NFL Mock Draft: Post-Rams trade 14th April

Before we get into the mock draft, here’s a podcast appearance I made today with Kenny and Danny from Field Gulls discussing the Rams/Titans trade. Check it out:

#1 Los Angeles — Carson Wentz (QB, North Dakota State)
#2 Cleveland — Jared Goff (QB, California)
#3 San Diego — Laremy Tunsil (T, Ole Miss)
#4 Dallas — Jaylen Ramsey (CB, Florida State)
#5 Jacksonville — Myles Jack (LB, UCLA)
#6 Baltimore — Joey Bosa (DE, Ohio State)
#7 San Fran — DeForest Buckner (DE, Oregon)
#8 Philadelphia — Ezekiel Elliott (RB, Ohio State)
#9 Tampa Bay — Vernon Hargreaves (CB, Florida)
#10 New York Giants — Jack Conklin (T, Michigan State)
#11 Chicago — Leonard Floyd (LB, Georgia)
#12 New Orleans — Sheldon Rankins (DT, Louisville)
#13 Miami — Darron Lee (LB, Ohio State)
#14 Oakland — William Jackson III (CB, Houston)
#15 Tennessee — Ronnie Stanley (T, Notre Dame)
#16 Detroit — Reggie Ragland (LB, Alabama)
#17 Atlanta — Kevin Dodd (DE, Clemson)
#18 Indianapolis — Andrew Billings (DT, Baylor)
#19 Buffalo — Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech)
#20 New York Jets — Paxton Lynch (QB, Memphis)
#21 Washington — Jonathan Bullard (DE, Florida)
#22 Houston — Josh Doctson (WR, TCU)
#23 Minnesota — Laquon Treadwell (WR, Ole Miss)
#24 Cincinatti — Will Fuller (WR, Notre Dame)
#25 Pittsburgh — Keanu Neal (S, Florida)
#26 Seattle — Germain Ifedi (T, Texas A&M)
#27 Green Bay — Jarran Reed (DT, Alabama)
#28 Kansas City — Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State)
#29 Arizona — Mackensie Alexander (CB, Clemson)
#30 Carolina — Jason Spriggs (T, Indiana)
#31 Denver — Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama)

The early run on defensive linemen (Billings #18, Butler #19, Bullard #21) forces Seattle’s hand. They take an offensive lineman they’re comfortable with. Ifedi can play left guard or right tackle.

I suspect the Seahawks will like Sheldon Rankins, Vernon Butler and Jonathan Bullard at DE/DT. None last until #26 in this projection.

With a deep class of defensive players they should be able to get one they like at #56. It could be a defensive tackle (Willie Henry, Hassan Ridgeway, Kenny Clark) or a SAM/DE (Kyler Fackrell).

It’s still a fair expectation that they’ll take two offensive linemen in the first three rounds. If Connor McGovern or Joe Dahl last — they could be tried at guard or center. Joe Haeg has the makings of a very accomplished guard.


  1. Volume12

    Look at all the VMAC visitors in the middle to the late part of this draft. All defenders too.

    LA Tech DT Vernon Butler, Clemson DL Kevin Dodd, Florida DL, Houston CB William Jackson, ‘Bama LB Reggie Ragland.


    • Dylan

      True interest? Or misdirection?

      • Volume12

        That is the question.

        They seem to be high on Butler.

        Bullard, Jackson, Dodd, not sure.

        Ragland might be someone they want info from? IDK.

      • David Stinnett

        Keeping them away from Cable, heh heh. He coaches better than he chooses.

    • nichansen01

      A trade up into the mid first to select a defender they really like is a possibility we cannot ignore.

      • Rob Staton

        That would be expensive.

      • Gotta Be Bennett to Win It

        I don’t see any chance they do that. John Schneider all but spelled that out yesterday on Mitch in the Morning. He said it’s the deepest draft in years. Why would he trade away quantity of picks and deny himself the opportunity to pick from that depth? I just don’t see it.

    • Willyeye

      I heard Derrick Henry was at VMAC yesterday.

      • Volume12

        That he was.

        Pat Kirwan seems to think he’s an option.

        • RealRhino2

          So far Henry is the only realistic guy at #26 that we’ve talked about that I would hate us drafting. Just no, no, no.

          Too much of a risk, at a position of too little need (unless the Rawls rehab talk is a complete smokescreen and he’s done), at a position of too many good alternatives.

          • CC

            Or is Henry the smokescreen? I know they had Gurley highly rated, but is Henry a first round RB and is he better than someone you could pick up later – I just don’t see Henry a legit pick, but rather a diversionary tactic.

            Schneider said their draft board is 200 players, and that it was 120-140 over the past few years so there is some depth and they will be able to get some of their guys.

            Have to go OL or DL in the first round.

            • C-Dog

              Personally, I think he’s a candidate to trade back and target. I think unless there is a DL or OL they really like at 26, they are trading back.

            • Del tre

              Never bad to have two running backs capable of 20+ carries that present completely different match up problems. That to me would be more valuable than a left guard who might only end up being a little better than some 3rd round draft pick. This is a deep enough draft that they could go Henry round 1 Mcgovern or La’raven clark round 2 and Hassan ridgeway and Dahl in round 3. This draft doesn’t have a ton of “skill position” players and Derrick henry is one of the best ones. A guy who weighs 250+ pounds and runs a 4.4 at 6’3 doesn’t come around often on offense or defense. I think that this is a good enough draft class that the hawks can afford to spend the round 1 pick on whoever they want.

              • Andrew Brown

                Do we really want to spend valuable draft capital on a back that’s freaky athletic but not NFL ready, especially with the haul of backfield talent available in next year’s draft? Henry blows this class out of the water, but he’s just another face if he comes out next year

              • TatupuTime

                I think Henry would be good in the right scheme, but to me he just doesn’t fit well with what Seattle asks their backs to do (despite being a freak athlete). If the Cowboys were to take him at the top of two it wouldn’t surprise me if he crushed it in their scheme.

                • Del tre

                  Just curious why don’t you think he would fit in seattle? Zone blocking schemes are easier to pick up on for running backs as far as my understanding of it goes

                • HI Hawk

                  Cowboys and Seahawks run the same scheme (so did Alabama): Zone blocking. It’s designed to create creases. Henry finds creases as good as anyone ever has at the collegiate level AND he has the power to run through arms and traffic (why he won the Heisman). I think he’s a great fit in Seattle, specifically how Seattle opens up the cut-back lane. Henry will house an open cut back lane in college, the CFL, the NFL, even on Mars – it’s what he does.

    • bigDhawk

      Ragland makes no sense. He is not a scheme fit and bringing him in for a visit isn’t even a good bluff.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, that’s a weird one for me. Maybe they are looking at him as a possible SAM.

        • HI Hawk

          I’d see him as a great fit as an early down SAM. Showed some pass rush ability at Alabama as well, so he might be versatile enough to stuff the run at SAM and spell a passrusher in Nickel packages. He could also provide depth at MLB, Coyle’s not exactly a superior athlete. He hits like a Mack truck and he showed excellent instincts at Alabama. His read and react quickness could help him play faster than he tested in spandex.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      They are trying to get info on what other teams have showed interest in these players…. to set the draft board and expected picks up (predict the draft) intel gathering

  2. Madmark

    BOOM or BUST Shon Coleman tears up pro day TEF 3.25 I take him before Ifedi.
    Shon Coleman
    Conner McGovern
    Tyler Ervin
    Willis Henry

    • Jdub

      Where did you see the numbers on Coleman?

      • Madmark

        no numbers he hasn’t worked out yet. and my bad on Willie Henry

        • Greg Haugsven

          Then where did you get 3.25 if he hasn’t worked out

          • Troy

            Think he just made them up for no reason? Silly comment imo

          • Alicamousa

            I think Madmark is trying to say hypothetically, if Coleman smashes his pro day and ends up with a monster TEF score, he’d take Coleman over Ifedi. Confusing post though, agreed.

      • Madmark

        I guess I will clarify that Shon Coleman has not tested but was measured at 6″5″ 207lbs. 35 1/8″ arms, 10 5/8″ hands. Did 22 reps on bench. About this time I go back to December mocks of mine that I write in a notebook. Before he got hurt we had him as the 2nd best tackle. This guy has the size but he also has the nasty that Seattle really wants. This guy is as mentally tough as it can get and he would have no problem fitting in to this locker room.
        A Connor McGovern at 56 works. at the beginning last year I labeled him. Try at RT but a move inside to guard he would be a Stud. The perfect scenario would be starting at center. I think McGovern there first choice but ya Mitch thing last year comes to mind. If gone I go Joe Dahl. Where Connor has strength dahl has the grit and toughness, but Dahl I think would have the advantage of football IQ for line calls. This is a reason guys move up.
        Tyler Ervin what can I say. Seattle just can’t resist a player with this much speed. The Nascar package for the offense I just know Seattle can get it figured out after Harvins. Lets not forget Tyler Lockett has earned more time as a WR so maybe Ervin takes KR on special teams.
        I’m torn at 97. I think Austin Johnson from Penn St this guy is a steal here and its only cause of the middle numbers in the combine. There not bad but they ain’t great. He’s a junior has a degree in journalism and in the 3 seasons he started he showed significant important. This is the guy to replace mebane.
        pick 124 is the crazy pick If a Willie Henry is here I would have to take him. the next Jordan Hill pick in the 4th round. If Johnson gone this would be my 97th pick. I also think a Nick Vannet TE would be a steal and give us and in line blocker like a Zach Miller. It will take a year but it would be worth it. Face it Graham is not a inline TE. If Seattle needs a LB, which I think they are ok there’s always the Travis Feeney.
        This is a more heavy offense this year just because Lynch is GONE and Wilson is the offensive leader on this team. Here at pick 171 it seems a good place to grab that CB. But I think if Rees Odhiambo falls here due to medical issues about not finishing seasons he could just be the steal here.
        Well I’m not going to give it all a away but pick 225 Andy Janoviche FB Nebraska 13 tackles special teams. A Coleman replacement or competition. I see 215 as a CB and really if he turns into a Maxwell I’m good hehe. At 245 I really grab for QB.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Doesn’t look like testing numbers will be available for him before the draft. From what I’ve read, he’s still not ready.

