Report: Jared Allen joining the Seahawks (or maybe not…)

For a few moments, this looked like a done deal…

But then came the following…

For me it looks like the Seahawks are making a big push — just not financially.

If the numbers were right, this would probably be done by now. Instead, the Seahawks aren’t budging.

They’re not going to be offering a salary in the $9-10m range — the sum it’s believed Allen is looking for.

Their offer could be half that.

This could easily be the sticking point and why Allen is going away to have another think.

He could go through the rigours of training camp and a long season — all for a price he believes is too low — for the chance to fight for an elusive Championship ring.

Or he can walk away. Retire. Move on from football.

Not because he wants to — simply on a point of principal.

It says something for Seattle that he’s even considering this. I’m not sure there are many teams that could say — “We’re not going to pay you anything near what you want, but sign for us anyway” — and actually have a shot.

Although ending the visit and heading home could be one last powerplay to try and get the price up a little higher.

It’d be a major boost for the Seahawks if he does accept their offer. Currently they’re a veteran down having cut Chris Clemons. They need an established right end — and it’d allow Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett to attack the left side of the line as they did emphatically in the playoffs.

Options are running out in free agency if they want to add a veteran. Although a pass rush led by Avril and Bennett, supported by players like Benson Mayowa, would still cause problems.

Yet having come this far, it’d be a disappointment not to close the deal.

The agonising wait for news on first Henry Melton and now Jared Allen continues.

Seahawks fans will be hoping for a positive conclusion.

*** Update ***

Dan Pompei believes Allen could be looking for a contract worth $6m per year.

Meanwhile former San Diego guard Stephen Schilling has signed today, adding some much needed depth to the offensive line.


  1. CWU Hawk

    BANG!!!!! LET’S DO IT. Going to be doing a lot of his calf tie up celebration in rain city!

  2. Ely

    Way to call it Rob. You had this move pegged way before free agency even started!

    • Steve

      My sentiments exactly Ely. How someone thousands of miles away who also has a newborn stays ontop of this truly is something. Keep up the great work Rob!

    • Robert

      Genius! But that still does not top his correct prediction of Christine Michael with our #2, last year! I am not rooting for 2 in a row, however. I want Kelvin Benjamin!

  3. JeffC

    I have dreams of Kaepernick running in terror from J Allen smack into an onrushing Cliff Avril. Michael Bennett stands over Kaps fallen form, kissing his bicep.

    • Nathan

      Loved this!

    • Robert

      And performing his vulgar dance…LOL!!!

  4. Madmark

    Do Jeremichael Finley and ET next and I’ll be ecstatic.

    • Belgaron

      Finley’s not a negotiation, he hasn’t received full clearance to play.

  5. MarkinSeattle

    I am definitely excited assuming they get this done. My biggest concern is the drop off in his run stopping.

    I would still look long and hard at Donald or maybe a Tuitt if either is available in the first round. Otherwise a WR or an OT sounds good.

    • Spencer

      I don’t think his run defense will be as bad since he likely won’t be a full time starter. He will be out there on obvious pass downs, so he will likely face less run plays in general.

  6. House

    This is a GREAT signing. We also signed an OG today (Steve Schilling). I like these METHODICAL signings.

    GO HAWKS!!!

    • oz

      Shilling is a home boy.
      GO HAWKS!!!!!

    • Robert

      I love the Schilling signing: low$, low risk and a great opportunity to provide competition to improve our team! PCJS always find great opportunities after the hysteria of Free Agency passes.

  7. Hay stacker509

    Is there a way we can playa spring training exhibition game against the 49ers before the draft, I really really want to see what Seattle is going to do with a Allen/Bennett/mebane/avril front four!!!
    I’m going to predict that some game this season Seahawks are going to break the single game sack record!

    • Mark

      I think we do play Dallas in Seattle this year. 🙂

    • Vin

      I too am interested in how PC/Quinn configure the DL. Does Allen replace CC? With Avril having 1 yr left and Allen being older, need to figure out some of the young guys and see what sticks.

  8. Steve Nelsen

    Rob has been so on target for so long that I am already making plans to get a Bitonio jersey after the draft 🙂

    Great pickup. I am imagining the NASCAR package with Avril, Bennett and Allen. Wow.

