Why the Russell Wilson saga needs to be sorted quickly

We’re a week on from the first flush of a new Russell Wilson saga.

Despite the claims of one or two members of the media that this is a storm in a tea cup and the almost desperate denial of sections of the fan base, this is a very serious issue that warrants care and attention.

Because although you’ll have heard or read many people denouncing the possibility of a trade because of the $39m dead cap hit, the reality is that anything is possible if there’s sufficient motivation.

How else are the Eagles, currently $50m over the cap for 2021, going to be able to take on a dead cap hit for Carson Wentz?

Mike Tannenbaum has a solution for Wentz and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work for Wilson and the Seahawks:

If Wilson pays back a $30m bonus before the end of the month, the dead cap hit would be dramatically reduced. And there’s nothing stopping the buying team (who are only inheriting his base salary) compensating that money back to Wilson once a trade is consumated.

So if Wilson is suitably motivated to force a trade, there is a clear and distinct opportunity to make it happen. It’s unique. It’s creative. But it exists.

Fans are also increasingly suggesting this is simply an overreaction to some fairly non-explosive words about needing to improve the offensive line. That the media are creating a story out of nothing.

This is simply a convenient and reassuring piece of denial.

The reality is that Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, is feeding information to the media to make it known that he’s unhappy. He’s not sneakily doing that behind Wilson’s back. He’s his agent. That’s why you’re seeing the Jason La Canfora articles. That’s why Mike Florio is actively reporting the story.

These are media contacts Rodgers has used in the past.

You’ve also got Brandon Marshall speaking in very candid terms about Wilson wanting out. You can write him off as a loudmouth talking head if you want but you’ll merely be doing yourself a disservice.

Marshall has been in the media for years — dating all the way back to his playing days in Chicago. Part of his schtick has never been to offer wild hot takes on the future of former team mates.

If what he was saying was off-base, you can imagine Wilson would be on the phone immediately telling his friend to offer a full retraction. That hasn’t happened.

Is Mike Garafolo a specialist in clickbait now? So when one of the most respected and reliable reporters in the NFL media says it “smells like a guy with one foot out of the door or kind of wants out” — do you write that off too?

And let’s not forget the reported (and not disputed) ultimatum from Wilson to the team before the season to ‘let him cook’ or the talk in May that league sources expect, sooner or later, that Wilson will be playing elsewhere.

The proverb ‘no smoke without fire’ has never been more apt.

If you’re ignoring and denying all of this, then you’re simply unwilling to face the seriousness of this situation. I’m afraid, you are in denial.

And if you think the media needs to create drama at a time when Deshaun Watson is seeking a trade, Tom Brady has just won a seventh Super Bowl, Andy Reid’s son has left a child in hospital, Carson Wentz is on the brink of being dealt and Dak Prescott’s future is up in the air — then you’re doing an incredible impression of ‘comical Ali’.

This story is in the media because Wilson and his camp want it to be.

It really is as simple as that.

The idea of Wilson leaving Seattle is tough for many to handle. It would also be a highly unusual and explosive situation for a player of his caliber to insist on a move. That, in part, is why fans and media gravitate towards dismissing this outright.

Yet if you’re willing to actually break this down and read the tea leaves — it’s not difficult to piece together what’s going on.

An inconvenient truth is, sadly, still a truth.

The idea that Wilson is simply applying a bit of pressure and will then ‘see how it goes’ this year also isn’t realistic.

He turns 33 in November. He’s a couple of years away from being tagged as an ageing quarterback. He constantly talks about legacy.

He’s in a hurry. Time is of the essence. Wasting another season seeing if things shift to his way of thinking isn’t an option. Mainly, because he knows it won’t happen. This is the Pete Carroll show. Not the Russell Wilson show. And he knows it.

I suspect he wants to go somewhere where it does become the Wilson show.

This is a quarterback who wants to compete for MVP awards. He wants to win multiple titles. He’s approaching 33 and hasn’t even received a MVP vote in his career. The Seahawks haven’t come close to a Super Bowl run in pushing seven years. Since then, Tom Brady has won four more titles.

He’s seen Brady leave the team where he was a legend and go somewhere else where everything is catered to the quarterback. It took one season to win a title.

One season.

There’s also a trust factor here. Wilson made the ultimatum before the season and, in fairness, was allowed to cook. He carried the team and made up for a disgrace of a defense for weeks, leading the Seahawks to a 5-0 start.

Yet at the first sign of trouble, Carroll wrestled control of the offense.

Some people in the media and large sections of the fan base haven’t even acknowledged how much of a factor that could be.

The ultimatum was never disputed. So how can anyone fail to see how much this could be influencing Wilson’s position today?

It’s the perfect illustration of a clash of philosophies and the trust issues that exist from both sides.

Put yourself in Wilson’s shoes. You carry the team on your back and set up a 5-0 start. ‘Carrying the team on your back’ barely feels like an adequate description. The defense was on a historically bad pace. It was Wilson vs the world — he was having to score at a historic pace himself in order to deliver wins.

Then at the first sign of trouble, that was the end of that. No more cooking.

You have to be prepared to consider how Wilson felt about that. Do they not trust him to right the ship? Did the first five games mean nothing? Why aren’t they giving me a chance to get back on track?

And in the end, were the Seahawks better for the change? They were humbled by the Giants. They beat a bunch of bad or banged up opponents and then were swiftly dumped out of the playoffs in the wildcard round.

Do you not think Wilson is bugged by that? You took control and where exactly did it get us?

Then there’s the very clear and distinct philosophical differences — emphasised by how Carroll and Wilson spoke about the team immediately after the season (detailed here).

If you think this is purely a desire for better offensive linemen, you’re not just barking up the wrong tree. The tree’s a lamp post.

Philosophy. Trust. Control.

You would think journalists would be hammering the phones at this point, trying to figure out what’s going on. Instead, several are simply resorting to condescending ‘he won’t be traded’ statements they have no business making.

Because while it might be totally inconvenient for the Seahawks to trade Wilson — that’s completely missing the point. This is all about the quarterback and how he feels. If he wants out, it doesn’t matter how inconvenient it is for the Seahawks.

The moment a franchise quarterback decides he wants to play elsewhere, you only have two choices.

You either cave to his demands — which in this instance means giving him control of the offensive philosophy and making aggressive moves in free agency to appease him, which means freeing resource that you’ve already invested in other areas.

Or it means trading him.

The idea of simply doing nothing and hoping it’ll blow over doesn’t exist.

This isn’t like a Kam Chancellor or Marshawn Lynch holdout. Yes, they can act as distractions. But the two people who have to be bought in, leading the way and sharing a vision are the Head Coach and franchise quarterback.

Having a dissatisfied quarterback, actively opposing the philosophy of the coach, is a recipe for disaster. It will infect and infiltrate the rest of the roster. How can you possibly succeed in that environment?

Even if they turn down all offers and Wilson is forced to accept his fate and go to training camp, rather than hold out. That isn’t conducive to success. And the drama, the saga, will never end.

Every bad result will be filled with talking points about Wilson’s future. Every time he succeeds, it’ll lead to talk of him deserving more power and respect.

That’s why you have to either make things right or the divorce papers need filing.

So all the people online currently insisting Wilson won’t be traded are in no position to do so. They’re only looking at it from the perspective of the team. They’re not considering the perspective of the quarterback — who having made his dissatisfaction clear, will now be expecting a response.

Carroll ceding control to Wilson in terms of offensive vision seems completely unrealistic, given what we witnessed in the second half of the season and with the way Carroll spoke after the Rams loss.

Yet without that, there’s every chance Wilson will ask for a trade. Mike Florio, citing his source (Mark Rodgers), says the situation is ‘fluid’ with regards requesting a trade. That means it hasn’t happened yet — but it could.

And if you think the Shane Waldron appointment solved any problems, I refer you to this tweet:

So my thought today, as we approach a week where the rumour mill will continue, is why haven’t the Seahawks talked publicly yet?

It could be that they simply don’t want to rise to it. They may feel that speaking in any way will be unhelpful, even if it’s just to outright rule out a trade. That could simply shake the cage.

Here’s the thing though. At the moment, Wilson is winning the PR battle. He is creating a situation where he’s making it clear he’s unhappy and that he wants the team to lean towards his way of thinking.

The silence in response neither pushes back nor sets things straight. There’s just a complete mystery, short of Dan Patrick’s report that the team is unhappy with Wilson and his team for going to the media to voice their concerns.

If the Seahawks want to play the game, they should come out — as Nick Caserio the Houston GM did — and say the quarterback isn’t available for trade in any circumstance and that all offers will be rejected.

If they do that, Wilson is faced with the prospect of either getting on with the job or requesting a trade (as Deshaun Watson did). Yet I sense Wilson is very cautious of making that move and being seen to be agitating for a departure.

As much as he might wish to go somewhere where he can have Tom Brady-esque authority, with an autonomy on the offense, playing for an offensive minded Head Coach — I also don’t think he wants to walk out the door a hated figure.

As Brandon Marshall put it, he wants to find the classiest way to move on.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to initiate a divorce. So if the Seahawks return the ball to his side of the court by saying no trade is happening, he either needs to get on with life or request a trade.

Something has to happen quickly. The Seahawks have a lot to get done this off-season. They need to make a decision on Jamal Adams’ contract and then either sign him or trade him — a negotiation which may be tricky. They need to find ways to create cap space and potentially get back in the draft. They have a host of starters to re-sign or replace.

They have a much harder job evaluating the draft prospects this year with no combine, no official-30 visits and limited pro-day access.

Having to deal with an unhappy quarterback on top of this is a potential back breaker. I would suggest, sooner rather than later, they need to know where they stand.

That means Pete Carroll sitting down with Russell Wilson and having it out. By the end of that meeting, or shortly after, they need to have a decision on whether he’s staying or going.

If he’s staying, there can be no more public complaint, no more Mark Rodgers leaking info to the media.

If he’s going, they need to get on with finding the best offer and thus the best replacement quarterback. They need to be creative to lower the dead cap hit. And they need to have the time to plot the future of the Seahakws.

This dragging on for much longer is unthinkable and won’t be conducive to success. There’s a cloud hanging over the franchise.

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  1. AlaskaHawk

    Trading Wilson, Wagner or Adams requires two parties to be interested in him and willing to pay a fair price. There are only a limited number of teams that would be interested in Wilson. With all the hoopla in the news, I haven’t heard a legitimate offer. Seems like a lot of talk and no one is responding.

    Where are the rumors about the Jets, or Las Vegas, or Houston wanting him? Are they negotiating in silence?
    One thing I know, where there’s smoke, there’s Russell Wilson.

    • Rob Staton

      There are only a limited number of teams that would be interested in Wilson.

      This is simply not true.

      • eagerreaver

        I agree, however how many teams would Wilson be interested in? The list of criteria is quite long – Superbowl ready roster, top tier O-line and offensive skill players, enough cap space since there’s no indication he’s willing to play for Brady money, and authority on personnel decisions. Thoughts on a good fit? I’m not disagreeing that Russ is clearly unhappy and this being a real issue, I’m just not seeing a clear cut contender that could check all of Russ’s boxes unless one of the other top tier QBs gets traded or retires.

