Seahawks focus: Notes on Peppers, Wilson, Charlton & Evans

If you missed the podcast this week, check it out here.

Here are four players widely mocked to be available in the 20’s who we’ve not covered extensively outside of the podcasts or the comments section.

Jabrill Peppers (S, Michigan)
The narrative on his lack of production is hugely misplaced. He was challenged at Michigan to exclusively set an edge vs the run and provide speed at outside linebacker to force runners back inside. That’s it. Watch the games.

Peppers is incredible gritty. He’s battled adversity and tragedy to have a football career (as explained in this video). His personality is engaging and lights up a room without being overbearing. He’ll become a leader very quickly as a pro.

He accepts and talks openly about not being the biggest or the most athletic player. He’s a shade under 5-11 and 213lbs. He has short arms (30 3/4 inches) and a short wingspan (only 74 inches). His physical profile is good but not great — he’s a 4.46 runner, jumping 36.5 inches in the vertical and a 10-8 in the broad jump. His short shuttle is pretty good (4.11).

Is he a fit in Seattle? In terms of his ability to be a special teams factor, yes. He could provide a kick return benefit immediately. His character is also ‘Seahawky’ and his personality fits this defense.

I have some reservations about his fit schematically, though.

Peppers is probably going to be at his best as an attack dog at strong safety. Let him read/react, play up at the LOS and use his physicality. If you put him at nickel as a ‘Buffalo’ he’s going to have to cover crossing routes, handle quick breaks and excel in mismatch situations. I’m not sure he’s suited to that role. He’s highly athletic, fast and elusive with the ball in hand and he’s competitive. Yet he does have a tendency to be a little tight when he drops.

With Obi Melifonwu, Justin Evans, Budda Baker and others — you see them covering across the middle and running freely.

You wouldn’t write Peppers off for that type of role. Some teams might wish to try him as a big nickel. Yet his best fit, arguably, will be as an attacking strong safety. If your the Seahawks, how do you get him on the field while ever you have Kam Chancellor?

Quincy Wilson (CB, Florida)
My view on Wilson is the opposite to the national draft media. A few months ago he was regarded by many as the #1 corner in the draft and a probable top-20 pick. Now you’ll find people projecting he’ll go in the late second or even third round.

I wasn’t a big fan of Wilson initially but he grew on me the more I watched. Now I think he genuinely warrants round one consideration.

This isn’t a class with a lot of ‘dogs’ in it. There are some — particularly at the safety position (including mid/late round prospects like Shalom Luani and Rayshawn Jenkins). By that I mean an aggressive playing style. A swagger combined with a physical attitude. That Bruce Irvin, Kam Chancellor type of character.

Wilson seems like he might be of that mindset.

His physical profile is a mixture of pro’s and con’s. He has good size (6-1, 211lbs), he has 32 1/4 inch arms and he ran a superb 4.02 short shuttle. It’s that short area quickness, combined with his size, that really strikes you on tape.

On the other hand he jumped a disappointing vertical (32 inches) and broad jump (9-10), his wingspan (75 5/8) is distinctly average and his forty (4.54) is only OK. It’s quite weird that he’s a combination of exceptional (short shuttle) and mediocre (broad/vertical).

Even so, on the field he’s all attitude and confidence and quality coverage. You’ll see him gain position and force the receiver to the sideline, narrowing the strike zone. You’ll see him box out to make a play. He has the size to be good in run support and he talks like he belongs.

He’s another player you can imagine fitting into Seattle’s locker room. You can also imagine him playing outside corner in this defense. Yet there are some other things to consider:

— Seattle hasn’t drafted an outside cornerback with a sub-77.5 inch wingspan
— Seattle hasn’t drafted a cornerback with such a mediocre broad jump
— Seattle hasn’t drafted a cornerback period before round four

There’s a chance they might like and admire Wilson and possibly even grade him quite highly. It doesn’t mean they’ll draft him with their first pick though.

Taco Charlton (DE, Michigan)
As an EDGE rusher it really was a good year for Charlton. His pièce de résistance was a superb performance against Florida State in the Orange Bowl. He was the standout player for Michigan on the night and looked like a first rounder.

His size, length and ability to get into the backfield was reminiscent of an Aldon Smith, Carlos Dunlap or Chandler Jones type. They’re not the most athletic players but they’re quick, explosive and long. That impacts games at the next level.

It’s likely Charlton will go in the top-20. Teams want pass rushers and Charlton is a good one. Yes he only ran a 4.92 forty but he tested well in other drills like the vertical and broad jump. His TEF score is 3.23 which is good for his size.

He’s really quick with good change of direction skills. His 4.39 short shuttle is really good at 277lbs. Haason Reddick ran a 4.37 at 237lbs. It’s not Frank Clark’s unreal 4.05 but Frank’s a freak of nature. Charlton’s combination of explosive power and short-area quickness is first-round worthy. Without doubt.

He could be a classic example of a ‘media faller’. A player who a few weeks ago was expected to go at #9 to Cincinnati or #11 to New Orleans, dropping for no apparent reason (decent short shuttle times don’t create headlines). There’s every chance he will still go at #9 or #11. With only a handful of good EDGE rushers available, they’re unlikely to stay on the board for long.

What about his potential fit in Seattle?

He was at his best at Michigan as a pure EDGE. And while he has the length and size to kick inside, it’s not as simple as having the frame to do it. Charlton plays like a base DE or OLB. In all of the Michigan games I watched from 2016, I never got a sense that this was a guy who would particularly excel working inside trying to push guards into the backfield.

That doesn’t mean they won’t take him to try and mould him into this type of role (or draft him just to play the EDGE) but there are serious questions about his ability to play inside/out and it kind of feels like that’s what the Seahawks are looking for.

Nevertheless, he’s good with a lot of potential.

Justin Evans (S, Texas A&M)
Here’s another ‘forgotten man’ of this draft class. In October, Evans was being tipped as a top-20 pick by anonymous executives. Now he frequently gets talked about as a second or third rounder.

There aren’t many more explosive players in this draft. Evans’ 41.5 inch vertical really shows in the games. He is a punishing hitter, delivering some of the more devastating hits you’ll see. He’s also mastered the art of hitting hard in the right spot of the body to avoid flags. He’s not as careless as a Calvin Pryor (for example).

He seems to get dinged for missed tackles and whiffs, which is fair to an extent. You know who else misses tackles fairly frequently? Earl Thomas. Evans doesn’t have Thomas’ range and suddenness but they have similar intensity and physicality. You can live with the occasional missed tackle if it’s offset by a series of tone-setting hits.

Here’s what you get with Evans aside from the hits — the short area quickness of a dynamic slot receiver, the athleticism and leaping ability to play the ball and make interceptions that are improbable, and the length and physicality to match-up against bigger targets. He’s a shade under 6-0 and 200lbs with 32 inch arms and a 76.5 inch wingspan.