    One of my favorite fan posts about the signing on ESPN was “Peyton Manning’s doctors advise him to retire.” I am looking forward to the first time that Jared does the rope-tie dance over Kaepernick but imagine how his less-mobile NFC West peers Carson Palmer and Sam Bradford are reacting to this news.

  9. David Ess

    I dont think i can get excited yet, this is how the Melton thing was going wasnt it? his agents were working on a deal with the Hawks then a few days later he signs with the Cowboys.

    I would be excited if he did, but if its just reporting as a “working on a deal” then ill wait to get too excited.

    • cha

      Jason La Canfora ✔ @JasonLaCanfora

      Seahawks front office source says still working on a deal with Jared Allen. No agreement yet… Yet the operative word here it seens

      • David Ess

        yeah, my point exactly.

        I saw that right after i made the post. haha.

  10. Bill Bobaggins

    Ed Werner and Schefter tweeting that Allen has reached agreement with the Hawks. Sounds like it’s done.

    This pass rush is going to be better than last years. Seriously?! Better than last years?! Yes!

  11. me

    At what cost is the determining factor. Can’t imagine the FO went big, though.

    • Belgaron

      This FO will never compete against itself. And they’ll pass before they overpay. Allen was born in Dallas and went to school in Idaho, and his first few NFL years were in KC. I think he fully planned to play this year but his preference was Denver or Dallas. His market timing just didn’t match up with potential suitors as far as the crazy money goes; Ware claimed the last musical chair and Melton the last poor man’s musical chair. But how could he not come away impressed after doing a real visit this time?

  12. Burner

    Wow, even though Rob has been touting this for ages I’m still shocked that this could happen.

    Our FO are walking on water at the moment.

  13. David Ess

    Just talked with Jared Allen this morning. Great addition to the team. Happy to have em. #Savage— Kameron (@Kam_Chancellor) March 20, 2014

    ok maybe now i can get excited.

  14. John_s

    Looks like it’s all but done.

    Per Kam’s twitter:

    “Just talked with Jared Allen this morning. Great addition to the team. Happy to have em. #Savage”

  15. David M

    well Kam just tweeted “Just talked with Jared Allen this morning. Great addition to the team. Happy to have em. #Savage”

    not sure what that means, as he is not signed yet?!?!

    • David M

      and his next tweet “Wouldn’t mind having my man Jared on the squad”

      he almost had me with that first tweet lol

  16. CC

    This would be great BUT I hope the deal is somewhere $5-7m rather than $8-10m per year. I’m concerned that these signings will affect our ability to extend Sherm and Earl.

  17. Hawkman

    Welcome to Minnesota West Baby! Too bad Sidney Rice and Antoine Winfield are gone!

  18. Kelly Orr

    I am just excited to see how well Jared does with an actual defense behind him. Being in Minnesota opposing offenses probably set out to just try and neutralize him. Its going to be extremely difficult for teams to do that to him now that he’s in Seattle. Great pick up. He’s definitely an upgrade over clemons.

  19. Bill Bobaggins

    Apparently he’s going home to “think about” the offer for the weekend. He wants that $$.

  20. David M

    now he is taking the weekend, and gonna make a decision

  21. Michael (CLT)

    Pass. He is doubting. That doubt will persist from here on out. Thank him for his time, close the door, and move on.

    Jared would be settling to play for Seattle. Find someone who has no doubt.

    • Bill Bobaggins

      That’s stupid. He’s weighing his options and so you don’t think he’ll be a good asset to the team? You’re like the Soup Nazi.

      • Michael (CLT)

        Please use a different analogy to denigrate my opinion.

        Most times, when I second guess, doubt follows me if I later say yes.

        It was just an opinion.

        • Steen

          SOUP NAZI! I, too bristle at being analogized to soup. Soup is the most honorable of all foods.

      • Michael (CLT)

        Allow me to elaborate on doubt.

        Allen has had two interviews with Seattle. I interview for my firm quite often. An interview in my firm is viewed as an honor. If an offer is given, we expect an immediate response. Legally, the offer stands for a period of time. That being said, requisitions also get put on hold… Or cancelled all together. Especially when people start gaming what we consider an honor.