        • Rob Staton

          You’re right — Wilson’s list is probably quite short.

          I suspect it would include New Orleans, Las Vegas and maybe Miami. After that? Not sure.

          • David Hirschi

            What’s your thoughts on Denver and what they could give to get him. Also is that somewhere he’d want to go based on the personnel there?

            • Rob Staton

              I think Denver is very unlikely. Another old, stuck in his ways Head Coach.

              I think Wilson wants to go somewhere with an offensive driven team.

              • David Hirschi

                I feel like the best case scenario for the Seahawks would be get a nice haul of picks from Miami plus probably Tua. They have the most and probably best draft capital available to trade for Russel. If they feel Tua can work for them and the system the new OC wants to run then they again would have a QB on a rookie contract allowing them to put money into other key positions. Or if they don’t like the idea of Tua they could maybe take and flip all those picks from Miami to Houston for Watson. I’m not sure how realistic that is though.

                • Rob Staton

                  I’d rather not dabble with Tua. He’s just not good enough.

      • Feindt

        I get your point. But the 49ers would also give ip a premier pass rusher to a division rival.
        I honestly was much more interested in the new scenario for the Seahawks. Swapping Wilson with Watson would be the same scenario we have right now.
        Pete obviously cant or does not want to utilize a franchise QB.
        For me much more interesting to replace Wilson with a good not great QB and stack other positions with talent.
        Perhaps you can coax a late 1st or early 2nd out for Adams. Rebuild the Oline and Run Game. Not very sophisticated but thats what you get when you sign PC for the forseeable future.

    • Mick

      Actually there are reports that there were calls for Wilson, and their number increased after his complaints. Seattle has answered them all with “we’re not selling”. The interest is there, but you can’t have a negotiation when the answer is no.

      About Wilson’s claim to MVP and SuperBowls, he’s a great QB and it’s likely he could achieve more in a better system and with better players. But he somehow makes everyone else responsible for his failures. He could move to NV, Miami or Dallas and still not get any votes or big wins.

      • cha

        The interest is there, but you can’t have a negotiation when the answer is no.

        Yes you absolutely can. You just keep calling. You keep the communication lines open. You work with the agent. You explore different trade compensation.

        You make them say ‘stop calling’

        • Mick

          Oh yes sure but you don’t (or shouldn’t) do this in the media, and I was replying to why there’s no visible offer. I’m sure the teams that got a ‘no’ from the Hawks are still trying.

          • charlietheunicorn

            If you are one of 20 teams with poor or middling QB situations….. you make the call to every team that might be trading or might potentially be trading players. If you are the Jaguars or Texans, you probably get the door slammed in your face 9/10 times. But if you hit on the 1/10 call, you are golden.

  2. cha

    Peter King made an interesting point yesterday with Florio.

    He was talking about the TD just before the half in the SB where the Bucs called timeout and Brady was yelling at the sideline.

    Sounds like the team changed the play and Brady wanted the original play. They took a timeout, Brady held up a five finger signal and yelled at the sideline. They ran his play and scored.

    So there’s another element. Play control.

    And that’s gas on the fire. With PC overriding Schottenheimer on a 4th and short after an injury timeout, causing confusion resulting in a penalty and then in the press conf later throwing Russ under the bus for not getting the play off in time, that cannot have felt good to see Brady wrench the playcall to his whim and then essentially seal off the SB win before halftime with a TD.

    • Big Mike

      Great point about that fiasco of a “play” and Pete’s reaction to it and the play by Brady and so forth cha.

  3. Strategicdust

    I don’t think anyone should be surprised by this, Pete has locked into one way of winning football and isn’t comfortable with anything else. He’s like the reluctant parent who doesn’t want his teen to drive the car so the first time that teen gets a ticket, he takes the keys away for good. The problem is that teams have figured out how to stop the Pete way and he’ll stubborn himself out of a franchise QB and into sub .500 seasons because that franchise QB has made things look much better than they are. For me, this is a turning point for this franchise, are they going to support the Pete or Russ way of doing things? It feels more and more that one of them has to go.

    • cha

      The problem is that teams have figured out how to stop the Pete way

      Not this so much as Pete hasn’t acquired the players to play the Pete way.

      Mix and matching with cheap veteran options on the OL. Not being able to get pressure with 4 DL. Blitzing his LBs and Safeties like crazy. Corners who can’t confidently cover 1on1.

      He’s deviated from his own way and he’s not smart enough to make it work.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Tampa Bay’s defensive scheme with two safeties deep looked alot like vintage Seahawks defense. The big difference, TB has some of the best defensive linemen in the league. It was amazing to watch Mahomes spin out and run around, getting chased for his life but somehow he passed that ball at the last instant.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s because they haven’t blown two firsts on a safety and have added actual quality to the DL, not hoping to get by with Rasheem Green and Benson Mayowa

          • cha

            Stacy Rost yesterday asked how do the Seahawks replace KJ, Irvin and move on from Carlos Dunlap?

            By resigning Mayowa.

            Also said the seahawks can replace Carson with bringing Hyde back and Griffin wth bringing Dunbar back.

            This is actual content on the official 710 website.

            • Rob Staton

              Are you serious???

          • Karl

            Yup all of this is on Schneider and Carroll for (with a few exceptions like Metcalf) completely shitting the bed in the draft, trying to be too cute instead of drafting more obvious talent or trades that sacrificed long term young talent for short term vets who haven’t panned out, as well as just a horrible previous two off seasons.
            Times up, especially if Wilson is traded, the decline is set in place.

      • Big Mike

        Not only is he not smart enough to make a different approach work, he’s not good enough at drafting to stay with his preferred way of playing the game.

      • SonGoku

        I don’t think that you can’t win with PC’s way anymore. You saw the 9ers defense going to the SB last year with a very similar scheme. The Browns went to the Playoffs the first time since many years with a dominant run focused offense.
        It’s just that the Seahawks do neither. They blitz because the four man rush is not good enough, and pass a lot and put themselves into trouble because the O-Line has holes and they don’t have a reliable enough RB crew.
        They don’t have a real identity right now. They spent a lot of money on positions that are “less” important in PC’s original philosophy. It’s impossible to play his style with half of your cap space going to a QB, MLB and SS

        • BobbyK

          I think Pete could take the Seahawks back to the Super Bowl with much better players. That’s the problem – instead of bringing in good players, they bring in mediocre players. Some downright suck. Tough to do what you want to do when you suck at player personnel acquisitions.

  4. Stefan

    I think you’re 100% right about the dissatisfaction really settling in when PC said no more cooking. It absolutely seemed like there was a demeanor change. Yeah Russ is to blame for some awful turnovers – but who can blame him for forcing things when the defense were set to obliterate the worst passing defense records?

  5. Kevin Mullen

    Anyone think that blowup DK did on sidelines hasten this situation? During the game it was stated that the other team can hear our sideline blowing up because of DK’s dissatisfaction.

    • Vincent

      No one has mentioned trading DK. He is our most valuable trade asset IMO.

  6. Cysco

    heh, at this point I think I’ll be disappointed if a trade doesn’t happen. The idea of a fresh start with some good draft capital has me excited as opposed to going into next season already knowing how the story is going to end.

    • Kevin Mullen

      Well put.

    • Michigan 12th

      I have a really good friend who is a Browns fan. Before Baker he told me I am tired of picks in the draft I want a quarterback. Be careful what you wish for. Wilson is a very good QB, and the drama is annoying to me, but QB’s like Wilson don’t grow on trees.

      • Rory

        Not sure anyone is “wishing” for this, really. It’s more that we’re preparing ourselves for what might come.

        • Rory

          Well, maybe Cysco is wishing for this, but my sense is that most would rather have RW than not.

      • Happy Hawk

        agree 100%

    • STTBM

      You’re excited to see Seattle blow a bunch of draft picks for Wilson on guys like Mcdowell, Carpenter, Collier, Irvin, our injured DE kid who hasn’t played, etc?! Yeah, considering their last 7 drafts, they’d likely blow 5 of the 7 even if some team gave us 7 first round picks…

      High picks are only valuable if you use them well. Name the last great first round pick by Seattle…and what’s their hit percentage on second rounders? DK and that’s it since Earl and Wagner….

  7. Big Mike

    You’ve summated the situation to an absolute T Rob. I for one simply cannot see Pete Carroll giving in and allowing Russ to choose the players for the offense and run said offense as he thinks it should be run. Carroll made it clear after his stint in New England that the only way he would go back to the NFL was if he had full control of the team and it was made clear from day 1 in Seattle that he had that control with the Seahawks. This to me sounds like a man who in no way, shape of form will cede one lick of control to Russell Wilson. Pete seems NOT to be a delegating type. Assuming that’s true, Wilson has 2 options: one is to accept that fact and play for Seattle or two, demand a trade. If he stays, you’re absolutely correct when you say “Every bad result will be filled with talking points about Wilson’s future. Every time he succeeds, it’ll lead to talk of him deserving more power and respect.”

    Carroll is in a bad place here too in that he knows deep down repeating the success with a different QB will be difficult, but my opinion of him psychologically is that because he demanded complete control when arriving in Seattle, he simply does not have it in him to not be the final say in all things Seahawks.

    So the outcome to all this seems rather clear, Russell Wilson will not be a Seahawk a whole helluva lot longer.

  8. Feindt

    Can you envision a trade scenario in which RW3 is traded to a contender and the Seahawks receive a proper compensation for a franchise quarterback. I honestly can‘t see a team which is a QB away from Superbowl and at the same time able to offer the Seahawks a package that would be acceptable to them.
    I was kind of intrigued by the multiteam trade proposal in FirstThingsFirst which would send Jimmy G, Nick Bosa and a 1st to the Seahawks and RW to the NYJ (RW would likely veto this trade, but hey, food for thought). What did you think about that trade scenario?

    With this kind of mentality I believe RW3 will never be able to actually fulfill his legacy. No matter how good you are playing. Not everyone can win 7 SuperBowls, just ask Aaron Rodgers. In my opinion a more talented QB than RW.

    • Scot04

      It was a trade that made absolutely 0 sense. Seattle is not going to be part of any trade that gets the 49rs Watson and replaces Wilson with Garoppolo.
      Any trade Seattle makes, will NOT be done to improve the 49rs.
      That trade could have easily been done easily as a 3 team trade. No need to have the 49rs involved. I’m sure Watson would love playing here over Houston.
      Still 3 team trades are rare.
      I agree with Rob though 1st Seattle needs a sit down with Wilson and make a decision quickly. Adams and Wagner decisions would need to follow up right after.

      • UkAlex6674

        Why would Watson want to play here though for a coach that has been labelled as controlling, one dimensional and not willing to being his offense into modern times?

      • charlietheunicorn

        I’ll dove tail a little bit, the whole money aspect of any trade is highly problematic right now.
        With dead-cap hits for multiple teams, potentially being in the 20M+ range… in a flat or declining cap year…. makes ZERO sense.

  9. Lewis

    > Yet at the first sign of trouble, Carroll wrestled control of the offense.

