideration at 26 as WR1 alongside Corey Davis

    • Misfit74


  17. Volume12

    Week 1: Seattle @ GB
    Week 2: SF @ Seattle
    Week 3: Seattle @ Tennessee

    Week 7: Seattle @ NYG

    Week 11: ATL @ Seattle- MNF

    Week 13: Philly @ Seattle

    • Volume12

      Get to play at Lambeau in warm weather and get a long road trip outta the way in week 3. I like it.

      • D-OZ

        And no more trip’s to St. Louis.

        • Volume12

          Week 14: Seattle @ JAX

        • Overtime

          The NFC West is finally all in the Pacific time zone.

          • DC

            Well there’s funky old Arizona…

            They are in the Mountain Time Zone but do not change for daylight savings time. So currently they are lined up with PDT.

  18. LeoSharp

    Just watched a film review by Voch Lombardi were. He’s talks about why he thinks Malik Mcdowell is better a better player than Solomon Thomas.
    Personally I agree with most of his comments. If he falls and the Seahawks are willing to pick him up in the 2nd I think it could be their best pick in the draft.

    • HawkTalker #1

      I’ve seen that as well. E does a crappy job of comparing ape apples to apples, but shows some brilliant flashes from McDowell and a good amount of just average tape from Solomon. But the good and but is always going to exist. Highlighting a few minutes of great against a few minutes of bad is will tell you nothing and is just a piss poor analysis.

      • LeoSharp

        Based on my own analysis of the two players I do think Malik Mcdowell is the better player. He rarely loses ground against the run and is nearly always getting up-field, he penetrates against double/triple teams and has the better positional versatility/experience.
        Solomon Thomas is the better athlete, better at disengaging from blocks and using his hands. but overall I think he’s just not as good. I didn’t think he was a top 5 pick before the North Carolina game and I don’t think he’s that level of a player now.

        • Rob Staton

          Woah woah woah sweet child of mine.

          Thomas is on a different level to McDowell IMO. He’s in control, often unstoppable, more disciplined and much more explosive.

          McDowell does get penetration and he does get into the backfield. And yet it’s often for no tangible gain. He’ll misread and attack the wrong gap and they’ll let him ride into the backfield if he’s ceding a hole on the other side. He has a lot of potential but he’s a start from scratch type of player. He has to learn so much to reach his potential. Thomas is rare air. That game against UNC is one of the best ever college performances you’ll ever see.

  19. nichansen01

    Here’s a different mock draft. Some change ups.


    OJ Howard is the best offensive player in the draft. The 49ers have drafted defensive linemen for two years in a row in the first round. The 49ers need anything they can get to improve the offense.

    Solomon Thomas has been rumored to be rated lower by teams than by draft experts. The bears need SOMETHING at quarterback.

    Blake Bortles regressed last year, and running backs are easier to find than good quarterbacks. Deshaun Watson is a proven winners, and after the expensive free agent signings such as Malik Jackson and Calais Campbell, drafting another defensive lineman at 4 might not make a lot of sense. Thomas continues to fall.

    The titan’s situation at corner is misearable, and Humphrey is the highest rated player at that position in the draft.

    1. Browns – Myles Garrett
    2. 49ers – OJ Howard
    3. Bears – Mitch Trubisky
    4. Jaguars – Deshaun Watson
    5. Titans – Marlon Humphrey
    6. Jets – Malik Hooker
    7. Chargers – Obi Melinfonwu
    8. Panthers – Leonard Fournette
    9. Bengals – Solomon Thomas
    10. Bills – David Njoku
    11. Saints – TJ Watt
    12. Browns – Pat Mahomes
    13. Cardinals – Jamal Adams
    14. Eagles – Corey Davis
    15. Colts – Jarrad Davis
    16. Ravens – Hasson Reddick
    17. Washington – Jonathan Allen
    18. Titans – John Ross
    19. Buccaneers – Evan Engram
    20. Broncos – Garret Bolles
    21. Lions – Mike Williams
    22. Dolphins – Kevin King
    23. Giants – Bucky Hodges
    24. Raiders – Adoree Jackson
    25. Texans – Deshone Kizer
    26. Seahawks – Chidobe Awuzie
    27. Chiefs – Davis Webb
    28. Cowboys – Rueben Foster
    29. Packers – Takkarist McKinley
    30. Steelers – Marshon Lattimore
    31. Falcons – Tyus Bowser
    32. Patriots – Christian McCaffrey

    • BobbyK

      I actually think Fournette, Lamp, and McCaffrey are the three best offensive players in the draft.