        Allen still has doubts? Let us be real about this. He is gaming Seattle. If he truly had passion, if he were truly ‘all in’, he would be a Seahawk.

        • Bill Bobaggins

          You’re dealing with a 30 year old man who potentially has multiple offers on the table in the millions of dollars per offer. He is given time in the off season to make the best decision for himself and his family. He should be allowed to use that time and wisely choose his best option. That’s what it sounds like he’s doing. Is it an honor to interview with the Hawks? Of course, just like it is to interview with every other team that is going to pay you millions of dollars in the next 12 months.

          Soup Nazi – Seinfeld – if you couldn’t make a very quick decision on the type of soup you wanted, he would tell you to leave his store without soup.

          • Michael (CLT)

            What will change for Allen in 48 hours? Only money. He is not pissed for greatness. He is looking for a retirement hand out.

            He’ll, give him until August. Seattle is at your beckon call, Mr. Allen.

            • Hay stacker509

              I’m with you to a certain extent Michael. Kinda irritates me that he visits once gets an idea of what we are offering and he then goes to dallas to try and get more (potentially). He doesn’t get what he wants and then goes back with his family to make sure they would be happy with the situation. He gets another offer and then decides to go home and think about it with your family?? Isn’t that why you brought them along and your still going home to think on it? If he was “all in” he should have signed the papers then and there. Feels like he’s still fishing for more money or another team as leverage.
              I was all aboard the calf roping express at first but after today if he signs great! If he doesn’t oh well. I’d rather give his snaps to mayowa or boatwright or Scruggs, guys that have the heart and are ALL IN! just my opinion

              • Michael (CLT)

                Mayo way is truly pissed for greatness. I don’t know much about Boatright.

                That said, I had never heard of Chris Clemons in 2010. In fact, I remember being pisses at Tapp’s departure

                • Michael (CLT)

                  I am not a fan of auto-spell checker

                • Arias

                  hey Michael so what do you think of Rapaport revealing that Alan actually didn’t get an offer after the first visit only on the second visit?

                  if true that means he hasn’t actually had an offer on the table for the past week only the past couple hours. I understand where you’re coming from but would that change your perspective any?

                  • Michael (CLT)

                    No. Allen brought his whole family to the second meeting. He is struggling with why he plays. If the other mulled offers were to his liking, he would be unfree contract. Allen has to deal with the reality that the NFL values him at 4-5 M.

                    He is not thinking winning. He is thinking ‘how could Ware be worth so much more?’. He is not thinking of a wring. He is not thinking of winning. He is thinking about how much money it will take for him to put his body at risk.

                    Once you start having longevity thoughts, you’re done.

                  • Belgaron

                    This market at this moment values him in that range. Teams have only so much cap room, it’s not a true “value” market, its a market of opportunity with a ceiling of 32 maximum bidders, even less when you throw out all the teams who are maxed out either cap wise (many) or budget wise (Cincinnati).

                    He’s a Dallas/Idaho/KC/Minnesota native, moving to Seattle is potentially a big change for his young family. It clearly wasn’t the way he was hoping this would go. There are a great many reasons why to take more time before committing and not all of them are about negotiations.

                    Everyone has longevity thoughts on both sides. It’s why Lloyd’s of London stays in business. The average NFL career is not very long.

        • Rock

          Allen is not some dime a dozen programmer that can easily be replaced. That is why the ‘honor to work here’ analogy does not apply. His unique skills make him rare even with only 32 possible employers in his field.

          If you lost your job after being at the top of your field for the last 10 years and your next employer offered you half your previous salary, how would your feel? It is only normal for Jared Allen to ask, how much do I love what I do? If you can afford it, retirement or a new career becomes the obvious thought process. It happens to everyone eventually. Millions chose early retirement every year.

          • Michael (CLT)

            I would suggest paying Allen big money becomes an outlier in the program.

            Plenty of top IT guys from MIT have been offered from my firm. If they waffle, we move on. If youn waffle now, what will you do when situations get challenging. Usually they look to leave. That hurts morale and puts the firm at risk.

