Pete Carroll on the prospect of drafting a quarterback

Pete Carroll has been speaking to the NFL Network at the owners meeting

I’m on a works ‘road trip’ covering two games in back-to-back days so might not be that active until Thursday. In the meantime, I wanted to share this video. It’s a clip of Pete Carroll being asked about the quarterbacks in the draft at the owners meeting.

I can’t embed the video so here are the quotes:

Carroll: “With all of the quarterback excitement and the great players that are there, and our experience too, Johnny and I have been together a long time, we’ve been working this stuff out. He’s great at it, phenomenal at orchestrating what’s going to happen and predicting and the anticipation and the moves and all the things that we’ve done. This is really fun for him. He’ll be on the top of his game and really excited to see it come through and it’s fun for everybody, for our fans and the players and the coaches and all that.”

Steve Wyche: “Are you going to any pro-days other than the quarterbacks?”

Carroll: “No, that’s my last one, heading to Gainesville (Florida, this Thursday).”

Wyche: “Geno Smith was fantastic last year, you’ve raved about how he’s hung in there… but we’re seeing you with all these quarterbacks, evaluating them as well, what does this all mean? And you just extended Geno as well.”

Carroll: “Well, I told Geno we were doing it. He knows what’s going on. He’s trying to win. Geno knows we’re just trying to win so this is how we compete. I’ve said for years, we’re going to get in every single opportunity that is out there and John’s done a marvellous job of always having his ear to the ground to know what’s going on so that if an opportunity does fit us, that we’re prepared and ready to pounce on it. Well here we are. The number five pick and there’s legitimately four great prospects coming out at the quarterback spot. We may never have this opportunity again, so we’ve got to maximise it and so we’re doing our homework. We’re not going to hold back in doing that. And everybody knows, Geno knows and Drew knows, and everybody knows what’s going on, we’re just got to see what happens and take it as it comes.”

I’m sure this candid answer will be interpreted in a variety of ways. People will call it a smokescreen or a nudge to try and get a team to trade up to #3.

I’m not completely against the suggestion that being so public on the quarterbacks is an attempt to try and persuade someone to trade into the #3 spot with Arizona. I do think they’ll be enamoured by Will Anderson. They ended last season talking about what San Francisco has that Seattle doesn’t. I don’t think Anderson is a Nick Bosa-level player but he’s a very good edge rusher of the caliber the Seahawks simply don’t possess. I think they’ll be celebrating if they get a chance to draft him at #5.

That said, I also don’t think Carroll is speaking dishonestly about the four quarterbacks. I don’t think he and John Schneider are playing some elaborate game of poker, bluffing like crazy because their intention is to go against the words above and select Tyree Wilson, for example. I think this is probably an honest assessment of the situation. The Seahawks like the four quarterbacks and Will Anderson. They pick fifth overall. They attended the pro-days involving Anderson, C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young and Will Levis and will be at Anthony Richardson’s session on Thursday. They’re guaranteed one of this quintet.

For me it seems obvious. They might prefer Anderson at #5 but if he’s gone, they also like the QB’s. It shouldn’t be a big shock because as we’ve noted a few times, the quarterbacks all seem to fit what Schneider likes in a signal caller. As highlighted yesterday, he’s been very prepared to take a chance on a rough diamond.

We may never have this opportunity again” is a quote that speaks volumes. They know this is a rare chance. A bonus, courtesy of the Broncos. Carroll pretty much spells it out. When are they ever going to be picking this early again, with four quarterbacks who are going to go very early in round one?

I don’t want to sound like a stuck record (honestly) but this could end up being fairly predictable. Is someone going to make a late push to get a quarterback, trading ahead of the Colts in a deal with the Cardinals? If so, that likely provides the Seahawks with Will Anderson. If that doesn’t happen, Arizona picks Anderson and the Seahawks are left with the quarterback Indianapolis doesn’t select. I think the Colts are gearing up to take Will Levis because he fits Chris Ballard’s preferences and he’s better equipped to start quickly. I think, for the Seahawks, it’s most likely to be Anthony Richardson at #5 unless the Cardinals trade down.

And frankly, I’d be happy with either pick. Anderson or Richardson.

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  1. Sea Mode

    Either Anderson or Richardson is a great get that can help shape the future of this franchise.

    I also like how the part about JS having so much fun also aligns with what you have been saying all along about the selfies, etc.: they’re genuinely just enjoying this opportunity they haven’t had in the past ten years and hope they won’t have again in the next ten years.

    (Also, I have the video downloaded if you want I can share it so you can embed.)

  2. Murphy

    As always, great write up. I take Carrol’s frankness in the complete opposite direction as those calling it a smokescreen. They are picking 5, they don’t need to obfuscate. There are only a few ways that this can play out. It must be fun for Carrol to not have to play games. Additionally, I think it’s smart from a locker room perspective. Geno seems to be popular. So he could be laying the groundwork internally. Making sure everyone knows that they have been above board with him.

    • Rob Staton

      It’ll certainly have a far greater ramification for Geno and the team if they go up to the podium and pull a surprise, unexpected pick at QB.

      By talking about it, nobody can accuse them of shafting Geno or pulling a lousy move behind his back.

      • Roy Batty

        Anyone thinking they shafted Geno didn’t look at his contract. It screams, “All options are on the table.”

        • Peter

          As well Geno played very well. Of he continues at this exact level no better no worse than no one will be calling for a rookie.

          Alternately to the smokescreen contingent and their fairly uneducated “just watch the tape,” worldview….what happens to them if geno has a down turn even slight? Say same tds but an increase of tds to ints or worse….if I know one thing about this fanbase it’s that they’ll gladly turn on a player on a dime.

          • Dregur

            I would argue they’re not really watching tape, but rather if point A goes to point B.

          • Big Mike

            Russell Wilson agrees with your last sentence

          • Phil

            I would not be surprised if Geno improves this season. It had been such a long time since he had been a starter that in some ways, it was like another rookie year for him. He has publicly admitted that towards the end of the season, his numbers suffered because he was trying to do too much. I took that to mean that his judgement was not up to his standards and that he feels that he can improve in that regard. Only time will tell …

            • Peter

              Hope geno does great this year. I’ve got two counters:

              1. The league now has a full season of game tape on him so we’ll see what adjustments he and Waldron cook up.

              2. Bad decisions. Gone unspoken part of why I don’t love geno’s contract for geno himself is I worry he’ll feel the pressure to press. I lot of the e escalators or incentives are tied to him having the same or better production.

          • Justaguy

            Even if Geno struggles to a losing season I am not so sure that it matters what the fans think to this ownership. I never heard about a convergence of fans advocating a trade of Russ yet seems ownership gave the thumb up. Also, letting Booby wags walk, Bennett Earl and Sherm before him. Seems ownership is quite adapt to change without fan input

  3. Trevor

    Nailed it with this one Rob. The Hawks know they are going to either get one of the 4 QBs or Anderson so can say what they like about the process if they like all 5 then what is there to loose.

    Anderson or Richardson certainly seem like the most obvious choices and either would be a fantastic pick.

    The one wrench I think could get thrown into things is Lamar Jackson to the Colts. Irsay and Ballard were both open about exploring that option. They could take Richardson at 4 and trade him to Baltimore for Lamar. Colts get thier QB now. Ravens built an offense for Lamar and now get a guy with the same skill set only bigger. He could sit behind Huntley for a year if needed. Would not do it if I was the Colts but think it is at least worth considering.

    • Big Mike

      So that would leave us with Young or Levis unless someone also moves up to 3. I could live with that though I don’t believe both will happen.

      • Peter

        Exactly. We long get the QB that I believe John would have had his eyes on as far back as last year.

      • Ashish

        If Arizona likes Anderson or Wilson they will not risk to miss out on good player that’s my hope they don’t trade away like bears.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see anyone trading for Lamar

      And for all the Colts can talk about it, this is the antithesis of a Chris Ballard move

      I think they are paying lip service

      If anyone was interested in trading for Lamar it would’ve happened by now

      • Peter

        Mildly fascinated to see if Lamar sinks his own career.

        Asking for trades when you are in limbo between a contract and all reports are the Ravens have offered him by any metric a ton of money.

        Maybe orlovsky or other made the point that he’s been hit 1000x. Who cares? It’s a cruel sport and you get paid in part as a reward for work and for a greater part for what you will still achieve.

        Dude was electric. Multi time injury risk. The throwing part of his game isn’t getting better. Having his mom as an agent…wt actual f…just pay some cheesy dude a tiny percent and move on.

        Is it possible he does the palmer thing and retire for a year? In a years time as the league grinds forward who is giving him around 130+ million or so guaranteed? When there’s new names like Williams, maye, etc,

        • cha

          Me too.

          This turning around now and sowing a story that the Ravens haven’t been serious about a contract is a hard pill to swallow. The GM, owner and coach have all publicly said they would love LJ to come in and meet with them on a contract. More than once.

          And timing it out to tweet his trade request just as harbaugh is about to take the mic at the owner’s meetings. Manipulation tactic that’s meant more to burn a bridge than mend a fence.

          I can imagine a scenario with LJ somewhat like the Steelers with Bell and Brown. Amazing players the org was able to live with, but when they got too hot they moved on and they sprung loose and their careers spiraled.

          Usually there’s always some team willing to spend on a talented loudmouth. But teams seem to be going out of their way to avoid him. Ron Rivera was asked again yesterday about LJ and said ‘no thanks.’ PC too and said ‘too expensive.’

          But I think there will be one wild card in the bunch. Maybe Arthur Blank in Atlanta. Or the Jets if/when the AR saga just becomes too much.

          • TomLPDX

            I still don’t get all the supposed love that Lamar gets. I don’t think he is a great QB, a good one, yes…but not great. He gets hurt because of the way he plays and that has shown up in the past 2 seasons. The best ability is availability, and Lamar just hasn’t be available when needed most. I’m glad we aren’t in that sweepstakes!

            I think the AR saga will have a happy ending and the Jets will get their man, warts and all!

            • UkAlex6674

              Can you win MVP by just being good?

              • TomLPDX

                Yep. Just ask Cam Newton. Last I heard he is looking for a job somewhere, anywhere!

              • BobbyK

                If you have Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson paving the way and the rest of the offensive players are good/great blockers, too.

      • Paul G

        Rob, would you say that Lamar screwed himself over by not hiring an agent?

        • Rob Staton


    • Phil

      Does anyone know if the Indianapolis TV stations cover U of Kentucky football? I’m wondering if the Indy fan base has watched Levis and if he is seen as a local “hero”. Someone posted last week that it is like 150 miles from Lexington KY to Indianapolis IN. Maybe Colt management will pick the fan favorite when their pick is on the clock ….