    This remains the thing that bothers me about this narrative. I still do not believe Pete “wrestled control of the offense”. I think he told them to quit turning over the damn ball. The fact they were unable to make adjustments to be effective while protecting the ball is on Schottenheimer and Wilson. He threw some terrible picks this year. And yes, he had a lot of defenders in his face, but that’s been the case throughout his career and the coordinator refused to move the pocket or change the tempo of the offense to compensate (or worse still, did so for a few plays, found success, then went pack to holding the Ball for an eternity).

    I’m not stanning for PC here, I think there is PLENTY to be critical of PCJS in terms of roster construction, etc. but I believe the reason the offense faltered has more to do with Wilson’s own play and the inability to scheme receivers open than the head coach dictating the offense.

    • Matt

      Don’t confuse “control” with “taking over play calling.”

      You want to know why the offense was completely broken? Because the head coach told the OC and QB – “I want big plays, BUT don’t you dare turn the ball over.”

      Go tell a hitter in baseball that you want him trying to hit home runs but that his highest priority is to “not strike out.” That’s what happened here. It’s not that Pete took over playcalling – it’s that he wanted the big plays without any of the risk. And that’s why you had a QB who was hesitant to pull the trigger and why you had an offense that went long periods of time without moving the ball.

      RW did not trust anything he saw. His deep ball was the worst it’s ever been. Schotty “didn’t make adjustments.” Why? Because the head coach wanted his simplistic brand of football where he still wants the big plays but no turnovers. Why do you think Schotty left? Why do you think RW is so publicly pissed about the situation? It’s because of Pete, plain and simple.

      • Sean

        Right on. If you want a lot of deep passes, you are going to increase the risk of interceptions and sacks. So the coaching staff has to own that. It’s just not reasonable to ask for big plays and demand no turnovers…and also require the QB to score thirty points a game.

        . We have been very fortunate for years with Russel’s ability to throw very well deep with what seems to me to be a low interception rate. It’s probably not reasonable to think he can keep it up forever, as his ability to extend plays is gradually worsening ( but is still very good).

      • Feindt

        Hmm. Maybe it has something to do that defenses were quickly able to catch up to Seattles offensive playcalling and able to counter with deep safety looks. The next few games Seattle forced the deep ball way too often which essentially led to the many turnovers and the issues we are dealing with today.
        After those few games RW QB play drastically changed he often missed open receivers and still looked for the big play way too often.
        Now the question needs to be asked who was not able to adapt quickly enough. Was Scotty who was unable to be creative and adapt his playcalling to the opponents, was it RW who sometimes really threw horrible picks or PC who refused to create a more pass-oriented offense. I believe everyone carries his share of blame and every aspect needs to be improved.
        It is indeed selfish from Russ to now blame the Seahawks for not giving him as much power as Tom Brady has in Tampa. But perhaps it might be the only way to move Pete to open up the offense.

        • line_hawk

          Listen to DK complaining about Pete hamstringing the offense. I think you missed that. DK will be next to ask for a trade after Russ… but he will probably try get an extension first!

          • Harold Seattle

            Worth noting after that outburst the Seahawks tried forcing a pass to him and turned the ball over.

        • Jeff

          Late to the party, but I do not think the rush of mid-season interceptions was due to too many deep balls.

          Wilson had two games where turnovers were (arguably) decisive: Week 7 @ Arizona and Week 9 @Buffalo. I had a look at the play by play to find his interceptions:

          Week 7, @Arizona (Lost 37-34):
          * INT while up 13-7. This was first and goal from the Arizona 3, it was the one where DK had to chase down Budda Baker.
          * INT up 27-24. This was on third and five from the Arizona 30, a deep pass to DK. Kyler threw an interception on the next play
          * INT in OT, 3rd and 14 from the Seattle 48.

          Only one of these was testing the deep ball.

          Week 9, @Buffalo (Lost 44-34):
          * INT while down 14-0 on 4th and 1 from the Buffalo 5. I believe this is the throw where he forced it to Jacob Hollister when he probably could have run it in himself for the TD.
          * Fumble down 24-10 in the 3rd on 3rd and 10. I seem to remember this looked like him scrambling on a busted play or something; not sure it was really his fault.
          * INT down 34-20 on 3rd and 25 from the Seattle 10.
          * Fumble down 41-27 on 3rd and 2 on the Seattle 28.

          There might have been another deep ball here, but frankly I don’t blame him. You’re in 3rd and 25 and trailing by 14; you simply do not win football games by playing it safe in these situations.

          I’m sure there were other deep ball interceptions, but these are the two games after which there was a real distontinuity in the offensive performance.

      • Lewis

        And yet he has done this successfully on the past. Thrived on it, even. Again the fault lies, IMO, not with Pete telling them to protect the ball, but primarily with the OC being able to accomplish that. Get Russ on the move. Send guys deep, but have a release valve. Use the %*^# Tight ends! Scheme receivers open (whatever happened to the rub rotes they used to run so brilliantly when Doug was here?)

        • STTBM

          Yeah, Carrol once was a good coach. But he’s sucked for years, and he’s micromanaging, a sure sign he’s gone the way of so many aging head coaches: he’s washed up.

    • Submanjoe

      I tend to agree with a lot of this. It was too much drop straight back, wait for plays to develop, oops here comes the pass rush, russ couldnt duck and scoot forward, play broken, sack or bad pass…

  10. Zxvo3

    I think Russ is trying to get out of Seattle in a classy way. But what I don’t think he understands is that whether he leaves in a classy way or in a sour way, either way there will be Seahawks fans who will root against him as an enemy of the Seahawks. That’s why we need him to go out and actually request a trade if he wants to leave.

    • Matt

      As someone who is not confrontational, this is absolutely true. He’s trying to get the girl to break up with him because he’s uncomfortable just calling her up and saying, “relationship is over.”

  11. Mike

    Just from watching highlights of Justin fields and Zach Wilson, they look pretty similar. Zach Wilson looks to be a little more creative and have a better arm.

    Zach Wilson would be fun to watch, but who knows if that means he would be a winning nfl qb. Maybe the hawks draft him and he changes his number to 3, fans wouldn’t even have to buy New Jersey’s.

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, what a genius idea!

    • Mike

      Also people were saying Zach Wilson wasn’t a captain, but he was wearing a “C” on his jersey in the highlights I watched

    • L80

      The beauty of getting Wilson would be that I already have 3 of his jerseys. If they do they better give him #3.

  12. Hawkhomer

    Thanks for another great read Rob.

  13. millhouse-serbia

    #WestVirginia DL Darius Stills met virtually with the #Jets, #Seahawks & #Chargers over the past few days via Zoom/phone. #NFLDraft

  14. Sean

    I think this article is spot on. There is a big problem and simply hoping it go away will not work. Even if the team told Russ that they will run the offense more to his liking, would he believe them? They obviously started last year giving into his wishes to ‘cook’ and then reversed course after the first couple bumps. So if they try to tell him next year will be different, would he trust them to stick with a new approach?

    This whole thing is damned discouraging. If this is the end of Russel as a Seahawks, I will have a lot of great memories but also a sense that we really failed to capitalize on the opportunity.

  15. GoHawksDani

    My take on what will happen:
    Hawks will make this process as long as possible. Not dealing RW before the offseason activities start, but because Russ will be really dissatisfied they’ll be forced to trade him. All the teams will know Hawks are desperate and they won’t get enough compensation. They’ll also keep Adams without a new contract, he’ll sit out and Hawks will either give up and give him 20m APY or trade him for a late 3rd next year.
    Why do I think this way? Well just look at how well they handled the ETIII situation, the Clowney situation and a lot more. I hope they realize that time is important here…but I don’t have much faith in them

    • Big Mike

      This could easily be an outcome. I did predict they’ll get less for Russell than they gave up for Adams and this is exactly the type of scenario that could make my prediction sadly come true.

      • Rob Staton

        “I did predict they’ll get less for Russell than they gave up for Adams”

        No chance

      • TomLPDX

        It is amazing to me how little faith I have in the Seattle FO now. I agree with both these posts from Dani and Mike, and for some reason feel they will totally botch this situation as well.

        I would say: Jody, “Step up and take a leadership role!” but she has delegated that to Pete and walked away. We’ll turn into a dumpster fire before it’s all said and done and it didn’t need to be this way.

  16. Uncle Bob

    Rob, I don’t disagree with your commentary as far as you went, but referring back to a comment I made a couple days ago, you left out something important. Russ has gone nuclear in his commentary without tossing in an ultimatum. His emphasis on himself, and himself alone, is offensive to his team mates. Maybe not all of them, but enough. Walt Jones called him out a few days ago, and now Ray Roberts (another former OL Hawk) has as well. These guys are still connected to the locker room even though they are not on the team now. They are a window into “player think”, and should be considered. Russ will have his loyalists (e.g. WR 1 & 2 probably), but he just created a lot of potential “he’s gettin’ too big for his britches” think. The more he beats his “personal legacy” drum the deeper in a hole he dug he goes. And it’s not just the offense guys, the defense guys don’t like that kind of stuff either. For all the talk about how he might want Brady like control, folks need to remember that at the end of the SB victory while one comment was “man, Brady did it again..” the next second the following comment was “man, what a great defensive effort.” It’s TEAM ball. We’ll see how this progresses, but if he ends up staying he’s got a LOT of fence to mend on top of the potential hazards you noted.

    • Chris

      How on earth is Ray Roberts “connected to the locker room?” He’s been out of the league for 20 years. Walter Jones sure, a HOF LT always has influence. But Ray Roberts never did anything to earn that level of impact.

      • Uncle Bob

        Analyst for Seahawks Radio Network, my guess is he talks to team folk almost everyday he works.

  17. Matty

    When Russ played the Pete way and with a better cast – X2 Superbowl appearance s.
    Improve the team in Pete’s mould ask RW for one more year then move on if not working. Then everyone gets time to work it out as the price in a trade has to be a top 3 draft pick this year or no deal

    • Rob Staton

      Improve the team in Pete’s mould ask RW for one more year then move on if not working.

      They’re beyond that now. Wilson has given Pete’s chance numerous seasons already. He’s not doing it again.

      • Matty

        Agree regarding RW, but not sure how eager or willing the franchise are in making it happen this season, I think they’ll dig their heels in and Russ will be the QB at the start of the season (they’ll come to an awkward compromise for one more year)

      • Dan Riggs

        “Do you not think Wilson is bugged by that? You took control and where exactly did it get us?”

        It’s odd to characterize the season this way. Russell Wilson played poorly when he was supposed to cook (after game 5) AND when Pete wanted to run more. Scheme didn’t matter. He had a horrible year.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not odd at all.

          You’re looking at it from your own perspective. I’m looking at it from Wilson’s because that’s the only way to understand why he feels like he does.

          • Ron

            If that’s how Wilson feels, I can assure you he will never win another ring. Not taking accountability for his game and blaming others is not leadership like. We are better off having him go elsewhere if he thinks he has nothing to improve on. If anything, this season showed exactly what he needs to get better at. Also, stop comparing him with Brady. No one does.

            • Rob Staton

              1. I never suggested he thinks he doesn’t have anything to improve upon. This is about philosophy, trust and time. That’s it.

              2. It’s not about comparing him to Brady. It’s about comparing to the opportunity and control Brady has been afforded in TB.

              3. Why are you posting under different user names?

              • STTBM

                Ha! +1 Rob!