            There are plenty of guys who are capable of being Jared Allen, and just need the stage to prove it. Find that guy.

            Finally, if Allen wants to retire, then retire. Be a man and do something based on your character. Stop being Farvish.

            • Bill Bobaggins

              “Plenty of guys that are capable of being Jared Allen?” C’mon man. You know that’s not the truth. If it were, every team would have an 11-20 sack per year guy on the team. There aren’t “plenty” of them out there.

              The way your firm closes the door on someone who waffles shows a tremendous amount of insecurity, in my opinion. If you’re a top notch firm and want to attract top notch talent, then you had better expect that they’re getting offers from other top notch firms. For you to tell them that they have to make a decision right now, or else, is a detriment to your workforce. I want the cream of the crop talent on my squad and expect them to get multiple offers and have to mull them over. It’s what good talent does in any field.

  22. Mylegacy

    At this time in their careers I don’t think that Jared is an actual upgrade on the Clemons we saw near the end of 2013. As Clemons got healthier, as the year progressed, he started to become the terror we knew before he was injured. Watch the SB replay – almost every play where Bennett is doing a body cavity search on Manning – Clemons is caressing Peyton from the other side – at almost the exact same second.

    In my opinion this is a question of money not talent. Having said that – since we couldn’t afford Clemons – Allen is the next best thing – and pretty much solidifies our defense as being an “elite” dominating squad capable of playing shut down playoff football.

    IF – we’ve actually signed the little (6’6″ 265) rascal.

    • John

      Clem was going against a back up LT in the SB. At this point I think Allen is at least the same level of pass rusher that Clem is, though I think he will be a very effective pass rusher for us next year barring injury.

      • Belgaron

        I think the Seahawks would have passed on Allen if they didn’t think he was a potential upgrade. They prefer younger players, they clearly think very highly of Allen. Hopefully he’ll get to demonstrate why in College Navy.

    • Jon

      What? Not better than Clem at this stage? Im not saying he will be the Jared Allen of old if he ends up in seattle, but really? He had more sacks in his down year last year, 11.5 sacks, than Clemons had in his absolute best year in the NFL!! He is most certainly better than clem at this stage in their careers, and is likely still as good as Clem ever was during his career, period.

      • Robert

        ” Im not saying he will be the Jared Allen of old…” You are a cunning linguist!

      • Mylegacy

        Jon – check the stats – in 600+ snaps Allen had 11.5 – Clemons got his sacks in just 290 snaps.

        • Jon

          Ok. Clemons has never had more than Allen’s down year in sack stats. Check that.

    • Ukhawk

      Completely agree, rewatched the SB myself and regret we lost clem more than Tate. Don’t know why we cut him as net net Allen will cost nearly the same after dead money. Maybe clem had more years they wanted to shave off. Why didn’t he restructure? Bummer

      • AlaskaHawk

        I loved Clemons and don’t know why we didn’t let him play out his contract. Oh well – it’s water under the bridge now.

        • Belgaron

          They are managing the cap very tightly, they couldn’t afford that deal versus the potential for the coming year. It was a value call but one that nearly everyone judging the situation predicted.

      • KBPhD

        Good point. Clem wasn’t underrated, but he was overlooked a bit.

        As Danny Kelly at Field Gulls has noted, Jared Allen got his numbers by playing most of the game, 3 downs. Clemons was part of the rotation. On a per snap basis their numbers are similar (and I believe Clemons was even a bit better by that metric). So CC might have been overpaid, and everyone knew it, but I’m not so sure a year-older Allen, plus dead money, plus whatever you pay him to get here, will be worth it.

  23. Steve Nelsen

    Likely conversation this weekend:

    Jared – “I think I am worth more than the $5 million the Seahawks are offering. I think I might retire.”
    Jared’s wife – “You have a chance to earn $5 million and you want to retire? How about you retire when you can’t earn $5 million.” (stony silence)
    Jared – “Let me call John Schneider.”

    • Jon

      hahahahahah, this was great, thanks

    • Rock

      Jared’s wife – “Good for you. Call Schneider! I really liked the look of that Neiman Marcus store.”

