NFL Draft 2011 Rounds 4-7: Open Thread

Round four begins at 9AM PST. The Seahawks begin the day with seven picks: #99, #107, #154, #156, #173, #205, #242.

With the 99th overall pick, the Seahawks selected K.J. Wright, linebacker from Mississippi State.

With the 107th overall pick, the Seahawks selected Kris Durham, wide receiver from Georgia.

This is the place to talk about everything that happens on the final day of the 2011 NFL Draft. Select comments to join the discussion. I would recommed starting a new comment every time you post and if you want to reply to someone, simply right (for example) @Rob at the start of the message.

In the meantime, here’s a video compilation from Universal Draft on third round pick John Moffitt:


  1. seasalt

    Is Richard Sherman a possible target today? has only been playing corner since 2009. converted WR. 6-2/195, Sleeper?. Carter is a ballhawk at safety.

  2. seasalt

    look for Smith LB/USC In later round’s.

  3. warner28

    I know its unlikely but I would love to see Quiz Rodgers snagged. This team is setting up a line to run it down teams throats and Quiz is the most underrated back left. I am an OSU homer but believe me on this, typically I am very hard on Beaver players but Quiz has ‘it’

    I’d also take a flyer on Thomas at the QB position (I think he is underrated) other than that I’d like to see lots of defensive picks and maybe a FB because if we are going smashmouth its needed.

    With a long term view (which is what I have) I can wait to improve the receiving core (I think Tate still has big time potential) in order to solidify the running game this offseason.

  4. Bret L

    Pete Carrol might not like Quiz Rodgers since Quiz has owned USC.

  5. warner28

    Carroll had nothing but praise for Quiz and OSU when he was at USC. I think he likes Quiz but with 3 backs on the roster its a ‘luxury’ pick. But I can hope.

  6. seasalt

    Pete need’s to buy a House in Ballard.

    • Matt Q.

      Ballard the 1st pick, greg salas the 2nd 4th round pick if he is still there

  7. Bret L

    I agree drafting another RB is a luxury pick but I think it might be a luxury the Seahawks need to take because if they want to run the ball I think they still might need to upgrade their talent at RB.

  8. SteilacoomSteve

    I don’t have a problem with the OL picks thus far, I don’t know enough to know if there were better OL prospects that they should have taken instead. But I would like to see some more dynamic players taken today. We have no real threats on offense, we have some nice players, but nobody who is a threat to go the distance every time they get the ball. Maybe some help at corner as well, DL too?

  9. Kevin R

    S Quincy Carter looks like a nice fit to me to solve a big need. We will not likely solve our future QB or #1 CB need tis Draft so we need to hopefully get our future SS. Jeron Johnson from Boise State could maybe fit as well…

    • Matt Q.

      we already got Kam Chancellor at SS. I think he will be a good player. But I think Quincy Carter will be better, maybe our 2nd 4th round pick?

      • Kevin R

        I just do not see Kam being an every down player unless he bulks up a little and moves to OLB. As of now he seems like a real liability in coverage from what I have seen.


    I’m really hoping that Ballard is the man at #99 and they take a chance with Stanzi at #107 or go Burton.


    I’ll be honest, at this point I’m really hoping that we make a big splash in FA. Palmer, Gallery, and maybe even Nnamdi Asomugha. Is Richard Seymour a FA? Might be a good pick up if Cable can get him to come to the Northwest. Of course the Elite 8 rule will be a hinderance, but I think we will lose some FA’s pretty quickly.

    • Matt Q.

      WIth Gallary we could have – Looks like a pretty good line to me. Palmer would be a nice pick up, but asomugha and seymour would almost for sure be to much money together.
      RT = James Carpenter
      RG = John Moffitt
      C = Max Unger
      LG = Robert Gallary
      LT = Russell Okung


        You’re right. I should have put a big “or” in there instead of “and”. Nnamdi Asomugha is likely to go to an East Coast team, but if we offer him enough money and if his relationship with Cable was good, you never know.
        The line you show look really good to me. With a couple of rookies, a second year player and Unger with little game experience, it may take a year for them to reach a high level, but I think they could really be a force to reckon with.

  12. woofu

    Pete said he’s going to get some speed to compete the rest of the way. So it begs the question, where do they have a “need for speed”?

    • Kevin R

      Need for speed sounds like CB to me right? He said in the next few picks also hmmm?

  13. Ed

    99 ballard
    107 burton/house/brown

    then in 5th get de & wr/lb

  14. Blake

    Is there no live chat today?


    No live chat. Rob is working and has social commitments. Just the open thread, I think.