      Despite that, I still take Coleman over Ifedi.

      I would be underwhelmed if we took Ifedi. I don’t even see Carpenter quality in him.

      I get the physical profile. But by tape, I take Coleman over Ifedi and it’s not close. Demeanor, effort, skill, physical/toughness, versatility — all significantly in Coleman’s favor on tape.

      On the scales, Ifedi is a late first pick. On tape, he’s a 4th/5th round guy. If Ifedi’s arms were 34″ and he were 15 pounds lighter — I’d grade Thuney higher (empirically right now, I like Thuney’s tape better even despite the measurable disadvantage).

      Ifedi has the tools. Doesn’t use them at all. Rebuilt from the ground up and if he finds a mean streak somewhere — he’s worth an R1 pick and could literally be the best OL in the draft after 3 years.

      To me, that doesn’t seem very worth it, Since we don’t pay our OL. When I say we don’t pay our OL. I mean we don’t pay them AT ALL.

      Consider that there are 4 centers — presumably the least impactful position of the five — that individually cost more than our entire OL position group. There are around 20 OL in the league that eclipse our entire OL budget.

      So basically who really cares how good they’ll be in their contract years while they provide nothing in the several years he eats a hole on our active roster. Upside on OL for a team that basically only keeps them for 4 years really only should be in the late day 3 conversation. Any guy taken in R1/2/3 needs to be a day one contributor.

      Development only provides value under two conditions:

      1. Develop and resign a player (value in quality applied to roster over time)
      2. Develop a cheap prospect (draft/salary) and let them go — short term quality value at minimum cap expense.

      Only way Ifedi makes sense in R1 is to hope he becomes a top 6-8 OT in this league AND resign him to what will likely be a 16+ million dollar second deal by the time 4 years of roster inflation kicks in.

      Otherwise, we’re going to get bad/cheap play from an R1 pick for 3 years and some quality play in his swan song year. We’ll say good riddance he’s a bust only to watch him do well after he leaves. Doesn’t sound like a good use of an R1 pick. Kind of sounds like all of our early round OL bust picks.

      • Rob Staton

        “On tape, he’s a 4th/5th round guy.”

        Disagree strongly here Attyla. I think people generally go OTT when discussing his tape.

        Very few linger on Ronnie Stanley’s issues — but Ifedi gets hammered.

        • Madmark

          I’m looking at Gillian, ?, McGovern, Glowinski Coleman. this last spot would be a fight between Webb, Poole, and maybe Britt gets it to gether this year next to McGovern. Rees is a steal in the 5th if he can stay healthy, possible backup to RT or LG spot. I like a Nick Vannett in the 4th but I love a Willie Henry but lets face it the TE’s took a hit last year and competition is needed. In the 1st year we drafted but next we got a FA. The days of FA for TE are over. This guy knows what it takes be on a championship team and win games.

  3. Darnell

    Any idea why PFF has gun undraftable grade for McGovern?

    Whereas others see a round 2-3 prospect. I wonder why there is such a large disconnect?

    • Darnell

      Though I should add that they’ve never liked Sweezy much either. Who knows.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        PFF is a subjective measurement.

    • Rob Staton

      Probably because it’s ‘PFF’….

    • RealRhino2

      What does “gun undraftable” mean?

      • bigDhawk

        I’m guessing auto correct fail.

      • Lewis

        The link says day 3, which could mean rd 4.

  4. Seahawk in LA

    I like Ifedi at #26. Do you think he has the athleticism to play LT in a couple of years if necessary/desired? Or do you think he would be LG or RT permanently?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he could play LT — would love his fit at LG though.

      • Timothy

        From our list of possible Seahawks draft in the OL, is Ifedi the only fit for LG? (Knowing that we tend to put guys weighing in the 320-325 lbs range at LG). If so, then even if I’m not a fan of Ifedi, there’s really a high chance we get him just so that Britt has competition. Or is it easy for someone like Connor McGovern to gain 15-20 lbs who is better at OG IMO?

      • Josh emmett

        It would be rad to see Aaron Donald and Kawan short get the ass whoopin this year, cheers to that!

    • BHarKnows

      Did anyone see that clip of Cable running him through drills at his pro-day. Had a drill where he dropped tennis balls and had guys pick them up on the run. Ifedi was the only guy who missed and Cable gave him the stink eye. Not that it really means anything.

      • Wall UP

        Glad you brought that up. I think Cable has the same opinion that I share about Ifedi. He has all the measurables and there’s just something missing. Missing the tennis ball is symbolic of how his inability to fully utilize his physical abilities.

        Cable’s drill is an excellent way to determine agility, and more importantly concentration while engaged in physical activity. Just my impression, but Ifedi movements are more robotic than they are natural. I just can’t see him going @ 26 to the Hawks.

        If Butler & Nkimdechi are gone @ 26, I think they trade dn. If Coleman’s meds do clear him to begin minicamp, then he would be my choice for that pick in the 2nd Rd.
        With the 56th pick, if he’s not picked earlier with one of Tennessee’s boatload of picks and his meds do check out the second time around, Jaylon Smith would be great pick

        • Rob Staton

          “I think Cable has the same opinion that I share about Ifedi. He has all the measurables and there’s just something missing.”

          You’re basing this on one tennis ball drill?

          I can just imagine Cable returning from that pro-day, pushing John and Pete out of the way and ripping off Ifedi’s name from the draft board because he didn’t pick up a tennis ball.

          • Wall UP

            I wouldn’t go to that extreme in removing him from their board. That’s not what I was saying. I just don’t think should go @ 26. Could they pick him after trading dn with that pick? Of course! IMO I don’t think so. We’ll see.

            BTW, picking up tennis balls on the fly, is an excellent gauge to determine the coordination of an individual. Wasted movements that appear mechanical can be dealt with, over time and additional work. Hence, the ‘stink eye’.

            Coleman is by no means without any flaws, reaching without moving his base, or feet beneath him. But, technique can be taught, whereas coordination can only be compensated for.

          • WALL UP

            This is Pauline’s take five days ago:
            Pauline wrote that “most people I speak with feel Ifedi is a great fit for the team at the end of round one. The recurring comment is “Ifedi is a Seattle Seahawks type of lineman.”” The delicious poetry here is that while Ifedi could be a perfect fit for Seattle, the Seahawks do not actually appear interested in pursuing him. They did not send a representative to Texas A&M’s late March Pro Day. While Pete Carroll’s crew at least outwardly seems disinterested here, the Vikings hosted Ifedi for an official visit on Thursday. Per Pauline, the Texans “really like him” as well.

            • Rob Staton

              Tom Cable conducted Germain Ifedi’s pro day workout.

              Did you miss that?

              • Wall UP

                No, it’s hard to miss the look he got from Cable after the ball mishap. What I was eluding to was that outside of that workout their hasn’t been a lot of interest in Ifedi. If he does visit the VMAC for a 2nd look, I can then see them drafting Ifedi.

                • WALL UP

                  “There hasn’t been a lot of interest in Ifedi” at least from the Hawks.

                  • Rob Staton

                    You’ve just made that up.

                    Why even use quotes? Are you quoting yourself???

                  • Wall UP

                    I was just trying to correct my grammar in using ‘their’ instead of ‘there’. The quotes are from Pauline above about “not being interested in pursuing him” and “outwardly seems disinterested”.

                    Okung and Earl were legit 1st Rd picks. Irvin was was well known by Pete and had no need for a visit. Carpenter is a different story. He reminds me a lot about Ifedi. More of a reach that’s really a guard.

                    After the Carpenter experience you would think that they would be sure by at least giving him an invite to the VMAC, wouldn’t you? There still might be that visit in the near future. We’ll see.

                    • Rob Staton

                      This is what Pauline said:

                      During pro-day at Texas A&M earlier this week I posted the visit list for Germain Ifedi at Walters Football. Absent from the teams on the list were the Seattle Seahawks yet most people I speak with feel Ifedi is a great fit for the team at the end of round one. The recurring comment is “Ifedi is a Seattle Seahawks type of lineman.”

                      There is absolutely nothing about the Seahawks not being interested.

                • Rob Staton

                  That’s a pretty warped logic Wall Up. They didn’t entertain Okung, Thomas, Carpenter or Irvin at the VMAC either. That’s every one of Seattle’s first round picks. There’s no connection that says Cable only going to his pro day means anything. A bit like, in fairness, judging a player because he didn’t pick up a tennis ball in one drill.