    • Big Mike

      They don’t have the draft capital to do that Matty plus they are up against the cap. That what happens when you trade the farm for the 52nd ranked safety in the NFL.

  18. Patrick OBrien

    I don’t see it happening. There are just too many barriers. The salary cap stuff that would require a nearly unprecedented move by Russ. The fact that if the Seahawks tank they dont even control their #1 pick next year. Imagine going 5-11 without Russ and then having the Jets get the 9th pick. For all of Russ’ complaints, some of them valid, they were 12-4. That’s a far cry from Watson asking out after the Texans’ 2020. I think next offseason could be the one where the shakeup happens. NFC West looks likely to be even more difficult–SF wont be hammered by injuries & may acquire a better QB, have to think Murray will continue to improve & the Rams, at least in the short term, have already improved. I can see a scenario where the Seahawks are a good team (like 10th in DVOA), but wind up 8-8 bc of a difficult schedule + good fortune in close games running out.

    For all the complaints about the Seahawks, they still finished #5 in DVOA, ahead of Kansas City. There’s a definite sense of malaise surrounding the team, but they are, at worst, second tier contenders, and objectively not far from the first tier. They were a win vs. the Giants away from the #1 seed, a bye and homefield.

    Finally, I still like Russ, but he was much easier to root for in 2012-14 than he is now. His image as a third rounder who worked tirelessly, scrambled and won games beats the hell out of the current GQ articles/perfumes/media leaks/side businesses. I’d be sad to see Russ go, but trade rumors/draft speculation would be fun as well. Playing Pete-ball is stupid and will lead to fewer wins in the long-term, but I also think the dropoff from Russ to a Derek Carr type might be overstated. You’d lose a lot of the magical plays and the sense that, if Russ is at his best, the Hawks can beat anyone or come back from any deficit. You’d also forego a lot of the 2nd and 22’s created by needless sacks. Russ was 8th in QBR this year vs. 11th for Carr. In 2019, it was 5th vs. 10th. In 2018, there was a huge gap–11th vs. 27th.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see it happening. There are just too many barriers. The salary cap stuff that would require a nearly unprecedented move by Russ.

      Unprecedented doesn’t mean improbable. If he wants out, it’s up to him to do what it takes.

      The fact that if the Seahawks tank they dont even control their #1 pick next year.

      Russell Wilson doesn’t care about that. It might be inconvenient for the team but as the article states, that doesn’t matter. Too many people are only viewing this from Seattle’s perspective, not Wilson’s.

      I think next offseason could be the one where the shakeup happens.

      Wilson isn’t wasting another year of his life. That’s why he’s making it clear there’s an issue now.

      For all the complaints about the Seahawks, they still finished #5 in DVOA, ahead of Kansas City. There’s a definite sense of malaise surrounding the team, but they are, at worst, second tier contenders, and objectively not far from the first tier. They were a win vs. the Giants away from the #1 seed, a bye and homefield.

      None of this matters. It’s about Wilson’s philosophy, wants and needs being opposed to Pete Carroll’s.

      Finally, I still like Russ, but he was much easier to root for in 2012-14 than he is now. His image as a third rounder who worked tirelessly, scrambled and won games beats the hell out of the current GQ articles/perfumes/media leaks/side businesses.

      I think it’s fair to have that opinion. You’re not alone. I have to say I miss the never ending bible references, cliched one-liners (the separation is in the preparation) and the chip-on-his-shoulder mentality rather than the uber celebrity, perfume that ‘smells of my love for Ciara’ bollocks.

      I also think the dropoff from Russ to a Derek Carr type might be overstated

      I also agree with this. Wilson is clearly an outstanding player. But he’s not flawless. And I don’t think Wilson to Carr is the same as, let’s say Mahomes or Rodgers to Carr.

      • Mike

        I’m glad more fans are talking about all the stuff russell Wilson is doing. I agree that the perfume, podcasts, Ciara stuff gets annoying.

        He talks like he wants to be Brady, but he also wants to be an off the field celebrity and quite frankly I’m just tired of it.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t want to talk about the off-the-field stuff or Ciara because I don’t think any of those things impact his play, as some have suggested.

          But I will say that I’ve had my fill of bloody perfumes and cringey social media videos and Wilson talking about how much he wants to hump his wife.

          • Mike

            Hahaha fair enough, I’m not sure how it impacts his play either, but when he starts playing poorly people certainly can point to that.

            There is such a low level of self awareness with how cringey some of the stuff he posts/says 😂😂.

            • Roy Batty

              Wilson has been doing the media rounds in the off season for most of his career. From commercials, to hosting Nickelodeon shows, he has been out there in the media from 2014 til today. The guy has been grooming himself for stardom since he was a child. That’s why I believe there is zero validity to his on field problems being caused by his off field media tour.

              I will say this one thing about the guy, though. Until this past week he has been near perfection when it comes to promoting his team. The guy bled blue and green and carried this franchise through the worst times of his tenure. He was always on message. He was there under center every single game. He was there at the podium, answering the mundane, idiotic questions, even after a brutal loss. After SB 50 I told a coworker (who happens to be a rabid Niners fan) that Cam Newton is the prime example of why I will always be grateful for Russ and his time here. Two men facing a devastating loss could not have been further apart in their approach in front of hundreds of millions of viewers.

              I still believe Russ will work his contract to help the Hawks. He is currently going about this the wrong way, but that doesn’t mean he won’t make a concerted effort to do it the right way. I won’t actively root against Russ after the trade, but I will lose complete interest in how he’s doing. Once a player leaves this team, I have zero interest.

              Also, who in their right mind buys an athletes perfume?

              • Rob Staton

                Not any old perfume, this one smells of Wilson’s love for Ciara.

                The big cabbage.

    • Sea Mode

      You’d lose a lot of the magical plays and the sense that, if Russ is at his best, the Hawks can beat anyone or come back from any deficit.

      Really well put. Question is: do you need that to win a Super Bowl in today’s NFL?

      • Scot04

        TB didn’t look like they needed magical plays. They just put together a better roster. Seahawks can make a better roster for Wilson they just have to make some tough decisions. ( Adams/Wagner) otherwise Wilson is gone.
        Carr, Darren Waller, 2021 picks 17 & 48, plus 1sts in 22 & 23. See if the Raiders will go big.

        • Rob Staton

          One player who won’t move if the Raiders make a splash will be Waller. He’d be critical to RW succeeding.

          Josh Jacobs? That’s a different story.

  19. SeattleLifer

    Well if you look at Russ and Pete’s character makeup it’s not hard to see how things got to this point. Both are overly positive and seemingly passive as well – which leads to the difficult talks not happening over time, avoidance and then building frustrations and so forth and then finally Russ going through other avenues to try to get things across. It’s all classic stuff and easy to map out to where the situation is now.

    Problem is will Pete really ‘get’ how frustrated/pissed Russ is? Pete and his blindly positive self? I’m not so sure he’s even able to fully grasp where Russ might actually be with this all. Hopefully they can sit down and be real with each other.

  20. Ken Long

    I think it’s quite hilarious when fans suggests that PC’s style is not winning or working. I like to REMIND the fans that the Seahawks were 12 – 4 (TWELVE – FOUR), most of the teams in the NFL would kill for record and if you look at PC’s since he has been with the Seahawks, it’s a above winning record. There are not just too many coaches with the winning record over that length of time. It’s also amazing that PC and JS has been able to maintain a winning over the past 10+ years with so few 1st Rounders due to their annual success, always picking in the very back half of the 1st round or no 1st round at all. Some people will disagree with me but it is almost impossible to find a STUD on a consistent basis picking late in the 1st round or not at all. Most of the STUDS are picked consistently in the top 10-15, so it is quite amazing PC and JS have been able to maintain a consistent level of winning even picking so late in the 1st round. Call me crazy but if you gave me picking top 10 for 5+ years, then picking LATE 1st round for the 5+ year, I’m quite certain I can build a more talented team picking in the top 10.

    Saying all that I’m not a raving “drink the cool-aid” PC fan, he has his warts that could drive me crazy at times.

    I LOVE RW the moment I saw him in his 1st exhibition game in his rookie year, after he threw his 1st pro TD, he just calmly went back to the bench to start studying unlike many rookies who would be doing their CELEBRATIONS. You can tell RW was all business with a eye towards the future as a serious football player. Saying all that, if RW wants to leave, it’s time to explore a potential trade, there is no point in keeping a player who is unhappy about the “losing” situation he is in, it was “only” 12-4 last year. It’s very frustrating where many fans were clamoring for RW to “cook”, he did “cook” until teams starting scheming for the long ball and RW ran into a wall of interceptions and inconsistent plays. The more he threw, his interceptions and bad plays kept going up at an unsustainable level. Over the years, the Seahawks did try to get RW that players that would help him……for ex. Jimmy Graham in his prime, which RW never fully utilized. I love the way RW complains about the all the sacks he has taken over the years, maybe if he stops holding on to the ball which seems like forever at times. I don’t care if you are Pro-Bowl OL, you will not be able to hold off a good DL for 8-10+ seconds. MAYBE if RW can get rid of the ball in 3-5 seconds, he might not be taking so many sacks. Unfortunately the good goes with the bad, with RW holding the balls so long, he has created some of the most memorable plays in Seahawks history!!

    I think my final point, if RW does want to leave, it’s time to trade him, there is no point staying in an “unhappy marriage”, the end result will be ugly and it will just a matter of time when it will all end.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s quite hilarious when fans suggests that PC’s style is not winning or working. I like to REMIND the fans that the Seahawks were 12 – 4 (TWELVE – FOUR), most of the teams in the NFL would kill for record and if you look at PC’s since he has been with the Seahawks, it’s a above winning record.

      And how much of the winning is down to the franchise QB?

      Because they were 7-9 for two years before Wilson arrived on the scene.

      • Lewis

        And Bellichick without Brady…

        • TomLPDX

          That’s a whole other topic to talk about. BB has not had a few good years as of late.

    • STTBM

      How many good teams did Seattle beat? How many playoff wins since 2014?

      Carrol has been making his teams lesser than the sum of their parts since 2014.

  21. Dingbatman

    The team that seems more and more a possibility is the Raiders. Ambitious ownership, shiny new stadium, established GM and head coach. If they trade Carr for something close to what Detroit got for Stafford they would have some serious draft capital to begin the talks. Trading Carr (to someone) and Marriota (to us) frees up the 33 million, roughly the cost of Russell. Hawks get their game manager Quarterback who still has something to prove at less than 1/3 the price, massive influx of draft capital, and increased cap flexibility. Very generalized I know but I could see it happening.

    • Rob Staton

      If I was a betting man, I’d put the Raiders at the top of the list.

      They want to make a big splash. They have two quarterbacks to either acquire extra stock to send to Seattle, or to trade a replacement to the Seahawks. As you noted, that could mean Carr coming to Seattle or going somewhere else and extra picks & Mariota coming to Seattle.

      It’s a place where, presumably, they would be willing to do whatever Wilson wants.

      Gruden’s a hard-ass but he’s also very much an offensive minded coach.

      I would think they’d be the leader in the clubhouse.

