Los Angeles Rams trade up to #1 overall pick


For the last few weeks we’ve been projecting a similar move — with the Rams moving into the top-10 for a quarterback.

Now they have the top pick and will likely choose between Jared Goff and Carson Wentz.

It’s an expensive move. The trade includes both of LA’s second round picks, their third round pick plus their 2017 first and third round picks.

So what does this mean?

For starters, the Rams have been undone by poor quarterback play for years — wasting the peak of Robert Quinn and the early years of Aaron Donald in the process. Now they have Todd Gurley and possibly a solution at QB. They’ll be hoping this move pushes them over the top.

It also significantly impacts the draft. Where does Laremy Tunsil go now, the previously presumed #1 pick? Will the Browns still take a QB if ‘their guy’ is taken by the Rams?

Will three quarterbacks go in the top ten as we’ve been projecting — with Los Angeles, Cleveland, San Francisco and Philadelphia all said to be in the market?

Will the Titans select an offensive tackle at #15 (Jack Conklin, Ronnie Stanley)? Will they look to provide Marcus Mariota with a new weapon? Or do they go defense?

Tennessee now owns six of the top 76 picks and has four in the top 45.

We could see Goff/Wentz at #1, Wentz/Goff at #2 and Tunsil at #3. That would be an ideal scenario for the Cowboys who can select from Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack — with the other player likely landing in Jacksonville.

We’ll have a new mock draft on the blog later.


  1. austin

    That’s a ton to give up for a guy who isn’t universally seen as an elite guy. Rob I think this ends up being a huge mistake for that franchise. You’re gut reaction? I think it’s 2 firsts, 2 seconds and 2 thirds….that’s a ton. They better find Russell Wilson.

    • Rob Staton

      My gut reaction is — it’s a lot to bet on Wentz or Goff. Of course, if either of those two just provide solid QB play for a few years they have the talent to make a push.

      The thing is though — the league is split into two camps. Those who have a franchise QB and succeed — and those who don’t. St. Louis/LA are paying for years of neglect at the position, unwilling to move on from Sam Bradford and not spending at least a high-ish pick on a solution beyond Bradford.

      So it leads to this — a major move.

      I think for the Titans it’s a great deal. They can try and bring in three players in top-45 to support a weak overall roster. Now they have to deliver. If I was them I wouldn’t be targeting Ronnie Stanley, however. I’d be looking at Rankins, Ragland, Treadwell, Lee.

      • austin

        Agreed. My comment on Stanley wasn’t my opinion but more so a look into what they might be thinking. Rankins/Ragland etc would be the right direction. Thanks for your thoughts, appreciate it.

      • Drew

        Man pairing Treadwell with DGB would be awesome for Mariota. There’s enough depth in this class that they can get several starters on both sides of the ball, all on rookie contracts. Plus a ton of draft picks in next years draft as well. They’re definitely moving in the right direction.

      • Nolan

        Now they are doing the trade Washington made with them to get rg3

      • RWIII

        Hopefully the game against the Rams in Los Angeles early in the season. The earlier the better. The less experience that Carson Wentz has the better. If the Rams were smart. They would NOT start him right away. But their might be too much pressure to let him hold a clipboard.. To me their is a big difference throwing the football against South Dakota State vs. the Seattle Seahawk defense. If the Rams handle this correctly this is going to be BAD NEWS for the Seahawks. I think Wentz could be a VERY GOOD Quarterback. From what I read he played very well at the Senior Bowl. Wentz is a smart cookie. He is a 4.0 student. I was very impressed with is inverview with Steve Mariucci. But if the Rams make the mistake of throwing him to the WOLVES it could be a huge mistake.

  2. Steve Nelsen

    I think the Titans are less likely to take an OT now so that may help one of our guys slide to 26.

  3. austin

    A little but they could of viewed Stanley as very close to Tunsil so why not do the deal and potentially still get your guy. The more I think about it this trade looks like a steal for the Titans. They need to rebuild and will have a ton of high capital to do so. Good for them.

    • Hawkfan086

      I think in the long run the Rams just tanked themselves for the next decade. Neither qb makes them a contender and now they don’t have the draft capitol for next year to get anyone impactful.

      Wow this should kick start the Titans rebuild with Mariota and co able to be coach up successfully.

      • Grit21

        Agreed. They are also tanked for this season as well. Either qb is developmental and will be in over his head against the Hawks or cards.
        But with all those picks traded, here is what this move really means to me:
        NO replacement for Laurenidas
        NO replacement for Long
        NO replacement for Jenkins
        NO replacement for Fairly
        NO top end receivers or tight ends
        NO building of depth
        (Not that the rams were good at drafting anyways)

        As a Seahawk fan, I am a real fan of this trade.

        • Grit21

          Also, this should put to rest any speculation that Pete Carroll might leave the Hawks and go to the Rams after Fisher gets fired. There is no way Caroll is gonna go to team so depleted of draft picks.

          • mister bunny

            There was speculation of that? Just to be back in LA? I certainly hope this is the last I hear of such talk.

          • arias

            Would never have happened. Carroll’s not dumb enough after hitting the jackpot with Wilson to start over and try rebuilding another team hoping that lightning strikes twice. See what Belichick has done riding Brady for the last decade and a half to near universal acclamation of one of the greatest coaches of all time? What was Bill before Brady?

            When you’ve landed not just a franchise QB, but an elite, top 5 guy for potentially the next 10-15 years, you ride that horse to immortality. You certainly don’t let some lucky SOB take over what you built so you can start over at the bottom of the barrel.

  4. East Side Stevie

    Amazing Surprise For All Of The World First Kobe Drops 60 At 40 Years Old Then The Warriors Beat The Bulls Record Now This Trade For The Draft Rob I Am Interested In Your Opinion On If That Trade Is Worth It For The Rams Taking Into Account For All The Picks They Had To Give Up In Order To Obtain That 1st Pick Of The Draft Im Also Interested In Why You Think The Rams Did That? Who Are They Wanting To Get With The First Pick Now? I Am Not Familiar With Their Roster Holes And Team Needs Whats Their Motiv?e It Is Pretty Significant Being That They Our In Our Beloved Hawks Division

    • Fatty Acid

      Kobe is 37, and he shot 50 times, he better have 60 points. I respect what Kobe has done on the court, but I hate this whole farewell tour…he admitted months ago he could care less about the Lakers winning. With that said, one of the greats for sure!

      • East Side Stevie

        Just being a little sarcastic about the 40 lol hes an old man and the second best player to ever play the game jordan being the first but kobe put on quite a show not to mention warriors going for 73 wins… thats probably as hard as an nfl team going 16-0

        • Fatty Acid

          73 wins has to be harder than 16-0. Those dubs sure spent a lot of time on the court..I wonder how much they have left in the tank. 73 won’t mean a darn thing if they don’t win it all. And I agree 100% Jordan is the GOAT, no way this Warriors team would beat his Bulls in a series!

          • DC

            There’s arguably 3-5 teams in the entire NBA that have a chance to win it all when the season starts. They need to contract that league.