  24. Ulsterman

    His agent said he visited with his wife and family. It sounds like he’s more or less decided, but wants to make sure they’re happy with the move and will be discussing it with them before making an announcement. If you go to the extent of bringing your family to the visit it suggests you’ve made your mind up but want their OK on it. After all, money shoudn’t really be a make or break for him.
    Still, it’s really annoying that we’re going to have to wait and that there still is any doubt.

    • Arias

      but according to Ian Rapaport he actually didn’t receive an offer after the first visit so today would have been the first time he saw the offer on the table.

      • Belgaron

        They talk ranges, even though he didn’t get an official offer they knew the ballpark.

  25. Christian

    Rob, do you see Bitonio as an option at #32 still with the signing of Schilling?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, absolutely.

      • Belgaron

        If they passed on him at 32, where do you think he’d get drafted?

        • Rob Staton

          The next team that sees OL as a priority.

          • Belgaron

            I guess a lot of teams could have that priority early in the 2nd.

  26. Rob Staton

    I’ve updated the article with a fresh report from Dan Pompei.

  27. Stuart

    Part of being a good husband is including your wife on employment opportunities you are considering. Jared Allen is a smart man. Bring the wife, bring the kids, take the weekend to think it over.

    If you had been making BIG MONEY and were still extremely close to your normal performance level, and then offered a job that is basically 70% less then what you are used to making, almost anyone would pause…

    $5 M is more than I will earn in my entire life. Jared Allen can make that next year playing on a team that is going to win the Super Bowl. Any of us would jump at that chance, but we are not Jared Allen.

    In the end, Monday likely, he will sign with Seattle. He will be all in too!!!

    • Belgaron

      That whole threat to retire thing could have all been a negotiating tactic. It’s a good question for the post sign interview.

  28. Stuart

    Ware, Pepper or Allen? Which of these great players is still playing great?

    Jared Allen and it’s not even close.

    Seattle, we are so blessed with PC/JS.

    Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Mariners, same city, but polar opposite franchises in every way imaginable.

    The Yin, and the Yang.

    • Belgaron

      Good call, although ware was banged up and will probably play better this year.

    • Rob Staton

      Allen by a mile out of those three for me.

  29. SunPathPaul

    After seeing Jared Allen in this Video at 5:30 in:

    I DEFINITELY want him as part of this D-line! We would be crazy sick!!!

    I think go up to almost 8 million a year for a year and maybe 2…

    What do y’all think of the Jared Allen video part? Mullets never seemed that badass!!! HAH

    • SunPathPaul

      * 5:23 in to the video – #69 …Jared Allen

      • Matt

        It’s great that you’re doing homework on potential Seahawks acquisitions. Have you been watching Allen tear up the league for the last decade?! Yeah he’s a mulletted manimal!

  30. red

    Taylor Lewan seems to be having some legal trouble facing 3 counts of assault. This guy has some red flags might drop him out of the first.

    • Matt

      Lewan might drop a few picks in the first round, but not out of the first round.

  31. jdtjohnson

    I sure hope we don’t sign Allen for too much money…we need to resign Earl and Sherman!

    I don’t get it…do people think suddenly ET’s and Sherman’s contracts will expire and pete and john will be in complete shock like “wtf? How did that happen? Man we sure blew that one…I totally forgot about those guys! Pete did you know their contracts were coming up?” “Nope…had no idea. If only we had been reading the forums, we would have known!”

    Forget the fact that Earl will be resigned to a similar cap number this year as he already has. And in my opinion, we don’t resign Sherm…I think he is franchised twice and let go. Much cheaper option and we have him for 3 more years that way.

    Rob…been coming here for years, though I rarely post. Every year you get me to fall in love with a player. Still smarting about the Courtney Upshaw year…man did I want to get him. Although I now see how his speed would have been an issue on this team. Started to get excited for Brandon Coleman last year when it was possible he could declare, so really hoping for him to land with us at some point in the draft. Anyways…keep up the good work. I find myself coming on here multiple times a day, waiting for new posts. Looking forward to the next 50 days.