  16. Rob

    No Live chat I’m afraid guys… currently sat in a stadium working on an English soccer game. Father in-laws 60th tonight. I’ll be tweeting thoughts on each pick @robstaton and offering thoughts on here when I can.

  17. Rob

    My hopes for today…

    Gates WR, Todman RB, Carter OLB, Cliff Matthews DE, Ballard DE, Skrine CB, House CB, Stanzi QB, Guy DT.


    Ballard or Stanzi, please!

  19. Micah

    Any thoughts on Terrence Tolliver as a 6th or 7th rounder?

  20. Rob

    Trent Dilfer says Hasselbeck not coming back to Seattle.

  21. D

    KJ Wright LB out of Miss st. Anyone know anything?

  22. Blake

    weird pick. If we were going for a pure athlete and speed why would we not go with Chris Carter there? same size, 4.58 speed.

  23. Charlie

    Kj wright, Olb, possible Leo?


    Definately looks like a target for the LEO spot. Reports say he’s long limbed with a quick burst.

  25. Blake

    He would have been there in the 5th. *sigh

    • Michael (CLT)

      Jah Reid disagrees.

    • Charlie

      We really don’t know that. james carpenter was “gonna be there” in the second round, except he wasnt because the bears and packers would have taken him in the first

  26. Tyler

    I see him developing into a LEO. Seems to be raw, but started three years and could develop into a starting LEO.

  27. D

    Top linebacker prospects: 10. K.J. Wright, Mississippi State, 6-3, 246, 3-4 An athletic and durable linebacker capable of playing outside in a 4-3 or a 3-4, Wright chose to stay in-state coming out of high school, spurning offers from Auburn, Arkansas, Ole Miss and South Carolina. He played in 10 consecutive games as a freshman and has rarely come off the field since. Wright has good instincts, a quick burst and is athletic enough to cover in space. He ran a 4.75 40 at the combine, which was disappointing, and the rest of his tests were middle of the pack among linebackers. To move up draft boards, Wright will have to step up at the Bulldogs’ March 22 pro day. – Jeff Reynolds, The Sports Xchange

  28. Jericho

    Scouting reports seem to grade him as a l 3rd/4th rounder. Very raw, lots of upside says Mayock + scouting reports. Personally, I’d rather have a DL/CB/S/WR at this spot.

  29. Jericho

    Philly just got a 4th next year for a 12 spot fall with TB this year. Seattle should of jumped on that.


    Still a chance for Stanzi, Burton, or Ballard at #107.


    Vikings take Ballard. Crap.

  32. Blake

    He was really odd size for our team anyway. Dont know where he would have fit?

  33. Austin

    I want Tawain Jones or Stanzi! We need a playmaker on offense

  34. Tyler

    Thoughts of QB Pat Devlin Delaware? could be an interesting late round pick


    Kris Durham, WR, Georgia. Anyone?

    • Charlie

      had really good work outs, 6-5, did fair while Aj green was suspended

  36. Charlie

    Durham, the georgia reciever

  37. Blake

    Durham is definitely underrated, but that was also a big reach. This is painful.


    6’5″ 216 lbs. That’s a tall receiver. Surprising, though.

    I hope they trade a couple of those later picks to get another 4th.

  39. Ed

    just terrible

    • O

      Sounds like they are just trying to add depth at this point…
      Hopefully those guys can become starters in a couple years, im not sure though

      Whats scary is that we leave this draft with so many needs: QB, CB, DL, and still a guard. We knew all couldnt be solved but still, that is a LOT

    • woofu

      Yeah, could’nt beat out AJ Green what a bum!

  40. Charlie


    Its not a reach if other teams are going to take him. if your confident, go get your guys

  41. Ed

    waste of two great 4th rd picks (it seems). could have gotten dl (ballard/acho) and cb (burton/house) and instead we get lb and wr. terrible

  42. Will

    A good reach is okay for a position of need… not wr… It is getting harder and harder to have faith in their decisions here. I mean Burton still on the board?

  43. Michael (CLT)

    Not impressed at all. This team will deservedly suck.

  44. Cliff

    Just because we didntt get Burton like everyone wanted cause he’s the “top rated” guy doesnt mean it was a reach or anything.

  45. Michael (CLT)

    Durham would have been a reach as a 7th round pick. I’m done. This is drafting odd for the sake of being odd. Good luck with your next career Schneider.

  46. Michael (CLT)

    Greg Salas will destroy this guy in career numbers. Argh!

  47. Don

    Durham is a very good possesion receiver, with some speed.


    4.46 40 time, so he has decent speed for a tall receiver. Only 32 receptions this year and 64 in his college carrier. Huh. Not sure on this one. I really hope free agency is more exciting than this draft. In Pete I trust…for now.

  49. Troy

    How is wr not a need?