He was impacted by a quad injury at his pro-day so didn’t do a lot of the workouts. This is possibly one of the reasons he only ran a 4.57 forty despite looking faster on tape. He has a skill set and mentality that lends itself to working as a big nickel, free safety or strong safety.

Evans plays the game with attitude and he helps establish a tone. If the Seahawks wanted to add another safety and a possible ‘big nickel’ with plus coverage skills he could be a target. He’d certainly add a fear factor this defense has occasionally lacked recently on crossing routes (especially when Kam Chancellor has been hurt).

I want to finish with a quick call to the community. I’m looking for a graphics expert to help me put together an aesthetically pleasing ‘big board’ graphic to post on Twitter before the draft. I want to publish it as a visual aid for fans watching the draft.

I’d like to list forty players in five tiers. It needs to be done in Seahawks colours.

If there are any graphic designers willing to put something like this together for me, send me an email to I’d also like to consider doing one for rounds 2-3.


  1. Scott

    OK, I want Evans. First player’s highlights to really wow me. I love big hits, and man could we use a little more of that in our secondary the past 2 years.

    • Sean-O

      That was a pretty fun video to watch. I love the hit on Derek Henry at the 50 sec mark or so. I wonder if he’d make it to the end of the 3rd?

    • The Hawk is Howling

      I am sorry because I can not remember who (C-dog?) I’m on board the Jackson train from Bama? What’s his name? Action? No that’s some old guy
      He’s a safety and blew out his knee, but he’s a baller and I want my team to Draft him.Eddie! That’s his name he really stands out to me. He will fall because of his injury in this draft, however he stands out to me?

      Hope we can get him on the team after

      1. 26 – Awuzie
      2.58- Demarcus Walker
      3. 90- Eddie Jackson.

      That’s my wish right now!

      Go Hawks Yo!

  2. Nick

    I honestly have no clue what to expect next week. Our picks in the top 50 will probably depend on how the draft shakes out.

    Rob, what do you think of Tony Pauline’s article today? Both teams he talked to didn’t have Obi in the first frame…perhaps that sort of perception will give us the opportunity to land the big man at #26.

    Also – George Kittle is a monster blocker. He seems like he would fit Pete’s call to “establish the run” again.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the problem is it’s two teams. If the other 30 disagree (and I believe Eric Galko has already suggested he knows how a team has the top-32 ranked very differently) the only real value we get out of it is how two teams view the class.

      Indeed it might be that 30 teams wouldn’t take Melifonwu in R1. Yet the team at #17 might do just that.

      So while it’s certainly a very interesting piece, it’s not definitive in terms of judging how things will go down.

  3. vrtkolman

    Quincy Wilson or Tankersley would be steals in the 2nd round. I would trade up for either.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Add Justin Evans. If he makes it to around 40, I would advocate a trade up to get him.

  4. Deryck

    I like Evans. I’ve watched that video you’ve posted probably 4 times before and I love it every time, he hits hard for being only 6′ 200lb.

    Also, thank you for all your work towards this blog Rob, I’m relatively new to reading it but I look forward to your posts every day. You’ve turned the draft into something way more exciting for me.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you for reading and for the kind words.

    • Misfit74


    • The Hawk is Howling

      Right on Deryck! We are very civil and educated here. Not me of course!

      Go Hawks

  5. Nick

    Also, are we sleeping on JuJu Smith-Schuster? This piece he wrote for the player’s tribune screams SEA. And we know SEA loves to pick a WR in the second round…Plus, Pete went down to USC to see someone in person…

    • Nick

      Listen to this:

      “But I don’t remember that game because of my performance.

      I remember it because of why I decided to suit up and join my teammates on the field that day.

      Aside from the game of football, there’s nothing I love more than competing. I take pride in knowing that when I’m at my best, nobody can stop me — that my best is better than anybody else’s best. That’s just the confidence you have to have to play this game at a high level.”

      • Rob Staton

        JuJu is a cool player, good guy.

        Not sure he’ll end up in Seattle given their needs elsewhere but he’s a likeable player and person.

        One thing working in his favour in terms of the Seahawks is — they haven’t gone after insane combine performers at WR. They’ve taken guys who look more athletic than they test.

    • Jujus

      I have used the Jujus tag for a decade plus so it would be legit to have a guy on the team named JUJU. Plus i have seen him comped to Anquan Boldin and I would love that on my team, if he lasted to our comp picks I would pull the trigger.

      • RWIII

        Jujus: Don’t hold your breath. JuJu Smith-Schuster will go in the second round.

        • C-Dog

          I think that sounds about right.

          • Jujus

            I want all defense with the draft maybe 1 Te but I’m all about the defense holes this draft. Where is the real competition? Too much complacency too comfortable.

        • Misfit74

          Agreed. 3rd at worst, but I agree 2nd is most likely. He is one of Dallas’ TWO offensive player Pre-draft visits… maybe they curveball us all and take him bottom round 1…they did just extend (average) Terrence Williams, though. Not happening.

  6. Stephen H. Pitell

    Great read, and wow, I’d take all of them, please. It’s truly a banquet of great players available in the first 40 players and no one knows how it will go down. Every one of these guys might be available when we draft at 26.

    I tend to think great character is just as important as other considerations. From the sounds of it, there are lots of them, but I lose track. Like all the great video games I have ever played, I’d need to start graphing and listing these things. I don’t because I’m just a fan, and I let you keep it all straight, Rob. Good job, but I still would rather see you working for the Hawks directly.

  7. Jason

    What are your guyscthoughts on lamp? Should we run to the podium like magic suggest? Can he play tackle even with shorter than ideal arms?

    For me I just don’t see a 1st rounder. Possibly via trade back, but I see more value with getting someone like asiata in the 3rd.

    • Ed

      Too many good impact defenders to go OG in the 1st. And I also think he will be the 2nd OL taken. Bolles/Lamp then maybe Ram and Robinson in early-mid 20’s.

      • RealRhino2

        Pass for me, too, I think. Like him, but not the idea of him. Another early pick on a guard/center? Feel like we’ve seen that movie too many times.

        • lil'stink

          +1. Although Lamp looks to be a better bet than Carp, Britt, or Ifedi.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        Let’s say he’s there, let’s say the FO sees him as a instant starter and a big upgrade at OG or maybe even RT if Ifedi doesn’t look good, but let’s say the FO doesn’t want to pay Britt $8M or more APY when he becomes a free agent so they will use Lamp as our center from ’18 and beyond, saving the team $8M APY. Is that worth it?

    • Jason

      Suppose to be mayock

    • Overtime

      I am not buying the media narrative that our O Line is in need of a ton of help. Having played O Line my perspective is that the problems are not about talent but teamwork. In some cases we got over powered or out thought. These things can be fixed.