      • Cambs

        ehhh don’t think that’s a thing. IU and Kentucky have a ferocious basketball rivalry (or had, they’re in the midst of a hiatus over dumb stuff), but from my years living in Indiana, Kentucky football doesn’t much register there despite the proximity. To be fair, the same could be said of Indiana and Purdue football barely registering in Indiana … apparently Indiana’s glossy promotional fare always uses football pictures from when IU hosts Ohio State or Wisconsin because that’s the only time the home stadium is (a) full, and (b) full of the correct colors.

        i do kind of wonder if the subliminal effect of Kentucky’s white-blue unies inclines the viewer to think how Levis would fit right into a Colts shirt.

        • Malanch

          “Maybe Colt management will pick the fan favorite when their pick is on the clock.” –Phil

          God, I’d hope any team’s management would exclude fan sentiment entirely from its draft calculus. Just build an ascending contender and the fans will gladly subsidize the rest.

          “i do kind of wonder if the subliminal effect of Kentucky’s white-blue unies inclines the viewer to think how Levis would fit right into a Colts shirt.” –Cambs

          LOL! I wonder, too. This, along with the geographic proximity aspect that Phil brought up, could very well be factors in guiding broad fanthink toward the “Levis to Indy just feels right” fallback. Now, Rob’s tentative projection of Levis to Indy is definitely information-based, so I’m not lumping him in with the fans. . .it’s just that, with Richardson as the unquestionably rarer prospect of the two (with significantly higher upside and arguably a higher floor, as well), it’s nearly impossible for me to envision any front office picking Levis over Richardson. Levis’s Year One readiness can’t be so much better than Richardson’s that his relative inferiority as an overall prospect presents an acceptable tradeoff, can it? Maybe some teams just like Levis better than Richardson; I suppose it’s possible, but it’s hard to see how. If the Hawks want Richardson, I expect they’ll likely have to trade up. After Richardson crushes his pro day this Thursday, his blue-chip status will only be solidified all the more—and the cost to trade up won’t be getting any cheaper in the aftermath. But that would be worth it to me; yes, I’d rather have Richardson at #3 than Levis anywhere in the top ten.

  4. Big Mike

    I’ve said for several months Richardson is going to be a Seahawk and I’m staying with that. If however someone trades up to 3 and our consolation prize is Anderson, I’m not crying. He’ll be a very good Edge and improve our pass rush right away.

    • Peter

      I am working on a wish here but also trying to use my brain on this.

      On the one hand I’d love Richardson. On the other hand I honestly don’t see the fit for other teams.

      Panthers? Maybe them if they buy into the Supreme athleticism let’s him develop while he plays.

      Texans? Didn’t Ryans just watch how a raw toolsy qb might not make a ton of sense unless you’re planning for tons of hedges?

      Las Vegas? Wildcard with AZ. Though I would think that McDaniels having burnt through a bunch of coaching lives by helping the Seahawks kick off a dynasty while drafting a Florida qb that needed work would have learned some lesson.

      Indy? I don’t know if he’s their type. I’m not convinced they are as good as they think they are.

      • Forrest

        💯 – both comments

      • geoff u

        I think the one wrench I’ll throw out there concerning the Colts is that their new head coach was the Eagles OC and he oversaw Jalen Hurts. The idea is that he’d select a player similar to the one he had with the eagles. A running QB.

        The counterpoint is that he didn’t select Hurts and also coach Herbert with the Chargers, so why would he have a bias towards a Hurtz type player? Lazy thinking.

        • Peter

          He’s an extremely fascinating coach to prognosticate for. Two nearly diametrically opposed players. Neither “his,” choice. Good to great results with both.

      • Cambs

        “I communicated with Jared [Goff] at the end of the season about, just like I told you guys at the combine about, yeah, we got Jared, but we didn’t have anything else behind him, so just letting him know that, look, man, we got to get some more behind you. I think, yeah, we are in a unique position with all the picks that we have to add maybe a pretty talented guy if we go that direction, but again, it doesn’t have to be the first round. It doesn’t have to be the second round. It can be at any point.” -Lions GM at the owners’ meeting yesterday

    • dahveed

      I agree with this assesment . unless Pete carrol gets hit in the head Thursday by a wayward richardson pass. I personally would add Levis to this too . I really like the energy and intensity from that cat , just wonder what the Hawks think of him.

  5. Rokas

    Rob has been very consistent with his viewpoint, the only thing I fail to understand, why we assume that if both Richardson (or Levis for that matter) and Anderson are available, they gonna go with Anderson?

    • JC3

      I doubt Richardson will last until the 5th pick due to his freakish upside.
      I believe they will take AR if he is available, but Levis or Anderson is not a bad consolation price sitting at 5.

    • Rob Staton

      That doesn’t sound like a very likely scenario

      But Anderson is viewed by many to be the best player in the draft. And he’s at a position of need. So it’s not far fetched they would take him. Plus he ticks every character box they are looking for and he’s an ideal scheme fit.

      • cjjo

        Anderson lines up right side, same as Nwosu, who moves? and how much does changing sides effect pass rushers?

      • Phil

        Totally agree — picking Anderson is the surer (?) Pick. IMHO, our defense needs more help than our QB play, at least in the short run. Anderson was voted the best defensive player in the NCAA (Broncos Naturally award).

        • Phil

          Whoops – spell check doesn’t believe there could be a “Bronco Nagurski” award.

    • Roy Batty

      I have no idea who they would prefer, but I can understand the thinking there.

      Anderson is ready to start, day one. He is an alpha who will quickly become a captain and a face of the franchise. He is unrelenting in his play, preparation and leadership.

      Richardson will need at least a year to even see a single snap in a legitimate circumstance. A game that isn’t a blowout, win or lose. He is not a near sure-thing. Far from it. He is a huge gamble, but a gamble that could set you up for success for a decade or more.

      In addition, Pete is still a defensive minded head coach. If he is staring at an alpha starting EDGE rusher, he might very well be more inclined to pick that alpha starting EDGE rusher, regardless of Richardson’s potential.

      It’s all guesswork until April 27th. But, it is fun guesswork because we’ve never been in this situation before and it is soooo boring this time of year for NFL fans.

      • Malanch

        “Richardson. . .is not a near sure-thing. Far from it. He is a huge gamble…” –Roy Batty

        Will Anderson’s hit probability could be higher than Anthony Richardson’s, but he’s not a near sure thing, either. . .

        . . .as the Aaron Curry selection taught us, all those years ago. You might remember popular consensus holding that Curry was “the safest pick in the draft”, and draft analysts comping Curry to Lawrence frickin’ Taylor without raising an eyebrow. But there is no such thing as safe at the top of an NFL draft, as far as I can tell. The first players off the board are all gambles, given the extreme resource and opportunity costs involved. Plenty of top picks do pan out thanks to their superior ability, such as Andrew Luck, but one can never know for sure whether other team factors necessary for success will align and allow for a given top prospect to live up to the lofty expectations.

        I will grant that Richardson is probably a bigger gamble than Anderson—but I insist on “probably”, because there is a plausible school of thought holding that Richardson’s floor is actually quite high, due to his work ethic, desire to be great, commitment to film study, effortless charisma, ability to elevate teammates (aka “tilt the room”). . .and, oh yeah, his utterly unprecedented prospect profile. Seriously: unprecedented. We have never seen a guy like this before, not once. There’s a little of Vick, a dash of Jackson, with some Newton, Culpepper, and Luck thrown in, but nobody has ever demonstrated elements of all these guys’ games before. He is a new breed, descended from Olympus. He might one day prove to have been a disappointment, ultimately—which is also true of Anderson and the rest—but still I say that passing on such a prospect would be organizationally irresponsible. Though there’s a lot of boom and bust in his film SO FAR, I wouldn’t call him a boom or bust prospect at all. Like I said, his floor is probably pretty high. But I don’t see him falling to #5 at all, so if the Hawks want him, they’ll probably have to trade up.

        • Zorn Is Kong

          Skoronski is a sure thing…

          • Rob Staton

            Nobody is a sure thing

  6. bv eburg

    Pete Carrolls comments after this 2023 draft;
    “I told you I think we could win a Super Bowl with Geno” and “we have another number 1 in Drew”.

    “My window is now, I’m not getting any younger” ”

    “We can’t match all the number 1 picks on the Dline the 9ers have, but we can beat it with all the number 1’s we have on our Oline”

    “who said I couldn’t adjust to the modern game”? “it’s an offensive NFL today, this offense should average 35 points a game with these weapons”

    (all picks based on Rob’s horizontal board range)

    1-12 (trade w/ Houston + 33) Bijan Robinson – RB
    1-20 Dawand Jones – Tackle
    2-33 Josh Downs – WR
    2-37 John Michael Schmitz- C
    2-52 Mazi Smith – DT
    3-83 Cameron Young – DT
    4-123 Deuce Vaghn – RB
    5-151 DJ Dale – DT
    5-154 Nick Figueroa – DE
    6-198 Rashee Rice – WR
    7-237 Ryan Hayes – G

    • STTBM

      That’s an interesting mock. I like all the players through Round three, just not convinced Seattle will both pick a RB first and move Abe Lucas to guard. I guess it’s possible.

      Also, if they do that, I would pretty much bet they’d make sure to get Hooker.

      • bv eburg

        The offense would be loaded with this draft which should keep it on the field more.

        As for drafting Hooker, if Pete truly believes he has two number 1 QB’s why draft any? Geno’s contract is reasonable and Lock is fairly young. In theory they could have the QB position locked down for 6-8 years if they extend contracts.

        I do think they will take a qb at 5 but this is another way to get you close. Then next years draft just fill in where upgrades are needed.

        • Lord Snow

          The key word in your post is “truly.”

    • Malanch

      If the Hawks’ first four picks were to go to the offense, I’d be fine with that—provided it’s BPA all the way, with an emphasis on the line of scrimmage.

      Seeing Philly repeatedly use size as a weapon with its incredible O-line should inspire any fan to want something similar. Jordan Mailata reminds us that supertalls can, in fact, be developed into complete players (there’s probably not a D-lineman in the league who can withstand Mailata once he goes into road-grader mode), so Dawand Jones presents an intriguing option—maybe even at guard. Longer players take longer, but if they’ve got enough bend to get that pad level down, that leverage disadvantage suddenly becomes a leverage advantage.

      I’m not sure about Mazi Smith falling to the late second round, though it’s possible.

  7. Aaron

    Oh my, Mike Tannenbaum just out with a new mock draft.

    He has the Hawks taking Hooker at 5 and AR dropping all the way to 11.

    Not sure how to make the text green, apologies.