    • HawkTalker #1

      I like your take. Well done.

  20. Volume12

    Week 1: Seattle @ Green Bay
    Week 2: San Francisco @ Seattle
    Week 3: Seattle @ Tennessee
    Week 4: Indy @ Seattle- SNF
    Week 5: Seattle @ LA
    Week 6: * Bye Week*
    Week 7: Seattle @ NYG
    Week 8: Houston @ Seattle
    Week 9: Washington @ Seattle
    Week 10: Seattle @ Arizona- TNF
    Week 11: Atlanta @ Seattle- MNF
    Week 12: Seattle @ San Francisco
    Week 13: Philly @ Seattle- SNF
    Week 14: Seattle @ JAX
    Week 15: LA @ Seattle
    Week 16: Seattle @ Dallas
    Week 17: Arizona @ Seattle

    Only 1 10 AM game. Week 14.

    • Volume12

      4 primetime games. 3 are at home.

      And 0 consecutive road games. 😀

      • Volume12

        I’m gonna say a 10-6 season.

        • nichansen01

          Sounds realistic. Although I think Arizona will regress this year, putting 11-5 12-4 in the realms of possibility.

          • Volume12

            At Arizona and at Tennessee are the 2 I’m not convinced they’ll win, but they could.

            Yeah, 11-5 at best.

            • nichansen01

              We usually have an easier time beating Arizona in Arizona than Arizona in seattle, for whatever reason.

            • nichansen01

              Personally, I am worried about at Green Bay, at LA, at Tennessee, at Jacksonville and at Dallas. Jacksonville and Tennessee could both be making jumps this year. The rams are the rams and playing in Lambeau is always more than though. The cowboys are probably going to be pretty good again.

            • DC

              I’m going with a floor of 11-5. This team is going to put it together to make a SB run.

              • HawkTalker #1


        • C-Dog

          I will do you one better and say 11-5.

      • cha

        gets a couple long road trips done early, and a long road trip coming off a bye week. Much kinder than in years past.

    • HawkfaniMT

      Wow… COuld that have broken much better for the Hawks?

      1 !0 AM road game?

      • Volume12

        They really like this schedule from what I heard.

        • Volume12

          * read

        • HawkfaniMT

          How oculd they not? If I were to lay out the ideal schedule, this would probably be it… Right? What changes would you make?

          • Kyle

            Im calling a 14-2 season!!! Only losses come in week 5 to the rams and 16 to the cowboys. depending on the way it breaks we might lose the last game to cardinals but I doubt it. Go hawks!!

            • Kyle

              Week 1 will be interesting, but I think lacy is ready to crush them for letting him go so I give us the win

          • Volume12

            I would’ve wanted the bye week 1 or 2 weeks later and the Dallas game in primetime. But, I’m guessing they’ll flex that into Sunday night anyways.

            • Hawkfaninmt

              Got the “mini-bye” week 10-11

        • nichansen01

          Out of curiosity, how does one learn if a team likes their schedule or not.

      • Volume12

        And RB Eddie ‘Chinese Food’ Lacy week 1 @ GB? Very interesting.

        • Kyle

          I know right, I just saw him post a picture on instagram about the game. If that game doesn’t motivate him I don’t know what will

        • Misfit74

          12 carries, 64 yards. Wilson throws for 346 yards. Seahawks win 27-24.

          • BobbyK

            Depending on how many INTs Wilson throws against them. Seems he’s always getting picked a lot against the Packers.

        • AlaskaHawk

          The league schedule is contributing to the Seahawks / Packers rivalry. Lets get it started on week one!!

        • Phil

          “Chinese Food”? I’ve heard him referred to as Marshawn Lunch, but not “Chinese Food”. My favorite is “Feast Mode”.

        • HawkTalker #1

          I hope he’s laying off the strawberries as well.

    • Victor

      Bye week early, good or bad?
      Have only watch nfl for a few years.

      • nichansen01

        The later the better usually. But at least it’s not super super early.

        • DC

          It was week 12 the year we won the SB for whatever that’s worth.