      I would wait on another linemen until R3.

    • Dale Roberts

      The leap of faith here is not for Forest Lamp but rather for Mike Mayock. He’s been the best talent evaluator of the media pundits for a long time. Check out his April 12th player rankings.

  8. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Jabrill Peppers (S, Michigan)

    I was listening to a radio show that stated that they thought .. due to his instincts and fluidity.. RB would be Peppers best position within the NFL. He has such a natural feel and decent size for the position. Yes, he could be a decent undersized LB/SS type, but his ST and RB skills would get him drafted.

    • Misfit74

      Denard Robinson 2.0 and backup SS… not at 26!

  9. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Has anyone heard the rumor of Ryan Glasgow, currently DL, being converted to OL in the NFL?

    • C-Dog

      I could see that happening.

      • Sea Mode

        I actually heard that one team was looking at Dan Feeney at DL!

  10. Kenny Sloth

    This is a great piece offering more on these players fits in our scheme.

    Agree Charlton looks like a pure 4-3 strength DE.

    Agree Peppers looks stiff.

    Agree Evans is massively underrated. He’d be a great consolation prize if we missed out on Obi-Wan!

    Agree Quincy Wilson>>>Jalen Tabor

    Wish I had the skills to help with the graphic Rob.

    I’ve been looking over the meetings list prospect’s footage although I’m super unsure where we will pick, because I expect us to move around a lot.

    Would a comp third be able to move us from 58 to 45 or so?
    Maybe grab a seventh for good measure, as well.

    I hate that this draft class has so many players I would root against even if Seattle drafted them. Can’t cheer for Cook or Mixon, personally.

    Doesn’t this class feel ‘Red-Flag’ heavy, to you?

    From Reuben Foster to Amarah Darboh to the chatter around Demarcus Walker’s character, there are a lot of guys slipping for non-football reasons in my estimation.

    • C-Dog

      +1 totally agree on Taco being best at edge.

      What’s the dirty word about Walker’s character? I thought he was a team leader for the Noles.

      • Kenny Sloth

        So did I. There’s been no positive buzz for some time despite a solid pro day.

        Late second-mid third is the consensus.

        Some say he has an attitude problem, I never really got it

    • HI Hawk

      Here’s the extent of Rueben Foster’s Red Flags though: He chastised a medical professional who was prodding and probing him. He is a stud, he is a leader, he plays with broken hands, he hits harder than anyone I’ve ever seen in college football. I worry about the consistent dings and dents he sustains through his extremely rugged playing style, but he deserves a green flag if anything because he plays through it and loves ball like Earl does.

    • Misfit74

      I’m ok letting myself enjoy football players play. High character guys like Wilson are great to root for, though. Still, we don’t hear even a fraction about how NFL players live their lives. There are some real dirt bags out there. Murderers, even. I’m fine drafting guys like Irvin and Clark w/ ‘issues’. I’d be fine drafting Mixon at 26! Doesn’t mean a thing other than I think we all deserve chances. I’d just root for the player and hope the leadership and support systems help him develop as a person. Who am I to condemn someone? That doesn’t mean I believe everyone has to do the same or think the same. Just my opinion.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Don’t compare Bruce Irvin to Joe Mixon.

        Who are you not to condemn him.

        • RWIII

          I would almost bet the farm that Joe Mixon will NOT be a Seahawk.

          • RWIII

            The team that takes on Mixon is going to have a media nightmare to deal with. I believe Mixon deserves a 2nd chance but not in Seattle. Let another team deal with the headache.

            • peter

              I agree about letting someone else deal with it. That and I’m not sure Mixon as special of an athlete as he seemed.

              I wonder how long from a total outsider perspective will it even matter after mixon is drafted? A week, 2? I think he just comes across so insincere.

  11. HawkFan907

    Potential late round prospect:

    Kai Nacua – S – BYU
    Scored in the 95th Percentile in the 3sigmaAthlete rankings.
    6’0.5″, 216lbs. 31.75″ arms, 75.75″ wingspan. 4.49 40m, 4.14 SS, 6.87 3C, 39″ Vert, 10’7″ Broad

    Former High School QB, 14 career INTs with 12 in the last 2 years. From the highlights I’ve watched he looks like a big hitter who could clean up his tackling.

    In my mind he is a special teamed who adds depth. Anyone else heard of him?

    • teejmo

      I happen to be a BYU fan, so I got to watch him quite a bit. Nacua’s interceptions were mostly a product of the BYU defense – even though there’s been two different coaching regimes in the past two years, BYU still had a ton of pressure, evidenced by ranking in the top 10 in sacks in 2015 and and tied for second in turnovers forced in 2016. A decent centerfield safety can really take advantage of that, which is exactly what Nacua did. That said, whenever he did catch an interception, it usually came at a pivotal moment, either to swing the game into BYU’s favor or to clinch it outright. A prime example was a wild game versus Boise St two years ago, when BYU scored two touchdowns in the last minute capped by Nacua’s pick-six.
      Honestly, when I first heard his pro-day results, I was pretty surprised. He really didn’t look that athletic when I watched him play.

  12. HI Hawk

    I am making a 275+ player horizontal draft board by Seahawks position fit. I use Excel to do it and then import it into Powerpoint for display purposes at my annual draft party. I should have it complete by Tuesday at the latest and I am more than happy to send it your way. It may or may not work for your purposes, but if you’d like I can send you the one I made (and the accompanying Excel doc) from last year so you have a starting point to rank the players as you see fit. FYI – you probably won’t agree where I rank Eddie Jackson. 🙂

    • HawkTalker #1

      Any chain you can share with the community. I’d love to have that as well. Thx

      • HawkTalker #1


        • HawkTalker #1

          please send last year’s excel and PowerPoint and this year’s excel and PowerPoint whatever you can, greatly greatly appreciate it, to this email:

      • Misfit74

        Me too! That’d be sweet.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Hi Hawk! You’re the one who Loves Eddie Jackson! Me too man I want him to be the #90 pick though I’d still be estatic with #58, hoping for Demarcus Walker there.. Ed Jack is a straight Baller, What a player! Draft Time Hommies!

      Go Hawks

  13. Mistral

    Thank you so much for the coverage, especially with the variety. I can see why you’ve spoken so highly of Evans (Is there any downside?) and why Peppers may not make as much sense. I’m excited to see how the Seahawks work this draft. Frankly because of your coverage I’m excited to see how ANY team will work in this draft.

    Will you and Kenny be doing any Live Podcasts during the event, or will you just be posting before and after? As with everything we’ll be grateful for anything and everything you do, but hearing your commentary in real time for each team would be fantastic.