  5. Nathan_12thMan

    Random thoughts:

    How high would you take Moritz Boehringer if you even would? Reddit mock (done by a fan) took him round 5 (over Cajuste). Sees him as a WR. That seemed really high to me. I am high on the German’s athleticism and body and such but I am guessing at best he is a 7th round pick for you, more like UDFA if he lasts to there?

    The unmentionable one tweeted this today:

    >WOW, per the JJ trade chart:
    TEN #33 (580 pts) + #45 (450 pts) = 1030 pts.
    SEA #26 (700 pts) + #56 (340 pts) = 1040 pts.
    It’s perfect.

    And it peaked my interest. If we can trade back and still get Ifedi or Coleman (or whoever the Hawks like at OT) and not have to pay a 1st round price for the player + our #56 gets bumped up to #45? What do you think of that trade?


    Per usual I really like your mock. Us taking OT with our first pick is a must IMO, and like you said taking 2 OL (OT + McGovern or Dahl). Obviously my dream is that we can get all three in the draft. That is the epic mock fantasy I stay awake at night picturing. And I wouldn’t be bummed really at all if we missed out on Dahl but got to grab Haeg.


    Pick 1: Ifedi or Coleman

    Pick 2: McGovern

    Pick 3: Defensive Line (DE/DT)

    Pick 4: …..this is where stuff gets tricky. How hot is Ervin? Where does Dahl and Haeg go? JS will likely know, I don’t. If Ervin is projected by JS to go in round 5 or even 6, then wait and use this pick to grab the best available Left Guard (Dahl/Haeg/etc).

    Pick 5-7: All depends on what the team think they can get in UDFA. I’d imagine we grab a CB, a LB, and a TE.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure the rise in round two is worth the drop out of R1.

      I mean, there’s a good chance you miss out on the OL and DL’s we’d expect them to target. So at #33 what are you getting? And the value difference between 45 and 56 is minimal.

      Personally I would only expect a move down for two reasons — one they can guarantee a guy they like is still there (doubtful if we’re projecting the right guys, IMO), two their guys are gone and it makes sense to move down.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        Thanks, that makes sense.

        No thoughts on the German?

        • Rob Staton

          Hard to project on him. He’s come from nowhere really. He’s an athlete. Teams will have to judge what he can be down the line.

  6. Ben H

    SDB favorite Dominique Easley is an unrestricted free agent…

    • Steele

      Ben, we discussed this a bit yesterday.

      NE was happy and eager to jettison Easley because he is locker room cancer and psycho. And he couldn’t stay on the field. They have good DL depth and will be happy to add to it in the draft.

      • manthony

        I know Dom is a Gator, what is the allegations lobbied against him? I wonder if he was friends with Hernandez, another Gator and maybe he defended or talked about Hernandez a little too much for NEs liking. Just speculating, but if it was just something minor I dont see what the big des is, its not likehes been in legal trouble or in trouble with the League is it?

        • manthony

          I think Butler, and Rankins are the only two DL in the draft id like more then Dom. He wouldn’t hurt our comp picks because he was cut, I hope he checks out because that would Alpo for even more flexibility in the draft

          • Trevor

            I am with you on Easley. If he checks out medically and there are no legal or suspension issues I hope they give him a shot.

            We have a bunch of individuals on this team and a really different culture than NE. At least bring him in with little guaranteed $ and see how he fits. It might be like getting an extra 1st or 2nd round pick at a position of great need as a penetrating DT.

            • matt

              Agreed. If Easley’s knees check out, big if, bringing him into the fold makes a lot of sense. NE and Seattle are 2 of the best front offices in the league, while the way they treat players look to be polar opposites. Militaristic versus individualistic. Not everyone is cut out to be in a highly regimented locker room. One of the biggest gripes I’m hearing about Easley is that he wanted to rehab his way, and NE was livid that he went to Germany to look at the platelet treatment on his knees. Neither one of these is an issue in Seattle-look at Lynch and Kam.

            • laphraoig

              Be careful with that team culture thing. Percy Harvin was a problem for us, even though we had a bunch of individuals and a different culture than most other teams.

              Sometimes it’s about the player and not the team you put him on.

    • Nolan

      Check NE history they rarely make mistakes when parting with players if they aren’t interested I think that’s a significant red flag.

  7. nichansen01

    Jarran Reed going at 27? This guy is an elite run stopper. His pass rush would improve, but I would draft him at 26 for the run stopping ability alone.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s also a two-down defender for the most part and they don’t tend to go early.

    • matt

      DJ Reader is a great run stopper and can be had day 3. We need more impact out of our first rounder than a 2 down run stopping DT. Imo I do like Reed quite a bit but his role on our team would be a small one.

    • RWIII

      Nich: You can get run stoppers in the 3rd round. For the most part if you want guys that can get after the QB(pass rushers) you have to get those guys either in the first round or hope they are their in the second round. Pass rushers are a PREMIUM. If I had it my way I would take pass rushers in both round 1 and round 2.

      One major reason New England lost to Denver was because he constantly had pass rushers in his face ALL-DAY-LONG.

  8. Ben H

    Much appreciate all the hard work and great analysis you give us Rob. I’m curious about your thoughts on a few mid/late round guys for the Hawks.

    OC Max Tuerk
    DT Greg Millhouse
    DT/DE Lawrence Thomas
    CB Tyvis Powell (listed as a safety)

    • nichansen01

      I think they are looking for a backup safety, after the Shead’s switch from safety to corner. Kevon Seymour and Will Parks are two guys they have looked into for safety.

      • lil'stink

        Shocking pick of the draft that’s a lock (to not ever happen): FS Justin Simmons to Seattle in the 2nd round.

        • Volume12

          I think Maryland’s Sean Davis would be more likely than Simmons, but that’s just me.

          Keep an eye on the 2 safeties from Marshall.

          • lil'stink

            I admit I’m probably unreasonably high on Simmons. Seems like he could not only be a fit at FS in our scheme, but his length, athleticism, and ball skills makes him look like a Seahawks CB. Bring Simmons in at FS and have ET3 play the slot against smaller, faster guys when the situation calls for it until Simmons develops into a CB… Pobably not worth a second rounder, though.

          • STTBM

            Sean Davis is listed by the Times as a visitor to VMAC, so they are taking a look at him.

      • Nate

        FS TJ Green in say 5thor 4th

      • matt

        Shead can still backup both safety positions while being our nickel CB.

        • Nate

          I’m not gonna lie, I’m not sold on Shead at S or outside CB.

          • Kenny Sloth

            It seems to me that Seattle must be.

            They placed a second round tender on him and he has played at each spot

          • matt

            I could see not being sold on Shead. He’s not going to be making pro bowls or anything, but he is solid and very versatile. The minute Shead replaced Cary Williams last year you see Shead’s value.

            • Del tre

              I honestly think I might disagree with you I could see shead becoming a probowl caliber corner eventually. He has a weird way of doing things but it works he plays the ball when it’s in the receivers hands but he’s so good at making sure they don’t catch it that him being just a step slower doesn’t seem to effect him as much. Especially with a full training camp under his belt I could see him succeeding at corner maybe not getting voted into the popularity contest that is the pro bowl but he holds his own and I’m more comfortable with him covering a 6’5 wide receiver than I am with lane doing so

              • matt

                Good points Del Tre. PC has said that Shead is the best on the team at stripping the ball too-3 FF last year.

                • HI Hawk

                  Whether you like Shead or not, he’s on a one year deal (RFA tag) and if he meets expectations this year and holds down a job at RCB or Nickel CB all season – he’s going to get expensive and likely take his talents elsewhere.

      • Morgan

        He’s not been mentioned as being linked to Seattle but Middle Ten State S Kevin Byard is really something. 5’11”, 216, 4.5 40, 38in vert, 22 reps, 33.5″ arms, almost 10in hands, 19 ints in 48 games. Dude’s a baller.

  9. gseahawk12

    It’s a miracle that Seattle plays only one team (New England) coming off a bye week in 2016. Didn’t they have like four of those last year?

    • lil'stink

      4 home games were against a team that had an extra week off before traveling to Seattle (Arizona, Carolina, Pittsburgh, SF). All part of my mini-conspiracy why the NFL didn’t want Seattle to make it to the SB 3 years in a row 🙂

      • Donald

        The conspiracy is true, they did not want the Hawks to have home field advantage in the playoffs, and wanted another team with higher ratings in the SB.

        There were 5 home games where the opponent had an extra week to prepare. The Rams were coming off a Thursday night game.

        • HI Hawk

          Carolina is not “higher ratings” material, let’s get off the pity bus please. They lost games they could have won, including the road playoff game against Carolina.

    • vrtkolman

      Wow! Just the info I was looking for, thanks! This schedule is a complete opposite of last year’s.

  10. rowdy

    The schedule came out and I’m shocked! Only 2 10 am games from what I read, when’s the last time that’s happened?

  11. Trevor

    That looks like a great schedule to me. Almost like payback for the brutal one they got last year.

    • matt

      Way better than last year for sure. It’s great we are playing the Rams in week 2 too. Especially if they pick Wentz at #1. The speed of the NFL, coming from the FCS level, will likely cause him problems-steep learning curve.

      • 300ZXNA

        Though can we expect Wentz to start year one? Considering he is viewed as a bit of a project, seems foolish for LA to throw him into the fire, especially against the LOB.

