Seahawks interested in Zay Jones?

On Monday I’m going to be interviewing Tony Pauline. One of the things we’ll talk about is Tony’s latest ‘Draft Buzz’ instalment that includes the following report:

In our most recent mock draft, I have the Seattle Seahawks selecting receiver Taywan Taylor in the third round. I’m told that if Zay Jones happens to fall into their laps a round earlier in the second they would quickly scoop him up, omitting the need for Taylor in the third.

Tony, the #1 draft insider, has been extremely reliable in the past for Seahawks info so this is noteworthy.

Seattle showed tentative interest in Kamar Aiken in free agency, suggesting they were open to adding another receiver. With Paul Richardson approaching a contract year, Jermaine Kearse a possible cap casualty next year and Tyler Lockett recovering from a broken leg, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility they’ll select a receiver early in the draft.

And Jones is one of those players that just screams Seahawks.

At the end of March we touched on Jones (and WR in general) as a possible target at #58. He had a fantastic Senior Bowl. Just read through the Senior Bowl live blog and see how many times his name appears.

Jones lives for the game. He’s from a football family and the NFL is in his bloodstream. His father won a Super Bowl with the Cowboys. He is basically at Russell Wilson-level football character. A worker dedicated to his craft.

You see that on the field too. He’s a hands-catcher and a reliable one at that. He high points the football, he’s incredibly consistent. His production was off the charts as he set NCAA records for most receptions in a career (399) and in a single-season (158 catches in 2016).

As an added bonus, he has some experience returning kicks. This is important if Lockett is unable to resume that duty at least early in the season.

At the combine Jones ran a 4.45 at 6-2 and 201lbs. He jumped an 11-1 in the broad and a 36.5 inch vertical. His short shuttle (4.01) was really good too.

When we talk about the possibility of the big name receivers (Davis, Ross, Williams) dropping a bit — it’s because of players like Zay Jones, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Chris Godwin. The difference between the first and second tier appears to be much smaller than at other positions (D-line, EDGE, O-line)

With the Seahawks reportedly very interested in Jones at #58, this suggests they’re not necessarily expecting him to be there. There’s a chance, of course, but if the bigger names do go in the first round it’s hard to imagine him getting beyond teams like San Francisco, Chicago, the Rams, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Cleveland (where they love stats).

If Seattle trades up from #58, he could be a target. They traded up for Lockett in 2015 after all.

The interest does suggest that they might be willing to let this draft class ‘come to them’. We know their bigger needs are depth in the secondary, pass rush and O-line but there’s enough depth at corner and safety to wait until round three if they need too. Simply adding really good, impact players that can develop into a future core has to be a consideration too.

If they can’t get to Jones in round two, the third round and beyond should provide some nice alternatives. We’ve talked about Jehu Chesson as an option for a long time. There are others too. There are a few gems to be uncovered in this class at receiver. It wouldn’t be a total shock if the Seahawks also found Smith-Schuster’s personality, grit and character appealing as a possible round two target.

It seems quite likely the Seahawks will add a defensive player with their first pick unless they trade down. That pick at #58 could go in a number of different directions.


  1. Kenny Sloth

    Go Hawks!

    Congrats on the Pauline interview looking forward to it

    • Dale Roberts


      • C-Dog


  2. Ed

    So, the Hawks biggest need is DB. They need a #2, a slot and a safety. With the latest news of DE in the 1st and WR in the 2nd (if it falls that way), it tells me, as Rob stated, they are going to let the draft come to them and take BPA (on their board), regardless of need. The 3rd would have to be all DB’s if they go:

    1st Charlton (doubt he will be there)
    2nd Jones (doubt he will be there)
    3rd Douglas (can Rasul make it this far?) what other corners could fall here Rob?
    3rd Lewis (can Lewis make it this far?) what other slot corners could fall here Rob?
    3rd Luani

    • Ed

      I guess first would be McDowell.

      • Hawktalker #1

        Most people are having heavy work ethic concerns about him. Doubt he’ll be next on our draft board at that position.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I’ve watched a bit of McDowell since his visit. In 2016 he rarely affected the outcome of plays, even when flashing some athleticism. I’d be pretty surprised if SEA take him in R2, let alone at 26.

          I like Jones, but at 58? Surely a lot will depend on whom else is available.

          Still think the safe pick at 26 is one of Obi/Awuzie/AJax/King (hard to predict the order if more than one is available but I’d bet Obi is tops). If 3 or more are available, or none, then I could see a trade down.

          • C-Dog

            I would be ecstatic if Jones was scooped up at 58.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t call DE in the first and WR in the second definitive ‘news’. Tony is reporting they really like Zay Jones as one option. There haven’t been any reports about DL in round one. They basically met with Malik McDowell and why not? Doesn’t hurt to have all the requisite intel on him.

      I think there’s still a very good chance they will draft a DB first. Possibly/probably someone who can play the slot. Maybe someone like Quincy Wilson who can play outside and the slot (his short shuttle says he might handle the slot) or Melifonwu. Maybe Chidobe if he lasts (and what a pick that would be) or Jourdan Lewis.

      Round two they might move up and then all bets are off, it could be WR, TE, OL, DL. In round three or beyond the two safety’s I like are Luani and Rayshawn Jenkins. I think Rasul might be there in R3. I think Brian Allen (Utah) and Michael Davis (BYU) are two corners to keep an eye on.

      • Hawktalker #1


      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Depending on who they take at 26, I could see a trade up in R2 for QWilson, Lewis, Evans.

        If they do get Obi at 26, he pretty much checks off several DB needs – Buffalo/slot, RCB, safety – so could see someone like Zay Jones or JuJu in R2.

      • Eburgz

        Great post and article, Rob. Loving all the content you keep churning out and I’m looking forward to your podcast with Tony.

        One question. Do you really think Jordan Lewis is a target in R1? His tape is great, looks like the stickiest cover corner in college football last year(FSU game wasn’t his best though). Buuuttttt what about the character flags ( allegedly choked his girlfriend?). You linked a video of an interview and said he was just like Awuzie but I have to disagree and think Awuzie is head and shoulders a better interview than Lewis. Lewis also is undersized and doesn’t have great athletic measurables. I thought they might only consider drafting a corner early If he met their size ideals and was a super crazy athletic freak. Also, have you seen his game against FSU (not terrible but not pretty.) I’m thinking his visit is along the same lines at McDowell. Probably a hedge in case our target is gone and they needed to see if his character would take him off their board. I’m think he isn’t an option until 58 at earliest despite his awesome coverage ability. Would love to hear your thoughts.

        • Rob Staton

          I think Jourdan Lewis is more likely a target after a trade down. But he’s really good as you note and he could go earlier than expected.

          It wasn’t so much that his interview was like Awuzie BTW, it’s just a case of him being a good talker, passionate about the game etc.

          I’ve read about the reported DV case. I think, based on what I read, that it might not lead to anything. But that could be one of the reasons they had him in.

    • D-OZ


  3. Producehawk

    What are the boards thoughts on Cooper Kupp in the third?

    • Greg Haugsven

      If they didn’t go receiver in the second I would snatched him up in a second

    • C-Dog

      I like him there.