    • HI Hawk

      I know you have a job a family, and all that that entails, but a live broadcast would be a gamechanger among us Seahawks fans. If nothing else, the recording could be used by you and/or Kenneth or whoever else you bring in as a guest as a resume piece in the future. This is clearly your passion and I would be beyond happy to mute Mel and company and listen to your unmatched knowledge on the draft. I said earlier that I was working on a draft board, I will try and finish it sooner and pass it your way in case you do try a live broadcast. It could be a good thing to pop up on your stream so fans can see who’s gone, where the pockets of talent are by round, and who fits the Seahawks (or other team that is completely irrelevant to me).

    • Kendo

      I would love to follow a live podcast since I’ll be on the road during day two. Please make it happen Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      We’re going to be doing some immediate reaction podcasts to round one after Seattle’s pick (or trade down). We’ll also be doing some live coverage over rounds 2-3 I think and an overall reaction post.

      • HawkTalker #1


      • Kenny Sloth

        Good lol. We’ll likely be trading down out of 1 again.

        If you ask for. Mailbag questions on the reaction post, you can answer those on the live cast to fill time, just a thought.

  14. Coleslaw

    I’m starting to get the feeling that someone really good is going to slide to us. Perhaps someone we haven’t talked too much about because of hype.

    Reuben Foster? I could see them taking him, he’s a dog, and would be a cheap replacement for K.J.

    Ross/Davis/Williams/Engram? Imagine Ross and PRich out wide running go’s with Jimmy and Dougie in the slots. Prosise in the backfield… Healthy Michael Vi— Russell Wilson**

    Lamp? If OL run starts late enough he could fall into range.

    • BobbyK

      I hope it’s Humphrey. But don’t see it happening.

  15. Robertlas vegas

    This is going to be in interesting draft where these quarterback get drafted I have no idea what does Oakland do at 24 but I do know the seahawks do like guys from Alabama and by any Humphrey or Foster are still on the board and Pete did go to there pro day I’s going to be interesting.

    • BobbyK

      I’m thinking the Raiders have to go with a DB or LB. They could go with a Huskies DB or a LB like Davis if any of them are available. They’re another team one would think need to double-dip with defenders in the first couple rounds.

  16. Robertlas vegas

    It would not surprise at all if the hawks drafted a player from Alabama in the first three rounds.

  17. troy

    Evans seemed perfectly suited to join and help improve the LOB! It is easy to imagine him getting a high number of snaps as a big nickel, and also helping contribute at SS with the inevitable 4-6 missed games that Kam seems to have every year.

    One thing you didn’t seem to hit on Rob is that it really look like Evans has a knack for being around the ball and also getting interceptions. Our defense has not generated near the amount of turnovers that they have in say 2013, if he can help with that he certainly seems worth the 1st. If we can then use one or two of the thirds to trade our second up into the low 30s high 40s and select a Watt or another potential high impact player, this could end up being a great draft.

    • peter

      He’s got good numbers for passes defended but his INT’s are only 4 on the year with one of those being a total garbage time 4 seconds on the half, hail mary. It didn’t flip the field.

      I like Evans but I think his skill set and hype don’t equal where he would be drafted. Meaning I think he has to be picked in the second round to be on the team and frankly I think there are more play to play consistently better Safeties especially at the nuts and bolts plays like open field tackling.

      You can’t argue his passion on field which I do like but for me the closer we get to the draft the more I’m convinced Obi the pick if he’s there. More tackles than nearly anyone (solo) tons of tackles for 4 years. Not one single category is great until you realize that he’s one of the few safeties that has INT’s/Sacks/ Passes Defended, etc…Extreme athleticism and I think if you’re looking for a “big,” nickel you have to look at him to be on the field with Kam and Earl. Or he becomes a better Brandon Browner and plays outside.

      • D-OZ

        Evans has fantastic instincts, gets his head around and play’s the ball well. Smart player and know’s how to keep himself clean and injury free. Looks to be very quick to react and technically sound which say’s a lot for his football IQ. He is a 1st. rounder all day long. Go Hawks!!!

        • peter

          He’s not technically sound though. His open field tackling is pretty meh and that’s a skill that a safety needs. He has trouble fighting off blocking wr’s and TE’s.

          • Ishmael

            Meh is generous. He’s deeply ordinary about dealing with RBs who get through to the second level as well, plenty to work on with him.

  18. Van Gogh

    If Dalvin Cook is sitting there at 26 do you take him?

    • BobbyK


    • Coleslaw

      I wouldnt, Prosise is the same kind of back, and Rawls will come cheap even if he has a stellar season

    • C-Dog


    • nichansen01

      Personally, I’d stay away.

    • Misfit74

      Maybe. He’s good at creating on his own, something that really made Lynch successful being our offensive lines. Yes he has baggage and test poorly, but someone is gonna get a hell of a player.

    • Overtime

      I would be more tempted by Mixon in the 3rd but probably would not select him either. We are good at RB.

      • JimQ

        I’d think the only -non-UDFA -RB that would interest the Seahawks is RB-Kareem Hunt. PFF is very high on him too, because of his yards after contact, missed tackles forced and lack of the fumble issues = better than most other RB’s in this draft. Likely a round 3 or 4 pick in the coming draft. Will the Seahawks take him even with all of the RB’s they will have in the fold? I’d say yes as he offers a somewhat different RB type that would fit this offense very well (especially the YAC ability with the Hawks OL woes).

    • Dale Roberts


      • dtrain

        Devante Mays, late, please

  19. John

    What happened to Demarcus Walker? I did see any numbers from his testing….He is hugely underrated. Any thoughts on what round he will go in?

    • Dale Roberts

      He certainly doesn’t get a lot of love by analysts and the problems seems to be twofold. First and most damaging is his lack of motor, does he love the game? Second is his value in the NFL. He hasn’t shown the strength, stamina, or foot movement to be a full time 4-3 base end. His value to the Hawks might be as a 3-tech inside rusher. Maybe the combination of Pete’s coaching and an NFL weight room would develop his talent. He could be a possible 3rd round investment.

  20. D-OZ

    Love Walker. Nice piece Rob. I would not complain @58 one bit. I would jump up and down for joy @90.

  21. Kenny Sloth

    Alex Anzalone at 90 anyone??

    • nichansen01

      Before signing all those linebackers I’d be all for it. Now, redundant pick.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s not really redundant with any of them.

        The idea would be that he beats them out

        • peter

          I’m not sure any of those signings make it to the 53 man roster as it is. The plan with all of them seems to be give everyone a fair shot and go from there.

        • nichansen01

          Yeah I think anzalone would beat out the likes of Wilhoite, Garvin and Brown. However, is slightly improving the backup linebackers really more important than finding more corners, safeties, guards, tight ends and wide receivers, interior d linemen and pass rushers? I don’t think so.

          • peter

            Now this I agree with. I’ve made it known how much I love Jarrad Davis and how I”ve come back around on Cunningham but realistically I can’t see any LB picked any earlier than the last comp pick and even then I think there should be players at the spots you listed that could come in and play significant snaps, improving those positions.