    • Awsi Dooger

      Looks like a very favorable schedule for the Seahawks. In Las Vegas the first thing the wise guys always look for is terrible situational spots. For example, as a Dolphin fan the one that jumped out is the game at Atlanta, because it follows at San Diego, at Jets, at London (Saints) and then one home game against the Titans. If Miami had another home game following Tennessee then it’s no big deal. But when a team is sent back out on the road after a tough road stretch and only one home game, the body and especially the mind simply can’t cope in that subsequent road game. It’s like…you’ve got to be kidding. Don’t we deserve a rest at home? Last season the Dolphins similarly had consecutive West Coast road games at San Diego and at Los Angeles, then only one home game, before being sent to Baltimore. It was a classic disastrous situational spot and sure enough the Dolphins turned in their worst effort of the season.

      Frankly the mainstream media is totally clueless about situational impact. You never hear anything about it, and when the topic does come up it’s typically butchered, That’s the biggest difference between when I spend football season in Las Vegas or in Miami. The sportsbooks are flooded with locals who know all about situational scheduling and identify those games immediately. In fact, they’ve already circled two dozen or more games as likely wagers already. I received several related emails from Las Vegas buddies already tonight.

      Since Seattle has an oddly tame schedule with alternating home and road games, there really aren’t many trouble spots or obvious up points. The one game where the Seahawks received a break is the roader at San Francisco following the Monday night host role to Atlanta. Road games after Monday night are a notorious flat spot if that road game is versus a non-division opponent. The schedule makers were very friendly to assign a divisional foe to Seattle on the short week. Since you already know that team there is far less danger of mailing it in or simply being unprepared.

      Of course, it’s necessary to study the situational spots for each opponent also, based on what is going on before they face Seattle. I haven’t done that in this case.

      BTW, NFL road teams coming off a loss fare 9% better against the spread than road teams coming off a victory. It’s roughly 54% cover if off a loss and 45% if off a win. You simply get a more inspired effort on the road if the previous game was failure. At home there is no trend. It really doesn’t matter if you won or lost the last time out. Again, that in contrary to conventional wisdom. Most fans and analysts always propose a supreme effort at home if the team failed the week prior. They should be looking at road games. An elite team on the road after a straight up loss is one of the most dependable uptick spots in sports.

      You always want a visiting team to be coming off a victory. For some reason that is not understood. Last season the Dolphins feasted on Pittsburgh and Buffalo at home when both of those teams mostly sleepwalked through the game after entering on a string of satisfying wins.

      I envy your stadium, BTW. The atmosphere reminds me of my youth in the rocking Orange Bowl. I have never attended a game at CenturyLink but I did get a chance to visit briefly years ago when I took a cruise on NCL that docked at a nearby pier.

      • Yimba

        Any tips for me when I go to Vegas in may 😂😂

        • Robert

          Seahawks win Division, Conference and Super Bowl!

      • dtrain

        Fun, informative post…and, potentially profitable! Thanks!

      • abark


  21. Kyle

    I just did a mock draft, tell me what you all think.

    R1P26 – WR John Ross – Washington

    R2P26 – CB Quincy Wilson – Florida

    R3P26 – CB Shaquill Griffin – UCF

    R3P42 – Edge Emarcus Walker – Florida State

    R3P42 – OT Adam Bisnowaty – Pittsburgh * Went back and forth between him and DT Carlos Watkins

    R6P26 – LB Samson Ebukam – Eastern Washington

    R7P8 – DL Graver Stewart – Albany State

    • Kyle

      I had some options in the first but thought baker might make it to my pick, went one pick before me. Ross is a tantalizing prospect to pair with our explosive offense. So much speed and ability I had to take him. Seahawks missed out on baker but were happy to have quincy Wilson who they have a 1st rd grade on sitting there. Shaq can play the safety/CB role they are going to so it was a no brainer. Edge Demarcus* Walker is sitting there waiting, and I pulled the trigger on him. other option were available but I don’t think they would go s/cb 3 in a row. As I said the next pick was hard for me between carlos Watkins and bisnowaty. I chose bisnowaty because of the Gilliam signing. Samson ebukam has such a great profile we took the shot on him. Grover stewart is a strong man who could potentially give us something in a year or two.