    • Steve

      I was wondering the same thing!

    • O

      It is less of a need than positions where we dont even have starters and are gonna have to sign players off the street, if things dont go well for us in free agency

    • Will

      A need, yes, but I dont know if I see it as critical as cb, s, maybe dl right now, not to mention we have a handful of decent or developing wrs in golden tate, obomanu, etc, a homerun would be different, but using a valuable pick there? Very odd.

  50. Cliff

    Dan Kelly made a post about Kris BEFORE the draft. Read it.

    • LantermanC

      Well, he sounds ok to me. But it does say “look for him in the 6th or 7th”. So, again, I feel like our FO’s personal preferences caused them to reach just a bit.

    • Blake

      I guess we dont know about his true value, but it really seems like he would have been there in the 5th round for us.

  51. Cliff

    While it might have been a reach we must of reallly liked him.

  52. Chavac

  53. Austin

    Didn’t start opposite of Green? First non combine invitee to get drafted? I’m losing faith….

  54. Will

    I’m sorry but I kinda feel like John and Pete just picked four days ago and havent looked at the board or other teams picks yet… “Well, we know for a fact these guys will be available and we like them so makes our decisionmaking a lot easier”

  55. John

    watched a segment on Kris Durham on some episode of “Path to the Draft” in the last month and came away pretty impressed. early 4th was probably still a reach though.

  56. troy

    We have ben obomanu, a guy who had like 400 yards last year (and had done absolutely nothing prior) and Golden Tate (a guy who did nothing last season) behind Mike Williams, probably the only legitimate WR we have, and even he only accumulated 700 yards last season, while being a big injury risk.

    WR is a huge need.

  57. John

    I have had faith till now, Durham in the 4th really? Other teams are taking chances here too but REALLY? with house, beal, tons of db’s on the board I have lots of players listed at each round and Moffit is the only one on my whole list. (not that i know anything) If Durham becomes a stud (ed mcaffrey type hopefully) i will take this back, but i think he prob would have been there later, maybe even 7th round. i know they know what they are looking for but i think they need to look at value, not just zeroing in on someone and not looking at who else is falling and available. imho
    p.s. REALLY?

  58. Austin

    If its a need why not get a Mike Wallace type player in Gates? We have ZERO speed and field stretching capabilities on offense and we could of had a guy who gives us that. Instead we get a poor mans BMW. This pick makes no sense. Mike Sando on espn said IF he makes the team he will help out in run blocking! Just the thing we need with absolutely no talent on offense. Seattle is looking at having the worst offense in the league next year. Who do you have to gameplan for? I’m a Seattle homer like everyone else and I want to be excited but it just seems like they are dropping the ball in this draft. San Fran, St. Louis and Arizona have improved more than the Seahawks have while adding potential elite type talents, Seattle hasn’t. A WR who couldn’t start in college doesn’t make much sense….

    • AgentJ

      We did just spend two picks on big guys on the O-line, so I don’t know why you seem to think our offense will be WORSE.

  59. MattH

    Love his catch at 2:42 in that video. Pretty fun guy to watch. Might be a real skyer in a year or two.

  60. Michael (CLT)

    Salas to the Rams. Sad. Salas a big receiver that runs tight routes. He will be awesome for Bradford.

  61. Cliff

    Ya right now Kris Durham is a project but he has potential. Good speed and all around measurables. How high is his ceiling? Higher than the other WRs taken after him? Even if we took Greg Salas/Shorts/Gates how much playing time would they have got? Not much.

  62. Steve

    what, if anything, does this say about the recovery of Deon Butler?

  63. Austin

    Why not? Gates offeres something that no one on the roster can give, a guy who can stretch the field. Oakland had a flyer come in last year as a rookie and do some damage. Seattle is going to be horrible this year. Maybe free agency will be better. Palmer, Sidney Rice etc.? I hope so…..

  64. Michael (CLT)

    The position of WR is all about route running. So, getting off the jam, allowing for speed to carry through cuts, and picking the ball in flight, and catching. Durham is big and fast in a straight line… that is all. This guy will become our next EJ Wilson. Horrific pick.

  65. uninspired

    An offense of Lynch, Whitehurst, BMW, Obomo etc. won’t scare anyone. Williams can be tough to match up with but thats about it. It does seem like they want to run the ball more but if you don’t have a WR who can open things up or a QB your afraid of then the running game isn’t going to be much better than it was last year.

  66. John

    I think we drafted this guy last year Konz and he was in the 7th round and hasnt suited up as far as I know Maybe js sees jordy nelson in him but once again REALLY?

  67. Jerry Nice

    Would you guys quit your whining? Did you ever have a private without with this kid? Do you study tape all year for this very draft? Just because we all know zilch about these picks, doesn’t mean they are stretches or bums.