    “OK, this one might raise some eyebrows, but hear me out. I think Hooker is really under-scouted right now, largely because he’s coming off the torn ACL in his left knee. But I love his strong arm and 6-foot-3 frame. Before the injury, Hooker looked great for the Vols. He led the nation in yards per attempt (9.5), threw two interceptions over 11 starts and was a top-10 passer in terms of completion percentage (69.6%). I see a potential franchise quarterback and someone who can lead an offense. Go watch his performance against Alabama if you disagree.

    The Seahawks recently re-signed Geno Smith, but this is an excellent opportunity to draft and develop Hooker while also letting him rehab the knee. Smith turns 33 years old this season, and his new contract offers Seattle various outs over the next three seasons.”

    • Rob Staton

      Saw it

      I’ve heard from one of the people I speak to that Hooker could go in R1 because of the fifth year option and R2 is almost certain

      But there’s simply no need to take him fifth and that would be nuts

      • JD

        Rob, would you be comfortable with this scenario:
        Someone trades up with AZ and first 4 picks are QBs – We go with Will Anderson at 5. Then we go BPA at 20. Then trade up with 37 to late first to grab Hooker? Could go center at 53.
        Will Anderson, Keion White/Ade Ade, Hooker, Wypler

        I wouldn’t prefer this obviously but trying to think of alternative scenarios. 5 for Hooker would be nuts. Especially with Pete Carroll referencing the ‘4’ QB’s in this draft. Not even talking about Hooker.

        • Rob Staton

          I think that would be a reach for Hooker

          But if it happened, I wouldn’t complain. I’d trust the judgement and see how it goes.

        • Phil

          Ah – but sneaky Pete keeps saying words to the effect that there are 4 great qbs in this draft, but doesn’t say who the 4 are. Just saying that Hooker, or John Doe, could be on the Seahawks board. His pro day tour could be to scout other players, not solely the big 4 qbs.

          • Malanch

            Phil, I picked up on that phraseology, too. It was precisely un-Carroll-like to make a statement like that, publicly specifying the limit and shelf of top quarterback prospects, knowing the listener will accept consensus in identifying those prospects. Sneaky Pete, indeed.

            I’ve been thinking since last fall that PCJS have got to be high on Jaren Hall and Dorian Thompson-Robinson. Hall is a beautiful thrower, almost CJ Stroud-esque with that effortless whip motion, while DTR is as big-armed and fire-hearted as you’d want a quarterback to be. Yeah, they’re small, but so is Bryce Young, who has consistently been mocked near the top of the draft from the onset (all three could be considered injury risks based on size alone); Hall and DTR are both significantly taller than Young, too, and height remains a quarterback factor even in today’s NFL. . .

            . . .I bet either of the two would have looked pretty good helming the 2022 Alabama offense.

            As for Hall’s and DTR’s age, I hear that scouts no longer downgrade older quarterbacks as much as they used to, in expectation of the league’s strategic flag-footballization of the game continuing to normalize the 40-something quarterback. I wouldn’t trip too much on that, as long as there’s some upside. (Scouts will downgrade Hendon Hooker for his age, but that’s because he’s already 40.)

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        I mean, taking Hooker in the first does make SOME sense in that, like Richardson, you’d need to redshirt him for a year and wouldn’t want to lose that fifth year option. But….. you’d do that at 20 (or lower, if you can move down), not at 5. Especially if Anderson somehow falls to 5. Anderson and Hooker isn’t my dream first round pair but I can see JS and Pete swing this as “Plan E.”

      • Peter

        So levis sucks and Richardson is a big project.

        Thankfully in a the years I’ve followed the draft I’ve never seen a system qb from spread to air raid to deep strike style ever fail at the NFL.

        Hendon Hooker is probably the truest comp to Geno.

        Only one problem.

        Geno needed almost a decade to go from heisman level performer turned turnover machine at the pros when the defenses got a little more real.

        • Geoff u

          I hope someone in the top 5 falls in love with Hooker, I just hope it’s not us.

          • Peter

            If it’s not us that would be awesome.

      • cha

        people I speak to that Hooker could go in R1 because of the fifth year option

        The only way that is a good idea is if by draft day you feel very confident Hooker will be recovered enough to be on the active roster this year at some point.

        But even then, you have to consider – is a few weeks of being on the roster in a redshirt year worth the $13 million difference between the 5th year option and the RFA first round tender?

        • Elmer

          This is a change of subject.

          They are likely to keep Adams this year, aren’t they. If that holds true I fear what they might do in order to create the cap space they need. For example, trading someone who is really valuable to the team.

          • Zorn is King

            It seems like if he’s still hurt or has a set back, they’re prepared to live without him… there’s still time to see what happens with him this year…

    • Brett

      You think that’s bad, go check out Bucky Brooks’ new mock. Seattle takes Carter at #5 (sigh), then Anthony Richardson at #20 and Levis falls out of the first round.

  8. DW

    I’m trying not to build myself up too much and break my own heart if it doesn’t happen, but man I want Anthony Richardson in a Seahawks uni. I wont be distraught if we end up with Anderson (Wilson I would be) but it does feel like a consolation prize more than a real prize.

    • Roy Batty

      I wonder if the medical situation will scare teams off of Wilson as a top 10 prospect. They say he will be ready to go in time for the season, but unless he does his own private pro day and shines, it’s a big gamble.

      • geoff u

        I don’t see what’s so special about Wilson vs the half dozen or so similar ends slated for the first round. Somehow he got singled out my the mock draft experts.

        • Peter

          Lazy mocking. He’s long and he’s the only action on tech. A lot of people watch/ed big 12 because it’s fairly exciting.

          Outside of Rob more than half these goofs don’t know ade ade, white, pickens,benton, etc.

          And I will say he looks strong as heck.

    • JD

      I agree. I have to remind myself that even though it’s a consolation prize, if you told us last year when the trade was made that Will Anderson would be on our team, I think we’d all celebrate.

      However, to have such a unique position to draft a long term QB with a pick that was acquired that you don’t have to trade up for is something that will go down in history. It to me is a must to get one these 4 with my preference it not being Young. Do whatever it takes.

      • Phil

        To state the obvious, you don’t win Super bowls by just drafting a QB who is one of 4 consensus first round picks. Super Bowl winning qbs don’t grow on trees. (Where did I hear that?) You have to coach the guy, adjust the offensive scheme to take advantage of his strengths, surround him with talent that is affordable, hope that he doesn’t get injured, get lucky, etc.,etc.

        But, if you don’t take advantage of a #5 draft pick to land your guy, it sure seems that you making a very basic mistake and making an already tough challenge even tougher.

  9. Rushless pass

    Mike Tannenbaum just released a doozy of a mock. Hooker at 5 and Van Ness at 20

    • Robbie

      And there is a reason this guy is no longer a NFL GM LOL

      • Big Mike


  10. STTBM

    Rob, you’re reasoning is spot on. Seattle could be attempting to drum up trade value, but it’s crazy to think they wouldn’t jump at the chance to take one of the qbs or Anderson.

    I guess there’s a chance they trade down and pivot to Hooker or another QB, but that scares me.

    Anderson just doesn’t seem worth our one chance at a top 5 pick. He seems more like a 15-20th pick very good player than an All Pro shoe-in. Admittedly, I haven’t watched his games and I’m simply basing this off reading opinions online from folks who do that–like you–and comparing them. We need a Trent Williams level talent, and it looks like we’re gonna end up settling for Russel Okung yet again–or at least thats my worry.

    Still, it’ll will be interesting to see how it shakes out: will Atlanta or LV trade to 3 or with us for a QB? How desperate will Seattle get for a C? Will they finally draft a WR who can play as a rookie? Can they plug most of the holes on the Dline?

    Looking forward to final Mocks and seeing how squirrelly Seattle gets with Trades. Should be a wild draft. I’m trying to savor Seattle having four picks in the first two rounds, it’s a great opportunity.

    • Peter

      Will Anderson is much better than the Okung to Williams comp. Though I really like that paradigm so I might steal it at some other time.

      The one area I slightly disagree on is WR. From Tate, Baldwin, Lockett, metcalf I’ve long ran around my head that WR in a weird twist of fate ( or maybe it’s just 100 yrs as a defensive backs coach,) is the best pound for pound, draft value for draft value position Seattle has drafted over the whole tenure:

      Dline…a near complete whiff

      Oline…basically the same until Lewis came along and last year but Cross and Okung were top ten picks so they should be good to great.

      CB…Sherman and woolen with fifths make a strong case but there’s actually been a ton of crap as well.

      Safety…literally maybe the worst value to performance.

      RB…a push. Whiff on a first rounder. Hit big on a seventh. Meh grade on everyone but KW3 and he’s a second so you expect a hit.

      TE…push. pick a bunch of guys in the 4th/5th range and you get a bunch of similar performance

      LB…push. big hits in the mid rounds. Even misses.

      • STTBM

        If we end up with Anderson, I hope he IS better than Okung level!

        My point wasn’t that Seattle’s hasn’t drafted well at WR–theyve done ok with the guys they drafted–but that we need a rookie who can contribute as WR3 right away, which is something only DK, Lockett, and Baldwin were able to doPRich, Tate and the rest struggled as rookies, and we can’t afford that this year unless they sign a capable vet after the draft.

  11. Matt

    I think they’re going QB (unless cards trade down). The only thing is I think it will be Bryce Young available, for all the reasons that have been discussed on this blog. I’m guessing the league probably has these QBs ranked similarly to how we do. 1. Stroud 2. Richardson 3. Will Anderson 4. Levis 5. Young

    • Peter

      Really intrigued by young. Does what he lack in physicals is it truly made up in processing speed?

    • Rokas

      I would be very surprised if Levis goes earlier than Young.

      • MAtt

        I hope you are right. Just can’t see Richardson or Stroud making it to 5. Everyone is high on Richardson now.

        I feel pretty confident saying I would rather have Levis over Young and a lot of people here see it that way so it wouldn’t surprise me if NFL GM’s saw it that way as well. Everyone looks at Richardson and Levis and sees Josh Allen.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I’ve come around on Young. Not my personal preference, but I have absolutely no problem taking him at #5. Particularly if the alternative is Tyree Wilson or insert-any-other-remaining-prospect-here.

      His size is obviously the only question, but as a true point guard QB, he and Stroud might be two safest plays in this class. If you watch his game tape, he does some very special things. And does them often.

      • Cheese22

        It seems that Young’s height is one of the only concerns being discussed, but he’s only an inch shorter than RW and the same as other QB’s that have had strong careers.

  12. Trevor

    Really only see three likely scenarios for the top 5 picks. Am I missing something?