  5. East Side Stevie

    Motive? **

  6. GerryG

    As Seahawks fans we should rejoice.

    Rams have plenty of holes, they just lost a lot of draft captial

    • East Side Stevie

      This is a message for anyone who is an espn insider i am curious to see kipers 3 round mock draft released this morning i would like to see it it if someone can gain access and im willing to bet other people on this blog would also like to see kipers mock this morning its getting close to the draft these prominent espn guys really start to work out and put a lot of thought into their mocks even though no one can predict the draft even close to 100% in their mocks

      • Rob Staton

        Kiper’s picks:

        R1 Artie Burns
        R2 Vernon Butler
        R3 Dominique Robertson
        R3 Charles Tapper

        Unlikely of course for many reasons, including the fact Seattle won’t take Burns or a CB in round one, Butler won’t last until #56, Robertson is unlikely to be the O-liner they target and Tapper likely won’t make it to the late third.

        Kiper even says: “It’s obvious that the offensive line is the biggest question mark right now for this roster”

        Before making Dominique Robertson their only pick in the first two days.


        • East Side Stevie

          Thanks Rob what trades are you projecting if any more in the first round this year

          • Jason

            Same thing on Walter Football. They have 2 drafts and we take DE/DT with the 1st two picks of the draft. One of them doesn’t have the hawks taking oline in the 1st 5 rounds.

            • RealRhino2

              I wouldn’t mind or be shocked if we didn’t take OL with the either of our first two picks. Once you get past the idea that we need a tackle, there’s no need to spend a 2nd-round pick or higher on an interior lineman, as Dahl, Haeg and Thuney (at least) should all be there in the 3rd round). Maybe McGovern, Tuerk (probably a TEF guy if he could test).

        • RWIII

          How can Mel Kiper be called an expert? I would love to have both Vernon Butler and Charles Tapper in the fold. But if Seattle wants these players they are going to have to take Butler in round one and Tapper in round 2. Which is highly unlikely.

          • RWIII

            BTW: If John did pick Vernon Butler in round one and Tapper in round two. I would be on cloud nine.https://cdn-shop.threadless.com/subs/big/434829.jpg Then the Hawks could go OL with three of their 4 next picks.

            I just totally believe that if you want to win a Super Bowl you have to have a boat load of guys who can get after the QB. You don’t believe me just ask John Elway.

    • Fatty Acid

      My thoughts exactly Gerry! Only time will tell, but if I were a Rams fan I would be on edge.

  7. H M Abdou

    The Rams better be 100% sure about whichever QB they choose! This is a great move for Tennessee.

  8. Alicamousa

    What a fantastic get for the Titans, well done their GM.

    I think the Rams are completely cooked, personally. Then again, not like they got much out of their haul from the RGIII deal. You’d think if they were moving up like this it’d be for someone who’s ready to go – and Goff is the closest thing to that in this draft.

    This really could shake a few things up at the top, going to be a fun draft.

  9. Alicamousa

    Quick thought, the Rams are on Hard Knocks this year right? The NFL boys at head office must be besides themselves, couldn’t ask for much more than this.

    • H M Abdou

      Good point!

  10. austin

    Read somewhere that they want Wentz and not Goff.

    • rowdy

      I think they have to at this point. The player with the most potential has to be the pick and the popular opinion is wentz. However I feel Lynch has to most upside with what he was able to do with Memphis. Other then having the size and tools the nfl likes I don’t see elevated play you expect from a small school qb to go #1

  11. Ghost Mutt

    Just seems like a desperate play for relevance on the Rams part, in advance of the LA move. Giving up that kind of capital in what’s generally considered a really strong draft class, for a QB that in Wentz’s case likely won’t even start in year 1?

    • rowdy

      The move to LA, being on hard knocks and the huge trade for a qb. He’s starting regardless of what’s best imo and the nfl wouldn’t have it any other way.

      • Ghost Mutt

        Fair point, I might have been a bit hasty in saying he likely wouldn’t. A lot of people think Wentz would be best served sitting a year though, as he probably would’ve sans trade if he’d gone to Cleveland. The 1st round tender on Keenum also shows a genuine belief in his talent – I think there’ll be a genuine camp competition.

      • TatupuTime

        I don’t envy Wentz/Goff. There is always a ton of pressure on a high QB pick, but add what they gave up for him, first season in LA, NFC West, hard knocks. Could be a recipe for disaster.

        • Rik

          I’m counting on it being a disaster. I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t!

        • STTBM

          Man, I’d rather go to the Rams and LA than the Cleveland Browns…what a sorry-assed franchise they are, and have been, and likely will continue to be. At least the Rams have some talent, especially on defense. Browns are an unmitigated disaster at the moment, and it doesnt look to be improving much in the near future.

  12. Drew

    And with the 1st pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the LA Rams choose…..

    Joey Bosa!

    Ha, we all know they love their Rd1 D linemen!

    • 503Hawk


  13. GeoffU

    Wow, Titans made out. Not sold on either of these quarterbacks, but I haven’t looked too deeply. True, it’s a qb league, but how long did the Rams suffer at 7-9 after 7-9 after picking Bradford? Looks like they’ll be in for a Bradford 2.0. You gotta be right to make it worthwhile (ask the Redskins). Should’ve just spent all of the picks they’re giving up on QB’s and see if one pans out…

    • STTBM

      Pressure is on Fisher to put up or shut up. He’s tried winning with backup caliber QB’s and a great D, and has failed. Now he’s all in on getting a QB. You have to have a qb, and he doesnt seem the type to go the Seahawks way and draft a mobile guy, he wants a traditional qb. So now he’s doing what he has to, finally, to get his man.

      Do or Die for sure.

  14. vrtkolman

    This screams of a move to get fans interested and make the Rams relevant in LA. I really can’t be happier with the direction of that team over the past year.

  15. Trevor

    In my last Mock I made this prediction. Giving up a #1 next year was even more than I expected though.

    The trade makes sense for LA for 2 reasons. You can argue they gave up too much but not that the trade did not make sense IMO.

    #1 The Rams have a great defense, a feature back and a good OL but they were never going to win an SB much less the NFC West with Case Kennum at QB. It did not matter how much they were going to improve the rest of the roster. It was also very clear the top 3 QBs were also going to be long gone by #15.

    #2 The are moving to LA and needed to make a splash and get a face for the franchise.

    You can argue they gave up too much or that Wentz may not be that special for sure. But if the Rams believe is is a true franchise QB then you cannot argue that the trade did not make sense given the rest of their roster. What was a dynamic WR or another pass rusher going to do for the Rams to help them win the NFC West.

    • Trevor

      Absolutely incredible trade for the Titans though. They have set their franchise up to be really good for a long time if they draft well. They basically control the next two draft.

      The AFC south with Tenn and Jacksonville is going to be a lot different in a year or two with the young talent on those rosters.

    • East Side Stevie

      I agree 100% very valid points im really hoping this trade does not work out for the rams i hope they select a qb and he is an absolute miss

      • Saxon

        I disagree with point #2, Trevor. I split my time between Boston and LA and, trust me, the So Cal folks don’t need any additional motivation to be excited NFL ball is back in their area. If the Rams made the trade for publicity then it is even dumber.