    • jdtjohnson

      the first line was in brackets saying “condescending tone” but I guess my bracketed statement didn’t post

  32. Cash

    If we signed Jared for 2 yrs for 14 million or close to it… would this take away one of our comps for 2015 that might have been a 4th rounder? Are we paying 7 million plus a 4th round pick…we only get 4 comp picks max…

    • EranUngar

      It will but…..why would you care about a 4th round pick?

      We are historically horrible at 4th round picks. We are good at 3rd and amazing at 5th round picks. Keep the 5th picks…

      • phil

        How do our past “horrible” picks in the 4th round have anything to do with this year’s 4th round pick? Does our front office use some rationale in making the 4th round pick that is different than what they do in, say, the 5th round? Maybe the real reason we have been “horrible’ in making our 4th round picks in the past is that the drafts were held during a full moon …..

        • Belgaron

          It would be a 2015 compensatory pick sandwiched between 4th and 5th round.

      • Madmark

        K.J. Wright was a 4th round pick.

      • Chris

        Therefore we should trade away our 4ths for other people’s 5ths straight up.

        I’m brilliant!

    • Belgaron

      Yes, you would. It’s more of a sandwich pick between the 4th and 5th than a true 4th round pick. Another way to look at it is you traded Golden Tate for Jared Allen.

  33. oz

    I think the deal will get done. Allen is hunter. A prize trophy being a Super Bowl ring has alluded him so far. It’s in the blood, man…..

    • Belgaron

      It could still go either way. If he looks at it as sub-value in either option, he might be willing to take even less than Seattle is offering to live in the city of his choice. As long as he still views them as a potential contender.

  34. Matt

    The potential FA prize of getting Jered Allen has me drooling over our pass rush next season! It hasn’t happened yet though. :/

    One deal that has happened, and has me nervous, is the Cards signing of Cromartie to pair with Peterson. Their D was pretty tough last year, and this move only makes them better. Sure they lost a key cog in Dansby, but having two big time CB’s they’ll be allowed to blitz even more than they did in 2013. Assuming Cromartie is 100% and they get Matthieu back by mid season, this secondary is top 5 in the league. I guess the front office in Arizona wasn’t satisfied with winning 11 games and missing out on the playoffs. Getting Veldeer at the LT, for what appears to be a bargain, was a stellar move as well. Arizona is legit. # NFC West arms race.

    • Belgaron

      Yeah but there offense is horrible. They added John Carlson. The matchup of a bunch of old guys on offense versus Seattle’s ferocious defense is scary.

      • Matt

        Their offense isn’t horrible. They’re not Denver(against anyone besides us!) by any means, but horrible is too harsh. Carlson’s solid if healthy. Ted Ginn will help spread the field vertically, which they need with Fitz and Floyd on the outsides. They’ve upgraded their Oline big time, which should not be taken lightly. It was a huge problem for them, especially since Palmer is a statue. Getting Veldeer and their 1rst rounder from last year LG Cooper really solidifies that unit. Ellington at RB has a lot of potential. There’s a few power RB’s in the draft that would compliment him well. Their front office is doing a really good job and i think Arians is an above average HC. Just saying they’ve improved quite a bit coming off an 11 win season. They are primed to make a run at Seattle and SF in the best division in the NFL. IMO

        • Belgaron

          They are definitely capable of passing SF this year as they are on the decline but I still think Seattle will be extremely effective against that QB and that offensive group. Maybe they won’t be horrible against the rest of the NFL.

          • Matt

            Yeah I don’t see the Cards being better than us either, but don’t forget they were one of the 3 teams we lost to last year. Their defense is legit and their offense is improved. It would be great if they squeezed SF out of the playoffs!

  35. House

    Let the man mull over his decision… Until yesterday, it seemed feasible, but there was ZERO certainty he’d be a Hawk. The fact still remains the same. PC/JS were willing to place a calculated risk in pursuing him and if he comes back asking for more, the decision is ultimately hold or give in. I don’t think this is a FO that folds.

    Are there players on the roster that can have the immediate impact that Allen could? Possibly, but unlikey (Mayowa and Boatright could prove me wrong).

    Is paying more money to Allen worth missing out on an extension for Russ, ET or Sherm? HELL NO and we all know that!