    • Trevor

      Love the 6th and 7th round guys + Walker

  22. Ed

    Week 1: W
    Week 2: W
    Week 3: W
    Week 4: W
    Week 5: W
    Week 6: Bye Week
    Week 7: L
    Week 8: W
    Week 9: W
    Week 10: L
    Week 11: L
    Week 12: W
    Week 13: W
    Week 14: W
    Week 15: W
    Week 16: L
    Week 17: W

    12-4. Home field. NFC Championship. SB

  23. nichansen01

    This isn’t the popular opinion, but if Obi goes earlier than 26 and McDowell is available, I would draft McDowell all day long.

    • Ishmael

      Can understand it. Presumably you’re banking on him being an immature kid in college and that he’ll turn it on in Seattle?

      • Del tre

        I would much rather take Wormely at 26 over McDowell, I feel like you might be able to trade back with Cleveland and still get either. I think Wormely is more of a Seahawk.

        • Misfit74


          But if we draft McDowell then I’d immediately trust this team knows they have a player they can develop into a stud. They know more than me and it’s hard to judge character when you’ve never even met someone.

          • peter

            Gotta agree here. I’ll trust the team because this is SDB and not .net where the sky is always seemingly falling…I kid, I kid…sort of.

            But really I’d rather have Wormley I get he’s older but better production and nearly identical numbers and frankly is a man. Rob mentions he lacks splash plays which is fair but him and Reed could be real sweet as grown men lining up against opposing offenses.

            • Coleslaw

              I’m souring a bit on Wormley, personally. I feel like we could continue going for FA DTs and get similar level players and not have to trade higher than 58

              • peter

                I mean in a like for like battle between McDowell and Wormley. I’m not a fan of Mcdowell in the slightest, less production, I personally can’t stand to watch players stand around on tape.

                I will say I just ran through the best 101 FA’s list on NFL dot com and there may be some that I’m missing or they are missing or what not but there really are not many if any DL’s available at this time

                I think this is a year like last where Seattle is going to have to buck trend and draft DL. Or what I’d really like to see is some interesting battles with UDFA’s.

            • Misfit74

              Lol, I’m not saying I want the guy (at all, really), just that I’d support the pick if we made it.

        • GB3

          I agree and it could be what Seattle does if both McDowell/Wormely and a few other potential 1st RD targets are still on the board the Hawks are eyeing.

    • Misfit74

      It doesn’t have to be popular to be shared. I like the candor, honesty that prevails on this blog. I’ve been beating the WR (Davis) and TE drums for weeks and weeks as possibilities to consider.

      While I think 5th DB, CB2, and a stud LT are the biggest positions to fill in terms of need, if BPA is a great value and you think said player will get enough meaningful snaps to warrant an early pick then add that talent.

      If Obi and King are both gone I’d go to, bat for any number of players. That said, Corey Davis is head and shoulders the best receiver in the draft. There are 3 TEs I really like – long term potentially elite players – who would make great additions.

      It’s hard to view the draft in a vacuum of pick 26 only, though. Godwin in round 2 and Obi round 1? C. Davis round 1 and a 2nd round DB?

      It’s even tougher considering we haven’t drafted a corner before round 4 in the Carroll era! There are some real 3rd-UDFA gems we might source. King, Willis/Rivers/etc picks 1 and 2? Kittle, Shaheen, Jonnu Smith after a DB, DB, Edge first 3 picks?

      I’m glad we have such a quality FO. I trust this team to maneuver the draft and get ‘their guys’.

      With Rob’s blog/help, I think at least a few will be ‘our guys’.

      • peter

        I’m torn because the “obvious,” talent is on the defense this year but look at Seattle’s drafts. Earl and Bruce dynamic defensive players.

        But then for offense you have early picks for Graham (trade) Harvin (trade) Michael, Richardson, and Tate. That’s a lot of ammo for ‘dynamic,’ players however you want to define it.

        I honestly don’t now a ton about Corey Davis but I know Seattle has scouted his team and most of us I think thought it was for Moton, but maybe Davis?

        Since way back on this season I absolutely love Engram and Njoku. I think either could really light up the offense and even help Graham put up some truly awesome numbers. Not like last year which were good maybe almost great, but some serious TD’s and even open up the field for Baldwin to become less a safety net and more weapon like 2015.

        If you go offesne early I think you can start to consider luani, David jones, my guy John Johnson late. Maybe they like Witherspoon, even Jourdan Lewis could probably be had with a slight move up in the second. I see mixed opinions on Tankersley perhaps all is well in the world and Sherman stays and balls out and they go after Brian Allen.