        • Trevor

          It is not just publicity it is having a team leader / QB that the team and city can rally around. Only Den and Bal are teams in the last 20 years who have won the SB without an elite QB. Successful teams and organizations have a face of the franchise. Who is it for LA currently? Araron Donald is a great player but I bet the average fan does not even know what he looks like.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I heard Kobe is available for wide receiver. πŸ™‚

    • GerryG

      The Rams had a ton of great players on their D last year, but were not a great defense. They were good, and great against Seattle.

      Since then they have lost several players on D.

      Also, they still have Jeff Fisher, who has one great start to finish season in his career. How he is still considered a great coach is beyond me.

  16. Rik

    This is a really dumbe move by the Rams. It’s a huge overpay in a year with pretty marginal quarterbacks. It says a lot that we don’t even know who they moved up to get. Is it Goff? Wentz? Lynch? It’s not like Luck is sitting there in the wings. I’m glad that we’ll be playing the Rams with their rookie QB. Maybe we go 2-0 this year πŸ™‚

    • Trevor

      They gave up too much I agree. But how is it a dumb move when you have Case Kenum as your QB? They were never going to win with him. If they believe Wentz is a franchise Qb it is a deal they kind of had to make because the rest of their roster is really good.

      • East Side Stevie

        Its not a dumb move its simply a risk reward decision but in reality if any team wanted that number one pick they would have to give up just as many of their draft picks so what did you expect Rik? For them to just swap second round picks lol

        • Scraps

          “Its not a dumb move its simply a risk reward decision”

          A really dumb risk-reward decision.


      • RealRhino2

        1. You answered your own question. If you give up too much, it’s a dumb move per se.

        2. Who says they weren’t going to win with Case Keenum? I don’t love the guy, but we just saw the Broncos win the SB with two QBs who were no better than Case Keenum. With a great defense and a good running game.

        3. When will the QB be ready? Who is he going to throw to?

        • AlaskaHawk

          Wait a minute. Did you just compare Case Keenum to Mr. two superbowl rings Peyton Manning? Granted he was injured last year. But I would take an injured Peyton Manning over a healthy Case Keenum. Because at some point Manning becomes healthy.

          • RealRhino2

            Case Keenum played better than Manning last year. I don’t know what else to tell you. We’re not talking about career value or who is better if both are at their best. As I said, I don’t particularly like Keenum going forward; he’s mediocre. But we’ve seen several times that teams can win big once in a while with mediocre QB play as long as they’ve got the team around them.

          • David

            Statistically speaking, Manning was the worst starting QB in the league last year. He threw 9 TDs to 17 INT. What he did before that is irrelevant, yes, last year Case Keenum outplayed Peyton Manning.

        • Trevor

          Obviously the Rams knew they were not going to win with Case Kennum or they would not have done this. The fact that they were willing to give up this much tells you all you need to know about Kennums ability to take a team to an SB.

      • Del tre

        I’m going to attack this in sections
        A. We don’t know that any of the qbs on the board are even better than case keenum for all we know they could all be Jimmy Clausen
        B. They could have picked up cardale Jones in the 3rd or 4th he has as much of a chance as any of those qbs to be successful.
        C. The rest of theit roster is really good? They have no good receivers just lost their best tight end and their secondary is awful im pretry sure they lost their statting safety and janoris jenkins. They have no cb#2 and just got rid of almost all of their draft picks that can address these problems
        The rams have a lot of holes to fill good teams don’t just sit at 7-9 or8-8 all the time. Look at the Seahawks pretty 2012 the reason they got so much better in 2012 wasn’t just because of Russell it was a culmination of a great draft class and selecting a franchise qb but the 2012 seahawks wouldnt have been great if they had made a trade like this for andrew luck. The rams have just halted their own development completely and will probably go on to “win free agency” the next couple of years. I don’t think it was a good move at all its betting the house to get a bigger house when you have the option of not betting your house and still getting put in the raffle for a bigger one. So yes it certainly is a risk reward thing but the rams risk far out weighs he reward. Speaking of 2012 does thus remind anyone of the rg3 trade from 2 years ago?

        • Del tre

          My mistake idk why I typed 2 years 4 years ago. Also Jeff fisher tends to hinder player development in my opinion

        • STTBM

          Carson Wentz has a much better chance of being a good NFL QB than Cardale Jones. Jones isnt the sharpest tool in the shed, and barely played in college. What he knows about defenses Wentz knew by the end of his Freshman year, if not sooner. And Wentz can throw the ball, he’s got the size and the arm so all thats left is seeing if he can make the jump from Second-level College to the Pros. With Jones, there is so little to go on other than athletic prowess.

          Russell Wilson’s dont grow on trees. Finding a SB winning, Pro Bowl QB outside the First Round is pretty damn rare, and often a case of luck more than anything else. You cant count on finding one like that, not when youre coaching for your job like Fisher is.

          Plus, as others pointed out, its highly likely the Owner is pushing this to jazz up some interest and make a splash as they move to LA.

          We’ll have to wait and see how it all shakes out, but the Rams needed a QB badly, and they werent winning without one. They did what they had to do, and they didnt give up what the Redskins did.

          • Del tre

            Cardale Jones isn’t the best example but regardless, why not sign RG3 or Fitzpatrick and wait a year. Isn’t next years draft meant to be loaded? The Rams made an awful decision if you ask me they aren’t exactly a team that should be selling their future they aren’t ready to win now. Lets put it like this for the rams of the 7 defensive starters they have drafted 4 of them came in the first round and 6 of them came within the first 3 rounds. And on the offensive side of the ball almost every starter the team has came with in the first 3 rounds. With that spotty of a roster it’s a horrible decision to give away that many picks

          • Del tre

            They also arguably gave up more than Washington 2 first rounders 2 seconds rounders and 2 third round picks is a huge price to pay. The Titans now have 6 picks in 3 rounds and are probably going to get to a winning record faster than the rams from this trade. Huge steal for the titans

    • Dingbatman

      They beat us twice last year with Nick Foles and Case Keenum. You think having (arguably) the top quarterback in this years draft under center will make them worse?

      • vrtkolman

        To be fair Keenum and Foles ripped apart our defense. QB play has never been a problem for them in Seattle games.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I remember the Rams more for how their defensive line owned the Seahawks line. Youch. Secondary wise the 4 games were pretty bad, with the Kam Chancellor holdout and other issues at corner. Rams won the first game because the rookie safety slipped at the line of scrimmage. Later to be cut/traded – does anyone know if that safety is still in the league?

          • vrtkolman

            I think he actually started for the Jets for a while. I’m not sure if he is still on the team.

            • Shadow

              Dion Bailey. He’s still with the Jets.

        • amocat

          Foles made some great plays against a rusty D. Rams won week 16 due to some blooper-reel turnovers on Hawks offense, not because they were ripping apart our D. Just sayin…

    • Rik

      I satnad by what I said. Nobody can even agree who the top QB is, and I don’t think any of them are a sure thing. Huge overpay, in my opinion. And I’m glad the Rams did it (because I hate them and their unnatural ability to beat us). I hope Bennet and Avril and Clemons welcome the rookie QB to the league properly.

