Quick draft notes for Sunday

Just a few notes from the three games I watched on Saturday. Firstly though — if you’re in the UK I’ll be on national radio again tonight covering all of the early games and then commentary on San Diego @ Atlanta, check it out if you get a chance. Here’s the link to the show and you should be able to listen live online from 7:30pm UK time.

— Leonard Fournette showed this week why he needs to be legitimately considered as the #1 overall pick. Yes the RB position has weakened in value over the years. Yet any team that needs an identity — an offensive weapon that will DEMAND attention week after week — they have to consider Fournette. He benefitted from some excellent blocking vs Ole Miss but he ran away from the defense on three occasions for huge touchdowns. He had 284 yards on just 16 carries (!!!). I can’t recall a player with Fournette’s combination of burst, suddenness, power and size (235lbs). I’ve never wanted the Seahawks to trade multiple first round picks but you could probably twist my arm on the suggestion for Fournette. He is the Julio Jones of the running back position.

— It wasn’t a good day for Ole Miss but Marquis Haynes had a sack/fumble and looks like a legit candidate to play LB/EDGE. He is a very intriguing player and if the Seahawks want to add someone to compete for the Mike Morgan/KPL/Marsh position, Haynes would be a really solid bet. Plus he should be available in the middle rounds. He’s a playmaker.

— The Ole Miss offense had a horrible day. It’s shocking that anyone has ever mocked Chad Kelly in the first round. His second pick vs LSU looked like his first read was the DB. I guess he was wide open. He is a mistake-prone turnover machine.

— Evan Engram had his first quiet game of the season against a good opponent. LSU keyed in on him — on some occasions using three guys to cover him. He had a bad drop in the red zone but why Chad Kelly threw him the ball with three defenders around him only he knows. Even if he makes the catch he probably doesn’t get in. Statistically he only had 15 yards but the respect he commanded by LSU all night is indicative of his talent.

— Auburn’s Carl Lawson looked really good against Arkansas. He was blatantly held on numerous occasions (wasn’t called) had half a sack (looked like a full one) and an interception wiped off for an offside flag. He doesn’t have the sudden get-off you see from Myles Garrett, Tim Williams and Dawuane Smoot but his ability to avoid blocks and work into the backfield is impressive. He has 6.5 sacks this season and is a strong candidate to go in round one.

— The Alabama defense was incredible against Texas A&M. Where to start? Jonathan Allen had arguably his best game of the season with a flying ‘Superman’ sack, a fumble recovery for his second TD of the year and numerous pressures. He was a grown man out there competing against an overmatched A&M O-line. Tim Williams exploded for two huge sacks with fantastic athleticism and burst, Ryan Anderson is consistently very good without being flashy and Marlon Humphrey had a fantastic interception. Reuben Foster was also flying around to the tune of 12 tackles.

— It’s very possible that Allen, Williams, Foster and Humphrey all go in the top 10/12 picks. Seriously.

— One other quick note — we’ve talked about Joe Mixon before. Against Texas Tech’s weak defense he had 263 rushing yards, 114 receiving yards and FIVE total touchdowns.


  1. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Jonathan Allen jumped off the page on a few other sites as well. His stock will rise if he continues to produce and is disruptive…..

    I would not discount a guy drawing triple team coverage. That is the ultimate respect. Evan Engram has a chance to be a very special WR in the NFL.

    A guy not mentioned, but you should… Jake Browning had yet again a solid outing. I’m not quite ready to say he should be a Heisman finalist, but if he keeps up the pace of TDs to INTs…. he will be right there in the end. Some of the early preseason favorite have completely fallen on their faces this season.

    Oh yeah, one last thing….
    Seattle will don its alternate all-grey uniforms for the Week 7 primetime match-up, a combination that has recorded seven wins and zero losses since the Seahawks debuted their new Nike digs ahead of the 2012 season. ~ NFL.com

    • Volume12

      The only worrisome thing for me about Engram last night, was the fact he struggled against the quicker, more agile CBs he’ll see at the next level because he’s a big slot receiver.

      Now, obviously 1 game won’t impact his stock, but it’s something to monitor IMO.

  2. Sea Mode

    That is seriously in contention for the most awesome gif ever!

  3. Volume12

    Ole Miss Marquis Haynes is a draft crush of mine. I’ll keep banging the table for him. He’s not a hand in the dirt DE, but can do it in a specialized role. Let him drop back as an OLB at the next level, turn him loose on 3rd downs.