        Bottom line I’ve postulated from a while back now that Seattle could still build a fearsome D even going super late like NT Antoine and mess with peoples hearts and minds by going offense with the first pick.

        I’m going to even say it…if Seattle (which they won’t BTW) drafted Kamara in the first as a statement towards what Pete said a while back about his disappointment with Prosise’s overall health I wouldnt be bummed in the slightest.

    • Matt

      I gotta say…I don’t get it with Obi. What are you guys seeing that I’m missing? Incredible athlete, yes. But man, I just see a guy that is just ok at football (relatively speaking, of course).

      So please, somebody convince me of what I’m missing with Obi.

  24. millhouse-serbia

    John Schneider says odds aren’t very good for Richard Sherman trade.

    “Right now, I don’t think the odds are very good,” Schneider said in an interview with 710 ESPN, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “But if someone comes cruising along and something happens and we do something, it happens.”

    “The only reasons we would do it is to create some cap room and trying to become a younger football team. But that’s just one option,” Schneider said.

  25. millhouse-serbia

    Mock draft from drafttek.com

    34. Buda Baker
    35. Adoree Jackson
    36. Quincy Wilson
    37. Zay Jones
    38. Chidobe Awuzie
    39. Evan Engram
    40. Obi Melifonwu
    41. Taco Charlton

    Dream scenario for trade back and trade up.

    • millhouse-serbia

      46. TJ Watt
      51. Jarrad Davis
      62. Tyus Bowser

      • HawkTalker #1

        Can’t resist, dream as in rainbows and unicorns . . . I can see that drafttec big board quality coming through a mile away. 🙂

  26. Coleslaw

    I think a lose week 7 @NYG, week 8 Houston, week 14 @JAX and week 17 Arizona (first round bye clinched)

    Then again, some of these teams could be drastically better in a week

    • Coleslaw

      Giants are such a well rounded team, I can only imagine what they’ll add this year. They’ve been on the up for a while.

      The minute I saw Houston on the schedule I said it’s a loss. JJ Watt and crew don’t care that we signed Joeckel and Aboushi or that Ifedis a first round pick, they’re going to wreck us. LOW scoring, UGLY game.

      Jacksonville game is textbook trap game. 10 AM, underrated team, right at the end of an easy stretch, but before the tough games start. Don’t be surprised if it’s a stinker.

      And week 17 I already said they clinched a bye week and rest a bunch of guys.


      • nichansen01

        We can stifle the Texans offense. Expect a dolphin-Esque game

        • Coleslaw

          Exactly like the dolphins game! Normally I’d say we will pull it out but I think Haush$ will be missed dearly

  27. Ukhawk

    Rob, may need an article here…

    Know many are sick of mocks but Pauline’s latest 4 round one bears some interesting thoughts:

    -Good Options at 26: Hawks take Chidobe with Humphrey, White, Adoree, Budda all going just after in R1

    -Trade Up? Top 3 OTs go 20-24, He puts Robinson above Bolles based on team’s views contrary to his own

    -Trade Down? Watson & Webb go top half of R2 but might someone want them earlier at 26? I was against moving down from 26 due to a perceived drop in talent per Robs recent post but not if according to this mock the following are available in the top half of R2: Obi, Watt, Harris, Davis, Taco, Wormley, Engram, McDowell, Evans…

    -Talent Tiers? This mock in R3 has no less than 10 CBs and 12 DBs being taken and 7 good ones before #90 including Wilson, King, Tankersley, Sutton, Jones, Douglas, Witherspoon, & Griffen

    -Depth Thru 4? Hawks may really like some of the prospects in R4 which might merit an earlier trade down to garner an extra pick here or a trade back to move up earlier in the draft (drop back on R3P2 to move higher on R3P1?). Some players still available in this mock’s R4 where Hawks have shown interest includes: C Phillips, J Lewis, G Stewart, T Bowser ( can’t believe this on in R4?) !

    • Rob Staton

      I respect the heck out of Tony and love his work, but I think there’s a lot to question in that mock. I mean, even he has reported Justin Evans could go at #28 or #31. So why does he fall to about #50 in this mock? He also had Awuzie as a top-20 pick last week, now he lasts to Seattle.