    Please no more crying. Have faith in your team, or stay out of the way.

    • Brandon Adams

      Fans deserve the right to voice their opinions. Private workouts and tape analysis didn’t help Matt Millen make the right decisions.

      • B

        That’s an excellent point, considering that Millen is running our FO.

  68. John

    like i said, if he turns into something i will eat my words

  69. Blake

    New #Seahawks WR Kris Durham said his visited Seattle before draft, and has been working out with Charlie Whitehurst in Georgia.

  70. John

    i hope we can find a way to get House next round, he seems to have the size pc likes in his corners.


    Sounds like Durham has been working out with Charlie Whitehurst in Georgia during the offseason. Interesting.

  72. Don

    Durham is fine. I taller version of Jeff Maehl. Although, looking at the Draft tracker list of all WR, there are 15 other WR ranked higher who have not been drafted yet. Interesting.

  73. D

    Maybe all these questionable picks will = Andrew Luck next year?

    PC said they were going to get faster today? 0-2!

    • Darnell

      Durham is a 4.4 guy

      • Lance

        He said in an article he ran a 4.43 once. SI has him at 4.56 for his 40. Not sure where they got it, but that is what it says.

  74. Austin

    Here is as optimistic as I can get: Seattle already knows what direction its going to go in free agency and via trades with other teams and they are selecting players in the draft that fit around those moves. Teams have already talked to each other and maybe we have some moves already in motion that will get done after the labor situation is taken care of. That is what I have to hope for. Honestly it seems like we left some talent on the board but I do admit that we don’t see all that is going on behind the scenes. That being said, teams do make bad choices during the draft process and its ok for fans to hold them accountable. Its a product we pay to see and we want to see that product succeed. I will give these guys the benefit of the doubt for now and hope this all works out. I’m not 100% confident we are but I sure hope so!

  75. John

    well house is gone, maybe we can find al davis to help us with our next pick or maybe PC lost a bet to Harbaugh back in the pac 10 and he is making our picks to ensure a division title for the niners?? or maybe PC and JS had a private meeting with Mallett and they used our scouting reports for rolling papers

  76. Don

    Looking at Durhams You Tube highlights will make all of you doubters change your minds. Durham is good, he will be our next Joe Jurivicus. I was hoping we would get this guy. Glad we got him.

    • Christon

      Yeah, me too. I think he’ll be good beating zones. He’ll need some work on when being pressed but I like the pick. When a team has only one “big” corner they only defend one of BMW or Durham, leaving their 5’10” corner against our other 6’5″ WR. This equals a red zone match-up nightmare for other teams. Durham s too fast for a LB to cover deep so they won’t be able to put anyone taller on him.

      • Lance

        Not trying to argue, but he wasn’t even a regular starter in college so my hopes of him being the next Jurivicus has me worried. There were a lot of small corners in college and his numbers showed he didn’t do much in his career against them. Should be interesting. I see him as the next Alex Bannister.

  77. John

    hope youre right on durham, just thinking we could get a guy to contribute right away in these middle rounds, maybe wright can maybe durham can i got a hunch mcelroy will be a seahawk soon, i think he is a ok value in the 5th, like him as a leader and a citizen. jurivicus was one of the major reasons we played in the SB in 05 the guy gets no credit for that though if durham can play like jurivicus i will be elated!

  78. Don

    John, you are right on. Jurivicus did not get the credit he deserved. I saw Shawn Alexander get interviewed a while back about how he got so many yards and the first thing he said was the blocking down field, and the first name he mentioned was ” Jurivicus is down there blocking one or two guys…” Jurivicus would reach over the shorter CB and catch balls. Durham along with Williams in the red zone, who is the defense going to put their tall CB on? I love the pick.


    I love the highlights of Durham. The thing that worries me is the fact that he only has 64 catches in college. 32 of those in his senior year. That’s not a huge body of work to study. Compare that to Salas who had 57, 106 and 119 in his Sophmore, Junior, and Senior years. I like Durham’s speed and length, but I won’t say that I’m psyched. Like everyone in this Seahawks draft so far, I’m holding back judgement. I just wish that I was overjoyed for any one of these picks. I’m just not.