      • Fatty Acid

        True true Rik. Well said!

      • Trevor

        How do you know the Rams do not know who the top QB is? They obviously do and really like one guy or they do not make this move. If they were unsure or did not care they could have moved up to #2. They are obviously targeting one guy and my guess is Wentz.

        • Hawkfan086

          Nope there is no clear consensus on who is the top Qb and clearly no home run Qbs out there this year. This wasn’t a good trade for the Rams. If they would have done this for Osweiler we would say this was not a good trade. I think this year’s qbs stack nicely with Osweiler, Geno and EJ Manual.

        • manthony

          Trevor, I really like your posts, your never afraid to go against the grain of the rest of the blog, but if one thing is obvious, its Jeff Fisher and the Rams have never had any idea of who the best QB is in any given year. I’ve took a little time and compiled a list of great qbs drafted by Fish or The Rams since 2000.
          1. N/a
          2. N/a
          3. N/a

          I dont think Wentz or Goff are gonna change that

          • Trevor

            You could very well be right and no one hates the Rams and Fisher more than me so I hope the trade does not work out for them. But I think they had to take a shot at getting a QB.

  17. Trevor

    Rob what are your thoughts on Dominic Easley? I was a big fan of his coming out and I know you were too.

    • KD

      According to PFT, an anonymous player described Easley as a locker room cancer, and the Patriots took a cap hit to get rid of him.

      • MJ

        Yep…seems pretty obvious that despite his *talent,* he’s not worth the headache…implying his talent/play…not that great.

  18. TannerM

    The other big winners of this trade have to be the Chargers, Cowboys, and Jaguars. The Chargers finally get to add a big piece to their o-line, which should help their running game (though is Tunsil that big into run blocking?), while Dallas and Jacksonville get to have their pick of Ramsay or Jack, whom I’m sure either would be happy with. I believe Ramsay has been Dallas’ #1 overall player for awhile now? And Jack teaming up with Telvin Smith means the Jags have one of the fastest linebacking tandems in the league.

    • amocat

      One could also say that the Rams just did the whole NFC a favor by sending that much more talent into the AFC?

  19. Saxon

    Surrendering all that capital for a small school player who is far from a slam-dunk can’t-miss prospect. C-R-A-Z-Y. Easy to see why the Rams are in the shitter every year. I like Wentz a lot but not at that price.

  20. Turnagaintide

    Wow. It’s an ideal situation for the Chargers who could now get Tunsil without moving up. Their O-line has been in shambles for a while.

  21. Minnesotan

    If the Browns do stay put and the draft opens QB-QB, does that firm up Paxton Lynch as the 49ers’ next QB?

    It’s kind of interesting how the teams in the teens are all pretty set at QB. If Lynch somehow doesn’t go by pick 11, he could fall into the NYJ-Was-Hou area of round 1.

    • vrtkolman

      It would be pretty awesome if we got to play 4 divisional games against rookie QB’s next year.

    • NathanM

      I’m not 100% convinced the Browns are taking a QB. Sure RGIII isn’t expected to make a superstar comeback but maybe all the new guys in the Browns FO are ACTUALLY going to do things different… patiently, smartly build a team… maybe prep some offensive weapons and a decent D before throwing a rookie QB to the wolves.

      Jalen Ramsey is my pick for #2 especially now that the Rams have moved up for (presumably) a QB.

      1 (LA) – Goff
      2 (CLE) – Ramsey
      3 (SD) – Tunsil
      4/5 (DAL/JAX) Jack/Bosa

      • East Side Stevie

        I agree cleveland is going to get ramsey

      • 75franks

        agreed Nathan ramsey will be their pick

        • J

          Jalen Ramsey

      • Rik

        I’d probably take Jack at 2, but you can’t go wrong with Ramsey or Tunsil or Bosa. I actually think they will trade down and end up with a whole bunch of good players in this draft. I think there’s more value in trading down, and with DePodesta on board they’re all about moneyball now.

      • Shadow

        They SHOULD take Jack or Ramsey. I won’t believe that the new front office is smart enough to actually DO it until I see it for myself.

  22. Saxon

    John Schneider interview:


    Says this is most talented draft since 2010 (surprising) and admits that the Seahawks don’t have a BPA philosophy but tend to draft for need – which was how we landed James Carpenter instead of Mo Wilkerson (ugh).

    • AlaskaHawk

      Nice link. This means that Schneider thinks it is a deep draft with plenty of worthy prospects in all rounds. Good news for the Seahawks. I hope that they turn the corner on drafting this year, with a lot of good picks that make the team. Having a first round pick helps with achieving a successful draft.

  23. Scraps

    To me, it’s 95% a really dumb move for the Rams, and 100% an awesome move for the Titans.

    5% it’s an (eventually) great move for the Rams; but man, that’s so risky, just a chance that the quarterback (either one) turns out to be an awesome quarterback. I mean, either one doesn’t strike me as an Andrew Luck, and I don’t think I would trade so much for Andrew Luck, even. SMH. I remember how I immediately felt about the Herschel Walker trade… yeah.

    • Scraps

      And as a Seahawks fan, this was an excellent day.

      • Fatty Acid

        Sure made my day!

      • Rik

        This might be Fisher’s last stand. If this QB doesn’t work out, he’s gonna get fired.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Robert Griffin III was traded for three first round picks and a second round pick. As trade deals go, LA moving from #15 to #1 seems average to a bit cheap payment for an average QB. It really comes down to how well the line protects him. Even an average QB can look good with protection. And of course they have Gurley and Austin. I wouldn’t sleep on that offense!

      I was amazed when I was looking at their payroll last season. I think there was only 4 players making over 6 million a year. The Rams are a monument to a cheaply built team. Not sure how the salaries are working out this year.

      • vrtkolman

        This really should be their golden era, with lots of really good players still on their rookie contracts. Unfortunately they have completely squandered it. They already lost a lot of players this off season, including a lot of D line depth. They still have this year and maybe next year before the salary cap beats them down. Perhaps this is their way of going all in?

      • GeoffU

        Gurley is a stud, but Austin is a bust as a receiver (not a bad scat back though). Not sure who this shiny new QB is going to throw to other than Richard Sherman.

        • Rik

          Yep, I bet Sherms is licking his chops right now.

  24. Sea Mode

    Hopefully having that many picks in the first three rounds would make the Titans a potential trade partner:
    R2- 33, 43, 45
    R3- 64, 76

    I’m especially eyeing 43 or 45 if Seattle wanted to move up a bit in R2.

    Who knows, wonder if they might even bite on something like 26 and 124 for 43 and 45.

    • Ty the Guy

      That last scenario seems like a PCJS move. Moving back (and up) from #26 (&124) to aquire two value picks. Unless a player drops that they didnt expect to be there at 26 I think the Titans become the most obvious trade partner.