    Scenario 1 (Most Likely)
    Car- Young / Stroud
    Hous- Young / Stroud
    Ariz- Anderson
    Colts- Levis
    Sea – Richardson

    Scenario 2 (Probable)
    Car- Young / Stroud
    Hous- Young / Stroud
    Ariz trade Raiders – Richardson
    Colts- Levis
    Sea – Anderson

    Scenario 3
    Car- Young / Stroud
    Hous- Young / Stroud
    Ariz – Anderson
    Colts – Richardson
    Sea – Levis

    • Trevor

      If the goal is to win a Super Bowl in the next 5 yrs I think scenario #1 is the best. If the goal is the best possible team next year then #2.

      • dahveed

        at this point ,and things could still shift because Richardson has yet to have his Day , depending on where they have Levis on thier board optin 3 may be a trade down

        • Big Mike

          Disagree. If Levis is there a 5 I think they sprint to the podium to pick him. He fits everything John loves in a QB.

      • Bertelli

        Good stuff Trevor, though I’m not sold that HOU will take a QB. I think Ryan’s will want to build his defense up and will take W. Anderson.

        Car – B Young
        Hou – W Anderson
        ATL – trade w ARZ to select A Richardson
        IND – CJ Stroud
        SEA – W Levis

        If HOU does take Anderson, can you envision a move-up w ARZ to get your choice of Richardson, Stroud or Levis rather than waiting to see which one falls to you? They may be higher on one than the others.

        • Trevor

          To be honest I have made the argument that Ryans (an all pro LB from Alabama) would want to take Anderson an All Pro LB from Alabama to start the rebuild and change the culture of the team.

          But there has been absolutely zero buzz about that it seems.

          • Bertelli

            Yeah, I think HOU is the wild card. Them taking Anderson would surely shake up the top 10 as ARZ would be in desperation mode if Anderson is not there for them. Nothing like dealing with a team in desperation!

            • TomLPDX

              Wouldn’t that be interesting…what would AZ do then? Take Carter?

              • KitsapHawk

                Call Vegas.

          • Malanch

            “But there has been absolutely zero buzz about that it seems.” –Trevor

            Or rather: AND there has been absolutely zero buzz about that it seems. Buzz and verity oft are opposed this time of year.

    • Lord Snow

      Personally I really am begging for Richardson to be there. I want them to swing for a home run on this rare opportunity. If Richardson pans out you might have the best player in the NFL for a decade. If he doesn’t well at least you took your shot. But I would be happy with any of the five players but I really want the quarterback and I want the most upside. It won’t wreck the franchise if he doesn’t pan out. Imagine how much better this team would be with those two first round picks lost in the Jamal Adams debacle. Stuff like that ruins teams

      • Big Mike


      • TJ

        Agreed. The #5 pick feels like house money. Its a great opportunity to go big.

      • Malanch

        That’s a prudent view for a Hawk fan, Lord Snow. Drafting Anthony Richardson would be franchise-altering for Seattle, and I would project a very high probability of success in that contingency. I mean, seriously: Pete Carroll and Anthony Richardson. . .those two together? Are you kidding? They would be magic. I can’t see it any other way. If the over-under on Richardson’s eventual number of Super Bowl MVPs opened at 1.5, I’d be hammering the over early, before retail bettors caught on—but that’s only because he went to the right team. . .

        . . .Or maybe he went to the wrong team. Could it be?

        . . .Or perhaps a team determined that it absolutely, positively, all-parties-standing-on-the-table MUST have him, and—in defiance of all prior convention—did the unthinkable and traded UP in the first round, thus assuring that he did go to the right team?

    • Nathan M

      Does McDaniels really want a QB like Richardson in that system? If Mac Jones was the fit for the Pat’s I don’t see AR as comparable for sitting and making his reads in the pocket. Or is that oversimplifying the play style and skill set?

      • Rob Staton

        In fairness McDaniels also drafted Tebow in R1 and had Cam Newton in 2020

        • geoff u

          And struck out both times

    • LouCityHawk

      Missing Houston @ #2 considering Anderson if CAR takes Texans QB1, or Trade down from #2.

      Houston is the biggest wildcard in the top of the draft and has little incentive to reveal any hand until after CAR picks #1. Sticking Indy with QB#4, plus gaining picks is win/win for Houston.

      • Trevor

        I am trying to figure out the logic behind the Texans trading down from #2?

        They already have a pick at 11 and by sticking at 2 they either get Young / Stroud or Anderson. By trading to 4 they likely don’t get either. Personally I think there is zero chance they trade down. They could however take Anderson over a QB.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Trevor, I was worried a week ago about a fourth scenario where Anderson is gone and Seattle does not see the remaining QB as a “QBOTF” so they look to trade down. Rob has pretty much talked me off that ledge with his confidence that the Seattle FO likes all 4 QBs.

      The only other (unlikely) scenario is that something changes between now and the draft re: Baltimore at 4. All the scenarios have them staying put and drafting a QB. If Arizona trades out of 3, it creates a possibility that someone trades up for the top non-QB (Anderson) if Baltimore doesn’t like the QB4 left to them but that works the same for Seattle as Scenario 2 or 3.

  13. Forrest

    Can you imagine what a dream scenario it would be for the Ravens to trade Lamar to the Colts! They could instantly draft their franchise QB, open $32.5M in cap space for this year, buy 5 years of the cheap QB they had in Lamar that gave them so much success, appease their fanbase, remove the constant headache a d questions about what to do with Lamar, add picks and fix their cap issues for years (with no huge guaranteed QB contract)! It’s an ideal scenario.

    • Trevor

      It really would be but I have no idea why the Colts would do it.

      • Peter

        Have to agree with Trevor here. Sounds like an amazing scenario for one team and a nightmare for another.

        I know how franchise tags and draft compensation works.

        But how does this uncharted territory unfold?

        Would indy or anyone need to give the Ravens high pucks or tons of picks? He’s technically not under contract.

        I think the move is Lamar is going to sit out. Unless maybe, maybe super dark horse Atlanta wants to get in on the Jackson sweepstakes. Post Wilson/Watson I’m not sure many teams are going to go down the multiples pucks plus tons of cash road.

        If I was willing to spend multiple picks I’d rather spend them on a cheap qb. That way if it’s not working you’re still able to buy parts of the roster while you wit for another shot.

    • Rob Staton

      The Colts won’t bail out Baltimore like that

    • D

      surely if the colts were gonna do it, they would wait until after the draft so they could use two future firsts rather than #4. still can’t see it happening though

      • geoff u

        They’d have to have an agreement in principle, because it’s very risky. They could not draft a QB and then have the Ravens match their offer, and suddenly they have nothing.

    • Steve Nelsen

      If the Colts or any of the other teams picking early in the draft pursue Lamar, they will trade their early Round 1 pick for something later and additional assets. They’ll give the late 1st-round pick to Baltimore.

  14. Zane

    I don’t disagree with anything written here, but still, isn’t it curious that they’ve made such a point of emphasizing the QBs all off-season? Why wouldn’t they downplay them or at least be a bit oblique if they wanted one?

    There is a very real possibility someone trades into #3 if they suspect the Seahawks will take the last QB. It does make *some* sense that this is a ploy to get Will Anderson to fall.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, why downplay it?

      • Peter

        Alternatively play it up as much as you want. Have some fun on a boys road trip.

        At pick five there’s not much of a damn thing they can do either way but literally go how the draft falls.

        Doesn’t matter if they like them all evenly. Differently ranked or even none of them. All they can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

      • Zane

        To imply they don’t rate Richardson/Levis, thereby increasing the chance one falls.

        • Rob Staton

          But what if they’re totally 100% comfortable with Will Anderson or one of the top QB’s, which is what I think

          That would mean no need to try and hide anything

          • Wilson502

            I know you say youre fine with both, but when push comes to shove, wouldn’t you rather have a potential QBoTF over merely a “good” edge rusher? We both know a potential franchise QB would have far more impact than adding another Nwosu on the DL.

            • Rob Staton

              I will take either

              I’m not religiously invested in one or the other

              • Wilson502

                I just think this is a once in a generation opportunity to land a potential QBoTF in a top heavy QB Class(even Carroll alluded to this in mentioned clip). “Good” and “Productive” Edge rushers are easier to find and more plentiful than franchise QBs/QBoTF. With regards to the DL, theres multiple good options later in round 1 and 2, whereas with the QBs, its the 4 QBs at the top and thats it. Unless youre taking Hooker with one of your 2nd round picks, theres no good options for QB after the top 4 go early, whereas theres good options for DL later in the 1st and into the 2nd round.

                • Rob Staton

                  And you’ve made your position on that very clear

                  I’m not going to be upset with Anderson at #5

                  I am open to either

                  • Wilson502

                    I know you wouldnt be upset with Anderson at #5, I just think it would be a disappointing and a missed opportunity to miss out on a great QB class when the team had the ammo to move up if they desired (That ship sailed with the Carolina deal most likely). The draft really cant get here soon enough.

                • Blitzy the Clown

                  I think Anderson is more than a good/productive EDGE rusher. His game is more complete than that.

                  He reminds me a bit of Jadeveon Clowney at SC, both in terms of how they play, and how their college careers went. Clowney had a much more productive sophomore year than his junior (and final) year.

                  Clowney’s a bit bigger/longer and better suited for 4-3 DE, and Anderson best used as a 3-4 OLB, so it’s a good thing that’s what Seattle are running now.

                  I’ll be disappointed if they pass on a QB, but I won’t be disappointed about adding Anderson to the team. And I think it’s possible to feel both ways simultaneously.

                  • Wilson502

                    If Anderson projects to be as good as you say, I have a hard time believing AZ will pass on him by trading down.

        • DK

          If Will Anderson is number 1 on their board, but then they have all 4 QBs right there as well. So their thought process is we have 5 players we like at #5, we are sure to get one of the 5, then who cares what teams are behind them and going to trade up. If the Cardinals do pull a swap with say the Raiders and then QBs go 1-4, Seattle gets Anderson and the Cardinals lose out on the top defensive player in the draft to a division rival, that doesn’t play well for them, and the Seahawks get arguably the best player in the draft. If the Cardinals stay put, and the Seahawks get the last of the 4 QBs, then they are good with that as well. More than likely they would end of with Levis or Richardson, whom I think we be ahead of Bryce Young on their board.

          When Carroll said Schneider has his ear to the ground makes me think he feels pretty confident and comfortable with the options that will be there at 5. So why need a smokescreen.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I have a hard time believing an NFL team, any NFL team, adjusts their draft board based on what they think other teams’ draft boards are

          Put another way, I can’t see any team deciding not to draft Levis or Richardson because Pete Carroll and John Schneider didn’t seem to like them pre draft.

    • Chris

      You’re correct. There has to be a prefence list, they aren’t going to flip a coin when it’s their turn to pick. We as fans may be “fine” with a few players, but this is their job and come draft day they need a specific ordering. If this ordering (that absolutely exists) has all 4 QBs above Anderson then, yes, this behavior seems like it MIGHT be self-defeating. That being said, a bluff that looks exactly like a bluff isn’t really a bluff. Teams may not react due to how over the top it looks, which could also be why it’s so over the top in the first place … using an obvious “bluff” to hide the fact they actually want a QB. End conclusion? I’d say don’t worry about it too much. It’s impossible to know whether they’re being stupid or just very sophisticated.