      • Scot04

        Carr, Darren Waller, 2021 picks 17 & 48, plus 1sts in 22 & 23. Do the Seahawks take it?

        • Rob Staton

          As noted in another reply, Waller is a non-starter. He would be critical to RW succeeding.

          Josh Jacobs, maybe.

          • Scot04

            I think if Jacobs substituted in for Waller, but everything else the same the Seahawks would definitely have to think about it.

            • Sea Mode

              I’d take that if PC is not willing to change.

              The other outcome is one more year of discontent with Wilson, another Wildcard bounce, and trading him for likely much less return next year.

              Though if you can get me two more R1 picks for Carr, I’d probably rather have those and Mariota.

              We’ll return Bruce Irvin and Benson Mayowa to sweeten the deal…😉

      • Ryan

        I had always assumed Miami to be the frontrunner, an AFC team on the edge of the playoffs looking in, and with picks this year (two ones and two twos) and Tua to send back (though I know you’re not the biggest fan of Tua).

        • Rob Staton

          I think Wilson is eager to go somewhere with an offensive minded approach and an owner 100% bought in to who he is, willing to let him exert control.

          Plus there’s just a little big of magic about the Raiders, especially now they’re in a new city/stadium.

          • Roy Batty

            And how can Russ refuse such a trade when it means Ciara will be doing 5 shows a night at Caesars.

            • Rob Staton

              I couldn’t tell you a single Ciara song, to be honest

      • Dingbatman

        Key could be how much Carr is worth in trade value. More, less or equal to Stafford?

  22. Whit21

    I dont care what people say that we’re overreacting and RW said “i want to be a seahawk for life”.. It can only get worse from here if his demands dont get met… First it was his huge contract.. next it was “we need superstars” Now its “iv been sacked over 400 times.. I need oline…

    And in the middle its “WE need to pick the next o coordinator.”

    What will be next? I need a better coach? I need a new contract?

    What we really need is an actual owner.. Most of this shit happened after Paul Allen passed away. I would rather they trade Russ and get the best pick this year and some picks in future drafts and go for a Zach Wilson, Trey lance, or Justin Fields to be honest.. Probably leaning for Trey lance over everyone..

    If pete and JS are not going anywhere anytime soon.. Then russ needs to go.. As much as hes done and great as he was and IS.. its not going to get any better from here on out. Just like diva WR.. it never gets better.. We have enough history of stories and players in the NFL. Stuff that was behind the curtains that you didnt see and old players telling it how it was, and the journalism from the time..

    In my opinion.. which matters absolutely zero.. Trade Russ if you can get the best option at QB in the draft…

    • Rob Staton

      What we really need is an actual owner

      This is the key point.

      And you’re right.

      • Rscott412

        We need an owner more the anything. Paul Allen’s passing has left our ship rutterless

  23. Submanjoe

    Some thoughts…

    Russell Wilson is in the sports news constantly these days. So many teams would love to him. How stupid is Seattle to not cater to Wilson. Wilson will thrive with a young offensive minded coach who gives him a strong o line. On and on. I am not referring to this site. I enjoy the banter and discussion here. What if Russ is demonstrating to Pete how much the rest of the league would do whatever Russ wants (so to speak) and so (Russ and his crew thinks) Pete will get the message and sign some real o linemen and maybe another weapon or two and give Russ offensive freedom (so to speak). Because, if Pete sees how everyone else will do it then obviously Pete will need to do it because if Pete won’t do it, well, Russ has his choice of places to go to that will cater to him.

    My premise being that Russ isn’t necessarily desiring to be traded immediately, rather, he is honestly trying to convince (force, coerce, manipulate) the Seahawks into simply changing their team building free agent signing style of acquiring mid level guys (no offense to them) to acquiring stars… In negotiations, its typical to aim super high (give Russ complete control!) expecting to get something less (maybe what he’s said before, stars!).

    • Submanjoe

      Obviously, Pete needs to start acquiring quality rather than has beens or castoffs (no offense!). Stars is too subjective a term for me, but a center who has always been a center would be amazing, a left guard who has always been a left guard 👌, etc. I think a lot would agree with that and this could be Russ’ way of letting Pete know that enough is enough.

  24. Ralphy

    Rob I would love to see your rankings for the QB that you would choose to replace RW that is in play. That could include the guys in the draft besides Lawrence, Tua, Wentz, Darnold, Love, Bridgewater, Hill and anyone else I’m not thinking of.

    • Rob Staton

      If Wilson is traded, this place will be QB central.

      Until then, I’m not going there.

      • Ralphy

        Damn I was really looking forward to that response! Can you at least remind me how you felt about Love leading up to that draft? I am betting that Carr would be #1 on your list right now.

        • Rob Staton

          I didn’t really study Love to the fullest because the Seahawks weren’t in the market for a QB. From memory he had a lot of the skills teams are looking for — very capable of doing some of the improv/Mahomes stuff. But he also had erratic moments and needed time and development. I thought he went in the range he was expected to.

          • Ralphy

            Thanks Rob. I’m very curious what it would take for a team to get him.

  25. Sea Mode

    I have a crazy idea I want to bounce off everyone. It was sparked by Trevor’s comment a few days ago discussing cap hits of SB winning QBs.

    Since Young’s (13.1%) championship in 1994, the year the salary cap started, only five other quarterbacks have eaten up over 10% of their teams salary cap- Tom Brady in 2014 (10.64%), 2019 (12.4%) and 2021 (12.2%), Eli Manning in 2011 (11.7%), Peyton Manning in 2006 (10.4%), and Brett Favre in 1996 (10.2%). The average spend on a Super Bowl QB has been just 6.82%.

    Basically, the “magic” number to be at/under is 13%. While not impossible, simply speaking it’s never been done at a higher number.

    So why are teams eager to spend closer to 20% on their star QB? Well, for obvious reasons: “it’s a QB-driven league”, he’s good and elevates the whole team, that’s the going market rate, etc. RW obviously falls in this category as well.

    So here’s what I’m going to propose. This is not about RW’s current gripes or possible desire to be traded; just a scenario in a vacuum. You could say the same if we acquired Watson and re-structured his contract, etc.

    It’s a huge risk due to injury or drop off in play, but as long as you’re sure you have the right guy when healthy, it seems to be the way to compete: pay the bill and eat a HUGE cap hit in year 1 (or any one year) so that you can lower it below 13% in the following years and have a better shot at surrounding him with talent and making a run at the Super Bowl. It’s basically taking one, deliberate “reload” year instead of going all out each year and falling short. The reload year is also a great opportunity to clean house and collect comp picks, since you won’t be making any big FA signings that year anyways.

    Following this idea, 13% of the 2020 cap ($199.6m) would be $25.95m. Russ played at $31m. (Guess what Tom Brady made this year…: $25m)

    Here’s what RW’s cap hits on his current contract look like, with projected future salary cap numbers from OTC:

    2019: $26m (13.36%)
    2020: $31m (15.53%)
    2021: $32m (17.21%- would have been lower if not for the pandemic, but still)
    2022: $37m (16.56%)
    2023: $39m (11%- but it’s likely to get re-worked anyways, so doesn’t really count)

    What RW’s last contract could have looked like, making the same amount of money, with my crazy proposal. I’m going to use $210m for 2021 instead of the $180 being projected.

    2019: $51m (25.9%)
    2020: $26m (13%)
    2021: $27.2m (13%- using $210m, non-pandemic cap)
    2022: $29.5m (13%)
    2023: $31.3m (13%- but it’s likely to get re-worked anyways, so doesn’t really count)

    Of course, the “reload” year doesn’t necessarily have to be the first year of the contract. If you win the Super Bowl in 2018, for example, and want to keep the team together for another run, that’s fine. But you project which year of the QB’s contract several other key players will move on and you load up the cap hit in that year.

    Obviously, none of this matters if you don’t spend the rest of the money wisely. But I think it’s telling that in 25+ years, nobody’s ever done it above 13%. (and only Young, Farve, the Mannings, and Brady-x3 have ever won it at above 10%)

    Here’s the data I put together from several sources. Hopefully there aren’t too many errors…

    Year, Name, Cap %
    1994, Young, 13.10%
    1995, Aikman, 6.70%
    1996, Favre, 10.20%
    1997, Elway, 5.20%
    1998, Elway, 5.00%
    1999, Warner, 1.30%
    2000, Dilfer, 1.60%
    2001, Brady, 0.47%
    2002, Johnson, 9.60%
    2003, Brady, 4.40%
    2004, Brady, 6.30%
    2005, Roethlisberger, 4.90%
    2006, P. Manning, 10.40%
    2007, E. Manning, 9.20%
    2008, Roethlisberger, 6.80%
    2009, Brees, 8.30%
    2010, Rodgers, 4.76% (*uncapped year, but this is what they spent on him)
    2011, E. Manning, 11.70%
    2012, Flacco, 6.60%
    2013, Wilson, 0.56%
    2014, Brady, 10.64%
    2015, P. Manning, 11.66%
    2016, Brady, 8.62%
    2017, Foles, 0.91%
    2018, Brady, 10.73%
    2019, Mahomes, 2.36%
    2020, Brady, 12.20%

    Average since 1994 (27 yrs.): 6.82%
    Average since 2006 (15 yrs.): 7.70%
    Average since 2006 (15 yrs., not including QBs on rookie contract): 9.44%
    Average since 2011(10 yrs.): 7.60%
    Average since 2011(10 yrs., not including QBs on rookie contract): 9.49%

    • Hawkhomer

      Solid work Sea Mode. I never thought about it in exactly those terms but Brady always left a little on the table when he could have easily demanded to be the highest paid player. He realized that little extra meant he got to play with better guys around him. At least that is what I surmised.

      • Sea Mode

        Correct. And he has and will make back that and much more by being the winner and legend that he now is.

        Also, if the QB sets the example, others might follow. (see: KC last year with Mahomes and Chris Jones, TB this year with Brady and Mike Evans)

  26. Robert Las Vegas

    The thought of Russell Wilson being traded to Raiders makes a little sense it’s a 40 minute flight from Vegas to La . I think Russ might be okay with J. Gruden and former Seahawks running back Marcel Reese is advisor to owner . raiders maybe be in need for some kind impact because they really haven’t since they moved to Vegas personally wouldn’t mind if Seahawks got a package that includes maurice hurst DL from Michigan he is really good player .I find kinda of funny though because Tom Cable is the offense line coach.I am pretty sure Russ wife be okay with that deal that Russ going to vegas.just saying

    • Sea Mode

      I do, however, wonder how willing Mayock would be to part with so many picks. Gruden has final say in their arrangement, right? (of course, if Mark Davis were to push, it would get done anyways)

      I guess it is Russell freaking Wilson he would be getting. Still, being the draft nut he is, it would be hard to not have a R1 pick for so long.

      Obviously the city would be great for Russ and Ciara, but do you think with Russ they have a team ready to compete? Is the upgrade over Carr enough to propel the rest of the roster to the playoffs, especially if they send Jacobs over in the deal?

      • Rob Staton

        Mayock won’t have any say in this.

        If Mark Davis wants to make a splash, he’ll make a splash. And Gruden will OK this particular move.

        Mayock will simply be left to make the most of the other picks.

        • Sea Mode

          That’s what I figured.