            I like anzalone well enough but in a 4-2-5 is he just a back up to spell two great LB’s and run down the field on special teams? Seems like the third round you’re still looking at guys like Asiata/Moton/Dawkins maybe…Maybe Kittle? Perahps a guy I waver on like WItherspoon, maybe Chris Godwin all players that I think could get on the field and take jobs from current starters. Maybe not Kittle for Graham of course but I think the point is there.

            • Misfit74

              Godwin would be a steal round 3.

              Carlos Henderson comps very well to Golden Tate. Best YAC receiver in the class.

              • peter

                I think Godwin’s a more obvious 2nd rounder but if, IF, Davis, Williams, both get pushed down then the natural order would be for everyone else to get pushed down as well at least a bit.

                Don’t know why I just got around to watching Henderson. Sign me up.

                That shifty YAC ability plus special teams. Nice. I know a lot of us want someone bigger but for a 3rd round player he looks pretty good.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Does this not make KJ and Bobby better?

              Also fulfills one of Pete’s states needs of getting someone who can compete with them.

              Listen to the way Jarrad Davis and Alex Anzalone talk about eachother

              • peter

                I think davis and and anzalone are a great combo but I don’t think anzalone makes o.j. and wright better or pushes either. As a great back up sure. But like I said above I think you can try to look at starters still into the third round. Seattle’s roster has some holes, lots be honest. If you think anzalone would get on the field more than 30 % of the snaps vs . Asiata who I think can take joekel and earn a,starter spot that’s what it comes down to for me.

                Again I like anzalone it’s just that I think there’s starter value late to look to draft

                • peter

                  *wright and wagner* not /o.j. and wright/ terrible on my part.

    • BobbyK

      The injuries worry me.

      • Dale Roberts


    • Misfit74

      Maybe. Super injury-prone. Made of glass according to some. I don’t see 3rd round. Talented guy, though.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Highway to the Anzalone! Da da dant, dant da! Kenny Cragins-Loggins!

    • Overtime

      I would look for an edge that can play in space at OLB when called upon. Takk McKinley or Joe Mathis would be my preference.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Good shout, those guys are weakside players whereas I’d probably play Anzalone strength

    • Ground_Hawk

      I’d prefer they wait until 106, and then select LB Eric Wilson. The Bearcats were able to use Wilson effectively in multiple LB roles. He’s a versatile player, with great athleticism, and impressive college production.

  22. Josh emmett

    I was farting around looking at some draft breakdown and 3sigma and something that is a little bit over looked is age. Marshawn lattimore and Marlon Humphrey are barely 21 years old. That’s pretty dope. I remember a young earl Thomas coming from DBU Texas University as a red shirt sophomore and barely 21. This is a sport where youth is the great equalizer. Maybe we see Marlon Humphrey in a Seahawks jersey next year?

  23. nichansen01

    Walker is THE forgotten man of this class. I think he goes in the mid second.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      I’ll say it again had a dream The Seahawks drafted Demarcus Walker, damn it would be cool if my dream came to fruition!

      Go Hawks

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Last year right before the draft I had a dream that Pete Carroll said “We need more push up the Middle” then we moved up and drafted Jarren Reed. I’ve also had dreams I was trying out for the Seahawks and Dreams of them playing games in a distant future in some sophisticated arena! I’m a Seahawks Geek, and it’s so much fun to give a Damn about our Team!

        Go Hawks

        • Kenny Sloth

          I always wake up bringing up my arms, because I dreamt I was being thrown a pass

          • nichansen01

            Haha I often have dreams where I am playing slot receiver. I also once had a dream kearse fumbled on a punt return, which was returned for a touchdown by the other team, losing is the game. That dream was also a super bowl and it was against the steelers.

        • nichansen01

          I would be thrilled if Demarcus walker became a Seahawk. May your dreams come true The Hawk is Howling!

          • Trevor

            + 1 some of the best tape and production in CFB last year!

    • C-Dog

      I mocked him to Carolina at the end of R2. I think he’d fit onto that Panther DL nicely.

  24. coach

    Rob and others,
    Which should I root for on Thursday:

    Option 1: Obi in first and an outside corner in second like Tankersly


    Option 2: King in first and then nickel guy like Lewis from Michigan in the second?

    I think we’ll end up taking an outside cb and a nickel, just wondering which option would give us the best 2 players on our D!

    Thanks and Go Hawks!

    • HawkTalker #1

      Give me option number two.

    • Ed

      That’s funny, I like option 1. An outside corner and a big nickel. In the 3rd maybe get a slot corner, but to me, obi is a kinged piece in checkers, he can go everywhere. I don’t think Obi falls to 26 or Tankersley to end of 2nd, but that would be my wish list.

  25. Misfit74

    Awesome article. I share similar views about all three players. Rob outline exactly why I don’t like Peppers for us at 26, though he sure gets talked about a lot by Hawks fans.

    I still don’t know what to make of Q. Wilson. I wonder if reports are true that teams may be looking at him as (primarily) a FS? Does he have special enough qualities for us to buck the 4th round and beyond trend? It wouldn’t seem so, at least if we see him as a pure CB. That said, I think this is the year we buck the trend one way or another.

    Awuzie, Obi, King, Witherspoon, Lewis all have me intrigued 1st-3rd. I fully expect Lattimore and Humphrey to be gone. Conley probably gone and apparently he has invisible hands, heh.

    Evans might be a great player. Maybe if we miss out on a big nickle / S round 1, Evans is a target in another round. I don’t know where his true draft value is.

    Question: are we completely ruling out Moreau, R. Douglas, T. White, and Tankersley as slot and/or outside corners?

    • peter

      I’m not a fan of Moreau. Or I’m not as hyped as some on the blog are. He had great testing and looked like he could be on the path to being a good player before injuries, which are a major concern. I think he’d get torched for groan inducing PI calls in the flats especially with teams playing sound TE’s as his way to cover them.

      I actually don’t know Rasul Douglas has taken a hit and been so forgotten on the blog. Good production, slow long speed that Seattle doesn’t seem to care about, especially with needs at outside corner. I saw that knowing Lane and Shead are back there and think that Seattle needs to find some way to gain more turnovers from the corners. Easier said than done.

      • Sea Mode

        Douglas doesn’t meet 77.5 wingspan requirement for outside CB. If he were an exceptional athlete, I might make an exception, but I don’t see why they should for him.

        • peter

          Agree but we’re talking about a lot of newness as far as corner, picks before the fourth round, sub 32 inch arms going early….