  80. john

    It sems to me we are either alot smarter than everyone else , or we totally missed on all our picks. Im not sayin pick who kipper or any other of the talking heads pick , but we get that look of confusion after every pick, and free agency? WHEN AND HOW MUCH>>>

  81. John

    dont forget mack strong, he is another one that doesnt get the credit he deserves. sure hutch and walt got the front line and all the credit, but strong was a monster at the second level. and JJ down the field. i hope we can get a blocking fb today. major need as far as im concerned. i think we will have a good and well coached oline from opening day, but we need that fullback to get us those extra 3 yards and big runs


    One more thing…I don’t get all the praise for New England this year. The Mallet selection….Brady just signed a 4 year deal. Mallet will get a 4 year rookie contract. So there is a real chance that he will never take a snap as a Patriot. They haven’t drafted anyone on the DL (a real need) yet and grabbed two running backs that they don’t really need. I get the feeling that New England gets praised because they are New England sometimes.

  83. John

    what new england will get is a 1st round pick traded to them for mallett. brady will get hurt, mallett will play well (think castle but talented) bellichick will make him seem matured (think randy moss) and someone will give him a 1st rounder and maybe more for mallett, he will trade that down for a buttload of lower picks and the dynasty rolls on


      So you are banking on Brady getting hurt to get something out of that pick. Huh. Interesting strategy.

    • Lance

      Well said. My thoughts exactly and that is why they are who they are and we are a 7-9 playoff team. 🙂

      • Lance

        My reply was for John’s comments.

  84. Michael (CLT)

    Perhaps Durham is a great special teamer. That is his best shot at making the team.

  85. Don

    I think the Seahawks draft is going fine. No big names, no exciting playmakers. That is okay for now. Seahawks need the most help on the OL. They can get the playmakers next year when they are drafting in the top five.

  86. John

    our oline should be good next year (crossing my fingers) if it is and we can run the ball effectively, rule the TOP, get palmer or resign hass, get some secondary and dline depth (resign mebane), stay reasonabley healthy, i think we can get 7-9 wins. we do play in the nfc west. i do believe the rams tanked the final game last year btw

  87. OlyFan

    Some names still on the board that I like: Lawrence Guy, DT; Mario Harvey, LB; Richard Sherman, CB; Stanley Havili, FB; Derek Newton, OT; & Ugo Chinasa, DE

  88. Charlie

    richard sherman, good call seasalt

    • O

      This guy seemed to be around the ball on every other play during the senior bowl. Physical player and good tackler as far as I remember. Maybe not the best instincts though

  89. AgentJ

    There’s the Cornerback

  90. Rob

    Rchard Sherman is the first pick in R5. CB, Stanford

  91. John

    sherman looks like a future SS to me, good size and speed for a safety. scouted good against the run Like this pick

  92. bw

    Mark Legree safety

  93. Michael (CLT)

    Another UDFA drafted. Luv it!

  94. John

    legree sounds like another good SS prospect and extra depth in the secondary, plus special teams


    Yeah, we are down to ST players now.

  96. troy

    NFLN had some pretty good things to say about Legree. Supposedly quite the ballhawk.

  97. Michael (CLT)

    Bummer. I liked Enderle. Martz may be able to make him into a pretty decent QB. Good luck Nathan!

  98. Christon from Alaska

    Yeah, LeGree was extremly productive in the pass and soild against the run. This dude had like 22 picks. I’m excited to see him and Thomas play at the back end next year.

  99. John

    so far i see a few things
    1. they must either be sold on whitehurst or know they are getting either palmer or hass back
    2.they must be sure they can resign mebane
    3.they must be sold on thurmond as a starter and or resinging jennings
    4.have some fa signings besides the above in the works
    5.they think that the o line was more important than play makers
    6.they also like our starting d line enough not to address the position

    • OlyFan

      John, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they have some plans to spend money in FA. Schneider may want to build thru the draft & Carroll may like lots of competition but we can win this division again.

      The playmakers on offense are fine, the lineplay was not. Cable has solid connections to the Raiders OL who are FAs & there are other OGs out there too. Building a young line in preparation for a future young starter at QB while getting better immediately there is a nice plan.

      There are some decent corners in FA, I cannot accept the premise that Jennings is an option to return as a starter. Thurmond as a starter is an easy sell for me but Trufant as an answer beyond this season is unlikely IMO. I’m surprised the team went for

      Mebane is a restricted FA so the Hawks can match whatever offer he receives, so the FO is sure to re-sign him unless the price goes astronomical. When Mebane, Cole, Clemons, & Bryant were all healthy the DL looked really good. As depth Brock (man I hope we re-sign that guy), Davis, & Balmer all looked like keepers. That’s pretty deep.


    I agree with you for the most part, except I don’t think they can have any fa signings “in the works.” Since the FA period hasn’t started, they haven’t been allowed to even talk to any of the FA’s…even before the lockout. I think they probably understood that going into the draft they weren’t going to fix all the holes so they might as well concentrate on one hole and fix it as best they could. Also, remember that the DL wasn’t too bad before Cole and Red went down with injuries. So maybe they are confortable with them back in the mix.