    In 3-4 years the NFL is gonna be filled with these 6’3-6’4, 230-240 pound hybrid LB/DEs. Just like the NBA is with all the lean, long, athletic, stretch 4’s.

  4. Volume12

    Rob, was gonna ask ya if you’ve seen UCLA’s EDGE Takkarist ‘Takk’ McKinley this year, but then thought, they probably don’t show a ton of PAC 12 games over there huh?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Just saw Cal’s QB Davis Webb for the first time against my Ducks. Needless to say he had a pretty good game.

      This QB class is interesting in that it has something for everyone. A great clipboard holder in JT Barrett, a wily scat QB in Deshaun Watson, injury red flags in athletic freak Seth Russell, a brash, embarrassing gunslinger with Chad Kelly and a talented soft spoken QB that may never reach his full potential in Deshone Kizer

      • Volume12

        There ya are. Was wonderin’ where ya went yesterday? Was having fun choppin’ it up with ya.

        That’s a great way of describing this QB class. Kind of Baskin N’ Robbins huh? 31 flavors.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I was frying my man. Trashing this young body while I got it and I’m not getting drug tested by the nfl.

          So you think the Hawks will pick up a rookie to push Boykin? I think a veteran is much more likely

          • Kenny Sloth

            Got salmon and shrooms

            Call it a fish-fry??

            • Volume12

              That’s right. I forgot u were trippin’ balls. I’ve done Shrooms about a dozen times and the last couple times, I had bad trips. Felt like I was melting! So it’s been about 8-9 years. No more for me man.

              ‘Fish-Fry.’ I like that. Clever and funny AF. ?

              I agree. Think a vet is much more likely at QB.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Might be able to deal Boykin for a conditional pick.

                • Volume12

                  That’s tough to see. Don’t know why they would before next pre-season.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    That’s what I meant. During training camp

    • Rob Staton

      We get some — Washington v Stanford was one. But it’s usually SEC or Big 10. Sometimes they replay the PAC 12 games on Sunday. Only had one UCLA game I think so far (vs Stanford) and didn’t focus on McKinley but will check him out.

  5. Volume12

    Minnesota’s injuries finally catching up to them? It was inevitable that QB Sam Bradford would regress to his norm.

    And should the Rams draft a QB this year? Oh wait….?

  6. Michael (CLT)

    Jay Ajayi… so bummed he is not a Seahawk.

  7. cha

    Gregg Bell
    ‪#Seahawks‪ inactives: Kam Chancellor again, C.J. Spiller, Thomas Rawls, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Rees Odhiambo, Luke Willson, Quinton Jefferson‬

    Gregg Bell
    ‏@gbellseattle Gregg Bell Retweeted Gregg Bell
    Spiller inactive means #Seahawks may run rookie RB C.J. Prosise on early downs to give Christine Michael a break. Micheal has had wear/tear.

    • Kenny Sloth

      No KPL means Ca$$iu$ Marsh get that 1/3rd of the snaps

      • Volume12

        Depends. Last week KPL played 60-something % and same with week 2 against LA. Mike Morgan played over 60%.

  8. Volume12

    Is Atlanta gonna do what they did last year and start to fade?

    Man if San Diego could ever hold a lead in the 4th quarter, they’d be like 6-1. QB Phillip Rivers is phenomenal! Truly one of the best.

  9. Volume12

    Get ready for the ‘trade for OT Joe Thomas’ talk. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t end up in Minnesota.

    • Kenny Sloth

      And Matt Khalil in Seattle, V?

      • Volume12

        Oohh. Intriguing. (Rubs chin). Haven’t really thought of that, but it makes s ton of sense with the PC connection and Kalil, even off an injury and coming off a bad year, is better than any OT in this years class.

        • Kenny Sloth

          And he’s an exceptional scheme fit. Used to a physical play style and was at one point a top 5(?) pick. Did Bevell ever coach him?

          • Kenny Sloth

            4th overall and he was drafted the year Bevell left

    • Aaron

      You jinxed us!

  10. Volume12

    The bad guys in primetime. America’s most hated team. I love it!

    #Go Hawks!

  11. Volume12

    Gilliam is slo damn bad! I know ‘Zona blitzes like crazy, but come on man.

  12. Volume12

    We need a f***n’ RB! At the moment, might just be the biggest need.