    • RealRhino2

      Not interested. He’s one of those guys where I think he’s a good player, useful, has value, but not what I would be looking for. Think he’ll have to be in the slot to succeed, and we have ADB. Rather my late 3rd rounder be a guy that could turn into a star or legit #2 outside guy, such as Josh Malone, Josh Reynolds, K.D. Cannon, Kenny Golladay, that kind of guy. More boom or bust, I know.

    • Overtime

      I like Kupp in the third. I am not convinced WR is our greatest area of need, so I have some reservations about using a 3rd on any WR.

      I see Kupp having a long career in the NFL. He is going to be a taller version of Steve Largent. No one objects to Jimmy Graham winning with hands and size. I could see Kupp winning on the outside against DB’s like Sherman because it is the quicker guys that give a big DB like Sherman trouble. The league has copied the Hawks and shifted to big DB’s. We need to try something new and beat them with a shifty, route runner rather than a Julio Jones type. There are not enough Julio’s. No.1 receivers are not noted for route running. Cooper Kupp could be unique as a No.1 or have a long career inside as a slot receiver. Either way he should contribute because getting open and catching the ball is the primary skill needed at WR not winning a foot race.

      • JimQ

        The other WR mentioned in this piece is currently ranked in the round 3 area, and as such may
        be the more realistic WR choice based on ranking position. He has demonstrated a very consistent
        ability (3 years of 17+ ypc) as a receiver and his career production shouldn’t be overlooked. He may not be as flashy as some others, but should provide a solid, dependable replacement for Kearse in the near future.
        –WR-Taywan Taylor, W. Kentucky, 6-1/195,
        2016: 14-games, 98 rec. for 1730, 17.65 avg, 17-TD’s Note how he improved each year in # of rec & yds.
        2015: 14-games, 86 rec. for 1467, 17.06/avg, 17-TD’s
        2014: 13-games, 45 rec. for 767, 17.04/avg, 7-TD’s

  4. Coleslaw

    Awesome! Can’t wait to hear what he has to say. Is it going to be a written piece where you highlight the main points, or will it be a podcast?

    • Rob Staton


      • BHarKnows

        Can’t wait to listen!!

      • Mistral

        Will it be live-streamed, and if so where? / Are we able to submit questions via the comments section?

        • Rob Staton

          It won’t be streamed. It’ll be recorded and published on the blog.

          If you want to post a question or two here, please feel free. I can’t guarantee I will ask them but will do my best.

  5. Hawktalker #1

    One thing I find very interesting about Zay is that he appears to have very good speed and yet it appears most of his catches our contested balls and a few of them or him catching balls he’s breaking away from defenders. Anyone else seeing anything similar? Any thoughts on this? I think you’d be a great pic if we can get him out a good value

    • Nem Beselek

      Yep, I’ve seen that too. Whatever it is that get ADB free on his routes, Jones has as well. The big difference between the two of them is that Jones is taller and faster.

      So, a taller and faster ADB, who is religious about catching everything that comes his way, hmmm, that would be a good thing to have on our team, wouldn’t it?

  6. Robertlas vegas

    Rob I believe I just read where Kansas City just released Jaye Howard I think it probably be good idea to bring him back but I am sure he could more money elsewhere.any thoughts on Jaye Howard..even thought I am a huge Jarred Davis fan I really chidobe is the guy we draft

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’ve really come around on Awuzie too. He’d be a fine pick at 26.

      • Vista

        Same, I am re-watching the Huskies – Buffaloes game and those Colorado DBs are growing on me.

        • HawkTalker #1


        • sdcoug

          Probably gave wazzu’s air raid the most trouble last year too

      • peter

        Same Awuzie makes a ton of sense for Seattle and carries himself like someone who will come in and work right away.

    • Rob Staton

      I think if his health is OK it’d be a solid move to bring Howard back.

  7. Al U

    He looks good. The big question is: can he block without committing OPI? Would seem like an automatic upgrade over Kearse if he can.

  8. Robert

    Jaye Howard released by Chiefs.

    • BHarKnows

      I wonder how much he’d cost to pick up? Sounds like he was released because of money. I think he’s relatively young so that might let them focus on the defensive backfield.

      • C-Dog

        Bring back Jaye Howard!!

        • Old but Slow

          Do it.

          • D-OZ


  9. Erik

    What if John Ross is available at #26? I am still putting all my chips in the basket for Kevin King @26. I was hoping for a 1st and a 4/5th for Sherman but, doesn’t look like he will be traded before the draft on Thursday.

    • Mike

      Ross..opposite Baldwin…Graham as TE…I don’t think you can pass that up..

      • j

        Only way he’d be there at 26 is if the medicals sucked. If the medicals suck I don’t want him.

  10. Eburgz

    Jones is a stud and I would love to have him on the Hawks. I agree that his personality screams Seahawks just like Jabrill Pepers and Jarred Davis (worst part of Ruben Foster potentially falling is Davis probably moving up) do for me. Started watching his tape after I saw him burn Marcus Maye when ECU played Florida. Great hands and route running with enough size and speed.

    The only question I have about him is if he can effectively play outside in the NFL. Zay played exclusively in the slot his first three years until getting moved around his senior year. Also, not exactly a touchdown machine and doesn’t look like much of a deep threat despite the 4.4 track speed.. 158 catches and only 8 touchdowns is a low rate of taking it to the house seems to me. Doug is arguably the best slot receiver in the league so if we draft zay we better be sure he can play outside and hopefully supplante Kearse. I don’t think he is there at 58 but if he is and we take him I for one will be stoked.

  11. Awsi Dooger

    Zay Jones looked very dependable at the Senior Bowl, a guy who widens the throw radius particularly high and near the sideline.

    The Canes have a very underrated receiver in this draft class. I don’t think I’m being biased. Stacy Coley was an elite recruit. Florida State normally wins all the toss ups on national signing day. Coley was a rare exception. Jimbo Fisher was shocked and it clearly showed on his face. When he was interviewed on ESPN and praised regarding the class, Fisher admitted a big one got away. College coaches seldom are that candid. Fisher was referring to Stacy Coley.

    As a freshman, all the promise was validated and then some. Coley reminded me of John Stallworth. I assumed he would be three and done to the NFL as a premium pick. He’s sleek and gliding and fast. There were flash touchdowns on deep balls, on wide receiver screens, and on kick returns.

    I still have no idea why Coley slumped so badly as a sophomore. It is a frequent topic on Canes forums. He rebounded as junior and senior but never reached the freshman level again. No injury concerns or character issues. Just the opposite. Great guy. Recently a poster on a Canes forum said his family ran into Coley during a plane flight and a child asked for an autograph. Coley didn’t just scribble his name. He basically wrote a letter.

    Coley is more of a sideline and bombs away type than battler in traffic. He needs some toughening and more confidence. But in Seahawk terms it should be noted that Coley is a big favorite on Canes forums, despite the underachieving career, because of how he battled and succeeded every year in the Florida State game. There was still tension and animosity there, on both sides. Coley responded by noticeably raising his game, with several big touchdowns. Now he needs to transfer that Florida State intensity to every week in the NFL, and somebody will have a value find. I always look for players who were great early and then tailed off, for whatever reason. If you do the opposite and overreact to late career only, lots of luck. That’s how a Mitchell Trubisky will get shoved into high round one and probably subject a fanbase to endless adjustment and patience…the curse of Ryan Tannehill.