        Admittedly though, there will be pressure to start him right away in part due to the draft capital invested and due to a desire to attract fans in their new city…

        • matt

          Makes sense 300 you’re right Wentz is more of a project who would likely be better off sitting for awhile. However I find it hard to believe that the Rams would make that huge trade up and not start their guy from day 1, for better or worse. I’m hoping for the worst!

    • Nolan

      Last year they won division and made Super Bowl this year they are only a wildcard team there schedule should be naturally easier

  12. nichansen01

    Just looking at the schedule 12-4 looks like a possibility, even 13-3 looks possible. Anything over 13-3 would be amazing… Games that will be tough are @Arizona week 7, @ New England week 10, vs Carolina week 12 and @greenbay week 13.

    Nice to have week 1 at home vs a middling team (Miami).

    • Jarhead

      Don’t we open up @ Rams?

      • Jarhead

        Disregard. I saw where I missed it

    • Josh emmett

      im a fan of the schedule except week 5 bye. The early ones are tuff. Possibly have jimmy Graham week 6? Anyone know how long he is supposed to be out? Is it likely he starts the season?

      • matt

        Its too early to tell when JG will be back. It’s possible hes healthy for week 1. I’d be happy if he’s full strength for the last half of the season. There’s no need to rush his return.

        • Del tre

          Schneider said him and Rawls should be back week 1 but honestly with the Hawks schedule I’d be fine if he came back after the rams so they don’t reinjure him and then just using him lightly throughout the next few weeks to ease him in

          • matt

            Word. What JS/PC say about their rehabbing players and the reality don’t always line up. Why would JS say ‘it looks like Graham might be out the first 8-12 weeks of the season’? (not saying that’s the case, but it could be) There’s nothing to gain by saying that, especially before the draft. Like I said it’s too early to tell where JG is at. A torn patella is a major major injury. An ACL tear has a better track record at a full recovery than a patella. Time will tell.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      11-5 right now….. better schedule than last year, less teams coming off byes. Travel will kill, but you get some cream puffs along the way.

  13. Hawk406

    1.26) Jonathan Bullard
    2.56) Kyler Fackrell
    3.90) Joe Dahl
    3.97) Justin Simmons
    4.124) Tyler Ervin
    5.171) Brandon Shell
    6.215) Jatavis Brown
    7.225) Keyarris Garret
    7.247) Caleb Benenoch

    Pretty straight forward with picks in Rounds 1 & 2. I think coaches are more comfortable with the status of the o-line than we are as fans. Likely add another veteran body after the draft, a few udfa prospects and the practice squad guys from last year. That be said I wouldn’t be shocked to see them wait until round 3 and snatch up Joe Dahl. Can compete for RT, G, or C.

    I hope Justin Simmons lasts till the comp pick in Round 3. Personally I would love to see him in a Deone Buchanon type role or even spend a year bulking up and replacing Kam in a year or two, I love Kam but it’s inevitable. Lots of depth at the CB spot but not so much at S. I can see Ervin lasting till round 4, love to get him there. A luxury pick but I think he is one of the Hawks “must haves”. Shell comps well to top OL talent length and size wise and scores well on the TEF scale, as does Dahl, could be a LG or swing backup. Cable could coach him up.

    Might not be the flashiest draft but one that could provide solid depth for years to come, rotational players and development players to stash away. Some instant impact guys as well.

    • Jarhead

      I think this would be a really solid draft. I know ablot of guys on the blog are against not getting an O Lineman before round 3 but, I would love this draft. The players we would get would be impact players. And have a chance to compete to get on the first team. The Blog consensus pick is far from the finished article and would have to 180 to even become serviceable. Your draft has some solid talent in there and would make our team better

      • Naks8

        I like it. The Hawks are built on defense and this draft helps strengthen the present and future. Plus we get one possible oline starter and a few other projects.

    • STTBM

      I would have no problem with this, though Bullard isnt the explosive athlete you want in the first round. But Billings and Butler likely go before our pick, so thats whats left…

      Glad to see someone else likes Keyarris Garrett. Weird thing is he took almost all his snaps on the right side of the offense–that wont fly in the NFL. He’s gonna have a learning curve, but he’s a smart kid and a hard worker, with his size and speed he’s gonna make it.

  14. ItsAboutTheDefense

    The Seahawks are paying their entire group of O-Linemen less than $9 Million. The next lowest spender is just under $16 million.
    This can’t be an accident. Those that have noticed this monetary trend have said that this is just the Seahawks’ way to pay all the stars’ contracts.
    But I think it’s more than that. The way these Guys are getting paid has to produce some chips on shoulders. Add in that they are all ‘in it together’, and you can see how the chemistry would work. The Seahawks want a cohesive unit, and are providing a shared experience that has to motivate them in an ‘Us vs The World’ kind of way.
    Do you think it would make sense to add a 1st round rookie, with his contract, to this? A really special guy could do it. Know any?
    Much easier for a later round pick to fit in.
    I’m guessing they won’t go O-Line in Round 1.

    • bigDhawk

      Had they retained both Okung and Sweezy – moves they made serious attempts at – that OL total salary number would have been a lot higher. Plus they have kicked the tires on above-bargain-bin O-linemen in recent seasons so it’s not like they have an organizational aversion to spending money on the OL. Therefore I don’t see a problem with adding money to the group in the form of a first round rookie.

      • Josh emmett

        They have been one of the top 5 run blocking units in the league the last 4 years and cable says he can make it work so they trust him. Kind of an advantage having a coach that can do that. Belichek is the same with linebackers. I think it’s a sign of strength honestly. They are a defensive run first team and they draft that way. They have drastically changed they way they see linemen since Cable’s arrival. This will be the first all Cable drafted/signed oline. Maybe he wanted it that way? I’m pumped! I wanna see Gilliam/Ifedy/Sokoli/Glowinski/Webb line clear the path for Thomas Rawls on the way to a rushing title! Go Hawks! I’m pumped for the draft, so close!

        • STTBM

          They are top 5 in yards, not in actual blocking. BIG difference. They really havent been as good at run blocking as Conventional Wisdom would have it. Just look at the YAC for Lynch and Rawls, and take out Wilson’s broken pass play scrambles, and even the yardage totals and YPC arent all that impressive.

          The offense managed despite the limitations of the line, due to Wilson and the RB’s amazing abilities. But that doesnt make the line better than it really is, it just hides it.

          Seattle knows their line wont be all that and a bag of chips, nor does it have to be. But some improvement is needed, even in run blocking.

          • Josh emmett

            I’m ok with having a subpar line that has attitude in the run game as long as the defense holds up like they are paid to do. The defense was a mess for the first part of the season just like the oline was. I think this is the mentality of the coaching staff as well. Remember the 13 season? The oline was terrible(McQuisten and Bowie started most of the season at tackle) but the defense was dominant and that was the difference. Went 13-3 with that scrap heap of a line. I think the coaching staff learned a lot this season in terms of limitations. With the Cary Willams signing and thinking starting on the road against the Rams and packers without a happy and present Kam they would be fine. Make sure the defense is ready to knock the Dolphins and Rams in the mouth at the beginning of the season and even if they don’t draft a new LG. I think they will be fine. Cheers!

  15. Jarhead

    Holy cow, I know a lot of guys were being satirical about what our schedule would be, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t almost nail it. Haha Week 1 on the road to the Rams, 4 out of 6 on the road to start, bye week on Week 3. All the classic hits. At least we only have 2 10 AM starts but if we don’t get homefield, watch that change. Ppen and close on the road also. The NFL loves to act like an 80’s action movie villain. We have to overcome a whole gang of goons and obstacles to save our ex wife. Haha

    • Jarhead

      Holy crap! NFL mobile hid week 1 above a dumb ad banner. Whoops. Well that certainly makes it a touch more palatable. 3 out of 7 on the road to start is a little rough, and I know New England has some crazy good record coming off the bye. The @ NE game is going to be our toughest game this year

      • nichansen01

        You’re right about the New England game. Might as well mark it down as an L right now. Are only hope is to pull off an ‘Eagles’ special teams spectacular… Pick sixes, onside kicks and Tyler Lockett kick returns might be necessary to get out of Gillette with a W. At greenbay in the winter will be a heck of a game as well. I do beleive that starting out 8-0 is possible…

        • Darth12er

          Any Given Sunday

        • Del tre

          Or the Hawks are the better team and win because of it. Do you remember how bad New Englands line was last year? It hasn’t gotten any better yet plus the hawks d line is much deeper. I think running the ball and controlling the clock will be far more important because new englands defense is getting considerably better year by year. Plus everyone wants revenge

        • Jarhead

          Yeah I was reading Josh Weinfuss and his AZ predictions and the guy sounds like a blowhard comment section fan. He is way overestimating his own teams dominance. It was like a fanboy. Whereas Shiel Kapadia really had a solid view about the season and potential outcome. I don’t think we lose at LA, AZ or TB. I think the toughest games will be at NE because Belichick at home after a bye has some crazy god record, and while I think we have GB’s number, Lambeau in December is no joke. If we can win those games, it will sy a lot about our team

  16. RealRhino2

    Rob, a couple of questions:

    1. Shaq Lawson? The shoulder, or do you just think teams don’t see the talent?

    2. Noah Spence? The character, or the middling combine performance?

    You think both fall out of the 1st?

    • Steele

      Rob will have a different take. I love Spence. He is knocked for only being a speed rusher, but every team should have at least one crazed speed rusher. And who’s to say he can’t develop more skills? Spence is unlikely to drop out of rd.1 in a draft without a lot of great pass rushers. I like Lawson, too, who can be inside/outside. Kevin Dodd has better get-off than Lawson, though.