  15. dahveed

    To your point Rob ,it is clear that whatever the intention may be albiet smoke screen or genuine intention it works for the Hawks.

  16. Rob Staton

    On the whole smokescreen angle, I’m struggling to think of a single example where they’ve said one thing and then done something totally opposite.

    Anyone got any?

    • dahveed

      The fact that we have to search for that aswerws your questions

    • cha

      Does taking Gregg Bell out for a ride so he would spread far and wide that they are not trading Russell Wilson count?

      • Rob Staton

        😂 maybe

        • cha

          Gregg Bell’s first suspicion that the Seahawks were using him should have been that the Seahawks don’t leak things to Gregg Bell.

          Seriously, has he EVER broken a story?

          Condotta gets the occasional snack, Brady will get a contract breakdown before the others from time to time, MSD will snag a nice interview occasionally.

          Bell? Not much of anything. And somebody on the inside is going to leak to him their handling of the biggest player asset they’ve had in the last 20 years?

          And the way he handled it shows why.

          He just said “no, they’re not trading him” for months. And then when asked how he knew simply said “trust me.” And then turned to scorn and making the fans who pointed to all the smoke coming out of the building. Then FINALLY said something like “I’ve been told by a reliable source it isn’t happening” and then died on that hill. Never even thought to acknowledge the possibility that he was walking a sick chicken around town.

          • bmseattle

            Was Bell’s source the same as Clayton’s?
            they both handled the situation the same way… very poorly.

            • Roy Batty

              To me it was arrogance. In the vain of, “I’m close with these people. I would know if it were true. How dare you challenge my information.”

              Sadly, they used both guys.

      • DK

        You mean the same guy that is convinced that Jamal Adams is definitely part of their plan moving forward because Carroll talks about that all the time. Not, that they could say that to posture a bit to try to trade him and get something in return versus outright cutting him?

        That was almost as bad as Softy saying the Seahawks need to keep Jamal Adams this season and hopefully get something out of him to prove that the deal they made for him and subsequent extension weren’t the all time worst moves in franchise history.

        • Big Mike

          Good Lord. You all spend far too much time listening to Seattle sports talk radio. I get it tho, you guys are in your cars in traffic going to and from work. I’ll just say it’s nice to be retired and not be in the car an hour+ per day.

          • Big Mike

            Oh, and by the way it’s too late Softy. It’s already the worst trade in franchise history. The only thing that a decent season from him would do is make it not one of the worst in NFL history.

            • Peter

              Worlds most expensive “prove it deal.”

      • TatupuTime

        In that vein Gregg Bell was recently on the Cigar Thoughts Podcast and said there is no way the Seahawks have any interest in Will Levis. He didn’t back it up with anything. Which I took to slightly increase the likelihood that the Seahawks really like Will Levis.

        • Peter

          Maybe the seahawks think bell is a total goofus so they just feed him whatever because he can’t keep his ideas to himself..

          Heard that pod and listened with the biggest grain of sand.

    • Dregur

      Closest thing I can think of was Schneider telling Wilson they weren’t drafting him, and hoping he’d have a great career, and Wilson staying that sounded really suspicious. But that was well after the fact, and that story was told after Wilson was about to get to his second Super Bowl.

    • Brodie

      “That’s a media creation” – RW trade possibility
      “Franky’s gonna be a Seahawk”
      “Fixing the DL is our priority”


      • cha

        “Fixing the DL is our priority”

        Oh that’s a good one. But not sure if that’s an intentional smokescreen or just a mild case of delusion, thinking Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin were the answers.

        • geoff u

          Yeah, not a smokescreen, but also up there is “we’re gonna be the bullys again”

          • Big Mike


    • Orcas Viking

      Hoping that the following comment by PC proves to be false…

      “I know there’s some conversation about what we did with Julian, does that have some impact on Jamal or Quandre…It doesn’t…we feel very fortunate to have all of our guys”

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      Only the opposite of an explicit smoke screen that we are seeing now with all the selfies.

      Back when we drafted “Let’s Ride“ Wilson, Schneider tapped Russ on the shoulder at the combine and said “its a shame we don’t need a QB because some other team is going to land a good one with you”(paraphrasing). Then he shook his hand and never communicated with him again until he was drafted by us.

    • Malanch

      Hmmm…well, anytime Anthony Richardson’s name comes up, Pete’s glittery eyes begin to flicker in and out of a glazed reverie, so that’s some serious smokescreen commitment. Is he taking that online acting course with DK?

      • Rob Staton

        That is very true about Pete

        You can tell he’s taken a shine to Richardson, whether they draft him or not

  17. Forrest

    I know we’ll all hate to hear it, but the Hawks’ behavior would also make sense if they expect Anderson to go #3 and they want to maximize the value of a trade for the last QB at #5. JS did mention the trade value associated with this pick in one of his Thursday conversations (and, as much as I get trashed for mentioning it, he also mentioned the salary implications of an early pick and the difference between #5 and a couple spots lower over the life of the contract).

    From back in January (Wyman and Bob):

    Does having such a high pick change the Seahawks’ draft philosophy?

    “Not the choice of player, it’s the options that are available to you because it’s such a high pick,” Schneider said, referencing trading with other teams. So Indy losing that (Week 18) game really hurt, obviously Denver winning that (last) game (hurt) otherwise we’d have had the third pick. But even that difference between three and five, in terms of moving around, the value of that pick is really important. I’ve only been involved with it one time this high.”

    “The value of that pick … there’s a lot of compensation that comes your way up there, a lot of opportunities,” he said. “But in terms of when you’re on the clock and picking, no, it’s the best football player.”

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t say that really indicates much. Clearly the value of the third pick is better than fifth, whether you use it or not

  18. ErickV

    Just saw Bucky Brooks mock draft 🤦🏽‍♂️. It’s one of the worst I ever read , mainly in terms of the QBs. He had Richardson falling to us at 20 and Levis falling out of the first round completely. 😂

    • GrittyHawk

      These people are genuinely deranged. The least he could do is provide some explanation, however asinine, of how Levis fell from #7 to out of the first round in the past month since his last mock. Levis has done absolutely nothing to diminish his stock and plenty to improve it. This is the same as Daniel Jeremiah going from “I’ve never watched Keion White” to “Keion White is my favorite defender in this draft” to “Keion White isn’t a first rounder” in the span of 2 months when Keion White in reality helped his stock plenty with a good combine performance. I cannot be convinced that this mock isn’t 100% unadulterated clickbait.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      In the past week of mock drafts; first DJ, then Charles Davis, now Bucky Brooks all have Levis falling down to 19+. Wonder if they all got the same memo, or seperate ones? 😄

  19. geoff u

    We are in a no-lose position and should be excited.

    Door #1: potential franchise quarterback.
    Door #2: probably the best defensive player of the draft.

    One thing I don’t like though is Anderson being called the safest pick of the draft. Brings back memories of Aaron Curry, an also very productive safest pick of the draft who became a giant bust. Curry wasn’t a pass rusher though and a really stupid pick to begin with. It’s worth taking a chance on a pass rusher.

    • Peter

      Dang. That is one draft viewpoint I hadn’t considered and now can not in-consider it.

      Thankfully I think, for me, the bar none locked on safest pick in the draft is RT Wright. I think he is going to, barring injury, almost certainly give high level of play right out of the box. At his exact value. I’d put JMS there as well but with talk of top 20 pick for a center? Not sure. Feels as likely as the all pro center in any draft could be a later pick.

    • Rob Staton

      We are in a no-lose position and should be excited.

      Door #1: potential franchise quarterback.
      Door #2: probably the best defensive player of the draft.

      Yet many Seahawks fans want to go to war over their preferences

    • Scot04

      Unfortunately many view options #1 & #2 differently:

      #1. Anderson, Carter, Tyree Wilson, or Murphy
      #2. Any remaining D-line player or trade down

      It’s just sad really.

    • Phil

      Speaking of draft busts, I am old enough to remember The Boz ….

  20. Sneekes

    Exeter and Cheltenham?

  21. Thomas

    What do you think the offer would have to be to induce the Cardinals to trade out of the top 5? I think they could trade down twice – once with the Colts and then again with Detroit or Vegas.

    • Peter

      Who is detroit jumping us for?

      • Thomas

        QB if they have one they really like.

        • TomLPDX

          I think the Lions are perfectly content with Goff.

          • Cambs

            What’s your basis for thinking this? They have all the identical parameters that would interest the Seahawks in a QB.

            -Meh veteran incumbent with questionable ceiling and easy contract outs to serve as a bridge
            -Talented offensive infrastructure to support a young player
            -Surplus draft capital to facilitate a move
            -Expectation that they won’t have a pick this high again in the near future

            • TomLPDX

              You are welcome to your opinion that he is meh. I think he and Geno both played well last year. Are they top tier? No, but they aren’t bottom tier either. Every time I hear Dan Campbell talk about Goff he talks positively about him. For instance, when asked about Lamar, Campbell had this to say:

              “Look, Lamar is a heck of a talent,” Campbell said, chucking in the middle of his answer. “Trying to defend that guy has been something else. We played them two years ago. But, man, we’ve got a quarterback. So, I’m like, ‘We’ve got a quarterback, and thank God we got one.’

              (From: )

              • Peter

                There’s a tiny difference for me between them.

                Goff is nearly five years younger. Played just a tiny bit better. And was only in his second season with their system.

                He’s probably meh. But right now….I think sure they could tge qn of tge future thing like us. But just basic math and not factoring for injury he has a good deal more “future,” than geno.

              • Cambs

                The Lions can save $27M by cutting Goff next offseason.

      • UkAlex6674

        Detroit trade with Arizona to take Anderson to bookend with Hutchison?

        • Peter

          I think detroit might take the first Corner off the board.

  22. Mort

    Hey Rob, I have been thinking about this and I don’t have all the information and trust your opinion on this. I am trust John with either a QB or Anderson but if they do go with Anderson what does next years QB class look like besides Williams and Maye? Chris Fowler believes that both of those two are better than this years 4 QBs so who else is there next year and is it worth waiting one more year? After the top 4 QBs I don’t like any of the options which is one of the reason I am asking this.

    • Hawkster

      SEA draft capital is this year, that there may be good QBs next year may not matter when it is all said and done. They need to be in a position to actually pick one.

    • Peanut

      With there being this “but next years are better” vibe around atleast Williams and Maye, won´t they probably go 1&2 then? In that case, Seattle either has to trade a house, or full on tank. Neither sounds fun. Take on the four if they are there this year and hope you nail it.