  27. Sea Mode

    Jamal Adams’ tweets vs. Darius Leonard’s tweets…

    Darius Leonard

    Free agents!! If y’all are thinking about coming to the Colts and play defense just know that we don’t want you if you don’t play hard, run to the ball, make plays or not willing to sacrifice yourself for ya teammate to make the play! Don’t care how big or little ya name is!

    • Rob Staton

      That’s the kind of attitude Seattle thinks it acquired with Adams… but didn’t.

      • Big Mike


  28. BobbyK

    When was the last time and reigning NFL Man of the Year Award Winner began his reign as a whiny crybaby talking about how life isn’t fair and wanting to runaway to a new team who will cater to him like a spoiled millionaire?

    Wilson has known for a long time who Carroll is. He didn’t have to sign a contract extension. Nobody made him.

    That being said, I have consistently agreed with Wilson that Carroll and Schneider suck at acquiring talent, especially in the early rounds. It’s been a relative disaster since 2013. I’d be pissed they got BJ Finney for the OL and traded the future of away for a SS who can’t cover, too. And thought a 93-year old Iupati would be good enough for OL while watching the team spend a 1st round pick on a LB – even though that wasn’t exactly a team weakness. I’d probably want out, too.

    However, if you’re a selfish asshole – just go ahead and be a selfish asshole. That’s not always a bad thing. Don’t try to be nice about it. People read through that crap eventually. Just demand out like a real man, not some pansy who is worried about their image.

    • TomLPDX

      Loved this, Bobby!

      The word is narcissist. He is a passive-aggressive ahole and he is whining.

      • Jordan

        I loved the version of the Seahawks where they were the baddest dudes in the league, people hated them and they were unapologetic. Guys like Marshawn, Red, Breno, Browner and others set a tone and identity; and their corny QB was a supplementary piece.

        Now this cringeworthy, though borderline MVP calibre, QB is the identity and tone of the team. And I could be way off, but I’m just not sure how his teammates could like him, especially Duane Brown, Damien Lewis et al after Russ went to the media instead of talking to them like men. Somewhere along the lines he just didn’t develop socially, and I can really see how guys like Doug, Bennett, Sherm, Marshawn and Percy just never liked him.

        All that said, he’ll be playing QB for the Seahawks come September.

    • Simo

      Yep, spot on! Carroll has been this way Russ’ entire career, he shouldn’t be surprised by his philosophy.

      I wonder if Russ and Mark Rodgers actually talk to Pete and John about these concerns and wishes, or do they just play everything out through the media? If you’re unhappy or unfulfilled at work, sit down with your boss face to face and see if you can work things out. Don’t play the passive aggressive game all the time! Just be a grown man and say it ain’t working for you, then you either get on the same page or work with the team to find a trade that works for both sides!

    • Big Mike

      Great post Bobby!

  29. Ken Long

    Based on that reply, how much is that on RW?

    Are you saying because of RW, they would have a winning season every year.

    Yes, a franchise QB can get you over the hump.

    PC and JS don’t bring anything to the table to stabilize a franchise in the long term? I’ve seen some bad teams in the past and mainly due to the instability of the front office.

    Having 1 of the greatest defensive teams for the early part of RW career didn’t count for many of those winning seasons?

    Having Lynch carry the load didn’t take pressure of RW early in his career?

    Obviously having a franchise QB is important but there are a lot more factors then just having a franchise QB.

    I remember Matt Hasselback and I would never consider him a “franchise QB” but the Seahawks still won because of the team built up around him.

    • Rob Staton

      Are you saying because of RW, they would have a winning season every year.

      I’m merely saying that prior to Wilson, Carroll had two 7-9 seasons.

      And there have been plenty of games over the years that without Wilson, this team would’ve lost.

      So I think using wins in a Carroll vs Wilson debate is a tall order.

    • Jordan

      This is a bad team without Russ. And the Jets own their 2022 first round pick. Bad time to bottom out.

  30. Tomas

    Russ is too polite to say what he really needs to remain in Seattle : Carroll is incompetent and must be either kicked upstairs, or fired. Ownership ought to be alert enough to figure this out. Dedicate a statue to Pete but remove him. Now.

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect Russell has said what needs to be said behind the scenes and it’s not been acted on. That’s why he has a foot out the door.

  31. DC

    Carroll has proven that coaching the most talented team he can win it all. Russ has proven that being surrounded by a talented team he can win it all.

    This started out as a talent problem that devolved into a philosophical problem & now an apparent trust problem. If trust is broken then it’s most likely over.

    • STTBM

      Carroll proved he could win his way once, 8 years ago. That’s a Century in the nfl. He won’t be able to build a defense that talented again. He won’t ever have a Marshawn Lynch and RW talent on offense. And teams figured out both his offense and defense. He’s done, washed up. 8 years ago his way worked, but that Age has passed…

  32. Big Mike

    A reminder, Gruden loved Russ when they met in his one on one film session deal in the draft that Seattle took him and also defended him on camera when questions were raised about his height after Seattle chose him saying vociferously that he is only an inch shorter than Drew Brees. Chucky loved him then and I’ll wager he still does. And it’s been clear he’s never really wanted Carr.
    LV imo is indeed the front runner.

    • Roy Batty

      It would be funny to see Gruden’s reaction on the sidelines when Russ holds the ball for 7 seconds and gets sacked 15 yards deep.

      Hell, I would do the trade just for that clip.

  33. Gohawks5151

    I agree that this can’t drag on too much longer. Too bad apparently Mark Rodgers doesn’t work weekends. I guess Ellen only air on weekdays too so no new info.

    I am surprised that Russ isn’t excited a little by Waldron. It’s the same offense that just won Rodgers an MVP. At it’s highest powers in the Rams SB season Goff was slinging it. They had Cooks and Cupp stretching the field, Goff had 32 TDs, 4600 yrds. Also 12+ yards per catch and 8.6 yards per attempt. Russ is a superior player so those numbers seen like the minimum

    • Gohawks5151

      Oops. Accidental post. Anyways he should see potential. I get it’s Pete final say but still if his tantrum works than he should still be able to achieve his individual and team goals

    • John

      You do realize Waldrons is not running a carbon copy of the Rams offense and it will be heavily influenced by Seattles previous playbooks? Teams also know how to slow down the Rams offense the reason it was so potent early on was a result of teams seeing the scheme for the first time ever.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Good OL and a very dynamic RB were the keys to their runs at SBs.
      They over used Gurley, running him into the ground, but the play action game was potent.
      Honestly, the offense is closer than further away…. if you keep RW.

      LG, C and RB are the priority spots to fill on offense. TE would be a secondary need, but you could get by with some street FAs / Priority FA.

      • DC

        I feel the same way on offense that we are really close.

  34. Hoggs41

    To me the Wentz and Russell trade situations would be very different. If Russ paid back $30m that would drastically reduce our trade compensation in return. I guess they would have to ask themselves what is more important, the cap space or the draft compensation. The Eagles have Hurts and we would have nothing.

    • Rob Staton

      No it wouldn’t.

      Imagine being a team hell bent on acquiring Wilson, like the Raiders.

      And then because the quarterback has to get creative with his bonus, and you have to pay market value for a QB, you then start quibbling over trade comp.

      First you’d get told to piss off, then you’d watch him go somewhere else.

    • millhouse-serbia

      I have allready wrote about this… Here is my opinion.

      If Russ contract expired and we tag him… Team that want to trade for him would need to pay realistic trade compensation and give him market value contract… And Lets say its 3 1st round picks, and lets say realistic market value is 35m apy(and that more than fair) …

      So if someone trade for him now, and Seahawks eat all dead money, Russ would play for 19, 24,26m in next 3 years for that new team… And thats much below realistic market value… So that team would need to add more picks on that 3 1st rounders…

      And if Russ bring back 30m to Seattle and then new team pay him that 30m,that new team in that case would have him on 29, 34, 36m from 2021 to 2023 and that is his realistic market value… And they would need to pay for that same compensation as Russ contract has expired and he is taged… Nothing less nothing more…

  35. Mario

    To robs suggestion (from an earlier piece), that only teams needing a QB will be in play. Sure the Saints is an appealing option. But there are contenders who are an upgrade, at QB, away from the big game.

    Personally I see the Steelers as a highly likely candidate. Big Ben is inching towards retirement, best defense in the league. The Rams and Raiders would be wise to go after Wilson aggressively. Both have the O-line Wilson wants. Patriots would also probably appeal to Wilson, but doubt they give the compensation needed to make it happen.

    The Titans might be the best fit though. Yes they have Ryan, but it would be a massive upgrade.

    • DC

      The only team that wouldn’t at least consider trading for Russ is KC. JAX, Buffalo & LAC are probably happy enough but you’d at least think about it. It’s really unheard of to acquire a future HOF QB in their prime via trade.

    • Big Mike

      The fragrance thing wouldn’t go over in Pittsburgh. Zero chance imo.

      • Rohan Raman

        Two words: Corvette Corvette.

  36. millhouse-serbia

    Where would you rank Derek Carr among QBs? Comparing to Stafford, Garapolo, Goff etc…

    • DC

      Carr is a nobody just like the others you listed. He’s going to cost more than he should for where he is going to take you which is nowhere.

      • Scot04

        He has the skill set to run Carroll’s system. Definitely not a nobody, but not a top tier either. If Seahawks did proposed trade earlier and we trade Adams and Wagner. You could add a top C/and G. Jacobs would be your new RB1, and you would have the draft capital and freedom to go best available. I believe we would still be a playoff team with a better chance of advancing even without Wilson; Carr has plenty of the skills needed to get us to the post season.
        There are other options, but i dont think Carr is a bad one.
        Although I’d prefer Rob’s plan and keep Wilson.

    • UkAlex6674

      Millhouse in answer to your question, I think Carr is a better QB than those you listed. As Scot04 points out, he is serviceable and would potentially be a fit for what PC wants to do. I’m not so sure I’d be happy being down by 6 with under 2 minutes left and 70 yards to go with him under centre though.

  37. DC

    If it comes to it does anyone want to go in on an aircraft towed banner? Something like,

    “Pete please retire, luv 12th man”

    As a Sonics fan many moons ago via the p-i forums we went in on a “Fire Wally Walker” banner. It made the news but the team left instead. Whoops…

    • STTBM

      I’ll chip in for a Fire Pete Carrol banner!

  38. DC

    V12 are you just laying low on the soap opera subjects or are you laid out somewhere? Check in if you’re okay.

  39. Harold Seattle

    I was in the “off season click bait” camp when first seeing twits and rumors, but Rob was pretty persuasive. So I guess there is some real unhappiness with Russell. I’m not convince that means he’ll get traded this off season though. Between RW having to OK the team he’s going to and the massive cap hit the Seahawks would have to swallow, thus wanting a massive return finding the right team that works for both parties would be tough IMO. If a trade happens this season, I fear the return would not be something I’d ( or other Seahawks fans) would be happy about. I’d rather the Seahawks just come out and say they won’t trade him.
    Secondly if they do trade RW this season, I’m for blowing up the entire team, barring they being able to swing a trade that allows them to draft a top QB prospect plus plus plus. So basically the Jets ( who aren’t a upcoming team and likely not what RW had in mind) or the Dolphins who are a upcoming team. Problem is would the Dolphins want to give all that and won’t a young Watson be more in their wheelhouse if that what they had in mind? I see it unlikely for Dolphins to trade for RW.
    I don’t see a trade that improves Seahawks chances to go to the SuperBowl, so if it has to happen just go all in a complete and utter rebuild. Trade anyone making big money, cut/ trade anyone old. Start all over from scratch and get back to the days of having a entire roster of young hunger players again. Players on rookie contracts and/or UDFA who cost little but compete like their career depended on it, because it will. Those were the best years. I’m not wishing for that to happen, not even a little, but if RW forces a trade then so be it. I think it’s more likely to happen next off season, if it happens at all.