  17. DC

    What’s the highest you see Conner McGovern being drafted?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Late 2nd round, most likely 3rd imo

  18. nichansen01

    Just did a Fanspeak mock using the big board. I went with who was avaliable, not with who I thought would be avaliable.

    26: R1P26
    56: R2P25
    90: R3P27
    97: R3P34
    124: R4P26
    171: R5P32
    215: R6P40
    225: R7P4
    247: R7P26

    • Josh emmett

      Sign me up!

      • nichansen01

        Definetly a dream scenario

        • Greg Haugsven

          That would be stealing.

    • matt

      Home run draft!

    • A Brown

      God would I love that, especially that Deion Jones grab in the 3rd

    • STTBM

      As likely as me winning the lottery when I dont buy tickets.

      But Holy Buckets, I would seriously run down the street screaming with joy if we pulled this one off…What a HAUL!

  19. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I keep thinking the Titans will trade back up into the later part of the first for some…. let’s say a WR for discussion. Would Seattle trade back with them??? Not get their top OL target, but possibly have 2 2nds and 3 rds in the process?

  20. Jarhead

    I know Ifedi is the unanimous choice for the blog this year, and that is what it is. While I prefer Coleman and Spriggs and think they will be far better players faster than Ifedi, I do think this year we would be better served going defense first. Bullard, Butler, and even Fackrell would be higher impact players faster and would improve our team more with the use of our first round pick. With the interior lineman who would be available in later rounds, I think that would be a better use of resources. Guys who have a chance to come in compete right away, and not have to be completely retaught how to block and still not be guaranteed to get it. I have optimism for Soke at C, and we can find some really solid competition for LG and RT beyond Rd 1. Even of they aren’t necessarily weight/height ideals. There is a lot to be decided but I am hopeful for talent acquisition in this draft. It could be a 2015 success or may end up a 2013/2014 disaster. I won’t hold my breath for a 2012 success, where we get a couple of Ring of Honor guys

    • bigDhawk

      I appreciate the T/G versatility of Ifedi, but I also pause at the thought of using a first round pick on a player that will likely play guard. If Ifedi ends up at RT I’m fine with it.

      • Nate

        Same here.
        Britt and Ifedi are arguably too tall for G.
        Webb/Dahl would be better.

        • lil'stink

          I believe Webb is actually taller than either Britt or Ifedi.

          • Nate

            You are right.
            Wow didn’t know he was that tall! Maybe keep him at RT and draft McGovern who can hedge Sokoli at C, or LG. Dahl fallback.

    • C-Dog

      I think there’s a strong chance they go defense with the first pick. I also think there’s a chance they trade back and go defense with that pick.

    • CC

      Spriggs has been my guy since end of last year. I think he’ll be solid and think Cable could coach him up. But I do see the potential upside with Ifedi. Either way, I really want them to get better on the OL. DT is a need too, but I think they can get that on day 3 – because they will likely be a rotational player anyway.

    • Eran-Ungar

      “I know Ifedi is the unanimous choice for the blog this year” ???

      He is not my choice but he does enjoy a lot of support. He also benefits from lack of competition due to an “early run on defensive linemen (Billings #18, Butler #19, Bullard #21)”.

      It seems that when we find worthier candidates on the defensive side they move up and out of our reach. Maybe we should keep quite about those guys here so they remain available for us.

    • Rob Staton

      Ifedi isn’t the unanimous choice of the blog. It’s a realistic proposition and we’re at the stage now where the mocks aren’t so much scenarios as they are projections.

      The Seahawks sent Cable to work Ifedi out, Tony Pauline has consistently reported their interest and he would potentially fill a hole at LG or RT. It’s a sound pick to project here — not based on a ‘choice of the blog’ but completely in the reality of the situation.

      In this mock Bullard and Butler are off the board anyway — so unless you’re suggesting Kyler Fackrell (a guy I had suggested for the #56 pick in this piece) at #26 — I’m not sure what the issue is?

  21. CharlieTheUnicorn

    oh yeah, when is Seattle signing the recent Patriots castoff… Dominique Easley.
    You know they want to.. and he fits a need

    • Steele

      Locker room cancer, head case. Even pit bulls. They don’t have a need for that.

      The chorus of “he’ll be fine in a different environment” will ensue, but I say he’s not worth the risk. If the ruthless Patriots couldn’t find a way, that’s saying something.

      • H M Abdou

        Completely agree. Let him go be someone else’s headache.

    • STTBM

      Word is his knees are a total mess. 25 year old in a 40 year olds body is what I read.

      Pending Civil suit for his dog biting a friend, and he supposedly got bit all over his ankles and wrists etc by a Pitt after the Draft his rookie year, and was unable to play in minicamp. PLUS, he hid the injuries from the Pats.

      To top it off, supposedly he’s facing two more civil lawsuits.

      Add it up; Bad knees/injury history, pattern of working out on own and refusing to rehab with the Pats, locker room cancer, liar, has vicious dogs who attacked him and his friends, and several lawsuits pending to distract him from football and you have an unemployable EX-football player.

      No thanks.

  22. Josh emmett

    So the Hawks get Cameron Wake, Kdamudong Suh, and Mario Willams week one and Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald, and Brockers week 2. Hope they come out of camp and the preseason healthy and ready to kick some ass! Going to be some epic trench battles! I wonder if that will affect the way they draft?

    • Nate

      Yep. Not as easy as some Twitterers would have u think!!!

      • CC

        I’m hoping that one of the things Russell and guys in LA are working on quick throws because they are going to rush at Russell big time.

    • STTBM

      Run game is gonna have to be on track from the get-go.

      • Josh emmett

        Plus the Defense being ready to hold LA and Miami to under 15 points. No 30 burgers early this year please

  23. Nate

    I’m still very high on Alex McCalister, the OTHER FL DL.
    In theory I’d be ok with a trade down for more 3/4 rd picks to ensure nailing Feeney and value backup FS in TJ Green.
    After getting Butler (if still there)/BPA then Coleman or Clark, McGovern and/or Dahl.

    • Steele

      Nate, I have been a fan of McCalister’s film for a while. One of the best sleeper pass rushers in this draft. Victor Ochi is another one.

  24. Brandon

    I am starting to love the idea of drafting Joshua Perry in the 2nd round (If he makes it that far). The man is a great tackler and just has this passion for the game. We already know that his athleticism isn’t the greatest, but by no means is it bad. I went and checked the measurables of other top OLBs when they came into the draft including our very own, K.J. Wright.

    Joshua Perry:
    6’3” 254lbs
    40 yd dash – 4.68
    10 yd dash – 1.64
    Short shuttle – 4.43
    Bench Press – 20 reps
    Vert Jump – 33.5″
    Broad Jump – 124″
    3 cone – 7.21

    K.J. Wright:
    6’3” 246lbs
    40 yd dash – 4.75
    10 yd dash – 1.69
    Short shuttle – 4.46
    Bench Press – 20 reps
    Vert Jump – 32″
    Broad Jump – 120″
    3 cone – 7.26

    Anthony Barr:
    6’5” 255lbs
    40 yd dash – 4.66
    10 yd dash – 1.67
    Short shuttle – 4.19
    Bench Press – 15 reps
    Vert Jump – 34.5″
    Broad Jump – 119″
    3 cone – 6.82

    Jamie Collins:
    6’3” 250lbs
    40 yd dash – 4.64
    10 yd dash – 1.64
    Short shuttle – 4.32
    Bench Press – 19 reps
    Vert Jump – 41.5″
    Broad Jump – 139″
    3 cone – 7.10

    Lavonte David:
    6’1” 233lbs
    40 yd dash – 4.65
    10 yd dash – 1.60
    Short shuttle – 4.22
    Bench Press – 19 reps
    Vert Jump – 36.5″
    Broad Jump – 119″
    3 cone – 7.28

    These numbers are here to show that Perry possesses enough athleticism to make it in the NFL. He might not become the pass rusher the other 3 are, but he has the skill to play all 3 positions on the field, like Wright. I think he would be a solid selection and could make our linebacker core one of the toughest in the league. One that would rival the Panthers.

    • C-Dog

      I like Perry a lot. Kinda weird they are checking out Reggie Ragland.

    • RWIII

      Thanks Brandon. I have heard a lot of good things about Joshua Perry. I appreciate the information/stats you provided. These numbers are a real eye OPENER.

      • Steele

        Both Perry and Ragland project inside.

  25. Josh emmett

    Any Jordan Jenkins fans? Watched him a bit and Looks pretty good. Georgia is SEC, long arms, 10 yard split in the 1.5’s, rushes the passer and stops the run. Like a Bruce Irvin/Kj wright hybrid. Could be a 2nd round option if they go oline in the first?

  26. Nate

    Looks like Hawks WR visits are slower high jumpers.
    I would go with Justin Berger who might be UDFA

  27. Nate

    Devon Johnson FB, who they brought in for a visit, I really like

    • Volume12

      Worked out or brought in? Big difference. No workouts on a visit.

      I do know they worked him out though, so just curious.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Rockhead is my guy. Just for the nickname.

  28. C-Dog

    IMO, Ifedi would still be a solid pick at 26. I kinda think he might be the only OL they consider taking there, and if Butler, and Ifedi aren’t there, they probably trade back. Honestly, I kind of think they might trade back anyways. Yeah, I think they are going to trade.