      Rams are going to take Wentz and you know what THIS MOVE ACTUALLY SCARES ME. They have always been the annoying little brother, Wentz could be exactly what they need to compete for the division. The rest of their team is pretty solid. Similar to us before we picked Russ.

      The Titans now have all the ammo they need to load up with talent. No reason why they shouldn’t be able to compete for their division starting next season.

    • Madmark

      I’d trade 26 for a 33 and a 76

      • lil'stink

        Titans wouldn’t do that deal, though. Not at all.

        • lil'stink

          … unless of course there is a player that they absolutely love at #26, in which case they might figure that they have money to burn so why not?

  25. bobbyk

    If the QB they choose turns out to be a franchise player, this was a good move for the Rams. However, this actually helps the Seahawks for a few years because while everyone else in the division is adding talent through the draft to improve themselves – the Rams won’t be. Essentially, the Rams are taking a step backwards for a couple years in hopes that it propels them forward in the future. Granted, Quinn won’t be much anymore and Donald will be in the later portion of his prime, but you either have a QB or you dont. And if you don’t, there’s really no chance you have to win the Super Bowl. You can’t count on garbage like, “Well Trent Dilfer won one so we can, too.” Those examples are so rare it’s almost like buying a lottery ticket every day and not paying your mortgage and just expecting to pay off your house after you win the lottery.

    • Volume12

      Remember after the SB how many people wanted to become Denver?

      ‘They won with a middling offense and great defense.’ As if defenses haven’t won championships since the NFL started.

      • STTBM

        Yes, but actually winning with that formula is not that easy. Plenty of teams have tried and failed–including Fisher for the last million years. He cant win without a good qb, like most coaches.

        Perhaps the Rams are expecting their qb to take a couple years to develop, and by then they should have full Draft Picks again to add around him. Say it takes at least four or five years to hit his stride; if he does, and he’s good, they will have begun to build around him with young talent, finding WR’s who can grow with him etc…

        But the next couple years are gonna be rough for the Rams, lol!

  26. reggieregg

    I am of the opinion that even if the player they pick at #1 becomes a pro bowler the trade is better for us. The Rams were set to draft (15)(43) (45) (76) that’s just this upcoming draft not to mention that 1st and 3rd next year. Those are all picks where they could have added a starter caliber player. I don’t see why they make that trade EVER!

    • GerryG

      Agree 100%

      That is potentially 6 starters, and certainly 6 contributors

  27. nichansen01

    Just think… Russell Wilson was a third round pick.

    • Trevor

      It is amazing really!

      That is such an anomaly though. Everyone brings up Wilson and Brady when they say take a mid round QB. But there have been over a 100 QBs drafted from round #3 on in the last 15 years and how many of them have been good. Your odds of getting a franchise QB at #1 are far greater than drafting a mid round QB 5 consecutive years in a row hoping to hit on one.

  28. Cysco


    To me this is clearly a move to find a face of the franchise. The team is moving to LA. It needs a QB with some star power to make a splash.

    Will it work out? Hard to see it. They’re basically saying they are taking a year off from the draft. That strategy never works. IMO that team is more than a QB away from being a legit contender. They just gave up whatever momentum they had to continue to build their team.

    Good for us.

    • Sea Mode

      Almost two years off, in a sense.

      Most over at Turf Show Times are…um… not so happy.

      Some pretty good bites:
      “Just wish we could have kept one of our seconds this year
      So the QB we draft has someone to freakin throw to.”

      “There must be an amazing Defensive End in this draft to trade that many picks for the number one pick.”


      “There is a silver lining here
      These kind of moves get coaches fired.”

      “Well, we can still get a kicker.”

    • AlaskaHawk

      It doesn’t always work to take the draft picks either. Cleveland traded away RG III for three first round draft picks, and they haven’t improved.

      • Scraps

        But Cleveland is a bad franchise. They haven’t improved mostly because they’re stupid.

        • STTBM

          Ahahaha! Good one!

  29. nichansen01

    The Rams must view Wentz as the next Aaron Rodgers…

    The Titans totally win this trade.

    • Trevor

      Not if he ends up being anything close to Aaron Rodgers.

    • STTBM

      If their qb pick (Wentz) turns out, it will be a win/win.

  30. Lewis

    I think we will now see 4 QBs taken before us, possibly even 5. Somebody has to get pushed down as a result. Maybe Conklin, who we probably aren’t interested in. But who know, maybe Rankins falls a bit (because someone goes OL with Conklin still on the board) to where we might realistically jump up.

  31. nichansen01

    1. Los Angelos – Carson Wentz
    2. Cleveland – Jared Goff
    3. San Diego – Laremy Tunsil
    4. Dallas – Jalen Ramsey
    5. Jacksonville – Myles Jack
    6. Baltimore – Deforest Buckner
    7. San Francisco – Paxton Lynch
    8. Philidelphia – Connor Cook
    9. Tampa Bay – Joey Bosa
    10. New York (Giants) – Ezekial Elliot

    Could Connor Cook suddenly be seen as a top ten pick after this move?

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t see Cook in the first round, let alone the top 10.

      • Lewis

        But Lynch might. And once Lynch goes, wherever that is, someone may panic and make a move up to get whoever they think the next one is.

    • Trevor

      Jacksonville and Dallas have to be so pumped right now that Ramsey and Jack are falling to them likely. SD could take Ramsey though to replace Weddle. It would make a ton of sense.

      • RealRhino2

        Yeah, this could shake up the top eight or so, but I don’t really see that it causes any drastic changes by the time it gets to us. Can’t see Philly taking a QB after they’ve signed Bradford and Daniel.

        All this could be is worse for us, IMO. Browns might have been set on one of the QBs at #2, and if that guy is now gone they could instead move to another position group, with the resulting ripple effect meaning a guy we might’ve liked could be gone.

  32. Trevor

    I wonder if Wentz ends up being a franchise QB will all the people killing the Rams today feel differently.

    Would you sooner have Case Kennum and Connor Cook as your QBs and those picks or a potential frnachise QB which is what the Rams obviously think Wentz is?

    On the other hand if he is a bust they have set the franchise back 3-4 years. That being said the Hawks and now Washington are showing how quickly a team can be rebuilt in today’s NFL.

    I hate the Rams and Jeff Fischer more than any team except maybe that smug SOB Arians. But I have to say I think them taking a shot on getting an elite QB make a ton of sense because you cannot win in today’s NFL without one. I hope for the Hawks Wentz is a bust but I don’t think he is going to be an in a year or two us Hawks fans will likely be wishing the Rams had not made that trade today.

    • Trevor

      What do I know now I guess word is they are trading up to take Goff.

    • RealRhino2

      In the history of the NFL, try to think of one time when this kind of blockbuster deal worked for the team giving away all the picks. For the Vikes getting Herschel Walker? For the Saints getting Ricky? For the Redskins getting RGIII? For the Falcons getting Vick? Only one time has this kind thing seemed to work, when the Rams got Orlando Pace.

      • Trevor

        Lets hope it does not work for the Rams again. I think Wentz is going to be real good in a couple of years though.