  23. BK26

    The only time that Seahawks nation has come together probably since the Super Bowl win: how bad Tannenbaum’s mock is.

    A little refreshing, but sad that that is what it took haha.

  24. Trevor

    The videos of Josh Downs pro day are soooo good. He is so quick and everything looks smooth as silk. He would look incredible in a Hawks uni.

    • Brodie

      If he’s there at 37, I think he has to be a contender for that pick.

      • Roy Batty

        I think Rob is right, though. They have made it clear that after #5, their priority is shoring up the IDL if any of their prospects are near their pick. So Kancey, Bresee, Mazi and others will be taken instead of true BPA.

        But, it could be worse. They could do the standard head scratching reach.

        • Brodie

          Maybe, but I’m not super excited about any of those names.

          Kancey’s arms are so short (7th percentile) that he would be a true outlier if he were more than a rotational DL. Bresee doesn’t have much to get excited about beyond his HS pedigree. Mazi is a run-stuffer that gets some occasional pressure.

          IDL is up there with TE and maybe off-ball LB for positions that take awhile for it to ‘click’. We’ve also seen how Pete treats the DL with regard to vets VS rookies.

          NT and ILB are two positions that – seem to me – are just not going to be where we spend up in the draft. Keion White, Ade Ade and Keanu Benton are the guys that I can see us targeting on the DL with early picks. They are dynamic, long-arm, high-motor guys. I don’t think we’ll spend a 2nd on the profiles of the guys you named.

          That’s how I’m reading the tea leaves anyway.

          • Hawkster

            “Mazi is a run stuffer that get’s occasional pressure”… if hat plays out in SEA at the NL leel that would be a huge win. SEA did a lot of things, but stuffing the run was not one of them.

  25. Spencer

    Guys I figured it out. We keep complimenting Rob on his ‘ahead of the curve’ takes and we really shouldn’t…because he’s a freakin’ TIME TRAVELER! He’s ALWAYS about 1 month ahead of the other talking heads and sports outlets.

    “Russell Wilson will be gone and that’s okay”
    “Geno is a pleasant surprise but let’s not get over our skis about an extension”
    “Keep an eye on Will Levis”
    “Anthony Richardson has unlimited potential”
    “Jalen Carter might not have the drive and focus everyone thinks”
    “Here are some guys that will be draft risers in about a month…these guys will fall down the boards”

    Every time he’s spot on and before most everyone else by about a month. My guess is his flux capacitor can only handle about 1 month at a time…or he can’t get ahold of the full 1.21 gigawatts (stay away from the Libyan terrorists, Rob, it’s not worth it).

    So at this point he already knows who we’re taking on days 1 and 2. He’s just keeping it quiet, leaving little hints, cards close to the chest. Well played you English wizard, well played.

    Thanks for all of it Rob! You’re one of the best to do it!

    • TomLPDX

      In that case, Rob needs to give us the lottery numbers. I’ll split it with ya!!! 🙂

    • Rob Staton


    • geoff u

      I wonder if he travels in one of those old police boxes, too. So typically British. Makes sense though, how else would a british guy know anything about the N F L unless he time travels to find out?

  26. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Carroll spoke as forcefully as he can that the signing of Julian Love does not mean the team would make a move with Jamal Adams or Quandre Diggs. Says the plan is to use all three, and when asked if they could play together 25 percent of snaps said….

    … “they’ll play together a lot more than that.” Said “I know there’s some conversation like what we did with Julian, does that have some impact on on Jamal or quandary? It doesn’t, we have a clear thought of what we’re going to do with our guys and how we want to play them.”

    Asked about Poona Ford, Carroll said the Seahawks hope to bring him back. “Hopefully we can keep talking. We’d love to have him back. We need him to come back.”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I mean, just replace Adams with Neal and the answer remains the same. They’re gonna play lots of 3 safety sets.

      This means nothing with respect to a post 6/1 cut of Admas

      • cha

        Makes me wonder if the “Love to nickel / Cobe going home to outside CB” is in the plans.

        At this moment in time, a 3-safety set with the DL’s on their roster is the lightest defense in football.

        Other than that time Arizona ran that 7 DB set out all game and the Seahawks ran through them like wet tissue paper with Carlos Hyde.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          No money for beef though

          I’m biting my lip until June 1st

          • Wilson502

            Ran out of money for Beef, only Chicken is left.

            • Geoff u

              Not even sure we have money for chicken anymore. Who likes tofu?

          • TomLPDX

            Just for you Blitzy!


            • Big Mike

              Oh Tom, just that fact that you remember this ad to search for it on Youtube makes you old af. I only say that cuz I am too. Peter, care to hiobble…….er, jump in? LOL

              • TomLPDX

                Heck yeah I’m old AF. Got to admit, some of those old commercials got game!

              • Peter

                Haha!! Not quite. I do remember the ad. I’ll give a clue to our slight age difference. My friend’s younger brother had a non compliant very unsafe Wendy’s where’s the beef magic trick. With a little cardboard patty you could make “disappear.”

            • Blitzy the Clown

              Game on Tom!

              Gonna drag Wilson into this…

              Chicken? Or peacock?


              • TomLPDX

                Good one!

        • Steve Nelsen

          I posted that Love was likely to be nickel instead of Coby when news of the signing first broke. Rob thought it meant more “3-safety” formations which is clearly what Pete is talking about. But, I’m not sure about the difference between Love as Nickel, 3-safety, and a “big nickel” if all three have the same players on the field: Woolen, Jackson, Diggs, Adams and Love.

          Cha, I think your point is clear that the loser in terms of snaps is going to be Coby unless they plan on having him play outside and compete with Jackson. I like that idea. I hope they draft a corner to compete with Jackson. Coby and Jackson did credible jobs as a rookie and a journeyman reclamation but both need to continue to improve to get to League average at their positions. A little more competition than they got last year would help their continued growth.

          • cha

            Coby was a bit of a rollercoaster at nickel.

            He wasn’t great but he was prying the ball loose with regularity. When that stopped, a lot of the reason to keep him at nickel started to erode a bit.

            I really liked him the first day of camp at the outside CB spot. I hope they don’t do the Lewis thing and confuse him by jerking him around the field.

            • TomLPDX

              And let’s not forget about Tre Brown while we’re at it.

  27. JD

    Rob (and others), can you think of a comp for Will Anderson?

    I’m struggling to think of one. He’s not in the Bosa’s, Garrett, Watt territory. Zierlein comped him to Demarcus Ware. Any more current comps people can think of? To me he projects as a solid 3-4 OLB. 10-12 sacks. Good run defender. Do we already have that in Uchenna Nwosu? Not saying having two of them is bad but we also have Taylor and Mafe who have high upside.

    • Rob Staton

      Ware is a good comp

      • Thomas Wells

        Interesting. What sort of comp? Style of play, physical attributes, potential impact on the field?

        I only ask because I’ve always considered Demarcus Ware a game-wrecking X factor type, and you’ve been pretty consistent in your opinion that Anderson is a notch below that sort of player. That left me sort of underwhelmed about the prospect of selecting Anderson at 5. But if his ceiling is Demarcus Ware then I would be a lot less underwhelmed if the hawks take him. I’d even consider him over QB4, despite my strong preference to make sure a blue chip QB prospect is part of the return for Russel Wilson.

        Or maybe I’m reading too much into this and we just have different opinions on Ware 🤷‍♂️

        Thanks in advance for your thoughts Rob! Also thank you for all your consistent and consistently excellent content. As always your coverage of the hawks and the draft is top notch. Literally the first website I open up every morning.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Doesn’t suck to be comped to a Hall of Famer.

  28. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

    Canadian billionaire Steve Apostolopoulos also has submitted a fully-funded $6 billon offer for the Commanders, sources tell me and

    With two groups known to have submitted bids, there is a growing belief the Commanders could be sold before the NFL Draft.
    11:03 AM · Mar 28, 2023

    Dueling $6b bids for the Commanders wasn’t on my wtf bingo card

    • Big Mike

      So does Snyder sign Lamar to a 4 year, fully guaranteed say 240 million contract as a ‘fuck you’ to the other owners on his way out the door?

      • TomLPDX

        Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

        • Peter

          I honestly think the league would block him at that transaction. Not sure of tge legal ramifications. But the league isn’t a real business no matter how many times Florio calls them business owners.

          • Big Mike

            Well if that did happen it would be the first case of Goodell actually growing a pair.

      • Roy Batty


        I don’t say that as some expert in any and all things, I say that as someone who realizes that the bidders of that team didn’t get to the level of wealth they have by being stupid.

        They will have language in the buyout that states no major moves can be made that add to the teams debt in the form of the escrow account for Lamar’s guarantees. It will also state that Snyder cannot make any major trades.

        This idea is constantly floated by Rich Eisen, but it ignores what is just stated. Eisen is doing it for press. He wants to stir the pot, since he’s so pissed about the Rodgers drama dragging on.

        • Big Mike

          Makes sense and thanks. I’ve heard it several places so just wondering. Bet Snyder would if he could.

          • Roy Batty

            Snyder wanted to burn it down, but I think the combined power of 31 billionaires changed his mind. There is so much dirt on him that the league probably told him to sell or face the consequences of law enforcement getting involved.

            Luckily for Snyder, the NFL is a free flowing ATM that will do anything to keep its reputation a clean as possible. Even it if it means suppressing information that could put one of their own in jail.

            • Big Mike


  29. EIEIO

    Being as I am satisfied that Seattle is going to get either a QB or Will Anderson at #5, I am morphing toward becoming more interested in how JS handles our 4 selections 20, 37, 52, 83. Arguably, this is where the success (or failure) of our draft will emanate. It’s a trade-off; a QB represents an investment in the future, Will Anderson makes Seattle better now. Depending on what happens with our first selection, I would think JS is looking at two very different scenarios to guide our following selections.

    First, having secured the best defensive player in the draft with our first pick affords us the opportunity, the luxury, if you will, to select an impact player we may not have otherwise. I’m referring to being able to select an offensive player such as Dawand Jones, Tyjae Spears, JMS or Josh Downs, or the possibility of picking an additional defensive playmaker we might miss out on otherwise such as, Ade Ade, Mazi Smith, Calijah Kennedy or Keion White (…obviously, there’s others I haven’t mentioned).

    In contrast, with the second scenario and having the QBOTF secured with our first selection, it probably means JS can still get players at the positions he prioritized, but will have less wiggle room. He might have to push that “luxury” pick to a lesser player in the later rounds. Decisions will have to be made…Do we take (for example) a DT like Ade Ade at #20 or, not having Will Anderson, do we take an EDGE like Will McDonald? Do we trade up a few spots from 37 to get JMS, or do we take Josh Downs and hope to get Wypler at 53?

