Nick Chubb could still land in round one

November 20th, 2017 | Written by Rob Staton

In our recent review of running backs (a safe bet target for the Seahawks in the off-season), we noted the underrated talent of Damien Harris (Alabama) and Kerryon Johnson (Auburn). It’s the Iron Bowl this weekend, so a good opportunity to see both on the same field.

Today it’s time to look at Nick Chubb.

We’ve talked a lot about Chubb over the years. His explosive entrance at Georgia, replacing the injured Todd Gurley. The knee injury that threatened his career. His fairly modest 2016 return. His decision not to declare. A 2017 that saw a return to something like top form.

It’s been quite a college career so far. He’s only the fifth player in SEC history to record three 1000-yard seasons (Alex Collins is one of the others). He’s up to fourth for career rushing yards in the SEC (recently passing Bo Jackson). He could still end with a SEC title and a playoff berth.

We’ve talked about Chubb as a potential Seahawks option for the reasons outlined in the Damien Harris piece. Seattle seems to have a ‘type’ at running back. Here’s a reminder:

Here are the running backs drafted by the Seahawks between 2012 and 2016:

Robert Turbin — 5-10, 222lbs
Spencer Ware — 5-10, 228lbs
Christine Michael — 5-10, 220lbs
C.J. Prosise — 6-0, 220lbs
Alex Collins — 5-10, 217lbs
Chris Carson — 6-0, 218lbs

Some of these players either didn’t test at the combine or had reasons for underperforming (injury, illness). We can make some physical comparisons though:

Forty yard dash

Robert Turbin: 4.50
Christine Michael: 4.54
C.J. Prosise: 4.48
Chris Carson: 4.58

Broad jump

Robert Turbin: 122 inches
Christine Michael: 125 inches
C.J. Prosise: 121 inches
Chris Carson: 130 inches

Vertical jump

Robert Turbin: 36 inches
Christine Michael: 43 inches
C.J. Prosise: 35.5 inches
Chris Carson: 37 inches

Short shuttle

Robert Turbin: 4.31
Christine Michael: 4.02
C.J. Prosise: DNP
Chris Carson: DNP

Bench press

Robert Turbin: 28 reps
Christine Michael: 27 reps
C.J. Prosise: DNP
Chris Carson: 23 reps

Look at the similarities here across the board. It doesn’t mean they’ll never sway from this profile. They did sign Eddie Lacy after all. It’s not completely down to physical profile either. Attitude, running style or versatility also seem to be important.

Yet when we’re running through possible targets, physical profile is something to consider.

Chubb is a perfect fit in many ways. He’s 5-10 and 225lbs, so he ticks the size box. He’s also an incredibly explosive athlete.

If you weren’t aware, Nick is the cousin of Bradley Chubb at NC State. Bradley is a pass rusher with 10 sacks this year, destined to go in the top-10. He carries 6-4 and 275lbs perfectly, is quick on his feet with all of the speed, explosion and agility you want from a top-tier pass rusher.

Nick has the bloodlines and is basically a 5-10, 225lbs version of Bradley.

He ran a 4.47 forty at 5-10 and 217lbs at the Nike SPARQ combine in 2013, jumped a 40-inch vertical and ran a 4.12 in the short shuttle. His SPARQ score of 143.91 is elite at any position.

In comparison, Christine Michael’s SPARQ score was 147.4. The Seahawks drafted Michael with their first pick in the 2013 draft despite some fairly substantial character concerns (he was basically banished from Texas A&M’s line-up). They took him because of the extreme athletic potential he offered.

If Michael had the focus to match the body — he could be one of the NFL’s leading running backs.

Chubb’s athletic profile from 2013 is similar to Michael’s. His story, however, is obviously very different.

This is a player who has battled adversity with the knee injury, fought to recover in time for the 2016 season and then snubbed the chance to turn pro because he wanted to come back and leave a mark at Georgia. Go out on his terms.

He’s football 24/7 with a steely, serious personality.

If he tests at the combine (we have to at least be prepared that he might not) and performs anywhere near his 2013 marks — he’ll be talked about as a first round pick. He might not even be available to the Seahawks.

The key is — has he made a full recovery? It was a really bad injury. How much explosion did he lose? And do the medical checks show his knee has fully recovered?