  28. Coleslaw

    What about Tredavious White? I admittedly haven’t put a lot of time (none) into watching him, but I hear he’s a pretty much finished product. His ceiling is lower, but we like to get corners late any way so we could go upside later with Brian Allen and get our RCB of the near future

  29. C-Dog

    Seattle trades pick 26 to the NY Jets for picks 39, 107, and 150

    Round 1.

    1. Cleveland Browns; DE Myles Garrett
    2. San Francisco; 49ers RB Leonard Fournette
    3. Chicago Bears; DL Soloman Thomas
    4. Jacksonville Jaguars; TE OJ Howard
    5. Tennessee Titans; S Malik Hooker
    6. New York Jets; LB Haason Reddick
    7. Los Angeles Chargers; S Jamal Adams
    8. Carolina Panthers; DL Taco Charlton
    9. Cincinnati Bengals; LB Jarad Davis
    10. Buffalo Bills; CB Marshon Lattimore
    11. New Orleans Saints; CB Marlon Humphrey
    12. Cleveland Browns; QB Deshaun Watson
    13. Arizona Cardinals; CB Kevin King
    14. Philadelphia Eagles; RB Christian McCaffery
    15. Indianapolis Colts: DL Jonathan Allen
    16. Baltimore Ravens: CB Chidobe Awuzie
    17. Washington Redskins; S Obi Melifonwu
    18. Tennessee Titans; WR John Ross
    19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: RB Alvin Kamara
    20. Denver Broncos; OT Garett Bolles
    21. Detroit Lions; DL Malik McDowell
    22. Miami Dolphins: OL Forrest Lamb
    23. New York Giants; OT Ryan Ramczyk
    24. Oakland Raiders: CB Adoree Jackson
    25. Houston Texans: QB Patrick Mahomes
    26. New York Jets: QB Mitchell Trubisky
    27. Kansas City Chiefs: LB TJ Watt
    28. Dallas Cowboys: S Justin Evans
    29. Green Bay Packers: CB Gareon Conley
    30. Pittsburgh Steelers: LB Takkarist McKinley
    31. Atlanta Falcons: DL Chris Wormley
    32. New Orleans Saints; S Jabrill Peppers

    Round 2.

    33. Cleveland Browns; LB Rueben Foster
    34. San Francisco 49ers; TE David Njoku
    35. Jacksonville Jaguars; CB Quincy Wilson
    36. Chicago Bears; QB Deshone Kizer
    37. LA Rams: TE Evan Engram
    38: LA Chargers: WR Mike Williams
    39: Seattle Seahawks; DL Larry Ogunjobi
    40. Carolina Panthers; RB Davin Cook
    41. Cincinnati Bengals: OT Cam Robinson
    42. New Orleans Saints: LB Zach Cunningham
    43. Philadelphia Eagles: WR Corey Davis
    44. Buffalo Bills: S Budda Baker
    45. Arizona Cardinals: LB Tim Williams
    46. Indianapolis Colts: OG Dorian Johnson
    47. Baltimore Ravens: WR Zay Jones
    48. Minnesota Vikings: DL Caleb Brantley
    49. Washington Redskins: RB Joe Mixon
    50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DE Jordan Willis
    51. Denver Broncos: LB Tyus Bowser
    52. Cleveland Browns: CB Cordea Tankersley
    53. Detroit Lions: WR Juju Smith-Schuster
    54. Miami Dolphins: CB Tre’Davious White
    55. New York Giants: DL Dalvin Thompson
    56. Oakland Raiders: RB D’onta Foreman
    57. Houston Texans: OL Taylor Moton
    58. Seattle Seahawks: CB Jourdan Lewis
    59. Kansas City Chiefs: CB Cam Sutton
    60. Dallas Cowboys: DL Daeshon Hill
    61. Green Bay Packers: LB Carl Lawson
    62. Pittsburgh Steelers; WR Chris Godwin
    63. Atlanta Falcons: OG Dan Feeney
    64. Carolina Panthers: S Marcus Williams

    The Rest of Seattle’s picks;

    90. OG Isaac Asiata. Depth at guard as Ifedi moves to tackle.
    102. CB Rasul Douglas. A gritty physical outside corner
    103. WR Josh Reynolds. Red zone target able to stretch defenses.
    107. S Shalom Luani. Athletic gritty player to serve as a big nickel.

