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  1. Kip Earlywine

    Sadly it looks I can’t join you guys. When I hit submit the message goes away and fails to post. I wouldn’t be able to participate much anyway as I am with my family today.

    One thing I have to say though, I’ve got a very strong case of Deja’vu going on, and I’ve got this really strong feeling that when I saw this draft before, the Seahawks picked late and took a CB Philly passed on- probably Jimmy Smith.

    Then again, I’ve had hunches before that Ryan Mallett or Cam Newton would be Seahawks, so there you go.

    • Kip Earlywine

      Currently #21. If Cameron Jordan is there at 25 and Seattle trades down, I won’t be happy.

  2. Ed

    why didn’t they trade back. you would think cincy wanted to move up for dalton. whatever.

  3. Hawkfin

    Horiable pick! stupid

    Can’t believe they passed on Gabe and take this 2nd tier player if that. No QB such as Mallett.
    Now I wish we would have went Colin Kaep at least.

    This pick sucks.

    • meat

      Yeah-I wish they would have picked bowers, Smith, mallet, even kaepernick over him. He probably would have been there in the 2nd for them!

  4. Al

    It’d be nice to be a Saints fan right now

    • Lance

      I second that. They might have to be my number two team next season. I like the pick for them.

  5. denamin

    I don’t understand. Carpenter might turn out to be an OK OG, but what about getting value in the first round. They must have fallen in love with this guy. I hope he can start this year because that is what is expected from a first round OL. I would have loved to see Jimmy Smith in Seattle. I can understand the worry about a DUI and marijuana charge, but the upside potential was there. Sherrod was sitting there. Perhaps he is limited to Left Tackle, but that flexibility might come in handy.

  6. Lance

    I am no a fan of the pick at that point in the draft. Time will tell, but I think there will be as good, if not better, tackles taken in rounds two or three. I will always believe you take the best talent available which would have been Bowers and/or Smith. Smith was my first choice. I had a Seahawks fantasy they drafted Smith and signed Asomugha giving us the best lock-down corners in the game. A fan can dream…and apparently that is all I can do at this point.

  7. Snoot

    I like the Carpenter pick. Mallet, Bowers, Kaepernick would have been exciting gambles.

    J. Smith is a loser pick. They’re happy with it in Baltimore now, and Jimmy will buckle down to prove he should have gone top ten, but then he’ll revert to who he is. A dumb fook upper and by most accounts a sorry cancer of a human being.

    I just wonder if Rob and Brandon at 17 Power will be proven right about Mallet being the most likely to make it in the NFL.

  8. Vin

    I cant say I hate the pick…..I just hate when it happened. I hope they at least entertained a trade back. We cant really call any pick @ 25 a ‘reach’ but this sure comes close. I dont really remember seeing carpenter on any 1st round mocks, but didnt Rob or Kip bring him recently……? I thought the Hawks wanted value @ 25 if they couldnt trade back? Jimmy Smith and Bowers wouldve been better ‘value’ picks @ 25, in spite of their red flags. That run at OL the latter half of rnd 1 mustve scared them into pulling the trigger. Would Carpenter have been there at 57?

    Looking ahead to Rnd 2, I dont see Kaepernick making it to 57, especially with the Bungles, Cards, Skins (2x) and 9ers ahead of us. Hopefully the Schneider & Co pull off a miracle for the remainder of the draft.

    At least im not a Falcons fan…..boy did they get worked by the Browns. Good going Holmey! Julio Jones had better be the next Andre Johnson or Fitzgerald to justify trade. They werent a WR from winning the SB….the ATL FO mustve lost the tape of that GB playoff game.

  9. Tony

    So if Carpenter plays RG then our line as of right now left to right looks like this, Okung, ?, Unger, Carpenter, Andrews.

    Correct me if i’m wrong but I think that has the potential to be a very good O-line as long as injuries are minimal and they get some time to play together. Not to mention Tom Cable will get the most out of these guys!

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