    Miami has placed several receivers in the NFL recently, like Travis Benjamin, Allen Hurns and Philip Dorsett. Stacy Coley’s level that freshman season was higher than any of the other three at any point in college. I’m referring to how they were viewed among the fanbase, which pays attention.

    Otherwise, Ryan Switzer is the most overhyped middle round receiver, IMO. I was not impressed when Miami hosted North Carolina. Switzer didn’t like the physical style of the Miami secondary so he resorted to the sideline or convenient slips. Westerkamp from Nebraska is just the opposite. He has similar style to Switzer but is so underrated nobody says anything about him. He is coming off an injury. When Miami hosted Nebraska a season earlier Westerkamp could hardly have been more impressive. Always clever and open and frustrating the Canes secondary. He averaged nearly 20 yards a catch and it would have been a better evening for him with competent quarterbacking.

    • sdcoug

      Seattle-area exotic car rentals are rubbing their hands in eager anticipation

    • Misfit74

      Switzer may be overhyped, but not as much as Kupp. That guy is probably the most overhyped player in the draft. Both, are, slot receivers only and both shouldn’t be Seahawks targets given we have the slot better covered than anyone in the NFL. Those who think either are anything more than slot receivers aren’t thinking clearly.

    • Saxon

      I’m a Hurricanes fan too, Awsi. Coley and Corn Elder would be great gets for the Hawks but PCJS seem to hate Canes. They never draft any, even when Pete’s son was TE coach under Al Golden. Currently the Canes have the top ranked recruiting class for 2018 so hopefully the program has turned the corner.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for bringing up Coley. I commented on him a month ago, mentioning how I really thought his burst stood out. Give that guy a crease, and he’s gone.

      I also think it is wise to look at reasons for a prospect’s production to dip during his college career. Was there a QB change? Coaching change? Scheme change? Etc. It could just be that the player didn’t turn out to be all he was hyped up to be, but if it was due more to external factors, you could be looking at a draft steal.

  12. HawkTalker #1

    Prioritize options at 26 (assuming no trade down option exists):

    Rank at 26
    A. Davis
    B. Jackson
    C. Baker
    D. Awuzie
    E. King
    F. Wilson
    G. OBI
    H. Watt

    Mine might be: B,A,E,G,D,F,C,H

    • CHawk Talker Eric


      • Greg Haugsven


    • Misfit74

      C. Davis or J. Davis?

      C. Davis, Obi, King, Awuzie, Watt, Jackson, Baker, J. Davis

      (Howard Wilson?)

    • HawkTalker #1

      A=J Davis

      • HawkTalker #1

        Wilson = Quincy Wilson

        • Misfit74


          Quincy is hard to peg for me. Not sure where I’d put him on that list. Probably after Adoree.

    • peter

      G, D, A, E, B, F, H, C

    • Sea Mode

      D, B, G, E, C, A, F, H

    • RWIII

      Obi Melifonwu .

    • HawkFan907

      G, B, E, A, D, F, H, C

    • HI Hawk

      B, G, H, E, A, C, F, D.

  13. PhilS

    According to (Football Outsiders) Playmaker Score, Zay Jones is the most overrated wide receiver prospect in this class.

    • HI Hawk

      That source should be stricken then. Watch his tape, prepare to be wowed.

  14. RWIII

    Love Ju Ju Smith-Schuster.But I think he might be off board at 58.

    • C-Dog

      For what it’s worth, which probably isn’t much, I have Zay Jones going to Baltimore at pick 47, and Smith-Schuster going pick 52 to Cleveland. I got a little mid round 2 run on WRs with the Bills, Ravens, Browns, and Lions all grabbing one.

    • j

      Trade down from 26 and use what you get to trade up from 58.

      • C-Dog

        Those could be the moves.

    • Misfit74

      JuJu is another guy I like better than Zay.

      • RWIII

        Ju Ju and Zay are both good players. I don’t think either player will be on the board at 58. However the Hawks need to start getting younger on defense. But I can see why JSPC like Ju Ju Smith-Schuster and Zay Jones.

  15. nichansen01

    The offense needs to get better. So wide out makes a ton of sense. The offense lost us all the games we lost this year. Even the greenbay one. Wilson turned the ball over like 4 times…

    • Rob Staton

      It wasn’t the play at receiver that caused that nichansen01.

      Not being able to run the ball was a major problem.

      • peter

        A bit of a disagreement here sir. Kearse’s play was absolutely dreadful last year. Not being able to run the ball absolutely a/the problem.

        But one WR personified Seattle’s offensive ineptitude last year more than Fant’s rookie start, or Ifedi’s bad ankle and that was Kearse. It’s easy to see how a better run game would have changed Seattle’s fortunes last year. But how would have an upgrade from Kearse changed the fortunes? Who knows but at this point Seattle knows what Kearse is. An average to below average WR who is actually hurting the team by for whatever reason having a higher INT rate when being targeted than any other receiver and I know that stat isn’t the end all be all but also he’s a mess in the redzone.

        • Rob Staton

          Kearse had a poor year but he’s become a scapegoat among fans.

          And ultimately if he doesn’t step up in 2017 he’ll be a cap casualty in a year.

          • peter

            Rob I’m not scapegoating him. The run game was terrible last year. And Rusell was injured but after I reviewed Kearse’s career he’s just not worth anything besides the part where the team basically paid him already so they don’t get anything for cutting him.

            Scapegoating him would be if I said all or most of the offensive woes were on him. I didn’t nor do I think that. I think the offensive production last year was personified by him. And still do. A poor year would be let’s say a 50% catch rate in the red zone but when you get to mid-December with a 0% catch rate on more attempts than everyone besides Graham, that’s terrible.

            People want to point to the OLine for the problems on offense and that’s fair, but the Oline has been in flux for multiple seasons with rookies and switching positions, the run game was a mess and the injuries didn’t help but Kearse is a 5 year player and 4 year starter with the same QB and he still isn’t good.

            It just seems that people want to defend Kears and a down year when he’s had only one good year in 5. if any other player was good one out of five anythings games/seasons we’d be looking for them to be benched.

            • Rob Staton

              Kearse has never been a big production guy. He’s made some huge big plays though. That’s why they re-signed him.

              • peter

                Agreed and I think they treat him with respect that he has earned. I like Kearse and I’m a try hard guy but I think as Wilson ages just greater consistency from the position will be required.

      • nichansen01

        Two ints in the greenbay game were directly kearse and baldwins fault

        • Rob Staton

          And three were on Wilson.

          Plus it was one game. The run game issues were consistent all year.

      • 75franks

        and not sticking with the run hurt as well

  16. j

    WR is a definite need. Baldwin the only guy we can count on. Kearse had a down year, Lockett still needs to prove he can recover from the injury, Richardson has flashed production but hasn’t really done much, McEvoy is in the same boat except with a leak in it.

    WR is a higher priority than we expect IMO.

    • C-Dog

      I’ve been thinking ever sense the Tyler Lockett injury, WR was probably going to be a relatively important target. Been thinking R3, but Seattle seems to like taking them R2. As this settles in, it makes a lot of sense.

      • peter

        It’s a terrible year or at least feels like it for WR’s. But I agree with the growing sentiment for all the talk and rightfully so about DB’s, WR is going to need to be a priority. Or I hope it is. It’s a pretty thin corps and if Doug ever got injured for a stretch of games, yikes. That could get pretty ugly pretty quick.