    R5 Pick 150 LB/Edge Josh Caraway. An athletic edge rusher to work out at SAM.
    R6 Pick 210. TE Darren Daniels. SPARQy move tight end to compete with Luke Willson
    R7 Pick 226. CB Brian Allen. A long raw SPARQy corner to develop.

    Thoughts on this draft scenario.

    Seattle sees a number of players they would have been happy with at 26 leave their board, but enough still hanging around that they take the deal from the Jets that offers a late 3rd and a 5th round pick. At pick 39, they choose to take the highest rated DLiner that is on their board, knowing that the depth at DB is good enough they will likely grab a few good players around the corner.

    Cleveland wins the draft. They take the best player in Garrett, they best QB in Watson, they pounce on the sliding Reuben Foster at the top of R2, and they get Tankersley.

    A few interesting things in the division:

    San Fran takes Leonard Fournette, and then they take ultra talented TE Njoku. John Lynch and Shanahan Jr are planning on building an explosive offense for the QB that they draft in 2018

    Arizona crushes the hopes of Seattle fans by drafting Kevin King, then grab troubled but talented pass rusher Tim Williams. Their intention is to continue making Russell Wilson’s life miserable as a passer.

    The Rams with their high pick in R2 give Jared Goff the talented Evan Engram to throw at.

    Seattle had one of the youngest offenses in the league and one of the oldest defenses last year. They use this drafted to get younger and faster on defense in 2017.

    • Sea Mode

      Sorry, but since when is Ogunjobi a 2nd rounder, and a high one at that??? No way IMO. Maaaybe with one of the R3 comps.

      He’s a lump of clay from a small school. His tape didn’t impress me much at all. Just my take, I know.

      Like the Jourdan Lewis/Asiata combo after that though. And Brian Allen R7 is perfect range for him.

      • Rob Staton

        Yeah I’m not sure where the Ogunjobi hype is coming from.

        He is explosive and has potential. But he is what he is. If the Seahawks came out of this draft and he was their first pick, ouch.

        • D-OZ

          Especially considering the talent right behind him.

          • D-OZ

            I don’t see a lot of drop in talent throughout the whole 2nd round. IMO

            • D-OZ

              I think their last pick in the 3rd round is going to be a very valuable chess piece for them. Team’s wanting to get into the second day to get their guy. PANIC STRIKES!!! Happens every year…

        • C-Dog

          I’m probably over hyping the small school guy. I fully admit that.The more I dug into the kid, the more I like him, and his potential. I think there is a legit something to Seattle liking him, and the idea maybe they would to DL first. There seems to be some thought are there he could slip into that top 50 range so that’s swaying me a bit more. I’d probably be willing to take that ouch, but let’s be real, there’s probably a reason why I don’t get paid the big bucks to decide. Go Hawks!

      • Trevor


      • peter

        I agree with most of this and think Brian Allen in the 7th would be great. I’m constantly reviewing Seattle’s past drafts and that said for me Brian Allen as early as the 5th (in a trade scenario of course) would be fine for me. At that range the team is really hoping and not much else. For all the Kam/Sherman/Maxwell you’re looking at as many Tye Smith’s, Korey Toomer’s.

        • D-OZ

          I’m a big Brian Allen fan. Converted WR, only two years’ @ corner, one full year. I think he will go a little higher than R.7 though.

    • peter

      I always enjoy your drafts nice! that said….I love the thinking behind San Fran but I’m seriously thinking John Lynch is going to do his absolute best to copy Seattle which has roots in Tampa Bay’s old system. I’m going to miss hearing him gush about Seattle’s secondary and I think his whole priority is going to build the best defense he can. Again I think your reasoning is great and in many ways the should do exactly what you have presented.

    • Jujus

      if we drafted obunji or w/e his name is with our fist pick I might literally cry. You took him over Tyus bowser? crazy talk.

      • Misfit74

        I think unless you draft a special player early, which for a 43 team is most often a disruptive 3-tech, you don’t take a DT in round 1.

  30. Ishmael

    Is there anything to stop Engram coming out as a WR, not a TE?

    He’d be earning himself a LOT more money down the line.

    • vrtkolman

      He might have to, right? I’m trying to think of the smallest tight end in football… Trey Burton comes to mind. He is still almost 10 lbs. heavier than Engram.

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