  26. Collin

    I saw we met with Stringfellow from Ole Miss and saw an interesting tidbit on

    SOURCES TELL US “I like him better than a lot of the scouts I talk to. He competes and he’s a better athlete than people give him credit for. I’m hoping he’s there for us on the third day (Rounds 4-7).” — NFC West scout

  27. The Hawk is Howling

    I’m understanding the Just Evans excitement. I’d Love him on our team also! So many talented exciting players to hope for!

    Go Hawks

    • HawkTalker #1

      I wonder how many people on the Evans bandwagon have seen more tape then just his highlight reel? His highlight reel is spectacular as he’s going 110% and putting heavy hits on a ton of people. Unfortunately, that is his best stuff and there’s a lot more about him everyone should see on game tape that it’s not on his highlight reel. I am bucking the trend on this guy and would prefer we do not take him. He whiffs a lot gets caught up in traffic a lot and often appears either far too reckless or too casual when he plays. Sure, if you’re going to hundred percent after monster hits every play you’re going to get some great highlight stuff. The bigger question for me is what are you doing on the rest of the downs and what is your average play like. I have been underwhelmed with the answer I have from that question.

      • peter

        You and me then are bucking the trend. I’ve felt that there is a big difference between his highlight reels and his tape. I just rewatched his Tenn and Alabama and frankly he gets juked out consistently on open field tackles against Tenn. and It’s probably not a fair fight but every time OJ Howard locks him up it’s a big gain for Alabama.

        He’s a big hitter and I don’t think he’d probably contribute right away in some way. Personally I feel like there are better safeties that don’t lay the wood which we all like to see, but as a positive stop more big plays which to me is more important.

        Rob’s mentioned Earl Thomas’s missed tackles but I feel like Earl brings so much more than laying the wood. The play two seasons back where he Karate chops the ball out against St. Louis at the one yard line is one my all time “smartest,” football plays recognizing down and distance and the field situation.

        • Ishmael

          I’m in on this anti-bandwagon as well. I don’t mind him, but I’d be pretty unimpressed if we used a first to get him.

          • Hawktalker #1

            I’d prefer we didn’t pick him at all, definitely not in the first three rounds.

        • Ishmael

          Check out his LSU tape as well, peter. Some horrible work in there.

  28. Goldfishwrestler

    Did a GM mock with a bunch of folks, and here’s what I got
    Jets traded #6, 39, and Sheldon Richardson. Got 26 and Sherman. Cleveland traded 12, 52, 145, and Josh Gordon and a conditional 4th next year, based on Gordon’s reinstatement. Got 6, and P. Richardson. Tried to get rid of Kearse, wouldn’t budge, but still good value. This is how things fell to me in the draft. 1-12 H. Riddick wlb, 2-39 K. King cb, 2-52 D. Dawkins ot/og, 2-58 C. Tankersley cb, 3-90 D. Webb qb, 3-102 J. McNichols rb, 3-106 M. Nicholson s, 5-145 G. Kittle te, 6-210 G. Stewart dt, 7-226 J. Mathis de. So if Gordon does not get reinstated we get a fourth next year, I really had fun with this. Doubt we would get this in a real draft, but what the heck. Fans value things much different, than a GM.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I like how you had all those picks and didn’t take a nickle defender

      • Goldfishwrestler

        Lane already can play there, King can play anywhere in the secondary, and there are plans to use McDougald as a big nickel already. Plus the guys I liked at nickel, we’re gone. Why some of the other nice players were on the board still. I chose not to trade up, almost did to get J. Lewis, but didn’t care for the value I would get back in return. Like I said, this is how things fell to me, and it won’t play out this way. It was fun, and time consuming. I like my picks, but nothing is ever perfect. Value your opinion, nonetheless.

        • Ed

          Reddick/King/Tankersley/Kittle/Mathis, holy moly what an A+ draft. Yes, would love a slot corner and a S (higher), but that is a load of talent I would be excited about. No way it happens (King/Tankersley/Webb/Kittle) will all go much higher than where you got them.

          • Goldfishwrestler

            For sure Ed. Almost laughed as we were drafting. Crazy talent left every time I was on the clock.

  29. Misfit74

    Interesting mock here

    It presents scenarios where some of the less QB-needy teams take QBs in round 1, pushing down some guys to the 2nd round that are arguably (or often mocked as) 1st rounders. Even though we lose Obi to TB, it has us drafting K. King.

    Dalvin to GB is a sick pairing. Lamp to Dolphins is the perfect fit. Same with many selections. Foster to Saints. Reddick to Colts. Ross to Ravens…

  30. nichansen01

    Sounds like teams aren’t high in Obi like this blog is. Imagine the Seahawks were able to get him in the second after a trade down.

    • Kenny Sloth

      What if the two teams that didn’t have a round 1 grade on him as stated by Pauline were picking super high in the second and had a mind to draft him xD

      Oh no, two teams think he’s a second rounder. This blog overvalues prospects

      • HawkTalker #1

        Kenny, I think you’re overreacting. 😉

        • HawkTalker #1

          Besides, I LOVE that guy!! ;). (Ap wire subsequently reports, No proposals pending). 😉

      • Ed

        I think this blog looks at what the Hawks like. I would not say they overvalue, I would they draft what fits their schemes. Better than what Browns/Bills/Jets etc… do.

        • HawkTalker #1

          Might be me, but I think Kenny was at least Half (probably 100%) joking with his comment since the sample size of two teams was pretty small.

  31. HawkTalker #1

    To: “HI HAWK”

    Sounds like you are creating, and have created, exactly what I was intending to. If you can send me last year’s excel and PowerPoint and this year’s excel and PowerPoint (as soon as they are available) to help my pre-draft preparations, I would greatly greatly appreciate it, and would be thrilled to contribute the first six-pack to you draft party (dead serious)!!
    Please email to:

  32. Dale Roberts

    Adam Shaheen is an enormous tight end from small school Ashland Great Lakes college. He as originally a talented basketballer but his size 6’6″, 280 lbs. is more appropriate for football. He’s athletic running a 4.79 40 but also very raw. He didn’t learn a lot technique in college because he could overwhelm lower division players with sheer size. He’s probably a 4th or 5th round selection due to his physical potential but if he dropped to the 6th he could be interesting.

  33. Erik

    I like both Peppers and Evans as 2-3 round picks. I don’t think either warrants a first round selection in this years draft however.
    Peppers fills the gaps well, tackles well, and can blitz the qb. Played LB at Michigan this past season. Don’t know if he fits schematically in Seattle’s defense. Maybe better suited in a 3-4 defense as a stand up LB setting the edge.

    Evans has a gift I think warrants a 1st round selection that others don’t seem to and that is the ability to hit people lights out. There are other players better than Evans at the S position is why his draft stock isn’t as high this year. The ability to lay the wood like a Kam Chancellor isn’t something many NFL players can do and Evans has great physical size and speed. Seahawks teach everyone to Hawk tackle. I think he is a steal late in the second round. Evans I think is a great prospect for the big nickel or buffalo position.