        • C-Dog

          Exactly. The Tyler Lockett injury, P-Rich’s injury history actually compound matters a bit, in my mind. And exactly, if Doug was lost for a hand full of games, ouch. With Jones, and Taylor, seems like they also like Josh Reynolds, Chad Williams.. I think there’s a better than possible chance day two they draft a wide out.

          • Sea Mode

            Lockett is already recovered. I wouldn’t factor that in as much at the WR position. I do, however, think they will draft a KR to share/relieve him of those duties. (Brandon Wilson, Dalton Crossan)

            • C-Dog

              Lockett is already recovered? Or is it that his recovery is going well?

              • peter

                Curious as well. I couldn’t find anything besides Lockett’s doing well and the old Pete Carroll razzle dazzle where he says he should be back for the beginning of the year. Time line wise it makes sense but you never know how other muscles will change while recovering from surgery. I seem to feel like players come back only to get soft tissue tears. I hope that’s not the case.

                • C-Dog

                  Yeah, I think they are “Pete Carroll” hopeful that he will be back once the season begins.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t go that far. It’s a relative need. They could do with adding one and likely will. But they have Baldwin, Graham, Richardson, Kearse and a returning Lockett. That’s better than a lot of teams.

    • peter

      Just crunching the numbers Kearse didn’t have a down year. Not counting his first Season because if I did that his numbers would be atrocious, I just averaged out Kearse’s four seasons with Seattle:

      Here you go:

      2.5 catches/ per game

      34.6 yds/ per game

      2.75 Td’s/ per season

      57.8% catch rate.

      Honestly looking at the numbers dead on I’m over Kearse. Five seasons in (again I only averaged his 4 seasons with at least 15 games, otherwise the numbers would have been even more brutal) what is the team getting in this guy?

      • Tien

        A guy who’s made huge catches in big games? I’m not saying that Kearse is a great receiver or that he’s someone we have to keep on the team but you really shouldn’t expect much from your fourth or fifth receiver, which is what he is. The issue is/was if our OL sucks and Graham is kept in more times to help pass block, Kearse is moved up in the pecking order and Russell goes to him more often because other guys aren’t open enough and Kearse doesn’t make the catch. This issue is worse if Lockett or Baldwin is injured and Kearse moves up even more in the order and is covered by better DBs. If Kearse is used in his natural role as a 4th or 5th receiver, I think his effectiveness increases but ultimately, he’ll still have to win his spot this season. And IF Lockett comes back healthy and Richardson continues his good play, Kearse is fighting to be the fifth option at receiver, which to me is a pretty insignificant role…basically, play solid special teams and make an occasional catch during a game.

        • peter

          But He’s not the 4th or 5th receiver he’s been here five years before Lockett before Richardson. You don’t pay someone that high of a,guarantee to make a play. I think they thought he was making a natural progression and he didnt.

          • Tien

            Sure but before Lockett & Richardson got here, we didn’t have much in the way of WRs either. Assuming that Lockett is healthy for the start of the season then I see the receivers depth chart as this 1A)Graham 1B)ABD 3)Lockett 4)Richardson 5)Kearse/another receiver. I think that when Kearse was signed to the 2nd contract, the Seahawks did it as a hedge because neither Lockett & Richardson had definitively shown that they’re better than Kearse yet…and I’m still hoping that this is the year that Richardson shows the consistent production as a deep threat that we’ve been waiting for!

            • peter

              Good points in all. I like Kearse and what he did in 2015 is the kind of thing you want to see. I hope he can get back to that this year or there’s health in the WR department as nd he gets the hook early if he doesn’t bounce back.

      • Overtime

        When did we last see Kearse get a nice easy catch over the middle? Jermaine gets the deep, over the shoulder catches down the sideline. Those are hard to hang on to. With Graham and Lockett emerging there are even fewer of the mid field throws for Jermaine. He almost always has his back to the QB. His job is to take the best defender out of the defense and open the pattern for the other guys. I see on tape a lot of tough catches in traffic or with guys hanging all over him. These are not stat makers.

        • peter

          I’m not talking about tough catches which Baldwin makes as well. I’m talking about going into December with a goose egg for red zone attempts and a sub 50 % catch rate. Imagine if you will a RB failing to convert 12 straight 3rd down attempts regardless of distance most fans would be screaming bloody murder at their tv.

  17. James

    No doubt the Seahawks would be somewhat improved by adding Jones as the #4 WR, but c’mon… this team is in real trouble if they don’t add a starting CB and a starting Nickel from R1 and R2 of this draft. Perhaps Thorpe, Desir, Elliott and McDougald are ready to explode on the scene as the next LoB star, but I would not trust all my eggs to that basket.

    The quality DBs in this draft appear to go to the end of R2, and we best pluck two of them. If versatility is the key, Budda Baker can start in the nickel and take over from Earl as needed. Melifonwu could man a new Buffalo position, potentially play either safety, or may be the ideal CB in the Seahawks scheme. There are a good dozen outside CBs, and an outstanding one will be there R1, or a solid starter still there at R2. Maybe John will get lucky and Sidney Jones or Eddie Jackson will fall to R3 due to injury. What about trading next year’s R2 pick and grab Jones, since he is of value next year anyway?

    Seattle should count their blessings that the DB class is so strong, and so well matched with their needs, and fill those two slots, and not mess around with simply adding depth, as much as they like the prospect.

    • Phil


  18. Misfit74

    Interviewing Pauline? Very cool, Rob!

    I’ve not been a big fan of Zay Jones, it’s really a concern for me that he hasn’t proven a guy who can win outside and in 1-on-1 situations. He doesn’t have really special assets other than his measurables and counting stats.

    “Jones’ biggest function at ECU was acting as an extension of the running game. Screen passes, short crossers and shallow drags made up the majority of Jones’ targets and were a big reason he had the lowest yards per reception of any top receiver in the class (11.1). ”

    Godwin has everything Zay does except raw counting stats, plus a trump card: he’s the best contested catch receiver in the class, one of the best in last several years, too. He wins on a variety of routes. Very good measurables.

    Carlos Henderson is the best YAC receiver in the class and has good speed as well, also will be available a bit later than Zay Jones. A good plan B if we miss Godwin in round 2- (or Corey Davis, though I fully expect Davis gone before 26).

    I just can’t get on board with Zay. Not going to be a good value, must play from slot or use manufactured touches, not a deep threat. And, we have the best slot receiver in football already. I hope our ‘interest’ is feigned. I hope our interest in receivers is real.

    • Misfit74

      “With just an average score against man coverage and a bottom-quarter success rate when pressed, we have to wonder if Jones projects as an effective outside receiver at the NFL level. An inability to win off the line of scrimmage in duels with boundary cornerbacks is essentially a death sentence for wide receivers. To further complicate matters, his contested catch conversion rate of 54.5 checked in below the two-year average and in the 30th percentile. As such, Jones’ best role may be as an interior receiver in the NFL.” ~Matt Harmon

      • Sea Mode

        “I did not see much in his game to believe he can override his lack of size to develop into a high-end starter. His ability on the comeback route is inconsistent, and those demonstrate issues he has with contact and how his size will hinder him. In contested situations, he looked uncomfortable and unable to regularly bring home the catches. Even when he did make the reception, he would sometimes juggle or double catch the ball. Expect those windows to tighten, and those chances to get more difficult, at the pro level.