  101. John

    i have heard rumors (on this site) that there is a deal already in place with cincy for palmer. i believe that once free agency hits deals will be done so quick because they have already been worked out in theory. its behind closed doors and it is going on, there is no way it isnt. there is way too much money involved. but i do agree with you on everything else. a good oline makes our offense and defense better. the d line was good until red went down. another ST big fast corner in maxwell


      I’m not talking about trades. I’m talking about free agency. That’s a different ball game. You can get in a lot of trouble for tampering with free agents before free agency has begun. I have no doubt that trades have been discussed.


        Now it is possible that before Cable officially became a coach with the Seahawks, he had some communication with Nnamdi Asomugha or Gallery or Richard Seymour about following him.

  102. Will

    Why no tyrod taylor as a developmental but promising lowrounder? They say they want mobility and he’s got that in spades.

  103. Michael (CLT)

    Wow. This is a bit redundant. Maybe Trufant gets let go?

  104. T-Town

    3 DB’s in rounds 5/6.

    Clearly Carrol is setting things up for a major competition between all these new DB’s.

    I dont think any of the DB positions are secured except FS by ET and possibly Trufant (but likely not even him).


    Marcus Trufant
    Brandon Browner
    Walter Thurmond
    Kam Chancellor
    Jordan Babineux
    Mark LeeGree
    Richard Sherman
    Byron Maxwell

    and likely a few others that will compete and get cut.

    I like this scenario. May the best man win the starting spots!

    Now if only we had some competition on the D-Line as well……………

  105. John

    also heard rumors gallery is a lock cause of cable and cause of rumors. you may be right but i believe they are talking, maybe not directly, but talking all the same. too tempting and easy to get away with for it not too happen. too many players and agents to monitor to the point of knowing for sure. cable and gallery know enough people in common that they could talk indirectly and get away with it. but there again maybe the punishment to to great to even risk it.


      You might be right. I wouldn’t put it past them. I just wish FA would get started. I hate this lockout.

      • John

        this really sux, usually we would have all the fun offseason stuff to mull over. instead ive been counting the days till the draft. not that i dont always look forward to it, but this is all we have

  106. Ed

    they are getting big db’s that are fast. that helps our secondary and special teams. we have like 22 fa’s this year and our oline was hurt all year. while we may have been able to get durham later, you never know. everyone says we have been reaching every round. but they want maulers on the oline (carpenter and mofitt) so why get a guy with abit higher rating (per everyone else) when they get the type of player they wanted.

    i also wanted ballard and burton in the 4th, but they went fast lb and all around wr, who knows best.

    i see us pounding people next year. our oline looks 100% better than it did going into last year. we pound the ball with beastmode, forsett, washington and have big wr’s that can overpower small db’s. i really think this means they don’t mind playing with whitehurst if we have to

  107. John

    dbs make good ST players also, can’t have enough in my opinion, especially big fast ones. Maxwell is a 4.46 40 guy, and legrew and sherman are 4.56 guys. not bad for bigger corners taken late, especially with the size to go to safety. the more i think about this draft the more i like it. alot of off the map guys, but i am starting to retrust the FO and their decisions go hawks

    • Christon

      Totally agree with you. I haven’t seen much video on Sherman yet but I think Durham, LeGree and Maxwell all have tremendous potencial to contribute to this team. Maxwell looks very very physical. We won’t be the softest team in league anymore!

  108. Your Mom

    Like the focus on the OL and getting an extra 4th rd pick. With that said, every pick today has been a complete waste. I don’t see value in any of them. In two-three years I don’t expect any of them to be on the roster. I remember how I felt when they reached for EJ Wilson last year. The feeling has been the same all day today.

  109. plyka

    I understand that EVERYONE is upset regarding the Hawk picks, but i say, give it a chance. When buying/investing, it is a worthless process to just follow “top rated” advice. Because everyone is following the consensus, and so there is little to zero advantage in following the consensus.

    The key is to find inefficiencies in the consensus and take advantage. A guy who is rated a 5th rounder, you think he is a 1st rounder, and take him in the 4th since you don’t know if he will be there in teh 5th.

    This draft they are taking the guys they want regardless of their rating. I believe this signifies that they actually like the guys that they are taking, and they have put a lot of thought into it.

    People depend too much on round, consensus, etc

  110. Don

    What does everyone think about converting Tate to RB? He was recruited to Notre Dame as a Rnning back, and converted to WR because of need. I say the Seahawks should put the best 11 players on the field, and it is a waste to leave Tate sitting on the sideline.

    • Nat

      I think Percy Harvin for Tate…thats my opinion.