  13. Kenny Sloth

    Jarran Reed getting impact penetration

    • Kenny Sloth

      Tony McDaniel too

      Bobby Wagner cleared the LS on a FG block

  14. Volume12

    BWagz pulling a Bam Bam. That woulda been a horses**t call. Glad that didn’t.

  15. Volume12

    This offense is trash without a run game man.

    • rowdy

      Agreed. Absolutely trash right. Hopefully we play are usual 2 minute drill

      • Volume12

        That’s what I’m hoping too.

        Look at that. Picked up a 1st down running the ball. What an anamoly!

    • Volume12

      BTW, RW looks off. Does not look healthy at all.

      • rowdy

        This is the worst I ever seen him play. Looks scared or distracted.

        • Volume12

          Is he the new age, mobile game manager? I hate asking that, but damn.

          Going through his reads has never been his strong suit anyways.

  16. rowdy

    Bullshit holding call followed by a no call on the offsides

    • Volume12

      BS call on Sherm too.

  17. Volume12

    Get a huge 1st down, Gilliam brings it back. Shocking.

    Next play? Sowell gets worked.

  18. Volume12

    It’s 3-0. One play. One damn play would tilt the momentum.

  19. rowdy

    Now it’s time for the defense to break down

    • Volume12

      The defense is playing well man. Tons of pressure. Couple coverage breakdowns that ET needs to pick up on and call out with Bam Bam out, but thasts to be expected from QB Carson Palmer.

      A lack of a run game, our OT’s which we can’t do anything about right now, and RW are my concerns.

      • rowdy

        I know. I was talking about leaving that guy wide open to put them in fieldgull range

        • Volume12

          Got cha. Pet peeve of mine when Hawk fans complain about our D.

  20. Volume12

    Seattle just gave these dudes a FG attempt. Smart football.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Lucky to get outta the half down only 3

      • Volume12

        Our defense has played 1 whole extra quarter of football as usual!

        If we could keep them fresh? On my gawd! Teams wouldn’t move the ball on them.

  21. AlaskaHawk

    That was an ugly first half. I just wish the Seahawks would play more conservatively!!!!

    • Volume12

      Run the ball! They can’t pass protect against this blitzing style of defense, RW looks awful.

  22. rowdy

    So lane is being blatantly held but they call the push off?

    • Volume12

      Lane is hurting us. He’s been wildly inconsistent. Penalties are way off. NFL making up for it due to last week?

      • rowdy

        Officiating is horrible lop sided. So many touch penalties against us only

        • AlaskaHawk

          Agreed, lots of marginal calls against Seahawks supplemented by a few bone headed penalties that shouldn’t have been made.

  23. CHawk Talker Eric

    KJ playing out of his mind tonight

  24. rowdy

    Is cmike the only active rb?

    • Volume12

      They don’t trust him do they?

      • rowdy

        I figured spiller would be a good fit as a dump pass option with all the blizing

        • Volume12

          I don’t get that. All this talk from PC about big plans for Prosise. When?

  25. Kenny Sloth

    Germain Ifedi dumped this fool after the whistle

    • Volume12

      Kinda stupid.

  26. Volume12

    Great drive!

  27. CHawk Talker Eric

    DeAndre Elliot with some nice punt coverage tonight

    • Volume12

      Yeah Elliott and Thorpe have been studs there.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Same with Thorpe

  28. Ground_Hawk

    Ouch. The offense is struggling. 83 yards after 3 quarters.

  29. rowdy

    I think that’s are ball

    • Volume12

      ? Thought that too. Looked like it.

      Almost as many yards in offensive penalties as we do offensive yardage.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        That stat line is offensive

        • Volume12

          And they’ve all been on the OT’s except for 2.

  30. CHawk Talker Eric

    Ugly night for Ryan

    • Ukhawk

      It’s ugly period

  31. Volume12

    This game is on the OT’s. Hot garbage.

  32. Kenny Sloth

    Bradley Sowell hasn’t had a good season, but he’s been a hot steaming pile of fucking garbage tonight.

    Literally the worst performance I’ve ever seen from a pro tackle.

    • Volume12

      Never thought I’d say this, time to go get Joe Thomas from Cleveland. They want a 2nd.

      • Kenny Sloth

        A late second for a year or two of Joe Thomas?

  33. Volume12

    Win or lose, this defense has been incredible. Flat out incredible. They’ve been on the field for almost an entire extra half.