        […] He thrived when lined up on the right side of the field, and the secondary gave him wide-open space to work with. Yet, when a cornerback matched up with him on the right, he pressed and played physical with the diminutive receiver. The receiver backed down from the challenge, failed to make due in the contested environment, and seemed to lose confidence in his hands. These issues were apparent in other games, but they were blatant and loud on that tape. He can fill a role for an NFL offense, especially a timing based and creative system. Just don’t get fooled by the talk he can do much more.”

        Trump card: none.

        Pro comparison: all the wide outcomes of Emmanuel Sanders, but less impressive in contested situations.

        ~Matt Harmon

        Yes, everybody hits some and misses some, and my point is not to discredit Harmon or say he is surely wrong in his assessment of Zay Jones, but just to remind everyone how much grit and dedication to one’s craft can end up making all the difference. The above report is of Tyler Lockett.

  19. D-OZ

    OK ye’all, we can exonerate the projection of McDowell in the first round. Why do you think the Hawks had him in? they know he is going to be available in the 2nd round. I believe if Obi, Watt and Robinson are off the board they will trade down. They may take Jay and look at McDowell @ 58. I think their Thinking is maybe they can get the best out off McDowell. There are a lot of other options that I like such as Walker, Kpassonong, Hall, Willis, Basham, Adams, Tomlinson, who I think is underrated. I would move up in the 3rd or trade down in the 2nd to take Dobbs. That is the player I want most out of this draft outside of their two 1st selections. GO HAWKS!!! SCREECHING HAWKS!!!!

    • Sea Mode

      Why did they have him in? The same reason I think they had Jourdan Lewis, Stringfellow, Chad Kelly, and surely many others in with perceived “issues” of one sort or another: they want to dig into each case and find out for themselves about each guy. Not just ride with the popular narrative and write the guy off.

  20. Kyle

    I’m very perplexed by the draft this year. I am of the defensive mindset when it comes to building my team. But I just can’t get over the fact that we could have Ross… I think he is going to light it up with that speed and separation in the NFL. If he were there it would be hard for me to pass on. But that being said, if someone like Humphrey was there it would be a no brainer for me. If we can get an outside corner that is a lockdown then I would jump for joy.

    • peter

      I don’t think the team could have Ross. I have no idea what is going on in Mike Mayock’s mind or anyone else for that matter who believes that John Ross is a draft day slider.

      People want to hammer him for being small but dude played injured and at the expense of reiterating what his agent said he did go ahead and set the combine record. Plus he a super good technician that can only get better and not some lazy WR that rounds routes and runs his own route tree.

      I think offensive weapon like a WR or TE is a better bet than outside Corner. I dont know why but Rob has talked me off of the Kevin King train and onto the Awuzie, nickel express. I think some of it may be that the way Seattle plays they aren’t as dependent on “lock down corners,” by covering their halves. I think that having Sherman being one of the best in the game is an amazing bonus but if you really look at who they have considered for their outside corners it’s been a bunch of long guys, who had amazing protection with Earl and Kam.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Essentially. The slide is about his medical history. Several draftnicks have stated they have heard WR ROSS is off the table for some teams in the draft. They won’t draft him, no matter what round. Perhaps the concern is also about durability…. long term. Not saying he is a bad player or prospect, but I can see why some teams might be hesitant.

        • Misfit74

          To be fair he has a nasty injury history. Extensive, serious. He’s bounced back very nicely. I think he’s better than Will Fuller and P. Dorsett were coming out. Speed like that is valuable. Some team will take the risk. Probable he goes top 25. I could see him going 10 picks higher, as well. However, injuries and drafting is hard to know. 2nd round wouldn’t surprise me a whole lot either. I think ultimately he’s too good and too fast as a stretch-X receiver for some teams not to discount his medicals and snap him up. He will open up a lot for an offense that has other weapons. He will unstack the box for a running game, too. When he’s not injured.

          • peter

            I get the injury history I really do but you and I like Corey Davis and that guy hasn’t done anything this offseason if I recall. I just think a team that can roll with 12 games of production will get a great, great player within the frame work that he’s probably going to be injured but when he’s not it could be amazing.

            I’m probably using Seattle as the template as well. Lockett, Prich, Seattle seems (frustratingly so) to roll with guys that are known to have or have high likelihoods of injury risk because of size and playing style.

  21. Nano

    Great work, Rob. Killing it, as always. Thoughts on Jeremy Clark, CB, Michigan? Seems to have the physical profile at a low risk.

    • Rob Staton

      He had a big injury and missed the season, so it’s hard to say where he’s at in terms of recovery. He fits the size profile. He could be an UDFA they look at.

  22. KD

    What a baller

  23. David Ashton

    Something interesting I saw on Draft Analyst.

    It basically compares 2 un-named teams top 32. The interesting bit to me was the following 2 statements.

    “4 – Neither team feels Foster’s teammate, cornerback Marlon Humphrey, grades as one of the top 32 players in the draft. We reported earlier this week that more and more teams are comparing Humphrey to Dee Milliner as a straight-line cornerback.

    5 – When asked about UConn defensive back Obi Melifonwu being a potential top-32 prospect, the response from both teams was unanimous — no way.”

    How do you take on these two statements ? Might be something to discuss when interviewing Tony, Rob. These two would certainly be on my radar for 26 but the feedback on Obi leaves little room for ambiguity

    • Ed

      It was touched on in the last article I think. Basically, all it takes is one team to rate Obi and Humphrey as top 32, and if they want the player, they can’t wait until 55-64, they have to take them earlier. If Dallas only rates Obi as at 40-45, they have to take them at 28, because they for sure wouldn’t get them at 56. I like other corners more than Humphrey, but I really like the idea of a freak athlete that can play football. However, with how deep the draft is, I would be ok dropping down and still coming away with 1 of (Peppers/Jackson/Baker/Obi/Wilson/Tankersley/Bowser/Davis)

    • peter

      It’s a good piece for drumming up conversation with the Unanimous – no way, bit. For me you have to wonder/believe Seattle sees something in Obi. They have had a lot of talks with him. Sure they could be just doing due diligence but to what end? Have they had as many visits with any other player? I guess my perspective is that the team with one of the best secondaries in the league 5 years running is talking to a player multiple times I have to sit up and think they aren’t the team that says “no way.”

  24. Kyle

    I did some wheeling and dealing but this was what my draft ended up looking like. Not realistic but it would be amazing.

    Your Picks:
    Round 2 Pick 6 (LAC): Garett Bolles, OT, Utah (A)
    Round 2 Pick 17 (WASH): Adoree’ Jackson, CB, Southern California (A)
    Round 3 Pick 7 (LAC): Chris Godwin, WR, Penn State (A)
    Round 3 Pick 12 (N.O.): Sidney Jones, CB, Washington (B)
    Round 3 Pick 26: Eddie Jackson, SS, Alabama (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 39 (N.O.): Carroll Phillips, OLB, Illinois (B-)
    Round 3 Pick 42 (COMP): Brian Allen, CB, Utah (C-)
    Round 6 Pick 26: Zane Gonzalez, K, Arizona State (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 8: Grover Stewart, DT, Albany State (C+)

    • peter

      It’s not bad and it’d be cool if a lot of it fell that way.