We can’t answer those questions for a long time yet — but it’s encouraging to see plays like this:

In his weekly ‘risers and sliders’ piece, Tony Pauline talked up Chubb’s first round credentials:

“The Kentucky contest was a nice rebound game for Chubb, who was held to 27 rushing yards against Auburn one week ago. The Wildcats boast one of the better rushing defenses in the SEC and rank just below Auburn in yards allowed per game (121.9). Chubb shredded the Wildcats for 151 yards on 15 carries with 2 TD’s. The Georgia ball carrier is often lost in the shuffle as much of the talk focuses on Saquon Barkley of Penn State while his own teammate Sony Michel steals a bit of thunder. Make no doubt about it, if Chubb checks out medically he’s worthy of being selected in the late portion of round one and projects as a feature runner for the next level.”

I watched the Kentucky game live and it was a fantastic performance. Last week against Auburn was a grind. The Tigers’ D-line dominated throughout and made Georgia’s running attack look very similar to Seattle’s. It was easy to watch that game and imagine Chubb and running partner Sony Michel wearing navy blue and toiling for 2-3 YPC. This Kentucky performance was a reminder to hold that thought for now. Georgia will either get a rematch against Auburn or a contest with Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Let’s see how they do there.

As Pauline notes, Kentucky has a good run-defense. Here’s how well they handled Chubb:

Look at the initial patience to let the gaps develop, the explosion Chubb shows when he finds his crease, the agility to move to his left and the acceleration to run away from the defense and score. It’s a special play.

Chubb is a nice blend of a lot of running styles. He can be shifty when he needs to be, shrinking at the LOS to find a hole and picking his way through traffic. He has some power and physicality to his game. He also has enough speed to make a good run a great run.

Here’s a good example of some of those skills combined on one play:

One thing he does better than Damien Harris is his ability to stretch plays wide when needed to max out the run. Harris is no slouch — but his lateral mobility isn’t great. He’s better running north-south.

In the play below Chubb makes the defender miss at the LOS but what he does next is exceptional. He sees his forward progress blocked but rather than take what’s there and grind out a handful, he quickly changes direction and darts to the left hand side. He finds the space and has enough speed to turn the run into a chunk play:

Here’s another example:

Chubb’s athleticism tends to be underrated, possibly because of his build. To look at him you’d probably compare him to Michael Turner (who was actually 10lbs heavier than Chubb).

Then you see this lateral mobility and the acceleration and you realise he’s different. He has the advantage of a compact, powerful running frame but enough quicks and explosive qualities to work in most schemes. He can cut at the LOS, he can run outside — but he can also pound it up the middle.

The Seahawks will have options in the 2018 draft if they want to aggressively upgrade at running back. The lack of a second or third round pick limits them somewhat — but it also possibly increases the chances they look at the position early.

Nick Chubb, Damien Harris and Kerryon Johnson are all possibilities, whether that’s first round or after a small trade down. They’re really good RB’s.

The key for Chubb is whether he has retained his incredible athletic profile post-injury and whether he gets a clean medical report at the combine.

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    Like everyone else, just looking for something that will help. Please someone somewhere, help us.

  2. Hawktalker#1 says:

    Anyone know the Hawks would scratch Rawks? Who do we have that is better?
    I don’t get it.

  3. Rowdy says:

    Something tells me the officials will make this game unwatchable again.

  4. AlaskaHawk says:

    That was a bogus call on Lane. Hope the refs call the game fairly for both teams. Announcers didn’t even bother to comment other than say Seahawks on track to have most penalties ever in a year.

  5. Forrest says:

    WTF was that!!!

  6. Rowdy says:

    Looks time another shit show start from the hawks

  7. Trevor says:

    It’s going to be a long night the secondary looks lost.

    Pray Russ bounces back from that pick or it could get ugly quick.

  8. Derron James says:

    And lane cant catch a ball laid right in his hands… great

  9. Hawktalker#1 says:

    Davis not bad!!!

  10. AlaskaHawk says:

    They need to get some yardage out of the running game, or the falcons defense will be all over RW every time he drops back.

  11. Hawktalker#1 says:

    Although it’s not a great start, I’ll have to say I like the offense of game plan so far.

  12. Forrest says:

    Jimmy F*****g Graham!!!!

  13. Hawktalker#1 says:

    Whew . . . That feels a little better. Now the D needs to gel. Let go Maxie.