  34. Bubububu

    Ohmagerd…yes please justin evans…what a tape

  35. sdcoug

    Jaye Howard released by the Chefs.

    Wonder if this will interest the hawks heading into the draft as a hedge signing. Maybe reel in one that got away on a prove-it deal?

    • C-Dog

      Very possible. In an interview last year around free agency time, Pete Carroll was asked about him and he was pretty glowing, said that Howard is a player that he wished they would have kept.

    • vrtkolman

      He had a pretty awful hip injury and it’s possible he might not be ready for the season, not to mention the effects of a hip injury on a big DT.

      • C-Dog

        That’s a good point.

      • sdcoug

        Thought it was just a hip flexor. Can’t imagine that being degenerative

    • Sea Mode



      Chiefs released DE Jaye Howard in part because they owe him $2.5M gtd. They want him to sign with another team to get back some offset money

      11:29 AM – 22 Apr 2017

      • Misfit74

        Sign him cheap = profit. Dude can ball out when healthy.

  36. Ben-Ft. Worth TX

    Any chance Seattle will be watching where Sidney Jones might fall.

    Seattle at 26, plenty of options on the board, trades back, grabs, OL/DE/LB/CB/nickel.

    Then has even more bargaining chips to move up in the 2nd grab whomever, Sidney Jones, Tankersley???

    Jones is a Top 15 pick outside of this freak injury. We could still walk out of here with a #1 CB and the best available option at whenever we pick if we play our chips right. We’ve got 3 third rounders to move all over rd 2.

    • Ishmael

      Jones has nothing the Hawks have looked for in a boundary CB though, and he’s coming off a torn Achilles. I’d be stunned if we picked him tbh.

  37. Sea Mode

    “I had a general manager tell me that two quarterbacks will be taken before the Buffalo Bills pick at No. 10,” said NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly. “Two quarterbacks in the top nine. That’d be a shocker.”

  38. Sea Mode

    “There are some teams that have pushed [Ross] either down their boards or off their boards because of injuries,” Mayock said. “He’s had surgery on his shoulder, he’s had surgery on both knees, and he’s got a small frame. So the durability is a big issue with him right now.”

    • Sea Mode

      With speculation swirling about John Ross’ injury history, his agent Brad Cicala released this statement: “Despite recent reports, John Ross III has never sustained 2 ACL injury’s nor has he had 2 ACL surgeries. In January of 2015 he endured surgery on his right lateral meniscus and in April of 2015 he had surgery on his left ACL. Upon his return, Ross recorded 1150 yards and 16 touchdowns, and was also named the AP’s Pac-12 player of The Year. During the 2016 Stanford game (Game 5), John injured his right labrum but was able to finish the season strong. He went on to compete at the NFL Combine where he broke the 40-yard dash record by running a 4.22. Immediately after the combine, John underwent surgery on his right labrum and has been rehabbing ever since. A recent report from his doctor, Dr. Albert Gee, Division Chief from the Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine from the University of Washington, states that John’s recovery is ahead of schedule and he will be fully healthy by the start of NFL camp. I have confirmed with numerous NFL teams that John’s recent medical rechecks have come back positive.”

      • C-Dog

        I got him mocked to the Titans in the teens. I don’t think he slides out of the first round.

  39. Sea Mode


    Marshawn Lynch turns 31 today.

    FWIW, since 2010, only Frank Gore has rushed for 1,000 yards at age 31 or older.

    3:45 AM – 22 Apr 2017

    • Coleslaw

      That year off has to help, though. I think of it like this, he had one season where his body started wearing down, well how fresh does that year off make him? Still 2015 Lynch? Or 2014 or 2013 Lynch? It’s not a stretch IMO that he got a couple years back to his leg-life

  40. Sea Mode

    Wow, I did not know this about Tyus Bowser:

    He missed part of his final season because of a fractured bone in his face, which he suffered in a fight with a teammate.

    • Rob Staton

      Bowser told the story at the combine. He was playing Fussball with a team mate. It got heated. They squared up. Team mate punched him. He suffered the injury. Team mate was very apologetic and they’re now friends again.

  41. Sea Mode

    Another top 100 list to check out, from ESPN Senior Writer Jeff Legwold.

  42. Sea Mode

    Aaron Wilson reporting that Houston DT B.J. Singleton is drawing interest from Seahawks:

    Singleton is 6-3, 313 pounds and bench pressed 225 pounds 26 times at the Cougars’ Pro Day workout.
    He played in the East-West Shrine all-star game and was a second-team all-conference selection.
    Singleton tied a school record with 53 games played in a row and finished his career with 77 tackles, 8 1/2 for losses, 4 1/2 sacks and one interception.

  43. Volume12

    Seattle going to go pass catcher earlier than expected huh?

    • Kenny Sloth

      How’s that???

      • Volume12

        E. Carolina WR Zay Jones. I’d listen to Tony Pauline.

        • Volume12

          Seattle wants receivers that either have huge production, because oif you can put up a hose #’s in college, you can put up at least a quarter or that in the pros. Or WRs with unique size.

          • Volume12

            He’s the ideal possession receiver and he sounds exactly like a Seahawk during his IVs.

            • Coleslaw

              You think we’d use our first pick on a trade back or second on a trade up? He’s probably the unanimous 4th receiver in the class so mid 2nd is likely

              • Volume12

                Yeah, he said ‘if he’s there they’d be all over him.’

                Good question. Its gonna depend who’s on the board, but I think its more likely they’d trade up in the 2nd.

                With JS saying he’s not as thrilled about this draft as last years, I’m starting to see why they’ve been connected to so many small schoolers.

                • nichansen01

                  The Seahawks right now are a very incomplete team. I’ll be happy with adding talent anywhere. We just need more good players. We have stars but we’re incomplete in several areas.

                  • Volume12

                    I think its gonna be a draft class that bums people out.

                    Maybe not here at SDB because we go through so many options, discuss depth at every position, and don’t just focus on the early rounds.

                    But outside of here? Theres gonna be people out here mad on the internet. 😂

                  • CharlieTheUnicorn

                    *after Seahawks draft is announced*

                    Vol12 will *hulk smash furniture*


                  • Volume12


                    No I’ll be fine with whoever they draft. They need depth more than anything and have to hit on just 1 defensive stud.

                  • Hawktalker #1

                    Vol- you think we only need depth at CB?

                  • Volume12

                    No. Depth on the D-line. Pass catching depth. WR or TE.

                    Of course would love to see them nail down this O-line, but we all know how they operate there.

                    I think they need a stud in the secondary though.

  44. Kenny Sloth

    Vol can we get a list of games Seahawks scouts attended this year?

  45. Poko

    If Evans is able to run faster, he is perfect for Sea.
    After a tread down,Evans and Baker may be good option.