      • Darth12er

        Julio jones has worked out for the Falcons, though they can’t seem to even win their division.

    • Phil

      I think the Rams rookie QB is not going to be asked to do much at first. As long as he can take the snap and hand the ball to Gurley, he will be performing his job. Kind of like early in RW’s rookie year.

      So, given time to develop, whoever they pick might develop into a better QB than Bradford. But, the price they paid is exorbitant …..

  33. Sea Mode

    Was just digging around online after yesterday’s article highlighting Vernon Butler and found these quotes from someone back in January:
    “Vernon Butler is the most intriguing interior defensive linemen in the class.”
    “I’m not sure there’s a DT I’d want to take earlier than Butler in the entire class.”

    Who was that someone…? It was Rob, of course! And now after combines, pro days, and developing TEF and its variants he is back to a similar conclusion, with the exception of Rankins, whom he was still unsure about at the time.

    Talk about good intuition and being ahead of the game! Just another hats off to you, Rob, for everything you put into this blog.

  34. Sean

    Rob what do you make of Schneider saying they have 200 guys with Draftable grades? Does that mean we r more likely to move up? If there are 200 guys, that means there are what 20-40 of their players w draftable grades that may go undrafted making that pool of UDFA bigger. Meaning we may not need as many picks. Meaning we may be able to move up for Rankins?

    • PreFightDonut

      I think it means they may stockpile more picks by trading back.I think rounds 3&4 in this draft are absolutely loaded with talent (McGovern, Dahl, Haeg, Fackrell, Ervin, Perkins, Cajuste, a bunch of DT/DE types)

    • RugbyLock

      In the interview it sounded like he was more willing to move down and accumulate picks since the draft is so deep in his opinion.

    • Sean

      Yeah that all makes sense, I am just thinking the UDFA pool will e much bigger so the # of picks may not be as big a concern. Just a thought.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I don’t know if top udfa wanna come ride the bench in Seattle.

  35. Madmark

    Hey rob what do you think of a Austin Johnson from Penn St. ?

  36. HOUSE

    IF the Rams hit on “the guy”, then it was worth it for them. I personally don’t see a QB worth trading all of that for, but have been proven wrong in the past. As Rob stated, LA has an extremely dangerous DL and a franchise QB to pair with Gurley might be what their team needs.

    The Titans definitely win the “value” side of this in my eyes. Whether they still take an OL, bulk up the DEF or look for another weapon for Mariota, they have options. They now have 4 picks in the top 50 (15, 33, 43 & 45). Titans are talking steps in the right direction!!!

    • HOUSE

      6 picks in the Top 76 (15, 33, 43, 45, 64 & 76)… WOW!!!

      • Madmark

        It gives me food for thought that a couple of those picks will be OL guys that we are looking at.

        • HOUSE

          I know… If we don’t get one @ #26, a bunch could be scooped up between rds 2-3

    • Trevor

      Agree 100%

  37. lil'stink

    This trade makes another team we could theoretically use our first to trade down for a 2nd and a 3rd instead of just a 2nd and a 4th.

    Oakland’s 44th and 75th, or Tennessee’s 43rd and 76th. Maybe Tennessee’s 45th and 64th.

    • HOUSE

      I like the way you look at this!

  38. Volume12

    But, QB Case Keenum is who we’re rocking with, says Les Snead and Jeff Fisher.

    But, NFL GMs and HCs don’t lie.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think Cleveland leaked they like Goff, probably a smokescreen and they were gonna take Wentz.

  39. matt

    Wow! Was fully expecting the Rams to trade up to get a QB, but not to the #1 overall pick. They’ve done a great job of collecting top notch talent the past 2 years, with Donald and Gurley. Viewed them as a QB and some pass catching help away from being true contenders. Now they’ll get their franchise QB, behind a young talented OL, special RB and have a tough defense. This is a recipe for success, and as a die hard Hawks fan it scares me a bit. This a bold swing for the fences type move, time will tell whether or not it’s a wise trade or not.

    Like this trade a lot for Tennessee. Their roster has big needs all over the place, and now they have an impressive amount of ammo in day 2 of the draft. Mariota already has a nice set of weapons with Murray, DGB, Wright, Matthews and Walker. If they can hit on 3 out of their 6 picks in the top 76 things will really be looking up for them. Plus they’ll have an extra 1 and 3 in next years draft. Tennessee fans have to be excited at their future, if they weren’t already.

    • STTBM

      Yes, even if they blow a couple picks they have enough ammo to collect a fantastic group of football players who are young and cheap. They also have the ammo to trade up and get anyone they really feel they Must Have.

      Exciting times for Tennessee fans!

  40. Volume12

    Trev, to answer your question, yes Seattle scouted Auburn games.

    I got ’em at 2. L’ville, 1st game of the year, and against Arkansas, mid-season. Doesn’t mean they weren’t at more.

    Again, yes they were present at Auburn’s pro day. Interviewed CB Blake Countess, and BTW WR Ricardo Louis worked out and ran the CB drills at their pro day.

    No idea if they’ve interviewed Shon Coleman or not. But, I do know an SEC DT and FB from C-USA they’ve worked out.

    • Trevor

      Awesome info as always thanks again Vol!

  41. MJ

    If the Rams take Wentz, this could be an all-time boneheaded move.

    Wentz is very talented. He’s also coming from FCS where he held the ball all day long. Now…he gets to face AZ and SEA 4 times a year. Did they really trade all those picks to sit a guy? This could be catastrophic for both the Rams and the QB they select, especially if it’s Wentz.

    • seahawks509

      Flacco came out of the FCS and won a SB. Wentz is more athletic and has just as much arm talent.

  42. 12er

    In the previous 5 drafts, there were 10 trades made by 8 different franchises that brought them into the top 10, or higher in the top 10 than their previous draft position. Since those trades have occurred, those 8 teams trading up have gone on to win a combined 2 playoff games, and fire 11 coaches.

    Granted, a lot of those trades up were used to draft busts (RG3, Justin Gilbert, Trent Richardson, Morris Claiborne, Gabbert, Blackmon, etc).

    The odds are still against the Rams here… The QB better become a perennial pro bowl candidate.

  43. GerryG

    The Rams window to do something with all their great young talent is already closing. They lost some of it this year in free agency. They will continue to lose some, and lose Cap space holding on to the best of their talent (Aaron Donald will break the bank soon).

    They just traded away their ability to replenish cheap top flight talent. Even if the QB turns out to be really good, he is a year or two away from it (probably) and by then this young talented team is not nearly as young or talented.

    So, again, I LOVE this trade.

    • seahawks509

      There is nothing I love about that team possibly paring a franchise QB with the leagues future star RB, along with an elite defense. I don’t care what you say about replacing talent, not all teams are built like Seattle. The Rams are in a great position to contend for a SB in the next 5-6 years. IMO the Cardinals window just got smaller.