    26: R1P26

    56: R2P25

    90: R3P27

    97: R3P34

    124: R4P26

    171: R5P32

    215: R6P40

    225: R7P4

    247: R7P26

    Adding Ifedi and Ridgeway would be an excellent draft. The alternative excellent draft, for me, would be most excellently landing Butler and McGovern. I think Ridgeway could be a player they drop back to add another pick or two to draft. His buzz seems to be really buzzing lately, and I’m am thinking more and more that Seattle’s first pick could DL, and I think the chance of Ridgeway being at 56 is about as likely as Rankins being available at 26.

    Drafting Dahl to be Center and Ifedi to be LG seems right, but they can play multiple positions, so who knows. Feeney I think still still be a target relatively high.

    I think Pressley could be a R4 target. Judon in R5 would be a steal. I can see them take Heath as early as R6, although, watch out for Sokoli this year, I think he might emerge either at LG or Center, and be the surprise breakout player.. just getting that feeling.

    Seymour and Parks add corner and safety help.

    No WR, QB, FB, TE drafted. Look for them to sign those players as UDFA.

    • Volume12

      I think you might be right about receiver.

      Sure looks that way, huh?

      If they don’t take one in or before round 4, I agree.

      However, if they add an extra 4th then it’s probably more likely.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, if they drop out of 26 and pick up another 4th, WR is definitely in play.

      • matt

        Last year at this time a few on the blog were pounding the table for the tall athletic jump ball/deep threat WR. (I was pounding the table for Lockett all off season btw) That type of player wasn’t really there to be had. There’s 3 intriguing mid-late round WR’s who fit the description in this draft-Cajuste, Matthews, Boehringer. Looking at our history of bringing in big WR’s I have to think these 3 guys are legitimate options.

        Agreed that the likelihood of us drafting a WR goes way up if we trade down out of round 1-gaining an extra 4th. Our draft history has us taking a WR in rounds 2-4 or not at all.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Are you projecting Heath as DL or OL ? He is one of the convert targets.

      • C-Dog

        Heath as a convert to OL, for sure.

  29. Kenny Sloth

    Lot of teams looking at this d2 qb Liam Nadler. Hawks are one of them

    • nichansen01

      Just going to put this out there: Nadler looks a LOT like Jon Ryan.

      • H M Abdou

        Yes, he does look like Jon Ryan – you’re absolutely right! LOL.
        Also: they BOTH look a little bit like Carson Wentz.

        So Nadler looks like Ryan, who looks like Wentz. Gotta use the chain rule for that one haha!

  30. H M Abdou

    Would Pete ever switch to using a 3-4 defense? A lot of the talent on defense certainly fits the profile, and they kinda already play some 3-4 or pseudo-3-4 looks.

    Any thoughts?

    • Alicamousa

      Isn’t his whole thing 4-3 looks using 3-4 personnel?

      Don’t see much reason to change what’s been, by any measure, spectacularly effective.

      • amocat

        Yes, exactly. PC sees the DE and OLB as “kinda” the same thing, right?

  31. Donald

    Why is everyone so enamored with Fackrell? I saw highlights (?) of him against USC and he totally wiffed and overran plays. It seems Deion Jones is the better LB, after viewing his tape and his speed is much better (4.59 vs 4.72).

    1. Butler or Bullard
    2. Deion Jones
    3. Dahl
    3.. Mcgovern
    4. Ervin

    • H M Abdou

      I actually think Fackrell is good, but I don’t see the fascination with Haeg and Dahl. I think they’re being a bit overhyped. They’re not bad players, but I don’t see them being anything better than backups for the Hawks.

      • Volume12

        What’s not to like about Joe Dahl? This guy is visiting with a quarter of NFL teams.

        • H M Abdou

          I think they are both workmanlike. Nothing really to get excited about, and certainly not worthy of a 3rd round pick (90 or 97). But both Dahl and Haeg are solid prospects, but being hyped a lot on this site.

          • JakeB

            Even if you’re right about how these guys project to the NFL, I don’t think you need to worry too much about those third round picks. I’m not sure there are ten NFL teams that have good O-lines. That being the case, I think it’s more likely both Haeg and Dahl are gone by 90 than both still being available.

            • H M Abdou

              I guess they possibly could go late 3rd/early 4th. The fact that they are mainly inside guys will drop them down the draft boards of most teams.

      • Trevor

        HM I disagree completely about Dahl and Haeg. Both guys have been favorites of mine all year as tackles who can move inside at the next level and play all over the line. They are both just real solid in pass pro and rarely get beat. The fact that they both meet the TEF specs for the Hawks was just a bonus.

        They are not flashy just very solid and that is what you want in an OL. I would take Dahl or Haeg in Rd#3 all day over Mcgovern in the 2nd round. Mcgovern is more athletic according to TEF but every time I have watched him play he gets beat badly at least 1-2 times. Even in the Senior Bowl he was beat badly by Butler for a sack. I think the Hawks do like him a lot though and if we go D in Rd #1 he almost seems like a lock in Rd#2. I just have visions of Britt 2.0 in my head. Mcgovern is a much more powerful athlete however so I know the comparison is not fair.

        • H M Abdou

          In response to you, Trevor and JakeB – mainly with Dahl and Haeg I am worried about where they will start (if they would end up starting) on the Seahawks o-line.

          Gilliam – LT
          McGovern (or other larger OLineman) – LG
          PLewis (placeholder until Soko is ready) – C
          Glow – RG
          Webb/Britt/Sowell/Rookie? – RT

          I just worry if there’s a place for Dahl and/or Haeg to start, considering their strengths and weaknesses, and considering what the Hawks are typically looking for in each OL position.

          • Eran-Ungar

            “I just worry if there’s a place for Dahl and/or Haeg to start” – They are not picked to start.

            They are picked to be trained to NFL level and learn to master Cable’s ZBS.

            If they prove they can do it, they may compete for a starting job in a year or two. (See – Glow, Gilliam…)

            Do not be surprised if Ifedi/McGovern or whoever we pick highest for the OL, will not beat Britt or Webb to get the starting job in September. After the Nowak experience last year, the Seahawks will ere on the side of caution this year. It will take much more than “being the better athlete” in camp to win a starting position.

            Once you accept that concept, spending too many high draft picks on those red shirt candidates seems like a bit if a waste when the likes of Glow and Gilliam can be found later.

            • amocat

              The oline “redshirt” argument is the best reason to go D heavy early on.
              Honestly, even if they wait until round three to go Oline, I’m not really worried. Wouldn’t Butler, Fackrell, McGovern, Dahl, (then RB, CB, S, TE, FB) be pretty acceptable?
              But we’ll see soon.
              It’s like Baldwin’s new philosophy: don’t worry about things you can’t control.

          • JakeB

            I agree that their size wouldn’t really fit what we know is the Hawks established ideal for LG or RT. If one of them was a late third round pick though, I don’t think the Hawks would be picking them as a potential 2016 opening day starter. I think they’d treat the player more like they did Glowinski last year. I believe they still want to make Sokoli a center, but maybe they draft a Dahl with the idea he’s versatile enough to use anywhere on the line in case of injury. If Sokoli doesn’t progress enough this year they could groom Dahl to be the center next year. Regardless who they take, I trust this staff to have a plan for that player and then adjust the plan however they need to moving forward.
            If and when they choose an O-lineman in the top two rounds, I absolutely expect that player to start this year.

    • TannerM

      You do realize that he played against USC back in 2013, right? A lot can change in two years.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Lol even in that tape he looks like an nfl prospect

        • TannerM

          And his take this year is awfully good for someone who tore their ACL in 2014. I mean, those things usually take away explosiveness, right? And yet he was still one of the most disruptive players in college.

  32. Nathan

    With all this talk about the head scratching trade, and the Rams not even appearing to know who they’re going to take, is it possible that this may have come from above?

    The owner made a big splash with the stadium deal, and now he wants a shiny new toy to show off when he invites the public in.

    And the interesting tie in is that our visit to LA in round 2 is being marketed as “Football returns to LA’

    The rams haven’t played many ‘big pressure’ games of late, The cool as a cucumer Hawks should waltz in and kill the cheers of the home crowd.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      They know EXACTLY who they are taking. You don’t make the trade if you do not know the pick.

      • Volume12

        I hope they take Wentz. I think he’s gonna be a mediocre, if that.

    • H M Abdou

      Oh, I don’t think there is any doubt that Stan Kroenke had a huge say in this trade. As you said, he wanted to make a big, splashy, “look at me” move. Also – Fisher and Snead are on very hot seats, so I think they felt pressure to make this move in order to “win now” and keep their jobs.

      That being said, it does bring up an interesting question about which QB they might take: I think both Wentz and Goff are not Andrew-Luck-ready for week 1. They’ll need some coaching up before they’re ready. I’m sure the pressure Snead and Fisher are feeling to win quickly will influence them in terms of choosing the QB who’s more pro-ready (as opposed to worrying a lot about “upside” down the road).

  33. manthony

    Rob excellent podcast. It was cool to hear you chatting it up with kenneth and Danny. I don’t catch em all but will prolly start listening to more of them.
    Kenneth Arthur wrote an article about the Rams trade that summed up my feelings about it perfectly, then you guys even further broke down the stupidity of it.
    The Rams were making strides but idk how they think they are gonna catch up now. What you said about the 49ers was spot on too. They’re a mess.
    As always, thanks for your hard work.