      Seattle probably isn’t going to be picking Jones in any round. It’s not the injury. He’s a little dude for playing outside corner. Sub 72 inch wingspan on a 6-foot dude with sub 32-inch arms? That’s a lot of things going against him not counting a torn Achilles.

    • C-Dog

      It’s starting to feel like Grover Stewart could be a serious climber in this draft. Might even work himself into the later stages of Day 2.

      • Trevor

        Agree If you want Stewart I think you need to take him in Rd #3.

    • Overtime

      We picked up John Lunsford so I don’t see the Hawks using a draft pick on a kicker.

  25. Old but Slow

    Wait. The draft is only a few days away? I have boards to build, I need to get my slot/lb/ safety/ hybrid/ buffalo/ gorilla/nickel guy who can transform this defense. With only days to put this together, I will be a lame wraith under the wisdom of Rob and his minions.

    No problem, I’ll just take Rob’s judgements as mine, and who’s to argue?

    Thanks, Rob.

  26. RWIII

    Hypothetical Question. Let’s say the Hawks take 4 players on defense with their first five picks. You have three options for the one pick on offense. Where would you go?

    1) Offensive line

    2)) Wide-Receiver

    3) Tight-End.

    Note: In this hypothetical BPA is not an option.

    • Ed

      1. TE
      2. WR
      3. OL

      Graham probably gone next year, Wilson too. NV needs some help.

      • Rob Staton

        They can easily retain Graham on the franchise tag, extending his current deal by a year

        • Overtime

          We can easily extend Willson, too. There wasn’t much interest in him in free agency.

        • Misfit74


          Maybe we draft a younger LB and retain Graham over Wright? What happens with Sherman in his age 30 season? Never know the crazy maneuvering this team can do. Somehow, we need Graham a long term Seahawk. Especially if he has a healthy 2017 season. TEs can age well and Graham is a HoF type of talent. Keep him and Clark. We will have cap room next year. A lot of 1 year deals will also be up.

          • peter

            Flashes of Antonio gates being a hundred and still producing for the chargers.

            • Misfit74


    • peter

      WR. I don’t think Seattle will be in Range for Njoku or Engram regardless of where they picked an offensive player. I think there are some interesting WR’s that are draftable from Zay jones to Godwin and as for Offensive line without a major trade I can only see Asiata in the first three rounds. Bolles being out of reach. I’m willing to be wrong but I don’t like Ramczyk’s game. Not a fan of Robinson. Maybe Dion Dawkins, maybe Taylor Moton. Not feeling Nico Siragusa for anything besides yet another back-up guard which it feels Seattle has in spades. The Mtn West isn’t exactly a test of talent game to game.

      • RealRhino2

        WR for me, too. We have Graham, Willson and Vannett; think we can get a TE that could be our 2nd or 3rd TE in the 5th or later. The OL by that point are going to be developmental guys, probably, and I don’t think we need another guard or another project OT. The most immediately useful and probably long-term productive guy we could get in the late 3rd is at WR.

        • Tien

          WR for me also, for the same reasons as Peter & Rhino2.

      • Misfit74

        I think Engram will be in our range, but so may be a valuable DB.

  27. D-OZ

    Possible team’s wanting to trade up into the 3rd round to get their guy who have two or more picks in the 4th round. Team’s with 2 picks; Bill’s, Packers, Broncos, NE, Vikings, Chicago and the Browns have three selection’s in the 4th round. Our 106 is going to be GOLD. Just sayin… GO HAWKS!!!!

  28. D-OZ

    I think the Hawks will turn one of those late 3rd rounders into a 4th and a 5th.

  29. Phil

    Assuming that Sherman stays with the Seahawks, the biggest need I see in the draft is a slot defender. But not a “big” guy to take on TEs or hybrid slot receivers, but an extremely quick, agile guy to defend against the Edelman/Amendola’s in the NFL. Looking forward (optimistically), I see another SB matchup with the Pats and their smurf-led passing attack.

    In this perspective, another approach would be to draft an interior pass rusher who could move Brady out of his comfort zone. But these guys are rarer than hen’s teeth ….. Does Michael Bennett have any younger brothers?

    • RealRhino2

      Rules question. Is there a good reason — other than the threat of the inside run and losing defensive balance — that one of the LBs doesn’t just pop the crossing slot receiver? That feels like 80% of NE’s offense: Edelman goes in motion from outside, snap ball, he’s already got a step his defender, crosses directly in front of LBs, Brady hits him when he pops out clean on the other side and he runs for another 6-7 yards. He’s literally two steps in front of the LB; why not just step up and hit him?

      • Comfect

        Among other things that may be true there, there’s the risk that if Brady is releasing the ball when you pop him it’s DPI, automatic first down.

        • CDub

          Edelman is so annoying! Watching the Pats is just a dink and dunk fest with that sneaky bastard getting 7 yards and squirming away from the defense. Seems like a smaller guy/slot corner (Awuzie, A. Jackson) would be better at covering guys like that than a bigger buffalo type guy. (Obi, McDougald.)

          • Phil

            Budda would be my pick.

      • Overtime

        The defenders cannot impede the progress of the WR beyond 5 yards past the LOS. Defensive PI is also called if the defender has not turned his head toward the QB in an attempt to intercept the ball.

        • RealRhino2

          IIRC, the plays I am talking about are within 5 yards of the LOS. He crosses in front of the linebackers before they’ve dropped. And Brady never throws to him until he’s come out the other side, again, IIRC. I’d have to go look at video to confirm. I’m not necessarily even talking about laying him out. Seems you could see him crossing and just take a couple of steps forward to beat him to the spot to redirect him.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            This is the whole pick route/ run route argument. Why the Patriots have tons of trouble with the Seattle defense is that they are able to jam WR on the LOS… throwing off timing. Patriots offense is actually pretty simple in a few ways… they rarely throw up the sidelines and rely mostly on the underneath 1-5 yards + big plays after the catch. The one thing the Patriots are exceptional, imo, is the use of RBs in traditional WR or TE spots, to get production.

          • Phil

            Another approach is to rush 3 DL and have the extra guy step back with the idea of disrupting the short crossing route. Mix it up, of course, so the same guy isn’t always dropping back.

  30. nichansen01

    What’s up with so many people still grading Evans late third l? Same with Demarcus Walker and Jourdan Lewis.

    • peter

      I’m not the biggest Evan’s fan but I still think he is picked in the first by someone, maybe he drops to the top 40. Maybe. He’s got talent for sure.

      Demarcus Walker is falling and no one seems to no why.

      I’m not sure as many fans/mock drafters/ etc are as keyed into Seattle’s needs for a nickel and the 4-2-5. I mean the national narrative STILL discusses the need for number one corners to run around the field chasing WR. I think many old school coaches look at the game the same way and as such a team running a 3-4 or a base 4-3 isn’t going to value Jourdan Lewis as highly because he’s not an outside corner.

  31. nichansen01

    How would this blog react to:
    1. Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State
    2. Zay Jones, WR, East Carolina
    3. Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan
    3. Demarcus Walker, DE, Florida State
    3. Brandon Wilson, S/PR/KR/CB, Houston

    Some people would hate this. Personally, I’d be thrilled.