    Turnover time.

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    Can we Pleaseeeeee get a 3rd down stop.

  15. Forrest says:

    Ayyy, it’s ya boy Thorpe!!!

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  17. D-OZ says:

    If I ever hear anymore JG negativity you can expect criticism coming forthwith….

  18. Forrest says:


  19. Pran says:

    Disgusting coaches and Russ …

  20. Ishmael says:

    Jesus Christ. This is close to the most self-sabotaging team in the league.

    That’s kind of on Ifedi, but also Wilson is just not getting rid of the ball quickly enough. He’s had a very ordinary start.

  21. Pran says:

    I want all 3 coaches fired after this game…or Pete can go! There is no roster like hawks in the entire nfl yet for 3 seasons it’s a shit show!

  22. Hawktalker#1 says:

    Ifedi Come on man

  23. nichansen01 says:

    Lower half of the league team, we are

  24. Forrest says:

    At least No E is going off…

  25. Hawktalker#1 says:

    Time to dial up our pass rush

  26. Matt says:

    My goodness, Ifedi is just awful. Put a TE or an H-back next to him in every passing situation cause he’s completely unreliable.

  27. Ishmael says:

    This really is the first season where I’ve felt there were serious coaching issues. And then you go have a look at the staff and there are a lotttt of ex-USC guys, a couple of Carroll’s sons, and a couple of ex-Hawks. Find it hard to believe that they’ve got the absolute best guys in there that they could.

    • Forrest says:


    • AlaskaHawk says:

      I have many gripes with playcalling and design= but I’m giving them a break on player performance this year. You can’t out coach injuries. There is constant rotation of starters now. It is a miracle they are playing as well as they do. Plus they have no running game.

  28. nichansen01 says:

    We should have gone for it…

  29. Ishmael says:

    Ayy it’s V12s boy Tedric. Great play.

    Special teams on fire today for the first time in about three years

  30. Forrest says:

    Special Teams!!!

  31. vrtkolman says:

    This team is so incredibly bad in the redzone

  32. Trevor says:

    Why is Mcissic running it twice from the 1yd line?

  33. vrtkolman says:

    Seattle is actually outplaying them, if it wasn’t for them shooting themselves in the foot 15 times they would be up by a comfortable margin.

  34. nichansen01 says:

    Down four… lets go defense…

  35. AlaskaHawk says:

    Looks like they are coming back. Seahawks are a hot mess, but fun to watch when it is working!

  36. Hawk Eye says:

    21-17. It is now a game again.
    But the slow starts, hard to be confident this team can win in the playoffs.

    more worried about the D than the O right now. The DB’s have to step up

  37. Ishmael says:

    If that’s DPI, then every play should be flagged. The Hawks partly bring this on themselves, but seriously.

  38. vrtkolman says:

    Shocker, 3rd and 14 and give up an easy soft underneath route. Sickening

  39. Greg Haugsven says:

    Our 3rd down defense is absolutely atrocious

  40. Ishmael says:

    3rd and 15… Just knew they were going to convert.

    Turns out Sherman and Chancellor are pretty good at football and it’s not that easy to replace them.

    • vrtkolman says:

      The problem is any average or even below average defense can stop a 3rd and 15 underneath crossing route.

  41. Hawktalker#1 says:

    If we can hold them to a field goal or less before at the half, we will have the momentum in the second half. Our offense looks to be working tonight, we could score enough points to win if we can hold it together

  42. Greg Haugsven says:

    Michael Bennett is getting serious penetration. Naz Jones keeps making plays.

  43. Rowdy says:

    Anyone else notice no flags on kickoffs tonight? It’s about time lol

  44. Ishmael says:

    Credit where its due, the defence has actually been pretty good. Ryan is 7/11 for 62 yards and 1TD. Julio Jones is 2/22. Hardy is 3/27. Sanu is 2/13/1TD. Their run game has been even worse. Coleman is 8 for 8 yards, 1TD. Sanu is 1 for 3 yards.

    The interceptions and turnovers have given them great starting position and cheap points. 75% completion on third down is the big problem. Cut that down a bit and things could look very different.

    • vrtkolman says:

      Defense has shutdown Coleman which is big. Offense needs to keep up the pressure and Atl… What just happened?