  46. Volume12

    Kenny, here goes.

    Keep in mind these are just the ones I’ve tracked them too. There’s many more.

    Week 1:
    Clemson @ Auburn
    Ole Miss @ Florida St.

    Week 2:
    Idaho @ Udub
    Arkansas @ TCU
    Stony Brook @ Temple
    *Seahawk scout at Ohio St. practice*

    Week 3:
    Ohio St. @ Oklahoma
    Arkansas St. @ Utah St.
    Delta St. @ W.Georgia
    Temple @ Penn St.
    Michigan St. @ ND
    * Seahawk scout at Utah practice*

    Week 4:
    Clemson @ GA-Tech
    USC @ Utah
    Colorado St. @ Minnesota

    Week 5:
    Stanford @ Udub
    Texas @ OK St.
    ND @ Syracuse

    Week 6:
    Clemson @ BC
    VA-Tech @ NC
    *Seahawks scout at LSU practice*
    *Seahawks scout at Asuza Pacific practice*
    *Seahawks scout at William & Mary practice*
    *Seahawks scout at C.Arkansas practice*

    Week 7:
    ‘Bama @ Tennessee
    N. Dakota St. @ S. Dakota

    Week 8:
    Miami @ VA-Tech
    Oregon @ Cal
    Ole Miss @ LSU
    Tennessee St. @ Candy
    Purdue @ Nebraska
    Wazzu @ Arizona St.

    Week 9:
    Cal @ USC

    Week 10:
    Arkansas St. @ Georgia St.
    ‘Bama @ LSU
    UCLA @ Colorado
    Florida @ Arkansas
    *Seahawks scout at Old Dominion practice*

    Week 11:
    Michigan @ Iowa (multiple scouts in attendance)

    Week 12:
    Oregon @ Utah

    Week 13:
    USC @ ND
    Florida @ Florida St.

    Week 14:
    OK St. @ Oklahoma

    Alamo Bowl- Colorado vs OK St.

    • Volume12


      • Volume12

        Training camps: Tennessee, Florida, Youngstown St., Vandy, Oregon (?), VA-Tech, Illinois, Arizona St., Marshall, Wyoming, Arizona, Tennessee St., Old Dominion, Southern, Campbell, VMI, Colorado-Pueblo, Florida A&M, Wisconsin (?)

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Damn Vol, you are worse than John Clayton and his baseball databases he keeps “for fun” when not talking about football….. LOL

      I thought it was very curious to see.. UCLA @ Colorado was attended by at least one scout.
      Eddie Vanderdoes, DT, UCLA (~5th round) and Colorado has Ahkello Witherspoon, CB (2nd round) that could be appealing. Both of these guys I could easily see Seattle drafting.

      I also was looking at Walterfootball write-ups on some guys.. and noticed a disproportionate number of guys that are DT/DE were schools which “we” know Seattle attended in some type of scouting capacity.
      A good example, why the heck would Seattle watch a Temple game, we all know about OLB Hasson Reddick, but not many of us have discussed another player that is a top 3 round guy… OG/OT Dion Dawkins. There are so many quality players that could fit Seattle….. hard to keep track sometimes.

      • Volume12

        NFL, NBA, and WWE are my addictions. I got a problem that’s for sure.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          We need to cure you of the NBA one… but NHL might be something you could get into… once Seattle gets a team in a few years. Think of it as…. football on skates.

          • Volume12

            I like Hockey. But like you said, without a team I’ve just never had a rooting interest.

            Miss my Sonics. 😟

            I like baseball too, but can’t follow 160 or 162 games with ease.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              I lost my love for the NBA when the Sonics ended in a clap of Thunder. I can watch a post season game here and there, but just don’t have the heart to follow it like I do CFB/NFL/Draft.

              And I live in Laker town.

              • Smitty1547

                Have not watched NBA game since Sonics left F em, nor will I. The only thing I miss is Barkley, Kenny the Jet and Ernie.

      • Volume12

        It is. This year and last years are tough to mock my man.

    • Vista

      I am curious about the visit to William and Mary. Vol, do you think they could be looking at Jerry Ugokwe?

      • Volume12

        That’s who I thought of as well. Could be an UDFA target.

        • Vista

          He seems like a decent project. Who do you think they were looking at when they visited Old Dominion?

          • Volume12

            Originally? I thought it was WR Zach Pascal, but I’m not sold on his athletic profile. Could be DT Rashaad Cowart?

            Could be guys for next year they were looking at or guys they thought were coming out this year. And maybe the guys they were looking at just didn’t impress them ya know?

  47. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The Chiefs recently released DT/DE Jaye Howard… would Seattle show any interest in him?
    (Last time I asked a similar question about another guy, Seattle signed him ^.^ )

    • nichansen01

      I would hope they would

  48. Volume12

    Man, one name we may be overlooking, I’m about to add him in my mock draft, is Charlotte DT Larry Ogunjobi. This kid is nasty! All attitude. Has interior pass rusher written all over him.

    Tons of upside, needs to polish his game, but someone I could see this coaching staff enjoy coaching and he’d fit right in personality/swag wise.

  49. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Charley Casserly mentioned he has heard 2 of the top 10 picks will be QBs….. that is INSANE.
    If the Browns take a QB at #1….. or even the Jets at #6…. time to fire some people.

    • Hawktalker #1


  50. MontanaMike

    I’d like to scoop up Jaye Howard,

  51. Poko

    Is Obi available at 26?
    I think that It is possible as far as I can see.How about you?

    • Hawktalker #1

      My take is 40/60 available, not bad odds. Personally I’d upset the entire SDB community and likely pass on him. (Yes that was a flame me invitation). 😉

      • Volume12

        I think the only team that would take him before the 20’s is NO’s.

        I got him in my mock as our first pick, but I’m conflicted. Its so much easier to mock when the draft classes are weak.

        Like, where does he get on the field at? But then I think ‘he could be a CB. Could be a big nickel guy. Gives us depth behind ET and Bam Bam. And could even play some OLB in certain situations.’

        • HawkTalker #1

          OK the cat is out of the bag for the first pick in your mock, how about the rest? 🙂

        • C-Dog

          +1. I got him down as my pick, as well.

  52. HawkTalker #1

    Anyone know if the Seahawks might be interested in re-signing Tony McDaniel’s? He’s been on the market a while and from what I understand no takers yet, another low one year deal in the works?

  53. HI Hawk

    For those interested, I will send you all last year’s Excel sheet on Monday and the completed one for this year Tuesday afternoon, it still needs a lot of work.

    • I'm Misfit74



    • Misfit74

      Oops. I mean @am_misfit

  54. coach

    If we sign Jaye Howard, do you still think we burn a draft pick on DL? Do we have enough salary cap money to sign him and our rookies?

    Go Hawks!

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