    • Comfect

      If this happened, I wouldn’t be ecstatic, but I’d assume it meant the team had done their due diligence on McDowell–so I’d trust but verify on that pick. The rest of it seems fine, and it does address most of the areas of major concern (besides OL and LB, but those are the areas they’ve been most active in during free agency).

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think anyone would hate it.

      You can be objective about a player like McDowell and offer a view on a prospect without automatically taking a position of ‘hating’ his selection.

      • Scraps

        Maybe I will not exactly =hate= theoretically picking McDowell — but I will be theoretically very unhappy. And I trust Schneider and Carroll to the point where I never (so far) had been very unhappy for a pick. I really don’t think they will pick McDowell, therefore. (Right, Pete & John? Right?)

    • Misfit74

      I’d be surprised and unhappy only in that guys I like weren’t picked except Lewis, and some guys I don’t like I’d hope I was wrong about. Plus, those are physically gifted players. I’d take comfort in that.

  32. nichansen01

    Also off topic-ish:

    I really like some of the players that will be coming out of Washington next year.

    The top five, in my opinion, will be DT Vita Vea (6-5, 332 LBS), OT Trey Adams (6-8, 320 lbs) DT Greg Gaines (6’2, 321 lbs), OT Kaleb McGary (6’7, 308 lbs) and Dante Pettis (6-1, 192 lbs)

    In my opinion, the play of Trey Adams is pretty underrated. He had a perfect game against Alabama. I wonder how athletic he is though.

  33. RWIII

    Nuch. I am glad your thrilled. I see you recognize that the Seahawks NEED both a defensive tackle and a wide receiver. I agree. But I am definitely passing on McDowell at least in the first two rounds. Maybe in third but by then sone desperate team will have taken a chance on him . To me I don’t know if I risk a third round pick on McDowell. Jourdan Lewis will go in the 2nd round.

  34. FuzzyLOgic

    Would love Zay at 58 but no earlier.

    My hopes for 26:

    1. E. Engram (Use him at TE or WR)
    2. C. Awuzie
    3. A. Jackson
    4. G. Bolles
    5. TJ. Watt

  35. RWIII

    In regards to my Hypothetical question. Which direction the Hawks should go if they only had I pick on offense in the first three rounds

    1) Wide-Receiver

    2) Tight-End

    3) Offensive line.

    Note : I have ALWAYS believed that games have been WON in the trenches. WHY does the Seahawks struggle against the Rams/Cardinals? Answer : The Rams/Cardinals defensive line has beaten our offensive line. I do believe our offensive line will be much improved for a number of reasons.

    1) Justin Britt has solidified the most important important position on the offensive line. Britt is also in his contract year.

    2) I am hearing a lot of good things about George Fant. If (and that is a big if) Fant can play well that would be HUGE.

    3) Oday Obushi/ Luke have added depth to offensive line. BTW they lots of incentives to play well . They are both on one year deals.

    4) Ifedi, Odiambo now have a year under their belt. Glowinski two years under his belt.

    In answer to my Hypothetical. I don’t know that is why I asked the question. I know one thing. The Hawks NEED to PROTECT Russell Wilson. One reason the running attack struggled is because Russell Wilson was not healthy. What good does it us to have a Ju Ju Smith-Schuster if Russell Wilson is on his back? Part of the reason the Hawks struggle in pass protection is because Russell Wilson holds on to the ball too long But then Wilson throws very few ints. So there is give/take.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Joey Hunt might be the starting Center next year :O

      • nichansen01

        No no no. I hope not.

  36. Sea Mode

    Well, looks like Warren Sapp has an interesting take on Myles Garrett at #1 overall…

    “I don’t see it from this kid,” Sapp said Sunday about Garrett. “I see the splash plays — everybody gets those. Where’s the game he took over? Where? Any defensive lineman who’s the No. 1 pick, you turn up and you say, ‘There it is!’ This kid, no, I don’t. I’m a pretty plain and frank guy, and I watch the tape and he disappears. I watch the tape and he absolutely disappears.”

    “It’s all about measurable,” he said. “Once you hit the measurable, it’s tough to get them old scout people off the numbers, and that’s what [Garrett] has. He’s big and he’s fast. Now some defensive line coach is thinking, ‘I can turn him into something.’ How? I’m trying to figure this out. Really? Are we lowering the bar?”

    “I see a lazy kid that makes four plays a game,” Sapp said. “This is the No. 1 guy? No, no, no. This ain’t even close.”

    • RealRhino2

      Not the first DL that’s said it. Booger McFarland (old LSU DT) on ESPN and Stephen White (old Tennessee DT) on SB Nation have raised the same concerns. Question is, if he isn’t, who is? Solomon Thomas, who also disappeared? The QBs with second-round grades? The WRs, with a broken foot, and broken neck or a broken shoulder? Or the CB with broken hamstrings?

      • Rob Staton

        I must’ve missed the times when Solomon Thomas disappeared.

        All this talk about Garrett is just more of the same lazy narrative. People’s expectations when watching the highest rated players have become unrealistic.

  37. RWIII

    Here are some options in the third round(offensive line ) for the Seahawks.

    1) Julian Davenport
    Davenport is your idea left tackle. Long arms. Balanced. Idea size. Athletic, agile, explosive, stays on his feet, mobile. Strong anchor.

    2) Adam Bisnowaty
    Tenacious. Smart. Strong. Techique is very good. , Bisnowaty would bring an attitude that’s been missing since Giacomini left.

    3) Isaac Asiata

    4) Nico Siragusa

    Much has been mentioned about Asiata and Siragusa.

    • Darth12er

      If the link to the Pauline article at the top is accurate, I highly doubt Asiata lasts until the late 3rd…unfortunately. I’d be surprised if they don’t target a guard with Center versatility though. I really don’t see Hunt as a long term guy.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Davenport for all his years of starting has terrible technique and it’s gonna take some serious work to resolve these issues.

  38. RWIII

    Anyone have any thoughts on Kenny Lawler?

    • Sea Mode

      Could be a reason not to take another possession receiver. Target another profile.

      • Coleslaw

        I don’t think Lawler is a possession receiver, he’s slow and slim, tall and explosive. He seems more like an extraordinary catch specialist to me

    • Darth12er

      I’m still shocked the Hawks took a 7th round WR that didn’t have any special teams value. Personally I think he’ll be lucky to make the PS this year…but you never know I guess

  39. Darth12er

    Draft analyst is a website I’ve completely forgotten about over the last month. Good info in there. Interesting WR is a day 2 proliority, but I definitely buy it. I look forward to the Pauline interview. Found this interesting about what he had to say about Obi, #5 at the bottom

    And this article was a great read, played QB in high school

    I want Obi so bad…

  40. Sea Mode

    Was just watching some Awuzie. Check out what Jimmie Gilbert can do with his length. He’s lined up at RDE on this play:

  41. CharlieTheUnicorn

    So let’s say.. at #58 you had a choice between Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State or Zay Jones, WR, East Carolina.. who would you take?

    I would take the DT. I can see a fit and depth is always welcome.

    I’m not feeling it for Jones. Jones for Jones if you will. He appears to be a possession receiver, but played in a wide-open offense, inflating some numbers. I agree that Seattle will be looking for a WR in the draft, but I’m not convinced this is “their” guy.

    • Volume12

      Jones. Hands down. Perfect possession receiver.