  45. AlaskaHawk says:

    Russell Wilson is running pretty well. I think he has recovered. Wow and another good pass on the scramble. What a wild first half. Still mad about that first PI against Lane = let them play refs.

  46. Rowdy says:

    The coaches are killing us. What the fuck? Why?

  47. vrtkolman says:

    That was the worst play call I’ve ever seen in my life.

    • Ocotillo25 says:

      even if he gets the first, no way does he get in the endzone. time out, closer field goal? wtf

  48. Forrest says:

    B-but, WHYYYYYY????

  49. Ishmael says:


    What is the point of that? He’s not about to score, and even if he gets the first down you’ve got like five seconds to run a play? What am I missing?

    • Icb12 says:

      You’re not missing anything.

      That was terrible.
      You’re getting the ball to start the 3rd.
      Take your 3 points

      That kinda stuff and the penalties drive me absolutely insane.

  50. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    We’re fortunate to be down only 7.

    I sincerely hope we don’t lose by a FG.

  51. Hawktalker#1 says:

    Although it appeared that someone used they’re blocking assignment, I’m not sure that I get that play. Does Luke have the speed to run it in against that defense? Hummm

  52. Greg Haugsven says:

    That might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen

  53. Forrest says:

    If they lose by 3 there will be hell to pay!!!


  54. John_s says:

    WTF Pete! You go down 14-0 and you claw back for a chance to be within 4 with the ball after the half.

    God damnit this is the 1-2 games a year Pete loses by his dumbass decisions

  55. Trevor says:

    That play called wreeked of desperation. That is a coach who is not confident in his teams ability to win straight up.

    Loved the 4th down call from the 1yd line but the fake FG was the worst play call of the PC era.

  56. nichansen01 says:

    Aboushi is TRASH

  57. nichansen01 says:

    Mckissic always runs the wrong way

  58. vrtkolman says:

    Nice timeout, really worked out.

  59. nichansen01 says:

    Mike Davis… new idea… find a runningback not made of glass?

  60. nichansen01 says:

    Just horrible top to bottom. Can’t beat a struggling team at HOME in PRIMETIME

  61. nichansen01 says:

    The fake fieldgoal was embarrassing

  62. Hawktalker#1 says:

    LOL such an emotional group we are. Fire all the coaches, cut all the players, go Browns.

  63. Forrest says:

    Coulda been 24-23, BUT NOOOOO!!!

  64. Del Tre says:

    Man we need Aboushi to hit the bench, he is the weakest link, even Ifedi looks great. Our run blocking has been pretty good all game. McKissick and Davis (please be ok) look great, Russell is actually the reason we are losing for a change! We’ve got a shot our defense has been good enough, really only gave up a field goal so far and that was because of a cheesy PI penalty. I believe in us. Hard to say that right now but, if we pull this out we really can do anything

  65. nichansen01 says:

    Enough with the penalties…

  66. Del Tre says:

    We are under such a microscope from the referees. Lame

  67. nichansen01 says:

    Non existent pass rush

  68. nichansen01 says:

    We suck gentleman

  69. Rowdy says:

    Seattle would never get away with that block in the back

  70. nichansen01 says:

    Carving up our “defense” like butter

  71. nichansen01 says:

    We suck so badly. Wow.

  72. Rowdy says:

    Officials gave them that td

  73. nichansen01 says:

    We just got burned by a 6-8 blocking tight end

  74. nichansen01 says:

    What a dumb play by Thomas

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      It wasn’t that bad -and he might have knocked the ball lose. I like the aggressiveness if he could only get there earlier.

    • Del Tre says:

      Games not over, most of it is on Russell so far, he is having one of his worst games when we can ill afford him to. Feels like Breese in New Orleans. These referees are so biased alford is committing PI all game andso are the Falcons receivers. I wish the NFL were fair but they definetly put some teams under a microscope. Look at that play to P Rich, Aaron Rodgers gets that, Matt Ryan gets that, Tom Brady gets that, in fact the only QBs that dont get that are probably Tyrod Taylor, Cam Newton and Russell Wilson.
      I guess our receivers should whine more because the NFL hands babies what they want.

  75. Forrest says:

    This defense needs to enter rebuild mode ASAP.

  76. Pran says:

    That 3 is gonna haunt us…Is it

  77. Ishmael says:

    Stuff like that must be why they went for the fake field goal. No confidence in the defence to get off the field, let alone prevent a score. Swinging for the fences, even down only seven.

