Source: Last minute Seahawks draft information

April 28th, 2011 | Written by Rob Staton

I contacted the source today that I’ve used many times in the past for draft information, including last week’s Seahawks inside view. He was kind of enough to offer some last minute thoughts hours before the draft.

– Ryan Mallett isn’t just off the Seahawks draft board, he’s sinking in a big way. Apparently he won’t be taken until the mid second round at the earliest. The source was quite adamant about this.

– The desire is still very strong to trade down from #25 and they will consider 2012 compensation. If no deal is forthcoming it’s probably going to be about value.

– I’m told it’s likely Seattle will favor offensive lineman if they can’t move down. This is based upon what is expected to happen and who will be available. This can change quickly, but it’s worth considering the guys Kip reviewed a few days ago. Right tackle may be an option and purely from my own opinion, I wonder if you can include Danny Watkins, Rodney Hudson or James Carpenter in the debate too? That’s not from the source, just a hunch.

– Do not expect Andy Dalton to be drafted at #25. The words used to describe the possibility of that happening were very negative. I understand there’s a big drop off between Dalton (#3 on the teams quarterback board) and the top two – an unnamed player at #1 and Colin Kaepernick at #2.

– Speaking of Kaepernick, I believe there’s still a chance he goes at #25 especially if quarterbacks leave the board quickly. I think they want to draft a quarterback but on their terms and preferably after trading down. They are high on his talents. They also won’t ignore better value at a different position if it’s staring them in the face. Even so, if you’re someone who wants the team to draft a QB early you need to back the guy from Nevada.

29 Responses to “Source: Last minute Seahawks draft information”

  1. USAFANARC says:

    Rob, I hope you are right about Dalton. That guy just screams bust. Whomever drafts him will be drafting another quarterback in a couple of years. I also really hope that we address the OL or DL if we stick at 25. I’m okay with Kaep, but I would be much happier if we traded down and pulled the trigger on him. I just hate when we reach for a guy and Kaep at 25 would be a big time reach.

  2. Bostonhawk says:

    Thanks for the info and all of the hard work leading up to today, Rob! Much appreciated! Can’t say that I am all that excited about this news (except for the fact that Dalton appears to not be an option in the first and might be gone by the second). I think drafting a right tackle in the first is highly questionable given the relative depth of the position in this draft, but I would be all on board with Pouncey, Smith, and Amukamara (although I he sits below Smith in my view). Amukamara could always transition to safety across from Earl Thomas if he didn’t work out at corner. My dream scenario, however, would be wrestling away Bowers. He is a bit of risk and a one-year wonder for sure, but his upside is tremendous, and he is demonstrated at least some significant college production (something we cannot say about Austin, for instance).

  3. dv says:

    Did he explain why Mallet is falling so hard?
    Does off the board mean they won’t take him at all or just that they think he’s gone long before they’d be willing to draft him?

    • Rob says:

      He did give a reason, but I’m not willing to put it into the public domain. I don’t think the Seahawks are interested at all.

      • USAFANARC says:

        That doesn’t sound good. Ouch.

      • Vin says:

        When your source says he wont be drafted until mid 2nd at best, must mean that some team(s) dug up some significant dirt. Thats unfortunate, as I had hoped the Hawks would draft Mallet over any other QB…..but if we get Locker or Kaepernick, I’ll be happy with that, too.

      • Cassius says:

        was the reason that he gave you enough to change your mind on mallett out would you still be comfortable taking him?

        • Rob says:

          It wasn’t a piece of news that’d make me strike him off the board, it was an opinion that I would only be able to attain by meeting the player and spending time in his presence.

  4. Carl Shinyama says:

    I’ve said it before (not here) but I’ve always felt that Mallett should not be drafted higher than the 2nd round. A first round pick on him? I was not interested in the least.

    • Kip Earlywine says:

      If Seattle ran the exact opposite offense, I’d take Mallett no questions asked at #25 and feel very good about it. For a pure pocket passing team with a good offensive line, he’s going to be very good I think. Unless he’s addicted to crack or something.