    It’s going to be interesting. Seattle could end up with a totally different cast of characters depending on what happens with picks 1 through 5.

    • Hawkster

      Yes, this is a point I’e babbled about somewhere out there in the past. Anderson vs QBOTF puts entirely different pressures on #20. Anderson gives more BPA flexibility IMO, QBOTF really demands DL with the #20(even if traded down to mid 20s).

      It all makes for some serious must see TV. Last draft was incredibly exciting to watch, but but after Cross and Mafe pretty much anything was on the table. This draft seems more inclined follow two somewhat distinct paths depending on #5.

      That makes sense as in one scenario you expect a 17 games of a DL starter out of #5, and the other you expect 17 games of clipboard.

    • Joe Strummer

      You are spot on.
      As much as Seattle needs D lineman, I am concerned about their serious lack of offensive firepower. I am kind of thinking the defense will suck no matter who they draft, so just go get some offensive talent with those early picks. It is the 21st century, you gotta score some points.

  30. UkAlex6674

    But if Levis is drafted by the Colts would it be of benefit to start him quickly if the team has so many holes? They aren’t going to win for a while. Better to take AR and grow the team/get a QB settled? It’s Y1 so there is no pressure to win now.

    Not my preference to do things just an idea.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Indy are set up to be competitive

      Especially in that division

    • geoff u

      They are a bit of a wild card because of Irsay, no one ever accused him of knowing what he’s doing.

  31. Gross MaToast

    With under a month until the draft, I think Rob nails the most likely outcome at 5.

    My choice would be any QB followed by Anderson. The one player I don’t want to see taken at 5 is Wilson – I think he’s a future JAG.

    With that settled, my attention now turns to 20. What do they do there? BPA or fill holes? This could be the pick that impacts the 2023 Seahawks more than any other. I have a handful of guys I’d like to see there, so I hope they stick at 20, but it seems ripe for a trade-down.

    Thanks, Rob – good stuff.

  32. bmseattle

    If Mayer and Downs are both there at #20, it will be difficult to pass on one of them.
    I’m not sure who I’d prefer… both could be extremely important to our offense.

    Man, there are so many players 20-40 that I’m going to wish we could pick.

    • Brodie

      When it’s a coin-flip, you want the 5th year option with more value:


      At least for the 1st round, that’s how I view it.

  33. cha

    Wyche snipped and tweeted the QB convo w PC

  34. Blitzy the Clown

    Tony Pauline @TonyPauline

    Glad to see Hendon Hooker trending. Again & again I’ve said in interviews/pods he’s in the best position of any QB:
    1- he’s displayed constant development the past 3 years

    2- the injury creates a situation where he’ll have to sit and watch in ’23

    That said he’s a day two pick

    12:00 PM · Mar 28, 2023

    Conceptually, I’m ok if the QB Seattle come away with in this draft is Hooker., I mean as long as the pick at 5 isn’t Tyree Wilson. But I think it’ll take a R1 pick to get Hooker — and depending on what happens with Lamar Jackson/Baltimore, and what you think Minnesota will do at QB — it could take pick 20.

    And I don’t think I’d be happy with Hooker for that price.

    • BK26

      Personally I wouldn’t be happy with him for a second round pick. I don’t want to waste a pick for a plan b quarterback with that many stipulations for him to just get on the field. Doesn’t move the needle for me in terms of having a quarterback talent capable of competing with the best.

      Pick 5 (or earlier) or nothing for me.

    • Hawk Finn

      Teddy Bridgewater 2.0

      • Silly Billy

        When on a rookie deal, Teddy Bridgewater was great

        • Hawk Finn

          User name checks out

  35. Beacon of half truth

    I’m convinced Anthony Richardson isn’t even gonna be there at #5 now…

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t worry too much about it

      If it did happen, someone else lasts

      • Beacon of half truth

        I’m very worried about it. I want Richardson 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Big Mike

    Rob, would you address the concerns I’ve seen raised about Levis throwing too many picks please

    2021 with good o-line, 24 TDs and 13 ints.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s definitely an issue he has to fix. Some technical issues he has identified himself and said he’s working to fix with Jordan Palmer. His technique gets a bit sloppy at times, he can lean back for no reason on a roll-out, not set his feet properly and throw from base. He also had, I have to say, a lot of unfortunate picks in two seasons.

      And while a lot of people like to mention this, also worth noting how many interceptions others had including Mahomes. It can happen.

      • Big Mike

        Thanks man. I hope if he’s a Hawk he turns out more like Mahomes and less like Jameis.

  37. MIke BARA

    Please God make it so. Take the quarterback. Please…

  38. JP

    Elite QB prospects tend to be taken early.

    Teams aren’t blind. If they see game tilting ability, that guy is probably gone by the 10th pick or so. Russell Wilson is looking like a unicorn in hindsight. Like the Patriots lucking into Tom Brady.

    This means, even if we find our guy in the 2nd round, his best outcome is likely a guy like Geno or Dak, that type. I don’t know about you, but I’m not really that interested in that. What about 4-5 years from now? Do we want to back up the money truck for that kind of QB that can’t really drag a team to victory? Russell Wilson dragged us to victory many times over the years in games I felt like we would’ve lost with most other QBs.

    I think picking at 5 is such a gift, it’s a chance to take a big swing at the position, not just for the near future, but 10 years from now even.

  39. samprassultanofswat

    Yes. I will be happy with either Will Anderson or Anthony Richardson.

    Talent over need!

  40. Jordan

    The 33d Team (a website with contributions from the likes of Polian, Spielman, Cossell, Geoff Schwartz, Joe Thomas) has a pretty interesting big board. Of note: Broderick Jones is #1 overall, and Levis is QB1.

    Pretty thorough writeups from the likes of Polian and Cossell.

    • Trevor

      Thanks for this. Really interesting.

    • Joe Strummer

      Well they appreciate Jonathan Mingo more than the PF* sites.
      Good sign.

  41. Brett

    Dan Campbell on Jalen Carter:

    “We talked to a teammate of his the other day and, man, he told us some things we didn’t know. That nobody probably would’ve known. It was like, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.'”

    Asked if it was good or bad:

    “It’s interesting.”

    “Interesting” sounds bad to me.

    • BK26

      Yeah…if it’s good then you say so. If not, you sugar coat it.

      I’ve said it before, so many people are going to be eating crow the the American Crow might go extinct.

      • samprassultanofswat

        It is kind of surprising that Dan Campbell would even comment. I realized he only said the word “interesting” But just saying the word “interesting” says a ton. Would love to know which Georgia teammate that Dan Campbell talked to.

      • Wilson502

        I seriously cant wait to see the look of disappointment and the eating of crow come draft day for all the Jalen Carter jock riders in the fanbase. Draft seriously cant come soon enough.

    • cha

      The clip, judge for yourselves:

      • PJ in Seattle

        He says “interesting” and then a quick “pretty good”.

        Sounds to me like a man who’s already thinking about how he will explain spending pick #6 on Carter.

      • Ben

        They way he said “Man he told us some things we didn’t know, that nobody probably would have known, oh like that’s interesting, that’s pretty good” makes me lean very much towards a positive anecdote.

        1. I’d be surprised if a teammate said something negative to a coach, not that it couldn’t happen but surprised.
        2. I’d be surprised for Campbell to also then offer up this anecdote with a name attached if it were negative.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Sounds to me like Carter may be a possibility for Detroit at 6

        Campbell also said that just because a player doesn’t go 100% snap to whistle doesn’t mean they’re lazy. It could be other reasons, Campbell specifically mentions coaching, maybe the prospect wasn’t coached properly. He mentions talking to coaches and trainers and assistants, and also teammates… and oh by the way, one of Carter’s told us something we wouldn’t know about and it was interesting *smiles*

        Makes me think he might be thinking Carter is coachable

        • Big Mike

          Well I’ll just say this, I hope Detroit has a culture that either
          1) helps the young man turn his work ethic and personal life around or
          2) can survive what could be a big mistake on draft day

          • TomLPDX

            If any culture could kick his ass into shape it would be Dan Campbell’s team. Just wait, the Lions will be a force this coming year. Every stinking one of them, including the coach, has a huge chip on their shoulder.

            We now return to our regularly scheduled program…

        • geoff u

          You think Georgia’s coaches are bums? eh

          • Peter

            Maybe Campbell can do it? Who knows. I just think that the team that produces nolan smith, Jordan davis, walker, and wyatt can’t get through to him who does?

            • geoff u

              Well, I honestly hope it works out for Carter, I just don’t want the Seahawks to take on that risk.

              • Rob Staton

                Don’t worry…

        • UkAlex6674

          Same. Campbell isn’t a guy to make it worse. It can only be positive.

      • Hawkster

        before the interesting bit he said at more length a point Scott McCloughan made quickly, … are they giving 100%, not whistle-to-whistle per se, but what is their commitment to the team.

  42. clbradley17

    Jordan Palmer at the 33rd team showing AR’s fantastic traits, but suggesting he follows the Mahomes model. Several highlights showcasing all he can do. Backs up everything Rob has said that he has all the traits to succeed.

    • Rob Staton

      Great video

      And Palmer hasn’t been working with Richardson. He’s been working with Levis, Hooker, DTR and Duggan. So this praise isn’t compromised.

    • Ukhawk

      Thx both. I really enjoyed these JP videos

      Love that JP breaks down on 3 most important questions areas needed to transition/excel in the NFL:
      – get ball out quickly
      – mobility to extend play
      – consistently push ball downfield

      Said Levis was miles ahead of others on point 1

  43. Mr. Drucker in hooterville

    The Seahawks selection (and therefore the draft) pivots on Houston’s pick I believe. If they go defense, it will be Anderson and then AZ will have to scramble a trade down or pick their Contingency defender. That will leave us 2 QB’s to likely choose from.
    If Houston goes QB, we’ll likely get Anderson.

    • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

      doh….we’d likely get Richardson…

      • hoggs41

        Id rather see Anderson in Houston than AZ.

  44. Mr Magic

    I keep forgetting we drafted Tyreke Smith in the 5th round from OSU last year. He missed the entire year injured but we have him coming back as well to support the LB corps. Has there been much color or updates on him?

    • Rob4q

      Nwosu, Taylor, Mafe, Robinson, Smith…maybe even Onujiogu as well. They seem to have some athletes at the position huh?!? But these are OLB, not ILB and that’s why Bobby was brought back along with signing Bush.

  45. AndyMuhs


    • TomLPDX

      Just to let you know, Richardson doesn’t like that moniker. Says it is too close to all the shootings and doesn’t want to be associated with it.