  78. AlaskaHawk says:

    I doubt the defense can hold it together any longer.

  79. Ishmael says:

    Wilson might have his flaws, but he’s an incredible player. This team would be absolutely shot without him.

  80. Forrest says:

    Wilson is a mofo wizard!!

  81. Ishmael says:

    *GASP* A quick slant? And it worked? I didn’t even know they were in the playbook

  82. nichansen01 says:

    Redzone offense: atrocious

  83. nichansen01 says:

    Falcons gonna get a TD here

  84. Forrest says:

    Coulda been 26-31… -_-

  85. Pran says:

    Where is pass rush… Need one TO

  86. Trevor says:

    Russ is the ultimate competitor. He is the definition of never give up.

  87. nichansen01 says:

    Wow. Just when we need to shut them down, we crumble.

  88. Greg Haugsven says:

    That 3 points looming large now

  89. nichansen01 says:

    This is where we should fake a punt

  90. nichansen01 says:

    Such a dumb challenge

  91. Pran says:

    Why why…1 yard 2 attempts game on line ..oh dear god

  92. nichansen01 says:

    Pete Carroll is over the hill

  93. Greg Haugsven says:

    That ball hit the ground
    Would they go for it.

  94. nichansen01 says:

    Jeremy Lane sucks

  95. nichansen01 says:

    Face mask… come on man

  96. nichansen01 says:


  97. nichansen01 says:

    McDougald sucks

  98. nichansen01 says:

    That TD… was on McDougald… jeez

  99. nichansen01 says:

    Matt Ryan with the weird lip thing again

  100. LeoSharp says:

    This team could be down 8 with 2 timeouts and basically 4 minutes on the clock.

  101. Pran says:

    Damn 3 points
    Damn 1 yard
    Damn Lane
    Damn coaches

    Damn it..

  102. Trevor says:

    That faked field goal is looming huge now. Would still be a one score game if not.

  103. Greg Haugsven says:

    Strange game, so many points and so little yards.

  104. vrtkolman says:

    Could have easily won this game, they outplayed Atlanta for three quarters. I’ve never seen so many mistakes from a team, and they shoot themselves in the foot a lot.

  105. Trevor says:

    In all fairness how many defenses could stop the Falcons without both starting CB and their starting strong safety.

  106. Trevor says:

    The presser after this one will be the first time in regular season in the PC era that he takes some real heat.

    • Ishmael says:

      For real, they deserve to as well. This has been an absolute shocker. Found so many new and exciting ways to own themselves.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      Well I think the heat is at the wrong time. With all the injuries, They are coaching their asses off to field a team. I agree the shovel pass at end of half was stupid. But he has also done some good moves like the pooch kicks. Game is still competitive up to the end.

  107. Hawk Eye says:

    every time I try to leave they suck me back in…

  108. Greg Haugsven says:

    If I’m Atlanta I’m passing. Don’t be like the Redskins yesterday.

  109. Trevor says:

    How can you not love Russ. He is corny as hell at times but is there a better competitor in pro sports?

  110. Trevor says:

    Just one 3rd down stop come Hawks!!!!!

  111. Trevor says:


  112. Adog says:

    It’s time to see some competition on the coaching staff… there’s no reason not to make a dramatic change. We can still win the west… so why not put bevell and cable in the booth or in the unemployment office…and bring in someone new . There’s too much talent on this team to keep being out coached. Yes when a play does not work they can blame the players for poor execution…all they want…but at this point i find myself with this simple question…how can players execute when the defense knows exactly what play will be called? I can remember one …just one play action pass beng ran. Im sure there was probably more…but the point being is why go away from this offensive philosophy when it worked so well against houston? The shotgun empty back field formation is pretty pointless as far as predictability goes…but it seems to be their go to on third and short. Hell keep letting bevell call the plays but just say you have a new play caller to make the defense work a little.

  113. Forrest says:

    I’m crying…

  114. Volume12 says:


    Good job Pete. Another dumb call comes back to bite ya in the a**. A fake FG with 7 seconds left from the 25!? Oops.

  115. Greg Haugsven says:

    Hey Rob, is it possible to get Nichansen01 off this site? Maybe block his IP? Dude is brutal.