    • rowdy

      No one can argue with this

    • rowdy

      But if we win the d is going to have to score

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yep – thank the defense for keeping Seahawks in the game. Need the defense to score.

  34. CHawk Talker Eric

    Opportunity knocks

  35. Volume12

    Whooo! God did we need that.

    Cash Marsh and T-Mac.

  36. Volume12

    Another F’n flag. My god!

  37. Volume12

    Don’t they have to go get Joe Thomas now that Sowell is out? Don’t like the guy, but hate to see him crying with a towel over his head.

    Or is Seattle gonna go with an unready, raw as raw can get, George Fant at LT?

    • rowdy

      They going raw on the oline like always

      • Volume12

        Stupid. Especially with no run game and a hurt RW. Otherwise I get it man.

  38. Volume12

    Get them homes in Haiti Cliff. 6 sacks on the year. Pass rushers are like fine wine. Get better with age.

    • rowdy

      It cost the red Cross 6 billion to build 6 houses in haiti!

  39. Michael (CLT)

    Trying. Damn. Hard. To. Not. Be. Negative.

    • Michael (CLT)

      Ten yards from a 57 yard try… just run it… oh well.

      • Michael (CLT)

        Arizona is the better team.

        • Michael (CLT)

          Game over

  40. Volume12

    This is why Fant ain’t ready.

  41. AlaskaHawk

    This could go to triple overtime.

  42. Volume12

    Why didn’t we take 2 deep shots? Our OT’s are that bad. Can’t even get off a pass?

    • Darth 12er

      I hear you, take a shot down the field, maybe get a PI. This game is frustrating. Even before Sowell went down, I say just trade for Thomas already!!

    • sdcoug

      Two quick slants and we avoid both holding calls and are probably in FG range

      • Volume12

        I mean, I get PC trusts his D, but these dudes have done enough. They’re gassed.

  43. HawkFan907

    A tie here and this will go down as one of the worst games in NFL history. Both O lines are terrible. Both defenses are great. Man… this is brutal

    • Michael (CLT)

      Viola ?

  44. Volume12

    U guys see that Dane Brugler tweet.

    At the combine, Avril had a 1.51 10 yard split. Von Miller had a 1.62 and WR John Brown had a 1.56. Insane! That’s shot out of a cannon.

  45. Volume12

    Is that Jimmy Graham in there blocking? Look at that. ?

    • Kenny Sloth

      It’s amazing how much this move has deemed to mature him as a player and the bounce back from a gruesome injury is a helluva motivator.

      He has become fearless as a Seahawk.

      Some players a few years ago were trash talking and saying if you hit him once he’ll coast the rest of the game.

      That’s certainly not true anymore. He looked last year uncomfortable receiving praise from some Seahawks players, but this off-season and his work to come back to this team and help them stay in games won’t be forgotten in the northwest.

      We deserved this loss and I can’t think of a player whobdeserved the win more than JG. Maybe Earl Thomas?

      • Volume12


        The whole defense balled out. We limited a high powered offense, once of the games best, to how many points?

        If we have a healthy RW and healthy Rawls? We blow this team out.

        • LordSnow

          They have to resign avril as well as Bennett. Guys with their potential get drafted in the top 10’s of drafts every year. But how many of those high picks become stars like this?

          Sign both.

  46. rowdy

    This is the type game wilson puts on his back

  47. AlaskaHawk

    Omg they doubled the fg

  48. Volume12


    • Kenny Sloth

      Ditto. Maybe the most dominant special teams defense of the PC era

  49. Kenny Sloth

    Anybody else’s heart aflutter?

  50. Volume12


  51. Volume12

    A tie? Could any other game have ended in one? Why was PC letting so much time run out? Take a shot at the end zone.

  52. Kenny Sloth

    Am I still tripping balls? Did that really just happen.

    How else could this slugfest have ended.

    • Volume12

      Your still tripping.

      An hour ago I’d have begged force tie. Now? Ehhh. Arizona still 2 games behind.

      Craziest, most stupid game I’ve ever seen.

      Anyone else feel like chanting ‘play forever! Play forever! Play forever!’

      • Kenny Sloth

        Sounds like Bobby is down.

        He wants to ‘figure this out’

        • Volume12

          This defense wants to keep playing.

          Hauschka shanked that bad! LOL.