    • Beanhawk

      Yep. You really should. The podcasts, in my humble opinion, have taken this blog to the next level (especially when Kenneth can limit his five-minute monologue rants, of which he seems to be aware. Otherwise, Kenneth is an excellent “host”). Fantastic work, Rob.

  34. CharlieTheUnicorn

    “The Seahawks sent Cable to work Ifedi out, Tony Pauline has consistently reported their interest and he would potentially fill a hole at LG or RT. It’s a sound pick to project here — not based on a ‘choice of the blog’ but completely in the reality of the situation.” ~ Rob

    Solid points. Almost like a neon sign pointing at the guy and Seattle.

    I would like to think he is Steve Hutchinson 2.0, even if he is not really the same type of player. Just want someone to get in there and mash people, bring some attitude to the LG spot, which has been missing for some number of years. Maybe go LG, RT and C in draft…. then solidify this OL for 3-4 years. I’m already dreaming about big things in 2016, 2017 and 2018 😛

    • Eran-Ungar

      I am with you on those big dreams for 2016-2018.

      My dreams are not based on the “reality of the situation” that you and Rob see so clearly.

      They are based on what we saw on the field in the 2nd half of 2015. They are based on RW being able to implement a game plan that works without stellar play from our OL. They are based on other teams like NE being able to field a very prolific offense without a solid OL in front. They are be based on my “reality of the situation” that calls for investing high draft capital into our defense, specifically at the DL.

      We all have different dreams and different realities. My reality does not put great faith on the instant positive effect on Sept. 11th from a rookie offensive lineman that was unable to win the LT job at college. I’d rather have Butler or Bullard first.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes I would like them to solve the offensive line woes. Every year they start poorly and work their way up to average by mid-season. Then we all pray that they will somehow fix the missed blocking assignments by playoffs. Maybe this year, between draft picks and practice squad players, they will start strong and build on it.

      Ifedi would be a great start. Seems like we already have Glowinski and Sokoli for interior work, but if they don’t win a position inside maybe they can slid out to tackle. Here is hoping for a good draft.

      • Volume12

        Sokoli still seems like a developmental guy.

        Don’t be surprised to see Will Perciak inthe fold. Apparently TC loves this guy.

    • STTBM

      Ifedi lacks the intensity of the Ice Fisherman. He’s a very smart kid, but he doesnt show the nasty streak that you need at LG, at least not to me. I just cant see Seattle drafting him at 26, despite all the signs.

      Then again, I couldnt believe they would take James Carpenter at 25 either.

      • Rob Staton

        Nasty streak is plenty evident on several blocks — there isn’t an OL who does it every snap. He saved his most physical game for alabama which is a good sign IMO.

        • STTBM

          Ok, thats good to hear Rob. I know you’ve watched a hell of a lot more tape on Ifedi–and all the other prospects–than I have. And you dont need to beat up on people every play, like Giacomini and Sweezy; those guys were prone to doing stupid stuff in anger too close the whistle–or after–and it cost us. Being able to turn it on and off is a good thing.

  35. Trevor

    Rob one player that seems to be a popular pick in Rd #2 is Connor MCgovern and for good reason given his TEF score and Cable’s apparent love for Mizzou OL prospects. When I watch him I see a very inconsistent player who would have to play inside in the NFL.

    My question is if the Hawks take Mcgovern in Rd #2 where do you see him playing? Also if you had the choice between Ifedi in Rd#1, Mcgovern in Rd#2 or Dahl in Rd#3 which would you prefer?

    • Rob Staton

      McGovern is a guard or center IMO

    • Sea Mode

      Just for laughs, guys, while researching Easley on Pats Pulpit I saw a mock draft hoping to get McGovern in R6!

      • Wall UP

        I wouldn’t laugh too hard about their rankings. Outside of this blog, he’s ranked (107-168) 4th-5th Rd by several mocks. It’s a risk, but he may be available @ 125. Realistically, he could be theirs @ 90 or 97.

  36. Trevor

    Rob I have not seen you comment on Dominque Easley yet? I was just wondering your thoughts or are you waiting to get more info on him before commenting?

    • Sea Mode

      I am of course curious as well to hear what you all think, especially now that he was not claimed. Hopefully I can save you all some time with this info I collected over at Pats Pulpit and others:

      – Health: landed on IR his first 2 seasons (knee 2014 and torn quadriceps 2015)
      …Ignored requests to rehab with team trainers and did his own thing (in Germany this off-season experimenting with different options)
      …Showed up to rookie minicamp with unreported ankle, arm, wrist injuries from his pet pitbull attack two weeks before draft. These prevented him from participating and set him back in ACL rehab.

      – Immature, irresponsible, unreliable, entitled attitude, thinks he’s invincible,
      …would schedule massages, etc. and not show up. Disrespectful.
      …one Yahoo writer says NFC exec told her last year “he’s a turd”
      … ESPN reported even back at Florida he was problematic, threatened to quit the team repeatedly, missing meetings as a result

      – Aloof personality:
      …fired 2 agents and 3 financial advisers in his two years, hiring Rosenhaus just last week.
      …weird issue with his dog attacks, one lawsuit already resulting and possibly more to come.

      – Locker room cancer: this point is debatable as some say he was popular with at least some other players

      – His contract has salary offset, so if another team signs him the Pats will at least get to subtract that amount from the $2.9m dead money.

      So as not to paste a dozen links, this article basically sums up all the main points and digs up some insightful quotes on him:

      • ClevelandDuck

        Thanks for sharing your good work. Love his talent but it sounds like he is not likely to be worth the trouble. Still, he seems like the a terrific fit for one of the Hawks’ bigger needs.

  37. Cody

    Hey Rob,

    How’d the snooker championship go?

    I had a question about Laquan Treadwell. While I don’t think the Seahawks need to draft WR high, it seems like Treadwell is starting to fall in a lot of people’s mocks, and Daniel Jerimiah said he has heard about him falling into the 2nd, do you think if he’s there at 26 the Hawks would consider him? I know he’s not the fastest, but he was the best WR in college football before hurting his leg, and he came back pretty well last year. Curious to hear your thoughts.

    • Rob Staton

      Hey Cody — the Championships last two weeks and start on Saturday. Our show on Thursday was a preview and we do another one just before the final (which is the day of the draft!).

      I like Treadwell but I wouldn’t expect the Seahawks to draft him. Eventually you have to look at other needs and after re-signing Kearse, trading for Jimmy, drafting Lockett etc — I think for a run-based offense they need to put more stock into the OL. Even if he’s there, I would imagine they go OL/DL early.

  38. Sea Mode

    Interesting stuff yesterday from Tony Pauline on Draft Insider on the big trade.

    April 14th
    “Sources close to the situation tell me the New York Jets made a serious offer to the Tennessee Titans for the initial pick of the draft. Those with knowledge of the situation tell me the team was close to getting the deal done.
    I’m told it is believed veteran defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson was part of the deal.”

    If this is accurate, it may have forced the Rams to act quickly. That, or it was just a great false leak to drive up the price.

  39. Sea Mode

    What’s up with the Marcus Henry C Boise St. “official 30″ visit? Maybe Hawks are looking for an alternative profile at the C position after all…?

    TEF: 2.82
    wTEF: 82.98

    Height: 6’2”
    Weight: 294lbs
    40-yard dash: 5.15 seconds
    10-yard split: 1.74 seconds
    Vertical: 30 inches
    Broad jump: 8 feet, 5 inches
    Short shuttle: 4.59 seconds
    3-cone: 7.7 seconds
    Bench: 28 reps of 225 pounds

    Anyone notice anything particular on his tape? There is one vid on draftbreakdown:

    And some snaps vs SDSU in a 2014 game on YouTube:

    • Rob Staton

      Marcus Henry will be an UDFA. I’m not sure a meeting with him indicates a preferred physical profile at center.

      And for every example like this we come back to the fact Seattle drafted a generational athlete in Sokoli a year ago and immediately tried to convert him to center.

      • Sea Mode

        Right, I agree completely. Guess more than anything I was just surprised they would use one of their limited visits on him.

        Maybe they have the draft all figured out already or just don’t want to give away any more of their possible targets. Or even something even further out like they might also be eyeing a teammate (Rees Odhiambo) and wanted some first-hand info (not sure they would need to use an official visit for that, but just giving way to some speculation). Odhiambo’s pro day numbers were not impressive, but he is also still recovering from injury which probably limited him and might knock his stock down a couple rounds.

        Tom Cable was at Boise St. pro day per Brandt and Pauline says: “I’ve known for a few months the Seahawks like Odhiambo as well as his teammate, center Marcus Henry.”

        Brandt: OG Rees Odhiambo: Odhiambo (6-4 1/4, 315) chose not to run the 40 at the combine and again on Thursday, but he did run a 10-yard sprint in 1.87 seconds. He had a 27-inch vertical, a 7-foot-9 broad jump, a 4.64-second short shuttle and an 8.02-second three-cone drill. Odhiambo had surgery on both ankles last year and is still getting back into shape. He did participate in on-field drills and the workout was considered average.

        • rowdy

          They also bring players in to get insight on players from players they played with.

      • LantermanC

        2.82 is close Rob. As you mentioned in a podcast, if you miss the NFL Combine, you miss one of THREE opportunities to test for TEF. The other two being Pro Day and if a team should bring you in and run you through drills. Now it may seem a bit unfair to get multiple tries at it, but if Britt went from 2.3 TEF to 3.0 TEF, then seems fair to me.