    Just like the FO had to make a calculated risk in regards to the offer, Allen has the same right to think about his calculated risk in regards to playing for said contract.

    Regardless of what happens with Allen this weekend, the Seattle Seahawks are the defending SUPER BOWL CHAMPS and the FO will continue to make the right moves that got us to current day a great future!

    • phil

      Hey — there’s a risk of brain damage whenever you strap on the helmet and go out to play. If a guy wants to take a weekend to talk things over with his family before he decides if he wants to continue playing, I’ve got no beef with that — comparing Allen’s actions to some actions of a programmer from MIT who wants to ponder a job offer is ridiculous — IMHO.

      • House

        Who compared Allen to a MIT programmer?

        • phil

          I should have started off by saying that I agree with your position that there is nothing wrong with Allen taking some time to make his decision, especially with some health risks involved in taking the field. An earlier poster had used an analogy to some MIT graduate programmer who wanted to take some time to decide on a job offer (the implication being that he was “shopping” the offer in hopes of getting a better one.)

          • Michael (CLT)

            You guys are a riot. MIT discussion was an analogy to decisiveness. Whatever.

            Jared Allen went to Idaho State. His pedigree makes Mayowa look like Michael Strahan.

            Next man up. Let’s play with guys who want to be here and have the talent. Those guys are on this roster now.

  36. Arias

    Hmm…I think the fact he’s having to mull it over isn’t very promising. The longer it takes him, the less likely it becomes IMO because it shows his heart’s really not into returning for the money being offered.

    My guess is that he decides to retire. I think that might be the best for everyone involved if it means the alternative means we don’t get a 100% motivated Allen.

    Remember he would potentially be the oldest vet on the team. His seniority grants gives him a measure of influence and respect that you wouldn’t want to see of someone who isn’t totally committed or is sour grapes about his contract situation.

    • Belgaron

      If he is considering deals much lower than he’d been initially hoping for, he may be waiting to see if one of his home town teams steps up a little more. It still could go either way, the timing doesn’t necessarily indicate anything.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Seahawks set the floor for him. He’s just waiting to see what other offers he gets over the weekend.

        • Belgaron

          Yep, hopefully he doesn’t give a home town a discount and opt for a sub-floor offer.

  37. Robert

    It’s surprising they let Clem go only to pursue JA so hard. Clem was great at defending the run AND rushing the passer. His play seemed to really elevate late least season as he continued to recover from the injury. Kind of a head scratcher, in my opinion…

  38. Madmark

    The 1st visit.
    Well I’ll tell you Mr. Allen we just aren’t in a position to give you 3years and 30 million dollars and to be quite honest we don’t care if you like to shop around and if you do get that type of money we would be very happy for you. We just like you to know that we have an interest in your services.
    The 2nd Visit
    Nice to see you again Mr. Allen and to meet your family. Would you like to hear what we are offering this time. Well here it is we could negotiate a little but not much more. We are pretty set at the price so we can continue to win and that’s one of the reason your here. Together we could work towards that goal of another super bowl run. Well we can respect that. Go home for the weekend and talk it over with your family. Please give us a call on Monday if you would. Enjoy your weekend with your family.
    Stay tuned to see if theres a 3rd visit.

  39. brandon

    The two visit thing is odd. Can anyone else remember a free agent taking two trips to the possible city they intend to play for? And if it has happened did the FA sign with team after those visits? This def reeks of an agent trying his damnest to drum up interest for his client

    • Belgaron

      The first visit was extremely brief. This is what leads me to believe he ways hoping to parlay Seattle’s interest into a better offer from one of his preferred teams (he also may have hoped Seattle’s salary range was higher). But when those options disappeared, I think the 2nd visit was much more serious. If Seattle is putting on the full court press, they’d like to do a more full visit before getting a prospective new team member to accept an offer lower than he’d anticipated. The second full visit was probably completely at the insistence of the team, but I’m just guessing.