      • vrtkolman

        The Rams defense really isn’t that elite, it just seems like it is because they play like it every time they play Seattle. After losing a lot of key players this off season, they are going to need their future QB to start strong, and start fast. For that reason I think they might consider Goff the stronger prospect. He is probably more pro ready. Wentz needs a year of sitting on the bench, going from a super power FCS program to playing NFC west defenses is going to be a monstrous transition.

        • seahawks509

          The most notable losses are at CB and LB. Long was and would have been the odd man out with Quinn and Donald. Corners are replaceable and they still have Ogletree. You can dominate with an elite pass rush and STL has that. There secondary isn’t terrible either.

          You aren’t trading for the #1 pick and going with the most NFL ready QB. You are going with the guy who has the most potential. If you are giving up that many picks you need the return to be grander down the road. Or just stay back while continuing to add talent around you. To me Wentz is by far the best QB prospect since Luck, and I was a big fan of Winston on the field. Wentz has it all. It would be a massive mistake to not draft him. He has just as much arm talent as Falcco and he’s more athletic. He’s also really smart.

      • GerryG

        I just don’t see the Rams as an elite defense. Good to very good, great against Seattle. They were #7 in DVOA, great/elite defense is the top 2 or 3 only imo.

        The Rams have not even been in contention for the playoffs…so SB is not in the conversation yet.

  44. Madmark

    You got to love this. That trade has just about everyone rewriting their there drafts now.

    • RealRhino2

      Agree, fun times. Could really shake up the top five. I’ve already been wrong (probably) about the Rams standing pat at QB, so I’ll double down and say I think it’s a very real possibility that the Browns don’t take a QB. First, of course, the Rams might take their guy. Second, I’m not sure RGIII is in a good mental place to have his potential/future replacement in the building with him as he tries to resurrect his career. Finally, think they may just see they are not nearly as close as the Rams are and would want to instead build the rest of the roster first (Ramsey?).

      So right now the Chargers are prob thinking Ramsey, but if the Browns take him, shakes everything up, including where QB2 goes. Chargers take Tunsil then, I guess, and Dallas takes Jack, and the Jags? Buckner? Ravens? Bosa? Stanley?

      • Madmark

        Ithink Cleveland should trade down they really need a rebuild.

  45. Clayton

    Now that the Rams, being the Seahawks division rival and disqualified as a trade partner, do not own their 2 second round picks in #43 and #45, what do you think about the Seahawks trying to trade with Tennessee to get those picks in exchange for the Seahawks first round pick and some other lower picks to make an even trade? I was thinking the Rams’ #43, #45, and #140 for the Seahawks’ #26, #90 and #97. The NFL Trade chart values in the same order as above would be as follows:
    (#43) 470 +(#45) 450 + (#140) 35.5 for (#26) 700 + (#90) 140 + (#97) 112 = TEN 955.5 for SEA 952. So that would be a Seahawks’ first round pick and 2 third round picks for Tennessee’s 2 second round picks and a fifth round. What do you think about this? This might be the chance to get both Bullard and Ifedi.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Wow! That would set the Seahawks up nicely square in heart of the draft, and allow them to pick up some great value. Players like: Fackrell, Willie Henry, S. Coleman, McGovern, and possibly Bullard.

    • Ignorant

      97 is not tradeable.

      • STTBM

        Yup, Comp Pick.

  46. Trevor

    Bottom line with this trade is that we will not know for 3 years if it was good or bad. Depends completely on if the Rams get a franchise QB and who the Titans take. Could end up being a great trade for both sides or neither time will tell and to say this is a great or terrible trade now seems awfully premature. One thing is certain the Titans will dominate days #1 and #2 of the draft the next two years.

    Can you image the fun we would be having on this blog now if we were Titans fans with all those picks to discuss?

    • Steve Nelsen

      We are lucky Rob chose the Seahawks πŸ™‚

      • Trevor

        For Sure!

  47. Steve Nelsen

    In my opinion this is a classic case of confidence bias. The Rams know that they need a franchise QB, they believe that Goff (or maybe Wentz) is “the guy” and they pay a steep price to move up.

    But, scouting and player development is not an exact science. There was a study a couple years ago about trading up versus trading down to acquire more picks and the evidence was clearly in favor of having more picks. Teams who traded down had more starters, more pro-bowlers and more wins.

    For instance, Seattle has 9 picks this year in what they consider to be a deep draft. They could easily make a couple trades this year and finish with 11 picks. Will 11 guys make the roster? No. But the likelihood that 6 guys make the roster is statistically higher with those 11 picks as is the likelihood that some of those 6 will be starters and pro-bowlers.

    JS has made draft trades every year and this year is his kind of year to work magic.

    • STTBM

      Excellent points. As long as you find good guys when you trade down, and you dont give up the pick that drafts a HOF’er. Those guys most often come from the first round; trade out, and your odds of getting a true Home Run drop dramatically.

      I almost always like Seattle’s trade downs, but I havent been on board with them trading their first rounders for Harvin and Graham. Harvin was a total bust of a deal, and jury is still out on Graham.

      From the Rams Franchise point of view, and from Fishers, they had to make this trade. Its his last shot, and the team needs some buzz and they’ve tried to win without a Franchise QB and failed.

    • cha

      I take your point Steve, trading down is better than trading up. Especially in this draft. JS interview yesterday said this is the deepest draft in his Seahawks tenure. So the Rams are zigging when they should be zagging.

      What seems to be pushing the bias for the Rams is the heavy, heavy price the Rams have paid over the years for their terrible handling of the QB position. Spending the #1 pick on Bradford, handing him a 6 year, $78 million deal, then rotating his offensive coordinators and systems and rarely giving him good pass catchers to grow with. Then rotating a wandering wasteland of QBs in and out around Bradford’s latest injury.

      What’s sad is they’ve wasted Steven Jackson’s career, Chris Long’s Ram years, much of Robert Quinn’s and the early couple years of Aaron Donald’s.

      The trade feels like a ‘screw it, we’ve just got to go get a QB’ desperation move combined with a plea to ownership for the current mgmt. group’s job continuity.

      As well the Rams need someone to sell to the LA fans. That can’t be overstated. The very casual football fan isn’t going to buy a ticket to see Aaron Donald, even though he’s worth the price of admission.

  48. dawgma

    Love this trade for the division. Worst case, they get a franchise QB…and find themselves with a terrible roster in 2-3 years anyway with their good players needing market rate deals and zero draft capital. Go ahead and ask the Colts how that well that roster strategy works out. More likely they get a league average or below QB…and find themselves with a terrible roster in 2-3 years anyway. Go ask the Browns how that works out.

    And that’s not even getting into the risk that comes from doing this in a draft with no clear top QB – it’s entirely possible they draft a bust and end up giving up a ransom for a QB who gets outplayed by Lynch who ultimately they could have just picked.

  49. JimQ

    Rob, have you ever looked into the “RAS”, “relative athletic score” mentioned in the bottom link? Sounds like a tool for use at all positions. The link on Justin Zimmer at the bottom has an internal hot link to: http://sidelionreport.com/2015/06/13/ras-relative-athletic-scores-explained/

    Some REALLY Good info on DT-Justin Zimmer: http://www.stack.com/a/small-school-star-justin-zimmer-might-be-the-most-athletic-300-pound-prospect-in-nfl-history

    2015 production: “”He led his team in tackles (81), sacks (13), TFL (26) & forced fumbles (four).””
    “”In addition to his great numbers in the standard Combine events, Zimmer also has a Squat max of 615 pounds and a Hang Clean max of 405 pounds.”” Also he said he did 47-reps @ 225 in training.