  111. Don

    We all here must really be football geeks. It is a beautiful sunny day on a Saturday in Seattle. What am I doing sitting inside at my computer?

  112. OlyFan

    Here are the lowest 40 times for our DB draft picks according to Frank Cooney’s NFL Draft Scout:

    Maxwell 4.37 (at 6’0 202)
    Legree 4.45 (at 5’11 210)
    Sherman 4.48 (at 6’2.5 195)

  113. O

    7th round pick
    Lazarius Levingston, DL out of LSU
    6’4″, 292 lbs

    look at this neck!!!

  114. OlyFan

    4.86 at 292. Sounds athletic. Worth a flyer.

  115. John

    looks like a project backup with size, just what you look for in the 7th round, i see the jets took mcelroy. not a bad setup for him. i think sanchez is a good at best qb so mcelroy might get a chance there

    • Alex

      his physical limitation is too much to overcome. I’ll be the first to tell you that arm strength and size isn’t everything, but there is a minimal physical body type you need.

  116. OlyFan

    Harvey, Ziemba, Newton, Guy. or a FB would be nice.

  117. John

    full back, full back, full back we need a blocking full back. another mack strong. anyone see how well schmitty played last year in releif for the eagles? they are good at making our cast off fb’s good players. how bout this, keep one to block for us!

    • O

      can you afford two full backs on the roster though? or do you suggest to cut Robinson?

      • John

        i dont count him as a true fullback, we need someone to blow some people up, he is a decent receiving option and good ST player, but we need someone to take out a lb at the second level, someone who wins at the point of attack, he is a mediocre blocker from what i have seen, correct me if im wrong though, but i dont see safeties and lb’s grimacing at the thought of him coming at them

  118. D

    Yeesh, relax Francis….

    We are in the lower rounds and almost regardless of who is picked we are lucky if anyone becomes a player. I for one am not a fan of doing things the way the talking heads are saying. Remember that those guys get paid to have an opinion and be entertaining and loud about it, not paid to be right.

  119. Jeff M.

    Coming to mid-7th and it actually looks like there’s a fair amount of front-seven potential left on the board.

    Matthews, Beal, Romeus would all have upside as depth LEO guys, and both Guy and Williams on the DL.

    Given how far they’ve already fallen, will some of these guys be available as UDFAs? Once the lockout ends, do we go out and sign a bunch of these lottery-ticket-type players to compete for the last few spots?

  120. T-Town

    ESPN’s experts ripping our Draft.

    Cant say i blame them. We really did reach at just about every spot. Some of the reaches were huge.

    Whats his face saying we should have taken Dalton@25 made me wanna cringe though.

  121. Kurt

    After watching Trent Dilfer rip the Hawks I only have this to say, Easy for you sitting in that chair pal. It’s pretty obvious that the brain trust have a plan for FA. We’ve gotten younger, faster and nastier. No glamorous picks but needs were addressed. We shall see as the year progresses. I will be the first to rip into your analysis when the time comes Mr. Dilfer. At this point you speak hyperbole. Honestly you really just don’t know. A shot in the dark. I’am anxious to see our FA works as we have ample money to spend and would wager that the contracts of Tru and Lofa will be in the works freeing up more. We are a franchise in a COMPLETE REBUILD and it will take a while. These guys will compete and play hard for Coach Carroll and will leave it ALL on the field. I look forward to the Hawks overachieving again this year and proving you WRONG! Sorry bout the rant gang, couldn’t help it. GO HAWKS!!!!

    • T-Town

      I agree.

      also one of the things I do like about how they drafted was that they addressed two need positions (OL, DB) and just stacked picks at them. Chances are 1 or maybe both of the OL will work out and one of the new CB’s could easily end up being starting material at either CB or SS.

      If we get 2 starters and some depth out of this draft then it is a successful draft. Not much else a team can hope for anyways. Not like every other team gets starting calibre talent with every pick either.

      All that being said. We still reached lol. At least from a consensus media perspective.

  122. John

    i think some of their points are valid, but if they applaud picks that they dont have graded higher, how would that make them look as experts? They are like weathermen, they make assumptions based on data they have, we all look at the predictions and make decisions based on their assumptions, if they are right they are applauded, if they are wrong its just written off. so off course they are gonna rip a team for going against their big board. but teams know what works in thier scheme and what players have worked before and the general makeup of a certain player for a specific position. but coaches can be too cocky also and think they can make a solid player out of someone because of their physical makeup instead of their previous success. experts look more at the position as a whole, the physical makeup, and mostly success at the college level. organizations should care less about what kiper jr or mcshay have to say

  123. John

    whats dilfer have to risk anyway? if we did take dalton and he was a bust, the seahawks would be the ones suffering, not him. i like dilfer as a whole but he can be a douche bag sometimes