    • Scot04

      If they trade Wilson it’s not because they feel it gives them a better chance of winning the Superbowl. It’s because they chose Pete Carroll’s system over Russel Wilson’s. If they do trade Wilson they don’t need to do a total rebuild to be back in the playoffs this year. They just need get a good package, use the draft capital correctly and hopefully make the right decisions on who to keep.
      If they trade Wilson, then also Wagner and Adams they might be able to retool fairly quickly. It just depends on what they do with the resources. I just hope they send Russell to the AFC if they do end up trading him.

  40. Sea Mode

    Guess we had better start thinking of how it might work with Dallas…

    “Throughout this period of time where I’ve been aware that things aren’t 100% great for Wilson and the Seahawks, the one team that keeps coming up when I’ve tried to gather information about where he could go or where he’d like to go, the Cowboys are the one team that’s been mentioned more than any other,” Florio said Friday on 105.3 The Fan.

    • Rob Staton

      He said the same on his show a couple of times this week

    • millhouse-serbia

      In trade We need to get pick with which we could get QB John like(so i guess its top 5), or vet QB with acceptable cap hit that could lead us to PO at least(Carr)… What can Dallas offer… As i see nothing of that two…

      • Rob Staton

        Well, it depends which QB you’re targeting in the draft.

        • millhouse-serbia

          The highest one on Johns board after Lawrence. And we cant know who is that but pretty high chances are that we need top 5 pick for him.

          • Rob Staton

            That’s a massive assumption.

            Russell Wilson was likely top of his board after Luck and RGIII. They got him in R3.

            • millhouse-serbia

              Yes, agree 100%, its huuuge assumption, but i think this time they cant gamble like with Russ… They cant let their top QB go somewhere else in situation when Pete has few more years to coach…every rookie QB is big enough gamble…

              In this situation, if its 2013 again, Irvin pick needs to be Russ…

              They must give themself biggest chance to take best QB on their board…

              • Rob Staton

                But it’s not a gamble if the QB they like is available outside the top 10, that’s the point.

                They don’t ‘need’ to take a player in the top five who won’t be anywhere near that range.

                That would be silly.

                • TomLPDX

                  Think Mond…

    • Henry Taylor

      If that were the case, would you prefer to make Dak part of the deal, knowing that he’d need a big contract extension right away or would you just want to go for picks and build it again around a rookie?

      • Rob Staton

        It’s practically impossible to make Dak part of the deal. You’d be taking on an insane cap hit in 2021.

        You could, however, pursue Dak in free agency where you have better leverage and an opportunity to construct the cap hit as you see fit.

        • ElPasoHawk

          Rob, what prevents Dak and hawks negotiating a contract prior to a trade and having Dallas/Dak signing a contract and then trading him? I would love Dak, the 10th pick (LT of future), Dallas 2nd this year (Mond in case Dak never regains old form), and next years 1st and 2nd roun dc picks. Dak mobility and arm would be great in the new offense.

          • Rob Staton

            Based on what certain members of the Dallas media are saying — Dak’s injury might be a reason not to. You won’t know the full extent of how its healing until June.

            • ElPasoHawk

              Oof, He is a really good dude. Hope his career isn’t derailed by the injury.

    • cha

      I think it’d be hilarious to see RW playing for Mike McCarthy, and also trying to tell Jerry Jones which players he’d like on his team.

      The only thing Dallas would return to, is being the drama capital of the NFL.

      • Scot04

        I’m still hoping if we trade him we do everything possible to trade him to the AFC. I’m asking for more from an NFC team. Not that we have a ton of leverage once we decide to trade him.

  41. Old but Slow

    It occurs to me that Pete is at heart a college coach. His “rah, rah” stuff can get old for some players, but also the older players do not need as much instruction and inspiration. The thought I am muddling for is that Pete may relish the chance to work with a young QB again.

    To some extent Pete seems to value the process more than the winning.

  42. Rob Staton


    Doug Baldwin also liked this

    • millhouse-serbia

      I saw it few days ago, ut didnt understand what that means… 😔

    • millhouse-serbia

      Is this just like eating pop corn, or have more special meaning?

  43. Troy

    I watched America’s Game – 2013 Seattle Seahawks last night. It almost made me tear up watching that team and now looking back at how quickly things crumbled. One thing that caught my attention was Marshawn in Pete’s face asking him in the Super Bowl “can we score more points, can we”? This still is the issue today. As successful as Pete has been over the last 10 years as a coach, I will never understand his philosophy of playing conservative and feeling opponents out on offense for the majority of the game. It was an issue with Lynch that led to a divorce and it ultimately is going to lead to a Wilson divorce.

  44. Robert Green

    Another angle in all of this… An article here: blackenterprise.com, states Russell’s greatest fear is losing Ciara… If she wants to be somewhere other than Seattle it would appear she has the power over her husband to make it happen. If this is the case, where does she want to be? She currently works for three New York City based companies (Epic Records, IMG modeling and Revlon Cosmetics), could this be telling us something that needs to be considered? Could something be worked out with the Jets?

    • Rob Staton

      His greatest fear is losing his wife?

      What a depressing answer

      • Trevor

        Incredibly insecure answer as well.

        • cha

          That would sure explain all the cringey social media posts.

        • bmseattle

          Yeah, it’s not like he’s ever lost a wife befo… oh, wait…

          • bmseattle

            But I agree… depressing and insecure.
            Most women don’t find that kind of insecurity very attractive, either.
            If he’s worried, he might have good reason.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Insecure? Turning your back on your team and 35 million a year salary will make you insecure.

              • bmseattle

                I cant think of an athlete who tries harder to be liked/appreciated than Russ.
                Thats whats so interesting about the way he tries to handle this situation.
                If he forces a trade, he will alienate a ton of fans.

                • Big Mike

                  He needs to realize though that he’ll gain a whole bunch more new ones in a new city though.

  45. SonGoku

    Do we know when we get more information about the situation? Is there any interview or media appearance scheduled for RW or PC/JS?
    Could imagine Russ being on The Herd when Colin is back. But will the Seahawks go to the press? They should sort this out as soon as possible, FAcy is about to start in 4 weeks.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think you’ll have to wait too long for an update

    • Big Mike

      I would be shocked if he wasn’t on with Cowherd in the next few days. Colin probably pissed at himself for taking time off and Russ having to go to Patrick last week. You know he’s chomping at the bit to squeeze more out of RW on air.

      • Rob Staton

        Colin’s been in hospital with quite a serious illness so not sure he’ll be back any time soon

  46. Trevor

    Rob if the Hawks were to trade Russ and rework his deal to reduce the cap hit what do you think of Carson Wentz as his replacement if they can get him at a reasonable price? Before the injury against Seattle he looked every bit a future superstar. He was injured and then last year the Eagles had no weapons or OL. His deal is not awful with the Eagles having to eat the bonus $.

    • Rob Staton

      Personally I think Wentz is broken

  47. Rob4q

    Mega Trade!

    Raiders get – R. Wilson (QB), N. Hines (RB), Colts 2021 2nd

    Colts get – D. Carr (QB), A. Robinson (CB), Raiders 2021 4th

    Seahawks get – M. Mariota (QB), J. Jacobs (RB), C. Ferrell (DL), I. Johnson (CB), K. Doss (WR), Raiders 2021 1st, Raiders 2022 3rd, Colts 2022 1st

    • BobbyK

      Any trade that ends with Mariota as the starting QB for the Seahawks if f-ing stupid, imo

      • TomLPDX

        Geeze Bobby, that’s uncalled for.

        • Rob4q

          No worries Tom, everyone here is free to share their opinions. Bobby’s comments don’t hurt my feelings!

          • BobbyK

            Didn’t mean it personally. Just looking out for this team (unlike Carroll is supposedly supposed to be doing).

      • Rob4q

        Thanks Bobby, appreciate your opinion!

        If they are looking to run more of a style of offense like what they have in the past, he would be an excellent option to plug in right now. If they were able to surround him with lots of weapons on offense and a legit defense, he could run the offense. Look at what has happened in Tennessee with Tannehill! And then you draft a QB to develop behind him for a year or too…maybe Mond or Mills with a mid round pick.

        If Wilson does get traded, what are the other options for getting back a QB for the next year or two? Carr? Brissett? Who would you suggest Bobby? And please, they are not getting Watson…

  48. KennyBadger

    Man the idea of trading Russ seems preposterous but I completely agree with robs logic here. That said, is it more likely a compromise can be met? When Russ was cooking it wasn’t his fault the defense was horseshit. Do we know for sure that Pete is so stubborn that he won’t allow Russ more freedom if the defense is better? I’m not denying the overtures Russ is making (and I loathe his passive aggressive approach), I just think that some sort of blockbuster trade is much less likely than working it out…

    • Jordan

      It’s the annual well-timed media blitz and leaks from Russ and his agent in order to try to get what Russ wants for the upcoming season.

      Be it ‘wanting to cook’ last season, or the arbitrary deadline for the contract extension the year previous(which of course came with a corny video) . I suppose it has worked to various degrees.

      But, like clockwork, come week 1 Russ is lined up at QB for the Hawks. And this season he will be again.

      Aaron Rodgers and his camp have been using this approach well before Russ came along.

      Really, they know that anytime Russ says anything more than “go hawks” the fans and media will take the bait and run around waving their arms. It’s like putting meat in front of a dog. They know the exact time of year when their is absolutely nothing going on in Seattle sports and can dominate every hour of every radio show and all online chatter.

      Come training camp he’ll still be the QB, and hopefully his offseason plan will have led to a better offense with more of the supporting pieces that he wants.

      • Rob Staton

        But, like clockwork, come week 1 Russ is lined up at QB for the Hawks. And this season he will be again.

        I wouldn’t take that for granted if I were you.

        Because what Wilson’s after now isn’t ‘cooking’ or a ‘new deal’. What Wilson wants, it seems, is to leave.

  49. hawkfanforetenity

    A couple of thoughts, firstly that Carroll frequently talks about communication and getting to know his players on a deep level. This is certainly a test of that. If you are the master communicator you think you are then have a heart to heart with Russ and get on the same page.

    Secondly, I think Rob’s right that Russ is looking at the sway that Mahommes and others have in their organizations, but I wonder if his ambition is more to be a LeBron type figure. A powerhouse in advertising, social justice and on the field. LeBron has the autonomy to name his coach and teammates, it seems Russ wants that as well.

    • Big Mike

      Seems to me Pete’s idea of communication is “we’re doing it my way”.