      I’ll take DT Larry Ogunjobi over McDowell.

      • Kenny Sloth


        • Volume12

          Having said that, it wouldn’t surprise me if Seattle did go with McDowell.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            It would surprise me. McDowell seems entirely unSeahawky

            • peter

              So unseahawky. Agreed but dline depth is so thin they may think it’s a great value. I think he’s a draft day slider.

  42. HawkFan907

    My Realistic No-Trade Scenario for the Hawks. I know some players may fall but I see this as being completely possible:

    1. Obi Melifonwu – Buffalo Nickel – Allows us to use McDougald as depth behind both safety positions and slot. McDougald may start earlier in the year while Obi is still pretty raw, but IMO Obi becomes the future in the LOB.

    2. Zay Jones – WR – A total yards/catches HOG out of ECU. Great interview and character. Perfect replacement for Kearse after he is gone next year. Needs to improve blocking downfield during run plays (I’m making this assessment on a couple of plays I watched this year. Not much tape on this particular skillset).

    3. Isaac Asiata – G – One of my favorite prospects in the draft. Will run you into the ground and punishes players at the second level. With Gilliam gone to the 9ers, Ifedi kicking out to RT, and Odhiambo there at Backup Tackle, we will need another guard to push Glow and Aboushi. Could be a starter from Day 1 given his intensity and work ethic.

    3. Eddie Vanderdoes – DT – Beast inside. He will take over for Rubin when he leaves. Has the ability to create inside pressure.

    3. Carroll Phillips – OLB – Met with the Hawks and will compete at SAM

    6. Brandon Wilson – CB – Perfect Dynamic Slot corner. They may have to select him earlier but given current projections this is a reasonable spot. My gut is that he goes in the 4th.

    7. Kai Nacua – S – Great production out of BYU and a great workout. Should be a great ST player right out of the gate and provides solid safety depth.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’ll take that. Would prefer Luani to Vanderdoes and take a DT later

    • peter

      I like this draft as is. Great for just looking at straight needs vs. Draft spot.

  43. RWIII

    Hawk Fan. Not bad.. Obi Melifonwu gives Pete Carroll so many options on defense . If he is off the board then trade down.

  44. Volume12

    Liking this kid more and more. Cool IV here. SR bowl WR you say?

    • sdcoug

      I’ve been pushing that train all draft season. Here’s a bit of what I’ve posted about him previously:

      My favorite WR no one talks about: Josh Reynolds – Texas A&M

      Production: 2,778 yds in 3 years. Led SEC as senior with 1,039 yds. Tied conf. lead w 12 TDs
      Grit: put up 842-13td as a soph a a torn labrum in his shoulder
      Special Teams: downed 3 punts inside the 10 yd line
      Big play: as a senior, 11 0f 61 catches were more than 30yds
      Senior Bowl: 5-96-1 (Hawks like senior bowl performers)

      “We’ve had some record-breaking dudes (Mike Evans), but Josh, talent-wise, might be the best. He might be the best I’ve ever coached.” – David Beaty ( former a&m assistant)

    • Sea Mode

      Great interview. Zay Jones is a really good interview as well, probably #3 that I’ve heard this year after Jarrad Davis and Awuzie.

  45. RWIII

    BTW As much as I like Melifonwu. One of my favorite players in this draft has to be Jordan Willis. If Obi is off the board I would consider trading down and then taking him Brock Huard thinks Willis could go first round.

  46. RWIII

    BTW: I think Forrest Lamp is the best offensive lineman in this draft.

  47. Josh emmett

    Stoked for the Pauline innterview, way rad he gave you some time around this crazy ass time of the year. Good for you Rob

  48. RWIII

    Hawk Talk. I heard Federer and Isner are,going to be in Seattle. My guess this is a charity event.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Oh man. Would be great to see. Occasionally I drive over from Phoenix to the PNB in Palm Springs to see him play.

  49. Isaac

    I had a short discussion today with Rob on twitter about why the HAWKS would draft a nickel corner in the first round. Last year Jeremy lane played 71% of the snaps and he knows the system. I’m thinking a rooming coming in wouldn’t know the system. I’m thinking I’d rather have an offensive line or outside cb who could come in and play 100% of the snaps immediately. This to me enforces the trade down theory

    • HawkTalker #1

      Hey no private Twitter chats pal. 😉

      • Isaac

        Rob is the best. Just a friendly chat between 2 hawks fans!

  50. Drew G

    If the seahawks are interested in a mid round WR, what are your thoughts on VT’s Isaiah Ford?

  51. Jujus

    Schneider says Dion Jordan is a littler heavier now that he used to be. Sees him on defensive line and like him as interior rusher.


  52. Jujus

    Also per the Schnieder Press conference as of now unless someone calls with something crazy the sherman trade is dead.

  53. JimQ

    If the Seahawks are interested in WR-Zay Jones and pick him in Round 1 or 2, are they getting the
    best value with their draft pick? IMO-The alternative to a Zay Jones early round pick is to use one
    of the 3-rd round comp picks on WR-Taywan Taylor. Here are the #’s on both. On the one hand,
    Jones is 3″ taller but Taylor has better ypc & more consistent production & TD’s. They seem to be
    close on workout #’s. So, who’s the better draft value to you guys?

    WR-Zay Jones, E. Carolina, 6-2/201, 32.5″-arms, 9″ hands — NFL grade 5.71 – A likely Rd-2 pick
    4.45/40, 15-reps, 36.5″-Vert, 133″-Broad, 6.79-3cone, 4.01-20yd shuttle, 11.17-60yd shuttle
    2016: 158 rec for 1746-ypc & 8-TD’s, 11.05-ypc avg.
    2015: 98 rec for 1099-ypc & 5-Td’s, 11.21-ypc avg.
    2014: 81 rec for 830-ypc & 5-TD’s, 10.24-ypc avg.
    2014: 62 rec for 604-yds & 5-TD;s, 9.74-ypc avg.
    CAREER: 399 rec for 4279-yds & 23-TD’s, 10.72-ypc avg.
    —- 1 TD for every 17.35 receptions 4/24/2017 ranking = #62-overall, projected Rd-2 4/17/2017 ranking = #42-overall 4/23/2017 ranking = #36-overall

    WR-Taywan Taylor, W. Kentucky, 5-11/203, 32-5/8″-arms, 9-1/4″-hands — NFL grade 5.66 – A likely Rd-3 pick
    4.50/40, 13-reps, 33.5″-vert, 132″-Broad, 6.57-3xone, 4.21-20-yd shuttle, 11.21-60-yd shuttle
    2016: 98 rec for 1730-yds & 17-TD’s, 17.65-ypc avg.,
    2015: 86 rec for 1467-yds & 17-TD’s, 17.05-ypc avg,
    2014: 45 rec for 767-yds & 7-TD’s, 17.04-ypc avg.
    2013: 24 rec for 270-yds & 0-TD’s, 11.25-ypc avg.
    CAREER: 253 rec for 4234-yds & 41-TD’s, 16.74-ypc avg.
    —- 1 TD for every 16.2 receptions, (would be 1 TD for every 10.27 rec if he had 399-rec like Jones) 4/24/2017 ranking = #110-overall, projected Rd-3-ish. 4/17/217 ranking = #103-overall 4/23/2017 ranking = #104-verall

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