  116. Trevor says:

    Sucks as a Hawks fan to come up short but this team battled right to the end. Have to love that. Pete is going to take some heat for this one.

  117. Greg Haugsven says:

    What a play by Dion Jones tacking Wilson by his ankles. He gets to the 20 if not for that. Tough loss.

  118. nichansen01 says:

    F**k this community to s******g on me while I’m down… I’m not going to be back.

  119. Ishmael says:

    Get a grip. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  120. Volume12 says:

    Strip sack for 6, Jeremy Lane is a starting CB in the NFL and drops a pick from the 1, penalties contiue to hurt this team. How many times are they gonna shoot themselves in the foot?

  121. Ishmael says:

    That was a rough loss. That fake FG man…

    • Trevor says:

      It was but to even be in a position to have a shot was amazing to be honest.

    • Volume12 says:

      What even was that? How were they gonna score from 25 yards out? When has Luke Wilson out ran anyone?

      • Ishmael says:

        I still have no idea. I think, THINK, that they were a bit freaked out by how easily Atlanta were scoring on them and felt they needed to go punch-for-punch with them. But even then, that’s such a totally bizarre fake? They could run that play a hundred times and it would work what… Once? Maybe?

        • Volume12 says:

          Just don’t get it. Sure Seattle’s m.o. is to take gambles and always try for the home run, but PC just lacks foresight lately. Like he knows his time is running out. He doesn’t look like he’s enjoying the game as much and I don’t fault him for it. This style of the NFL just doesn’t seem to suit him.

          • Ishmael says:

            I think it’s partly that the team has got away from him. They’re not playing the way he wants to play, and that has to be frustrating. If you really, really, wanted to be a ball-control, run-first, ball-hawking defensive etc. etc. team, and you had to come out and win games off the back of the QB?

            It’s frustrating for us, must be eating him up.

            • Volume12 says:


              No run game, and the league won’t let him play his style of ball in the secondary that let’s him run his 4-3.

              • Ishmael says:

                Yeah, that’s true as well. The league fundamentally do not want defensively dominant teams winning. The Seahawks secondary has clearly been targeted beyond what could be considered reasonable.

                They have brought it on themselves to an extent. They hold in the secondary the same way the Packers do on the O-Line. Everyone does it, they just do it more deliberately, and more often.

  122. Forrest says:

    I love this team, but this season is over. Too many hurt players, not enough wrinkles on either side, and way too much reliance on the core players (no GOOD role players). Defense needs a fundamental change from top to bottom, and the offense needs consistency. Wilson is this team now; continue to build around him. They might sneak into the wild card spot, but that’s it.

    That fake FG was disastrous. Would have been a tied game…coaching has to be held accountable for this one.

    They could still go on an insane win streak based on Wilson’s play, but I doubt it.

    • Volume12 says:

      Other than the run game and the right side of the O-line, the offense is fine. Time to put some bullets in the chamber on defense again.

      • Volume12 says:

        When Steve ‘hold my beer’ Sarkisian out coaches PC, its time.

      • Forrest says:

        Agreed. The offense is nearly there, the the defense is collapsing due to age. Pick up some dirt cheap offensive guys in free agency with something to prove (or aren’t injury prone), get Jimmy, Sheldon and Dion Jordan back (Paul would be great, but he might be too expensive), and draft DEFENSE!

        • Volume12 says:

          They need to find a RB 1st though.

          Defense is missing what the young ones around the league currently have. A hybrid LB/S. That’s not Kam. He’s a box safety or a small LB. Not both like a Keanu Neal, Mark Barron, Harrison Smith, etc.

  123. LeoSharp says:

    Poor coaching defines this team.

  124. Volume12 says:

    Season ain’t over guys. Rams got N.O and Philly in back to back weeks amd still have to come here to the PNW. Nowwhether Seattle actually advances in the tourney is a crapshoot with no run game.

    • Forrest says:

      I mean, it’s not, but it is. This team could be like a 07 or 09 Giants team, but they just look too fractured right no. Defense is now a weakness, offense is all Wilson (which is fun to watch, but not foolproof), and the coaching as of late has been sporadic to say the least. Yeah, I can’t see them winning a road playoff game.

      I do think they have a great shot at winning the West though.

  125. Greg Haugsven says:

    A top 2 seed is in deep trouble. Winning the west has to be our goal. Then let the chips fall where they may in the playoffs.