  5. Carl Shinyama says:

    By the way, Rob, just wanted to let you know that you’ve done a wonderful job!

  6. Adam says:

    Think the Hawks are scared at all of the Jimmy Smith 3rd drug test report that came out this morning?

    • Rob says:

      I think NFL teams will already be aware, they do a lot of homework. The guy is insanely talented, but it is a gamble.

    • Hawkfin says:

      They BETTER be… this guy is more bust then anybody

    • Kip Earlywine says:

      As said, I wouldn’t draft Jimmy Smith. At least not until the 5th round when you have almost nothing to lose. However, the upside is very good and Carroll provides Smith his best chance to turn things around. Not a pick I’d make, but I won’t trash the place if the Seahawks make it.

      I picked Colin Kaepernick, but my first instinct was Smith. My gut says that Smith has a very good chance of reaching #25, and it should be a really interesting choice for Seattle especially if Locker is there also.

  7. Hawkfin says:

    If we got Mallett in the 2nd that would be crazy sick. Why is this source so hell bent on R. Mallett? Why so much attention on Mallett?
    Sounds like somebody doesn’t want us picking him……

  8. Adam says:

    I don’t think Smith would be a huge financial risk at 25 and would still be worth it but it will be interesting to see how many teams will look the other way. If Pouncey, or should I say when Pouncey isnt there, I would still like this guy.

  9. Spokahawk says:

    Thanks for all your hard work this year. It has given me something to read during all of this labor strife, and to look forward to today. I think that this is by far one of the best draft sites around and I love the fact that it is geared towards the Seahawks.

  10. USAFANARC says:

    Agreed! Best draft site around. No other site has more film clips, better research, or a more intelligent breakdown. While I don’t always agree with you, I love that you don’t follow the national media herd and instead break film down yourself and offer your own analysis. Great job!

  11. Jay says:

    I hope Patrick Peterson gets picked in top 4, and I hope Rams don’t get AJ or Julio.

  12. TeamAdi says:

    Have to agree with all the thanks. It’s much appreciated Rob.

    Being in England like yourself Rob it’s great seeing how important the draft is compared to the system we have in England.

    Dreaming about staying up tonight, however I just have an inkling the Hawks will trade and no Hawks picks will take place tonight. I remember last year and playing back the video of the draft and being gutted about the picks. Taking into account how RO and ET played I am completely open about tonight!

    Would love to see the Hawks trade up tonight and take the QB they want. You never know!

    Again much appreciate the effort you and all the others have put in (including the commenters)

    12-4 season next year! 😉

  13. Frank says:

    Alright you cant throw me under a bus. Locker is my number 1 QB and Keapernick number 2. I dont care if we trade up a little if we had to. I hated Locker last year as a prospect and have to admit, knowing who this guy is a little more I was wrong sorry.

  14. Ricebowl says:

    James Carpenter it is. Suprised someone actually mentioned him as a possibility to us.

  15. […] Thursday my source told me the Seahawks would favor offensive lineman if they couldn’t move down and I touted Carpenter as an option alongside Danny Watkins (already off the board) and Rodney […]

  16. […] Having very much stuck to their board at #25 and resisted falling talents such as Da’Quan Bowers and Jimmy Smith, I expect a very similar situation in round two. They like Colin Kaepernick, but clearly felt there were better options in round one. Will he be available at #57? It remains to be seen in a draft that has created major shocks at quarterback. Minnesota reached for Christian Ponder, Tennessee denied Washington the opportunity to draft Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett fell out of round one completely as my source predicted yesterday. […]

  17. meat says:

    Crap- I just typed a huge paragraph on my phone and accidently hit the back button. Many sites have Seattle as one of the losers of round 1, I wish they would have traded down and/or got bpa. Carpenter is good talent from what I read-watched, but at 25 with Smith, Ingram, qb’s-kaeper, and bowers still available. Secondary is atrocious. I hope nnamdi is picked up once free agency comes along. Also, I heard an interview that made it sound like cable wasn’t too hot on carpenter? Seems strange-can’t be true??