  53. Dumas

    And you thought that last week was a strange game.

  54. AlaskaHawk

    A fitting end to a hard fought game.

    • LordSnow

      Can’t complain about this. Arizona played better, was better, and to hang a tie on them on their home field hurts them way more than it hurts us.

  55. Ed

    OMG. At least we don’t need to resign 3 million for Haushka

  56. nichansen01

    … Feels so weird to not win and not lose…

  57. Ukhawk

    You play with fire, sometimes you get burned. We did not deserve to win. Defence carrying a very injury riddled, mediocre offense

    • Volume12

      Why did we not deserve to win but Arizona did? What did they do? Blitz an injured RW and capitalize on Jo running game.

      Our defense deserved that win.

      • LordSnow

        But so did their defense.

        • Volume12

          Hats off to them. But our offense played much worse than theirs. With a healthy RW and Rawls you think the score is the same?

          • LordSnow

            I don’t know because I don’t know if Rawls ever comes back to what he was or how bad Russell really is. And everyone is hurt right now, Arizona not having two of its rotation receivers and Evan Mathis.

            RW’s injuries are on him, esp the knee with the stupid run that he attempted. Suh, I still think he could have avoided had he thrown the ball away when the protection broke down in front of him.

            I think seattle is the better team, but tonight, overall, arizona did play better. Defensively, both were equal tonight in my book – pretty much top of the NFL for those units.

            • LordSnow

              I’ll probably be the only person on this board this week satisfied with the tie. The David Johnson two runs at the goalline where he didn’t get in. Their missed kick. Their blocked fg. Their blocked punt. We needed too many unnatural plays just to tie.

            • Volume12

              I agree they played better. Their defense did not. They didn’t play over an extra quarter of time.

              • Volume12

                RW’s injuries arent on him. Its what happens when your OT’s are hoit garbage.

                • LordSnow

                  C’mon that Eli Harold run is on Russell. Suh, I get that he holds the ball too long, but he did see it blowing up in front of him enough to move to the left to where Suh clipped the ankle in a weird way. But Harold? That’s on Russell.

                • AlaskaHawk

                  RW had a bad habit of running sideways and backwards until he was tackled, and he never out grew it. After four years and limited mobility it is nice to see him finally learn to throw the ball away.

                  I’ll say that theArizona offense looked better then the Seahawks looked better and had much more yards then the Seahawks. The Arizona secondary was playing a lot tighter on Seahawks receivers then vice versa, some of their receivers were way too wide open. Defensive lines were about equal. Seahawks were lucky not to lose and then unlucky not to win.

  58. Forrest

    That has to be one of the strangest games I have ever witnessed. I’m not even mad. I think the football gods just wanted to dick around with everyone involved.

    • DavidM2

      Likewise, I was laughing at the end. It almost felt like the perfect dysfunctional game and it couldn’t end any other way…

  59. nichansen01

    Any good kickers in this year’s draft? Now we all know how it feels to be vikings fans… (well that wasn’t a playoff game so not really fair.).

    • Volume12

      He’s one of the cheapest kickers in the game.

      • AlaskaHawk

        And yet 6th round rookies are even cheaper!

  60. Volume12

    Should they have run 1 more play? Then taken a TO and set up the FG with time not ticking away?

    • nichansen01

      Definitely. We had so many opportunities to put this one away and every time the offense faltered. A touchdown after Mcceoy’s blocked kick would have won it. A touchdown instead of a field goal after a lazy lob to a confused jimmy graham would have ended it. One more play could have life just so much easier for hauschka or gotten a TD… horrible showing from the offense. Really disappointing when the defense played the game of their lives… especially on that last epic goal line stand.

      • Volume12

        I think so too.

      • LordSnow

        I would not have run one more play. I would have taken the timeout as the clock was ticking down. It looked to me like Hauschka seemed rushed to beat the clock. I would have taken the timeout to settle him down.

        • Volume12

          Yeah. That makes sense too. Either way, shouldn’t of kicked it with time running out.

          PC and his awful goal line decisions. ?

          Then again, Arizona can be such a quick strike offense, probably didn’t want to leave too much time on the clock.

          • LordSnow

            I just thought when it was 7 seconds left on the play clock, Hauschka looked like he moved faster into his kicking position than normal. It looked wrong to me. If thought a timeout at that spot allows him to get into his set without rushing into it. But he missed it so badly, I’m guessing his nerves were as frayed as those of us watching the game, and he probably misses regardless.