      • Zeke

        He’s just being PC. If he truly didn’t like the name, he would’ve already changed his number long ago

        • Big Mike

          That’s not necessarily true. Athletes are superstitious. Changing your number is worse than us not changing our shirt if the seahawks win when they play the next week. I take the young man at his word.

          • UkAlex6674

            100% agree with you on this Big Mike

      • JamesSelvin

        I appreciate you saying this, TomLPDX. Even if he is “just being PC” we should respect his wishes. Frankly, I can get behind an athlete – especially one with a large following – erring on the side of being compassionate in light of recent tragedies.

  46. Romeo A57

    Ol’ Seaside Joe is sure coming after Rob and SDB hard. An entire article to try to make Rob look bad. Mainly critical of the belief that there is no way the Seahawks would pick Carter @ 1.5. Also bashing that Levis is a First Round pick.

    I think it is kind of crummy doing an article just to bash another site. I don’t always agree with that site but like to see different points of view.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d just ignore it

      If other sites want to do that sort of thing, that’s up to them

      I’ll stick to Seahawks & draft analysis — I’m sure a lot more people are interested in that than talking about other bloggers

    • Dregur

      It’s a pretty shallow analysis of Hookers weaknesses. Also, please Rob, don’t randomly capitalize random words for emphasis, I beg of you.

    • Lord Snow

      He has a lot of jealousy that kid and has a lot of work to do. I feel sorry for him that he has to attack Rob because Rob does this as a hobby and is more successful than this entitled kid who ruined field gulls and is still trying to make a living as a writer for Seattle Seahawks football. It’s pathetic. I just wish one of my buddies would stop sending me his articles but he keeps doing it because he knows it bugs me. I’m just waiting for the day that he owns up to the fact he was probably the ringleader of the let Russ Cook movement. But that would take self-reflection and he’s incapable

    • Olyhawksfan

      What a weird article. Just…weird.

    • Ishmael

      Putrid work. Deeply embarrassing stuff even by his standards.

      Unfortunately, his great talent is his ability to play a fifth-rate Skip Bayless, which is more than enough to get your average internet user dragged down into the mud. It gets him clicks, it gets him subs, what price dignity? About five bucks a month.

  47. Rob Staton

    More from Carroll/Schneider on the quarterbacks. Lots of good info/quotes here, especially on how they’ve communicated to Geno/Lock about the possibility of drafting a QB at #5:

    I know I said it in the piece — but this just adds to my conviction that I think they’re approach is they’d love to have Will Anderson or one of the QB’s at #5 and they’re comfortable with that

  48. Schadyhawk001

    The mocks of Hooker at #5 are reminiscent of all the mocks that had Malik Willis going #2 overall to the Lions last year

  49. Sea Mode

    Finally getting around to Josh Downs. Woof… that change of speed in his routes and late hands… 👌

    Brunner was there at his pro day. (though all 32 teams were) Schotty was there too and chatted with him. (Cowboys met with him)

    Says the Steelers and a few other teams told him he had “one of the cleanest workouts they’ve seen in the past few years.”

    His agent tells him top 50, probably 25-45 range.

    A little worried about the size, though, if I’m honest. An inch shorter and 11 lbs. lighter than Lockett…? 😬 Lack of true top-end speed is the other knock on him. Otherwise, he has it all for a slot: agility, burst, route running, hands, tracking, body control, toughness over the middle of the field. Personality seems great too. Ultra-competitive.

    Elite as well as far as all the production metrics go (team market share and all that jazz). I seem to remember this being a key factor when they drafted Lockett. This table is from 2021 (and yes, made for fantasy football), but you can see the point: it loves Downs.

    Also boasts the second-lowest drop rate in the class (among PFF top 25 WRs) at just 3.1%.

    • Justaguy

      Blog favorite bladablah. Hard pass on Downs and I would still take Boutte at #52 or better if he is still there at #83. Should be a good position to target every year in that range.

      • Rob Staton

        You rate Boutte higher than Downs??????

      • Sea Mode

        Look, I’m not going to actually be offended or anything, cause this is just a fun hobby we all enjoy here. But within that context, it feels pretty lazy from you to brush off my fairly detailed look at Downs including game tape, testing, pro day, and statistical aspects as just “blog favoritism” while at the same time offering zero reasons to justify your opinion or convince readers otherwise.

        I can understand ultimately passing on Downs for one reason or another. I myself still haven’t even decided at this point whether I prefer him over certain other WRs in this class. But a “hard pass”? Really? For what reason?

        And then to give no reasons for preferring a slower, far less explosive, not even close to as productive player who carries injury history, started this season so poorly he almost had to transfer, and also happens to have one of the worst drop rates in the entire class as far as I can tell at 13.8%.

        Please explain!

  50. Rob Staton

    MSD article in the Athletic on the Seahawks’ interest in QB’s not being a smokescreen:

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Does MSD still think Jalen Carter at 5?

      • TomLPDX

        Yes he does. Every mock he has done we take Carter at 5.

    • 509 Chris

      That was an interesting article. Carroll spoke way too frankly for it to be a smokescreen. When I read that it seemd to confirm what you’ve said all along. There’s 5 guys that they would be fine taking so they’ll look them all over close.

  51. Zeke

    For non subscribers

    • Trevor


  52. HawkfaninMT

    In The Atlantic PC talked about all 4 QBs at different levels of readiness, which makes sense. If they happen to get one they feel confident in starting day 1… do they consider trading Geno? Very nice contract for another team to take on, and getting an extra 2nd with cap space could be nice.

    Not necessarily saying they will… just a thought that I haven’t seen explored much yet

    • HawkfaninMT

      *Athletic not Atlantic

    • Brodie

      That’s about $26M in dead cap to move him for a rookie who’s never taken a snap. If we trade him before or during the draft it COSTS us $16M.

      The only way it wouldn’t be absolutely crippling to the cap would be to trade him after June 1, where you’re getting picks next year and that gets you $1.2M in space for this year with a $17.4M dead cap to eat in 2024 or spread out for 24-25. Zero chance of trading Geno this year.

      • HawkfaninMT

        Ah interesting, didn’t know the cap ramifications. Seemed like if we could move on easily after year one it should be easy enough to move on in a trade

        • Brodie

          June 1 of next year it’s ok. At that point this year and ‘next’ years pro-rated bonus money falls off, and we’re only on the hook for $8.7M, which they can spread over two years for $4.35M. Not great, but in the world of cap manipulation, certainly not bad.

  53. Justaguy

    If a team wanted Geno they simply would have outbid for him

  54. Joey

    Bit late to this post so this may be lost but I think logically there is no poker being played here.

    Just think about it. A team outside top 5 wants a QB bad enough that they would trade into 3 to get one.

    Do you really think it takes a few pro day appearances and some Carroll quotes to make them do that? If they wanted it that bad, they’re not taking the risk of the Seahawks taking a QB regardless of any smokescreens.

    Carroll likely knows this.

    So what would be the point of all this if it was just bluffing? Get Geno offside only to have never wanted to draft a QB in the first place?

    Everything points to them wanting a QB (assuming their evaluation points to them actually wanting one).

    1. Pro days
    2. Geno contract
    3. Carroll comments

    Add to that the fact that his comments are exactly the appropriate rationale. This genuinely IS the best chance they’ll have to get a top QB for cheap. Anything else and they’d either have to pay up big time, OR get lucky.

    Both Russ and Geno were lucky. I’d be surprised if they think they can end up with a top 10 QB through sheer luck (eg late round or reject FA vet) a 3rd time. They will also not have the cap or draft capital to trade for one anytime soon.

    So for me, they are all in for a QB if they want it. Clearly if someone does jump them they’ll probably be happy to “settle” for Anderson.

    • UkAlex6674

      Yes I do. If anyone is crazy enough to trade up for Mitch Trubisky, then anyone needing a QB will have no qualms trading up into top 3.

      • Rob Staton

        Kind of think if anyone was trading up to #3 it would’ve happened by now

        Maybe the AR pro day is the catalyst point but we’ll see

      • Joey

        Wasn’t my point. Totally possible someone will trade up. I’m just saying they’re not gonna base the decision of whether they’re going to or not on what Pete Carroll says on radio.

        And given that, it is highly unlikely Pete is playing games.

        Therefore he’s not, and we can pretty much take what he says at face value.

        Doesn’t mean they will take a QB over Andersen. Just means QB is definitely a consideration and they’re not playing some game to get someone to trade above them.

  55. MattyB

    this is going to be an exciting draft for us Seahawks fan and especially those that read SeahawksDraftBlog as Rob has provided us with the best info regards prospects and possible names at each picks.

    i agree that PC and JS are just enjoying the scouting and talking openly about the process and prospects. Any of the 4 QB’s or WA is perfect. I do mind the idea of Will Anderson at #5 and Hooker later on in the draft, there just a little ‘niggel’ that he (Hooker) is going to be better than one of the top 4 QBs. (how often do all the top 5 draft picks go on to have a stela career?) (whos the overrated/flop of the top 5 picks?)

    • Rob Staton

      I think this is a rare year though with two very technically good, athletic QB’s who are expected by most to be QB1 and QB2 and then two others who are physically exceptional with incredible upside. And we’ve seen players with comparable upside thrive in recent years. My doubt on Hooker is he doesn’t carry anywhere near that same upside, he’s older, he has a serious injury and the offense he played in is wide open.

  56. Trevor

    I think the Hawks clearly want one of the top 4 QBs in the class but if they are all gone then I think they will run to the podium for Anderson. Also think they will be fine with having Drew Lock as the backup and they likely want to try and develop him the same way they did Geno.

    I think people for get that Lock is still only 26yrs old. To put that into context Hendon Hooker is 25 and won’t even be able to play this year so he will be 26 his rookie year.

    • GrittyHawk

      The problem with Lock is that he’s already past his rookie contract. Even as a backup he’s making $4M already, and only on a 1 year deal. If they develop Lock, we’ll end up right in the situation we feared with Geno, having to hand out a big long-term contract to a guy who had one good season.

  57. Tatupu51

    So what to think of this report about Levis bombing interviews? Leak by some team hoping he falls out of the top 5 or should we be concerned?

    Will Levis is bombing interviews

    “Arrogance, entitlement. Plus… just bizarre”

    “24 years old. Should be far ahead of guys that graduated from High School in the pandemic 25 months ago (Stroud / Richardson / Stroud)

    “Why didn’t he beat out Sean Clifford”

    Levis could go Day 2

    • Rushless pass

      Do you buy it?

    • Rob Staton

      Chad Forbes is a totally unreliable, nonsense source

      He is basically another ‘Incarcerated Bob’ type

  58. Peanut

    Nolan Smith was on the Pat McAfee show this week and he sure sounded very good with his answers.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s a very intelligent, interesting player

      But sadly that doesn’t prevent him from being a major tweener for the NFL and it’s really hard to fit him into an obvious position

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