        • Rob Staton

          Who are we talking about here?

          • Volume12

            If Pauline keeps mentioning that Seattle likes Ifedi and the Boise St O-lineman, then shouldn’t we believe both?

            Odhiambo was coming off 2 broken ankles and still competed. Showing grit and toughness IMO.

            Both of these guys would be good pickups on day 3. Odhiambo could be a steal at LG, and if he doesn’t work out, no big deal.

            • Rob Staton

              Sure. I think the Boise guys are probably more UDFA targets or later round.

              • Volume12


                Henry looks like an UDFA or 7th. And Odhiambo looks like a 5th-UDFA.

  40. GeoffU

    Ha! Forgot about Sean Mannion.

  41. Ross

    Butler does not excite me one bit. I hope they pass on him given the chance. If Ifedi, Butler, and Spriggs are all on the board at #26, which one would Seattle likely pick? Or perhaps none of them?

    • Sea Mode

      Is there any particular reason why a nearly 6-4 and 323lbs guy who is also the second most explosive DL in the draft behind Rankins doesn’t interest you? Or do you just mean it wouldn’t be an exciting pick and is that really what you think the Hawks should be looking for?

      If those are the options at #26, my bet’s on Butler.

      • Jarhead

        Yeah I don’t get it either. Butler could be an instant impact guy. And the OL outside of Coleman at 26 do nothing for me. I think the value is better in Rds 2, 3, and 4 for OL. Get a stud DL or pass rusher early.

      • Ross

        It’s his tape that doesn’t excite me. He doesn’t disrupt the QB enough. You have to like his run-stopping skills, but collapsing the pocket is something we were missing last year so that’s what I’m hoping they acquire.

      • Del tre

        Butler doesn’t really excite me either. His pass rush is very limited and there are DT prospects who the Hawks could grab with a second or third who could be better

        • badjujus

          Butler doesnt need to be Wilkerson year 1. He just needs to pressure from the interior and the edge guys will clean up all year. He does that SO WELL. With time and practice he can develop more.

          • Rob Staton

            With respect, I think it’s pressure up the middle and general pass rush where he needs to improve.

  42. Sea Mode

    So, Jaylon Smith expected to miss all of 2016. And who knows if he will ever make it back. But if you get even a couple years of play from him it might still be worth a low pick. In what round would you guys think the Hawks should take a chance on him, if at all?

    I’ll say R5.

    • Volume12

      Not at all.

      It’s one thing to take a guy that has some injury concerns, which Seattle has never shied away from, but nerve damage is severe man.

      And I hate to say it because he was one of my favorite prospects in this class, but I wonder if he’ll ever play in the NFL.

      Kind of screams ‘Trent Baalke and 49ers.’

  43. Trevor

    I thought I would try something different and do a plan / mock if I was GM not what I think the Hawks will do so please understand that before you read. I am not saying PC/JS would do this but it is what I would do if GM for an offseason.

    Sing Free Agent OT Wil Beatty – I have discussed him plenty. Whne he was healthy he was a solid OT and above average in the run game. Would be an ideal depth guy and insurance in case Gilliam struggle and the draft does not fall the way PC/JS want. He would be a big upgrade to Webb IMO who could move to LG and replace Britt.

    Free Agent DT Dominique Easley- One of my favorite players coming out of college he has been an incredibly productive interior pass rusher when he has played. Assuming his medicals check out and there are no legal issues I would love to see the Hawks give him a chance as he could be the answer as a penetrating DT we really need. They could likely get him with little or no guaranteed $ so if he does not fit then he could be cut with nothing lost. Big upside and little to no downside.

    Extend Baldwin
    Extend and Re-work Bennett

    Rd#1 Keanu Neal SS /Deathbaker – This guy is a unique player with the range of a Safety but hits like an LB. He is the hardest hitter I have seen in several year. He would give the Hawks a ton of flexiblity in the back end a a hybrid LB and eventual replacement for Kam.

    Rd#2 Shon Coleman – I believe Gilliam will be out LT of the future and I think the perfect book end RT is Coleman. He profiles perfectly as a Hawks RT as a nasty run blocker capable of getting to the second level. Needs some technique refinement but would be a steal in RD#2 and give our OL that nasty edge we are going to miss with Sweezy gone.

    Rd#3 Joe Dahl -Incredible versatile and skilled in pass pro. He passed the TEF profile and I think he would be an ideal pick as the long term answer at C.

    Rd#3 Tyler Ervin – Great receiver who would be an ideal compliment to Rawls and Michael giving us the most dynamic young backfield in the NFL with 3 legit home run threats every time they touch the ball.

    Rd#4 Nick Vannett – Best blocking TE in the class and really good hands. Reminds me of a slightly faster Zach Miller. He would compliment Graham and Willson perfectly. If we are going to have a young OL then a TE who can block would be a huge help in pass pro.

    Rd#5 Devon Cajuste – Big receiver with good body usage and jumping ability. He would give our WR group a different look. He is also a solid run blocker and buddies with Baldwin which can only help.

    Rd#6 Tyrone Holmes -Small School under rated pass rush prospect. I think this guy has the potential to be a solid pass rusher in the mould of a Jared Allen. He is starting to get some buzz so my go earlier than this.

    Rd#7 Justin Zimmer -Freak! Enough said. Draft him and coach him up to see what you have. This years Sokoli.

    Rd#7 David Oneymata – Raw DL prospect but great size and incredibly athletic. I have already talked about this guy a bunch. I just really hope the Hawks take this guy.

    2016 OL
    LT Gilliam, LG Webb/Coleman , C Dahl/Sokoli/Lewis, RG Glowinski, RT Coleman/Beatty

    2016 DL base
    Avril/Clark, Bennet, Rubin,Siliga

    2016 DL Nascar
    Avril, Clark, Bennet, Easley

    • Nick

      Trevor, great write up. I am right there with you – we seem to often agree!

      We know that SEA wants to draft players that make them the “bullies” again. Keanu Neal does that perfectly. Short-term he would provide an impact special teams player and long-term he could take over for Kam.

    • bigDhawk

      I like Cajuste. I brought up his name a few times during the college season. I see him as a bigger Kearse with better, more reliable hands on the routine catches.

    • H M Abdou

      Sokoli is the future at center, Dahl (or Haeg) would not be a good fit on the Hawks oline. Haeg possibly can play RT or even compete at LT, but I don’t see either guy starting for this team.

  44. chris

    Do you really think they will take an OL with the 26th pick? seems out of character

    • Rob Staton

      2011 — #25 overall — O-line

  45. Volume12

    Gotta give these scouts credit man. They are unbeleivable at what they do. These interviews are the most important part of the whole thing. More so than meaurables or stats.

    Dominique Easley and Martavis Bryant. Some wonder why Seattle passed? 2 years later all this info on both emerge? Think they didn’t know that then?

    • WALL UP

      AGREED! They perform due diligence upon all the players despite of their past. I trust their system of selections.

      • H M Abdou

        All teams do their due diligence, they’re aware of the problems a draft prospect might have, it’s just that some teams feel such a need for that player, that they’re willing to accept them, even with their flaws.

        For example: Seahawks when they acquired Percy Harvin. It wasn’t a draft situation, but a good example of a team grudgingly accepting character issues because of a player’s unique skills.

  46. Volume12

    What are Uub’s Taniela Tupuo’s pro day numbers?

    Kind of coincidental that PC and HC Chris Petersen were talking about the lack of FBs in the NFL, then he runs drills as a FB, JS mentions that there’s plenty of LBs and ‘D-lineman’ in this draft that can convert to FB. Not to mention Tukuafu gives this team a ton of versatility.

  47. Eric

    Hey Rob, considering the fact that the Hawks have made it a habit to draft players who are unique and often times have had a rough patch the year before the draft which non lineman would you think the Hawks look at in round 1 & 2

    • H M Abdou

      Not to speak for Rob, but just because they’ve been more willing to forgive a sketchy character background doesn’t mean that’s something they are looking for in the draft. They’d much rather have high character guys on the team.

      Would fans want a team full of low-character players?

  48. Bertelli

    Hey everyone! An avid reader, but first-time poster here. I can’t seem to get Derrick Henry out of my head. With the injury to Rawls and doubting whether he can take the beating of a full sixteen game schedule, does anyone think he’s a consideration at 26? Maybe a trade down and pick him up in the first part of the 2nd? This would give us an additional pick with the trade-down and we could use that to get an OL/DL? I just can’t seem to ignore the 6’3 245lb 4.4 specimen that Henry is and they don’t come around all that often. I’d hate to see something happen to Rawls and be left with Michael. Plus, a one-two punch of Rawls and Henry has me day-dreaming. Just a thought!

    • Davidess

      Henry needs good interior line blocking to succeed. Hawks don’t have that currently.
      I am not a fan of Henry atleast in the 1st and he wouldn’t be available where I’d want to take him. I’d rather go

      1st-R. Kelly (don’t let him get to AZ). Possible All pro C. He’s moving up a lot of board which is scary haha.
      Positions I wouldn’t wanna see taken with the 1st pick are LB,CB,S, RB,WR. Think it should be DL,OL or trade back tbh.

  49. John

    I’m an avid fan of this site and first time poster. Why is no one talking about Carl Nassib from Penn S. He led the NCAA in last year….

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