  124. Austin

    I don’t think we should of taken Dalton but I do agree with what Dilfer is saying to be honest. I’m sure we do have a free agency plan but so does everyone else! I think we helped at the offensive line obviously but not sure we did much else. We got some backups at best at some other positions. I do think the other teams in the NFC West came out ahead of us during the draft. Look I love the Seahawks as much as anyone else on this board, doesn’t mean I’m going to say they did awesome when I don’t think they did. But I am hoping that I am wrong and that we do improve. I liked the Carpenter pick, can live with the Moffitt pick but I think we reached big time with some other picks and you could also argue we left some potential elite talent on the board with almost every pick. Regardless I’m excited about free agency and hope we land some big talent. If we don’t get some talent on the offensive side of the ball we are in trouble. If we do I think we could win the division. Please sign Sidney Rice!!! 🙂

  125. D

    USC connection comes through! Malcom Smith, let me guess… hardnosed competitor?

  126. Your Mom

    So two drafts have come and gone with no QB’s or top end DL taken for this crew. But they have drafted 6 DB’s?

    I hope I am wrong but I would agree with most folks that on paper this draft looks like a complete bust.

  127. John

    anyone have any info on malcolm smith? all i can find is he has a rare disorder and he stayed at usc instead of transfering, and he is steve smiths brother

  128. Ruck Over

    Well I think we have a pretty good idea on how to predict who or what the Seahawks are going to draft next year. Just listen to what PC says pre draft. This year he said he wanted to get bigger and stronger at OL and faster and younger on defense. He drafted exactly how and what he said he would.

    I was a little bummed at first but the more I think about it I feel this is a pretty good draft considering where we drafted and the lack of a 3rd rounder. It’s not a glam draft but we have seen many of the “glam” picks turn into huge flops over the years. I’ll take meat and potatoes over quiche and cuscus any day.

    Looking forward to a few big hits in FA and maybe even a “glam” trade for a QB. At the very least I don’t think AZ or SF have done a whole lot to improve there weaknesses this year. The Rams have gotten better but with a good FA season… whenever that will happen, so will we. I for one am still a PC believer and am in.

  129. Mr Fish

    I think taking Newton with the first pick, or Ponder with the 12th, was a much bigger reach and will hurt those teams far more than any “reaches” our front office supposedly made.

    (Some people might want to add Locker with the 8th pick as yet another damaging reach. They could be right, but I’m not sure.)

    Then there are all those picks where a team took a player with questionable character or poor fit with the way the team intends to play…

  130. Your Mom

    I believe Schneider made a comment that his kids could have made the picks for him last year. Did he decide to actually let them draft today?

  131. Mr Fish

    Anyone else interested in Patrick Devlin as an UDFA?

    (Too bad the lockout is back in place.)

    • John

      hell yeah, saw him in the championship game, he hits his receivers in stride. absolute steal as a udfa, may be good project

      • Will

        I sure hope so, looked smart and accurate as hell, worth a shot. Does the whole “elite 8” issue affect UDFA as well though?

  132. Lance

    I keep reading comments that our brain trust wanted to get faster, stronger, and younger through the draft but no mention of getting better. Let’s face it, anyone we drafted would have made all those things because they are all younger which generally makes them faster and usually also stronger.

    Not thrilled with the draft at all. Filling holes is never the foundation of a championship team. Getting better is. Did we honestly do that these last three days? Quality over quantity usually wins out.

    I do believe they did set us up for a great run at Luck though and that is worth tanking any draft in my opinion. I believe he will be the next QB of his generation like Manning and Rodgers.

  133. Lance

    “The fact that Charlie is here, Charlie is part of this draft class in a sense,” Carroll said. “We used a third-round pick to get him (via trade in 2010). We have a young, up-and-coming quarterback. I know you are looking, ‘Hey, let’s go get another one,’ but we are happy with Charlie and hoping he is going to continue to flourish and blossom. I’m not feeling like we missed out on a quarterback opportunity because Charlie is growing with us.”

    They trust Charlie so much that after having him win the biggest game of the year last year they went right back to MH for the playoff games. Not exactly a confidence builder in my opinion. 🙂

    • Mr Fish

      By now it should be clear to everyone that we can’t take anything Carroll says at face value. He’s always going to put a positive spin on things, and not give any indication of how he really feels. If circumstances force him to play Charlie, he’ll say that’s what he wanted to do all along, and he’s pumped and jacked to get a chance to do it.

      Actions speak louder than words. Putting Matt back in for the playoff game was one such act. The next one will be getting Carson Palmer or some other veteran QB once the lockout finally ends.

      • Lance

        Agree 100%.

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