    Both links, well worth a read.

    • JimQ

      Interesting comparison: DT-Aaron Donald vs: DT-Justin Zimmer Per: mockdraftable.com

      Donald seems a little faster straight line in the 40 and also in get-off, most of the rest of Zimmer’s workout numbers beat Donald’s. Also consider that Zimmer has 17 more pounds on him than Donald & appears to be a lot stronger.

      DT-Aaron Donald, 6-1, 285, 32-5/8″-arms, 9-7/8″-hands
      4.68/40-yd, 1.59/10-yd, 35-reps, 32″-Vert, 116″-Broad Jump, 7.11-3cone, 4.39-20-yd shuttle.

      DT-Justin Zimmer, 6-2.5, 302, 31-5/8″-arms, 10-1/8″-hands
      4.91/40-yd, 1.69-10-yd, 44-reps, 33-1/2″-Vert, 117″-Broad jump, 7.01-3cone, 4.36-20-yd shuttle.

      Zimmer should be a mid-late round option for the Seahawks IMO.

      • dawgma

        Yeah, I mean he’s “only” a full tenth of a second slower in 10 yard split. That’s probably not significant at all….

        Seriously though, he looks like a very athletic prospect but he’s not Aaron Donald. I groaned as soon as the Rams made that pick. What’s amazing to me is that any 10 yard in the 1.6s at all is really, really good….and Donald ran in the 1.5s. That is incredible.

  50. seahawks509

    Dominique Easley was waived by the Patriots. IF we signed him this could free up our need for a pass rushing interior lineman.

    • seahawks509

      hat being said, I think ATL will be the front runner.

      • Volume12

        No one claimed him.

        • Darth12er

          Dude, Vol, how do you know all this stuff? You’re like a machine!

  51. Ignorant

    I think the biggest immediate impact of this trade is:

    Top defensive prospects just got half a grade more expensive…

    • nichansen01

      How so?

  52. Richard

    Just using Rob’s last mock the Titans would have selected.

    1. #15. Ronnie Stanley OT
    2. #33. Ryan Kelly OC
    3. #43. Sterling Shepard WR
    4. #45. Michael Thomas WR
    5. #64. ???
    6. #76. ???

    I think they need to trade up for #26 giving up #43, #76 and #177. That way they can take a DE CB Safety or another OT. Which is what they need apparently.

    • GeoffU

      While I would like that, the Titans need talent all over the place, I doubt they make that trade. I think they already got what they wanted, a ton of picks in a deep draft.

  53. Josh emmett

    Can you hear that? Sounds like Jeff Fisher’s death rattle, has this strategy ever worked? Trading the boat for one guy?

    • GeoffU

      I know, and it sounds like they don’t even know which guy they want yet!

  54. nichansen01

    I would love to trade down from 56 but I think that is will be important to keep 26.

    Different idea for a mock:

    1. Jack Conklin
    2. Derrick Henry
    3. Connor McGovern

    Offensive line of:

    Gilliam – Conklin – Sokoli – Glowinski – McGovern

    With Rawls and Henry running behind it… The defense would regress but that would be a heck of an offense.

    • seahawks509

      I would love this but I doubt it happens. There is a very solid chance none of those players will be there when we draft. Maybe McGovern, but in the 2nd…

      • H M Abdou

        I would switch the positions of Conklin and McGovern, and I would spend the 2nd rounder on a defensive player instead of on Henry.

    • reggieregg

      I can never get on board with letting the defense regress….there has to be another way!!

  55. peppapig

    What a trade for the Titans!

    Rams FO blowing skunk?

  56. Trevor

    Really interesting article on the Players Tribune that Emanuel Ogbah wrote.


    I found it interesting he said this. In obvious reference to his taking plays off .

    “I usually played over 100 snaps a game, which is around double what most defensive ends might play. Without a relentless motor and a tireless work ethic, I would not be able to pressure and chase down Heisman finalists like Trevone Boykin and Baker Mayfield for a full 60 minutes.”

    The inconsistency on tape scares me but this guy has all the physical attributes to be an elite pass rusher in the NFL.

    • RealRhino2

      “Without a relentless motor and a tireless work ethic, I would not be able to pressure and chase down Heisman finalists like Trevone Boykin and Baker Mayfield for a full 30 minutes.”

      Fixed it for him. πŸ˜‰

      Just FTR, highest number of snaps per game in CFB is about 85.

      • Trevor

        I realize that I just thought it was interesting that he knows the knock on him.

  57. RealRhino2

    Things that made me laugh:

    1. Listened to another Mark Dominick segment on the radio today. The things that came out of his mouth about the Rams-Titans trade reminds me why he’s a fired ex-GM and not a GM. Says it’s a win-win because Fisher and Snead need to save their jobs (paraphrasing). Other dumb things such as the trade is a better deal than at first glance b/c the Rams will still get a 3rd round compensatory pick next year for Janoris Jenkins. SMH

    2. Pro Football Talk blurb about Percy Harvin’s decision to retires says he was “arguably the best player on the field in Super Bowl XLVIII.” Do tell. That’s gotta be some interesting argument.

    • STTBM

      What a waste Harvin was. Im glad he’s out of the NFL. Rarely was anyone other than a Highly Drafted QB paid so much for so little. All he did in Seattle is return a kick for a TD in the SB and wreck team chemistry for all that money…

  58. Dylan

    Wow, Easley cleared waivers. Must have had some serious issues.

  59. Gotta Be Bennett to Win It

    Who is the new Rams QB going to throw the ball to??????

    • dawgma

      Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman?

      • Lewis


  60. Volume12

    Seattle’s gonna add one of these Boise St O-lineman, huh?

  61. gseahawk12

    Softy just tweeted a leaked picture of the schedule for 2016. Five primetime games and only two 10 AM starts. Obviously don’t assume it’s the real one yet.


    • Volume12

      Love it. Cake schedule.

      Only 2 10 AM, 5 pimetime games, early bye (week5) sucks.

      This schedulr looks like a 12-4 year. Worst case 11-5.

      • vrtkolman

        Week 2 in LA? Pretty ideal considering their new QB is probably going to have a rough start.

      • lil'stink

        And only one game against a team coming off a bye, although that team is the Patriots. Last year 4 (!) of our home games were against a team coming off a bye.

  62. bigDhawk

    Neither Wentz nor Goff will live up to the price the Ewes paid. I get the whole make a splash in the new market angle, but this will be the move that finally gets Fischer fired. They would have been much better served standing pat or moving into the back end of the top 10 for Lynch. The is a great day for Seahawks fans as our most difficult division foe just shot their nose off trying to save dace.

    • bigDhawk

      lol, “face”, even.

      • reggieregg


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