            • RealRhino2

              Agree. It’s picking nits, but bad management at that point, IMO. I get that you might want to go with that much time left so if you get a bad snap you can fall on it and call the TO, but make the kick and you don’t have to worry. Run it down to :02, call the TO, kick it. If you miss the game is over and Arizona doesn’t get two cracks at it. If you make it, game over.

              • LordSnow

                You’ve chess played it out exactly how I hoped PC would have done it.

  61. Volume12

    I don’t get twitter man. ‘The tie doesn’t help us get the #1 seed.’ And a lose would’ve how exactly?

    • Forrest

      If anything a tie helps us with the division (provided the Rams and 49ers continue to play like they are).

      • Volume12

        Exactly. Arizona can’t get the win when our offense was awful, except for that extra quarter. They lose at home and make up no ground on us. Plus they finish the season 5 of their last 6 on the road. Including us on Christmas eve.

  62. Volume12

    This why I’m not a huge soccer fan, sorry Rob. Ties suck!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Hahaha. Yeah I leave it on in the background. They are over so quick. I only really like US National Team

      • Volume12

        Dude, if I told u a week ago you’d have a ‘fried fish’ or whatever, and our boys would have almost no offense, get to OT, both teams miss chip shots, and the ball game ends in a tie. Would you have believed me?

        Is Sowell’s injury a blessing in disguise?

        • DavidM2

          Fant looked good out there despite the small hold.

          • LordSnow

            Fant looked much better than Sowell and I’m not saying it as a compliment. Sowell is just horrible. I’ve kept my peace as Rob and Hawkblogger have stated that he’s not been as bad as he looks. But I’ve been shaking my head watching his performance. He’s not an NFL starting tackle and never will be.

            Gilliam, I don’t know what to say. The dude has regressed so badly that he’s in danger of missing out on contract #2. He might find himself out of the NFL a few more games like this.

            • Kenny Sloth

              To this point Sowell had been sufferable. He’s played forgivably. There is no excuse for this performance.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I would have half believed you lmao.

          It’s crazy how stark the difference between our interior line and our tackles can be. Glowinski had some whiffs and Britt found the groubd a few times, Ifedi had maybe the best game on the line. Then there were Gilliam and Sowell getting beaten on the speed rush getting beaten on inside moves and getting penalties. I’m not sure if any of our penalties came from the interior

          • Volume12

            2. On Glow and Ifedi, but ‘Fedi Waps was after the play.

  63. Kenny Sloth

    Man Pete’s reaction after the miss breaks my heart. His eye twitches and he blinks away the disappointment

    • Volume12

      Ahh. Don’t tell me that. I’ve loved PC since his USC days because he’s exactly like my mom was. Young at heart, hip (except for his shoes), always positive, and the type of person you’d lay down and die for.

      ‘Never give up. Keep fighting and let it rip.’ -Pete Carroll

    • LordSnow

      He should be learning from this stuff by now though. End time clock management. The super bowl should have been the biggest and best lesson. I really feel the last kick was rushed.

      • Volume12

        There’s other factors at play too. He knows this team better than anyone else. It’s a game at the end of the day.

  64. LordSnow

    The oline appears to be regressing. Remember how everyone said just get past the Jets and the dlines get easier?

    Yet, part of me does wonder if Sowell going down is a catalyst for something better coming down the road. V12 mentions Joe Thomas up above for a second? I’d take that right now.

    Or is it Fant “next man up” and grow along with the rest of all these new starters, building something, anything, better than a performance like this.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I don’t think they regressed so much as shown who they really are, Seahawks line has started each season looking like a bunch of rookies. They look like crap the first four to six games and then gradually improve until they peak in the playoffs. Everyone gets excited about their progress. And next year they will look like crap again. It is a consistent pattern. This year they can at least use the excuse that they got a bunch of rookies on the line. But they were exposed afainst Arizonas excellent defense. It sucks but until they change either their drafting or their coaching- the offensive line will look horrible at the beginning of each year.

      After all it wasn’t a secret that they needed a left tackle – and what did the Seahawks do about it? I’m just hoping Fant pans out.

    • Rob Staton

      “The oline appears to be regressing. Remember how everyone said just get past the Jets and the dlines get easier?”

      I would recommend those people watch more of Chandler Jones, Markus Golden and Calais Campbell!

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