  40. cha

    1. Ian Rapoport ✔ @RapSheet
    Tidbit 1 on Jared Allen: He’s considering 3 places now, with walking away still an option. Should know by the weekend what his future is

    1. Ian Rapoport ✔ @RapSheet
    Tidbit 2 on Jared Allen: The 2nd meeting with Seattle was because key members of the organization weren’t present for meeting 1, on a Sunday

  41. MarkinSeattle

    I get the impression that they had a rough outlines of a deal in place when Allen came out the second time. So one of two things happened, the official deal was a little less than he thought, or he is frustrated how much less he will be signing for and still hasn’t mentally bought all in.

    There were some reports that he turned down the Ware deal on his visit to Denver. With talk that his Seahawk deal would be for $6m or less per year, to go from a 3 year, $30m (with $20m guaranteed) down to almost half in a couple of weeks, is quite a shift of expectations.

    I think that Allen has a classic case of “chasing the market”. In real estate, there are people who list their house too high, hoping to maximize what they are going to get. So people come out and discover that the house isn’t worth what they list. That sets the expectation in buyers’ minds that the house is overpriced and most just move on. Then after a while the price of the house is lowered, however many people already have the impression that the house is overpriced. So even if they shift it down to a price that it may have sold for when it was first listed, people will still think it is overpriced and now that they see the sellers lowering the price, will wait for it to become a “good deal”. In the end, the house will end up selling for a fair amount less than if they had entered the market with a reasonable demand. Note, the opposite works as well, when a house is listed for below market and you get a bidding competition going, it will drive up the price.

    Allen’s demands were too high and the competitive bidders have dropped by the wayside as they filled up with other pass rushers. Now he is stuck with only one bidder from a decent team, and at a price substantially less than he would have received if he had priced his services according to the market to begin with (and listened to teams rather than being stubborn).

    Allen may also be doing the thinking thing to see if he can get a little bit more money out of the Seahawks. I don’t think that he will sit out waiting for injuries, since teams won’t have any decent cap space. I also don’t think that sitting out a year is beneficial, as he will be one year older and out of shape. So he really needs to decide whether to play for another year or two with the Seahawks at a reduced price while shooting for a Super Bowl win, or hang up his cleats. Given his interest up to the point, I would be surprised if he just hung up his cleats.

    Granted, he may also be weighing a higher offer from a non-competitive team like Oakland or Jax.

  42. bigDhawk

    I just have a hunch Jerry is going to open a can of Grade A snake oil and Allen will sign with Dallas.

    • Rob Staton

      He’d need to be willing to take a bag of change for a 2014 salary.

      • bigDhawk

        If the back end is all guaranteed, don’t put it past Uncle Jerruh.

        • Rob Staton

          Apparently they have just over $6m for 2014. That means they can probably give Allen a max of $500k this year, forcing them to pay about $12-15m guaranteed when he’s 33/34.

          Even for Jerry this is a stretch too far I think.

  43. cha

    Rob, what do you think of the draft being moved out a month?

    It will be interesting to see the trickle-down effect of the initial rush market and a good portion of the “secondary” free agent market concluded before the draft even takes place. Lots of questions – will this mean teams have filled more needs and are ‘freer’ to go BPA in the draft? Will teams be more inclined to take players that are closer to starting sooner, or pick a higher upside guy who might need development time?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a good move. Give the teams a little more time. I like the fact it’s in May.

      I think most teams will always look to fill a key need in the draft. There’s not a lot of pure BPA. It’s almost always BPA at a position of need. I think this year more than ever, because of the depth of the draft, we’re going to see teams just going after their biggest needs. Get the quality guy you want early. Allow the depth to let you go BPA later and add guys.

  44. Kenny Sloth

    Great Q&A on Field Gulls featuring your Rob Staton.

    • Cysco

      Who’s Rob Stanton?

      • Kenny Sloth

        He was in Dennis the Menace.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Kenny.

  45. chris b

    my brother has a source inside vmac that says jared allen’s biggest problem is playing time. i asked him if he heard who the hawks were eying in the draft , but he said they are tight lipped about the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Interesting and I can see that. Although I’m not sure why SEA would want to rotate Allen so much. He plays a ton of snaps, always at a high intensity.

  46. chris b

    my brother also claims his source said jared allen was signing here , but i dont know how anybody but jared allen would know that.

    • Rob Staton

      I hope he does sign. We’ll see.

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