  50. Isaac

    The other end of this conversation is regarding Pete Carroll. Is it time pete retire and let Russ take over the leadership of the team? Was this interview a way to push Pete out?

    • Big Mike

      Doubtful Russ is that naïve about finances considering Jodi just dropped 5 years worth of coin on Pete.

  51. cha

    Sure, the DL is fine…


    Defensive line is also a glaring need for the Seahawks, but it’s hard to see them making any big moves to bolster the unit. Seattle’s defensive line produced the fourth-worst pass-rush grade of all 32 units in 2020.

    • Rob Staton

      No it’s fixed now.

      The internet says so

      • Big Mike

        Internet is wrong. Won’t be fixed until Mayowa is re-signed.

        • cha

          He had more sacks than Clowney. Ergo, Mayowa is better.

          • Big Mike

            Good to see someone gets it.

            • BobbyK

              If they don’t sign Mayowa to a long-term extension, I’m never going to be a fan again. Pay the Man! LMFAO

    • Scot04

      I thought we were improving it by trading Reed and Dunlap, then not only resigning Mayowa to be the starter again. Can’t believe that was actually suggested as an option. So glad we have this blog.

  52. millhouse-serbia

    What you think about this..

    Russ speak about his legacy on and off the field all the time..

    Do you think wining WPMOY award was the piece he was waitinig for before moves on?

  53. Canadian Hawk

    Saw this and thought it was good for a laugh.


  54. Ok

    I do not see how, or why, the relationship between Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll, could be repaired. The relationship does not really work: opposing philosophies, just past mediocre results (regular season records be damned, that isn’t the goal). I think Pete would keep the relationship intact, have some more 12-4 ‘excellent’ seasons, and some really cool 4th quarter stands….Russell wants to win it all. Last week. I think it’s over. And in a way, I hope so. Break out of this stale state.

    The Adams trade is now, amazingly, even more frustrating: this roster is possibly worst in the division without Russell, not having those picks is going to be huge. I don’t believe that Adams moves the needle as much as Pete thinks, and certainly is not the Darius Leonard type. Adams just gives me a weird vibe, seems fake, seems to posture, a lot, is undeniably very talented. Just my odd take, I guess.

    If Russell stays, unlikely, then Jamal and Bobby almost have to go to redistribute resources. I truly do not see a path to success with both Adams and Wagner on the roster, in almost any instance. If Russell goes, then sadly, Bobby and Jamal will be on the roster, and then it’s just running it back, but worse.

    • Big Mike

      “Adams just gives me a weird vibe, seems fake, seems to posture, a lot, is undeniably very talented. Just my odd take, I guess.”

      Actually pretty much mine too, especially the posturing part.

      • Rscott412

        “Adans just gives me a weird vibe, seems fake, seems to posture, a lot, is undeniably vary talented.”

        I always thought there was something I didn’t like when I hear Adams talk. I think you nailed it right here.

        Would like to see him and Wagner go and rebuild the defense and add to the o line.

        I don’t think the hawks will trade Wilson this season (maybe next) unless Russ demands it. They will be to afraid to take the cap hit and then I see them, depending on how the season goes, trading Wilson possibly next year. Just hope they are still dealing from a position of power.

  55. millhouse-serbia

    #NCState DL Alim McNeill has met with the #Packers, #Jets, #Seahawks, #Jaguars & #Colts via Zoom/phone. He has a meeting with the #Saints in a few weeks. #NFLDraft

  56. Scot04

    I don’t know why people are trying to make these trades so complicated.
    Does it really need to be a 3 team trade, it’s  not like they’re common in football.
    Wouldn’t it still be a ” Mega Trade” if we just trade to the Colts or the Raiders.

    Raiders get Wilson
    Seahawks get Carr, Jacobs,  2021 picks 17&48, plus a 1st in 2022 & 2023.

    Or Colts get Wilson
    Seahawks get Ryan Kelly,  J. Taylor, 2021 picks 21&54, plus 1sts in 2022 &2023

    • millhouse-serbia

      And with this type of trade with Colts, who will play QB for Seahawks? Someone who fall to 21st pick, or top 10 pick (but for that you would basicaly need to give almost all picks you got in trade) . And trade would look like Wilson for top 10 QB, Kelly + Taylor. Tnx but no tnx.

      • Scot04

        They were just meant as options. But if that Colts trade was done. Your set at RB1 and C.
        There are veteran QBs to sign. Perhaps Prescott becomes available.
        You can trade down from 21.
        If we also trade Adams and Wagner. We have cap space and more picks.
        Get a top Guard and your O-Line is set. Suddenly with that O-Line and RB1 with our receivers you open yourself up to being a place a QB might want to play.
        Obviously the best option is something similar to Rob’s plan. However, if Wilson forces a trade you take the best package available.
        True there’s no QB in this Colts trade, but it’s a solid package. That’s why your able to get a Pro Bowl Center, RB1, 3 1sts and a 2nd

        • Harold Seattle

          Tell me Scot if the Colts want to go after a big name QB won’t a young Watson make more sense to them? Or maybe signing Dak off the FA market? Unless of course Wilson came much cheaper.

          • cha

            Houston isn’t trading Deshaun Watson to a division rival.

    • John_s

      You’re not getting Jacobs or Taylor plus 3 firsts. You’ll get that player and 2 but those teams are running teams as well and would likely not include those RBs in a Wilson trade.

      Also, would rather have Mariota than Carr

      • Scot04

        I think Seahawks could get either of those 2 QBs they prefer most.
        In regards to Jacobs. The Raiders are one team I could see including him.
        They’ll want to make a big splash. I think many underestimate Wilson’s value.
        I think he’s worth more than Carr/Marriota and 3 1sts to a team like the Raiders. Especially when those are lower 1st round picks.
        With Wilson they’re a contender and a bigger draw.
        Sure if those were high 1sts I could understand. Plus there are Free-agent RBs they could replace him with. The Raiders are not afraid to spend money or make big trades.

        • cha

          I think there’s an underestimation of how landing RW could benefit the Raiders. It would put a jolt in the franchise that COVID made sure the team missed in its first season.

          They don’t have a figurehead type player everyone can point to and say ‘I gotta go see that guy play.’

          They haven’t had a single fan able to enjoy the shiny new stadium. Imagine how much that hinders the excitement of a new franchise.

          They’re in danger of being like the Cardinals. A team that plays in front of a crowd made up of just as many snowbird fans of the visiting team as there are fans of the home team.

          And let’s not forget – the Golden Knights have captured the town’s attention with a dazzling run to the Stanley Cup finals in their first year as an expansion franchise. Their schedules compete with the NFL’s schedule. The Raiders aren’t the only game in town.

          My biggest question besides the compensation would be, do the Raiders have the cash flow to pull of the ‘RW pays bonus money back and gets a bonus from the Raiders as part of the trade’ scenario? They didn’t have good cash flow in Oakland. There was talk when they traded Khalil Mack they couldn’t afford to handle the bonus and guaranteed money they’d need to put in escrow. They obviously have been able to do Carr’s contract, so they could conceivably handle RW’s. But is that it? Or can they build around him with some good players?

        • dcd2

          I’d prefer they keep Jacobs and include Ferrell or Abrams. Abrams lets us move Adams without a dropoff, in fact probably an improvement. Ferrell is a stud DL, the likes of which are less common later in round 1. You could target Najee Harris with the 1st and if you don’t get him, pivot to the UNC kid. Maybe take a swing at QB if you like who’s there.

          I like the idea of Mariotta too. I think he’s good enough and humble enough to run the offense that Pete wants. Not to mention he’s going to cost a heck of a lot less than Carr.

          • Scot04

            Carroll says great things about Blair. Time to see if it’s true. Trade Adams and insert Blair.
            We currently have no RB1, so I think Jacobs is an important piece. Gives us options in the draft vrs being forced into a position of need again.
            If they do Rob’s plan with Adams and Wagner it opens up so many things in Free-agency and the draft.
            Which is why I would still act on Rob’s plan even if Wilson is traded.
            Either way they definitely made it an interesting offseason with plenty to speculate and talk about.

  57. Scot04

    Sorry was meant for reply to Rob4q

    • Rob4q

      There are lots of ways to make a deal and the Colts & Raiders seem like they might be the most logical. And I agree, the Seahawks should push to get everything they can out of any trade for Wilson. I would prefer Mariota over Carr just because I think he still has some athletic ability to move around and make off script throws. He definitely has had a problem with accuracy and injuries, but sometimes a fresh start can help.

      • Scot04

        Yep. I prefer trade to the Raiders as well. If we have to trade Wilson I hope a few AFC teams push up the compensation.

        • Rob Staton

          Not sure about that. The Raiders have pumped major resources into their OL.

  58. Switch

    I can’t imagine what the Hawks would like without Russ on the team this year. Rob, what percentage would you give for saying Russ won’t be our QB this year? Just curious.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t put a percentage on it. I just think this is very serious, shouldn’t be dismissed and should be discussed.

  59. Paul Cook

    It sure seems like we’re in danger of turning into a hot mess this year. I’m inching my way toward the blow-the-thing-up side of the equation. The problem with that, however, is our lacking in the ownership department, PC having too much power and being on the downside of his career, and JS hitting on a low percentage of draft picks in recent years, especially earlier in the draft.

    RW is in full-on passive aggressive mode now as concerns his football future. Not a good look. And beyond the draft capital issue, the position he plays, and the truckload of a contract approaching, I just don’t trust Jamal Adams being one of the cornerstones of the franchise. There’s a toxicity to him that concerns me a bit. Even more, as much as I love DK’s game, he strikes me as a guy who could also become a problem from within if the fortunes of the team head south fast.

    We’ve got a fastly approaching personality problem on this team, methinks, not just a talent and lack of resource problem. It’s not looking good for us now. We’ve really got to get it together as a team pretty darn fast this off-season.

    • Rohan Raman

      Wait, I get the criticisms of Jamal as a player, but how is he toxic?

      • Paul Cook

        He just strikes strikes me as being a bit of a diva, overly sensitive and volatile in some ways. Just from what I saw of him in NY, how he interacted at times with the local press here, etc.. Admittedly, just my own personal observation. He strike me as someone you have to be careful around, as if he might overreact at any time. Again, just the feeling I got from him.

  60. Rohan Raman


    Someone explain why we have such a TE boner, yet never actually use them effectively.

    • BobbyK

      Because they’re proving year by year that they’re really idiots. Three absolutely great years to start this regime, followed by lots of worthlessness.

  61. STTBM

    Sadly, Rob has it down. Russ is leaving, barring a miracle come to Jesus moment wherein Jody Allen magically becomes a real owner and holds Carrol accountable, and Carrol takes a step back to a Figurehead position….

    It ain’t happening, folks.

    • STTBM

      That came out wrong. Rob hasn’t said Russ is leaving, that’s my opinion. Rob only said the situation is serious and is worthy of discussion.

  62. Jeff

    My hot take? This is happening because the Seahawks do not have an owner.

    I think on almost any other team, if there was a conflict between the future HOF QB and the management staff that has bungled multiple offseason and the coaching staff that has delivered a single playoff win in four years, the owner would not be siding with management.

    • BobbyK

      No doubt!

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